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Epilepsy Warning 

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic 
seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. 
Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television 
screen or while playing video games may induce an epileptic 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no 
history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your 
family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to 
playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms 
while playing a video game — dizziness, altered vision, eye or 
muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any invol¬ 
untary movement, or convulsions — IMMEDIATELY discon¬ 
tinue use and consult your physician before resuming play. 

Owners of Projection Televisions 

Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube dam¬ 
age or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or 
extended use of video games on large-screen projection TVs. 

About Audio Connectors 

If the Audio connection is made to your television from the Sega 
CD, the Mixing Cable must be used to connect the headphone 
output jack on the front of the Genesis to the MIXING input jack 
on the rear of the Sega CD. If the Audio connection is made to 
your television from the Sega Genesis (using either the RF cable 
or a Video Monitor cable), the Mixing Cable must NOT be used. 

Starting Up: howto Use Your Sega CD™ 

1. Set up your Sega CD system by following the instructions in 
your Sega CD System Instruction Manual. Plug in Control Pad 1. 

2. Turn the system ON. The Sega-CD animated display will appear. 
If nothing appears on screen, turn the system OFF and make 
sure it is set up correctly. 

3. Press Button C on the Control Pad, and the on-screen Control 
Panel will appear. Use the D-Button to select EJECT and press 
Button C to open the CD tray. 

4. Place the Dark Wizard disc in the CD tray and press Button C. 

The CD tray will close, and CD-ROM will appear on the Control 

5. Use the D-Button to move the cursor onto CD-ROM and press 
Button C. The opening screens of the game will appear. 

6. If you wish to stop a game or the game ends, press the Reset 
Button on the Genesis console to display the on-screen Control 

For Game Play Assistance, call 1 -*415-591 -PLAY. 

m of 

e Darkness Beyond The Night... 

and ordered them to wage war on 
made preparations to break the se 
Darkness and free Arliman. The f 
ered unto themselves creatures 
across Cheshire, destroying kin 
with their overwhelming power. 

The kingdom of Quentin is the la 
power of light in all of Cheshire, 
waged a desperate battle to force the 
but he himself was killed in the bat 
perately needs a successor to come 
the last warriors of light against 
demons and eventually against 
the dark wizard Velonese cannot 
he will break the seal on the jewlel and fre< 

And darkness will spread 

And night will rule—eternally.. 

ile he 

d lead 
self. If 
in time, 

aceful time, the Grand Wizard Gilliam 
per of the Jewel of Darkness, which 
e spirit of the dark god Arliman. Gilliam 
test of wizards and trained many 
est of whom was the master appren- 
ut Velonese betrayed the principles 
and began practicing forbidden 

jput this, 

It on him. 
Has cast 

^HHK|nished to the island of 
to guard the Jewel of 

jewel aril 
of solitude twistl 
for reveng< 
world he wg® cJ 

Velonese use< 
mon four elei 

was trapped in the Jewel of 
his being emanated from the 
ionese. Three hundred years 
■elonese and made him hungry 
^Hliam and Cheshire, the very 
d to keep safe from Arliman. 

'forbidden knowledge to sum- 
il demons from his own body 

Take Control! 

Directional Button (D-Buttnn) 

• Directs highlighter in selection screens 

• Directs Hex (Hexagon) marker in battle screens 

• Direct# the map guide arrow on the map of Cheshire 

• Cycles through commands/items/options lists 

Start Button 

• Opens and doses the Buy /Sell window in castles 

• Opens and doses the Change Name screen 

Button A 

• Displays view options in the battlefield screen 

Button B 

• Cancels selections 

• Exits screens 

Button C 

• Selects highlighted conunands/items/options 

• Displays characters'battle options in battlefield screen 

Note: Buttons X, Y and Z on the 6 -Button Control Pad have no functions i: 
this game. 

Getting Started 

After you turn on your Sega CD, the Sega logo appears, followed by the 
story of the Dari WUmL Press Start to sec the Came Menu. 

NEW GAME- Start a new 

CONTINUE Load a game 
you've already started (see 

FILE page 16). 

OPTIONS: Change some of 
the game conditions (see 
page 17). 

Starting a New Adventure 

■ If you select NEW GAME you must 
pick one of the four characters who 
will act as Ruler of Cheshire and 
brave Vdoncse's dark army. Each 
Ruler begins the battle with a 
different amount of gold and MagR- 
Points and can summon different 
types of troops and monsters. Pick 
your Ruler from the list by scanning 
through the choices with the 
D-Button When you find the 

character, press Button C to select him or her, and the difficulty level 
choices appear. 

The EASY game starts you off with more troops and more time (among 
other benefits) while NORMAL puts you in the thick of battle when all is 
bleakest. Move the select arrow and press Button C to select. 

Next choose to start the game, change the name 
of your Ruler or return to the Ruler select screen 
to reselect. Make your choice by moving the 
select arrow to an option and pressing Button C. 

■ If you decide to change your 
Ruler s name, select CHANCE 
NAME to open the Change 
Name screen. Input a character 
by highlighting it (use the 
D-Button to move the highlight 
brackets) and pressing Button C. 
To change a character, press 
Button B until the character you 
want to change is underlined, 
then highlight the new character 
with the highlight brackets and 
press Button C. When you're done, highlight END. press Button B or the 
Start Button and the confirmation window appears. Confirm your choice or 
cancel it by moving the select arrow and pressing Button C. 

The Main Characters 

The son and heir to the throne of King 
Wynrick VUI, Armor has lost more 
than just the world of Cheshire to 
Veionese, and intends to pay Veionese 
back in kind for his actions. 

Robin is known throughout the land 
as the finest warrior in Cheshire She 
has pledged her life to defend Chesh¬ 
ire. and now her pledge is going to 
bring her face-to-face with the man 
who would destroy Cheshire: the 
Dark Wizard. 

Amon is the ruler of Cheshire's 
undead, and he intends to show 
Veionese that only one person rules 
the night—Amon the king of vam- 

The enchantress Krystal had been 
tricked by Veionese to do his work for 
him. Now, Krystal has decided to 
redeem herself by the only means 
possible—destroy Veionese, 


The Battlefield Screen 

Unit Member Your unit's members appear on screen in orange, your 
opponent's in blue. If a unit member is moving in place, it means that 
character hasn't completed their turn yet. If he, she or it is stationary, it 
means that character's turn is finished. If a character has changed shape, or 
is lighter in color than usual, a spell has been cast on that character (see the 
enclosed map for info on spells). 

Hex (Hexagon) marker Use this to view troop stats, choose where to move 
characters to, and select which enemies to attack. 

Castle: Place your Ruler here to summon creatures or enlist new members. 

Village: Position a humanoid character here and select ENTER to explore 
the Village (see page 23 for more on Villages) 

Upper Window 

Vanous battle and view commands are displayed in this window. Press 
Button A to see your view options and press Button C to see battle options. 
If the Hex marker isn’t positioned an a character, pressing Button C returns 
the He* marker to your Ruler. When you position the Hex marker on an 
enemy, or when it's the enemy's turn to move, this window displays 
various enemy statistics. 

Free Castles/Occupied Castles: This shows you how 
many castles you've freed so far, as well as how many 
are left to retake from Velonese's army. 

Free Cities/Occupied Cities: As with castles 
Current Income: With each castle and village you 
liberate from Velonese's dark forces, your daily income 
increases. A little monetary incentive to keep fighting' 
This displays your present daily income. 

Current Funds: Displays the amount of savings you 

Note: Enemy statistics are read just like those members of your o 

Lower Window 

The following information is displayed if the He* marker isn't positioned on 
an enemy character 

Ruler's Current Magic Points 
Ruler's Maximum Magic Points 
Month and Day 

When the He* marker is positioned on any friendly or 
information about that member is displayed. 

Number in Unit and Alignment 
Character Name or Creature Type 
Hit Points (Current/Maximum) 
Level/Experience Points 
Current Status 


To lake a look at any member of your team, place the He* marker on a 
character, press Button A to access options, select STR (Strength) and press 
Button C. That character's statistics sheet appears on the screen- Scroll 
through your unit's members by pressing the D-Button up or down. Press 
Button C to see the magic spells that character can cast and press Button B 
to exit the screen. 

Number in Unit Movement and battle actions are made in the order each 
character appears on the Troop Chart. See page 16 for more on how to 
change members' positions in the unit. 

Alignment: Alignment determines (among other things) the types of 
weapons that character can use. See the enclosed map for more informa- 

Creaturc/Humanoid Type: Some humanoid types can use weapons, others 
can't. Check here to find out what type of humanoid the character is. 

Name: The name you've given the member (If any). 

Occupation (humanoid only): As a character gains experience, his or her 
Class level changes, which determines dexterity, mobility, and other 

Current Status: The character's health—if a character is under some kind of 
spell, check here to take appropriate countermeasures. See the enclosed 
map for information about spells 

Class and Level: Most characters change Class every 5 or 10 levels. Check 
this to find out if a character is about to change Class. 


Experience/Next: The number of experience points the character 
how many the character needs to move up to the next Level 

Hit Points (current/maximum): This shows the character’s peak hit point 
level, and how much damage the character has taken in the current battle. 

Attack Strength: The character's maximum attack potential. 

Defense Strength: Displays that character's ability to defend against 
attacks and counterattacks. 

Special Attack (Monster only): If the monster has a special method of 
attack (fire-breathing dragons, for exampfocan attack with claws or with 
fire as a Special Attack), the name of the attack is displayed here. 

Special Attack Strength (Monster only): This shows the maximum damage 
potential the Special Attack has. 

Mobility: Shows the maximum number of hexes that character can move 
when moving on terrain they're suited for. (Sec page 18 for more inform 

Move Type: Which type of terrain the character is best suited for. (See 

Adding Characters 

You can choose to mobilize 
your unit right away and begin 
your inarch on the enemy, or 
call up more fighters to help 
you. The troops you start out 
with are able fighters, but 
you’re bound to need rein¬ 
forcements for future battles 
against the Elemental Demons 
at some time, and the earlier 
new troops get onto the 
battlefield, the sooner they'll 
get the experience they need. You'll also need to leave behind a defense 
force afterwards to hold back enemy troops who will try to recapture the 
area. (More details about defense forces on page 28.) 

You us* a certain number of magic points for each non human character 
you create, and you expend a certain amount of gold for each humanoid 
character you hire. Keep two things in mind about humanoid characters: 
only they can serve as defense personnel (no monsters allowed!), and they 
receive salary, the amount paid being determined by his or her Cass. 

To add characters to your team, make sure your leader is at a castle (the 
leader must be positioned at a castle to summon, hire or deploy team 
members). Position the Hex marker on one of the six spaces adjacent to the 

• 12 ^ 

Command Options 

Pressing Button A at any time during your turn 
displays the Command Options. Highlight an 
option with the D-Button and press Button C to 
select it, or leave the options display by pressing 
Button B. 


Use this command to bring the Hex marker back to your leader. 

PRTY (Party) 

Select this to look at your party's composition—you can also change any 
member's name (except your leader's) or their movement order with this 
option. To change a member's name, highlight the name on the party list 
with the D-Button and press the Start Button. The Change Name screen 
appears next. Name changing a done as on page 9. 

To change your members' movement order, highlight a character's name 
with the D-Button. press Button C, move the highlighter to the member 
they will trade places with and press Button C again. 

STRE (Strength) 

Place the Hex marker around any of your unit's members and select this to 
see that character's statistics chart (see page 13 for more information). 


This option allows you to save games 
and load games you've saved. After 
you select FILE, a warning screen 
appears. Read this carefully before 
press Button C to open the back up 

CHANGE: If you arc using an external 
RAM cartridge, you can access it by 
highlighting CHANGE with the 
D-Button and pressing Button C. 

• 13 -*- 

SAVE: When you wan I to save a game in progress, select SAVE and two ] 
highlighters will appear on the screen. Move the first highlighter to either I 
NEW WRITE (if you want to save the game in a new space) or 
OVERWRITE (if you want to save the game in place of an old game) and 
press Button C. If you select NEW WRITE, the game will automatically be 
placed in a new file. If you select OVERWRITE, select which old file to 
erase. Move the second highlighter to the old file by pressing the D-Button, 
then press Button C. When the confirmation window appears, highlight 
your choice and press Button C. 

Note: If there is insufficient memory to make a new file, you must 
OVERWRITE to save your game 

LOAD: Allows you to play a game you have saved. Use the D-Button to 
select LOAD and press Button C. Use the D-Button to highlight the game 
you want to play, and press Button C. When the confirmation window 
appears, highlight your choice and press Button C. 

DELETE: If you need to open up memory to save games, highlight DE¬ 
LETE and press Button C. Then move the highlighter to the game you want 1 
to delete and press Button C again. When the confirmation window 
appears, highlight your choice and press Button O 

RENAME: Change the ID number of any saved games in the backup RAM. I 
First, highlight the game you wish to change, press Button C, then press the 5 
D-Button up or down to change the first number. Move to the next number 
by pressing the D-Button right. 

EXIT: When you've finished saving, deleting or renaming games, select 
this to return to the battlefield. 

MENU: Select this to return to the Sega CD main menu. 

SETS (Settings) 

■ Battle Display: Select REAL to watch each I 
battle as it takes place, or OFF to go straight 
to the next set of battle options. 

Mask: Select this to turn the BGM on or off. I 

Sound Effect: Turn ON to hear the game's 
sound effects, and OFF to battle in silence 
Hex Map: Turn ON to display the hexagonal .» 
map lines, and OFF to see the maps without 
the hexagonal grid. 

Alarm: Set the number of times for the alarm to sound (the alarm sounds I. 

when your or your enemy's turn is completed). 

Message Speed: Set the speed at which messages are displayed: The slowest 
is one and the fastest is five. 


END: When you're finished making the moves for your unit, select this to 
see the enemy's moves. 

DELE (Delete): This deletes members from your unit. Deletion is done by 
highlighting a character's name with the D-Button, pressing Button C, and 
pressing Button C again when the confirmation window appears. 


In this option you are given four choices. Select one by 
highlighting it and pressing Button C. If you select 
TERRAIN, MOBILITY or ATTACK maps, you can 
move between them by pressing Button A. To exit any 
map, press Button B. 

WORLD MAP: Take a look at the big 
picture with this. The names ol castles, 
towns and villages are displayed when 
you position the golden arrow on them. 
Castles you've freed from the enemy 
appear in gold and castles still held by 
the enemy appear in the color of the 
elemental demon that controls them. 
Cities, towns, villages and hamlets 
appear in white. 

TERRAIN: The left side of the diagram 
displays the four basic movement types 
WATER), the lop of the diagram 
displays the types of terrain to be found 
in the game, and beneath those names 
are sets of symbols which show how 
each type of terrain will affect move¬ 
ment for each movement type. 

© O A ~X 

At the bottom of the screen, a picture of each type of terrain is displayed, 
with the name of that type of terrain indicated below it. 

I MOBILITY: This chart shows how 
I each type of terrain will affect 
I movement for any type of character 
I The left side of the diagram displays 
II possible movement types, the top 
I of the diagram displays the types of 
I terrain to the found in the game, and 
* beneath those names are numbers 
indicating how difficult it is for that type of character to move through 
that type of terrain. A one indicates that the character type will have no 
trouble moving on that terrain. A five indicates the character type will 
move at minimum speed on that terrain. A dash indicates that the 
character type can't move on that terrain. 

ATTACK: This chart shows how 
effective a creature type will be 
against other creature types. 
Highlight the name of one type of 
creature and press Button C The 
effects on all other creatures listed 
will appear to the right of the 
creatures’ names. 

© 6 ~A 

If you want to see another creature's effectiveness, press Button B and 
highlight another character type. 

SAVE: This is the quick save function. If you have memory remaining, 
this option is displayed. Otherwise, you must select FILE 

RET (Retrrat): If you feel the situation is hopeless and you need to bail out 
before your leader b defeated, select RET. The screen will display a 
message from the victorious enemy, and the name of the castle which has 
been captured will bo placed on a list. A strategic retreat in the face of an 
enemy who is too strong for you may sometimes be necessary, but never 
let the demon army cut you off from Quentin Castle, as that is your home 


Umimiiiliiil liUiJiiiiffijiil I.L,« 

Battlefield Commands 

Now, you're tn the thick of it. The enemy are a tew hexes away from your 
position, and your forces are lined up, ready to take them on. You check to 
we which of your warriors are best equipped to deal with the foes in front 
of you and send them forward. 


■ Start by moving them into 

position. To move, place the Hex 
marker around the character you 
want to move and press Button C. 
If the character can move, the 
MOVE option will be high¬ 
lighted. Press Button C again and 
a hex grid will appear on the 
screen. Move the Hex marker to 
an empty hex and press Button C 
The character will move to the 

new position The character can move into any hexes which aren't greyed 
out. In addition, if you try to move a character into a grey hex, an alarm 
will sound. 


If you're dose enough to attack, select 

■ BATTLE. For members of your party 
who have more than one type of 
attack, the Attack Select window will 
appear. Highlight the type of attack 
you'll use by pressing the D-Button up 
or down, press Button C to select the 
type of attack and press again to 
attack. If you change your mind after 
selecting the type of attack, press 
Button B to return to the Attack Select 

If the warrior you've sent forward uses some kind of projectile weapon 
(we the enclosed poster for a list of types of weapons available) then you 
can position him or her a few hexes away and battle from afar. When there 
are multiple targets, place the Hex marker on whichever opponent you 
target. Press Button C to fire your weapon. 

If they use blades or other hand-held weapons, or if they are not 
humanoid (the kind that literally fight tooth and nail), they must be 
positioned adjacent to the enemy in order to attack. Select BATTLE to 
make the attack. If there are a number of enemies in striking distance, 
move the Hex marker to the target and press Button C. 


Mages. Wizards. Priests and other spellcasters can remain a distance from 
the enemy and still attack using magic spelb (for details on magic spells, 
see the enclosed poster). Like warriors who use projectile weapons, you 
need to position the Hex marker on your target. Keep in mind that 
spellcasters will not be able to launch a long-range attack until they've 
been stationary for one turn—it takes time to summon up a fire storm or a 
blast of wind! They will only be able to move and use magic in the same 
turn if they end their movement phase positioned next to an enemy. 

■ To use a spell, highlight M ACC (Magic) 
and press Button C. The Magic spelb 
you can use will appear on the screen. 
Highlight the spell you want to use and 
press Button C. Next, position the Hex 
marker on an enemy and press Button C 
again to cast the spell. If the spell can be 
used on more than one enemy at one 
time, press Button C once to target the 
first enemy, then move the Hex cursor 
to the second enemy and press Button C again. Continue until you've 
selected all the enemies you can—the spell b cast as soon as the correct 
number of enemies have been selected. 

In some cases, the spell's effect will spread over a number of hexes at 
time. If your spcllcasler b going to use thb kind of spdi. remember t* 
move your other troops away from 



If a character has an item he or she 
wbhes to use, select ITEM from the 
Battlefield commands list, which opens 
the Item options list EQUIP allows you 
to put on or take off items (including 
weapons and armor). Equip or take off 
an item by highlighting it and pressing 
Button C (a ♦ will appear when the item 
b equipped). If the item cannot be 
equipped, a message will tell you so. 

around. You will a bo find that using the SEARCH option while holding 
special items can reveal special places, creatures and items. Pay attention 
to hints and clues from people you meet, refer to the enclosed map 
whenever specific locations are mentioned, and take notes to minimize the 
need to send search parties back to the area later. 


If you reconsider a movement you've made, select CANCEL to return to 
your original position. 


Once a character has finished his or her turn select SET to move on to the 
next character. 

Populated Areas 

Depending on the area you're battling in. you can find a number populated 
areas. If you don't take a look in each area and talk to everyone you can. 
you won't be able to obtain information which is essential to you and your 
team. The people living there may also make requests of you. which can 
gain you extra gold or special items you can't obtain otherwise. Position a 
humanoid character on any populated area and select ENTER 

Getting Around 

Once you enter a Village, you'll see 
a list of the places you can visit. 
Move the selection arrow with the 
D-Button and press Button C to 
enter a building (such as a shop or* 

I the Mayor's house) or the town * 
square. Once inside a building, you 
will be given a number of choices. 
Move the selection arrow with the 
D-Button and press Button C to 
make a choice. If you're looking for 
armor and weapons, your best bet is a Town or City. Villages and Hamlets 
may or may not have a Weapon Shop, but they usually have an Apoth¬ 
ecary. Inns are a common sight in any City, Town or Village and you're 
sure to find a Tavern, a Church and Mayor's residence almost everywhere 
you go. 

■ You can BUY and SELL items in 

Apothecaries. Alchemist's shorn and 
Weapon shops. When buying dr selling 
items, move the selection arrow to your 
choice and press Button C. The price of 
that item will appear at the bottom of 
the list In the Taverns, choose from any 
number of beverages to DRINK. If you 
come across Fortunetellers, they will ask 

you If you want to hear your FORTUNE. You'll have to pay for the 
divination, and if you're wondering whether or not it's worth it—odds are 
you can't afford not to hear what the Fortuneteller has to say. In the 
Church, you can PRAY, and wherever you go, you can TALK to the 
people living there. 

In some cases a person will ask you to do a favor for them, or listen to a 
story they have. You have to make a decision regarding the errand or task. 
Make your decision by moving the select arrow to YES or NO and pressing 
Button C. It's likely that the errand will turn out to benefit you but be 
warned—it can be time consuming and dangerous as well! 

Finally, when you're in a populated area but haven't entered a building, 
press the Start Button to see a list of the items you're carrying. Move the 
selection arrow to an item and press Button A to see a description of that 
item. Button C equips you with or removes the item (a * appears to the 
left of the item when it's equipped), and Button B closes the item list 

When you’re ready to leave, press Button B and select EXIT and press 
Button C Select YES from the confirmation window and its back to the 

A Castle Liberated! 

Once you defeat the enemy troops in an area, you and your group march 
- victoriously into the castle 

you've freed from the Demon 
army. Now is the time to 
change formation, buy and 
sell items, send out search 
parties, and make any other 
necessary changes you need 
to make before moving on to 
the next battle. To select an 
option, move the highlight 
arrow to a option and press 
I Button C. The next page 
shows a list of options available when you're in the castle. 



Select this option and a screen appears, showing simple directions on how 
to buy, sell and equip items. To move on the character screen, press 
Button C. The left side of the character list displays the characters' names 
and the order in the unit, and to the right, the items each character is 
carrying. Press the D-Button right to see the next set of items on the screen 
Press the D-Button down to view the other characters. 

Exchanging: Place the highlighter on an item 
with the D-Button and press Button C to 
select it. Move the highlighter to the space 
you want to place the item and press Button 

Equipping: Place the highlighter on an item with the D-Button and press 
Button A to equip the character with the item 

Note; Many items are cquippable only by certain character types- Make 
sure your character can use the item before you buy It. See the enclosed 
poster for a list of items and the characters which can use them. 

■ Buying: Press the Start Button to open the 
1 Buy/Sell window. Highlight BUY and press 
>n C to see a list of the items for sale 
I Highlight the item you wbh to purchase 
I and press Button C. Press Button C again to 
I confirm your purchase. Finally, press Button 
•xit the item list, press Button B. To 
assign the item to a a character, highlight the 
and press Button C. then press Button 
A to take the item to the character list. Highlight the space you want to 
place the item and press Button C again to place the item there 
Note; Items swap positions when you place one item in a position that 
another item is occupying. 

Selling: Highlight the item you want to sell and press the Start Button to 
open the Buy/Sell window. Move the highlighter to any empty space 
below SELL and press Button C to place the item on the sell list. Highlight 
SELL, press Button C and move the highlighter to the item you want to 
sell. Press Button C to confirm the sale. 

When you're ready to exit the screen, press Button B. Be careful not to leave 
unsold or unequipped items lying around, as you can't go on the next 
battle (not to mention that it's a waste of precious gold to leave equipment 


Check out the statistics sheet for 
any of all of your unit's members. 
Highlight the character you want 
to look at by pressing the D-Bulton 
up or down, and pressing Button 
A. The character's name and other 
statistics are displayed. 

First choose the location the search party will travel to. Move the cursor to 
an area on the map by pressing the D-Button and pressing Button C. Next, 
select a character for the search party by highlighting him or her with the 
D-Button and pressing Button C (select other members the same way). A 
maximum of five characters can be assigned at a time, but if for some 
reason you need to send out more, select others members and the place they 
will travel to as you did before. Once you've selected the map and the 
search party and you're at the location, you cannot recall them, so make 
sure you're sending the right people to the right place. Once the character 
has arrived at the location, highlight the character's name from the search 
party list and press Button C. Next move the Hex marker to the location 
you want to send the character to and press Button C again to set them in 
place. At this point, you will see various Command Options (depending on 
where you've placed your character). 



If you want to keep your castles from being captured by the enemy, you 
need to leave a defense force behind to guard against further attacks. After 
you select the area you want to advance to, a window appears with the 
names of the castles you need to tend a defease force la Next, pick the 
characters you will use as your defease team. Don't assume that just 
anyone will do—if your defense learns aren'l strong enough they will be 
defeated by the enemy, and you will have to march back to reclaim the 

Highlight the name of the first castle on 
the list and press Button C. When the 
confirmation window appears, select 
YES (unless for some reason you can't 
send troops out) and press Button C 
again. Select your defense team members 
by highlighting the first member with the 
D-Button and pressing Button C, then 
selecting the next member. A maximum 
of five characters can be assigned at a 
lime, but three reasonably well-armed soldiers or able-bodied monsters 
should be able to hold the territory for as long as is necessary. 

When you've finished assigning troops 
to the castles, the number of days they 
can hold their positions appears next to 
the name of the castle. You have that 
many days to win the next battle. 
Finally, select NEXT MAP and press 
Button C to march on the to the next 


From the second battle, you must bring your team onto the battlefield one 
by one, placing them as you would a character you've hired or created (see 
page 15 for character placement). To bring a character out, select PLACE 
and pick the name of the character you want to bring out. When the 
confirmation window appears, check the character and confirm or rvsdect 
by placing the select arrow next to YES or NO and pressing Button C- 

When The Time Comes 

As you know. Veloncse is already working on counteracting the spells 
which the great wizard Gilliam placed on the Jewel of Darkness. Fortu¬ 
nately, Gilliam is the greatest sorcerer in Cheshire, and his spelb are 
extraordinarily complex. Even his most skilled pupil, the dark wizard 
Velonese. will need months of incantations and spell reversals to break the 
magic seals on the Jewel 

Unfortunately, not even Gilliam can tell how long it will take to break 
those seals. If you rush too hastily to destroy Veionese's Elemental 
demons you may be able to make it to the island where the Dark Wizard 
awaits, but you need to build up your unit's strength before you have any 
hope of defeating the Dark Wizard. 





Restores 30-40 Hit Points 


Restores 100-150 Hit Points 


Restores 60-100 Hit Points 

Silver Leaf 

Completely restores one character’s Hit 

Power Potion 

Attack Points ♦ 15 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Super Power Potion 

Attack Points ♦ 30 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Stone Potion 

Defense Points ♦ 10 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Steel-Skin Potion 

Defense Points *20 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Speed Potion 

Attack Speed ♦ 2 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Haste Potion 

Attack Speed ♦ 3 (effective 3-5 turns) 

Holy Dust 

Defense against spelb ♦ 30% (effective 

3-5 turns) 


(Lawful characters only) Defense against 
spelb *4)0% (effective 3-5 turns) 

Magic Stone 

(All spellcasters) Increase spell range 

30% (effective 3-5 turns) 

Evil Claw 

(Chaotic spellcasters only) Increases spell 
range 30% (effective 3-5 turns) 

Holy Water 

(Lawful and Neutral characters only) 
Defense against spelb *60% (effective 

3-5 turns) 

Goddess' Tears 

(Lawful characters only) Defense against 
spelb ♦ 60% (effective 3-5 turns) 

Minor of Darkness 

(Chaotic spellcasters only) Increases 
spell effects 30% (effective 3-5 turns) 

Eye of Darkness 

(Chaotic spellcasters only) Increases 
spell effects 50% (effective 3-5 turns) 


Sacrificial victim to bring dead character 
back to Ufe 

Medusa Head 

Turns enemies to stone 

Restores characters that have been turned 

Holy Drink 


Suggestions And Strategies 

• You need to leave fighters behind to fend off attacks the enemy will 
make on territory you've gained. Remember that not only does it cost 
valuable time to go back and retake and castles you've lost, but you also 
lose the extra income the castles and surrounding villages are sending 
you as support. And your troops are not going to be happy if they have 
to work without wages. 

• When you're brining out your team after the first battle, take a moment 
to look at the enemy's positions and consider your own unit's movement 
and fighting abilities. For example, since Serpents can't travel far on land 
per turn, you'll want to bring them out first so they can get a ahead start, 
and save the fast-moving creatures like Moppogryffs and Rocs for last. 
Use the terrain map to find out which Lind types each of your characters 
moves over best.