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ItEL: 01703 448194.^ 







I intend to keep this months newsletter short and sweet,as things are rather hectic 
and there have been one or two changes. The 1995 UFO conference is drawing 
nearer and when you receive this newsletter (In Mid April), the Portsmouth 
Conference will of passed by and new frontiers will of opened. Up to date, we have 
sold around 200 tickets for the conference and look forward to a sell out crowd. 

In the April edition of the newsletter, I will review the conference and give details 
of the conference video, that will be available through me. 

The Roswell controversy has been bubbling along with claims and counter claims 
and in the next edition, I will be reporting on the ups and downs concerning the 
video footage of the alien autopsy. 

Another reason why the newsletter is somewhat late this time round, is that I have 
just purchased a new personal computer and inkjet printer. I am still trying to get 
around the screen and the new keyboard, but I will master it. I hope to improve the 
quality of the newsletter, and eventually include pictures etc. in the newsletter. So 
please bear with me over the next few months as I experiment with layouts etc. 

As I said before, this is a very short editorial, in fact that is the end and next months 
will be a bit spicier and who knows my M.I.B (Or Man In Bufora) may have a few 
more tales to tell. 

TO! MiPOA um to mi 

INlATOOff^M ACT€a.liS s 

1.2.94 : Daily Star: Secret of little men in a UFO ! 

10.2.94 : Guardian (The) : Earthling dies. 

20.2.94 : People (The) : Aliens (A special investigation). 

27.2.94 : People (The): Aliens: My mind was drained be evil space invaders. 

27.2.94 : Mail On Sunday : It came from outer space...or did it ? 

1.2.94 : Grimsby Evening Telegraph (Lines) : Flying Saucers Probe. 

1.2.94 : Northants Evening Telegraph (Kettering): UFO mysteries. 

2.2.94 : Boston Target: Seeking UFO stories. 

2.2.94 : Eastern Evening News (Norwich) ; Mystery sighting near base. 

3.2.94 : Bromsgrove Advertiser : Is there anybody out there ? Let the investigators 


3.2.94 : Glasgow Daily Record ; Probe on UFO film. 

3.2.94 ; Nottingham Evening Post; Mystery In The Air. 

3.2.94 . The Mansfield and Sutton Observer: UFO Group open night. 

3.2.94 : The Orcadian (Kirkney,Orkney Islands): I saw mystery in sky, says 
South Ronaldsay man. 

3.2.94 : Scarborough Evening News : Strange sightings spark UFO hotline. 

3.2.94 : The Citizen : No Title. 

3.2.94 : The Scotsman (Edinburgh): Background to West Lothian's UFO 

3.2.94 : Yorkshire Evening Press (York): UFO fever spreads as more lights 
seen in sky. 

3.2.94 : Widnes Weekly News (Cheshire): No Title. 

4.2.94 : Bath and west Evening Chronicle : Watch this space for flying saucers. 

4.2.94 : Northern Echo (Darlington): UFO Probe. 

4.2.94 : Nottingham Dispatch : Town center UFO ? 

4.2.94 : Watford Observer: Shoppers spot UFO over store's car park. 

4.2.94 : Whitby Gazette (North Yorkshire) : Experts in UFO probe. 

4.2.94 : Somerset Guardian (Bath): Somerset group to monitor UFO sighting 


5.2.94 : Northern Echo (Darlington): I saw UFO. 

5.2.94 : Wolverhampton Express and Star : Puzzled by UFO. 

5.2.94 : Stoke On Trent Evening Sentinel: Motorist spots UFO hovering over 


6.2.94 : Glasgow Sunday Post: More Close Encounters In The Bonnybridge 


9.2.94 : Louth Leader (Homcastle) : UFO watchers Tuesday night sightings. 

10.2.94 : Chester and District Standard : UFO sighted again. 

11.2.94 : Lynn News and Advertiser : UFO sightings investigations. 

11.2.94 : Holme Valley Express (Yorks): Not Yeti.... 

11.2.94 : Hucknall Dispatch : UFO Group Get Together. 

14.2.94 : Northants Evening Telegraph (Kettering): Stranger in the sky. 

16.2.94 : Swindon Evening Advertiser (Wiltshire): UFO's beware, a new group 

is watching the night skies. 

17.2.94 : Nottingham Evening Post: Lights work. 

17.2 .94 : Wiltshire Gazette (Devizes): Spotters of UFOs to club together. 

18.2.94 : Grimsby Evening Telegraph (Lines) : Alien Videos To Be Shown. 

18.2.94 : Holme Valley Express (Yorks): Lights In Sky. 

18.2.94 : Swindon Evening Advertiser (Wiltshire): Phew, what a saucer. 

19.2.94 : Dundee Courier and Advertiser : Facing up to the paranormal. 

20.2.94 : Sunday News and Echo (Manchester): No Title. 

23.2.94 : Herts Advertiser (St Albans) : Solved : Riddle Of Flying Saucer. 

23.2.94 : Falkirk Advertiser (Grangemouth) : Spotlight on U.F.O.s In Falkirk. 

24.2.94 : Falkirk Herald (Stirling) : UFO Probe. 

24.2.94 : Whitstable Times (Whitstable): No Title. (Letter). 

24.2.94 : Western Gazette (Yeovil,Somerset) : UFO sightings. 

24.2.94 : The Orcadian (Kirkney,Orkney Islands): Mystery Light In Sky. 

24.2.94 : Kent Today (Larkfield) : UFOs On MEPs Agenda. 

25.2.94 : East Kilbride News (Lanarkshire): Close encounters of the weird kind. 

25.2.94 : Surrey Advertiser (Guildford); Matters metaphysical. 

28.2.94 : Glasgow Daily Record : Is It A Hub-Cap,A Hoax Or A . UFO 

(Unidentified Fife Object). 

I am keeping a monthly running total of my press cutting collection. If you are 
after an article(s) for research into a particular sighting etc,then please drop me a 
line and I will see what I have,that is relevant to your inquiry ; 









TIMES (THE) 148 












TOTAL : 7538 

Southampton Evening Echo : 24.3.95 : 

Mystery Light Show Sparks UFO Alert: 

Strange lights have been spotted again in the skies over Hampshire - sparking an 
extra-terrestrial alert. 

Amazed residents in Southampton and Winchester reported mysterious slow-moving 
lights drifting across the sky on Wednesday night. 

Terena Plowright,a 32 year old student at Southampton University, watched the 
light show from her home in Owslebury,near Winchester. 

"We couldn't see a shape as such",she said. 

"But there were different colours coming off it. I watched it through binoculars with 
my brother Bradley and we could see red, green and blue coming off. 

she added My brother is an amateur astronomer and it definitely wasn't a plane or 
a satellite. We watched for about an hour and then it moved off towards the New 
Forest . We just knew it was something weird". 

And Mabel Burden, of Thorold Road, Bitteme Park, said : "It was a very bright light 
- it was no planet or star. It was making swaying movements gently up and down." 

Mrs Burden, who claims to have seen the lights several nights running, added.:" I 
saw it first at about 10.30pm but it was still there when I wake at 3.30 am, although it 
had moved across the sky. It seemed to have a red light inside". 

Hampshire UFO expert Lucy Pringle said ; "I do know that this is an area where 
there have been unexplained sightings in the past and it's perfectly possible this is 
another along those lines". 

A spokesman for Eastleigh airport said no aircraft would have been flying at the 
times of the sightings. 

Daily Mail: 28.3.95: 

Little Green Men Or Big Green Dollars ? 

This article looks in depth at the Roswell crash and the new film footage that is 
allegedly shows the autopsy on the aliens from the craft (see next months 
editorial..ED). According to the article, Mr. Philip Mantle is convinced. He has seen 
one of the 14 canisters of black and white film. He knows the camera mans name, and 
he is willing, in due course, to testify (I can't wait for this to happen...ED !!!!).. 

He wants to sell the film because he lives in poverty and wants to contribute to his 
daughters wedding. According to Mr. Mantle, the film shows : 'The inside of a 
temporary structure - a tent of some kind - in the desert (How does Mr. Mantle know 
its a dessert as the film is showing an autopsy inside a tent...must be a palm tree in 
the comer...!!!..ED). It is lit by lamps, not electricity. The creature itself is on a bench 
or table, partly covered by a sheet. But its arms and head are clearly visible. 

"The camera stays in one place - a comer, presumably, by the feet and to one side of 
the creature. On the far side, two men in white coats seem to be taking tissue samples. 

"The creature itself seems slenderly built, without hair, pale-skinned so far as one 
can tell from the black-and-white film. It has no visible protuberances - no earlobes, 
or nose, and it has big, dark oval eyes". 

(The article ends....Mr. Haut said yesterday...What I can't understand is why they 
haven't cashed in before now. I have always believed that an alien space ship did crash 
here, but I also believe in big green dollars. Everyone has their price....) 

Daily Mail: 5.4.95 : 

Coming In A Wing And A Flare. 

Wreathed in flame,it thundered through the night sky - a sight guaranteed to give 
UFO-watchers close encounters with their binoculars. 

But the strange-looking craft cruising above the coast of South Australia was no 
alien spaceship. It was a venerable Hercules C-130 transport of the Royal Australian 
Air Force on a test run - and the spectacular fireworks display came courtesy of 
hundreds of flares being ejected by its counter-measures system. 

The blazing rockets are hurled out to put heat-seeking missiles off the scent by 
providing an even hotter target than the plane's engines. 

The Hercules may be old, but it still has fire in its belly. 

(This article was included just to show that you should not believe all that you see, 
flying across the skies.....ED) 

Can anyone help me with the following two items that recently appeared on BBC 
Radio 1. On the Nicky Campbell show, an ex British airways Pilot was interviewed 
about his UFO encounter, date unknown I am afifraid Then, on the 3 .4.95, Philip 
Mantle appeared on the same show. Did anyone manage to record either of these 
items. If so,the editor would like to hear from you. 

The X-Files : 21.3.95 and 28.3.95 : 

This two part special was one of the best in the news series so far as far as I am delt with the abduction of Moulder and left many questions un-answered 
such as who really abducted her,the government or little green men from out of space. 
I feel that the program is going from strength to strength and if the rest of the 

in the current series are anything as good as this,then we are in for a real treat. 

Arthur C.Clarkes Mysterious Universe : 3.4.95 : 

This dealt with the abduction scenario and like all other Arthur C.Clarkes Tv. 
programs,he did not give a tme answer to the question of Alien abductions. Although 
he did not categorically deny them,he seemed top indicate that the universe is a 
very big place,and it is nice to think that there may be other life forms in the universe, 
but not visiting us. 

Arthur C.Clarkes Mysterious Universe : 4.4.95 : 

This looked at the mysterious subject of the mystery cats that are reported stalking 
the British countryside.Many parts of the country have been visited by the mystery 
cats,and the South of England has had one or two mysterious visitors in Basingstoke 
and Southampton just to mention two places Again, no real answers were forth 
coming from the program, and Mr. Clark did not put his neck on the chopping block. 
Well worth a look at if you missed it, and are interested in this subject. 

»fl§ws s 

1. HEARTLAND UFO JOURNAL : N0.31 OCT 94 - N0.34JAN95; 

This is a great monthly magazine and well worth adding to your collection. The 
four editions look at "Alien abductions : Over coming the first hurdle (No 31), local 
UFO reports of object covered in lights (No 31), Object like a boomerang seen over 
Missouri (No 32), Family reports encounters with entities (No 33), Lights perform 
right angle turns (No 33), Unexplained ground marking near Sedalia,Missouri 
(No 34), Shiny cylinder observed near Bolivar,Missouri (No 34), Doctor observes 
daylight disk (No 34), Former air force pilot sees UFO (No 34) and much much more. 
For more details on how to obtain copies, contact: Heartland UFO Journal, PO Box 
440, Lockwood, MO 65682. 


This edition looks at "A fireman's guide to UFO's", "Intruders" - Minie Series 
(CBS), and an update about the group. For more details about the group and its 
publications, contact the I.U.F.O.P.R.A. (See previous newsletters for address). 

3. UFO REPORTER: N0.4 1995; 

An up and coming magazine on the British circuit that covers such subjects as 
UFO Case book - UFO reports from the CONNECT files. Isle Of Man Mysteries, 
Connect Files, Ilkley Moor BOL case, UFO Book review, Scottish Ufology and much 
much more. For subscription details etc, contact Nigel Mortimer, 5 Stocks Hill, 
Menston, Nr Ilkley, W. Yorkshire. LS29 6ND. 

4. PEGASUS : VOL 4. NO.l 1995 ; 

Gordon Millingtons magaane is one of the magazines that is high on my list of 
best magazines available. If you want to know what's going on in Ufology, then you 
cannot go wrong in subscribing to this magazine. In this edition, there is a look at 
the Krull Files, Lazar as a fictional character. The Mystery Helicopters, USAF pre¬ 
empts GAO Roswell report. Abduction in Staffordshire, Zecharia Sitchen and the 
Ancient Astronauts and much much more. For subscription details, contact: SIGAP, 
126 Grange Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 6QP. 

5. OVNI: MARCH 95; 

With the current UFO activity in Derbyshire at present, Omar Fowler appears to 
have his hands full. Omar pacts his magazine with recent sightings and it appears that 
there is an invasion of 'Triangles' at the present. In this edition, Omar looks at 
Derbyshire faces up to a 'Flying Triangle' invasion, UFO events in Derbyshire, Reports 
from Nottingham and more. For more details, contact Omar Fowler, 12 Tilton Grove, 
Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. DE7 4GR. 

6. SKYLINK : NO. 10 1995 ; 

I cannot praise high enough the work and energy that Roy Lake, of London UFO 
Studies puts into the Ufology subject. He recently helped me out with the visit of Dr. 
Leo Sprinkle and he is to speak at our forth coming conference. If you want a UFO 
magazine to subscribe to, then this one is a must. In this current edition, there is a look 
Rendlesham Forest (The Truth as we know it). Are we hybrids ourselves, shoot that 
UFO, Sightings, a summary of my UFO experiences (Lisa Natasha), UFO mystery in 
Falkirk triangle and much much more. For as little as £6 per year, Roys magazine 
offers value for money and current research. For more information, contact Roy Lake, 
lOA Tudor road. Barking, Essex. IGl 1 9RX. If you have a computer and are on the 
Internet global network, then e-mail: 


Maria Ward produces another of those great magazines worth reading, and this 
edition is of no exception. With an update on recent UFO reports. Hidden messages, 
Colin Andrews crop circle convention canceled. Anatomical Anomalies in crop 
formations. Beyond the 'Wrapping paper' of Alien Contact, Roswell film update and 
much much more. For more details, contact Maria Ward, 1 Louvain Road, Greenhithe, 
Kent DA9 9DY. 

8. EMUFORA ; N0.5 SPRING 95; 

In this edition, Anthony James looks at the farewell note from Bob Oechsler, 
Freedom of Information Act document files, UFO lands in Sweden, Flying Triangles, 
David Barclay speaks at Quest April 24/94, and much more. For more information, 
contact Anthony James, 8 Roosa Close, Hempshill Vale, Bulwell, Nottingham. NG6 

9. SPI; APRIL 95. 

In this edition, there is a look at Crop Circles, Press reports. Articles from computer 
bulletin boards, UFO reports from the Derbyshire area,and much more. For more 
details, contact Southern Paranormal Investigations on Portsmouth 01705 611437. 

10. UFO Magazine : Vol 10,No. 2 March/April 95 ; 

This is one of only 3 magazines I get that originates from America, and for value 
for money, it is worth the £3.50 per copy to get it. In this edition, there is a look at 
Walt Disney World that stages 'UFO Summit', Q & A ; Jesse Marcel Jr., UFOs linked 
to 'Marilyn Conspiracy' and a whole lot more. 

11. AWARENESS VOL 20, No 2 1995 (Contact International) : 

This is another of those magazines that should be on everyone's mailing list and is 
one of the golden oldies of British Ufology.This edition looks at such subjects as 'The 
Fire Returns' - Latest sightings. Further views on Roswell, Cattle mutilations in North 
Wales, A dossier of Greek Ufology and much more. For further details, contact: 
Contact UK, 11 Ouseley Close, New Marston, Oxford, 0X3 OJS. 

um s 


36p STANDARD Rate 48p PEAK Rate. 


The Newsletter consists of no less than 5 double-sided A4 pages. Also, newscuttings 
that may be of interest to the reader. In the Summer months (around APRIL),zxv extra 
page is included to cover any crop circle news. 


**^'******® M T Ini 4. Y 

^asoT ©g m im pmmm 

The visit of Dr. Leo Sprinkle and his group was long awaited and I had worked 
hard in arranging the visit. The British contingency consisted of Myself, Mr. Tom 
Trubridge, Mr. Ernie Sears, Mr. Roy lake of the London UFO Studies Group, N. 
Williams from the London UFO Studies Group, and Mr. Malcolm Terry of the 
Andover UFO group. 

When myself, Tom, and Ernie left Southampton, we seemed to hit every red traffic 
light in the city. We finally met up with Malcolm Terry in Andover, and waited for the 
Americans coach to arrive. This duly did at 10.40 and Dr. Sprinkle introduced himself 
and his group to us. Whilst we had been waiting, we were frozen to the bone and this 
was just a taster of things to come. The weather was bright, and the clouds scurried 
across the blue sky. 

The American party was very fnendly indeed, and by the end of the day, we made 
many new friends. We presented each one of the American delegates with a 
presentation package outlining the day ahead. 

Our first visit of the day was to be to Danebury Ring, but when we arrived, we were 
met with the first problem of the day. The coach could not fit through the entrance 
gate and we were unable to get right up to the site, but the Americans got some great 
photographs of the sign at the entrance !!! (If it moved or just stood still, it was a 
matter of photographing it!!). Malcolm Terry began to give a talk about the area, and 
the crop circle formations that have appeared in the area over the past few years. By 
now, we had already made friends with one of the party, Minnie Baxter, who was your 
typical 'All American Girl' from the South. 

We headed off to our lunch in Warminster, but arrived some 30 minutes late and I 
suddenly thought that things were starting to go wrong. Our lunch consisted of 
Mushroom soup. Ale and Steak pie with roast spuds and veg, followed by apple pie 
and custard. We enjoyed a very nice meal, and the talk was very jovial. We retired 
to a meeting room at the Old bell Public House, for an informal meeting. At this 
meeting, I presented some recent video material,and we all joined in with our own 
points of interest. We came to a common feeling, that there was not enough exchange 
of information and inter-group co-operation, and that we should work together to 
get the word over to other groups and to get an exchange of information going. We 
also presented Dr. Sprinkle with information packages. Malcolm Terry presented a 
framed photograph of the 1994 crop circle formation at the Devils Punch Bowl, near 
Winchester and a few other items. I presented Dr. sprinkle with a video, 2 audio tapes 
and a copy of Bob Price's book 'UFO's over Hampshire and the Isle of Wight', we 
ended with 5 minutes of questions and answers before our next excursion. 

We now headed to the ancient standing stones at Avebury, passing Silbury Hill on 
the way. We spent approx. 30 minutes looking at and photographing the stones, 
before we headed off to Stonehenge. But we arrived after 6pm, and the stones were 
closed and we had to take our lives in our hands, and cross the main road. The 
Americans were mesmerized by the stones and their cameras were doing over time. 

We ended the day with a group video and photo session, \vith burial mounds as a 

During our visit to Avebury, one of the groups cameras refused to work, and at 
Stonehenge, another camera gave up the ghost and refused to work. (I have since 
found out, that a day or two later, both cameras were in fine working order and there 
appeared to be nothing wrong with them....????) 

Myself, Ernie, Tom and Malcolm were dropped off back at Andover, and we waved 
farewell to a group of very kind a and friendly people. I was left with memories of the 
day that I will not forget in a very long time. We carried our tired bodies back to 
Malcoms house, and tucked in to a plate of chips and a nice cup of tea. 

We hope to keep in touch with our new found fiiends and that our fnendships 
blossom and that in the future, maybe just maybe we may be able to go to 
America to see our friends again. 

(Copyright Steve Gerrard Southampton UFO Group 1995...) 

I recently received a letter from Chester Grusinski in Michigan, USA and what 
follows is the contents of his letter: 

Dear Mr. Gerrard, 

I read your article "Watching for them looking at us ...." (Southampton Evening 
Echo 18.10.94)... 

I was on the "Sightings Tv program February 12, 1995. The reason for my writing 
you now is to see if you might be interested in the information I have. I am a witness 
to the 1958 UFO sighting on the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier, USS Franklin D. 
Roosevelt C VA-42. The ship was on a shake down cruise near Gitmo, Cuba when this 

cigar shaped object with a row of windows came up to our ship. It had figures inside 
watching our ship. Then it turned a red-orange color (This is when I could see its cigar 
shape, because it was dark outside). It took off, up very fast. Bridge watch was 
screaming on the ships intercom for the officer of the deck or bridge to get up on the 
double. The ships maneuvers stopped suddenly for some unknown reason. They kept 
the incident quiet. Special CIA investigators came aboard to investigate gambling 
below decks, the excuse they used. 

Years later, after I was out of the navy, I and other researchers investigating the '58' 
UFO sighting, found out about other UFO sightings seen by F.D.R crew members. In 
late September 1952, the NATO Naval forces had held maneuvers off the coast of 
Europe; they were called Operation Mainbrace. Photographs were taken as the object 
over took the NATO fleet. Photos were taken from the deck of the F.D.R by crew 
members and tracked on the ships radar. Freedom of Information Act requests to the 
Navy department, CIA, and NASA produced no information about any of the UFO 
sightings. Nothing on the ships deck logs about any of the UFO sightings could be 
found because of regulation JAN AP - 146.1 have letters from the ships crew 
members that saw the UFOs, and copies of photos of the 1952 UFO sighting taken by 
a press reporter from the deck of the ship. 

(Chester was kind to supply me with all the letters, reports and photographs 

- 1 ■ ' 

regarding the incident, and next month, I will be running part two of this extraordinary 

case... ED) ' 

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t.rkf'i► ' J ■»■*■-v-l'rf : ■-•■♦v.rt’ ■ lit a-jOt -iii. »v . -•nn' *-i. .incl 

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