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A very small percentage of individuals may experience 
epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or 
flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds 
on a television or while playing video games may induce a 
seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce 
previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons 
who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy, if you, or 
any of your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your 
physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the 
following symptoms while playing a video game - dizziness, 
altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, 
disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions - 
IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician 
before resuming play 

Prior to use 

• If you or anyone in your family has an epileptic 
condition or has experienced altered consciousness 
when exposed to flickering light, consult your doctor 
prior to playing. 

• Sit at least 2.5m (8ft) away from the television screen. 

• if you are tired or have not had much sleep, rest and 
commence playing only after you are fully rested. 

• Make sure that the room in which you are playing is 
well lit. 

• Play the game on as small a television as possible 
(preferably 14" or smaller). 

During use 

• Rest for at least 10 minutes per hour while playing a 
video game. 

• Parents should supervise their children's use of video 
games, if you or your child experiences any of the 
following symptoms while playing a video game - 
dizziness, disorientation, any involuntary movement 
or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and 
consult your doctor: 

This official seal is your assurance that this product meets the highest quality 
standards of SEGA™. Buy games and accessories with this seal to be sure 
that they are compatible with the Sega CD™ System. 

Table of Contents 

Starting Up.2 

Call in the Corps........3 


Getting Started.6 

Options Interface.6 

Cyberform Character Selection..7 

Screen Signals.8 

BAM Weapons.9 

The Missions...10 

Calgary's Clues.12 



Starting Up: How to Use Your Sega CD 

This CD-ROM can only be used with the Sega CD or CDX system. Do not 
attempt to play this CD-ROM on any other CD player. Doing so may 
damage the headphones and speakers. 

1. Set up your Sega CD system by following the instructions in your Sega 
CD System Instruction Manual. Plug in Control Pad 1. For two-player 
games, plug in Control Pads 1 and 2. 

2. Turn the system ON. The Sega CD animated display will appear on 
screen. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the system OFF and make 
sure it is set up correctly. 

3. Press Button C on the Sega Drive Control Pad to make the on-screen 
Control Panel appear. Use the D-Pad to select EJECT, then press Button C 
to open the CD tray. 

4. Place the disc in the well of the CD tray then press Button C. The CD tray 
will close and the words CD-ROM appear on the Control Panel. 

5. Use the D-Pad to move the cursor onto the CD-ROM button and press 
Button C. The opening screen of the game will appear. 

6. If you wish to stop a game in progress, or if the game ends, press the 
Reset Button on the Sega Drive console to display the on-screen Control 

© Sega Genesis System 
(2) Sega CD System 
CD Control Pad 1 

Call in the 'Corps! 

The Corporate Wars have begun with weapons powered by the new turbo¬ 
breeder, 'Super Fission' reactors. Burning with a cold, dark flame at the 
core of these reactors is the rare, extraterrestrial element Meridium 1 , which 
was discovered by the Interplanetary Mining Corporation (IMC) on a 
misbegotten planet known as 'Mandlebrot’s World 1 , located eight light 
years from Earth. A colony is soon established on Mandlebrot and it s 
manned by a small team of miners using the latest robotics mining and 
defense machines - the Battlebots. But when MOSES (Multicameral Organic 
Synergistic Energized System), the colony's bio-computerized operating 
system, is infected with a virus by a saboteur from a rival mining company, 
BioMechanica! Incorporated (BioMech), all hell breaks loose. MOSES turns 
the Battlebots on the colonists. The Battlebots imprison the colonists and 
transform Mandlebrot into a heavily armed fortress. IMC immediately 
dispatches the BATTLECORPS combat-hardened veterans of the Corporate 
Wars. These veterans are downloaded into their Armordillo-Class, Bipedal 
Attack Machines (BAMs) and they must now take back the planet... 

BAM Control 

BATTLECORPS utilizes both the Standard Sega Control Pad and the Sega 
6-Button Control Pad: 

Standard Control Pad 

© D-PAD (Directional Button) 

© Start Button 
Button A 
Button B 
Button C 

There are two Control Modes available in the game that can be selected 
from the Options Interface Menu (See Below): 

Mode 'A 1 : 

(1) D-PAD (Directional Button) 

• Press up to make your BAM walk faster. 

• Press down to make your BAM walk slower, stop or go into reverse. 

• Press left or right to make your BAM walk to the left or to the right. 

® D-PAD (Directional Button) with Button A pressed simultaneously 

• D-Pad up and Button A pressed makes your BAM's head go up 

• D-Pad down and Button A pressed makes your BAM's head go down. 

• D-Pad left/right and Button A pressed makes your BAM's head rotate left 
or right, independent of its base's direction of movement. 

(D Start Button 

• Press Start to pause the game. 

• Toggles On/Off the Overhead Map (see Screen Signals on page 8). Game 
automatically defaults to the Map. Press Start Button twice to toggle 
Map off or on. 

® Button B 

• Press to fire current weapon. 

® Button C 1 ll!;l!;l!;l!; l !!!:l!;!l!;;| l ; | ; l ;l m 111!!!!;: ' :: : 

• Selects weapon. 

Mode *B‘: 

® D-PAD (Directional Button) 

• Press up to make your BAM's head go up. 

• Press down to make your BAM's head go down. 

• Press left or right to make your BAM's head rotate left or right, 
independent of its base's direction of movement. 

® D-PAD (Directional Button) with Button A pressed simultaneously 

• D-Pad up and Button A pressed makes your BAM walk faster. 

• D-Pad down and Button A pressed makes your BAM walk slower, stop, 
or go into reverse. 

• D-Pad left/right and Button A pressed makes your BAM walk to the left or 
to the right. 

® Start Button 

• Press START to pause the game 

• Toggles On/Off the Overhead Map (see Screen Signals on page 8). Game 
automatically defaults to the Map. Press Start twice to switch map off 
and press start twice again to switch it back on. 

® Button B 

* Press to fire current weapon 

(5) Button C 

♦ Selects weapon 

6-Button Control Pad 

© D-PAD (Directional Button) 
© Start Button 
© Button A 
@ Button B 
© Button C 
® Button X 
® Button Y 
® Button Z 
® Mode Button 

Select control Mode TV or Mode ’B' from Option Interface Menu (same as 

® Start Button 

• Press to pause the game 

• Toggles On/Off the Overhead Map (see Screen Signals below). 

Game automatically defaults to the Map. Press START Button twice to 
toggle Map off or on. 

® Button B 

• Press to fire current weapon. 

p) Button C1 

• Selects weapon. 

® Button X 

• Selects Blast 'em. 

® Button Y 

• Selects Mortar. 

■ M .. j . J J X M . C H U^ H L^ h Lt H U H J ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ - 

(8) Button Z 

• Selects Missile Launcher. 

. **** ** ******* .. 

® Mode Button with Button X pressed simultaneously 

• Selects Twin Cannon. 

(9) Mode Button with Button Y pressed simultaneously 

• Selects Triple Mortar. 

(9) Mode Button with Button Z pressed simultaneously 

• Selects Flamer, 

. <8 

pe iny a Quitte r|i 

If at any time during play you want to quit the current game (to change 
your Control Mode, for example), press Start Button and Buttons A, B and 
C, simultaneously. (This will work with both the Standard Control Pad and 

the •’ 111 ! Sit. 

BATTLECORPS begins with an animated introduction. After this, the SEGA, 
CORE DESIGN and BATTLECORPS logos appear on your screen. The Logo 
Screen is followed by the Main Menu. From the introduction, press Start 
Button to go to the Logo Screen. From the Main Menu, press Start to take 
you to the Cyberform Selection Screen, or use the D-Pad to select Options, 
then press Start. 

Options Interface 

The Options interface menu allows you to set certain conditions in the 
game. Select the category by pressing the D-Pad up or down, then make 

Difficulty Level: Select an Easy, Medium, or Hard game. The more difficult 
the level, the harder the enemies are to defeat. 

Control Mode: Select Mode ’A 1 or Mode ! B’ (see BAM Control page 3) 

Music: Play the game with the music on or off. 

; .|... M .'rt i . . . 


... . • • ' ' ..•.. . , „ : , V; : r : v i rfr ; W 


View Credits: Gaze upon the disembodied heads of the people behind the 

Practice Mode: Select Start to enter the Practice Mode, to quit out of 
Practice Mode, press Start and Buttons A, B and C, simultaneously. (This 
will work with both the Standard Control Pad and the 6-Button Control 

into your BAM's operating system 

Becky Ojo: Becky’s a pumped-up kick boxer from the corporate barrio. 
She's faster than a speedin 1 plasma pulse and badder than a Yakuza hitter 

Jack Cutter: Jack's got ten years in the ‘Corps, five of them as a 
Cyberformed Gunjok. His bioware s got more edges than a battlescape 

Dika “A* Jang: Dika's a gene-spliced polymorph with a downloaded 
cyber-psychosis. He's a heavy hitter, and In a firefight he's worth his 
weight in ordnance. 

then press Button C when you've made your choice of w 
you wish to control. Choose wisely each Cyberform has 
different levels of speed, power, and strength. 

across Mandlebrot’s World is 
^n screen. 

mis is » : nii 


me-rnt no ft 

Mission Briefing Sequence 

During Cyberform Selection (see page 7), press Button B to attend the 
animated Mission Briefing, given to you by your Operational Controller, 
Lieutenant Calgary. It is important to attend this Briefing, as Calgary wilt tell 
you about what you can expect on each Mission. Once the Briefing is over 
you will be returned to the Cyberform Selection Screen. Press Button C 
from here to play each Mission. 

Screen Signals 

(1)Text Box: Text Messages from your BAM's CPU are displayed in the Text 

(2) Overhead Map: Your position in the game world is indicated by a white 
dot on the Overhead Map. The Map doesn't work on all missions, due to 
the fact that BioMech sometimes jams the satellite signal. 

® Radar Screen: Your BAM is situated at the center of the screen. Enemy 
Battlebots are shown as colored dots on your Radar Screen. 

(DSpeed Indicator: Your BAM has 3 incrementally increasing forward 
speeds and 2 incrementally increasing reverse speeds. To bring the BAM to 
a stop, the indicator must be at the third increment from the bottom. 

©Current Weapon Display: This shows your currently selected weapon 
and the number of shots you have left in that weapon. 

©Shields Indicator: Your BAM has two Energy Shields which reduce 
incrementally when you take a hit. With your Shields down, you are 
completely vulnerable to enemy fire and destruction is certain. These 
Shields can be powered-up by bringing your BAM to a halt on any of the 
Recharge Points (shown as pulsing, ground-based power lines), which are 
scattered throughout the game. 

® Gunsight and Directional Cursor: Your BAM's Gunsight is situated in the 
center of its Duraptas view screen. The Directional Cursor is the small 
triangle rotating about the Gunsight, and it indicates the direction in which 
you should go. 


After all three Cyberformed Gunjoks have been consigned to data oblivion, 
you will get only one chance to continue from where your last Cyberform 
bit the data-dust. Select the Continue Button on the Menu, or restart from 
the beginning. 

Game Over, Sweetmeat! 

If all three Cyberformed Gunjoks bite the data-dust a second time and you 
have used up your Continue, then it's Game Over, sweetmeat... 

BAM Weapons 

Your BAM is fitted with 6 weapons. The number of shots for each is 
dependent on which Cyberform you select, except for the Twin Cannon 
which has an unlimited supply. 

©Twin Cannon: Fires high-energy, plasma pulses, and is your BAM’s 
standard weapon. 

(D Blast "Em: Fires ramped-up, high-energy plasma pulses at a higher blast 
ratio than the Twin Cannon. 


(D Mortar: Launches a spherical bomb at an angle of 45 degrees, and can 
be used to fire over obstructions at targets beyond. 

® Triple Mortar: Launches three spherical bombs at one time. 

(5) Flamer: Fires a stream of deadly, plasma-based flame from your BAM's 
left gun nozzle. 

(6) Missile Launcher: Fires a guided missile at enemy targets. 

The Missions 

As the spearhead for the main IMC force, your ultimate objective on 
Mandlebrot's World is to perform a good ol' laser lobotomy on MOSES' 
cyber-psychotic circuits. There are twelve sectors to clear before you reach 
the Cyberzone, where you'll confront MOSES. Each sector has its own indi¬ 
vidual hazards and mission objectives. Your primary concern, however, is 
to get through each mission piece and move on to the next via the eleva¬ 
tors situated at the far end of each sector. 

To access the Mission Briefing Screen, press Button B during Cyberform 
Selection, From the Cyberform Selection Screen, press Button C to begin 


Mission 1: Lady 1 

Your first mission takes place on the so called 'Lava Archipelago', located 
on Mandlebrot's Southern Hemisphere. MOSES has spread the BioMech 
virus to a radar cluster at the far end of the sector. This cluster is able to 
pinpoint the 'Corps' position anywhere on the planet You must take it out 
and advance to the elevator. 

Mission 2: Echo 1 

Your second mission takes place underground in the complex network of 
tunnels comprising the planet's Meridium mining operation. Energy shields 
are situated throughout the sector, and they'll bar your progress. Locating 
the shields' switches and blasting them out of this hemisphere will allow 
you to proceed. At the far end of the sector there are four Meridium fusion 
generators powering the Battlebot manufacturing plant on the surface 
above. Destroy the generators, then go immediately to the elevator. 

Mission 3: Sonic 1 

Your third mission also takes place underground, but this time it's in Alpha 
7's sewerage system. The sector is split into four Zones: Z1, Z2, Z3, and 
Z4. All the Zones are connected by teleportation devices. Locate the 
Teleports in Zones 1 to 3 to gain access to the elevator in Zone 4. 

Mission 4: Aqua 1 

Mission 4 takes place a mile beneath the surface of Mandlebrot's Northern 
Ocean, ft's a straight run through a heavy concentration of enemy hostiles. 


The only problem is there are several Energy Shields situated throughout 
the sector that barr your way. Locating the Shields' switches and blasting 
them away will allow you to progress to the elevator, 

Mission 5: Indigo 1 

Your fifth mission takes place on Mandlebrot's Northern Ice Cap. It's so 
cold up there that four of your weapons are inoperable. The two weapons 
that work are the Twin Cannon and the Flamer, Use the latter to unfreeze 
the switch mechanisms that operate the bridges linking ice islands. You're 
paving the way for the main IMC force, so creating those bridges and clear¬ 
ing the sector of Battlebots is vitally important. 

Mission 6: Echo 2 

You're back in the mines again for Mission Number 6. This sector has a 
moving conveyor belt running right through it. Take a ride on the conveyor 
belt to the elevator at the far end. Be warned, however, this ride won’t be a 
smooth one. 

Mission 7: Aqua 2 

You're submerged once again in your seventh mission. This time you're 
defending the Meridium Mine Head on the ocean floor. It won't be easy! 
Those BioMech 'bots will be coming at you hard and fast. Take 'em all out 
and proceed to the elevator at the sector's end. 

Mission 8: Lady 2 

Mission 8 takes place in the 'Lava Archipelago' of Mandlebrot's Eastern 
Hemisphere. BioMech's got a satellite beam weapon locked onto your 
coordinates and it'll rip up the ground from under your feet if you don't 
move REAL FAST. Follow the concrete path and try to keep ahead of that 
blazing wail of death! 

Mission 9: Indigo 2 

You’re down on the planet's Southern Ice Cap with a mission to defend 
IMC's recently established command and control center. The bridge to the 
left of your start position is where you can expect to meet the first BioMech 
attack wave. Advance across when the bridge is clear and make your way 
through the sector to the elevator at the far end. 

Mission 10: Echo 3 

Mission 10 should be a breeze! Just get through it as fast as you can! 

IMCs forward recon group in sector Aqua 3 is encountering a heavy 
concentration of hostiles. They need you there ASAP! 

Mission 11: Aqua 3 

A heavy concentration of BioMech bad guys is hampering IMC forces' 
forward advance. The ocean floor's bristling with mines and deadly booby 
traps - not to mention hordes of Battlebots. So tread carefully and make 
your way to the elevator at the sector’s end. 


Mission 12: Sonic 2 

You're back in the sewer for Mission Number 12 - the last one before you 
come face-to-face with MOSES. The sector's split into ten Zones with 
teleportation devices in nine of them. Use the Teleports wisely to get 
through to the elevator in Zone 10. 

Mission 13: Cyberzone 

This is it! The Big One! Time to meet MOSES and perform that laser 
lobotomy on his cyber-psychotic circuits. Good luck you're going to need it! 

Calgary's Clues 

Your friendly neighborhood Operational Controller, Lieutenant Calgary, has 
some helpful hints for you to inwardly digest: 

"Listen up, sweetmeat, and listen good! What I'm about to tel! ya could 
save your stupid life..." 

• The Battlebots are usually comprised of two parts - head/body and base. 
It's a mistake to shoot at the head/body, as this will leave the base intact. 
Even a decapitated Battlebot can be deadly. So, always aim for the base, 
since this will destroy the entire 'bot. 

• Recharge Points can be very useful if your Shields are low, so watch out 
for 'em. 

• Don't fire missiles at fixed, ground-based objects (i.e. Ground Mines} 

- use the Mortar instead. 

• Use the Mortar against the Plasma Towers, if only for the spectacular 

• Use your missiles against the floating mines. This stops 'em dead in their 
floaty tracks. 

• On the snow missions, save your shots by ramming into and running 
over the two-legged Battlebots. 

• Avoid enemy fire by walking sideways and shooting over your shoulder. 

• If caught in a close firefight, use your Flamer and watch 'em burn! 

• If all else fails, try crying. It won't save you, but it gets it all out of your 
system - doesn't it? 


Programmed by: Jon Hilliard 

Graphic Artist: Jason Gee 

Game Design & Story by: Jason Gee, Jon Hilliard, Guy Miller 

Music & Sound Effects by: Martin Iveson 

Lieutenant Calgary: Guy Miller 

Live Guitar by: Anthony Wheeldon 

Software Evaluation by: Bob Churchill, Guy Miller 

Creative Manager: Guy Miller 

Cover Art by: James Ryman 

Produced by: Jeremy Smith 

Handling Your Sega Compact Disc. 

• The Sega Compact Disc is intended for use exclusively with the Sega CD 

• Be sure to keep the surface of the Compact Disc free of dirt and 

• Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids. 

• Do not leave it in direct sunlight, near a radiator, or other sources of 

• Be sure to take an occasional break during extended game play to rest 
yourself and the Sega Compact Disc. 

• KEEP YOUR SEGA CD DISC CLEAN. Always hold by the edges, and keep 
in it's case when not in use. Clean with a lint-free, soft dry cloth-wiping 
in straight lines from centre to edge. Never use solvents or abrasive 

Warning to owners of projection televisions: Still pictures or images may 
cause permanent picture tube damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT. 
Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large screen projection 



CORE DESIGN warrants to the original purchaser of this software product that 
the medium on which this computer program is recorded on is free from 
defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from 
date of purchase. CORE DESIGN agrees to either repair or replace at its 
option, free of charge, any CORE DESIGN software product. Before any 
returns are accepted you must call our warranty department (408/473-9400) 
for a return authorization number. You may then return the product postage 
paid, together with the return authorization number, sales slip or similar proof 
of purchase. 


The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some 
states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or 
exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitations and 
exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights 
and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. 

Address aii correspondence regarding this CORE DESIGN game to; 

Time Warner Interactive, Inc., Warranty Department, PO Box 360782, 

Milpitas, CA 95036-0782 

develops problems after the 90-day warranty period, you may 
contact Time Warner Interactive, Inc. at 408-473-9400. If the Time Warner 
Interactive, ire. customer service technician is unable to solve the problem by 
phone, they will provide you with a RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION 
number (RMA). Write this number on the outside of the package used to 
return your defective CD to Time Warner interactive, Inc. Return the defective 
CD, freight prepaid, to Time Warner Interactive, Inc. at the address below. 
Enclose a check or money order for $12.00, payable to "Time Warner 
Interactive, Inc." Time Warner Interactive, Inc. will, at it's option, subject to the 
conditions above, repair the CD or replace it with a new or repaired CD. if 
replacement CD’s are not available, the defective CD will be returned and the 
$12.00 payment refunded. 

Time Warner Interactive, Inc., 675 Sycamore Drive 
Attn: Customer Service, Milpitas, CA 95036-0782 





We recommend that you read this instruction booklet to 
(earn and master the operation of this game. Should you 
have any further problems or questions about playing this 
Core Design, Inc. game, please call a 

Time Warner Interactive, Inc. game counselor at 

(408) 433-3999 

Monday through Friday from 
8.30am - 5.00pm Pacific Time. 


2737 Polk Street, Suite 3 
San Francisco CA94109 

Exclusively distributed in North America by 



675 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035 




Battiecorps © Core Design Limited. All rights reserved. 


U.S.#'s 4,442,486/4,454,594/4,462,076/4,026,555 
Europe # 80244; Canada #’s 1,183,276/1,082,351 
Hong Kong # 88-4302; Germany # 2,609,826 
Singapore # 88-155; U.K. #1,535,999 
France #1,607,029 

Japan # s 1,632,396/82-205605 (Pending).