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Fast Paced Doom-style Action! 

FUTURE. . . 






S ■ 



On Oecli 




n stall at ion 
^re-Mission Briefing 

J How to Play Oni 
Same Modes 

having, Loading and Overwriting 



Character Bios — Friends and Foes 
)n"Screan Display 
Useful Items 
Important Information 















Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and follow the on-screen instructions. If nothing 
happens when you insert the CD in the drive, double-click the ‘My Computer' icon, then 
the OnP icon, then 'Onisetup.exe' and follow the on-screen instructions. 


It's 2032 and the world ain't what it used to be. 

We have one government where there used to be hundreds. 

Big brother is alive and well. 

Things are pretty good in the big cities if you don't mind the fact that the World Coalition 
Government tracks your every move. They claim they do it in the interest of the common 
good but it can make you feel insignificant and pretty damned helpless. No matter where 
you go "Ihey” are watching you. 

In the cities most people have enough money to live quite well by the standards of the old 
world. An average family can afford a nice place to live, a times hare on a vehicle and a 
terminal that links them to the World Net, For most it's an acceptable payoff for a near 
total loss of privacy and systematic violations of our personal freedoms. 

It's best not to think about life outside the cities The powers that be would never admit it. 
but the air has gone bad. The forbidden zones they euphemistically call “Wilderness 
Preserves’ are actually massive tracts of quarantined land. 

The poor bastards who can't afford to live in the cities get as close to the atmosphere 
processors as they can and eke out a miserabie (and dangerous) existence working on 
the reclamation teams who beat back the corrosive stain of the wilderness. 

From time to time someone tries to improve public awareness of the ecological nightmare 
but the World Coalition Government controls the media and silences them before any oui- 

cry can gain momentum. Despite this repression, there is a growing awareness that 
something has gone horribly wrong and that something has to be done. 

Something has to give. It's only a matter of time. 


. On January 12th, 2032 the newborn World Coalition Government annexed 80% of the 
countries of the world. The holdouts either reconsidered and signed treaties or were ' dis- 
solved" in a matter of months. 

The leaders of the new regime gave us alJ kinds of rationalizations for their actions, rang- 
ing from endless border skirmishes between impoverished nations to environmentai prob- 
lems that they claimed could only be solved if alJ of the ' citizens of earth" worked together. 

If the truth were told, it was all about the money. 

Years of boom markets and reckless spending finally took their toll, leaving small coun- 
tries bankrupt and superpowers teetering on the brink of collapse. By uniting the 
economies of the world all of the old debt was erased and everyone got a clean slate. It 
was a real mess but at the time it seemed like the only way out. 

At first the World Coalition Government gave a lot of lip service to representing the 
annexed governments. There was even an advisory council modefed on the United 
Nations. As the representatives began to enjoy the beneHts of a global marketplace they 
fell silent. In a matter of years all traces of the old governments faded away. It was an 
economic coup on an unprecedented scale. 

The World Coalition Government accomplished most of what they promised. They creat- 
:ed "peacekeeping forces” capable of putting down any infighting and they turned around 
, the economy. 

iWhat they don't tell you is that the poor stayed poor and there are more of them than ever 
before Sure, we have bright and beautiful cities, but we pay for them by sacrificing our 
freedom and the well being of most of our population to the so-called “greater good.'' 



It is a golden age for the privileged. Their ivory tow/ers are everything we hoped the future 
would be. 


One of the excuses the World Coalition Government used to grab the reigns was the use 
of biological weapons by a few of the countries involved in border skirmishes at the time. 

Biotech is to us what nukes were to our great grandparents - an emerging technology that 
scares the hell out of the ignorant. Everyone was terrified that some geneticaity engi- 
neered super virus would spread farther than its creators intended. Horror stories of 
weapons that made your bones melt and your eyes explode blinded the public to the less 
tangible threat of a totalitarian government. 

Once the puppet masters behind the World Coalition Government had what they wanted 
they continued to exploit techno-phobia to keep them on top. They told us that abuse of 
technology was the enemy and that the Technology Crimes Task Force was our guardian. 
In the name of the common good they granted the TCTF blanket authority to investigate 
wherever and however they saw fit. 

Sure, the TCTF does everything it is supposed to. They keep most of the “cyber drug s'' 
and illegal weapons off the streets, but law enforcement is a smokescreen to excuse their 
actual purpose. 

The World Coalition Government uses the TCTF to control the evolution and distribution 
of new technologies. They suppress anything that could be used to undermine their 
authority. Their investigations are also used to violate the rights of anyone deemed ‘dan- 
gerous’ by the World Coalition Government. 

jhe real abuse of technology begins and ends with the government and its TCTF 


In the shadows of the cities the Syndicate thrives by providing the desperate and the 
downtrodden with the opiates they need to distract themselves and the weapons they 
need to kill each other. 

When you really think about the power the TCTF wields it makes you wonder how the 
Syndicate has survived. There are a tot of theories: some say the World Coalition 
Government lets the Syndicate slide because they keep the underclass down. Others 
claim a connection between the Syndicate and the remnants of the countries erased by 
the World Coalition Government s land grab, 

No matter what the truth is behind the Syndicate s existence one thing is for sure - the 
growing power of the Syndicate is due to one man. Boss Muro. Muro came out of 
nowhere less than ten years ago and took out all of the old Bosses. He runs the whole 
show now. Since he became Boss things have gone from bad to worse. The TCTF does- 
n't like hint. They have been at war with him for years but so far he has stayed one step 
ahead of the game. 


'You are Konoko. a specialty trained agent of the Technology Crimes Task Force, charged 
with your first mission. Your instincts tell you that something insidious is afoot as you infil- 
trate the cold underworld of the Syndicate. Commander Griffin. Regional Commander of 
|the TCTF. Is your mentor, boss, and even father figure, Shinatama is your SLD assistant. 

: confidante, companion, and friend, and the two of you share a special bond, one that is 
both neural and emotional. 


The World Coalition Government realizes the extent of the ecological damage and has the 

1 ability to reverse a lot of it but has decided not to. It is in their best interest to maintain 
the centralization of wealth so the large population centers are preserved while “third 
world’ regions are not. As a bonus the mounting death toll solves some of their overpop- 
ulation problems. 




Shinitama is an SLD, or Simutated Life Dotl, The SLDs were the first attempt to create an 
android - a manufactured organism whose systems and structures imitate human biology. 
An SLD breathes, eats, sweats and can feel pain. They aren't actually human so are 
more durable than their flesh and blood counterparts. The brain of an SLD is created 
from the patterns and engrams of a human brain, often forming a close bond or link 
between the SLD and its human "pattern." 

SLDs are cutting edge technology and as such are closely monitored by the TCTR There 
are very few of them and most are modeled after children because the smaller bodies are 
easier to create (and easier to control if they run amok). The TCTF is experimenting with 
using “adulf SLDs as field agents because of their exceptional strength and intelligence. 

The Syndicate have also been experimenting with SLD technology, but 

their efforts have been progressing much more quickly without all the rigorous safeguards 
used by more respectabie scientists. The Tankers are the result of this experimentation: 
super tough, super strong SLD warriors with a seriously bad attitude. 


In the Options Menu you will be able to change a multitude of gameplay variables: 
Difficulty, Sound. Screen Brightness, Vibration, Subtitles, and Control Configuration can be 
tailored to suit your preferences. 

Note on inverted Aiming: On the Control Configuration Screen you will be able to toggle 
Inverted Aiming On and Off. Inverted Aiming simply switches Up and Down on the mouse 
axis. Experiment to see which arrangement you prefer. 


IhOW to play ONI 
Default Controls: 

Left Ctrl “ Activate (Open doors, talk to No n^p layer characters, activate consoles 
E - Drop Weapon 

Q - Pick up weapon/item. Holster and Unhotster weapons 

R - Reload Weapon 

Tab - Use Hypo 

Space - Jump 

Left Shift - Crouch 

Left Mouse Click - Punch 

Right Mouse Click - Kick 

Mouse axes - Camera Control 

W “ Forward Movement 

S - Backward 

D - Right Strafe 

A - Left Strafe 

[game modes 

Oni is a one-player game. It's just you, on your own, matching wits and blows with the 
Syndicate. If you like, you can recruit a friend to be your own real-life Shinatama — hang 
out. watch you play, offer advice, maybe even bring you cookies and other foodstuffs of 
dubious nutritional value. 

TCTF Training - This is where your game begins. Utilize this training facility as if your life 
depends on it — because it does. Take the time and put in the effort to master all of your 


moves, because Boss Muro and his Syndicate are not fooling around. Remember the 
time-honored axiom: Practice - you don’t win just by doing it, but you can’t win without it. 
Note: TCTF Training is optional. To bypass TCTF Training, select Load Game instead of 
New Game on the Main Menu, and setect Syndicate Warehouse. 


Throughout Oni the game will automatically save at predesigned points. To load a game, 
click Load Game' and choose a save point you wish to play. If you are killed, just dick 
the mouse or press any key. and it will automatically load the last save point you reached. 
If you wish to load a different save point, hit Escape, dick Load Game’ and just doubie- 
ciick the one you want. That's all there is to it! 


Run, Konoko, Run! - Lord knows that's what you’ll be doing a lot of in this game, but you 
are by no means a one-dimensional coward! Here are just some of the slick and/or gravi- 
ty-defying moves you'll be able to perform, and how to pulJ them off: 

Escape Moves - Press CROUCH + any DIRECTION. These are useful 
for avoiding hand-to-hand attacks — and picking up objects! 

Jump Flip - JUMP, then press CROUCH while in mid-air. Perform higher 
and longer jumps with flip. Also a great attack move! 


Slide - While running press CROUCH to avoid traps, knock enemies off 
their feet, or pick up objects! 

Throw “ While standing next to an enemy press FORWARD (into the body 
of your enemy) + PUNCH or KICK. Try throwing from various angles to 
get different results. 

Running Throw - While running towards an enemy press KICK. Great 
move if you don’t have time to slow down! 

Sledgehammer Heel - Press PUNCH, PUNCH, then KICK. Slow move to 
get off but very, very powerful! Use with Caution. 

Block — Face your enemy and don’t press any buttons to block normal 
attacks. Crouch to block tow attacks. 

Disarm - While standing next to an armed enemy press FORWARD (into 
the body of your enemy) + PUNCH. Try from different locations for differ- 
ent results. 


Backbreaker - When standing behind an enemy hit FORWARD (into the 
body of your enemy) + KICK. Few enemies can survive such a brutal 

Triple-Hit Haymaker Hit PUNCH three times in a row to perform this 

As Konoko progresses deeper into the Syndicate netherworld, she will become stronger 
and develop the capacity for special moves. You will be notified. 


Dose of Reality - Unlike many other games of the genre, in Oni you can carry only one 
weapon at a time; this wilf force you to strategize. The Syndicate will have to be brought 
down with Konoko's brains as well as her brawn. 

Name Campbelt Equalizer Mk4 

Ammunition Type Ballistic Ammo 

Magazine Capacity 10 rounds 

Fire Rate 5 rounds per second 

The Equalizer is the standard issue TCTF sidearm. It has undergone a number of refine- 
ments since the original model appeared during the World Coalition Government’s rise to 

Hint: This weapon has high recoil. Compensate when firing on full auto. 


Name Hughes Black Adder SMG 

Ammunition Type Ballistic Ammo 

Magazine Capacity 30 rounds 

Fire Rate 1 2 rounds per second 

Manufactured around the world in dozens of illegal factories, the Black Adder SMG is the 
weapon of choice for violent criminals, terrorists, and Syndicate assault troops. 

Hint: Deadly at close range, but only useful for suppression fire beyond 6 meters. 

Name SML3 Plasma Rifle 

^ Ammunilion Type Energy Cells 

Magazine Capacity 10 rounds 

Fire Rale 1.1 rounds per second 

The SML3 Plasma Rifle fires bursts of superheated plasma, encased in a 1.2 kT magnetic 
freld, which explode upon impact. 

Hint: Bursts accelerate rapidly during flight. Lead moving targets appropriately. 

— Name ... Phase Stream Projector 

Ammunition Type Energy Cells 

4 Magazine Capacity 300 Units 

^ Plpg Continuous 

I This device is a miniaturized version of the vehicle- mounted phase projectors deployed 
during the Freedom Riots of 2012. It emits a continuous beam of energy that can stagger 
or topple enemies. 

I Hint: To aim. direct the weapon's energy beam. 


Name SBG Man-Portable Mortar 

Ammunition Type Ballistic Ammo 

Magazine Capacity 4 rounds 

Fare Rate 1 round per 2 seconds 

Scatter-pack Ballistic Grenade Man-Portable Mortar is too much of a mouthful, so troops 
all over the world simply refer to this weapon as the Superball Gun! 

Hint: Fire normally for a default scatter pattern. To surprise your enemies with a carom, 
hold the trigger when firing to bounce shots, and then release to detonate. 

Name Van de Graaff (VDG) Pistol 

Ammunition Type . Energy Ceils 

Magazine Capacity 5 rounds 

Fire Rate 1 round per 3.1 seconds 

An extrapolation of fundamental electrical principles, the VDG Pistol is the ultimate "stun 
gun." Each shot is high voltage/low amperage, so it causes minimal physical harm. 

Hint: Shots disable one or more enemies at dose range. Attack or escape while victims 
are disoriented. 

Name Scram Cannon 

Ammunition Type Ballistic Ammo 

Magazine Capacity 5 rounds 

Fire Rate 1 swarm per 2.5 seconds 

The Scram Cannon is the most indiscriminate weapon of terror in the Syndicate’s arsenal! 
Its homing missile swarms "scramble" toward targets moments after launch. 

Hint: Missile warheads are inactive at close range. For best results, give swarms space 
to home in on their targets. 


Name Mercury Bow 

Ammunition Type Ballistic Ammo 

Magazine Capacity 2 rounds 

Fire Rate 1 round per 5 seconds 

Unlike its low-tech namesakes, this "bow" fires a compressed sliver of frozen mercury at 
ultra-high velocity. Damage comes both from the initial trauma of impacL and subsequent 
mercury poisoning. 

Hint: Kills all but the strongest enemies with one shot. The bow must re-freeze after fir- 
ing. and thus has a slow cycle-rate. 

Name Screaming Cannon 

Ammunition Type Energy Cells 

Magazine Capacity 6 rounds 

Fire Rate 1 round per 10 seconds 

This weapon fires capsules that release a mysterious entity known as a Screaming Celk 
These creatures seem to exist out of Earth phase, but feed on life force and are drawn !o 
it when freed. 

Hint: The cannon masks its wielder’s life force from the entity, but any life that ventures 
too near it will be drained. 

Name Wave Motion Cannon 

Ammunition Type ???????? 

Magazine Capacity ???????? 

Fire Rate ???????? 

This massive weapons array has been under development by Syndicate scientists for 
some time Normally vehicle-mounted, it would require superhuman strength to lift or fire! 


Hint: Try pressing other attack buttons for alternate fire modes, 


Name: Konoko 

Bio Data: Orphaned at the age of 3. the woman now 

code-named Konoko has been raised as a ward of the World 
Coalition Government ever since. Her upbringing has been 
overseen by a legion of scientists and TCTF personnel, and 
she has been trained in the most advanced combat and 
counter-terrorism techniques. 

Strengths: Master of hand-to-hand combat, expert marksman. 

Special Moves: Rising Fury Punch 
Devit Spin Kick 
Twister Kick 

Weaknesses: Emotional attachment to the Shinatama SLD. 

Description: Konoko has been raised by the TCTF for as long as she 
can remember She knows that she is somehow "differ 
enf from other people, but she is anxious to prove her 
self to Commander Griffin and the rest of the TCTF. 

Name: Shinatama 

Bio Data: Shinatama is an SLD (simulated life dotl) android, responsi- 
ble for coordinating the entire regional communications spine 
at TCTF regional headquarters. 

Strengths: Extensive knowledge of TCTF operational data and s^^urity protocols. 

Special Moves: None 

Weaknesses; Non-combatant. 

Description: Shinatama is neurally linked to Konoko and can communF 
cate with her at all times. The neural link gives Konoko 
full access to Shinatama’s scanning technology and 
knowledge database. 

Name: Commander Griffin 

Bio Data; Regional Commander of the Technology Crimes Task Force, 
Currently on reserve status in the TCTF Black Ops duty roster. 
Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, master marksman. 

Special Moves: None 
Weaknesses: None 

I Description: As a Regional Commander, Griffin enjoys total control of 
the personnel and equipment within his region, A cunning 
and dogged leader, Griffin's enemies know that he will slop 
^ at nothing to maintain order and civil control, 

TCTF Tactical 

Name: TCTF - Tactical Trooper 

Bio Data: Tac-Ops troopers form the bulk of the fighting forces of the TCTF, 

I Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman, 

I Special Moves: Leaping Hammer Punch. 

Weaknesses: Stow reaction speed. Weak Special Moves, 

Description: Well armored and well trained, the TCTF Tactical trooper 
is more than a match for his closest Syndicate counter 
part, the Grunt Striker, but the TCTF Troopers are always 
outnumbered by their Syndicate adversaries. 


\ Name: TCTF - SWAT Trooper 

I Bio Data: TCTF SWAT Troopers are the elite agents of the TCTF, 

I Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman, powerful 
I Special Moves: Lion Axe, Lion Fist, Flying Cross. 

' Weaknesses: Slow reaction speed. 

Description: Uniike contemporary SWAT troopers TCTF SWAT are 
I often deployed alone or in concert with standard Tac-Ops 



troopers. Often just the sight of these armored giants is 
enough to make renegade lawbreakers surrender outright, 

Oiack Ops Tactical 

Name; Black Ops “ Tactical Trooper 

Bio Data: Black Ops tactical troopers form a special unit promoted 
from the elite of the TCTF. 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: Leaping Hammer Punch. 

Weaknesses: Fair reaction speed. Weak Special Moves. 

Description: Better trained and better armored than a TCTF Tactical 
trooper, and unfettered by conscience, the Black Ops 
Tactical Trooper is a deadly foe. 

Black Ops SWAT 

Name; Black Ops - SWAT Trooper 

Bio Data; Black Ops SWAT Troopers are the ultimate enforcers of the TCTF. 
Strengths: Expert In hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: None. 

Weaknesses: None. 

Description: Highly skilled in lethal dose-combat techniques, the Black 
Ops Swat Trooper is deadly and merciless. 

They are only unleashed against the toughest and most 
dangerous foes of the WCG. 


Name; Mercenary Sniper 

Bio Data: Mercenary Snipers are long-ranged specialist assassins 
that sell their services to the highest bidder. 

Strengths: Trained in hand-to-hand combat, master marksman. 


Special Moves: None. 

Weaknesses: Physically weak. 

Description: Mercenary Snipers are veterans of the Uprising War that 
left the World Coalition Government in control of the 
globe. The oppressive nature of the WCG has left the 
mercenaries with numerous opportunities to hone their 
skills equally on enemies of the state and high-ranking 
government officials. 

Communications Trooper 

Name: Comm Trooper 

Bio Data: Comm Troopers are the communications specialists for the 

Strengths: Trained in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: Static Fist. 

Weaknesses: Physically weak. 

Description: Comm Troopers maintain communications between 

Syndicate assault squads, and serve as field computer 

Striker Green 

Name: Striker - Grunt Class (green) 

Bio Data: Strikers are the foot soldiers of the Syndicate criminal 
organization. Grunts are the lowest rank of Syndicate 

Strengths: Trained in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman. 

Special Moves: None 

Weaknesses: Reaction speed is slow, combat repertoire is limited. 

Description: Though they are weak individually. Grunt Strikers often 
appear in numbers, aug men ting their limited fighting and 
shooting skills. 


striker BJue 

Name: Striker - Hoplite Class (blue) 

Bio Data: Strikers are the fool soldiers of the Syndicate criminal 

organization, Hoplites are the middle ranking Syndicate 

I Strengths; Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: Striker Slam Punch 

Weaknesses: Favors high-risk combat maneuvers (jumping attacks). 

Limited range on their Special Move. 

,, Description: Hopfites are often depioyed in support of weaker 
h Syndicate troops. Hoplites earned their nickname 

t through their flashy fighting style: they will often favor 

combat maneuvers that leave them vulnerable but can 
[i score high damage hits on their opponents. 

I Striker Red 

I. Name: Striker - Hussar Class (red) 

^ Bio Data: Strikers are the fool soldiers of the Syndicate criminaf organization. Hussars 
are the highest-ranking Syndicate Strikers, 

I Strengths: Expert in hand-lo-hand combat, skijled marksman, powerful Special 

;! Moves. 

; Special Moves: Striker Slam Punch, Headbutt Dash. 

; Weaknesses: Headbutt Dash Special Move leaves them vulnerable, 

i Description: Hussars are the most powerful class of Strikers 

and only appear on missions of the utmost impor- 
; tance. They are suspected to have undergone exten-sive 

j physical modification and v^rear heavily armored unifoims. 

Ninja Green 

; Name: Ninja - Infiltrator Class (green) 



Bio Data: Ninjas are the spies and assassins of the Syndicate criminal 
organization. Infiltrators are the lowest-ranking Syndicate 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilied marksman, powerful 
Speciai Moves: Volt Stomp, Volt Suplex. 

Weaknesses: Physically weak. 

Description; Syndicate Ninjas are trained to operate alone, each one 
an expert hand-to-hand fighter with a number of deadly 
Special Moves. 

Infiltrator class ninjas are dispatched primarily on mis- 
sions of information gathering or observation. 

Ninja Blue 

Name: Ninja - Eliminator Class (blue) 

Bio Data; Ninjas are the spies and assassins of the Syndicate criminal 
organization. Eliminators are the mid-ranking Syndicate 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman, powerful Special Moves: 
Volt Stomp, Volt Suplex, Skorp Kick. 

Weaknesses. Physically weak. 

Description; Eliminators are the Syndicate assassins, often dispatched 
with Infiltrator class ninjas In support. 

Ninja Red 

Name: Ninja - Avenger Class (red) 

Bio Data: Ninjas are the spies and assassins of the Syndicate criminal 
organization. Avengers are the highest-ranking Syndicate Ninjas. 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilied marksman, powerful 
Special Moves: Volt Stomp, Volt Suplex, Skorp Kick, Lightning Driver, 

Weaknesses: Physically weak. 

Description: Avenger class ninjas have been personally trained by 


Mukade, the Syndicate master assassin. Avengers are 
dispatched at his direction, often to eliminate the most 
powerful enemies of the Syndicate. 

Fury Green 

Name: Fury - Harridan Ciass (green) 

Bio Data: The Furies are command-ievel Syndicate assault troops. 

Harridans are the lowest ranking Syndicate Furies. 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: Foot Stomp. 

Weaknesses: Physically weak 

Description: Furies are deployed as field commanders for large num- 
bers of Syndicate assault troops. 

Harridans coordinate the activities of between 2 to 4 
squads in the field. 

Fury Blue 

Name; Fury - Banshee Class (blue) 

Bio Data: The Furies are command-level Syndicate assault troops. 

Banshees are mid -ran king Syndicate Furies, 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilted marksman. 

Special Moves: Foot Stomp. Whirl Kick. 

Weaknesses: Physicatly weak, 

Description: Banshees oversee critical Syndicate operations^ or act as 
personal aides and bodyguards to Syndicate senior staff. 

Fury Red 

Name: Fury - Valkyrie Class (red) 

Bio Data: The Furies are command -level Syndicate assault troops. 
Valkyries are the highest-ranking Syndicate Furies. 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, skilled marksman. 

Special Moves: Foot Stomp, Whirl Kick, Ten -Shadow Punch. 
Weaknesses: Physically weak. 

Description: The Vaikyries are Muro's personal aides and bodyguards. 

Their presence always indicates his personal involvement 
in an operation. 

Elite Green 

Name: Elite Striker - Ogre Class (green) 

Bio Data; Elite Strikers are the most powerful Syndicate troops. 

Ogres are the iowest class of Elite Strikers. 

Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman, 
enhanced physical strength. 

Special Moves: Cannonball Rofl. 

Weaknesses: Slow reaction speed. Cannonball Special Move leaves 
them vulnerable. 

Description; Elite Strikers provide tremendous combat power in sup- 
port of Syndicate assault troops. Though they appear 
stow and lumbering, their fighting style makes the most of 
their great physical strength. 

Ogre class Elites are dispatched in support of smaller, 
weaker assault troops. 

Elite Blue 

Name: Elite Striker - Giant Class (blue) 

Bio Data; Elite Strikers are the most powerful Syndicate troops. 

Giants are mid-ranking Elite Strikers. 

Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman. 

enhanced physical strength. 

Special Moves: Cannonball Roll, Whirling Dervish. 

Weaknesses: Slow reaction speed. Cannonball Special Move leaves 



them vulnerabfe. 

Description: Giant class Elite Strikers function like living tanks: wad- 
ing through battle while shaking off tremendous amounts 
of physical damage. 

Elite Red 

Name: Elite Striker - Titan Class (red) 

Bio Data: Elite Strikers are the most powerful Syndicate troops. 

Titans are the highest-ranking Elite Strikers. 

Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman, 
enhanced physical strength 

Special Moves; Cannonball Roll. Whirling Dervish, Crucifix Punch. 
Weaknesses: Slow reaction speed. Cannonball Special Move leaves 
them vulnerable. 

Description: Titan class Elite Strikers are only rumored to exist. 

Though no living witnesses exist to confirm reports, it is 
said that the Titan class Elites can absorb incredible 
amounts of punishment and emerge alive. 

Tanker Green 

Name: Tanker - Skirmisher Class (green) 

Bio Data; Tankers are illegal SLD androids created by the Syndicate. 

Skirmishers are the lowest class of Tanker SLDs. 

Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman, 
enhanced physical strength. 

Special Moves: Hover Kick. 

Weaknesses: Limited range on Hover Kick Special Move. 

Description: In defiance of WCG law the Syndicate has moved forward 
on the development of physically mature SLO androids. 
Tankers are based on the engram patterns of a particu- 
larly obnoxious Syndicate commander with a penchant for 

professional wrestling. 

Skirmishers are the earliest models created by the 
Syndicate and so are the least reftned. 

Tanker Slue 

Name: Tanker - Brawler Class (blue) 

Bio Data: Tankers are illegal SLD androids created by the Syndicate. 

Brawlers are the mid-level class of Tanker SLDs. 

Strengths: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat trained marksman, 
enhanced physical strength. 

Special Moves: Nuclear Tackle, Blockbuster. 

Weaknesses: NiKJear Tackle Special Move leaves them vulnerable and prone. 
Description: Brawlers are considerably more advanced than the previ- 
ous Tanker models, and are better able to harness their 
artificiai strength. 

Tanker Red 

Name: Tanker - Crusher Class (red) 

Bio Data: Tankers are illegal SLD androids created by the Syndicate. 

Crushers are the highest level class of Tanker SLDs 
Strengths: Expert in hand-to-hand combat, trained marksman, 
enhanced physical strength. 

Special Moves: Nuclear Tackle, Blockbuster, Atomic Elbow Drop. 
Weaknesses: Nudear Tackle Special Move leaves them vulnerable and prone. 

Description: The Crusher class of SLD Is a very recent addition to the 
Syndicate forces. Faster and stronger than ali of its 
predecessors, the Crusher class is the ultimate expression 
of SLD combat technology. 




These two display meters provide all of Konoko's vital statistics, and are found on the 
lower left and right sections of the screen display during gameplay. 


You will find many handy items scattered about the game’s landscape; be sure to scour all 
areas thoroughly, as you never know what can be found where. Here are just some of 
the items you will find: 

Ballistic Ammo Reload Weapon 

Coordinating the arms of mercenary and corporate forces during the Great 
Uprising had WCG researchers scrambling to solve their logistical problems. 
Their solution was modular, generic casings and projectiles loaded with mis- 
sion-specific ordnance payloads. "Blank bullets" allowed modular components to adapt 
and reload any ballistic weapon on the balllefield. 

Hint: Reloading a weapon takes time. Plan accordingly. 

Energy Cell Reload Weapon 

Governments and markets welcomed the emergence of the World 

Coalition Government, or were crushed beneath it. As hostilities subsided the WCG 
began to standardize fundamental technical eiemenls” across all market regions. The 
Ubiquitous Energy Cell has replaced all other portable power sources. 

Hint: The short span of time needed to reload can be all an enemy needs. Find a safe 
haven to reload In. 

Hypo Spray Recover Health 

Hypo sprays deliver stimulants, analgesics, and active neuro- biological 
reinforcing elements through a sub-dermal injector. The solution lakes 

lime to act on the body; further trauma while it is active reduce the hypo's maximum heal- 

ing potential. Even a few hits will cancel the effect altogether. Multiple hypos can be acth 
vated at once to extend the maximum healing range. 

Hint: Hypo near full health for temporary Daodan Overpower Mode - boosted health and 

Phase Cloak — Temporary Invisibility 

The Phase Cloak agitates the user's molecules out of the visible light spec- 
trum. The effect only lasts for 30 seconds: any longer and the user might 
suffer irreversible cellular damage. A weakness of the cloaking effect Is that the wearer 
becomes visible for a moment during physical contact with non -phased bodies. 

Hint: The 30 seconds begin immediately upon picking up the cloak. 

Force Shield Bullet Barrier 

The Force Shield surrounds the body of the wearer and absorbs the Impact 
of any projectile that strikes It. The shield can only absorb a limited amount 
of punishment before it collapses; as it grows weaker its intensity fades. 



Hrnt: Picking up a shield will cause you to discard your current shield forever 

Take A Breather! 

It pays to take a 10-minute break in every hour of play, so put the action on hold.,, 

• Press the Esc key to freeze the action. 

• Press the Esc key while the action is frozen to resume play. 


In the unlikely event that Oni refuses to work, contact our Customer Services Department 
at : 

9900 Franklin Square Drive Suite A 
Baltimore, MD 21236 

ATTN: Tech Support, or call 410-933-9191 Monday - Friday between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
EST excluding major holidays. Fax. 41 0-933-1 740. 

E-mali: And if you write, don't forget to include your name, 
address and telephone number. 



PitijecL Lead: Michael Evans 

Pmducer: Hamillon Ghu 

Design Lead: Handy LeBel 

Art Lead: Steve Abeyla 

Sound Music Lead: Marty O'Donnell 

Testing Lead: Hyan Hylland 

Engineering Lead: Mk;hael Evans 


Steve Abeyta 
David Dunn 
Chris Hughes 
Chris Lee 
Sean Tuitiitt 
Alex Oktta 

Original Concept Art 
Alex Okits 

Executive Producer Mditienal Concepi Art 

Alexander Seropan Hughes 

Character Animation 
Steve Abeyta 

Cutsoene Ammation 
Steve Abeyta 

Character Model ingTrextunng 
Chris Hughes 

Object ModeJing/Texluring 
Chris Hughes 
Alex Okila 


Particle System Art 
Alex Okila 

Level Modeling 
David Gunn 

Sean Turbitt 
Chns Hughes 

Level Texturing 
ChriB Lee 

Level Lighting 
David Dunn 
Chrte Lee 

2D Art 

Lorrairw Reyes 
Ben Nunez 
Atex Okite 

Hnrdy Lebel 
JoMoh Staten 
Mtchael Wu 

Chris Porter 

Kevin Armstrong 
Chfts Butcher 
Michael Evans 
Slefan Sinclair 
Qumn Dunki 
Brent Pease 

Al Eroneerinig 
Chna Butcher 

Pmlide Engineering 
Chna Butcher 

Character Animation Engineering 
Michael Evans 

Ui Engineering 
Kevin Armstrong 

Sour>d Engineering 
Kevin Armstrong 

QpenGL Rendering 
Stefan Sindair 

iuon Beach 
Chris Chamberlain 
Curtis Creamer 
Aynn Hylland 

all of the Oni beta testers 

Hardy LeBel 
Hamriton Chu 
David Dunn 
Alex Gray 

Ortgenal Music 
Marty O'Donnell 
Michael Salvatori 
Power of Seven 

Additional Sound Design 
Tom Blakemore 
Bryen Hensley 
Michael Salvatori 
Jay Weinfand 



Amanda Winn Lee 

Pete Stacker 

Anne Bowerman 

Norm Woodel 
Dr. Kerr: 

Bob O'Donnell 

Kurt Naebig 

George Adams 
Super Ninja: 

Kevin Gudahl 

Additional Voices 
Hamilton "sir" Chu 
Marty O'Donnell 
Mickey O'Donnell 
Joseph Staten 
Doug Zartman 

Cel Animation AfC Co.. Ltd. 

Special Thanks 
Andrew Bncwnbill 
Kevin Haara 
3dfx&Karen Gleitsmann 
NVIDIA S Andy Hose 
Jason Regier 

Halo Team 
Phoenix Team 
Jason Jones 
Shikai Wang 
Rob McLees 
Matt Gradwohl 
Mayumi Nakamura 
Masamune Shlno 
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Sophia LeBel 
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Amanda Campbell 
Scott & Brenda Rogers 
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Johnny Marlin 

Kate ^rtin 

Nancy Shumovioh 

Joan LeBel 

Hardy E LeBel Sr. 

Emil, Lonny A Kale 
Mrs. B 
Susan Lusty 

Nick "Dunn's Nemesis" Munteau 
Thai Style 
Muge Hughes 
Sheila Hughes 

Christine, Merediih, Jaci and Jackson 
Lach, Jen. Ev, ben 
Swetta Bhatt 
Vincent Srisebois^ 

Brendan Murray Gpnnxy) 

Ed Hary and Her Majesty 
The Street Fighters 
Thomas Andrew LeBel 
Ben "Danlor" McBeen 
Jen Nenner 
Todd Reeder 

Jayson "Jakartln" Mendoza 



Executive Producer 
Sam Houser 

Technical Producer 
Gary J. Foreman 

Corey Wade 
Anr>y Saizman 
Chris Carro 
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Adam Ted man 
Paul Yeates 
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Jeff Oasteneda 


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Harry Miller 

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Public Relations 
Mike Wilson 

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Rockstar Production Team 

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Andrea Vilfareai 
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Toni De Valdenebro 


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Bon Donges