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Appropriate tor 
ait audiences. 

Rated byV.BX 

General Audiences 



Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no 
history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your 
family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to 
playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms 
while playing a video game - dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any invol¬ 
untary movement, or convulsions — IMMEDIATELY discon¬ 
tinue use and consult your physician before resuming play. 

Owners of Projection Televisions 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube dam¬ 
age or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or 
extended use of video games on large-screen projection TVs. 

About Audio Connectors 

If the Audio connection is made to your television from the Sega 
CD, the Mixing Cable must be used to connect the headphone 
output jack on the front of the Genesis to the MIXING input jack 
on the rear of the Sega CD, If the Audio connection is made to 
vour television from the Sega Genesis (using either the RF cable 
or a Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must NOT be used. 

Starting Up: How to Use Your Sega CD 

1. Set up your Sega CD system by following the instructions in 
your Sega CD User's Guide. Plug in Control Pad 1, 

2. Turn the system on. The Sega CD animated display will appear. 
If nothing appears on screen, turn the system OFF and make 
sure it is set up correctly. 

3. Press Dutton C on the Genesis Control Pad,, and the on-screen 
Control Panel will appear. Use the D-Button to select EJECT and 
press Button C to open the CD tray. 

4. Place the Formula One , World Championship , Beyond the Limit disc 
in the CD tray and press Button C. The CD Tray will close, and 
the words CD-ROM will appear on the Control Panel. 

5. Use the D-Button to move the cursor onto CD-ROM and press 
Button C The opening screens of the game will appear. 

6. If you wish to stop a game in progress or the game ends, press 
the Reset Button on the Genesis console to display the on-screen 
Control Panel. 

For Game Play Assistance, call 1-4I5-591-PLAY. 


Racing for Real 

Formula One World Championship, Beyond the Limit represents a 
departure from conventional racing games. Tl preserves the feeling 
of the racetrack—through lightning-fast screen action that actually 
makes you feel that it's you in that driver's seat. In addition, you 
can control the features of your car io such depth that you have to 
battle with the technical complexities of the sport. 

To heighten the racing realism, you can follow the 1993 Grand Prix 
schedule exactly Alternatively select a race from the series and rise 
to the challenge that faced a particular driver during one section of 
that race. If you're not ready for that yet, warm up with a few free 
practice laps on the track of your choice. 

Strap yourself in. It's time to venture beyond the limit. 


Take Control! 

6-Button Arcade Pad 3-Button Control Pad 

Start Button 

• Press to start Formula One World Championship, Beyond the Limit 

• Press to pause games and access Time/Map menu; press again to 
restart paused games 

• Press to advance through advice screens 


• Press left and right to steer the car 

• Press to move the cursor in selection screens 

• Press left or right while holding down Button A and Button B to 
turn on the spot 

• Press up and down to shift gears (manual transmission) 

Button A 

• Press to brake 

• Press to enter selections in menus 

• Hold down together with Button B and use the D-Button to turn 
when stationary 


Button B 

* Press to accelerate 

* Hold down together with Button A and use the D-Button to turn 
when stationary 

* Press to exit video scenes 

Button C 

* Press to enter selections in menus 

* Press together with B button for a turbo speed boost while passing 

Note: Buttons X, Y and Z on the 6-Button Arcade Pad have 
no functions in this game- 

Getting Started 

After you turn on your Sega CD, the Sega logo appears, followed by 
legal notices. Press Button A, B or C or Start to speed through these 
screens. Next you'll see some Formula One video racing action. 
Press Start or Button B to advance to the Formula One World Cham¬ 
pionship , Beyond the Limit Title screen. Press Start again to advance 
to the Mode Select screen. If you don't press Start, you'll return to 
the beginning of the legal notices. 

Mode Select 

Here you can choose to get straight 
on with the game, take a look at 
some record lap times or make 
some changes to the game condi¬ 
tions. Press the D-Button up or 
down to move the highlighter and 
then press Button A or C to enter 
your choice. 

GAME START begins the action right away 

RECORD HOLDERS allows you to check out record lap times. 
Press the D-Button left or right to scan the different tracks. Each one 
lists the top five track times and names. When you are finished, 
press Button B to return to the Mode Select menu, 


OPTIONS comprises SOUND, 
which gives you a chance to preview 
soundtracks; QUALIFY, offering 
you the choice of whether or not to 
qualify better than 25th; and MCL 
NO. 1, which enables you to register 
your racing name and car number 
for the second McLaren team car. 

Press the D-Button up or down to 
move the racing car icon to the option, then press Button A or C 

If you select SOUND, the Sound 
screen appears. You have the choice of 
THEME SELECT (various songs used 
during the game), B.G.M, (back¬ 
ground music), VOICE (commentary) 
and S.E. (sound effects). Press the 
D-Button to move the racing car icon 
to the sound option of your choice 
then press Button A or C to listen in 
and Button B to stop. Move the icon to EXIT and press Button A or 
C to leave the Sound screen. 

Two qualifying sessions precede each race in Grand Prix mode (see 
page 9), You have the choice of whether or not to qualify. Select 
QUALIFY, press the D-Button left or right to toggle between YES 
(can fail) and NO. 

After choosing MCL NO 1, you see 
the Car's Number Entry screen. 

Press the D-Button left or right to 
select a car number from 0 to 31, and 
press Button A or C to enter. This 
accesses the Name Entry screen. Use 
the D-Button to select letters and 
press Button A or C to enter selec¬ 
tions. Button B erases the preceding 
letter. When you have entered your name, move the highlighter to 
END and press Button A or C to return to the Options screen. 

When you are finished with the Options screen, move the racing car 
icon to EXIT and press Button A, B or C or Start. 

u, qqcm trn i 


U U U X ¥ 2 0 1 2 3 

i S 6 7 t S . , ! f 

1 c f> 


Game Select 

After you select GAME START in 
the Mode Select screen, the Game 
Select screen appears. Here you can 
decide to race a full-fledged 
highlight from the 1993 series in 
1993 MODE, or warm up on the 
track of your choice in FREE RUN. 

Press button B to return to the Mode Select Screen. 

Grand Prix 

Opt for Grand Prix mode, and you can either start a new game or 
continue a game in progress. If you choose CONTINUE, the Data 
Select screen appears. This enables you to rejoin a Grand Prix at the 
start of the round you were playing. (See page 16 for more details 
on loading and saving games.) 

If you choose to start a new game, the Name Entry screen appears. 
Enter your name as in the Options screen (see page 7), The name 
you register here is the name that you will be remembered by in the 
Record Holders screen. 

This is followed by the Grand Prix screen. Press any button to 

Before you participate in the Grand Prix, 
you have to join a team. Your debut is on 
the Sega Park Race Circuit. This is your 
chance to showcase your skills—under the 
scrutiny of the whole racing world. Your 
performance determines your choice of 
teams. First there is an introductory presentation. Press any button 
to advance through these screens. This is followed by an outline of 
the Sega Park Race Circuit—the scene of your debut—with such 
useful track data as circuit length, record lap time, and the location 
of the pit and other landmarks. Press Button B or Start to move to 
the starting line. Wait for the green light, and you're off! 



After you pass the checkered flag, you 
are told your time and which teams 
this was good enough to attract. If you 
are not satisfied with the teams 
available, you can run the qualifying 
session again. If you decided to opt 
for a rerun, you are back at the start of 
the qualifying session. 

1 leans, Footwork, Lotus, 
Jordan, Larromc, Minardi, 
Tyrrell arid La Fa. want tn 
negotiate a contract with you 

If you chose to go with one of the teams 
available, you have the option of listening 
to an explanation of the game. This 
includes a wide array of data on various 
game-specific and general racing mat¬ 
ters—vital if you are just starting out. 
Press the D-Button up or down to scroll 
through the topics. When a topic that 
interests you is highlighted, press any 
button to read the explanation. When 
you are through, highlight EXIT and 
press any button again. 

Warm-up drive 


Ha ire 

► Point system 


If you win Jwfh tie Driver’s and 
the Cnfistructor L s clikiflp Unships, 
you earn 10 pints. 

For 2nd place yeu earn 6 

points, for 3rd place 4 points, 
far 4th place 3 points, for 5th 
place 2 points and for Rth place 

Next you see the Team Select 
screen. Each team is comprised 
of two drivers. Press the D- 
Button left or right to scroll 
through the teams. Press up or 
down to highlight the driver you 
wish to compete as. When the 
driver of your choice is selected, 
press any button to continue. 


Sil back and find out more about your team. You see profiles of 
your team members and data about the ear you will be driving. 
This is followed by some words of advice. Press any button to 
advance through these screens. 

Before you race, you are shown an introduction to the race ahead. 
In addition to the information you saw before the Sega Park Race 
Circuit, you are told the date of the race. 

Grand Prix preliminaries run over two days. This gives you two 
chances to clock up a good qualifying time. 

Day 1: Run a few practice laps to get 
used to the track in a FREE PRAC¬ 
TICE, or adjust the SETTINGS of 
your car in the Machine Setting 

11). When you're 

e down to the track for your QUALIFYING session. 



Day 2: If you are satisfied with 
your results, go ahead and 
RACE, if not, you can repeat 
yesterday s i t inerary. 

Fmais—the real thing. However you 
still have a chance to run a few 
WARM L P laps and to make some 
last-minute adjustments to your 



Machine Setting allows you to tailor vour car. The range of adjust¬ 
ments oilers the challenges of Formula One precision tuning that 
drivers must face. Highlight the factor you want to adjust and press 
Button A or C. This accesses a range of settings. Press the D-Button 
left or right to adjust the setting, then press Button A or C to return 
to the Machine Setting main menu. When you are through, high¬ 
light EXJ t and press Button A or C. For more information on the 
functions of different parts of the car, check out the advice screens 
(see page 9). 

A iter y o u sel ec t QUA LI F Y, v ou see 
the Pit screen. Here you can check 
out the times of other drivers and 
course conditions. Press the D-Button 
up or down to move the hand to the 
button of your choice. 

1. Ranking shows current lap times of other drivers in order of 

2. Fastest Speed lists the top ten performances on the course. 

3. Map shows a course diagram, indicating other cars on the track. 

4. Course Conditions span temperature, air pressure and wind 



Times are measured during the two qualifying sessions in order to 
determine the starting grid in the race. Both Qualifying Sessions are 
20 minutes. Attempt to obtain your best lap time during the two 
qualifying sessions. Your best lap time during the sessions will 
determine your position on the starting grid for the race. Pit-in and 
pit-out laps are not measured. 

The third screen displays the 
top speeds of Ist-lOth place 
cars during the qualifying 

Before the qualifying sessions, the pit screen will always be 
displayed. Data regarding other drivers in the qualifying sessions 
and various conditions in the qualifying sessions will be displayed 
in real time. Use this data to plan strategies for attack and timing. 
Each screen is accessed by moving the 
driver's finger up and down the number 
bar and using the "C" button to select. 

All screens are displayed in real time 
with your time clock running. 

The first screen displays the lap times of 
lst-15th place cars during the qualifying 
sessions. The second displays 16th-26th 

The fourth screen displays all of the car 
numbers on the track and them current 
position on the track during the 
qualifying session. 

The fifth screen displays 
important data for racing, such 
as temperature, atmospheric 
pressure and wind direction. 


[he action is preceded by the Starting 
Grid, showing you the positions of the 
racers at the starting line. Press any 
button to hurry through this screen. 

When you finish a race, first you'll see a Presentation Ceremony for 
the winner. Press Button A or C to move on to the results screens. 

Round Results lists drivers in finish¬ 
ing order. Their teams are also given, 
along with times or finishing status 
(s uch a s " R e ti re d"). Your driv er' s 
name is flashing. Press the D-Button 
down to speed up the scrolling, arid 
up to go back up the list. 

Drivers' Points shows points aecumu 
lated so far by driver. 

Constructors' Points lists the same 
information by team. 

After you have finished with the results, you can press NEXT 
ROUND, to continue with the Grand Prix, If you are through nith 
your current session, select SAVE to go to the Data Save screen, so 
that later you can carry on with your game from that point. 


1993 Mode 

This mode follows the same 
pattern as Grand Prix mode 
through Name Entry. This is 
followed by the Round Select 
screen. This allows you to 
choose in which of I993's 
Grand Prix races you wish to 
participate. Press the D-Button 
left or right to select the coun¬ 
try by flag, then Button A or C 
to enter your decision. Press 

button B to return to the Game Select Screen. 


You are shown a summary of the 
section of the race that you will act 
out. You are assigned a driver's role, 
an opponent and a challenge. For 
example, in the screen shown you 
are J, J. Lehto. During the last three 
laps of this race, he passed D. 
Warwick to advance from seventh 
position to sixth position. Your task 
is to equal his performance. 

Press Button A or C to see some pre¬ 
race advice and an explanation of 
what is expected of you. Press 
Button A or C to move down to the 
track. In 1993 Mode, the first few 
seconds are Computer controlled to 
give you a smooth start, as you are 
usually joining the action in mid¬ 


After the assigned section is completed, you are reminded of a 
fundamental principal of racing: either YOU WIN or YOU LOSE. 
The message you get depends on whether or not you achieved your 

Press Button A or C and you are asked whether you want to try 
again. Select YES or NO and press Button A or C. If you decided to 
give it another crack, you are placed back at the start of your race 
section. If you know when you're beaten, you return to the Round 
Select screen. 

Free Run 

Free Run g:ves you the 
opportunity to get used to the 
track of your choice without 
the disturbance of competi¬ 
tion. If you select this mode, 
you are shown the Course 
Select screen. Press the D- 
Button left or right to scan the 
Grand Prix tracks. When you 
find the one you want, press 
Button A or C, LAPS begins 
to flash. Choose the number of laps you wish to run, between one 
and ten, and press Button A or C again. Press the D-Button down 
and you can select your weather conditions. Press Button B to 
return to the previous screen. When you are through, press Button 
A or C. 

Team Select functions as in Grand Prix mode, with a full portfolio of 
teams and drivers available. This is followed by Machine Setting, 
which is also the same as in Grand Prix mode. 

Then it's just you, your car and the track. 

After you've finished your prescribed laps, you see the Name Entry 
screen. Enter your name, and it's back to Course Select. 


On the Screen 

Good racers have to be able to keep their eyes on their surround¬ 
ings, while always being aware of what's happening on their 

Total Time 

Speedometer Gear Indicator Best Time Lap Time 

Shift indicator 

Water Temperature 
Oil Temperature 

Lap Number 

Water Temperature lights up if the engine overheats. This can 
happen if you drive on the dirt or grass too much. 

Oil Temperature rises and this light comes on if you overuse the 
turbo speed boost. 

Tachometer measures engine revolutions per minute. 

Speedometer tells you how fast you are going. 

Gear Indicator shows which gear you are currently in. 

Shift Indicator lights up in manual mode when it's time to change 

Lap Time measures your time so far for the current lap. 

Best Time records your best lap time during the current session. 

Position indicates your standing in the race for the current lap. 

lap Number shows you the number of the current lap (left) and 
total number of laps in the race (right). 

Grip shows you the amount of grip left on your tires. 


In addition, there are a number of 
screen messages that serve as 
prompts to remind you to do 
something or as guides to keep 
you aware of your current 
posi tion in the race. 


+ 47 , 06 

r ' 



For example, Katayama is 47,06 
you, while Aiesi is on your tail. 

seconds ahead of 

Time/Map Menu 

If, during a race, you press Start and pause a game, 
you see the Time /Map menu. MAP allows you to 
substitute some screen indicators for a course map; 
and TIME reverts to a full set of screen indicators. 

Press the D-Button up or down to make your 
choice. When you continue the game, the screen will be changed 
accordingly. Highlight RETIRE and press Start and you can skip to 
the end of your current race. 

In the Pit 

Strategic use of pit stops is 
vital for good racing. You 
may be unwilling to lose the 
time at first, but experience 
shows that it will soon be 
made up if you make the 
right decisions. You can 
make a pit stop to change 
your tires at any time, but there are also times when messages from 
your crew advise you to do so. 

Before you race, you are shown the location of the pit. Steer your 
car into the pit and adjustments are made automatically. If you are 
making a voluntary stop, you will be asked to select the type of tire 
you want. 


Saving and Loading Games 

You can save your game 
directly into the internal back¬ 
up RAM or a CD Backup 
RAM Cart (sold separately). 
There are four save data for 
each mode/ and the file name 
in the back-up RAM is 
created as " FORMULA- 
ONE". If you choose SAVE 
between races in the 
"GRAND PRIX" and "1993 

MODE/" the above screen is displayed. By pressing up on the 
Direction Button/ you can select the type of back up desired. 
Continue the saving process with the following steps. (23 empty 
blocks are necessary to save data from "BEYOND THE LIMIT"). 

To Save an Internal Back-Up RAM 

After making sure there is a red cursor on the internal back-up 
RAM mark, move the blue cursor with the Direction Button to 
select one of the four files/ and press Button A or C. 

If the Internal Back - Up RAM has Not Been 

A message will appear on the screen; format the back-up RAM in 
question according to the instructions and then start the game. 

When there is not Enough Space in the Internal 
Back- Up RAM 

If the back-up RAM does not have enough space you will be asked 
if you wish to start the game without being able to save. If "YES" is 
selected/ the game will start. If "NO" is selected/ ensure that you 
have enough space according to the instructions and then start the 

To Save to a CD Back-Up RAM Cart 

Move the blue cursor with the Direction Button to select the CD 
Backup RAM Cart mark and press Button A or C. There will be a 
red cursor on the mark. After making sure the red cursor is on the 
mark/ move the blue cursor with the Direction Button to select one 
of the four files, and press Button A or C. 

Note: saved data from this game will be erased if eliminated in 
"OPTION" of the SEGA-CD Control Screen. 


Loading Game Data 

When there is game data saved, "CONTINUE" is displayed when 
selecting game mode. Select "CONTINUE" and confirm the 
selection with Button A or C. Load Screen will be displayed where 
you can select the desired data with the Direction Button and 
confirm the selection with Button A or C. You will be able to 
continue the game from the point where it was saved. 



Sega Racing Team Members 


Michael Meischeid 

Product Manager: 

Tun Durtley 

Assistant Producer: 

Gerald DeYoung 

Lead Tester: 

Steve Bourdet 

Assistant Lead: 

Sam Saliba 


Rey Alferez 

John Amirkhan 

Blair Bullock 

Mike Callahan 

Cary Camacho 

Janine Cook 

Marc Dawson 

Alex Fairchild 

Dave Forester 

Tracy Johnson 

Jeff Kessler 

Mark Paniagua 

Bill Person 

Tim Spengler 

Ben Szymkowiak 

Maria Tuzzo 

Fernando Valderrama 

Gregg Watkins 

Product Specialist: 

Nemer Velasquez 

Special Thanks: 

Wayne Townsend 

Steve Payne 

Eric Smith 

Lorene Goble 

James Spahn 



Sega of America, Inc,, warrants to the original consu mer pu rchaser that the Sega C D 
compact disc shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period 
of 90 days from the date of purchase, tf a defect covered by this limited warranty 
occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective 
compact disc at its option, free of charge. This limited warranty does not apply if the 
defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, 
tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship. 

To receive U.S. warranty service, call the Sega Consumer Service Department 
at this number: 

1-8Q0-U S A-S EG A 

To receive Canadian warranty service, call the Sega Canadian Consumer Service 
Department at this number: 


Return the compact disc to Sega Consumer Service. Please call first for further 
information. If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he or she 
will provide you with instructions on returning your defective compact disc to Sega. 
The cost of returning the compact disc to Sega’s Service Center shall be paid by the 

Rep airs after Expiration of Warranty 

if your Sega CD compact disc requires repairs after termination of the 90-day limited 
warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service Department at the 
number listed above, if the technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he 
or she will advise you of the estimated cost of repair. If you elect to have the repair 
done, you will need to return the defective merchandise, freight prepaid and insured 
against loss or damage, to Sega s Service Center with an enclosed check or money 
order payable to Sega of America, lnc„ for the amount of the cost estimate provided 
to you by the technician. If, after inspection, it is determined that your compact disc 
cannot be repaired, it will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded. 

Limitations on Warranty 

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and 
fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to 90 days from the date of 
purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega 
of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the 
breach of any express or implied warranties. 

The provisions of this limited warranty are valid in the United States and 
Canada only* Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied 
warranty lasts, or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the 
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.This warranty providesyou 
with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to 

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& Realistic Sports Games Today! 


















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beiftv.' Fli« <iHflvlB9DA SO? i m licensed by FQCA to f-uji Talem rF.e World Senes is a rritrSemarkowned by Major League Etosebn i Praperries, Its-. MU3PA 
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