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Full text of "San Leandro Computer Club(SLCC) - Atari - Newsletters 1998"

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April 7th 1998 

New Location!! 

St. Leander School 
Davis Street - San Leandro 
Directions inside... 

Inside the 6502 West 
@ 510+895-8022 

Tell Them Bob Sent You!! 


P.0. BOM 1506 

san Leandro, Cfl 94577-0374 

21 1 11/30/98 

Club Officers: 

President Robbie Bridges(5l0)797-5636 

Vice President Peter Chen (408)259-9642 
Treasurer Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 

Secretary Jim Moran (510)865-6122 

Software Chairmen: 

8-Bit emeritus Bob Scholar (510)232-5330 
8-Bit Terry Stearns TMLWC 

16/32-Bit Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 

Disk Librarians: 

8-Bit Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 


Special Interest Groups: 

Beginners ST Jim Moran (510)865-6122 

Beginners 8-Bit Glenn Fowler (510)530-7128 

Beginners Clone Jim Moran (510)865-6122 

Journal Staff 

8-Bit Editor Bob Woolley (510)865-1672 

You may reprint uncopyrighted SLCC Journal articles in any 
non-commercial form, provided excessive praise is given 
the author and the SLCC, However, what is written within 
may be PBS. 

Minutes & Things 

President Robbie Bridges called the 
meeting to order at exactly 8:00 PM. The Vice 
President must have forgot to leave the bar on 
time and was listed as a no-show. Robbie 
announced that our 8 Bit software chairman Bob 
Scholar and his wife are having some serious 
medical problems and would not be at meetings 
for a while. Jim King the "T-shirt" man was also 
reported as under the weather. 

In the absence of Bob Scholar, Robbie 
took it upon himself to demo the February DOM. 
All that can be said here is I sure hope Bob is 
able to come back soon. 

Don Safer brought us up to date on the 
happenings in the 64 Bit world. He said there 
was a new game for the Jaguar but he hasn't 
bought one to report on yet. Another game 
company, TeleGames is having problems. 

Seems like the bloom is off the game machines. 

Bob Woolley demonstrated and explained 
his latest 8 Bit hardware hack, a 512-K ram disk 
mounted in a 1200 XL. The interesting part of this 
is the ram disk is on a single chip. The board is 
only about 2" by 3" and fits nicely inside the 1200 
XL case with room to spare. A very slick 

The crooked raffle was held and if possible 
it was even more tainted than usual with the head 
crook calling his buddies ticket twice. With the 
raffle over the meeting died a lingering death. 
Actually we talked it to the bitter end. 

Jim Moran - Secty. 


Nothing much new happening in 
computers lately except Steve Job's announced 
the Mac would go to 400 MHz next year. Maybe 
that's because Intel is going to 400 MHz this next 
month. (You don't suppose he's playing games 
with this announcement do you? Nah he wouldn't 
do that. Not much.) 

A few of you will remember my son James 
who was the club disk librarian about ten years 
ago, well James had a motherboard go bad on 
his PC a couple of weeks ago. When it went bad 
it wrote garbage to the beginning of both the hard 
drives, one a 3 and one a 5 gigabyte drive. Each 
about 3/4 full. Nothing new about that, it 
happens, right? Well the interesting thing here is 
James hadnt backed up the drives. He had two 
Quicken files on them, his own checking account 
and his business account which he hadn't backed 
up for several months. 

After enlisting Bob Woolley's assistance many 
hours of work were spent trying to get into the 
drives. This proved hopeless and even Bob had 
to give it up. James looked into having the 
information recovered by one of the recovery 
company's and gave that up in a hurry. 

Therefore, what's the moral to all this? If you are 
going to count your money on a computer you 
had better learn to back it up every time you 
make an entry. IF you don't, call James he will 
explain how to rebuild your files. He has had a 
couple of weeks now to practice. 


The SLCC has been meeting in the San Leandro 
Library for the last 1 4 years or so. Sadly, the 
Library is closing for seismic re-construction and 
we must find a new location to hold our meetings 
(this should not be big news to you all....) To our 
good fortune, Millie Lepley has offered the St. 
Leander School facility as an alternative for the 
club meeting. 

St. Leander is just three blocks west (towards 
1880) of the Library, on the south side of Davis 
street. Park in the playground at the rear of the 
school and use the entrance located there. 

See ya there!!