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Genera! Audiences 

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SYSTEM. A very small percentage of individuals may experience 
epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing 
lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
previously undetected epileptic systems even In persons who have 
no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your 
family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to 
playing. If you experience ant of the following symtomswhsle 
playing a video game-dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle 
twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary 
movement, or convulsions -IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and 
consult your physician before resuming play . 

This official seal is your assurance that this 
product meets the highest quality standards of 
SEGA™. Buy games and accessories with this 
seal to be sure that they are compatible with the 

Warning to owners of projection televisions: still pictures or images may cause 
permanent picture-tube damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT, Avoid 
repeated or extended use of video games on large-screen projection televisions. 









he year is 2206, The Draxon, a cybemetically linked 
race, seek to consume the sentient life of the galaxy 
by incorporating it into their own system, which is 
devoid of cultural and personal identity. To date, the Draxon 
have conquered over ten-thousand worlds, and are now 
making a massive assault on Earth. They have annihilated 
most of the Earth's major fleets in an astounding battle only 
one parsec outside of the Sol star system. With these once- 
mighty fleets in ruin, almost nothing stands in the way of the 
Draxon's relentless drive towards Earth. 

A last-ditch attack squadron composed of the Earth's top 
remaining fighter pilots has been placed under your 
command. The goal: destroy the Draxon at their heart, the 
planet Arctura. By destroying whatever it is that binds the 
Draxon forces together, they can be splintered, and the Earth 
can then muster what few fleets it has left to push back the 
invaders. Given the power that the Draxon have shown so 
far, there isn't much hope that your mission will succeed... but 
there isn't much choice. If you don't try, the Earth is sure to be 

Your squadron is composed of the best pilots that have 
survived, Raela is a female friend whom you've trained with 
since childhood. Kritek has a reputation that precedes him; he 
flies by the seat of his pants, but is one of the best there is. 
They will be flying the standard top-of-the-line craft. You, 
however, will be piloting a product of the super-secret Raven 

Projects which began in the late 22nd century. It's a craft for 
which you were recruited to be the test pilot. 

The plan is simple. 

Your squadron is to slip through a weak force shield around 
Arctura's outer-most moon, Xarz Voor. Beginning there, you 
must work your way towards Arctura, moon by moon, 
disabling each level of the shield surrounding the Draxon 
home world. You must repeat this moon-hopping tactic until 
you've successfully penetrated the shields on each moon - 
once on Arctura, destroy whatever it is that keeps the Draxon 
linked together! 

But something goes wrong. Terribly wrong. 

Upon entering the outer asteroid field of the Arcturan system, 
your squadron encounters Draxon interceptors, and the fierce 
action causes the casualties to mount. After defeating the 
enemy ships, only you and Raela remain alive... Kritek met 
his match and lost. Suddenly, a dark shadow overtakes your 
ships. An enormous Draxon cruiser appears over the scene, 
taking you completely by surprise. In an instant, Raela's ship 
is engulfed in tight and explodes. In a fit of fury, you unleash 
the power of the Raven against the enemy, ripping it to 

You're alone now. You are the only thing standing between 
the Draxon and the total devastation of the Earth. The future 
of humanity depends on your success. 


1. Connect your Sega CD and Sega Genesis systems and 
plug in control pad 1 * 

2, Turn on your TV or monitor, then turn on your Genesis. 

You will see the Sega CD logo appear on the screen, 

3.Open the CD door. Place the Stellar Fire CD into the tray, 
label side up. Close the CD door, 

4, If the Sega CD logo is on screen, press Start to begin your 
mission. If the Control Pane! is on screen, move the cursor to 
the CD-ROM button, and then press button A, B, or C to 

Note; If the Stellar Fire™ compact disc is already in the 
Sega CD when you turn it on the game will begin after a few 

5 + The Sega screen appears, followed by the License and 
Title screens. 

6, To play the game, wait for the Stellar Fire title screen to 
appear and then press Start. Or, to watch the introduction, 
wait a few moments and it will begin to play. You may press 
Start during the introduction to skip to the Options screen. 

8. The Options screen appears. To play at the Normal 
difficulty level, press Start. To select your difficulty level, press 
the down key on the directional control pad until arrows 
appear around the word "Normal/" Press button A, B, or C to 
cycle to your desired difficulty level. When you are satisfied 
with the chosen level, press Start to begin the game. 

•The Sega CD Disc is intended for use exclusively with the 
Sega CD™ System. 

* Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge It in liquids. 

• Do not leave it indirect sunlight or near a radiator or 
other source of heat. 

• Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended 
play, to rest yourself and the Sega CD Disc. 

* KEEP YOUR SEGA CD CLEAN, Always hold by the 
edges, and keep in its case when not in use. Clean with a 
lint-free, soft dry cloth-wiping in straight lines from center to 
edge. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners. 




O he Draxon home world of Arctura has five moons. 

These moons serve to protect their home planet using 
an integrated series of shields, There Is a shield around 
Arctura generated by the moon Mok Zoh. There is a shield 
around Mok Zoh and Arctura generated by the moon Ta 
Eliab Vee and so on. This means that in order to get to 
Arctura, you must first fight your way through each moon, 
thereby lowering the shield around the next moon and 
advancing one step closer to Arctura itself. 

Xarz Voor 






You begin your attack on the outer-most 
moon of the Arcturan star system, Xarz 
Voor. Here you must fight your way across 
the moon through Draxon minions, 
following your radar indicator, collecting 
Moon Crystals, Be sure to look for Power- 
Ups along your way. Once you collect all of the Moon 
Crystals, you proceed to the guardian of that moon. Blast the 
Guardian Crystal to release each moon's ultimate warrior. 
You must defeat the Guardian to advance to the next moon 
toward Arctura. 

When the Final moon is defeated, you are taken to Arctura 
itself. It is here that you must seek out and destroy whatever it 
is that binds the Draxon together. Together, the Draxon are 
invulnerable, but when splintered, they can be destroyed. 



Button A fires cannon (slower rate of fire than laser, 
but more strength) 

Button B fires laser (faster rate of fire than cannon, but 
not as strong) 

Button C fires Fat Boy (smart bomb, causes substantial 
damage to everything in sight) 

D-Pad up increases speed 
D-Pad down decreases speed 
D-Pad left turns Raven left 
D-Pad right turns Raven right 

Speed is shown by the bright three-digit number directly 
above your radar, and ranges from the slowest of 0, to a 
maximum of 100. 


O here are three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and 
difficult. As difficulty level increases, aliens move 
faster, hit harder, and turn at a higher rate than 


Easy The simplest level of the three- Obstacles don't do any 
damage when you collide with them, aliens don't fire as 
often, and shield Power-Ups appear more frequently. 

Normal This is the default level. Obstacles cause damage 
when you collide with them, aliens Fire at a standard rate, 
and shield Power-Ups appear less frequently than before. 

Difficult This level reeks of absolute death and is intended 
only for the truly insane. Obstacles cause damage, aliens fire 
fast, and shield Power-Ups are rare. 



Y ou are provided with two extra lives at the beginning of 
the game. The game ends after you've used up all of your 
lives, unless you have a continue. Continues allow you to 
resume the game, storting at the current moon. Each level of 
difficulty has a certain number of continues, They are; 




3 continues 
2 continues 
I continue 


Y ou receive points for each alien you kill. Your score 
indicates how well you played. 


The Raver's cockpit contains several indicators that tell you 
the status of the Raven and its weapons. 


Shows the enemies and obstacles around you. Enemies 
appear red, Power-Ups appear yellow, and obstacles appear 

Crystal Compass 

This indicator moves around the circumference of the radar 
showing you the direction of the Moon Crystal you need to 
collect next. After you collect all the crystals, it leads you to 
the moon's Guardian. 

Cannon Strength 

The bar graph displayed on the Cannon Strength indicator 
reflects how much power your shots have. The higher the bar, 
the more powerful the cannons. 

Laser Strength 

The bar graph displayed on the laser Strength indicator 
reflects how much power your shots have. The higher the bar, 
the more powerful the lasers. 


Number of Fat Boys Remaining 

Shows the number of Fat Boys which you have remaining. 

Shield Status 

Shows you the status of the Raven's shields. When it is 
completely red, shields are at full power and stable. If the 
indicator is blank, shields are completely destroyed. 

Impact Detector 

Above the shield indicator is a small representation of the 
Raven. Whenever your shields get hit, this Indicator shows 
which side of your craft took the blow; fore (In front of you), 
aft (behind you), port [to your left), or starboard (to your ri ghf]. 


A nine-digit number that reflects your shooting skills. Your 
score increases with every alien you destroy. 

Lives Remaining 

Displays the number of lives you have in reserve. Be careful 
when this indicator drops to zero. 

Guardian Meter 

This indicator appears when you encounter a Guardian, It 
shows you how strong the Guardian is, and how close he is to 
being defeated. 


O n each moon you encounter small objects called 
Power-Ups, When you collect them they give the 
Raven improved capabilities. Each Power-Up has a 
unique function, as explained below. 

Type: Strength 
Improvement: increases your 
weapon's strength 
Duration: permanent 
Notes: Seek these out before you 
fight Guardians to improve your 
odds in battle. 

Type: Stacked Shells 

improvement: gives your cannon 
twice the firepower 
Duration: permanent 
Notes: Use this weapon to destroy 
well-armored opponents 

Type: Double 
improvement: improves your 
weapon, giving you side-by-side 

Duration: permanent 
Notes : Use this weapon to battle fast-moving craft that avoid 
your fire 

Type: Seeking 

Improvement: arms you with enemy¬ 
seeking cannon shells 
Duration: 25 shots 

Notes: Once fired, these shells 

automatically seek out their closest enemy and explode upon 
contact. These were one of the most recent developments of 


the super-secret Raven program, so they have had the least 
testing. They are lethal but unpredictable. Each Power-Up 
provides 25 Seeking shells, use them wisely! 

Type: Zig-Zag 

Improvement: causes laser shots to 
take a zig-zag travel path 
Duration: permanent 
Notes: Broadens the killing-zone of 
your lasers. 

Type: Fat Boy 

Improvement: gives you an extra Fat 
Boy weapon 

Duration: one-shot weapon 
Notes: This is a weapon that is almost 
guaranteed to get you out of tight 
situations. Its massive firepower can 
destroy most enemies within sight. You can carry a virtually 
unlimited supply of Fat Boys, but your indicator will show 
only a maximum of five. 

Type: Damage Repair 

Improvement: restores the Raven 
shields to full-strength 
Duration: restores shields immediately 
when picked up 
Notes: When your shields are about to run out, you'll need 
this Power-Up, Some aliens generate this power up when 

Type: Extra Life 

improvement: awards you an extra life 
Duration: extra life awarded when I 
picked up 



* Certain ground-based aliens (such as the Gyrosled on 
Zoreq) produce Damage Repair Power-Ups when killed. Seek 
out such aliens when your shields are low. 

* Don't forget to keep the Crystal Compass light at the top of 
your radar. This keeps you moving in the right direction, 

* You don't have to collect Moon Crystals in the order that 
your crystal compass recommends. So, if you are willing to 
take the risk, you might try to take "short cuts" by collecting 
Moon Crystals out of order. 

* Some aliens are more vulnerable to cannon fire and some 
are more vulnerable to laser fire. Learning such weaknesses 
can help you score higher. 

* Autofire is built into Stellar Fire, There's no need to 
repeatedly press the A or B button unless you wish to time 
your shots precisely, 

* If you feel like you're circling a Power-Up or a Guardian 
Crystal, slow down to collect it 

* The Raven is equipped with cruise control. Press D-Pad up 
to accelerate. You'll remain at your new speed until you press 
D-Pad down to break or until you collide with an alien or 

* Look for Power-Ups on your radar—they appear os yellow 
dots, Power-Ups are sometimes hidden in out-of-the-way 
places, so keep your eyes open. 



As part of our commitment to provide the best Customer 
Service in the industry, we offer a 24 hour automated 
Technical Support Line, Our automated Technical Support 
Representative has answers to our most frequently asked 
technical questions and is available by calling our 
Technical Support Line at !-800“376-2683 (a touch 
tone telephone is required for automated support). 

There is no automated voice response system in the U.K, at 
this time. Answers to many technical questions are available 
on the Sierra U,K + BBS at (44) 734 304227. To speak to an 
actual Technical Support Representative call’ (44) 734 
303171 Monday through Friday, 9a,m. to 5p,m,Customer 

The best customer service in the industry — "You 
don't [ust buy our games, you buy the support of 
the whole company." 


Contact the Customer Service Department, 1-800-SIERRA-5, 
for issues pertaining to returned merchandise, back orders, 
defective merchandise, and general game information. 


Sierra On-Line 
Customer Support 
P.O. Box 600 

Coarsegold, CA 9361 4 0600 
1-800-SIERRA-5 (1-800-743-7725) 


Sierra On-Line Limited 

Unit 2, Technology Centre, Station Road 

Theale, Berkshire RG7 4AA f United Kingdom 




Direct questions on hardware and software compatibility to 
the Technical Support Department Call (209) 683-8989 in 
the U S, or (44) 734 303 171 in the U.K. for convenient, 
person-to-person technical assistance. If you prefer, you may 
contact Technical Support by Fox (209) 683-3633 in the U S. 
□r (44) 734 303201 in the U.K., or by maih If you choose to 
write or fax us with your request, please give us detailed 
information on your computer system and the nature of your 
problem. In addition, please include your address and 
telephone number should we need further information. 


Sierra On-Line 
P.O. Box 800 

Coarsegold, CA 93614-0800 
Attention: Technical Support 

Monday-Friday, 8:15 am. - 4:45 p.m. 

Call (209) 683-8989, Fax (209) 683-3633 


Sierra On-Line Limited 

Attention: Technical Support 

Unit 2, Technology Centre, Station Road 

Theale, Berkshire RG7 4AA, United Kingdom 

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Call (44) 734 303171, Fax (44) 734 303201 

5ierra Technical Support is also available through; 
Sierra BBS*: 

U\S, [209)683-4463 or U.K. (44) 734 304227 


(Technical Support ID - 72662,1 174) 


(for Dynamix: Technical Support ID- WBWW55B] 

America Online 

(Keyword: SIERRA) 


[Private e-maiS: SIERRA.SUP) 

* Answers to our most frequently asked questions are 
available through our Sierra BBS (U S. only). 

Dynamix is also on CompuServe. Members of CompuServe 
can type GO GAMCPUB and leave a message for us at 
Dynamix (CIS ID 72662,1 1 74). If you are not currently a 
member of CompuServe, call toll-free (800) 848-81 99 and 
ask for Representative 461 for your FREE introductory 
membership and usage credit. In addition to receiving 
support for Dynamix games, you'll also find new demos, 
hints, and reviews of many Dynamix products as well. 


Order games, hint books or hardware, redeem coupons, use 
special discounts, or get a list of software dealers in your 
area where you can purchase Sierra games by calling 



Sierra On-Line 
Sales Dept. 

P.O. Box 978 

Oak hurst, CA 93644-0978 

For direct orders: 

Call 1-800-757-7707, Fax (209) 683-4297 

EUROPE (U.K.) orders: 

Call [44) 734 303 171, Fax (44) 734 303201 


THE PROMISE: We want you to be happy with every Sierra 
product you purchase from us. Period. If for any reason 
you're unhappy with the product, return it within 30 days for 
an exchange or a full refund,.-EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT IT 
RETAIL! (Hardware ordered direct must be returned within 
10 days,) 


THE ONLY CATCH; You gotta tell us why you don't like it, 
Otherwise well never get better. Send it back to us and we 
promise well make things right. (If you bought it at a retail 
outlet, please send your original sales receipt.) 


The publisher of this software wants your continued business. 
If your software should fail within 90 days of purchase, return 
it directly to us, and we will replace it free. After 90 days, 
enclose $1 0 (£ 6,00) and return the software directly to us, 
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may 
also have other rights which vary from state to state. 


Should you receive faulty or damaged disks/CDs, send the 
original disk #1 to: 


Sierra On-Line 
P.O. Box 485 
Coarsegald, CA 9361 4 
Attention: RETURNS 


Sierra On-Line Limited 
Attention: Returns 

Unit 2, Technology Centre, Station Road 
Theale, Berkshire RG7 4AA, United Kingdom 

Include a note stating your computer type and the size of 
diskette you need (3.5" or 5,25" or CD], We will gladly 
replace your program free of charge for the first 90 days of 
ownership (please enclose a copy of your dated sales receipt 
with your request). After 90 days there is a $10,00 (£6,00) 



This software is protected under Federal copyright law. It is 
illegal to make or distribute copies of this software except to 
make a backup copy for archival purposes only. Duplication 
of this software for any other reason including for sale, loan, 
Ksntal or gift is a federal crime. Penalties include fines as high 
as $50,000 and jail terms of up to five years. 

as a member of the Software Publishers Association (SPA), 
supports the industry's effort to fight the illegal copying 
of personal computer software. 

Report Copyright Violations To: 

SPA, 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 


(202) 452-1600 

Copyright Notice 

This manual, and the software described in this manual, are 
copyrighted. All rights are reserved. No part of this manual 
or the described software may be copied, reproduced, 
translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine- 
readable form without the prior written consent of Dyne mix, 
Inc., P.O, Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 93614, 

Some sound effects used in this product were derived from the Sound Ideas sound 
effects library. For more information, Sound Ideas can be reached at: 

800-337-3030 US * 000-665-3000 Canado * 416-8B6-68G0 FAX 
Sound ideas is a registered trademark of the Brian hitmen s Corporation,. Ltd. 

Patents: U.SJ's 4,443,486/4,454,594/4,462,076/4,026,555; Europe M 30244; Canada 
W'S 1,103,276/1 ,082,351; Hong Kong # 88'4302;Gemnany # 2,609.826; Singapore # 
88-155; U.K. # 1,535,999; France # 1,607,029; Japan #’& 1,632,396/82-205505 


Listen, we know it's kind of a pain, but here are four good reasons 

to take a minute and fill out this card: 

1. Your game will be officially registered (wow!) with Sierra On-Line and Dynamtx. 

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If mailed in the U.S., use the postage paid curd. Outside U.S., please place card in envelope and moil. 

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Rale from 1 -10 (ten's the host) the 
following list of features in this Sega CD 

_ Musk 

_Sound FX 




_ Story Overall Game 

fifcf and Afs Incredible Toons'" 
Will BringTheir Mouse And 
Cat Spat To A Sega CD Retailer 
Wear You... 

FALL \§m 

Cartoon Puzzles 2c Funny... Even Your Brother's Stijek-(Jf> Girlfriend Will laugh Her Guts Out! 

o -o w 

S ° m 
£ CD 30 

m x> 
o ^ □ 
o 00 -< 

cn ^ 





















licensed by Sago Enterprises, LTD 
for pfoy on the Sega CD™ System. 

Sega and Sega CD are trademarks oF Sega Enterprises, LTD Alt rights reserved. 

Manufactured in tne U.S.A. 



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