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JULY 1996 


Address: 11 Pike Court Fleetwood Lancashire FY78QF 
Subscription rate £7 for 6 issues (payable to 'Northern UFO News') 

Conic nit: A 2(1 PAGE SPECIAL! pp 2 - 5 A brave new UFO world (the future of 
UFQtogy as wc approach our 5(11h hirthtlaY),„pp 6 Mens round up (a newsstand filitz 
hEts the streets).,..pp 7 - IIU FORA changes Director of Inycstrgatiunt..pp 7-12 
Televisual nightmare (the full low down on the dealing and dirty tricks behind Secrets 
of the Paranormal). pp, 12 Case notes on vanishing people and a Hying Man in 
Illack!...pp.l3 - IS Reviews eilrz (looks at the (JFO Encylopedia projecCtJor Step 
Beyond and Pad Lives, future Lives plus forthcoming UFO hooks for the year 
abend),,.pp.M - JO Cases from North Wales (Including the phantom plane and an 
animal mutilations outbreak), LancashireAferseysidc A Scotland (Including a mtd-atr 
cncaunter.morc trianglcs,con(act from alpha eentauri ,a UFO captured by camcorder 
and a sinister Mill episode in June 1996 - or is It all a sick joke?) pp.Ifl Summer events. 

Hurt hunt UFO News/ 2 


k is lima for another in the ton ft tine 
of Northern UFO Neivs apologies, IFhat 
* wit id an issue of NUN be without one! 

Delays this lime \ vere sadly 
inevitable, parity thanks to the terrible affair 
over my BUC documentary which la ft me 
drained and pretty much in total despair of 
UFOIogy for some considerable time (see 
later}. / came to the brink of quitring but 
would not let the evil minded so called 
'UFOlogist* (and he knows who he is) that 
n*as responsible win out in such ignominious 
terms. So I fight an. 

However* most importantly the 
break was enforced by my mother being 
taken seriously ill a few days after the last 
edition was completed. She was in hospital 
for many ivecks and this tuas a two-hour bus 
journey away from me (I do not drive as 
some of you will knowf. As my only other 
family live too far away to get here this 
meani being out from mid morning to late 
night, every day for quite some time,and so 
unable to even answer ph one calls or work 
on the magazine (the hospital tunned laptops 
in fear that they might interfere uith the 1CU 

U was a gruelling and worrying 
periods*} soon after my fathers death, whenJ 
udmit t UFO fogy only came to mind when 
forced to do so thunks to the sick actions of 
that tricked person who seemingly ignored 
my mothers health to score disgusting points 
for his own personal kudos. 

Thankfully my mother fought off 
the misdiagnoses and maltreat merit of the 
NHS (thats another - pretty gruesome - story) 
but is still far from well I have also had to 
explore options of getting us back nearer to 
south east Manchester in the medium term. 
Easier said than done - and another time 
distraction as it is a full day trek by train and 
bus just fa go look 

As / am sure you will understand my 
mothers health had to take priority and put 
ail other matters on the backlight This was 
including my nork with 'Strange but True?* 
So l am not writing the book of the series 
this time around;akhough r no doubt 
Somebody wilt be doing it 

Sorry once more and £ just hope 
you will all bear with me. NUN will 
continue>qf course, as regularly as 
circumstances permit - and, as ahvays t your 
subscriptions cover six issues (however long 
they take to appear!) and not just a period of 
time,so nobody is going to lose out 

.-I brave ttetv UFO world; 

Two things have sci me pondering 
about this (very long) editorial Firstly p the 
self-seeking and frankly odious way in winch 
one or two in the UFO world put their own 
ego above dm light to resolve the hig quest ions 
tiiiit cunlrom ns. This lias always been true but 
was brought to the fore through recent events. 

Second! y> talks with Ehe team at the 
British TV Production company who have 
made the trailblazing four hour TV series on 
UFOs due to be screened by Discovery this 
autumn, Afler spending a year and many 
dollars on this project they have a surprisingly 
dear insight into what is right and wrong 
□bout the way UFOIogy does its stuff. I found 
myself sympathetic to many comments. 

Indeed,to some cxEoncand in my own 
contentious way,! had, aJ ready tried to propose 
similar concepts. Some of you may recall my 
BUFORA lecture at Sheffield three or four 
years ago (The Death of UFOIogy 1 ) in which I 
recommended a new directiomta some extent 
now fulfilled by 'Hew UFOlogist 1 magazine. 
My Calk was GTT on purpose. Of course.] do 
not think UFOIogy has no future. But l do feel 
we need to lake a long hard look at where we 
are going after 50 years chasing shadows. 

Just before I was forced out of 
BUFORA council by ihe power-brokers - both 
myself and Paul Fuller had been endeavouring 
to find some new ideas to fii into the way 
investigation and research is conducted I think 
we may well be perceived by some as a threat 
because of that Big groups (and many small 
ones) put their own existence and self interest 
ahead of UFOIogy and I fear that to some any 
idea would be dangerous if it meant in any 
way stifiling the omnipotence of Ihe few. 

When BUFORA 1 * World Wide Web 
site began last year 1 was asked to contribute a 
regular column. Yet my first ptoce.along 
similar lines to this editorial .was not only 
rejected but seems lo have set mass panic afoot 
amongst the BUFORA council. Why? Because 
what 1 was advocating - a new direction for 
UFOIogy - but one lead by BUFORA - was 
seen by those in control as not just 
revolutionary but pretty darned near to 
treason. Absurd as that seems to’s 
exactly what is wrong with British UFOIogy, 

ft is time we started to do what is 
right for the future progress of our subjec^not 
what is only in Lite best interests of a few 
UFQlogisis or the leading UFO groups - even 
though 1 tend id believe that what i suggest 
will surely have benefits for all. 

Northern UFO News/ 3 

The UFO world really crisis to rulfill 
I he needs of three diffcrcni kinds of people. 

Firstly,the ones who enjoy running 
ihmgs. To them solving UFOIogy is secondary 
to [he fun of organising groups, con Terences 
and magnetites. Nolhing wrong with that, AH 
subjects need (his kind of person to 
survive, Most UFO groups are run by them. Tlic 
danger comes when they control the direction 
that the subject lakesjor then il ends up being 
run largely to maintain the status quo.After 
alt.progress leads la resolution and lhai will 
put these people out of a job- So the}' have a 
built in subconscious motive to mate sure we 
go nowhere particularly Fast, 

The second category is by far Ihe 
largest. These are people who are interested in 
UFOs but arc not especially motivated to do 
very much about it. UFO membership groups 
only survive by virtue of subscriptions from 
hundreds of such (bile Ofen they join.stay a 
couple of years,Linen move on to something 
else. UFOIogy is not a lifelong passion.but 
they enjoy reading what is goitig on. Mostly 
these enthusiasts arc attracted to UFOIogy by 
its media image of X-Files conspiracies and 
alien abduction scenarios. More sedate 
UFOIogy switches them oft Once they see 
these conspiracy theories lead nowhere except 
to more conspiracy theories.lhcn they often 
drift away. UFO groups need these 
people, Nutlets face it,they arc never going to 
lake us very far towards the truth. 

Why7Becausc + oTi the chance (and it is 
just a chance) that they are right and the UFO 
world is the product of alien and government 
conspiracies.we are m far mil of our depth we 
arc like flics buying round an elephani - a 
nuisance,but ultimately harmless. Anion the 
rather belter chance,that UFOIogy has more to 
do with other things (like physical sciences, 
parapsychology, consciousness phenomena, 
etc) then these UFOlogists are really only a 
distraction to ourselves. 

Then,finally,there ire the handful of 
truly dedicated UFQJogjsts, The ones to whom 
answers rally count - and what does not 
mailer is the form dial these answers take. To 
know tf you arc one of these people then 
answ er the following questions honestly, 

// it were pnnvert tomorrow that 
UFOs had absolutely nothing to do with aliens 
visiting earth.w'nuidyou still he interested? 

If it were promt tomorrow that 
UFOs were simply some kind of 
rtaturaLsdentipc enigma, unresolved, but of 
primary irtferpjt to physicist* or 
psychologists, would you remain a UFOfopSt? 

In other words.if it is the insth ahntu 
UFQs thai matters to you - however,exotic or 
mundane thai tmih may prove to bc.then you 
are one of the Few. UFOIogy is a lifelong 
obsession Arill never go away But 1 doubt 
lhai there arc more than 100 such people in 
the whole of the UK * although [ may be 
plea sandy surprised if we hod some way 1o 
resolve that question. 

Okay - but so tvhatyoti may ask? So 
cverythingjn fact. The problem is lhat 
UFOIogy ailcmpts lo be all things to aJI three 
groups of people and - I contend - this is not 
only a terrible waste of resources but is 
ultimately doomed lo take us round in circles. 

A UFO group ivories on the principle 
that il can cater Tor nil. If il has 100 
members,then a half do/en or so will be of Ihe 
organising type who will fill most of the 
buicacracy lhai it will crate (ihe complexities 
of UFO bureaucracy - with directors of this 
that and every thing - is evidence in ilsdf of 
this ethos at work). It will also have perhaps a 
dozen or more truly dedicated UFOIogists. 
The rest - three quarters of the group - arc 
there lo rad the magazine, a (tend the 
conferences and provide the money that allows 
the group to produce the magazine and invite 
big American speakers lo the next conference. 

What about UFOIogy? What about 
research and invest igalio a l What about 
making any aciuat progress? This ends up last 
on the list of priorities, which leads <a mean 
virtually none of it gels done Surc t !hc odd 
ease is investigated Sure,some dedicated 
person will fiddle with a computer and 'do 
research 1 . But what does it bring? A paper at 
next years conference - thus about it, 

A good example is UFO Call. In 1989 
when BUFORA council set this up (thanks to 
Mike Woollen) I gave up a service l was 
already running in the north-westfrom which 
bigger things may have grown I have now 
written and presented almost 350 editions of 
the news and information service (for which I 
dont gel pflid and am not interested in being 
paid). But BUFORA scoops quite a lot of 
money from this pot Your calls fat quite 
expensive rates) have brought in during the 
past two years sums of money to the group not 
Tar behind their membership fees. I estimate 
120,000 in the past 3-4 years and certainly 
(according to figures in the current AGM 
statement) £12.500 in the past two years. I 
expected something similar although I only 
crate.write and present the service and am 
not on council so am not lutd wlut it makes or 
have a say in how that fortune is spent 

Northern UFO Nc ns/4 

Ajui dent most of us. £60W 
per year IS a fortune, bearing in mind it is all 
new money which die group does not need in 
order to survive, It could be - and should be - 
properly invested into doing real UFOlogy. Is 
that what is happening? Not so far as [ can see 
- althougiurf longer being on 
council means 1 have no real idea what 
BUFORA is actually doing with tilts windfall, 
Now, even though u may seem here as 
if l am getting at BUFORA once again.Tm 
riot. If 1 were then 1 would not still be doing 
UFO Calf would l? BUFORA is the best group 
in Briiam to use this money properly, but I 
think jt only right tliat - now we know the 
sums involved - we should ask as a UFO 
community that we have some say in how this 
money should be spent So why not write and 
offer your suggestions - both to me (which Til 
print) and to BUFORA council (which I hope 
they will take seriously and debate). 

1 indeed in my 'censored web site 
paper (when I was just guessing the income 
for the last two years - and it was really 50% 
more than thatl) I actually proposed that 
BUFORA show some initiative and leadership 
and call an all-Britain congress of interested 
UFOlogists and UFO groups to discuss the 
future of UFOlogy and to consider wise things 
to do with this newly created wealth. As 
BUFORA would have run the show 1 am 
boilkd as to why this was regarded as a 
treacherous seems that it was. 

The outcome? No conclave was set up 
and no obvious sign tltai the UFO Call 'lottery 
win 1 has been utilised to fund any kind of new 
imlullve or actual progress in the UFO field 
beyond what lias happened before. I find that a 
shame, which could so easily be put right. 

L suspect this lethargy is not because 
anyone is spiriting the money away into their 
pockcts.or because BUFORA want in use it to 
create a more glossy magazine or to invite 
more US speakers aver at considerable 
expense next year. That would be abuse of an 
asset and E have more faith in BUFORAs 
comman sense than to think that is not unreasonable for us 
to ask where the money is going 
expect the UFO community to have some say 
in what we all do with it? After aU.many of 
those who call (and so hind) the service ore 
not BUFORA members,but arc obviously UFO 
enthusiasts. 1 think this is a decision that 
BUFORA could turn over lo the whole UFO 
conun unity without losing any of us 
independence and certainly gain considerable 
kudos by so doing. 

However.this issue cf how to spend 
£6000 per year is a symptom of the wider 
problem. UFOlogy * and here not just 
BUFORA,but all of us - are trying to do too 
many ihings,ofkn in competition .when we 
should surely specialise more 

As l see iuhcrc will always be (and 
should always bc> local groups on the ground 
to handle the PR and investigation within 
communities. They arc very effective way$ for 
those who love organising to do their thing 

There are also excellent outlets for 
the enthusiasts - eg 'UFO 1 magazine being a 
case in poinkshamclcssly aimed at this end of 
the market and publishing only wliat ii knows 
will sell and ignoring aspects of UFOlogy with 
which its readership would not be interested 

Yet our national UFO groups (not 
just BUFORA - but I keep mentioning them 
because its our biggest and best and thus our 
one real hope} door leant this lesson- They go 
for more members, try to make their magazine 
all embracing and stage annual conferences 
and lectures with the same set of lecturers 
preaching to an audience that contains 50% 
regulars who have heard it all before and 50% 
newcomers who haven't.but wont be around 
two years from now when the speaker is next 
an the programme,Somewhere along the line 
we have lost the point of a UFO group existing 
and we have lost ail reason for these to act as social forums, get 
your names in the papers and make yet more 
money (to not do any real UFOlogy with) 

What should be the point of a UFO 
group? Surely to investigate and research the 
UFO mystery with a view to making progress 
towards actually solving the questions we 

What should be the point of a UFO 
conference? Study to debate new 
cvidciicc r dcridc how to use this to make 
progress and plan T conduct and then report 
back on real UFO investigation and research 

1 argue that neither function is really 
being fulfilled by any UFO group or any 
conference that is presently being singed in die 
UK (or many other places frankly}. That has 
to change if we are to go anywhere at all. 

So what can we do? Firstly,we might 
creaic a UFO Research Institute. This would 
exist solely to conduct and promote serious 
research projects (which might include in- 
depth studies into important esses) This need 
not be done in such a way as to either produce 
a massive new bureaucracy nor to form a rival 
group to any in present existence. 

Northern UFO News /5 

Indeed as 1 visualise iuhe Institute 
would in effort be a 'professional' UFdogats 
forum as an adjunct and it could be supported 
by all existing groups. 

What t suggest is this. That UFO 
groups be invited to ask their members to 
consider a tutMier structure. If they wish to 
Join either a local or a national group and 
simply participate in that, then they pay the 
standard rate for that group, [f - in addition - 
they wish to pay.lct us say .an extra £10 pa.this 
would qualify ihem Tor membership of Lhe 
Institute, All of that extra £10 goes into the 
Institute's funds Individuals not part of any 
group could become nn Institute member 

This gives flexibility to individuals 
and also retains full autonomy for all groups. 
More importantly, it means that those 
IJFOIogists who support the aims of the 
Institute know that their extra £10 will not be 
used In any way olher than to fund research - 
ie it will not become absorbedas will their 
group membership feejn the monies required 
to run that groups overheads and to maintain 
elements such as magazines and conferences. 

The Institute would. I suggesl.operate 
railicr like the UN. AH groups who annually 
donate' memberships via this system would be 
eligible to 'chai^ a meeting in rotation. This 
could function on the basis of the largest 
representative group having first choice.and so 
on as each meeting came around. That group 
would be responsible for arranging a 
venue,inviring all Institute members and 
nominating the chairperson for that 
mcrting^niis would avoid the need for the 
Institute to have any group structure and to 
waste any of its income on non relevant 

Every member of lhe Institute would 
be an equal say partner Ai meetings they 
would have one vote just like anybody rlse.and 
majority decisions would decide issues. 

us say if sat the Institute a I traded 
100 members once established That would 
give a pool of £1000 pa.According (o the 
greatest number of UFO group membership 
donations (and thats quite likely to be - but not 
certain to be - RUFQRAI would have 
thought) that group would bike on the chair 
responsibility Tor Use first meeting. This 
meeting would set up the Institute regulations 
and determine priorities to allocate funds from 
the £1000. These shnuliof very 
specifically focused in terms of worthwhile 
and positive research ventures which nobody' 
is doing right now and which will aid progress 

Ideally pi would envisage more money 
being available, Croups max for example, 
choose to donate to the fund Successful 
enterprises (eg UFO Call.books by authors 
Chat do well.magazines dial make a pmfit,etc) 
might also support the scheme. It is also 
possible to sec the Institute publishing its work 
in an annual hook length format / or 
producing specials on research projects and 
case histories - all by lhe original 
resea rchers.bul with the profit going straight 
into the funds In this way things could start to 
happen fast 

What about conferences? UFO groups 
will continue to fulfill the need for the lecture 
based get logelhers.just as they will serve 
membership needs as at present, What [lie 
Institute should set out (o do - at least once a 
year - is organise something new - a working 
seminar type conference 

These would be small scale (ie 
probably aimed at only 20 - 50 peop!e,but not 
dosed to anyone), Hovvever.lhcv would very 
definitely not be intended as public meetings 
and the media would not be united They 
would be funded entirely by those who attend 
and their purpose would be very clearly 
research orientated. They would be designed 
in such a way as we wxjuid be able to invite 
working scientists to parties pate.knowing that 
they will not have to confront UFO buffs 
wearing [ luv the Greys' T-shirts.find stalls 
marketing model aliens and hove to dodge the 
cameras or reporters asking inane questions 
like - whats a phvsidst like iw tiding here 
ivith alt these natters: 7 

Each seminar wtmld set out Eo 
address a specific question. For instance,we 
could have one based on earth energy 
theorics.or vehicle interference cascs.or 
retrieval of government documents. 
Participants will be invited beforehand to 
present original research based around a scries 
of pre-dduied questions that need answering. 
Outsiders with relevant background would be 
mviled to contribute. At the start of the 
seminar an agenda For working parties would 
be set up and bv the end of lhe seminar 
specific proposals Tor new research would be 
presented These would then be brill upon by 
the Institute in the months and years lo come, 

These arc at present very rudimentary 
ideas, f am sure Itat you will have suggestions 
* even if only that this whole concept could 
never wort Please pass on your views and 111 
publish them In a year we will face the 5Dth 
anniversary oT lhe UFO field. Radical new 
steps are needed We cannot just stand still 

Northern 4JFQ News/ 6 

;Vt mx Round Up: 

For those who thought flic AW 
t/FO/ugjsf nas a thing of the past J was 
pleased eo see Issue 4 appear recently. [is the 
best yet A ha tiks lu the hard work of Joe Dormer 
and Paul Fuller A nice Albert Budden/Danny 
Sul Us an cov er too. The ton cents includes Dr 
Serena Roucy-Dougal updating her research 
linking UFOs with the Pineal gland,Albert 
Budden discussing some experimental work 
into magnetic fiddsau interview with 
Vice iue-Juan Ball ester Ohuos about the 
content of the released Spanish Air Force UFO 
tiles and a fair bit more as well Subscription 
for 4 issues costs £B via 3 Sdbornc Conn 
Tavistock Close Ramsey Hams SOS I TTY 

:: What with tire above and Andy 

Roberts association with BUFORAs 'UFO 
Times' making a significant difference to the 
quality of this fast improving izi house 
publication things arc certainly looking up in 
the UFO magazine world What is more we 
have a rash of journals on the newsstands as 
well, hi the bad old days ill seems like Last 
weckj you would liave been Liard pressed to 
find even that old. but ever fascinating. 
ETH/eortspiracy stalwart 'UFO 1 magazine in 
too many places. Now even backwater 
newsagents arc selling u U has also been 
joined by a flood of imitators "Encounters* 
was the first-hut n lias struggled io maintain 
imy kind of quality and suffers badly from 
seeming to import most of its content off the 
[ulema screens - with often dubious 
consequences. You can find Lius alongside lire 
mystical 'Nexus? [now available far and wide) 
itud.of course.ihe irrepressible quirky Tortetm 
Times', which went monthly m April and lias 
UFO CDiueni in virtually every issue. These 
were joined in the Spring by *UFQ Reality* - a 
new age/Warminster revisited mag dial is like 
a crop circle groupies version of UFQIogy. I 
cannot imagine that is space for all of these 
lo survive.but L don't see the newcomers 
denting ‘UFO 1 and ‘Foriean Times',with their 
long background in the subject injecting the 
kind of astute awareness and sheer knowledge 
of wJiols what that the imitators simply cannot 
match as yet. 

i: Thai saiia new hope flared in late 

May with Issue oue of a monthly venture 
called 'Sightings'. J ve hud long chats wiih its 
editor (Mark Samir] and he knows his onions 
Whilst a business man, not especially a 
UFOlogisi.hc saw what was 'wrong' lviih all 

the other would-be newsstand journals mid 
planned a serious hard nosed version Tins 
just may be die publication to give the oldies a 
run for their money Its aim is id focus on 
quality do involve real IJFOlogtslsAo run 
proper series and be high quality glossy in 
format with full colour throughout Few 
newcomers would be openly hostile to the 
Roswell Jbutage because of danger to the 
credibility of the UFO fidd or plan an 
educative series on IFGs, ‘Sighting? 4 is 
promising to become ihe son of magazine 
you'll want to buy for its common sense but 
not feel asliamod of possess!ng.Onc well worth 
support lo ensure dial it fulfills its impressive 
ambitions - which may not be easy to match 
with the realities of what high street buyers 
want out of a UFO magazine. Al the moment 
its around in most ncwsgenis and issue 2 came 
out laic June. The standards were maintained 
and it has my full backing, Give it yours, 

;; Andy Collins sends us his latest 
newsletter Understandably irate at the lack of 
enthusiasm shown Tor his brave and dynamic 
Orgonc research he has abandoned attempts to 
progress this fimher and has few kind words 
lo say about the dogmalised views of many 
people m i he Add. How ever Jus other 
researches go on - including a plan to turn his 
'Black Alchemist' book into a TV series that 
would make the X Files look like Noddy (his 
words I). He also announces plans for this 
years Questing Conference (sec back page). 

:: Andy's very own ABC Books (no 

gimmick as his initials really are ABC!) has 
its Spring catalogue out h$ packed ivilh 
bargain uIters and rare second hand titles. 
Send an A3 SAE to ABC Books PO Box 189 
Leigh on Sea Essex SS9 INF 

:: Midnight Books lias us Spring wares 

on show m its own 44 page catalogue - full of 
both second hand and new tides. Getting hold 
of copies of rare and out of print paranormal 
tides in this way is becoming increasingly 
popular and i + d warmly recommend both the 
ABC and Midnight collections as veiy wed 
worth your lime. Midnight also require au A3 
SAE via The Mount Ascenon lid 
Sidmouth Devon EX 10 9BT You can phone 
(9 to 9 Mon to Sat) on 01395 - j 1 5446 

:: Earth Scan, new on ihe Science 

Fiction channel is seeking first-hand stories 
told by UFO witnesses to camera Contact 
Simon Oakley PO Box 2195 London W1A US 

Nnnhem UFO 7 

EJIJFOllA Changes 

What goes around, comes around they 
do say. So it was interesting to loam in func 
that Philip Mantle after ensuring that [ left 
BUFORA council and taking owi my long 
held role as Director of Investigations in 
December 1993, has now found himself having 
to divest I his job and other BUFORA 
responsibilities. f under stand Mr Mantle 
intends to stay on council, fndcedjatcr word 
(from council's chosen replacement as 
Director of Investigationsl is that his actual 
departure may rtoi lake effect immediately 

Personal pressure reportedly brought 
about (his enforced switch.but hopefully 
BUFORA will Id) members the fuller 
background lo what is one of the saddest days 
in British UFGlogy for some timc r Philip's 
many friends will want to know the reasons 
for this diPinpointing news and lets call on 
BUFORA to explain all and notas they have 
in the pasUgnore the matter via UFO Times, 
Such a prospective loss to this major 
organisation cannot simply be alio nod to go 
by unheralded 

The new Director of Invest!igallons is 
- 1 gather - to be Gloria Dixon,who has my 
total admiration and respect and I am sure will 
do a first class job. 1 wish her all Good luck in 
what is certainty an ill-rated role - whenever it 
is that she eventually takes on this mantle 
of responsibility. 


As you will recall from the last issue 
I ivas invited during the summer of 1995 lo 
make a documentary for BBC television, tf l 
had known then what l know now,! am not 
sure that l would have said yes quite so 
readily. For it turned out to be a real 
nightmare,which for weeks after its 11 April 
19% transmission seemed like it would never 
end Indeed lhe massive shellshock has been 
partly responsible for the long gap between the 
last NUN and this present issue. 

1 think it instructive to tell ihc 
background stoiy because l am sure I Lit others 
can learn from my experience, 1 also suspect it 
explains a good deal about the problems that 
UFOIogy Faces today. So 1 apologise for the 
amount of coverage given over to these 
matters, I will make up for it in future 
editions.! promise nnd have added four extra 
pages lo ihis NUN to allow for this, 

The firsi time I visited the vast BBC 
complex to be loaded down with camera 
equipment and cart it back by tube (no posh 
expense account held f had grand plans 
□bout what 1 wanted lo do But the BBC were 
really interested in an extension of (heir 
successful Video diaries' series.where you film 
everything from having breakfast to putting 
Ihc cal out and their editors make a sernj- 
egoiistical film about your fife, 

1 wanted to do some sort of rest! 
documentary and had plans. Unfortunately,it 
soon became apparent that what I did not have 
was money. So I had lo fight not to fill 29 
minutes with shots of me lecturing, going on 
local redesigning books (ad nnuseum} 

At first 1 was going to make a 
documentary about KFOtogyV reaction to the 
Roswell film footage, Howeverthe BBC were 
worried about lawsuits if 1 was to seem in arty 
way critical of some potentially nch people. I 
couldM make a programme looking over my 
shoulder and still recall die day I told ihc 
Manchester Evening News in a 40 minute 
interview why [ considered that the MM2 
documents are - rather as is the Roswell 
footage today - a threat lo UFO credibility 1 
dent know who created Mill but it was not a 
UFOiogisi and f jttsi hnd to say what I fell 
□bout those files . So whntyou might think.. 
Unfortunately,so a year tong lawsuit. 

As I came lo read many hitter press 
attacks on why f was not critical enough in my 
BRC-2 programme 1 had cause to think back 
in that year of hell for being too critical. Some 
media loud mouths tv ho attacked my 
programme probably neither knew, nor 
cared_about such a factjusi as their awareness 
of UFO reality was equally feeble or biased. 

In 1975 1 pari wrote a sober film Tor 
BBC-2 (sharing time with 'Chickens' Lib 1 ). It 
was objective and pretty sceptical but rather 
duil.No doubt its only chance of appearing on 
TV today would be for an audience of 
Liberated chickens. So it was also frustrating 
when the critics bemoaned the BBC for letting 
an uncritical believer loose on television. 

Lessons borne in mind-T persuaded 
[he BBC to let me make a programme asking 
what the British MoD really knew about UFOs 
- perhaps not the easiest tusk given our official 
secrets act or my nil budget,I thought it was 
possible lo make an objective presentation that 
would utilise documents on official records 
whilst trying to come up with something that 
had not been seen on TV before. I suspect it 
was overly ambitious and unmindful of certain 
TV rcalities.but it was worth a shot. 

Nojchcin UFO New*/ lit 

Work on the programme as a finally 
appeared really spanned from Christmas 
onward and involved Ireks all over ihe UK to 
film at Kew (ihc PRO - Public Record Office) 
and to track down wimesses in Carlisle, the 
Yorkshire Moors.East Anglia and Kent. To be 
honest I was unsure how this was going to 
come together and my mothers sudden illness 
left me struggling , t had some say in the 
editorial process, bill in effect the HOC ileshed 
out my ideas ividi their choice of 
footage,presented it with 48 hours notice and 
told me to write a voice-over script around 
Litis Then 1 had io inn at! of this by ihc big 
boss - or depan mem head - who proposed 
various changes, perhaps because the bigger 
boss (head of BBC-2 Michael Jackson) had 
asked io see what 1 was up to when he heard 
that l was making a programme about UFOs 
and (oh dearie me) (he British government! 

Some of the UFO press were 
disappointed in llie end because they iclt i 
offered nothing new . This surprises me a little 
as I dent recall seeing the process of gleaning 
Air Staff files from the PRO on TV before 1 
also carefully chose the Jim Templeton photo 
ease because of its association with M13s (a 
subject not covered here on mainstream TV 
either) But the dam (1964) was necessarily 
old because it allowed me to scour the PRO 
files for any data about the case. 

Pci haps it is noi appreciated ilut l 
could not focus on any case post 1965 because 
Britain has a 10 year rule governing release of 
data . So l would not have been able to secure 
any records that were more recent than that. 
Even so,we made new discoveries on the 
Templeton ease (eg the link with the 
Australian missile launch). 

The other cose that I featured, the 
Lokenheodt/ Bern waters affair from I956,is 
not 'new 1 .of counc.bui I Included it because i( 
showed that the MoD had major official 
reports from its aircrew. Once again we had 
made a significant breakthrough * finding the 
crews of the two RAF jets scrambled on that 
famous night who agreed to appear on camera. 

5o these two (hardly insignificant} 
aspects to these cases were presenied for ihc 
first Lime anywhere li! ull Eo my knowledge. 

Otherwise I had to somehow blend 
together the history of MoD interest in UFOs, 
- illitsc rating how files were missing from the 
supposed public record - and then indicate that 
[here were clearly oilier locations where these 
Isles must therefore be It was not as easy us it 
sounds.but it was deliberately kept simple. 

The existence of Air Staff 1A is 
acknowledged by the MoD and is supposedly 
the be-all and end-all of their UFO study. Bui 
we screened a 1987 file released with its 
distribution list ‘accidentally’ still juached 
This proves that files go io iwo other locations 
- the DSTl {Department of Scientific and 
Technical Imdligeuce) and Dl 55 (a defence 
mldligciiue unit). Their records are NOT 
being released through the 50 year rule unto 
die PRO at Kew and, we might reasonably 
infer.may be the secret place where the best 
Qntish UFO data is residing - presumably 
limine to real ease to you or I forever. 

Tliis was what 1 tried to do in liic 
Untiled lime that was available to me. I can 
honestly say it wos a straight jttempt to let 
viewers see slut ihc British government have 
collated data on UFOs for ycars.liave caused 
key case files to vanish from the supposed 
public record and that figures involved in their 
own collation process consider (here to be a lot 
more to UFOiogy than the MoD ever let ocl 

I quite purposely avoided any attempt 
io say what UFOs might be The ETH was not 
discussed No other theories were mooted The 
point of the programme was dial die MoD 
took UFOs seriously enough to have (at Least) 
three departments studying them and to ensure 
that no records at all get released for 30 years 
and that the most important records (eg on the 
LakenheuiJv/ Bemwaters affair) are not wen 
released after that. Whether UFOs be 
hallucinations. natural phenomena or 
spaceships is quite irrelevant to that argument 
I wanted people to sit up and ask 
themselves why there was this response 
and.more importondyffbr the media to ask key 
questions of politicians Thais why it was 
important to undersell the subject and focus on 
documentation'not wild ideas or claims of a 
huge conspiracy. I closed by arguing then: 
seemed a cover-up of government ignorance 
as to what was happening not prelecting of it 
massive guilty secret . I believe this io be true. 

Yet none of us were prepared for the 
enormous media backlash that ihis mildly 
eomemious programme was to generate. On 
the upside it achieved 'pick of the day 1 in 
almost every national newspaper. On the 
downside it provoked a Hood of articles from 
the mocha who attacked the programme before 
it went on air Nor were diese tabloid hacks 
They were some of the moil influential 
newspapers in Britaiiuhe ones read by the 
politicians whose attitudes l hoped Io change. 
One of the most hostile was a hill 
page article from Simon Hoggnri in the 

Northern UFO News/ 9 

Guardian entitled 'Si range Voices’. Tt blasted 
into the BBC and its series.focusing on my 
programme because it had been chosen to lend 
ofT the six week run. 'Unintentionally very 
funny 1 was a mild start. Words (lowed 
afterward like ‘awfur, 'grisly' and 'depressing' 
My programme was - cpii(c the screwiest'.even 
Ihougft its competition was the likes of Uri 
Gdler trying to get Reading FC to win the cup 
when i hey were almost relegated and a doctor 
who lived half his life as a several thousand 
year old dead surgeon. 

Ho ggart. author of a book that 
'exposes paranormal claims'.used selective out 
of context citing my conclusions 
where ( say i don't know what a UFO is. 
Nobody knows' - before claiming that he docs 
know (they are all plancLs.siars, planes, 
balloons, etc). Then adding "They arc no more 
likely to be space aliens than unsolved crimes 
are to be caused by burglars from the planet 
Xaxon’ What this did not tell his readcrs.of 
course.was that I had explained how 95% of 
all sightings are really IFOs (in exactly the 
terms he claims) and that not once did I even 
suggest that the unsolved cases were 'space 
aliens’Jrom Xaxon or anywhere else. 

He rants otr'Nolhing stops her She 
quotes hearsay as if ii were established fact. 
When a document site wants exists.its proof If 
it doesritits more proof.' Then Iris wonderful 
summary explains;'All she succeeds in doing 
is establishing that odd things are seen in the 
sk^the MoD would like to find out what they 
ad are.and sometimes it can't. And the MoD is 
notoriously secretive' 

Forgive me.but wasn't that precisely 
what 1 did set oui in establish? Hoggait 
evidently thinks I should have tried to prove 
Far mo re. because to tiis simplistic viewpoint 
all UFOlogists have To believe that the aliens 
have Fancied and arc residing in Hangar 18. 

We went out of our way to establish 
things with evidence,not hearsay,and as for 
the fifes. We found MoD documents and cited 
them. If we did not find MoD documents that 
clearly had to exist (eg the papers from which 
the briefing Tile on l^kcnhcaih/Bcntwaiers 
had to be written or analyais report on the film 
of the Woomera launch .which was referenced 
by r but not included in, the PRO records) Uteri 
surely it was reasonable to point that out? 

How can it be somehow ridiculous to 
show what is on the public record as well as 
what that public record dearly indicates ought 
to be there and yet which patently is not? 

To dose Hoggart calls my work 'a 
cynical attempt to cash in one Iho success of 

the X files' and 'cheap, cat dess and dishonest'. 
He adds that it would ’disgrace a downmarket 
cable channel' but on the BBC was ’shameful'. 

Of course,! tried to fighl bade The 
BBC took legal ndviccdhinking the word 
dishonest 1 may be libellous of them The ironv 
of what happened to me and the Manchester 
Evening News was not lost when their lawyer 
termed The above To be just Tair comment' 

Willi ihc BBC even declining to send 
a letter to the 'Guardian' I submitted my own 
[[ was quite short bid predictably ignored 
When l chased them the paper said they had 
no duty to give ntc reply and one article was 
enough. But Ihe very rtext dty they published 
a second critical piece about my programmer. 

That second article was by Catherine 
Bennett * a name 1 knew well as she had some 
months earlier approached me for an 
interview for her own three-part TV scries on 
the paranormal. 1 had agreetLonly to face a 
bombardment of questions,the gist of which 
was w hy do von con renders in your books' 

1 disputed as best I could,but had not 
been prepared for arty specific instances. 
When I later checked them ouli found that f 
had ivrirten noihing like what she had 
suggested. So I politely requested a new 
interview or to vet her comments for accuracy 
before her film appeared Her producers said 1 made ii clear in return that I would not 
accept any misrepresentation, Guess 
what,weeks passed and this series "Strange 
Days’ was scheduled (without fanfare) for laic 
at night on BBC-2 in mid June l got a curt 
letter advising that my interview had been cut 
as now being superfluous to the programme. 

la her Guardian attack Bennett 
blasted not just my documentary hut ail 
paranormal TV shows,like Strange but True?. 
She spoke of how myself and odicr 
enthusiasts' had been allotcd thirty minutes to 
promulgate tntimbo jumbo . undisturbed by 
sceptics.scientists or anyone else who might 
spoil the feast of superstitious speculation.' 

Leaving aside my major quibble as to 
how the presentation of hard evidence (via 
witness interviews.FRQ documents and on the 
record comment by MoD sources) qualifies as 
speculation' she then launches into inc in 
rather the way she did in her aborted iterview 
and tells readers ihauvhifsi I am billed by the 
BBC as a UFGtogist 1 have previously applied 
detective skills lo poltergeists, precognition, 
time travel, and a washing machine which 
mysteriously sucked energy from a housewife.’ 

There were days of stuff like this and 
not once did Ihe media sources responsible 

Non hem UFO News/ 10 

give jug i he courtesy o( a reply.even io say no 
The) just ignored every attempt J made to 
respond to this sniff So much for lair play 

Hardly any iltfiiLSlrcam highbrow 
paper (ailed 10 attack what I did in oddly 
similar terms Thomas Sutcliffe in the 
[itUqxndcnLfor instanceJbrgeumg that on the 
programme 1 clearly stated that I did not see a 
conspiracy tit the MoD,just a cover tip of 
ignorance,spoke of die 'malleable logic of 
UFO devotees' and how 'government secrecy is 
never a simple mailer of bureaucratic rdlex 
always evidence of a conspiracy* 

This same 'broadcast! ng writer of the 
year 1 also had a nasty personal attack on one 
of the UFQIogists who gave his time in iny 
pro gramme, which J wont dignify by repeating. 
Suffice it to say that when journalists resort to 
tactics like that yon just know you have got 
Tacts which they want to avoid dcalinmg with. 

Mind you, dials naihing,accordrag to 
yet another loudmouth reviewer,! was a lypical 
UFOIogtst who looks the pan so as to 'imbue 
her obsession with a spurious scientific edge 1 - 
- ie 'a plump woman from the WirraJ (eh?) in 
early middle age.thc inline shapelessness of 
her hair ami zealotry in her face give her the 
aura of a bit player in die X Files. 1 

Actually,this was from a good review 
(in the London Standard) in which the writer 
added Given a camera crew (er - no) a tiny 
budget and access io archive footage Miss 
Randles raised enough questions aboul UFOs 
to create a state of suspended disbelief that 
survived the dosing titles by several minutes 1 

Indeed it was very interesting to note 
that all the zealotry (lo use that word) came 
From (he highbrow nafionais.who acted like 
lorn hies in unison chaining Dafck lasluon - 
'this programme is credulous irush 1 .whilst 
many of the major provincial papers were far 
more positive. Indued the fact that they saw 
exactly what the programme set out lo do 
makes you wonder rather about the motives of 
those nationals. 

ft would be easy io see an 
orchestrated campaign to smash the 
programme's credibility.but dial would be 
paranoid. Yet this barrage of stories by so 
titany prominent newspapers effectively 
ensured that no influential sources tuned ficos 
they were all brainwashed beforehand into 
expecting a ludicrous attempt to show that 
John Major keeps a martian up his jumper did not stop many other 
people viewing. The programme gut 4,3 
million viewers .appnrarcmiy a record for this 
department of the BBC and putting it lit the 

top five programing* on BBC -2 that week 
beating ’Star Tidc/flte Nest Generation* and 
"Murder IV Tins was nearly twice what any 
oilier programme in the series got 1 say this 
not in any egocentric waybui simply to show 
the pulling power of UFOs these days and to 
illustrate that there arc many people so 
fascinated dial you might almost expect there 
to be a faction in authority which would be 
worried by a programme on this topic. 

It may well be relevant dial ex MoD 
man Nick Pope had his book published two 
months later and tlie MoO could have feared 
lhal a combination of my documentary leading 
into Ins onslaught would have seen pertinent 
questions asked of their UFO policy But 
whether they would consider - or would be 
capable - of somehow [lumipuJautig press 
opinion m such an overwhelming tide of 
negativity is a rather different matter. 

Perhaps J was just unlucky and 
caught the backlash tor ail the recent pop TV 
on the paranormal; although why my 
unassuming effort (which made no wild 
da mis and ignored alien bases, abduct ions,etc) 
should kick up such a mega media storm is a 
bit of a riddle. The BBC and t expected it to 
be too down to earth so have had much of an 
i mpact.. What happened was a big shock, 

How ever, the media campaign showed 
no signs of abating, Even weeks alter the 
programme the Daily Mail lea lured an 
amazing tale. 

On 24 April they claimed UFOs a 
flight of feticy says MoD'Thfs headline 
introduced a piece by then defence 
correspondent which cited my programme 
(quite ridiculously) as having revealed key 
fads via 'an unnamed MoD source' (who 
was.tti lace quite dear on screen and named 
on camera I) . They added that in response the 
MoD had now publicly announced it Jusd T no 
evidence which might substuniuite the 
existence of (UFOs)'. They fun her alleged 
that an r MoD insider 1 (whom they did not 
name] had told the paper on 23 April that the 
MoD hod ordered a statement of this son to be 
published in an RAF magazine to go on open 
salt *in a bid to quell public interest which had 
escalated since the broadcast'. 

The Mail continued that the MoD 
had 'denied the existence of an official UFO 
investigation unit* and that Air Staff 2 A was 
low key and secretarial only. Which is,of 
course.quite probably eorreci - but,as my 
programme hud shown,none of the important 
case records appear to be on the Air Staff 2A 
files anyway - so U is hardly relevant! 

Northern UFO Ktws/ 11 

These key cases ore ail at the non 
existent other departments which the MoD art: 
clearly sending reports lo - as llicir 
distmbitbn list that t aired docs prove Do 
they do so at the waste of tax payers money, if 
such departmems dont even exist? 

We can guess who the Mail's MoD 
insider might he,bni interestingly once again 
the paper refused te publish anything ftom me 
and would not even correct site serious errors 
[heir article included, 

I do not just mean their false claim 
chat my MoD source was unnamed nor the 
way they played right into ihc MoDs hands by 
tsarping on about Air Staff 2A (when, J think 
the thing that really got the wind up the 
British government about my film was ihc 
public proof that the real investigallon goes on 
elsewhere) 1 was more bothered by their 
amazing claims as to what ihc MoD said w hen 
denying UFOs - because I traced the MoD 
article the day before from which the Mail's 
piece was written It is utterly different. 

hi this piece the MoD admit io being 
'open minded 1 about ihc existence of aliens 
The ’no evidence which might substantiate 1 
quote comes specifically about HFs - and not 
about UFOs themselves {not what die Daily 
Mad imply), Moreover.fhr from denying there 
are any UFOs the MoD statement actually 
says;'ii is quite common for j sighting to 
remain unexplained’ - virtually the opposite of 
what the Mail suggest to their readers! So why 
refuse to pul this glaring set of misquotes 
right? Even Urology's friends m the press 
here seem to have big questions to answer. 

However.even legitimate press 
mucks like these do not seem to have been 
enough for someone oui there determined to 
dcslroy what Iklle good my programme 
did For a series of dirty, under hand tricks were 
set in motion which shook oven me. 

Hours before iransmission.the BBC 
received a call- It did not go to the deportment 
l was working for it went to their finance 
office. The BBC were politely urged to 
consider disassociating from me or even 
scrapping the programme. Why? Because.this 
source ctflimcd-Sbc just thought the BBC 
ought to know (hat I was the subject of a major 
fraud investigation involving large sums of 
unpaid national insurance contributions and I 
had been on the run from the government for 

Absurd as this astonishing claim is.of 
..vwrse -thankfully rejected by the BBC - it 
bothered I hem enough to cad me right away. 
It hod been suggested that they phone the 

Mammal Insurance Agency m Newcastle to 
probe my finances. The BBC did not 

I pay these coumbulions by direct 
debit and can easily prove I am up to date 
Aside from address is in almost 
every book I have w ntten so the idea of the 
government hunting me for years is mad. 

I hc source of these calls gave a false 
name. It was very careful)) chosen to try to 
implicate two well known LJFOIogists with 
whom it is common knowledge that I do not 
see ey e lo eye, 1 do not believe either of them 
was involved and whoever mark this call had 
a far more sinister motive in mind 

When the BBC did not bitedhe saute 
source mod again Later that day they handed 
over to a national tabloid newspaper with 
several million readers a copy of my birth 
certificate and mothers marriage certificate 
ami fed them a story about my private life 
from 25 years ago. Thai story was only about 
10% accurate, but it was.of eoursedoa much 
for the paper concerned (The Sunday Mirror) 
to resist doing a big piece about. 

Unlike the BBC, the Mirror chased 
leads everywhere and spoke with various 
friends and colleagues to chock out the truth 
or otherwise of these trails-sexualism storics lt 
has hardly been a big secret lit was in. front of 
5 million readers in [he Men s of the World in 
June 1994 when a sick UFOlogiSt sold it lo 
them I) 'Hie Mirror knew Lius, so I heir story 
was no exclusive 

The Mirror toed to talk to me,but 1 
was at the hospital every day with my mol her. 
When 1 found out wlut they were up Ip I tried 
desperately lo slop them.even promising to 
cooperate fully with an interview if they 
waited until my mother came home. I 
explained she was very sick and this story 
could harm her recovery. Of course.the Mirror 
told me ihey would think about my offer 1 and 
went ahead and published anyway - with a 
story full of silty half truths and untruths and a 
photograph which they got from somewhere 
[hat I have still lo ascertain. 

Many have told me l hat they assumed 
1 took ihc story lo the paper Well 1 didn’t. The 
last thing i warned at that tunc was to risk my 
mothers life (for it was that serious) and 
whoever out there did this - be they part of 
some government plot or an evil UFO maniac 
with a cash payout in mm&wilU hope,one 
day be exposed and be treated by the rest of 
the UFO community in ihc way chut such 
people deserve. 

I doiu care what they say about 
me,hut when the} 1 hurt my family J dam forget 

Northern UFQ News/ II 

After this ntempt to ties!ray (he 
credibility of the programme life was hell for a 
time. E had to travel 25 miles n day by bus lo 
the hospital with this big yam alerting 
everyone. The local press were even more 
despi coble, because they knew how sick my 
mother was and wilfully disregarded my picas 
that everyone m my mothers ward rad their 
paper and she could suffer. Yet the Blackpool 
Evening Gazette published their laughable 
version of the truth - with some truly priceless 
nonsense inside, A shameless act. 

Frankly,! do not care who knows 
about my life all those years agtuf they rally 
think it has anything to do with this 
documentin'. What I do find unforgivable is 
that someone - probably fully aware of my 
mothers situation - chose to lake this to the 
media for their own reasons. 

Whoever 15 behind this all.then they 
know who ftiev are and 1 hope they can live 
with themselves. As such people probably 
have m scrap of decency then no doubt thev 
can. But lime brings vcngencc in strange ways 
and they will get their come uppfmcc. 

Thankfulfy.nlthough she did suffer a 
medical setback as a result of the 
mother pulled through with (he aid of helpful 
nurses and friendly patients with whom she by 
(hen had established (t strong rapport 

However if you ever gel asked lo 
make a programme about UFOs do be mindful 
of the wrath that you may be setting in 
motion. Think about not only the powers that 
be who might have the influence to do almost 
anything to smear you.bin the perverse 
jealousy Ehoi seems lo inflict the UFO field 
with such venom dial someone could strike. 

I do not sJiy T doo't do it because we 
have to press on and try to get the Uuih across 
even if ti costs us dcaily to do so. But 1 do say 
remember that there are people who wilt not 
want you to do what you may fed you must do 
and tactics such as those described above are 
^tdly quite acceptable in this day and age. 

In ihe next issue I hope to present 
more data on the cases covered in the 
programme so we can try to assess what might 
have goticn someone out there so wound up. 

Meantime,!he BBC (without even 
informing me) have atreadv sold my 
documentary' to satellite and cable TV - ie The 
Science-Fiction Channel (!) H appeared on 
here (twice) on 16 July preceding the line TV 
mo vie about the Betty' & Barney Hill 
abduction, f suspect it will air □gainan.d no 
doubt in other countries loo.bul watch listings 
as l did since I doubt whether HI be toldf 


This is an opportunity to present one 
or two peculiar slorics Umt don 1 ! really fit as 
sightings', ff you do have any ideas to offer 
about them let me know os investigators 
presently seem to be at a loss with them 

Never mind missing lime coses - how 
about missing propltf 

A.0 young woman from Manchester 
who wishes anonymity,is puzzled by a series 
of experiences tvliich seem weird In these she 
literally disappears for a short period of time! 

They have occurred half a dozen 
limes since 1994 and involve other members 
of her family who enter n room,walk around 
and swear that she was not present,even 
though she was in their plain sight 

More recent experiences have 
occurred outside - eg in a crowded pub or 
whilst walking with a friend Understandably 
A is getting quite disturbed by ihcse 
spontaneous vanishings.which never Iasi more 
than a couple of minutes. 

E have come across one similar case 
in the past (a one off on a mid Atlantic ship) 
and noted, abductec Ros Reynolds reportedly 
disappeared briefly from the view of u bus load 
of passengers whom she was travelling with. 
What A would tike to know (and so 
would 1) is whether this odd sort of story has 
ever cropped up in your investigations? 

Recently I was called by a woman 
regarding her view of a flying man in hlackl 
The woman had contacted me 
through writer Colin Wilson,whom she knew 
indirectly via a bookshop where she works in a 
Cornish town. 

The event was at 22.00 on 4 June 
T9% and involved an object drifting across ihc 
near horizon for about two minutes. At first 
she thought it nas a 'sack 1 floating on an air 
current She also ruled out other suggestions 
of mine.which she had already thought of (eg 
a man in gyrocopter whoso frame was masked 
against the skylineh 

Apparently,the fann seemed lo be of 
a smalt man. about 5 feet talk with dark 
Victorian style clothing that Happed in the 
windTt was a! twice rooftop height. A dog 
nearby saw it as well and stared wilh hackles 
up as it passed silently across in aboil 2 mins. 

My only other suggestion was that 
some kind of novelty balloon or Idle might 
have been in use at a local rair.btit she seemed 
unimpressed Any thoughts? 

Northern UFO New*/ 13 

Major urtides elsewhere 

7W new magazines {a report The 
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Lancashire FY5 JEE), IPs different Met ng 
j rreveram and at times a musing. Reminds me 
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if does not only cover UFO matters - although 
proof that A fr Slobby ts an aiten is one piece 
and the argument that Michael Jackson urn 
an alien baby is another / If you feel that the 
paranormal has to be taken seriously, dont buy 
this. If you feel UFOlogy needs a sort of 
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Certainly more sober is 
Dragonmileh (£2 for l from 29 Qvington 
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Federation (WIFUh Judging first issues is 
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reflective of what ii to come. There are 
reports On Area il.Zathana Sitchin and his 
visiting astronauts theory and a pro look at 
iSilly Meier A way toga yef r but one to watch 

UFO Times Apr 96 Wiih sub 
li\I BUFORA London WC1N 3.XX 
The first issue in which Andy Roberts joins 
Mike Wooden as shows.A biting 
editorial atom how UFO invest!gators are 
rubbish The 1'uli text of the Manchester "mid 
air collision' (but no evidence it was a meteor - 
as if to prove Andy's point applies lo ihc CAA 
as well!) Report on a covert screening of yet 
another Roswell film saga (groan). Visually 
this is a most impressive magazine. Ft will 
surely get better and better with Andy around 

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Mystery explosions heard over Ireland (not 
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91 a High St Bangor Co Down BT20 SBD 
Quite n change of pace - heavy UFO stuif 
rather Elian its terrific mix of Fortean snips 

Dead of Night 8 No price again! 

IS6 Bolton Rd E Mew Ferry L62 4RY 
f ull of ghosts T ghoulies and that kind of stuff 
but always has several pages of UFO 
commentary by Jonathon Dillon chat here 
looks ai military activity in die UK a fair bit 

Journal of Meteorology Mar 96 £28 far 10 
54 Frame Rd Bradford on A von BA 15 ILD 
New reports on ball tcghlning,including 
analysis of a recent trace case bom Russia, 

Strange 16 £15.50 for 4 to MXharvinsky 
Box 2216 Rockville MD 20347 USA 
Long look at the (hum) Roswell film Uul lots 
of other supernal uml pieces too*Americas 
Fonean Times and darned good. 

Fate £230 lo *hups (S29.50 US for 12) 

Box 1910 Future Way Man on OH 43305 
Interesting look at US black helicopter coses. 

Northern UFO News/ 14 


High SfraiigzTiwtt 

Vol _? of the UFO Encylopedia Project 
Jerome Clark 1996 777pp $95 US 

Omnigraphics Penobscot Bfdg Detroit 4S226 

Long term readers of NUN will recall 
my glowing reviews for the two previous 
volumes in this project. Jerry has been working 
on it pretty much Ail] time for about 5 years 
and to quite outstanding effect. 

Vol 1 covered the 1950's.Vo! 2 the 
period up lo 1959 and this (Inal part of the 
trilogy lakes us through the 60s and 70s. 

Jerome Clark is editor of the 
International UFO Reporter and □ very good 
commentator and archivist t He scored a 
UFOlogists dream ticket when a highly 
respected academic publisher paid him 
enough money to carry' out the monumental 
task of producing this definitive UFO 

Of eoursc t he could still very easily 
have made a hash of it but I am glad to say ho 
certainly did not. The painstaking effort (hat 
has gone into this mammoth three book 
venture has undoubtedly created a real UFO 
classic that is unlikely to be surpassed. 

The one problem is that this is not 
intended as a mass market book Production is 
spartan {ic few illustrations and a robust 
purple cover that ts identical for all three: 
editions). As such the price (around £60 for 
this edition - a little less for each of Lfie other 
two) might requite a rich uncle or a lottery 
win. But make no mistake - if you can find the 
£ 150 or so to treat yourself you wont regret it. 
These are books to keep and use and the IfiOfi 
large size pages in total are crammed with 
information to be refered to for years to come. 

A cheaper paperback version has 
appeared of earlier editions and more will 
fellbw.but you lose something in the 
translation, 1 doubt anyone will ever write a 
one-olf encylopedia that comes dose to 
matching ihe power of these three tests. 

As in lire first two books High 
Strangeness covers about 9(1 topics in 
alphabetical order. These range over people* 
major eases.key events and so on. Each article 
varies from a page to mini-book length and 
seems to be superbly researched and always 
accompanied by voluminous references. 
There is nothing skimpy about this warfcthats 
for sure. The long section on CE3 cases 
during these two decades has.for instance,well 
. over 300 separate references . 

There is also a cummulnlive index 
and detailed bibliography for all three 
volumes. This new book is tndi.-spenribic for 
these alone - the former running to over 50 
pages and the latter to more than 130! 

Almost everywhere you look in this 
treasure trove of UFOtogy there are things you 
will not know - little Tacts that the author has 
uncovered from obscure sources during his 
quest for information. It is impossible to 
understate how invaluable these books are to 
any serious researcher. If you want lo know 
something and be sure of getting the definitive 
inrighl then I have found from my experience 
with these books that it is veiy unlikely that 
they will not be the best place you should turn. 

forty is now to go back and start 
work updating the first volume for a future 
edition. If I were you 1 would start work on 
saving the pennies to get hold of one of the 
most important UFO writing projects ever put 

For more in formation you cun phone 
Omnigraphics in the USA on .113-961-1340 or 
fax pn 313-961-1383. 

One Step Beyond by Elsie Oaken sen 
Regency FressJ996 203 pp £7 r 50 

Here is a very unassuming book that 
is no less captivating for that. Written by one 
of Britain's best know close encounter 
witnesses.with many media appearances and 
public lectures behind represents a 
novelty for the UK market - a first hand 
account by a proto alien abductec. 

There will be those who will 
challenge this description. Elsie recalls no 
clear kidnap by greys with the familiar 
medical examination. Indeed her missing 
time' is short and her memory of il dbcidely 
sketchy. But that is not the strength of her 
story - winch is a no non^ensc.straightforward 
retelling of her unique perspective. The 
existence of a set of independent witnesses [o 
partially confirm her encounter further 
elevates its importance as a piece of evidence. 

Nonetheless, for me much more 
fascinating is Elsie's account of her journey 
after the righting into the spotlight of media 
and UFO stardom^dcaling with diverse UFO 
idcatogies and acting out the part of pet 
witness for chat shows. Then there is her 
'transformation* into an ESP world of healing. 

We too often forget the importance of 
the witnesses used by us to form our theories. 
Rightly Elsie will not Set you do that,This 
book provides a most iliumimating cold bath. 

Northern UFO News/ 15 

Fast Lives y Future Lives by Jenny Cocked 
Piatkus Book. 1996 l6Spp £9 99 

Three years ago this 
Northamptonshire woman published her book 
'Yesterdays Cliilibtn 1 , relating her lifelong 
quest to seek out the truth behind a past life 
memory Through this she became reunited 
with her children from an Irish existence 
which ended tragicalJy some 6U years ago. 

The amazing sight of a family gel 
together between a tnoiher now half the age of 
her own surviving children guaranteed the 
book was a huge global hit. Jenny still crops 
up an TV shows about the paranormal and her 
appearance on the pilot of ^Strange but True/ 
was a key reason in the progress of that scries. 

Right from the start 1 recall Jenny 
Idling me (indeed J mentioned tills in my 
NUN review) that she liaff begun an even 
weirder quest - to find her Mure sdves and 
children l expressed reservations as so hqw 
this might cffeci the strong credibility that tier 
past life story undoubtedly possessed. 

That sequel (surprisingly nut called 
Tomorrows Children') has taken a while io 
ar rive, fuel Jed E Jenny's great 
difficulty m producing evidence that even 
approaches the eordlmiauons 1 that took her 
first book from a wild yarn toward the status 
uf a believable account- Allot all finding 
children that may still be alive is rather 
different from treeing derails about a person 
who might not be bum for anodver 201J years! 

U you publish a description of life in the far 
future of Nepal what can you possibly do to 
prove that it is anydimg cdier than vivid 

E recall putting Jenny in touch with 
some (such as Andy Collins) who had 
researched “progression hypnosis' -ie (timing 
ihc usual UFO methodology on its head acid 
taking a witness into the future,rather than (he 
(RSMQ seek out memories (if memories of the 
future are anything other than a coruradicuon 
in terms). Bui those expenmeals were not nil 
that successful,as I recall,and dont find their 
way into this book. 

So what do we have? I'm not really 
sure. There's curiosity value in seeing Jenny 
iry io place her future lives in some sort of 
context bm really dials about iL 

From a UFGIo gieal perspective it is 
worth iouking at die comparisons offered by 
dues about Jenny as a person and of known 
abductces There are some. Thar may prove the 
fcal value of this book - which I found ultimately rather dissatisfying. 

Souvenir Press have begun a series 
of reprints from 25 years ag& entitled 
1 Mysteries of the Universe\ ffra early 
examples are from Charles Berlitz (viz 
* Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds* - a sort of 
ancient astronauts tome - and his bestseller 
The Bermuda Triangle*), Boh have been 
outmoded by more recent research (eg Lany* 
Kusche’s i veil reasoned destruction of much 
of the evidence for the Triangle). In many 
ways its a pity that Souvenir do not include 
in this new series some of the more objective 
long out of print books about UFOs and the 
paranormal which would be very welcome to 
see aguin.but l guess the idea is to cash in 
with sure fire best seller* aimed ui a new 
generation. Doth these books cast £6-99 in B 
format softback and do t ut least r give an 
insight into haw much published writings 
about the paranormal have improved during 
the pari quarter century (orpto doubt some 
will say t how much they have not!) 

Coming Literary Attractions 

Books i/i [hit offing include Peter 
Brookestmih with a large format book about 
UFOs: The government files from Bhndfbrd in 
the autumn, tie seems to promise to expose 
some sloppy research and is also working on a 
large format history of UFOs' book for the 
same publisher for 1997. This is alongside 
Paul Devereux 

Biandford will also be bringtng out 
sometime next spang a book by Peter Hough 
and Dr A ioisha Kalman looking at their alien 
abduction hypnosis expenmen fj, .Vrdfc Pope is 
also believed to have an abduct*on book 
coming in 1997,possibly explaining why his 
ow7i first-hand Florida 'abduction* story has 
been taken oat of ■Open Sides,Closed Minds* 
fit being in the proof version t read last 

Peter Hough and l have a book 
published shortly by Piatkus which was 
entitled 'Postcards from Heaven* fbut has 
been changed - at the bookclubs request - to 
the ever so snappy - Life after death and the 
world beyantflfgruan). As you cun tell it is not 
about UFOs at ull-although / urn currently 
writing o UFO book for 1997 which Fit (ell 
you about when l know how the research 
concludes and the writing has gone. 

Fiimtlydheres to he no book of tins 
years Strange but True/' 7T senes Parity 
due to my una\*ailability tn the Spring through 
my mothers long illness, other factors cropped 
up that are best left unsatd right now, 

Northern UFO News/ 16 

More Welsh Wonders 

Fn v£fiifjtrfirttix hy Affirt+riret Fry 

Caw 9447 Flying Triangle look 
place on 13 August at 23.05 The D 
fatuity (Mrs D plus three adult children aged 
1 9 to 2 It were in iheir house nt 
Denbigh. Chvyd.afong with three family 
friends when an object began to approach 

All seven witnesses went outside and 
using binoculars observed as a well lit 
triangular obfoct flew directly overhead. It 
made no sound at all. Margaret did not visit 
the site but spoke lo eavh witness individually 
on the phone two days later. 

In ease 9448 The Phantom Plane C 
(aged 34) and a work colleague R (aged 22) 
were driving on the A481 near 
GrcsfordXlwyd ai 08,45 on 25 October 1994. 

Suddenly Ihcy spotted a small silvery 
oval like a small plane moving quickly 
towards the east It then turned ME and 
remained in view For a further minute but was 
lost w hen they passed through some trees 

Around this time Margaret was 
receiving various stories about a 'phantom 
plane" in the Cefn Mawr area near Wrexham. 
This look the form of a large,unmarked black 
Hercules type Iroop transporter which would 
suddenly appear near ground level and then 
disappear in mid flight. Because of ihe 
Frequency of occurrence the name 'phantom 
plane 1 stuck amongst the locals. RAF Valiev 
and Ha warden airfield both denied any 
knowledge ol its various flights 

Margaret recalls that she saw it with 
hei husband three limes in 1987/1988 when ihe 
stories first began. It was flying extremely low 
(atone time her husband swerved - thinking it 
was a car coming up beside him!). A couple 
walking their clog on the beach at Pensam had 
it buzz right over them. 

The earlier wave of activity ended in 
1988 when many villagers at Uangemyw - 
including parents and children at a local 
school - saw the old rusty unmarked aircraft 
fly very low over the village at 15.U0, 
scattering everyone in its path, It touched n 
Wee* then dipped into the valley, before 
swooping up and climbing over ihe distant 

There were infuriated cads lo the 
MoD.whn denied that this was one of 
theirs.saying no aircraft would be allowed lo 
fly in the condition described. 

UFOlogy has had numerous 
mysterious black helicopter eases, of course. 

Case 9449 Blurred light was al Rhvl 
on 10 October 1994 and involved a small 
group at the home of Mr and Mrs R_ Several 
witnesses reported a blurred white fight 
travelling too riowli and consistently for an 

It was I9.20 and so dark^birt the light 
was thought loo law to be 3 smell he It 
disappeared suddenly. 

Case 94SO IVkU* light ivas a 
sighting by Margaret herself in Llangernyw at 
19JO on 17 October 1994. MF was out on her 
own when she spotted a white fight in the sky 
over the mountains She common is; This is 
only the second time in my life when I have 
been entirely alone when watching a UFO f 
was joly glad it was Fairly high up in in the 

Case 9451 Afoonraker was on 21 
November 1994 at 19JO when MF and her 
husband were at KJnmel Bay picking up a 
rriend to go lo a parapsychology class. 

They noticed a well lit area (hat they 
first assumed was part of the Christ mas 
illuminations on Rhyl sea front. As they 
crossed lhe harbour bridge inlo Rhyl it was 
seen as a large difnsc area oF orange light. 

They drove along the seafront to 
investigate and saw that the object was hi Ihe 
sky over Splash Point This is a very busy area 
during the summer holiday rush but was dark 
and uninviting in winter. Mr F was not keen 
on snvesttgaiing.iiespite Margaret yelling at 
Mm that the sphere was coming aikr them 1 

The three now watched as the object 
receded out Eo sea as a large dull orange mass 
- like a beehive which ivas ten times the size 
of the full moon 

It has been suggested lo MF that this 
object uyw the rising moon (which was prcity 
Full and low on the horizon at the time). This 
could have been subjected lo distortion effects 
through low level mitf as well as the common 
illusion which makes it appear much larger 
when near to the horizon (paradoxical I v it is 
actually slightly Further away and this is an 
effect purely caused by human perception), 

MF seems unpersuaded that this is 
the answer,saying that it wns not seen at first 
near die sea but ivas rising aver the sea when 
finally watched as they fell the car lo go to 
their meeting, Mr F sat in the car park during 
Iheir meeting listening to the radio and did 
not watch die object deport. 

Margaret would like lo know the 
opinions of other UTOlogisis on this ease 

Northern UFO News/ 17 

9448 *551 

Welsh Mutilations: 

Margaret Fry also reports on some 
animal au lilac ion phenomena that were 
described to her on 9 October 1994, 

A fanner at Femyn Bay,Chvyd 
discovered two pregnant sheep with their 
heads cui u£f and forelegs missingbut without 
any sign of blood 

A week later.ou 16 Octobers fanner 
at LkmdilJos had his sheep attacked in the 
middle of the night. When he got lo the scene 
he found live Scottish blackfaces with a neat 
hole in their heads and stomach si it, but again 
no trace of any blood 

MF says it is a pity that UFOIogisLs 
do not take mutilation cases seriously in this 
country She adds tliat in laic summer 1994 
there were 14 repans of crop circles m the 
Clwyd/Cbcshire border region and wonders if 
there could be a connection here? 

Next issue wy* start a new senes of reports 
from Margaret looking inf a 1995 ernes from 
this most active region Given her poor health 
! must express my thanks for this continued 
stream of investigations. 


9602 12 January 1996 

Kirby, KnowsteV'S lerseyside 22 05 

Mr M (a ieduucian) was with a 
colleague driving through the town when they 
saw a large sphere about a quarter mile away 
and at IQOQ feet in height. It seemed 
stationary and then accelerated diagonally 
upwards disappearing through clouds at 
astonishing speed They reversed the car to try 
to see ike object again but it did not reappear 

investigation:- byAnthony Eccies (MiJRA) 
found the following weather conditions via 
Biiisfon - Wind SE turning at IS has - warm 
wtth above average humidity Liverpool ATC 
confirm that a helicopter was airborne and 
could have been aver Kirby (no radar link). 

9602 20 February 1996 
Holton, Lancashire 23.3 0 

A Mr A reported via JodreU that he 
was walking alongside a park when two very 
bright lights - one rod and one blue - dived 
from die sky at great speed They were visible 
for only a second or two, 

Investigation: - by Roy Saadbach. concluded 
that there was const durable meteor activity in 
the sky at the time and this sighting was 
probably caused by such an event. Witness 
i vas very .shaken even days later 

Manchester mid-uir encounter revisited? 

9605 26 February* 19 96 
Edinb urgh, Scotland 15 L5 

Easyjct Flight 141A (a Boeing 717) 
was at 3L.UOO feel about to descend towards 
Aberdeen when die pilot called ATC: - We'd 
like to report something going past us at this 
lime - bright green.dripping fire - travelling 
faster than uls - probably missLiu/spucc junk or 
□ UFO, 1 According to the radio contact ATC 
ihca said that they had picked up nothing on 
radar and iht pitot further noted'It burnt out 
just after n passed us or stopped illuminating - 
it might have been a meteorite (sic) but IVu 
never seen one tlal bright in day time'ATC 
advised the air crew to make a report to then 
watch supervisor at Prestwick upon landing. 

Investigation:- this message was taped live by 
James Sneddon, who concurred with the 
meieor/space junk theory and wonders what 
the media publicity could have been like had 
this happened in darkness The sighting would 
have taken on far more vtvidify and it seems 
likely the crew might have feared a collision 
as the glow stood out against the black sky. 
The similarity with the Manchester British 
Airways cme from January 1995 is for me 
worth noting as 1 believe (and have said in 
NUN) UFOhgists worldwide have made a 
serious mistake by over-stressing that case * 
oracles on ti have appeared in nearly every 
major UFO magazine - from Imemauonat 
UFO Reporter to UFO Times (without him of 
the strong possibility that the Manchester 
UFO was a meteor). This new case certainly 
was a mete or/space Junk because Rov 
Sandbach Investigated a sighting via Jodrell 
reported by Mr 0 from Bolton {200 miles 
south) at abaui the same time.fits ‘brilliant 
yellow light ' that shot between clouds must 
surely have been the same fireball meteor. 

Northern UFO News/18 

9606 6 A torch 1996 
Wcn>errree r Uverpoot Q7 r 4$ 

Mr E fan engineer) was levelling to 
work when he spoiled an object like a cigar 
with a dome on lop and a green light at the 
rear. Ft was silvery metallic and was moving 
slowly northwards Alter a short lime it turned 
through 90 degrees and headed toward the 
east. It then gradually moved away, 

fovestigotiont- by Anthony Ecctex (MARA) 
found that HIds ton bother indicated a char 
day h ith scattered cloud and a tight north- 
easterly Mind. Manchester Airport athised 
that they Hod no aircraft Jji the vicinity*. It is 
not clear whether attempts were made to 
(Hs cover an airship/blimp. litis was a 
Wednesday,'. JJVtf there a major football match 
in the area? The description is rather 
reminiscent of an airship which are being 
fitted increasingly in the UK lo cover televised 
games. Un fortunately, it is probably too late to 
check - although a football fan out there 
might be ahh to establish if a match was on. 

9607 S May (996 
Watbseyjrirrut IQ. 20 

Mrs G described how an aircraft 
passed over and attracted her attention lo 3 
'star* high in the sky above the 
prumenadc.Tvhteh was then covered over by 
cloud, A few minutes later it rappearedslilt 
stationary, ft seemed to Flash every few 
seconds. Mrs G pointed it out lo others who 
came down the Sired but nobody was really 
interested as it did nor seem m be doing 
anything. After about 10 minutes she got Ted 
up and went inside. Returning around 10 
minutes later she could not sec it all Later 
that day she reported the matter to JoditU. 

Investigation: l took the call and suspected 
the explanation as a weather balloon. 
Manchester ATC confirmed release points for 
balloons (closest being Aughton near 
Ormsfdrk - which did not Jit weather patterns 
that day). ffoMfwr.rte near stationary 
mofion.greai height and ‘flashing* fthe balloon 
was probably turning and catching sunlight} 
suggests il vras launched some distance aw*ay 
find hours before - possibly from Ireland, 

From here to Alpha Cenimsri 

After publication of 'Star Children 4 I 
got many reports worthy of investigation; 
although often the witness was reluctant [o 
cooperate, A wrote from a mid Lancashire 
town, very wary.asking me many questions and 
unwilling to sav very much, Eventually be 
□greed to icIJ me a tittle abmil his encouniers 

The First event was late one night 
when he saw 'someone or something go past 
my bedroom door 1 . He went to the bathroom to 
investigate,but nobody was there or on the 
landing.Howqvcron returning to his bedroom 
a small being wns sat on his bed. 

The being was human like but child 
sized in stature. Unafraid A went up lo the 
being and said 'hello' but got no answer So he 
then explained he would turn oti the light. At 
which the entity said Wo need to use the 
switch 5t>/T r nnd promptly peinicd a digit at the 
light. The bulb glowed, but the switch 
remained in the off position. Fa explanation 
the a fieri merely reported;'low are one of the 
chosen, loir will know (how) in time/ 

Gradually,A lold me more about his 
rep ltd future contacts (which seemed to be at 
a subconscious level).He claimed the beings 
(lew in craft that used 'recycled electricity' in a 
way beyond our comprehension. They are 
17,000 years more advanced and come from 
the alpha ccntauri star system, A regaled me 
with information about the proximn system of 
this 'triple star 1 . He claims there arc 7 spheres' 
there and only one has said Files (the third 
inward) . This is the home of the visitors. He 
gave a description (36% Fand.64% water eic> 

In situations such as this.where the 
witness (or oontactce as he called himsell} 
likes to babble but docs not want lo be 
invest!gated.what can an investigator do? 
Take his storv at its wordperhaps? Treat it 
with obvious cautiotLnoting the child like 
words and story dements? Aft wit! react 
difFeremIy,or course t but no full judgement can 
ever be possible in these circumstances. 

All you can do is look for dues tu the 
story - A + s UFO knowledgcTor instanced ting 
various books.shooting down the sceptical 
writers (eg Andy Roberts) or hinting Ehal 
others (eg Budd Hopkins) would love to hear 
from him. 

Bui what would you make of the clue 
w hen A finally decided to ghe the name of ihc 
alien world. He soys it means love and peace 
every here and forever 1 and is called Ajbni n Say 
this phonetically and ;isk if his subconscious 
mind might not be trying to tdl A something. 

The dlddymm from mars 
Case 9603 13 February 1996 
Kf i otiv I sh.Liverpool 2 0.00 

(SB: Fur overseas reader* *dhMymen f are 
hide elflike cream res invented by Liver pout 
comedian Ken Dodd They often 
apptar.sfnging and doncingja his singe and 
TV idiows.are supposed to work in local J jam 
busty mines* and come from Knotty Ashk 

In recent years there been a major 
spate of triangle UFOs over the north west 
(mainly Dcrbyshirc.bul more recently 
Lancashire). Speculation js rife Urn they arc 
connected with the so called HALO project - 
Brim ins prototype vertical take elf stealth jet 
(based on a Harrier design) which is being 
developed ai BAE Wanon north of the EJ kbit 
estuary on I he Fylde coast. For non British 
readers this is very dose to the site of July's 
British Open golf championship at 
Lythim. which they may have seen on TV. 

Whilst the BAE aemowiedge that the 
project is real they deny having built any 
working models and so bang responsible for 
any UFO activity. To many who live (as I do) 
under the almost daily flight path of the low 
lord tests of the newly built jets from Wanou 
this denial is not so easily accepted 
Something odd has been Hying around and 
created much UFO activity from Liverpool in 
the south to Mortounbc Bay in the north - 
including one or two unexplained power 
failures - die most recent being in the same 
week as the above sighting and blacking out 
parts of the Fylde for 40 mmoles.. 

Whether this sighting is another 
example of HALO or relates to something else 
entirely it is nonetheless an intriguing case. It 
has also bad a peculiar postscript which might 
escalate this story to even weitder pmpnions, 

T was a 17 year old student residing 
in this green Liverpool! outer suburb. At die 
time he wars to the kitchen watching the dag 
in the yard outsuk. This made him aware of a 
white light in the sky to the north west. 

Alter about 3 minutes T recalled that 
Ills camcorder was available and decided to try 
to film the UFO. As he watched k through the 
viewfinder from a precarious posit ion on a 
wall the light began to move steadily 
nonhwards and vanished behind a building. 

By now T was exhibiting bravery 1 (or 
folly) and was pursuing the UFO with his 
camera,via wallsjiis bedroom window and 
even the roulT 

Nonhem UFO News/ 19 

Eventual I y r nftcr a total duration of 
around 6 mi nates, the object finally 
disappeared from any realistic vantage point 
and he did nut see it again 

Investigation; ■ by Anthony Ifccles of \tARA 
began when he sms pit I into contact with she 
witness within days by a mutual friend. AE was 
able to study the camera (a nearly new Sony 
17/Sj an d take the film far research purposes 

Ihe first point of contact was to Seek 
out weather data It tms a fine clear night 
with a light wad from the north, This should 
have corned any sound towards the witness 
fihe UFO was silent) but a police helicopter 
with searchlight was still considered a 
possibility. However f S (erseystde police 

confirmed un ? May f hat there was no Such 
activity on the night in question. One other 
option,that the UFO was the planet vtnus 
{quite bright in the western sky), seems 
eliminated fry iht clear motion of the abject 
on th e film It is not ex cesst v<*. but seems real 

T did refer to (he object timing 
various shapes including triangular.but this 
ims based upon his sighting through the 
viewfinder whilst he had been filming. The 
/outage does depict oval and irtangular 
shapes from time fn time but it is more than 
likefy this is an artifact of the automatic focus 
of the camera trying to home in on what is 
little more than a point source of light. 

Investigation info the case is ongoing 
at this time and no definite solution has 

A disturbing sequel: 

Perhaps the strangest aspect to this 
case occurred in face June,some months alter 
the sighting and six weeks after its airing or 
the BUFGRA Merseyside conference tit 
Liverpool. Ai the time T was in contact with 
the TV scries Strange but True?* (at my 
instigatioavia Anthony Eccios) for their 
possible coverage of this film on the new 

T then received an unexpected Idler 
hom ‘BUFORjV with an unfamiliar phone 
number on lop and signed by Anthony Ecdes. 
It refered to orders from an allegedly secret 
govemmmt UFO investigation mill (involving 
the word Sightings - although £ will not hero 
reveal the lull cock for investigative reasons). 
T was apparently required to cease 
cooperation with TV and destroy his Film,a 
demand that he thankfully chose not to follow. 

Anthony Eccles asked me 10 speak 
with T on this matter (which f did t'n early 
July). Tony had by 1 then seen ihc letter and the 
signature was. he added very definitely m his 
own. Someone had obviously faked it in an 
effort to implicate the UFOIogjsl. The 
ttttrecognised telephone number was (hat of 
BUFORAs Dtrecior of Investigations'. which 
is.of course, freely published and also evidently 
intended by the sender of this letter to try to 
Tarnish BUFORAs reputation. 

It is very dear from the letter (which 
had a Liverpool postmark) that this is not 
actually on BUFORA headed T 
understandably imagined it to be. it is.irt facta 
mock tip using a photocopy of BUFORAs 
paper (presumably based on a fetter that the 
source had received from BUFORA which 
would contain Philip Mantle's number as a 
matter of routine.) This original had then been 
heavily doctored by the sender of the bogus create the false impression that it 
had come from this respected national group. 

T stress that there is no possibility 
whatsoever of this MID style ultimatum truly 
originating rrom Tony Eeefcs.Philip Man tie.or 
BUFORA . These lac lies are the result of 
someone aiming to cause mistrust in UFO 
circles ll is reminiscent of that imperious 
organisation APEN some years ago.who also 
sought lo plant raise evidence implicating 
respected groups and tlFOlogisls In the light 
of other 'dirty tricks’ as outlined elsewhere in 
this issue il is a most disturbing development. 

Of course, I his letter may be somconcs 
idea of a joke. If is not thought funny by 
either the witness or Tony Ecefcs.acting as 
BUFORAs local representative and rightfully 
protective of the group I also regard it in 
rather more serious terms. Indeed i have 
suggested that Tony and T take the matter to 
the police,not expecting any real assistance 
but in at least register BUFORAs concern. 

If it is n one off practical jofceulhcn it 
Had to be someone aware of Hie identity and 
address of T,w hich limits the possibilities. We 
also need lo find out who sent this letter and 
make that fact known to stop all sorts of bogus 
MIB talcs circulating around this case. 

Moreover .the hoaxer should be 
exposed by the UFO movement to stop this 
sort of thing front happening again.We have 
lo take very seriously threats against a witness 
(even if ihey were meant as a joke ).Thcy 
warrant real effort to rapidly uncover them . 

If you have any data or suggestions 
on this mat ter, let us know. Anthony Eccies is 
ratmraily keen to maintain his investigation . 

Nor (Itcr ri UFO News i 21) 


On Sunday ]1 August 1996 the now 
smash alien movie ‘Independence Day' has a 
big launch at a UFO cinema marathon at the 
Apollo Tattoo in Gatfey,Stockport, Cheshire* 
From noon lo 11 pm with lectures by Peter 
Hough,Jenny Randles and NARO.displays, 
tables plus screenings of ’Close Encounters of 
the Third KindV Communion', 'Fire in the 
Sky 1 & 'Independence Day' itself Tickets cost 
CIO and can be booked by credit card between 
13.00 and 21.00 daily on 0J61491 -0711 

Quests annua) bash this year is on 6,7 
A 8 September 19% at the University of 
Leeds Conference Auditorium , Jerry Clark 
is dying over from the USA (no doubt with 
copies of his encylopedia in low). Matty more 
- inc Nick Pope and t - also .Details:- UFG 
First Floor 66 Borough gale Ot ley LS21 1AE 
NARO may (or may not) be holding a 
conference let Manchester on l-f September as 
previously reporicdl tried lo get info for this 
issuc.bul could nt. So you'll have to ask * sorry I 
Contact UK meet on 29 September 
19% at lire Erefer Ilall.Kidlingfon,Oxford 
with Nick Pope,Roy Dutton A more, £6 on 
door (£5 in advance) Box 23 Wheatley 0X33 

Final PS- Sad Ur see the irreplacable 
Malcolm Rabin son disband SPt/Bnigmas, 
Hut his decision to spend time noth his family 
In (he ivake of the Dunblane tragedy f on his 
doorstep} is typical of the mart, Bravo Malotm 

Local groups In the north 


SALTO 1 19 Ungl™ Vw V+m OlAr EJISJ ORE 
SEMB )J FoufFUm ltd Brittle of Alim FK7 AM) 

Worth Etui 

MUFOttl 14 Ej»^iirR Drive Newcastle NED 6JW 
CONNECT 5 SlnA i llill Mdiloi Ut ley IJ5S9 CUR 

Worth H«f 

NLUPOIG 89 date Lurie MmcanlN LA4 fiSN 
LAPIS 291 DerooUiii* PA nii(*f*»l FVJ OCV 
MARA SJtl*tlH«l«Aw Liverpool □( 9XD 
NARO ‘ 2 Om¥i«nr Rd CfllEjewi CWI2 'IPO 

fWUFONfita wtf* NAftO- far ocreji soil 019+160*26) I 

Worth MfillanA 

PRA llHwCWf sinfin Oerttv DlitOHR 
CRF.EN DRAGON 24 Nit* ltiH Dr Tj*fc STD *F,E 
EM If FORA 8 Rohm CIom Nfitm^unrii NOS 7HL 

Sovih Kfidtane's 

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ULTRC 20 Rye tend* Strrcl tloclbnl HR-* OLD 

I Votes 

FEDERATION Ho* 41 Rhyl CTwyd Li t* IYW