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Epilepsy Warning 


A veiy small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing light>. 
Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no 
history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in vour 
fami 1 y, has a n epi leptic cond i t ion „ con su 11 your physi cian prior to 
playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms 
while playing a video game— dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any invol¬ 
untary movement, or convulsions — IMMEDIATELY discon¬ 
tinue use and consult your physician before resuming play. 


Table of ; 
Contents ■ 

Major Dude or Ladies' Man? 

Starting Up ...... 3 

Quick Control Ei\ ..... 4 

Take your Pick .... 6 

EdiiChatlcnge ™ ..«... M 

U~ Direct rM ........ 12 

Scenes on the Screens 14 

Special Effects... 13 

Gottif \ 'tbrat tons .....IK 

You Gotta Believe. ... 2(3 

f Need Money ....21 

Hip Hints for Hot Videos ....22 

Credits ...,........ 23 

Handling & Warning.. 24 

Gameplay Hotline 24 









Is seems that people have a hard lime putting a lube] 
on Murky Mark and the Funky Bunch videos. Some 
like the power stuff. Others like the people parts. 
The guys like ihe tough parts. The girls go for she 
soft stuff. The dudes like to watch him box. The 
girls tike the shots with the-other-word-that-endsdn- 
"X And everyone likes ihe funky footwork, the fly 
shots and the pumping beat. 

You can make your Marky Mark and the Funky 
Bunch video say whatever you warn it to say. You 
can pump up ihe muscle. Or play up the mush. You 
can make ii lough. Or pm in some fluff. It's ail up 
to you. 

Pius you can play MAKE MY VIDEO as a CD game 
— complete with rewards. Or else you can make it 
solely an expression of your creativity. Either way 
you're the producer, director, editor and creator of 
the next new Marky Mark amt the Funky Bunch 

When you play ihe game, you're going to gel some 
explicit directions from some very opinionated 
people, l ike from a pumped up pro boxer who is 
into iron — or a garage band hooked on effects. 
There's a bathroom full 
of girh who want you to 
turn up ihe steam. Then 
there’s mom and dud.,. 

And there's no telling 
what they want! So you 
have to Listen closely — 
to ail of ihern. 

When you go with the 
creative mode, you*re 
ihe one who sets the 
mood, You decide if 
Marky Mark is lough 
or lender or some¬ 
thing else entirely. 



Jo get ready to make your very own Marky Marky 
and the Funky Bunch video, you first gotta slip Ihe 
disc in just righi and turn it all on, right? So gel ii 
right. Right here. And you'll never have to read this 
page again, 

1. Set up your Genesis™ and SEGA CD systems and 
plug in control pad W 1. 

2, Turn on your TV or monitor and then turn on your 
SEGA Genesis. 

4, Press RESET to open the SEGA CD tray as 
requested on the screen. 

4. Place your MAKE MY VIDEO Marky Mark and 
the Funky Bunch CD into the CD tray — label side 
up — and press START, 

5. Press START as requested when you see the 
SEGA CD logo, Then watch the credits, 

6. Tb bypass die credits press START lo view the 
opening sequence. To bypass the opening se¬ 
quence, press START again. 

mile: If the CD is already in the machine when 
you turn it on. the game w ill begin automatically 
after a few moments. 

note: Fust time users who have never saved before arc 
reminded to format the C D-ROM system's back-up 
RAM. If you have not used your CD for an extended 
period of lime, be sure lo check if tin? back-up R AM is 
formatted before attempting to save a game. (Please 
refer to the CD player hardware instruction manual 
regarding formatting ) 




Your SEGA CD Player uses ihe same controls you'd 
use in Sega Genesis games. So to gel you going right 
away, here's all die controller stuff. But lo thoroughly 
understand the game, keep going through ill is manual. 

The Start Button 

* Starts/Pauses/Rcsutries game 

* Selceis the characters from the opening sequence 
so you can get your clues to play EditChal lenge 

* S elec is highlighted menu options 

■ ^ 

m Button A: 

8 * Ediis images from the A Screen into your video. 

■ (Sec Scenes on the Screen , page 14.1 

■ * When the A SCREEN is currently selected. 

a QUICK CANCELS ah effects already chosen. 

■ * Selects die song, Good \ ihrattons, in opening 

H seq ue nee when selecti ng characters 

Button B; 

* Edits images from ihe B Screen into your video. 
(Sec Scenes on the Screen, page 14.) 

■ When the B SCREEN is currently selected. 

QUICK C A NCE LS a 11 effee is al ready chosen. 

* Selects the song. You Gotta Believe, in opening 
sequence when selecting characters. 


Button C: 

- Edits images from die C Screen into your video. 
(See Scenes on ihe Screen, page 14, j 

■ When the B SCREEN is currently selected. 

QL ICK CANCELS all effects already chasen. 

* Selects Ihe song, f Need Money, in opening 
sequence when selecting characters. 

Up/Down D-Button: 

■ Cycles menu selections 

* Cycles through all the special effects options. (See 
Special Effee is, pages 15-37.3 

Right/Left D-Button: 

- Jumps from scene to scene when you're selecting 
characters in EditChal lenge. Its a fast way m gei 
to the group you want w iihout listening to all the 

* Applies selected special effect to chosen image on 
the lop screen, (See Special Effects, pages 15-17.) 

- Rewinds or Iasi forwards you through your video 
in U-Dircct mode. 

Buttons A. C and Start Simultaneously; 

1 Takes you to the Options/Help menu where you 
can get help, choose modes, or select other options. 
See Options Me me page 10. 

note: If you're in L -Direct mode, pressing Buttons A, 
C and STAR! simultaneously will lake you to ihe U- 
Diieci menu. 




Two Ways to Go 

Tli is MAKE MY VIDEO Murky Mark and the Funky 
Bunch CD gives you two unique ways to play. ( And 
you can count on many variations within each way.) 
The two main ways to play are: 

i. EditChallenge 


2. U-Direct 

About EditChallenge 

EditChalienee is a game you play with the charac¬ 
ters on the screen. First you pick the characters you 
want to play with. (See Make your Choke . page 8). 
Then you listen closely to what they tell (and show) 

These friends of yours on the screen give you clues 
about the kind of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch 
video they would like to see. Then you try to make a 
video using their clues and/or favorite images. 

The more clues you use. the heller you do. When 
you've finished editing your video, (we ll tell you 
more about editing later) it. gets played back. If your 
friends on the screen like it. they reward you. It not, 
they give you a chance to try again. 

It's like really fun. And you can be sure it's a real 
challenge. And one more thing; your time is limited, 
so don't waste it, (For more details on playing, see 
Edit Challenge, pages 8 to II.) 

To select EditChallenge, don't do anything at 

first. The program will automatically go into the 
opening sequence m which you'll be asked to pick 

About U-Direct 

Let's say you want to get really creative. You've got 
tiiis idea {your own idea) of what a Murky Mark and 
the Funky Bunch video should be about. And you 
don’t want to play any games. 

That's when you choose U-Direct. 

In U-Direct you always pick your own song. And you 
can take us long as you like to create your video. En 
fact, if you don't finish before it's time for dinner tor 
worse: your homework), you can save what you've 
done and get back to it later, (See Save Edit and Load 
Edit , page 13.) 

Plus, if you do a video you're really proud of, you can 
save it and replay it for your friends. Of course that's 
pretty risky. Because after they get done commenting 
on it, you may wish you never made it. But then what 
are friends for? 

For more details on everything you can do (and how 
to do it) in U-Direct mode, see pages 12 and 13, 

To choose U-Direcl mode, press Buttons a. C 
and START simultaneously to gel lo the OPTIONS 
screen. Then highlight l -Direct and press START, 

note: If you're already in U-Direcl, you'll go directly 
to the U-Direct menu, bypassing the 





See. it's like this. These iwo kith (they're brother and 
sister) can't agree on what a Murky Mark amt rite 
Funky Bunch video should be about. The brother 
thinks ii should be about boxing, muscle building and 
music. Tile sister lias different ideas. She sees it as 
funky dance and smoldering romance. 

So they ask different people — even their parents — 
to give their ideas on what this video is all about. And 
thiit s where yon come in... You've got to listen 
carefully to what these people say. then make a video 
that fits the description, Here’s the procedure; 

Make your Choice 

You will automatically he introduced to lour sets of 
characters: the boxer, the girls, the guys and the parents,.. 
As each group appears, press the START button to 
choose that group. Or else wail. 

If you wait, you'll be given a second chance to pick 
your friends by pressing START. If you miss that 
chance, you'll go to the OPTIONS SCREEN. 

note; When you press START so choose who you 
want to interact with, you’ll edit to a song that's 
randomly selected. If you want to play EditChallenge 
with a specific song, press flu I Ion A, It or C (instead 
of START) when the characters you want are shown. 
See Pick your San#, page 9. to learn which buttons 
select which songs. 

Press START when you see this guy to get 
your video bints from the boxer. Or press 
Ho lion A, B, or C to pick the boxer and 
your song. 





Press START when these girls appear to find out 
what kind of video they want you to make. 

Press ST ART" when you see those guys to make 
their video. They have some major ideas. 

Want to make something really weird? Press 
.START when the parents enter the scene. Then 
listen closely to their clues. 

Pick your Song 

You want to edit to your favorite song in 

Ed it Challenge? You can. if you know what to do. 

To pick a particular song, press the Button corre¬ 
sponding to that song when choosing your characters 
instead of pressing START. Here’s the code: 

Good Vibrations ...._Button A 

You Gotta Believe .. Button R 

/ Need Money Button C 




Listen Up 

Listen to what your tricnds on the screen tell you, 
(They're not jiving when they tell you what they 
want!) Their words (and pictures!!!) hold the keys to 
your success. 


After you've listened to and looked at all ihe dues, 
you automatically begin editing. This is where you 
pick your images, apply your special effects and, welt, 
make your video! (See Scenes on the Screens, page 
14, and Spcciut Effects, pages 15 to 17, for details on 

Playback and Feedback 

You finish, making your video when the song is over. 
Then you gel to watch the playback. So do the 
characters you picked. They'll give you feedback 
which ranges from great to noi-so-graat to almost 

If they didn't like it. don't take it too hard. You get a 
chance to do it over Besides, the most important 
thing is that you like it, 

l'n redo your video, press START when prompted. 

Options Menu 

You can go to the options menu at any time during 
EdUChallenge. Here you can turn options on and off 
switch to another mode, or get help. Here’s what's on 
the menu: 


Prompts On/Off 
Playback Timecode On/Ofl 
Playback Background On/Ofl 

l op Ten Vid Editors 


l'n select an option, highlight the option using the 
L I 1 , DOWN D-pad. Then press START. 




Prompts On/Off 

This turns the prompts in the opening sequence on and 
off. To do this, highlight this option and press 
START, The words ON or OFF will appear to the 
right of this option. 

Playback Time code On/Off 

This turns I lie timecode on and off during playback. 
Press START to turn this option on and off. It’s on 
when ON is shown: it's off when OFF is shown. 

Playback Background On /Off 

During playback there are patterned backgrounds 
behind the screens. If you gel tired of looking at 
them, you can turn them off To do ibis, press START 
when this option is highlighted. When you see OFF, 
they're off When you see ON. they're ON, 

Top Ten Vid Editors 

This is a list of the lop ten editors who ve ever played 
Edit Challenge. Only players wilh excellent feedback 
w ill be asked to enter their names. 

If you get asked, use the D-pad to select the letters in 
your name. Then press Button A to input each letter. 
When your name is as you warn it, press START. 


Select this if you want to start a new Qdi[Challenge 


Select this to go to the U-Direct menu where you will 
select a song to start creating your own video. 




In U-Dtieci mode you th whatever you want to do and lake 
as long as you like. 

To go into U-Direcl mode, press Buttons A, C and 
STAR I simultaneously to get to the OPTIONS 
MENU. (See OPTIONS MENU, page 10.) Then 
select U-Direct by highlighting it and pressing 
START. Youll then see die U-Direct menu with these 


Ltlii Title 

*Good Vibrations 
‘You Outfit Believe 
*1 Need Mt tries 

* Playbuck 

* Load Edit 

- Save Edit 

* Gpiions/Hdp 

- RditChallenge 

Making Menu Selections 

To select any of the options from the above menu 
highlight your selection by pressing the D-pad UP and 
DOWN. When the option you want is highlighted, 
press START, 

Edit Title 

Use die L p/Down 11- pad controls to highlight die 
title of the song you want to edit. Then press START 
to begin editing. 


Editing here isjusl like editing in Ed it Challenge ex¬ 
cept that you can redo edits. 

To redo edits, first PAUSE by pressing START, 
Then press the D-pad LEFT or RIGHT to move 
backward or forward through the t i ind i ne. To jump 
forward or backward faster, press the LEFT or RIGHT 11- 
pad twice. Press START again to UNPAUSE and 
continue editing, 

(To leurn more about editing, see Scenes on the 
Screens , page 14, and Special Effects, pages 15 to 17.) 





To playback the bsi video you edited, select PLAY¬ 
BACK from U-Direct menu. You can even playback 
partially completed videos to see how ii's going. 

Load Edit 

To load a saved video, select this option. The name of 
the video saved; in backup RAM will appear to the 
right of ihis option. ! I no video lias been saved, this 
load feature will be disabled. 

Save Edit 

Select this menu item lo save your U-Hired video. 
This feature comes in handy when your have to stop 
before you're finished editing. It's also useful when 
you've made a video you’re particularly proud of and 
wane to show it to a friend. 

The video you save w ill overwrite any video you have 
previously saved in the backup RAM. Each new 
video you save will have a name so that you can 
identify it. The name will be displayed to the right of 
the Save Edit option. 

mite: You can. save only one video at a time in the 
backup RAM. However, you can move videos 
between backup RAM and the SEGA RAM 
cartridge, (See your hardware manual for details 
on this procedure.) 


This takes you to the OPTIONS MENU where you 
can turn features on and off, view- the Top Ten Vid 
Editors or switch lo EditC’hallonge mode. 

Ed it Challenge 

Select this to begin a game of EditChallenge, 


Scenes ■ 
on the I 

Thai top screen is where ii s all happening, Thai s 
where whatever scene you choose shows up. The 
three bottom screens are the ones you choose from. 

See those tittle boxes in (he upper left comer ,' The 
ones with the pictures in them? Those are your 
special effects. (More on them on pages 15 din High 17j 

The box in the upper right corner tells you which 
special effects you re using, (You can use several at 
a linie. hut some effects cancel each other out.) The 
timer tells you how long your video is running. The time¬ 
line shows you how much of each scene you've used. 

lop Screen 











Screen A Screen R Screen C 

Professional music video editors have it. And now so 
do you. What you have is lots and lots and lots of 
video scenes to chose from, edit in and play with. 

Some scenes arc tough, Olliers are sexy. Some 
scenes are rough. Others gel political. Some are 
nostalgic. Some arc scientific. Some arc funky and 
others are funny. You’ll see.. 

To Edit in Scenes 

What you do (and it doesn't mailer which mode you're 
ini is punch in the scenes by pressing Huttons A, B 
and C. Each lime you press a new button, the scene 
corresponding to that button will be cut into your 
video and shown on die lop screen. 




a | 


You get a bunch of special effects to create with, 

Plus you can experiment with combining effects. The 
special effect you choose is always applied to the 
scene or scenes in the lop screen, (See St r/irv tut flu* 
Screens* page 14.) 

- To select a special effect, press the D-pad IT or 
DOWN until the desired effect is inside the four 
arrows. Then press the D-pad RIGHT or I,EFT 
to activate one of the two versions of that effect. 

* To caned an effect, press the D-pnd RIGHT or 

LF,FT to center the icon. Or select the CANCEL 

* To QUICK CANCEL* press the button corre¬ 
sponding to current scene i Button A, It or C.) 


This slices the scene horizontally With these 

Left: Even other stripe is a mirror image. 

Right: Three fourths of every '.tripe is 


Like slice. Except for one major difference: the 
bands cut vertically. 

Left: Images reverse top to bottom in 
every other strip, 

Right: Breaks scene into shifting stripes. 


Flip the whole screen upside down. Or just half of it. 
Left: Flips the whole thing. 

Right: Flips just the left hall . 


You can mirror half of it. Or all of it. 

Left: Does the whole thing 
Right: Does just the top half. 



Makes every I fling ill] mixed up, I ,ikc pieces of a 

Left: Real mixed up. 

Right: Incredibly mixed up. 

Slow Step 

They should have called it slow motion. You gel ihc 

Left: Slowed down. 

Right: Way slowed down, 


Lights on and off. You know the effect, ll sizzles! 
Left: Every other frame is w hite. 

Right: Every other frame is black. 


The freeze frame, Ii turns ihe scene into a still photo. 
Ld'l and Right both freeze but effect is temporary. 


Use this lo turn off all effects currently on. 

% c 


Posts lyrics across the bottom of the image. 

Left: Lyrics can be cancelled with the 
CANCEL icon or with QUICK CANCEL. 

Right: Lyrics remain even when other effects 
are cancelled by (he CANCEL ICON or hy 



Like a black and white photo. Shades of grey. 
Left: A positive image. 

Right: A negative image. 


Tints Ihe screen red. With green makes yellow. 
Left: A positive image. 

Right: A negative image. 


Tu ms every i liing on t he sc reen green. Mixes we 11. 
Left: A positive image. 

Right: A negative image. 


Gives your screen the blues, fry mixing w iih red. 
Left: A positive image, 

Right: A negative image. 


Colors are randomly changed. You can make out the 
images, but the colors have been altered. 

Left: Wild colors all over. 

Right: Lots of w ild colors all over. 


Stands for Big Pixels. You know, those computer- 
generaled squares? 

Left: Big pixels. 

Right: Really big pixels. 


Like BigPix, kind of. But pixels are smoos bed. 
Left: Smoothed* 

Right: Really smoothed. 





Can you fed it baby 
1 can too 

Come on swing it 
Come on swing il 
Come on sw i ng it 
Come on swing il 

I - 2- 3- Now we come its the pay ofl' 

It's such a good vibration 
lt\ such a sweet seusalinn 
It's such j sweet sensation 

Yo iFs ahout lhal tjme 
To bring forth the rhythm and lhe rhyme 
I'm a gel mine so gel yours 
1 wanna see sweal coming out your pores 
On the house tip is how I'm swinging this 
Strict l\ hip Imp Boy E ain't singing Ellis. 
Bringing this to lhe entire nation 
Black. While. Bed. Brown 
Fed (he vibration 

Come on Come on 
Feel il Feet it 
Feet the vibration 


Vibrations good like sunkist 

Many wanna know who done this 

Murky Murk and I’m here to move you 

Rhymes will groove you 

And I 'm here to prove to you 

Thai we can parly on the positive side 

And pump positive vibes 

So come along for (he ride 

Making you leel the rhythm is my occupation 

So feel I he vibration 

Come on Come m 
Feel it Feel it 
Feel ihe vibration 



Donnie I) break il down 

Donnie I J's on the backup 

Drug free so put the crack up 

No need for speed 

I’m anti D-k-U-G-G4-F my 

Body is healthy 

And rhymes make me wealthy 

And (he Funky Hunch helps me 

To bring you a show with no intoxication 

Come on I eel the vibration 


Can you feel it baby 
] can loo 


Now die lime has come for you lo gel up 

The rest had you fed but yo I won t let up 

On the rhythm and rhyme that’s designed lo 

Make your behind move lo what Cm inclined to 

Pure hip hop no sell out 

If you ain't in it to win it 

Then gel the hell out 

I command you to dance 

t wanna see motivation 

Come on now fee! the vibration 

It’s such a good vibration 
Come on Come on Come tin 
It’s such a sweet sensation 
Feel it Feel n 


Written by: D. Watilhcrj/M. W'ahlhefg/SpKc/D. Hanmurt 
Fnwti: (iiiTrstcfie Record iVI 737. VttMi for the People . - 1991 





You gptla believe You gmia believe 
You golla believe You gotta believe 

Steady ready io wreck shop 

Another rough kid from the streets 

Don't sleep on the crew, 'cuz if we roll through 

You'll gel hit up. watch blond spit up 

I lit you wit" a blow to I lie back of your head you won't gel up 

Action, I'm lakin* heads tike a hunter 

Step like you wanna get done I want vu 

lies' believe I move quick then step 

Those who ne ver had a chance must have slept 

You lost track, swing a blind kick in the bo/ack 

Swung low, caught a blow bard lo impact 

I rip when I golla make dents, so l rock wit* ease 

Yeah, so you got!a believe 

Cold hard. I gel HE slatted cuz I'm liable and I'm able 
To keep it stable whippin’ @!# with my miccable 
You catch fits from my smash hits. 

Then bring'em. don’t even need bees when I sling’em 
So check it, I bet you thought that I couldn’t wreck it 
Hut Ftn fat and when it s lime flow I handle that 
Marky Mark and the Funky B’s 
slide G s with ease over lordin' M.C.s 
What you up in sucker, lee I strong? Think you got ii goin’ on? 
Chumps moves are all wrong 

It’s not a hoax, no jokes. I smokes mil’s, like a Pbillie Blunt 

Don’t ever try to from 

And it’s quite absurd yo. word to herb 

When you’re sleep]n on a Wahlbag 

Step to this and I ni a break you down at the knees 

So. you gotta believe 

You gotla believe Better believe it 
You goti a bel ieve Ya bet ter hel ieve 
You gotta believe Better believe it 
You gotta believe You better believe 

The double M goi more kick cornin' from my rhyme 
And cornin' from my 9,1 rip it 2 or 3 limes 
Remember that, still droppin’ kids like bricks 
While your hoe’s on lour try in" lo |>ull tricks 
Gotla know this, douhl and your out for the count 
Runitin' ruft rhyme keeps me paid in large amounts 
Most of y’all got a problem, keep out my bi/ 

And everything’ll be straight, 'There il is" 

But if noi, got a conflict, please no problem 
I can handle iliat real quick 
I got loo many (ricks up my sleeve 
And I’m fully aw are and prepared 

So, you gotla believe 

Written hy; p, W.iWK’r^J. MjrUull/r.Vhiucll 
I riHik; |irter\CO|W HcLmrcts iPJOSCO, 

■ 1W2 

I Need 

Gotta gel it, go! to. gol lo, gel money 
f loitn get it. got to, got to. gel paid 

1 need money 

Money is the thing that I need 

To fulfil my greed 

Marky Mark would like lo say 

That I’m fiending, just to pet paid 

Forgei love and all that crap 

I’m just iryin to keep my pockets fai 

I need cash in a hurry and it just ain't funny 

Yo rrr ,l need money! 

I need some money 
I need money 
I need some money 
I need money 

Well it's Friday night and Fm calling up my honey 
“Bitch better have my money" 

Word! Ciiz limes are hard 

I losl my job. im w allet, my friends and my credit card 
My brother's a millionaire and he donY even share 
For all he cares I could be on welfare 
3 need cash in a hurry and ii jus! ain't funny 
1 need money 

I need money. Yeah lhai's my situation 
So right a check eu/ I’m [akin donations 
Or handouts. It don't matter 

As long as my pockets get fatter and falter and fuller 

Cu? Fm hungry for the greenbacks 

For a dollar I'Ll even sell Big Macs 

That's right Cuz brother I found 

Thai money makes the world go round 

1 donY care whal people say 

I just wanna get paid! 

You call me greedy but you know it’s true 
That you warn money too! 

I need......You know what I need 

1 need.You know whal we llIL need 

Wriitcn by M Wahlteq/D. Watltyrg/K. G.unbk/ 1 .. Nulf/A. JacLson 
Frum: liik'tI'jv KlxuylK *>17.17. Musk- lw lire fletiple. © 1991 







* In Fdi (Challenge mode listen closely to the 
dues— some are more cryptic than others. 

* Keep your eyes on all three lower screens all the 
lime. You have to punch last to mix in or avoid 
certain scenes. 


■ ♦ It's greai to combine effects. But don't try to use 

M too many effects al once, You could end up w ith a 

■ total blur. 

* When ploying EditChallenge mode, lime is of the 
essence. So use the yuiCK CANCEL method of 
cancelling effects. (Sec page 15.) 

- For a wild kaleidoscopic effect try combining 
horizontal effects (slices and mirrors) with vertical 
effects (dices and Hips). 

* In EdttChaHengc mode, what people want you to 
leave out is as important as what they warn you to 
leave in. 

* Not all clues in EditChallenge are verbal. 
Sometimes they xJimt you what they want. So 
listen and look. 

* If you want to slop in the middle of a 

U-Direct editing session -- and you don't warn to 
lose all your great creative work -- press Hu in ms 
A, C and START simultaneously to go to die 
U Direci menu and select SAVE EDIT. 


Dicitai Pit runes Tf.a\i 

Executive Producers: 

Marlin Erl 1c liman 
Tom Zito 

Original Concepi by: 

Ken Melville 

Tom Zilo 

Written by: 

Laurie Frank 

John Richardson 

Computer Graphics Directed by: 

Lode Coen 

Computer Programming by: 

Ken Soohoo 

Produced by: 

Amanda Lathroum 
Tim Tennant 

Directed by: 

Ken Berris 

Sec;a Team 


Jon Cornell 

Product Manager: 

Pamela Kelly 

Lead Tester: 

Javone Alonzo 



Michael Bacall 


Stephanie Furst 


Michael Durcite 


Floyd Levine 


Devon Odessa 


Tami-Adrian George 


Dorit Sauer 


Judy Kain 


Jerry Cerwonka 


Seott Menville 


David Rogge 


Seth Green 


Written by: 

Paula Pulley 








* I he SEGA CD" 4 ' Compact Disc is intended 
for use exclusively on the SEGA CD. 

* Always use 1 the button controls to open and 
dose the disc tray. Attempting to operate the 
tray manually may cause it to malfunction. 

* Avoid bend i ng l h e Compact D isc or tou civ 
ing, smudging or scratching its surface. 

* Do not leave the Compact Disc in direct 
sunlight or near a radiator or other source of 

* Always store the Compact Disc in its protec¬ 
tive case. 

To Owners of Projection Televisions 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent piety re¬ 
in be damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT. 

Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on 
targe-screen projection TVs. 

If the Audio connection is made to your television 
from the Sega CD. the Mixing Cable must be used to 
connect die headphone output jack on ibe front of the 
Genesis to the MIXING input jack on ihe rear of the 
Sega CD. 

If llie Audio connection is made to your television 
from the Sega Genesis (using either the RF cable or a 
Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must NOT 
bo used 

For gameplay help, 
call 1-415-591-PLAY. 

limited Warranty 

Sega of American hie., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the 
SEGA-CD Compact Disc shall he free from defects in material and workman¬ 
ship for a period of 90 days from Ihe date of purchase- If a defect covered by 
tins limited warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period. Sega will 
repair or replace the defective compact disc at its option, free of charge. This 
limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, 
accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not 
related to defective materials or workmanship. To receive warranty service, 
call the Sega Consumer Service Department at this number 1-S0fi-USA- 

SEd.LER. Return the Compact Disc to Sega Consumer Service. Please call firsll 
for further information. If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by 
phone, he Will provide you with instructions on reluming your defective 
Compact Disc to us. The cost of returning the Compact Disc to Sega J s Service 
Center shall be paid by the purchaser. 

Repairs after Fa pi rat inn of Warranty 

[f your SEGA-CD Compact Disc requires repairs after termination of the 90- 
day limited warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service 
Department at the number listed above. If the technician is unable to solve the 
problem by phone, he wi 11 ad x 1 Lse you of the esti m a ted cost of repai r. 1 f you elect 
to have the repair done, you wilt need to return the defective merchandise, 
freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage, to Sega s Service Center 
xxi than enclosed check or money order payable to Sega of America. Inc., for the 
amount of the cost estimate provided to you by the technician If, after 
inspection, it is determined that your Compact Disc can not be repaired, it will 
be returned to you and your payment will be refunded. 

Limilulioiis on Warranty 

Any applicable implied, including warranties of merchantability 
and fitness fora particular purpose, a re hereby limited to 90 days from I lie date 
of purehaseand are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall 
Sega of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages 
resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid i n the United States only. 
Some stales do not allnxv limitations on hem long an implied warranty lasts, 
or exc fusion of conseq u en I i a I or inc i d enLi 3 d a mages, so the above 1 i m itati o n 
or exclusion may not apply lo you. This warranty provides you with specific 
legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state. 


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lost, postage due or misdirected mail, 

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into the next drawing, except for the last drawing., 

3. NOTIFICATION: Winners will! be notified by mail and will be required 10 Sign an 
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days from date of notification, 

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5. ELIGIBILITY: open to all persons who bra residents or the United States 
and its possessions, except employees and their immediate family members of Sega of 
America Inc., rts divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies. 
Void where prohibited by law. 

4. WINNERS LIST: For names of w Hirers, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 
Sega CD Sweepstakes Winners. Inc., P.O. Box 713, Sayrevnite. m. 08871. 

f. -OFFICIAL 3WECP6TAKE4 RULE*: Sweepstakes Subject 10 complete Official Rules- 
To obtam a copy of official ivies send a stamped seif-addressed envelope to Maidan- 
ha™. tnc.. Sega CD Rules. 1255 Post St- Ste. 835. San Francisco. CA 341t>9. 

Seftfi. Geresjs. Set* CD, Wofcomo (d ihs Next Level, Sega Visions, and hot-Wmed are badem*** of 
S£GA C1992, SEGA, 337$ Aifth Road. Hayward. C* 9A&45 All ng?it* iHKfvvd. 




1. Who will IIH thl* $EOA product the molt (primary uur)T 

LUJJJJ J JJJJJJJ J ljT 1111 I I .LU_l_l. I 




I 1 1 

1 I 1 1 1 1 

ij_i_i i_i_ij ujjj 





Birth EJrti / J 

m / in f ft 

2 . Daurltw the other gam* player* in your home; 

PtAYEK l; fee 

□ illh 


PLAYER 2: %e 

□ llde 

□ e Fault 

i 3, Who bought thl* product? 

' □( ftmrf Ihw Qt Pireil/CudYdiu □ ) Fried 

; □ i RtLibre □ S Latter Household Hunt* 

| When wu It bought?_/_ 


! 4. WTuvt I* th* rvimr of the gam* you purchased? 

' I I llllllllujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj 

$. What other electronic* or computer* do you have In 

For Out* Playing: 

□i Atari Lpa □ i timfBflj 

□iGwwGetf □iMESflM) 

□ $ Philips m □ l Super NES fIC bit) 

□i TvMrrhCD □ * Otter 


□ itDPUyer □ j U$*r Dm Plajer 
Pi Nuiriitl □* PChhhiuc^imi 

ns vcit 

6. What klnda of game* do you play mott often? 

□ I Fatuj Artwn □ j FmiUjj Sole PLiyinc □ l fdfttin® hUdunts 

De Ihenture Gs Futuristic Pi SuperKerfrM& 

□ r Funtes/Sfrittfir □* Spell 


tt&w$ i 

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S CAT. (S«{)n Control Atlack 
Tniin) yarn ml ip Ion's a lima- 
bomb. Five hruitniltnl M ftdt are 
being Mtlhtd In an eerie estate. 
Hooded Intruders nie Invading 
tho mansion with blood on 
iheir minds. 

Watch the murderous aclmn 
from hidden eamo-rna In ft different 
rooms. -Caleb the Intruders at 
they track Ihelr victims. Mist your 
chance end the co-eds are lost 
ifl wwrt 

YOU go tin (Mn y i| to hr 11 eve If 

D - 4 • i a i P,ciM>rj. 


/j II ■■ 

,.n 4rt iW 


h-t^Ei i 

\y ». ifW 

‘ fL‘ h* 

Skj G*r*vi Sr-i Cfl *nfl Wc-tOm# W IM kh- trrt e* UibfiTUFMi O' SISA Wafcr Uv VuMfl- U-mtci 

*-<j -vuurt i or in |r**mjd* d Ehgas Pdvn i%- Vh», Ut» mti St F^sy fc.'*h 4 Ftipixtd Kdrnu.t 
ownft Si fty-^.4 C PWM** W H&\ ^*0 ' • *■•*«"** # **l*V Int W*!fc¥ Mir. ipp«n t«MVl F Q» ‘f^KW 

A**.* c«rr F #Ift by M*ne Ctiitijnei The 9 m ml Tr« jif pHhKtf by Dfl«l hetant *»* W S6* Th«r 

Ml it,by 5<*i * *">• pb* da 0* Sw tt iidm OW Uiadhe-ind MCWt t*vt m** 

DideiMVMwortreMcm dllhigum S* WOMHQ" &f l&*Llbto tl» Thafrms n btoMf* (ft* P™XO»l cFwxhn Wat, Uyk 

mk vm riser u dhff cModet wA **«h n Wi sum *f pv* let*wx Any •"***» * *** f*™™ 

Ir,^ V ‘a: a pwdy tent dentil ®0 1991 1»fr »*nwt» Rko-» Gxi» Grit C P^ui PrtuiH. hO>»? 5fGA 
UrVlrttnft«4 HiiwU.MWSU M F*un#l