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Football Trivia 


PV 1 

i ' 5 & ' 



Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic hCimreh when 
exposed (o ccriain lip,hi patterns or flashing lights, Exposure to certain patterns 
or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games may 
induce an epileptic seizure in |lu^$ individuals. Certain conditions may 
induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have 
no history of prior seizures or epilepsy, ft" you, or anyone in your family, has 
an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If you experi¬ 
ence any of (he following symptoms while playing a video game - dizziness, 
altered vision, eye nr muscle twitches* loss of awareness, disorientation, any 
involuntary movement, or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and 
consult your physician before resuming play. 

Owners of Projection Televisions 

Stilt pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark 
the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use oi video games on 
large-screen projection TVs. 

About Audio Connectors 

If ihe audio connection is. made to your television from the Sega CD, Ihe 
Mixing Cable must be used Co connect the headphone output jack on the 
front of Ihe Genesis to the MIX IMG input jack on the rear of the Sega CD. If 
the Audio connection is made to your television from the Sega Genesis 
(using either (he RF cable or a Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must 
NOT be used, 

This official seal is your assurance that this produc I meets ilir 
highest quality standards of SEGA"'', Buy games and .icn -. 
series with this seal to be sure that they are compatible with 

Football Trivia Challenge 



The Cftallenge 2 

Starting Up 3 

The Locker Room 4 

Playing The Game b 

Handling Your Compact Disc 8 

Credits 9 


With NFL Football Trivia Challenge you go head- 
to-head with your fellow pro football experts, 
answering tough questions to move the ball down 
the field and score. You'll need to know your foot¬ 
ball, and you'll need to be quick because - just 
like the real game - it doesn't wait around for you 
to make up your mind. 

With nearly 1,500 questions and lively commen¬ 
tary from Pat Sumineral I and Tom Brooks hier, NFL 
Football Trivia Challenge is a game that is always 
challenging and always fun. 

The object of NFL Football Trivia Challenge is to 

correctly answer questions and move the football 
down the field to score touchdowns or kick field 
goals, The player with the most points at the end 
of the game is considered the winner. But don't 
feel bad if you don't score the most points, 
because having fun and learning about the tradi¬ 
tions of football are what this game is ail about. 


1 * Set up your Genesis™ and SEGA CD™ 
systems and plug in Control Pad l, 

2. Turn on your TV or monitor, then turn on 
the Genesis. 

3 . Press START or the A, B f or C Button when 
you see the SEGA CD logo to display the 
Sega CD Control Panel. 

4 * Press START or the A,R, or C Button to 
open I he disc tray. 

5 * Place the NFL Football Trivia Challenge CD 
on the disc tray, label side up. Press the A, 
R, or C Button to close the tray. 

4* Press Start to move the hand cursor on the 
Control Panel to the CD-ROM Button, 

Important: If you don't see the Sega™ screen, 
turn the power switch off. Check your Genesis 
and SEGA CD setup, make sure the CD is firmly in 
the disc tray, then turn the power switch on again. 


The Locker Room provides access to the main 
areas or the program: Skill Level, Team Selection, 
Play Came, Exit, and Help. 

Each locker has a helmet and a jersey that repre¬ 
sent the players' options. When you start up the 
disc, both players are started at Rookie Level, and 
the home and visiting teams are chosen at random, 

Use the D (Directional) button on your control 
pad to select an option. Press the A, B, or C but¬ 
ton to choose an option. 




blu ion e 


Jerseys. (Skill Level) Choosing this option takes you to the 
Skill Level Screen. Here you can select your skill level. Use 
the D Button to select a jersey and press the A, B, or C Burton 
to choose a level. The questions get harder as the levels 
increase from Rookie to Veteran and then to All-Pro. Two players 
can play at different levels, so Rookies can challenge A11-Pros 
and still have an equal shot at winning. 

Helmets. (Team Selection) Selecting this option takes you to 
the Team Selection Screen, Here you can choose your favorite 
team from either the AFC or the NFC conference. The helmets 
let you choose your Learn. Here, you can pick a team from the 
AFC conference by using the D button to select a helmet 
(team) and pressing any button (A, B, or (!) on your control 
pad. It you would like to pick a team in the NFC conference, 
just select the TO NFC/AFC toggle button and press any button 5 
(A, B, or Q on your control pad. The NFC team helmets will 
appear. Selecting a team returns you to the Locker Room, 
where your selected helmet is displayed above your locker, ■ 

Ramp, iPlay Game) Selecting this option takes you to the 
game board screen where all the action takes place. 

First Aid Klf. (Help) When you choose (he First Aid kit, you 
will view a presentation that describes the different elements of 
the various interfaces in this title and how to use them. Help is 
interruptible by clicking a button on your control pad. 

Showers. (Exit) When you are finished playing NFL Football 
Trivia Challenge, simply select the Showers option in the 
locker room. 


The Came Board Screen has both the scoreboard, 
at the top of the screen, anti the game board at the 
bottom. You'll need to keep on eye on both os 
you play NFL Football Trivia Challenge. 


Helmets* The Helmets show who's playing as 
the Home anti Visiting teams. 

Football, The Football shows which team cur¬ 
rently has possession. 

Game Clock* The Came Clock shows how many 
questions remain in the quarter. 

Ploy Clock* The Ploy Clock ticks down the 
seconds remaining in each play. 

Quarter, Down, YTG [Yards To Go), and Ball On* 

These read-outs show the current quarter, down, yards to go 
tor a first down, and relative position of the football on the field. 

Football Field* The arrow on the gridiron shows the cur¬ 
rent position of the football on the field. 


Question/Answer Toggle Button* This big question 
mark is probably the most important button on the screen. Use 
the D Button on your control pad to select it and press any of 
the buttons (A, B, or O to choose it. But you've got to l>e on 
your toes, because choosing it starts the play. Pat Summers II 
will read the questions and you select the button a second time 7 
to see the possible answers, Just move your cursor {by using 
the D Button on your control pad) to the choice you think is 
correct and press any button on your control pad. If you don't 
even try to guess at an answer before the Play Clock runs 
down, then you lose that down. Speed is important in select¬ 
ing the right answer, since the faster you answer a question, the 
more yardage you get. 

Tima Out Indicators. Stumped by a question? Maybe 
you should use one of your time outs. Selecting the Time Out 
Button slops the play clock and gives you an extra 24 seconds 
to answer the question. After the time out expires, the play 
dock starts up again, so be ready! 

PAUSE* Selecting the Start Button on your control! pad will 
pause the game. Select it again to resume play. 

4th Down Options* On fourth down you can punt the 
ball ff yoiF don't think you'll be able to make enough yardage 
to get a first down. Punts always put your opponent onto their 
own 20 yard line, so strategy comes into play in either going 
for it (selecting the question) or punting. Also, when you're 
inside your opponent's 35 yard line, the Punt option changes 
to a Held Coal, Just use the D Button on your control pad to 
select the Field Goal button and press any button (A, B r or Q 
before starting the play if you want to go for three points. 

Exit* The Exit button takes you back to the Locker Room. 

Now that you know the basics, pul your 
football knowledge to the test, 



* The Sega. CD D isc is intended for use exclusively with the 
SEGA CD rM System. 

* Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids. 

* Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near a radiator or 
other source of heat. 

* Be sure to take an occasional recess during extended 
play, to rest yourself and the Sega CD Disc. 

* Keep Your Sega CL> Disc Clean. Always hold by the 

edges, and keep in its case when not in use. Clean with 
a lint-free, soft cloth-wiping in straight lines from the 
center. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners. 

4 iTilitv: 

' . i ! -ii.ijJI ip ivi ■ r h it!|p ■ w.b produced and tMetapod In t .ipILsc 1 u 
<i division of CdptfiUjl Moisimcdi-fi. Im: 

Rh hard Visjii ■ I 
Mr i 
K'.rll \ l.ifi'v 
M in WViidi 
lift! Wallace 
till! Ly II- 
Tim Phillips 
Laufle Dav^s 
lei'll Haded 
Rnr Summ^H 
Tom RfiKiifshHT 

V, .'1i. .rs '.'irli'i i ,md Qlii- I inn 1 - pctr.'iikxl by NCI [ ilrriv 
Qiicclign CrVMirli ft rh.'vnlcunmitit 

Hilly Driller 
Alc C.uchknN 

Phratigfapiiy provided by Nf L Photo Services 

Tom StwNiftjj 
Milte Eva A? 

Kcvan Burks 
Mai Atari n i 

[ini' Miwri* 

Mf Ogata 
Andy House 

Tim AkisanckM - NFl [fiotos 
Rt in v ■ nil Photos 
Pro Football Mall of Faroe 

Mill riMfh.irdl 
linn I ink 
■'.I I. lii ISune 
Chris Pickup 

jkdiil.illMO fail bed 

Kitana Woodard 
f ric Whilprxjr 
Gnlf Itu alia nil 
Tir.i WStvon 

Auniips ShUlnl ■ CUanies 
Dt-snee Tcrilx'rC 
I'Jrl Fmlk 

Limited Warranty 

Capitol Mulmnidu. Inc. warrants kj the cmi^iojII consumer pure baser that the Sena CD Disc shall be free 
hom defects in and ■ywsrkmanslhp lor a peood of W days from I he date of purchase. If a defed 
covered by ihis Irmilcd warrarsly «o« during ifiis MO-dary warranty penod, CapDisc wilt nrp.iir nr 
replace I he defective CD. at Us nptinn. Iru* oi < h.nsji- This ImiilLsel w.iiranly elites iwl apply if ihc detach 
h.ivi* ixiir < .ki'.id try ix^luv'isct', as (iihwl, lie inr, inixditic .il nin. I.unpiiinp ch> any i liter 
caLivcv nut ndaltd (q ctatacjiiK* nulerLilc or workmanship. To ris pin 1 warranty service, t all ihp t ajSLJix 
Conwimi r Service rXt-fhviInn-nl at: ( 3011 ^fal-S 90 O 

IK) NOT RtlHKN Y( )l K h i C ■ A « M DIM |i> Y< H K hit I Ml M . I : K Ken.m rlv.. < |> r<. Jr* 
Consumer Service. Please c all first for tardier infurOMlwii. If the CajslJis*. icHwii is uruNr 1 o soke 
the prubtum by pltoitc-, Iw- will provide yoe w >ili •mcrin lions oi» reldfimji your dofecliw CO to i* Ik* 
lose of returning the CD to CapDisc Service Ccnlw shall be paid by I he purchaser 

Limitations on Warranty Vv ap:sli> .■ ■ implied warranties in.. kirhnii wa” ini i ol mer 
(K,int.ihi lily ,vwl fjlness Inr a ( pqifinyf, an* hisn+iy I ini ik*d In 4 L"f *SLi v*■ frnni |]h* d.ik 1 nl par., ha *-: 1 
and ace wibjpd Cm Ifie ccMnililinnv -n-r Icwth herein Iti no evenl shall f .i|n*nl Vkillipiidi.i, Ira tic halite 
Inr c i iiw> -i |i je 'iti.i I 01 ini iiii«eiEal iF.ini.iu.i”, ii -,ulrin^ Irum l-lie Isw.k h ol any rxpms «r ■ -111 d 11 •> I wai'jiilM**. 
The pinvisicins nr this Timiksl ivarr.inly an 1 valid in ihc LJiiiitd Sljlcs onk. home sla[i“t ilia not alltnv l iri 
ilalHjir-,on how Ionian irrasliH'il f.nK. at esc lusiun Ml tcMiMH|ueieral ur intulenijl danupis, mi 
tin* jImjvp lifliilalicin ur cst lusiun m.v, mil ,i|i[jlv In viju. This w.Mumy Diovidei VCHJ with Spec ifiC leiial 
rijdit' You may have oilier liitley whn ti vary hom state to siaie. 

Photo ('-t. 

Sp* al Tli.inks In: 

Co 1 ,'el Photos 

Qw.ilily Aswii.inri* 

Lead Tester 

I Is *s i (i,fl<‘r.rPlft k ft i (.s.*r Fn^inrer'- 

M*?;a Artist 
■VnFiu FriiLiintsT 
Vi(l!H.i Capture 
Copy Edilors 

Siwrts Comnsenfaiysr 

HMh i *. i i i ■'.in n.MJSS: rmi» *«, fjcwif ■'» I.SMj?iVI.<»r HI ».t ova ■ MW/, ppmar * t*U» 

ShUHKW * »l W. UK * I All Wl JrjniT * l*Of ll.'V u,vr. ■ l*U.Ht