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ft 1 

Parental Discretion 


Rated by V.R.C 



A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to certain light patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce unde¬ 
tected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history 
of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has 
an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If 
you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a 
video game: dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, 
loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, or 
convulsions - IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your 
physician before resuming play. 

This official seal is your assurance that this product meets the highest 
quality standards of SEGA™. 

Buy games and accessories with this seal to be sure that they are com 
patible with the SEGA CD™ SYSTEM. 

Lp >: >:: co: ■: q:«: o: o :: co>: co:«: ■: o :•: cq :c ■: to :: to:«: 

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- % 

Handling your Sega CD Disk.4 

Starting Shadow of the Beast II.4 

The Story So Far.7 

The Setting.7 

The Dream.10 

Beast II: The Shadow Deepens.14 

Game Controls.16 

Main Menu.17 


The Game.21 



Warranty Information.Inside back cover 



1. This Shadow of the Beast II CD is intended 
solely for use with the Sega CD. 

2. Do not bend it, crush it or submerge it in 


3. Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a 
radiator or other sources of heat. 

4. Be sure to take an occasional recess dur¬ 
ing extended play, to rest yourself and the Sega 

5. KEEP YOUR CD CLEAN. Always hold 
by the edges and keep it in its case when not in 
use. Clean with a lint-free, soft dry cloth - wip¬ 
ing in straight lines from center to edge. Never 
use solvents or abrasive cleaners. 

1. Set up your Sega CD system according to 
the instruction manual supplied with the sys¬ 
tem. Microcosm is programmed to take full 
advantage of the Sega CD System’s stereo capa¬ 
bilities, so hook your Sega CD up to a stereo to 
fully experience the awesome sound effects and 

2. Insert the control pad into number 1 port. 


3. Make sure that there is no cartridge in 
the slot on your Genesis. If there is, turn the 
power off to your system, and then remove the 
cartridge. Warning: Never insert or remove 
a cartridge from the console while the 
power supply is om! 

4. Follow the instructions provided with 
your system to open the CD drive and insert the 
CD onto the bed of the drive, making sure that 
the printed side face upwards. 

5. Close the drive following the instructions 
which came with your Sega CD System 6. 

Press the START button to begin play. 

7. After a brief pause, you should see the 
Sega logo. If it fails to appear, turn the console 
off, make sure that it is set up correctly and 
turn the machine back on. 

8. To skip the introduction, press the 
START button until the Main Menu appears. 


or ‘ ‘ 





| 1 
I 8 

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Tm Setting 

Some time ago, the Beast Lord Maletoth ruled 
the land with a dark malevolence. Maletoth 
created a huge army of evil Beast warriors to 
carry out his corrupt wishes, spreading sorrow 
and misery like a dark miasma across the land. 

The strongest and brightest of warriors were 
pressed into service as Maletoth’s Beast army. 
Held fast by both chains and magic, no human 
could resist the evil forces which gradually 
twisted the unfortunate victim’s spirit and 
countenance to do Maletoth’s bidding and be¬ 
come his faithful servant. 

You were once the pawn of Maletoth, suffering 
at the hands of his evil mages and their dark 
arts as they performed their hideous transfor¬ 
mation, and making you into a model Beast 
Messenger. Then, one fateful day you happened 
to look upon the face of your father as he was 
being dragged forward for execution. Seeing his 
tortured image shook your clouded mind free, 
and revealed the truth about your past. As the 
sacrificial blade tore into his body and he 
screamed his last breath, you vowed to exact a 
heavy retribution for slaughtering your father 
and corrupting your mind and body. They would 
pay for their cruelty! 

Using your Beast-like powers you scoured the 
land in search of the Beast Lord and vengeance. 


Fighting your way through a seemingly endless 
barrage of adversaries, you struggled valiantly 
towards a confrontation with Zelek, the Beast 
Mage. A tremoundous battle ensued from 
which you eventually emerged the victor. 

Zelek’s defeat unraveled his horrible spell over 
you, freeing you of the horrible Beast body. 
Victory was fleeting, though, tempered by the 
sinking sensation that Zelek was sure to return. 

Late one night, a terrible thunderstorm shat¬ 
ters the normally tranquil night sky. After 
tossing and turning, you fall into a fitful sleep, 
and enter the dreamy state commonly known as 



The Bream 

A blanket of pitch black drapes over the land, 
blending shapes into a mass of indefinable dark¬ 
ness, occasionally shattered by shafts of brilliant 

In the manic dancing of the diamond-white 
tongues of energy, one shape stands out in stark 
contrast from the rest of the landscape: a tower, 
so tall that its pinnacle seems to reach into the 
heart of the storm. The single window near its 
top is almost as black as the surroundings, but 
closer study would reveal a faint glow from 
inside, and a humanoid shape staring out over 
the landscape. 

Darkness is Zelek’s ally, the only place in which 
he finds solace, yet the increasingly frequent 
bolts of dazzling lightning do little more than 
punctuate his lonely musings. As he sits, deep 
in thought, his chair seems less comfortable 
than usual, but then what manner of being could 
be comfortable with the heavy burden of the 
Beast Lord’s disappointment? 

His recent clash with the former Beast warrior 
was, at the time, more an annoyance than a 
serious setback. Zelek is certain that the 
warrior’s victory was due more to incredible luck 
than skill. Unfortunately, Maletoth, Beast Lord, 
cares very little for explanation, or for failure. 
Maletoth has made it painfully clear that Zelek’s 
defeat at the hands of a mere mortal warrior 
was unacceptable, and that if Zelek did not 
remedy the situation, the position of Beast Mage 
would become available...probably through the 
sudden disappearance of the current occupant. 

To add insult to injury, the loss of Maletoth’s 
prize warrior messenger meant that Zelek would 

have to personally meld a human child to fill the 
position, to insure that the child was appropri¬ 
ately ‘trained’ as quickly as possible. 

Any humanoid child would suffice to provide 
Zelek with raw materials for another warrior 
messenger. But Zelek’s defeat demands retribu¬ 
tion. His lackies are even now searching the 
land in an effort to find a suitable candidate, but 
time marches on and Maletoth is not well known 
for his patience. 

As he contemplates entering the search himself, 
one of Zelek’s many underlings crawls into his 
presence and, grovelling on the floor in a pa¬ 
thetic attempt at homage, tells him of the birth 
of a child many leagues to the north . . . “On the 
outskirts of Deadwood Forest there’s a small 
cottage beneath a ridge of granite. She lies 

Doubting the suitability of a female for the role 
of warrior messenger, Zelek enters a shallow 
trance of clairvoyance, and sends his thoughts to 
the area described by the whimpering subordi¬ 

Transporting his mind into the cottage via the 
narrow chimney he looks down on the baby from 
the darkness of his storm-torn tower. A burst of 
revelation suddenly hits him as he examines the 
child’s aura, and with a single blink, reunites his 
thoughts and physical self. 

Standing, he pushes the servant aside, strides to 
the window and jumps through, plummeting 
towards the river far below... 

Long before he hits the broiling, dark waters, 


Zelek effortlessly metamorphoses into his Beast 
persona. Beating huge leathery wings against 
the howling wind, he quickly gains altitude to be 
amidst the thunder and lightning that seems to 
guide him unerringly towards the lonely cottage. 

Landing on a high ridge, he resumes his human¬ 
oid form to look down on the cottage, to confirm 
his earlier findings. A rare grim smile spreads 
across Zelek’s stony face as he contemplates the 
pain he’s about to inflict on a certain ex-warrior 

An angry bolt of lightning hails Zelek’s transfor¬ 
mation back to his Beast form and, wings spread 
wide, he glides do wn to the roof of the cottage, 
screaming against the thunder. 

Pausing for but a brief moment to bask in glori¬ 
ous feelings of retribution, he smashes a 
clenched talon through the fragile roof, and 
reaches past the terrified mother into the crib to 
grab the baby. The mother can only scream, 
oetrified by fear as she watches the horror un¬ 

Holding the baby tightly in his talons, Zelek 
launches himself into the night, his thoughts 
filled with the sweet taste of revenge... 


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; .■. ‘j._.|_. y ,*. ■ .■. ; .y y.y , '• ft SiV Xft> 

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{ft? rfw I li*! vo>voX;rX“" ;X 
■■ i 'ij ; | i"i | ft i - " ft i-iv ft i jiy r ■ y 

> Si; ^ :o S o!'! < o? :>o ? I o 

S 0 ;:SfS 


Beast II: The Shadow Deepens 

With a start, you awaken from your clairvoyant 
dream, drenched with sweat from your night¬ 

Your baby sister has been captured by the Beast 
Mage! Stolen from her crib, she’s been taken to 
Kara-Moon, a strange and hostile place, and 
Zelek’s stronghold. She is to be subjected to 
years of forced labor and mind control until 
eventually taking your place as warrior messen¬ 
ger to the Beast Lord. This must not be allowed 

At first late, you scrape together your few mate¬ 
rial posessions, and raise enough gold to pur¬ 
chase a mace. Using the last of your gold, you 
buy passage to Kara-Moon on a Tragon; one of 
the few mercenary creatures willing to travel to 
such a dangerous place in the heart of 
Maletoth’s kingdom. 

Following a journey fraught with peril, you 
eventually reach Kara-Moon and, armed only 
with a mace, prepare for battle. Ironically, 
without the benefit of the Beastly powers you 
fought so hard to shed, will you be strong 
enough to succeed? 




The warrior is controlled using a single Sega CD 
Control Pad in control port 1. The following 
diagram illustrates the control features of the 

Start - Pauses the 
Game, or skips past 
Movie Sequences 

Down Arrow - Crouches 
Left Arrow - Move left 
Right Arrow - Move right 

Button B - 
Use object 

VrtV - 1 


M ' 1 

I % '1 

/V i 

A. f 

/ 1 




%. f 


jf % 

% i 

£ £'i.$ 

& W 

w ■' yi:::" -'''m 

4® ? V& 


:i m s 

S VSfc. ¥ 




■ i-'O? 


This is where you’ll arrive just after t 
introductory movie (or after pressing 
to bypass it. 


Main Menu consists of 2 choices - Start 
and Options. To select one of these options, 
simply move the orb at the side of the selection 
using the UP and DOWN D-BUTTONS. Press 
the START button to select an option. 


Start the game at the very beginning of the 
saga. At this point, you’ve just been dropped off 
by the Tragon, and your adventure begins. 


The Options menu allows you to configure the 
game to your liking in a number of ways. You 
can move the pointing hand among the options 

by using the UP and DOWN D-BUTTONS. 

The following is a description of each one of the 
invidual options: 



When you enter the game, you usually have 3 
lives. Press A, B, or C, while the pointer is on 
this option to change the number of lives you 
have available to complete the game. You can 
give yourself as few as 1 or as many as 6 credits. 

CD Speech om/offff 

Shadow of the Beast II contains a large amount 
of digitized speech. You can select whether you 
hear the speech or not by pressing A, B, or C, 
while the pointer is on this option, thus turning 
it ON or OFF. 

Music on/off 

Shadow of the Beast II contains all sorts of great 
digital music. You can select whether you hear 
the music or not by pressing A, B, or C, while 
the pointer is on this option, thus turning it ON 
or OFF. 

SFX on/off 

Shadow of the Beast II contains all sorts of neat 
noises. You can select whether you hear the 
Sound Effects or not by pressing A, B, or C, 
while the pointer is on this option, thus turning 
it ON or OFF. 

Play Track 01 -12 

This option allows you to select the in-game 
music track you wish to hear by pressing LEFT 
or RIGHT ©“BUTTONS. Start the selection by 
pressing A, B, or C. 



Selecting this option allows you to enter the 
control sub-menu, where you can configure your 
Sega joy pad using the following instructions. 

The default control setting is: 

A - Weapon/Object Select 
B - Attack/Uses currently selected object 
C - Jump 

Press the any of the joypad buttons to change 
each of the controlling buttons. Simply press 
any of the buttons until the desired combination 
appears. Don’t worry if you go by the one you 
want, as it will come back after you have ex¬ 
hausted all 6 of the possible combinations. 

Press the START button to return to the main 
Options screen. 


Selecting this option will return you to the Main 


:>v >5 

WsEftcTEES? >>roj>>:c" >: cc« SS 5 J >■ 

y.coy.<tt: :m:oy>: 

I ft -! ft ft I; ji ft m ft ft S: i; b ft b :■: 
: S^sfHK'fefts : ftc.^Ss 3 i: 

!/■.'. *! ■*. %' ■ V V-', V. ■• 1 18 . . 

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:b 5 gS^ftgft<j 

:gJSSJ 5 jgg: 


328 ft; 

S &s s S rata si y ji i A si tiSS f! : 
ij fii&S (jSJR o J W f■ i R W &£ R t-J 

?xt o; 



■ :| 5 ¥>k;? R? t £R Ssp i r R 5 JR Pi 0 W& . 

g !*! j!;!; !■: Cg!! ft ft ■! •:; >5 

|| || 

i-i j[: : : §' 


■ ; :, ,:, :j-, , o:r-.J;:.',:;, 



h&M & 0 ? 


ft ft i : ft'j s whs 






8®s58fi ! 


Si < : ; :i R » fa 8 W’ O a 3 fr SiftS W 


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SSS’iSSSilS’iii: likxSQiiKiKaSS 

v ;■ft p ;■;■■;■; ■;■;■; ■:■ ■: ft ;>; ■: y 



j N |j | ■; i j v ff ,ft £,_> ft,; ft *-> ;■ ft yft *x\ ! 

ft : ! ■ f ft K f ft: f ft : : eft ?; ft ■ -ft :■: c ft a ft a i 
3 i ft H fft ft ft ft hSS ftft! i ft S tft: < ft a n i 






You will be exploring the lands of Kara-moon, 
visiting its inhabitants, and looking for informa¬ 
tion regarding the whereabouts of Zelek. 

The land of Karamoon is large and fraught with 
dangers. Some of the inhabitants will be openly 
hostile, as they protect their territory, or act on 
their orders from Zelek and Maletoth. 

Beware of the myriad traps which await you, 
and gather information and items whenever 
possible...except of course, when it doesn’t help 
your cause. 

Occasionally, as you trek through Kara-Moon, 
you will run across an animated movie se¬ 
quence. Pay attention to these, as they may 
provide valuable clues. If you wish to skip the 
movie (for instance, if you’ve seen it already), 
simply press the START button. 


To save your sister you must fight your way 
across the dark land of Kara-Moon to reach the 
Beast Mage and defeat him in battle once again. 

You will confront many creatures on your jour¬ 
ney, some of whom may have information for you 
while others are bent on your destruction. 
Physical contact with enemies (or their weapons) 
depletes your life energy. 

Collectable weapons are scattered throughout 
Kara-Moon as are other useful objects and gold. 

Gold can be used to purchase weapons or food to 
restore lost energy. It may also gain you access 
to otherwise unattainable places. 

Some of the puzzles and obstacles you encounter 
may require help from other characters - volun¬ 
tary or otherwise - to overcome them. 

Throughout the game, you’ll collect objects that 
will help you on your quest - both weapons and 
other, more ‘subtle’ objects. It is up to you to 
discover just what they do and how they can be 
best used. 


Original Amiga Version 


Sega Conversion by 

Digital Developments 

Written by 

Andrew Bond 

Tim Swan 


Andrew Bond 

Lee Doyle 

fmTowns Graphics 

Nicky and Lee Carus 

Sound Effects 

Kevin Collier 

Tim Swan 


Derek Austin 

Jimmy Kaleth 


Ray Deefholts 

Music Produced by 

Derek Austin 

Bob Butterworth 

Recorded in 

Roland RSS Stereo 
at Boxmead Studios UK 

Character Speech by 

Tim Bentinck 

Quality Control 

Story and 

Paul Evason 

Graeme Love 

Pat Russell 


Mark Tsai 

Nik Wild 

U.S. Packaging by 

Harry Bernard 

Phil Sandock 

Project Management 

John White 

Mike Simpson 

Tony Parkes 

Steve Cain 

Warranty Information: 

Psygnosis warrants to the original purchaser only of this 
Psygnosis software product that the media on which this 
computer program is recorded is free from defects in materi¬ 
als and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from 
the date of purchase. Psygnosis, Ltd., makes no warranties, 
either expressed or implied, with respect to the software 
described in this manual, its quality, performance, mer¬ 
chantability or fitness for any particular purpose. This soft¬ 
ware is licensed "as is". The entire risk as to the quality of 
and performance of the software is with the buyer. In no 
event will Psygnosis Ltd. be liable for direct, indirect, inci¬ 
dental or consequential damages resulting from any defect 
in the software even if they have been advised of the possi¬ 
bility of such damages. Some states do not allow the exclu¬ 
sion or limitation of implied warranties or liabilities for inci¬ 
dental or consequential damages, so the above limitation 
may not apply to you. 


If your Sega CD requires repair after expiration of the 90-day 
Limited Warranty Period, you may contact the Customer 
Service Department at the number listed below. You will be 
advised of the estimated cost of repair and receive detailed 
shipping instructions. 

Copyright © 1994 

Psygnosis, Shadow of the Beast II, and all other related 
trademarks, likenesses, and art are trademarks of Psygnosis, 
Limited, all rights reserved. 

Psygnosis Limited 

675 Massachusetts Ave. 

Cambridge, MA 02139 
Phone: (617)497 - 7794 
Fax: (617)497 - 6759 

PATENTS: U.S. #’s 4,442,486/4,454,594/4,462,076; 

Europe # 80244; Canada #’s 1,183,276/1,082,351; 

I long Kong # 88-4302; Germany # 2,609,826; Singapore # 88-155; 
\ IK. # 1,535,999; France # 1,607,029; Japan #’s 1,632,396. 

... ' 

■y. * SSli »t ;• v/ S3 < (x %-K-M 

«« ' i v 1, ^111181 

IHi lif 

: : : 

:■ ¥ < 1 - 3 S%: - ■■■ ■? ■ 


; £gMj$; 



••• • 


.V-V.'.V?. 1 . 

' . ’i 



ji&ftvM: ’v i! 


■\w< ", ' i ''?v! 



. • ■ .i ' ' 



’ ‘i'V ;Vv 

? ;■ x ■ X pS h|k i 


• gp 1 


>ng Kong # 88-4302; Germany # 2,609,8 
U K. # 1,535,999; France # 1,607,029;< 


. i -? >* ,i • * 

l • 51 i I *! I. 


534 Psygnosis, Limited, SHAI 
trademarks, likenesses, and« 
All Rights Reserved, Psyg 

'sygnosis, Limited 
usetts Avenue, 

vv’ iMf