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Newsletter of the Phenomenon Research Association 



12 Tilton Grove, Kirk Hall am, Ilkeston,Derbys.DE7 4GR (Tel: 0602 302773) 

A REVUE OF 1991 

The outstanding success of the past year has been the discovery of the 55cm 
wheat and barley stems, showing signs of "burn" and "crease" marks, in tne 
Crop Circles of the East Midlands. 

We have recently heard from Michael Chorost, a well known scientist, 
working for the North American Circle and based at Duke University, North 
Carolina USA. Michael has discovered short-lived radiation in crop circles 
in Wiltshire and is currently working on • the subject of the DNA changes 
found in plants in the circles. 

Michael Chorost is also interested in the idea of an electro-magnetic force 
being tne power responsible for the forming of Crop Circles. He has sent 
us his new nineteen page paper on the subject and concluded his letter 
with tne following comment:- "Your work's one of the best things to come 
out of England this summer!" 

We will now await the new Crop Circle "season" with great interest. The 
information that has been received from various sources during 1991, will 
enable us to formulate an investigation programme for new circles during 
tne coming year. We have a number of "pointers" to look for and this 
should enable us to eliminate any hoaxes within a matter of minutes. 

Now that the "Iron Curtain" has gone, we are receiving information from 
further afield, indicating that Crop Circles have also been found in the 
Ukraine area of what was the USSR. Currently PRA member Richard Servante 
is tackling the problem of translating a Russian UFO newsletter recently 
received by the group. An article in the October 1991 issue of "M'JFON UFO 
Oournal" includes a photograph of circle marks found on ice, after a UFO 
had been seen hovering in the vicinity. 

Finally, the photograph below, shows one of the most complicated Pictograms 
to appear during 1991.It was taken by Pat Delgado at Wilton near Salisbury. 

(Copyright Pat Delqado) 

"Don't look now, but I think we're,being followed" 

We are indebted to Oeremy Skertchly of Allestree, for the following report. 

Mr Skertchly is a member of the Advanced Driving Institute (I.A.M.) and on 
occasions, supervises the instruction of transport drivers who wish to take 
the I.A.M.'s advanced driving test. On the night of the 30th of October 
1991, Mr Skertchly was acting as an "observer" on a coach being driven by a 
driver under training. Mr Skertchly takes up the story:- 

On the night of the 30th of October, about 8.15pm, we passed the top of 
Station Road, Mickleover and entered Radbourne Lane (see sketch). Within 
200/300 yards, we were aware of a brilliant light shining in the rear view 
mirror of our 1989 Volvo B10M coach. It was as though someone was driving 
right up to our rear bumper with main-beams on full blast! The light was 
so bright, it lit up the • hedges down the sides of the bus and created a 
shadow of the hedges against trees etc., in the surrounding fields. I 
advised the driver that it was probably "an idiot in a sports car itching 
to zip past" and he would have to take this 'nose-to-tai 1' driver into 
account on encountering any hazards, as it was impossible for the other 
vehicle to pass on this narrow road. It never occurred to me that this was 
anything but a car following us! 

A car driving nose to tail with this particular vehicle, would be invisible 
to the driver, due to the construction of the vehicle and the arrangement 
of its mirrors. The lights of the following vehicle would obviously be 
seen in the darkness of an unlit road, as I have described them. 

The lights disappeared about a mile or so along the road, which coincides 
with a branch to the right (a road leading off in the direction of 
Radbourne Hall). We put this down to the car turning off at this junction 
and we thought no more of it. We drove on for about two miles, turning 
left at ‘the cross roads, past Bearwardcote Hall, emerging on the Etwall 
road, wnere we stopped on a garage forecourt and I took over the driving of 
the vehicle. I then commenced to drive back the same way that we had come. 

Almost immediately as we traversed the unlit country road, the same 'nose- 
to-tai 1' was back, with lights blazing in our mirrors, the lights followed 
us relentlessly. As I approached the junction, I explained to the driver, 
that I was giving the 'nose-to tail' driver behind me plenty of "brake- 
light time" (as I call it), before the coming to a halt at the junction. As 
I slowed to a halt at the crossroads, I was suddenly aware that the light 
in the mirror was no more! It had completely vanished and yet it had been 
with us up to the moment that I had halted. It was only then that things 
appeared strange! I pulled the coach around the crossroads and parked a 
little way along Radbourne Lane, leaving my hazard lights on. The other 
driver and I walked back to the junction of the crossroads and about 100 
yards along the road where the light had followed us. There are no 
concealed entrances, no farm drive-ways or lay-by's, where a car could have 
suddenly pulled off the road. There was no sign of a crashed car or 
motorcycle in the hedges or fields along that stretch of road. There were 
no unusual noises or visible signs of any sort. The sky was cloudy, with 
an orange glow from the town lights. We walked back to the coach and 
pressed on "home". 



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I am completely unable to account for what happened that night. I have 
since spoken to the driver that I was with, but I met with an adverse 

reaction on suggesting a UFO phenomena. The following week, I decided to 
inspect the coach that we drove that night. The coach company expressed 
surprise when I asked if I could look over the coach, but were quite 

obliging. The maintenance fitter had not seen any unusual and had not 
encountered anything out of the ordinary since. 

Mr Skertchly has since encountered disbelief when he mentions the subject 
of UFO's in connection with his journey in the coach, but such a reaction 
is not unusual. Unless you have studied past UFO reports in connection 

with motor vehicles, you would be unaware of the probabilities. My only 

comment would be that I would have expected a possible effect on the 
electrics on the vehicle, either ignition (not if it was a diesel motor) or 

an effect on lights or electrical components such as clocks etc. 

In a recent case in Spain, a driver journeying through a mountainous 
region, saw two beams of light shining through the trees in the distance. 

As he approached, his motor stopped. After a short time, the lights went 
out and he was able to restart his car and carry on home. The following 
day, he noticed that his electric car clock had stopped. 

We are currently awaiting details of a car driver who had an encounter with 

a ball of light zooming over his car in the Burton-on-Trent area...more 


The Water Works UFO & Infra-Red Beams 

Paul Foster and Duncan 0. Walters have both commented on the report carried 
in the December issue of OVNI of a UFO apparently setting off the infra-red 
detectors at the water treatment plant. 

Paul Foster comments :- The fact that the alarms were triggered is 
important. As far as I am aware, infra-red beams or any light beams 
(except electron beams) cannot be bent or deflected except in a high 
gravity field. You mentioned that the sun can affect an infra-red system 
and of course the sun is a huge infra-red source itself, causing random 
"noise" and thus affect the infra-red beam. 

However many systems can work day or night and more information is needed 
on the system in use, before an accurate theory can be found. As it 
stands, the object appears to have emitted powerful but invisible infra-red 
radiation as well as visible light. P.I.R. detectors are widely used these 
days and would be affected easily by such an occurrence. If the system in 
use is a "break the beam" type, then these can work at all hours and a very 
powerful source would be needed to upset them! 

Duncan J. Walters comments :- Firstly, let us examine two typical modern 
Interrupted-Beam Infra-Red Alarm systems. 

Presently there exists two basic systems of Interrupted-Beam Infra-Red 
Alarm. The Single-Beam system and the Twin-Beam system. 

Both are based upon the use of a Transmitter and matching Receiver. 

Both systems indicate the presence of an intruder when the normally 
continuous Infra-Red beam is broken by an object opaque to Infra-Red. 

(A human body for instance.) 

In the Single-Beam system, the Transmitter and Receiver are housed in 
separate enclosures and situated across the area which they are intended to 
protect. A single beam of Infra-Red light (invisible to the human eye), 
passes through the air from the Transmitter to the Receiver. 

The Twin-Beam system also makes use of a Transmitter and Receiver, but in 
this system, are usually housed in a single enclosure. A passive reflector 
forms an integral part of the system, which is positioned at the required 
distance from the Transmitter-Receiver enclosure. An incident beam of 
infra-red light is sent out of the Transmitter, which, after reaching the 
reflector, is reflected back to the Receiver. 

Special Infra-Red filters are normally fitted to both systems, the beams 
being modulated with special "signatures" so the matching Receivers will 
only respond to the Infra-Red sent out by their own Transmitters. This 
eliminates false triggering by sunlight and prevents potential burglars 
attempting to override the alarm system from outside. 

Secondly, let us examine some salient points mentioned in the UFO report: 

1. We are told that the incident occurred at 2am, sometime in October 1989, 
the ex-employee not being able to recollect the exact day. 

Comment: A water works constitutes an industrial plant of vital importance, 
both at local and national level, so it would be an essential part of the 
security system of the plant to be passed through to the nearest Police 
Station, to alert them immediately should any intruder break the beams. If 
they did receive an alarm call that morning, it would have been normal 
procedure to have followed it up with an investigation. 

A check back through Police records should confirm or discredit the the 
validity of the incident. 

2. The witness is stated as describing the length of the UFO as being 34" 
at arms length. 

Comment: If we approximate the length of the average man's arm as 34", the 
angle subtended from the 34" object will be 45 degrees. From this it can be 
calculated that if the witness was within 75 yards of the UFO, it too would 
be about 75 yards (225 feet) in length! 

3. We are told that the UFO had produced a source of power that had "bent" 
the Infra-Red beams, interrupting the circuit and setting off the alarms. 

Comment: The fact that the alarm system was triggered about the same time 
as the witness claimed he saw the UFO, does not necessarily mean the UFO 
set the alarm off. There are other nocturnal "phenomena" quite capable of 
triggering the system, including bats, moths or even a bird, flying through 
the alarm beam, perhaps after being unwittingly disturbed from its resting 

place by the sound of the approaching witness, perhaps by the witness 
himself, in his excitement accidentally broke the beams, or indeed, by the 
light from the 75 yards UFO! However moths and bats in particular are 
known to haunt areas of water at night. 

Thought for 1992: "The possible and the probable must be totally eliminated 
before we can accept the the impossible and improbable." 

Garth Waverley 1991 


MANSFIELD UFO GROUP: This active and interesting group meet on the first 
and third Monday of the month, at the Four Seasons Library 7.30pm. 
Enquiries: Contact Mrs M. Granger, Telephone Mansfield 646760 

SCENE OVER NOTTINGHAM: Reported by a Mr Cargill who lives on the Bestwood 
Park Estate. 5am on Saturday 9th November 1991. A bright silver/orange 
light, observed for several minutes before it moved away, getting smaller 
and finally faded away. No other stars visible at the time. 

PRA member Eddie Sherwood has recently met a wartime coastal Radar operator 
(1943) who has told of high speed Radar contacts and strange "echoes" 
during his wartime operations in the Bournemouth area. Let's hear more! 

JEFF WHITEAR of the Surrey SIGAP group has sent us a copy of his latest 
theory about energy sources that may be responsible for Corn Circles. This 
is currently being reviewed by several members of the PRA. 

TIMOTHY GOOD (Author of ALIEN LIAISON) recently broadcast on BBC Radio 
Nottingham (20th January) and discussed many of the revelations made in his 
book. Your Editor (Omar Fowler) dropped him a line, together with details 
of our 55cm stem discovery which we believe is connected with Microwave 
activity. Timothy replied: "Many thanks for your interesting letter - I'm 
sending copies to George Wingfield and Ralph Noyes!" 

PAT DELGADO sent his best wishes for the PRA group and gave permission for 
the use of his "pictogram" photograph on page 1. (sorry about the quality 
of the photocopy, but it's all a matter of cost!) 

DERBY YOUNG FARMERS listened intently to a talk on Crop Circles by Omar 
Fowler on the 13th December. The audience treated the subject very 
seriously and asked many relevant questions. Programme Secretary Robert 
Barke commented: thank you for your most interesting talk. 


Will be held at the Stanley Club, Stanley Nr Ilkeston at 8pm on Wednesday 
the 29th January. 

A slide lecture by Omar Fowler "THE LINES AND SIGNS AT NAZCA" (Peru) 
Non-members welcome. Please sign in when you arrive. (50p meeting charge)