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ir game gone awry... 




A very small percentage of individuals may experience 
epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light pane ms or 
flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on 
a television screen or while playing video games may induce 
an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions 
may induce undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons 
who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or 
anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your 
physician prior to playing, If you experience any of the 
following symptoms while playing a video game - dizziness, 
altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, 
disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions - 
IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician 
before resuming play. 



If the Audio connection is made to your television from the 
Sega CD, the Mixing Cable must be used to connect the 
headphone output jack on the front of the Genesis to the 
MIXING input jack on the rear of the Sega CD, If the Audio 
connection is made to your television from the Sega Genesis 
(using either the RF cable or a Video Monitor cable), the Mixing 
Cable must NOT be used, 

This official seal is your assurance that this 
product meets the highest quality standards 
of SEGA™ 1 . Buy games and accessories with 
this seal to be sure that they are compatible 
with the SEGA™ CD™ SYSTEM, 


Command Operations Manual 
Cerberus Class Vessels 
revised 31 Mar 2365 


Operations Manual 

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R(iinnwT gi -|J ntffriSTt pnrsiwwH cJeflffld ** (Jpsrftnsn gf 

Gorbcruii Onss ODStrcura 


1 > It K W 
1‘lf'Tl RES 

PjfcJ'Khe-d iirwSor nLithcrTty oi tho 
SflCJntvy j jl ita Earth Galactic Novv 

Table of Contents 

Getting Started........................... „3 

Quick Start...........,,.4 

Controls......... „......„, H ,„4 

How to Play . . .......... „,5 

Jeremiah Obrian Deck Plans................. t 

The Story ...........„. 7 

The Main Menu ________ _ ft 

Playing Iron Helix ......._-_ rm .,,,,, . ,, 1 n 

Phase 1 : Collecting DNA........ 1 0 

Finding DNA Samples...........10 

Staying Alive........... 1 i 

Phase 2: Locating Video Clues .......................... 11 

Accessing Data Ports „„ m ,,. . .,,,....... 1 1 

Phase 3: Eliminating the Defender.......... ...12 

Using Access Codes.>>+«.*«+«*...... 12 

Phase 4: Destroying the ship,,........... 12 

The Game Screen ................. 13 

Using the Probe's Computer...........15 

PAUSE.............. 15 

DNA BANK................. 15 

SYSTEM................. 15 


Accessing Data Ports......... 17 

Crew Personnel Dossiers.,......... 18 

Hints and Tips ..............,...19 

Customer Support.............20 

Credits______________ 21 

Drew Pictures.....„„........ 21 

Brian A. Pice, Inc.......... 22 

Spectrum HoloByte..........23 

Technical Notes ..............23 

H i nt-Une .. .......24 





Getting Started 

1. Set up your Genesis and Sega CD according to the instructions in 
the Sega CD System instruction Manuel and plug in Control Pad 1. 

2. Open the Sega CD disc tray r insert the Iron Helix CD label side up 
and close the door, 

3. Turn on your TV or monitor, and then turn on your Genesis. The 
Sega CD logo should appear on your screen, (If nothing appears, 
turn off your TV and Genesis, and make sure everything is set up 

4. Press any Button to begin the intro to the game. (You can skip the 
first part of the intro by pressing any Button. There are two parts to 
the intro, so you'll have to press one of the Buttons twice to get to 
the Main Menu.) 

5. After the intro is finished, you will be presented with the Main 

YOUR GOAL is to send a remote-controlled probe on board a renegade 
spaceship. Somehow you must find a way to stop the ship before it 
delivers a horrible doomsday weapon on an alien planet. The crew of 
the ship is dead, but hidden throughout its many rooms are video dues 
which may help you destroy the ship and its deadly guardian robot, The 
Defender . First, you must search for and find DNA left by the crew, then 
you must explore ail of the rooms on board looking for the hidden 
videos. Use clues you find to booby-trap the deadly Defender and then 
use your wits to stop the ship before it is too late. 

11 a ■ ■ 

- 4 — 




Quick Start 

START H'-'nc* 




* UP moves probe forward 

* DOWN moves probe backward 

* LEFT turns probe to the left 

* RIGHT tu rn s probe to the r igh t 

* UP TWO TIMES moves probe up a ladder chute 

* DOWN TWO TIMES moves p ro be down a la dder c hute 

* Hold down a ny d i rect i on for conti rtuous motion 


LEFT and RIGHT change levels in the elevator 

UP and DOWN move through options in the probe's computer 

START Button 

* Accesses t h e p ro be's on- board computer 

Button A 

‘ Act iva les th e p ro be r s ro botic arm (to collect DN A a nd conn ec t w i th 

data ports) 

- Accepts selection in the ship's computer 
Locks on: DNA samples 

Button B 

- Turns on the probe's electronic jamming device (for use when the 
Defender is too dose) 

Bu'ion C 
Bvl-M I 

■ ■III 

4 - 



Button C 

■ Toggles between th e th ree ma p displ ays: probe I oca t ion, Defen der 

location and orthographic (side) view 
- Cancels selectedn in the ship's computer 

NOTE" If you have a & Button Arcade Pad, the X r Y and 2 Buttons 
function for the probe location, Defender location and orthographic 
map views respectively. 

How to Play 

You must stop the Jeremiah Obrian from reaching and destroying the 
peaceful planet of Calliope To do so, you will enter the Obrian with a 
remote probe with the purpose of finding a way to stop the ship, The 
Obrian has a robotic Defender that hunts down intruders. You have 
three probes to work with. Good luck. 

There are four phases in iron Helix, You must complete aII four phases in 
succession to win the game. 

Phase 1; Collecting DNA 

Move a round the ship to collect t he Captain, First Officer and eith er the 
Chief Engineer or Weapons Officer's DNA. Use your scanner (the circle 
around the direction arrows) to locate organic material. When a direc- 
lion on the scanner is highlighted, rotate to that direction and use the 
robotic arm to scan for samples and acquire DNA. 

Phase 2: Locating Video Clues 

You need to find two messages: one to stop the Defender robot and the 
other to destroy the ship. Use the robotic arm to log onto data ports 
when "Message in Data Port" appears on your screen. 

Phase 3: Eliminating the Defender 

The video dues will give codes that you can use at a location specified 
i n th e du e to d est roy the Defe nde r, 0 nee a 11 h at locat ion, use i he s hi p's 
computer (in a data port) to enter the access code. 

Phase 4: Destroying the Ship 

When the Defender is destroyed, you have about five minutes to input 
the code to destroy the ship before another Defender is launched, If 
you complete these stages flawlessly, you win the game. 

il I ■ ■ 




Jeremiah Obrian Deck Plans 


DECK 5: WEAPDIU5 / F HJ f.l TO [ T ftl Nij 



DECK 3: 





■ ■III 

The Story 

It is far into the future, and the Earth is in a state of cold war with an alien 
race known only as the Thanatosians. Humanity, having solved its own 
problems of disease and prejudice, has found a new enemy on which to 
vent its hatred. 

Soon all of Earth's resources are directed towards preparations for an 
impending war that could occur on a galactic scale. The Earth s military 
i n d ustri a I co m p’lex begins to work feve ris hly on powerful new wea pons 
of doom, and tension mounts as armies of ships are deployed. 

Somewhere in a highly classified sector of space, a powerful ship carry¬ 
ing a doomsday weapon is participating in war game maneuvers. The 
ship is a Cerberus Gass Destroyer named the Jeremiah Obrian, and it 
contains a payload so secret that even the crew is ignorant as to its 
exact nature. The ship is carrying a new weapon considered to be the H- 
bomb of its era, armed and ready to be used against the Thanatosians, 

The war game is terrifyingly realistic, perhaps too realistic for the ship's 
computers. The computer takes control of the Obrian and initiates an 
attack pi a nf or Calliope, a small Earth-likeThanatosian planet. The ship's 
crew and Captain attempt to override the computer, but the computer 
fails to recognize the Captain's DNA access code and ignores all at¬ 
tempts to stop the ship. 

Unbeknownst to the crew, the weapon they are carrying contains a 
deadly virus which quickly attacks the cells of an organism, mutating 
DNA and rendering the body unable to carry out vital metabolic func¬ 
tions, Within hours, an infected organism dies, deprived of its ability to 
manufacture vitai metabolic proteins. 

Unable to resist the virus or Interface with the computers, the crew dies 
off one by one. The shi p heads towards Cal liope carryi ng a weapon that 
will start a war that could end all life in the universe. 

Meanwhile, only a few high-ranking officials are aware of the ship's 
cargo and programmed target. Precious time elapses before word 
reaches military HQ, but by then the Cerberus Obrian is all but unstop¬ 
pable, programmed to deliver its virulent payload swiftly and with deadly 
precision. A high-priority emergency beacon is broadcast in the slim 
hope that someone, somewhere, might intercept the ship. 

Someone does receive that beacon, and that someone is YOU! 




Where You Come In 

You are on board the Science Ship Indiana, it is poorly manned and 
weaponless,, but it does have a powerful tractor beam. It could latch 
o nto t he Qbrian an d low you a long wh i le you fi g Lire out a wa y to stop it, 
Your ship may be slow, but what it lacks in speed it makes up for with 
navigational accuracy. You're able to plot an intercept course and pro¬ 
ceed to the correct coordinates. 

With a potentially deadly virus on-board, your only option is to send in 
a probe and hope it can get past whatever defense mechanisms the 
ship might possess. The only hope of destroying the ship or disarming 
the weapon is your Darwin 5 probe. With just six hours before the 
Obrian breaches Thanatosian space, you have little time to spare. 

The Zoological Probe you carry can only observe and gather 
microsamples of organic life. It cannot attack or even defend itself, but 
it can interface with the Obrian 1 s computers, and that just might be 
enough for you to sabotage the mission and avert a holocaust. 

The Main Menu 

Once the introduction is complete, you will be at the Main Menu. The 
Main Menu consists of three numbers at the top of the screen (the Skill 
Levels), and four o ptio ns be I o w t he Ski II Le ve I s: Beg i n N e w Ga me, Loa d 
Saved Game, Replay intro and Quit. 

- 8£G0r H€W GAt'E 
REPL AY *iT*0 


4 - 



Skill Levels 

Each Ski 11 Le ve I of iron Helix \ s a d if fere nt ga me. There are d i ff e rent kinds 
of booby traps for the Defender, different ways to stop the ship and 
some extra surprises in each level. If you complete one skill level, play 
again on a more challenging level. You may discover more surprises. 

Use the LEFT and RIGHT controls on the D-Pad to select a Skill Level. 

Level 1: This is the least challenging level and is designed to get you 
familiar with the game. DNA is abundant, video clues are easy to find 
and the Defender is slow. 

Leve 12; This leve 11 s more c ha I leng in g. DMA i s Intel I i gen t ly pi aced, v ideo 
dues are sparse and booby traps are tough to execute.There is also a 
hidden room not found in the previous skill level that contains a vital 

Level 3: This level is for the real gamers. The Defender is wicked fast, 
dues are tough to locate and high-ranking DNA is nestled within three 
or more layers of rooms. There is also another secret room to explore. 

Begin New Game 

Once yo u've se lected a Sk i 11 Level a nd a re ready to play, move th e D - Pa d 
to this option and press any Button, 

Load Saved Game 

This option allows you to load a previously saved game from your Sega 
CD's battery backup. Use UP and DOWN on the D-Pad to scroll through 
the displayed list of saved games, RIGHT to view the next list (if "more" 
a p pea rs at the bottom of l he screen) a nd LE FT to v i ew the p rev ious list. 
Once you find the game you want, press Sutton A, On the following 
status screen, select A to accept the game or C to cancel your selection. 

You can save a game {by using your probe's on-board computer) by 
h itt i ng t he ST A RT B utto n du rin g p lay, sel ect i ng SYSTEM and then 5 A V E 
GAME, See J1 Using the Probe's Computer* for more information. 

Replay Intro 

Selecting this replays the introduction/background to Iron Hetix. 


This option exits your game of iron Helix , 




Playing Iron Helix 

To successfully finish Iron Heiix, you must complete four separate phases 
of the game, A status screen will inform you when you complete each 

Phase Collecting DNA 

To complete Phase l r you need to locate three different DNA samples 
from high-ranking crewmembers (Captain William Parrish, First Officer 
Catherine Ingram and either Chief Engineer Joseph Geast or Weapons 
Officer Robert Benedetti), These crew members' DNA will allow you 
access to computer banks and secured areas of the ship. 

Finding DNA Samples 

The Scan Direction Indicator circling the Probe Direction Controls will 
alert you to organic material in your probe's immediate area. The Indi¬ 
cator will highlight in the direction where you should turn to scan the 
material. To scan for DNA, maneuver your probe so that the highlight is 
on the to p of th e circ I e (th i s m ea n s the sa m p I e i s directly in front of yo u}. 


Once you are facing the direction of the sample, use Button A and the 
location of the material will blink on your video monitor (if the default 
Pre-Scan mode is ON). First move the robotic arm to the circular cross 
hairs on the screen. When the cross hairs blink, you may hit Button A if 
you wish to acquire the sample. The sample will then be stored in the 
probe's data bank. (Only three DNA samples can be stored at a time, If 
you want to remove a sample, hit the START Button to access the 
probe's computer and select the DNA BANK option to remove the 




Staying Alive 

You must constantly avoid the Defender to stay alive while collecting 
the clues you need to advance to the next phase. Remember that you 
only have three probes to work with, so do your best to avoid getting 

There are three map displays you need to use to navigate through the 
ship and keep track of the Defender. [Use Button C to switch between 
the three maps,) 

You can also temporarily confuse the Defender by jamming it. When 
the Defender is dose to your probe, the circle around your Direction 
Controls will flash yelfow. If you are in immediate danger, this circle will 
flash red. You can then use Button® to jam and disorient the Defender. 
(Jamming does deplete your probe's energy which could then result in 
probe failure.) NOTE: Jamming is more effective when you move after 
you jam. 

Phase 2: Locating Video Clues 

Once you get the three DNA samples you need, your probe's power will 
be restored and you must then find the video messages left by the 
crew. You need to Find at least f wo distinct types of messages. One will 
show a way to eliminate the Defender, and the other will show you a 
way to stop the ship. These messages are located on various computer 
data ports in rooms throughout the ship. 


Dwx ftw CttifOii 

Accessing Data Ports 

When you are at a location that has a video message in the data port, 
you will see "Message in Data Port" on your screen. Use your probe's 
arm (Britton A) to hook up to the data port, After the message is played 
once, the key parts of the information will be recorded as notes in your 
computer database. The clue can be called up by hitting the START 
Sutton and choosing NOTES, 

4 - 



Phase 3: Eliminating the Defender 

Once you have found the two video clues necessary to complete the 
game, you must use the one that explains how to disable or destroy the 
Defender robot first. NOTE: You may find and use more than one of 
each clue (in case the Defender re-launches). 

Using Access Codes 

Some of the dues will explain how to defeat the Defender. Listen care¬ 
fully to the video, goto the location indicated in the due, and then use 
the ship's computers to execute the access code that will stop the ro¬ 
bot, You can access the computers by linking with the data port speci¬ 
fied in the clue. 

Phase 4: Destroying the Ship 

Once the Defender is out of the way, you have about five minutes to 
input the access code to stop the ship. If you wait too long, another 
Defender will be launched. Move your probe to the location given on 
the video message and hook up with the data port there. After you 
enter the access code, congratulations! You J re victorious and the uni¬ 
verse Is safe agai n. Try ag a i n on a h ig her level where t he Defender gets 
nastier and the dues are harder to find. 

■ ■■II 




The Game Screen 


Yim<j Fti 


PftbU DrtlcliiiM 


DifeitTOH InoumV Power Civil 


The Iron Helix screen takes the form of a remote interface. You are 
controlling the probe from on board the Indiana using a remote control 
device. Following is a description of each function or display on this 

Video Feedback Screen 

This shows a view as seen from your probe. As you move about, this 
screen will display rooms and corridors, it also is used to display PNA 
samples when they are scanned. 

Probe Direction Controls 

When these arrows glow green, it means that your probe can move in 
that direction. (Use the O-Pad for direction control.) If the up arrow is 
red, there is a door in front of your probe that can be opened by press¬ 
ing UP on the D-Pad. 

III ■ ft 



Scan Direction Indicator/ 

Threat Warning Light 

Around the Probe Direction Controls is a circular LED that serves a dual 
pu rpose, If on e of t he four com pass poin ts on t his drc ie is highlig hted r it 
means that there's an organic sample in that direction, (Turn to the 
appropriate direction and use Button A to scan for the sample,) 

The ci rc Ie also d o u bl es a s a Th re at Wa rn i ng Light, If th e circl e is I it g ree n, 
the Defender robot is within a safe distance, if the circle turns yellow, 
the Defender is nearby and within jamming range. And, if the circle 
turns red, the Defender is almost on top of you. 

Power Level Indicator 

This green bar shows how much power your probe has remaining. 
Every time you scan for DM A or use the jamming device, the power levei 
drops. If you run out of power, you can no longer jam; your probe will 
eventually shut down and be destroyed. 

Map Display Screen 

This screen displays one of three maps showing different decks of the 
ship, (Use Button C to switch between maps,) The first map shows the 
location of your probe (indicated by a triangle). The second map tracks 
the location of the Defender (indicated by a square). The third map 
shows a side view of all the levels of the ship and both the probe and 
the Defender, 





Using the Probe's Computer 

You can access the probe s on-board computer and database by hitting 
the START Button This brings up four options; PAUSE, DMA BANK, 
SYSTEM and MOTES, Use the D-Pad to move through the options and 
Button A to select. You can exit by pressing the START Button again. 


This pauses your game of iron Helix. Press any Button to continue. 


This option allows you to see what DNA samples you have stored. You 
ca n on I y store t h ree sa mpies at a time. U se Button A to delete a sa mpl e, 
Button C to cancel. 


The SYSTEM option brings up a sub-menu of four other options; RE¬ 


This Option resets the probe in case of mechanical failure. If your probe 
shuts down, use this option to reboot it. Rebooting will not remove any 
samples in the DNA Bank. 

i It ■ p 




When you select this option, it saves your game of iron Hdix in its 
present state. Use the Load Saved Game option from the Main Menu to 
restore your saved game. 


If ST AEIU2E i s Off f t h e defa ult) r y o u r probe wi 11 boon ce a nd sway when 
it it not being commanded. When STABILIZE is turned On, the probe 
will remain motionless while at rest. 


When AUTO SCAN is On (the default), the ON A cross hairs will appear 
when you use the arm to look for a DNA due. Otherwise, in the Off 
position, you will have to manually scan the entire screen for a DMA 
clue. (The Off position uses no probe energy,) 


Selecting this option will display any video due notes you have col¬ 
lected during Phase 2, 




Accessing Data Ports 

When you plug into a data port using your probe's robotic arm, you will 
be presented with four options (assuming you have the proper DNA): 
Command, Engineering, Navigation and Local Access. 


The Command option has four sub-options; Mission Profile, Weapon 
Control, Crew Roster and Security. (Details on the Crew Roster can be 
found following this section.) 


Engineering has four sub-options; Anti-Matter Containment, Reactor 
Control, Field! Flux Intermix and Warp Mod Envelope, 


Th e N avigation opt i on h as t hree ad d i t ion a I opt i on s: Helm, V-P roc Com¬ 
puter and ETA on Target. 

Local Access 

With Local Access, you can interface with the Loading Dockorthe Incin¬ 
erator if you are in either of those locations. 




Crew Personnel Dossiers 

The following crew members were assigned to the SS 
Jeremiah Obrian when it deployed 17 Oct 2379: 

William 'Buck" Parrish 

Fleet Commander 

Cate Ingram 

Fleet Lieutenant Commander, Special Forces Of¬ 
ficer and Covert Operations Specialist 

Jake Slatman, MD, PhD/Surgeon 

Physician and Psychiatrist 

H Tatyana Semenovsky 

Security Officer 

Joe Geist 

Fleet Engineer 1st Class 

Carla Zyzinski 

Fleet Engineer 1 st Class 

Jack Ichikawa 

Fleet Navigation Specialist 

Bobby Benedetti 

Fleet Ordnance and Special Weapons Officer 

Wayne 'Wayne-O' 1 Hendryx 

Fleet Communications Officer 1st Class 

continued ,.. 



J Jirn Garrett 

l Ensign 1st Class 

Frank Stafford 

Ensign End Class 

B Chris Franc 

Fleet Science Officer 1st Class. PhD Astrobiology 

Hints and Tips 

If you're having t rouble fig wring out what to do, how to stay alive, how 
to win the game or If you just want some general dues and hints r read 
this section,. 

WARNING! Reading this portion of the manual will greatly reduce the 
challenge of figuring out the game for yourself and could reduce your 
playing time. 

For additional help, you can call our Hint-line at 1 -900-773-HINT {$.95 
per m j n ute). If you're under 18, don't forget to ask yo ur pa rents before 
you call The Hint-line requires a Touch-Tone telephone and is only 
available in the U.S. 

Skill Levels 

* Skill Levels above Level 1 are more challenging. Not only is the 
Defender faster, it is also smarter. Every time you open a door or 
plug into a data port, the Defender will move towards that loca¬ 
tion , (You ca n use thi s as a way to lure t he Defender to its death or 
to lure it away from areas you wish to explore.} 


* There are three levels of crew DNA, High-ranking crew DNA will 
allow you to access the video messages and computers. These are 
the Commander (WiIJiam Parrish), Lieutenant Commander 
(Catherine Ingram}, Chief Engineer (Joseph Geist) and the Weap¬ 
ons Specialist {Robert Benedetti). 


• 4 — 



* The Medical Officer (Jacob Blatman) and the Security Officer 
(Tatyana Semenovsky) are crew members who had access to most 
of the ship, but not to the codes for the weapons or ship controls. 
Their ON A will act as skeleton keys, allowing you to travel freely 
throughout most of the rooms where you r ll find the higher level 

Other crew members' DNA will provide access to some rooms, 
depending on that crew member's function and rank. Non-human 
DNA will not help you, 

* In Level 2 and Level 3, high-ranking DNA will always be found in 
rooms, never in hallways or common areas. The higher the level, 
the fewer the number of DNA clues and video messages. 


* Rooms you may have thought were inaccessible may not actually 
be locked at all times. There may be important information con¬ 
tained within. 


* Use ladder chutes to move undetected between floors. But be 
careful! The Defender moves quickly in ladder chutes, but does not 
use elevators, 

* There Es a "secret" dead-end ladder chute that the Defender won't 
use. You can hide in it undetected, 

Customer Support 

For technical problems only, please call Spectrum 
HotoByte's Customer Support at (510)522-7164 * 



- 4 - 


Creators of Iron Helix 

Drew Pictures 

Drew Huffman 

Producer/DErector, Story and Concept, 3-D Modelling and Indus¬ 
trial Design, Animation and about a thousand other things 


Assistant Producer, Script, Story and Manual Writing, Digital Mi- 
c roscopy, Director of Li ve-Actio n Video, Mar ketin g/Pu b I i c Rela tions 
and about a thousand other things 

Rich Cohen 

Creative Director, Art: Direction, Color and Lighting, 3-D Rendering, 
I nterfa ce Gra ph i cs, Ani mat ion, Photoshop Mentor and about a th ou- 
sand other things 

J.A. Nelson (Macintosh version} 

Interactive Programming, Interface Design and about a thousand 
other things 

Bill Zettler (PC version) 

Interactive Programming, Interface Design and about a thousand 
other things 

Erin Manning 

Business Administration, Product Testing and about a thousand 
other things 

Charles Rose 

3-D Rendering and Modelling, Image Compositing and Animation 

Phil! Simon 

Prod u cer—Sega CD Version, Tech nica f Di rector of Live-Action Video 
Sequences and 3-D Modelling and Animation 

Dan Meblin 

3-D Logomation, 3-D Modelling and Animation 

Peter Stone 

Original Music Sound Tracks and Sound Effects 

Chris Green 

Special Visual Effects and Virtual Pyrotechnics 





Larry Chandler 

Ship's Computer Screens and Microscopy Animation Processing 

Scott Burgess 

Special Programming Assistance 

Alex Louie 

Special Programming Assistance 

Mark Sullivan 

Special Graphics and Design Assistance 

Fred Sharp els 

Production Assistant 

Dave Shields 

Initial Prototype Programming& Additional X-Object Programming 

Production Assistant 
Alicia Strain and Stephanie Winters 

Live-Action Characters (Semenovsky and Ingram) 

Jim "Goopy" Rossi and everyone at Arborescence 

Technical Assistance on Live-Action Sequences and free-running 

Cintra Wilson 

as Admiral Arboc 

Brian A. Rice, Inc, 

Brian A. Rice 

Programming—Sega CD Version 

Glenn Lessczak 

Project Management—Sega CD Version 

Dave Matthews 
Charles WI itgen 
Cliff Falls 

Additional SFX 
Russell] Eberts 

David Leszczak 


1 11 ■ HR 

■ ■III 



Spectrum HoloByte 

Harvey Lee 

Producer—Sega CD Version 

Robert Giedt 

Manual Layout/Design, Editing and a Smidgen of Writing and Ant 

Marisa Qng 

Manual Editing 

Tom Byron 

Product Marketing Manager 

Kathryn Lynch 

Marketing Services Manager 

Carrie Galbraith 

CD-ROM Art, Deck Plans and General Graphic Arts Sorceress 

Marjorie Oe Wilde 

Director of Quality Assurance Wizards 

Wi Kian Tang 

Lead Quality Assurance Wizard 

Chris Evans, Due Le, Tan Nguyen, Justin Van Den Berg and 
Robert Wong 

Additional Quality Assurance Wizards 

Special thanks to; 

Tom Dickson, Pat Feely, Rita Harrington, Ludjja Kordrc, Gilman Louie, 
Guymond Louie, Ron Martinez, Ann Pratt 

Drew Pictures would like to thank: 

Cintra Wilson, Stan Roach, Chris Garske, Jef Feltman, Larry Loth, 
Cliff Lau, Paul Kohler 

Technical Notes 

If you have any comments about how Iron He fix was made or questions 
about any of the great products used in its creation, please call us and 
we'll give some more information, Here's how we can be reached: 

Drew Pictures (415)247-7600 

246 First Street (415) 974-6733 F ax 

Su i te 402 Am erica On I ine: wtew pi* 

San Francisco, CA 94105 AppleLink: pictures 


ill ■■ 



GET a 

Stuck? Stumped? 

Help is at your 

Hints and tips are just a 
phone call away. 

can 900-773-HINT 

$.95 per minute. STIf you’re under 18, 
don’t forget to ask your parents before you 
call. Hint-line requires a Touch-Tone tele¬ 
phone and is only available in the U.S. 

rt / Spectrum 2490 Mariner Square Loop 
fj v HoloByte Alameda, CA 94501 


Spectrum HoloByte warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this 
cartridge shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a 
period of 90 days from date of purchase. If a defect covered by this war¬ 
ranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Spectrum HoloByte will 
repair or replace the cartridge, at its option, free of charge. 

Id receive this warranty service: 

I Do not return your defective cartridge to the retailer. 

J . Notify Spectrum H olo Byte's Customer Support depa rtm e n t of the 
problem requiring warranty service by calling (510)522-1164, Our 
Customer Support department is in operation from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. 

3. If the Spectrum HoloByte Customer Support Representative is unable 
to solve the problem by phone, he will provide you with a Return 
Authorization number. Simply record this number on the outside pack¬ 
aging of your defective cartridge.and return your cartridge postage 
paid, at your risk of damage, together with your dated sales slip or sim¬ 
ilar proof-of-purchase within the 90-day warranty period to: 

Spectrum HoloByte 
Customer Support Department 
Attn: Iron Helix Sega CD 
2490 Mariner Square Loop 
Alameda, CA 94501 

I his warranty shall not apply if the cartridge has been damaged by negli¬ 
gence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or by other 
causes unrelated to the defective materials or workmanship. 

Warranty limitations: Any applicable implied warranties, including war¬ 
ranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby 
limited to ninety days from the date of purchase and are subject to the 
conditions set forth herein, In no event shall Spectrum HoloByte be liable 
for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the breach of any 
express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some 
States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or 
exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitations 
and exclusion may not apply to you.This warranty gives you specific legal 
rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. 

PATENTS U .MiS.iBeM.iS^SBA-MSZ.Qrau.aae.SSa Europe- n BC244; 
Canada «"■ 1 .IBStfTOI ,«SU»1; Hong Ktoftfl 
Oenmany n 2 C09.B26; Singapore ■ aa-155; U.K. w 1.535,999; 
Franco fr 1.607,029; Japan rU 1.63Z,39Srl02-2O&6OS (Ponding) 



2490 Ma ri ner Squ a re Loo p 
Alameda, £A 94501 

Manufactured in Che U.S.A.