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The next level in spectacular virtual warfare.. .The next level in ultra-high- 
speed scrolling battle action.. .The next level in pure gaming excitement. 
What lies ahead is here now, in Robo Aleste, the first non-stop combat 
shooter on the SEGA CD. 

Robo Aleste carries you, body and mind, into a world where the epic 
clan wars of medieval Japan have been transformed by the death-dealing 
technologies of future civilizations. The colorful characters, both ferocious 
and all too humanly frail, will engage you in their lives. The furious pace 
of the action will challenge your skill, and your stamina. The original 
soundtrack, blending a hard-beat, techno-style score with traditional 
Japanese music, will alternately quicken your pulse and soothe your 
battle-ragged nerves. And the fast, vivid video transitions between 
levels will dazzle you like nothing you’ve ever seen in a video game. 

It's all here now, in your hands. Robo Aleste. 



f t is the later years of the 16th century, and Japan writhes in the 
agony of civil wars.. .brutal, relentless wars that have gone on for 
years, for decades, for generations. And now war itself has been 
transformed, made more savage than ever before, with the arrival of 
electro-mechanical machines of death known as the Dennin. 

What are these terrifying engines of death, like men in form but unlike 
anything but the creations of our most monstrous nightmares in their 
destructive power? From whence did they come? 

In the twelfth year of Tenbun, or 1543 A.D. by the calendars of Europe, 
a single ship—flying the flag of no nation—had drifted ashore on the 
Japanese island of Tae-ga-shima. Upon inspection, the ship was discovered 
to be a type of flying gunboat, powered by a steam-based electrical 
technology that amazed the Japanese. And deep in its hold were found 
humanoid but mechanical warriors that were frightening to behold 

These were engines of war never dreamt of by Japan's military engineers. 
But, inspired to conduct their own research and development, the 
Japanese experts soon came up with their own variations on the lethal 
technologies hidden within the mysterious ship. They developed their own 
flying gunboats. And on the model of the mechanical humanoid war 
machines they created the Dennin, or Robo Warriors. 

Some 25 feet tall, each Robo Warrior is controlled from an interior cockpit 
by a single man. In appearance, the deadly machines appear to be gigantic 
men, for they are clothed in the traditional warrior's attire. But on their 
shoulders are mounted huge turbo-electric engines, the sources of the 
Robo Warriors' power—and their stealth. For it is these great turbines 
that not only energize the Robo Warriors’ firepower, but also enable them 
to fly through the air at incredible speeds, and in utter silence. 

I In short, these unique new fighting machines combine the most 
fearsome qualities of traditional Japanese fighting men with 
firepower and flight capability such as the rest of the world | 
will not employ for another three and a half centuries. 

Now it is the year 1556, and the clans that readily adopted the Robo 
Warrior technology during the past decade have prospered. Those 
unable to adjust to such revolutionary changes in the art of war have 
been vanquished and absorbed by their rivals. 

Only eight ruthless warlords remain. 

In recent years, the Oda clan of the Owari province, led by Lord Nobunaga 
Oda himself, has relentlessly expanded its sphere of influence through an 
aggressive combination of warfare and diplomacy. In response, an anti-Oda 
alliance of six clans has united under the leadership of Motonari Mouri of 
the Chugoku district of western Japan. 

Then, in April, Oda’s only remaining ally Dosan Saito, lord of Mino 
province, was assassinated by his own son. the unscrupulous Yoshi Tatsu. 
Seizing the moment of Oda's vulnerability, the alliance fielded its united 
army, known as the Imagawa Force. This mighty force engaged Oda's 
regiments, under the command of general Shibata Katsuie, near Mikawa. 
The three-month-long battle that ensued ended in a crushing defeat 
of Shibata's army. 

Now, as more and more allied forces advance from the north and the 
west, Oda and his clan find themselves on the brink of annihilation. Their 
only remaining hope— your only remaining hope is the secret weapon you 
command: Aleste, for you are Oda’s most trusted and valiant officer. Long 
has it been hidden in the obscure little Hakuga village high in the mountains 
of Sunpu. But now the time has come: time to deploy Oda's innovative 
new Robo Warriors, the Dennin Ninja of Hakuga, led by you at the helm 
of Robo Aleste. 

The order has arrived by courier. Mobilize! Mobilize the Hakuga Ninja! 
Harass—defeat—destroy the forces of the Imagawa and Mouri—in 


Nobunaga Oda: The dominant warlord of the era. Oda is confronted 
with the gravest crisis of his life when his enemies form an alliance 

Kage: A Ninja of the Hakuga clan and the hero of Robo Aleste. 

A warrior who believes in loyalty and devotion. 

Tetsu Kurogane: Cruel and destructive by nature. Kage's brother 
and implacable enemy, Tetsu builds his own Dennin and repeatedly 
challenges Kage. 

Saeba: A young woman of the Iga Ninja Force. Tricked by Tetsu into 
thinking that Kage is her enemy, she challenges Kage to a duel. 

Garyosai: Head of the Hakuga clan, he was once a master Ninja spy. 

He is killed by Tetsu. 

Astaros: A mysterious woman who manipulates the anti-Oda alliance 
from behind the scenes. Determined to get rid of Nobunaga Oda, Astaros 
supplies the alliance with one new weapon after another. 

Motonari Mouri: An aged feudal lord who controls the Chugoku region. 
He is the only member of the alliance who communicates directly with 
the mysterious Astaros. 

Yoshimoto Imagawa: A feudal lord who rules the provice of Suruga. 

He plans to eliminate Nobunaga with his giant mechanical warrior 
Musha-0 ("Warrior King”). 


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io nre a special weapon once it s in your possession, press tne b out 
The special weapons, listed according to their Japanese and English 
names, their colors, and their deadly uses, are as follows: 

Raisen-ha ( "Lightning Flash" or "Thunderbolt Ray”). Light blue. A las> 
weapon that fires straight ahead, vaporizing enemies directly in front 
of your Dennin. 

Fuusha-shuriken (Windmill Throwing-Knife" or “Ninja Star”). Green. 
This weapon attacks outward in a spreading pattern—from four t 
eight different directions. 

Hiei-meppu-jin ("Flying Shadow Formation"). Yellow. Combines e 
and defense. Two armed weapon components, normally fixed to t 
of your Dennin, revolve completely around your Robo Warrior, ac