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Full text of "Monroe MSB125: Various improvements to KAS, KAA, C and E models"

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A New style 1001 spring 
attached to studs on 
12-52 and 12-54. 

B New style lock for clear- 
out mechanism C & E models, 
superseding that shown in 
Machine Service Bulletin 

# 112 . 

C New style friction mecha- 
nism for drum 9-5 superse- 
ding that shown in Machine 
Service Bulletin #112. 

D Improved hammer spring 
9-25£ replaces 986. 

DATE: January 15, 1932 


A New style spring 1001 is now attached to studs on assemblies 
12-52 and 12-54, in all KAS, EAA, C & E models to improve the 
spring action. This change can be made to machines in the 
field by removing old style spring 1001 together with spacing 
rod 1281, and assemblies 12-52 and 12-54. 

Scrap old style 1001 and 1281. Rivet carefully and securely 
to the inner faces of 12-52 and 12-54 spring stud 1277^ in the 
holes previously used for the purpose of attaching old style 
spring 1001. 

Reassemble 12-52 and 12-54. Assemble new style spacing rod 
1281x1 into new style spring 1001 and attach spring to studs 
1277£. This installation will not change the adjustment of 
the carriage shift as explained on plate #21 of Machine Service 
Bulletin #40. 

B This change includes an improved part 921^x1 shown as 92l£ in 
Machine Service Bulletin #112, which is assembled to the 921x1 
designated as 9-34 with a new style 1171x1 shown as 1171 and is 
secured in place -with screw 3003 and lock washer 69 with lock 
nut 2077. 

To install this mechanism remove the old style lock 9-34 as 
outlined in Machine Service Bulletin #112 (return same to the 
factory). Assemble the new style lock before attaching it to 
the 'motor bracket 9-90. Place blank 924^-xl on top of 921x1 
with undercut of blank to control the cross over lever for 
lower dials 9-12x1. Insert the new style eccentric adjustment 
stud 1171x1 into hols of blank 921ixl. Insert screw 3003 and 
secure with lock washer #69 and lock nut 2077 under shelf of 
blank 921x1 temporarily. 

. Assemble and adjust the new style lock mechanism as explained 
and illustrated in Machine Service Bulletin #112, using 953£ 
screw in place of 947. The purpose of a longer screw (953^-) 
is to control the clearout lever from sliding off the drum. 
Tighten screw 3003 securely and lock with nut 2077 without 
changing the adjustment of 92l£xl. 

MOTE: It is important that the new style clearing lock 92l£xl 

be properly adjusted to obtain satisfactory results of the 
clearout mechanism. 

C A change has been made to improve the friction which is ap- 
plied on drum 9-5 for lock for the clearout mechanism. 

To install the improved material, remove motor bracket 9-90 
and its plate 1520. Remove old style friction unit with 
shaft 1552 and scrap nuts 945, spring 1585, collar 1536 1/8, 
fibre washer 920 and shaft 946. 

Assemble new style friction unit as follows: Assemble 1536x1 

on shoulder of shaft 946x1 shown as 946, Machine Service Bul- 
letin #112. Assemble fibre washer 920x1 designated as 920 
against face of gear 1536x1. Assemble 1552^ into drum 9-5. 
Assemble this unit on shaft 946x1 with 1552$ against 920x1. 

MOTE: 9-5 must be assembled in the position shown in Machine 

Service Bulletin #112A and the corners of the slot designated 
as A. must be broken, top and bottom, before assembling to 


Assemble one collar 945x1 shown as 945, on shaft 946x1 with 
its large diameter against drum 9-5. 

Assemble new style spring 1585 on shaft 946x1. Assemble an- 
other collar 945x1 on shaft 946x1 with its small diameter lo- 
cated in hole of spring 1585. Insert retaining ring 85 in 
groove on shaft and clamp it in place. 

Assemble gear 1536^ on hub of the right hand end of 946x1. 
Insert unit into bracket 775C. Reassmble plate 1520. Reassem- 
ble motor bracket 9-90 to machine. To test the functioning 
of this mechanism consult Machine Service Bulletin #112. 

MOTE: These improved parts have been installed in all ma- 

chines recently manufactured; therefore, check present mecha- 
nism carefully before dismantling. 

D To improve the action of 9-24 hammer and hammer link, the pre- 
sent 986 hammer spring ha3 been replaced with a new style 
spring and connections 9-25$. (See figure 5, plate #10, Ma- 
chine Service Bulletin #108). 

To installv^^S-i remove complete assembly 9-25 (plate 3), re- 
. move spring* 9$§ and stud 1163. Scribe a horizontal center line 

between hole from which the 1163 was removed and the hole in 
the right hand corner of the blank. Scribe a vertical line 
5/8” to left of center of right hand corner hole and center 
punch intersection and drill a hole with #35 drill and coun- 
tersink opposite side of hole. 

Assemble stud 1163 in this hole and rivet it securely in 
place. Assemble 9-25^ between studs 1162 and 1163. Re- 
assemble unit. 

HOTS: Before reassembling keyboard to base of machine, 

check all adjustments carefully. 

Any of the improved material referred to in this Bulletin 
may be requisitioned from Orange at no charge. 

3PMS : L J 

Mr. H. Hitchcos 
Toledo* Ohio