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32X CO Offer Inside I 



Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epiluj >w- 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing light 
Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an e pile pin 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may uuhne 
undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no 
history of prior seizures or epilepsy, If you r or anyone m v 
family,, has an epileptic condition, consult your physic ianpi ior r. ■ 
playing. If you experience any of the following symptom 1 * 
while playing a videogame-= dizziness, altered vision, eve m 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any mvol 

iintary movement, or convulsions— IMMEDIATE I 'i di 1 . 

ttniie use and consult your physician before resuming play 

Owners of Projection Televisions 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube dam 
age or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repealed ui 
extended use of video games on large-screen projection I V\ 

About Audio Connectors 

If the Audio connection is made to your television from the Sega 
CD, the Mixing Cable must be used to conned the headphone 
output jack on the front of the Genesis to the MIXING input \m I 
on the rear of the Sega CD. If the Audio connection is made to 
your television from the Sega Genesis fusing either the RT (able 
ora Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must NOT be u ed 


Starting Bp.. 

Tale Control!.. 

Dateline -199B. 

Tie Cast of Characters. 

Deads (Ip Displays. 


fiecon Systems. 

Your missions. 

fl Desert Tone. 

fl Dtatain Village. 

Island Paradise.. 

[Daps of missions. 


. 2 
, 3 
. 4 
. 5-1 
. S 
. ID 
. ID 
, 11 
. 11 
. IS 
. 13 
. H 
. IS 

1-41S S91-PIBV 


1. Set up your Sega CD and Sega Genesis'" systems and plug in 
control pad 1. 

it. Turn on your III or monitor, and then turn on your Genesis. I lie 
Sega CO logo should appear. 

lit: If netting appears on screen, turn the system OFF. male sure it is 
set up correctly, and then tarn it II again. 

'lor SDK users: lo initialize system. Ifon must first insert tie 
SIGH CD (disc 11 then remove SEGD CD disc anti insert ODD CD. 

3. Open the disc tray or CD door. Plate the game disc into the disc 
troy, label side up. Close the tray or CD door. 

h. if the Sega CD logo is no screen, press SIDDI to begin the game. 
If the central panel is or screen, move the cursor to the C0-RDD1 
button and press SUIIDD fl. D or D to begin. 

HE; iflhe list is already in the Sega CD uihen you turn it ge. tie game mill 
begin automatically after a feu mats. 

S. Press START to display the Start screen. 


C. Go to euit to begin Phase One of your mission. Selecting the 
options menu gives gnu the opportunity to see hey assignments. 

choose level of (Difficulty and vieui credits. 



S i RR t Pauses the game and brings up an averhsad map of that level. Press 
fl. I. ar C to toggle status icon. 

U'rRu mores the cress-hair; turns per hovercraft uihen holdingT button 

r> tattling (inn H single ilflrim gattling canon capable uf ROD! retmds of 
high velocity armor piercing bullets per minute. 

missiles- laser guided rtchets capable of penetrating up to 5 inches 
of armor. Ideal fur tailing out heavily shielded battle tonhs. 
deep on eye en goer missile counter cause you don't have many. 



In the post gulf war era. there's no safe harbor. Settles are no 
longer contained, there are no front lines. Enemy soldiers are 
trained terrorists who are securely settled in the middle of 
civilian populations. They are ready to strike at any instant. 

In penetrate this inner sanctum of evil, the i created an elite 
team of special farces known as 5IMCM. STRIKE. Illith the effec¬ 
tiveness of a mechanized marine battalion, each unit can boast 4 
highly trained specialists {including the Player! with advanced 
recon. weapons and vehicles {attach hovercraft! specifically 
designed for stealth, speed and firepower in any arena. 

Rs a member of the surgical strike team, you have to he ready to 
ferret nut this human waste and dispose of it appropriately. 


I HE I EFli'l 

Before yonface Rahul, funder 
Branson will brief you on your 
fission. Ifyau don't succeed, he II 
court-marshall you-with pleasure. 

B slab if muscle and jawbone-- which 
he never beeps shut. For him. war is 
My. Its oil he bus. He doesn't like 
peace. He doesn't like quiet. And ho 
doesn’t like Players that have no respect. 



R hard core special forces memlier 
MM TEH. Reed has seen mure 
combat than irinst 65 year old gener¬ 
als. Off the battlefield, he appears 
quiet almost hared, hut in the heat of 
battle he's fast and lethal. flEEO has 
no patience for flayers that cant 
beep op with the team. 

Intelligent, independent, and adventurous as 
in 'Alley Oat' She didn't join special forces 
tn prove her'manhood" or for some high 
concept to fight the evil farces of mankind. 
She just wiiteil to have fnn. And that uias 
never a problem for her. Ail is not pretty - 
she's strihig. Aer slender frame betrags a 
strong body, and her mind is totally unpre- 



The Stribe Commmander. 'JJ'. is 
smart, beautiful, and caring. She 
is the eyes and ears nfthe STRIKE 
team operating from an flliCS 
C-130 overhead. Laohs more lihe 
ait aerobics instructor than a 
recan specialist lakes a personal 
loterest in saving the lives of the 
team, especially nau recruits lihe 
the flayer. 


One of the most treacherous 
high-tech terrorists that the 
inorld has ever hnouin Kabul 
hasna conscience and no con- 
corn for human life, his formula 
for success is "uiurld destruc¬ 
tion equals personal gain' fle 
is clever uiell fortified, and 
difficult tu capture. 



• Ulingman Status: Shows remaining team members, 

- Shield [Deter: Shouis shield status of current uiinpinn 

• Dross hairs: Use D-f ad to target enemy positions. 

• Target fioues: fire used to indicate enemy targets. 

Red bones indicate mission objectives, fellow hones indicate enemy targets. 

Qirectionals - Icons will appear at the top of the screen indicating 
when alternate routes are available. 

if no direction is selected, straight ahead is the default 



GRTLIOG GUOS-ISUIlIOn R! I single 00mm gatiing canon capable of GQDI1 
rounds of high velocity armor piercing bullets per minute. Effective against 
soft targets lihe Rahul's rebels and sniper emplacements. 

Ill ISSUES-i I ill! OD 91 Loser guided rochets capable of penetrating op to 
5 inches of steel plated armor, fffective against all targets, hut you have 
a limited supply ; save them for tanhs. helicopters, underground missile 
silos and bunher entrances. 

UldT-Do not shunt missiles when indoors! 


Shields-Each one ofgouriuingmanhas e shield protecting their craft If you 
fail to protect your team, your uungmahs shield will sustain damage. Illhen the 
shield drops to zero you will lose the uiingman. losing nil your wiogmen will 
abort the mission. _j_ 

Hill: Shields of remaining winymen regenerate slowly with time 


SRTEILITE ElECIRHC IRIPPIl - tap down view. Illarhs all mission targets. 
Shows you where gnu are in the battlefield. 

FULIHCS-C-13D- flt hey intervals during the game."JJ" the stride controller 
will give you up to the minute intelligence reports regarding Rahil's 


mssion j 


Kabul has taken ever tie toiuu hall and is threatening to launch mis¬ 
siles against innocent civilian targets. Vour mission : to find and 
destroy these missiles - hut match out. habul is one step ahead of 
goul (Hake the right choice and you ve destroyed the evil that has held 
the iiiorld captive to the whims of a crazed terrorist, make the wrong 
decision and you're history. 

HiPf: Chech the map tn see luliere Kabul's missiles are. You can only 
successfully attach the missile silos from one direction. 

n issi on i iwp 

nissiort o 


Qut this time, the stakes are a lot higher, lie has 
kidnapped the (III Secretary's daughter! 


To get into his hunker you've got to defeat a ring 
of armored tanks and helicopters. 

mirrtni\i 3 moo 



n 1551 ON 3 

Uhlihlijnst uihnt you needed a 
little IB--just you, a tropical 
island and nothing hit., n hat's 
this? lire you tfreamiitg? 

This is not just fun and froUny in the sand. This time. Babul has Mi! 

Unless you defeat Babul, he'll launch his full compliment of missiles 


n i55i on 3 nnp 



hecutfire Producer 
Assistant Producer 
Designed hi 
Director of Digital Technology 
Production Cm Nina tor 
Additional Digital Yidea Compression 
LeorJ Tester 
Rssistant Lead Tester 
Product flianager 
Product Specialist 
km Guide 

Chris Ilf. Bankston 
liny Van 
Vi) [long 
James Hi ley 
Colin Here: 

Handy Fuggte 
Berj Berammn 
flaty Uleattiers 

Lone Isunciiio. [loyd Hinoshita. Steve Uiofiy 
Sega Test Department 
John Garner 
Clint Dyer 

Lopy : Hillary ClaysoM Iceb 
Design Hathy Garfield 


M Joe flarrigan 
Branson Marshall Tongue 
Mabel IHiciinel Seed 
illi Rndrea Elson 
flijlliijg Byan “flliinn" Michaels 
JJ Linda Huffmaa 


Director of Photography 
2nd Unit Director ofPiintography 
Written by 
Pntduced hg 

Sam lichslson, Oan Sekmit 
David Huklish 

James Riley. George Blachhaioh. Hint Mills 
Sam Ridiolson, Tony Cahalu 

Directed hy James Biley 

Original Score and Sound Design fllars laser 



ttaQJi ol America Inc,, warrants to the prigi nal consu mer purchaser that Ihs Seg a C D 
■ i i i f|i-ic shall be Irpe from defects in material and wnrfcmanship for a period 
of 90 rJ.iys i4om the date of purchase. If a defect covered by (his limited warranty 
OOQUrv during this 90-day warranty period, Sega wilt repair or replace Ihe defective 
nornpat :i disc .rails option, free of charge. Hits limited warranty does noi apply if the 
dtftCfchave been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, 
t unpirfng or ,my other causes not relaled lo defective materials or workmanship. 

In. U S warranty service, call the Sega Consumer Service Department 

111 1 hi- number: 

1 -900-USA-SEG A 

Id rtoaive Canadian warranty service, call the Sega Canadian Consumer Service 
i u p.iriminil ,vr (his number: 

\-QQQ*Q 72 * 7$42 

R#lurn |he compact disc to Sega Consumer Service. Please call lirsi for hid her 
i r ’ mo n i fic Sega technician is unable to solve ihgprobfem; by phone, he or she 
will pi M ..Mi i you with inslructions on returning your defective compacl disc to Sega. 
Fhflcosl or ^turning ihe compact disc to Sega's Service Center shall be paid by the 
("■in baser 

Repairs alter F.xpiration of Warranty 

II you r Sega C : D compact d isc requires repairs afte r term ination ofl he 90 -day I imi ted 
v in i' 'v i "nod, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service Department at the 

. bt 1 1 1 sled ibove. If the technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he 

or »h« wilt advise you of Ihe estimated cost ol repair, Ef you elect to have Ihe repair 
tlijhn. you will need to return Ihe defective merchandise, freight prepaid and insured 
"i i " ■ or damage, to Sega’s Service Center wilh an enclosed check or money 
' h ji i, i i.ii !■ to Sega ol America, Inc., tor the amount of the cost estimate provided 
lo you t v the lechnician. If. after inspection, it is determined that your compact disc 
i <innui t ». repaired, i| will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded, 

Limitations ott Warranty 

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties ol merchantabitity and 
IH"ilor a particular purpose, are hereby limited to 9G days Irom tha date ol 
i".m 1 1 .i-i.e and are subject to (he condilions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega 
i.i Amunca. Inc., be liable fpr consequential or incidental damages resulting from the 
ijM .ich of any express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid In the United States and 
Canada only, Some states do not allow limitations on how long an Implied 
warranty lasts, or exclusion of consequential or Incidental damages, so the 
jibove limitation or exclusion may not apply to you, This warranty provides you 
with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from slate lo 

'Juts 13 

People are flk, ■ > 
still alive in 
there! But 
they won't foe 
for long if you don 1 ! rescue them! 

Leading the Fire Fighters 
from Company 13 into the blaze 
you've got to find the victims 
trapped inside and make 
it out alive! 

Thick with smoke, and nearly 
1,000 degrees near the ceiling, 
there's danger around every 
turn! Open the wrong door and 
you're toast. 

To find the victims, you've got to make lightning fast 
decisions, overcome hazards, chainsaw through doors, and 

explore secret passageways- 
all before your oxygen runs out!. 

Three different challenges -a house 
engulfed In flames, a blazing hotel 
with 112 rooms, and a huge university 
booby-trapped by a crazed nuclear 





J fcv 

Su^a SeyiCh iidnni>. J3K, 3?Ji CM Wficame C-n Me Naur Lev«r J.uigiral Sfr<i»and I,ihi < nh• -1 «e 
Irmlf i i 11 til L-.llii'i lit u.inir ■*. Hctnscd txt Scud loi Niriin|iliiy(5U!l*Gflrmis32XniMlS<:anCD&ySlffliidrily 
UiuiiMimwiI i nt'v'ini rnpitHliiitiiin prnl.H iimIiIm |h>i rurni.n *tir Urcvidcasl nl llils pjnif Ie ,i ■* cii.ih umr .i|iplicalHe uae 
"’I' l'i-. M ■ .A I’fl SimflJW? FIHwiMHlCily I’A 94063 All <iflhln rfrMPrtd M.iiV .iml pmitc<l m Nin II 3 A