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Edited by: Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall. 

"NUFON is a liaison system for independant UFO organisations and researchers in Northern 
Britain. It acts as a co-ordination centre for investigation, research and general information". 





P,4 Group Biography! MAPIT 
P.5-8 Investigations fromi 

Staffs, Notts, North 

News Round Up (Paul Whetnall) 
Investigation data - new layout 
C he shire,Greater Manehe ster,Lane s, 
& South Humberside, West Yorkshire 


We hope members of UFOIN who do not normally get NUN will appreciate this issue 
sefat to them to say 'Thanks for your efforts in '77' LETS KEEP IT UP IN '780 *l 

EDITORIAL ! 'Carter Keeps his Promise' 

We are all familiar with the promises of politicians. Usually they are as liable 
to be kept as the chances a UFO will decide to dtop in on the next NUFON meeting 
(thats a thought,,,, perhaps if we advertised that attraction more' people might 
come along,,,) 

When President Jimmy Carter was capmaigning for election to the US White House 
he made a pledge that he would release all of his inform ation on the UFO phen¬ 
omenon,This was because our good old country cousin had seen a strange thing 
himself once (well two,I suppose,,,if you count Richard Nixon) 0 Anyway,Jimmy 
made this vow and of course we all said,pull the other one its got bells on it. 

Or those rather more paranoic said,the CIA will get to him and make sure he 
says nothing because of course the CIA run America (funny I always thought it 
was Kermut the Frog), Well,believe it or not,Carter has kept his promise. 

We are indebted to Bryan Hartley for transmitting the information hot from his 
international communications system.Apparantly Carter has advised NASA that they 
should examine the data provided by civilian ufo organisations in the USA over 
the past ten years to see if anything has been produced which would make a new 
major study valuable. It seems that hopes are high that the verdict will be ver# 
much more favourable than the infamous Gonned us report (er, s , sorry,,.CONDON 

Work has already begun,with the cooperation of the major US organisations and 
a report is expected from NASA within a few months. We shall of course await 
this with baited breath. 

One wonders,yet again,why we in Britain are sitting on the femce.Recently a 
new official study was launched by the French government,,Called GEPAN it is 
working with top scientists and continuing the pioneering efforts of the nation 
whose minister of defence broke the ice in 197 ^ by publically admitting to the 
wirld that UFOs were a real problem,that they had been studying them for years 
and that they were going to cooperate with any scientific attempts to find, the 

Of course we have the Ministry of Defence and their special department which 
exists to look into these imaginary UFOs, They say they don't exist.,.,, but 
still spend millions of pounds each year om investigation of this 'non-existant' 
phenomenon. Strange? Or is it typical of the British temperament that we should 
love to spend money for no reason? 

The point seems to be that. Britain is going to sit back and let everyone else 
take the lead once again. Efforts in the past that have petitioned the government 
to do something about the ufo problem have been fruitless.Maybe now 5 with all of 
this activity abroad,with public interest at a height because of STAR WARS and 
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS,and with masses of high strangness data on file from recent 
months we should ALL try a concerted attempt,If we sent ONE fully docummented 
high strangeness case each to our local MP then possibly we would, at least get 
some answers,Though we might suspect what they will be it is worth trying is it 
not? Sitting on fences is ok, but what happens when you fall off??? 


In recent monthsmany people have expressed the feeling that we ought to do 
something to. improve standards of investigation,There is a way to do this - 
whilst at the same time providing some enjoyment and interest* 

What we are to do is introduce a course in UFO'INVESTIGATION.This will not be 
a training programme,as its participants will all be folk who - have been 
investigating for some time,but it will allow those with more experience in 
the field to pass on the benefits to others 0 A team of organisers will coordinate 
the programme of instruction and if you feel you.have had enough experience 
and would like to help please contact JENNY RANDLES right away 0 


It will probably be best to keep the numbers involved small,though if you 
particularly want more than one member to be involved that is alright 8 Another 
idea is to pass the benefits on to the rest of the group by the person actually 
taking the course instructing other 'members at a regular meetings 

Individual NUFON investigators can take the course as well,if they wish 0 

To cover printing and postage costs there will be' a course fee of £1*50 per 
person (^2 if more than one from a group take part provided all correspondance 
goes to one address). Surely this is not too much for all groups to afford,, 

The course will start after the next NUFON meeting on February 4th at Crewe 
(see next page) and will be organised in three sections:- 


Forms of various phenomena misidentified as UF0s$ natural,stellar,aircraft, 
satellites etc,Examination of these and means of identifying related ufo sightings 


Interviews,checking sources,analysing sites,producing a case report etc, 


E/M Cases, Physical traces, physiological effects, photographic cases etc. 

The proposals are to produce a series of about 12 fact sheets on each section, 
with notes on specific topics,cross references to further sources,examples and. 
illustrative questions.These would go out every 2 weeks,one with the NUN each 
month.In other words-each person taking the course would have six sheets per 
month to deal with,which will mean hard work.i.but not too time consuming. 

The course will last about six months and some form of exam and certificate will 
be devised at the end,If this pilot scheme is successful it*will continue on a 
permanant basis 0 


1978 - THE YEaR THE UFOs CAME??? 

This is how the publishers of a new commercial venture,Space Centerprises,are 
launching SPACEQUGST onto the markets with a massive publicity campaign to tie 
in with the release of the film STAR WARS this Christmas, SPACEQUEST is a new 
glossy magazine which deals with UFOs,space travel,science fiction etc.Its 
aimed at the public,but its not sensational.Perhaps this is because it is edited 
by a ufologist,Alan Fossey (formerly of the BUDC).The first issue (January 78) 
of its bi-monthly schedule contains a major feature on Star Wars,contact with 
extraterrestrial spacemen,the evolution of stars (by a UFOIN member,Mark Stenhoff) 
and several ufo features,... including one by our own Jenny Randlesi It looks 
worth supporting,Single issue costs are 60p. Subscription £4,50 pa. Contacts- 



Page Two 


The date for the next NUFON meeting has now been confirmed it will bes- 
Saturday, FEBRUARY 4 1978 1.00 to 5.00 pm 

The hosts on this occasion will be the Crewe group FUFOR and the venue the 
Crewe (EiMc Centre Library Lecturd Theatre,on Prince Albert Street,close to 
the town square,This is about 15 minutes walk from the railway station,and is 
served by Crossville bus services K1,K2,K5,K6,K7 and there are plenty of taxis, 

I hope that you will all try and get there. One of the main topics for discussion 
will be the Investigation Course,plus the Spring conference (this year to be in 
South Humberside), There «fill be a lecture before the meeting,details of which 
will be announced in the next issue, 





NEWS ROUND-UP Paul Whetnall 

Last months issue of the NUN seems to have been well appreciated by most of you, 
especially that article from John Hind ...(Never mind the quality feel the width) 

I have had several letters commenting how true it all was (perhaps it will now 
have some effect on the amount of data that comes in on reports), David Rees mf 
MAPIT says,'I found John Hind's article very snsible indeed' and gbes on to say 
that each group has different guidelines as to what an investigation-should 
include and that a standardised form should be available. The BUF0RA Rl form 
seems to be the most popular and widely .used and dont forget that Derek'"James of 
UFORA Staffs keeps on plugging his generous offer to provide free Rl forms to any 
group for the purposes of sending proper data into NUFON. Seemst that a few more 
of you ought to take him up on this, David also said that LITS cases were not very 
important because they only provide speed,direction,colour,date etc ,,,, but 
nothing really workable,For the most part this is so,but LITS cases should not be 
forgotten as a follow up investigation can reveal more,For example MUF0RA 
investigator Ros Parsons followed up a LITS case (reported in this issue) and 
found out it was a Close Encounter with animal effects,,, so showing the danger 
of complacency about the irrelevancy of same sightings, WUFOS now have a monthly 
column ip the Birkenhead and Bebbington News, They also have plans to ressurect 
the group magazine.jihoping to have it for sale in some local shops, SUFORS are to 
stage the Spring 78 NUFON conference ip the South Humbersise,North Lincolnshire 
area (probably April/May), We expect to have two conferences next year,,, with 
MUFORA planning one for the Autumn, Dont forget tpo that BUFORA are having a 78 
conference next Spring,,,, in Nottingham bn the weekend APRIL 15/l6, Details 
fr^m them. Cost about £6 I think, (not including accomodation) 

The big film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' has been released in the US 
last month,and is scheduled for general release over here on March 30th,or 
thereabouts. Its not supposed to be science fiction,and is likened to a Hitchcock 
thriller. It cost 20 million dollars to make,with a massive security clampdown 
before release and then a huge publicity campaign (with double page adverts in 
the press explaining Hyneks classification system,,, from where the title of the 
film comes). ) From news that has filtered through it seems that it is a.pretty 
straightforward account of a landing and ufo eontactee experience,happening to 
a pldin old american family. Our old mate Allan Hynek is supposed to be in it 
somewhere too. Two critics managed to sneak into the film before it was released 
and gave different reviews of it. One said it was pretty awful and Wall St. stocks 
of Clumbia and EMI (the makers) tumbled. Then the other said it was good and they 
rose dramatically - such is the importanceplaced on the film. So it may give 
ufology the respectability it has lacked in the past ... here's hoping anyway. 

Page Three 


GROUP BIOGRAPHY:- 2 ) MAPIT (Man Ch ester) 

Pavia Rees 

Back in September 1973 -MAPIT arose from cut of a national organisation.FSIT 
(Flying Saucer Investigation Team),which eventually fizzled ouo ofexistence. 
MAPIT along with NUFOIS from Nottingham with similar origins,withstood this 
upheaval with its founder members being Jenny Randles and David Rees 3 T e V a so 
launched a magazine,which began as 'THE MANCHESTER UFO SCENE and has now grown 
into "SKYWATCH".This is used to nelp educate members and to allow decided 

their views about UFOs, In its early days membership was small and MAPIT 
to treat its investigations and the subject with an unbiased and open mm e 

attitude 0 

Membership is now open to anyone an interest in ^Os.The group offers a 

comprehensive reference library containing over 1 5 00 books,magazines and tapes 
aS P over SoO p-reS cuttings dating back to 195.VThese facilities can be used 

freely by any member a’c any time 0 
Tn 1974 MAPIT had attempted to start a* nationwide cooperation system called 

PROBE NATIONAL 5 with ufo groups exchanging data on a regular tesis* ® ThiSTled 
+( _ +hP fen+ure was nil so efforts were concentrated on the north west a This le 
to the formation of UNO (Union of Northern Observers), tony feople ^^e«i this 
name and UNO later became NUFON,which is now a great success-UNO organised the 
first northern ufo conference,with the Wirral UFO Society ^e hosts,This »as at 
Bebbington in June 1974,and has been followed by an event each year 

With the expansion o-f NUFON Jenny Randles decided to devote all of her time tc 
this maintaining contact with MAHT.David Rees took over as Secretary and editor 
nf SKYWATCH in October 1974 and the membership has increased since then.SpW T 
f. ST 15 oo^tiios and has a truly international readership Tv, o social issues 

have teen prrnted the fir- ott I _ ; jbushed ear lier this year.There are 

on the 1973 fl»P -1” n 0 r S e d " Sf 

plans for further special issues. 

Since 1975 MAPIT has concentrated on 2? 

many unrecorded sightings must appearing in local media sources to try 

group has had various letter., ^ f j^ pIT3 e xi stance .The group, also acts 

irriSoimaSch source for^eopie fishing to make contact with other groups etc. 

0,0 Ci.ll Xiii --- - . 

The group holds small meetings at rrregulvr infervais ^^TEa^noEommittee, just 
Offertoh .Greater Manchester,They are ; c„mal as Marti n ^ # oald 

i„dfx"S r n1s hoped ’inVtSfto'pubSra citaEgue' cfEast Cheshire sightings. 


ii w V V. ^ "if X 

* * * * * 

-H- •* 



i-lN V UlOl 1 W -L -L ^ 

r, tytt-nt A + p -*nfo source 3. regular,reli3'ble 

One of the chief functions of in ^ ^a+ions in the regibn u We have decided 

Stiangeness and probability of » Jenny Sandies vis, 

employed will be the one devised uy teuei *axrmgton o., y 

* s i • • _ _ “1 — V rx w. ron 

TOW Definite or- Events with colour .brightness and motion only observed 

IkufiefinSn Events fhcre a clearly defined shape^s^s^rved. 

ID (Instramentaily DetectedpE^en by'fitnesses to the event 
GE 1 t Close Encounters wmh ex fee... °nl^ - - T vricn esses who were not at event 
GET S Close encounters wnere effects can be contact 

CT3 s CE 3a Entity cases (no contact) UE 3b Ent..t, oas 

GE 4 s Cases where contact takes place on a ps;ycnm 


Page Four 

77/179 FEBRUARY 23 1977 Ilkley Moor,West Yorks(22.30) MED Level D SUFORS 

Four witnesses,three of whom were members of the observor corps,say that they 
saw a metal grey disc of 50 ' diameter hovering over a stone circle on the moor. 

It was in view three minutes forty one seconds! The observor members will not 
be identified as they told the other witness the UFO was tracked on radar! (tye 
have been totally unable to confirm this). The local investigator,who himself 
is a repeater ufo witness,says that a few days before he experienced a mild 
electric shock when trying to move the stones in the area,He speculates that the 
area is a focus for leylines,which in some way powers the ufos, 

77/180 APRIL 14 1977 Heywood,Gtr Mcr (21.20) LOW Level E MUFORa 

A hospital technician had just put his car in the garage when two starlike LITS 
appeared.One moved slowly from the SW,the other moved faster from the N.They 
joined together silently and moved away to the E,heading for Rochdale,The faster 
light twinkled,but the other was steady,They seemed to be as high as high-flying 
aircraft,They remained in view 3 to 4 minutes as they slowly flew away, 

77/181 MAY 22 1977 Denton,Gtr Mcr (22,00) UM Level A DIGAP 

A design engineer and his son observed a LITS like a yellow car headlamp as it 
rose from behind some trees in the direction of Ringway airport (SW), It moved 
slowly and made a sharp turn before climbing to 70 degree elevation and moving 
away to the SE.As it did so it seemed to grow brighter once,fade and then move 
out of sight. 1% also appeared to make two slight motions to the left,It was in 
view six minutes,Remaining in the back garden they saw a jet aircraft pass over 
shortly after,This looked quite different and could be clearly heard,The witnesses 
are familiar with aircraft movements, 

77/182 JUNE 28 1977 Ellesmere Prt,Cheshire (13.®) MED Level C WUFOS 

Five teenage schoolboys were on the schoolfield about to play cricket wijen one 
of them spotted a strange looking object hovering over rooftops in the NNE. 

It was shaped like a quadrilateral with 
indistinct sides and was made out of a 
silvery white material.After about thirty 
seconds it accelerated upwards and away 
to the S.The total duration of sighting was 
about 50 is possible that this was some airborne object caught in 
the breeze,such as a kite.It certainly has a distinctive kite shape. 


77/183 JULY 28 1977 Dunnockshawe,Lancs (02,30) GE 3a Level A DIGAP 

Mr S is a 19 year old farmlad at Love Clough,Rossendale (between Rawtenstall 
and Burnley),He is a typical rural dweller,with no knowledge of UFOs and a 
fairly poor education,On the date in question he was camping with a friend by 
the side of Glovrbridge Reservoir (OS 
Sheet 103 Ref 832283 ) .4s dawn began 
to approach he decided to go to the 
waters edge to get some drinking water 
and,as is quite natural,he took his 
rifle with him in case he should see 

something to shoot.As he bent down over , t 

the breakwater he noticed a strange figure standing'about 100 yards in front 
of him,This figure was immediately noticed as being odd because of his immense 
size.He was 8 feet tall! He was dressed completely in a white robe,had a beard 
and bushy hair,It stated mechanically out over the reservoir and did not seem 
to notice Mr S at all,The witness gazed on in amazement for a minute and called 
to his friend,However,as he did so the figure vanished. 

It is obviously not certain whether this has anything to do with UF0s f except that 
the family from the nearby farm had seen strange lights over the area during the is also close to the seene of the North Lancashire flap earlier this 
year (eg the Nelson car stop case),The entity is somewhat remeniscent of the one 
seen by Mrs Bowles at Winchester on November 14 1976 (FSR Vol 22 No 5). 

Ihge Five 


77/184 AUGUST 5 1977 Bury, Gtr Mcr (24,00) MED Level E MUFORA 

A woman in Heywood saw a flame coloured oblong object to the west over Bury, 
As she watched it grew smaller and disappeared,but she had the feeling that 
it was her and not the object which was moving awayjTwo teenage girls from 
nearby Summit claimed in the press subsequently that they too saw the object. 
At this time many aircraft in and out of Manchester Airport were switching 
full landing lights bn some distance out,This MAY be an explanation. 

77/185 SEPTEMBER 3 1977 Cheshire,various times LOW Level A FUFOR 

The first incident in a great flap of sightings over the Cheshire area concerns 
Mr Locker and his 11 year old daughter at their home at Alsager (just .over the 
Staffs border),At 21,20 their attention was drawn to a silver cigar moving N 
at elevation 65 degrees,The apparant size was that of a tennis ball,at arms 
length,After a minute it made a sharp turn to the west and disappeared at speed. 
It seemed to flash lights in sequence,red,green,blue and white looking like 
'cellophane on childrens toys'.The - elder witbess is well acquainted with air 
movements and says the object was on AMBER ONE at about 2000' (below the 
minimum flightpath level). At 21,35 & teenage couple in Crewe reported seing 
four pinheads of white light,changing formation and moving north at elevation 
45 degrees,They were slightly brighter than stars and vanished after two 
minutes behind cloud,FUFOR consider the witnesses of low reliability. At 21,50 
Steve Cleaver of FUFOR and three friends spotted a hazy white light in the west 
moving NE,elevation 30 was the size of a -§-p at arms length and seemed 
to stop,accelerate away at great speed and then reverse its path,, on several 
different occasions.At 23,08 two of the witnesses,plus another,saw the object 
again.The witnesses in the earlier sighting had heard a buzzing noise EXCEPT 
for Steve is interesting though that his ears were badly blocked and 
shortly after he had them syringed by a doctor. At 23,00 two ambulancemen in 
Crewe spotted the object also,They reported to police that they saw an arc light 
in the W,which moved off NE,accelerated and changed colour from blue to red 
before vanishing at terrific speed, Manchester Airport speculated that unusually 
clear visibility made an aircraft lining up on the runway visible. Ringway is 
30 miles away a.nd FUFOR like to know if it is possible for one to be seen,.,, 
and heard from such a distance. Any comments from our air enthusiasts? 

77/186 SEPTEMBER 3 1977 Nantwich,Cheshire (22.30) LOW Level A FBFOR 

A young married couple at their home (OS Sheet 118s 618518) spotted a bright 
white light moving W to NW at elevation 12 remained in view fifre 
minutes,moving slowly,The area is rural and free from haze, FUFOR ask can a 
satellite be observed so low bn the horizon? Any experts? 




77/187 SEPTEMBER 18 1977 Crewe,Cheshire (22.42) ID Level A FUFOR/UFORA 

David Moses is a FUFOR investigator,and a male nurse at a Nantwich Hospital, 

At the time in question he was called to the garden by some neighbours and 
shown a bright silvery light in the NE sky.It hovered over the Rolls Royce Club 

in a residential area,elevation 10 to 15 
degrees across open land,as the three peoplw 
watched it changed colour from red to silver 
to green and back,and then bagan to slowly 
pulsate,Mr Moses is an amateur photographer, 
/ \ with his own darkroonand went indoors to get 

o\ his camera.Using 125 ASA film he.took a 10 
second time exposure at f.1.7 using a standard 55mm lens, was hand held, 
and inevitably some degree of camera shake occured in.the picture,although under 
the circumstances>it,is remarkably clear.The image shows-a berjt white object (due movement),The object itself was STATIONARY,The night was clear, and the 
long exposure reveals detail of the skyline and sky.There is very little cloud and 
it is very high,as weather records indicate.The two other witnesses testify to the 
photograph and to a total observation of the object of 25 minutes,At one point it 
vanished for three minutes (NOT. behind cloud) and reappeared moving slowly east, 





77/188 OCTOBER 2 1977 Darnhill,Gtr Mcr (20.30) K)W Level E MUFORA 

Mr.and Mrs Fieldhouse and their seven year old son spotted a brilliant white 
light moving across the sky slowly above their home.It was in view two minutes. 

This report was not considered significant at the time,but may well tie in with 
report 77/189 and a report from the same night investigated by CHRYSIS (to be 
featured in the next issue), * 

77/189 OCTOBER 2 1977 Moston,Gtr Mcr (21,15) CE 1 (An) A MUFORA 

Two 19 year olds,Timothy Timms and his fiancee Gillian Dormer were walking 
their dog,Rocky,when their‘attention was drawn to a cloudlike form moving 
fast across the sky from N to E at 60 degree elevation*It rapidly deccelerated 
until it reached a position in the NE where it hovered for a few seconds.As 

. jfrm* it did so the cloud dissipated leaving 

a clearly defined disc shape.The colour 
was orange.Mr- Timms said it had a firey 
■ 1.^ red top and was spinning on its axis t>ut 

admits to being brown colour blind and so 
his testimony may not be as reliable as Miss Dormer 1 s.The apparant size... was that 
of a Ip piece at arms length. The object now be^an to move away to the E # at 
first slowly and then accelerating.After a total observation time of 2 minutes 
it was lost to view over rooftops. The sighting was reported to Jodrell Bank, 

Both witnesses feel that the dog was effected by the is normally very 
lively,straining at the lead whilst out.Shortly after the object was sighted it 
became very subdued and remained in an unusually calm state during the whole 
time the object was in view, - 

(* A letter such as An,Animal effects,T,traces,P,physiological effects - will be 
used to designate appropriate effects in all close encounters) 

77/190 OCTOBER 12 1977 Sturton, Motts (18,40) MED Lefel E SUFORS 

A seven year old boy and m,any other witnesses in the area reported a bomb shape 
with blue bits falling off it moving very fast towards the north east.Police 
are convinced that this was either a satellite or a meteor. 

77/191 OCTOBER 14 1977 Heywood,Gtr Mcr LOW Level E MUFORA 

A soman returning home from her sons spotted four red lights in a row which 
were hovering over the rooftops.She would not be interviewd for fear of ridicule, 

77/192 OCTOBER 23 1977 Brindley Ford,Staffs (0.00) LOW Level A UFORA 

Mrs Evans,her husband,daughter and son in law were all witness to a strange, 
white glow which rose and fell slowly and pulsed colours to blue and green. 

It was in the NE at elevation 80 degrees and stayed in view lj hours on the 
first dateiyand 20 minutes the next night.Apparant size of a tennis ball at 
arms length,though not as big as the moon by a long wayJJI 

77/193 OCTOBER 25 1977 Ulceby,Sth Humberside C&00)MED Level D SUFORS 

Late on the afternoon of the 25th residents in a housing estate-at Ulceb-y 
saw a stationary cigar shape in the sky for a lengthy period.A week later a 
meteorological balloon was found in a garden after being reported as a UFO by 
many as it fell,There may well be a connection,though it seems unlikely that 
a balloon should stay afloat for a week, 

77 /I 94 OCTOBER 25 1977 Crewe,Cheshire (22,40) LOW Level A FUFOR 

A woman in her thirties saw a flashing white light moving from west to east at 
elevation 40 then dropped behind a tree and started moving about 
between two trees,The witness went upstairs to try to get a better view but 
when die got there it had vanished. 


Page Seven 

77/195 OCTOBER 27 1977 Hindley Green,Lancs (18.50) MED Level A DIGAP 

A well qualified young man and two friends saw a strange object moving very 
fast through the sky following a large circular path,It was described as a 

dome with a flat top with white lights 
in the middle,a white light am the left, 
red light on the right and blue light 
underneath'.Sparks were regularly emmited 
from the b-ck and the object made a noise 
similar to a light remained in view for 30 minutes before sweeping 
away to the west.This description ties in well with the sighting by Shelley 
Barnes at Bolton (23/1/76 ~ NUN Mar 76 ) and the multi witness events at Swinton 
December 12/13 1975 “ all of which remain uridentified, 

77/196 OCTOBER 31 1977 Leighton,Cheshire (20.10) LOW Level A FUFOR 

Single witness observed a white light in the north west,elevation 15 degrees, 
moving away very fast.It was in view one minute.At 21.30 the same witness saw 
a white and red light revolving.The white light changed to red and the object 
flew off. 

77/197 NOVEMBER 7 1977 Haslington,Cheshire (16.00) MED Level A FUFOR 

Two witnesses driving towards this village spotted a white light in the east 
elevation 30 degrees.After losing it 
through trees it resolved as a hazy r 

black elongated'object.They kept it ' c 

in view 10 minutes drifting slowly S, 

At 16,55 a further witness saw the object at OS Sheet 1188738559 on his way 
to was in the east at 25 degree elevation and was a black 
cylinder witha blue light on each underside end.It hovered at 500 feet and 
was in view 30 seconds before being obscurred.When a clear view in the direction 
was next obtained the object had gone.This witness had been in the RAF. 

77/198 NOVEMBER 11 1977 Fenton,Staffs (04.45) LOW Level A UFORA 

An uneducated witness left his home and spotted a red light moving towards 
his rooftop in the NE,elevation 45 went out of sight and the 
witness feels it must hive stoped as it remained out of view for some minutes. 
Whilst watching for it to reappear a white streak of light shot in the opposite 
direction (probably a meteor).Then a very much brighter red light,the apparant 
size of a pea,appeared heading NE towards the first,This came back out of the 
roof top and headed away SE.The first object followed it travelling faster 
Both were lost to view over trees after ten minutes. 

77/199 NOVEMBER 11 1977 Irlam,Gtr Mcr (06.44) KJW Level A MUFORA 

Possibly connected with the above sighting MUFORA investigator Ron Sergeant 
observed a white light for 18 minutes as it moved slowly amongst 
was at elevation 45 degrees in the ENE and moving west,Viewed through 4x50 
binoculars it displayed a small vertical ray,During the time of observation 
it covered 30 degrees of arc. 

77/200 NOVEMBER 18 1977 Wawne,Nth Humber (15.00) MED SUFORS 

This case was discovered by Derick Shelton and is under investigation by SUFORS, 

It concerns a group of about 17 young schoolchildren (aged 7 and 8 ) who were 

playing in the fields when they saw a 
silvery disc with a dome moving in a straight 
line across the sky.They rushed indoors 
to their headmaster who immediately set 
them to make plasticine models of what they 
had seen.This was under supervision with 
no opportunity to discuss the sighting,They were all remarkably similar. 

NB UFORA confirm that 77/178 (the 'Fairy* rings) has been confirmed by analysis 
as a fungal virus, (see Nov 77 NUN)