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Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark 
the phosphor af the CRT Avoid repealed or extended use of video games on 
large-scr&en projection televisions. 



A very smali percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when 
exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns 
or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video gomes may 
induce on epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history 
of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic 
condition, consult your physician prior to ploying. If you experience any of the 
following symptoms while playing a video gome - dizziness, altered vision, 
eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary 
movement, or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your 
physician before resuming play. 


* The Sega CD Disc is intented for use exclusively with the Sega CD™ 


* Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids. 

* Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near cradialcr or other source of heat. 

* Be sure to lake on occasional recess during extended play, to rest 
yourself and the Sega CD Disc. 

* KEEP YOUR SEGA CD DISC CLEAN, Always hold by the edges, and keep it in 
its cose when not in use. Cleon wilh □ lint-free, soft dry doth - wiping in 
straight lines from center to edge. Never use solvents or abrasive cleaners. 

Itiii oita ini seal h ynur otiurOfitf itaf ihrs product raeto ihe highest quality 
standards of SEGA”'. Buy genres and atccswiies wirh inis, seal it be sure tad 
they ofc comporibte wirti ihf SEGA CD fM SYSTEM. 









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thoojicmJip feoctf 9* h- lv 3W0 *w^nr W* Jfania. W 9W5* Swy h-fl rapped 

if r &tf C«paiflt«rt. btfigtoi* n A 'Edrro-i d kny fetnfa ^ibWlinj .J;i fcjihrti™ hni h iiny Iklraur 

iig fanpanf fan Inga* dwtp'Wfa 'M t a hnfumik gf fcny tWtrarir F^nj bnfaip. 




1. Set up your Sega CD system according 1o the instructions in your 
Sega CD System Instruction Manual. Plug o Sega Genesis Control 
Pod into the Control 1 port on your Sega Genesis. 

2. Turn on your TV r then turn on your Genesis. The Sega CD title 
screen will appear on your TV screen. 

3. Press the Open button on the Sega CD to open the door. Place the 
Championship Soccer r 94 Disc \ CD in the tray, label side up. 
Close the CD door. 

4. If the Sega CD logo is on the screen, press START to begin. If the 
title is on the screen, move the cursor to the CD ROM button, then 
press START to begin. 

Genesis System Sega CD Syslem 


Championship Soccer r 94 has two different game environments, the 
menus and on the field. To use the menu system, move the directional 
controls on your control pod to highlight each option box. Press Sutton B 
to select the option currently highlighted. Controlling the players on the 
field is discussed in ihe Player Controls" section. 

This manual refers to the following directions: 

D Pod UP 


During ihe game you may only control one member of your team at 
any one lime. The man currently under your control is the one with the 
while number above his bead. Control will be changed to another man if 
Ihe man currently under your control is too far awoy from the ball or if 
he has lost his footing for any reason, 


These controls apply when the man under your control is not in 
possession of the hall 


To direct your man simply press your Directional Pad in the direction in 
which you want him to run. A running man can intercept the ball from 
an opponent in possession. 


When running off the boll it is 
possible to slide into the hall or an 
opponenl by pressing Button B. 

This will moke your player slide in 
the direction which he is facing. 

While o men is sliding if is possible 
to get him to deflect the hall in a direction different to the one in which 
he is sliding when he makes contact with it. To do this the Directional 
Pad must be redirected while a man is in mid-slide before he has made 
contact with the ball. This is a skill which has to be mastered. 


When ihe ball is in the air and you press Button B, instead of sliding into 
the ball the man under your control will attempt fa head the ball. Such 
headers can also be deflected in a similar way to sliding tackles but 
redirecting must toke place before contact with the ball has been mode. 


These controls apply only when your man is in direct possession of the 
ball. The control methods described below can be adjusted to suit your 
own preferences by changing the difficulty level in the 'Options' menu. 


When on the ball simply press your Directional Pad in the direction in 
which you wont ihe player to dribble with the ball. You will find that as 
the player gathers speed it is harder for him to change direction and 
retain conlrol of the ball. This is another skill which has to be mastered. 
(The way dribbling works in a malch con be altered by changing the 
Difficulty setting from the Options menu), 


When on the ball if you press Button C while you are directing the 
Directional Pad! the boll will be played along the ground in the direction 
you ore facing or r if there is one of your teammates standing roughly in 
the direction you are facing and within passing distance then the ball will 
be ployed straight lo your teammates feet. 


lo kick the ball in ihe normal way the Directional Pod should be faded 
in the desired direction and Button B should be firmly pressed Note that 
if you quickly tap Button B, it will perform a pass. 


When the ball has been kicked as opposed to being passed it is possible 
to apply varying degrees of lift and bend to it. To do this the Directional 
Pad must be redirected within a very short time after Button 8 is initially 
pressed. It is not necessary to release Sutton B before redirecting. 


Assuming the player is running and kicking up the field, lift and bend 
when applied lo a shot will work in the following manner: 

The quicker the head is applied to o shot the more exaggerated the 
bend will he, 

A Normal Slraighl Kick 

A horn'd Kick Bending 
ta the Uft 

A Lobbed Kick lending 
to the Lefl 

An Up oivd Under Bending 
to the Heft 

A Normal Kick bending 
to 1 he Right 

^ Lobbed Kick Bending 
lo the Right 

An Up and Under Sending 
lo ihc Right 

A Normal Straight Khk 

Center Direclional Fad - A Straight Lotted Kick 


You can use eilher the pass or the kick buttons to shoot at goal. 
Depending on the current Difficulty level, you can also use the SHOOT 
button to shoot at goal wilb the ball. See Options for more details. The 
SHOOT button works in a number of ways: 

While attacking: the player will shoot towards the goal. If the ball is 
in the air the player will head towards the goal. If ihe player is near the 
ball, he will slide in and knock it towards the goal. 

While defending: the player will do a lofty boot up the field to clear 
the ball. If the hall is in the air, the player will head the hall to safety. 

If the player is near the ball, he will slide in and knock it to safety. 


All set piece kicks and throws work as a normal kick or pass except that 
illegal or illogical angles cannot be chosen by the kicker or thrower, 


Goalkeepers are always under computer control except when they have 
the ball in their hands or when they are about to take a goal kick, in 
which case all they can do is kick the ball out. 


The bench can be called on at any time during the game when the ball is 
out of play, or If a free kick has been awarded, or before the beginning 
of a half. To access ihe bench the Directional Pod should be pressed tn 
any direction three times in quick succession. This can only be done 
when the ball is out of play or before a free kick or at the beginning 
of o half. 


Moving the arrow up and down the bench enables the selection of the 
manager or substitutes, press Button B to select. 

The Manager is the one wearing the hrown coat and he is used to 
change the team formation on the field. When he is selected, press up 
and down on your Directional Pad to select the new formation from the 
Managers menu and then press Button B. 


All the other players on the bench are the substitutes and up to two 
subsidies can be brought on to replace other players in their teom at 
any time during a match. When o substitute is selected he will stand up 
and the Substitute menu will appear which will enohle the player to 
choose which player he wishes to take off. When the player to be 
brought off is selected he will run off the field and the selected 
substitute will run an. 

To exit from the bench or the Manager/Substitute menus, press the 
Directional Pad left or right. 


The menus ore divided up into four initial categories: Motional Teams, 
Club Teams, Custom Teams and Options. For starters, choose the Options 
box by pressing the Directional Pad until the box is highlighted 
[flashing). Now press Button B to select it. 


Reset Battery Ram: This will wipe out any saved games you might 
have initiated. 

Game length: The reel time length of each match can be set 1o either 
3,5,7 or 10 minutes. 

Menu Musk: The music played during the menu sections of the game 
can be toggled On/Off. 

In-game Music: The music ployed during a match can be toggled 

Seasonal Weather: There ere two forms of field type selection in this 
game. One known as Pitch Type is a straight choice of an icy r wet, soft, 
muddy, normal, dry or hard field or a random choice between these 
seven. The other, known as Seasonal Weather, is mainly a meons of 
simulating the influence that the weather can have on a soccer Mutch, 
League or Cup, Each month of the year has been given a specific, typical 
weather pattern so a friendly ployed in July for example, has little 
chance of offering a muddy field and o much greater chance of offering 
a nice dry one. For Cups and Leagues the month selected will act as the 
start of the season. Each League Es played over an eight month period 
with the matches spread evenly over all eight months. Each round of o 
Cup lasts for one month so a three-leg Cup starting in July will have its 
final played in September. Both legs of a two leg round will be played In 
the same month. 

Difficulty Level: There ore three settings — Beginner, Normal, and 
Expert. Changing the difficulty level wifi affect the controls used to play 
during a match. Mo vices should leave the game set at Beginner level. 
This level allows you to dribble and turn quickly with the ball without 
losing control of it. The exact differences between each difficulty level 
are explained: 

Beginner: The computer opposition is easier. Each player has an easy 
ball dribbling ability, where the boll will stay with the player even when 
making quick changes in direction. The special SHOOT button is also 
employed. Pressing this button near to goal will make the player shoot 
towards goal every time. 

Normal: The computer opposition is sel to a normal level. The easy ball 
dribbling ability is still employed. Only STAR players can use the special 
SHOOT ability: 

Expert: The computer opposition Is at the hardest level available. Only 
STAR players have the easy ball dribbling ability, and only STAR players 
can use the SHOOT ahility: 

*(lf the player using it isn't o STAR player, then the SHOOT button will 
act just like ihe Kickhullon). 

How that we've locked at the Options, ifs time to go back to the Main 
Menu. Choose EXIT. 

Choose National Teams from the Main Menu. A new screen with many 
options will appear. 


This is a single match between either two players ar the player and the 
computer (there is also a chance to watch computer versus computer). 

The desired field conditions or season should first be selected by cycling 
through the available options with Button B. 


Then player teams must be chosen using the blue Choose option. Two 
teams must be highlighted from the team list either as red computer 
teams or as blue player teams. To choose a player team, select it once 
to turn it red (computer feom) then select it again 1o turn it blue. The 
right number of teams must be chosen before the game can continue, 
confirm by selecting OK. When the teams are chosen, select Play Match. 

After each friendly there is an option to play the same game again or to 
return to the main menu. 


The Cup competition is basically a knockoul competition for 2-64 
different teams al any one time, where during o series of games the 
winning teams remain in the competition and teams that lose ore 
eliminated immediately, until in the end there are only two teams left to 
play aul the last match of the Cup in ihe Cup Final. The winner of the 
Cup Fined gets the Cup and the Glory. 

There are options to selecl the Held type/weather, the number of 
teams/rounds and ihe inclusion of extra time and/or penalties at 
various stages of the competition. 

tf a match Is drawn after 90 minutes then extra time will be played if 
the oplion has been selected os Yes for that round. Extra time will also 
be played if Replay has been selected and the game is a replay. If No is 
selected then no extra time will be played. 

Hie possibility of penalties is dealt with in on identical way to extra time 
but if both are possibilities then extra time will always occur before 

If two-leg matches are 1o be played at ony stage of the competition then 
the round will be decided over ihe course of two matches with both 
teams taking il in turn to play at home. The scores of both matches are 
added up to give the final aggregate score and the winner is the team 
with the highest total over the two matches. If the total after the two 
matches is a draw and the Away Goals rule has been set to Yes r then the 
team which scored the most goals in the away leg will be the winner. 

If after taking this into consideration the result is still o draw then extra 
time and/or a penally shoot out will be ployed, as appropriate, straight 
after 90 minutes of the second leg. 

In either Iwo-or one-leg matches where the match has ended in a drew 
and there is no extra time or penalties, or where the match is still a 
draw after extra time and there ore no penalties, then the teams will 
replay the malch (1 leg only) in order to determine o winner. 


All Options on the Cup menu are selectable by using Button B to cycle 
through the available choices. 

The teams for the Cup competition must then be chosen using the blue 
Choose option En a similar way to selecting learns for a Friendly. Up to 
64 learns can be selected at once and all 64 loams tan be player teams 
if so desired. 



When you are happy with all the options select Ploy Cup to start ihe 

When into the Cup sequence proper keep on selecting Play Malch 
followed by Next Match to play the next match in sequence. 

Computer results will be calculated when appropriate and ployed in 
sequence with matches involving either one or two players. All player 
malches will lead onto the Pre-Match Tactics screen. 

To scroll through the draw/results of a round use the red arrows at the 
side of the table. 

To save a Cup competition half-way through, select Save Oota. Ibis will 
also save the setup of all learns currently loaded plus the current League 
setup into Battery Ram, 

A Cup con be exited and returned to at any time provided ihof another 
Cup has not been initiated either via the Cup or Specials options. 


The League is a competition where 2-20 teams play matches against 
each other in sequence until they have all played each other between 
one and ten times as specified. The results are tabulated using the 
following criteria: 2 or 3 points far a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for 
a loss. The learn wllh the greatest number of points after all matches 
have been played wins the League. 

Number of Teams, Number of Times to Play each learn, Points for a Win 
and Start of Season/Pitch Type can all be sel by simply cycling through 

the available options in the league menu and using Button B to select 
the one you wait. 

Choose league leans using the Choose League Teams box in the same 
manner as used for Friendlies and Cups above before selecting Ploy 

Once in the sequence of games select Play Match and Next Match as in 
the Cup option above. 

Results are tabulated game by game. 

Select Save Data to save League games at any stage together with all 
current teams and all current Cup data to Battery Ram. 

A league can be exited and returned to at any time provided that 
another league has not been initiated either via the League or the 
Specials option. 


To help players lo get going quickly 
In Cup and League competitions 
Championship Soccer J 94 offers 
various preset Cup and League 
competitions for the various 
different team types (International, 

Club or Custom). 

The Specials available depends on the current data that has 
been loaded. 

When Club teams are loaded the chokes are: 

EUFA Cup which has 64 teams with two legs plus the away goals rule 
for all rounds including the final, 

Euro Superleague where 2D teams play each other twice scoring two 
points for a win. 

When National teams are loaded the choices are: 

The World Cup Qualifying Groups I - 6 are 6 mini-league tables 
with different teams. They play each other within their own group twice 
[home and away). When all the matches hove been played the top two 
teams in each group qualify. When this option is highlighted press left or 
right an the controller to cycle through each qualifying group number 

The Maastricht Cup is a cup competition involving 32 teams. 

There are five rounds to pfay through, if a tie ends in a draw then extra 
time is played. If it still remains a draw then a replay is played la decide 
the winner. 

When Custom teams are loaded the chokes are: 

The Booby League is on 8 team league where the teams play each 
alher once. 

The Chicken Tournament is a 1 6 team cup competition. Each round is 
played over two legs, with the aggregate score deciding the winner of 
each lie in the round. If the tie is drawn at the end of the second leg 
then extra time ns played, if the scores are sill I level then the match will 
be decided on penalties. 


The next option will either soy 'No Game Saved'' or 'Continue../ 
followed by the name of the tournament that was saved Iasi in Battery 
Rom, Selecting this option when a save game is present will allow you to 
continue in that league or cup match. 


The Edit Teams option allows you 
to change or update all data relating 
1o any of the learns in ihe game. 

First the team to be edited must be 
selected by moving the controller 
until the team you wish is 
highlighted from the list, Press 
Burton B to select the learn. The next screen shows the list of players 
on the left. On the righl is the team name, the Monager/Caach and 
the Country of origin. Below these ore the team kits (Home and away). 

Selecting a players name will pop up a small window. Using the 
controller you cor delete the current name using the delete function, 
which is 2nd from the right on the bottom row of characters in this new 
window. Simply choose each letter in turn and when you are finished, 
select the ENTER function which is the very last character in the hottcm 
right of the window. This same window will pop up when you try and 
change any of the names (player, coach, team or country). 


To edit the kit colors select either shorts, shirt or sacks and then, with 
the Button B depressed, direct the Directional Pad up, down, left or righl 
to cycle through- the available colors. For two-colored shirts, left and 
right will change the main shirt color and up and down will change ihe 
secondary color. 

To select a new shirl type first select the shirt on the kit you wish la edit 
and then move sideways to the small shirts in between the first and 
second kits, then move up and down os appropriate and press Button B 
to select the new shirt type, 

The learn can be run by either o manager or a coach. Press Button B 
to Edit, 

G, D, M, f shows whether a player is a goalkeeper, defender, mid-fielder 
or forward (this information cannot be edited). 

A Star beside a name denotes a Star Player (cannot be edited}. Player 
numbers cannot be edited. 



Before each match every player team is given the option to rearrange 
the lattice I layout of his/her team. 

The formation can be changed by selecting the appropriate grey box. 
There is a choice between eight formations: 4-4-2,5 4-1, 4-5-1,5-3-2, 

3 5-2, 4-3-3, All Qul Altack and All Out Defense, 

Substitutes are highlighted in the player list. To change players around 
on the field or la swap a substitute with someone in the starting line-up, 
select the name of the ployer to be moved from ihe list of names dawn 
the left-hand side of the screen and then pick his new position within the 
formation. The renumbering of swapped players is automatic, 

Ihe likely formation of the opposition team for the current match can he 
seen if View Oppo is selected (press Button B to exit). 

Once the player is happy with ihe lean formation Play Game should 
be selected using the controller with which s/he wishes to piny the 
game ilselh 

For a two-player game both players will be allowed to edit their own 
team formation in turn before play commences. 





Sony hnogesoft warrants to the original purchase only (hot the CD provided with this 
manual and I lie software program coded an il wilt perform in accordance wilfa Hie 
dcscriplion-s in this manual when used with the specified equipment, for a period of 90 
days from the dale of purchase. If ihis program is found to be defeclive within 90 days 
o* purchase, it will be replaced. Simply return the CD la Sony Imagesoft or its 
authorised dealer along with a doled proof of purchase. Replacement of the game 
M Irce of charge lo the original purchaser (except for the casl of reluming the CD] 
is the full extent of our liability, 


Sony Imagesoft shall no! be liable foe incidental ond/ar consequential damages for the 
breach of any express or implied warranty including damage to property and, lo the 
O ' lent permitted by law, damages lor personal injury, even if Sony Imagesoft has 
been advised of the possibility of sadi damages. Some slates do not allow (he 
exclusion or limitation of any incidental or consequential damages ar limitations on 
haw lung an implied! warranty lasts, so Ibe above limitalions or exclusions may not 
apply lo you. 

This warranty shall nai be applicable to the extent that any provision of Ihts warranty 
is prohibited by any federal,, state or municipal law which cannot he pre-empted. 

Ihis warranty gives you specif it legal rights and you may also hove other rights which 
vary from stole to stale. 

Sony Imagesofl, 2430 Broadway Avenue, Suite 550, Sonia Monica, CA 90404. 

(310) 449 2393. 

vs ft AM i,«4/VH,5m4K,D lUWi,i It few# HIM (w* r, I.IB.3M NtfSl; NhIh> b 
IS ttOwr*T.Mt.BM; S.'QSjwt J H-1S5, U K. * I MS.m ht™* l tiff.m. Span-■■ I 





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