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Template File: SEGA CD BKLT.OUT vl.O 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 12:21 

Page 3 



How to Start Up P&T’S S&M .(I 

Read This or Von Will Look Like an Idiot.8 

Tim Ti'ifiLo 

Holo (he Psychic Gorilla™.II) 

What’s Your Sign?™.Ill 

Desert Bus™. 22 

The Seams 

Sun Scorcher™.2(1 

Buzz Bombers™..34 

Smoke and Mirrors™..44 

Penn & Teller’s Desert Bus Challenge™.Ill) 

If you want to run the full BUZZ BOMBERS scam, don't leave this manual lying 
around for your friends to see, and read pages 34-43. 

NEW P&T SCI) Manual 8/11/95 12:24 PM Page 4 

1. The RED menu. This is the secret OWNER MENU. The introductions it 
contains will tell you the truth about how to use P&T'S S&M. They are for 
your eyes only. Never let a sucker see the red menu. 

SECRET menu. 

The RED. SECRET menu, 
after you've discovered its 
hidden options. 

Note the new heading. 

2 . The BLUE menu. This is the SUCKER MENU. The introductions 
here are lies, lies, lies, designed to fool people you are scamming. 

(You will not, of course, refer to it as the "SUCKER MENU" in the presence of a 
friend, "THE MENU” will do just fine.) 

Both menus initially say OPTIONS at the 
top, just in case your sucker should hap¬ 
pen to sneak up behind you while you’re 
setting up a trick or scam from the red 
menu. We think of everything. 

[Read pages 8-9 for a detailed 
explanation of menus.] 

The BLUE, SUCKER menu. 

Thanks for buying our first multimedia CD entertainment product, PENN& 
TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS™. There's so much great stuff to do here- 
tricks, practical jokes, games-you’rc probably champing at the bit, ready to dive 
right in. We're also guessing you want to have a little fun with your friends. 

You want to amaze them, scare them, have a few laughs at their expense-in 
short, you want to look cool. To that end, the information on these pages and 
on pages 8 and 9 is really important. Vitally impor¬ 
tant. Read it all, OK? See, if we help you look cool, 
well look even cooler than we usually do. 


1 8/11/95 12:26 PM 

Page 6 

Control 2 Port 

1. A Genesis Controller should be plugged into the “Control 1" port on your 
Sega™ Genesis™. 

2 . Make sure that there is not a game cartridge in your Sega Genesis System 
and follow all Sega CD™ System directions to activate your Sega CD System. 

3 . Follow Sega CD System directions to open the Sega CD drive. 

Press RESET and the disc tray will open. 

4 . Carefully place your PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS CD disc in the 
Sega CD System with the label-side facing up. Press START to close the tray 
and begin play. 

NOTE: Always start up P&T'S S&M with Disc 1. 

• The Sega CD Disc is intended for use exclusively with the Sega CD™ System. 

• Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids. 

• Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or other source of heat. 

• Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended play, to rest yourself and 
the Sega CD. 

• KEEP YOUR SEGA CD DISC CLEAN. Always hold it by the edges, and keep it in 
its case when not in use. Clean with a lint-free, soft dry cloth wiping in 
straight lines from center to edge. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners. 

ii|i of two discs. Here’s what’s on them: 


NOTE: You will need two Genesis Controllers to play SUN SCORCHER and 
BUZZ BOMBERS (see pages 26 and 34). 

TO RESET YOUR DISC AT ANY TIME: Press RESET on your Sega CD System or 
press START and BUTTONS A, B, and C on Controller 1 simultaneously. 

Controller 1 during the sequence (animated or live action). You cannot, however, 
bypass the video windows in the SMOKE AND MIRRORS game (page 48). 


SCO Manua 1 8/11/95 12:28 FM 


y To (lid In till! Owner Menu: 

(The RED one, where we tell the truth and help you.) 

1. Make sure a controller is plugged into the "Control 2" port. 

2 . The Sega and Absolute introductory sequences will run, but once you see 

the P&TS S&M Title Sequence begin, press START right away on Controller 2. 

3 . If you own only one controller, plug it 
back into the "Control 1" port. 

4 . The General Owner Introduction will 
begin. Press START or let it time out. 

5 . The OWNER MENU will appear. 

NOTE: If you've already seen the 
General Owner Introduction, you 
can always get right to the OWNER 
MENU by pressing START on 
Controller 1. 

EVit 4 

The General Owner Intro. 

To Take Your Victim to the Sucker Menu: 

(The BLUE one, where we lie to help you make the tricks and scams work,) 

1. Use Controller 1 only (plugged into the "Control 1" port). Forget about Controller 2. 

2 . Press START anytime during the Title Sequence or the Credits that follow. 
(They will also time out.) 

3 . The General Sucker Introduction will 
run. Press START or let it time out. 

4 . The SUCKER MENU will appear. 

The General Sucker Intro. 

1. All menu selections—SLICKER or 
OWNER-are made with Controller 1. 

2 . Press the D-PAD UP or DOWN to 
scroll through the menu and 
highlight possible selections. 

3 . Press START to make your selection. 

Have Some Gosh-Darn Patience 

Sit in a room with P&T'S S&M and play it long enough to get comfy with the vari¬ 
ous tricks and scams before you try to work them on people. Browse through 
everything. Read this manual. It will save you from exposing great tricks you 
could have tortured people with, and from looking like a jerk. 

NOTE: If you make a selection that is 
not contained on the disc you're cur¬ 
rently using, you'll be prompted to 
insert the other disc Make sure the 
door of your Sega CD System closes. 
SMOKE AND MIRRORS introductory 
material will not run again. 

If you want to run the full BUZZ 
BOMBERS scam, do not let your 
friends see either the SUCKER 
MENU or the General Sucker Intro! 
(See pages 34-43.) 

To Make Menu Selection 


mal 8/11/95 12:30 PM Page 10 

An Animated Talking Gorilla Head Reads 
Your Victim's Mind. 

How II Looks 

^-XrjT.r You have a friend or a group of friends over. Tell them 
/ Vf" - there's a really cool card trick on your P&T’S S&M CD. 

A character named Mofo the Psychic Gorilla (yeah, 
the same one from our live show) claims he can read 
j people's minds through the Sega CD controller. All 

wlfiMjBl/# someone has to do is pick a card, use the controller the 
' sSJpT? way Mofo tells them to, and answer the questions he asks. 
wm : of ... Then Mofo will reveal which card was selected. 

How !l Works 

• Select MOFO THE PSYCHIC GORILLA from the OWNER MENU (see page 8). 


Surprise. Mofo's not really psychic. 

Take a moment to catch your breath. 

You have to sneakily enter the card 
into Mofo's memory. This will taka 
some practice, which we'll get to later. 

Props Von fell 

A pack of cards. 

To Perform Mofo the Psychic Gorilla: 

1. Give your friend Controller 1. Lead them to the SUCKER MENU (see 
page 9). Have them select MOFO THE PSYCHIC GORILLA. Watch them fall 
for the plausible lies we tell in the Sucker Introduction. 

2 . When Mofo commands it, have your friend select a card. 

(If there's no pack of cards around, 

just have them think of a card and 

write it down on a piece of paper.) 

• But make sure YOU get to see the 
card, or you're in big trouble. And 
make sure you are VERY casual about 
this step. A glimpse is all you need. 

• Act as though you're just another 
audience member, as amazed as 
anybody by the mysterious abilities 
of the machine. This is VERY IMPORTANT. 

You don't want the victim to suspect that you are in cahoots with Mofo. 

3 . Secretly enter the name of the card. 

• When Mofo says, “First, let someone show you how to establish contact," 
he'll go on to explain how the controller works. This is your signal to reach 
over and "help" your friend. Pretend that you want to show them how to 
properly use the controller to answer Mofo's questions. 

• Your friend should continue holding the controller—don't yank it away. All 
anyone should think you're doing is helpfully demonstrating some 

button presses. To misdirect your friend, refer them to the Sega controller 
picture on the TV screen, where they can marvel at the colorful visual feed¬ 
back of their button presses. 

The button presses register 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/1.1/95 12:32 PM 



..uW you are going to enter the name of the card under cover of 
demonstrating the use of the controller. It works like this: 


You say: 

A. "BUTTON C doesn't do 

You do: 

Press BUTTON C twice and a green 
sparkle will appear in the crystal ball. 

B. "Hit BUTTON A if you want to Move the sparkle to the position on the 

answer YES, and BUTTON B if screen that corresponds to the card, 

you want to answer NO. 

Like this." 

Queen King/Green 

Each card value has a secret position 
on the Mofo Screen. 

BUTTON A moves the sparkle counter¬ 
clockwise. BUTTON B moves it 



Green Card 
Suit Sparkle 

You say: 

C. "Keep your thumb firmly on 


Press the D-PAD to make a green sparkle 
appear on the right-hand set of card suits. 


Use the D-PAD to move the 

sparkle to the correct suit 

Press BUTTON C twice to lock in your 
selection. Then get your hands off the 

D. As I said, BUTTON C does nothing. 

4 . The secret work is all done. Tell your chump to hit START as soon as they're ready 


rl 8/11/95 .12:34 PM Page 14 


mPTr Mofo will now test his psychic con¬ 
nection to your friend by asking a 
series of YES or NO nonsense questions. 
Encourage your friend to He-really encour¬ 
age them. Let Mofo show off. There's no 
fooling him. Then, after Mofo is satisfied 
he's zeroing in on your friend's vibes, he'll 
begin asking about the card. Encourage 
lots more lying. If you've done your job 
well, Mofo will kill your audience dead. 



6 ' ■'? 

Mofo knows which card's 

Practice Mode been picked. 

Don't expect your card entries to be perfect right away. You'll need some time to 
learn the hidden card locations and button presses. That's why we've included a 
Practice Mode. 

• Select MOFO THE PSYCHIC GORILLA from the OWNER MENU (see page 8). 

• Select practice. 

• Press BUTTON C twice to activate the card value sparkle. 

• Press the D-PAD to make the card suit sparkle appear. 

• Use the D-PAD and BUTTONS A and B to make your selection, as 
described on pp. 12-13. 

Card Appears Here 

Card Value Sparkle 

Card Suit Sparkle 

• Press BUTTON C twice to make your card appear in the crystal ball. 

• After a card's appeared in the crystal ball, you can continue practicing by 
pressing START to make the card vanish from the crystal ball. Then press 
BUTTON C twice again to re activate the card value sparkle. 

• To exit the Practice Mode: press START twice while a card is 
displayed in the crystal ball. 

• You'll have a choice to either return to the Menu or run the I 

SPECIAL CARD SELECTION TIP: If you really want to be slick during a 
performance, after your friend picks the card, try calculating in your head the 
number of BUTTON A or B presses you need to make. Choose the direction 
that'll get you there fastest. For example: 

If a five is picked: press BUTTON B 6 times. 

If a nine is picked: press BUTTON A 4 times. 

This way, you can use the green sparkles for verification, instead of trying to 
follow them around the screen. You can do the same thing with the card 
suits if you memorize their positions. 

Handling Problems 

If, for some reason, you mess up and don't enter a card, Mofo's ready for that. 
After your friend's pressed START to begin the psychic exchange, Mofo will 
realize there's no card entered and he’ll tell your sucker they're not using the 
controller properly. This gives you another chance to enter the card. 

If you did enter a card and it's the wrong one, well, you're on your own, pal. 

You can try to blame it on your friend by telling them they weren't concentrating 
enough. You can make up some excuse about the screen not looking right, and 
then quickly reset the CD. There really isn’t any graceful alternative. Hope that 
you at least got the suit right. 

If you have a real wiseacre for a friend who decides it would be fun to poke 
wildly at the controller and annoy Mofo during the trick, we've included some 
warnings and fail-safe responses to take care of smart alecks like that. These 
responses make it more believable that your friend is actually interacting with 
Mofo, and some of those responses will even punish your friend by forcing them 
to establish psychic contact all over again. If that doesn't put your heckler in 
their place, it'll certainly try the patience of any audience you've gathered around, 
resulting in the humiliation of your sucker. 

NEW P&T SCO Manual. 8/11/95 12:3b PM Page 16 

WHAT'S V0! l! SIGN? 

Penn & Teller Scientifically Calculate 
Your Sucker's Zodiac Sign. 

How It Looks 

Tell a friend that Penn & Teller can guess their 
zodiac sign just by asking them a few questions 
about their personality. All your friend needs to 
do is answer with our latest invention, The V 
Personometer™ personality measuring device. 

They'll actually be able to interact directly with Penn 
& Teller. Well evaluate their answers on-screen, on 
video, and reveal their sign. The kicker is-and DO NOT 
TELL THEM THIS, it should come as a complete surprise-right after we reveal 
their sign, we'll also tell them the day and month of their birth! 

How It Works 

It’s really easy. You simply enter your friend's birthdate in advance. 

How to loiter Your Friend’s llirtlidaj in Advance 

1. If you don't already know it, find out your sucker's birthday ahead of time. 
Call their parents, mutual friends, parole officer-anybody who might 
know. Just make sure they don't mention this conversation to your victim. 

• You only need the month and the fillip 
day; forget the year. 

• Select WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? from the Itf lf 

OWNER MENU (see page 8). fc g|| 

• Select introduction. You'll find out O 
exactly how we feel about astrology, jrii ...\ 


• You can exit the intro at any time by pressing START, or you can 
let the intro time out. When it ends, you can either run the trick or return 
to the menu. Since you haven't entered the birthdate yet, select return to menu. 

1. Select ENTER DATE. 

The Calendar Screen 

3 . The Calendar Screen appears. 

• Move the cursor UP and DOWN with the D-PAD to select your option: day, 
month, or use date shown. 

• BUTTON A advances the day or month; BUTTON B moves it back. 

NOTE: The calendar can be programmed for 366 days of the year-including 
February 29. We've also fixed it so you can't enter any dates that don't exist, 
like February 30 or April 31. 

4 . Lock in the date. There are two ways to do this. The first means you must per¬ 
form the trick while the game is still running. The second allows you to save the 
date in your Sega CD system's memory and perform the trick at a later time. 

A. To perform the trick while the game is still running: 

• Press START once the calendar is showing the correct date. 

The date will be saved as long as you don’t turn off your system or press 
RESET. If you do, the date you've entered will be lost. 

NEW PST SCO Manual 8/11/95 12:38 PM Page )8 

Title Screen 

B. To save the date in memory: 

• Move the cursor up to save date. Press BUTTON A or B. 

• A bell sound indicates there is enough memory in your Sega CD System 
to save the date. This means your system will remember the date, not 
your disc. If you want the trick to work, you need to run it on your own 
system. You can even unplug the system; the date'll still be in there. 

But if you take the disc to your friend's home and use his system, you're 
going to be very embarrassed. 

• Press START to exit the screen. 

• If you hear a buzzer sound after pressing BUTTON A or B, your system 
does not have enough memory available to save the date. At this point 
you can either perform the trick by following Step A, above, or you 
should consult your Sega CD System instruction manual for details on 
how tn make room in your system's memory. 

5 . The WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? Title Screen will appear. Check the date you've 

• The patent number at the bottom of the Title Screen contains your friend's 
birthdate. The month appears as a two-digit number to the left of the first 
slash mark (“/"). The day appears to the left of the second slash mark. 


• You're doing this in private. Nobody's rushing you. We're giving you lots of 
time and fail-safe options to make sure you don't screw things up. 

If you have made a mistake: 

• Press RESET on your Sega CD System, or hold down BUTTONS A, B, and C 
and START simultaneously. 

• Follow Steps 1-5 all over again. 

7 . Press START. You can either run the trick or return to the menu. This would actually 
be a good time to run the trick for yourself, so you can get a feel for how it works. 

8 . If you're doing this for your friend and you notice now that the patent screen 
contains the wrong date and somehow, some way, you missed it completely 
during preparation, you're in trouble. You may want to come up with some 
excuse, like, "Hey, I guess astrology doesn't work after all!" At least you'll be 
telling the truth for a change. More than that, we can't help you with. That's 
why mankind invented the instruction manual. 

NEW P&T SCD Manua 1 8 / .11/95 12:40 PM Page 20 



” Itiiniiiiin llii! Trick 

The date's in. You're set. Run the trick 

from the SUCKER MENU. 

1. Select WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? from the 
SUCKER MENU (see page 9). It's 
always good to let your friend do the 
selecting, with you steering clear of 
the controller and avoiding suspicion. 

2 . Notice that the trick does not have a 
separate Sucker Introduction. The 
intro is actually part of the trick. 

3 . You've done your job; you've entered 
the date. Let us handle the rest. Our 
on-screen instructions to your sucker 
are very clear. 

4 . The Personometer is a forklift with a 
blender attached to it. 

Yeah, we know. So? 

rarartiri* V ^ 

Your friend's sign is 
Sagittarius. Right after we 
show their sign, we'll 
reveal their birthdate. 

One of the pitfalls of being a non-professional magician and performing a good 
trick in an informal setting is that your audience will sometimes demand that 
you perform that trick again, immediately. Unless you can (a) clear the room 
and enter another friend's birthday, (b) perform it again for the same sucker, or 
(c) find another person in the audience with the same birthday as your first 
friend, a repeat will be impossible. The smartest thing to do is gratefully 
acknowledge their enthusiasm and gracefully decline the request by saying 
something like “I'd love to, but it takes several hours for the Personometer to 
recalibrate. How about tomorrow?" 

the rcrsoiiomclcr 


the Personometer UP. 

Moves the 

Personometer m |_ 

left, i 

Moves the 

Personometer DOWN. 

iP«rir?k' ' 

Our patented 
Personometer personality 
measuring device. 

Moves the 






BUTTON C indicates 
'great enthusiasm 
about your answer. 

BUTTON B indicates 
medium enthusiasm 
about your answer. 

BUTTON A indicates low 
enthusiasm about your answer. 

• Press START when you're satisfied with your answer. 

NEW P&T SCI) Manual 8/1 1/95 12; 4 3 PM Pacje 22 


Finally, A Video Game Just As Mundane 
As Real Life. 

Prepare to subject your nerve, stamina, and endurance 
to the ultimate test! DESERT BUS is as pure as 

video-gaming gets. There's no owner/sucker ^ \ 

dynamic here. This is, hands down, the most use- 

ful lesson anyone will ever get from a video game, MM 

and that includes the ones for little kids that teach- SSswr! 

es them to count and read. The lesson is: real life ^3"'~~~Cra 
just isn't that exciting. Real life is working very hard at - 

tasks that are often pretty darn tedious. Anyone who’s ever ~~ 
written an instruction manual knows what we mean. 

DESERI BUS is the first in our new Verisimulator™ line-"Games Stupefyingly Like 
Reality" Verisimulator is derived from the Latin verus (true) and similis (similar, 
like). A Verisimulator gives you an experience truly similar to real life, and some¬ 
times life is truly grim. 

How to Gel Started 

1. Select DESERT BUS from either the OWNER MENU or the SUCKER MENU 
(see pages 8-9). If you have visitors, we of course recommend going 
the SUCKER MENU route. Keep the OWNER MENU a secret. 

2 . The DESERT BUS Introduction will run. 

• Press START on Controller 1 to exit 

the intro, or let it time out. (The 
Owner Menu gives you the option 
to return to the menu.) 

3 . The Time Clock Screen will appear. 

This is where you'll enter your name, 
which is very important for our 
DESERT BUS CONTEST (see page 60 
for rules and details on how to enter). Your route will also be displayed on 
this screen, as well as your score (also important for the contest), and the 
time you've spent on the road. 

The Time Clock Screen. 

To enter your name on the Time Clock Screen: 

• Press the D-PAD RIGHT or LEFT to change the flashing letter. 

• Press BUTTON B to lock in the flashing letter and move to the next position. 

• Press BUTTON A to move back to the previous letter. 

• Press START to lock in the full name and to begin the drive. 

NOTE: There are only eight letter spaces for your name. If your name is longer 
than that, now's the time to come up with a nickname. 

Your route will also be displayed on the Time Clock Screen. Your first route will 
always start in Tucson, Arizona, and finish at Las Vegas, Nevada. They're 360 
miles apart. 

The Drive 

You. Your bus. The road. Nature. Can you get any more primal than that? 

Your Name Here 







activates horn 


opens/doses door 
when stopped 
at bus stops 


activates brakes 

BUTTON A accelerates bus 







load Tips 

• You can drive as fast or as slow as you want, but the maximum speed your 
bus can travel at is 45 mph. Do the math; 360 miles at 45 mph = 8 hours. 
Yup, 8 hours. Real time. 

• There's no pause feature. No, it's not an oversight. Does your life have a 
pause control? 

• Hold onto the controller at all times. The bus pulls a little bit to the right. 

Use the D-PAD to keep the bus on the road. If you let go of the controller, 
the bus will drift onto the side of the road. You'll get stuck there and overheat. 

• Avoid driving onto the gravel on either side of the road. When you first ride over 
it, you'll hear a grinding sound that'll warn you you're close to getting stuck. 
You'll still have a chance to pull away. That chance won't last long, though. 

• You can pull up to bus stops, stop the bus, and open the .' 

door. But you'll have to practice your bus's alignment with the bus 

stop. If you don't pull up correctly, you won't be able to open the door and 
you may get stuck and overheat. 

• In general, never stay too long at a bus stop-or anywhere else, for that 
matter. Keep moving or your bus will overheat. And once you overheat, 
you're done. You've lost. 

When you successfully reach your 
destination, the Time Clock Screen will 
re appear. Your current score and total road 
time will be displayed. You'll be asked if 
you want some overtime (the return route), 
and the clock will begin ticking down. 

Make your decision before the clock hand 
returns to "12.” If you decide to get back in 
the driver's seat, press START. You'll notice S,h 
that your route has changed (Las Vegas to * , 

Tucson, if this is your second run). You'll 

be on the road again almost immediately. overtrme. 

If you decide you've had enough, don't press anything, and when the clock fin¬ 
ishes ticking, your final score and total road time will remain on the Time Clock 
Screen for all to see. The final Time Clock 

Screen will continue to be displayed until Big fe 

you press START. Now would be a good PrHflmf — 22lii - t|p fell 

time to take a photograph of your TV to Sis $5**^?*... ‘ >• 

either enter the DESERT BUS CONTEST A 

(seepage 60) or to simply record your 

Each 360 mile run, Tucson to Las Vegas or „ 

. ,, „ ' . . ° A final Time Clock Screen. 

Las Vegas to Tucson = T point. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 12:47 PM Page 26 

0 , 


S The two scams we've come up with here are practical jokes, which, by 
their nature, are designed specifically to embarrass the victim of your 
choice, Scams are very similar to tricks, in that they take some time to 
master. As with tricks, we recommend you run them on your own 
before perpetrating them on your hapless sucker. 

Scams require a great deal of acting and commitment on your part. If 
you're the type of person who can't keep a secret, who caves in easily, 
or who believes no one should have fun at the expense of others, 
well, maybe you should just stick with DESERT BUS. 

Scare The Pants Off Your Friends With Dangerous 
New Video Came Technology. 

How 11 Looks 

Tell a friend there's a game on Penn & Teller's CD that's just going to 
blow them away. It's called SUN SCORCHER and it's got the /j 

coolest, most intense graphics you've ever seen. They're x -- ij 

generated by some new kind of technology Penn & Teller / qMM jkk 

and Absolute have come up with called Thermo- Wc; 

Graphics"*, and have to be seen to be believed. They're 

also supposed to be a little dangerous if you touch 

them, but that's no big deal. As your friend plays, you 

point at the screen to show them how to shoot and 

you ignore the danger warnings until finally, you get 

so carried away, you keep your hand on the screen 

a bit too long. The television shorts out and you burn your hand, which causes 

you to scream in agony. All that's left on the TV is a rolling screen of static. 

How It Works 

• Select SUN SCORCHER from the OWNER MENU (see page 8). 


Timing and performance 
are the keys to pulling off this 
scam. That's why the SUN SCORCHER 
Owner Intro is a particularly important one 
to watch. Pay attention to how we bring 
about the punch line and to the advice 
we give you on how to prime your sucker 
for the payoff. 

Remember, Thermo-Graphics are supposed to make your TV dangerous to touch. 
To properly set up your punch line, you must consistently play down the danger 
warnings that come up throughout SUN SCORCHER. Well point those moments 
out to you as we go along. 

Setting lip the Scam 

1. Make sure YOU are holding Controller 1. It's important that you 
be Player t. Your sucker should have Controller 2, making them Player 2. 

2 . Select SUN SCORCHER from the SUCKER MENU (see page 9). 

3 . The SUN SCORCHER Sucker Intro will run. 

• This is a good time to begin 
playing down the warning we 
give in the intro. Act as though 
you're impatient while Penn's 
being "serious.” Roll your eyes 
and say something like "Yeah, 
yeah. Sure, sure." 

4 . The SUN SCORCHER Warning Screen 
will appear. You can't bypass this 
screen; it has to time out (see the illustration on the next page). 

• Discount the warning even more. We recommend: "You know, the 
government makes them put stuff like this in. It's really not as bad 
as they make it sound." 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 0/11/9S 12:49 PM Page 28 


' ^ 5. 


, ^ 5 . The SUN SCORCHER Title 

Screen will appear. Press 
START to move on to the next 
screen or allow it to time out. 

6 . The SUN SCORCHER Options Screen 

will appear. Enter your name. 

• The words player l will be flashing. 

• Press BUTTON A to begin your 
name entry. The first letter will appear. 

• Use the D-PAD to move through 
the alphabet. RIGHT moves ahead; 
LEFT moves back. (There's a blank 
space character after "Z") 

• BUTTON B moves to the next letter. 

• BUTTON C locks in your name. 

It still flashes. 

• Pressing BUTTON C again passes 
name entry control to the other 



Warning Screen 


%}# . ■ 


Title Screen 

«« «-» 

!♦ * * • ** 
* ;» »*».«*•• • 

>.!>! fit, >' (M fff< 
. rlt {; *..<•/; i-frti 

P' •' «.• • Hitt *>M • - i. “ itii Hi if 

Options Screen 

7 . After you've entered your name, player 2 will now be flash¬ 
ing. Tell your friend to enter their name with their controller the same 
way you did. 

8. While your sucker is busy entering their name, press BUTTON C on your 
controller 3 times consecutively. THIS WILL SET THE SCAM! Try to do this 
as quietly and sneakily as you can. 

THE SCAM IS NOW SET. Fun's a' cornin'! 

To check that the scam is set: 

• While Player 2 is entering their name, press BUTTON C on your controller. 
If all is well, a small star will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, 
next to Player t's "C" controller option (see the Options Screen illustration 
on the previous page). Each time you press the button, the star will flash. 
If no star appears, the scam has not been set, and SUN SCORCHER will 
function as a normal game. 

9 . The game will begin when Player 2 presses START. 

OPTIONAL STEP; Once a player's name has been locked in and is still flashing, 
the SUN SCORCHER controller functions can be changed. 

• Press BUTTON B while your name is flashing. 

• The options will now flash. 

• Use BUTTON A, BUTTON B, or the D-PAD to cycle through 
the different configurations. 

• Lock in your choice with BUTTON C. 

• Your name will be flashing again. 

• Press BUTTON C again to pass name entry control to the 
other player. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 12; 51 PM Page 30 


Once Player 2 has control, they can hit START at any time to begin play. That's 
why you'd better press BUTTON C quickly to set the scam! Your sucker 
may have a really short name, nickname, or term of endearment to enter, like 
"Ma" or “F," if they've been reading a lot of Kafka lately. They might stop in the 
middle of entering their name: Esther may be quite content with ”Est." They 
may not want to enter their name at all, preferring to be known as "Player 2," 
in which case, they'd hit START right after gaining control. To sum up, if you 
don't enter the scam in time, SUN SCORCHER will play as a normal game. 

Illuming the Scam 

1. Study the SUN SCORCHER game play described on pages 32-33. 

2 . Ever the good host, you're so excited about demonstrating your new game, 
you decide to let your friend go first-even though they're Player 2. 

• After their name is entered, tell the sucker to press START. 

The game will begin. 

[Your friend, Player 2, should always go first If you play first, the curious sucker- 
intrigued by your hype—is more than likely to go up to the TV and investigate the 
danger. Unless you've managed to actually electrify your TV, your joke will be mined.] 

3 . Position yourself near your TV set so you can show your friend how to play. 
You're mostly concerned with showing them where to fire at the mother ship 
(its vulnerable open mouth). 

4 . Ttie first two times the Thermo-Graphics are released, down¬ 
play the on-screen warnings and cautiously continue to touch the TV screen, 
pulling your hand away just in the nick of time and shaking it as though you've 
been mildly singed. Don't overplay your burn here. Act annoyed and dismissive 
of the warning. Continue your enthusiasm for the game play. 

5 . The scam begins with the THIRD appearance of the mother ship. 

Build up your excitement to a fever pitch so that by the third time the mother 
ship appears, you're so completely absorbed by the game's action, you don't 
move your hand off the screen at all. 

6 . Then, as soon as the mother ship begins to emit this next wave of Thermo- 
Graphics, there'll be a loud electrical arcing sound, as though the television's 
been short-circuited. As soon as this happens, launch into the most horrifying, 
blood-curdling scream you can muster, and grab your hand, which is supposed 
to be white-hot with pain. 

[How you want to embellish your little tour-de-force performance is up to 
you, but if you need some suggestions, try yelling “Oh, no! My hand! My 
hand! It hurts! Oh, it hurts so much! Oh! Oh!" We're confident, though, 
that you’ll be able to come up with some more pointed things to say. Frankly, 
we'd love to help you out, but we showed a lot of restraint to get a *T" rating 
and we’re not about to blow it here.] 

7 . 

8 . 

The TV screen will turn into a static roll that will continue indefinitely until RESET 
is pressed (check out the monitor behind Teller at the top of page 27). If it's 
your TV, you may want to mix in some wailing about your set being destroyed. 

If it's your friend's TV, you can work in some feeble apologies. Whatever you 
do, don't take too much attention away from your horrible-and potentially 

disliguring-for-life-flesh wound. 

If you really feel like pushing the 
envelope, try palming some makeup 
or red lipstick in your other hand, so 
when you grab your burned one, you 
can smear the stuff on it. Our Owner 
Intro gives you a demonstration. 

(Janie Play 

It's possible to play SUN SCORCHER as a regular game; no scam involved. Whichever 
way you deride to run it, you'll need to know how to control your space pod: 

D-PAD: moves your space pod UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT 
Default settings (see page 29 for customizing instructions): 

BUTTON A: moves your space pod into the screen 
BUTTON B: fires your laser weapon 
BUTTON C: moves your space pod away from the screen 
START: pauses/unpauses the game 

Mother Ship Mouth 

Status (each 
pod takes dep 

Laser Strengti 
(each hit your pod 
takes depletes it) 

Enemy Pod 

Your Space Pod 

Looks nice; doesn't 
mean squat 



(also displays score) 

3j Shields Pickup (red shield, restores shields strength) 

Laser Ammo Pickup (spinning blue icon, restores laser strength) 

Most of your fighting time will be against the enemy pods. The mother ship will 
enter the space battlefield at designated intervals. You'll know she's coming 
when the screen flashes a bit. 

You'll score the most points by shooting directly into the vulnerable, flashing 
open mouth of the mother ship. (The opening of her mouth indicates Thermo- 
Graphics are about to be released. See the illustration on page 30.) During the 
scam, this is what you should be pointing out (literally and figuratively) to your 
sucker while they're playing. 

A successful mouth hit prevents the Thermo-Graphics release. In the scam, it 
will be virtually impossible for your sucker to shoot this accurately. 

When the mother ship is about to fire her Thermo-Graphics 
blast, there'll be a warning klaxon that precedes its release, along with 
the flashing warning in the lower-right-hand corner of the screen. Once Thermo- 
Graphics are emitted, the player's space pod takes a big, unavoidable hit. 

Remember, if you're running the scam, the punch line will occur during the 
THIRD appearance of the mother ship, and it'll happen as soon as the first 
wave of Thermo-Graphics are fired. 

NOTE: The player's space pod takes a much bigger Thermo-Graphics hit in the 
regular, non-scam game. We wanted the hit to be much smaller in the scam so 
your sucker wouldn't die before the joke. 

To acquire a shields or laser ammo pickup, the space pod must be moved all the 
way into the screen so it can touch and automatically collect the pickup icon. 
When a player's space pod takes too many hits and its shields strength status bar 
is completely depleted, it will become the other player's turn. 

NOTE: During normal (non-scam) game play, when a player "dies,” you are 
automatically returned to the SUN SCORCHER Options Screen. It will then be 
the next player's turn. To stop play at any time, press BUTTONS A, B and C 
simultaneously on Controller 1. You will then return to the Menu. 

Practice Mode 

You'll want to get your timing and scream just right in order to milk this scam for 
all it's worth. 

• Select SUN SCORCHER from the OWNER MENU (see page 8). 

• Select practice. 

• A round of SUN SCORCHER will automatically begin with you as Player 2. 

You must use Controller 2. 

• During practice, Thermo-Graphics will be released on the first appearance 
of the mother ship. 

• The static screen roll will time out and another round will begin. 

• Press START at any time to exit the Practice Mode. 

• You'll have a choice to either return to the Menu or run the scam. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 12:56 PM Page 34 



v y- r A Game You Can Play Again And Again 
And Never Lose. 

How It Looks 

Invite a friend over to play a fabulously cool new 

game you just picked up, called BUZZ BOMBERS. ‘ : j j 

Say you haven't really played it much yet, but word on 1 

the street is it’s just a killer and what you've seen so ’ 

far confirms the hype. You start it up. Your friend does 

pretty well; a little better than you, in fact. After a while, 

you begin to catch up. Maybe you're even playing somewhat "V ‘ 

equally. Then you start to pull ahead. Your friend's trying to » 

keep pace, but despite their best efforts, they just fall short. Finally, you pull way 

ahead. Light years ahead. There's nothing you can't do. You're playing perfectly 

in every way. And your friend, well, they've become unbelievably awful. Nothing's 

going right for them. It's as though they're playing blindfolded, they become 

disgusted. You're wiping the floor with them and loving every minute of it. 

How II Works 

• Select BUZZ BOMBERS from the OWNER MENU (see page B). 


You cheat, that's how. Your controller actually manipulates your opponent's skill level. 
You decide how poorly you want them to play. You decide how long to keep this 
humiliation going. 

This is revenge, plain and simple. It's your 
chance to put one over on those egotistical 
pals of yours who like nothing better than to 
whup your butt at every opportunity, be it at 
video games, checkers, baseball, or trigonom¬ 
etry. If you're an adult, think of this as a 
socially acceptable way to pay back those 
pesky kid savants who make you feel about 
as smart as an Andean llama when they show 
you how to set the clock on your VCR. 

People like this deserve 

your revenge. m 

Flaying the Game ^ 

BUZZ BOMBERS can be played either as a scam (two players) or as a 
regular game (one or two players). Before we get into setting up and running 
the scam, it's best to first learn how the game plays. 

We're very proud of the storyline. We believe it might be the first video game ever 
that starts with the destruction of Earth. The machine-gun-totin’ Buzz Bombers- 
Barry and Marshall—are members of an alien race of planet-obliterating hornets. 
Their ship has been infiltrated by some 
sickly-sweet Earth survivors who threaten 
the larvae progeny of the Queen Mother. 

It's up to the Buzz Bombers to shoot and 
destroy as many enemies as possible, 
without flitting the larvae, which will 
spawn new, future generations. (To view 
the complete animated introduction, see 
pp. 39-40 for details on how to get to it.) 

"T-fV -• 


Controller t: Operates Marshall (red hair), who always starts on the left side of 
the screen. 

Controller 2: Operates Barry (black hair), who always starts on the right side 
of the screen. 

BUTTON C: Fires the Buzz Bombers' machine guns. 

D-PAD RIGHT and LEFT: Moves the Buzz Bombers. 

START: Pauses/unpauses the game. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 12:57 PM Page 26 

Cun down these intruders with extreme prejudice. Some require multiple 
hits to destroy—especially the secret Earthling Doomsday Weapon. 

Dastardly bluebirds of happiness drop odious eggs. 
1000 points 
500 points 

Malicious bunny-rabbits toss malignant carrots. 

750 points 
5 00 points 

Sinister Earth-children throw their deadly playthings. 
500 points 
2000 points 

Evil butterflies flutter about threateningly. 
1500 points 

Ammo Clip 

Collide witli it and get 15 shots; shoot it and get 20 shots. 

Yellow Flower 

Shoot it and it restores 1 tick of strength. Collisions get nothing. 



The Buzz Bombers should—at all costs-avoid hitting these hopes 
for the next generation. For every larva hit, the Buzz Bomber that 
shot it loses 5000 points. 

The Game Screen 

All the action takes place on this screen. 

Energy Status Area: 

Each time a Buzz 
Bomber is hit by an 
enemy, he loses I 
tick of strength. 

Ammo Rounds: 

The program will 
detect when a player 
has run out of ammo, 
and drop more 
ammo clips to collide 
with or shoot at 

NOTE: Lives are not calculated for the Buzz Bombers. When a Buzz Bomber's 
energy is completely depleted, he disappears from the screen (1000 points are 
deducted from his score) and then returns fully energized. 

Soiling lip the Scam 

There are two ways to run this scam; one's a lot better than the other. 

The Best Way 

Start up BUZZ BOMBERS as if it were its own game, having nothing to do with 
Penn & Teller. Hands down, this is the way to go if you want to totally deceive 
and devastate your sucker. 

Do not show any part of P&T'S S&M to your friends before reading the next 
few pages! BUZZ BOMBERS is mentioned in the General Sucker Intro and 
appears on the SUCKER MENU! 


lal 8/11/95 12:59 PM Page 38 

Change your Sega CD packaging so it looks as though you've bought 
a new game: BUZZ BOMBERS. 

1. Remove your PENN & TELLER'S SMOKE AND MIRRORS CDs from the disc tray. 

2 . Carefully pull out the gray/black disc tray from its dear plastic housing (the 
jewel case). It's best to grip the tray by its inner flap. Be firm, but don't 
pull it too hard or you might break it. 

3 . Pul! out the back liner. When you bought this game, you saw the side of it 
describing P&T'S S&M. Now notice that there is something completely 
different printed on the reverse side that was covered up by the disc tray. 

It's back-of-package copy for a BUZZ BOMBERS game! 

4 . Carefully fold back the liner's spine flaps (they will have the BUZZ BOMBERS 
logo on them), and place the liner back in the jewel case so that the BUZZ 
BOMBERS side shows through the back of the jewel case. The P&T'S S&M 
copy should now be on the inside and BUZZ BOMBERS should be the new 

5 . Snap the disc fray back into place. 

Remove all traces of Penn 

6. Flip over the instruction \ 
manual. You've probably 
already noticed there is a BUZZ 
BOMBERS cover on the other side. 
Slip it back into the jewel case with 
the BUZZ BOMBERS side facing out. 

Voila! You now have a BUZZ 
BOMBERS package with no trace of 
Penn & Teller anywhere! 

& Teller from your package. 

1. Make sure you're using Disc 1. Don't let your sucker see the disc-it's got 
Either cover the disc with your hand or have it in your Sega CD system in 

2 . Insert Disc 1 into your Sega CD System. 

3 . The Sega introductory and legal screens will run. 

4 . The Absolute Entertainment logo sequence will run (see the illustration at the 
top of page AO). 


5 . Surreptitiously press BUTTONS B and C simultaneously on Controller 1 
anytime during the Absolute Entertainment logo sequence. Just press 
them, you don’t have to continue to hold them down. 


a1 8/11/9 5 1:01 PM Page 4 0 


/ 6 . Hie next screen will be the 

BUZZ BOMBERS Legal Screen. 

7 . The animated BUZZ BOMBERS 
Introduction will run. 

8 . The BUZZ BOMBERS Title Screen 
will appear. 

9 . The level 1: the first wave screen appears, 
followed by the game. (We put this 
screen in to make your sucker think this 
is just the first of many game play levels.) 

Absolute Entertainment 
logo sequence. 

The Ollier Way 

Suppose, for some reason, you haven’t had a chance to nm the BUZZ BOMBERS scam 
The Best Way. Your sucker lias already seen the SUCKER MENU (but they'll never see 
the OWNER MENU, rightl) and BUZZ BOMBERS is on it. Has disaster struck? 

Relax. We covered tor you. 

1. Choose BUZZ BOMBERS from the SUCKER MENU (see page 9). 

2 . The BUZZ BOMBERS Sucker Intro will run. 

3 . The next screen will be the BUZZ BOMBERS Legal screen. 

4 . The animated BUZZ BOMBERS 
Introduction will run. 

5 . The BUZZ BOMBERS Title Screen 
will appear. 

6. The level 1: the first wave screen 
appears, followed by the game. 

We'll explain how the 
made it onto our CD. 

Be sure you start the game as Barry, using Controller 1, the Owner 
Controller. The game will proceed as a normal game (Mode I, below)—neither 
player will have an advantage. 

There are four different scam modes that you can activate at will with the 
Owner Controller: 

Model: Press BUTTON A. Release. Press UP on the D-PAD. Results in normal 
game play; neither player has the advantage. 

Mode 2: Press BUTTON A. Release. Press RIGHT on the D-PAD. Gives the 

sucker the advantage over the owner. Use this mode to build up their 
confidence and to lull them into a false sense of security. 

Mode 3: Press BUTTON A. Release. Press DOWN on the D-PAD. Gives the 

owner a small, but definite advantage over the sucker. Use this mode 
to gradually start to turn the tide. 

Mode 4: Press BUTTON A. Release. Press LEFT on the D-PAD. Gives the owner 
complete and total dominance over the sucker. Results in near flawless 
game play by the owner and miserable, horrific game play by the sucker. 

The player who's supposed be at a disad¬ 
vantage will have to contend with frustra¬ 
tions such as: more and more larvae 
heading in their direction and a dramatic 
increase in carrots and eggs dropped 
toward them. There'll also be fewer 
ammo clips heading their way. 

Move back anti forth between modes as 
often as you like. See how long you can 
keep your sucker playing. Take credit for your 
magnificent abilities or act humble, as though 
you're stumbling along on dumb luck. Think 

Your egotistical buddy 
will be stunned by his 
pathetic performance. 

of the controller as a torture device you're holding right there in your own two 

hands. Groove on your power trip. 

NEW P&T SCI) Manual 8/JI/‘J r i 1:03 PM t' 42 

This is the piece de resistance of this scam. Depending on how much pain your 
sucker can tolerate, there's always the chance they'll blame their pathetic perfor¬ 
mance on their controller, their Buzz Bomber, the stars and planets. (If they cite the 
latter, you're well-equipped to take care of them with WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? on pages 
16-21.) They could, in mid-play, demand that you switch controllers with them. 

If they do, you have the ability to transfer scam control to the other controller. 

To transfer scam control to the other controller: 

Press BUTTON A two times consec¬ 
utively on the Owner Controller 
right before you hand it over. 

When you receive the other con¬ 
troller, press BUTTON A on that one 
two times consecutively. The con¬ 
troller you are now holding has 
become the Owner Controller and 
will allow you access to the four 
scam modes. 

Play will continue in the same mode 

It doesn't even matter 
if you're forced to trade 

as before the switch until you decide to change it 

After BUTTON A has been pressed twice on the Owner Controller, the next 
controller to have BUTTON A pressed twice on it becomes the Owner 


This way, you'll still be in the driver's seat, and can play out this 
scenario any way you want. You might allow your sucker to remain in 
Mode 4 for a while and agree that they may have been on the "bad side" 
after all. Then gradually shift the advantage back over to your Buzz Bomber 
and say something like "Huh. I guess it takes a while to break this guy in." 

If your friend wants to trade controllers again, no problem. Just transfer the 
scam control back to the other controller. It's good to be the owner. 

How to (iet Out of Hie Scam and Reveal to Your 
Friend They Wore Being Played for a Sucker 

Press BUTTONS A, B, and C simultaneously on the Owner Controller and a 
special full motion video sequence will run that does the job quite nicely. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 1:05 PM Page 44 



" so there we were, sitting around the Absolute 

Iff ll|| I) Entertainment conference room, scarfing down 
|| )|/Ji||JPi /nt - donuts, pizza, take-out chicken, Chinese food, 

% III,! \ ginger ale, club soda, gobs of candy, brainstorming 

IMmI/! ll |]|P« W the segments of P&T'S S&M, and in general feeling 
' 111 "" pretty good about ourselves, because we'd come up with 

Ifjl five solid, killer bits we thought were pretty different from any of the other 
games out there on the market 

And then it dawned on us: games. Yeah, sure, why not. As long as we're working 
with a company that'd done its share of games, why shouldn't we do one, too? 
We figured there are all these other celebrities appearing in video games, and 
basically all they do is sell off their likeness and let other people do the work. 

Then they just sit back and collect royalties. 

Well, we figured as long as we would actually work on it, we wanted to see 
ourselves walk around a video game. So we had more meetings and ate some 
more food. We came up with some great ideas. Absolute took us to a studio 
and filmed us doing what characters in video games do. Some of our friends 
came in, too, and acted in the video sequences. 

And we wound up with SMOKE AND MIRRORS. It's about two pompous Las 
Vegas magicians named Stinkbomb and Rot, who claim that magic is real. They've 
practically convinced the entire country, so naturally, it's up to Penn & Teller to 
straighten them out. We travel back and forth between New York City, a Carnival, 
and Stinkbomb and Rot's las Vegas mansion/casino/theater, meeting up with all 
kinds of cheap magic ads and oddball 
charaders. Our goal is to find our way to 
the big Stinkbomb and Rot show, and 
confront those big-haired fakes once and 
for all. 

It's kind of a mix between an adion game 
and a role playing game. There's a bit of a 
puzzle quality to it. So use your noggin, 
have fun, and forgive us for referring to 
ourselves in the third person as we explain 
how things in SMOKE AND MIRRORS work. s- J . .. . L / 

• Seled SMOKE AND MIRRORS from either the SUCKER or OWNER MENU 
(see pp. 8-9). 

NOTE: We continue to recommend that if you have company, you should make 
all seledions from the SUCKER MENU (just don’t call it "Sucker" in front of your 
friends. Use your head!). You spent a good chunk of change on this product; why 
risk losing potential vidims by exposing the OWNER MENU? 

• Seled a Difficulty Setting: normal or 

e The SMOKE AND MIRRORS intro will 
run, setting up the story. 

• After the intro, Penn & Teller will be 
outside their magic shop, ready to 
embark on their adventure. 

Does real magic exist? 
We don't think so. 


- Gonlrollittg Penn & Teller 

Penn & Teller move in tandem, with one character slightly ahead of the other. 

It's the lead character whose actions you can control. As you play, you'll find that 
different situations call for either Penn or Teller to be in the lead. 

To make Penn & Teller walk: Press the D-PAD RIGHT or LEFT. 

To select either Penn or Teller as the lead character: Press BUTTON A when they 
are standing together. 

To use a selected inventory item: Press BUTTON B. 

To make Penn & Teller jump: Press BUTTON C, 

To make Penn & Teller enter alleys, doors, shops, and tents: Press UP on the 
D-PAD when they are standing together In front of the opening. 

To pick up cockroaches: Make Penn & Teller touch them. 

To pick up an item: Move Penn or Teller over it and press DOWN on the D-PAD, 

NOTE: Some items picked up by Penn can enter Teller's inventory and vice 
versa. They're a team, OK? 

The Game Screen 

Highlight indicates 
lead character. 

Teller's selected 
inventory item. 

Penn's selected 
inventory item. 

Number of 



With the exception of cockroaches (see page 52), everything Penn & Teller 
collect throughout the story is contained in their personal inventories. You need 
to figure out which situations require the use of specific items. 

Some items can only be used once. Others will need to be restocked with pick¬ 
ups or purchases. Still others are always available. 

The Inventory Screen also displays the amount of money Penn & Teller currently 
have available to them. This bank is for both Penn & Teller; they do not have 
separate accounts. 

Highlighted Item - 

Name of item and - 
number available 

s Bank Amount 

To see the Inventory Screen: 

• Press START (the game action will pause while you are here). 

• BUTTON A alternates between Penn's inventory and Teller's. 

To select an inventory item for use: 

• Press RIGHT or LEFT on the D-PAD to highlight an item. The item's 
name and the number of those items available are displayed. (Not all 
items are available in multiple amounts.) 

• Press START when an item is highlighted to exit the Inventory Screen. 

The selected item is now pictured on the game screen and is ready to be used. 

NOTE: When Penn & Teller encounter situations involving money, the amount will auto¬ 
matically be deducted from their bank. Money does not need to be selected for use. 

The Inventory Screen Is 
at Penn & Teller's shop , 
Mofo Magic. 

: 09 PM Pane 48 


~ Talking 

Talking to people is an important part of this game. And there are a lot of char¬ 
acters to interact with-passersby, shopkeepers, etc. Some just talk, some talk in 
video windows, some actually begin two- 
way conversations, some won't talk at all. 

Pay attention to what they're saying; they 
might be giving Penn & Teller a hint. (And 
check the guys' inventories when the con¬ 
versation is over-Penn or Teller may have 
been given something even if they weren't 
involved in that particular dialogue.) 

Make sure Penn or Teller 
are close enough to begin 
a conversation. 

To start a conversation: 

• Decide if Penn or Teller should initiate the 
dialogue. Use BUTTON A to choose the 
lead character. Most people will talk to 
both Penn and Teller; others will talk only 
to Penn (and Penn does a lot of talking 
Some characters speak in back—what else is new?). On rare occa- 

vldeo windows. sions, though, you may require Teller's con¬ 

siderable charms to get what you need. 
Face Penn or Teller toward the character you want to talk to and make 
sure they're facing Penn or Teller. 

When Penn or Teller are in close enough range, press BUTTON A. 

The screen will freeze and you'll hear or see the character talk. 

HINT: Some conversations may take an unexpected turn if you select a 
particular item in Penn's or Teller's inventory before they initiate the dialogue. 

These are just some of the creeps out to make Penn & Teller's lives difficult. Use 
misdirection (see page 50) to take care of certain ones and to force others into 
coughing up cold hard cash. Use the deck of cards (see page 51) on others. And 
there's always the Penn & Teller stunt doubles (page 53). 

A Stinkbomb and Rot follower, looking for a donation. 

Avoid falling sawing-in-half boxes! 

Other sleazy show-biz types. 

NEW PST SCD Manual 8/11/95 1:10 PM Page 

Penn & Toiler are experts at misdirection, one of the basic principles of magic. 

It's a skill they'll need to call upon when they encounter certain enemies they 
can't get past, when a Stinkbomb and Rot follower rears his ugly head, or when 
a little pickpocketing might be necessary. Each of the boys has his own special 
misdirection skill. 

To use Penn's misdirection: 

• Make Penn the lead character. 

• Select Penn's Joker Card from his 

• Move Penn within range of the 
potential victim and face them. 

• Press BUTTON B. Penn will per¬ 
form his misdirection. Teller will drop to ail fours. 

• Press RIGHT or LEFT on the D-PAD to position Teller close behind the victim. 

• Pressing BUTTON B while Teller is behind the victim causes Penn to push the 
victim over the kneeling Teller. 

• Push UP on the D-PAD and Teller will stand up. 

• Penn & Teller resume normal play. 

To use Teller's misdirection: 

• Make Teller the lead character. 

• Select Teller's Joker Card from his inventory. 

• Move Teller within range of the potential victim and face them. 

• Press BUTTON B. Teller will perform his misdirection. 

• Press RIGHT or LEFT on the D-PAD to position Penn behind the victim. 

• Pressing BUTTON B while Penn is close behind the victim causes Penn to 
pickpocket the victim. You never know what you're going to get. 

• A sound will indicate whether or not the victim had anything in his pocket 
for Penn to pick. 

• Penn & Teller resume normal play. 

Ihuiks of (’arils 

This is Penn & Teller's main weapon. 

Select it in inventory and use it against the 
likes of oily rabbit-tossing magicians and 
dove-producing showgirls. The cards also 
start up the Chipper Shredder (page 54). 


The shops in New York City sell items that 
will come in handy in certain situations. 

To make a purchase: 

• Enter the shop. 

. Select Penn as the lead character. Make selections from the 

• Only Penn can talk to shopkeepers. To Tote Board. 

start a conversation with them, use the same method described on page 48. 

• Items for sale are on the Tote Board. After you're greeted by the shopkeeper, the 
first item on the list and its price are highlighted. Use the D-PAD to highlight the 
item you're interested in. 

• Press BUTTON A to make a purchase. If Penn & Teller can afford the 
item, you'll hear a cash register sound. If the guys don't have enough 
cash to buy what they want, the shopkeeper will let them know. 

Shopping Tips 

• If you don't want to buy anything, select exit from the Tote Board. 

Now Penn & Teller cannot speak to the shopkeeper or make a purchase 
unless they leave the shop and 'e-enter. 

• There's a limit of one purchase per visit. 

• Not all store visits involve purchases. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 1:12 PM Page 52 




In the nutty world of Penn & Teller, cock¬ 
roaches add up to big bucks. Collect as 
many as you can; the total amount Penn & 

Teller are carrying is displayed on-screen. 

If either Penn or Teller take a hit from an 
enemy, cockroaches are deducted from 
that total. When you've collected certain 
amounts of roaches, you'll hear announce¬ 
ments of their sale and receive money in the bank. 

Penn & Teller always try to maintain a certain sense of decorum and civility toward 
their fellow human beings (with the exception of the sleazy show-biz types and 
Stinkbomb and Rot followers in this game). But some people simply have no man¬ 
ners. When Penn or Teller try to talk to them, they'll make specific nasty remarks. 
There's no way to tell who’s going to be that rude, but Penn & Teller don't suffer 
fools gladly. They will lose patience with you, the player, for making such a poor 
choice of conversational partner, and pound on your television screen, causing it 
to crack. When your screen shows two cracks, all of Penn & Teller's roaches will 
escape and their on-screen total will go down to zero. Serves you right. 


Penn has a very highly developed olfactory system. Certain smells—hot dogs, pop¬ 
corn, tabby cats-can't help but remind him of places lie's visited. Press 
BUTTON A if you want Penn's imagination to take over. He'll then flash back to 
those happy memories, and the boys will be transported to that location. Good 
thing, too, because even though the game takes place in New York, the Carnival, 
and Vegas, you'll have to move back and forth between them for various reasons- 
to talk to certain people, to obtain certain items, and who knows what else. 


IMione Calls 

From time to time, Penn will need to use his Cellular Phone to call for assis¬ 
tance (see "Stunt Doubles," below). But first you have to find the phone. 

To make a phone call: 

• Select the Cellular Phone in Penn's inventory. 

• Press BUTTON B. 

• Experiment with making calls from different locations. You never know 
who you're going to connect with. And the phone won’t work everywhere. 

NOTE: The Cellular Phone runs on very weak Phone Batteries-Penn needs one 
for every call he makes. Check the supply in his inventory and collect as many 
as you can. 

iSliint Doubles 

Penn & Teller are just two middle-aged 
guys who rely more on their wits to get 
by, as opposed to physical prowess. 

They're just not action heroes. That's why 
they need stunt doubles, to do some of 
that exhausting athletic work that most 
video game stars have to endure. 

Once you locate the cellular phone (and 
have batteries), Penn will be able to call Penn & Teller or their stunt 
the doubles into service. Watch it, though- doubles? Most people 
they're expensive. It'll cost you just to get won * be able *° fe ' 
them to show up, and they'll only help out in specific situations. 

NOTE: In accordance with strict union bylaws, stunt doubles will not pick up 
any items or cockroaches, enter shops or do anything besides stunts. 

NEW P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 1:14 I’M Page 54 


y*' To relieve the Stunt Doubles: 


• Press START to go to the Inventory Screen. 

• Watch how Penn & Teller use their free time to prepare for further 
game challenges. 

• When the inventory items reappear, Penn & Teller will be ready to resume play. 

Chipper Shredder 

This is a very helpful device that generates useful pickup items when properly 
operated. It runs on a diet of brown rabbits that Teller should collect whenever 
the boys encounter the rabbit-tossing magician. 

To use a Chipper Shredder: 

• Have either Penn or Teller fire a deck of cards at its on/off lever. 

• When the Chipper Shredder is running, select Teller as the lead character. 

• Select the rabbit in 
his inventory. 

• Position Teller close 
to, and facing, the 
Chipper Shredder. 

• Aim carefully, and 
press BUTTON B to 
toss in the rabbit 
when the lid is open. 

If Teller misses the Toss In a brown rabbit and 
rabbit will get away. 5ee what Y ou 9 et back - 

• Collect the pickup that's generated, 

• Use the Deck of Cards to turn off the Chipper Shredder. 

On/Off Lever 

NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of this game. Several 
magicians were, however, we're pleased to report. 

The Great Escapo and Balloono are two magical luminaries who are old pals 
of Stinkbomb and Rot. They'll do whatever they can to stop Penn & Teller 
from completing their mission—that means they'll be plying their particular 
prestidigatory specialties on our hapless heroes. 

NOTE: Okay. Let's be honest here. Escapo and Balloono are what's known in 
the gaming world as "Boss Monsters" or "Bosses,” for short. A "Boss Encounter" 
is typically a dramatic point in a video game that requires extra-special intense 
action from the main characters. 

Game designers don't like to give away too much "how-to" information about 
these scenarios-they're often coy in the instruction manual about game play. 
So, in keeping with that great tradition, what we've done is make bold each 
key word of our hints, just to make sure you don't miss our clever little plays 
on the language. 

If, between the pictures and the words, you still can't figure out what to do, 
cal! the Absolute game play hotline. 

The Groat Itapo 

litis master escape artist will rain down a 
shower of straitjackets on P&T. If the guys get 
caught in them, it should make them hopping 
mad. Only Penn can weather the storm and 
give Escapo a repellent taste of his own 
medidne-the third time's the charm, then, 
when Escapo finds himself fit to be tied, P&T 
will discover that he's a real pushover. 


ia.l 8/11/95 1:15 PM Page 56 

smoke m mirrors 


This balloon animal-maker has achieved 
lofty heights of fame. In fact, he's become 
so well-known that his head's just swelled 
to enormous proportions. He really has a 
nose for the business, although some say 
he's not at all what he seems. Beware 
the tears of this clown. Those rubbery 
animals of his can be so annoying, Penn & 

Teller may just want to deck them and nail old Balloono himself. 


Penn Jillette 
Barry Marx 
W. Marshall Rogers 

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Sound Effects; Mofo 
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Jim Wallace 

Additional Music 

Steve Melillo 

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Barry Marx 
Penn & Teller 



Penn Jillette 
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Penn Jillette 

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The Jungle 

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Arvee Garde 
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Andre Garcia 

SWEET IANE wiitlen by Lou Heed. Used by permission of Screen Gems EMI Music as 
administrator for Oakfield Avenue Music. 

Ni-:w P&T SCD Manual 8/11/95 1:17 PM Page 58 


B6UEVE5 'Tht TkfxotjoMere* 


_I^AekIT^l llorE; 0 Bd ,*# Pen ? te *irr4c 

_ ^ufpleM^M-tervj ^fturr<o 4- T^mp. 

SatuRO^V* Sun! Sc^c^E? 
^TwW^v& reo^riA^ r>ice^» 
wm \/» 3 if Sc^v 

S ofJW: Bo 22 . BoMffgfe, 

S KiygJ. of Biitv flfcf a*.(C c Am 

Mokj he U)Ho^ “Boss/ 


- 1 — wm 

Mo^v/.'Tifr^ G/ «~v>Aee*f r-_ 

T£ACH££ C^fre*£drf Ay- HuiY’j 


Still Uic^ Cor ll^oogd S-niff, 
Whlc T^y Sgco iJP / » qgy... 

TftocsMV: ^op£. 

bWwe .. 

SmvK foW S’ff&Hl fbo tJprr 1 " 
Vjft -V C o oLf >Xm£d T^ r <vg it td