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A very small percentage of individuals may experience 
epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or 
flashing lights . Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds 
on a television screen or while playing video games may 
induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain 
conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic 
symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior 
seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an 
epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. 
If xo u expe neti ce any of the foliowing syi11ptoms } i it i Ie 
playing a video game - dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any 
involuntary movement or convulsions - 
IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician 

before resuming play ; 

This official seal is your assurance that this product meets the 
highest quality standards of SEGA™ Buy games and 
accessories with this seal to be sure that they are compatible 
with the SEGA CD™ SYSTEM, 


Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube 
damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT 
Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large- 
screen projection televisions* 



1. This Puggsy CD is intended solely for use with the 
Sega CD 

2. Do not bend it. crush it or submerge it in liquids. 

3. Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or 
other sou rces of heat. 

4. Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended 
play, to rest yourself and the Sega CD, 

5. KEEP YOUR CD CLEAN. Always hold by the 
edges and keep it in its case when not in use. Clean 
with a lint-free, soft dry cloth - wiping in straight 
lines from center to edge. Never use solvents or 
abrasive cleaners. 



1. Set up your Sega CD system according to the 
instruction manual supplied with the system. 
Puggsy is programmed to take full advantage of 
the Sega CD System's stereo capabilities, so 
book your Sega CD up to a stereo to fully experi¬ 
ence the awesome sound effects and soundtrack! 

2. Insert the control pad into number 1 port. 

3. Make sure that there is no cartridge in the slot on 
your Genesis, if there is. turn the power off to 
your system, and then remove the cartridge. 
Warning: Never insert or remove a cartridge 
from the console while the power supply is on! 

4. Follow the instructions provided with your 
system to open the CD drive and insert the CD 
onto the bed of the drive, making sure that the 
printed side face upwards. 

5. Close the drive following the instructions which 
came with your Sega CD System 

6. Press the STAR T button to begin play. 

7. After a brief pause, you should see the Sega 
logo. If it fails to appear, turn the console off, 
make sure that it is set up correctly and turn the 
machine back on. 

8. To skip the introduction, press the STAR !’ 
button until the Main Menu appears. 



Puggsy was 
out for a morn¬ 
ing drive through 
space one day, to 
pick up his daily 
ration of 
Puggsy was 
enjoying some 
righteous tunes 
on his inter- 
galactic equiva¬ 
lent of a radio, 
and just tapping 
his little toes to 
keep himself 
company during 

the drive though the asteroid belt, Meanwhile, darker 
forces were at work... 

Deep within his asteroid space fortress, the evil 
pirate Gorzon was in a really foul mood. His eggs had 
been severely undercooked at breakfast, and his toast 
had been burnt to a crisp. For no reason at all, Gorzon 
decided that he'd like to take a drive himself, and take 
some of his frustrations out on some hapless space junk, 
or w hatever else happened to be in his way. 

Gorzon launched his space cruiser into the dark¬ 
ness of deep space, as black as his mood. Meanwhile, 
an unsuspecting Puggsy had the grave misfortune of 
flying his little spaceship a bit top close to Gorzon's 
asteroid fortress. Gorzon decided that the little orange 
craft was a bit too colorful for his mood, and that 
Puggsy would make ideal target practice. 

Gorzon chuckled evilly as his green lasers lanced 
out through space, and found their mark on Puggsy's 
ship. Of course, Puggsy got scared out of his wits, and 
took off as fast as his little ship would carry him. He 
didn't care about anything except getting away from the 
huge menacing pirate ship! 


Puggsy took advantage of the first chance he had to 
get into hyperspace, hoping to get away from Gorzon. 
The pirate wasn’t done yet, though, and followed 
Puggsy into hyperspace, just because he was in a really 
stinkin' bad mood! 

Puggy 's little ship was no match for the huge pirate 
cruiser. Gorzon caught up to Puggsy in no time at all, 
and just rammed into Puggsy's little orange ship for the 
sheer pleasure of it. (Boy. Gorzon’s a real jerk, isn’t 
lie?) Puggsy was sent spiraling out of control, and fell 
out of hyperspace. He spiraled right towards a nearby 
uncharted planet. 

The planet's gravitational field reached out like a 
vice and grabbed hold of poor Puggsy’s ship. Puggsy 
managed to safely land his wounded spaceship in the 
water on this strange planet. 

With no other options, Puggsy left the spaceship to 
try to find some help, or at least try to phone home. 
After wandering around a forest for a w'hile. and meet¬ 
ing nobody who even knew what a foogleburnk was, 
Puggsy gave up and went back to his spaceship...only to 
find that his spaceship was GONE! 

Now Puggsy’s in a real mess. Not only is he 
stranded on an strange alien planet fifteen light years 
from his home space station. Stardock. but now he's had 
his spaceship stolen! There are bad days - and then 
there are really stinkin' rotten days!!! 

And so Puggsy’s got a problem - major league. I 
mean, it’s bad enough losing your keys downtown 
without a ride home. Being stranded on a planet with¬ 
out so much as a skateboard to get you around is a liule 
more distressing! Not even Captain Kirk or Mr. Spoek 
had to cope with that! But, undiscouraged, Puggsy is 
determined to get his stolen spaceship back. 

So, armed with nothing but his tiny arms, and a 
healthy helping of your wits and reflexes, Puggsy’s 
going to try to get his bulbous body back to Stardock 
where he belongs! 



Left - 



arms up 

Right - 
Moves Right 

Start - Starts Game 
or Pauses Game in 

Down - 

C Button - 

Use Item b Button - 
Pickup or 

The Puggsy game allows you to customize the Control 
Pad to your liking. The default button functions are 
given here: 

Down - 
Left - 
Right - 
A Button - 
B Button - 
C Button - 

Moves arms up 
Moves arms down 
Moves Left 
Moves Right 
Use Item 
Pickup or Drop 



Here's where Puggsy starts all of his adventures. You'll 
see a picture of the beach where Puggsy lands. You’re 
given the option here to Start the Game, Adjust the 
Options. Enter the Junior levels, or start a Time Trial 

You can get to this menu from the Introduction se¬ 
quence by pressing the START button. 

Make your selection by pressing the UP and DOWN D- 
BUTTONS to highlight your choice, and then press the 
START button to select. 

If you just leave the game 
sitting on this screen, a 
demonstration program 
will begin, showing a 
few of the levels 
in Puggsy. and 
also a quick 
tutorial of how 
to control 



Start here when you're ready to explore Puggsy's world. 
This option allows you to begin your adventures. 



Enter the Options menu by highlighting the selection 
and pressing start. You select the option you'd like to 
change by pressing the UP and DOWN D-BUTTONS. 
Pressing the START button on the controller will return 


you to the Main Menu. 


Puggsy can JUMP and PICK-UP, DROP & USE OB¬ 
JECTS. This menu allows you to configure the control 
pad buttons as you prefer. Select the arrangement you 
prefer by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT D-BUTTONS. 


This option adjusts the number of chances you have to 
help Puggsy get his ship back. Each heart represents a 
life. You may give yourself up to 7 lives by pressing on 
the RIGHT D-BUTTON. Decrease the number of 
lives and make the game harder by pressing the LEFT' 
D-BUTTON, giving Puggsy fewer lives. 


This option will allow you to either load a saved game 
from your Sega CD s Battery Backed-up RAM. or enter 


a password to skip to a later level. Press the A button 
while this menu option is highlighted to enter the 
Password Menu. There are two options on this page. 

Load - Pressing the A button while this option is high 
lighted will load a saved game from your Sega CD 
System's Battery Backed-Up RAM. Of course, you 
must have one saved before you can load one! 

Enter Password - Pressing the A button while this 
option is highlighted will allow you to enter passwords 
to skip to later levels of play. Once you have completed 
a section, (such as THE BEACH) you can press the 
START button while you're looking at the map, and 
choose to show the password for this level. A password 
will appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the map 
screen. Record this password (or should that be pass 
number???). If you should decide that you’d like to 
play your game on another Sega CD system (where you 
don't have your game saved), you can enter the pass¬ 
word here. You can also use this to mark your position 
if you’re short on Save Positions in your Sega CD 


Select the Password Entry screen by moving the 
highlight down to the Enter Password option, and 
pressing either the A, B. or C button on the Control Pad. 
Then, highlight the appropriate number in your pass¬ 
word by moving with the LEFT and 
RIGHT D-BUTTONS. Pi ess i ug 
the A button will enter the number 
currently highlighted. You can 
move through the password by 
pressing B to move left, and C 
to move right. 

Sound complicated? It's 
not, really. Just give it a try. 

You’ll be a pro in no lime! 

From this menu, press 
the STAR!' button to return 
to the Options menu. 

1 0 


Get accustomed to Puggsy’s strange behavior by taking 
him through the Junior section: a section that's also 
ideally suited to the 
younger player. Here 
you'll be gently hurled 
into Puggs)'s quest in 
the softest, most lov¬ 
able way possible. You 
also learn how to grab 
the gun and shoot 
things. Oh, what great 
fun you'll have! 

This section's pretty 
much like the full game, except that the monsters are 
relatively kind and leave you alone (most of the time.) 
The downside, though, is that the Junior island is tiny! 


When you've mastered Puggsy. you can play completed 
levels against the clock! This adds an extra dimension 
to Puggsy’s adventure. Play against your friends to 
determine the supreme Puggsy champion! 


All Puggsy wants is to get off the planet and get home. 
Sound simple? Hch heh heh... To do this, he must 
traverse most of the game levels, and leave by the exit! 
(pictured left). The thing is, that the island has a great 
many paths, some of which might not lead towards 
Puggsy's spaceship. In addition, some levels may have 
more than one exit! It's up to you to make your way 
from level to level and not from level to dead end! 

Also, there are loads of special secret levels and short 
cuts to help (or hinder!) Puggsy on his way. 

Make sure to experiment with all of the weird objects 
you’ll run across in each level. Go through the exit 
carrying an object, and you'll receive a hefty bonus - the 

better the object the heftier the bonus. By the same 
token, the more objects Puggsy manages to haul out 

the exit 
with him. 
the more 


Puggsy can walk left or right, jump, shoot, and pick 
stuff up. So far, this doesn't sound overly exciting, does 
it? Well, what makes Puggsy unique is the Total Object 
Interaction to be found within the game. Puggsy can 
interact with hundreds of on-screen objects which he 
must use to get along in the game. Find a box with a 
pair of sneakers in it. pick it up, press the Use button, 
and Puggsy will put them on and become a world-class 
sprinter! Grab the invincibility shield, press Use. and 
suddenly, you become Super-Puggsy! Hurl yourself in 
to those rascally raccoons as if your life depends on it - 
because it doesn't - you’re now invincible! (For more 
on 101 see the Objects section). 

You'll discover tons of objects along your journey, but 
it’s up to you to find out just what they’re all for. Use 
the section at the back of this manual to note what all 
the objects do. However on some levels, you’ll be given 
clues to find a certain object by the clue chest. Use it 
and it'll tell you what object to look out for. 

Some of the objects you'll just stand on or will have to 
position in strategically important places to finish the 
level. Others, you must use in a certain ways. But it's 
up to your ingenuity to decide just how to use them. 

[f you get stuck on a screen, you can restart it. without 
losing a life, by pausing the game by pressing the 
START button, and then pressing the A, B and C 
buttons at the same time. 

Controlling an out-of-control Puggsy 
The height Puggsy jumps is dependent on the length of 
time the JUMP button is pressed down. There are 
therefore thousands of variations available to Puggsy at 
any time. Plus, apart from just allowing Puggsy to jump 
around, you can also squash most enemies by jumping 
on top of them and pressing the DOWN D-BUTTON. 

1 3 

1 he Pick-up/drop button allows Puggsy to (Surprise!) 
pick up or drop an item. If Puggsy is close to an object, 
press this button and he'll pick it up. assuming he’s not 
already holding one. Press the button again and he’ll 
drop it. And if two objects are piled on top of each 
other, grab either the top or bottom one by moving 
Puggsy’s arms up or down (by pressing on the UP or 
DOWN D-BUTTONS) and then the pick-up button. 
Easy as pie! 

Also. Puggsy has the unusual ability to throw stuff 
around. Rather than just dropping the object Puggsy's 
carrying, try pressing the direction arrows either up or 
diagonally upwards and pressing drop. The object will 
be hurled in the direction you’ve chosen, and will leave 
a trail of sparkles as it flies. This is really handy, be¬ 
cause if the sparkling object hits any enemy, they’ll be 
sure to notice! 

When trying to jump onto objects that are too high, 
Puggsy can use stuff he's carrying to help him get a grip 
on the surface and haul himself upwards. First, hold his 
arms up high, and then jump towards the ledge. Once 
Puggsy is bouncing up and down on the ledge, and 
hanging on with the object, hold the DOWN D-BUI- 
TON. Once Puggsy bounces into the air, you can steer 
him in the direction you want him to go! Cool, huh? 

1 4 

A couple of final points. If Puggsy finds himself on top 
of a pile of objects, pressing the DOWN D-BUTTON 
lets him drop through the objects one at a time. And if 
you find things are happening just a little too quickly, 
then pause the game at any lime by pressing the START 

Whaf’s Happenings? 

On most levels, happenings can be found. These can 
usually be identified by the fact that something is 
happening or is about to happen. This happening must 
happen in order for you to complete the level. Con¬ 
fused? It's OK. So are we... 

Happenings take the form of switches, locks, ropes, 
cannons and bunches of other mechanisms which must 
be used to continue to the next level. 

These items can be activated by objects found on that 
level. For example, let’s say that you find a cannon. 
Find and pick up the match, walk to the cannon, drop 
the match onto the cannon and (KABLOOEY!) the 
cannon fires. Find a switch, get any solid object and 
walk into the switch with the object and that switch will 
be switched and, if you drop an object near it, will slay 

Objects Curiosity 

Puggsy uses a fantastic system 
called Total Object Inter¬ 
action (TOI). This means 
that just about all of the 
objects play a vital part in 
completing the game, ll 
also means that 
they act and 
as they 
would if 

you or I were using them in the real world (well, more 
or less. I mean you wouldn't want things to be as 
boring as in real life now would you?!?). Almost all 
objects can be moved, thrown, stood upon, stacked, and 
used. They are subject to gravity, they 'll bounce, float 
(or sink) in water, get blown around by fans and so on. 

Each object also has its own weight. If Puggsy is 
carrying a heavy ob ject, he cannot jump as high as if he 
was carrying a light object. On the other hand, if 
Puggsy is getting blown around by a fan, holding a 
weighty object might Set him walk towards it more 
easily. Obviously, heavy objects cannot be thrown as 
far as light ones, but light objects will be affected much 
more by fans. Buoyant objects will float in water and if 
Puggsy stands on a few of these, he can stand on water 
without getting too wet! Similarly, he can inflate 
balloons, hold onto them and float up into the air as they 

Bear in mind that there is usually not a single fixed 
solution to a problem, so it's up to you to use your 
ingenuity to solve them. 

A quick word about a few special objects. The sneaker, 
as mentioned earlier, allow Puggsy to dash around at 
twice the speed. However, if Puggsy is hit by an enemy 
while wearing the shoes, he'll merely lose them and not 
a life. The shades work in a similar fashion. Put on the 
shades and not only will Puggsy look like Mr. Ultra- 
Cool. he'll also be able to take a hit from an enemy 
without losing a life. 

Also, you’ll sometimes find a pink-and-white shield. 
This is an invincibility shield. Use this, and you'll be 
able to do just about anything without fear of losing a 

Lastly, occasionally, you’ll find a little heart. These are 
free lives, so grab these up whenever you can! If you 
manage to exit a level with one of these in your grasp. 

you'll be awarded an extra life to be added lo your 

(Piecies of a few of the objects) 

You'll get the hang of it as you go along. Bui beware, 
the puzzles just keep on getting trickier as you progress. 


Between levels, you’ll see an end of level screen fol¬ 
lowed by a map of the entire island. The square box to 
the left shows where you've just been and offers you a 
new destination. Move the tiny Puggsy in the picture 
along the path with the D-BUTTGNS to progress 
through the game. If you come to a dead end, you can 
retrace your steps on this screen. Press B or C to enter 
the level that the tiny Puggsy's standing on. 

Button A removes the magnified box in the upper-right 
hand corner of the screen. 

Button B and Button C enter the selected level (after a 
short pause). 

START enters the Map Menu. This screen is covered 
in detail below. 

Map Menu: 

You'll sec a list of options 
w hen you enter this area. 

Move up and down through the 
options with the UP and 
press the STAR ! button to 
make your selection. 

Continue: Continues the 
current game, putting you back 
on the Map Screen. 

Show Guardians: This will 
display all of the guardians. Guardians with a line 
through them have already been defeated. 

Show/Remove Password: This will show a password 
which will allow you to pick up at this point on any 
copy of Puggsy, on any Genesis or Sega CD system. 
Puggsy CD allows you to save your game to your Sega 
CD system's Battery Backed-up RAM. but this option is 
useful if you want to play Puggsy at your friend's house, 
or if you’re short on Sega CD Backup RAM save slots. 

Save and Continue: This w ill save your game position 
to your Sega CD Backup RAM. and then return you to 
the Map Screen. You can later restore your saved 
games by using the Passwords selection in the Options 
menu on the main menu. See your Sega CD User's 
Manual for further details on your Sega CD System's 
Battery Backed-UP RAM. 

Save anti Restart: This option will save your current 
game position to your Sega CD Backup RAM, and then 
start the game over with the introductory sequence. You 
can later restore your saved games by using the Pass¬ 
words selection in the Options menu on the main 
menu. See your Sega CD User’s Manual for further 
details on your Sega CD System’s Battery Backed-UP 


Every so often, you'll encounter a Guardian. These are 
here to try and stop Puggsy getting his spaceship back 
and they must be defeated for Puggsy to succeed! 

There are 8 evil Guardians, each of whom you must hit 
6 times to defeat, 

Here re some quick tips on how to deal wit It some of 
the different level guardians. 

Herman the Hermit 

Herman jumps up and down, trying to jab Puggsy with 
his razor-sharp claws. Herman's 
got a rather bad gas problem, 
though, and every once in a 
while, lie'll spit up a bubble 
containing a shell. All you 
need to do is pop the bubble 
to drop the shell on 
Herman's head to defeat 

Polly Pirate 

Polly jumps around firing 
at Puggsy. All Puggsy has 
to defend himself is the 
occasional fish that gets 
washed up on deck. Posi¬ 
tion Puggsy near to the fish 
and press a button to 

o ° 

launch it. Unfortunately, the slippery fish is sometimes 
less than predictable... 

The Emperor's Old Clothes 

This fella throws his gloves at Puggsy. Little does he 
know that the ball that’s rolling over his head can be 
dropped by Puggsy using the switches on the floor. 

So Pharaoh So Good 

Beware! The Pharaoh nose how to gel Puggsy. Bui if 
Puggsy steps on the pressure pads at tire right time, he 
can get the Pharaoh! 

Flour Power 

The nasty miller is throwing bags of Hour at poor 
Puggsy! The only defense is to snatch the bags with 
the grabber and dump them over the miller’s head 
using the conveyor hell. 

Halitosis the Dragon 

Avoid fiis breath at all cost! There’s nothing worse 
than a dragon’s breath in the morning! When you get 
tine chance, sneak near him and sock him in the jaw. 

If Looks Could 

This is the biusiest. 
nastiest, ugliest 
baddie there is! With 
laser beam eyes, and a 
nasty habit of 
dropping mines 
on Puggsy, this 
meanie’s going to 
take some serious 
work! The only 

way to defeat this guardian is to give him a taste of his 
own medicine! 

2 0 

Credits (Who did this??J: 

Written and designed by: 

Andy Ingram and 
Jon Burton 

Music/Audio by: 

Produced by: 

Matt Furniss and 
Shaun Hollingworth 

Steve Riding 
Number 1 Puttssy Fan 

European Documentation by: Richard Biltcliffe 

U.S. Documentation by: Mark Tsai 

Package Design & Artwork by: Keith Hopwood & 

Andy Smith 

U.S. Packaging by: Harry Bernard 

Warranty Information: 

Psygnosis warrants to the original purchaser only of this 
Psy gnosis software product that the media on which tills 
computer program is recorded is free from defects in materi¬ 
als and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from 
Lhe date of purchase. Psygnosis, Ltd., makes no warranties, 
either expressed or implied, with respect to the software 
described in this manual, its quality, performance, merchant¬ 
ability or fitness for any particular purpose* This software is 
licensed %t as is". The entire risk as to the quality of and 
performance of the software is with the buyer. In no event 
will Psy gnosis Lid. he liable for direct, indirect, incidental or 
consequential damages resulting from any defect in the 
software even if they have been advised of the possibility of 
such damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or 
limitation of implied warranties or liabilities for incidental or 
consequential damages, so lhe above limitation may not 
apply to you. 


If your Sega CD requires repair al ter expiration of the 
90-day Limited Warranty Period, you may contact the 
Customer Service Department at the number listed 
below. You will be advised of the estimated cost of 
repair and receive detailed shipping instructions. 

Psygnosis Limited 

675 Massachusetts Avc. 

Cambridge, MA 02139 
Phone: (617)497-7794 
Fax: (617) 497 - 6759 

Psy gnosis. Microcosm, and all other related trademarks, likenesses, and an are 
trademarks of Psy gnosis. Limited, all rig his reserved. 

Seua, Sena CD and Genesis are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. 
Patents; C.5. #‘s 4,442.4S6/4.454394/4.462.076,/4.026.S55; 

Europe ft 80244; Canada 1.183,276/1 r 082,351: 

Hong Kong ft 88-4302: Germany ft 2,MW.826: Singapore # 88-155; 

U.K, ft L535.W: France ft 1.607,029; 

Japan ft’s l,63‘2,39(n/82-20S605 (Pending):