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H tCtl U U£kC [O FOR ACCS 13 * UP 



Combining Special Effects 

Using sis or more special effects simultaneously may cause the 
music to skip intermittently and may also result in an undesir¬ 
able video image. 

Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure an these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no 
history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your 
family; has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to 
playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms 
while playing a video game — dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any invol¬ 
untary movement, or convulsions—- IMMEDIATELY discon¬ 
tinue use and consult your physician before resuming play. 

Ow ners of Projection Televisions 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube dam¬ 
age or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or 
extended use of video games on large-screen projection TVs. 

A bo ut A u 6 io C on ucct or s 

If the Audio connection is made to your television from the Sega 
CD, the Mixing Cable must be used to connect the headphone 
output jack on the front of tine Genesis to the MIXING input jack 
on the rear of the Sega CD. If the Audio connection is made to 
your television from the Sega Genesis (using either the RK cable 
or a Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must NOT be used. 

Table of 


INXS^ Rock. Soul, Funk or Pop? ..2 

Starting Up....—3 

Handling Your Compact Disc,...3 

Gameplay Hotline................. 3 

Quick Control Fix.,..♦... 4 

Take Your Pick.. 6 

EditChallenge™ ...... 8 

ILDirect™ .............. 12 

See ne s on the Screens................. 14 

Special Effects..,..... 15 

Heaven Sent ...... 18 

Not Enough Time ...... 14 

Baby Don't Cty ........ 20 

Hip Hints for Hot Videos 21 


Limited Warranty... 23 








What makes a great band great? One thing we 
know is that great bands are always unique — they 
defy categorization. 

This def iance definitely seems in be die case with 
one of the top hands of the nineties, tN'XS. Some 
say llieyTe rock. soul, funk and pop all fused 
together into one irresistible sound. Their killer 
rhythms and memorable melodies don't just appeal 
to one group, but to many. 

Now if you don't believe us, wait until you play 
EditChalienge in your new f;\XS Make My Video. 
See. you'll meet alt kinds here: mall rats, a nerd, 
poets and more. And they're all into fNXS Bui tilt 
For different reasons.. Which is why they're looking 
for different things in an INXS video. 

That's where you come into the picture. Here's why: 
each group wants you to make the video dial's in 
their head. So you have to listen (and watch) 
carefully. Then try arid come us close as you can to 
their expectations. 

It's fun. It's frantic. And truly fascinating. But 
EditChatienge is not ihe only way to play. You can 
also choose U-Direct. 

In this mode you make - n 
the video that's in your 
head. And you can 
take as much time as 
you like to do it. 

Eiilier way you're the 
producer, director, 
editor and creator of the 
next new INKS video. 

So welcome to the 
electrifying world of 
rock videos — wherever 

you are .,, 







Get ready to make your very own INXS video. Here 

are the very first steps; 

1. Set up your Genesis™ and SEGA Cl) systems and 
plug in control pad 1. 

2. Turn on your TV or monitor and then turn on your 
SEGA Genesis. 

3. Press RESET to open the SEGA CD tray us 
requested on the screen. 

4. Place your MAKE MY VIDEO fNXS CD into the 
CD tray — label side up — and press START. 

5. Press START as requested when you see the 
SEGA CD logo. Then watch die credits. 

ft, To bypass the credits press START to view the 
opening sequence. To bypass I lie opening se¬ 
quence. press START again. 

note: If the CD is already in the machine w hen 
you turn it on. the game will begin automatically 
after a few moments. 

* The SEGA CD 1 ’' 1 Compact Disc is intended for 
use exclusively on the SEGA CD. 

- Always use the button controls to open and close 
die disc tray. Attempting to operate the tray 
manually may cause it to malfunction. 

’ Avoid bending the Compact Disc or touching, 
smudging or scratching its surface. 

■ Do n ot leave I lie Com pact D i sc in di reel su nl ig hi 
or near u radiator or other source of heat, 

* Always store the Compact Disc in its. protective 

For gameplay help, 
call 1415-59!-PLAY 




Your SEGA CD Player uses [he same contra!s you’d 
use in SEGA Genesis games. So u> get you going Tight 
away, he re's a! 1 ihe control ler s [ u ft’* R u l lo l borou gh I y 
u rulers tund ttmj game, keep going lb mug It this manual 

[Jircctiunal RuUdii 


Stan Buiton 

Buiion C 

Ruiion R 

Button A 

The Start Button 

* Start s/Pauses/Resumes game 

* Begins EdiI Challenge game with a randomly 
selected song. ( See Pick your Song r page 8.) 

■ Selects highlighted menu options 

Button A: 

* Edits images from the A Screen into your video. 
(See Scenes on the Screen, page 14.) 

- When the A SCREEN is currently selected* 
QUICK CANCELS till effects already chosen. 

■ Starts an Ed it Challenge game with the characters 
shown and the song Heaven Sent. 

Button B: 

* Edits images from the B Screen into your video. 
(See Scenes on the Screen . page 14.) 

* When ihe B SCREEN is c li rrcn 11 y \elecled. 
QUICK. CANCELS all effects already chosen. 

* Starts m EditChallenge game with due characters 
shown and the song Not Enough now. 

Button C: 

* Edits images from the C Screen into your video. 
(See Scenes on the Screen, page 14.) 

* When the C SCREEN is currently selected. QUICK 
CANCELS ail effects already chosen, 

- Starts an EditChallenge game with the characters 
shown and the song Baby Don't Cry , 

Up/Dqwn D-Button: 

* Cycles menu selections 

- Cycles through all the special effects options. (Sec 
Special Effects, pages 15-17.) 

Right/Left D Button: 

* Jumps from scene to scene when you're selecting 
characters in EditChallenge. M s a fast way to gel lo 
the group you want w ithout listening to all the 

■ Applies selected special effect to chosen image on 
the top screen. ( See Special Effects, pages 15-17.) 

■ Rewinds or fast lor wards you through your video in 

Buttons A, C and Start Simultaneously: 

* Takes you to the Options/Help menu where you can 
gel help, choose ways to play, or select other 
options. Sec- Options/Jfefp Menu, page 30. 

note: If you're in U-Direct. pressing Buttons A, C and 
START simultaneously w ill take you to the l Direct 

Buttons A, B p C and Start Simultaneously: 

- Resets game 





Two Ways to Go 

This MAKE MY VIDEO: INXS CD gives you two 
unique ways lo play. (And you can count on many 
variations w ithin each way.) The two main ways to 
play are: 

]. Edi(Challenge 


2, U-Direcl 

About Edit Challenge 
Edit Challenge is a game you play with the charac¬ 
ters on the screen. First you pick the characters you 
want to play with. (See Make Your Choice, page 8). 
Then you listen closely to what they tell (and show) 

These friends of yours on (he screen give you clues 
about the kind of !i\XS video they would like lo see. 
Then you try lo make a video using their dues and/or 
favorite images. 

The more dues you use. I he better you do. When 
you've finished editing your video (well tell you 
more about editing later), it gels played back. If your 
Friends on the screen like it. they reward you. If not, 
they give you a chance to try again. 

It's like really fun. And you can be sure it’s a real 
vhaltottgt*, And one more thing: your lime is limited, 
so don’t waste it. (For more details on playing, see 
EditChailenge, pages 8 to II.) 

To select Edit Challenge, don’t do anything at 

first. The program will automatically go into the 
opening sequence in which you’ll be asked to pick 

From a set-up screen press tile D-pad RIGHT or 
LEFT to cycle through eharaciers for an 
EditUhallenge game. Or pres^ START, A and C 
simultaneously lo go inlo If-Direct mode. 

About U-Direct 

Let’s say you want to gel really creative. You've got 
this idea {your own idea) of what an INXS video 
should be about. And you don’t want to play any 
games. That's when you choose U-Direct. 

In U-Direct you always pick your own song. And you 
can take as long as you like to create your video. In 
fact, if you don't finish before it's time for dinner (or 
worse: your homework), you can save what you've 
done and get back to it later, (Sec Save Edit anti Load 
Edit, page 13.) 

Plus, if you do a video you're really proud of, you can 
save it and replay it for your friends. Of course that's 
pretty risky. Because after they get done commenting 
on It, you may wish you. never made it. But then what 
are friends for? 

For more details on everything you can do (and how 
lo do it) in U-Direct. sec pages 12 and 13, 

I (i choose l - Direct, press Brittons A, C and 
STAR! simultaneously to get to the options 
SCREEN. Then highlight U-Direct and press START 

not e: If you 're id ready in U • D i rcet, you II go di rec 11 y 
to the U-Direct menu, bypassing die OPTIONS: 




Playing EdilChalkngc is kind of like, well, like 
partying really. You start out in " X S Club" where you 
meet all these different people who tike to talk about 
life, love, and of course, fNXS videos. And they all 
have different ideas about wluu an AVJfS video should 
be about. 

First you’ll meet these two girls who control the pool 
table — ai lease until someone can make She ultimate 
IiVXS video. And then there's all these characters 
who'll give you dues to making the ultimate INX$ 
v ideo, N ater:i 11 y. t hey a LI have d i I ferent ideas. And 
it's up to you to choose whose video you want to 
make. If you make it right, they love you! (If you 
don’t, they don't love you so much.) 

The surfers. Ted and Gomez, may ask for watery stuff. 
The nerd, Poindexter, asks politely for intellectual stall. 
The bikers, Flo and Tiger, go for leather, chains, 
reptiles, insects and hot bikes. And as for Fly. the 
loner, there's no telling what's on his mind. 

Make Your Choice 

You arc automatically shown al l four sets of charac¬ 
ters iti the beginning. Press START or Hnltons A, H 
or C when the characters you want are shown. To 
cycle quickly though sets of characters, press the D- 
pad RIGHT or LEFT. 

If you don't make any character choices, you'll be 
given a second chance to pick characters. If you miss 
that chance, you'll go to the OPTIONS SCREEN. 

Pick Your Song 

To pick a particular song, press Huttons A, H or l 
when choosing your characters instead of pressing 
START. If you do press START, you'll he given a 
song at random. Here's which buttons pick which 

Heaven Senr Button A 

Not Enough Time Button B 

Baby Don V Crv B u tton C 

Press START when you see these guys to get your 
video hints from surfers. 

Press STAR ! when you see Poindexter to make a 
serious video, I le has some major ideas. 

Press START when these female bikers appear to 
find how heavy they want their video. 

Want to make something really romantic? Press 
START when you see The Fly. Then listen (and 
watch!) for lus clues. 





Listen Up 

Listen lo what your friends on the screen tell you. 
They're not jiving when they tell you what they want! 
Their words (and pictures!!!) hold the keys to your 


After you've Listened to and looked at all the dues, 
you automatically begin editing. This is where you 
pick your images, apply your special effects and, well, 
make your video! tSet Scenes on (he Screens, page 
14. and Spena! Effects, pages 1 5 to 17, for details on 

Playback and Feedback 

You finish making your video when the song is over 
Then you gel to watch the playback. So do the 
characters you picked. They’ll give you feedback 
which ranges from great lo nol-so-great to almost 

Ef they didn't like it, don’t lake it loo hard. You get a 
chance lo do it over. 

To redo your video, press START after the feedback. 

Options /Help Menu 

You can go to lit is menu at any time during 
Ed itCh allonge. To do so. press START, A and C 
simultaneously. Here's what's on the menu: 






Tu select an option, highlight the option using the 
UP/DOWN 11-pad, Then press START. 

Prompts On/Off 

This 11 mis the prompts in the opening sequence on and 
off. To do this, highlight this option and press 
START. The words ON or OFF will appear to ihe 
right of this option. 

Playback Timecode On/Off 

This turns the timecode on and off during playback. 
Press START to turn this option on and off. It’s on 
when ON is shown; it’s off when OFF is shown. 

Playback Background On/Off 

During playback there is a patterned background 
behind the screens. If you get tired of looking at it. 
you can turn it off. To do this, press START when 
this option is highlighted. When you see OFF, it's off. 
When you see ON. the background is ON. 

Top Ten Vid Editors 

This is a list of the top ten editors whoNe ever played 
Ed i i Chal 1 e nge. On ly pi ay e rs with e xcel 1 e nt feedback 
will Sre asked to enter their names. 

II you gel asked, use the I>-pad to select the letters in 
your name. Then press Hutton A. B or C to input 
each letter. When your name is as you wanl it. press 

EditChal lenge 

Select this if you want to start a new- Editf hallenge 


Select sliis lo go lo ihe LF Direct menu where you will 
select a song to start creating your own video. 


U ■ DIR E CT In l -1 direct you do Whoever you w:uit to Jo and uike as 
long as you like. 

To go into l.'-Direct, press. Buttons A, l and STAR I 
simultaneously to get to the OPTJONSfHELP MENU . 
(Sec OPTfONSlHELF MENU , page 10. ) Then select 
l -Direct by highlighting it and pressing START. 
You'll then see the U-Direct menu with these options: 







Making Menu Selections 

To select any of the options from the above menu, 
highlight your selection by pressing the D-pad LIP 
and DOWN, When the option you want is high¬ 
lighted, press START. 

Edit Title 

l'sc (he I P DOWN D-pad controls to highlight the 
title of I he song you want to edit. Then press START 
to begin editing. 


Editing here is just like editing in Edit Challenge, 
except that you can redo edits. 

To redo edits, first PAUSE by pressing START, 
Then press the D-pad LEFT or RICH! to move 
backward or forward through the timeline. To jump 
forward or backward faster, press the LEFT or KIC >111 
D-pad twice. Press START again to UN PA 11 SR and 
cont inue editing. 



To playback the last video you edited, select PLAY¬ 
BACK from L-Direct menu. You can even playback 
partially completed videos to see how it's going. 

Load Edit 

To load a saved video, select this option. The name of 
the video saved in backup RAM will appear to the 
right of this option. If no video lias been saved, this 
load feature wilt be disabled. 

Save Edit 

Select this menu item to save your U-Direct video so 
you can complete it Liter or view it at another time. 
Before saving an edited video make sure you have 
either formatted the Sega CD BACKUP RAM or 
eraser! any previously saved file. If you do not do this, 
you will get a SAVE RAILED message when you try 
to save a video to BACKUP RAM, 

To formal your BACKUP RAM or to erase any 
previously saved games, choose "OPT'ION" from the 
Sega CD main menu. (For more details on "THE 
OPTION MENU" please refer to your Sega CD 
hardware manual.) 

Once your BACKUP RAM is formatted or erased, you 
can save one INXS video at a litne. You can also 
move videos between BACKUP RAM and the SEGA 
RAM cartridge, (See your hardware manual for 
details on this procedure.) 

The INXS video you save will overwrite any INXS 
video you have previously saved in the BACKUP 
RAM. Each new video you save will have a name so 
that you can identify it. The name will tie displayed to 
the right of the Save Edit option. 


This lakes you to the OPTiONSfHELP MENU where 
you can turn features on and off, view the Top Ten Vjd 
Editors or switch to Edit Challenge. 

Edit Challenge 

Select this to begin a game of EditCh allonge. 





Thai lop screen is where it's all happening. That's 
where whatever scene you choose shows up. The 
three bottom screens are tine ones you choose from. 

See those little boxes in the upper left comer'? The 
ones with the pictures in them? Those are your 
special effects. (Mote on them on page* 15 through 17.) 

The box in ilie upper right corner tells you which 
special effects you're using, (You can u>c several at 
a time, hut some effects cancel each oilier out,) Hie 
timer lell* you how long your video is running. The time¬ 
line show s you how much of each screen you've used, 





ll Ml- 

Top Screen 






Screen A Scree n B Scree n C 

Professional music video editors, have it. And now so 
do you. What you have is lots and lots anti lots of 
video scenes to choose from, edit in and play with. 

Some scenes arc real out there. Others are down to 
earth. Some are silly (like the cartoons). Others are 
scary (like the vintage horror stuff). Some are under¬ 
water. Some are in the clouds. They're all awesome. 

To Edit-In Scenes 

What you do (and It doesn't matter which way you’re 
playing) is punch in die scenes by pressing Huttons A, 
fj and C. Each time you press a new button, the 
scene corresponding to that button will he cut into 
your video and shown on the top screen. 






There are 16 special effects you can use. Plus you 
can combine I hem to create even more effects. 
However, combining more than six effects at a time 
may cause the music to skip inicrmiiienity and could 
result in an undesirable video image, 

* To select it special effect, press die D-pad I P or 
rX>VV\ uni ill he desired effect is inside the four 
arrows. Then press the IT pud RIGHT or LEFT 
to activate one of the two versions of that effect. 

* To cancel an effect, press the iTpad RIGHT or 
LEFT to center die icon. Or select die CANCEL 

* To QUICK CANCEL, press (he button corre¬ 
sponding to current scene (Hutton A, M or 


This slices die scene horizontally. Willi these 

Left: Every other stripe is a mirror image. 

Right: Three fourths of every si ripe is 


Like slice. Except for one major difference: the 
bands cut vertically. 

Left: Images reverse lop to bottom in 
every’ 1 other strip. 

Right: Breaks scene into shifting stripes. 


Flip the whole screen upside down. Or just half of it, 
Left: Flips the whole thing. 

Right: Flips just the left half. 


You can mirror half of it. Or all of ii. 

Left: Does the w hole thing 
Right: Does just the lop half. 


Makes everything ah mixed u,p. Like pieces of a 

Left: Real mixed up. 

Right: Incredibly mixed up, 


Lights on and off. You know the effect. It sizzles! 
Left: Every other frame is white. 

Right; Every other frame is black. 


They should have called it slow motion. You get the 

Left: Slowed down. 

Right: Way slowed down. 


The freeze frame. It turns the scene into a still photo. 
Left and Right both freeze but effect is temporary. 


Use this to turn off all effects currently on. 



Posts lyrics across the bottom of the image, 

Left: Lyrics can be cancelled with the 
CANCEL icon or with QUICK 

Right; Lyrics remain even when other effects 
are cancelled by the CANCEL ICON 


Like a black and white photo. Shades of gray. 
Left: A positive imEtge. 

Right; A negat i ve i mage. 


lints the screen red, With green makes yellow. 
Left; A positive image. 

Right: A negaiive image. 


firms everything on the screen green. Mixes well. 
Left: A positive image. 

Right: A negative image. 


Gives your screen the blues. Try mixing with red 
Left: A positive image. 

R i ght: A negai rve i mage. 


Colors stre randomly changed. You can make out the 
images, but the colors have been altered, 

I „cft: VV i Id colors a 11 over. 

Right: Even more wild colors all over. 


Stands for Rig Pixels, You know, those computer- 
generated squares? 

Left: Rig pixels. 

Right: Really big pixels. 


Like BigP ix, kind of. Rut pixels are smoothed 
Left: Smoothed. 

Right: Really smoothed. 



Your eyes are like deep wells of desire 
Once in your arms I'm on tire 
You were «tiI girl so perfectly true 
Changing my life 
Now I'm li survivor 

Heaven sent 
Thai's what 3 call you 
Heaven sen) 

That's what 3 eali you 

Late at nielli when the evening fire hits died 
There's a Took in your eye 
Seductive images fly 

Heaven sent 
Thai's what I call you 
Heaven sent 
Thai's what I call you 

One dav you’ll see what angels can see 
Dressed fn black if she comes back 
l ill ink III lose my mind 

Tuesday she works 
In the library uptown 
Some useful knowledge 
Can always he found 
Don't burn the library 
Till you've read all the boohs 
Sometimes in life 
You get a second look 

Heaven sent 
That's w : hal I call you 
Heaven sent 
That's what I cull you 

] leaven sent 
That's what I call you 
Heaven sent 
Heaven sent 
Heaven sent 
Heaven sent 

Heaven sent 

WriiM by; V F&rriss 

O mi PdygNim Music Publishing; i*23H 

weuomfiowiu nm- 1 ; vot \ki 

Musk' V iitL'411 rid its 
Truism Ptocserils ttwivcn Svnl 
Dirccitir: Rll hard E.uwcnsiciri 
Pnsduv^r; Mjdwl* IkWcll 
Ctiervh Pictureh 

Not And I was lost for words 

In your anus 

E MO UGH Atlem pi in g to make seuse 

Of my aching heart 
Time If 1 could jusl be 

Everything and everyone to you 
This life would be just so easy 

Nui enough time for all 
That I want for you 
Mol enough time lor every kiss 
And every touch and all the nights 
l wanna he inside you 

We will make time stop 
For the two of us 
Make lime stop 
And listen for our sighs 

Not enough lime for all 
That I want for you 
Not enough time for every kiss 
And every touch and all the nights 
I wanna he inside you 

In our fig In against the end 
Making love we are immortal 
We are I he last two left on earth 
And I was lost tor words 
In your amis 

Attempting io make sense of 
My aching heart 
If 1 could jusi he every thing 
And everyone to you 

Not enough lime for all 
That 1 want for you 
Not enough lime for every kiss 
Not enough lime for id I my love 
Not enough lime for every touch 

Not enough time for all 
Thai 3 wain for you 
Not enough lime for every lass 
And every touch and all the nights 
3 wanna be inside you 

W'rttuen by: A. Fam'.s/MLHuIdKnce 
• IW2 Pfttvgnkm Mums Publishing; #S2W4, 
VM I M,M|. KJW.HI-.Kt VkK YMI \K.E- 

Music \ ideo ( rislils 

Truism Presents ,\t*t Emmiifi Time 
piwvti!!: tlim;inj Gisjcrlhaljih 
Pnxhiorn Hollislcr 

Editor: Duncan Stand 

Why Noi Films 





Baby don’t cry 
Baby don’t cry 
Baby don't cry 1 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 

When you're down and contused 
Nothing seems right 
And it's you who decides 
Who's going to make it right 

Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry- 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 

Well life ain't no joke 
Hut it s good when yon smile 
Steal everything 
But you won't get far 

Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 

Sometimes you veil I full 
What eha gonna do? 

Give your friend a call 

Baby don't cry 
Baby don’t cry 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 

We know that you can smile 
Even though il lakes a while 
To lose your fears arid say 
Gonna lose your fears and say 

Baby don't cry 
Baby don't cry 
Baby don't ery 
Baby don't cry 

Do you know 1 who you are 
And where you're going to 
Don't you know that love 
Gonna pull you 
Gonna pull you through baby 

Baby don't ery 
(17 rimes) 

Written by A. Farriss 

■ 1992 Polygram Musk hiblbhing; MW, 

Music \ Idea (>«ti|*. 

Thiimu Presents My Ih'tO Cry 
Director: Paul Etoyd 

EVndidK* Mivliscl k.ihiL 

E3 lack Dog Fit ms 






In EditChallenge. listen closely it> the clues — 
some are more cryptic than others. 

Keep your eyes on at I three lower screens all the 
lime. You have to punch fasi to mis in or avoid 
certain scenes. 

- It's great 10 combine effects. But don’t try to use 
too many effects at once. You could end up with a 
total blur. 

- When pi ay i ng Edit Chal 1 e n ge. i i me is of t he 
essence. So use the QUICK CANCEL method of 
cance13 i tig effects. (See page 15,) 

* For a w i Id k a le ido&cop ic e ffect„ I ry com bi ning 
horizontal effects (slices and mirrors) with vertical 
effects (dices and flips). 

* in EditChallenge., w hai people want you to leave 
out is eis important as what they want you to leave 


■ Noe all clues in EditChallenge arc verbal. 
Sometimes they show you what they want. So 
listen tmd look. 

* IT you want to stop m the middle of a 

U-Direct editing session — and you don't want to 
lose till your great creative work — press Buttons 
A* (. ami START simultaneously to go to the 
U-Direct menu and select SAVE EDIT. 


Dim r vi. Pirn m O t am 

Executive Producers: 

Martin Erlichman 
Tom Zito 

Original Concept by: 

Ken Melville 

Tot 13 Zito 

Written by: 

John Richardson 

Laurie Frank 

Computer Graphics by: 

('uyler ( !ve 

Computer Programming by: 

Ken Soohoo 

Produced by: 

Amanda Lathroum 
Tim Tennant 

Directed by: 

Ken Berns 

Skoa I t 



Jon Cone II 

Kent Russell 

Product Manager: 

Pamela Kelly 

Lead Tester: 

K an Foong 



Jamie Zo^zaro 


Allison Barron 


ScoU Menvilie 

Goo fez 

Jason Majik 


Doril Saver 


Michelle Cluinie 


Nicholas Read 


Joseph Foss 


Written by: 

Paula Pollev 

Limited Warranty 

lk*gn of America, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that the 
SEGA-CD Compact Disc shall be free from defects in material and workman¬ 
ship for a period of ^l) days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by 
this limited warranty occurs dxiring this 90*day warranty period, Sega will 
repair or replace the defective compact disc at its option, free of charge. This 
limited warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence* 
accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not 
related to defective materials or workmanship. To receive warranty service, 
Cali the Sugfl Consumer Service Department at this number: t ■600-US A - 

SELLER, Return the Compact Disc to Sega C onsumer Service. [Teasecall iirsi 
for further information, U the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by 
phone, he will provide you with instructions on returning your defective 
Compact Disc to us. The cost of returning the Compact Disc to Segals Service 
Center shall be paid by the purchaser. 

Repairs after Expiration of Warranty 

It your SEGA-CD Compact Disc requires repairs after termination of Hie 90- 
day limited warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service 
Department at the number Listed above, El the technician is unable to solve the 
problem by phone, he will ad vise you of the estimated cost of repair. If you elect 
to have the repair dune, you will need to return the defective merchandise, 
freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage, to Sega's Service Center 
with an enclosed check Or money Order payable toS^ga Of America, lite- r for the 
amount of the cost estimate provided to you by the technician. If, after 
inspection, it is determined that your Compact Disc cannot be repaired* it will 
be returned to you and your payment will be refunded. 

Limitations on Warranty 

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability 
and fitness for a particular purpose, a re hereby limited lo 90 days from the date 
of purchaseand are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall 
Sega of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages 
resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties. 

The provision;* of this Limited warranty are valid in the United States only. 
Some statesdn not allow limitation* on how long an implied warranty lasts* 
Dr exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation 
or exclusion may not apply to you. E his warranty provides you with specific 
legal rights. You may have other righls which vary from state to state. 


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rniMutiijc f;d entries not eligible Not responsible for printing errors, or To* muulated, lato. 
in'ii. [h -f .1 age duo ot misdirected maul. 

J JUtrtilNG: There will be 4 drawings. Each of the drawings will take place on a 

.rly bans, on or about March 3-1, June 30, September 30. and December 31.1993. 

... ■ * 1 * * 4 * * * * * lo ■- wj|i oe selected at random from ail entries received fibre (Sj days Petore the 

■-ii.iwing, dates Uy Marden K,ane, line., an independent judging organization whosE 
decisions are final, Only one prtoe per person, family, organization or household. If your 
■i |V ImIioti card is received after any ane of the drawings it v>i!l He automatically entered 
-mi? Hu- next drawing, encept for the last drawing. 

1 NOTIFICATION: Winners Will be notified by mail and will be requirad to sign an 

Affidavit of Eligibility and a Putulcify/Liability Release wh»cb must be returned within 14 

u.iy. bom date of notification. 

4 PRIZES: Then? will be 1 pr m awarded in each of me four drawings. Each prize 

conil&t* Of approximately 60 music CDS. Approximate reta I value 11,000.00 each.. All 
nines are responsibility of the winner. No prize Substitutions, or transfers permitted. 

«. iligidility: Sweepstakes open to alt persons who are residents of the United States 
and il■> possessions, except employees and their immediate fern ly members of Sega of 
America Inc., Its divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies. 

Vo d where prohibited by law. 

t*. WINNERS UST: For names of wmnerg. send a self-addressed. stamped envelope to 
Sega CO Sweepstakes Winners, Inc., P.D. Box 712 r Sayrevilte. Ml Q687}, 

T OFFICIAL SWEEPSTAKES RULES: Sweepstakes subject to complete Official Rules, 

lo Obtain a copy Ot official rules send a Stamped self-addressed envelope to Mar-den 
Kane, Ine.. Sega CO Rules. 1255 Post St. Ste, 625. 5an Francises. CA 94109. 

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insnSuiteh, jnd imuni EM in Irademane d Oid« Picture. I™: phana by 51 trt Pyte *«£ MiAe My VUw 

try CNgHb* Picture. im tv SE&A Thq gen* h licensed by Sega lor hcwt* pMy pd rf* £*}i CD lyiMrn only. UnmthwlJid 
'tflbfing, reproduction, rwiW. pitAc perineum* of bnnicm or Has guns H ■ rtsWIwi Df applicable UK! Th* Qlfflf I* baud on 
it* peintcal cturarterml MBS Mi rttw charades and Srtnis cromrayttl In inftoime are purely Imunni Airy jmuhty in Liner 
pram mng v Qua. s purely cwcMenU. <S i® AflWMs Bw$*4hrtg Coep«m*i- C IS® INKS * IMS liuttm Party Lid 
G*m Cede O 0*fliW (Vturro A* ® 19® SEGA. 1375 Arden Rd*I KaywaD. CA <H$i 5 AH nghra «***«■