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Epilepsy Warning 


A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures 
when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain 
patterns or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games 
may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may 
induce undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history 
of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic 
condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If you experience any of 
the following symptoms while playing a video game — dizziness, altered 
vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any 
involuntary movement or convulsions IMMEDIATELY discontinue 
use and consult your physician before resuming play. 

Starting Up 

1. Set up your Genesis and Sega CD systems and plug in 
Control Pad L 

2. Turn on your TV or monitor, and then turn on the Genesis. 

3. Press Start or Button A, B or C when you see the Sega CD logo. 
The Sega CD Control Panel will appear. 

4. Press Start or Button A, B or C to open the disc tray. Place the 
Prince of Persia disc into the tray Then press Button A, B or C 
again to close the tray 

5. Press Start or use the D-Button to move the cursor to the 
CD-ROM button. 

6. Press Button A, B or C to begin. The opening screens of the 
game will appear. (If the disc is already in the tray when you 
turn on the system, the game will begin automatically after a 
few moments.) 

7. To stop a game hxprogress, or when the game ends, press the 
Reset Button on the Genesis console to return to the Sega CD 
Control Panel. 

For Game Play Assistance, call 


c The SuCtan s (Betrayat! 

ersia: The empire of 
legends. The Sultan 
of Astrabad has been 
picked by Osman the 
First, founder of the Ottoman 
Empire, to lead an army against 
barbarian invaders to the north. 

In his absence, the Sultan has 
given rulership of Astrabad to 
Jaffar, the Grand Vizier, and entrusted him with the protection 
of his only daughter, the Princess. 

A young Prince, an adventurer from a neighboring city, has met 
the Sultan's daughter — and promptly fallen in love with her. 
Meanwhile, Jaffar has received news that the Persian army has 
been defeated. Believing the Sultan to be dead, Jaffar decides to 
become the new ruler of Astrabad by marrying the Princess. 

Jaffar has given the Princess one 
hour to prepare for her wedding, and 
has thrown the Prince in the palace 
dungeon where he is sure the young 
man will meet his doom. But the 
Vizier doesn't know how resourceful 
the Prince is. The Prince is 
determined to save the Princess from 
the fate Jaffar has in store for her by escaping from the dungeon. 

As the Prince of Persia, you must 
make your way through the many 
dangers of the dungeons below the 
palace to save the Princess from 
the evil Vizier. Traps of all kinds, 
spikes, bottomless pits, palace 
guards, are all there to stop you. 

And remember, you only have one 
hour to make it out. . . 


(jetting Started 

The game begins with the Prince of 
Persia Title screen. From here, you can 
press Start togoto the Set Up Screen, 
or wait to see the story. After the 
introduction, there is a short demo, 
and finally, a picture of the palace at 
sundown. Press Start or Button A or C 
to see the Set Up screen. Your choices 
here are as follows: 


Start: Select Start to begin playing the 

Continue: Select a previous game 
where you left off. 

Fastest: This shows the fastest times each floor has been 
successfully traveled through. 

Name Entry: Here is where 
you input your name to 
save your games. First, 
press Start or Button A 
or C to see the character 


01234567S9: ;<->? 


board. Place the Selection Arrow next to the character you want 
to input, and select it with Button A. Move forward through the 
characters you've selected with Button C, and move back with 
Button B. When you've finished inputting your name, press Start. 
Check the name, and if it's OK, press Button A or C. 

Back to Demo: Press Start or Button A or C 

to see the Introduction and Demo screens again. 

When you're ready, press Start or Button A or C 
to start the game. 


‘Tafe Control 7 

Directional Button (D-Button) 

• Press up to make the Prince jump up, block a sword attack, or 
climb up. 

• Press down to make the Prince crouch. Press down 
when standing next to ledges to climb down. 

• Press to the left or right to make the Prince run 
in those directions. 

• Press up and diagonal to do a standing long jump. 

Start Button 

• Starts the game from the introduction. 

• Pauses the game and opens the Options window when playing 
the game. Closes the Options window and returns to the game 
when the game is paused. 

Button A 

• Press to attack when sword fighting/ 
pick up Items. 

Button B 

• Press to make the Prince climb up 
or down/parry attacks. 

Button C 

• Press to attack /pick up Items. 


Movement and ITighting 

In the dungeons of the Grand Vizier, making your way through 
the traps and hazards is the only way you can save the Princess! 
Here are a variety of techniques you'll have to perfect in order 
to make your way to freedom. 

Special IRgnning and Jumping 1 Techniques 

The Long Jump: When you 
want to jump across wide areas, 
get a running start by pressing 
and holding the D-Button. 

Then press Button B when you 
get about two steps away from 
the edge to make the leap. 

Wp ‘Turning (Back. 

Ledge Hanging: Press the D-Button and Button A 
or C when you're climbing up or down to hang 
onto whatever you're climbing on. If a ledge is 
too far away to reach even with the long jump, 
there is still a way to get across. Make a long jump, 
and as you reach the other side, press Buttons A and 
C at the same time to grab onto the opposite edge. 
Then pull yourself up by pressing the D-Button up 
or Button B. This is very useful when you find 
yourself about to fall on pointed 

LooTOut ‘BefozuT 


‘Tri c ky Joo t iny . 

Tiptoeing: Press the D-Button while pressing 
Button A or C to take short, careful steps. This 
method is used in a number of situations: 

• Use this method to step right to the edge of a drop. YouTl have 
a better chance of making it to the other side when you jump. 

• Running between spikes is an easy way to impale yourself. 
Tiptoe lightly to make your way through these traps. 

• Loose ceiling plates can' t be dislodged unless you're standing 
directly below them. Tiptoe forward to position yourself, then 
jump up. 

• Sometimes you're in a bad position to reach a ledge above you. 
Tiptoe until you're standing in the right position, then pull 
yourself up! 

• Also useful for the Jaws of Death. 

Su) ordfighting 

You will come across guards throughout the palace, and to reach 
the Princess, you're going to have to deal with them first. The 
basics of the swordfight are simple: when you come across a 
palace guard, you automatically draw your sword. Use the 
D-Button to edge yourself forward, and when you're in striking 
distance, press Button C or Button A to thrust. Parry your 
opponent's strike by pressing Button B. Pressing the D-Button 
down puts your scimitar away, but don't do that unless you have 
a really good reason. Once you've put your scimitar away, one 

blow from your opponent will 
end your adventure for good! 

‘Danger on ‘Two Sides . 


Into the (Dungeon! 

You've been thrown into the dungeon of the Palace Astrabad. 
As you already know, you only have one hour to find your way 
through this maze and save the Princess from the evil designs 
of Jaffar, the Grand Vizier. 

What you don't know is that Jaffar is not only an evil man, but 
a sorcerer as well. You must be careful of the many booby traps 
in the dungeon, and also beware of the evil magic and its effect on 
the dungeon. You will see supernatural creatures as well as more 
down-to-earth (though just as deadly) ones. 


1 1 

Scimitar: Near the beginning of the game, you 
will come across a scimitar, a curved sword 
used in ancient Persia. Look for this 
sword before doing anything else 
in the game. You will need this in 
order to get out of the dungeon. 







Potions: In Jaf far's dungeon, you will find three types 
of potions. The first kind is a healing potion. It will 
jjp restore one of your Life markers (shown at the bottom 
left of the screen). The second potion will take one Life 
marker away. Unfortunately, these two types are very similar 
in appearance, so be careful! 

The last type of potion (which is harder to find) has 
a longer neck than the other two types. This special 
potion adds an extra Marker to your total supply! 


Doors and Gates: Each floor of 
the dungeon has one entrance 
and one exit. However, there are 
many gates which bar your way. 
Gates and exits are opened (and 
often closed with a bang) by 
stepping on spring-loaded floor 
plates. Remembering where 
each kind of plate is located is 
essential to getting to the exit. 
Naturally, you can only use an 
entrance once. 

Floors and Ceilings: 

Keep in mind that many of 
the floor and ceiling plates 
are not solid. Standing on 
loose floor plates will 
dislodge them. Sometimes 
you will just fall down one 
level. Other times you will 
land squarely on a bed of spikes. Watch your footing. Ceiling 
plates can be knocked loose by jumping up when standing 
directly under them. Ceiling plates often lead to passageways or 
Life potions, but watch out when you knock one loose. Your 
turban isn't much protection against a granite slab falling on 
your head! 

"Is It Worth the < Kish? ,! 

the dangerous spots and plan how 

Obstacles: Hidden in the 
floors and ceilings of the 
dungeon are numerous booby 
traps set to go off as soon as 
you get too close. There are 
also perilous chasms to jump 
across and armed guards to 
fight. Although you have a 
time limit, it's wiser in the long 
run to take a little extra time at 
best to handle the situation. 


<The Options Window 





mm end ■ 



If you press Start during play, the game is 
paused and the Options Window appears. 
Your options are as follows: 

Save: This saves the game at the floor you are currently on. 

If you're past a locked gate, the game will start from that point. 
Make sure to save the game at those points, so that you don't have 
to start from the entrance to that floor. Games are automatically 
saved under the name you're currently using. 












































. 11 




Fastest: You can take a look at how 
fast you or other players have made 
it through the floors. 

Name Entry: Use this option when you want to change the name 
of the game you're saving. To save a game separately, enter a new 
name. Then press the D-Button down to a blank line on the Save 
screen, and press Start or Button A or C to put it into memory The 
line will then show the floor you're on, the current time, and the 
name of your saved game. 

Note: Entering your name is done the same way as on the Set Up 
screen. See Name Entry on page 3. 

jpccu muve: me 5peeu 

The default setting is 3. The fastest speed is 1 
the slowest is 5. 

Speed Fight: Change the speed of the Prince's 
attack. The default setting is 4. The fastest speed 
is 1, the slowest is 5. 


Game End: If you decide to quit the game without saving it, 
select Game End and press Button A or C. The game will stop 
Remember, when you choose this option, you will lose all the 

Restart: This option lets you start again from the entrance to the 
floor you're currently on. You restart the level with only the time 
remaining on the clock. 

< Ifie 'Tate oftfie ‘Prince ... 

if the Prince is able to make his way through the floors and defeat 
his opponents, he will finally achieve his ultimate goal. But in the 
dark passage-ways of the palace, things aren't always so rosy. If 
he happens to fall victim to one of the hundreds of dangers 
awaiting him, wait a few moments and a message screen will 
appear, telling you to push any button, but Button B, to continue 

the game. After you press a 
button, the Prince will start his 
adventures again at the 
entrance of the same level he 
died on. Keep in mind, 
however, that the sands of the 
hourglass are still falling. In 
other words, you restart the 
game with only the amount of 
time that's left on the clock. 


Si Secret Message from the tPrincess 

At the beginning, just after the Prince had been thrown into the 
Palace dungeon, he sat down, wondering what to do next. He 
knew he had to find his way out of the prison to save the Princess 
from Jaffar's evil plans! He looked to his right and noticed a loose 
floor plate nearby. A way out? 

As he was walking over to try and pry the plate open, a white 
mouse carrying a piece of paper in its mouth came through a hole 
in the wall. The mouse dropped the paper at his feet and 
scrambled away. Intrigued, the Prince picked up the note and 
opened it. .. 

"Now is the time for courage, my Prince. I have been through 
the dungeon only once, but 1 can tell you some of the things 
to be careful of. First, beware of the swordsmen. They will try to 
force you backwards with their sword blows, onto spikes or 
through weak spots in the floors. Get as close to them as you 
can and use their strategy against them as you fight. 

"You must also remember that the floors and ceilings are not 
always sturdy. If you jump up and down, you will see the loose 
plates shake. There are secret passageways through some of these 
plates, while others are bottomless pits. Be careful when 

"Finally, I must tell you that Jaffar has said he has a special 
opponent waiting for you — one that he says you cannot fight 
against and win. If this is true, then all is lost. But I feel there is 
some trick in Jaffar's zvords . .. 

"I have faith that you zvill overcome these obstacles. 

Oh! Jaffar is coming! Please hurry, my Prince!" 


Out • of • t fie • (Dungeon! 

Handling Your Sega CD Compact Disc 

• The Sega CD Compact Disc is intended for use exclusively 
on the Sega CD. 

• Avoid bending the Compact Disc or touching, smudging 
or scratching its surface. 

• Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other 
source of heat. 

• Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended play, 
to rest yourself and the Sega CD. 

Warning to owners of projection televisions: Still pictures or 
images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark the 
phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video 
games on large-screen projection televisions. 


Limited Warranty 

Sega of America, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the 
Sega CD Compact Disc shall be free from defects in material and workman¬ 
ship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by 
this limited warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will 
repair or replace the defective compact disc at its option, free of charge. This 
limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, 
accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not 
related to defective materials or workmanship. To receive warranty service, 
call the Sega Consumer Service Department at this number: 


SELLER. Return the Compact Disc to Sega Consumer Service. Please call first 
for further information. If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem 
by phone, he will provide you with, instructions on returning your defective 
Compact Disc to us. The cost of returning the Compact Disc to Sega's Service 
Center shall be paid by the purchaser. 

Repairs after Expiration of Warranty 

If your Sega CDCompact Disc requires repairs after termination of the 90-day 
limited warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service 
Department at the number listed above. If the technician is unable to solve the 
problem by phone, he will advise you of the estimated cost of repair. If you 
elect to have the repair done, you will need to return the defective merchan¬ 
dise, freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage, to Sega's Service 
Center with, an enclosed check or money order payable to Sega of America, 
Inc., for the amount of the cost estimate provided to you by the technician. 
If, after inspection, it is determined that your Compact Disc cannot be 
repaired, it will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded. 

Limitations on Warranty 

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability 
and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to 90 days from the 
date of purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event 
shall Sega of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages 
resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid in the United States only. 
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty 
lasts, or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above 
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you 
with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state 
to state. 



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6. WINNERS LIST: For names of winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 
Sega CD Sweepstakes Winners, Inc., P.O. Box 712, Sayreville, NJ. 08871. 

7. OFFICIAL SWEEPSTAKES RULES: Sweepstakes subject to complete Official Rules. 
To obtain a copy of official rules send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Marden- 
Kane, Inc., Sega CD Rules, 1255 Post St. Ste. 625, San Francisco, CA 94109. 

•^ega, Genesis, Sega CD, Welcome to the Next Level, Sega Visions, and Hot-Wired are trademarks of 
oEGA. ©1992. SEGA, 3375 Arden Road, Hayward, CA 94545. All rights reserved. 



1. Who will use this SEGA product the most (primary user)? 

First name Last name 



State Zip Phone number 

□ 1 Male □ 2 Female Birth Bate_/_/_ 

mo / day / yr 

2. Describe the other game players in your home: 

PLAYER 1 : Age _□ l Male □ 2 Female 

PLAYER 2 : Age __ □ 3 Male □ 4 Female 

3. Who bought this product? 

G i Primary User □ 2 Parent/Guardian □ 3 Friend 

□ 4 Relative □ § Another Household Member 

When was it bought?_/_ 

mo / yr 

4. What is the name of the game you purchased? 

5. What other electronics or computers do you have in 

For Game Playing: 

□ l Atari Lynx Da Game Boy 

□ 3 Game Gear □ 4 NES(Sbit) 

□ s Philips CD-I HU Super NES (16 bit: 

□ ? TurboGrafx CD □ 8 Other 


□ l CD Player □ 2 Laser Disc Player 

□ 3 Macintosh CM PC (IBM or IBM Compatible) 


□ s VCR 

6. What kinds of games do you play most often? 

□ l Fantasy Action II]2 Fantasy Role Playing D 3 Fighting Machines 

□ 4 Fighting Adventure Ds Futuristic □ « Super Heroes & Cartoons 

□ 7 Puzzles/Strategy □ § Sports 


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" </> 

Sega, Sega CO, and Welcome to the Next Level are trademarks of SEGA. This game is licensed by Sega for home play on 
the Sega CO system only. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, rental, public performance or broadcast of this game is a 
violation of applicable laws. The characters and events portrayed fn this game are purely fictional. Any similarity to other 
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental Prince of Persia is a registered trademark of Broderbund Software, Inc. 
Prince of Persia, a game by Jordan Mechner. ■ * 1139-1992, Broderbund Software, Inc., Jordan Mechner, Afl rights reserved. 
! & 1992 SEGA, 3375 Arden Road, Hayward, CA 94545. All rights reserved. 






Prince of Persia on SEGA CD! 

Your beloved princess is being held hostage. To save her you 
must battle the most skillful swordsman on earth. As you travel, 
beware of the labyrinth of the exotic dangers and deathtraps. 

It’s like an Arabian Nights movie come to life. Plunge into 
a deadly labyrinth of heart stopping action, challenging mazes 

and superb animation. 

Hundreds of movie clips 
were used to create 
animations so human 
they must be seen 
to be bel eved. 

Quick responsive controls, 
and a plot filled with intrigue 

n irrvricmrr 


Sega, Sega CD and Welcome to the Next Lewi are 
trademarks ol SEGA This game is licensed by Sega 
for home play on the Sega CD system only. 
Unauthorized copying, reproduction, rental, public 
pertcnwince or broadcast ot this game is a violation 
ot appi- Ji " laws. The characters and events por¬ 
trayed in lias game are purely fictional. Any similarity 
to other persons, living or dead is purely coinckten- 
tji Prince ot Persia is a registered trademark of 
Hrodertxjnd Software, UnC, Prince of Persia, a game 
by Jordan Mechner 1953 -1992, Brodettound 
Software, Inc Jordan Mechmx. Alii rights reserved. 

1902 SEGA 3375 Arden Road, Hayward, CA 94545. 
All rights reserved. 

PATENTS: US. Nos. 4,442,4864.454,5944.462.076, 

Europe No. 80244; Canada No. 1.163,276: Hong Kong No.BS-4302; 
Singapore No.88-155; Japan No. 62-205665 [Ftnding) 


Manufactured in the U.S.A.