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Give US one week, and we’ll 
make you more productive 
than ever before. 




^Customize Safari 
^Increase AirPort Range 
^Automate Excel 


4 MacSkinz, Stylus Photo 900, Bravo Disc Publisher, Visual Thesaurus, 
BloodRayne, Unreal Tournament 2003, Leica D-Lux, Mercury Extreme G4, 
SimCity 4, Nisus Writer Express, Tropico Mucho Macho, and much more... 


You’re not paranoid — 
they are out to get you. 

We show you how to surf safe. 

S7.99US S9.99CAN 


' We show you how to add a blazing-fast hard drive to any ol’ Power Mac. ■ ^ I iPod past its prime? We’ve got the solution, oct 


Fast. Flexible. Infinitely 

(Just like our storage solutions.) 

Before you choose an IT provider for your next storage project, make sure 
they're able to give you every possible advantage. 

Look for a partner with a 21 -year record of fast project turnaround times. 

A team with a deep bullpen of certified network engineers and SAN architects, 
and a nationwide network of on-site integration partners. 

In order to keep costs low and ensure overnight access to mission-critical 
equipment, choose a company with at least a billion dollars In buying power. 

Before you choose an IT provider for your next storage project, make sure 
they have the same speed, flexibility, and Infinite scalability that you seek in 
your storage solution. Make sure they're MacConnection. 

• Disaster recovery strategies 

• DAS, NAS, and SAN solutions 

• Certified SAN architects 

• Certified network engineers and specialists 

• Advanced pre- and post-sales technical support 

• State-of-the-art, in-house storage lab 

• On-site installation and integration 

Everything Overnight"^ Order till 2:00am ET (On in-stock items.) 




Seagate \ 





Sfia^ppliance ) 

© 2003 PC Connection. All rights reserved. MacConnection is a trademark of PC Connection, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Ali other trademarks remain the property of their respective companies. 

FHEE* S12IVIB Upgrade 

FREE* 1GB Upgrade 

FREE* 1GB Upgrade 



Dual 2GHz 

• 800MHz frontside bus 
•512KL2 cache 

• 256MB DDR333 128-bit 
SDRAM (exp. to 8GB) 

• 80GB Serial ATA HD 

• NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra 
64MB DDR video memory 

#451224 *1994* 

• 900MHz frontside bus 

• 512K L2 cache 

• 512MB DDR400 128-bit 
SDRAM (exp. to 8GB) 

• 160GB Serial ATA HD 

• NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra 
64MB DDR video memory 

#451225 *2394* 

• 1GHz frontside bus per processor 

• 51 2K L2 cache/processor 

• 512MB DDR400 128-bit 
SDRAM (exp. to 8GB) 

• 160GB Serial ATA HD 

• ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 
64MB DDR video memory 

#451226 *2994* 

* After mail-in rebate. $29.95 install fee applies. 

• 1 00,000 IT products • Custom systems and servers • Overnight delivery 

800 ^ 998-0031 



Face offwiUi Sabretooth, “ 
Wendigo, "" JuggemauT 

Use your heightened mutant 
senses to detect heat when 
tracking enemies. 

Unsheathe your razor-sharp 
daws and unieash lethal A 
combo attacks. ^ 





%7 Pictu mEle rnerits: © 200^ 2Qtti OentuJ^ Fox Filni Corporation. All nglats res^erved. MARVEL, X-MER, Wotverioo and all MarvoE oliaraot&rs and tho distiootiva likenesses thereof are trademarks of Marvel 
Characters. used with permission. Copyright© 20D3. All rights reserved, www.marvet.coin. Game code © 2003 Activision. 1nc. and its aftitiates. Pudlished and distrihoted iy Activision Puhlishing. Inc. 

Aclivision is;aj^ltered trademark of Activision. Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. The ratings Scon is a registered trademark of the Interactive Digitaf Software Association. The Aspyr logo is a trademark 
of Aspyr^Medtafim:. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Cioni>puter, tno.. registered in the U.S. and ether countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. 


a better machine* a better magazine* 

18 Mac Software 

Fight! It's QuarkXPress versus Adobe InDesign* Macromedia 

Dreamweaver MX versus Adobe GoLive, Apple Keynote versus 
Microsoft PowerPoint* And much more* The top Mac products 

go mano a mano— see which ones survive and which go down 
forthe count* bytheAfffcArf(^/a staff and contributors m 


Seven Days 
to an Organized Mac 

If WU "been negle^ing your Mac. it’s time to give it some love, 
your productivity-back into shape- by Cathy Lu 

40 Protect Yourself 
from Online Scams 

Even seemingly invincible Mac users can get hacked, scammed, 
and taken for a ride. We've got some quick tips for how to protect 
yourself online, by Narasu Rebbapragada 


64 Ask Us 

This month we tackle howto improve 
iChat AV chats, rebuild corrupt iPhoto 
libraries, and build a Web site easily 
and cheaply in Mac OS X. 

66 Customize Safari 

just because Apple doesn't provide 
any direct way to alter Safari's facade 
doesn't mean it can't be done, 
by Kris Fong 

70 Increase Your 
TiBook’s AirPort Range 

Titanium was the design hook of the 
15-inch PowerBooks— who’d a thunk it'd 
be such a radio-frequency squelcher? 
Luckily, there are ways to eke out more 
AirPort range, by Emory Christensen 

74 Add Automated 
Functions to Excel Sheets 

While we can’t make spreadsheets 
any more exciting, we can speed 
things up by embedding automation 
into an Excel worksheet. 

by Kris Fong and Helen Bradley 


^ a better machtne. a better fnagazine. 

every month 

08 Editors’ Page 

Some call it paranoia. Some call it enlightened self-interest. 

10 Get Info 

Musicians take their Macs out of the studio and onto the stage. 
Check out the new Handspring phone-PDA, a set of stylish 5.1 
speakers, and designer duds foryour iPod. Plus, the world of 
WarCraft goes online. 

43 Reviews 

50 Allegro FW800 FireWire 800 PCI card 

58 Astra FS1 80 film scanner 

54 BloodBayne third -person action game 
53 Bravo Disc Publisher disc publishing system 
50 Cobra FireWire 800/USBH HD FireWire 800 hard drive 
61 DLO Action Jacket iPod case 
60 Expert Mouse optical trackball 

59 Ice Creme acrylic polish and scratch remover 

50 LaCie FireWire 800 PCI Card FireWire 800 PCI card 

60 lapTopDesk laptop stand 

46 LeicaD-Lux 3.2-megapixel digital camera 

61 MacSkinz iBook cover 

58 Mercury Extreme 04 G4 processor upgrade 

50 Mercury FireWire 800 PCI FireWire 800 PCI card 

47 Nisus Writer Express word-processing software 
50 Drangelink FireWire 800/1394b PCI Card 

FireWire 800 PCI card 
60 PocketMouse SE travel mouse 
57 SimCity 4 civilization-building sim game 

48 Studio TVR D\/ converter and TV recorder! player 
52 Stylus Photo 900 inkjet photo and disc printer 
56 Tropico Mucho Macho civilization-building 

strategy game 

44 Unreal Tournament 2003 first-person shooter 

59 Visual Thesaurus thesaurus software 

62 The Hot List 

If the editors of /WacAdd/cf went shopping, 




If you have an AirPort 

Base Station, position 

it horizontally; it doesn’t 

radiate as well If you mount It 

vertically on a wall. From “How to Increase 

Your TiBook’s AirPort Range,” p70 


When adding Forms 
tools to an Excel 
worksheet, align them 
with the cell they’ll affect 
so you can keep better track of 
which tool influences what. From 
“How to Add Automated Functions 
to Excel Sheets,” p74 


To convert an ITunes Music Store AAC file to 
MP3, first burn the AAC to CD, then rip it into 
the MP3 format. From Ask Us, p64 


You can import existing Sims characters into 
SimCity 4 — including your pets from The 
Sims Unleashed. From Reviews, p57 


The Mucho Macho edition of Tropico is more 
than just an add-on to the original game — 
it’s the full game plus expansion packs, iViva 
la bargain! 

From Reviews, 

94 Log Out 

94 Letters 

News Flashes: The Hulk isn’t so 
mean, Steve Jobs didn’t email us, 

Bill Gates didn’t hijack Apple, and 
Storm Troopers make a lovely compote. 

95 Contest 

Win Digidesign’s all-in-one portable 
music studio, the Mbox, along with 
the latest CD from Dj Richie Hawtin 
(aka Plastikman). 

96 Shut Down 

To err may be human, but last month 
we almost committed the most 
embarrassing mistake in the history 
of MacAddict 

04 MacAfcllct October 2003 

Don't Get Burned Buying 
Memory Upgrades! 

Three Questions Other Memory Providers 
Hope You'll Never Ask... 

Were you awarded 
Computer Shopper's 
"Best Place to Buy RAM 
two years in a row? 

50,000 readers in 51 computer- 
related categories voted 
Crucial Computer Shopper's 
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"As the official factory outlet for Micron 
Technology's RAM-manufacturing 
facilities, (Crucial) offers near-wholesale 
pricing for a broad array of top-quality 
memory modules. . .you have to wonder 
why anyone would buy memory 
anywhere else." 

— Computer Shopper magazine 

Do you actually make 
the memory you sell? 

WARNING! Listen carefully to the answer 
when you ask this question. Other 
memory companies claim to manufacture 
memory, too. What they actually do is 
assemble the memory chips made by 
someone else into memory modules. Ask 
them this: Do you make the chips that go 
on your memory modules? The chips are 
the important part, after all. 

Crucial is the only memory upgrade 
supplier that's part of a major DRAM 
manufacturer, Micron. We actually make 
the chips that go on the modules. 

In fact, because the world's leading 

computer manufacturers use our 
memory, chances are good that the 
memory in your system right now came 
from Micron. Crucial brings this 
same high-quality memory 
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because you don't pay 
middleman mark-up fees. 

Do you offer easy 
access fo over 100,000 
upgrades for more than 
20,000 systems? 

Finding the right memory for your 
specific system can be confusing — 
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systems and so many different types 
of memory, you can't just buy a 
"128MB memory module" and be 
assured that it will work in your 

Using Crucial's award-winning 
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"/ no longer have to wait for my machine 
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I offer no hesitation in recommending the 
Crucial 512MB PCI 33 SODIMM upgrade . " 


Over 390 Apple upgrades.. 

✓ For over 150 Apple desktops, 
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✓ 100% compatibility guarantee 

✓ Free technical support 

✓ Limited lifetime warranty 

Factory-direct quality and savings! 
128MB SDRAM... As low as *22.99 
256MB SDRAM ... As low as *39.99 
512MB SDRAM ... As low as *73.99 



A Division of Micron 

The answers to all your Apple memory questions are just a click away! keycode: 3mad 

or call toll-free 1-888-363-2562 to talk to a memory advisor. 


I a 

*See Web site for details. 

Prices may vary according to specific system requirements. The price listed was valid on 8/6/03 when we sent this ad to the publisher; however, prices may have dramatically increased or decreased since then. Visit the FAQ 
section of to learn more about why memory prices go up and down. 

O 2003 Micron Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Crucial, Crucial Technology, the Crucial Technology logo, and The Memory Experts are trademarks/service marks of Micron Technology, Inc. in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. 
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Crucial Technology is not responsible for omissions or errors in typography or photography. 

the disc 

O n page 32 of this month’s issue, we tell 
you how to organize your Mac, and on 
page 40, we show you how to protect 
yourself online; on the Disc, we give you apps 
that’ll help you get those things done. Plus, we 
give you a ton of design, audio, and graphics 
apps—and more. Ain’t we sweet? 

Express 3.5 


Want to step up 
from you ISP’s free 
Web-page maker, but 
don’t want to wrestle 
with Dreamweaver or 
Go Live? Try Freeway 



Detour 1.0.1 
launchTunes 1.0 
Wiretap 1.0 • 

WireTap 1.0 

From the good folks 
that brought you 
Snapz Pro comes 
a handy piece of 
freeware that lets 
your record any audio 
streaming from the 
Web to your Mac. 


Konfabulator 1.5 
REALbasIc 5.2 demo 
SHverCreator PPG 1.0.2 
SllverCreator X 1.0.2 


Germs 1.0 
TrIsection 1.0.1 

Unreal Tournament 2003 demo 
Wolverine’s Revenge game trailer 


FontViewer 1.5.3 
* Freeway Express 3.5 trial 
GraphicConverter 4.8 
GraphicConverter X 4.8 
InDesign 2.0.1 tryout 

iPhoto Buddy 1.1.4 •• 

ThumbsUp 3.1 


ASM 2.1 b4 
DockExtender 3.0.5 
FruitMenu 3.1.1 
LaunchBar 3.2.11 

iPod Makeover 

Can a dedicated team 
of haute couture 
experts rehabilitate 
MacAddict’s most 
hard-core fashion 
criminal? With the 
help of the slickest 
iPod accessories on 
the planej, anything 
is possible. 

VtrtualDesktop 2.3.7 
WindowShade X S.Oppr 
XFolderSets 1.0 


ContentBarrier X demo 
Mail Forward 2.0 
MaxBulk Mailer X 2.8 
NetBarrier X demo 
Spamfire (OS 9) 1. 3.9.1 demo 
Spamfire (OS X) 1. 3.9.1 demo 
SpamSIeve 1.3.1 
VersaForward 3.0 trial 


BurnoutMenu 1.1.3 
Check Off 2.1.1 
Hydra 1.1.1 

Nisus Writer Express 1.0 demo 
Office V. X Test Drive 


Bad Cookiel X 1.6 
CiphSafe 1.2 
Vu 2.4.1 

DiskTracker 2.3 
DiskTracker (OS X) 2.3 
Extended Software Updater 2.0 
Fetch Art for ITunes 1.0.2 
Find Album Artwork with Google 
Impression 1,67 
Mac GPG 1.2.1r2 
MacScan Classic PB7 
MacScan Carbon PB7 
MacStumbler 0.75b 
Pastor 1.3.2 

Personal Backup X demo 
Serial Storage 2.7.1 
VirusBarrier X demo 


DriveSavers: Lost Data video promo 
IK Multimedia; Ampiitube Live 

REAL Software: REALbasIc 5.2 


If you don’t receive the Disc with your copy of MacAddict, you might want to consider upgrading. Each monthly 
disc contains cool demos, useful shareware and freeware, and the inimitable MacAddict Staff Video. To get 12 
issues of MacAddict that include this value-packed disc with your subscription (prorated if necessary) for just $1 
more per issue, call 888-771-6222— the operator will take care of everything. 


PUBLISHER Chris Coelho 
EDITOR IN CHIEF Rik Myslewski 



SENIOR EDITORS Narasu Rebbapragada (news), Kris Fong 
ASSOCIATE EDITOR Niko Coucouvanis (reviews) ^ 

WEB INTERN Nick Muerdter 

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS David Bledny, Joseph O. Holmes, 
Helmut Kobler, Frank O’Connor, Angus Paidean, tan Sammls, 
Deborah Shadovltz, Andrew Tokuda, Buz Zoller 


ART DIRECTOR Christopher Imlay 




Bernie Lanlgan, 212-768-2966 x4001 
Dave Lynn, 949-360-4443 

Nate Hunt, 415-656-8536 ^ 


Stacey Levy, 925-964-1205 


Ana Epstein, 415-656-8416 

AD COORDINATOR Jose Urrutia, 415-656-8313 




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Brisbane, CA 94005 


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VP/CFO Tom Valentino 

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International editions of our magazines are also published in 28 other countries 
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Tel +44 t22S 442244 • 
Mama With Passion 

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mcdcustserv@cdsfuififlment.eOm or call 
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Volume 8, Issue 10 

MacAddict (ISSN 1088-548X) is published monthly by Future Network 
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Future Network USA is not affiliated with the companies or products 
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06 MacAddict October 2003 

' Corporptioii 20Q3. Majctar is fi regfstered h^demartt and Majctur OneTciwh and dri’i'fts voLUtfsiradeiTiEirks Of Maxtor Corpofatiqn, All other trademarks are ' 
ty of their respecUve owners. GB uneanB 1 hillioai bytes. Total accessfhle capaolly varies depehtfiflS'iRl^eralfns environment. Maxtor OneToucih is an appropriate 
your ovoroil data proEa:tiDn ptan. 








What drives you.”" 

Available at CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, MicroCenter, BestBuy, J&R Computerworld 
and online at, and 



a note from the kernel 

<{ V ft »v- * f’ ’sr^h fr H. >r 

Paranoia Strikes Deep , STAFF RANTS 

Our editor isn’t related to Ted Kaczynski — but 
sometinnes he envies his lif mountain cabin. 

MacAddicfs art director, Chris Imlay, thinks Tm a 
raving lunatic. I think he’s a starry-eyed naYf. 

Our dispute centers around the fact that I refuse to 
join my local supermarket’s “club card” system— you 
know, the scheme in which you trade personal 
information such as your telephone number and 
address for a store-specific card that gives you 
a discount on your next purchase of Chips Ahoy 
Peanut Butter CremeWiches. Chris doesn’t mind that 
the store uses these cards to gather information on 
his buying habits. I do. 

Call me paranoid— you won’t be the first— but I 
believe the less information about me that’s cycling through databases owned 
by industries, insurance companies, orthe government, the better. And if that 
means I won’t get 30 cents off my next purchase of Heinz Zesty Garlic Ketchup 
Kick’rs, so be it. 

I read recently that some poor schlub was denied insurance because his club 
card showed that he has a somewhat excessive fondness for distilled spirits. 
Will Aetna drop me when they discover I invest in the occasional bottle of E&j 
V.S.O.P. Brandy? Might the telemarketing industry interrupt even more of my 
dinner hours when my bank tells them that my credit rating is triple-A plus? 

And on a far more disturbing level, will John Ashcroft add me to his watch list 
because my neighborhood library reveals my fondness for the leftie musings 
of Noam Chomsky? 

Personally, I’d rather not find out. Better safe than sorry, I say. 

So I’m doing my best to stay off the info grid— but I know I’m fighting a losing 
battle. Think about all the varieties of digital information one’s life produces: 
tax records, credit-card purchases, TiVo usage, cell-phone based location data, 
electronic toll-paying comings and goings— the list is endless. In most cases, 
of course, there’s no sinister intent behind such data collection— I’m not that 
paranoid— but in the not-too-distant future when all these databases link up, 
someone will always know where you are, where you’ve been, whom you’ve 
been talking to, what you’ve been reading, what you just bought, and whether 
that nagging herpes infection is flaring up again. 

Personally, I’d rather keep such information to myself. Turn to page 40, and 
we’ll help you do so too. 


comingsoon : november2003 

Our editors fill you in on what they’re preparing for the next issue of MacAddict. 

Q: Stores, banks, insurance companies, 
the government— which do you mistrust most? 

Narasu Rebbapragada scaredy editor 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 
Insurance companies. After all, how can you 
trust an entity that makes its living on fear 
i ity? 

Niko Coucouvanis closet metrosexual 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 
Being a sensitive, in-touch-with-my-soft-side 
guy in this cold, insensitive world, I distrust 
everyone equally. 

Kris Fong private snoop 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 

The government. Who else do you think 
ultimately influences the merchandise in stores, 
money in banks, and bad toupees at insurance companies? 

Cathy Lu highly deductible 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 
Insurance companies — although I have to 
admit their customer service is superior to 
what you get at the DMV or even Nordstrom’s 
shoe department. 

Jenifer Morgan miss understanding 
Stores, banks, Insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 
Banks. Where the wild thyme grows. Horribly 
allergic to the stuff. Oh, and stores. Of 
ammunition. One match, and kaboom! 

Chris Imlay happy camper 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 

I fully trust in the benevolence of all major 
decision-making entities in our society, 
thus disregarding the entirety of human history. Ignorance 
is bliss! 

Peter Marshutz informed paranoiac 
Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 

The government — of course — since it has a 
history of ignoring that little ol’ thing called the Bill 
of Rights to accommodate its political agenda. 


Max open book 

r I ^ I Stores, banks, insurance companies, the 
government — which do you mistrust most? 
Since I lead a pure and blameless 2D life, I have 
nothing to hide and no one to fear — that is, no 
one outside Redmond, Washington. 

FEATURES: Automation 
If my Mac Is so smart, why do I 
end up doing all the work? It turns 
out it just needs some training, so 
next month we’ll show you how 
to tell your Mac to take care of 
business — automatically. We’ll 
also show you howto set up the 
ideal home office, and give you 
a sneak peek at the blockbuster 
game Halo.— Cafhy Lu 

HOW-TOS: The Spy Cam 
It’s funny watching my coworkers 
communicate via the iSight (with 
IChat AV) instead of just turning 
around to talk, but Chris Barylick 
showed me how to use it to spy 
on my pets while I’m at work— you 
can too. We’li also show you how 
to customize disc images and 
compile Unix apps . — Kris Fong 

REVIEWS: Lookin’ Good 

We’ve got pro artists playing with 
piug-ins for After Effects and 
Photoshop— and we’ll see how 
good their creations look through 
the first multimedia projector we’ve 
ever reviewed, Epson’s Powerllte 
SI, plus print up postcard-size 
images on Canon’s postcard- 
size CP 300 photo printer. 

— Niko Coucouvanis 

NEWS: HP’s Challenge 
Hewlett-Packard claims its new 
consumer lineup will rival Apple’s. 
We take a closer look. We’ll also 
tel! you all about the differences 
between ail those media cards, 
and how to sync files using the 
Terminal. Oh, and we tracked 
down a spam -free mall service. 
Seriously . — Narasu Rebbapragada 

08 MacAddict October 2003 

•CV«1.0IP1B SV 



Available Now for Macintosh 


NEVERWINTER NIGHTS ©2002 Atari Interactive, Inc, All rights reserved. Macintosh version manufactured and marketed by Destineer, Inc. under licence from Atari- Portions © 2002 
BioWare Corp. BioWare Aurora Engine copyright 1997-2002 BioWare Corp. All rights reserved. BioWare, the BioWare Aurora Engine, and the BioWare Logo are trademarks of BioWare Gorp. All rights 
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Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, InT;. and are used by Atari under license. All rights reserved. Destineer is a trademark and MacSoft is a registered trademark of Destineer, Inc. 



Electronica Bands Play Macs Onstage 

H undreds of sweaty club kids cheer in anticipation as 
progressive trance pioneer BT runs onstage, clutching 
his IGHz PowerBook G4 plastered with stickers the 
way a punk rocker’s guitar might be. He flips up the lid and puts 
his fingers on the keyboard, and the music starts. The kids 
scream with approval, fists raised, cell phones transmitting 
the moment. 

That’s the scene at the modern music fest, where 
Macs and iPods are taking center stage. Check out this 
enterprising group of electronica artists, who are showing 
the world that Macs are more than mere computers— 
they’re instruments,— A/arasu Rebbapragada 

us back is having the equipment to play. IWo iPods, 
all the time.”— DJ Richie Hawtin 


Apple 300B IPod ($499, 
:$tantoit Magnetic*$ Final Scratch 
($499 street, 

R evered DJ Richie Hawtin (http://, aka Plastikman, 
wowed crazed fans and confused 
shoppers when he showed up at Apple's 
New York City SOHO store to spin a 
two-hour set on two 30GB iPods fed 
into a two-channel mixer. 

Hawtin called the experience a 
little strange but very, very cool. “The 
iPod really comes down to using your 
thumbs,” he says, “clicking through 
and finding your tracks.” Djing using 
vinyl, on the other hand, is more of a 
finger exercise. 

Hawtin's iPods quickly cued up music, 
and the responsive pause and play 
buttons started and stopped songs on 
command. The iPod, however, needs 
two major features before it can become 
a mainstay in the Dj's arsenal: pitch 
control for beat-matching tracks, and 


“Simply Being Loved’’ 
(Somnambulist) by BT, 
“Soul Sloshing’’ by Venus 
Hum with music video, and 
“Whltellne’’ by DJ Anon 


sensitive scrubbing for finding 
just the right entry point in a 
song. With these tools, the iPod 
could liberate the Dj. “What 
holds us back is having the 
equipment to play,” Hawtin 
says. “Two iPods, 1 can carry 
all the time.” 

Hawtin is no stranger to 
digital DJing. For years he has 
been using Stanton Magnetics’ 

Final Scratch, a software- 
hardware combo that lets DJs 
hitch a laptop to their turntables 
and effectively spin and mix 
their digital tracks. Stanton 
Magnetics, partnered with 
Native Instruments, has recently 
released a Mac OS X version 
of Final Scratch (see Reviews, 

Sep/03, p50). 


Ableton Live ($399. 

Propellerhead Software Reason 

E lectronics composer and D] BT 
( began his set 
with a tricked-out version of Pink Floyd’s 
The Wall, Woven between the famed 
refrain “We don’t need no education” 
were loops from breakbeat artists 
Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes, some 
high-pass filtered 120KHz bass, some 
kick drum, and BT’s own bass track. 

Thanks to his TiBook running 
Ableton’s Live beat-sequencing software 
and Propellerhead’s Reason software 
synth, BT could put that mix together 
pretty much on the spot. “With this I’m 
remixing music live onstage,” he said. 

BT’s home-coded VST plug-in survived a sweaty live performance 
at a San Francisco Bay Area rock festival. 

VENUS HUM is part DJ, part garage band, and all PowerBook G4. The trio mixes guitar (played by Tony Miracle), vocals, and keyboards 
with loops sequenced in Abelton Live. 

“You can completely screw up— but 
that’s what makes it so exciting.” 

Also exciting was the debut of his 
hand-crafted, C-coded VST plug-in. 
Called the stutter edit, it circumvents 
hours of manual labor and instantly 
produces a brash, slamming breakdown. 


Ableton Live ($399iVvww:atW ’ 

eMagic Logic Audio ($699, 

Cycling 74 Pluggo ($199, www.cycllng74.cbm) 

V enus Hum ( 
bridges the gap between garage 
band and DJ, giving an organic warmth 
to synthesized beats. 

Two PowerBook G4s running Ableton 
Live are the electronic glue binding 
Annette Strean’s soulful voice (a 
cross between Julie Andrews’s and 
Bjork’s), Kip Kubin’s synths, and Tony 
Miracle’s guitar. 

At some shows Miracle uses nothing 
but his guitar and his Mac, trading in 
his amps and pedals for eMagic’s Logic 
and Cycling 74*s Pluggo suite of audio 
plug-ins. “I can get some crazy sounds 
that kind of sound like a guitar and kind 
of sound like a synth, but really sound 
like neither,” says Miracle. 

Miracle then passes off his music 
to Kubin, who mixes it with audio 
from his keyboards and G4 running 
Live— adding filters, delay, musical 
and percussive elements, and altered 
samples of Strean’s voice in a short, 
staccato twang. 

weary clubgoers with music, projections, and PowerBook 63s. 


Ableton Live ($399, www.ableton.comT 
U & I Software's Videodelic 

W hen 12,000 clubbers attending 
a San Francisco rave needed a 
break, they headed to Anna and Stacey’s 
chill room with its ambient mix of music, 
visual art, and Macs. 

Music and visual art can’t be 
separated, they say, and neither can the 
artists— particularly because they’re 
joined together by two respective 
PowerBook G3s with matching 
AudioSport Quattro USB interfaces. 

Sitko uses Ableton Live to mix and 
match tracks, which she then sends 
to Van Buskirk. Van Buskirk uses that 
music to drive the movement of her own 
abstract visuals, created in Photoshop 
and animated by U & 1 Software’s 
Videodelic software. 

October 2003 MacAddIct 11 

] 9 <1 get info 

] ^ the news of the month in bite-sfze chunks 


12;3Spm^^— — 


^ Camera 



Sexy Stuff We Can’t Wait to Get Our Mitts On 

Slick, Slim 
PDA Phone 

Cell phone-PDA hybrids have come a long 
way. Now in its second generation, the 
Treo 600 Smartphone ($399 estimate, gives you a Palm OS 
5 organizer inside a cell phone-size device. 
The Treo 600 includes a fast ARM processor, 
a built-in digital camera, built-in MMC and 
SD expansion slots, and a new Web browser. 
It should support both GSM- and CDMA- 
based services by the time you read this.— A//? 



Surround your Mac with the 
JBL Encounter 5.1 ($399.95, 
due out in November. This five- 
speaker, 200-watt subwoofer 
set has a volume control that 
literally goes up to 11. You’ll 
need a sound card like M- 
Audio’s Revolution 7.1 ($119.95, to enjoy the 
Encounter 5.1, but a 2.1 version 
will be available for $299.95 in 
December 2003— NR 

12 MacAddlct October 2003 


HP Adds More Gray to Photo Printer's Palette 



H ewlett-Packard leapfrogs Epson’s 
seven-color Stylus Photo 2200 
inkjet printer by introducing the eight- 
color Photosmart 7960 photo printer, 
due out in mid September. 

In addition to the standard six-color 
combo of cyan, light cyan, magenta, 
light magenta, yellow, and 
black inks, you get three 
more ink cartridges: 
two shades of gray 
and another black ink. 

(Yes, this totals nine 
cartridges, but HP isn’t 
counting the black twice.) 

This USB printer can 
also print directly from your 
camera’s CompactFlash, MMC, 

Secure Digital, SmartMedia, 

Sony Memory Stick, and xD 
cards with the aid of its 2.5-inch 

LCD. Unlike the Epson 2200, the HP 
7960 can’t print on wide-format media, 
but it will print 

borderless on 
Price: $299 . ^ r u 

Available: September 2003 oo-oy-ll- 

Compariy: Hewlett-Packard inch paper~/V/? 

HP’s new eight-color photo printer gives you extra 
gray and black inks for richer black-and-white prints. 

“Hypnotically encased iMacs trick 
unsuspecting computer users into 
accepting Darwinism.” 





Rogue Amoeba 

I $12 

D etour is the smart way to control 
the cacophony of sounds running 
around your Mac, allowing you to 
route audio from any application to 
any output You can blast your MP3s 
through your stereo system, while 
playing your system alerts discreetly 
through your Mac’s built-in speakers. 
Even without multiple audio outputs, 
you can still set the volume of individual 
apps, so your iChat alerts won’t jolt 
you out of your chair 
when you’re quietly 
playing Mozart’s C 
Minor String Quintet in 



^ 0 ^ Co; 

StWwAB Duptays Sdum) Nttwotk fia^^k Softwan Updan 


Unrc9>ittrt<> ■ After 20 ittinutti <ftere will be noiM «dd(d to your audio 

g) JJOVOUaver 
tl8 0iChat 
s; g|tMevi« ' 
g ^rruntt 

g ^Loglc ntiittum S.S.0 
g| t^MnA^CkKk2.2 
g QQukkTIme Phyet 

Default Output Device: f PO-324 

System Alcm Output Device: fiuDMn audio cwroCer IP| 

Detour is an audio traffic controller for 
your Mac. 

iTunes. Detour requires Mac OS 10.2 or 
later— Andrew Tokuda 

This summer, the Dutch Consumer 
Association urged consumers 
to boycott Epson inkjet printers, 
claiming that because Epson’s ink 
cartridges disable printing before 
the cartridge is completely empty, 
Epson was charging consumers for 
ink they couldn’t use. 

False alarm. Epson responded 
with a Dutch media blitz to 
explain that although its printers 
do stop printing when ink 
reserves are low, the shutdown 
is intentional, and is designed 
to prevent harmful air bubbles 
from entering the ink-delivery 
system and causing damage 
to the permanent printhead. 

The Dutch group immediately 
cancelled the boycott. 


Apple wants your copy of 
Premiere. If you send in the install 
CD of Adobe’s video-editing 
application, Apple will give you 
a brand-new copy of Final Cut 
Express. The offer is good until 
September 20, 2003. 

The announcement came 
shortly after Adobe announced it 
would discontinue development of 
Premiere forthe Mac. Adobe also 
just announced a new Mac version 
of its After Effects compositing 
app ($699., due 
out this August. 


Microsoft ( 
/mac) began offering Exchange 
support this August for its 
Entourage X email and PIM 
app. The Exchange messaging 
communications server lets 
Entourage users communicate with 
their Outlook-using PC brethren 
for group emailing, messaging, 
and calendaring— giving them the 
privilege of checking coworkers’ 
calendars and scheduling 
meetings in their spare time. 

October 2003 MacAddlct 13 


for Your Music 

C arrying your iPod in your ! 
crumb- encrusted pocket is 
like wrapping a supermodei 
in burlap. Check out these duds 
worthy of your prized player.— W/? 
From the pnine purveyors of 
casual chic, these red and 
black calfskin cases comes 
with an 8.5'inch strap for those 
who don't go anywhere without 
a purse. (Yes, it works as a 
man -purse tooj 

Tlmbuk2, the brand behind f 
the bike-messenger bag crazed 
designed this water-resistant . 
nylon case to attach to a 
shoulder strap or belt. It 
comes in black, blue^; 
silver, and red. mi 

get INFO 

the news of the month in bite-size chunks 

iTimbItk2 rPod/PDA Case 

Available in classic black ^ 
leather, faux Burberry, 
camouflage, and more, these 
cases are made only for older 
iPods that have FireWire ports 
on top. Not all styles are always 
immediately available. 

WWW, 5 peckpr 0 

This form-fitting, rubberized, 
translucent-plastic sheath 
makes it look tike you wrapped 
your iPod in a fruit roll. 

XtremeMac Xtra iPod Casi 

FeUddade Groove BagTrpljp 
Speaker Purse p $144.95 
Call It the ghetto blaster for the 
new millennium or the purse 
that Agent 99 wishes she had. 
Either way, this pleather bag 
comes with built-in speakers 
that hook into the iPod’s 
headphone port. 

Burton AMP jac^t $499 
Steve Jobs showed this off at 
the January 2003 Expo keynote 
address. Just put your iPod in 
the chest pocket of this black 
Goretex jacket and use the 
soft control pad on the arm to 
navigate your tunes. 


Blizzard Announces Its 

B ased on the wildly popular 
WarCraft series, Blizzard’s first 
massively multiplayer online role- 
playing game, World of WarCraft, is 
on its way. Explore Azeroth in the 

familiar lands 
of Westfall, 
Duskwood, and 
Dun Moroogh 
four years 
after events 

r. : r I 

.World of WarCraft 

1 Prtce 

TBA 1 

r: ^ ■ 

1 Available 

End Of 2003 

Blizzard Entertainment 

The WarCraft world goes online. 

in WarCraft IN, as you play a Human, 
Dwarf, Ore, Tauren (Minotaur), or 
Nightelf. With a rich story line, flexible 
rewards system, and cool monsters. 
World of WarCraft will be an endless 
source of fun for both hard-core and 
casual players.— /Waff Osborn 


Be a World War I Ace 

D awn of Aces III from i Entertainment 
is the next installment in the Total 
Sims series of WWI and WWII massively 
multiplayer online 
war games, just as 
in Dawn of Aces li, 
you dogfight over 
true-to-life terrain 
in WWI biplanes 
made of wood, 

Dawn of Aces HI 


$14.95 per 
month for 
online play 


Now (open 

L j 

Dogfight WWI-style online in Dawn of 

wire, and fabric with seven new airplanes 
and enhancements. You can play Dawn 
of Aces Hi offline forfree.— /WO 


X-Men-Style Adamantium 
and Attitude 

O n the heels of the blockbuster hit 
X2, Aspyr brings you Wolverine’s 
Revenge, in this six-level-deep 
action-adventure title, Wolverine-the 
rebellious X-Man with the indestructible 
skeleton— has 48 
hours to return to 
Alkali Lake and 
save himself from 
the deadly X-Virus 
that infects him. 

With arcade- 
style flips, blocks, 
and combos at his 
disposal, Wolverine 
also relies on his 
mutant accelerated 
healing and senses 
to battle popular 
X-Men characters. 

Mark Hamill (of 
Corvette Summer, 

Batman: Mask 

of the Phantasm, and a moderately 
successful cult series called Star Wars) 
stars as the voice of Wolverine, and 

Patrick “jean- 

The X-Men*s Wolverine Is 
back to avenge his past. 

Wolverine’s Revenge 








tom . i. 

Luc” Stewart 
his role as 
Xavier,— /WO 


New 3D Real-Time Strategy Game 

f you’ve played through WarCraft ill 
and Myth Hi real-time strategy war 
games, check out Feral Interactive’s 
Warrior Kings, starring Artos— a 

dashing young 
man who aims 
to avenge 
his father, 
an unjustly 

Warrior Kings 




Feral Interactive 

August 2003 

executed duke, and 
take back his lands. 
Choose between a 
Pagan (demons), 
Imperial (church), or 
Renaissance (science) 
army to seize castles 
and wage war. Force 
your peasants to gather 

Warrior Kings has stunning graphics 
and full-screen antialiasing. 

resources as you train infantry and 
cavalry. Employ spies, monks, or 
merchants for specialized missions. 

The lush 3D terrain is 
beautiful, and you can 
use its hills and valleys 
to fine-tune your 
strategy and outflank 
opponents. Up to eight 
players can play via 
LAN orGameRanger’s 
online service. 


16 MacAddict September 2003 


‘Purchase one full copy of TechTool Pro 3 or Drive 10 and get a free upgrade 
to TechTool Pro 4 when it ships at the end of summer, 2003 

Hi[|||^ HlilM 


The ultimate computer repair utility for the Macintosh 

Offer expires October 31 , 2003. 

Only available on specially marked packages. 
Promotional offers cannot be combined. Void where prohibited. 

IjjjilMIcromat Inc. 800-829-6227 707-566-3831 lnfo@mlcromatcom www.micromatcom 

©2003 Micromat, Inc. All rights reserved. TechTool is a registered trademark of Micromat, Inc. Drive 1 0 is a trademark of Micromat, Inc. 


Q uark or InDesign? Final Cut or Avid Xpress? 

Keynote or PowerPoint? Rock or Country? 
These are the questions that weigh on Mac 
users’ minds. 

Well, no longer. We’ve got it all figured out. 

We went through all the classic matchups, tested 
products until we were blue in the fingers, investigated 
technologies, had heated and profound debates (“How 
could you possibly think gummi bears are better than 
gummi worms?”), then picked our favorites in every major 
category from page layout to video editing, from email to, 
yes, gummi candy. 

There’s one notable exception: We didn’t pick a winner 
in the long-running Macromedia Freehand vs. Adobe 
Illustrator deathmatch— yet. Since Freehand is one version 
ahead of Illustrator, and the smart money is betting on 
an Illustrator response soon, we didn’t think a matchup 
would be fair at this time. Fun, maybe, but not fair— we’ve 
got our scruples. 

So whether you’re trying to decide between two top 
apps in a product category or you’re 
dedicated to one app and curious about 
how the other half lives, we’re here to 
help. That’s what friends are for. 



InDesign 2.0.1 tryout and 
Office V. X Test Drive 

18 MacAddlct October 2003 





AdobelnDesign2 vs QuarkXPress 6 20 

Cable vs DSL 20 

Apple Final Cut Pro 4 vs Avid Xpress Pro 21 

Microsoft PowerPoint vs Apple Keynote 22 

v! vs Pico 22 

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX vs 
AdobeGoLiveS 23 

FireWire 800 vs USB 2.0 34 

Emagic Logic Platinum vs MOTU 
Digital Performer 4 35 

PocketPC vs PalmOS 

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 5 vs 
MYOBAccountEdge £Q 

Microsoft Entourage vs Apple Mail, 

Address Book, and iCal 2Q 

Hub vs Switch 28 

Discreet Cieaner vs Apple Compressor 29 

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer vs 

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 33 

October 2003 Mac/Wdicf 19 

Adobe InDesign 2 vs QuarkXPress 6 



yfjntpapBrtcy (n jj ^ 112»_ 

ri« ■ 

, ap«*« 

j j i rsssn 

I I Comem f I^std HH ' ' — — ^ 

0 Preview 



S ince the early 1990s, 

QuarkXPress has reigned 
as the unchallenged ruler of 
page-layout software. Recently, 
however, a serious contender 
emerged: Adobe InDesign. But 
now that the long-awaited Mac 
OS X-compatible QuarkXPress 
6 has arrived, does InDesign 2 
have what it takes to usurp the 
monarchy? Oris it more pretender than contender? 

QuarkXPress has a lot going for it— not least of which is its 
momentum. It*s used everywhere, it’s been around forever, 
and it has earned a reputation for being reliable come print 
time. It has a broad tool set that includes solid typographic, 
page-layout, and long-document features that make It 
versatile enough to produce everything from one-page 
ads to thousand-page books. 

Quark also offers several features InDesign doesn’t, 
such as multiple-ink colors, a dashes and stripes editor, 
and the ability to create custom kerning and tracking tables 
for fonts. It also has superior drawing features— merge, 

Nominoing N*wf 


InDesign’s unique transparency features rock (top). 
Quark’s Synchronized Text palette lets you use the 
same text repeatedly within a project (bottom). 

Winner: Adobe InDesign 2 

Why: InDesign has superior 
typographic and design 
features — and Quark’s 
customer service is lousy. 

Adobe InDesign 2 

t Transparency, 
typography, and table 
features. Support for multiple 
languages. Integration with 
other Adobe apps. 

^ A somewhat clunky 
interface. A few text-related 
limitations. Slow. 

> $699, 

QuarkXPress 6 

t Reliable performance and 
printing. Multipie-ink colors. 
Dashes And Stripes editor. 
Industrywide acceptance. 

Little improvement to 
features In recent versions. 
No transparency. Expensive. 

> $1,045, 

split, and change-shape options, for 
example— and several Web-layout tools, 
including cascading menus, rollovers, 
form elements, and the ability to 
combine print and Web layouts in 
one project file. 

QuarkXPress 6 also has new tools: the 
option to synchronize repeatedly used 
text, high-resolution display of imported 
pictures, and the ability to export PDFs 
without using Acrobat Distiller. (For more 
on Quark 6, see Reviews, Sept/03, p42). 

It takes a lot to stop a juggernaut— 
and InDesign 2 has a lot. Its haymaker 
is its transparency capabilities, which 
provide soft drop shadows, feathered 
edges, blending modes, and opacity. 
InDesign also outpaces QuarkXPress 
in typography, with features like 
OpenType support, optical kerning, 
paragraph-based text composition, and 
optical margin alignment for setting 

hanging punctuation (say, placing quote marks 
outside the text margin). InDesign’s table 
features also beat the pants off Quark’s: You 
can import formatted Word and Excel tables 
and create multipage tables, and there are a 
variety of versatile formatting options for cells, 
rows, and columns. 

Other InDesign bonuses include multilingual 
support (you can check spelling and hyphenate 
in 12 languages usingany of 20 
dictionaries), tight integration with 
other Adobe graphics applications, 
multicolor gradients, greater 
range (such as 5 to 4,000 percent 
magnification) and greater precision 
(.001-em increments for text settings) in 
many options, and robust PDF support. 

In a head-to-head feature battle, 
InDesign 2 is the clear winner. It offers 
most of the major features that are available in QuarkXPress 
6 and many that aren’t. That said, there are a lot of satisfied 
QuarkXPress 3, 4, and 5 users who will be perfectly happy 
with QuarkXPress 6, if only because it runs natively in Mac 
OS X. Still, we choose InDesign’s superior feature set over the 
QuarkXPress status quo— John Cruise 

Boxers vs Briefs 

Hands down, boxers. Hmm, that doesn’t sound 
right, but for roominess, swing-in-the-breeze 
comfort, and versatility (that is, with pants or 
pantless), you cant beat boxers. Winner: Boxers 

Cable vs DSL 


odems just don’t cut it anymore. The big question is no longer 
“Dial-up or broadband?” but rather “Cable or DSL?” 

A cable modem uses the same cable infrastructure as that 
overpriced service that brings y4mer/can /do/ into your home. It’s also 
serviced by the same provider: If you have good cable-TV service, 
you’ll probably get good cable-internet service. 

DSL, on the other hand, is brought to you over your phone lines. 
Unlike the providers of cable Internet access, many third-party DSL 
companies use your local phone company’s lines to offer 
their service. Because of the competition, you can 
k often find excellent customer service, such as that 
offered Costs and installation 
hassles are comparable, although cable requires a 
hefty coaxial cable. 

20 MacAidIct October 2003 

Apple Final Cut Pro 4 
vs Avid Xpress Pro 

I f you’re looking for a heavyweight video editor, Final Cut Pro 
4 and Avid Xpress Pro are yourgo-to options. Both programs 
pack plenty of firepower: great media management, 
specialized editing tools, real-time-rendered effects, color 
correction, and more. Depending on the nature of yourwork, 
some key differences will give one editor an edge over the other. 

The differences start with supported media formats. Both 
apps do digital video, and both have their own proprietary 
supercompressed format that’s great for small laptop hard 
drives. But with the right $2,250-and-up expansion card— 
and there are tons of different types from tons of different 
companies— Final Cut can handle both uncompressed SD 
(standard definition) and HD (high definition) video. Add 

Avid’s Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator 
box ($1,695), and Xpress Pro can also 
handle uncompressed SD video (not HD), 
but it captures and records via analog 
component connectors, so uncompressed 
video may suffer from more signal noise 
than in an all-digital Final Cut setup. 

As for overall workflow, Final Cut scores 
with its intuitive interface. Avid uses 
interface elements called modes to get 
things done— for example, there’s a mode 
for trimming clips and a mode for setting 
keyframes. In Final Cut, you do most of 
your work right from the timeline. It’s a 
very fast, visual way to work, and something you’ll appreciate 
day-to-day. Final Cut 4 also lets you customize all your 
keyboard shortcuts and turn any function into window icons 
so they’re just a click away. 

Both programs render most effects in real time— for 
example, a video clip with a superimposed title and color 
correction (the more effects are playing at once, the lower 
your playback quality). Final Cut 4 can play real-time renders 
straight out to a TV via FireWire, but depending on your 
Mac’s speed, playback may be a bit jerky or have a lower 

Final Cut Pro 4 adds a real-time audio mixer. 

Avid XPress Pro does lots of things well, 
but Its fast and easy color-correction tools 
stand out especially. 

Speeds are also comparable— real speeds, that is, not advertised 
peak rates. But keep in mind that you’re sharing the cable service 
with a number of users in the same area, while your DSL connection is 
yours and yours alone. This shared-bandwidth arrangement is rarely 
a problem, since cable has more than enough oomph to support 
multiple users. However, if someone on your block is serving a high- 
volume Web site or if everyone’s watching the latest lingerie rollout at 
Victoria’s Secret, you’ll notice a slowdown. One additional drawback 
to the shared-bandwidth scheme is the increased possibility of 
unscrupulous neighbors hacking into your Mac or LAN. 

In many locations, the choice 

is made for you as only one 
option is available. All things 
being equal, we recommend DSL 
for its nonshared, more secure 
technology.— /?//c Myslewski 

Winner: DSL 

Why: With DSL, you don’t have to 
share a connection with others in your 
neighborhood. That said, the most 
important factors are the reliability of 
your provider and its customer service. 

resolution. Avid needs the Mojo box for the same functionality, 
but TV playback is smoother for single-effect video streams. 

Both systems handle color correction very well, but Avid 
makes things a bit easier, thanks to its three shot views 
(previous, current, and next shot, instead of Final Cut’s 
two-shot view) and a few automation tools that can quickly 
correct or match colors. Both apps also include stand-alone 
programs for creating animated titles, encoding video, and 
audio editing. Some of the Final Cut apps offer more features; 
some are easier to use. Plus, Final Cut includes a music-scoring 
app (Soundtrack, also available as a standalone for $299, that’s not an option in Avid. 

One advantage of Xpress is that it fits into the huge world 
of high-end Avid rigs, which edit the majority of today’s major 
movies, TV shows, and commercials. Xpress Pro shares the 
same interface as bigger Avid systems, and it reads the same 
project files, which lets you easily do offline editing on Xpress, ^ 

October 2003 MacAddict 21 

and then rent time on a bigger Avid rig to assemble your 
online master (if your original media is in a high-end format, 
such as HD or pure digital tape like DigiBeta, which Xpress 

can’t handle on its 

Winner: Final Cut Pro 4 

Why: It’s neck and neck, but 
at the end of the day, Final 
Cut offers more bang for the 
buck. Simple as that. 

Apple Final Cut Pro 4 

t Flexible interface. Support 
for more high-end media 
formats. Lower price. 

Growing, but not yet 
a true standard in some 
pro circles. 

> $999, 

Avid Xpress Pro 

t Best-of-show color 
correction. Compatibility 
with the larger Avid world. 
if Less-flexible interface. 

No support for all-digital 
uncompressed SD or HD. 
More expensive. 

> $1,695, 


If this compatibility is important to 
you, then it’s a big score forXpress. On 
the other hand, it’s getting easier to find 
high-end Final Cut setups— basically 
a Mac with expansion cards that allow 
you to work with uncompressed SD and 
HD media (usually cheaper to rent than 
Avids, and you could build your own 
powerhouse Final Cut rig for fewer bucks 
too). Still, high-end Avids (which consist 
of pricey, proprietary Avid hardware and 
software) are currently easier to find. 

So, the verdict? Blow for blow, this 
brawl goes to Final Cut Pro 4 for its lower 
price, nimble interface, secondary apps, 
and support for high-end media formats 
like HD. But Avid is still a great package, 
and it comes out ahead if you need to fit 
into the larger, Avid-dominated world— 
however long that megabucks world 
might last —Helmut Kobler 

vi vs pico 

W hich Unix text editor is superior— vi or pico? Oh, the 
questions that weigh on Unixheads* minds. 

Before we get to it, note that we chose to leave 
emacs out of this. Emacs has a difficult learning curve 
and is definitely /lof for the newbie. 

The vi editor comes standard on every Unix 
distribution, and it only takes about 10 minutes to 
learn the basics. It does feel archaic, and the fact 
that you're notin edit mode by default can be a little 
disconcertingto someone who wants to fire it up and go. 

Enter pico— this little editor started life with a text- 
based mail client called Pine many moons ago, and has 
survived on its own well enough to be included in the 
default install of Mac OS X. It is, however, not included in 
every Unix distribution, so if it’s the only editor you learn, 
you may find yourself in a bit of a quandary the next time 
you stumble onto a FreeBSD system. 

That said, pico is great for anyone who doesn’t want to 
spend time looking at documentation. It has a two-line 
display at the bottom of every screen that shows you all 
the available major commands. On the negative side, 
pico has a limited feature set and isn't the greatest tool 
for C++ programmers.— Dove Hamilton 

Winner: pico 

Why: It’s the easiest to learn of the command-line text editors. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 
vs Apple Keynote 

I f your main concerns are ease of use and graphics. Keynote 
rules. Its one-window interface and contextual Inspector 
window are intuitive. PowerPoint’s Interface, though vastly 
Improved in recent years, remains clunky. 

Keynote also excels in provided graphics and artful 
backgrounds. We also love Keynote's 3D slide transitions, 
which complement the standard 2D transitions. PowerPoint 
is notorious for its bad 1980s-style graphics, and while 

Microsoft recently released 
new, vastly improved 
backgrounds, Apple's are 
still more sophisticated. 

Of course, graphics 
alone do not make a 
successful presentation 
application. A key 
ingredient is integration 
with the apps you use 
to create content. Here, 
PowerPoint has the 
advantage in that you can 
copy and paste editable 
charts and tables from 
Word and Excel. In Keynote, 
pasted Word text loses 
some of its formatting 
and Excel charts paste in 
as noneditable images. 
PowerPoint's built-in chart 
maker is more robust than 
Keynote’s, but we do like the ability to paste graphics into 
Keynote tables. 

In terms of multimedia capabilities, both apps are mediocre, 
Apple lets you add QuickTime movies and music to individual 
slides, but you can’t control soundtracks across multiple slides. 
You can do this in PowerPoint, 
although the process is convoluted. 

Keynote and PowerPoint play 
nicely together. You can import 
PowerPoint presentations into 
Keynote and export Keynote 
presentations into PowerPoint, 
though you'll have to make 
formatting adjustments and 
reattach your movies. Both apps 
export to QuickTime format, 
but only Keynote exports to PDF. 

Keynote wins because of its 
straightforward interface, graphics, 
and greater variety of export 
formats.— A/arasw Rebbapragada 

Winner: Apple Keynote 

Why: It’s a close call, but 
Keynote Is user-friendlier. 

Apple Keynote 

f Great graphics. 

Easy to use. Variety of 
export formats. 

^ Less integrated with 
Office apps. 

> $99, 

Microsoft PowerPoint 

f Plays well with Word and 
Excel. Better charting. 

Still-crappy graphics. 

> $299 ($399 for Office V. 

PowerPoint’s graphics (bottom) 
have come a long way, but we still 
prefer Keynote’s (top). 

22 Mac>4ddict October 2003 

Dreamweaver is proof positive that 
Macromedia gets it—the Web, that is. 

1 0 Q 0 %UcAddicr Current tssbe Imaoizne/ndex hcni/ 

SI Tttr: M»cA<l<U<n.Currei«htut St 0, C Q, 

CSSSty4sf HIM. SrV'Ct B»h«>e«t 


April 2003 

yeaP.yauteUifilfMttMtiuttty Hrfinxme 
pen tve tmifcs to ns sM. ntf . I 

even type tast oxiu^ to strip It 


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VCibde is. 

Tsc Msptay ' Sfigpeo f faftereiaCT ^ 

took: intiUlYHmLfUfirvut ~F’ 



A I* ckrTunt is »^nUiiyi 

r^Quhnf «t k»st 9 it*rt t*g to InAruct th« b 
b«9*n r«ndorfng «ucotodir»9 otK «km«nts d 
of the Oth«r s-podol-^purpofo rov 9 »<k 

*v«H«br« ofm th* 

iuplr>9 •Wn.nt 


Dreamweaver MX 
vs Adobe GoLive 6 

I n the world of WYSIWYG Web design and development, there 
are only two real choices: Adobe GoLive and Macromedia 
Dreamweaver MX. Both provide the tools for visually 
mapping out a Web site, designing pages, integrating database 
content for Web applications (such as interactive forums or 
e-commerce), and integrated FTP capabilities for getting all 
your content up on the Web. 

To start your Web project, both programs provide assistance 
in setting up Web specs to follow, remote server information 
for database connections and the FTP client, and other 
preliminaries. Both programs also suggest defining a local 
site at the beginning of a project, where you can save and 
store files as you build your Web site. Despite having a 
less-intuitive interface than Dreamweaver, GoLive boasts 

We built this GoLive page by hand. It*s not perfect, but Internet 
Explorer, Safari, and Dreamweaver can read it right. 

more-powerful site-management 
tools, which provide more link- and 
file-management options across your 
site. Performance is a ubiquitous problem: 
Both apps took a few minutes to import 
a modest (600-file) Web site on our Dual 
1.25GHz Power Mac G4. On a 500MHz G4, 
both were painfully slow. 

When actually building your site, 
Dreamweaver pulls ahead. Its interface 
just makes more sense— its handsome 
icons are more intuitive and placed more 
sensibly than GoLive’s. Both programs 
have tool tips that pop up a description of 
the function when you roll over an icon. 
GoLive’s Hints palette provides further information, but 
unfortunately doesn’t clue you in about where you’ll find 
a particular function. However, GoLive’s contextual menu 
support smokes Dreamweaver’s, so Control-clicking to 
bring up contextual menus is always a good place to start. 

Both programs pack so much functionality that they 
require a staggering array of palettes (called panels in 
Dreamweaver). Fortunately, both use a fully customizable 
docking scheme whereby you can group palettes together— 
for example, all of them in one tabbed megapalette. GoLive 
scores another jab here, supporting Adobe’s patented 
savable workspaces, so you can save as many different 
custom palette arrangements as you need for different 
types of work. Dreamweaver saves face by remembering 
your configuration between sessions and sporting an 
otherwise-superior panel-management setup, which 
combines tabbed subpanes in categorical, collapsible 
panes that stack and dock together. 

Dreamweaver has always been the king of code creation, 
and Macromedia reinforced that by rolling its HomeSite 
HTML editor into Dreamweaver MX. Interactive code hints 
and on-the-fly HTML validation are just two of the benefits. 
GoLive 6 both creates and handles code better than in 
previous versions, but it still can’t touch Dreamweaver in 
this area. Both programs provide syntax checking and code y 

Cheetos Crunchy vs 
Cheetos Puffs 

Although the fake cheese powder tastes pretty 
much the same on both, the difference comes 
in texture: Cheetos Crunchy have more grease 
and crunchiness per square inch — always a 
winning combo. Winner: Cheetos Crunchy 

October 2003 MacAidict 23 

validation for major browsers and Web standards, including 
XHTML, HTML 3,2, and HTML 4.0, as well as compliance with 
the accessibility standards set forth by Congress and the 
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). 

Both programs have strengths and 
weaknesses when it comes to support for 
DHTML (the hybrid of HTML, JavaScript, 
and cascading style sheets), responsible 
for much of the Web’s fancily formatted 
content. GoLive’s JavaScript Is often 
criticized as bloated (Adobe counters 
that it’s more widely compatible than 
tighter, more targeted scripting), but its 
JavaScript Editor is robust and allows you 
to save scripts in a dedicated file, thus 
sparing your Web pages the extra lines of 
code and load time. Dreamweaver writes 
tighter code, and although GoLive has 
more-flexible and -powerful scripting 
tools, Dreamweaver has a much more 
open and extensible architecture, so you 
can add precoded components ranging 
from, for example, an icon for inserting 
line breaks to complex JavaScript actions 
and behaviors. And the real trump card: 
Dreamweaver has a massive community 
of rabid users who create and distribute 
Extensions to perform Just about anything 

Winner: Dreamweaver MX 

Why: Adobe stalwarts and 
purely visual designers may 
disagree, but Dreamweaver’s 
more intuitive interface and 
better coding tools prevail. 

Dreamweaver MX 

f Awesome code editor. 
Superior interface. Extensible 
architecture means you can 
customize it out the wazoo. 

^ Needs massive hardware 
and mega RAM. FTP can be 
flaky. Weak CSS tools. 

> $399, www.macromedia 

Adobe GoLive 6 

f Great contextual 
menus. Somewhat better 
scripting support. 

^ Unintuitive interface. 

Less customizable. 

Clunky performance 
on older hardware. 

> $399, 

Dreamweaver can’t do on Its own. 

Dreamweaver still owns the Web, and we got a sneak peek at 
its upcoming MX 2004 update— which should be announced by 
the time you read this, or we’re in big trouble with Macromedia. 
MX 2004 will bring snappier performance across the board; 
copy-and-paste import of Excel and Word tables (into a fully 
formatted table, no less— woo-hoo!); improved FTP service, 
including the secure SFTP support we’ve been crying for; and 
the full-featured CSS support of our dreams. That’s all on top of 
Dreamweaver’s already flexible interface. We expect Adobe to 
update its product soon as well, but even if it does, GoLive will 
need a total overhaul to compete.— A///co Coucouvanis 

American League 
vs National League 

The AL has designated hitters that never catch or 
throw the ball — hell, they don’t even touch it. Their 
pitchers don’t bat. They play in eensy 
ballparks to help their aging DHs hit 
home runs. AL players are coddled 
wusses. The NL is real baseball. 

Winner; National League 

FireWire 800 
vs USB 2.0 

F ireWire and USB are both in their second generations. 
Apple’s original FireWire implementation, now named 
FireWire 400 (for its 400-Mbps theoretical maximum 
bandwidth), first appeared on the Blue-and-White G3 in 
January 1999. USB 1.1, which was limited to a measly 12 
Mbps, debuted on the Bondi Blue iMac, For storage needs, 
there was no comparison between FireWire 400 and USB 
1.1— FireWire ruled. 

Then USB 2.0 devices began to appear, and USB’s 
potency increased to a full 480 Mbps— slightly, though 
noticeably, faster than FireWire 400. These two serial 

storage-connection schemes lived lives of peaceful 
coexistence for a year or more— FireWire being 

popular among Mac users and DV camera 
manufacturers, USB 2.0 finding life on 
Windows machines. 

^ USB implementations have 

one major drawback: The USB 
bus’s wimpy 500 milliwatts of 
power means that most USB 
drives require external power 

supplies. FireWire 400’s cable supplies 
15 watts, so most FireWire drives 
don’t need a power brick. 

Recently, other FireWire 400 , 

improvements, such as printing 
over FireWire and IP over FireWire, 
have trickled out. 

In January 2003, FireWire 800— at 800 Mbps— appeared 
on the 17-inch PowerBookG4, and the FireWire-USB 
debate swung solidly in favor of FireWire. FireWire 800 
was Apple’s first implementation of the new IEEE-1394b 
standard (FireWire 400 is IEEE-1394a-compliant). While still 
supplying 15 watts of power over its cables, FireWire 800 is 
slated to eventually reach 1.6 Gbps and then 3.2 Gbps. 

In different implementations, FireWire 800 can run over 
both copper and optical cables— even CAT-5e in-the-wall 
network cabling. Other soon-to-be-released FireWire 800 
tricks include the ability to provide full 7.1-channel audio 
over a FireWire bus— a godsend to anyone whose studio or 
living room is overrun by audio cables.— Rik MyslewskI 

Winner: FireWire 800 

Why: A no-brainer. FireWire 800 is nearly twice as fast as USB 2.0, 
can carry enough power on Its cable to run big ’n’ zippy hard drives, 
and has a great future. 

24 MacAidic /October 2003 

Emagic Logic Platinum vs 
MOTU Digital Performer 4 

W hen it comes to recording music, Macs rule. While 
Digidesign Pro Tools is king among professional 
recording studios (though ineligible for this slugfest 
due to its hardware requirement), two other pro-level 
audio-recording packages are more than holding their own. 

Emagic’s Logic Platinum (now owned by Apple) is a favorite 
among production engineers. Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital 
Performer is favored by musicians and recording engineers. 

Both let you slice, dice, and julienne audio and MlDi tracks, 
add effects, automate mixes, and sync tracks with video for 
postproduction work. So how do they match up? 

Logic requires a USB key (damn things) to authenticate and 
run the software. Digital Performer (DP) did away with its former 

Digital Performer looks and functions like your hardware-based 
recording setup. 

dongle and requires only a serial number. 
Logic’s interface is attractive, but DP’s is 
stunning. Its intuitfveness makes it easy 
to start working immediately— especially 
if you have any recording experience. 
Rollover pop-ups let you know what’s 
what, and modules look and function like 
real hardware. One blemish: DP’s tracks 
aren’t continuously numbered; they’re 
broken into numbered subgroups. 

Logic, curiously, is an oxymoron; its 
confusing interface defies what other 
audio apps—or what common sense— 
would dictate. For example, arrow keys 
don’t nudge tracks, features are buried in 
puzzling navigation, and you have to click 
the stop button twice to go to the start. 

The Arrange window hijacked our desktop; 
though we could resize it, parameters were 
obscured and scrolling didn’t pull them 
into view. Once we began to understand 
Logic’s quirks (thanks to the help of a 
Logic expert, not to its feckless manual), things got easier. 

Recording tracks is pretty straightforward in both apps. 
They feature similar editing tools, but we like Logic’s 
approach to waveform editing better— tracks open In their 
own editing window. However, DP’s tools are more musically 
inclined. For example, when we manufactured a harmony 
from a vocal track, DP let us transpose by changing the key; 
Logic had us transpose by moving a blue ball along 
a 3D axis. On the downside, DP is more 
processor intensive than Logic. 

Recording MIDI parts is routine in both 
apps, but editing is a mixed bag. Logic has 
a better-designed notation editor, but it’s 
buggierthan a *57 Chevy’s grille after a 
trip down Route 66. DP’s editor is weaker 
in notation features— but still works better 
than Logic’s. Both apps’ step editors 
work great, but DP’s keyboard displays 
depressed keys so you know what keys 
you’ve activated— Logic just displays 
the note. 

If you’re connecting MIDI or audio 
hardware, DP only supports Core Audio/ 

MIDI (it’s jaguar-only). Logic supports 
Core Audio/MIDI hardware in OS X as well 
as ASIO, Mac AV, and other drivers in 
Mac OS 9. 

Though Logic has long supported VST 
plug-in effects, only Audio Units (Apple’s 
new audio plug-in architecture) are 

Winner: Digital Performer 4 

directly supported in OS X (a third-party ^ 

Why: DP feels more real all 
around. We like not having 
to think before doing— that's 
the way It should be with any 
creative app. 

MOTU Digital Performer 4 

^ Beautiful, intuitive 
interface. Realistic effects 
modules. Great tools fix 
problems quickly. 

4^ No continuous 
track-number listings. 
Processor intensive. 

> $795, 

Emagic Logic Platinum 

t Glut of tools can fix 
practically anything. Comes 
with virtual synths. Efficient. 

^ Confusing interface hijacks 
the desktop. Audiohead 
geekery stands in the way of 
creative process. 

> $699.95, 

Logic looks nice on the surface, but gets 
complicated as you delve deeper. 

October 2003 MacAidict 25 

program exists that makes VST work with AU hosts), though 
you can still use your VST plug-ins in OS 9. DP 4 supports 
the same proprietary MAS plug-in architecture in OS X as 
it did in its Classic predecessors, and the free 4.1 update 
supports Audio Units. Both apps include enough effects 
to sweeten any mix, but DP’s sound better and many are 
modeled after their real-life hardware counterparts, making 
them easier to use. To its credit. Logic includes three virtual 
synths if you lack your own. 

Since we don’t rely on a third-party control surface (a 
hardware recording console that controls audio software), 
we depend on automated mixes to complete projects. 

Both apps have similar mixing features and both perform 
admirably. But at the end of the day, we prefer DP’s 
one-click write and read modes to selecting Logic’s 
write and read modes from menus.— /Cr/s Fong 

Rock vs Country 

One is foisted upon us by money- 
obsessed marketing types who encourage 
overproduced musicians to dress 
ridiculously and brainwash their fans 
into believing their blindered way of 
life is the only righteous one. So s 
the other. But after a thorough 
analysis of each genre s approach to 
the mystery of love, we choose 
anticipation over regret. 

Winner: Rock 

Intuit QuickBooks 
Pro 5 vs MYOB 

N ot too long ago it looked like MYOB’s AccountEdge 
would win the battle for best Mac accounting software 
just by showing up. That’s because its main competitor, 
Intuit, decided to halt Mac development of its popular 
QuickBooks software in 1997. But Intuit is back, has released 
a Mac OS X version of QuickBooks, and is giving MYOB a 
reason to sweat again. 

Both QuickBooks Pro 5 and AccountEdge offer everything 
you need to keep the books for a small business. They both 
track orders and invoices, allow you to keep tabs on inventory, 
and even let you manage your payroll with additional bundled 
software. Both can give you detailed reports on how your 
business is doing and help you prepare for the coming 
tax season. 

Part of the reason for QuickBooks’ resiliency is the fact 
that It comes from Intuit, maker of the very popular Quicken. 

So while QuickBooks Pro 5 is mostly just an OS X-ready 
transplant of QuickBooks 4, the Intuit interface is familiar to 
many a Mac user. 

So what does AccountEdge hit back with? Broad file-format 
compatibility, for starters. AccountEdge can understand an 
assortment of standard online-banking file formats, so you 
can import transactions directly from a checking or credit-card 
account. QuickBooks requires you to enter information by 
hand. Inexcusable. You can also export AccountEdge files to 
Excel or as raw text. 

Additionally, AccountEdge understands the vCard file 
format, allowing you to drag and drop contact information 
from an address book into the program. QuickBooks, on 

PocketPC vs Palm OS 

A year ago, Palm was in the doghouse with us. Its OS and 
hardware had barely made any advancements in years, and 
PocketPC, in spite of being a Microsoft product, was really 
looking slick. Even we were tempted by the dark side. 

Well, shame on us— Palm has redeemed itself. With Palm OS 
5, Graffiti 2, and high-quality products like the Tungsten T and 
Zire 71 (see Reviews, Aug/03, p44), Palm Is back, baby, it still 
lacks some of the power of the PocketPC— oodles of RAM and 
multitasking, to name two. PocketPCs mostly ship with at least 
64MB of memory, while Palm OS handhelds were limited to 
16MB, which is not really enough memory for a multimedia PDA 
like the Zire 71— although you can add more memory via the SD 
card slot. Palm has recently fixed the problem and can now ship 
devices with up to 128MB. Of course, the Palm OS is smaller and 
zippier than PocketPC, so it doesn’t need as much memory. 

PocketPCs are pretty powerful— they come with versions of 
Microsoft Word and Excel, they support multimedia files out of 
the box, and the user interface looks great (although 
the OS is not superintuitive, which 
is no surprise— It’s from Microsoft, 
remember?). Palm has pretty 
much caught up in terms of looks, 
its multimedia capabilities are 
improving, and you can get word 
processing and spreadsheet 
software— you just have to 
pay extra unless your model 
happens to ship with something 

Palm (left) has made great 
strides and now looks as good 
this year as PocketPC (right). 

26 MacAidict October 2003 

*• IS 't* 

btbtMtn tnvoiees TbntshMt P.O. Checks &3U Accounts Reports Customers Vtniots Items 

0 e 0 Create invoices 

Duslsnwrklob Cwivuttr 

Invrkirfi ... 

invoice 06 / 05/03 « 


AfSU c«nv«rtir 

», ^1' 

f Previous 5 

(f PmtHistoiy... ) 
( Ttmc/Costs.. 'S 

row*. ~"jr«wiL 

R*** .j. . . .. ^ pty . Anvount ’ 

^ fCtenoe Title...') 

TurtltM«k 7AI0 7S4)0' S29 /)OOjOO 

1 i.„ ' 

T f Save as PDF... ) 

f PWnt ^ 

be printed 


0 si Customer Is 


f '6 k“^ 

CuitomH- V. i«>r.oUt* y«ir prompt T«t ^|<7.01W U.7S0.0 


1 BsIwmOq* MI.AB 


Dang, Steve Jobs sure does owe us a lot for all those turtlenecks. 
Good thing invoicing and keeping tabs on his order is so easy in 
QuickBooks Pro 5. 

the other hand, doesn't even play nicely with its Windows 
brethren— if you need to, say, exchange files with your Windows 
QuickBooks-wielding accountant, you're going to have to use a 
special converter (available on the Intuit Web site). MYOB, 
on the other hand, will give your accountant a copy of 
AccountEdge or Accounting Plus for Windows to make sure 
you have no problems. 

AccountEdge also offers a deep range of specialty features 
that QuickBooks lacks— the ability to have multiple users, 
place a photo with a contact, and email invoices to clients 
from within the program, to name a few. 

But- and it’s a big buf— there's a price to pay for these 
features. AccountEdge has a rigid and often confusing 
interface, and finding and adjusting things can be difficult. 

For example, by default the program relies on account numbers 
rather than names for tracking everything from inventory to 
jobs. Want to log a sale into Freelance Writing Income? Well, 
that’s income account number 4-1000. This may be fine for 

like Documents to Go ($69.95,, which works 
great and allows you to view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files 
on your Palm device. 

But the deciding factor is Mac support. 

Out of the box, Palm devices work with the 
Mac seamlessly, whereas PocketPCs don’t. 

To sync your PocketPC to a Mac, you need 
Pocket Mac ($69.95, 
or Missing Sync for PocketPC ($39.95, Missing Sync came 
out after press time, but we were able to test 
Pocket Mac 2.0. it's an admirable product, 
but not what we’d call seamless. Stick with 
Palm for now —Cat/i/Lu 

Winner: Palm OS 

Why: Mac support, Mac support, Mac support. 

Winner: QuickBooks Pro 5 

This is MYOB*s Sales Command Center. You can register orders, 
print estimates or invoices, accept payments, and so forth by 
clicking the appropriate section. 

people schooled in accounting, but those who aren't will 
likely feel flummoxed. You can customize AccountEdge to 
keep track of accounts and items with names instead, but 
doing so is not intuitive. In fact, we actually read the 200- 
plus-page AccountEdge manual and still found the program 
confusing— that's no good. 

Accounting is painful enough without 
having to battle your software to make 
it do what you want. Intuit has a lot of 
work to do with QuickBooks to get it to 
gel better with online banking and its 
Windows versions, as well as catch up 
to MYOB in terms of features. However, 

AccountEdge is opaque enough at times 
to make you reach for a pencil and 
paper. If your business is big enough 
and you've got a significant amount of 
time to spend with AccountEdge, it's 
probably the way to go. But for those of 
us who want to get on with our actual 
business, QuickBooks’ ease of use 
makes It our accounting package of 
choice.— Robert Capps 

Why: Although QuickBooks 
lacks many of AccountEdge’s 
features, it’s simply easier to 
use — but if you’re already a 
savvy accountant, you’ll be 
happier with AccountEdge. 

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 

f Easy to use. Flexible. 

^ No online banking 

> $299.95, $179.95 

MYOB AccountEdge 

Imports vCards and 
online banking statements. 
Tons of specialized features. 
4^ Difficult to use, especially 
for nonaccountants. 

> $249, 

Heads vs Tails 

We were going to pick tails. After all, the bald 
eagle is much more attractive than George 
Washington — have you ever really looked at that 
guy? But after flipping a quarter 100 times, we 
found that heads kicks tails tail 
(62-38). And we ain’t messing f 
with science. Winner: Heads 


October 2003 MacAddict 27 

Microsoft Entourage 
vs Apple Mail, 
Address Book, iCal 

E mail programs and personal information managers 
(PIMs) are a personal matter. Everyone’s needs 
are different, and one little feature that seems 
inconsequential to you may be crucial to some dude in 
French Lick, Indiana. 

Both Entourage X and the Mac OS X’s PIM troika offer the 
ability to manage email, contacts, calendars, and tasks. 
Microsoft used to make you buy Office v. X to get Entourage 
X, but is now selling Entourage on its own for $99. Mac OS X 
offers the one-two-three punch of Mail, Address Book, and 
iCal. The versions we’re talking about here come with Jaguar, 
which costs you $129. 

Entourage’s biggest advantage is that you can easily 
switch between your mail, address book, calendar, notes, 
and tasks, all from one window. This integration makes it 
painless to add new email addresses to your address book, 
set up groups, and invite people in your address book to 
attend events on your calendar— you don’t have to open 
three different apps in three different windows. 

Other Entourage features we prefer include the ability 
to look up driving directions straight from the address 
book (just click the little person icon next to an address 
in the preview pane); the plethora of customizable field 
options in the address book; the ability to assign colored 
categories to your contacts, calendar items, and emails; the 
ease with which you can check different email accounts by 
customizing your Send & Receive schedule; and support for 
Microsoft’s Exchange Server via a free download that should 
be out by the time you read this. We also find Entourage 
more intuitive— even though Apple 
supposedly is the king of interface 
design. Ever try to add new folders (uh, 
mailboxes) so you can store emails in 
Mail? Superintuitive it’s not. 

But before this starts sounding like 
a Microsoft love fest, Apple’s apps do 
have their bonuses. For one, there’s the 
integration with .Mac. The abilities to 
sync Address Book with and publish 
calendars to your .Mac site are killer. 
Plus, starting with jaguar. Mail includes 
a great junk-mail filter that’s, as G.W. 
Bush would say, “darn good.” On the 
other hand. Entourage’s junk-mail 
filter (if you can call it that) is about as 
pathetic as a flea-bitten, shivering-wet, 
three-legged puppy— and about as 
useful at blocking spam. Plus, Mail lets 
you set up multiple in-boxes so that you 

Winner; Entourage X 

Why: Entourage has 
more features and better 
customizability, and comes 
in one window. 

Microsoft Entourage 

f More fully featured. 

All PIM functions in one 
window. Functions are better 
integrated with each other. 

^ Inexcusably lousy 
junk-mail filtering 

> $99, 

Apple iApps 

f Mail has great junk- mail 
filtering and multiple email 
account management. 

Apps aren’t as easy to 
use as you’d expect. Using 
three separate applications 
gets unwieldy. 

> free, 

iCal (above) needs help from Mail 
and Address book to accomplish 
what Entourage (right) can do all 
by its lonesome. 

can keep your work account’s 
email separate from your home 
account’s. You can do this with 
Entourage’s Switch Identity 
feature (see “Manage Multiple Accounts in Entourage,” Sep/03, 
p66), but it’s a more involved process. 

And Panther’s on the horizon. It’ll add some cool new 
features to Mail, including the ability to manage messages by 
threads and the use of draggable objects to represent email 
addresses— we’ll have to wait and see how effectively those 
features work before pronouncing them well and good. Until 
then. Entourage is the superior life organizer, and worth the 
$99 that Microsoft asks for Cathy Lu 

Mac vs Peecee 

One is the world s fastest personal computer 
and a well-integrated ensemble of high- 
quality hardware and intuitive 

software. The other is a comparatively 
pokey amalgam of ingredients from 
oft- questionable suppliers. And no, we’re 
not biased. Not at all. Winner: Mac 

Hub vs Switch 

I f you want to create a wired network, you’ll need a hub— a small. 
Inexpensive piece of hardware to which you connect Ethernet cables 
you’ve strung from each of your Macs and your printer. 

There.are essentially two types of hubs: standard dumb-as-a- 
post pass/Ve hubs (and their somewhat more intelligent brethren, 
manageable hubs, which include a bit of administrative smarts), and 
switching hubs, commonly known as switches. 

28 MacAldict October 2003 


Output Q^Tftiw Export: fciPEC-4 (j^) 



tmape Manual crop, tnuge dze 320x240. DeinteHace 

(auto). Noise m&rct 



Encode rps. Keyframe every ISO, 2S7.7 fcbits/s VKtee 

( New Folder ) 

Audio Ifi bits 


Compressor (left), like Cleaner, offers a split-screen 
pre-encoding preview. Cleaner (above) provides 
ready-to-go settings for Internet and DVD formats. 

Discreet Cleaner 
vs Apple Compressor 

E ncoding QuickTime videos for the Internet and DVD has 
always been the exclusive domain of Discreet’s Cleaner, 
But now there’s some real competition, thanks to Apple’s 
new Compressor, which ships free with Final Cut Pro 4 and DVD 
Studio Pro 2. 

Cleaner and Compressor are equals on many fronts. Both use 
batch lists to encode multiple movies in one fell swoop. Both 
apps also make encoding easy, thanks to tons of predetermined 
settings already optimized for different kinds of source video 
and output formats (settings are fully customizable too). Both 
apps let you crop video, add transparent watermarks, and apply 
filters for gamma correction, sharpening, deinterlacing— you 
name it. 

The difference is that Cleaner gives you more flexibility in 
terms of the compression codecs you can work with and the 
media formats you can create. For example, Compressor only 
encodes videos to QuickTime, whereas Cleaner also spits out 

Real and Windows Media formats. Also, while both 
apps can encode video in the Sorenson 3 Pro codec 
(for Internet movies, such as trailers), only Cleaner 
does it in two passes, for sharper video. 

Turns out, though, that Compressor has a 
turbo engine under its hood: Encoding a 15-second 
DV movie to MPEG-2 (for DVDs) took about a minute in 
Compressor, and almost 15 minutes in Cleaner. Compressor’s 
Imagery had fewer compression artifacts as well. A 20- 
second DV-to-MPEG-4 video took 45 seconds in Compressor 
and 3 minutes in Cleaner, and their quality was equal. 

In the end, we pick Compressor for its fast encoding and 
better MPEG-2 quality. If you need great Sorenson 3 output 
or support for non-QuickTime formats, though, you’ll still 
need to shell out for C\eauer.— Helmut Kobler 

Winner: Compressor 

Why: If you have Final Cut Pro 4 or DVD Studio Pro 2, Compressor’s zero 
additional cost and superior MPEG-2 encoding give it a slight edge. 

Apple Compressor 

t Very fast, high-quality encoding, especially MPEG-2. 

^ No two-pass support for Sorenson 3 Pro codec. 

> Included with Final Cut Pro 4 and DVD Studio Pro 2, 

Discreet Cleaner 

t Encodes to Real and Windows Media formats. Two-pass VBR encoding 
with Sorenson 3 Pro codec. 

Slower MPEG-2 video encoding, with lower image quality. Pricey. 

> $549, 

A hub coordinates the transfer of data among the devices 
connected to it. When a chunk of data from one device arrives at 
a passive hub, the hub passes it to all of its ports. Then all of the 
devices attached to the hub need to look at the data and decide 
whether it was intended for them or not. If so, they accept It. If not, 
they’ve just wasted their own sweet time— and yours. 

A switch is more efficient. It knows the address of each device 
attached to it, so when a chunk of data arrives it sends that data 
only to the port used by the device to which that data is addressed 

Much more efficient. Much faster. 

Switches used to cost much more than passive hubs, but today 
you can find decent four- or five-port switches for around $40. 

Ifyour network is at home and you’re not using it to transfer tons 
of files, or if you only need to connect a printer and a Mac to a larger 
LAN, a hub will do just fine. That said, speedy is always better than 
slow, and efficient is better than 
congested. Buy a switch. You 
won’t regret \t—Rik Myslewskl 

Winner: Switch 

Why: Switches are faster and smarter. 

October 2003 MacAddict 29 


Kelly Slate’s 
Pro Surfer 
vs Tony Hawk’s 
Pro Skater 4 

O ne’s a bronzed surfer god, the other is a countercultural 
icon. One of them surfs the mean streets and back 
alleys, the other surfs through everything Mother Nature 
can throw at him. But which of these extreme-sports legends 
will emerge victorious from the video-game arena? 

Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk, while they share branding and 
demographics, are as different from each other as chalk and 
cheese. Both do their best to capture the essence of their 
respective sports: Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer is a laid-back, 
almost sleepily hypnotic simulation of surfing, while Tony 
Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 is densely frenetic and varied. 

Tony Hawk’s fourth game incarnation is a finely tuned, 

mission-based sequel, similarto 
its predecessors. There are more 
and bigger levels, better populated 
with human and vehicular traffic, 
but the object is the same—you 
complete missions to open up new 
levels. If you’ve played other Tony 
Hawk games, the sense of deja vu 
is strong. 

Slater takes the same approach, 
but the limitations of the sport are 
evident. You’re always surfing on 
waves, you can’t jump over cars, and 
a wave in Hawaii looks much like 
a wave in Tahiti. Challenges range 
from simple point tallies to complex 
sequences of moves, but again, it’s 

Winner: Tony Hawk 

Why: Although both are fine 
games, Tony Hawk is simply 
more addictive and more fun. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 

f Lots of levels, scenarios, 
missions, and variety. Finely 
tuned control system. 

Frame rate drops at 
higher resolutions. 

> $39.99, 

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer 

Dreamy wave physics. 
Absorbing, relaxing gameplay. 
4*' Not enough variety in play 
and environments. 

> $39.99, 

A vertiginous variation on the tricky art of grinding, courtesy of the 
legendary Mr. Hawk. 

more about capturing the feeling of surfing than about trying to 
make a race or stunt simulator. Still, Tony Hawk’s skate parks 
aren’t filled with sharks and jellyfish, are they? 

In the end, though, a winner emerges. Tony Hawk 4, although 
similarto earlier versions, contains weeks and weeks of 
addictive gameplay, challenge, and variety. Kelly Slater’s Pro 
Surfer is fun, but it’s just too wet and windy.— Fran/f O'Connor 

Gummi Bear 
vs Gummi Worm 

Tiny teddy bears are sooo cute; 
worms are, well, wormy. From the 
cuteness and detail of the bears to 
their sweet little bite-size heads you can chomp off, 
the gummi bear is superior in every way. 

Winner: Gummi Bear 

30 MacAddict October 2003 

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates 

Gates ditched Haah'Vaad in his junior 
year to start up Microsoft with pal Paul 
■k ^ I Allen. That s cool. But he did try to take 
computing world with unfair 
monopolistic business practices. Thats 
not cool. Jobs founded Apple, left in 
1986 to found NeXT (buying Pixar 
along the way), then rejoined Apple 
in 1997 and saved the company from 
impending doom. Winner: Steve Jobs 

vs Scotch 

Only from Kentucky, true 
bourbon is rich and bracing, not 
at all smoky or peat-flavored the 
way Scotch is. The U.K. stuff, 
however, benefits from a wider range 
of flavors. But as Cicero said, “De gustibus non 
est disputandum.” Roughly translated: “You 
can t argue taste.” Our taste buds vote American. 
Winner: Bourbon 

star Wars vs Star Trek 

■6 )|SJ1 JBIS in ‘SJBM JBIS :3J0iS ieu!j 'i OZ U '61 M 'St ‘M '/I 'M '911 'ST *1 *« 1 'El 
'i -Zt 'm 'tl ‘M '01 'M '6 1 -8 ‘1 7 1 *9 ‘M *5 'M 'S ‘M '£ ‘M 'Z ‘M I *(>(31 JBIS = J. jejs = m) sjauuiM 

Now it gets serious. E^^^eek true to that 
noble calling has strong opl^ns of the relative 
merits of Star Wafs^n^tar Irek. Vote for your 
favorites, then see%<^ your choices match up 
with ours here at Macmcikt. 


Death Star vs Borg Cube 


Light saber vs phaser 


Millennium Falcon vs Enterprise NCC-1701 


The Force vs the Prime Directive 


The Rebellion vs the Federation 


TheGungan vs theFerengi 


Ewoks vs Tribbles 


C-3P0 vs Spock 


R2D2 vs Data 


Chewbacca vs Montgomery Scott 


Leia Organa (IV) vs 7 of 9 


Emperor Palpatine vs Borg Queen 


PadmeAmidala(l) vs Kathryn janeway 


Anakin Skywalker(l) vs Tribbles 


Luke Skywalker (IV) vs James T. Kirk 


Luke Skywalker (V) vs Jean-Luc Picard 


Han Solo vs William Riker 


Darth Vader vs Khan Noonien Singh 


Watto vs Neellx 


Yoda vs Gene Roddenberry 

The MacAddict editors are still duking it out over who has the cutest pet. Stay tuned. 

October 2003 Mac.4dclict 31 


Give us a week, and we’ll give 
you a whole new IVIac — one 
that’ll make you mere productive 
than you ever dreamed possible. 
We show you what products you 
need and how they work. Follow 
our tips, and we guarantee 
that in exactly seven days, your 
Mac — and your life — will be 
better for it. 

by Cathy Lu 




Find most of the apps 
mentioned In this article 
on this month’s Disc. 

32 MacAMict October 2003 

®*S^nfeed Mac 

Jk Having a dean desktop doesn’t mean 
I your files need be out of mouse’s reach, 

I Mac OS X has some great tools— like 
I the Dock— to help you stay organized, 

I Right off the bat, the Dock lets you drag 
folders and files onto it for quick access. Cool, 
but there aren’t many customization options. For 
example, if you drag a folder onto the Dock, you 
have to put it to the right of the Dock’s separator, 
and the files inside are arranged in alphabetical 
order when you click and hold an item. A quick tip; 
If you want a file to rise to the top of the folder’s 
list, put a space in front of its name. 

2 If you want more control over folders 
and files in the Dock, try DockExtender 
($20, DockExtender 
lives in System Preferences and lets 
you put up to 10 different navigable 
folders on the applications side of the Dock (the 
more-coveted area /e/it of the separator). Via 
the DockExtender preferences pane, you can 
customize the folders you put in the Dock. For 
example, you can store files and folders from 
multiple locations in one Dock folder; put them 
in your own chosen order of hierarchy rather than 
alphabetically; and add dividers between your 
items so that the list is easier to navigate. Other 
perks; DockExtender can store AppleScripts, 
URLs, drives. System Prefs, recent applications, 
and other items besides just folders and files. 

DOCKEXTENDER gives you more control over 
everything in your Dock. 

Note to self: 


It even lets you to add a 
customizable menu to your 
menubar for an alternative way 
to access your favorite apps 
and files. 

^ If you’re a die-hard 
used and loved the 
- I shareware utility 
Neatnikon yourold 
Mac OS 9 or earlier system, you owe it to yourself 
to check out FolderControl for Mac OS X ($21.95, This nifty utility for the truly 
anal-retentive user— and you know who you are- 
gives you an unprecedented amount of control 
overthe organization and location of your Finder 
windows. FolderControl is especially useful 
if you prefer to have subfolders open in their 
own windows— you can use it to tell subfolders 
exactly where to appear relative to their 
enclosing folder’s windows. Neatness counts— 
and this app is truly neat. 


Clean Up Your Desktop 

If your desktop looks messier than your 
sock drawer-and yet you can’t help but 
stuff it with even more folders and files- 
then you’re what we’d call a desktop junkie. 
You get a high from keeping everything on 
the desktop because you think that means 
you can access what you need faster. The 
problem is that after six months go by, it s 
impossible to find what you need, and your 
beautiful Aqua desktop is now an eyesore. 

October 2003 MacAidict 33 

Jk Our absolute favorite anything-finder 
I is LaunchBar ($19.95,, 
I which places itself unobtrusively in 
I your menubar and locates anything on 
I your Mac without requiring you to ever 
leave your keyboard. Here’s how it works: You 
press Command-spacebar and start typing the 
name of what you’re looking for (a contact, 
picture, bookmark, folder, app, you name It), 
and LaunchBar lists your search results in a 

± O i 0 Mon 4:15 PM 1 

cats.jpg — ~/Pictures...000/02/14 cats 

cats.jpg — Pictures 

± ChangingTextStorage.html — Programming T 
i cats.jpg — Pictures 
5: cats.tif — MacAddict Work-Etc 
Y cats 2.tif — MacAddict Work^Etc 
? iChangingTextStorag€.htmt Programming 1 
? CoordinateSystems.html Programming Top^ 
j Cateqories.htmi -- Objective C ’ 

Press Command-spacebar to activate LAUNCHBAR, 
and then start typing the name of the item you’re 
looking for. 

drop-down menu from its menubar icon. Just 
scroll to the item you’re looking for, and select 
it— no navigating through the Finder or mousing 
around your system. 

Only thing is you have to train LaunchBar~but 
just a little. By default, the app only looks for 
items in certain folders, so if you create your 
own folders, say, on the hard-drive root level, 
you need to tell LaunchBar to search those 
folders as well. To do that, just open the app, go 
to Configuration > Open Configuration, click the 
Add button, choose Custom, and then navigate 
to the folder you want to add to LaunchBar’s 
search repertoire. One warning: Don’t tell 
LaunchBar to search every single folder on your 
Mac— that’ll slow It waaaa/down. 

n Fite Edit 


About This Mac 

^System preferences 

¥ 1 

fimpty folder 

Recent Applications 

> 1 

Recent Documents 

>■ 1 

System Services 


Force Quit.. 
Log Out.. 



Shut Down... 1 

Macintosh HO 

MacAddlct-Current Issue Folders 
October 2003 

Special Issue 2003 

To customize your Apple menu, use FRUITMENU. 

2 1s LaunchBar too complex for you? 

Well, luckily you have other options— 
ain’t the Mac grand? If you miss the 
good oT days of Mac OS 9, there are 
several apps that can help you bring 
order to your Mac while indulging a bit of 
nostalgia. FruitMenu ($10, 
lets you customize the Apple menu so that you 
can bring back the days of Recent Documents, 
Recent Applications, and Recent Folders. You 
can even replace the default Shut Down option 
with one that doesn’t ask you If you’re sure you 
want to shut down. (Or you can simply hold 
down the Option key while choosing Shut Down 
from the Apple menu— but then, where’s the 
nostalgic kick in that?) 

3 If you’re a fan of the old application- 
switching menu in the upper-right 
corner of Mac OS 9’s desktop, try 
ASM ($15, 

While you can get a similar-type 
menu using the aforementioned DockExtender, 
ASM has more features. For one, it lets you 
customize your menu so that you can add the 
same functionality you get in Dock contextual 
menus— for example, via the ASM menubar, you 
can shuffle to the next song or change a song’s 
rating in iTunes. 

Hide Crab 

Hide Others 

Show All 



il^ Finder 

^ ^ Crab 




0 0^* **'®*^**®*^®”* 




* {^safari 


il^ Sherlock 


ij#] System Preferences 




[gLl WeferencM... 

ASM lets you add a fully featured application - 
switching menu to your menubar. 

34 MacAddict October 2003 

Jk What do you do when your desktop 
I isn’t big enough to accommodate all 
I your open windows— besides buying 
I a second 23“inch Cinema Display, 

I that is? Simple. Just expand your 
desktop— virtually. Using VirtualDesktop ($30,, you can create multiple 
desktops that you can toggle between for 
different tasks. 

OK, we know the concept’s a bit abstruse— as 
abstruse as the word abstruse, in fact— so here’s 
an example: Let’s pretend you’re trying to finish, 
oh, an article on Mac organization, but you work 
better when your EyeTV’s on— and you could use 
a little inspiration from reading Entertainment 
Wee/c/y online first. Using VirtualDesktop, you can 
create an entertainment desktop that holds your 
EyeTV and Internet browsing window, plus a hard- 
at-work desktop to quickly switch to when your 
boss walks by. You can switch between desktops 
via the Pager palette, which shows you mini 
versions of your desktops (complete with icons of 
open windows), and you can drag windows from 
one desktop to another via the Pager. You can 
also toggle between desktops— and even specific 
windows within each desktop— via the Pager 
orthe VirtualDesktop menu that automatically 
installs itself in your menubar. 

One warning: Go into the VirtualDesktop 
Preferences, click the Applications tab, and 
select Automatically Switch To The Desktop 
Of The Topmost Window so that when you click 
an app in the Dock, it will bring you to the 
right desktop. 

2 If VirtualDesktop remains too abstruse 
for your tastes. Try WindowShade 
X ($10,, which 
hearkens back to the Mac OS 9 days 
when you could double-click the title 
bar of any open window and collapse the window 
so that all you saw was its title bar. WindowShade 
X brings back this ability, along with other cool 
tricks. For example. Control-double-click any title 
bar to make the window transparent so that you 
can see what’s underneath it. Even if you don’t 
find that feature useful, you gotta admit it’s nifty. 

you can view the 
virtual desktop you 
want to display when 
the boss walks by 
(left) or click in the 
Pager (lower-left 
corner) to display the 
virtual desktop you 
really want (above). 

allows you to set 
options either globally 
or app by app. 

Use WINDOWSHADE X to collapse documents and 
folders to their title bars. 


RghtOpen Window Madness 

You know the problem: YouVe ?ot 

.about as much chance of finding the one “ ajidyo^ 

lgoo_d thin, crust 


October 2003 MacAddict 35 

DAY 4 

MarshaLYoixB®^'^’^^ — 

i ^into anyoffic^njlyoull see CRTs and LCDs_ 

have revolutionized 

wallpap er^ 

familiar little sli£spjitickyj?aper 

thev'refartoo low-tech to receive the.. 

writtenj^ Mac-why 




take, to-do lists you need to compile, and phone 
messages you want to keep on hand in a simple 
list that slides out from your menubar. Check Off 
($5, is like a traditional 
to-do list, featuring check boxes that give you 
the satisfying feeling that you accomplished 
something when you check them. What we like 
about Check Off is its simplicity— you can add 
to-dos directly in the menubar, which makes 
entering tasks just as easy as writing a Sticky 
note. Shamefully, it does not currently support 

cut and paste, though the author promises to fix 
this in the next version. 

0 iPeskiQp 2} / 0 pa O ^ C Fri ] 

1 The quickest and easiest way to move 

1 your Post-it Notes from analog to 

p- • Phone messages 

1 digital is through Apple’s Stickles app. 

y « October issue 

□ Organization Feature-write 

1 which is included with Mac OS X— and 

0 SimOtv4 review 

1 also, for you luddites, with OS 9. Not 

0 Stugfest writing 

can you easily open and reposition new 

Privacy edit 

Stickles mini-windows, but also you can change 
fonts, add color and formatting to text, and even 
import images. You can easily resize windows, 
and a click in the bar at the top of each window 
collapses that window to display only the first 
line of text— a great way to save space. The price 
is right too: free. 

□ TOC 

□ Disc 

• Magazines to send 

• December issue 

Keep track of 
notes, to-dos, 
and whatever 
else you want in 

Even the busiest Mac addicts can organize their lives with 
Apple’s STICK1E5 app. 

3 BurnoutMenu ($5.95, www.clichesw 
.com) is another menubar-based 
task manager. But instead of using 
check boxes, it uses a colored-button 
scheme that lets you set priorities. 
When you finish a task, change the button 
to gray— a slightly less satisfying experience 
than clicking Check OfPs check boxes. Also, 
with BurnoutMenu, you have to add items via 
a separate window (as opposed to Check Off, 
in which everything happens via one window). 
However, BurnoutMenu integrates with your 
iCal to-dos once you have the iCal enabler file, 
and then enables iCal support. After that, all of 
your iCal to-dos show up in the BurnoutMenu— 
although if you have a lot of items, you’ll have 
a lot of scrolling to do. To-dos are listed by 
category, and categories are listed alphabetically. 
Sadly, you can’t collapse a group of to-dos under 
its category header. 

2 As useful as Stickles are, they have one 
major problem; Like 12-proof beer, too 
much of a good thing can actually be a 
bad thing. Before you know it, you’ve 
got Stickles all over your desktop and 
no idea which of them holds that important 
phone number you just gotta have right now. 

A great solution is to add a checklist to your 
menubar. Simply keep any notes you need to 

O Fri 3:29 PM i| ©P>t»ktei»2i [ -Jj ^ © •/ *^ 


Phone messages il/1) 
e cat! vet 415-920-6980 

September Issue 0/4> 

B Edit Panther 
9 Write Geek Quiz 
® Write Organization 
0 Write Entourage how-to 

Homt? fO/1) fiCah 


to-do list for 
your menubar 
integrates with 

36 MacAJdlct October 2003 

Jk If you don’t feel like spending 
I much— or any—money on this task, 

I then try a free solution like CiphSafe 
I (free,, which lets 
I you create a password-protected 
database to hold all of the information your 
brain can’t. Best of all, it’s easy as pie to use. 
CiphSafe uses two windows— one where you 
enter and view your data, and one where a 
list of all your entries appears. You can have 
CiphSafe generate passwords for you, and you 
can categorize your entries by retail, banking, 
and so on. 

Pastor (donationware, www.mehlau 
.net) does pretty much exactly what 
CiphSafe does— it creates a password- 
protected database to hold all of that 
secret info you don’t want to share 
with the world. The major differences are that 
Pastor’s interface is contained in one window, 
and it has no way of categorizing your entries— 
which can get mighty annoying if you have a lot 
of passwords. 

3 If you’re serious— seriously paranoid— 
about your passwords and other 
personal information, then you can 
invest a little cash and gain a lot of 
customizability. Serial Storage ($20, lets you create folders 
to categorize your entries, and depending 
on what kind of data you’re entering (serial 
number, credit card, or Web site login), the 
template changes to accommodate pertinent 
information. You can also add your own 
templates. Unfortunately, you can only create 
one database, so this app isn’t conducive to 
multiple-user Macs. By the way, no matter which 
of these three apps you pick, remember to do 

3 tfttriei, 0 Sfttocted ( CattflOfy < ( warch > 

Name Add to CiphSafe Passwords I 

Account: CATHY 

Password: f CATHY \ 


Categoiy: Retail | 

Yes, thars not the smartaat password in the worid.| 


CIPHSAFE is a simple and secure way to keep track 
of passwords and other minutia. 





Qrosoize Your Passwords and Sorial N uinbo rs 

yoy have a million cloudi ng your brain^anri an array of serial 

numbers you can never seern to you need to remstall your apps? 

Jt’s OK-we all do. Instead of trying to c ram even rnore random info into your 
gray matter-or keeping all of this personal informadon in an unprotected ~~ 
text documenianyone can steal from vourMac -it’s tim e to enteryou r 
passwords, serial numbers, credit card numbers, and b anking informa tion 
jnto an encry pted database. 

I , , 

one thing: Close the window whenever you 
leave your desk. Sure, you like your IT guy— but 
do you trust him? 

The Address 
Book Dilemma 


w. Optflkwwud 

f you’re a truly organized Mac 
addict, you have truly organized 
sets of contact names, phone 
numbers, and email and snail 
mall addresses— sets that am 
exactly the same on your home 
and office Macs, and on that 
PowerBookyou use exclusively 
for business trips and Starbucks 
afternoons. You’d think that 
keeping all of your contact sets 
in sync would be easy, no matter 
what email apps you use— after all, the Mac 
all about computing made easy, right? 

Wrong. Here’s the rub: If your email apps of 
choice are Mail at home and Entourage at 
work, you’ll run into trouble when trying to 
get their contact databases to play nicely 
together. At press time, there’s simply no 
easy way to grab new or updated contact 
information from both Entourage and Mail’s 
partner app, Address Book, and merge 
them into one database In perfect harmony. 
Microsoft tells us that there’s currently no 
automated way to grab just email addresses 
from Entourage and add them to your Address 
Book or PDA, Here’s hoping that someday 
the two apps will play in the same sandbox 
together. Until then, cut and paste is your 
best friend. 

* tHNOttiHIOnn 

e e A 

1 Max 

^ ^ ^NcwMtuwTo 

\unk ’ 

NM»4£.<«i f HWM I 

We had to enter contact 
info for MacAddict*s 

Max, into Apple’s 
(top) and Microsoft’s 
ENTOURAGE (bottom) 
separately. Can’t we 
all just get along? 

October 2003 MacAddict 37 

DAY 6 

step Away from the Spam 

of , our fata. After years of grumbtias about buud.ed 


emaiito;, »e Brrally irrstailed a spara-mtermg app. 

We couldn’t believo we didn’t do it earlier. 

- 0, course, if you’re using Apple’s Mail (laguar or lat ), 

uou’ye got built-in spam filtering that works damn we«. 

Butifyou’reusingEntourageoLanotheremai progta 


invest in a Client-Side filten ~ 

Jk Spamfire Pro ($39.95, www 

I runs as a separate 

I application from your email program. 
I You check your mail through Spamfire 
I Pro, and the app routs all good mail 
through to your in-box and filters out the crap. 
Spamfire's a pain in that you need to open a 
whole ’nother app to check your email, but 
it*s a pleasure in that it has built-in filters 
that the Spamfire’s publisher, Matterform 
Media, updates regularly (updates happen 
automatically when you launch the app, 
provided you’re online). Spamfire works on a 
points system, assigning a certain number of 
points for certain spammy characteristics, if a 
message exceeds a certain number of points, 
Spamfire flags it as that spicy luncheon meat 
we’ve all learned to hate, and won’t pass it 
through to your in-box. Watch out, though: 
Spamfire does flag some good emails as spam, 
so check the spam list once in a while and 
retrieve those messages. 


Start Filtering 

m w 

Delete E3elete All... Rescue Add Friend 

* iSoone 1 


168 "Vickie Freeman* <> 

^ 140 "Bud Ziesiter* <980qhxv5ll^> 

68 "" <adenl7^> 

•gj 126 "David" <GovlGrants36097S^arthHnk.nel> 
gi 245 <99vfidk8yk7rg@qualityi^^ 

gi 39 John <> 
g 174 "Cosmetiquel" <> 
g 83 "Brandi Engel" <> 

% 33 "Jonathan Ross" <> 
g 68 Caren Goodman <> 
g 318 "Captain Roon" <> 

You can view all of the messages SPAMFIRE flags as 
junk— as you can see, we have no shortage of crap. 

2 SpamSieve ($20, www.c-command 
.com) takes a different approach to 
spam. It uses Bayesian filtering (a spam- 
sniffing technology similar to what Mail 
uses), which learns what spam means to 
you by examining every single word in your email 
messages and comparing the message to other 
messages you’ve designated as spam. SpamSieve 
comes with scripts that work with Entourage, 
Claris’s Emaller, Qualcomm’s Eudora 5.2, Bare 
Bones’ Mailsmith, and CTM Development’s 
PowerMail. You install the AppleScripts for your 
specific program, and from there, you control your 
spam from within your email app of choice. 

For Entourage, we installed our scripts into the 
Entourage Script Menu Items folder (Users > 
username > Documents > Microsoft User Data > 
Entourage Script Menu Items). From there, we 
went into Entourage, created a folder called 

Format Tools Window Help aiffl 

Mail * Main Identity 



- Subject 

Victoria Kane be sure you get your 
# }enifer Morgan Home Office 
0 Heather Kemah... Alias Announces Maya i 
0 Nico Couoouvanis hamsteipants 
0 Narasu Rebba... Attached TOC 
0 Kris Fong Re: TOC and quick tipi 

0 Lammers, Suza... Sprint Announces Availi. 

darryl^dltoyd.... EZQuest FireWire & USB 4x OV... 

About This Menu... 

Create Event from Messag< 
Create Note from Message 
Create Task from Message 
Export-Import X 
Insert Text File... 

Save Selection... 
SpamSieve - Add Good 

SpamSieve - Add Spam 

SpamSieve - Mark if Spam 
SpamSieve - Move if Spam 

7/23/03 10:S2 .. 

Edit Rule 

ftult nam«: SpamSieve - Move irspem 


AddCriterioh U Remove cmeribh 

Execute I if ail criteria are met 

[ Ail messages Nsl 


0 ^ Add Action Remove Action 

Run ^>pieScript f Script.. 

; SpamSieve - Move If Spam\cmM 

Do riot othSr rules to messitges that nteet these critsrie 

0 Enabled 

f Cancel ^ 

To tell SPAMSIEVE that a message is junk, run the 
Add Spam script (top). If Entourage is your email app 
of choice, SpamSieve makes it easy to set up a 
spam-squashin* Rule (bottom). 

Spam, and set up a rule (Tools > Rules) to execute 
the SpamSieve Move If Spam script on all 
messages— this sends all messages designated 
as spam to that folder. Initially, you need to train 
SpamSieve which emails are good and which 
are bad by highlighting good messages and 
applying the Add Good script (from Entourage’s 
AppleScript menu), then selecting junk messages 
and applying the Add Spam script. Once you 
train it, SpamSieve’s accuracy is fantastic. This 
accuracy, plus the fact that SpamSieve integrates 
right Into your email program, makes it our 
preferred filter. 

38 MacAddict October 2003 

JL The de facto backup solution 

I is Retrospect Desktop ($129, 

I Retrospect is 

I expensive and the poster child for 
I convoluted interface design, but it has 

a lot of high-level functionality. For example, it 
has the ability to make progressive backups— 
that is, it backs up your files incrementally 
and will remove files you deleted. This helpful 
capability means that if you need to restore 
your system, you'll get a mirror image of what 
you had when your drive went south. Plus, the 
slightly less capable Retrospect Express is 
bundled with a number of products, such as 
Symantec's Norton SystemWorks— you may 
already own it. 

1 ^ ; Backup - Back up Fites to I01$k 

H iKk uO IQ IDilk i si 



;1D0MB ^ 

MCK up 



Last K^cd Up 

Ip Address Book contacu 




pi Stickles notes 



■ □ 

[p iCa) caltndan 



! C 

(j| Sefari settings 



: ^ 

pi Internet Explorer settings 


' c 

pf Keychain (for passwords) 


! □ 

P AppteWorks files In Home folder 



■1 Q 

Pi Excel flies In Home folder 



IP FileMaker files in Home folder 

' Q 

pi ITunes playlist 




im PowerPoint files In Home folder 




H Files on Desktop 


H October 2003 


1' j Personal'weddino stuff 


BACKUP’S QuickPicks feature searches out a variety 
of files by type and function, wherever they may be 
located in your Home folder. 

2 If you're a .Mac subscriber ($99.95 

peryear,, you already 
have a solution to your backup 
challenge— one with the marvelously 
inventive name of Backup. This useful 
member of the .Mac-service family allows you to 
backup to your .Mac iDisk or to a CD-R/CD-RW or 
DVD-R disk in your Mac's internal Combo Drive 
or SuperDrive. A nifty feature called QuickPicks 
helps you find all those hidden-but-useful 
files you might miss otherwise— for example, 
Safari Bookmarks and iTunes Playlists— by 
automatically locating them for you. You can 
also schedule backup to your iDisk that will run 
unattended, and use the single-click restoration 
function to put files back where they belong. 

3 Backup doesn't get any simpler than 
LaCie's free downloadable utility, 
SilverKeeper (free, www.silverkeeper 
.com)— too simple for our taste, 
although the price is right. Choose a 
source, choose a destination, and then click the 
big ol' purple Go button, and the backup begins. 



a ® 


[ Backup Set 

^ Kirby 

s Lompy 

P Edit 

P Master 

Tstatus I Schedute ]| Options 

LMt BKkup: M«n, Aug 4, 2003 1 1 :50 AM 

Items Copied: 1985on98S Data Copied; 1,572 H8oM. 572 MB 
Avaflable; 205.2 CB 

Begin Backup 
Note; FUe(s) copied 

The main letdown is that there's no scheduling 
option in the Mac OS X version— you need to 
start the backup manually each time. Yeah, there 
is a Schedule tab in the SilverKeeper dialog, 
but all the choices are grayed out. According to 
LaCie, the company plans to “enable scheduling 
capability in a future release”— but that quote’s 
been on the company’s Web site for a loooooong 
time. Hey, at least it's free. 

4 If you’re looking for an easy solution 
that has scheduling, take a look 
at DejaVu ($14.95, http://, which runs 
from within Mac OS X's System 
Preferences. Simply go to the Deja Vu 
preferences pane, set up what you want to back 
up, where you want to back up to, and either 
run it manually or schedule it to run at a certain 
time. We used Deja Vu to back up our important 
work files to a second hard drive and our iPod. 
Supposedly, Deja Vu is able to back up to a 
server, but we had problems getting this to 
work. Still, most home users will want to back 
up to CD, DVD, ora second hard drive, so this 
limitation isn’t a deal-killer. 


It’s simple. It’s 
It’s free. It’s 

1 ^ - — i in G03r 

No ™,e excoses: Irsttoj 

^ rv Now that MacAddict editor Cathy Lii has organized her 
rM Mac, she*s going to start color-coding her underwear 
drawer and arranging her socks alphabetically by brand. 

October 2003 MacAddict 39 


by Narasu Rebbapragada 

Mac users like to 
believe email and 
Internet security 
fraud primarily 
plague Windows 
users. Not true. 

C onsider Vitaly Jones. As 
reported in MacInTouch’s 
Internet Fraud Reader Reports 
(, he 
spammed a list of email addresses 
with the “too-good-to-be-true” offer 
PowerBook G4 with SuperDrive for 
$1,125.” Unfortunately, some souls bit 
the bait and now the U.S. Secret Service, 
along with Apple, is investigating. 

Sure, we Mac addicts aren’t as highly 
targeted as the PC crowd— we’re not 
home free either. Here are some quick 
tips for avoiding some of the most 
common types of fraud. 


Common sense is your best weapon 
against the likes of Vitaly Jones. If you 
can’t contact vendors any other way 
than through the spam they send, be 
very suspicious. 

Savvy spammers know that, so they 
try to appear legitimate via scams the 
Federal Trade Commission calls spoo/?n^ 
and phishing. Spoofing is the practice 
of changing an email’s From and Reply 
To headers to a seemingly official email 
address like eBay, AOL, or PayPal. 

Phishing is the practice of embedding 
in email the URL for a fake Web form that 
contains ripped-off 
graphics and text from 
official sites. When you 
fill in that information, 
your information just 


MacGPG1.2.1r2, and 
NetBarrierXIO.1 demo 

goes back to the spammer. 

To protectyourself against spoofing 
and phishing: “Look at the header of the 
message to see where it comes from,” 
says Eric Wenger, an attorney with the 
Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of 
Marketing Practices. Even if the From 
and Reply To addresses look legitimate, 




/security.html) Apple’s own page about 

Mac QSX’s security^ 


($50, The industry-standard 

email-encryption app. 

the full Internet headers (View > Internet 
Headers in Microsoft Entourage X or View > 
Show All Headers in Apple Mail) reveal the 
real path the message is traveling. 

Above all, don’t send or store credit 
card, password, and social security 
number Information in email. Hackers 
can snoop your email, which transmits 


(free, http://macgpg, 

The open-source alternative to PGP. 


The latest In Mac security news and products. 

MACSCAN (free, http;// 
Checks your Mac for spyware. 


tr Fite Edit View Co Window Help 

40 MacAddict October 2003 


C O Wed 4:12 PM 

as straight ASCII text, using tools such as 
the Unix command snoop. If you have to 
send emails with sensitive information, 
use an email encryption program such 
as PGP 8.0.2 Personal for Mac OS X ($50, Alternatively, the poor 
man’s encryption algorithm is to break 
up the information into multiple emails. 


($69.95, Offers more 
control and features than Mac OS X’s 
built-in firewall. 


( Like SecureMac 
but with forums. 


( A hacker’s site that 
fills you In on what the other side’s up to. 


Don’t overlook the obvious. Ne’er- 
do-wells can walk up to your Mac and 
then walk off with your passwords and 
other personal information, so encrypt 
sensitive files, folders, and passwords 
with Apple’s Disk Copy and Keychain 
Access applications (Applications > 
Utilities). Disk Copy lets you make 
128-bit AES (advanced encryption 
standard) encrypted disk images. 
Keychain Access encrypts password 
data with 3DES (triple digital encryption 
standard). FYI, experts prefer 128-bit 
AES encryption to the theoretical 
112-bit key encryption of 3DES. 

You can also use Keychain Access 
to set your Keychain to lock while your 
machine is asleep or not in use (Edit > 
Keychain name Settings). 

Apple’s next generation of Mac OS 
X, Panther, provides even better file 
security via FlleVault, which encrypts 
your entire home folder with 128-blt 
AES encryption. 

Slightly more sophisticated ne’er- 
do-wells can install otherwise useful 
keystroke loggers like Burning Bytes’ 
MonitorerX ($11.95, www.burning- to record every keystroke 
you make. Find and trash them using 
apps like MacScan (free, http://, which checks 
your Mac for keystroke loggers, Trojan 
horses, and other spyware. 

jinT SHOP 

Even legitimate ecommerce activity can 
endanger your personal information. 
Last May, a Canadian security 
researcher calling himself Null found 
a way to access Apple Store account 
information, including credit card digits. 
Null reported his findings to Wired 
News, which alerted Apple, which fixed 
the problem within a few days. 

To protect yourself, shop only at 
secure sites with Web-store URLs that 
begin with https://, which stands for 
HTTP Secure. Your browser will also 

display a dialog or a lock icon. Most 
major browsers support SSL (secure 
sockets layer) and TLS (transport layer 
security) encryption protocols, both of 
which use the https:// prefix. 

Second, use Mac OS X’s built- 
in firewall, located in the Sharing 
preferences pane to turn on and off 
open network ports (they’re off by 
default) used for file sharing, printer 
sharing, FTP access, and remote access. 
Logging in to an FTP (file transfer 
protocol) server transmits a text 
message that includes the FTP login 
information, as does logging in to a 
network remotely via Telnet. To bolster 
security in these areas, Apple employs 
Secure Shell (SSH) for encrypting 
Telnet sessions and the WebDAV 
file-management protocol for remotely 
transferring files to iDisk Web servers 
(WebDAV is considered more secure 
than FTP because it takes advantage 
of the security features supported by 
the HTTP protocol.) 


“Stay current with patches,” says David 
Goldsmith, a director at @Stake, a 
security-consulting firm. True, those 
Mac OS X software updates can be 
annoying and may seem trivial, but 
between the Norwegian and Chinese 
language updates Apple includes fixes 
for security holes. 

Goldsmith should know. He found 
one such hole— a logic flaw that affected 
root-level directory services— that 
savvy hackers could exploit to escalate 
their privileges in your system. “They 
could monitor email, look at files on the 
system, and basically have complete 
control over the computer,” Goldsmith 
explains. Goldsmith notified Apple of 
the breach by email. In about two weeks, 
Apple created a patch that came out in 
the Mac OS 10.2.5 software update. 

MacAddictne^Ns editor Narasu 
Rebbapragada wants to protect her Mac 
with a laser tripwire alarm system, but her boss 
won’t let her. 

October 2003 MacAldict 41 


Check Out My 
Disc Factory!” 

Connect to any Mac 

Robotic Disc 

Introducing the new $1995* 

Bravo™ Disc Publisher 

"I used to bum CDs one at a time on my Mac. Then I printed sticky 
labels and tried to get them on strai^t. It took me hours to make 25 
discsl Now, with my Bravo Disc Publisher, everything's automatic. It 
bums, prints and moves the discs back and forth all by itself. This thing 
is great! It really saves our company a lot of time and money!" 

For details and a free sample CD-R printed and recorded on 
Bravo, call 1.800.486.0553 (USA and Canada) or 763.475.6676. 

E-mail to 
Or visit us at 

*Manufaaurer*s Suggested Retail Price in the USA; reseller prices may vary. tRequires Mac OS X v10.2 or later. 
Bravo is a trademark and Primera is a registered trademark of Primera Technology, Inc. Windows is a registered 
trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer. Inc registered in the U.S. and other 
countries. The "Built for Mac OS X" graphic is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc, used under license. All other 
trademarks are the property of their respective companies. O 2003 Primera Technology, Inc All rights reserved. 



T iijbniy thing worse thanJSaiting for Appfe's 
anriounced-bfit not-yet^ai^ Power Mac 
G5 waiting for^ur 400 MHz Power Mad G4 (aka 
Cra shmaste r l V) . We ease# so me of the pai n by 
stoking it with a hot -rod Mercury Extreme G4 ? 

processor upgrade (pictured here). Although it 
does a great job of resembling the condo we built 
\n SimCity 4, It won’t let us play that game, much 
5jess Unreal Tournament 2003: Modern software 
frequ ires more than just megahertz— up-to-date 
video andlmassive hard drives are required too. 
So we’ll kill time making pretty CDs with the two 
disc- printing devices we reviewed this month, 
and de scratching our iPods with a new product 
weVe all been screaming for. Then well hold our 
collective breath until the G5 arrives and we can 
see for ourselves just how fast fast is. 


50 Allegro FWBQO FireWife 800 PCi card 

58 Astra FS1 80 fitrti scartner 

54 BloadRayne third-p&rson action game 
53 Brava Disc Publisher disc publishing system 
50 Cobra FiraWire80a/U8BII HD FireWire 800 hard drive 
61 DLO Action Jacket iPod case 
GO Export Mouse optical trackbail 

59 Ice Creme acrylic polish and scratch remover 

50 LaCie FireWire 8 DO PCI Card FireWire 800 PCI card 

60 LapTop Desk laptop stand 

46 LeicaD'Lux 3r2-megapii<et digital camera 

61 MacShinz iBook cover 

58 Mercury Extreme G4 G4 processor upgrade 

Mac^ddlct ratings 


r\ / 

Mac4ddlct RATED 



Mac4ddlct RATED 


Mac4ddJct RATED 



ftfec..Wpd rated 



Mac4ddict RATED 

ooooo ■ 



You’ll be 
blown away. 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 

You'll be. 

pissed off. T 

1 I W 1 ftpMB 

better living through smarter shopping 

50 Mercury FireWire 800 PCI FireWire 800 PCI card 

47 Nisus Writer Express word-processing 
50 OrangeLink FireWire 800/1394b PCI Card 

FireWire 800 PC! card 

Compatible with 
Mac OS X or later. 

Compatible with 
Mac OS 9 or earlier. 

If we were 

tg for this 
type of product, 
this is the one 
vwe’d buy. 

60 PocketMouse SE travel mouse 
57 SimCity 4 civilization -building sim game 
48 Studio TVR OV converter and TV recorded player 
52 Stylus Photo 900 inkjet photo and disc printer 
56 Tropico Mocho Macho Civitizaiion- building 
strategy game 

44 Unreal Too rnameni 2Q 03 first- persort shooter 
59 Visual Thesaurus thesaurus software 



62 The best of the best tram recent reviews. 


October 2003 MacAddict 43 


The UT landscape has always been Ig 
scattered with bounteous booty in 
the form of weapons, ammo, and 
power-ups that increase your health 
and protective shielding, and give you 
temporary powers. Most of the previous 
version’s power-ups have been replaced 
by Adrenaline, which you accumulate 
by collecting capsules scattered 
throughout each level and by killing 
opponents. Amass 100 Adrenaline 
points, and you can activate Speed, 
Invisibility, Regeneration (of your health 
points), or Berserk by entering the 
following keystrokes. 

Speed; forward, forward, forward, forward 
Regeneration: back, back, back, back 
Invisibility: strafe-right, strafe-right, 
strafe-left, strafe-left 
Berserk: forward, forward, back, back 



Unreal Tournament 
Z0Q3 demo 

The view from a 
good sniper spot, 

October 2003 


better living through smarter shopping 

Unreal Tournament 2003 


the full UT y ^ / ^ 

M armory) must r / 

^ kill to keep up > 

^ its health until 
it's killed by another 
player, who then takes . 
his place as the Mutant. 

It’s sort of like tag, only bloodier. In the 
second, Invasion, all players fight an 
infestation of big, mean, hairy, fireball- 
throwing bugs, and their bigger, meaner, 
uglier humanoid chaperones. Finally, 
there’s Last Man Standing, a game from 
the original UTin which players gain 
health points for kills. 

The playing fields provide more of 
the balanced UT mix: crowded hallways 
where your rocket launcher can take you 
out along with your mark, and wide-open 
environs such as the multitiered rooftops 
in the Skyline and Plunge levels, where 
reduced gravity allows for amazing hang 
time when you’re jumping from here to 
there. You still have to watch your step, 
though, lest you leave a small crater in 
the unseen depths below after a fall, or 
get picked off by an enemy sniping from 
anywhere— thaVs 360 degrees around, 
above, and below. 

Many of the battlegrounds are 
updated versions from the previous 
release. We love the new Face 3, Lava 

B lood and gore. Violence. More blood 
and gore. More violence. Unreal 
Tournament 2003 richly deserves the 
Mature rating it earned for its grisly, 
nonstop action. Dismembered body 
parts thump wetly as they rain down. 
Snipers’ headshots litter the ground with 
burning corpses. Blood doesn’t splatter, 
it showers. Cool. 

UT 2003 isn’t much different than 
its predecessor, and we’re glad—don’t 
mess with a good thing. It’s just bigger, 
better, and bloodier. And it includes the 
traditional Deathmatch (kill everything 
that isn’t you). Team Deathmatch (kill 
everything that isn’t on your team), 
Capture the Flag (steal the enemy team’s 
flag while protecting your own), and 
Double Domination (vie for control of 
two bases with your team). But it also 
includes a new game called Bombing 
Run: a ball-and-goal-based team game 
that plays like rugby— rugby with big 
guns, that Is. 

Bombing Run has nothing to do 
with bombing. Two teams fight 
for control of a ball; picking it up 
changes your weapon into a ball- 
thrower for passing the ball to 
a teammate or firing it through 
the enemy’s goal to score 
three points. Of course, real 
warriors will jump through 
the goal instead, earning 
seven points—often with 
a glorious death. The 
MMin tricky part 
is that like 
■jlMH Capture 

Flag, you can’t use your Personal 
Teleporter while carrying the 
ball— and unlike CTF, you can’t xAflC 
even fire a weapon. It’s great fun, 
and you get an announcer worthy of a 
monster-truck rally. 

What can we say about the sequel to 
the game that’s still our favorite diversion 
more than three years after its initial 
release? Well, the last time we reviewed 
Unreal Tournament (Apr/00, p52), our 
main complaint concerned the game’s 
setup interface. Changing any of the 
game settings in the original UT sucked 
because the interface was so slow and 
unresponsive— besides being as ugly 
■ as a Windows stepchild. 

In 2003 you get a smooth, 
responsive interface that’s 
much faster than the old 
one. It also looks better— 

. it’s still a far cry from OS 

X’s Aqua delights, but who 
/ cares? It works great. 

Ifyou’re ticked that 
UT2003 hit the Mac 
; " a I m 0 St a y ea r a f t e r i t s PC 

release, revel in this: The 
Mac version Includes 
^ extras out the wazoo 

\ that weren’t included 

\ vyith the first release. 

V We Mac addicts get 

1 booty from two bonus 

I packs— including 14 

V extra maps— as well 

ft as three additional 

ft game types that offer 

■ slight variations on 
M the usual UT carnage. 
M In the first, Mutant, 
H whoever scores the 
■ first kill becomes 
H the Mutant, who 
M (stocked with 


' > 

Giant 2, and Phobos 2. Overall, the 
graphics are stunning and big enough 
to occasionally make our Dual 1.2SGHz 
Power Mac's Radeon 9000 with 64MB of 
VRAM skip a frame— but not often and 
only on the hugest maps. 

Of course, you need some help to 
compete in these even niore futuristic, 
brutal, and deadly worlds. UT has you 
covered. For starters, warriors (thafd 
be you and your peeps) are bigger and 
stronger, and can jump higherthan ever 
before. If you tap the space bar to jump 
and realize you’re not going to make that 
ledge, you can press the space bar again 
at the height ofyour jump for a boost, 
Michael Jordan double-pump style. You’ll 
also find a new type of ground score 
scattered throughout the levels: The 
standard 10- and 25-point health packs, 
100-point Big Keg O’ Health, Double 
Damage inducer. Shield and Super Shield 
Packs— and, of course, weapons— are 
plentiful. Plus, there are new Adrenalin 
capsules that give you temporary special 
powers like Speed and Invisibility when 
you really need them, instead of instantly 
when you happen to find the power-up, 
as in the old UT. The Adrenaline system 
is a huge improvement, allowing smart 
players to strategize and use the special 
powers more effectively (see “Pill- 
Poppin’ Power,” previous page). 

Most of UT’s weapons, including 
the Flak Cannon, Minigun, Shock Rifle, 
and Rocket Launcher, are back and 
essentially unchanged. So is the big 
boy: the one-shot Redeemer. But if you 
think the Redeemer’s personal nuclear 
missile was impressive, try the awesome 
new Ion Painter. It’s a simple ion rifle 
that doesn’t cause any immediate 
damage when you tag your target with 
its harmless laser beam— however, once 
the satellite- based fon Cannon picks up 
the mark, stand back (actually, run far 
away). The resulting two-terawatt blast 
of ionized plasma vaporizes everything 
within a 50 -meter radius of its target 
(check out "Mew Superweapon: The Ion 
Painter," right). 

The single-player game is a 
ladder-style tournament, where you 
and your team of computer-controlled 

bots fight other teams in each 
of the four main combat types. 

It took us a weekend to finish 
the game at Average difficulty, 
but we’re pansies— there are six 
difficulty levels above Average. 
Throw in the extra maps, new 
game types, and fun Mutators 
(turn on Big Head, and each 
player’s head size grows to 
reflect their kill status in the 
game— great fun!) that come . ■ 
pre-loaded in UT 2003 for 
the Mac, and this game can 
last a long time even if you 
don’t have Internet access. 

But competing with other 
humans on a local network 
or the Internet is the real 
UT addiction, and it’s been 
improved for 2003. Besides 
the smoother interface 
for finding online games, 
the network performance 
is allegedly fast enough 
to play over a 33.6-Kbps 
modem— but you’ll still 
want a fast DSL or cable 
connection for optimal 
online play. 

unabashedly violent 
mayhem (coordinated, 
unabashedly violent 
mayhem in the 
games) isn’t for 
everyone, but if it’s 
your thing, Unreal 
Tournament 2003 


UT 2003’s new superweapon lets you 
rain down hellfire from above in the 
form of ionized plasma streams from 
the satellite-based Ion Cannon. 

First, we identify the target; alt-fire 
activates a zoom-in scope. 

In a few moments, the satellite-based 
fon Cannon locks on. 

This would be a good time to run like hell. 

IS your game. 
—Hlko Coucouvanls 

And there goes the neighborhood 


An Internet connection gets you in on the live 
multiplayer action, and also reveals a wealth 
of free UT add-ons: maps, player skins, mods, 
and mutators— all created by other UT fans, and 
all ready for you to download for free and use 
to add new battle arenas and other elements 
to your game. Try, 

Venture online, and you can play UT, and in this giant-sized bathroom. 


CONTACT: 800-229-2714 or 612-249-7600, 

PRICE: $49.99 

(excluding 12-inch PowerBook), Mac OS 
10.2,6, 256MB RAM. 3GB disk space, 


GOOD NEWS: Awesome action. Improved 
interface and network performance. 

BAD NEWS: Massive levels make even a high- 
end Mac stutter. Still no level editor for Macs. 

MacAddict rated 



T better living through smarter shopping 

Leica D-Lux 


This marvel of German design also takes great photos. 

T he 3,2-megapixel Leica D-Lux 
is a class act. Not only does its 
minimalist design make It a museum- 
worthy collection piece, but it includes 
an extra 3.6 Lilon battery, a 90-minute 
quick charger, an ample 64MB SD 
memory card, and a suave leather 
camera case. 

Though it weighs only 7 ounces, the 
camera’s elongated body size of 1 by 2 
by 4.5 inches gives it perfect balance. 
Every control is in the right place; it’s 
truly a one-size-fits-all camera, be your 
hands large or small. And with a top 
shutter speed of 1/2,000 of a second 
(auto) and a fast f-2.8 lens, there’s not 
much it can’t handle. 

Flip the power switch to On and in 
less than 2 seconds the built-in lens 
cover slides to one side, allowing the 
35mm-to-105mm (35mm equivalent) 
Vario-Elmarit Leica lens to telescope 
into position. A flick of the zoom rocker 
switch adjusts your field of view in the 
big, bright optical viewfinder (or on the 
1.5-inch LCD monitor), and you’re ready 
to shoot. 

If you’re a novice, the Auto setting 
will do a great job. Want more control? 
Place the mode dial on Program and 

you can fiddle with variables, including 
flash modes, exposure compensation, 
bracketing (three pictures taken 
automatically at different exposures), 
light metering, resolution (four choices), 
compression, white balance, and ISO 
(up to 400 for low-light or action shots). 
All that’s missing is shutter-speed 
control— a feature lacking on most point- 
and-shoot models, which we can partly 
get around by adjusting the ISO. 

You can also dial in special modes 
such as Macro (close-ups to 4 
inches). Portrait (for soft, out-of- focus 
backgrounds), Landscape (to retain 
sharpness from foreground to Infinity), 
Night (long exposures up to 8 seconds). 
Palette (warm, cool, and black-and- 

The D-Lux does extremely well at 
capturing high-contrast shots without 
munging the color as many cameras do. 

white effects), and Movies-With-Sound. 
Tucked into the middle of the mode dial 
is a Series button for sequence shooting 
of up to five high-resolution images at 2 
to 4 fps— perfect for sports shots. 

Menu diving is required only for setup 
or occasionally used settings. Three 
buttons and a four-way rocker switch 
control all key functions such as LCD 
display status (off, info showing, no 
info), viewing the last picture taken 
without leaving Record mode, setting 
the flash, activating the self-timer, 
deleting Images, accessing menus, and 
quickly compensating for overly bright 
or dark scenes. 

Flash reach was about 10 to 12 feet, 
stretchable by hiking the iSO to 400. We 
got about 110 images per battery charge 
with 50 percent use of the monitor and 
flash. Shot-to-shot time was very fast, 
about a second or less. Playback was 
even faster, and zooming in 8xto scroll 
around and check image details was 
a cinch. There was virtually no delay 
(shutter lag) between pressing the 
shutter button and actually taking the 
picture. And image quality was superb— 
ll-by-14. 5-inch display prints came out 
tack sharp and color accurate. 

Try as we might, we couldn’t find 
anything about the Leica D-Lux we 
didn’t like. In both form and function, it’s 
virtually flawless. Although utilitarians 
can find more functionality and image 
quality for the D-Lux’s $900 price tag, this 
camera is a thing of beauty that promises 
to be a joy forever.— Arthur Bleich 

The D-Lux*s Macro setting captured this 
little flower perfectly at full telephoto from 
about a foot away. 

COMPANY: Leica Camera REQUIREMENTS: USB-equipped 
CONTACT: 201-767-7500, Mac. Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x or 10.1 orlater 
PRICE: $900 

GOOD NEWS: Superb image quality. Solid-metal parts. Three-year 
warranty. Free name engraving. Excellent manual. Feature-packed. 
BAD NEWS: Limited production. Pricey. Creates irresistible 

MacyAddict RATED 



46 MacAklict October 2003 



Nisus Writer Express 


Young and promising, Nisus Writer Express lives up to its 
venerable ancestor~but doesn’t eclipse it. 

T here are two ways to update classic 
software to run natively in OS X: 
the quick-port way, which results in 
bloated, processor-and-memory- 
hogging behemoths like Microsoft Word, 
and the ground-up way, which requires 
developers to rewrite their software for 
OS X from scratch. The latter approach 
usually results in leaner, meaner apps 
such as Nisus Writer Express. The trade 
off is development time and, in this 
case, a lack of feature parity with the 
previous version. 

Express launches fast, reads and 
writes Microsoft Word documents, and 
has jack-be-nimble text handling-even 
on a 600MHz iBook. But Express isn’t 
a full Mac OS X port of the mature 
Nisus Writer 6 we reviewed a couple of 
years ago (Jun/01, p58). Diplomatically 
speaking, this zippy new app has more 
potential than polish. 

Classic Nisus Writer was a tough 
act to follow. In Express, many of its 
predecessor’s niceties are AWOL. 

For example, Express doesn’t tweak 
spaces when you delete a word or 
paste a sentence, and doesn’t have 
interactive typo correction— the 
spelling checker will flag “ahve” but 
won’t correct it to “have.” We also 
encountered an odd bug where the 
checker would flag correctly spelled 
words for no apparent reason— 
though not on every Mac we used for 
testing. (This is one of many glitches 
Nisus has promised to fix.) 

Other functions have been 
stripped to bare bones. For starters, 
Word Count can’t do a total word 
count of multiple open documents, 
can’t display document stats side by 
side with selected text stats, and has 
no grade-level readability ratings. 

Also, while classic Nisus Writer 

had powerful and 
flexible headers 
and footers, in 
Express you can 

have only one set of 
even and odd headers 
and footers for each 
section, there are no 
Roman numerals for 
page numbers, you 
can’t restart numbering 
midstream, and you 
can’t delete headers 
and footers altogether. 

Overall, Express’s 
header control is about 
equal to Microsoft 
Word’s, but it falls far 
short of classic Nisus 
Writer. That said, unless 
you’re writing a novel or 
two, you’ll gladly trade 
these shortcomings for 
Express’ spry performance. 

Express opens classic Nisus Writer 
documents as read-only, 
and the conversion isn’t 
perfect. On a very long 
(500-plus page), complex 
classic document. Express 
dropped most headers and 
footers and font changes, 
and all paragraph and 
character formatting— 
though It did preserve 
the margins (whoopee). 
Shorter docs generally 
retained the paragraph 
and character formatting 
but not font changes. 
Ironically, Express is better 
at reading Word documents 
than classic Nisus Writer 
docs, importing both fonts 
and formatting. It doesn’t 
preserve Word’s comments, 
tracked changes, or tables, 
but many users won’t miss 
those features anyway. 

Much as we love seeing 
Nisus Aquafied for Mac OS 
X, adopting the OS X look 
and feel made PowerFind’s 

advanced features more difficult 
to use. Adding more-complex 
pattern matching to yourfind-and- 
replace query now requires opening 
the huge, floating PowerFind Browser 
window, which appears in front of the 
document window and often hides the 
find-and-replace dialog’s text-entry 
boxes. If you don’t need to find, say, 
every date between December and May, 
you’ll never be bothered to use the 
PowerFind Browser. 

Advanced features like PowerFind, 
long-document support, and complex 
headers are what made classic Nisus 
Writer an exceptional alternative to 
Word, despite its lack of tables. Nisus 
Writer Express is a solid little word 
processor, but It’s no Word-killer. 

Express is still a good solution for the 
Nisus-faithful looking to move to OS X, 
and a decent option for reading Word 
documents without Word’s high price 
tag— unfortunately, it’s also lacking 
classic Nisus’s completeness. Nisus 
Writer Express is “express” in the best 
sense of the word: It’s quick, stable, 
affordable, and gentle on your system. 
We can’t wait for it to mature. 

—MaryE, Tyler 

The formatting 
drawer covers 
the basics, 
and you can 
even customize 
it by adding 
or removing 

yf ON THE 


Nisus Writer Express 
1.Q demo 


CONTACT; 800-890-3030 or G3, Mac OS 10.2 

PRICE: $59.95, $34.95 (upgrade from Nisus Writer 6.0) 

GOOD NEWS: Speedy. Exceiient basics. 

Good Word support. 

BAD NEWS: Wonky interactive spelling checker. 
Iffy support for classic Nisus Writer documents. 

MacAJdict RATED 


October 2003 MacAddict 47 


V better living through smarter shopping 

studio TVR 


T aking the place of the Studio DV 
{Reviews, Jul/01, p48) at the high 
end of Formac’s lineup is the Studio TVR, 
which adds TV tuning and recording to 
the already cool analog-to-DV-and- 
back-again capabilities of the Studio 
DV. If you’ve already got a bad TV habit 
(ora habit of watching bad TV), ora lazy 
streak, be warned— this thing makes TV 
abuse all too easy. 

With the addition of an internal TV 
tuner, which accepts any video source 
on the other end of a coaxial cable, 
the Studio TVR will attempt to locate 
your local programming based on a few 
questions and then scan through yodr 
available frequencies. After the Studio 
TVR sniffs out signals that are strong 
enough for a good picture, you have 
the option of saving and labeling up to 
125 of them with icons (just what you 
happen to be doing with a bunch of TV 

We’re thrilled with the Studio 
TVR’s capabilities and 

network icons lying around is anyone’s 
guess), and flipping through them as if 
you were watching TV— which is what 
you are in fact doing. 

Endless channels of broadcasting 
won’t do you much good, though, unless 
you have a way to organize them— and 
the thoughtful folks at Formac have 
teamed up with TitanTV to lubricate your 
TVRing. A visit to TitanTV’s Web site 
helps isolate your available channels 
and offers a single-click method for 
downloading program data to your Mac. 

The vaguely iCal-ish Studio TVR 
software lets you point and click your 
way to a schedule of programs to 
record. If you allow it to, the Studio 
TVR software will awaken a sleeping 
Mac you can record your soaps or 
automatically grab that elusive Buffy 
the Vampire Slayer episode while you’re 
out on the town. 

You’d better have enough disk 

space for all that 
boob tubing, 
though— Formac 
suggests allowing 
13GB per hour of DV 
recording. You can 
adjust compression 
settings to use any 
QuickTime codec 
if you’re short on 
space or don’t 
need DV-quality 

In addition to 
the thrill of coming 
home to a weekend’s 
worth of hand-culled 
network or cable 

television, the Studio TVR also provides 
composite (RCA) and S-Video inputs 
and outputs, meaning you can digitally 
archive any analog media you have 
lying around. Capturing video from a 
VCR is painless; to be honest, though, 
we had more fun recording spectacular 
victories in Tekken 4 via our PlayStation 
2’s composite jacks. Your mileage, as 
always, may vary. You can even pipe 
your digitally formatted video the 
otherway and record to a VCR foryour 
techno-challenged friends. 

Although Formac would prefer 
that you use a Mac equipped with an 
800MHz processor, the video crunching 

• {ov/pvCTtg-wwc 

pw »»cond: 8 ~] i 


QUhwilWina»» ^ 

The Studio TVR looks exactly like Its Studio DV bro, but it*s smarter. 

is done largely in the Studio TVR, 
sparing your CPU— we tested on two 
sub-500MHz machines, which were 
able to record just fine. If you encounter 
problems like stuttering audio or 
dropped frames, you can lower the 
recording quality. 

If you’ve got old home movies to 
digitize, just plug your VCR into the 
Studio TVR; iMovie treats this duo like 
a camera and sucks the video right into 
your project’s clip shelf. For finished 
projects that need no polish or editing, 
there’s also MPEG2 export, so you can 
mix your audio and video and burn a 
DVD orSVCD. The most recent version 
of the included software is 
also AppleScriptable (and 
includes a few example 
scripts), meaning it’ll be 
easy to Integrate scheduling 
into other applications as 
the need arises. 

Bottom line: We’re so 
thrilled with the Studio 
TVR’s capabilities and 
performance that we 
forgot to hassle Formac for 
reusing its oddball case 
design, which we’ve been 
griping about for years. 
—Paul Yoon 

The Studio TVR software lets you tweak basic settings for 
DV- conversion quality. 


COMPANY: Formac 
CONTACT; 877-436-7622, 
PRICE: $399 

REQUIREMENTS: G3 or later 
(800MHz recommended), built-in 
FireWire, Mac OS 10.2 or later, 
QuickTime 6 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Easy setup. Integrated DV encoder spares your 
Mac. Fun with video games. Analog archivist’s dream. 

BAD NEWS: Guaranteed to increase your TV intake. Won’t eke 
good reception out of bad antennae. DV files eat disk space. 

Mac/lddict RATED 



48 MacAldlct October 2003 


H H H At your side. 


© 2002-2003 Brother International Corporation, Bridgewater, NJ. • Brother International Corporation, Nagoya, Japan 
For more information please visit our Web site at • <^1 trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

The most evolved 
eomputers now have 
multi-functions and 
printers to match. . . 

From $1499 

When it comes to imaging solutions that are 
every bit as innovative as your Mac, we're 
the only name you need to know. 

That's because our award-winning line of 
Mac-compatible printers and Multi-Function 
Center® models are designed to deliver 
both maximum performance and value. 

From our full line of high-quality 
printers (including the HL-5070N, the first 
printer to support Rendezvous’”), to versatile 
all-in-one multi-function units which print, copy, 
scan, and more, you'll find our products are 
every bit as evolved as our customers. 

From $249 


From $129 

From $199 — 

From $449 

MacConnection, MacZone, Microcenter, CDW, Office Depot, 
Staples, OfficeMax, Fry's, J&R Computer World, 
and Apple Stores (or 

From $179 

- ^ 

01 - From $349 

cpi/j REVIEWS 

O W better living through smarter shopping 

FireWire 800 PCi Cards 

800/1 394B PCI CARD 

B eing Mac addicts, we pay close 
attention to a product's industrial 
design and functional aesthetics— but 
rarely when we're evaluating PCI cards. 
Those we just stick inside a Power 
Mac and quickly relegate to out-of- 
site, out-of-mind status. However, in 
evaluating these four FireWire 800 PCI 
cards, there's little besides looks to 
differentiate one from another. 

All four are completely plug- 
and-play— no driver installation or 
configuration required. All four are built 
around one FireWire controller that can 
feed up to 63 devices (FireWire 800 
and/or FireWire 400) through three ports 
on the card. All four work in either 32- or 
64-bit PCI slots. All four sport an internal 
power connector in case you need 
more bus power than the 30 watts your 
Mac's PCI bus pushes natively. None 
of the cards ships with the required 
power cable— but you probably won't 
need it anyway, as FireWire 800 drives 
are generally hefty, high-performance 
beasts that require their own dedicated 
power supply. 

Their performance is similar as well. 
All four cards perform within a 2 percent 
margin of error when compared to the 
onboard FireWire 800 port on our Dual 
1.25GHz Power Mac test platform, 
transferring files back and forth from 
the Mac to a pair of EZQuest Cobra 
FireWire 800 drives striped into a 
high-performance RAID 0 array at 
speeds up to 50MB per second. And 
that's using a real-world test— moving 
2GB files back and forth— not some 
surreal-world benchmark. 

All four cards are backward- 
compatible to support FireWire 400, 
but only one— the OrangeLink— 
provides a six-pin port alongside two 
nine-pin ones, so you can plug your 
legacy devices right in without the 
adapter or cable you'd have to use (and 
find on your own) with the LaCie, OWC, 
or Sonnet cards. This convenience 
tipped the scales in the OrangeLink's 
favor— if you have a dockable iPod and 
an iSight, that extra FireWire 400 port 

will come in mighty handy. 

To really appreciate FireWire 800, we 
clocked the FireWire 400 performance of 
both the Dual 1.25GHz Power Mac and 
a 400MHz Power Mac. The performance 
difference isn't necessarily surprising, 
but it's huge. FireWire 400 performance 
on that three-year-old PowerMac— 15 
to 20 MBps— is less than half as fast as 
FireWire 800 on the Dual 1.25GHz Mac 
and the FireWire 800 cards. The Dual 
1.25's FireWire 400 performance is in 
between, at around 28 to 30 MBps. 

So do you need a FireWire 800 card? 

If you have a brand-spankin' new Mac 
or a G5 on the way, probably not, but if 
you need extra speed now, these cards 
will provide it. Remember, though, that 
to get the most out of FireWire 800 you'll 
need to buy more drives and create 
a multidrive RAID volume- a costly 
endeavor.— M//co Coucouvanis 

Cobra FireWire 


G ot data? Purveyors of digital 
media— electronic musicians, 
photographers, videographers, and 
anyone who works with huge files- 
know that a hard drive can never be 
too fast or too capacious. EZQuest's 
latest Cobra model, a 250MB beast 
supporting high-speed FireWire 800 
and USB 2.0, fills the bill. And in case 
your Mac isn't ready for the next- 
generation interfaces, the drive is 
backward compatible, running just as 
well (but slower) when connected via 
FireWire 400 or USB 1.1. 

Inside the Cobra's case Is a 
whopping 250GB ATA/lOO 7,200- 
rpm hard drive equipped with the 
industry standards for this type of 
storage device: an SMB cache buffer 
for quicker access to frequently used 
data and the new Oxford 922 FireWire 
800 bridge. In layman's ternis, think 
honkin' big and honkin' fast. 


COMPANY: Sonnet Technologies 
CONTACT: 949-587-3500, 
PRICE: $89.95 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac with available PCi slot, Mac 
OS 10.2.3 for FireWire 800 (10.2.5 recommended) 

GOOD NEWS: Groovy purple 

(Circuit board. 

BAD NEWS: Costliest 
card— by 95 cents. Optional 
power cable not included. 

Macx4ddict RATED 




EZQuest includes everything you need 
to use the drive with your Mac— and then 
some: nine-pin-to-nlne-pin and six-pin- 
to-nine-pin FireWire cables (for FireWire 
800 and 400, respectively), and a USB 
cable. The Cobra also comes with Dantz 
Retrospect Express for automating your 
data backups, and Intech Speed Tools 
for setting up the drive. Speed Tools isn't 
required, though— Mac OS X recognized 
the drive unassisted. 

In action, the Cobra matched similar 
FireWire 800 drives we've reviewed 
from LaCie and Other World Computing 
(see Reviews, jun/03, p47, and Jul/03, 
p53, respectively), reading and 

Don’t let 
the chubby case 
fool you: This 
Cobra FireWire 
800 drive Is 
screamin’ fast. 

50 MaCyAddict October 2003 

photography by mark madeo 




CONTACT; 503-844-4500, 

PRICE: $79 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac with available PCi slot. 
Mac OS 10.2.4 for FireWire 800 

GOOD NEWS: Nothing sped 


BAD NEWS: Optional 
power cable not included. 

MacAldct RATED 



800 PCI 

CONTACT; 800-275-4576, 
PRICE: $75.99 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac with available PCi slot, Mac 
OS 10.2.3 for FireWire 800 (10.2.5 recommended) 

GOOD NEWS: Least expensi 

ve card. Groovy purple 

circuit board. 

BAD NEWS: Optional 
power cable not included. 

Mac4ddlct RATED 



COMPANY; Orange Micro 

CONTACT: 714-779-2772, 

PRICE: $89 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac with available PCI slot, 

Mac OS 10.2.4 for FireWire 800 

800/1 394B PCI CARD 

GOOD NEWS: Six-pin FireWi 

re 400 port. Includes 

BTV Pro video software. 
BAD NEWS: Optional 
power cable not included. 

MacAddct RATED 




writing our 2GB test file at up to 42MB 
per second. The same test topped out at 
30 MBps when we connected the Cobra 
to our Dual 1.25GHz test Mac's FireWire 
400 port, Reading and writing smaller 
files, both a single 100MB file and a 
100MB folder of 4MB files, the Cobra 
performed within milliseconds of the 
Mercury Elite Pro— for example, both 
drives read and wrote 100MB to and 
from our text Mac's FireWire 800 port In 
2 to 3 seconds. 

For even better performance, we took 
two Cobras and used Mac OS X's Disk 
Utility to stripe them together into a 
high-speed 500GB RAID 0 (redundant 
array of independent disks) volume. 

This setup achieved sustained speeds 
in the 50-MBps neighborhood. That 
may not sound like much 
compared to FireWire 800's 
theoretical maximum of 100 
MBps, but in real-world use, a 
sustained 50 percent of most 
throughput specifications' 
theoretical maximum is very speedy 
indeedy— AirPort wireless networking, 


Rather than chart out the more or less 
identical performance of the EZQuest 
Cobra when connected to each of 
the four FireWire 800 upgrade ca^rds 
reviewed here, we cooked up this 
to show the metrics of FireWire 
400 versus FireWire 800, both on 
single- drive volumes and oh two 
Cobras sfriped together in a 
RAID 0 array, 

for example, makes half of its claimed 
top speed sporadically, and only under 
ideal circumstances. 

it's hard to complain about the 
250GB Cobra; It's fast, reasonably 
quiet, solidly built, and freakin' huge. 
On the 
it's about 
a hundred 
bucks more 
than drives 
of the same 

400MHz Power Mac 64 

Perfonnancelri relation to AtiOMHz Power Mac 
Longer bars are better. 


capacity and speed from EZQuest’s 
competitors. For now, 250MB is 
the biggest hard drive mechanism 
you can buy, and EZQuest wraps 
it up right nice in the Cobra. 

— /V//CO Coucouvanis 

REQUIREMENTS: FireWire-equipped 
Mac (FireWire 800 recommended), 

Mac OS 8.6 or later 

CONTACT: 714-694-0031 or 
888-898-8380, w\ 
PRICE: $569 

GOOD NEWS: Fast Handsome, stackable case. 
Includes every cabie you might need. 

BAD NEWS: Internal power supply necessitates noise- 
inducing fan. More expensive than the competition. 





October 2003 MacAidlct 51 


better living through smarter shopping 

Stylus Photo 900 


I n the time-honored tradition of vanity 
license plates, souvenir-from-the- 
mall T-shirts with your face emblazoned 
across the front, and more-legitimate 
forms of personalizing your possessions, 
Epson's Stylus Photo 900 prints directly 
onto special CD and DVD discs. The 
novelty factor is still a few steps ahead 
of the print quality (on discs as well as 
paper), but the Stylus Photo 900 prints 
well enough to make us feel OK about 
the $200 investment. 

Spec-wise, the Stylus Photo 900 is a 
respectable but not outstanding photo 
printer, providing borderless prints at 
4 by 6, 5 by 7, 8 by 10, and 8.5 by 11 
inches; resolution up to 5,760 by 720 
dots per inch; and claimed print speeds 
of 9 pages per minute for black text and 
50 seconds per 4 by 6 color photo. Those 
speeds, however, are at the printer’s 
lowest quality, no-frills setting— a 
borderless 4 by 6 at top quality took 
over 8 minutes. 

Print quality is good, but there’s a 
catch— it’s only good at the higher- 
quality settings. In the default 

Automatic mode, we tried both available 
options: Speed and Quality. Both had 
extremely poor shadow detail. Crank 
it up to Advanced Settings and pick 
Best Photo or Photo RPM (resolution 
performance management), and you’ll 
get a darn good print, with tight details 
in the shadow areas and good color 
accuracy— but it’ll cost you about half 
an hour. 

Text came out only slightly fuzzy 
at 12 points— pretty good for a photo 
printer— and was still legible, though 
fuzzier, at 5 points. 

This handy tray helps keep discs from 
becoming coasters. 

The printer’s best trick— printing on 
discs— took about 4.5 minutes per disc 
(3.5 at low quality). Epson’s bundled 
version of Magic Mouse’s Discus 
labeling software is slightly friendlier 
than the version bundled with the 
Bravo Disc Publisher (see next page), 
in that Epson’s provides dynamic visual 
previews to help you align your design 
to the discs’ margins more easily. Both 
versions of Discus include over 100 
sample designs, plus unusable previews 
of hundreds more as an enticement 
to upgrade to the full version. It’s a 
decent collection, and you can jazz it up 
by adding text, importing photos and 
graphics, or creating your own labels 
with Discus’s basic graphical tools. 

Of course you have to use special 
printable CD or DVD media— we used 
Memorex Printable CD-R media (30 on 
a spindle for $14.99, www.memorex 
.com). Don’t expect crystal-clear 
prints— all of our disc prints came out 
sharp enough, but with disappointingly 
dull, muted colors. 

The 900 uses two ink cartridges, one 
for black, one for the other five colors 
(cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light 
magenta); replacing them will set you 
back $23.70 and $28.45, respectively. 
Epson boasts of its special large- 
capacity color tanks affording more 
color prints per cartridge, but we weren’t 
terribly impressed to see the Remaining 
Ink Level readout dip below 50 percent 
after about four dozen photo prints at 
the Quality setting: 12 each at 8.5 by 11, 
5 by 7, and 4 by 6, and 12 CDs. 

If you’re still labeling your CDs and 
DVDs the old-fashioned way, by printing 
on adhesive labels which you then stick 
on the disc— or going rea//y old school 
and using a marker— more power to ya. 

If you want to do it right (and quell your 
fears about sticking a paper-labeled 
disc into the oh-so-slim slot-loading 
optical drive In your PowerBook), it’s 
worth putting up with the less-than- 
photo-quality disc prints-especially 
if you regularly give discs as gifts or 
are really anal about keeping your 
backups labeled. Neatly labeled. 

— W/'/co Coucouvanis 

CONTACT; 800-463-7766, 
PRICE: $199 

Mac, Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x or 10,1 or later 

GOOD NEWS; Lets you label discs without resorting to markers 

MacAldict RATED 

or stick-on labels. Included Discus software is easy and capable. 
BAD NEWS: Good prints take a looooong time. 


Disc printing is weak. 


52 MacAldlct October 2003 

photography by mark madeo 


Bravo Disc Publisher 


W e’re all about working smart— which 
means deputizing technology to do 
our grunt work so we can focus on more 
important stuff, like golf. Primera’s Bravo 
Disc Publishertakes the tedium out of 
duplicating CDs, combining a 52X CD 
burner and four-color inkjet printer, and 
tieing it all together with a smart robotic 
arm that moves discs from input tray to 
burnerto printer to output tray while you 
sit around looking smart— or dumb, if golf 
knickers are your thing. 

The Bravo’s prints came out at 
near-photo quality. 

We passed on the recommended test 
run and loaded up the Bravo with 25 
blank discs. The burning phase was a 
short shift with Bravo’s 52X burner under 
the hood, but printing took some time— 
about 4 minutes per disc. However, time 
is irrelevant— well, sort of— since the 
Bravo system is fully automated. You can 
load up a job, press the button, and go 
get a sandwich; that’s what we did, and 
returned to find 25 copies of our band’s 
demo CD in 2 hours and change. 

To our surprise, the Bravo printed 
discs much more clearly than the Epson 

Stylus Photo 900 (see previous page) 
did— possibly because Bravo prints 
to discs and discs only, not paper, 
transparencies, envelopes, roll paper, 
and discs, as the Epson printer does. The 
Bravo's prints came out at near-photo 
quality, without the washed-out look 
afflicting all of the discs we printed on 
the Stylus Photo 900. The Bravo even 
provided accurate colors for the most 
part— not bad at ail for a four-color 
printer. What’s more, discs came out dry 
enough to stack in the Bravo’s output 
tray— the Epson’s printed discs came out 
tacky enough to pick up a thumbprint. 

In the box you get everything you 
need: smart documentation in the 
form of a sensible quick-start guide 
and thorough user manual; FireWire 
and USB cables for data transfer and 
device control, respectively; software 
(Charlsmac’s Discribe for burning and 
Magic Mouse Production’s Discus for 
designing labels); and ink for the printer. 
You even get a sample (four pieces) 
of Primera’s printable CD-R media— if 
you buy this device, you’ll surely want 
more (and lots of it), and Primera sells a 
dizzying array of supported speeds and 
bulk-purchase options, as does your 

The Bravo Disc Publisher’s output (right) 
is far superior to that of the Epson Stylus 
Photo 900 (left). 

local electronics superstore. 

An optional Kiosk Mode kit ($49.95 at 
Primera’s Web site) doubles the Bravo’s 
capacity by using both input and output 
trays for input, and then depositing the 
finished discs in a bin on the front of 
the device. 

The included disc-burning and 
-labeling software works fine, but isn’t 
integrated as smoothly as it could 
be: You start by mastering the disc 
In Discribe, an altogether pleasant 
experience, complete with buffer- 
underrun protection and test-writing 
and -printing capabilities (no discs were 
harmed in our testing). Designating the 
label introduces a slight hitch: You can 
navigate to an existing image, or you can 
launch Discus, design your label, save it 
as an image, and then return to Discribe 
and designate the image you just 
saved— either way, there’s no dynamic 
preview to help align your design to the 
CD’s dimensions. Not a deal killer by 
any means, but we always appreciate 
the little niceties of integration, like the 
visual previews of the disc’s outer and 
inner margin we get when using the full 
commercial version of Discus (or the one 
Epson bundles with the 900). 

Even though it dashed our / Love 
/.ucy-inspired fantasies of automation 
gone horribly awry, we dig the Bravo Disc 
Publisher. Though its 25-disc (or optional 
50-disc) capacity would be tedious on a 
really big job, Bravo is just the thing for 
small-to-medium runs, it’s not cheap, 
but the results aren’t cheap-looking 
either.— /V/Zco Coucouvanis 

This unassuming box burns and prints discs with minimal help from you. 


COMPANY: Primera Technology REQUIREMENTS: 700MHz G4, 

CONTACT: 763-475-6676, Mac OS 10.2 or later, 128MB RAM, 6GB disk space, FireWire port, USB 

PRICE: $1 ,995 (CD only), $2,495 (DVD-R/CD-R) port, printable-surface media 

GOOD NEWS: Great print quality. 

Fast burner. Easy to use. 

BAD NEWS: 25-disc capacity doesn’t 
go tar. Expensive. 

Mac>Addict RATED 



October 2003 MaOWdict 53 

Blood Rayne 


B loodRayne is a sexy, stylish, and 
sadistic game. Its namesake is 
a buxom half-vampire heroine that 
dresses for bondage, sounds orgasmic 
while feeding, and dismembers enemies 
with panache. Her persona creates high 
expectations for this action-adventure 
title, but ultimately she*s all dressed up 
with no place to go— the game’s combat 
and story line are not as creative as she 
and the rest of the personalities 
that inhabit it 

Agent BloodRayne makes Lara 
Croft look like Disney’s Little 
Mermaid. Blame hervampire 
father, who raped BloodRayne’s 
mother— mindless brutality seems 
to run in the family. Her half-breed 
status has its advantages, though: 
BloodRayne enjoys all a vampire’s 
perks with none of the drawbacks. 

Ironically enough, BloodRayne fights 
evil— including those ever-reliable 
villains, the Nazis, who have tapped into 
an ancient religion that brings the dead 
back to life to wreak havoc on the world. 

BloodRayne has a variety of deadly 
weapons to vanquish these SS freaks, 
the first being silver swords attached 
to her wrists— handy for dismembering 
Nazis, flying occult worms (called 
Daemites), full-fledged vampires, and 

other baddies. She also has supernatural 
jumping abilities and three vision modes: 
Her Aura sense guides her to her next 
objective and tells her how strong her 
enemies are. Her Dilated Perception, a la 
The Matrix and Max Payne^ slows down 
time so she can dodge bullets in slow- 
mo. Extruded View gives her long-range 
snipervision. BloodRayne also raids 
dead Nazis and storage crates scattered 

BloodRayne the best way to vanquish 
gains energy groups of enemies, and 
by consuming its intensity increases as 
enemy blood. you progress through the 
game’s levels. 

Gameplay starts out slow, but picks 
up about halfway through the two-disc 
game. First, BloodRayne has to visit a 
sleepy bayou town in Louisiana to save 
townies who speak bad Franglais from 
slothful zombies and mutant spiders 
called Maraisreq. Yawn. 

Then she heads to Argentina for some 
shooter action, killing off a series of 
Nazi officers and learning more about 
the evil they’re trying to invoke. The 
action’s somewhat anemic, since to 
maintain health BloodRayne can simply 
feed off the hundreds of dim-witted Nazi 
minions milling around. However, killing 
Von Blut, the Thule Priest boss, is more 
challenging. (Hint: Attack from behind.) 

About halfway through the 
Argentinean underground, the plot 
and combat pick up when BloodRayne 
fights her blonde and buxom nemesis. 

Dr. Bathory Mengele (satisfyingthe 
classic teenage boy’s girl-on-girl fight 
fetish), and then travels through some 
graphically creative and beautiful temple 
underworlds. Finally, she resurfaces in 
Germany for the best action of the game, 

Mutant blood provides energy. Watch out for Blood Rage. Flip-kicking Nazis is fun. 

throughout the game to amass a vast 
array of pistols, shotguns, machine 
guns, rocket launchers (our favorite), 
dynamite, and grenades. 

Killing enough enemies works 
BloodRayne into a frenzy that climaxes 
into what’s called Blood Rage. In 
this mode, BloodRayne literally sees 
red while performing mind-blowing 
acrobatics that send body parts flying 
and make blood spurt. Blood Rage is 

where she combats more Nazis, New 
Guinean vampires, bat creatures, and so 
on. And you thought you had a tough day. 

BloodRayne is entertaining, but once 
you’ve been wowed by BloodRayne 
herself, the game’s story line isn’t 
creative enough to capture true 
adventurers, and Its combat isn’t inspired 
enough to satiate die-hard shooters. It’s 
a solid hybrid— but not much more than 
that— Narasu Rebbapragada 


COMPANY? Aspyr Media 
CONTACT: 512-708-8100. 
PRICE: $29.95 

REQUIREMENTS: 450MHz 64 or faster, Mac 
OS 10.2 or later, 256MB RAM, 2GB disk space, 
graphics card with 32MB VRAM 

GOOD NEWS; Sexy, Badass dismemberment. 
BAD NEWS: Combat uninspired in places. 
Tired story line. 

Mac>Addict RATED 



54 Mac>4ddict October 2003 


Suggestive Themes 

m Have 

vu mune munirjiviim 

than most Others do in a 

iL-ivU-.i Authorized Electronic Qistribu^t^^^ 

NIGHTF3RE Interactive Game (ell object cede, ail ott>er ^ftware components and certain audio visual coniponenits only) © 2003 Electmnic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, EA GAMES and tho EA GAMES logo are tradernarbs Of 
regislered trademarl(s of Eleclronic Arts Inc. In the tJ.S! and/or ottw &iM>nlrles/A[r^^^^ resort. NlGBTFFRE Interactive Game (certain audiovisnaf components) © 2002 Danjad, LEC, and United Artists Corporation. JAMES 
BOND. 007, James -Bond Gun and iris Logos and all other James Bond related Irademarhs TM Daniaq, LLC. James Elond, 007, James Bond Gun and Iris Logos and all other James Bond related properties © 
1962-2002 Baiiiaq, LiC, and United Artists Corporal ion. NfGHTFIRE is a trademark of Danjaq, LiC, and United Artists Corporation. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish used under license from Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, Ford 
Utotor Company. All rights reserved, EA GAMES''^ is an Electronii: Arts^^ brand. Made in the U.S.A. The ratings icon is a registered trademartt of the Interactive Digital Software Association, The Aspyr logo is a 
trademark of Aspyr Media, Inc. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc,, registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other tradeniarks and trade names are the property of their respEclIve owners. 


better living through smarter shopping 

Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition 


Paradise can be a dangerous place: Here a massive earthquake rips 
across your tropical isle, while a hurricane rages overhead. 

j Ay Caramba! Dust off the 
I bongo drums and slap on 
some sunscreen. Tropico, 
that refreshing island- 
domination game, is back 
for another generation of 
dictators, political intrigue, 
tourism, and martial law. 

If you missed this 
tropical-island game the first 
time around, grab a copy 
of Tropico: Mucho Macho 
Edition. In this bargain 
two-CD package, you get 
the original Tropico (see 
Reviews, Oct/01, p 6 2), the 
Tropico: Paradise Island 
expansion pack, 12 all-new 
scenarios, more than two 
hours of award-winning 
Tropico Latin music, a digital 
version of the original strategy 
guide, and a video about the making 
of the game. 

You play the brave new leader of an 
impoverished small banana republic 
somewhere in the Caribbean. Your job 
is to maintain power— how you do that 
is up to you. You can raise an army and 
rule your population with an iron fist, or 
you can turn your mind to economic and 
social problems and make your islanders 
happy campers. 

It*s an easy game to learn, but if s 
tough to win. Your people are poor, 
scratching out a living on peon wages. 

Whetheryou dominate or placate 
them, you need money. To rule a 
happy populace, you must supply 
better housing, schools, hospitals, 
entertainment, and jobs. But domination 
is no cheaper. Ifyou wantto keep your 
people docile and avoid revolution, you 
need a contented army, and that also 
costs a lot of pesos. 

Subjugation was key in the earlier 
game. It was fun to see how nasty 
one could be. But dictatorship and 
possible overthrow are only part of the 
package In this version. Now you’ve got 
tourism and natural disasters to worry 

about. Your island is in the 
middle of Hurricane Alley, and 
random hurricanes, tropical 
storms, and earthquakes can 
do massive mischief to your 
economy. Not only do they 
wipe out buildings and 
destroy production and 
infrastructure, they also send 
tourists fleeing. 

There’s a bevy of new edicts 
and construction projects 
to play with, as well as an 
extra hour of catchy island 
music for easy listening. New 
buildings include villas, a 
colonial fort, condominiums, 
a furniture factory, and an 
army base (conscript at will, 
generalissimo). To make life 
more fun for tourists, there are 
movie houses, tennis courts, charter 
boats, and even miniature golf. Some 
annoyances have been corrected as 
well. Workers still mill around, but 
building has been speeded up, and now 
you can cancel a construction project 
and get your money back. 

Tropico fans will be pleased by the 
improvements and extra play, but true 
delight is reserved for those who never 
sampled the sly humor and tropical 
charm of the original. This is easily one 
of the most creative and entertaining 
management games you’ll ever 
play.— yo/?n Lee 

If s good to be da king— a hurricane just 
flattened most of this landscape, but El 
Presidente’s palace remains unscathed. 

Keeping tourists happy requires theaters, 
luxury housing, and diversions such as 
deep-sea fishing. 

In a scenario reminiscent of GllUgan*s 
Island, these stranded islanders must 
build an airport to escape. 

CONTACT: 763-231-8100. 
PRICE: $19.99 

REQUIREMENTS: 350MHz G3 orfaster, 
Mac OS 9.1 or 10.1.5 or later, 400MB disk 

GOOD NEWS: Same great Tropico with a lower price, 
way more gameplay, and twice as much great music. 
BAD NEWS: Construction can still be slow. Workers 

MacAldict RATED 


still mill around. 


56 MacAddict October 2003 


SimCity 4 


I f you have ever wanted to run for 
political office but were afraid that 
spotty past of yours might keep you from 
getting elected, SimCity 4 is the game 
for you. It lets you create and govern any 
number of cities in a region and set up 
their relationships with each other. You 
have total control, from what your land 
looks like (flat, mountainous, teeming 
with deer, and so forth) to the type of 
community (agrarian, industrial, and 
so on). 

After you choose a 
region to develop and 
pick a chunk of pre- 
divvied-up land, you 
can go into God mode and 
use terraforming tools 
to shape the landscape. 

God mode also lets you 
wreak fun havoc like 
makingthesun shine 
24-7 or unleashing 
disasters, such as a 
tornado or giant attacking 
robots, on your Sims. 

OnceyouVe sculpted 
the land to your liking, 
you name your city and 
start zoning. You Ve got 
100,000 Simoleansto 
put to work building 
residential, commercial, 
and industrial areas in 
your city. That 100 Large 
(thafs $100,000) may 
sound like a princely 
sum, but don't forget— you also need to 
build roads; provide power, water, and 
trash disposal; educate your Sims; and 
build hospitals, fire stations, and other 
components of a functioning community. 
All of this costs money, and therein lies 
the first challenge: It's really easy to 
go into Michael Jackson-esque debt. 

You have to start slow and watch your 
spending— and because you can't spend 
money like the proverbial drunken sailor, 
the game starts out kind of dull. 

Another problem: The game was a 
bit sluggish, even on our Dual 1.25GHz 
G4s. One look at the graphics explains 
why— they're incredibly detailed and 
beautiful when you're zoomed in on 
your city. Guess we'll need one of those 
G5s (hint, hint). Speaking of graphics, 

You can import the 
characters you've created in 
The Sims. Yes, even pets. 

Welcome to SimCity 4: urban 
sprawl at its finest, 

we encountered a couple of 
little glitches— for instance, 
when you scroll and 
sometimes when you zoom, 
the buildings disappear from 
view for a moment or two. 

One nice addition is that 
you can move individual 
Sims into houses and see what kind 
of jobs they get. You can even import 
characters you've created in The 
Sims— though unfortunately, you can't 
control them (or watch them shower). 
The bottom line is that if you like games 
of this Ilk, you'll enjoy this very solid 
update of a classic.— Cafhy Lu 


COMPANY: Aspyr REQUIREMENTS: 500MHz 63. Mac OS 10.2, 256MB RAM, 

CONTACT: 888-212-7797, 1GB disk space, ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce card {32MB 

PRICE: $49.99 VRAM or better) 

Mac/4ddict RATED 



GOOD NEWS: Beautiful graphics. More control than ever. 
BAD NEWS: A few graphical glitches. A little choppy. 
Gameplay can get boring. 

v\A/vw.s u perscru bbertcom 

(503) 520-9500 

©2003 Jiiva, Inc., and its licensors. 
All rights reserved. 


Getting rid of an old Mac? 

Data on your Mac is recoverable 
even if you delete files, trash 
files, or reformat your hard drive. 
Permanently remove data with 
SuperScrubber's military-strength 
disk sanitization. 

Mac^dcfict RATED 






My school 
can't take 
the risk 

of someone 
accessing our 
student and 
files on our 
old Macs 


better living through smarter shopping 

Mercury Extreme G4 


G4 upgrades like OWC*s Mercury Extreme looked much 
better before Apple announced the G5. 

W e threw our G5 lust to the wind and 
gave the Mercury Extreme G4 a 
chance to impress us. It looks great on 
paper, augmenting its 1.4-1.467GHz G4 
processor with a healthy 2MB of level 3 
cache. It runs in both Mac OS 9 (9.2.1 or 
later) and Mac OS 10.1 or later, with no 
utility software to install or configure. 

The installation manual is brief but 
packed with enough photos and a 
jumper-block diagram so that installing 
the card in any supported Mac is 
relatively simple— we got it into our 
400MHz G4 inside 10 minutes. 

Since our test Mac is at the bottom 
of the supported-Macs list, we saw 
an appreciable but not mind-boggling 
performance gain. Some Photoshop 
tasks, like the processor-intensive 
Unsharp Mask, were up to twice as 
fast with the new processor, but for 

most tasks, including 
launching Photoshop, the 
speedup was more in the 25 
percent range— not terribly 
impressive considering 
we more than tripled our 
processor’s power from 
400MHz to 1.4GHz. 

The only real glitch we 
encountered was insomnia; 
owe warns that the 
Mercury Extreme doesn’t 
support deep sleep in 
some Mac models. Indeed, 
our Sawtooth G4 dozed 
off and awoke to a kernel 
panic. Once we slid the 
Put Computer To Sleep Whenever It’s 
Inactive For slider to Never, the Mac was 
rock solid. 

We’ll hold out for a shiny new G5; if 

you have to squeeze more life out of 
your early-model G4, you will notice 
the Mercury Extreme difference and 
appreciate \t—Niko Coucouvanis 

COMPANY: Other World Computing 


GOOD NEWS: Less than half the price of a new 

MacAddict RATED 

CONTACT: 800-275-4576, 

AGP Graphics (Sawtooth), Gigabit 

Power Mac. 


Ethernet, Digital Audio, Quicksilver. 

BAD NEWS: G5 Power Macs are right around the 

PRICE: $589.99 

Quicksilver 2002 

corner. Sleep disorder. 


Astra FS180 


C onsumer-level film scanners are 
a rare breed. Umax’s Astra FS180 
is a fine specimen with easy operation, 
high-quality output, and a potentially 
fatal flaw—it doesn’t work in Mac OS X. 

This single-pass, 32-bit color film 
scanner accepts 35mm roll film, slides, 
or filmstrips, and offers hardware 
resolutions as high as 1,800 by 1,800 
dpi, with interpolated resolutions 
reaching 3,600 by 3,600 dpi. Scan 
quality is surprisingly good, approaching 
the quality of some of the big-bucks 
Nikon film scanners we’ve tested. Color 
renditions are very accurate, fine details 
are crisp and clear— the quality of the 
scans are comparable to those provided 
on a CD from your local photo-finisher. 

When we scanned 35mm slides at the 
FS180’s maximum optical resolution, 
and printed 8 by 10 prints of the scans, 
the output quality was excellent. 
Interpolated-resolution scans showed 
some image degradation, especially 

when we printed images larger than 
8 by 10. 

The FS180 easily accommodates 
slides, roll film, and cut film, and has 
a nice weighty base that stays in place 
while you’re loading your film. Bundled 
software includes Adobe 
Photoshop Elements and 
SilverFast SE; a USB cable Is 
also included. The feature-rich 
SilverFast SE scanner driver will 
run in Mac OS X, but it won’t 
recognize the FS180— not even 
in the Classic environment. 
Photoshop Elements and the 
way-competent SilverFast SE 
certainly are a bodacious bundle, 
but the scanner’s lack of support 
for OS X kills the deal for us. That 
complaint aside, the FS180 is a 
fine choice— if you’re content to 
live in the past —Rick Sanchez 

A good price, good scan quality, and a nice software 
bundle make the FS180 a good choice— if you don’t 
mind scanning in OS 9. 



GOOD NEWS: High-quality scans. USB cable included. 

MacAddict RATED 


OS 8.6 to 9.2, 64MB RAM. 30MB disk 

Good price. 



PRICE: $199 

space, 2X CD-ROM drive, USB port 

BAD NEWS: Not compatible with OS X. Disappointing 
interpolated-resolution scans. 

58 MacAidict October 2003 



Ice Creme 


W ho says chemicals can't bring 
happiness? We’re jumping for 
joy after trying RadTech’s ice Creme. 

This iPod-refinishing kit consists of 
industrial-strength acrylic polishing 
compounds that usually come only in 
55-gallon drums, which the company 
has repackaged for the express purpose 
of restoring our abused iPods and 
iBooks to their rightful glory. 

To our delight and amazement, we 
used the included polishing cloths to 
wipe the scratches right off our iPod’s 
battered face— and we’re talking 
serious, deep scratches, as you can 
see in the photo at right The kit comes 
with two bottles of acrylic finisher, 
one for light abrasions, one for more 
severe wounds; RadTech also provides 

Before Ice Creme, we could barely see our iPod’s screen; 
afterward, we couldn’t believe our eyes! 

a couple of small chamois 
polishing cloths. For another 
$5, you can upgrade to Ice 
Creme M, which adds a 
metal polisher for cleaning 
an iPod’s backside. Ice 
Cream M put a great shine 
on our iPod’s back, but 
couldn’t undo the damage 
of our prior beer-fueled 
indiscretions with a Dremel 
moto-tool engraver. 

Simply put. Ice Creme 
made our beat-to-hell iPod 
look like it was fresh off the 
assembly line, and we’ve got plenty of 
each compound leftover— enough, we’d 
estimate, for at least a dozen more such 
heavy-duty polishings. The unfortunate 

iPodless might not understand, but 
this Is a huge deal. We are basking 
In the restored beauty of our ’Pods. 
Thanks, RadTech!— A//^o Coucouvanis 

COMPANY: RadTech REQUIREMENTS: iPod, iBook, or 

CONTACT: 314-960-9188, any other scratched-up acrylic surface 
PRICE; $19.95 

GOOD NEWS: Made our scratched-to-the-bejeezus 
iPod look brand new again. 

BAD NEWS; Doesn’t work on eyeballs, eyeglasses, 
or LCDs. 

Mac/Addict RATED 


Visual Thesaurus 2.0 


U sing Visual Thesaurus (VT) is 
like calling up a thesaurus on 
the Enterprise’s Holodeck or inside 
Professor Xavier’s Cerebro. Its cool 
factor is Indisputable, and will likely 
elicit an awestruck "neato” from you 
during first contact. Whether you’re In for 
the longterm, however, depends on the 
way you use reference materials. 

Words you enter pop up in the center 
of the screen, with a matrix of floating 
lines and colored dots extending out 
from them. The colors of the dots 
represent various parts of speech, with 
each sense of a word categorized and 
defined in the Meanings sidebar on the 
right side of the screen. 

Black, solid lines show up between 
your source word and synonyms, dotted 
red lines show up between the source 

word and antonyms, and dotted black 
lines represent links to related words. 

For example, a pantywaist is the same as 
a milquetoast (black solid line) but is a 
type o/— or a hyponym of— coward (black 
dotted line). You can define the types 
of relationships you want to search for 

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, trying 
to find a synonym for deceive! 

in the Relationships menu at the top of 
the screen. You also have the option of 
viewing your results In 2D or 3D, and 
you can tweak font size and style to suit 
your taste. An autopilot feature cycles 
randomly through words, exposing you 
to word relationships you may not have 
previously considered— especially useful 
for sufferers of writer’s block. 

A free online version of VT is available, 
but lacks the Desktop Edition’s larger, 
customizable dictionary; copy-and- 
paste and print capabilities; and, 
obviously, the ability to work offline. 

VT is outstanding for exploring 
relationships between words, and ideal 
for brainstorming ideas in work and 
education. If Its desktop-only features 
are important to you, VT is worth buying. 
If not, or if you use a thesaurus only 
occasionally, you can still enjoy the 
free online version or stick with other 
online or print synonym finders. 

—Jenifer Morgan 


COMPANY: Plumb Design REQUIREMENTS: Power Mac, 

CONTACT: 212-285-8600, Mac OS X or later, 128MB RAM 
PRICE: $29.95 

GOOD NEWS; Neato design. Fun. Useful. 

BAD NEWS: You can find thesaurus references tor free 
on the Internet. 

October 2003 MacAidict 59 



better living through smarter shopping 

Expert Mouse 


W e’ve been using trackballs 
made by Kensington and other 
manufacturers for years. Kensington’s 
latest iteration of the Expert Mouse 
moves— and moves us— in a completely 
new way: It’s the company’s first 
trackball to evolve beyond the usual 
roller action and use optical sensors to 
translate your ball rollings into onscreen 
cursor movements. The result is the 
smoothest trackball ever, and its grey- 
and-black hull looks perfect next to a 
Power Mac G5. An included snap-on wrist 
pad helps you avoid stressing your wrist. 

Another first is the Expert Mouse’s 
unique scroll wheel. Doubling as a 
jog-wheel controller for scrubbing 
through audio or video tracks, the 
raised ring that skirts the ball is exactly 
what a trackball needs. Unlike mouse- 
bound scroll wheels (such as the one 

If Batman used a trackball, it’d be this one. 

on Kensington’s 
Expert Mouse 
Pro trackball), 
this one doesn’t 
also function as 
button, so you won’t 
inadvertently press 
it when you want 
to scroll. It’s over 2 
inches in diameter, 
so you can work it 
with any finger of 
your mousing hand, 
not just one ortwo. 

Finally, as anyone 
who’s used a 
trackball for more than a week knows, 
cleaning the thing is usually a royal 
pain, involving screwdrivers, Q-tips, 
toothpicks, and lots of cussing— and 
it’s even worse if your workspace is pet 
friendly. The Expert Mouse’s optical 
technology means it doesn’t have any 
moving parts to collect dust and animal 
hair, though you’ll want to periodically 

pull out the ball and wipe off the three 
frictionless contact points, which collect 
bits of dust, dirt, and whatever minor 
crud your fingers impart to the ball. 

So it looks great, works superbly, 
and requires minimal care and feeding; 
what’s not to love? Even though it’s 
called Expert /House, this is our favorite 
trackball ever.— /V//ro Coucouvanis 

COMPANY: Kensington 
CONTACT: 800-235-6708, 
PRICE: $127.95, $99.95 (street) 

Mac, Mac OS X 

GOOD NEWS: Badass black styling. Supreme optical 
action. Integrated jog-wheel controller is way better than 
a regular scroll wheel. 

BAD NEWS: Nothing Significant. 

MacyAddlct RATED 



PocketMouse SE 


T he perfect travel mouse is small, but not too small; lightweight, 
but not fly-away featherweight; outfitted with a cord that’s long 
and lean (4 feet and thin as a wisp) and maybe a handy drawstring 
carrying pouch; and since we’ll be plugging it into a Mac, we 
naturally expect it to look and work great. Kensington’s dapper 
little PocketMouse SE fits the bill. It’s a two-button, scroll-wheel- 
equipped mite with smooth lines and smoother action— thanks 

to the mighty MouseWorks 
software (a free download 
from Kensington’s Web site). 

Add a translucent blue 
top and a slick laser etching of 
the company’s name glowing 
red on the back, and we’ll 
take this thing anywhere. 
—Niko Coucouvanis 

LapTop Desk 2.0 


T he worst thing about using a 
laptop— on your lap— is the 
dreaded hunchback effect you 
get trying to read the screen. 

The LapTop Desk 2.0 won’t cure 
your hunchies, but it’ll keep 
your lap cool, and help keep any 
plugged-in items from getting 
jostled and dislodged. 

The LapTop Desk doubles as a tabletop stand, which 
actually can help your posture while cooling your laptop. A 
grippy rubber lining also helps keep your laptop in place. 

Road warriors have survived this long without portable 
desks, and LapTop Desk 2.0 isn’t going to change that— not 
for us, anyway. At nearly a pound and a half, it’s just too bulky 
(and silly looking) for frequent filers— Niko Coucouvanis 

We’ll leave this portable 
deskat home. 

COMPANY: Kensington PRICE: $39.95 ($29.99 street) 

CONTACT; 800-235-6708 REQUIREMENTS; USB-equipped Mac, Mac OS 8.1 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Cool look. Great action. 
Smart design. 

BAD NEWS: Too small to use ail the time. 

COMPANY: LapWorks PRICE: $29.95 

CONTACT: 877-527-9675 or REQUIREMENTS; Laptop computer, 

909-948-1828, lap ortable 

Mac/Addict RATED 



GOOD NEWS; Sturdier than it looks. 
Elevates and cools table-bound laptops. 
BAD NEWS: Too bulky and silly for travel. 



60 MacAddict October 2003 



DLO Action Jacket 


Y our low-to-medium-impact digital lifestyle is a dangerous 
place for an unprotected iPod. The DLO Action Jacket, a 
neoprene wet suit for iPods, protects your third-generation 
10GB, 15GB, or 30GB iPod with rubberized edges, a scratch- 
absorbing plastic face, and secure velcro closures that look like 
cartoon-bunny ears— and provide 
easy access to the hold switch and 
headphone jack up top. 

The integrated belt straps, 
removable clip, and included arm 
strap give you plenty of ways to 
affix the jacket to your workout 
outfit, however skimpy the latter 
may be. Forthe record, we wouldn’t 
be caught dead using the arm 
strap, but otherwise this is a right 
solid case— Niko Coucouvanis Not as waterproof as it looks. 



W e love our IBook, but 
sometimes it’s just too 
white. MacSkinz covers make 
It easy to customize your 
12-inch iBook with American 
flags, smiley faces, skulls 
(with or without crossbones), 
solid colors, patterns, bold 
graphics— even a clear cover 
you can fill with your own images to truly personalize your iBook. 

The skinz are thinnerthan a credit card and include double- 
sided adhesive tape that sticks fast and didn’t leave a mark 
when we deskinned our iBook— but the tape did lose a little 
stickiness, so we’ll just leave it on. The company plans to 
release skinz for 14-inch iBooks soon, and already makes ’em 
forthe side-opening case used on the Blue-and-White G3 and 
every G4 tower.— A///co Coucouvanis 



CONTACT: 919-382-3227, Docking iPod 

PRICE: $29.99 

GOOD NEWS: Neoprene rocks. Good surface 

BAD NEWS: Weird reverse-tuxedo look. Not much 
impact protection. 

COMPANY: MacSkinz REQUIREMENTS: 12-inch iBook 


PRICE: $30 

GOOD NEWS: Easy, nondestructive modification. 

MacAddict RATED 

BAD NEWS: We want every version. 



Mac/Wdict RATED 




9 . 

40 d reviews 

^ better livina tl 

better living through smarter shopping 




ii m 



“ Q O 
• Q @ 

Scpcam >t 

Reason 2.5 

You thought version 2 of this audio app 
was cool? Well, you were right— but 
version 2.5 is even cooler, inspiring 
contributing editor and audio guru David 
Biedny to sprinkle his review with words 
like "awesome” and “incredibly useful.” 

MOTU Digital Performer 3 


Feb/02, p58 

This pro-audio app has a great array of features. | 

Propetlerhead Software Reason 2.5 

$449.00 : 

Sep/03, p55 

It’s earned its reputation as the top software sound studio. 

Roxio Toast with Jam 5 


Sep/02, p49 

Burn CDs, MP3 CDs, DVDs, and VCDs, and edit audio. 

Aspyr Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 


Feb/03, p37 

Fantastic gameplay with both weapons and The Force. 

Aspyr NASCAR Racing 2002 Season 


May/03, p57 

Realistic NASCAR racing on a Mac? Believe it. 

Aspyr The Sims Unleashed 


May/03, p58 

Pixel-pets abound in the best Sims expansion pack yet. \ 

MacPIay No One Lives Forever 


Mar/03, p49 

A beautiful spy, sly foes, nifty gadgets, fast action— nice. | 

Final Cut Pro 4‘ 

Final Cut Pro has transformed video 
editing. New to version 4 are powerful 
features, improved customization, 
and a quartet of supporting apps. 

As contributing editor and video pro 
Helmut Kobler said in last month’s 
review, “You should jump all over 
this one.” 



When is $10,999 a 
bargain? When it buys 
you a fully loaded 
Xserve RAID, Apple’s 
exquisitely engineered 
storage behemoth. 
Editor in Chief Rik 
Myslewski sums up dur 
opinion of this speedy 
beauty in the first words 
of his review: “We’re 
blown away.” 

CharisMac FireWire Dino 


Jul/03, p55 

Run for your lives! Leapin’ lizards, it’s a FireWire 400 hub! 

Dr. Bott's extendAIR Direct 


May/03, p51 

Make AirPort Extreme’s range noticeably more extreme. 

MacWireiess Power Over Ethernet 


Jun/03, p61 

Mount an AirPort Base Station 250 feet from AC power. 

Palm Zire 71 


Aug/03, p44 

A PDA, digital camera, and MP3 player all rolled into one. 

XtremeMac UFO 


May/03, p59 

If you own a G4 iMac, you gotta get this way-cool hub. 


Apple 15GB iPod 


Jui/03, p44 

The world’s greatest MP3 player gets smaller and cooler. 

Digidesign Mbox 


May/02, p59 

This audio interface is a traveling musician's delight. 

Griffin Technology iTrip 


Aug/03, p52 

This iPod FM transmitter uses the entire frequency range. 


Canon PowerShot S230 Digital Elph 


Mar/03, p48 

A great 3.2-megapixel camera in a tiny, low-cost package. 

Nikon Coolpix3100 


May/03, p43 

The best point-and-shoot digicam we’ve seen yet. 

Olympus C-4000 Zoom 


Jan/03, p52 

Great image quality, 4 megapixels, and versatile controls. 


Apple Cinema HD Display 


Aug/02, p40 

This 23-inch, 1,920-by-1, 200-pixel beauty inspires lust. 

Formac gallery 2010 Platinum 


Jan/03, p47 

Bright, fast, huge— and it costs only $.0007 per pixel. 

Brother HL-1870N 

$699.00 Aug/02, p45 Need a sturdy laser printer? This one's a workhorse. 

I Epson Stylus Photo 2200 
1 CanoScan LiDE 30 

$699.00 Oct/02, p42 The most stunning photo printer we’ve ever tested. 

$79.99 I Nov/02, p52 1 This entry-level scanner gets the job done inexpensively. 

j Apple Xserve RAID ' , .. ' ■ 


, . Sep/03, pi'P 

Even priced over $10K, this righteous RAID is still a bargain. 

ITSie d2 200GB FireWire 800 


Jun/03, p47 

FireWire 800 speed meets solld-as-a-rock construction. 

1 Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT 


Feb/03, p44 

Solid construction, push-button backup, and 250GB. 

[owe Mercury Elite Pro 


Jul/03, p53 

This 180GB FireWire 800 drive outpaces the competition. 

62 MacAddict October 2003 



ilBCl03 lAikCaaAjTtE Eat ertainraent Cadpan/ IjLC:. *30C3 LucSirifllin Ltd, S TM or ® t3idi,cat;«<i , Ail rights zresorvsd;. 'utrt{J»r aassdwfcfcjwticm.. 

a*r*i‘:^gisttrcd trauSsri^^ o£ liUca-aCiltis ltd. All cjth^r trads^narka aflW CJsa pfOp ftXty.J.!: i:±ift±r resDectiif* owners. ySA-' Th* ft! 

,Iitel,a/ ,Jl^ Wa': and .tha Hac logo are tridaniarkd of Appl* OSOiptktttr, IRC:. , regiatered In thn o1lJi*r . eojmttfif * ■ 


■ 1 " 1 ; ^ ■" 

^ ^ 1 . I ■ 1 7 



r *■ f ■*_ 




because inquiring minds have the right to be inspired 


Add album artwork to iTunes. 


Where can I get album artwork to 
use with tracks I didn’t purchase 
at the iTunes Music Store? 

Brett O’Connor’s free AppleScript, Find 
Album Artwork with Google, searches 
Google Images for artwork you can drag 
from your browser into the iTunes artwork 
box (click thearrow- 
in-a-boxicon In the 
lower-left corner of the 
iTunes window). More 
useful scripts are available at Doug’s 
AppleScripts ( 



Find Album Artwork 
with Google 


How can I turn the 
files 1 purchased from 
Apple’s iTunes Music 
Store into normal MP3 
files to play on my non- 
iPod MP3 player? 

You’re not supposed to do this. To 
prevent unlawful distribution of 
copyrighted music, Apple won’t 
allow you to convert iTunes AAC files 
to MP3 format. There is, however, a 
workaround. Create an actual audio 
CD of the songs you purchased, and 
then rip and encode MP3s from those 
CD tracks. This solution isn’t pretty, 
but it works. 


I miss the simplicity of Claris Home 
Page in Mac OS 9. Is there an 
inexpensive Mac OS X equivaient? 

If you’re bored with .Mac Home 
Pages and don’t want to learn to use 
pro Web tools like those in Adobe’s 
GoLive ($399, and 
Macromedia’s Dreamweaver ($399,, try Softpress 
Systems’ Freeway Express ($79, It does everything 
Claris Home Page did, including building 
Web pages from 
templates and true 
WYSIWYG editing. Plus, 
it runs in Mac OS X. 

Freeway is 
the easy 
way to build 
Web pages 
In Mac OSX. 



Freeway Express 
3.5 trial 


How can i send HTML email in 
Mac OS X? 

HTML email looks like a Web page and 
is the preferred format for e- newsletters 
and high-end spam. To send an HTML 
email, the best tool is Netscape’s free 
email client (, 
which lets you Insert HTML 
code and graphics into an 
email message. If you are 
building an email newsletter 
or plan on sending lots of 
bulk HTML messages, you will 
need a more robust tool like 
MaxProg’s MaxBulk MailerX 
which lets you create 

mailings and 
bulk mailings. 



MaxBulk MailerX 2.8 

MaxProg’s MaxBulk 
MailerX helps 
you manage HTML 
bulk mail. 


I can connect to the Internet via 
a modem in Mac OS 9, but not in 
Mac OS X. Why? 

You probably goofed. In Mac OS 9, the 
phone number is clearly visible in the 
Remote Access control panel. In Mac 
05 X, the phone number is tucked away 
in Location settings, so you might not 
realize that you mistyped it. 

Go to the Network system 
preferences, delete your 
existing Network 
Port Configuration, 
and add a new 
one. Choose it in the 
Show pop-up menu Fixing a faulty modem 
and retype the phone configuration is simple- 
number carefully. just create a new one. 





How can i open old MacDraw 
files In Mac OSX? 

To open files from this long- 
discontinued drawing application, use 
LemkeSoft’s GraphicConverter ($30, 

de) or better 
yet* use MacDraw 
Itself. Believe it 
or not, it works great 
in Classic. 


How can I type multiple lines In 
iChat’s instant-message dialog? 
Pressing Return simply sends 
the message. 

Upgrade to {Chat AV, which allows 
multiple-line text messaging— the text 




GraphicConverter 4.8 

box expands as you type. To start a new 
line manually In the same text 
message, press Option- Return, 


Can I rebuild my iPhoto 
Library to fix some problems 
I’m having? 

Yes. Hold down Shift-Option while 
launching iPhoto to rebuild the 
picture database from scratch. This will fix 
a corrupt library but eliminate info such a$ 
dates and rolls. 


Rebuild a corrup 
iPhoto Library 

64 MacAidlct October 2003 



EASY anyone 
can do tJiisf 

It’ll take some 
TRICKY effort, hut you 

This stuirs 
TOUCH for the pros. 



Whafs with all the invisible 
folders and files in Ma'c OS X? 

Apple made the whole Unix 
experience more A/lac-like by hiding 
the confusing and complex portions 
of the operating system. Each of the 
invisible folders and files serves an 
important purpose in running Mac 


AppleShare PDS 

^ Applications 

lili Applications 

► P Applications (Mac OS 9) 

> P Applications (Mac OS 9) 

^ P Developer 

► P bin 

h P Documents 

► P cores 

► ill Library 

J] Desktop 

^ pi System 

'2] Desktop DB 

^ 0 System Folder 

Desktop DF 

- - ■ - 

p Users 

OS X“deleting 
them can render 
your Mac unbootable 
and unusable. To look at these 
mysterious items in the Finder, install 
Marcel Bresink*s freeTinkerTool utility 
(, which lets you 
see all your hidden files. You can also 
type Is -I in the Terminal 
(Applications > Utilities). This 
shows everything at the root 
level of your computer. Of 
particular interest is the file 
called mach_kernel, which Is 
the actual heart of Mac OS X: 
the kernel. Don’t mess with it. 

Files visible. 

Files hidden. 


How can I improve the 200 Kbps 

sound quality of my 
iChat AV audio chats? ^ 1 Mbps 
Setting the bandwidth ^ Mbps 

limit in Video Set a bandwidth 

preferences to a limit to Improve 

lower number fixes IChat AV audio 

some audio-quality quality, 

issues. If you have a 
broadband connection such as cable 
or DSL, set the limit to 500 Kbps. If you 
have dial-up, set it to 100 Kbps. 


How do you rebless a Mac OS 9 
System Folder in Mac OS X? 

When your Mac recognizes your Mac OS 9 
System Folder as bootable, it is blessed. 


How can 1 use my original Bondi Blue 
IMac with an AirPort Base Station? 

Even though you can^t install an Apple 
AirPort card in your Bondi iMac, you 
can get an external 802.11b USB 
adapter, such as MacWireless’s 
802.11b USB Adapter ($99.98,, to use with 
your Base Station. 

Give your old iMac an 
AirPort upgrade. 

Bless our OS 9 
system folder in 
Startup Disk 
system prefs. 

If it is not blessed, neither Mac OS 9 nor 
Mac OS X’s Classic mode will boot. To 
bless a Mac OS 9 System Folder in Mac 
OS X (If Classic isn’t launching), open 
the Startup Disk system preferences and 
set the Mac OS 
9 System Folder 
as the startup 
disk. Close and 
save this setting. 

Immediately reopen 
the Startup Disk 
system preferences 
and switch back 
to the original Mac 
OS X System. Close 

and save. Your Mac OS 9 System Folder 
has just been reblessed and should once 
again be bootable. Amen. 


The AOL instant 
messenger Icon 
is stuck in my 
menu bar. 

How can I 
remove him? 

To remove the little 
yellow man, find the 
file called AIM Menu 
in System > Extensions. 
Trash this file and restart 
your Mac. 

Trash the AIM 
Menu file to send 
this guy packing. 


66 Customize Safari 

Safari 1.0 has arrived— so 
where are all the cool 
interface preference tweaks 
we hoped for? They’re buried 
in system libraries and 
package contents. Those 
willing can hack them— or 
you can take the easy road. 
The choice is yours. 

70 Increase Your 
TiBook’s AirPort Range 

Go to ariy Apple convention and you’ll 
see TiBook owners hovering around 
Base Stations like flies. If yourTIBook 
or PowerBook needs a boost In signal 
strength, here are the solutions plus a 
few tips. 


2 l23FrultLoop,NewYortc,NY 1O10I • BOO.SS5.12I2 

74 AddAutom£ 

Functions to Excel 

We hate filling out spreadsheets just 
as much as you do. Take the repetitiveness 
and thought process out of some tasks. 

We show you how. 

Seven years of handling tech support 
cD for Apple, Power Computing, and a 
Texas school district have given Buz ZoUer 
Mac superpowers. 

011011111 questions or 
helpful tips directly via email 
( or c/o 
MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005. 

October 2003 MacAddIct 65 

66 ^ 


customize Safari 

Safari 1.0 has arrived, but why 
wait for Apple to give you the 
preference controls you want. 
Hack the app Instead. 


II Google 

Apple “ Music 


Store T Music ^ 

.Mac 1 

QuickTime | Support | Mac OS X 


SF Cate Future Site Software Downloads ▼ 

Customize Safari 

by Kris Fong 

W e love Safari. Not only because it's superspeedy and 
features a built-in Google bar, but also because it 
allows us to abandon that other “adventurous” bow- 
wowser. But we hate a few things too, like the ugly underlined 
links and metallic Formica fagade. We'd also like to be able 
to customize its button icons. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t 

provide any means to alter these things— easily, that is. 

With a little effort, however, you can get rid of Safari's 
link underlines and brushed metal appearance, and create 
your own button icons. But be forewarned: if you upgrade 
your version of Safari, all your changes may be lost. Ours 
were (bye-bye, birdy!). 

Remove Underlined Links 


• Mac os 10.2 or later 

• Safari (free, 

• TextEdit (part of OS X) 

• Terminal (part of OS X) 

mem — ~ 



SLsml ^ Q m ) 

Back Forward 

View 1 CompuMr Honr« Favorites App) 

1 of 7 items selected, S9.7I CS available 

□ WebCorc 

» pi EngDsh.iproJ : 






To alter Safari’s 
default styles, locate 
Its cascading style 
sheet— it’s hidden 
deep within the 
bowels of the System 
folder— and copy it to 
your desktop. 

Sniff Out the Style Sheet When 

Apple finally released Safari 1.0, it moved Safari's 
style sheet (htmlA.css) from the app's easy-to- 
access package contents (where it had been 
in beta releases) and embedded it deep within the OS 
System framework, which makes this hack a little more 
difficult. Navigate to System > Library > Frameworks > 

WebKit.framework > Frameworks > WebCore. framework > 
Versions > A > Resources > html4.css. Because files and 
directories this far down are owned by the almighty root, you 
can't alter the style sheet directly. Instead, you need to hack 
it out on your desktop, and then call upon the Terminal to help 
you put things back into place. For now, drag html4.css onto 
your desktop to copy it. 

Turn Off the Underlines Launch TextEdit, then 
open your desktop version of html4.css by dragging it to the 
TextEdit icon In the Dock. This document contains code 
that instructs Safari howto display items such as fonts, text 
sizes, buttons, alignments, borders, margins, and more. Scroll down 
to near the bottom of the page until you see the following line: 
a:link{ color: blue; text- decoration: underline; }. To remove the 
underlining of links, change the word underline to none. Then in the text 
string two lines below (the one that starts with a:visited), change the 
word underline to none to remove the underlining of visited links. Then 
press Command-S to save the file and close the window. 

To remove ugly underlines from Web links, replace the word 
none to underline in the style sheet. 

66 MacAddIct October 2003 

HOW TO ^7 

3 Delete the Original Since you don't have 
superpower permission to replace the old style 
sheet with the new one, have the Terminal grant you 
that status. To delete the old style sheet, launch 
the Terminal and at the prompt, type cd (change directory) 
and press the spacebar. Then drag the Resources folder (the 
parent directory of the original html4.css) from the Finder 
window onto the Terminal window to write its path, and press 
Return. At the next prompt, type Is to list the contents of the 
Resources folder (your current directory)— you should see 
htmU.css listed. To remove it, type sudo rm html4.css 
and press Return. At the Password prompt, type your system 
administrator password and press Return. To watch it go 
bye-bye, click in the Finder window to make it active, and the 
htmlA.css file will disappear. 


^ ■ 


- m A 




Computer Hqme favorites Applications 

1 of 7 ltem& selected, S%7\ CS available 

^ WebCore 

P English.lproj 
{§ html4.css 
^ HnkCursor.tirf 
3 verslon.pllst 
^ WebCore.order 

Terminal — tesh (ttypl) 

Lost login: tfed Jun 25 dS:58:47 on ttypl E 

Valcone to Dcovlnl 

[node-e-lS;-] kfofXl*^ cd /Systeii/LtbrQjry/Vrca»ewrks/tW5Ktt.frcuacwor1t/FrcBW\^^ 


[rwde-6-15:Verslons/A/R®sources] kfongX Is 

English.lproj WebCore.order UnkCursor.tiff version.pllet 

Info.pHst htel4.css quirks. css 

fnode-6-15:Verslons/A/Resources] kfongX sudo inn htnl4.css 


To get rid of a file we have no business tampering with, 
we Invoke our magical sudo powers. 

4 Toss In the New File Because you 
also can't just toss the new style sheet into 
the Resources folder, use the Terminal to 
move the file into place. In the Terminal, type 
cd/Users/wsernome/Desktop (enter your own user 
name for user name) and press Return to change directories 
to your desktop. Then type sudo mv html4-css, press 
the spacebar, and once again drag the Resources folder 
from the Finder onto the Terminal window to write the 
path. Press Return and at the Password prompt, type your 
password, press Return, arid you're done. Click in the Finder 
window to make it active, and your new htmlA.css will pop 
up, ready for use. 

Rather than type out the full path to this particular Resources 
folder, just drag and drop it into the Terminal window. 


It's your excuse— you fill in the blank. We're certain that some of 
you would love to be able to change a few of Safari's seemingly 
unmodifiable elements and characteristics, but almost 
crapped in your pants at our mere mention of the Terminal and 
altering code. But before you flip the page, know this: A few 
other Safari users felt your pain and decided to do something 
about it by creating apps— most of them free— that can alter 
many of Safari’s characteristics. So if rolling up your sleeves 
and hacking at it alone makes you feel queasy, try these apps 
instead (and just tell everyone you did it the hard way). 

Lioness (free, 
/superqult„software) Changes Safari's buttons to different 
colors, toggles between brushed metal and Aqua, and makes 
It easy to install your own homemade themes. 

Safari Aquafier (free, Turns Safari's 
brushed metal interface into Aqua. 

Safari Enhancer (free, Lets you alter 
many of Safari's aspects and functions, including underlines, 
appearance, and more. 

Safari Helper (free, Removes underlines, 
alters font sizes and colors, and more. 

Safaricon (free, http://homepage, 
Lets you change Safari's appearance via themes. 
SafariNoBrush (free, Toggles between 
brushed metal and Aqua. 

Safari Toolkit Platinum ($8, Toggles 
between brushed metal and Aqua, changes Icons, 
removes link underlining, and enables the hidden 
Debug menu. 

October 2003 MacAddIct 67 



customize Safari 

Banish the Brushed Metal 


• Mac os 10.2 or later 

• Safari (free, 

• Developer Tools (part of OS X or free download, 

I Find the File Quit Safari and locate its app Icon. 
Holding down the Control key, click the icon and select 
Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. In 
the resulting window, navigate to Contents > Resources > 
English. Iproj > Browser.nib. (If the Browser.nib icon is a folder, you 

don’t have Developer Tools 
installed.) Make a copy of 
Browser.nib (Command-D) 
to preserve the original— if 
you don’t, don’t say we 
didn’t warn you. 

Whenever you start hacking 
into an app’s resources, 
always, always, always 
make a copy first. 

▼ pi Engiish.lproj 

.3 ABAutoCompletcMappings.plist 
% Acknovi4edgniems.rtf 
I ActivityViewer.nib 
I AdvancedPreferences.nlb 
HI AppearancePreferences.nib 
I AutoFiltPreferences.nIb 
I b 
I Bookmark'ntleChange.nib 
B Browser.nib 
B Isrowser Icopy.nib j 
B BugReport.nib 

2 Turn Off Texture Double-click Browser.nib to 
launch Interface Builder, a part of Developer Tools. A 
brushed-metal window template opens along with the 
Browser.nib window. In the Browser.nib window, click 
the Window icon. Then select Show Info from the Tools menu. 

In the resulting window, select Attributes from the top pop-up 
menu and in the Options section, uncheck the Textured Window 
box to turn off the brushed-metal look— the template transforms 
into the subtle, striped goodness of Aqua. Then save the file 
(Command-S). If you want to rid the steeliness from Safari’s 
download window too, repeat with Downloads.nib. 

Quit Interface Builder. 

Nonmetalheads will rejoice 
when the window template 
transforms from bristly 
metallica to soothing Aqua 
after unchecking one box. 

Customize Buttons 


• Mac OS 10.2 or later 

• Safari (free, 

• Adobe Photoshop ($609, 
or comparable image editor 

Locate the Button Files Quit Safari and then 

open its package contents as instructed in step one of 
“Banish the Brushed Metal,” above. Open the Contents 
folder and then Resources. Here, there are over 100 
TIFF image files. Pick out the buttons that you display in Safari’s 
address bar. For us, these are back, forward, home, reload, and 
stop— their corresponding T1 FF.images appear as their namesakes 
(for example, Home.tif). In addition to these normal states, each 

button has a disabled and 
pressed state too, such 
as ReloadDisabled.tif and 
ForwardPressed.tif, for 
customizing. Find Back.tif, 
make that all-important copy 
as a backup (Command-D), 
and then open Back.tif 
in Photoshop. 

Safari’s got a lot of buttons 
to press— just be sure you 
make a backup of any of 
them you tweak. 

P Resources 

ft ActlvitV-Stop.tif 
ft AddUnk.tif 
ft AddLinkDisabied.tif 
ft AddLlnkPressed.tif 
ft AddressBook.tJff 
ft AdvancedPreferences.Uff 
ft AppearancePreferences.tlff 
ft Autofill.tif 
ft AutohllDisabted.tif 
ft AutoFIIIPreferences.tlff 
ft AutofillPressed.tif 
ft Backcopy.tif 

■ Eaa 

ft BackOisabted.tIf 

2 Bust Out a New Button ifyou don’t want 

to spend a lot of time creating a whole new design, 
alter the existing one by changing colors or slightly 
modifying the elements. Otherwise, draw your creation 
on a new layer: From the Layer Menu, select New > Layer, and 
click OK in the resulting dialog. Zoom in between 500 and 
800 percent for a better view, and scrawl away. (We created 
our badly drawn birdy to cover the existing arrow but kept the 
original’s backdrop.) When finished, select Layer 1 in the Layers 

palette and from the Layer 
menu, select Merge Down. 

Create a new layer over the 
original, then scrawl away as 
much or as little as you want. 

3 : 

Edit View Window 

Save Different Save the file— Photoshop saves 
your new Back.tif as a fat 44KB file, unlike its original 
4KB. To slim it down, open it in Apple’s Preview app, 
select Save As from the File menu, type Back.tif in the 
Save As field, and save it to your desktop. Then just drag the file 
from your desktop to the Resources folder, and click Replace in 
the resulting warning dialog. Repeat for 
all other buttons and their states. 

Because Photoshop adds bloat to TIFF files, 
resave your button files using Preview. 

Kris Fong believes Safari was named 
I appropriately— version 1.0 killed her bird. 





Open Recent 





Export... ^ 

Page Setup... 



68 MacAldlct October 2003 


Raise your expectations 

iCurve ^39^9 

PowerBook & iBook Stand 

Elevate your notebook to create the perfect desktop 

The iCurve - Invisible Laptop Stand is the key to 
replacing your desktop machine with a new notebook. 
It elevates your screen to a comfortable eye-level 
height. It raises the notebook off the desk - making 
room for a full-size keyboard and mouse. And it helps 
air circulate and keep your new 'hot' laptop cool. 

Gain portability without sacrificing desktop 
comfort. Add an iCurve to your notebook 
and have the best of both worlds. 


USB Audio Interface & Amplifier 

• Record old records to make CDs or MP3s 

• Power home speakers and even Apple Pro 
Speakers on any USB equipped Mac 

• Use as a stand-alone amp for iPods 


FM Transmitter for iPod 

• Play your iPod's music through any empty 
FM radio station from 97.9 to 1 07.9 

• iPod powered - no battery necessary 

• Fits snug to top of IPod - no messy cables 


USB MultiMedia Controller Knob 

• Now in Brushed Aluminum and Black 

• Great control for ITunes or iMovie 

• Programmable for any application 

• Replaces repetitive keystrokes 


V Z 


/ ^ ^ increase your TiBook’s AirPort range 

Increase Your TiBook’s 
AirPort Range 

by Emory Christensen 

W hen it debuted in early 2001, the slick, titanium- 

enclosed PowerBook G4 became the envy of geeks 
and metalphiles everywhere. But as many TiBook 
owners would soon find out, titanium is not only a strong, 
light metal, but also a great radio-frequency blocker, which 
dwarfs the wireless AirPort 802.11b range. Many owners 
have cried about getting a range of only 15 to 30 feet 
instead of the 100 feet or so they should have— these 
limitations force them to swarm around Base 
Stations like flies. 

If you own one of these beautiful but problematic 
pieces of gear, there is hope— and we can help. 

Just try our suggestions and tips, some of which you 
can apply to other PowerBooks and iBooks too. Some 
don’t require anything but a little elbow grease and a 
few minutes of your time. Two require that you buy a piece of 
equipment, but don’t worry— neither is nearly as expensive as 
your titanium beauty was in the first place. 



Mac Slumber 0.75b 

Attempt the Olympic Antenna Press 


• Apple Titanium PowerBook G4 

• AirPort card ($79, 

• Wireless access 

I Get Access To gain access to this special pressure 
point, shut down your machine and flip yourTiBook over 
(battery side up) with the opening latch toward you. Then 
simply slide the latch above the battery compartment to 
free the battery and remove it. 

Remove the battery to gain access to the sweet spot where you can 
pressure-squeeze your TiBook’s antenna. 

I f you had decent range at one time but it slowly deteriorated 
or suddenly dropped, you might be experiencing the following 
problem: Though you can’t tell by looking at it, sometimes an 
antenna may come unseated in your PowerBook and move to a 
less-than-optimal position. The following fix involves applying 
pressure to a strategic part of the case, which moves the 
antenna back into place (if it has indeed wandered). 

2 Pressure-Slide the Antenna into 

Place With moderate pressure, run your finger 
along the inside of the battery compartment on the 
side nearest the edge of the case. Press from the 
keyboard and rub the case siding toward you (toward the latch). 
Repeat this motion a few times for good measure. Then replace 
the battery and reboot. Hopefully, your range has gone back up 
to where it was. If not, try either of the next two solutions. 

To readjust your TiBook’s antenna, try running your finger along 
the empty battery compartment a few times— you just may have the 
healing touch. 

70 MacAddIct October 2003 


($19.95, and WirelessDriver, an 
open-source group (free, http://wirelessdriver.sourceforge 
.net), have drivers that make a variety of 802.11b PC cards 
Mac-compatible under OS X; check their sites for compatibility. 
lOXperts’ driver supports AppleTalk and WEP; WirelessDriver’s 
doesn't, though you can use AppleTalk over TCP/IP. Here's how 
to install a PC card. 

Get a Wireless PC Card 


• TiBook (or other PowerBook) 
•802.11b PC card 

• Wireless access 

Y our TiBook's poor AirPort card suffers because its attached 
antennas are embedded inside titanium, squelchingtheir 
chance of picking up a signal strongly. But an 802.11b PC card, 
which sports its own antenna inside the card, will provide better 
range (anywhere from 100 to 200 feet) because the card sits 
outside that titanium deathtrap. 

Vou have two options: You can get a Mac-compatible wireless 
PC card (pricier, but you'll have manufacturer support), or buy 
a regular 802.11b PC card (about the price of a large pizza and 
some beer) and install a third-party Mac OS X driver. lOXperts 

Designate a Driver If you bought a 
Mac-compatible PC card, simply install the driver 
that came with the card and reboot your Mac, If you 
didn't (and we hope you checked with either lOXpert's 
or WirelessDriver’s site for driver compatibility before you 
made your choice), download the driver from either site, 
Install it, and restart your machine. 

Just install either the 
PC card's Mac driver 
or a third-party one to 
make the card work. 

mall WwtwiDHwr o$ « IPJ u«aiw) 

S«l«tt « DtttlflUlon 

9 > 

7«.7Clll7MFrMl 4.7CI M.0CI FiM) 

tatHiuHon r«u<f: Cams 


AirPort (and other 802.11b/g-based wireless networking 
equipment) runs on a very popular frequency range— around 
2.4GHz. This can pose a problem because other common 
household devices— like cordless phones and microwave 
ovens— use this frequency too. And when frequencies collide, 
troubles arise— and your wireless networking may go down. 

If you have a 2.4GHz cordless phone, try changing the 
AirPort channel to cut interference— some say channel 11 is 
far enough on the edge of the band to minimize the effect. 
Likewise, you can change the channel on your phone to see if 
that helps, though you may have to do this a few times until 
you find a workable situation. 

If you’re getting interference from your microwave, don’t 
start that long download and then decide you simply must 
have popcorn. Do one or the other. While microwaves are 
very well shielded, your average home microwave pours 
out radiation a thousand times stronger than the strongest 
802.11b wireless card— you're not going to outshoutyour 
microwave with your AirPort network. 

2 stick In the Card To install a card, simply 
plug it Into your TiBook's PC card slot. Then open 
System Preferences, click Network, select your new 
card device (or third-party driver) from the Show 
pop-up menu, and reconfigure its preferences foryour ISP. 
Now, go test the surf. 

To gain wireless access via an 802 . 11 b 
PC card, just plug in the card. 

October 2003 MacAddict 71 

Add an Antenna 


• TiBook (or other PowerBook) 

• AIrPort card 

• Wireless access 

• External antenna, such as QuickerTek’s Stub or 
Whip ($49.95 and $89.95, 

Stick the antenna up 
high, either on the lid’s 
side or back, for the 
best reception. 

I f you don't want a wireless PC card, consider an external 
antenna instead. This type of device acts as a substitute 
for youT 'Book's internal antennas, and can give you a range 
somewhere between 100 to 200 feet—or more with a Cantenna 
($19.95,, which provides enough extension 
power (and kitschiness) to surf secretly on your neighbor's 
wireless network (we didn't say that), but requires a little 
extra futzing. 

With a few exceptions, you have to connect external antennas 
to your AirPort card to boost the range. QuickerTek has two 
types: the Stub, which occupies your PC card slot, and the Whip 
(shown right), which attaches to a PowerBook lid. Here's howto 
make the connection. 

I Make an AirPort Connection To Install 

the antenna, power down your PowerBook, flip It over, 
remove the battery, unscrew the Torx screws from the 
bottom cover, and remove the cover to expose the AirPort 
card. Disconnect the current antenna plug from the card, plug the 
external antenna's cable connector into the vacated receptacle, 
and then snake the cable out through the 'Book's PC card slot. 

As with an internal 
antenna, you have to hook 
up an external antenna to 
the AirPort card to extend 
its range. Note the original 
connector below the card. 

Emory Christensen is 
investigating the possibility 
of building an 802.11b repeater 
and sticking it high on a 
hillside so he can play Unreal 
Tournament properly. 

2 Attach the Antenna Attach the antenna to 
the cable that's sticking out from the card slot, and 
then reassemble your PowerBook. To put the antenna 
to use, affix its holder high up on the lid of your 
computer, and then slide the antenna Into it. Then power up and 
enjoy the distance. One downside: You lose the use of your PC 
card slot as long as the antenna is installed, but If you're really 
gutsy (and really skilled), you can drill a hole in your case for the 
cable path, leaving the slot free. 


Get Horizontal If you have an AirPort Base Station, make 
sure you position it horizontally; it won't radiate as well if you 
mount it vertically on a wall. 

Say No to Metal Radio frequencies have an aversion to metal, 
so keep Granny and her new hip and other obstructions away 
from your computer and router path. 

Make Your Own Antenna If you’re too poor to buy one, try 
creating a crude antenna by wrapping a wire around your 
Base Station or router a few times and then running the 
wire toward yourTiBook, Though this can boost reception, 
it may also create an illegal 'leaky" antenna, so proceed 
with caution. 

Fuss with Placement Rotate your Base Station or router or put 
It on its side to see If it helps your signal strength. 

Sniff Out the Best Reception Use a signal sniffer such as 
MacStumbler (free, to measure 
your AirPort signal, and then move the Base Station or router 
around untilyou find the best possible placement. 

72 MacAddlct October 2003 


g amej CsTudios 


Enter a world where legends are real and the will of the gods decides the fate of mortal man. Build majestic temples, 
farm the fertile valleys, and seek out wealth in distant realms. Join brave heroes in the greatest battles of mythology, 
from the walls of Troy to the gates of the Underworld, Summon mighty minotaurs to smash enemy citadels, 

or call down fire from the skies. The choice is yours. 

© 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Ensemble Studios, 
The Age of Kings, and the Microsoft Games Studio logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft 
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other products and company names mentioned herein may 
be trademarks of their respective owners. Published for Macintosh by Destineer, Inc. under license from Microsoft 
ark and MacSoft is a registered trademark of Destineer, Inc. 

7 1= N 





w w w, m ac s o ft ea me s . c o m 

74 <1 howto 

/ \ Ir add automated functions to Excel 

Add Automated Functions to Excel 

by Kris Fong and Helen Bradley 


• Microsoft Excel 
($399 stand alone or 
$499 as part of Office v.X, 

• MacAddict Invoice 
Example worksheet or 
your own invoice 



Office V. X Test Drive 
and MacAddict 
Invoice Example 


Pi My First tnvoiC€.xls 


Packing Invoice 


123 Fruit Loop, New York, NY 101 01 • 800.555.1212 



Date: 1 9/1/03 

1 omer«| 









150 North Hill Drive 
Brisbane, CA 94005 



10098567 Choco-tatte Sour Neon Gummy Worms (8 oz.) 2 



24563698 Butter-Fried Beef Jerky (16 oz.) 


SI 2.00 



37609823 Marshmallow Burgers & Fries (1 2 oz.) 




2091 2629 Gourmet Cocktail Wienies w/Kraut (16 oz.) 














0lN«xtDftyAir Q 2-3 Day Ground i 

7.50 1 Weight (ib.)/Shipping: 



Payment Type; 







1 ■ 

\-4 4 k- t 




T~ 1 T i 

You can figure out shipping costs the hard way (break out the calculator!) or simply make Excel 
crunch the numbers for you. 

ven the most dogmatic anti-Microsoft militants agree 
that that company's ubiquitous spreadsheet application, 
Excel, is a powerful tool when managing business 
activities. After all, how else can you expect to demonstrate your 
cost-cutting skills and get that promotion? 

While most Excelians know their way around a spreadsheet, 

many may not know that you can use the Forms toolbar 
to embed custom tools directly into worksheets to automate 
data entries. By usingthis toolbar, you can create items 
such as buttons and drop-down menus to perform 
one-click entries. Here's howto add these two functions 
to your worksheets. 

Create One-Click 
Option Entries 

I f you're tired of entering repetitive data into a 
spreadsheet, Excel enables you to add option 
buttons— what everyone but Microsoft calls radio 
buttons— to a worksheet that will automatically fill in 
repetitive information. For example, if you're in retail, 
you can add option buttons linked to nonvariable info 
such as shipping rates, so that you only have to enter 
variable Information— such as how many one-pound 
bags of Butter-Fried Beef Jerky your customer wants to 
buy. Excel then automatically calculates and enters the 
shipping rates into a specific cell that you designate in 
your invoice. 

Sound complicated? It's not. Here's how to do it— just 
follow along using either our mock shipping invoice (on 
the Disc) or a document of your own. 

I Add an Option Button Open our invoice (oryour 
own) in Excel. From the View menu, select Toolbars > Forms 
to display the Forms toolbar. Click the option button tool 
(the white circle with a black dot), and then click in the 
worksheet to place the button. If you need to move the button, 
you can drag it around with your mouse or use the arrow keys to 
fine-tune its placement (ShIft-Option-clickto select a button if it’s 
not already highlighted). 

^ m 

To keep things tidy, we created our first shipping option button 
on the same line where our Invoice's shipping cost appears. 

74 MacAldlct October 2003 

HOW TO 75 

Set the Control Clicking the button won’t do 
you any good unless you assign a function to it. To do 
so, Control-click the button and select Format Control 
from the contextual menu. In the dialog that appears, 
click the Control tab. We want cell E23 to hold the shipping- 
code data, so type E23 in the Cell Link field. Then choose 
Checked from the Value options, and click OK. With the 
button still highlighted, click and drag either of the bounding 

box’s right corners until 
the button name is fully 
displayed. Then highlight 
the default text {option 
button) and type Next Day 
Air to replace it. 

Typing E23 in the Cell 
Link field links our option 
button to this cell. 

Format Control 

Colors and Lines 


. Value . 

O Unchecked 

Cell link: 

3 Create More Options Because we also 

want options for 2-3 Day and UPS Ground shipping, 
we need more buttons. Luckily, all of the buttons you 
subsequently create will automatically inherit the same 
formatting as the first. Therefore, just select the option button 
tool and click in the worksheet next to the first button to create 
a second button. Repeat to create a third. With the third button 
still highlighted, expand its bounding box to display its default 
name, and rename it as UPS Ground. Then ShIft-Option-click 
the second button to select it, expand Its bounding box, and 
change its name to 2-5 Day. Test the buttons by clicking each in 
turn (clicking one deselects the others); the value shown in cell 
E23 (1, 2, or 3, corresponding to the order in which you created 
the buttons) should change as you click each button. 


-_..j i 

(P N«xt Day Air ^0 0 

' 2 

1 Weight (Ib.)/ 

— i 

. , 

Rename each option button to reflect your shipping options— this 
one will become our 2-3 Day option. 

DGVISG a Formula Now that you know your buttons are 
working, assign real dollar values for each choice. For example, let’s 
say UPS charges $7.00 per pound for Next Day Air delivery, $5.00 per 
pound for 2-3 Day shipping, and $1.50 per pound for UPS Ground, in our 
invoice, cell F23 contains the package weight In pounds, and cell 123 displays 
the total shipping costs. To create a formula that calculates the shipping cost by 
weight for all three options and displays the total dollar amount in cell 123, click 
cell \23, type =CHOOSE(E23J, 5, 1.5)*F23, and press Return. If you have your 
own invoice, the formula syntax works like this: =CHOOSE{cell number to which 
all buttons are linked, first button's value,second button's value, third button's 
value)* cell number that holds the 
number you're multiplying by the 
buttons' values. 

If you use our invoice, type this 
formula exactly as it appears. 
If using your own, apply the 
formula to your cells accordingly. 

t <lb.)/Shipping: 
Payment Type: 

rCHOOSE(E23, 7.5,1 ^)«F23| 



5 ChGck it Out To test your 
formula, suppose you have a 
7.5-pound package to ship Next Day 
Air. Click the Next Day Air button, type 
7.5 in cell F23, and press Return. The shipping 
cost should show up as $52.50 in cell 123. 
Select the 2-3 Day button; the shipping should 
come to $37.50. If you select UPS Ground, you 
should get $11.25. 





7S0 1 

[weight (lb.)/Shipping: 


Payment Type: 



Wanna see the payoff? Just click a shipping 
option, enter a weight in cell F23, and fix your 
eyeballs on the cell next to Shipping. 

Auto-Fill Fields via a 
Custom Menu 


• Microsoft Excel 

• MacAddict Invoice Example 
worksheet or your own invoice 

J ust as you choose items from application and Finder drop-down 
menus, you can add menus to your Excel worksheets for quick 
access to frequently used information. For example, rather than type 
In a customer’s billing- and shipping-address info each time you 
ship something to them, you can simply select his or her name from 
a drop-down menu list and Excel will enterthe shipping info foryou. 
Here’s how to create a drop-down menu and a formula that extracts 
customer info from a customer list. 

By creating a menu, all we need to do is choose a customer from 
the list to auto-fill the Bill To and Ship To fields. 

October 2003 MacAddict 75 

7A <1 HOWTO 

/ ^ ir add automated functions to Excel 


Coordinate Two Sheets You need two worksheets of data— one for 
your Invoice and one for customer info— but you don't need two separate files; Excel 
can stack together related worksheets in a single workbook. Open an invoice in Excel. 
At the bottom of the sheet, there are three numbered tabs that represent separate 

worksheets; Sheet 1 is the invoice. To create a customer list, click the Sheet 2 tab. To import Click the Sheet 2 tab to reveal a spankin'-new 
contacts from an existing database, skip to step 3. If creating one from scratch, read on. worksheet just waiting for your VIP contacts. 

2 Create a Customer List First 

create headers; in cell Al, type Last Name. 
Press the Tab key to move to cell B1 and type 
First Name. Continue tabbing and typing so 
that you have Billing Address in cell Cl, Cityln Dl, State 
in El, and Zip in FI. Then type in all of your customer 
contacts starting with cell A2, which should contain the 
last name of the first person on your list. Don't worry 
about alphabetizing for now; we'll deal with that later. 

— 'Kzr 

1 B „ 

. U . .. 


1 L**t Namft 

First Nam* 

Billing Addross City 



2 'Ofbpuma 


Modmon Wo Bovorly Hills 



„3 1 Smith 

Anno Nicolo 

1 Divorce Court Hollywood 



4 .Dogg 


420 Spllff Stroot Wood 




22 Smokoy Woy Son Frondsco 







4 Cross Drivo 

812 Morty Donubi Springf 




Once you create column headers, fill in each cell below 
them with the appropriate contact info. 

3 Import Contacts If you have contacts in FileMaker or 
Entourage, export that data as a tab-delimited text file, open 
the file, select all text, copy it, and then paste it into the Excel 
worksheet. Delete all columns that don't contain names or parts 
of addresses; click the letter at the top of a column to select the entire 
column, and then select Delete from the Edit menu. Rearrange columns 
so that they fall in this order, left to right: last name, first name, street 
address, city, state, zip. To move a column, select it, cut it, click the 
column letter where you want it to appear, and select Cut Cells from the 

Insert menu. 

Rrrt Nam* 
Krif $ 

Ow*n I 

Ath*n« ; 


Alan ! 

I s 

^l«nn E 

Troy I 

Dava I 


0«an Ink 
Barbaa Klllad Kann 

Duka UnlvartHy 



LucatAlm Art OIr 

Tha Chaacaballr 

We didn't say importing contacts 
was going to be pretty— you 
may need to delete a lot of 
unnecessary columns. 

4 Add More, Arrange More Now add four 

more columns to hold shipping-address info. Type 
Shipping Address in Gl, C/f/in HI, State in II, and 
Zip In Jl. Then fill in your customers' shipping info 
accordingly (if billing and shipping are the same, just copy 
and paste the info between cells). If you want to change fonts, 
formatting, colors, or borders and shading, select Formatting 
Palette from the View menu and use its tools to pretty up your 
work. To resize a column, drag either of the separator lines 
flanking the column's letter header. To alphabetize by last name, 
click and drag down column A from cell Al to your last entry to 
select. From the Data menu, select 
Sort. In the dialog that appears, 
select Column A in the Sort By pop- 
up menu, then click the Ascending 
radio button next to it. Choose 
Header Row from the My List Has 
section, and click OK. 

«MMMnMWay BtmtyHills 
nsMcvNi iDty*rc«CMiit HortywMd 
42ospwrsr ■* . 

MfJi 22$nok«v * 


n© ' 

ne ©A. 


Use the Sort command to alphabetize 
your customers by last name. 


Create the Menu To link your menu, define 
your contacts list as customers. Hold down the Shift 
key and click the A column header and then the j 
column headerto select all columns. From the Insert 
menu, select Name, and then Define. In the resulting dialog, 
type Customers In the box below Names In Workbook and click 
OK. Click the Sheet 1 tab to switch to the invoice worksheet, 
and from the View menu, select Toolbars > Forms to open the 
toolbar. Select the combo box tool and click and drag across cell 
D7 to draw a menu. Control-click the menu and select Format 
Control from the contextual menu. In the resulting dialog, 
type Customers in the Input Range field and type A7 in the Cell 

Link field. Click OK. 
Then click any cell to 
deselect the menu, 
and click the menu to 
select a name. 

Use the combo box tool 
to draw a drop-down 
menu on the invoice. 

6 Automate the Details To have Excel 
automatically fill in all billing and shipping info, 
create an Index function. To display a first name to 
the left of the drop-down menu, click cell B7, type 
=INDEX(Customers,A7,2), and press Return. To automate the 
billing address, click cell B8 and type =‘INDEX(Customers,A7,3). 
Extract other chunks of data In the same manner— just alter the 
last number in the formula to reflect the column number of the 
data you want. When you're done, check your work by selecting 
any customer from the menu. Of course, you can also apply what 
you just learned to your own worksheet. 


123 Fruit Loop, New York, NY 10101 • 800.S55.12I2 



1 9/1/03 

««fo: „ 



[ Simpson f J 

812 Many Donuts 
Springfield j 




Butter-Fried Marshmallow Burgers (; 
Triple-Fried Beef Jerky (16 oz.) 

To automate address 
info, enter an Index 
formula in every 
affected cell. 

Kris Fong and 
Qj Helen Bradley 
wish fora Word 
function that would 
automagically generate 
a bio blurb.' Oh, wait: 

76 MacAddlct October 2003 


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#764348 867MHz 64/1 5.2"/768MBTolal*/Combo M.994' 

#766962 1GHz64/15.2716BTotal*/SuperDrive »2.594‘ 

#116409 1GHzG4/17716BTotal*/Superi)rive »3,294' 

MacMall has the hottest add-ons to complete your new Apple Macintosh system! 

Apple Final Cut Pro 4 

FREE Inside Editing with 
Final Cut Pro* 4 Training DVD 
#194919 * 


^ 994 ! 

Call for details. 

Go Wireless! ^ 
AirPort Extreme V 
Base Station 

With Modem ^ 

only - 

Base Station Without Modem 


Adobe® Design w.\ 
Collection 7.0 

FREE Total Training for 

InDesign 2.0 




Call for details. 

NEW! Norton 
SystemWorks 3.0 


^ symantec- 



After $50 mfr.upg. 
rebate. Price before 
rebate $11 9.89. Call 

^ NEW! Apple iSight 

Autofocus video camera 
plus microphone! 



Call for details. 

Microsoft Office v. X for 
Mac Professional Ed. 



upgrade only 


Call for details. 

200GB d2 FireWire 
Hard Drive 

7200RPM and 
8MB buffer cache 


• 449 ! 

Call for details. 

NEW! QuarkXPress 6.0 

Now built for Mac OS X! 


upgrade only 

• 199 ! 

From version 5.0. 
Call for details. 

Adobe® Acrobat 6.0 
Professional > 

Offers advanced control 
of document exchange 
and output so you can 
easily exchange your files! 
#145056 ^ 

Acrobat &0 

upgrade only 


Cal! for details. 

Adobe Acrobat Solutions 

#145051 Acrobat 6.0 

Pro(FulQ ^389” 
#145972 Acrobat 6.0 
Standard Upg, ^89” 

#145062 Acrobat 6.0 
Standard (Full) ^69^ 

‘FREE RAM OFFER-Ail eligible models require an additional $39.99 professional instailation fee. RAM is free after $49.95 MacMall mail-in rebate for iMac G4 models. Offer expires 10/13/03. “FREE AirPort Extreme Card 
OFFER-Avallable on #11 641 3 and #1 1 6411 . An additional $39.99 professional installation fee applies. tRequires AirPort Extreme Ready System-AirPort Extreme ready systems are those with mini-PCI support form factor. 
AirPort Extreme cards cannot be used In older AirPort card bays (PCMCIA form factor slot). ttFREE Carrying Case OFFER-Carrying Case is FRE after redemption of $29.95 MacMall mail-in rebate. Price before rebate is $29.95. 
While supplies last. tttfREE USB FLOPPY DRIVE-USB Floppy Drive is FREE after redemption of $44.99 MacMall mail-in rebate. Price before rebate is $44.99. “‘FRE SOFTWARE OFFER-Free MYOB RrstEdge requires an 
additional $9.95 processing charge. While supplies last Free Total Training for Mac OS X requires an additional $9.99 processing charge. While supplies last. 

Holds over 7,500 songs! 


Hew Poww Mac G5! 

The world’s first 64-bit personal computer 
with speeds up to Dual 2GHz! 

FREE at 

MacMall Exclusive! 

512MB RAM FREE! (Up to a «300 value!) 

Available with purchase ot select Apple^ computer models. 

($39.99 installation fee applies). 

MacMall Exclusive! 

FREE Aiif ort Extreme Card! (»i 5 » value!) 

Available with purchase of any 1 2.1 " PowerBook G4. 

($39.99 installation fee applies). 

MacMall Exclusive! 

FREE Targus Cairying Case!" («29» value!) 

With any iBook or 12.1" or 15.2" PowerBook purchase 
after MacMall rebate. While supplies last. #882187 

MacMall Exclusive! 

FREE USB Floppy Driver (^4<» value!) 

With purchase of any eMac or iMac after MacMall rebate. While supplies Iasi #253420 

MacMall Exclusive! 

FREE Software! 

Free Total Training for Mac OS X #1 39546 with any MacMall order while 
supplies last Free MYOB RrstEdge #639065 with purchase of any Apple 
computer. Additional processing fee applies to each bOe. 

A removable side 
door lets you access 
slots and bays 
so you can easily 
add more memory, 
a second hard drive 
or an AirPort 
Extreme CardI 

Its low speed 
cooling fans create 
a system that's 3X 
quieter than the 
Power Mac G4! 

The world’s first 64-bit 
personal computer with 
speeds up to dual 2GHz! 

The Power Mac® G5 is the world’s fastest 
personal computer and the first with a 64-bit 
processor— which means it breaks the tour 
gigabyte barrier. 

This machine is a breakthrough in desktop 
processing power with its new G5 processor- 
available at speeds up to dual 2GHz and with 
a new ultradiigh-bandwidth system architecture 
featuring AGP 8X and PCI-X. 

#158580 156B iPod with FREE Dock and Carry Case *394 
#158582 306B iPod with FREE Dock and Carry Case *4M 

Dock shown is sold separately with 10GB Apple iPod model 
(ask for Item #1 58568). *A 9.95 processing fee applies. 

New Apple Power Mac G5 

#242082 1.6GHiE5f256MBRAM/a0GBHD/Supei0rive *1.994 

#242104 1.8GH2G5f51 2MB BAM/160GBHDffiupHD[ive" _^.394 
#2421 06~ 2.0Gtfe G5 Pual/51 2MB RAM/T60GB HDfitipetDritfe *2~994 

Apple iPod Series 

#158577 lOGBiPod 


Apple iPod! 

■ Carries up to 7,500 
of your favorite songs 

■ Holds contacts, text 
notes and calendars 

■ 8-hour li-ion battery 

■ An ultra-portable 

10, 15 or 30GB HD Free Speak$fs!'‘ 

fSL’jL- Jif# 

Up to Dual 2GHz PowerPC” G5 processors 
Up to 512MB DDR SDRAM 
8X AGP Pro graphics NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 
Ultra or ATI RADEON 9600 Pro graphics 
Three open full-length 33MHz, 64-bit PCI slots 
or three open full-lengfii PCI-X slots 
SuperDrive’" (DVD-R/CD-RW) 

Call 1-800-MACMALL (1-800-622-6^) or visit macmaUcom 

Excetient service/ Competitive prices A Quality products/ Expert tech staff/' 

Serving the Mac Universe sinceJOSS 

( iMac G4/1GHZ, PowerBook G4 12/17") 


PC2100 DDR 266MHz SO-DtMM for 
PowerBook G4 12", iMac G4f1GHz models 
256MB ..$54.99 512MB ..$119.95 
PC2700 DDR 333MHz SO-DIMM for all 
PowerBook G4 12" A 17", iMac G4/1GHz 
256MB ..$57.95 512MB ..$119.99 

C PowerBook G3 & ilWac 233-333MHz ) 

owe PCI 00 Low Profile lets you max your 
memoiy at up to 512MBs! GREAT for OS 9 & OS XI 

Low Profile 256MB will install In lower memory slot of ail listed models 
allowing a new max memory oi 

A H| 

1 Lombard *99 
IMac Rev A-0 G3 Wallstreet '98 

128MB PC100 CL2/PC66 Low Profile S0-D1MM$35.99 
256MB PC100 CL2/PC66 Low Profile SO-DIMM $67.95 

to 512MBs! 

- 1 !■ ' 

*fslEVV* PowerMac G5 ’Aluminum* 


333MHz DDR CL2.5 for UGHz 

512MB $107.99 1GB $CALL 


400MHz DDR CL3.0 for 1.8GHz, Dual 2.0GHz 
512MB. $119.99 1GB $CALL 

Donf See Your Mac Listed? Call or Visit! 
owe takes the guesswork out of upgrading 

Need memory? 

f Cancel 5 

Make your Mac run faster with a 
memory upgrade from OWC! 

• Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty 

• Fully meets or even exceeds Apple specs 

• UPS/FedEx AIR Delh/ery from $4 

epower Mac G4 AGP, iMac G3 350+, eMac) 

All PowerMac G4 Sawtooth / Graphics I Gigabit 
/ Digital Audio/ Quick Silver l&li Models 
Including Dual Processor Equipped; iMac 
G3/350-700MHZ Models, All eMac G4 Models 


256MB PC133 CL3 / PC100 CL2 SDRAM $39.95 

512MB PC133 CL3 / PC100 CL2 SDRAM .....$89.95 

C iBooks, PowerBook G3/G4, iMac G^ 

All iBooks, all iMac G4 15", iMac G4 17" 
800MHz, all PowerBook G4 15" (Titanium), 
PowerBook G3 FireWire(yr2000/aka Pismo) 



Go up to 512MB, 1GB, or MORE! Perfect for 
Memory Starved Applications & OS XI 

128MB Mac 5V 
DIMM ONLY $25.99! 


I Lu i I > a 

30GB Maxtor DiamondMax $59.95 

ATA/133, 5400RPM, 2MB buffer, 1yr wananty 

80GB IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 180XP $89.99 

AT/V6, 7200RPM, 2MB buffer, 3yr warranty 

120GB IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 180XP $115.99 

ATA/6, 7200RPM, 2MB buffer, 3yr warranty 

180GB IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 180XP $175.99 

ATA/6, 7200RPM, 8MB buffer, 3yr warranty 

250GB Western Digital Caviar $309.95 

ATA/6, 7200RPM, SMB buffer, 3yr warranty 

ADD a FAST ATA/133 HD Interface to ANY Mac with a PCI Slot 
Supports up to 4 ATA/IDE drives, data rates up to 133 MB/SI 
100% Compatible and Bootable Apple OS 8.x, OS 9.x, OS X lOx 

Plug and Play, 3 year warranty 

Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 si m nr 

Mac PCI controller $87.99 

SIIG ATA/133 Mac 

PCI controller only $75.99! 

Plug and Play, S year warranty 


SIIG Dual Channel ATA/133 
RAID PCI controller $139.99! 

Hardware RAID card for HIGH 
performance, 5 year warranty 

C PowerMac G4 *Mirrored Poor* & *FW800*^ 
PowerMac G4 'Mirrored Door* Dual 867MHz / 

1GHz/ 1.25 GHz; 'FW800* 1GHz, Dual 1.25GHz, 
Dual 1.42GHz; & all Xserves 


266MHz CL2.5 DDR G4/1GHz, G4/867MHz Dual 
256MB .........$49.95 512MB $99.95 


333MHz CL2.5DDR G4f1.25GHz; 

Dual 867MHz/1GHz/1.25GHz/1.42GHz 
256MB $52.99 512MB $107.99 



a bigger, 
quieter drive 

60GB IBM/Hitachi 7K60 7200RPM $359.99 

The first 7200RPM 2.5" drive ever! Quieter and uses 
less power than many 5400RPM and older 4200RPM drivesi 

20GB Fujitsu MHS2020AT $99.95 

4200RPM, 2MB buffer, 3yr warranty 

40GB Toshiba MK4019GAX $139.95 

5400RPM, LARGE 16MB buffer, Syr warranty 

60GB IBM/Hitachi 80GN $199.95 

4200RPM, 2MB buffer, Syr warranty 

60GB Toshiba MK6022GAX $219.99 

5400RPM, LARGE 16MB buffer, Syrwarranly 

80GB IBM/Hitachi 80GN $277.95 

4200RPM, LARGE SMB buffer, Syr warranty 

256MB PC133 CL3/PC100 CL2 SO-DIMM $43.95 

512MB PC133 CL3/PC100 CL2 SO-DIMM $99.95 

C PowerMac G3, G4 'Yikes' PCI ) 

All G3 Beige, Blue & White, G4 PCI 'Yikes' 


■ .J ■ 

256MB $39.99 | 

G4 Cube - PowerBook G4 15" - iMac G3/35(H- 
IntemaJ CD-R/RW + DVD-ROM upgrade $199.99 

Burn CDs & Flay DVDs with this 100% Apple Compatible 
Internal Slot Loader! 

PowerMac G3 & G4 Desktop/Towers 

• Lite-On 52x32x52x ATAPI CD-R/RW $48.99 
• Pioneer DVR-105 'SuperDrive* 
CD-R/RW + DVD-R/RW $189.99 


Kits indude all connecting cables and driving mounting screws. 

For 3.5" ATA Solutions: 

owe Mercury Elite cases 

Combo FireWire FW400/USB $89.95 

Combo FireWire 400/800 + 
USB 1. 1/2.0 $139.99 

For 2.5" ATA Solutions: 

owe Mercury E xpress cases 

USB 1. 1/2.0 $35.99 
FireWire 400 $49.95 

' MAI 0-03 - ■ -h i - Prices, speciflcationfe/ end ovoilablllt/aresubjeoi to chsrtgewihfluthoflc^’tfems returned iviWii todays i^iay be twbjeoiuis to a16%r6sfix:Wri9/a^^ SoijteirriaseadraCcuiiasvqtAtspte 

Other WoNaeonwuting ' 

iompe titive prlcas/ y Q u Ft?-/ Expert tgch staff ^ 

Serving the Mac Universe sincej1988 

Top-Rated FireWire 400/800 & OSB solutions by OWC 








^ i 


owe Mercury On-The-Co 2J5" IFW400/USB 

All On-The-Go Drives Feature: 

Powered by FireWire Bus or Included AC Power Adapter • Cool 
Blue LED Activity Indicator • Super Quiet Operation • Large Data 
Buffer up to 16MB • Fully Suitable for 

Ship Pre-configured Plug and 
& OS X • Intech Speedtools 
Mac Utility Software 
Included • Fully compatible 
with Windows & Unix OS 
versions that support FireWire 
Weighs less than 12 Ounces! • All Cables, Drive may be powered 
Carrying Case, and Full 1 Year Warranty included included powe^r® adapter. 

X Y 

For all your hiah-speed storage needs! 

Mercury Elite back panel: 
FireWire 400 + USB 1.1/2.0 model 

Mercury Elite back panel: 
FireWire 800/400 + USB 1. 1/2.0 model 









: Ma&Ackfct 
gives 4.5 out of 5. 

Photoshop User 

USB 2.0/1 .1 

Elite FW800 
* USB 2.0/1.1 



















































lOWCIMerCuryCD/CD-R/CD-RW -lOWD/DHD-R/DHD-RW -Ilirewiie+IUSB2J0/I:f 

MacAddtet RATED 









20GB 4200rpm 2MB 
20GB 5400rpm 2MB 
30GB 5400rpm 2MB 
40GB 4200rpm 2MB 
40GB 5400rpm SMB 
40GB 5400rpm 16MB $219.97 
60GB 4200rpm 2MB $249.97 
60GB 5400rpm 16MB $289.97 
60 GB 720Brpm 8MB M19'99 
80GB 4200rpm 8MB $349.97 

CALL for new 80GB S400RPM! 

FW+ USB 2.0/1 .1 











High Speed for backup, audio, video and more - 100% Apple ITunes compatible! MSCWOflll 
Plug and Play with any Mac or PC that has an available FireWire or USB port. How easy is that? 

CD-R/RW EKternal Solutions; 

OWC Mercury FireWire + USB CD-R/RW only $129.99 

52x Write / 32x Re-Write / 52X Read 

Includes Roxio Toast Lite 5.2.x, 25 Pieces 52X 80 Min CD-R Media, 1 Piece 80 Min CD-RW Media, All 
Connecting Cables, 1 Year Warranty 

DVD-R/RW a CD-R/RW 'SuuerOriue' Solutions: 

OWC Mercury FireWire + USB 'SuperDrive' $269.99 

DVD - 4x Write / 2x Re-Write / 12x Read 
CD - 16x Write / 8x Re-Write / 32x Read 

Includes CharisMac Discribe 5.x, 5 Pieces DVD-R Media, 25 Pieces 52X 80 Min CD-R Media, /Ml 
Connecting Cables, 1 Year Warranty 

Call or Visit for our foil FireWire/USB line which also includes: 


FireWire a USB add-on card from oniv $19,991 Connect to tiiousands of new USB and FireWire Prodnetsi 


Sonnet Tango $77.95 

' y 2-port FW 400 & 3-port USB 2.0/1.1 PCI 

Century 2-port PCMCIA 
FireWire Card $29.97 

Add Fire^Mre to any PowerBook 63 WellStreet or Lombard 
Model Phig and Play oompaliWe with OS 8.6-9.2 Jt, Appte OS X. 

Slot! Compatible with Apple OS 8.6-9.2.X, OS X. 


OWC 3-port FW 400 Mac PCI $19.99 
OWC 3-port FW 800/400 Mac PCI $74.95 

Plug and Play svith any Mac (hat has an available PCI Slot Requires MAc OS 8.6 • 922 
or OS X. OS X 10.2.3 or higher required for FireWire 800 operation. 


MacAliy 2-port USB 1.1 
PCI Card $24.95 

Add USB to ANV Mac with a PCI sioL Plug and Play compatible witii Apple 

^ PowerLogiy 

PowerLogbe RapidRre 2 Port USB 
3 Port RreWirc PCI Caid $49.99 

FireWire and/or USB lets you connect to the Apple iPod, Digital 
Cameras, Digital Camcorders, CD/DVD Burners, Hard Drive 
Storage, Keyboards, Mice, Scanners, Printers, and MUCH 
MORE! If your computer didn't come with one of these 
interfaces, they are easy to add so you too can plug and play 
USB & FireWire devices! 

. .MA10-03 ■ 

Frfcas. srwolfcitcnt.. iwl afflatabtHy «r SUtlpd In diiirtps wiUidut nofcfl-., rplumsl lAllhei .ip- days may tirr Jubj^t Lp to a raaiuetftig tea.- Norllum 'AlV be atiapfJail i^tib.a'rl ReXun Miirchanl Au^lwl^HS'C^nntnb*^ ; 

Some imnnos aril CdurJaaV 

Other Woria Computing 

Oliver WcirW CcsviFUijng 
1 004 Cotiri 0 iil(fe Dr, WtwebEort, tL B0D38 


service^./ Competitive prices Quality products // Expert tech staff / 

Serving the Mac Universe since ^1988 

FasterMac.NET Nationwicle 56K dial-up 
$8.25 a montli - $99/yrl 

5 FREE e-mail accounts • 10MB web space • FOR APPLE USERS ONLY! 
Cal I 1 -800-869-91 52 or vi'slt: ww\w.fastermac. net; for i nfb or i nstant sign-up. 


Protect your investment! 

owe Laptop Screen Protectors PREVENT marks on your PowerBook 
LCD Screen! FREE iKiear Apple Polish included for a 'Klean Start!' 

owe LSP PowerBook G4 
Titanium 15” $15.99 

owe LSP 

Wallstreet/Lombard/Pismo $14.95 

owe LSP iBook(all)/PowerBook G4 12” $13.95 

flB Laptop earrying 

eases -HOT BUY! 

Avalon Executive II $39.95 

The best value in a top-quality, shock protective, laptop 
case for alt laptops with up to a 15.4** screen 

- ^ UniBrain Fire-i FireWire Digital 
eamera only $99.95 

Works with any Mac with an available FireWire 
port. Perfect for WebCam, video streaming, 

ADS Instant DVD USB 
MPEG-II $229 

Live Convert from ANY Video Source 
into your Mac and Bum DVOsI 

^PowerBook Accessories^ 

Roadtools Traveler CoolPad $19.95 

Fot PowwBook, For PowerBook, iBook, ANY- 

Laptopi AvaiiaUe in Black or White. 

Roadtools Podium CoolPad $29.95 

For Pow^Book, iBook, Mff-Laptopl Available in 
Black or White 

owe Mobility 
Bundle #4 for 
G4PB $54.95 

Po(ftjTi(biad^ -Save 


owe Mobility 
Bundle #6 for 
G4 PB $49.95 

Sook Dual USB 
RoadToois Podum 
Products L^Aottom 


owe Bundles include top quaiitymMedIa 
from SanDisk! Call or visit our website for 
our full tine of SanDisk Flash/Smart/Stick 

^>^Mac PowerBook Batterii^^ 

Apple PowerBook G4 Lombard (Bronzer99), 
FireWire (Pismoroo) High Capacity Ll-lon $149.99 

Apple PowerBook G4 Wallstreet (1998) Li-Ion 
Replacement Battery $149.99 

eontour Design USB 
Shuttle Pro Dontroller 

Call or visit for our COMPLETE line of Mac 
AudioATideo hardware & software. 


ADe to DVI adapter $29.95 
ADC to VGA adapter $27.99 <» W 

DVI to ADC video adapter $79.99 m m mm 
owe DVI to VGA adapter $9.95 

Call for keyboard/monitor switch (KVM) sets) 

X Apple OS X 
> 10.2JC ’Jaguai" 


Apple OS d.1 


M«rOS9 ' 

YE Data 6 in 1 Digital Media 
Reader/Writer $29.99 

• Reader + 128MB SmartMedia Bundle $64.99 

• Reader + 256MB Compact Flash $89.99 

Connects to your Mac via USB and lets you read/write 
Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Memory, 
MultiMedia Card, and Mlcrodrlvel 

Asante Mac PC1 10/1 OOBT Ethernet Card $23.99 

step up to high speed Ethernet today! /IS/lNrF 

Klear Screen for laptops and monitors 

KieaiScreen - Apple approved LCD cleaning kits 
Apple Polish 2 Stage iKiear, 10 for $7.50 
Wet/Dry ’Stage' sets insures a perfect strak free clean) 

Power Klean LCD cleaning bundle $23.99 

Supplies for over 1500 (Meanings) 




MacAlly Retractable Headphones 
for iPod, etc $1 9.99 

f t MacAIiy Ice Mouse Optical 
3-Button Scrolling $29.95 

MacAlly IceCad USB Mini Graphics 
Draw/Write Tablet w/ Pen $39.99 

, • owe Apple 7 In 1 Bit Kit $7.95 

Just what you need for installing memory 
or a hard drive and more for Apple 
Desktops, PowerBooks, iBooks/More 



3.6V PERAM Replacement Battery $5.99 
High-Capacity 3.6V ISOOmah Utiiium Ceil 

4.5V PRAM Replacement Battery $7.99 

Genuine Rayovac 4.5v Alkaline computer battery 

Griffin PowerMate USB $44.95 

Rotary Audio Controller and morel 

Griffin iMic USB 
Microphone Adapter $36.97 



iSkin iPod and Keyboard protectors only 
$18.99 to $19.99 

7J <5? 

Pnw^ spcofftniKuia, and pro ei*facl1» IteiraratiKnrfiMlIiinaniiayiins^-ljoailJiodi^itea leiirmftjdiigfbe. rto ratum lit aCEopiDd wiitoji WardiantyUjIhDrtwtwi 

Other Itforlff Conifiifrfng ; 1lj^.Courti0ul(f8Or...Wp^ 

macs alesicotni 



uom p atrtive prtcas/ Quailty products / Expart tech staff 7 

PowerMac G4 Processor Upgrades 

Make your Mac 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, even 7x faster! 

• See real world benchmarks at 

• $$$ owe gives cash back for your old processor too! $$$ 

G4 AGP Graphics / G4 Sawtooth 

G4 Gigabit Ethernet 

iml Digital Audio 

G4 Cube 

y|| Quicksilver I 

Quicksilver II 


Mercury G4 Extreme 

PowerMac G4 novv 

G4/800MHZ 2MB L3 SD cache $259.99 
G4/1 -25GHZ 2MB L3 DDR cache $489.99 
G4/1 .33GHz 2MB L3 DDR cache $549.99 
G4/1 .467GHz 2MB L3 DDR cache $589.99 

Your PowerMac G4 made EXTREME) 

Plug and play with all PowerMac G4 models 
100/133 bus 350MHz to 1GHz (except Cube) 

Pre-installed cross-air heatsink means cool 
running and easy installation 

• Ultra-quiet fan does not add to system noise! 

- 100% Compatible w/all Apple Software/OS Versions 

• 30 day 100% money back guarantee & 3 year 
warranty lets you buy with confidence! 

Upgrade Power Book G3 to G4 

NuPower Pismo G4/500MHz 1MB 2:1 
/)>n=^ er^tec^nolagmi $289.99 

Crescendo WS G4/500MHz with 1 MB 2:1 

J®NN®r JlMFir^dSr $395.99 


BlueChip LS G4^00MHz w/ 1 MB 2.5:1 
(Lombard) 0 Pow&tjo^ $375.99 

Our online guide shows what we have just for your Mac! 

ZIP Upgrades for PowerMac G3 Beige/B&W; G4 'Yikes' PCI 

MaCWOtM ■ G4/450MHZ $189.94 ■ G4^0MHz $259.94 
m • G4/550MHZ $319.94 

owe Plug & Play. 1 MB L2 Cache. 2yr OWC Warranty 

0Pow&iogix G3/800MHZ with 1 :1 512k L2 cache $297.99 
G3/900MHZ with 1 :1 51 2k L2 cache $349.99 

r G4/1 GHz with 1 MB L3 cache $569.99 

XpostFacto Sofware from OWC 

Lets you use OS X 10.1 and later 
on many Macs Apple doesn't support! 

Learn more here: 

Apple OS X 10.2.x 




^SG3 & G4 PCI PowerMac Upgrades 

i®NN®r Work faster, browse faster, piay lister • even run OS X! 

jttntmr * For moat PCI PowerMac mode»s, doe* not uae a PCI slot 

' Plug and Play upgrades lor 73/75/76^5/86/95/»8, UMAX S900/J700, compatiblo PowerComputlng*' 

Crescendo G3/500MHz 1MB 1.2 $169.95 
Crescendo G4/700MHz 1MB L3 $267.95 
Cresc&n6o G4/800MHz 1MB L3 $367.95 


Don't let a slow video card hold your Mac back! 


Perfect for Apple OS X 
and Quartz Extreme 

Apple / NVidia GeForce 4MX 32MB for PowerMac G4 AGP $75,99 Q. 

Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/DVI/VGA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2043x1535 

ATi Radeon 9000 MacEdition AGP W/64MB DDR for PowerMac G4 AGP $165.99 Q, 

Connect up to 2 displays, AOC/DWVGA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2048x1535 

ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB AGP 2x-8x MacEdition Call of visit Ci 
Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/D WVGA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2048x1535 

ATI Radeon 7000 MacEdition PCI w/32MB DDR for any PCI slot Mac $119.99 
Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/DVIAi'GA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2048x1535 

i . .psdlicaftkim, arkl M SLtfftrt to chan(t9 wOwirt ncrtiw re5jiTi*d 58 

Offier IVoMff Computing 

Scfflft inflow BT8 Ctiurtftey oJApeto 
QihefWoftdCgmputipg jSjjfjj 
10(M CourlauWs Dr., WocxteilEJci^ IL ^ 


ExtendAfR Direct and ExtendAlR Omni antennas plug directly into 
the G5 to dramatically improve AirPort reception. 

Dr: Botti 

External FireWire 800 Drives 

utilize the G5 s built-in 
FireWire 800 ports to 
transfer data at blazing 


Contact your local Mac Retailer to purchase Dr. Bott products. Toll Free: 800.541.1230 503.582.9944 

VGA Extractor for ADC 

Connect your VGA 
monitor to the G5's 
ADC connector. 


Dr Botts 


Dr Dott 

f hiv ii-nn 

2922 Ave. L, Brooklyn, NY 11210 

1 - 800 - 951-9632 

Store Hours; Mon-Thurs; 9am-10pm • Friday; 9am-6pm • Sunday: 10am-7pm 

Visit our website at: 

Customer Service: 718-338-3028 

Local & International: 718-338-1800 
24 Hour Fax Hotline: 718-338-3029 


We specialize 
in Overnight Delivery. 

Place Your Order by 7:00 PM EST 
and Receive Your Order by 
the Next Business Day! 

For an Additional 


- 21 Day Satisfaction 
Next Day Air Availabte 
Worldwide Shipping 
^ No Surcharge on Credit Cards 
Government & Schooi PO's Accepted 



• 5.0 Megapixel CCI^^^,. 

• 4x Dig.^x Opt. 


NIKON Coolpix 4300 

• 3x Opt, Zoom/Dig4Z^^^^^^ 

‘314” iw®’ 

NIKON Coolpix 5400 

• 5.1 Megapixels 

• 4x Digital Zoom 

‘609“ mg 

Opiio S „.„..$299.99 

NEWI Coolpix 3100 $274.39 





NIKON Coolpix SQ 

• 3.11 Megapixels } ' 

• 3x0pt 


^OLYMPUS C-4000 

• 4.1 Megapixels 

NEW! D-560 $239.99 


• 5.0 Megapixels Mt, •] 

• 3x Optical Zoom ] 

• 4x Digital Zoom 


NEW! Stylus 400 Digital $389.99 

NEW! Stylus 300 Digital $289.99 


• 3.34 Million Pixels 

• lOx Digital Zoom 

5x Zoom 

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E-IQ S769.99 


• 5.24 Megapixels 

NEW? DSC-F77 S339.99 

SONY Mavlca CD-500 

NEW! CD350 $379.99 


• 5,0 Megapixels ' ' 

• 3x optical Zoom 



DSC-P32 $209.99 

DSC-P52 $249,99 

DSC-P72 $279.99 

n.‘;n-P97 99 


• 5,0 Megapixels 

• 4x Digital Zoom 

• 4x Optical Zoom | 


DSC-V30 S199.99 

DSC-V60 SM9^ 


• 6.30 Megapixel 


• IIMegaPixels 


•IEEE 1394 

Special! $2899.99 

CANON PowerSh^^^^^ 

R7 cam on 

CANON PowerSho^^^^^^ 

NFWI A7n t7:)q 99 

CANON PowerShot.S45 

• 4.1 Megapixels 

• 3x Optical Zoom i 

• 3.6x Digital Zoom 

NEW! S50 3?S35?99 

G3 S444 99 

S230 $279.99 


NEW! A300 $189.99 

NEW! S400 $399.99 


• 3024x2016’ Resolution^^g^^^ 

new? Finepix A3a3....9^|^^9 

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NEW! Finepix S5000 CALL 

NEW! Finepix S7000 CALL 

NEW! Ditnage S414 $279.99 

71 S629.39 

FUJI Finepix F7M 

• 6.2 Megapixels . . mjjjm 

• 3x Optical Zoom C' « 

•1.8- LCD 


NEW! Finopix A210 

NEW! Finepix A310 $229.99 

finopix A410 S279.99 


• 3.2 Megapixels t ‘ - jmiM 

• 3x Optical Zoom L 

• 4x Digital Zoom j j 

‘259” 1' 

NEW! Dimage F300 $339.99 

NEW! Diinage EZ23 $169.99 



• 4000 DPI Optical 


>619“ f 



• 2870 Pixel 
Linear CCD 

• 2900 DPI Optical 


NIKON Super Cooiscan 

• 4,000 dpi Optical Re . 

• Tri'linear CCD 

• Multiple film format 


EPSON Stylus 2200P 

• USB/Serial Port 

• PC or Mac 

• 6 Color Smalt 
Archival Links 



EPSON Stylus 1280 

• Smudge Free Inks 

• PC or Mac 


Stylus 3000... 

.. 41179 ^ 


• Dye-Sublimation 

• 314 dpi Res. 

• LCD Panel 
for Previewing 


Policy: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Money Orders, Certified Check, (Personal Checks up to 14,000.00 with name and address imprinted on check). C.O.D. orders are also accepted. Orders by mail please print name address and phone number clearly. 
Shipping methods - in the Continental U.S.A. will be via Fedex, U.P.S. or Air Mail. Over size items via truck. Shipping and Handling are additional. 21. days for return or exchange (video & digital 7 days) with prior authorization only. (Call customer service for authorization number). 
Shipping and Handling are not refundable. All returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 5%. Prices may reflect mail-rebate. All returned merchandise must be in new condition and must include all packaging and printed material in original, unaltered condition. Broadway 
Photo is not responsible for typographical errors, All items are covered fay USA, International or Broadway Rioto and Video Warranty. Prices subject to change. Please check our website for current, prices, All our merchandise is brand new and factory fresh. Quantities are limited. 
Thank you and enjoy your order. 


Large Printing Soiutions, CAD 
and Graphic Software for OS X 

Shiraz PostScript 




Pre and poll lalos assistance are available. 
(EducoHonal prices: vvww.a< 

mac's • HP plotters • Media & ink supplies 
|| Authorized Reseller AulhorKed Reseller Networking devices • Cables & connectors 1 .800.622.7568 

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icroMedia studio MX- MacOSXI- 
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Apple 18x1Qx1Cb(40Connbo $59 

/^pyfeSiperiDiTveCWRICW $144 


w # • USB Kensington $19 
!#- -f USB Logitech $24 
RreWIre Rre-I 

Jump Start Educational Software Packs 

Harmah Q 

Soun^d Sticks ' 


9GB LVD Bundle $99 

4PortS14 lGB/4GBfrom $12/17 

7 Port $15 Adaptec 2940U2B 

SCSI PCI Card $55 


1 5G8 Quantum $44 

15GB Apple 2.5” $79 

40GB IBM $59 

Keyboards & Mice 

Supra 56k modem $49 

Apple Pro 

^ $44/43 


% Mouseworks $8 
y 2 Pack$l 0 


Cordless Ouc 
ytjoatd & Mouse" $24 

Internet Navigator 
USB Keyboard 

ITouch USB 
Keyboard $19 

|3cds each! choose from.- $18 USB2port$9 gv 20.a/Ethernet $34 

Preschool. Kindergarten, 1st or2nd grade '"S' iwioo Cardbus- 

Asante ia/100t $11 

|Utilities 4.06.0 Antivirus 6.0/7.0 $7/14 9/14 
IlnlarMSeoijiylJorSyslemWoitelJ W i igp flippy 

Iomega PCI SCSI Card $19 M^mGI/IGIlffllB/SOffi^^ 

^ B^«G«6ta/WBUSM51$399! 

Misc. Hardware I Preowned System Specials 

$37 BdgeDTG3/50(Vl28MB/4GB/CD/USBt$299! 

Dreamiweaver MX 
Frewofks MX / Rash MX 
Freehand 10/ Flash 4 


Other Software Bargains 

Adobe After Effects 5.5 mac $879 

Business Plan Toolkit v.7 $29 

ErKydopedaBrtennicaRdyF!ef2003 $14 
Web Savant/Timbuktu 2000 set- 
Office upgrades 98-/2QQ1/X- 

H blowout 


Ofl all M-Audlo pfoductsP* 

' G3/233 All fh Onef 
r^rr. $169 

FHEElta 1 aiSptaMs 1 J((lEy)w^ 


* Refurbished, t Pre-owned 
•OEM, ** upgrade with previous version 
\A/b etrvr'Ir mam# narfel ffFrse ground shipping only available for online order 
we STOCK many pans I subiect to change ♦ nor responsiWe for errors 

All prices rounded down 
Credit cards accepted 

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Ufetime W^n'afity RAM 


ONLY 102 


For the followng CPU configurations: 

G4 Dual IGH 2 / 1 .42GHz (DDR PC 2700) 

G4 ilWac* (PC-133 168 pin CL3) un|» 

G4 AGP 466-Dual 1GHz (PC-133 168 pin CL3) ' 
G3/G4/iMac® 350-600 (PC-133 168 pin CL3) JitO 



PowerBook® G4 12" 
PowerBook® G4 17" 

RAM Type/Description 256mb 512mb 


Drives on Sale! 

Software £ Specials! 

AppleCare® for iBook® $ 192 

AppleCare* for Power Mac® + Display 192 

AppleCare® for PowerBook® -i- Display 262 

AppleCare® for iMac®/eMac® 132 

Contour ShuttlePro 75 

Contour Space ShuttlePro 
64mbJetFlash USB Flash Drive ^ 25 
128mb JefFlash USB Flash Drive 39 

256mb JefFlash USB Flash Drive 69 

DVD-R 10-pak 4.7gb (single sided) 15 
DVD Studio Pro (with FREE 50pak media) 499 
iPodlOgb r^, 294 

iPod15gb P 394 

iPod 30gb ' 494 

External fireWire 800 Hard Drives 

with Oxford 922 Chipset 



2mb Buffer 




8mb Buffer 




2mb Buffer 




8mb Buffer 




8mb Buffer 


External fireWir? 400 Drives w/ Oxford 911 



2mb buffer 

$ 159 



8mb buffer 




2mb buffer 




8mb Buffer 




8mb Buffer 


Other Drives on Sale 

LaCie 120GB 7200rpm FireWire d2 case $189 
LaCie 200GB 7200rpm FW 800 d2 case 359 
LaCie 250GB 7200rpm FW 800 d2 case 439 
LaCie 400GB 7200rpm FW 800 d2 case 619 
LaCie 4x2x12 DVD-RW FireWire d2 case 289 
LaCie 52x24x52 CD-RW FireWire d2 case 125 
Pioneer DVR-A05 4x2x12 DVD-RW Intrnl 179 

Maximum Saving on Apple'^ Products 

S Power MaifG 5 






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final CutfxpressinStock! $294 

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512 mb/ 60 ^/ 


. W4 

I iBooks as low as $799 


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’Check wetuHi lor details on new computer purchases. Not responsible lor typographic errors. United to stock on hand. Not valid In combination with any other pnmotions. 

( 98~ 

AfcJict OCT/03 Mar 


Sportfolio Extreme 



Laptop cases and protective sleeves 
for ail Apple® PowerBook 
and iBook computers 

Sportfolio I 



The complete solution 
for the active iPod™ 



CEO Glove 

CEO Classic 

Sportsult Convertible Includes armband and belt clip for ma5<lmum versatility 


RAM Memory 
DDR Memory 
USB Portable Flash Drive 
Secure Digital Card 
Memory Stick Card 
xD Card 

Multi Media Card 
Smart Media Card 
Card Readers/Adaptors 
VGA Card 
Portable HDD 
USB Hub 

^ 66 - 563-6679 

FAMILYHISTORY-GENEALOGYI Protection that’s made f or your iPod 


iMacs & all older Macs 
can now be wireless! 

PC Card, PCI, USB, 

POE, antennas, outdoor, 
camera, bluetooth, ... 

Extend the range of your Ti-Book 


If it's wireless, 
find it at 

Reunion 8 is the perfect tool to 
organize your family history. Plenty of 
room for names, dates, places, stories, 
notes, tidbits, and 
sources. Include 
all your favorite 
pictures, sounds, 
and home movies. 

build multimedia 
web pages to 
share your family 
history on the 
Internet! Print large, colorful tree 
charts, timeline charts, and fan charts 
I for family reunions. Fun 
and educational for the 
whole family. Reunion 8 
takes advantage of OS X 
and includes over 
100 new features 

Round SVaitKtion 

lUtr butt clip 


iriimjp . Vi'.. 

fc" ' 





Next Generation iPod Protection. 


The iSkin- ProTouch Keyboard Protector 

Protects your Apple Pro Keyboard while you t^e. 


B^bnost popular 
digital asset management 
tool for creative professionals. 
Manage & publish your text 
images, presentations, videos, 
MP3s, layouts and more with 
iCanto Cumulus 5.5. 

You Can Also Order By Mail You Can Order Back 
By Writing To Us At : ^ Issues By Calling 

MacAddict Customer Service 
Future Network USA 

150 North Hill Dr. p . v^rTiirm™ 

Brisbane, CA 94005 Mon-Fri, 7am-1 1pm CST 

_ _ Please have your credit card rea 

Please send check or r> i • ■■ i_i 

MONEY ORDER AND SPECIFY Back issues are available 


Inside the U.S. please send; $9.95 for magazine and CD-ROM; $7.95 for magazine only. 
Outside the U.S. please send; $12 for magazine and CO-ROM; $10 for magazine only. 
U.S. prepaid funds only. 

Mon-Fri, 7am-11pm CST 
Please have your credit card ready. 

Back issues are available 
iDER. on a limited basis. 


jtM Waitie]Sranii:sofiiiifare: 

I ; 




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Coda Music 

FINALE 2003 

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WWW. marathoncomput« 

800*8 3 2-6 3 2 6 
6 1 5 * 367*6467 

Articulating Arm Mount for 
VESA, Cinema and 
Studio Displays 




The Missing Sync 


for Pocket PC 

► Sync with Mac OS X Synchronize iCal and Address Book via iSync 
► Desktop Mounting Mourn your Pocket PC on the OS X Desktop 
► iPhotO Plug-In Import/Export Images with your Pocket PC 
► iTuneS Plug-In use your pocket PC as an iTunes Source 

also available for Sony CUE and Samsung i330 
IllliiyiftHmiB ^ 

All Prices 

m/kam OKU 



fflil W US>> 

Vb 9 bbi 


& toner 

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S041286 8.5x11, 20pk 13.66 
S041290 11x17, 20pk 39.67 
S041341 8.5x11, matte 16.61 
S041331 8.5x11, semi 13.66 
Too much to list... call or visit site. 

HP Cartridges 

51645A new 25.61 

refilled 17.41 

C6578A new 52.91 

refilled 27.91 

Too much to or visit site. 
Canon Cartridges 
SPECIAL: 4 Pack: 1x BCI-3C, 
lx BCI-3Y, 1XBCI-3M, 

1x BCI-3bk, orig Canon, 

See site for details 24.91 

Apple Cartridges 
M8041G/C 22.76 

A2M0077 4.79 

M3330G/A 6.22 

M3328G/A 44.56 

M3240G/A 29.25 

Too much to or visit site. 

Epson Cartridges 
T007201 Orig. Epson 20.95 

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more Epson... 

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Special website 
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: Exclusive 


A Work of Art 
Is Not Complete 
Without a Frame 



I for 1 jVIa.c 

Come see our complete line of 
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OnliiieOrderlng at: 


-Same Day Shippirig 
Lifetime Warranty 
-Educational PO’s Accepted 

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Save Money on Top Quality RAM 

92 Addid 

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Auto/Air Pauper Adapters 

Titanium G4S & iBook models 

Replacement Mini 
AC Adapters 
for all 

Titanium G4S & iBook models 

(65 Watts max.) 


Mini AC adapters feature: 

• too - 240 auto switching input 

• Fold away outlet prongs 

• Conifinient cable wrap 
with Vcfcro™ Strap 

• 4.1 xi.6xi,t’' 

Lind adapters feature: 

• Fault protection circuitry 
with Automatic reset 

• Durable ABS housing 

• Nylon carrying case 

Order online at: 
or call #800-897-8994 to order 

Lind Electronics^ Inc. 6414 Cambridge Street, Minneapolis, MN 554 ^ 

Lilon Auxiliary Power Packs 
For all Ti G4S & iBooks 

Extend your laptop runtime 
3 to 4 times longer 

2.4(MP6o)lbs - 3.4(MPgo)lbs 
Size - 11.25 X 8.5 X .5" 


& MaxPftwer *fo(i4oWH) 


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©2003 DRIVESAVERS, INC. 400 BEL MARIN KEYS BLVD., NOVATO, CA 94949 INU: 415-382-2000 










^ 6e9t’>oroo8 

NOD' nk 

saavHx CJ 

IIV 40 bn ^ I 

3 VT\[ mQI 



■ I Is that new G5 a 

I little more computer 
than you need? 

' Check out the great 
^ n selection of G4's 
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Printer DEALS 

Epson Stylus C42UX $45. 

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HP Deskvmter 680c (U) Serial $35. 

Monitor DEALS 

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PPC 4400/200Mhz 32/2GB/CD 
All-in-One 5260 16/1GB/CD/14’ Mtr 
All-in-One 5300 24/750MB/CD/14" Mtr 
All-in-One 5400 16/1 .66B/CD/15" Mtr 

« All-in-One 5400 24/1 .6GB/CD/14" Mtr 
Ali-in-One 5500 24/2GB/CD/15’ Mtr 

Kai's Power Tools 6.0 Plug-Ins MAC $9.99 

Printshop Publishing Suite $19.99 

. Mah Jong Partour $19.99 

- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Sports $1 4.99 
Learn to Speak Multiple Languages $1 9.99 

V Corel Knockout 1 .5 $39.99 

MacOS X (1 0. 1 ) $39.99 

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Apple ADB AppleDesign Keyboard . $24.99 

Philips TIVo HDR 112 14 hour $89.99 

UniBrain 3 port Firwire PCI $1 9.99 

MacAlly 2 port USB PCI $34.99 

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And for something really scary!!! 

PC Compatible DEALS 

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Celeron 466Mhz 128MB/6.4GB/CD $69.99 

Celeron SOOMhz 128MB/6.4GB/CD $79.99 

PHI 550Mhz 1 28MB/6.4GB/CD Tower $1 29.99 

PHI 500Mhz 128MB/13.5GB/CD 






tell us how you really feel 




A shrine to our Zip drive’s fatal Click of Death: Its now useless 
carcass hangs on our art department’s door at WCNY—Syracuse, 
NY’s public broadcasting station 5feve/We/fzer 


I work at the Renaissance 
Faire in Marin County, CA, 
where we give fencing 
lessons. Is Managing Editor 
Jenifer Morgan a competitive 
fencer? Lately, she appears 
in a fencing mask and glove 
(Editors* Page, \u[/03, p8). 
Also, can you include mods 
and relevant processor 
upgrades in your gaming 
section!— Matt Maychrowitz 
A flagon of Swashbuckler’s 

Gold be raised to ye, good 
fellow! Maid Morgan indeed 
dabbled in fencing in olden 
times. And you can bet your 
sackbut we’ll be tossin’ more 
mod and hardware news into 
the pipkin for ye.— /Wax 


I loved the iMac, iBook, 
and beautiful Apple Cinema 
Display that appeared in the 
movie The Hulk, but I was 
freaked out when the Hulk 


smashed that display. Was 
the display smashed for real 
or virtually with computer 
graphics?—/.. James Stock III 
Our sources say computer 
animation was the sole 
source of the smashing. No 
display was harmed In the 
making of the film.— /Wax 



I appreciate all of the 
coverage of Apple products 
In your magazine. I’ve been a 
subscriber from the start and 
have enjoyed every Issue. 

— Steven P Jobs 
Nice try, but your Internet 
headers give you away— we 
doubt Apple’s corporate mail 
goes through Earthlink’s 
servers.— /Wax 


Thanks a lot for Dave 
Hamilton’s “50 Biggest Mac 
Bugs and How to Kill ’Em” 
(Aug/03, pl6). I’ll make his 
preventive maintenance 
suggestions a permanent 
part of my monthly 
regimen.— Ed 

Our troubleshooting guide 
killed bad bugs dead. 


What’s the matter with 
Casady & Greene? I went to 
look for information on Spell 
Catcher X and found only a 
broken link to their site.— W/? 
(f you return to www.casadyg 
.com, you’ll now find a 
poignant letter stating why, 
after 19 years in the software 
biz, the proud publishers of 
Spell Catcher X closed for 
business on July 3, 2003. 
They’ll be missed.— /Wax 

River’s Mac drivers are craftily 
hidden, but we found them. 


In the August 2003 
Oroo/worf/7/ section (pl2), 
y’all show the IRiver IFP-395T 
MP3 player. I’ve had my eye 
on the IRiver MP3 players for 
quite a while but have been 
put off by their lack of Mac 
support. Seeing the player 
in your mag raised my hopes 
high. I dashed over to iRiver’s 
Web site but could not find 
any Mac drivers. What’s the 
deal?— yason 

Go to http://iriveramerica 
.asp. You should find what 
you’re looking for.— /Wax 

Online Poll Results 

i Results of our June 2003 
tonline poll (poll questions 
also appeared in the 
August 2003 issue). Check each 
month for a new online poll. 

94 MacAddict 0ctober 2003 

How many junk email messages 
(aka spam) do you receive in a day? 

! ■ -*■ ■ ' V; ’ ■' 

I donT know 


40 percent of you 
getfewer than 10 
per day. 

What percentage of that email is 
lascivious rubbish? 

51 and over, 

34 percent of 
you say that 
more than half 
the spam 
is porn! 

Stand over 

748 respondents 



go to 


MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005 


call (toll-free) 888-771-6222 

A Jedi Outcast’s biggest 
thrill: a big pile of dead 


This screenshot is from 
one of the higher levels on 
the Imperial construction 
base in Jedi Knight II: Jedi 
Outcast. While deflecting 
shots from afar, I pulled the 
stormtroopers toward me for 
the k\[[— Ben Ambler 


All the bull about the iTunes 
Music Store and whether 
or not it will survive (“Tune 
Wars!”, Aug/03, plO) misses 
a big piece of the pie. Can’t 
we just say that the dang 
thing is just plain fun? I 
find myself just playing 
the short versions and 
remembering music and 
artists that I had long 
forgotten.—///?? St Pierre 


There’s this guy where 1 
work who has this stupid 
idea that Microsoft bought 
Apple a few years ago. 

Could you straighten out 
the facts? 

-Tom Hodgetts 
Sure. In 1997, Bill Gates’s 
20-foot-tall head appeared 
at a Macworld Expo Keynote 
address via satellite to 
announce a technology 
agreement with Apple. 
Microsoft agreed to 
purchase $150 million 

worth of nonvoting shares of 
Apple stock and to continue 
Mac versions of key apps, 
such as Office. In exchange, 
Apple agreed to bundle 
Internet Explorer with new 
Macs and drop pending 
patent litigation. Five 
years later, the technology 
agreement has lapsed and 
Microsoft is discontinuing 
development of Internet 
Explorer for Mac—but 
they’re still making 
boatloads of cash from 
Office V. X.— /Wax 



My godi No! No! Oh, my 
sweet Jesus, no! Run 
away as fast as you can! 
Now! Don’t hesitate fora 
nanosecond. Don’t even 
think about approaching 
this evil hardware from hell. 
May it rot in the deepest 
excrement-filled trenches 
of Beelzebub’s most vile 
dungeon! May it lay down 
with sewer rats and couple 
with toads. May it find a 
home in Redmond. 

—Dave Orr 

Dave’s sharp eyes managed 
to read the review that 
resulted from our mock 
testing of the Colonotech 
MicroNukie Pro III Deluxe 
Gold Studio Edition X (Shut 
Down, Aug/03, p96), which 
earned the dreaded rating 
of Damned.— Max 

The Damned. 


A double whammy! Win a Digidesign 
Mbox ($495,, a 
portable USB audio-production system, 
and an autographed copy of Closer, 
the latest CD from Plastikman (aka Dj 
Richie Hawtin), featured in this month’s 
“Spin Different,” plO. To win, just write 
the best caption for the picture below 
and send it in, 


Win Digidesign^s 
Mbox and 


Full Name: 


City: State: 


Email or telephone: 

Send snail-mail entries to: Mbox/Plastikman Contest 
MacAddictmagdzine, 150 North Hilt Dr., Brisbane, CA 94005 

Send email entries to contest@macaddtct.CQm. Subject: Mbox/Plastikman Contest 

Deadline for entry; October 31, 2003. Contest results will appear In 
our Feb/04 Issue. 

Contest Rules 

The Judges 'ftWWi&MacAddict editors, and they will base theirdecision on 50 percent humor and 50 percent 
creativity. All entnes must be received no later than October 31, 2003, with the winner announced around February 
2004. By entering this contest, you agree that Future Network USA may use your name, likeness, and Web site 
for promotional purposes without further payment. All pnzes will be awarded and no minimum number of entries 
is required. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to their parents or legal guardians. Future Network USA is not 
responsible for damages or expenses the winners might incur as a result of this contest or the receipt of a prize, 
and winners are responsible for income taxes based on the value of the prize received. A list of winners may also 
be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Future Network USA c/o MacAddict Contest, 

150 North Hill Dr., Brisbane, CA 94005. This contest is limited to residents of the United Slates. No purchase 
necessary; void in Arizona, Maryland. Vermont, Puerto Rico, and where prohibited by law. 






Wackiest Business Idea Contest Results 
Congratulations to Boyd Shaffer for his visionary 
idea of turning frozen moose poop into jewelry, 
figurines, and other tourist-trap trinkets. Boyd 
wins a copy of QuickBooks 5.0; for Mac ($299.95, 

October 2003 MacAddict 95 



/ w V don’t let the back page hit you on the way out 

Why It’s a Culinary Triumph 
& Not Just Another Utensil 
Tillamook and Longhorn; 
Ail Cheddars Vanquished 

“We’ve caught up with the 
Cuisinart— and passed it.” 



ruminant STOMACH UN1N0 


^ Slice with ^lan 
/jf: Safely Milk a Goat 
- Pronounce *‘Bleu” 



Are you a cheese whiz? We reveal 
whether you’re soft, creamy, or firm. 


fflB i Swiss. Brie, Camembert, ChaWchou du Poitou, Double Gloucester, 
SB Enqlish Wensleydale, Feta, Fontina Val d'Aosta, Gouda, Gruyere, Havarti, 

Muenster, Neutchaiel, Porl-Satut, Ricotta. Roquelort. String, and much more 



Can you 
forgive us for 
new Power 
Mac 65 for a 
cheese grater? 
We hope so. 

W hen we first saw the perforated front 
panel of the new Power Mac G5, our 
usually crackerjack editorial staff 
mistook Apple’s latest pro tower for a cheese 
grater. To compound that error, our usually 
crackerjack art staff accidentally used an actual 
cheese grater for our cover photo instead of the 
new mega-Mac. 

Coagulating that error, we dedicated our entire 
September issue to cheese. Had one extra- 
sharp-eyed editor not caught our distinctively 
pungent error at the very last minute, the issue 
shown here (above, left) might have wheeled 
its way to you— and while you may be as fond of 
fondue as we are, we suspect the flavor of our G5 
coverage might have disappointed you. 

96 MacAddict October 2003 

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The New LaCie HarcJ Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche 

your creative vision. 


see the complete new line at 


Macs and PCs have never been so compatible. 

Microsoft'’ Office v. X lets Mac users effortlessly open, edit, and save any Office file, to make 
working with PCs a breeze. Complete with easy-to-use, exclusive Mac tools that simplify 
complex tasks. Apd it’s built for Mac OS X, so it’s the most reliable, easygoing Office yet. 

[Go) * to download a free 30-day trial of Office v. X today. 

C T» Vt Aw 

Entourage PowerPoint Excel Won) 

' Microsoft” 

Office: mac