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©1391 WC '94 TM 

mmmw tm 



Appropriate for 
all audiences. 


Rated by V.R.C 

General Audiences 

/i jflHj 


RcT _, , 


Yi 1 

jgf mY-xx* 

; : 9 


A very small percentage of Individuals may experience epileptic seizures when 
exposed to certain light patterns of flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns 
qr backgrounds on a television screen while playing video games may induce 
an epileptic seizure In these Individuals. Certain conditions may induce previ¬ 
ously undetected epileptic symptoms even In persons who have no history of 
prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic con¬ 
dition, consult you physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the fol¬ 
lowing symptoms while playing a video game - dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, 
or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician 
before resuming play. 


"No Pain No Gain*’ 
by Meine, Schenker & Hudson 

Published by PelyGram International Publishing, Inc. and MCA Music Publishing, 
Copyright 1993 by MCA Music Publishing, a Division of MCA, Inc., and Beef Puppet 
Music, All rights for Beef Puppet Music controlled and administered by MCA Music 
Publishing, a Division of MCA, tnc. 


performed by Scorpions 

"Under the Same Sun" 
by Hudson, Meine, Fairbaim 

Published by PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. and MCA Music Publishing 
Copyright 1993 by MCA Music Publishing, a Division ot MCA, Inc, and Bee! Puppet 
Music. All rights lor Bed Puppet Music controlled and administered by MCA Music 
Publishing, a Division of MCA, Inc. 



perlormed by Scorpions 
under license Irom PolyGram Special Markets 
Available on Mercury records and (apes. 

The World Cup USA '94 videogame contains copyrighted materials which are 
licensed lo you, the end-user, for your personal use, subjecl to the terms ol this end- 
user license, You must Ireat Ihe software and ils contenls like any other copyrighted 
material, e.g. a bock or musical recording. Any other use, duplication cr distribution of 
Ihis product or its contents may violate applicable U S. or international copyright laws 
and may subject you to prosecution under penalty of law. 

The official seal is your assurance that this product meets 
the highest quality standards of SEGA™ Buy games and 
accessories with this seal to be sure that they are compat¬ 
ible with SEGA CD™ SYSTEM, 

WorldCupU SA94ii 


Welcome to World Cup USA £ 94 .****,.****...,.. 2 

Soccer - The Game...........,2 

Player Controls.,,,.*.***....... ....—.3 

Starting Up Your System.**..**.......5 

Language Selection_*..........5 

Getting Started - The Main Menu,**.,....6 

World Cup Trivia Quiz.**,,,,. 8 

Easy Play Mode ......,****,,...12 

Team Options...—.*****.-.—.12 

Tournament Status..,..**... ..****,16 

Pre-Match Options .......16 

Post-Match Options.......—17 

Pause Menu........—17 



On June 17th, 1994 the greatest soccer event in the world kicks-off 
in the USA. Soccer's elite 24 nations meet head-on in their quest for 
the most prestigious prize in sport - the FIFA World Cup, For over 60 
years the World Cup has symbolized sporting excellence and win¬ 
ning the esteemed trophy is the goaf of every soccer playing country. 

Here's your chance to take up the ultimate challenge and 'make soc¬ 
cer history'. Steer your team to the height of international success 
against the best soccer players in the world and re-write the XV 
World Cup record books. 

World Cup USA ‘94 is the most comprehensive soccer simulation 
ever, capturing the magic of the world's largest single-sport event to 
the finest detail You can make every strategic decision involved in 
the four-week tournament, or if you don’t want to be bothered with 
tactics, go straight to kick-off. 

The build-up to each game can be as complex or as simple as you 
like, but when you get onto the field only one question remains — 
have you got what it takes to win the World Cup, or will you be elimi¬ 
nated in the first round? 

SOCCER - The Game 

Here’s a brief summary of the basics for beginners: 

22 players (two teams of 11) chase a ball around a rectangular field 
trying to kick or head the ball into the opponent’s goal. 

There are several types of players: 

Goalkeeper - Each side has one goalie who is allowed to touch 
the ball with his hands in his own penalty area (unless it is delib¬ 
erately passed back by one of his teammates). The 'keeper has 
the immense responsibility of stopping the opposition from scor¬ 
ing goals. 

Defenders - These players must protect the goal by preventing 
opponents from shooting. 

Mid-fielders - As the name suggests, ’middies’ usually play in 
the middle of the field as a link between defense and attack, 
adopting the role of defender or forward as required. 

Forwards - Also known as ’strikers’, they play up front and try to 
score goals. 

To score a goal a player must first gain possession of the ball, 


either by receiving a pass from one of his teammates, intercept¬ 
ing an opponent’s pass or tackling the opponent with the ball. 

The referee may apply his vast knowledge of the game to decide 
that a tackle is illegal and award a tree kick or penalty shot (if the 
foul is committed in the offender’s own penalty area) to the oppo¬ 
sition, The referee may then warn the aggressor by showing him 
a yellow card, remove him from the game with a red card, or 
ignore the infraction completely! 

If the ball is taken out of play: either a throw-in, goal kick or cor¬ 
ner kick is awarded to the other team, according to where it goes 
out of play. 

Each match is divided into two halves of 45 minutes, plus extra¬ 
time if the result is a draw (in a knockout tie) and a penalty shoot¬ 
out if the scores are still even after extra-time. Play kicks-off from 
the center-spot at the start of each half and after a goal is scored, 
and the teams swap ends at half-time, 

There are many more rules and intricacies of this great game 
which you will pick-up as you play ■— the main point to remember 

is that the team that scores the most goals wins. 


C button 
6 button 
A button 




B button PASS 
C button CHIP* 

* After Touch- By adding After Touch you can curve the ball in flight. 
Use the O-pad to bend shots and chips left and right immediately 
after you kick the ball. 


When you press the B button, move the D-pad to direct your pass. 
The ball is played to your nearest teammate in the area (that is 45* 
wide) in front of you. 



This option allows for greater control; of the ball. If the Ball Trap 
Option is ON, holding the S button allows your player to turn on the 
spot and pass when the button is released. The Ball Trap Option is a 
very quick move and must be mastered to be used effectively. 






When you receive a pass in the air or intercept a high ball, you can 
hit it by using one of four spectacular moves, deter mined by the 
height and direction of the ball Press the B button to try a VOLLEY, 
Remember, these moves take a lot of practice to master. 

Professional Strikers train for years to perform these feats, so don’t 
be discouraged. 


Set plays are when you are kicking or throwing the ball to another 
teammate after a stop in play. For corner kicks, goal kicks, free kicks, 
and throw-ins r a power/direction indicator appears, represented by 
an arc of white dots from the ball. 

Move the D-pad left and right to alter the direction of the kick/throw, 
up decreases power and down increases power. 

A button KICK/THROW (along indicator line) 

B button PASS (to selected teammate)* 

*At a set play you can select a player to receive a direct pass using 
the power/direction indicator. 

If you don’t make a move within ten seconds, the computer automati¬ 
cally puts the ball in play. 


Scan Mode is available only during set plays to nominate players off¬ 
screen to receive a pass By holding the C button a selection cursor 
appears which can be moved around the field with the D-pad. Find 
the intended teammate and he will wave his arms to indicate he is 
chosen, and release the C button to make your selection. You now 
return to the set play and can pass to your designated player by 
pressing the B button (or fool your opponent by pressing the A but¬ 
ton to kick/throw the ball along the power/direction arc). 


Note: If the indicator is pointing directly at a player when Scan Mode 
is activated this player will be re-selected when you return to the set 
piay, so the indicator must point into an empty space before you 
enter Scan Mode. 


1. Set up your Sega CD''* and Sega Genesis™ systems and 
plug in control pad 1. 

2. Turn on your TV or monitor, and then turn on your Genesis, 
The Sega CD logo appears. 

Note: tf nothing appears on screen r turn the system OFF, make 

sure it is set up correctly r and then turn it ON again. 

3. Open the disc tray or CD door. Place the World Cup USA '94 
compact disc into the disc tray, label side up. Close the tray 
or CD door. 

4. If the Sega CD logo is on the screen, press Start to begin the 
game. If the control panel is on screen, move the cursor to 
the CD-ROM button and press the A, B or C button to begin, 

Note: If the disc is already in the Sega CD when you turn it on r 

the game wilf begin automatically after a few moments. 

5. You will see Striker kicking a ball. When the Official Product 
logo appears, press the A, B or C button and the Language 
Screen will appear. 

D-pad; Move the D-pad to highlight options. 

B button: Press to confirm your selections. 

Start: Press to pause during the match and access 

your in-game options (see Pause menu). 
Also used to select certain options. 


You can play World Cup USA '94 
in one of eight languages, repre¬ 
sented by flags on the Language 
Selection screen. Use the D-pad to 
move the bouncing ball icon over 
the desired flag and press the B 
or C button to make your choice. 
You will not be able to change the 
selection once it has been made 

unless you turn the system OFF. 



To select any feature on the Main Menu, move the bouncing ball 
over your desired option and press the B button. You may choose to 
activate "Easy Play Mode 15 by pressing Start at this screen. 

1. Official World Cup Tournament 

2. Customized World Cup Tournament 

3. Stadium Fly-bys 

4. World Cup Trivia Quiz 

5. Scrimmage 

6. Practice Menu 

7. Options Menu 

1. Official World Cup Tournament 

By selecting this feature you are 
able to use the O-pad to scroll 
through the qualifiers for World 
Cup USA '94 and select which of 
the 24 countries you wish to repre¬ 
sent Press the A button to select 
your team and then enter your 
name by using the D-pad to select 
each letter and pressing any but¬ 
ton to confirm your choice until 
your name is complete. You must enter a name. You can designate 
control of as many teams as you want or leave them computer-con- 
trolled. The Team Power Display shows a graphic representation of 
ability (speed, tackling, skill). 

The screen will confirm your selections with white highlighted text. 
When you are happy with the choices made, press Start. 

Should you wish to select another team instead of the one you have 
already selected, press the A button before leaving the qualifiers 
screen and the team should now change back to computer con¬ 


trolled. To select another team, repeat the procedure above, when 
finished press Start. 

2 , Customized World Cup Tournament 

if your favorite team hasn't qualified for the 1994 World Cup, you can 
re-design the tournament by adding up to eight countries in place of 
the Official qualifiers and allocate each team to the group of your 


A-You are presented with the Official World Cup groupings plus 
an additional eight teams. These additional teams are listed in 
the box at the bottom left of the screen. Use the D-pad to choose 
the team you wish to include from the lower left hand box and 
press the A, B or C button. You will see the team’s name move 
to the box in the center of the screen. Now select the team you 
wish to replace from the boxes above and press the A, B or C 
button to move your selection to the qualifiers box. Presto, now 
they are tn the World Cup. 

Repeat this procedure as often as you like until you have the 
tournament of your choice. When you are satisfied with your cus¬ 
tomized World Cup, press Start to begin the tournament, 

B-Lets you start up a Password to restore your customized World 
Cup tournament at the desired round. 

C-Enabies you to save your customized tournament. 


D-Squad editor allows you to personalize your team by changing 
player's names and abilities, 

1- Scroll through your squad and press the A button to high 
light the player you wish to rename. Enter the new identity 
and press Start. 

2- Hold the A button (speed), B button (tackling), C button 
(skill) and move the D-pad up or down to alter the highlighted 
players ability. 

3/4-Cycle through all the qualified teams, 

E- Exit 

3. Stadium Fly-bys 

You are presented with a stunning "birds-eye" view of the nine spec¬ 
tacular host stadiums for in World Cup USA '94, accompanied by 
some fascinating facts about each venue, 

Use the icons surrounding the Fly-by to select which stadium you 
wish to see, 

4, World Cup Trivia Quiz 

Pit your World Cup wits against the computer or a friend in the U.S. 
Gold trivia challenge. Select a country to represent and you will be 
faced with a mini field and two Strikers. 

Your objective is to score in the opponents goal by winning 'moves' 
up the field with correct answers to the random trivia teasers. Press 
the A button to see the question and then choose the A, B or C 
button from the multiple choice responses. If you answer correctly, 
1-3 'moves 1 are awarded (depending how quickly you respond) but a 
wrong answer hands possession to your opponent. 

The first player to score twice wins the game. 


A-Mini soccer field - the quiz venue. 

0-7Vme Scale - answer within the allocated time limit or lose pos¬ 
session, If an answer has not been made when the scale passes 
half-way, the question is thrown open to both players, 

C-Possession Indicator - when the question marks flash on 
your side, answer the question. 

0 -Scoreline - best of three. 

5. Scrimmage 

Warm-up for future competition with a scrimmage against the team 
of your choree. Select one of three formats: 

1. Computer vs. Computer - watch a demo match to pick up 
helpful hints. 

2. Human vs. Computer - Joypad 1 or 2, 

3. Human vs. Human - Joypad 1 for team 1, Joypad 2 for 
team 2, 

Press the A, B or C button to make your selection. 

6. Practice Menu 


When you select this option, you must first choose a team then press 


A-Team Options: Enter Team Options sub-menu. 

B - Options : E nte r t h e G ption s Me n u. 

C -Team 2 Options : Switch between Human/Computer control 
for Team 2 (If you are playing alone you can select Human con¬ 
trol for Team 2 so that you can practice your skills). 

D -Practice Set Plays: This will set up a special version of the 
game in which you may use the D-pad to move the ball around 
the field until you find the spot where you wish to practice a set 
play. Press the A, B or C button when you have stopped the ball 
where you want to practice. The computer will set up a free kick, 
corner kick or throw-in according to your position on the field. 
This is a must for players who want to learn the intricacies of the 
. game, 

E-Practice Match. Practice your match play with the odds in 
your favor - all the referee’s decisions will go your way! This is a 
practice match in which your team members train against each 
other. No other team is on the field. As you have total control, 
less experienced players should use this feature to enhance their 

F -Practice Penalties: Fine tune your shoot-out skills. You and 
the computer take turns taking a shot on the goal, then guarding 
the goal. You will see an arrow traveling along the goal area, this 
indicates where you are aiming. Press the A button to shoot the 
ball. The longer you hold down the A button, the higher the shot 
will be. 

- To guard against a low shot on the left, hold the A button 
and press left on the D-pad. 

- To guard against a low shot on the right, hold the 
A button and press right on the D-pad 

- To guard the goal against a high shot on the left, press 
left on the D-pad. 

- To guard the goal against a high shot on the right, press 

right on the D-pad, 

- To guard the goal against a high shot in the center, press 

up on the D-pad. 

- To guard against a low shot in the center, don't use the 
controls at all, the goalie will automatically catch the ball. 

When you have practiced all the shots, the computer will auto¬ 
matically reset the game to the practice menu, 

G-Ex/fto Main Menu, 


7. Options Menu 


The in-game Options Menu presents you with a number of variables, 
represented by individual Striker icons, which allow you to customize 
the playing conditions and rules for the tournament, Move the bounc¬ 
ing ball over each alternative and make your choices by pressing the 
A, B or C button to switch or select an option. 

12 3^5 

6 7 & 9 10 

1. Weather When the weather option is ON, wind will affect 
the game to varying degrees. The playing conditions are 
randomly selected for each match, so you have no control 
over the weather - as in real life! 

2. Radar. Mini-field display showing the position of every 
player. Choose Small. Large, or Shaded 

3. Game Speed. Select the pace of your players; slow, normal 
or fast. 

4* Offside Rule. A player is offside if he is beyond the last 
defender when a pass is made to him. Unlike real 
international managers, you have the option to play without 
the offside rule and give your strikers license to hang by the 
goal - but remember, it's the same for the opposition. 

5. Back-pass Rule. Recently, the rules of the game were 
changed so the goalie can no longer pick up the ball with his 
hands when a teammate passes it back to him. If your 
goalkeeper isn’t happy with this new rule, you can revert to 
the old laws, 

6. Match Duration : Each match consists of two periods. You 
select the length of each match by choosing how long you 
want a period to last. The options are: 2 x 3 minutes, 2x5 
minutes. 2X10 minutes, 2 x 20 minutes or 2 x 45 minutes. 
Default is 2 x 3 minutes. 


7. Screen Mode: Select screen width; 32 or 40, 

8. Instant Repiay: Turn the action option ON/OFF. 

9. Music & Sound FX 

10. Exit 

When you have modified the match play to your liking, move to the 
Exit icon and return to the previous menu. 


World Cup USA '94 allows the novice to try their hand at winning the 
1994 World Cup by simplifying the game with one-button control, To 
by-pass all the menu screens, when you are at the Main Menu 
screen, press Start. The computer will randomly select 2 teams and 
all other options will default to a medium setting. You will go straight 
into game play. This option is only for one player versus the comput¬ 
er. Once you have entered a match all you need to use is the A but¬ 
ton to do the basic maneuvers including tackles and passing. 


As a national team manage r t there are crucial tactical decisions to be 
made before the big match. The Team Options Menu gives you the 
chance to make various strategic adjustments to your team and style 
of play. 

In World Cup USA ‘94 you have complete control over the players in 
your squad and the way they play in each match. By using the indi¬ 
vidual customization editors you can fine-tune every aspect of your 
team's character to suit your own personal approach to the game. 

1 2 3 4 5 

1. Formation Editor 

2. Team Editor 

3. Set Play Tactics 

4. Uniform Editor 

5. Joypad Setup 

6. Dribble Control 

7. Ball Trap Option 

8. "Keeper Control 

9. Exit 


1, Formation Editor 

The field is divided into nine sectors so that you can see how your 
formation changes with the flow of play. This means that you can 
instruct players specifically how to react to different situations in a 
match to comply with your winning strategy. 





G H I 

A- EXIT to Team Options, 

B-Use one of the pre-set formations or load a previously saved 
line-up. Move the ball over each formation and press any button 
to make a choice. As you select a formation the players on the 
field run into the appropriate positions so that you can decide 
whether you want to go with that formation or try another. 

C-Save a new formation. You can save a maximum of seven per¬ 
sonal line-ups at any time, for use in future games, When you 
have designed the desired formation, press the A, B or C button 
to save your formation, You must be sure that the bail icon is on 
whichever one of the seven numbered save slots where you wish 
to save the play, 

□ Select a player Hold the A, B or C button and use the D-pad 
to cycle through your players' positions on the field. 

E-Change player positions. After selecting a set formation, it is 
now possible to tailor the behavior of individual players and 
devise new tactics. Each player adopts a different position in 
relation to the ball according to the specified formation and match 
circumstances, so you can modify this position to suit your style 
of play and overall game strategy - if you have one! Hold the A, 

B or C button and use the D-pad to move your player to his new 
position. You can use this function to allocate your players to dif¬ 
ferent positions in every situation, thus creating a unique forma¬ 
tion which can then be saved for future games. 

F-Show field sections. Hold the A, B or C button to move the 
bail and highlight each field to demonstrate how your player for¬ 
mations adapts with the flow of play. 

G-Player modifier. You can fine tune the movement of individual 
players in direct relation to the ball within each highlighted field 
sector. Hold the A, B or C button and use the O-pad (telt and 
right) to select one of four settings to determine how far your 
players position themselves from the ball. 

H-Defense/Attack, Press the A, B or C button to show how your 
formation changes according to a defensive or offensive situa¬ 

1-Set piay/Open play. Press the A, B or C button to alternate 
between formation changes in open play (according to field sec¬ 
tor and position of the ball) or at specific set plays, 

2. Team Editor 


A-1 6 selected players from the 22 player squad are highlighted. 
You may bench selected players by pressing the A, B or C but¬ 
ton to remove them from the line-up. You select a replacement 
player by moving the cursor up or down the squad list and 
pressing the A, B or C button when the cursor is on the player 
of your choice. 

B-Shows your players in the starting line-up with their individual 
squad numbers. 

C-Current substitutes. 

D-Speed/Tackling/Skill display. 

E-Present formation. Alternative formations may be selected by 
moving the cursor to the Formation icon and pressing the A T B 

or C button. 

Note: The ‘Note Pad' shows a formation not yet saved and cur¬ 
rently in the formation editor. 

F-Exit to Team Options, 

3, Set Play Tactics 

Use the tactic selector to choose four secret strategies to activate at 
set plays. Scroll through the bank of 24 master tactics (displayed in 


groups of eight) and assign a O-pad direction to your favorite four. At 
a set play, a designated strategy can triggered by moving the D-pad 
in the nominated direction and pressing Start. 

4. Uniform Editor 

Use the D-pad to select which item of uniform you wish to change. 
Hold the A f B or C button and press the D-pad up /down to cycle 
through the choices available The left 3 selections are for your home 
uniform and the right 3 for your away uniform, 

5. Joy pad Setup for 1-4 Players 

Designate control of each team: Joypad 1, Jcypad 2, Two players vs. 
Computer control. You may change the number of players to switch 
between 1 player J and 2 players, 3 players, 3 and 4 players per 
side. You must set the options for both sides in order for 4 play¬ 
ers to be able to play. You can use any 4 player adapter, just plug 
in multitap and all joypads before turning the power ON. 

Each player's character has a number above their head that corre¬ 
sponds with the joypad. The player with the number 1 above their 
head is controlled by Joypad 1, the player with 2 above them is con¬ 
trolled by Joypad 2, and so on. Your control over a player will change 
to the player nearest the ball, 

6. Dribble Control - The Glue Factor 

If you have played other soccer games you will have noticed how 
much the degree of ball control varies from game to game - in some, 
the ball practically sticks to your feet white in others it is almost 
impossible to dribble effectively. World Cup USA ‘94 allows you to 
modify the ‘Glue Factor 1 to suit your personal style of play. Press the 
A, B or C button to select one of four settings - the higher the ‘Glue 
Factor 1 , the closer your ball control, 

7. Ball Trap Control 

If this option is ON, your players trap the ball when they receive a 
pass. If you turn OFF this feature, you will not be able to stop and 
turn effectively. 

Press the A t B of C button to switch the Ball Trap Option ON/OFF. 

S. 'Keeper Control 

Press the A ? B or C button to choose player or computer control for 
your goalkeeper. When your goalie is computer controlled you only 
have control for goal kicks and throw-outs. The computer automati¬ 
cally intervenes if you do not make a move within ten seconds. 

Defending a penalty: You take control of the goalkeeper to defend 
penalties. Direct the D-pad and press the A button to make a save. 


- To guard against a low shot on the left, hold the A button 
and press left on the D-pad. 

- To guard against a low shot on the right, hold the A button 
and press right on the D-pad 

■ To guard the goal against a high shot on the left, press left 
on the O-pad 

-To guard the goal against a high shot on the right, press 

right on the D-pad 

-To guard the goal against a high shot in the center, press 
up on the D- pad. 

- To guard against a low shot in the center, don’t use the 
controls at all, the goalie will automatically catch the bail. 


The current tournament status is 
displayed before you move on to 
the next match. 


A B C O E 

A-Team 1 options, 

Brin-game Options Menu, 

C-Go to kick-off (or see the stats of the match if both teams are 
compute r-cont rolled), 

D-Skip match, 

E-Team 2 options. 



U.S.A, D 3 Colombia 


rnttim wJ- 


-+W O 


■>- r 





A-See Password; View the password that will enable you to 
restore your tournament at this exact stage via the customized 
Worid Cup option. Write these codes down! 

B-Continue tournament. 


Press Start during piay to pause the game. You will see Striker, the 
1994 World Cup mascot, in a ‘stop’ pose with his arms outstretched. 
Press the A button. A number of options are now accessible to you. 

C D E 

^Substitution, You can make 2 substitutions during each 
match. You cannot substitute a player who has been given a 
RED card by the referee and only ONE substitution can be made 
at a time. 

The shirt number and pfayer name will appear at the bottom of 
the screen. Press left or right on the D-pad to scan through the 
players on the field. When the player you wish to substitute 
appears, press the B button. The names of your substitutes will 
then appear. Use the D-pad to cycle through them, pressing the 


A* B or C button to execute the substitution or press Start to 
cancel the substitution, A substitution can only be made when 
the ball is out of play, If a player is injured, substitution is auto¬ 
matic. (substitutions cannot be made in Practice Mode). 

B-Instant Replay, Press the B button to replay the camera 
action. This will show you the last few seconds of gam ep I ay. You 
can review game ptay with VCR-like control: fast-forward, rewind, 
forward, pause, stop, 

C Radar Select the radar screen you would like small, large, 
shaded or Off 

U-Formation: Press the B button to change your current forma¬ 
tion. You will be given the option of 8 preset formations or the 7 
formations saved to battery back-up. 

E Quit, Quit game to go to Pre-Match Options. 


* The Sega CD Disc is intended for use exclusively with the 
Sega CD™ System. 

* Do not bend it r crush it, or submerge it it liquids. 

* Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other 
source of heat. 

* Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended play, 
to rest yourself and the Sega CD Disc. 

- KEEP YOUR SEGA CD DISC CLEAN. Always hold by the 
edges, and keep in its case when not in use. Clean with a 
lint-free, soft dry cloth-wiping in straight lines from center to 
edge. Never use solvents of abrasive cleaners. 


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Airlines or American Eagle airport or city ticket office, or 0y mail Redemption is limited 10 one 
cortii cale per passenger per ticket, and surcharges, if applicable, must be paid at ihe lime the ticket is 

Reservations are sub eel to seal ava< abii ly at Ihe lime reservations are made -Seats available for 
certain fares are capacity controlled and may be unavailable on certain ihghss or dales. 

The tidkel must be purchased at least 14 days n advance of Ihe Slab of travel, or as required by Ihe 
la ip purchased, whichever is earlier, and a Saturday night slay is required. Fur additional information 
About your excursion lickel call 1-SOO-237-79S1 Refer the representative lo ihe star file number or 
the focus number on Iha front of the certificate. 

The tiefcel purchase^ is responsible for any tax iiab-iity and airport passenger facilities charges, if 

This cendicata is not transferable and is nm redeemable tor cash. The caflilicafa is void if sold for cash 
or other consideration god is void if altered, ceunterferied. obtained or used improperly, or where 
prohibited by law. 

h A iickel issued against this certrticate is not com bin able with any ether discount certificate 
AAdvantage Award, or Senior Saver Discount 

A ticket issued against this certilicale is not transferable and may not be reissued once travel has 
commenced. An open iickel may no-i be issued and stopovers are not permitted Every ticket has a 
cancellation penalty. 

' 3. Travel using this certificate Is not pornmilod on Bio fallowing inclusive black oul dales: 

1994: May 27, May 30, July 2 - 5, November 22 - 23, November2$ - 28, December 17 - Tfl, 

December 22 - 23. December 20. December 30-31 1996: January 1 - 3, February 1 & - 
Ma rch 3t (Safarcfay-'Sundby QNC.V). May 2^. May 29, Certificate musl bo redeemed and all 
travel CdmplBtEd by midkiight, May 31,1995. 

11. If this certificate is tendered in connection wrth a wholly unused ticket, all applicable penalties shall 
apply. The current fare and all applicable rules shall apply lo the new iicket. including a $25 00 
administrative charge to reissue a lickai. 

12. Thi& certificate has no value except when redeemed in accordance with ihoso terms and conditions. 

13. Th s certificate is not applicable toward the purchase of a miscellaneous charge order |MCO). prepaid 
iickel (PTa>, or special sconce ticket (Form 40BJ. 

14. Any voluntary refund ol a ticket purchased wilh this certificate Shall be equal fa the amoum actually 
paid, lass the Fare applicable lo the transportation usee. II the Fare applicable to the transportation used 
>s subject iq b refund penalty, such penalty shall apply when a ticket is wholly or partially refunded 

15 The person prasemlng this certificate may be required to furnish identification. 

16.Travel on a iickel issued for ih^ promotion will bo by Iho most direct Amentan Airlines or Amarrcan 
Eagle muling between the origin and the destination, and must be on a muling where American main¬ 
tains a fare. Unnecessary and Circuitous routing, connecting points and/or segments ere prohibited. 

' 7.Travef is valid as reierenced on ihis certificate lo American Airtinssr American Eagle declination within 
the contiguous 43 dales and Canada served at Ihe lime of certificate redemption and hckel usage. 

13. Ryles as written lor inis promotion cannot be changed by any slatement or representation d any 
unauthorized person including employees of American Airlines, iric., or U.$. Gold, Inc. 


Send For Your American Airlines Travel Certificate(s). 

It s easy - just follow these steps: 

1. Fill out legibly all the requested information on the enclosed application, 
(Limit four certificates per customer please.) There is a postage and 
handling fee of $5.00 for each certificate. 

2, Mail application along with check or money order for the correct amount 

made payable to: 

U.S. Gold American Travel Offer 
P.O. Box 1*33 

Orlando, Florida 328011833 

3. Application must be received by February 28, 1995, Your travel 
certificates will be mailed to you. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. 

It’s also easy to make your reservations and purchase your tickets 
just follow these steps: 

1, You must have the actual certificates at the time of ticketing. After you 
receive your certificates, make your reservations at an authorized travel 
agency or by calling American Airlines reservations at 1-800-237*7981. 

2. At least 14 days prior to travel, purchase your tickets at an authorized 
travel agency or an American Airlines airport or city office. 

Send in your application today! 

GSSS3 Xmcncnn Airinai.. htt 

American Airlines Travel 

Savings Certificate Application 






[ ] Issue one certificate in the name below. 
Enclosed is a check or money order for 
S5.0G for postage and handling, 

[ ] Issue three certificates in (he names 
below. Enclosed is a check or money 
order for $15.00 lor postage and handling. 


( 1 Issue |wo certificates in the names 
below. Enclosed is a check or money 
order for Si0.00 for postage and 

f J Issue four certificates in the names 
below. Enclosed is a check, or money 
order for $20.00 for postage and 

Name(s) to be printed on certificates: 




Return lo. U.S. Gold American Travel Offer. P.O. Box iBtt. Orlando. FL 32002-1833. 
Allow 3 lo A weeks for delivery. Application must be received by February £8. 1395. 



U.S- GOLD, INC. warrants to the original purchaser that this U.S. GOLD cartridge 
is tree from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days 
from the date of purchase. This U.S, GOLD cartridge is sold ‘as is" without 
expressed ur implied warranty of any kind, and U.S. GOLD is not liable for any 
josses or damages of any kind resuming from use of this program. U.S, GOLD 
agrees for a period of ninety (90} days to either repair or replace, at its option, free 
of charge, any U.S. GOLD cartridge, postage paid, with proof of date of purchase, 
at its Factory Service Center. 

„ This limited warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This limited war¬ 
ranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the U.S. GOLD car¬ 
tridge has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. This 
limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and no other representations or 
claims of any nature shall be binding on or obligate U.S. GOLD. Any implied war¬ 
ranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the 
ninety (90) day period described above. In no event will U.S. GOLD be liable for 
any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from possession, use 
or malfunction ol this cartridge. 

Some states do not allow limitation as to how long an implied warranty lasts 
and/or exclusions or limitations or incidental or consequential damages so the 
above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty 
gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state 
to state. 

U.S. Gold, Inc, 

San Francisco, CA 94111 
(415) 693-0297 

D aterits: U.S .#‘s 4,442,486/4,4 54 „594/4,462,076/4,026,555; 

Europe # 60244; Canada rs 1,163,276/1,082,351; 

Hong Kong # 88-4302; Germany # 2,609.826; Singapore # 08-155: 
UK. tt 1,535,999; France # 1.607,029; Japan #'s 1,632,396/82- 
205605 (Pending), 


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TV show and Amanda. 

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two-way cooperative play 


World Cup USA W © Wtl WE 'W/HL H,rritnh^ © IW? DIC Animolion Gt Tr Ik. nnd Stg'foh T*Mw ^ 
-Tim U.5. Gold, Jbu im Frontiw*. CA «111 

i* rKt U.SJL