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SiPT - OCT 1986 

Editorial address:- 8 Whitethroat Walk Birohwood Cheshire WA3 6PQ 
Printed by IMJAT Rise Park Nottingham N (5 5BU 

•Northern UFO News 1 
Published by 
N U F 0 N 
£5.40 all 1986 
£1.80 two issues 
Payable "NUTON" 


usual features plus 
2/3 F-19s and UFOs? 

4 Project Pennine 

6/7 Clive Potter on 
CE 4 cases (Part l) 

9/10 Welsh wave cases 
(Part 2);M argaret Fry 

10-13 Sightings 
W* Yorks ) 

13-15 Case Report 
CE 4 from Cumbria ? 

Stop Press:-Nigel 
Mortimer on CracoeFeU 


J enny Randle s 

Bill Callaghan 

Northern UPO News 


J.R. Comments... In a most important article in the Jul/Aug 86 

issue of Quest , Graham Birdsall talks at some 
length about the use of the Lockheed P-19 new 
• Stealth* aircraft in the UK.His sources are not 
clear,and appear better than most press reports! 

Rit the P-19 is of great significance to UPO study. 

Several of the highbrow papers (eg the Times and Telegiapb)have recently carried 
news of this revolutionary USAF plane.Its secrecy is through the roof and a lot of 
what we know about it is guesswork.On 20 Mar the Telegraph alleged that some of the¬ 
se super secret aircraft "looking like a stingray" are operated from USAF bases in 
East included a sketch of what the F-19 is supposed to be like,and some of 
its claimed (incredible) capabilities ...1500 raph,near radar invisibility,almost 
total silence, and the most weird of all - a suggested ’chameleon* skin controlled 
by computer so that the plane looks yellow over desert,grey over the sea and green 
over forests! 

All of this sounds like a plot from a James Bond movie,and the USAF (surprise, 
surprise) deny it all.A spokesman at USAF Mildenhall was quoted as saying,"there 
certainly has not been one here".However,the saga took a new twist (and even made 
TV news telecasts) when on 11 July what must have been an P-19 (or*Stealth* as it 
is nicknamed) crashed near the known testing site in thw American desert.Flight 
International (26 Jul) reported on the highly unusual decision to cordon off a 10 - 
mile exclusion zone around the crash site- an event the Pentagon ridiculously called 
"normal"! Whilst offioially the Stealth does not exist,at least 30 (Birdsall claims 
even more) are generally accepted to be based at Nellis Air Force Base in California 
and the funding ’hidden* in the records for Cruise missiles. Even the firemen at the 
crash site had to sign documeraents agreeing to keep silent.The pilot died. 

As soon as I first saw artists impressions of Stealth a year or so ago it did 
occur to me that several recent UFO sightings fitted the description.However,until 
recent serious sources (who have no interest in UFOs) beg 3 n to speculate that the 
plane has been flying in the UK for some wfcile my suspicions were just that.Now,I 
think,we can say with reasonable certainty that the F-19 has crossed British skies 
on covert nocturnal missions,has been very well observed by witnesses and the false 
assumption that these people saw UFOs has been more than gratefully received by the 
US government and probably the MoD (who must be aware of the missions - one trusts!) 

The masquerade as l flying saucers’has been a terrific advantage to the MoD and 
USAF.Aviation experts guessing about Stealth have not taken the slightest bit of 
notice of such stories (swallowed up in little magazines like this). Sadly - this 
has been to their great loss.Nobody has ever seen Stealth in flight - the story 
goes.Wrong.Dozens of British people have! It is time we cleared these repoets from 
our files. 

I am conscious that there might be those who say this is assisting the enemies 
of the west.However,I would argue that,despite the denials,nobody is under any 
illusions about Stealth — and the fact that we can recognise it in our case files 
only shews that the guesses are pretty acourate also - incidentally - is 
a significant boost for UPO investigators.Fpr it again shows the generally superb 
observational skills of witnesses.The debunkers who say everyone is grossly distort 
-ing mundane stimulii will have to explain why Stealth has been seen so well. 

According to the Times the F-19 was first flown in 1977- which is fascinating. 

The spate of "mamta-ray" UFO sightings seems to have begun towards the end of that 
year.Any investigator with access to old oopies of NUN,FSR and other UK mags and 
an interest in aviation could (i suspeot) have great fun (and possibly end up under 
MoD surveillance) by seeking out these *Manta-Ray* UFOs and sticking them onto a 
micro oomputer.I’d like to bet seme pretty interesting patterns will emerge. 

Here are a few cases to be on the look out for. Pennine UFO Mystery (p. 96 ) - the 
Shell Oil UPO.Tpu will note how this is tied in over the next couple of pages 
with sightings a year later ( 26-28 November 1978) across Britain - all describing 
what now looks with hindsi^t very like an F-19*Readers of NUN 101 (a few copies 
are still available at 60p) will recall the 23 Ootober 1978 "Silent Vulcan" ca s e 
investigated by Clive Potter and co.That was doubly important because what may well 
have been Stealth was oaptured on movie film! 

Northern UPO News 


And still the cases flood in.More ’manta-rays*,*stingrays* and similar UFOs 
have been observed sinoe 1978. UFO Reality ,p 126-9,gives a more detailed account 
ef a classio clese encounter with what seems to have been Stealth at Sproston 
Green in Cheshire.This is remarkably close to the location of the very dmilar 
1983 oase reported on page 10 of the last NUN (on which,incidentally,Peter Hough 
andl have recerntly bedn able to do first hand interviews and it seems to Bold up) 

There are mere oases still.What about the classic NUFOIS case,reported in FSR/ 2 <Hj) 
on 31 August 1980 around Ashbourne in Derbyshire.If you look I predict you will 
find q pew others.There seems little doubt this radical aircraft has been witnessed. 

So - if the F-19 has been (and still is) flying over 
Britain (see the September. , 85 case reported by Clive 
Potter later in this issue!) then what is our duty? 

To keep quiet? To alert aviation experts? To simply 
. , purge our records and be alert in the future but do 

.STeAL-TM . __nothing else? That is for your own conscience to decide. 

"hat interests me is the possibility that Stealth might have been involved in the 
Rendlesham Forest case. The aircraft is alleged to simply hum like a UR)in flight. 

This idea was first mooted to me some months ago when an aviation expert (of 

the witness accounts seemed to be the best yei 
of the F-19.I was not particularly impressed 
at first...but I am beginning to wonder. There 
is no doubt that an accident involving an F-19 
in that forest would fit a lot of the 
would also certainly account for the incre 
secrecy that has dominated the affair and 

4 ?^ =3 

MAMCrtESTtlL NOV »«TT7 3TAH »178 


Aub *<*80 

so seems difficult to imagine anything but a total disaster,as a 
controlled landing in that pine wood is un think able. Yet F-19s are said to be radioactive 
Perhaps this is taking the F-19 idea too far,and that remains to be seen.But I 
have no doubt this is a subject relevant to ufology,as Graham Birdsall recognised 
but few others,so far,appear to have done. Lets go sotftly,softly on this one. 


:: From a Quest success to a non-success.They also publish a report by a man from 
Chesterfield who tells of an air spotting trip to East Anglia where he saw rum 
goings on involving orientals,vameras,cars,dogs and a frantic woman.These sinister 
happenings afe actually quite explicable,as I told the witness when he wrote to 
me.Pity TUPOS did not ask. The dog and car belonged to Brenda Butler (who was the 
rxther frantic lady) and the orientals were a Japanese film crew headed by Jun 
Ichi Taci (who also translated Sky Ciah into Japanese) .They were making the second 
of two documentaries transnitted on the case by Nippon TV.Sorry - no MIBs. 

:: John Cottom (WAFIT) asks to make two pleas.His idea for "UFO Scene North" - to 
feature comments you want to make on issues raised by NUN still needs support. Do 
contact him at the WAPIT address! And - he tells me sadly -LCUFOS have closed down. 

I am not sure of reasons but recall the fine night they threw when MUFORA lectured 
there earlier in the year.Why not offer your help to Stephen Brown (23 Queen Victoria 
Rd Burnley Lancs BB10 3 DH).John,quite rightly,points out we should stick together. 

:: Albert Bidden tells me the Russians have been studying weather conditions prior 
to earthquakes and found high temperature,wind velocity,huraidlty but low rain most 
often seem to ’trigger* them.This suggests interesting research lines for the 
Devereux style *earthligilts’ . Pennine UFO Mystery noted some frontal system passages 
seemed to be linked on with UAP spates. Perhaps *Project Pennine* will find a lead? 
(See over) * (Funnily enough - moments after I typed this 0 Ckry (the alien), who 
long term NUN readers or UF0s:A British Viewpoint addicts will remember,called to 
talk about Nostradamus and the link between weather systems and earthquakes in his 
propheciesl.. .Now I am just off to interview Ray Leonard about his novel - "The 
Nostradamus Inheritenoe".For those understandably eoeptical*this is the sort of 
synchronicity that has cropped up again and again since Cfery first arrived in 1975 *) 

Northern UFO News 



An exoiting new scheme is being organised by the West Yorkshire UFO Research 
Group and researcher David Clarke.I have already pledged my full support and the 
NUPON archives.In addition the EUFORA council recently voted its total support for 
the idea and Mike Wodten is making the computer-based records avail able. There is 
scope for you to help out too- and the final results,in a year or so,will be pub¬ 
lished via Hilary Evans* BOLIDE initiative. 

The concept fer the Projeot is to colleot and collate all data relating to UAP 
observations in one area (viz the Pennine Hills) and look for relationships with 
similar data sets on folklore, gee graphical and geological distribution,meteorolo g 
-ical trends,stone circle distributions and any other bright ideas JjOU might have! 
This mammoth task will require a lot of dedication from those who are putting in 
their time,but as David Clarke says "it will achieve more than skywatches or 

This genuine hard research project should be able to give a true indepependant 
test of the D e vereux ' Earthligits' thesis and he too has offered his support.If 
you feel that you can assist,then contact WYUFORG (see addreas on page 16). Help 
in securing detailed geological data on the counties in question (North,West and 
South Yorkshire, East Lancashire, Qreator Manchester and Derbyshire) will be of 
particular value ,but any assistance will aid the projeot. 

BOLIDE (the information exchange on UAP events) has,incidentally, just produced 
its second mailing. There are now two dozen participants,including some poiriy we|)-k/>owft 
names.If you are interested in UAPs then there is no excuse for not requesting de¬ 
tails immediately from Hilary Evans 1 Tranquil Vale London SE3 OBU 



Major articles elsewhere 

NUN started a couple of new exchanges this month .Anyone interested in the 
cover-up or American Freedom of Information actions for UFO data would do worse 
than invest E20 US (seems to be no extra for UK purchase) in FOCUS - the monthly 
4-8 page (it varies)output of the “Fair Witness Project" (to whom cheques etc 
should presumably be addressed) .This is edited by Bill Moore, wfto you should know 
as the author of "The Roswell Incident" (and several other dossiers not published 
in the UK unhappily) .If you thought Charles Berlitz wrote that book - shame on you! 
Aside from letters of interest,issues to hand cover Einstein*s research into FTL 
tfavel and released papers on the Scandinavian * ghost bombs* of 1946. Seems good 
value to me....4219 W.Olive St. Suite 247 Burbank California 91505 USA. 

Also new is SVLT ,in Flemish! However,there is a 10 page English summary at the 
back of each issue, so this is the ideal way to keep in touch with Belgian ufology. 
400 Belgian Franos brings 4 issues:- Wim van Utrecht Oever 28 B-2000 Antwerpen 

Back on the news-stands >the Ootober OMNI (not yet in the UK) has a piece by JR 
in its UFO oelumn on the controversy over the Peter Day movie film. Exploring the 
Supernatural has brought out issues 2 and 3 (althou^i 3 was very late).At 90 p it 
remains the cheapest UK magazine and its menthly news columns about events and 
meetings (a free service which yon can all use) is alone werth the money.Ypu have 
te put up with the astrology etc,but there are usually intefesting pieces in there. 

(Sept:-JR interview profile of Dr Jacques Vallee: Oot:-She starts a 3 part series 
en the links between the Near Death Experience and other phenomena,including UFOs. 
Peter Hougb writes on animal mutilations and Kevin Carlyon discusses the strangeness 
of Beachy Head and its UFO connections). 

Meanwhile. The Unknown ,at 99 p,continues to keep time and is a very similar mag¬ 
azine,without the astrology.You are likely to find more of a pure UFO nature in 
here eaoh month( Sept :- AP2N,the Aetherius Sooiety answer back to Tfcs' devastating 
attack* ,Peter Hough looks at Lancashire CE 3 cases,the McMinnvmlle photos are 
assessed...0ct:-its the turn of the Trindade Island pictures,Richard Lawrence ends 
his sermon on the Aethwrian 3 and theres a look at UEX) events in Canada) 

Northern UFO News 


EUFORA Bulletin Jul 1906 (in EUFORA Sub:-£14 pa 16 Southeay Burgess Hill RH15 9ST) 
Important for JR and Bob Morrells independant (yet complementary) attack on the 
"Star Books" fiasco over the "Uninvited" series.Leaves little doubt throu^i new in¬ 
formation that these books are hoaxes and the publishers know it.If you have the 
books you ought to read these artioles.More on the Steuart Campbell "its all stars" 
affair.Mike Wootten describes the BUFDRA computer data base.A major look at the (teen 
Stone/f^ye of Fire story and plenty of new oases from Australia, (bod stuff again. 

FSR 31 - 5 (£2,or £9*50 for sixs FSR Publications Snodland Kent ME6 5HJ) 

I wish I could oay this was good stuff too.Sadly its no such thing.Creighton even 
turns his editorial obituary on Allen Hynek into his usual mad twaddle about the 
"take over" try "the Mendacious Btigade".Disgusting.Five full pages are then given 
over to photos of the "mystery circles",plus lots of text.No mention of the EUFORA 
publication though.There is some interesting Bill Chalker material from Australia - 
but its a reprint of a review ho did on / Clear Intent'some time ago and the Maralinga 
case which Bill has pound through Northern UFO News No 105 in 19841 *Nuff said. 

UFO Brigantia Sep/Oct (£5# 50, si* issues ,84 Elland Rd Rrighouse W.Yorks HD6 2QR) 

I really admire the neat text of this journal,easy on the eye.Super graphics too. 

And what you read is interesting .Anyone who forks out nearly twice as much for 
FSR and doesn't get this deserves Gbrdon Creigjiton. Aside from more on earthli ghts 
from Paul Devereux,David Clarke's "Haunted Hills" artiofce is significant in that it 
finds a pre-run of the classic Nelson car stop case near Pendle Hill - in 1914! 

QUEST (lUFOS £6, six issues, 68 Buller Crescent Leeds LS9 6LJ) 

Yorkshire’s other mag is so different there's 00 plays "Private Eye" to 
Brigantia's "New Scientist".You* ve heard some of the things in the Jul/Aug issue 
already (theres the usual MoD and sightings content as well).May/Jun was a Hynek 
special with a collection of obituary comments that must be the beat collated in 
the world. Some nice touching anecdotes and most of the main US newspaper stories 
on his death reprinted.Oh - and "The Dreamer Awakes" by JR is worth a look too! 

FOLKLORE FRONTIERS 3 (£3,four issues,5 Egton Dr Seaton Carew Hartlepool TS25 2AT) 

A wacky collection of modem folk tales,press cuttings:- people looked in ptawer 
stations,the crying boy curse, Oreenham Common paranoia.If yau love Forteam Times 
then you'll love this.I think the editor needs a new typewriter ribbon though! 

EARTH 2 (£4, six issues,6l Ranelagh Ave Ravensoliffe Bradford W.Yorks BD10 OHF) 

Must be the cheapest mag around that's professionally printed.TK* virws Df Paul Bennett 
(all cheques to hin^ (repeater witness and contaotee extraordinaire) .Very different 
and hard to describe (Vampires in Shipley for a start).The biggest and best para¬ 
normal clue crossword I've ever seen.That'11 keep you busy till the next isdue. 

IUR (international UFO Reporter)(E32 US ,6 issues,1955 Johns Dr, Glenview,Ill 60025) 
May/Jun was CUFOSs own tribute to Allen Hyoek.David Jacobs reviews his career.Jerome 
Clark takes a retrospect*look at the book "The UFO Experience" and there is a host 
of tributes from all thoso in Amerioan ufology you would expecfc.I think it was a bad 
mistake to include "the last photpgraph" (as it is billed) - taken just a month 
before he died.Allen looks the sick man he was,and CUFOS ought to have left us all 
with memories of the vibrant,cheerful pioneer.That photograph is not Allen.But,this 
quibble aside, CUFOS do him proud by renaming .the organisation the "J.Allen Hynek 
Center for UFO Studies".No more than he deserves.Its back to business (and a far 
nicer photo) with the Jul/Aug issue.Dp Willy Staith offers the first detailed aocount 
of the 19 May 1986 Brazilian Air Foroe UFO <«vso (which made UK press stories).Pilot 
accounts are quoted.Apparently the Brazilian president himself ordered the story be 
made public ,via press conference* at which all witnesses were present. But the most 
important item in the issue is a long article >y Bill Moore on new data about the 
Roswell orash,whioh (guess what?) the soeptios (Phil Klass in this case) dont believe. 

MUFON Journal (530 US,12 issues:- 103 Oldtowne Rd Seguin Texas 78155-4099 USA) 
Jul:- New data on the Cash-Landnun case which blows Steuart Campbell out of the 
water (he reckons the helicopters never existed and the radiating UFO was a star!) 
YUPOS tell the tale of the Churchill papers and there is yet another object found now 
alleged to be the original on the Adaaski UFO photo Wes'. X vtrj nucb doubt \Y sonehuw. 

Northern UPO News 



LONDON WALKABOUT Andy Collins 1986 

34pp "booklet 

£1.10 ino post 

Latest in Andy* s long'line of self “published "Earthquest" "books (from 19 St Davids 
Way Wickford Essex SS11 8EX).A simple idea - a guided walk around the Fleet 
Street/Qt Pauls area of Lendon.Lets of photos and aneodotes/informatkon about the 
legends associated with each spot.If you ever attend a HJPORA or ASSAP leoture 
or conference,go off to (ferfunkles afterwards for the traditional grub and chat -the/i 
this walk could be a perfeot way to burn up the calories the next day. Smashing, 

PS;- The new Dr Lyall Watson epio "Beyond Supernature" is out from Hodder at £10.95 
Its an updated sequel to his 1973 global best-seller.If you know his other books 
you are sure to find this interesting.The Devereux/Cfeia research into earth energy 
gets quite a look in. (if you* re undecided I interviewed Dr Watson and the December 
issue of * Exploring the Supernatural* will feature the full story) 

Uri (feller is baok too (with (fey Playfair) in a Cape book "The Caller Effect" 
(£10.95) which is selling like hot cakes.A good read,but the super oomputer "Hoova" 
and the mysterious alien mentors dhat dominated his original autobiography in 1974 
have gone the way of the rest of the UFOs of late.Net a trace.Harry Harris,who 
tells me he turned down an offer from (feller to be his lawyer,knows the man quite 
well but says he has never talked about UFOs,despite knowing his interest.On the 
Torry Wogan TV chat show Geller also ran away from questions about UFOs in an odd 
manner. But he did admit he'd seen and photographed them.The new book tells how the 
psychic or conjuror (depends on how charitable you are) has made a million by using 
psi to find minerals and oil.Uou can't really argue with that,I guess.Uniess Randi, 
Klass and lam Ridpath will now go and do the same and prove it is all trickeryl 

A reply to Raymond Broderick on the "Mrs B" CE 4 case from Coventry. (See NUN 119) 

Phenomena perceived by CE 4 witnesses like Mrs B are very subjective, whioh 
clearly restriots any reasonable objective assessment of the case.This is not, 
as Broderick suggests,tantamount to dismissing such reports as hoaxes or fantasies. 
One must study all the evidence,no matter how bizarre or divorced from ones 
personal interests,if we are to look for patterns.As the saying goes - it only 
takes one white cnnw to prove that all crpws are not necessarily black. 

My own long term monitoring of Mrs B is an essential process in such cases if 
one hopes to study the totality of the has shown me that she is 
sincere,sane and stable.In fact Mrs B shows a great tendancy to withold information 
she considers unacceptable,and despite being a Spritualist is most critical of the 
various experiences she has had.I am fully convinced that the voices and visions 
she endures are automatic and completely beyond the control of her consciousness. 

From comparisons with psychological literature it seems logical to conclude 
that the phenomena manifesting through Mrs B derive from the right hand side of 
the brain,which tends to be very alien to the left side (which controls the waking 
consoious,rational thought patterns) and ‘awakens’ rarely,escept during sleep. Such 
'awakenin gs’are marked by visions dredged from the depths of the psyche. 

One simply cannot separate UFO phenomena from other areas of the paranormal 
which appear to overlap.The connections between CE 4 reports,religious visions, 
near death experiences,drug induced hallucinations,imaginary abductions under 
hypnosis and schizophrenia are so distinct as to indicate either a common origin 
or common symptoms of the altered state of consciousness which enables them to 
take plaoe. ^ . 

Broderick's arguments about the Joseph entity being male,whilst Mrs B is female, 
do not weaken the sugfrestion that it was a sub-element of her own personality. 

Many spirit controls that manifest through mediums tend to show mirror-image s of 
the personality of the psyohic,not only in gender but most other aspects.If the 
right brain is suggestible enough to oonjure up 'spirits* (as parapsycholog ical 
research: has implied) then it not a big step to propose it can also conjure up 

Northern UFO News 


The particular entity that was observed by Mrs B,whom she calls Joseph,is an 
archetypal figure (the wise,old mam who personifies goodness and wisdom - exactly 
the kind of symbol that might be used to dramatise a message of hope).Indeed it 
may be no coincidence that it is the opposite of the 'Man in Black' image in UFO 
folklore,which conveye precisely different messages. 

Further circumstancial evidence emeeges when you look at the conditions under 
which Mrs B's experiences occur. Generally these are in isolation,when sensory input 
is reduced,ofttn when she is relaxed or preoccupied with something automatic.These 
are ideal circumstances for the conscious mind to bo vulnerable to inttnisions from 
the ri^it brain.A message is conveyed. 

We see amongst several modern ufologists the idea that it is the message that 
matters. The phenomenon has the inherent ability to ohange,in a cultural meta¬ 
morphosis. But the message (using the current socio-technological matrix)stays constant 
across time and space,like Joseph's multi-coloured dream coat in the legend. 

One can in this way view the experiences of Mrs B and psychic visionaries as 
part of a spectrum of awareness.An awareness of an intelligence either within or 
without mankind and which acts,either intentionally or as a by-product|as a condit¬ 
ioning process that expresses itself through manipulation of the perception systems 
of the individuals themselves. 

There are few alternate theories th a t account for the facts.Compare Mrs B with 
the medium Helene Bnithjfpr example.At the end of the last century she claimed 
contact with Martians.In the raid sixties a Hinckley UFO group were in abtoraatio 
writing communication with alleged extra-terrestrials.The Geller contacts with 
"space computers" is another update on the theme. Belief in extra-terrestrials no 
doubt brings a degree of comfort when the percipient is faced with experiences that 
are beyond comprehension.In psychology there is something called "need determined 
perception" which fits well here.People tend to see what they expect,partly because 
of their needs at the time.Aliens may be an important need for a CE 4 percipient. 

Another comparison comes with the dissociative state of mind (comas,trances, 
fainting fits) often reported by poltergeist victims.Not only has Mrs B been the 
centre of poltergeist attacks in the past but she too suffers dissociative states. 

(it is interesting here to note that,as explained in 'The Pennine UFO Mystery', CE 4 
witness Alan (fedfrey - the other 'Joseph' percipient - also suffered unexplained 
black outs similar to narcolepsy or epileptic attacks - JR) 

These similarities in state of mind between poltergeist and CE 4 perciDients 
leads to the implication that they are one and the same.Even though thw majority 
of CE 4s tend to be single witness,multi-witness events like Betty and Barney Hill, 
the Andreasson affair or Aveley abduction leave cne uneasy.Similarly,the remarkable 
correlations between CE 4s around the world do suggest rather more thai a ^.obal 
psychosis.However,it might be suggested that the primary witness (like the focus 
of a poltergeist) could trigger similar imagery in others be*iie them,especially if 
those others are generically or emotionally related to them (as in all the cases 
just cited and virtually every CE 4 case known). 

If telepathy is at work in CE 4s then we have a further possible mechanic. They 
may be similar to 'crisis apparitions' ,where a 'sender' transmits an image that is 
detected by is interesting in the Mrs B case that she contends her 'living 
ghost' has been seen by others some distance' from her "physical body" without Mrs 
B knowing this was occurring.Perhaps her "entities" can be so trangnitted as well? 

However,whilst we may be heading in the right direction by looking at cases as 
a personal dramatisation of a message,the number of apparently manufactured aerial 
devices being seen around the world still creates a problem.Whether the message 
derives from the mind or an outside agency is perhaps incidental to these core 
sightings.Is it enough to talk of possible sources for the message (warnings from 
the future? divine intervention? real ETs?) using the mind to oreate induced 
illusions clothed in individual fashion? Triggering the Oz Factor as a means of 
altering the state of consciousness that facilitates the experience. 

This may all be true - but it fails to resolve the question of Hhere the message 
comes from and what these apparent 'aerial craft' are. 

£Th e _final_part of this article will appear in the next issue) 

Northern UFO News 

El CUT.. 


rg>p A look at UFOs in the eye 

There have heen gome sightings around - mostly in Yorkshire (where else?).No 
doubt WTUFORG will report on them in due course. Bradford Argus (20 Aug) tells oF an 
"Afternoon cuppa disturbed by UFO" when two Kei^iley pensioners saw a buzzing oval 
outside.The details make this sound an interesting daylight sighting.Hbwever next 
day (21 Aug) in "Rain theory over that silver UFO" David Barclay "who writes about 
UFOs" and "is currently forming a group in the Aire Valley" (another one!) says, 

"as the sighting occurred just before a downpour it could be linked to the theory 
of baromatrio pressure.• •in rocks (producing) electricity,which in terras produces a 
glowing aeroforra." A somewhat dubious interpretation of the earthlights theory and 
arrived at rather too fast for my liking.Lets wait and see what WYUPORG have to say. 

Likewise impresgive,and being investigated,is the "Encounter of the blurred 
kind" (I thought we*d heard all the CE 3 K jokes by now). Barnsley Chronicle (29 Aug) 
tells how a witness was hit hy a lightbeam from a 60 ft wide oval and felt a 
"tingling sensation" all over.The object had red and purple lights on the side.This 
too sounds like a case worth waiting to hear more on. 

But the case that made most stories (even BBC TV "News at Nine" coverage - why 
do they always mention the IFOg and ignore the real cases? answers on a postcard 
please!) - featured just about everywhere.Oddly,the Irish press gave best coverage. 
Belfast Newsletter (24 Sep) told how early morning police,air traffic controllers 
and commuters in Luxembourg and Belgium saw several green blobs cross the sky.One 
ATC man ("Maro Mitten") said "It didn’t show up on the radar screen.I dont know 
what it was...It wag like a to eke t but far too fast. "The event occurred at around 
6am on the 23rd and was seen from several eastern counties in England too - which 
makes Belgian police statements that it was "at the relatively low altitude of 600 
feet" as silly as they sound.NORAD pointed out ("UFOs just space rubbish" - Irish 
Times »24 Sep) that "debris from two Soviet rockets which had launched space satel¬ 
lites into orbit was expected in mid-September" - ergo,as none of you would-be UFO 
investigators should have failed to spot,this was yet another big re-entry (barely 
worthy of a mention in NUN^let alone on the BBC TV news.Did they mention Rendlesham 
Forest on their bulletins? Nope!) 

And you thought we had escaped the dreaded circles ,did you? No chance. A story 
appeared in many places (eg "Corny Riddle" - YUK! - Nuneaton Tribune .27 Aug) based 
on an original item in the Hampshire Chronicle (22 Aug).This began with the BUFORA 
book title (plainly quoting it,as it used it in inverted commas!) and added that a 
third circle has turned up at Cheesefoot Head.Pat Delgado was cfcted as calling them 
an IUFF (??)("Invisible Unknown Force Field") and linked them with poltergeists! 

Then the "British UFO Association" (sic!) booklet is plugged.However,all was not 
yet done.Paul Fuller tells me someone went to the enormous trouble of writing "We 
are not alone" in giant letters near the circles! One would have to believe in 
an alien crew of sta»d-up comedians or incredibly devious IUFFs to say that was not 
done by human was almost immediately harvested out by the farmer bat was 
photographed first.Then,on 8 Sep in the Southern Echo along came John Dodd to 
prove the circles were hoaxes,by making one in front of the paper and a TV crew. 

Paul Fuller (who will relate the full tale in the next BUFORA Bulletin) warns not 
to be deceived.This was a real rip-off and put-on by Mr Dodd and co. 

The Aug 14 issue of New Scientist gave much prominence to Chris Allan and Stu 
Campbell for thedr Patrick Moore hoar of the Cedric Allingbmm "novel" (i 

still haven 0 .* been sued by the way).Fair comment,except the sentence "Like much of 
the literature on the subject,the book is a clumsy fake".I take much offence to that 
as author of eigit books]But New Scientist can get away with anything,can't they? 

There was a very nice detailed interview with your editor in the Cheshire * 
Guardian series (12 Sep).Congratulations to Pat Qi.ll Bolton for a perceptive 
report.Far better than the lead story codswallop in the Mr Manchester's Diary 
column of the Manchester Evening News (4 Sep) "Jenny hears some grave words" - 
a joke (?) about some of the stuff in Beyond Explanation? No mention of UFOs,thank 

But there wag in the Sun (30 Aug) when "Dave's close encounter lands him in the 
drink".David Littlewood of Hull wandered off,staring at the sky lit by green beamsorvi 
muttering about UFOs.He walked on "entranced" straight into the docks! The UFOs 

Werg ex hotel loser Show i Poor D«»e trtJaJ foil of sneily wo>e<- *»hd in the. lo<«l hetp<h<*l. 

Northern UFO News 


NORTH WALES FLAP ( 2 ) Margaret Fry 

The last issue reported how the wave be^.n in late December (indeed 28 December 
was a key date for English reports as well) .However,it really took off in January 
1986 (weirdly - in the precise manner that my 21-month cycle # proposed in "The Pen¬ 
nine UFO Mystery", should predimt) (Look out Sept/Oct 198 ?!) It is also very worth 
noting that many of these January Welsh dates coincide with the Hartlepool flap of 
sightings also referenced in the last issue. 

On 3 January (Case 8608 ) Mr and Mrs Edwards and their three adult sons (all over 
25) witnessed something strange over Mo el Parc mountain from their farm at Bbdfari, 
Clwyd,near Denbigh, (i know this area well as my brothor used to live at Henllan, a 
quite hilly and remote - JR).First observation was at about 
19*45 hours.The light seemed to be above the television rec¬ 
eption mast on the was red at the bottom (hazy) 
with a white top and remained stationary.This would place it 
in the east.After watching it intermittently for more than 
an hour they climbed onto the road above their farm (which i 
surrounded by forest) and saw it pass directly over them and 
away.The bottom comprised a central white light and a mass 
of coloured lights in a ring around this (blue,red,green,yellow,white) which was was a cold night with many stars visible,but it snowed towards dawn,The 
event was reported to the Denbigh police (who contacted Margaret).She approached 
the RAF,who had no activity that night - they said. 

village close by.It is 

At 01.15 that same night (onto 4 January) Miss J,a local government officer,was 
driving home (a few miles north of the above location).On the A 547 she wag going 
towards Rhuddlan.The moon was to her left.On the right she saw a red oval that was 
descending into a gap between Coed Cwm and Moel M a enefa mountains.As it "landed" 
into tree cover it lit up the whole ground around it. (Case 8609 ) 

Later that same day,at 17.06 another red oval (or the same one?) appeared to 
Miss P*a lady farmer at Trelawnyd,a hamlet just a couple of miles east of tho pre¬ 
vious location. She was in the foreoourt of her cow sheds^ready to start muoking ©oK, 
when she saw the rugby football shape in an adjacent field" 
apparently very close by.It was between two pine trees and 
their height and distance allowed fairly accurate guesses 
to be made about the objects size.This estimates length & * 
height above grountf as about 40 feet.After a few moments h 

which the objeot did not move it "went smaller and snailer _ 

and became a dot before disappearing".(Case 86lO).This sighting was reported by 
the witnesses (4 farmers) in a farm next door to this because they thought Miss P 
had seen the same objeot as them.However,it transpired that their sightng took 
place at 20.30 the same ni^it.It consisted of an oval containing a oentral red 
light and two white lights to each side.These flashed.The objeot hovered over some 
electricity lines on the farmland. 

Case 8611 occurred on 10 January 1986 and lasted three hours from 23.30*11 was 
at Prestatyn on the coast (four or five miles north of Trelawnyd).About 20 people 
reported seeing-it.One stayed awake to watch the show! It wag seen over Meliden 
(to the seuth) and changed shape during the observation.Mostly these involved red 
balls,lines eto that joined and 'faded away' in the end. 

There is ne doubt that if you look at thfese oases objectively the long duration, 
manner of disappearance and consistant 'red glow' appearance suggests an astronom- 
ioal is hard to envisage how a star or planet could fly over the farm 
(as in ease 8608 ) - but I feel someene with aooess to a computer file sheuld oheok 
t® see if anything might have been responsible - let us know please. 

However, that said*the next two oases have no such escape route.On 22 January a t 
21.00 one of the witnesses to case 86ll,plus four others (an adult and three child 
-ren) took part in case 8612.A bizarre objeot traversed the length of the middle 
of a Prestatyn street at an estimated 25 feet off the made a pulsing , 


Northern UPO News 


of what seemedto be three saucer shapes stuck together 
wixh a red 'V* in the was dull metallio and 
had multi-coloured lights underneath (red,blue and yell¬ 
ow). It then flew south t® the Meliden Hills and began 
to do a fantastic display of loop de loops,until it 
travelled into Snowdia and disappeared.Seen from beneath 
it was oval,ringed by limits,and with a triple set of 
bumps inset into the base in a kind of tripod formation. 
Whilst Valley denied anything unusual flying about (indeed, saying they have no cov¬ 
erage by radar in this area — enly about 30 miles from them!) it does sound like some 
secret aircraft.And YUFOS have recently been commenting about triple bumps seen 
under many North Yorkshire UFOs.Any conneotion,I wonder? 

To end January with a bang, on the 26 th case 8613 occurred.This was at Connahs 
Quay (about 2 miles from where the Sunderland family live),near a f ormer steel work* 
and a major power station on the Dee Estuary. At 
20.20,Mr P a taxi driver got from his car as it 
traversed across.The UFO was about 3-4 carlan^h; 
in size and very low.It was made of dull metal 
and had a brilliant blue li^it at the rear -> of 
a distinctly 'Stealth' like oval shape (see the 
editoeial).From the underside three lighted win 
dows were seen,like long slits giving out a wh¬ 
ite light and a ring of vihite lights were on tie 
edge.No sound was heard. Bat at about the same time,on the towns High Street, several 
people (including another taxi diiver) saw what was evidently the same was 
seen from the side (not underside) and looked like a jelly mould with vertical slits 
or windows.The brilliant blue li^it was in the centre of' the base and the ring of 
white lights round the edge.The windows seemed 'frosted' and the surface metallic. 
Mafgaret has three independant sketches from is impossible to conclude 
other than they all saw a very extraordinary object. 

Readers are directed to NUN issue 119 and the Shotton close encounter.This has a 
number of similarities and is yet another of the many sightings of note in the 
"Oakenholt/Flint/Shotton/Connahs Quay" area. 

^The final part of this report will be_featured in the next issue) 

8(c>\ 3> ' Ov'C* - ' 


humming sound and consisted 


Some current investigations 


‘ O * 


A couple of anecdotal Welsh cases to record for which no real investigation has 
been possible.First a press cutting from the North Wales Weekly News dates an event 
to 7 December 1976. It reports how an un-named man and wife were driving from Llan 
dudno to Deganwy throu^i Conwy,when over the famous suspension bridge they saw a 
brilliant ball of white light.To quote Mr X "It dropped something into the river 
and then drifted north-east leaving a trail of snoIKe".Valley denied all responsib¬ 
ility (as usual) and North Wales police had no other reports.0 n e might speculate 
about helicopters and flares - but there are interesting comparisons here with a 
case over the Rawtenstall ski-slope (reported in "Pennine UFO Mystery") and the 
Cblbome,reservoir,sighting of August 1982. 

The second story comes to me direct from Mr M - a prisoner in a Leicestershire 
jail.Whilst I did communicate with him,and he promised to try to obtain dates, and 
details from those with himjhe has not done so.We,therefore,only have his story on 
a very intriguing UAP. 

It oecurred in the mid-seventies somewhere in Dyfed.Mr M was living in an iso¬ 
lated farm house with a married couple.This was on the side of a was 
late autumn or winter,and evening after a "changeable" day.From the living room all 
were drawn to a series of lights and loud bangs in the farmyard adjoining it.Through 
the window they could see bluish/pink balls about six feet in diameter bouncing 
around.This persisted for seversi minutes and the housewife became rather upset. 

Northern UFO News 


Mr M was less concerned and,with the balls still bouncing around,went out to 
get some firewood from a stockpile by the door.As he bent down to pick some wood 
he was "enveloped in a ball of light" and he "felt a presence" (which seems to be 
a sort of tingling).After a few seconds there was a "pop or explosion" and it went 
out.He returned indoors and the couple pointed out that his hair was standing on 
end as if filled with static.He suffered no ill effeots and,in fact,was charged up 
with vigour and well being - taking interest in leys,folklore eto of the area. 

Whilst we have no corroboration amd few details this is an interesting UAP case 
that has similarities with the Aveyron,France,encounters. 


Case 8537 27 September 1985 Melton Mowbray,Leicestershire LUFOIC Level A 

This case should be read in conjunction with this issues editorial and the 
Leicestershire movie film case there cited.There are in faot three separate ob¬ 
servations of what appears to be the same thing.The first two will be considered 
only briefly (althou^i they are in more detail on the BUFORA case file) 

On 7 August at around 23*00 SW (aged 22) was driving his girlfriend home to 
Melton when they stopped (near an outskirts village of Kirby Bellars) because a 
number of red-white lights were seen.These appear to have been coincidental and 
of no real interest,except (as the witnesses say) had they not stopped to watch 
them,the passage overhead of a strange triangulat objeot would have been missed. 

It crossed heading very slowly NNW and made only a "humming*' like an electricity 
sub-station.A motorcycle passing by was totally different and much more audible; 
although the objeot was low "looked like a vuloan bomber" and was surrounded by 
white lights.Melton police were called out and the story made the local press. 

According to Quest the home base of 'Stealth' in the UK is RAF A1 con bury, about 
35 miles SE of this location on the lind of flight of the UFO. 

The story appeared in the local press and Mrs C and her 15 year old grand¬ 
daughter called the witness to say they too had seen the objeot .However, it turns 

out that they had their sighting at about 00.15 on 
15 Augustjfrom Hunoote,near Leicester..Even so,there 
are many similarities with what these two people saw. 
The objeot was again a metallic triangle ringed by 
fladhing light a, and there was a bright headlight 
beam projecting from the fore of the object that point 
-ed up into the sky. Beyond noting that these sightings 

all seemed to match the famous "Silent Vulaan" mass witness and movie-film case 
from the same area in October 1978 there was little LUFOIC could do. 

Bat then a police officer wrote to BUFORA direotly.He and a colleague had also 
seen the UFO,on 27 September at 19*55*it was a classic. 

Police officers PR and JP were on foot patrol at Long Clawson,a village about 
five miles north of Mel ton. Looking SE towar ds the moon PR saw two station ar y head 
limits to the ri^it of there. .After about ^ 

30 seconds observation it was clear that in 
fact the beams were moving NW towards them.* 

Debiled matching accounts and transcripts ct' 
what was written in the log books of the PC 
s are available.They agree that as the two 
lights approached they resolved into red A 
white inset into a diamond.Both forward a»d< 


Phase 1 

PoliUL li0ht->*0 : C vJfoV 

'O- lo: 


fhuse 3 




•O- O - 



1 . T .* ' T. * 

» AT- 

cl 0 fc« 



underside views agree with the proposed F-19 configuration.No sound was heard un 
the craft was almost directly overhead and then it was just a very unusual low hum 
"like a generator". Speed was remarkably slow.Several measurements of height (around 
1500 ft) have been possible and 3peed must have been below 100 mph (probably well 
below) to facilitate the 5-7 minutes reconstructed duration.The lack of noise is 
one of the most consistant features of th^ese cases and at Long Clawson was very 
important as there was hardly any wind and they were in a very rural outside spot. 

LUFOIC,even before seeing the F-I9 data,concluded this could well be a secret 
military aircraft.The flightpath is again consistant with it being a Stealth from 
RAF A1conbury.Alconbury was not checked by police enquiries (although other RAF 
bases were) .Perhaps the MoD would have something to say.Don^ hold your breath! 

Northern UFO News 


WTUFORG Case 8538 18 December 1985 Brighouse/Bradford,W. Yorks SP 3-9 Lev:A 

Two independant reports of what may well be the same IFO.A 12 yr old boy at Bri^- 
house at 20.45 heard •voices' in his head and felt •compelled' to go to his room 
upstairs.Here he saw a bri^it white light Move north, (bing outside with binoculars 
he reported seeing a classic diso with dome and flashing coloured lights. The object 
hovered over Odsall stadium,was seen in distance by the boys grandfather and was 
then obscured by cloud.The investigator (Andy Roberts) vras not happy with the case 
but a coincidental TUFOS story from the same nigh* (reinvestigated by Andy later) 
seems to have resolved the matter. Two men out on a hill at Bolton, Bradford,at 20.55 
saw a light approach from the south, go into and emerge from cloud and then 'hover' 
and ’ jig^e* >although otherwise looking like aircraft lights.Two aircraft were seen 
by the men. TUFOS had ascertained from Leeds/Bradford that three aircraft were inbound 
at this time.The course matches a possible one onto Teadon and there is little re¬ 
ason to doubt the men saw the third plane.That said - there is also little reason 
to doubt the Brifhouse witnesses did too.The course fits perfectly,This is a fine 
example of how a twist of luck is needed to solve cases and how the same IPO can be 
perceived differently according to the quality and belief systems of the witness. 


MUFORA Case 8614 May 1986 Esh Village,Co Durham Level B SP 5-6 

Schoolboy JT (aged 16 ) wrote to advise of sightings by himself and his mother.We 
obtained accounts of these:0n 12 August 1985 at 23*45 (a clear ni^it) JT,his mum, 
and two adult brothers watched for an hour as dozens of little twinkling limits of 
multiple colours appeared on the ground or just above it to the SE.They did not 
move,except to jiggle about. They went to bed and left them. This was almost certainly 
an atmospheric haze effeot on ground lights causing ootioal distortions.The family 
are certainly UFO-philes and JT relates several dreams and tales of lights seea.His 
father saw an object that was olearly a fireball meteor in February 1986.JY has 
himself seen bri^it lights streaking across the sky whioh he cannot explain. But the 
most important event befell his mother,who is 43 and called Valerie.He obtained her 

woken by her dog at 05.15*It was very unsettled, 
and she had to go downstairs to settle the antral. On 
arrival back in bed a red glow caught her eye 
in the SW through the window."I could not take 
in what I was seeing," Valerie says* "It was huge 
and seemed to be was the colour af 
a cigarette end (dome shaped) with portholes 
along the side of it.After watching it for 3-5 
mins it shot off at tremendous speed SE".She 
told JT,as she knew of his interest.In addition 
eyes and developed a sick headache that morning. 
This is by no means her only experience.In about 1984 she had a "dream" (which was vry 
lucid) in which she woke up to a humming sound and went downstairs to find out what 
it was.There were two loud bangs on the kitchen door and->degpite wishing not to,she 
was compelled to open it.There stood three figures,6 feet tall,wearing tight fitting 
silver suits with a belt,thick boots and a oollar.Their faces were white,they had 
long blond hair and huge eyes.Valerie then felt herself travelling upwards and 
with a bump "like when you go over something in a car and leave your stomach behind" 
she was on a matal bench in a room with skiding doors and control panels.There were 
two men • with her and a woman in a nigitie with grey,curly hair.Child like entities 
were stood by the panels.Then,with no oontinuity break,she was back in the kitchen 
feeling was 3a«*two hours having passed,and the electricity worked (it h a d 
not before).JT says "I bet if you found the woman with the grey,curly hair she 
would *ay it was just a dream as well." 

JT sent us several "UFO photos" during our investigation.These stemmed from his 
hobby and were really very good hoaxes using optical tricks (including a lovely 
moon and chimneys silhouette that looked like a landed Ufo w'itk occupants) .All of 
these he admitted to be fake up front. But one pioture he sent showed a light plane 
taken from his mothers bedroom. Beneath it was a classic disc like UFO. This,he swore, 
was real - although he had not seen the object when taking the picture. 

own account.On 1 larch 1986 she was 

Northern UFO News 


We obtained full details.There was no doubt the objeot was real.It showed all 
the correct light reflections and was two-thirds the size o?~the Cessna.However, 
we suspected the answer and Tony Marshall,the photo analyst at SSPR,studied the 
case and confirmed.The UFO is a bird frozen in flight- probably a seagull.In this 
case the witnesses puzzlement in quite understandable.The objeot looks very like 
a UFO. 

_All_in all this is a very strange set of anecdotes- some explicable,others not. 

MUFORA Case 8615 27 April 1986 Heywood,Lancs 23*00 Leval C SP 2-2 

A well knowo local UFO "spotter" ^aw his "n"th UFO and reported it as two orange 
LITS moving W to SE for about 90 seconds at a height of 40-50,000 feet.MUFORA weew 
satisfied the LITS could be anything - and aborted the case when he told us "I 
always know 5-10 seconds before these objects come into view that I'm about to 
encounter another one. I know for sure these craft are not man made. "Nobody ekse 
saw anything strange,despite local press accounts about this affair. 

WAPIT Case 86 l 6 19 September 1986 Pemberton,Lancs 21.00 Level C SP 4-5 

Three witnesses related to a WAPIT officer observed a series of four lights (three 
in a triangle and one leading) that were coloured green,red/gold and yellow.They 
moved southwards towards Manchester and were silent.At first they were dismissed as 
a plana but at no point displayed any flashing.No obvious explanation here. 


THE MARIO LETTERS.. .The further adventures of a CE 4 witness Jenny Randles 

I have thou^it long and hard before deciding to relate this tale.Recently Janet 
and Cal in Bord asked for my views on the matter,as they wished to discuss the case 
in their forthcoming book on modern British mysteries.I stopped them.Others have in 
recent years refered to the affair as a puxxling encounter.And I have,after much 
heart-searching, concluded that the facts have to be sey out so that you can make up 
your own mind. J mJ£L do my duty as a ufologist in possibly preventing a myth from 

The principle reason why I held back is because Mario Luisi,the witness,has on 
all occasions requested that I not discuss his tale publicly>due to the fact that 
he is trying to "sell" it to a book publishers.Also,certain aspects of his character 
make it a rather hazardous request to refuse.I dare not say more than that. Bit - as 
I have mentioned the case in two of my books-,it seems to me that I have little 
choice but to update the saga. I do not wish others, such as the fiords,to be fooled by 
thi£ into believing the case to be of prime importance.Although it may well be of murtst 
for rather different reasons to the ones most folk might imagine. 

The Pennine UFO Mystery (p.132-33) makes a very brief mention of the story,in 
the main because of its date (21 November 1980 - exactly a week prior to the most 
intriguing Alan Godfrey CE 4)*The reference is mild,simply describing the facts 
very briefly and pointing out that analysis Of alleged damage to a hand lantern had 
not substantiated that it was caused by any alien radiation beam. Instead - two 
independant analyses (one by the police and one by an eleotrical engineer) both 
agreed that a blow-torch was the most likely source of the warped metal damage.These 
are not mpeoulathmns but facbs,paid for at Harry H a rris*s own expense and made 
freely available to others. 

In my book UFO Reality I give a fuller account of Mario's claim that on a wet 
night in Bumeside,a village near Kendal,Cumbria, the unemployed man had met an 
objeot he took to be a cow-shed but which turned out to be a landed UFO of most 
unusual design. Two entities in dark,shiny suits then fired a beam of radiation 

at him and melted his lantern.The oase was publicised in the "News of the World" 

(from where MUFORA and Harry Harris - then an independant researcher - first heard 
of it).A very detailed 80 pp file was oompleted by the North Lanos UFO Investigation 
Group,but after determining their negative view on the oase they specifically asked 
me not to house it with the NUFON archives - whieh I have regrettably had to comply 
with and do understand their reasons. Bit I hope they might allow bona-fide workers 
to see the faots are what counts in this affair. 

Northern UK) News 


UFO Reality is fairly ambivalent about the case (as indeed were NLUFOIG).I 

truthfully oould prove was that the effects were 
caused by something like a blow-toroh.Presumably 
some alien weapon might emit a flame in this way 
•••The problem comes when one is forced to take 
sides,Whioh is easier to believe:that Mario had 
acoess to a blow-torch,damaged >$is own lantern 
and made up the attendant story,or that some alien 
force created the damage which looked like it was 
done by a how-torch?" This was used as a general 
point to introduce the difficulties we always face 
in dealing with physioal evidenoe fob purported UFO experiences,And I was very care 
- ful not to imply that Mario was a liar,This is a personal ohoioe everyone must 
make for themselves based on the full story. 

Nine months after his sighting Mario wrote to me with soul nCUiHe later clamed bViak on 
the day of my reply (12 August 1981) "in the evening - my wife,two friends of ours 
and myself went out,and on our return at about 10,30 pm my car suddenly stopped. 

About 10 feet in f rent cf the oar stood two people dressed in brighter silver suits 
and of course they wore helmets with dark ffnoked glass around the front.I told them 
all in the car not to panio and to stay where they were at all costs.The two people 
raised their arm,as I got out of the car.I slowly wefct to them and they lead me off." 

Over a period o f an hour he was "with aliens" but "I cannot tell you by letter 
what we discussed,but it does involve leaders of governments in the world of whom I 
am going to have to contact..... .1 really don’t know why all this is happening to me 
all of a sudden,as I am just an ordinary happy-go-lucky guy who always thought that 
people from outer space were little green men." 

Naturally I asked to speak to the three other witnesses for confirmation and 
in a letter (i Sept 1981) got told "they feel somewhat ’frightened* by their exp¬ 
erience and would prefer not to say anything".He then told me that communication 
should continue only with me and that Harry Harris (who by this time had joined 
MUFORA) should not be involved.He had informed Mario of the tests on the lantern, 
and although fchtdid not know I had seen them, Mono stopped answering his questions 
and Harry had (by talking to members of the man's family as a solicitor does by habit 
concluded the case to be a hoax. 

Maxio sent to me'symbols’on the side of the alien craft which he told me I must 
not publish. A1 thouthey are hardly more than a few squiggles in the first place. 

He also endeavoured to get me to arrange a meeting with Margaret Thatcher... some 
thing I explained I had very little likelihood of pulling off.It was clear to me 
that I oould not meet his requests for secret get togethers with presidents and 
ministers and I was now aware of the NLUFOIG report and Harry Harris's views,MUFORA 
had decided to di?op the matter.I also found from Tim Cbod that Mario was trying to 
persuade him to do exaotly the sane thing - although both of us were being advised 
that we were the only person Mario trusted!Tim explained that he had planned to meet 
the witness tat he had wot showed.Instead Mario’s sister had arrived at the hotel 
and explained that her brother was not to be believed.Tim then lost interest in the 
oase, not surpr.snngl/. 

After a break of two years Mario then wrote to me in September 1983 explaining 
he had read The Pennine UFO Mystery (bat not UFO Reality).Despite the utterly inn¬ 
ocuous mention of his first experience in ’Pennine’^ Mario told me "I am seeing my 
solicitor over this matter to see if anything can be done." He then told me to talk 
to Harry Harris,beoause he would advise that "I did have a second encounter one 
year after my first time.,.I have all the prnof I need.In 1@80 I was put under and 
was satisfaotory".He had evidently quite forgotbnthat he had exchanged letters with 
me about his 1981 encounter,whioh my letter to him hod supposedly been o trigger fori 

Mario added £hat during the second enoounter the aliens had given him something 
"of which no one will ever get their hands on.I can go to these people anytime.I 
have seen them often sinoe.No one will ever probably know as muoh as I do. "Modesty 
apart,he then demanded I "rearrange the paragraph about me to the truth^with an 
apolo^ from you".That was easy.The paragraph already told the truthi 

Northern UFO News 


After I e xplained all this to Mario I heard nothing further until February 
1985 when he wrote to advise that all his previous story after the November 1980 
landing "was made up.Why I made it up was because I wanted to see what your react 
-ion would be...I did a similar thing to a man called Timothy Cbod (who) was coming 
to see me. I got my sister to tell him it was all a fake. ..for reasons of my own." 

Bat now - he said - he was about to tell ue "the trutlilThe aliens had visited him 
so often he had been allowed to take dozens of close up photon of them and their UFO. 
"clear ones...showing their faoes".They also explained that they are in close 
contact with earth governments and have "exterminators on earth" to kill off anyone 
who gets too close."This is all done by the SAS" ? Mocoreported. He did not want to 
talk in detail (all his material was locked away by his solicitor) but "for a very 
small price" he would give me everything to use as I wished, 

I suggested meetings to view the data,or one picture on a week’.s loan with a 
written guarantee not to copy it.After endless letters and telling ma he had net with 
his solicitor I got one photograph for three days.It was pathetio.What looked to be 
a toy soldier stuck in a lump of plasticene at an odd angle was out of had 
been clearly so dose to the camera atop p. stone wall (also out of focus) - although 
the background scenery was sharD and precise .I wrote to tell him I was not convinced 
and he tried to justify why the photo looked as it did,then added that he had faked 
one photoy’which I have no doubt made me look silly"-However,the one he *nt me was 
real.The fake had been made because he wanted to show it Tim Cbod and get rid of him. 
This trick had apparently worked. 

Margaret Fry tells me she has met Mario and his dau^iter-Whilst it is evident he 
is a rogue and seems to be making things up,both his daughter and Margaret believe 
his November 1980 CE 4 claim.Whether you do nusfcl* your own conscience.At least 
you have the story as I have it to decide for your^. 


THE CRACOE FELL CASE Nigel Mortimer reports 

As I went to press I note that in the Jul/Aug 1986 
issue of QUEST, YUFOS make a cryptic point about their 
next issue containing some destructive evidence on a 
certain BUFORA investigator.I was aware what this wts 
about (not from YUFOS I hasten to add) - but prefer, 
wisely I think,not to comment until the article has 
appeared.However,Nigel Mortimer wishes me to make a 
few points here for YUFOS members,before they read the QUEST artiole.I think that 
is reasonable.Na doubt the debate will continue in months to oome. 

Readers will doubtless know about the Cracoe Fell,North Yorkshire, photo graphs, 
first publicised by YUFOS in August 1983 (in national newspaper stories).A bright 
series of blobs were filmed by an off duty police man against a sheer cliff face 
in an area of- high UFO activity.YUFOS have had them analysed (by Bill Spaulding in 
the USA and Klaus Webner in Cfeimany) and frequently show them at lectures and talk 
of their importance in their magazine. 

However,as NUN 104 explains^Nigel immediately followed up one press story YUFOS 
do not seem to refer to.This appeared in the Craven Herald and tells of a looal 
farmer who lived near the police officer who took the pictures,He knew that the blobs 
of light (stationary for bO minutes and never seen to ’arrive* or 'Fly *) were a 
reflection of light from the cliff face.He had seen it before.NUN explained that the 
case would be monitored,YUFOS given chance f to establish their data and Nigel would 
observe the matter for BUFORA and NTJFON.He has now decided it is time to publish 
his side of the story.However,it would appear, YUFOS denied him a oopy of their oase 
report (being freely offered for sale via their magazine) .Fsllowing this refusal,in 
order to access their full data,Nigel obtained a copy by asking a member of the 
public to apply for it,They were sent it without hesitation! YUFOS appeat to regard 
this as deception,but I am sure others might consider that a rather strange word 
to describe Nigel’s actions. The denial of Hie. Teport »n tbe Firsr place, also requires explanation. 

Nigel Mortimer and the West Yorkshire UFO Research &*oup have many points to make 
about this case,which need to be heard and they certainly a have a right to air them. 
Any important case is subject to independant evaluation - and should be.Nigel wishe g 

Northern UFO News 


to inform all YUFOS members,in case they are told otherwise,that all he wants to 
do is:- (l) exercise that right to comment on a case,using open-minded fair judge¬ 
ment of the facts.H e welcomes any help on this from YUP0g...(2) He accuses nobody 
of making false statements,lying,or attempting a hoax.,. ( 3 ) H e will respond to an£ 
serious comment about the facts of the case but will ignore any personal references 
to himself or WYUFORG, such letters being sent back to their author. ..( 4 ) He and 
WYUFORG are ready to discuss in the open at any time the facts of this case with 
any or all YUPOS members and suggests that members try to persuade their administr¬ 
ation, as YUFOS have allegedly so far refused WYUFORGs offer in this regard, 

I am sure there will be more on this in the next issue and I endorse Nigel* 3 
view that this is not a slanging match between groupsdt is anhonest and quite 
reasonable debate about the facts behind a case, claimed by YUFOS to be of prime 
importance.The way to debate such a matter is not to promise destructive attacks on 
investigators or groups for trying to re solve a sighting. Re solving sightings is the 
primary function of any investigator,as far as I an conccm&t 

f' * A L 

:: BBC Manchester listeners who want to know why all the dates of my FACT OR FICTION? 
radio series were not as reported last issue should ask John McManus at the BBC (PO 
Box 90 Oxford Rd Manchester M60 1SJ).I have no idea why the first pro gramme,on 
UFOs,was transnitted one week earlier than scheduled,or why the order of programmes 
5 and 6 was jumbled. The details as I gave you were the ones agreed and formalised 
between the BBC andl and distrubuted in several press releases.All those taking part 
in the series were told the same dat.cs.However,it is known that information was given 
£o the Radio Times before I confirmed final details for last issues copy and it is 
hard to escape the thou^tthat I was deliberatelv misinformed.I spent four months 
full-time on the series,at great personal expense,and the BBC never even bothered to 
tell me. the dates had been changedl But for someone showing ne the Radio Times an 
hour or so before transnission I would have missed the UFO programme myselfi 1 pass 
no comment .There is quite a story behind that UFO pro gramme,which one day I 

might be ric* enough to risk tel ling. I should have known it was too good to be true 
to axpect eoMplete ptcdon to make a programme about UFOs for the BBC. Still - if you did 
hear it - your views would be appreciated.And the offer far transmission on any other 
BBC local radio station still stands. Cfet your head of programming vo contact BBC 
Radio Manchester.You never know.They might get somewhere,even though I have given up. 

CALENDAR LB^ London Business School,near Baker St Tube, London 

*£P = North London Polytechnic, Huddle stone Rd,near Tufnell Park Tube 

Nov 1 TP ASSAP "Psychic Quest" conference 10 am - 8 pm.. . all those involved in 
the Alien Contact/Qreen Stone/Eye of Fire saga together in one place. 

LBS BUPORA NIC meeting 2pm (all investigators/groups welcome) 

Lecture 6 .30 pm by Maurice Crosse on "The Enfield Poltergeist" 

Nov 29 At the University of Manchester,Catholic Chaplaincy, St Peters House 1.30 pra 
(Dowb Oxford Rd from Oxford Rd,city centre station).EUFORA investigations 
training day on interviewing.I believe Marion Sunderland Hill be there. 
Details from MUTORA address (see below) 

Coming LBS lectures Dec 6 (Buddhist Co snology),Jan 3 (Paul Devereux on earthlights) 




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