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igital Pi ctures 

punches with 
live fighters! 

The first all-video 
boxing game! 

Rated by V.R.C. 


Read Before Using Your Sega Video Game System 
Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when 
exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or 
backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games may induce an 
epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce undetected 
epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. 
If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior 
to playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video 
game — dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, disorientation, loss of 
awareness, any involuntary movement or convulsions — IMMEDIATELY discontinue 
use and consult your physician before resuming play. 

Projection Television Warning 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark the 
phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large-screen 
projection televisions. 

Sega CD Video Game Use 

This CD-ROM can only be used with the Sega CD system. Do not attempt to play this 
CD-ROM on any other CD player; doing so may damage the headphones and speakei s 

This game is licensed by Sega for home play on the Sega CD system only. Unauthori/e<I 
copying, reproduction, rental, public performance or broadcast of this game is .1 
violation of applicable laws. 

Unless otherwise stated, the characters and events portrayed in this game are purely 
fictional. Any similarity to other persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

Backup Memory 

The Sega CD's backup RAM memory must be formatted before you can save games to 
it. Use the first FORMAT option in the Memory menu to format the Sega CD's intern,1 1 
memory before playing the game. For more information, please see your Sega CD 
User's Manual. 

About Audio Connectors — Original Sega CD Model 

□ If your Audio connection is made from the Sega CD to your television, you 
must use the Mixing Cable to connect the Headphone output jack on the front 
of the Genesis to the Mixing input jack on the rear of the Sega CD. 

□ If your Audio connection is made from the Genesis to the television (using 
either the RF cable or a Video Monitor cable), do not use the Mixing Cable. 

Handling Your Compact Disc 

□ The Sega CD compact disc is intended for use exclusively on the Sega CD system. 

□ Avoid bending the compact disc. Do not touch, smudge or scratch its surface. 

□ Do not leave the compact disc in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other souk <* 
of heat. 

□ Always store the compact disc in its protective case. 


And in this Comer . . . The Kid! . 2 

Setting Up . 3 

Button Controls . 4 

Fight Moves . 6 

The Main Event . 7 

The Fight Screen . 8 

The Cast of Characters . 9 

End of Round . 10 

End of Fight . 10 

Power Points .. 10 

Choosing Options . 11 

High Score List . 15 

Credits . 16 

Sega Gameplay Hotline 


. . . THE KID! 

PRIZE FIGHTER takes you 
closer than a ringside seat 
— it puts you right in the 
game. You're the one 
slugging it out with the 
best boxers in the game. 
With your fists in view, 
you can throw any 
punch, anytime. A jab. 

A hook. An uppercut! 
Land a blow and watch 
your opponent reel. 

When you take a punch, your vision rocks. You might even find 
yourself flat on your back, looking up into the faces of the referee 
and your trainer as you take the count. Or maybe you'll be up 
there accepting the heavyweight crown! 

You're fighting in the main event, attended by your trainer, 
cornerman and bucketboy. They guide you, help you, give advice. 
Also on hand: the referee, card girls, announcer, assorted heck¬ 
lers, and four of the beefiest, brawniest, pug-ugly opponents you 
can imagine. 

PRIZE FIGHTER is brooding, brutal, real! It has the impact of 
Martin Scorcese's film Raging Bull. In fact, the bouts are staged 
by Ron Stein, the boxing guru who choreographed the fight scenes 
in Raging Bull and the Rocky films. Close-ups, point of view shots 
and handheld camera bring the intensity of the boxing scene right 
in your face! 

So pull on your gloves and get ready for tonight's main event. 
You've got to beat three tough contenders to earn your shot 
at the champ. 

And there's the bell! 

1. Set up your Sega CD and Sega Genesis™ systems and plug in 
control pad 1. 

2. Turn on your TV or monitor, and then turn on your Genesis. 

The Sega CD logo appears. 

NOTE: If nothing appears on screen, turn the system 
OFF, make sure it is set up correctly, and then turn it 
ON again. 

3. Open the disc tray or CD door. Place either PRIZE FICFITER 
compact disc into the tray, label side up. Close the tray or door. 

4. If the Sega CD logo is on screen, press START to begin the 
game. If the Control Panel is on screen, move the cursor 

to the CD-ROM button and press BUTTON A, B or C to begin. 

NOTE: PRIZE FIGHTER is contained on two compact 
discs. You can start the game with either disc. Then , 
during the game , you'll be prompted to replace one 
disc with the other. 

If you know the boxer you want to fight, you can load 
the correct disc for startup. Honeyboy Hernandez 
and Mega Joe Falco bouts are contained on disc 1. T. 

Rex Hawkins and Nuke "The Duke" Johnson bouts 
are contained on disc 2. 





D-Pad Start 

C - Right Jab 

B - Block 

A - Left Jab 

You can rearrange the button actions with the Control 
Changes option from the Options menu. See page 13. 


• Selects a marked option and goes on to its subscreen. 

• Returns to the Options menu from most subscreens. 


• Marks the options on the main menu and subscreens. 

• Changes the option settings. 

• Selects letters on the Save Game subscreen. 

Buttons A / B and C 

• These buttons have various functions depending on the 
subscreen you're viewing. See pages 11-14 for details. 



• Begins the bout. You'll go up against the boxer shown 
on the Fight Card. 


• Left/right scrolls through the boxers. Wait a few moments 
to watch and hear each contender's challenge. 

Button C 

• Goes on to the Options menu. 



• Begins the game from the Fight Card. 

• Pauses/resumes a fight. 


• Varies your punch when used with BUTTON A, B or C. 
See page 6 for details. 

Buttons A / B and C 

• Perform fight moves. See page 6 for details. 

• Bypass non-fight video sequences. 





• BUTTON A.:.Left jab. 

• BUTTON C.Right jab. 


• BUTTON A + D-PAD up. 

• BUTTON A + D-PAD right/left 

• BUTTON C + D-PAD up. 

• BUTTON C + D-PAD right/left 


• BUTTON A + D-PAD down.Left uppercut. 

• BUTTON C + D-PAD down.Right uppercut. 



• BUTTON B + D-PAD left . 

• BUTTON B + D-PAD right 


• D-PAD left.Bob left. 

• D-PAD right.Bob right. 


Button X 

• Left hook to head. 

Button Y 

• Blocks with both gloves. 

Button Z 

• Right hook to head. 

REMINDER: Use the Control Changes options 
to rearrange the button actions on both the 3-button 
and 6-button controllers. 


Block with both gloves. 
Block with left glove. 
Block with right glove. 

Left hook to head. 
Left hook to body. 
Right hook to head. 
Right hook to body. 


against four bruising 
boxers in four separate 
matches, each one in¬ 
creasing in difficulty. 

Your opponent in the first 
bout is the youngest and 
least experienced. You'll 
notice he keeps dropping 
his hands and leaving 
openings. But by the time 
you get to Nuke "The 
Duke" Johnson, the 
heavyweight champion 
of the world, you'll 
have to make your 
own openings. 

Don't forget, it's your skill, your heart, your butt that are on the 
line. You can skip ahead, but don't be foolish. You pick up power 
as you move up the ladder. If you lose, you'll have to start again 
at the level of your last successful bout. 

2 ® 9 POUNDS 


21 1 POUNDS 


Picking Your Fight 

1. On the Fight Card, press the D-PAD left or right to see the fight 
poster for each boxer. Wait a few moments to watch and hear 
their taunts. 

NOTE: Nuke "The Duke" Johnson won't be available 
to fight until you've beaten T. Rex Hawkins. 

2. Press START when you're ready to fight 





/ Health 

All matches have three rounds lasting three minutes each (unless 
ended early by a KO). At times during each round, your opponent 
will clinch to prevent you from punching. You won't be able to 
fight back until the clinch is broken. 

Keep your cool. Every few seconds, you'll have the chance to 
connect, when your opponent drops his hands or otherwise leaves 
himself open. And at times, there are sweet spots — land a punch 
and you'll score even higher than usual. Whenever you connect, 
you'll zoom in as your power punch smashes your opponent. 

Remember, every round of every fight is different. It's never the 
same match twice. That's the beauty of the sweet science. 


You and your opponent each start with a perfect picture of health. 
During the fight, the pictures begin to show the damage you're 
taking — black eyes, cut lips, splintered nose. The picture frames 
fill up with red to show your diminishing stamina. 

Getting beat up impairs your ability to fight well. Bob and block 
to snatch a few seconds' rest. If the frame fills completely with 
red, you're down for the count. 

A good rule of thumb is to always make sure your opponent is 
taking worse punishment than you are. 




Honeyboy Hernandez — 190 lbs/703 power points 

Honeyboy is green, handsome and inexperienced. He drops his 
hands and leads with his chin, but he's tougher than he looks. 

Mega Joe Falco — 209 lbs/1439 power points 

The Sultan of Smash is a southpaw, which might throw you off at 
first. He's a cool, precise practitioner of the sweet science. 

T. Rex Hawkins — 245 lbs/2974 power points 

The Jurassic Predator is a ton of tough flesh with the unstoppability 
of a cement truck. His one weakness is that he backs up straight 

— a good time for you to land a right. 

Nuke "The Duke" Johnson — 228 lbs/5312 power points 

Nuke's the Champ. He floats like a Stealth bomber and stings like 
a cruise missile. He's cool and hot, equal parts heart and strategy 

— and built like a brick silo. You can't fight him until you've 
beaten T. Rex Hawkins at least once. 


Cosmo Proto 

Your trainer, tough as a scarred boot, but he loves his fighters. 

He's seen it all, done it all, and he's ready to tell you how to do it. 

Judo Gene LeBell 

Judo Gene's the official, a man so tough that if he says he's gonna 
kill you, you might as well kill yourself. 

Michael Buffer 

The most dignified announcer in the history of boxing is ready 
to rumble! 

Billy the Bucket Boy 

Billy doesn't say much. He's a comfort and quick with the sponge. 

Sly Clyde the Corner Man 

Clyde's always ready to nurse your cuts and bruises. 

Cynda and Dawn 

These bodacious babes carry the cards before each round. 




You return to your corner at the end of each round. Cosmo gives 
you advice and encouragement, while Billy and Clyde do their 
magic. All too soon, Dawn and Cynda are circling the ring, 
holding up the cards for the next round. 


Each fight lasts for three rounds, unless ended early by a knockout. 
At the fight's finish, you and your opponent meet in the center of 
the ring. If you lose, your opponent calls you names. If you win, 
the crowd cheers wildly and the card girls look up meltingly. 

If you lose the title bout, Nuke "The Duke" Johnson keeps his belt 
and lords it over you in the center of the ring. 

If you gain total victory — the heavyweight title — you'll be 
engulfed by a roaring, adoring crowd, the pop of flashbulbs, the 
gush of champagne, the pleas of autograph hounds, and Dawn 
and Cynda eagerly waiting to lead you to your limo. 


Defeating an opponent earns you power points, shown on the 
Statistics screen at the end of each fight. Before the next bout, you 
can distribute these points to your right glove, your left glove, and 
your stamina. 

Power Point Strategy 

• The more points you allocate to a glove, the more damage that 
fist will cause. 

• The points you allocate to stamina let you withstand punches 
to a greater or lesser degree. 

• Setting your stamina too low means you won't be able to 
endure continuous punishment. Setting it too high leaves 
fewer points for distribution to your gloves. 

Press BUTTON C at the Fight Card 
to display the Options menu. 

To use the menu: 

1. Press the D-PAD up/down 
to mark an option. 

2. Press START to select that 
option and go to its subscreen. 



Skillful boxing and fight victories 
earn you power points. Before your 
next bout, use the points to increase 
your glove power and stamina. On 
the Power Points subscreen: 

1. Press the D-PAD right/left 
to select a glove or stamina. 

2. Use the control pad buttons 
to change the value: 

• 1 pt. at a time Press the D-PAD up (+) or down (-). 

• 10 pts. at a time Hold down BUTTON A and press 

the D-PAD up (+) or down (-). 

• 50 pts. at a time Hold down BUTTON B and press 

the D-PAD up (+) or down (-). 

• 100 pts. at a time Hold down BUTTON C and press 

the D-PAD up (+) or down (-). 

NOTE: You cannot allocate more than half of your 
power points to any one statistic. 


NOTE: See page 11 for details on distributing your 
power points. 



Store a game along with your current power points, to continue 
later. The number of games you can store depends on the amount 
of unused backup RAM available on your Sega CD. 

NOTE: You can free up backup RAM with the Delete 
Saved Came option described on page 13. 

On the Save Game subscreen: 

1. Use the D-PAD to highlight 
a letter in the grid. 

2. Press BUTTON A to set that 
letter in the name line. Con¬ 
tinue using the D-PAD and 
BUTTON A to complete the 

3. Press BUTTON B if you want to 

change the name. Each button press deletes the last letter 
in the name. 

4. Press BUTTON C when the name is complete. In the confir¬ 
mation box, press BUTTON A for YES, or BUTTON B for NO. 
Both choices will take you back to the Options menu. 

NOTE: The Sega CD's backup RAM memory must be 
formatted before you can save games to it. For 
instructions , see your Sega CD User's Manual. 


Resume a game you've previously saved. On the Restore Game 

1. Press the D-PAD up/down to 
scroll to the game you want. 

2. Press BUTTON A to restore the 
game. Then, from the Options 
menu, select EXIT to resume 
the game. 

3. Press BUTTON C to go back 
to the Options menu without 
restoring the game. 

);ilKTORKOiMl 1 



. pzr 

: Ilf: J *w 

Cfc W W K* 

* WT m • JR 


* P Z P 





Remove saved games to free up 
memory in the backup RAM. On 
the Delete Saved Game subscreen: 

1. Press the D-PAD up/down 

to scroll to the game you want 
to delete. 

2. Press BUTTON A to delete 
the game, and then select 

(BUTTON B) on the confirmation screen. 

3. Press BUTTON C to go back to the Options menu 
without deleting a game. 

NOTE: The Delete Saved Game option will remove 
any stored files from the backup RAM , including those 
saved from other games. 


Rearrange the actions of the control 
pad buttons. The Control Changes 
subscreen shows the default actions 
of your controller (either 3-button 
or 6-button). 

1. Hold down BUTTON A, B or C 
to see a display of that button's 
actions in combination with the 


2. Press the D-PAD left/right to switch the functions 
of BUTTONS A, B and C. You can choose from three 
different settings. 

3. With a 6-Button Arcade Pad, press, BUTTON X, Y or Z Then 
press the D-PAD left/right to change that button's function. 

You can choose from 11 different settings. Press BUTTON A, B 
or C to return to the normal display. 

4. Press START to exit to the Options menu. 



On the Options menu, press START to toggle Training Mode ON 
or OFF. With Training Mode ON, arrows will appear around 
the fight screen to point out the openings you can use to defeat 
your opponent. Attack each opening with a specific punch, 
as shown below: 

Left Hook rv 
to Head 

Left fab c^> 

Left Hook 
to Body 

/l-j Right Hook 
to Head 

Right Jab 

s* Right Hook 
to Body 

0 0 

Left Right 

Uppercut Uppercut 


View the High Score List that appears at the end of every fight. 
See page 1 5 for information on adding your name to this list. 


Select this option and press START to return to the Fight Card. 



High-scoring fighters can place their names on the High Score List 
that appears at the end of every fight. The Name Entry screen will 
appear. Use this screen in the same way as for saving a game: 

1. Use the D-PAD to highlight a letter in the grid. 

2. Press BUTTON A to set that letter in the name line. Continue 
using the D-PAD and BUTTON A to complete the name. 

3. Press BUTTON B if you need to delete a letter. 

4. Press BUTTON C when the name is complete. 




Executive Producer 
Original Concept 
Director of Photography 
Interactive Design 
Computer Programming 
Digital Pictures Producers 

Boxing Coordinator 
Sega Staff Producer 
Digital Pictures Lead Tester 
Sega Test Manager 
Sega Lead Tester 
Sega Test Lieutenant 
Sega Testers 

Product Manager 

Special Thanks 

Digital Pictures 
Tom Zito 

Kevin Welsh, Mark Klein 
Laurie Frank, John Richardson 
Paul Mcllvaine 
Kevin Welsh, Steve DeFrisco 
Steve DeFrisco 

Kevin Welsh, Charles J.D. Schlissel 
Ron Stein 

Jimmy Nickerson, Manny Perry, 
Billy Lucas, Ben Bray 

Steve Buckingham 

Chris Bankston 

David Popovich 

Steve Patterson 

Joe Cain 

Erik Wahlberg 

Harry Chavez, Janine Cook, 

Brian Dawson, Mark Dawson, 
Daniel Dunn, Mark Fabela, 
Lawrence Gibson, Roman Greco, 
Randy Hauser, John Jansen, 

Ty Johnson, Dan Jung, Jeff Junio, 
Mark Kessler, Dermot Lyons, 

Mike Madden, Ted Morton, 

Mark Paniagua, Bill Person, 
Mathew Rosaaen, Mark Subotnick, 
Ben Szymkowiak, Terry Thomas, 
Greg Vogt, Ari Warner 

Dean Fox 

Carol Ann Hanshaw, 

Digital Pictures 

Riley Russell 

Sega of America, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the Sega CD 
compact disc shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period 
of 90 days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this limited warranty 
occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective 
compact disc at its option, free of charge. This limited warranty does not apply if the 
defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, 
tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship. 

To receive U.S. warranty service, call the Sega Consumer Service Department 
at this number: 

1 -800-USA-SEG A 

To receive Canadian warranty service, call the Sega Canadian Consumer Service 
Department at this number: 


Return the compact disc to Sega Consumer Service. Please call first for further 
information. If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he or she 
will provide you with instructions on returning your defective compact disc to Sega. 
I he cost of returning the compact disc to Sega’s Service Center shall be paid by the 

Repairs after Expiration of Warranty 

If your Sega CD compact disc requires repairs after termination of the 90-day limited 
warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service Department at the 
number listed above. If the technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he 
or she will advise you of the estimated cost of repair. If you elect to have the repair 
done, you will need to return the defective merchandise, freight prepaid and insured 
against loss or damage, to Sega’s Service Center with an enclosed check or money 
order payable to Sega of America, Inc., for the amount of the cost estimate provided 
to you by the technician. If, after inspection, it is determined that your compact disc 
cannot be repaired, it will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded. 

Limitations on Warranty 

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and 
fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to 90 days from the date of 
purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega 
of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the 
breach of any express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid in the United States and 
Canada only. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied 
warranty lasts, or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the 
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you 
with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to 

Sega, Sega CD, Prize Fighter, Sonic 
Pictures, Inc. for Sega of America 
only. Unauthorized copying, reprodi 
Rating Council, its rating system, syi 
All rights reserved. Printed in the U