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A very small percentage Of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to certain patterns of backgrounds on a television screen 
or while playing video games may induce an epileptic seizure in 
these individuals. Certain conditions may induce undetected 
epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior 
seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family,, has an 
epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If you 
experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video 
game—dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss el 
awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or 
convulsions—IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your 
physician before resuming play. 

Using groundbreaking technology developed by Digital Pictures. 
Virtual VCR combines digital audio and up to 60 minutes ol real 
motion video on a single compact disc With Virtual VCR. you 
get the impact of a video tape with the convenience of a CD. 

Like a regular music CD, the Virtual VCR CD has multiple tracks. 
And like a music CD, these tracks can be played individually, one 
alter the other in the order they appear on the disc, or in random 
order (also called shuffle play). 

The Virtual VCR Colors of Modern Hock includes tracks by 
a half dozen hot new artists. Together they represent a cross 
section of the latest in music ranging from alternative to pop. 


U P 

How to Use Your Sega CD 1 

1. Set up your Sega CD system by following the instructions in your Sega CD 
System Instruction Manual. Plug in Control Pad 1. 

2. Turn the system ON. The Sega CD animated display will appear It nothing 
appears on screen, turn the system OFF and make sure it is set up correctty. 

3. Press Button C on the Genesis lw Control Pad. and the on-screen Control Panel 
will appear. Use the D Button to select EJECT and press Button C to open the 
CD tray. 

4. Place the Virtual VCR Colors of Modern Rock disc in the well of the CD tray 
and press Button C. The CD tray will dose, and the words CD-ROM will appear 
on the Control Panel. 

5. Use the D Button to move the cursor onto CD-ROM and press Button 0. The 
opening screens of the Virtual VCR wifi appear. 

6. if you wish lo slop the program in progress, or if the program ends, press the 
Reset Button on the Genesis console to display the on-screen Control Panel. 

Sega CD System 

Control Pad t 

The Control Paid 

Throughout this booklet, the buttons on the Genesis Control Pad will be referred to 
as follows: 

Directional Button 
[D Button) 

START Button 

Button C 
Button B 
Button A 

Refer to the ‘Take Control 1 ' section of the manual for instructions on control pad 

T A K 


The Table of Contents 

When you start the Virtual 
VCR CD. the Table of 
Ccmlents screen appears. 

From this screen you can use 
trie loll owing controls to play 
the program material. 

Use the 0 Button {Direction 
Button) lo select any one ol 
the six still images representing 
(he video selections. To start 
playing the material 1 in 
sequential order, beginning with the selected video, press the A Button. 

Alternatively, you can press START to select shuttle play. In this made, all six 
music videos are played in random order. 

Press the B Button to toggle between the Table of Contents screen and the Help 
screen. The Help screen lists some basic instruction for using Virtual VCR. 

The C Button switches to the Photo Album Preview screen. 

Video Play 

Once you have started to play a video selection, the Virtual VCR control panel 
appears at the bottom of the screen. This control panel lets you play, stop, search, 
skip, freeze, or play the video in stow motion:; it also allows you to shoot and save 
snapshots of your favorite images. A counter over the control panel indicates 
minutes: seconds: frames within each selection. 

Move the D Button {Direction Button) 
left or right to highlight any one of the 
nine controls. As you move through the 
controls, the symbol on the highlighted 
control will turn from gray to yellow 
To activate the highlighted control 
press the A Bulton. When a control is 
activated, it will blink yellow and appear 
recessed in relation to the other control 
buttons. A button will blink yellow 
until you use the D Button to highlight 
a different control. 




' Q0> ' 






















The controls, from left to right, are: 

Track Search Reverse lets you jump to the beginning of the currently 
playing video. Select it by pressing the A Button twice quickly to jump 
back to the beginning ol I he previous video in the sequence. 

^ 1 Search Reverse skips backwards through the video that is currently 

-- * playing as long as you hold the A Button down. Note: When the video 

has rewound to the beginning of the track, it won't continue to rewind 
into the previous track. 

Play starts a paused video, 

Slow Motion plays the video at half speed. 

Search Forward skips forward through the video that is currently 
playing as long as you hold the A Button down. Once you have reached 
the end ol the track, it will continue to skip forward into the next track. 

1 Track Search Forward lets you jump to the beginning of the next video 
J in the sequence. 

"1 Pause freezes the video. II the conirol panel was previously hidden (by 
J pressing the El Button) Pause will return the control panel to the screen. 

j g I Stop exits the currently playing video and returns you to the table of 
I- 1 contents screen. 

^ Snapshot works just like a camera, letting you capture and store a 
——— single image from the program material. Press the snapshot control 
any time you see an image you want to save, except while searching, 
Snapshots are stored in the photo album which can contain a maximum 
of nine images. When you have filled the photo album with nine images, 
the snapshot button will flash red. You need to remove some snapshots 
in order to add new ones, (The procedure for this is explained below,) 

The B Button cycles among three different display options. The first lime you press 
the B Button the control panel disappears. The nexl time you press the B Button 
the gray border will disappear. Press the B Button again to return to the original 
control panel 

The C Button is always available to make a Snapshot. (You can also use the D 
Button to highlight the Snapshot button on the control panel.) Press the C Button 
(or use the A Button when the snapshot control on the control panel is high¬ 
lighted) any lime you see an image you want to save, except while searching. 

When you make a snapshot, you will hear a shutter click from the motorized, 
auto-winding camera. The album is full if you don't hear the shutter click, 

Press Ihe START Button while the video is playing to select the Pause control, 
which freezes fhe video Pause will also return the control panel to the screen 

if it was previously hidden (by pressing the B Button). 

The START Button will select the Play control if the music video is currently paused. 

Photo ABbuen Preview 

You can store up to nine snapshots from the program material in the photo album. 
On the Photo Album Preview screen, you can see small black and white images 
representing each of the larger color snapshots in your album. 

To view a snapshot m its original size and color, use the D Button (Direction 
Button) to highlight any one of the nine black and white images, and then press 
the A Button button. To return to the Photo Album Preview screen from a 
snapshot press the A Button 

To return to the Photo Album Preview screen, press the A Button again. 

You can press START from the Photo Album Preview to se-lEct shuttle play of 
all snapshots currently in your photo album, In shuttle play, all snapshots are 
displayed in random order. 

press the B Button lo remove the highlighted snapshot from the photo album. 
Since the album can contain a maximum of nine snapshots, you'll need to 
remove old snapshots in order to add new ones if you've already stored nine. 

The C Button switches between the Photo Album Preview screen and the Table of 
Contents screen. 

To Reset Virtual VCR 

To Reset Virtual VCR, press the A Button, the B Button, the C Button and the 
START Button simultaneously. 

Virtual VCR 

Executive Producer Torn Zita 

Producer Oena Maheras 

Computer Programming Ken Soohoo 

Director. Computer Graphics Lode Coen 

CompuierGraphic Animation Joshua Sofumuirt 

Graphic Interface Design CuylerGee 

Product Manager Fur Warner Custom Music Teena Marty 

Package and Manual Design floss Carrgn Design 

Tiie Virtual VCR inrerla.ce SAliware code and olher property npls therein are ■Mned exclusively by Digital 
Piclures. Inc. and may no! unde r any pr&umsiaJices be reproduced:, unbred or sold wlhoirt the express 
wriiren permission of Di li in i Pictures. 

Virtual VCR is 3 trademark of Digital Picture? Inc 
©1993 Digilai Piclures. Inc, All rights reserved 

Audio VsCuat Program Muierdl 

©1993 Warner Custom Music, Alt ngnis reserved 

Sega. Genesis. Sega CD and Welcome to the Next 
Level ar* trademarks df $EGA. ©1991 SEGA. 

3375 ArCsn Roatf, Hayward CAHMS^S All nghls reserved. 

Dllttll Futures 


m {© 



I D 



Q TOO MUCH JOV “Donna Everywhere" 

Vnka Poised by Wltem 04*WMn 
Video Dir-Klcfl by pgnni Tel^r 


T-RIDE "Back Door Romeo" 

Ifeflymwl fl?rardi 

OirKtBlfflP; Sjrn fey*f 
Producer: Dins SheHield 

D^etlars. tones' Hanaro. E^en Walysiso 
Product?. Eileen Mafyuho 
Dnttror al P'eiJCijrApliv i nc LilvrJ'dS 
Erinor ErneiLMirreic 

Q THE BELLTOWER “Outshine The Sun" 

Firm the CO -PtlPDROPPER' 

AUq Ejiiwcsi Re to r*. The fiilamit Gic»jp 
Veto Plodded mill dir Weil by !ls ; KfiCiav 

Q XTRA LARGE “Hooker” 

Vito Produced and Huttied by Dear no MuillH 

0 MR. BIG "To Be With You" 

From the CD 'Lwn Into A 1 " 

Allnnhc Records 
thrixtor ftarty Bcnncll 

Product?: flit? Aoramawcr 
D rector ol Piwlngraph, Lwry Fi>->g 
t drier tic OlUncar 
iKaculive ProduKr. Lynn SpmiulD 

0 DRAMARAMA "M#ven't Got a Clue" 

LP ■ VINfL, DMA me. Chameleon RetonJs 
Dneclcr. Reeky Sibeneh. 

[■■ecnlivf i'lfiducei L'jvd VJyljl 
Pvpduteis, Sam Aslamin KaihiynShaw 1 
DireeiW urphaugrjprv. Sven Kirsten 
Fililcr Murk Winer