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^ 1,300,000,000 MACS? P.15 MM eMAC VS. iMAC P.42 

How hardcore Mac addicts will conquer China— one Mac at a time. We torture-test ’em both. And the winner is., 




AOL vs EarthLink vs MSN vs Juno vs .Mac 
Our experts crown the online champ 



19 Mac OS X Glitches 

19 Software Screw- Ups 
12 Hardware Hassles 


►Create Your Own Fonts 
►Build a Custom Web Site 
►Voice-Control Your Mac 
►Broadcast Your Own News 



The most important game preview 
you’ll read this year 


^ Palm Zire 71, Color LaserJet 1500L, QuickBooks Pro 5.0, iTrip, 
Radeon 7000 Mac Edition PCi, Shadowbane, MovieWorks Deluxe 6, 
Sonica Theater, Moog Modular V, Sonicfire Pro 3.0, and much more... 

S7.99US S9.99CAN 

0 8 > 

mac warehouse 

eh is Oil the houser 



After mail-in rebate with 
PowerBook purchase. 

r K C C ! Photo 820 Printer^ 

\fter maii-in rebate with PowerBook purchase. 
Ask for item #AAP1^20, A *79” Value! 

CnCCI Extensis 
P KCC: Suitcase 10.2r 

:|Free gift with PowerBook purchase, 

I Ask for Item #AAA1217. A *99” Value! 

F n P I^l Kensington 
11 IcCC! Carrying CoseP 

^lAfter moi!-in rebate with PowerBook purchase, 
k Ask for item #AAP1A13, 

Buy this 15-inch Po]mrBc^ and get 
oreat add-ons — on the hoi^M 

15 -inch Apple PowerBook'^ GA 

H TtaOUAtev tAt CA Urt> fviwi WMW ' . < 

M wm^sukimm: 1| 

1 ' / -Ji ' 1 

‘Free 512MB RAM AFTER Mac Warehouse's $99.95 mait-in rebote with 15-inch PowerBook GA 
867MHz processor purchase. Installation lee of $39.95 required. Price before rebate is $139.90. 

“Free EPSON Stylus Photo 820 Printer AFTER manufacturer’ s $79 mail-in rebate with any Apple 
CPU purchase. Or, get an EPSON CX5200 multifunction printer for only $99.95 after manufacturer 
$79 rebate with any Apple CPU purchase. Printer and Apple CPU must appeor on the some invoice. 
Rebate coupons available at or call 800-390-0706 to request one. 
Offer valid until 8/2/03. MacWarehouse reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. 

+Free Extensis Suitcase 10.2 when shipped with 15-inch PowerBook 867MHz processor 
purchase. Value based on publisher’s suggested retail price as of 6/11/03. While supplies last 
Mac Warehouse reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. 

ttFree Kensington Carrying Case after $29.95 mail-in rebate with ony 12- or 15-inch PowerBook purdiase. 
Offer valid while supplies last. 

Rebate coupons are available at, or call us at 
800-390-0706 to request one. 


Our T 2ch Support spedoOsts are 
on-cafl to support you FREE for 
the lifetime of your products. 

These specialists hold industry certifications 
on the latest technology from the leading 
manufacturers, including: 

A+ Certified 
Adaptec Certified 
Apple Certified Desktops 
Apple Certified LaserWriters 
Apple Certified Servers 
Apple Learn & Earn 
Cisco CCNA 


Microsoft MCSE ‘ , 



; Manager 

For Canadian inquires and orders 
please call 877-375-^210 








This is your Mac on 
bugs. Any questions? 



a better machina a better magazine. 

37 Absolutely Unreal 

Ifs been a long wait, but fans of the Unreal 
series can finally rejoice. Unreal Tournament 
2003 is here, and it's better-looking than ever. 

by Cathy Lu 

66 Broadcast Your Own 
News Feed 

Want to keep your family, friends, 
and blog audience up to date on your 
wonderful life? Create a news feed 
that can display headlines in any 
news-ticker app. by Mary E. Tyler 

68 Design Your Own Font 

We show you how to create a font 
version of your own handwriting or a 
stylized typeface for use In any app 
that supports text, by Paul Yoon 


58 Ask Us 

We help you take DVD stills, move 
your mail to an external drive, make 
your cursor larger, reset forgotten 
Keychain passwords, and more. 
Plus: Meet the Command of Death. 

Take a test drive through 

spooksviUe, u.s.A. 60 Build Your Own 
Web Site 

Don't use boring ol' templates to 
create your Web site— roll your very 
own., that is. Also learn how to 
optimize photos and create a photo 
gallery, by Niko Coucouvanis 

64 Control Your Mac with 
Your Voice 

You boss around your siblings, pets, 
significant others, and Starbucks 
lackeys— why not your Mac? Enable 
Speech Recognition and you’ll soon 
be mouse and keyboard free, 
by Kris Fong 

16 50 Biggest 
Mac Bugs 

The Mac OS is far from perfect— but 
while we can’t change It or the apps 
that depend on it, we can improve 
your experience when using it. Look 
no further than our third-annual troubleshooting guide, by Dave Hamilton 

30 ISPs Put to the Test 

Shopping for a new Internet service? We take five nationwide OS X services to school. 
Find out who shines, who gets a passing grade, and who flat-out flunks, by Robert Capps 

I got you, babe... 

Descender? I don’t even know her! 

August 2003 MacAddlct 03 

04 d contents 

V a better machine, a better magazine, 

every month 

08 Editors’ Page 

We like Mac OS X, really, we do— it’s just that we believe in 
calling ’em like we see ’em. 

10 Get Info 

Here’s the latest on the iTunes Music Store, iPods in Iraq, Macs 
in China, NASA’s new OS X software, a watch that doubles as 
a USB Flash drive, do-it-yourself TV-broadcasting software, 
and more. 

41 Reviews 

42 1GHz eMac all-in-one G4 Mac 

47 Color LaserJet 1500L color laser printer 
45 gallery 1740 Platinum VGA 17-inch VGA LCD 
52iTrip FM transmitter for iPod 

50 KanguruMicro MP3 MP3 player and Flash drive 
54 LabelWriter 330 Turbo label printer 

54 Marine Aquarium 2 screen saver 
53 Moog Modular V software audio synthesizer 

51 MotionBuiider PE 4.02 character- animation software 

43 MovieWorks Deluxe 6 multimedia-authoring suite 

44 Palm Zire 71 personal digital assistant 

55 QuickBooks Pro 5.0 small-business accounting software 

45 Radeon 7000 Mac Edition PCI PCI video card 

48 Revolution 7.1 PCI audio card 

46 Shadowbane massively multiplayer online role-playing game 

49 Sonica Theater USB audio interface 

50 Sonicfire Pro 3.0 soundtrack-creation software 

52 Super Dooper iPod Case iPod case 
52 TuneCast FM transmitter for IPod 




If Mali keeps 
an email address 
incorrectly, try 
going into your 
address history (Window > Address 
History) to delete old and unwanted 
addresses. From “50 Biggest Mac 
Bugs,” pi 6. 


Instead of designing each page on 
a Web site from scratch, copy your 
home page multiple times and tweak 
the duplicates to create each new 
page. From “Build Your Own Web 
Site,” p60. 


To move Safari bookmarks from one 
Mac to another, just copy and transfer 

04 MacAidict August 2003 

the Bookmarks.plist file (stored 
in your Library > Safari folder). 

From Ask Us, p58. 


Deleting a picture from iPhoto doesn’t 
actually delete the file. To complete the 
process, you need to go to iPhoto’s File 
menu and choose Empty Trash. From 
“50 Biggest Mac Bugs,” pi 6. 


If you want your Web photo gallery 
to captivate an audience (and not 
exasperate it with slow downloads), scale 
down photos to 4 by 6 inches at 72 dpi. 

From “Build Your Own Web Site,” p60. 

56 The Hot List 

The best of the best from recent reviews. 

If the editors of A4acAdc//ct went shopping, 
this is what we'd buy. 

94 Log Out 

94 Letters 

Our readers never cease to amaze us. 

This month, we’ve got Mac clocks, Mac 
coffee, the iPotty, and Lara Croft in the buff. 

95 Contest 

Write a witty caption and win a gorgeous 
23-inch, $2,599 Sony LCD display. 

96 Shut Down 

It takes a lot for a product to earn our dreaded 
no-wfdget rating— and the results can be tragic. 

Look, Ma— no cett phone! 


‘Purchase one full copy of TechTool Pro 3 or Drive 1 0 and get a free upgrade 
to TechTool Pro 4 when It ships at the end of summer, 2003 





The ultimate computer repair utility for the Macintosh 


Offer expires October 31 , 2003. 

Only available on specially marked packages. 
Promotional offers cannot be combined. Void where prohibited. 

t Micromat Inc, 800-829-6227 


©2003 Micromat, Inc. All rights reserved. TechTool is a registered trademark of Micromat, Inc. Drive 1 0 is a trademark of Micromat, Inc. 

a better magazine. 

Unreal lama 


Ww V a better machim 

the disc 


Sometimes our monthly Disc is so freakin’ 
great that we just can’t stand ourselves— 
and this month is one of those times. 
Unreal Tournament, unreal Web power, 
unreal audio, and over 80 more great 
apps. Pinch yourself— it’s all real. 

2003 demo 

The long-awaited 
sequel to one of the 
best games of all 
time has arrived. 
Play it today. 


MX 6.1 trial 

On page 60 we tell you 
how to create your own 
Web site. On the Disc, 
we give you the tools. 

Moog Modular 
VI .1 demo 

The analog synthsof 
the 1960s and 1970s 
created incredible 
sounds— and so does 
this digital tribute 
to one of the best. 


PUBLISHER Chris Coelho 



SENIOR EDITORS Narasu Rebbapragada (news), Kris Fong 
ASSOCIATE EDITOR Niko Coucouvanis (reviews) 

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Raf Anzovin, Steven Anzovin, 
Joseph O. Holmes, Frank O’Connor. Angus P^idean, Ian 
Sammis, Deborah Shadovitz, Andrew Tokuda, BuzZoIIer 


ART DIRECTOR Christopher Imlay 





Bernie Lanigan, 212-768>2966 x4001 


Dave Lynn, 949-360-4443 


Nate Hunt, 415-656-8536 


Stacey Levy, 925-964-1205 


Ana Epstein, 415-656-8416 

AD COORDINATOR Jose Urrutia, 415-656-8313 






Audacity 1.1.3 
Doggiebox 1.0.3 
IPIano 2.0.2 
M-Beat 1.26 

Moog Modular V 1.1 demo • 


Aqua Data Studio (Personal) 3.0 
Dreamweaver MX 6.1 trial » 
IBIog 1.3 

REALbasic Classic 5.1.1 demo 
REALbasic OS X 5.1.1 demo 
RPGMapMaker 2.9 
VLC Source 0.5.3 
WebDesign 2.1.1 


Computer Cuisine Deluxe 3.5 

DeepTrouble 1.0.4 

Energy 1.01 

Gutterbal! 1.2H 

Hang3000 2.1 

Orbz 2.0 demo 

Puissance 3D 1.0 

QBz 1.6E 

ScummVM 0.4.1 

— ^ Unreal Tournament 2003 demo 


BitPlayer 1.0.1 
Flexlfy 1.86 
FootTrack 1.02 
GraphicConverter 4.6.1 
GraphicConverter X 4.6.1 
iChatk 2.02 

IconBox 1.0.1 
iconCompo 2.2 
ImageBuddy 2.8.2 
Live Channel Pro 2.0 demo 
MacGhostView 2.7 
Morph Age 1.2 
Movie Jukebox 1.1.1 
MovleWorks Deluxe X 6.0 trial 
Sonicfire Pro 3 demo 
TaiaPhoto Classic 2.0.1 
TalaPhoto X 2.0.1 
TypeTool 2.0 demo 
VIdeoLAN Client 0.5.3 
Xsee 2.0.3 


iKey 1.0.1 
MaxiMice 1.0 
VirtualDesktop 2.3.2 


Audio Postcard 0.92 
Captain FTP 2.6. J 
Download Wizard 1.06 
iSparx 1.1.2 
Mail Forward X 1.2 
NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.3 
SpamStopper 1.4.1 
Speed Download 1.9.9 
Transmit (Classic) 1.7 
Transmit (OS X) 2.5 


DeltaGraph 5.0 demo 
DiglLIfe Reports 1.6.1 
FitnessTracker Pro MA 
iBank 1.1 
iCash 1.3 

imprint 1.2.2 
iStorm 2.02 

iText (OS 7 to 9) 3.0.4E 
iText (OS X) 3.0.4E 
iWork 1.3.4 
LightWayText X 4.0.4 
SafeCat (Classic) 5 
SafeCat X 5.dmg 
SafeDog (Classic) 7 
SafeDog X 7.dmg 
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 2.3.3 


Cocktail 2.2.1 
De_DDS 1.0 
DiskTracker 2.3 
DiskTracker (OS X) 2.3 
DVD Capture 2.0 
Gadget (OS 9) 1.4 
Gadget (OS X) 1.4 
iPulse 1.0.3 

LogoSender Classic 1.1.9 
LogoSenderX 1.2.2 
PrefsOverioad 5.2 
Print Center Repair 3.0 
Pseudo 1.2.3 
Safari Enhancer 2.0.1 
Suitcase 10.2.2 demo 
TinkerTool 2.32 
XBattery 0.6.1 


IK Multimedia: Amplitube 
Live video promo 

DriveSavers: Lost Data video promo 
REAL Software: REALbasic Classic 
5.1.1 demo 

REAL Software: REALbasic OS X 
5.1.1 demo 


If you don’t receive the Disc with your copy of MacAddfct, you might want to consider upgrading. Each monthly 
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Media wMi Passion 

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Volume 8, Issue 8 

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06 MacAidict August 2003 

The joy of six 







Graphic Designer 





Network Administrator 

Creates prepress 

Creates data 

Creates games 

Creates educational 

Creates database 

Creates her own 


analysis programs 

instead of playing 

software for her 


network testing tools 





02003 REAL Software, Inc 
REALbasic is a trademark of REAL Software, Inc 
All other names mentioned are trademarks or 
registered trademarks of their respective holders 
in the U.S. and other countries. 

REALbasic is available at v\/ww.realbasiccom and 
also at the Apple Store, CompUSA and Fry's. 

Experience the joy of creation. 

Wondering why these people look so 
happy? It's because they accomplished 
something they didn't think possible. 

They solved a problem using 
REALbasic, the powerful, easy-to-use 
tool for creating software for 
Macintosh® and Windows® And you 
can too. With your ideas and 

REALbasic, you can increase 

productivity, speed up processes and 512/328.7325 

simplify just about any aspect of 

your life or work. Whether you're a 

first-timer or an old pro, if you can 

think it, you can create it. Download 

your free demo from the MacAddict 

CD and join the growing number of 

very happy people creating countless 

solutions with REALbasic. 

3 REALbasic 

Create your own software.™ 



wU a note from the kernel 

Of Bugs and Men 

The first step toward solving a problem 
is admitting you have one. 

This issue marks the third anniversary of the way- 
popular “50 Bugs” series we began back in 2001. 
Seems like only yesterday, but, as Groucho said, 
“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” 
Last year's bugsapalooza focused on Mac OS 
X and its growing pains. Good advice, good tips, 
good troubleshooting tricks— and the source 
of one of the strangest sc/7e/ss storms to 
inundate yours truly in my nearly 15 years in 
the Mac-mag biz. 

I first knew something was amiss when I was 
dining with a few Mac-industry bigwigs. One 
gloweringly told me that I should be shot, sacked, racked, and made to 
watch home videos of Steve Ballmer as a baby for publishing a cover story 
suggesting that Mac OS X was anything less than the Second Coming. 

! dismissed his choler as a byproduct of the eternal struggle between 
marketing and truth, and thought little more of it. 

Then I arrived back in my office and downloaded my email— and read 
that he wasn’t alone. Many of you, dearest readers, also took me to task. 
Interestingly, though, you weren't afraid that talking about OS X’s bugs 
might affect its adoption, but rather that by doing so we were giving aid and 
comfort to the “Let’s boot the Macs out of this company” gang. 

So why are we again exposing Mac OS X’s peccadilloes to the world? 

To slow its adoption? To provide excuses for the Mac-hating Wintel cabal? 

Of course not. 

We’re writing about how to overcome OS X glitches because we’re 
dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Mac. And keeping it 
bug-free (well, bug-lite, at least) is certainly central to that goal. 

So sit back, relax, turn to page 16, and dig into Dave Hamilton’s sage 
advice. And don’t worry that we’re providing ammunition to the “Macs out!” 
mob. Au contraire, mon am/— we’re helping you show those nits that your 
Mac is doing quite well, thankyouverymuch, and that they should go back to 
staring at their Blue Screens of Death. 





Q: What's the most inturiating bug you've 
ever encountered? 

Narasu Rebbapragada arthropodally challenged 
What's the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
Even though I'm neither African nor a queen. I’d have 
to say a blood -sucking leech. That qualifies as a 
bug, right? 

Niko Coucouvanis mr.creant 
W hat’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
it’s not so much a particular bug as a genus: the wily bugs 
that masquerade as productivity-enhancing features, when 
all they really do is annoy me and waste my precious time- 
like Microsoft Office’s stupid little dancing Assistant guy, or the placement of 
the Help key right next to Delete on the keyboard. Whose Idea was that? 

Kris Fong easily bugged 

What’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
Z— that obnoxiously whiney, Woody Allen-voiced nebbish 
in Antz. Ten minutes into the movie, I prayed that someone 
would break out the Raid. 

Cathy Lu biungual but not nordic 
What’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 

I once plugged a Canon digital camera into my Mac and 
all my peripheral-related dialog boxes started to appear in 
Norwegian— or some Nordic language. Luckily it only took 
reinstalling Mac OS X to fix it. Good-bye, Saturday afternoon. 

Jenifer Morgan raid arrayed 
What's the most infuriating bug you've ever encountered? 
A terrifyingly resilient cockroach I encountered years ago...) 
employed everything but a bayonet to no avail. It and its 
stinking brethren live on. 

Chris Imlay employee of the month 
What’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
QuarkXPress 4.0. It was a dismal, foul, crashing headache— 
the Word 6.0 of layout apps. And it took Quark two years to 
fix it with the release of XPress 4.1 . 

Peter Marshutz the new guy 
What’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
I used the Mac OS X Software Update feature to update 
IPhoto...and discovered that my entire photo library was 
written over and couldn't be recovered. Apple tech support 
said that it couldn’t help, but that it was aware of the bug. Small comfort. 


What’s the most infuriating bug you’ve ever encountered? 
“The application [insert practically any app name here] has 
unexpectedly quit. The system and other applications have 
not been affected." The system and other apps may not have 
been affected, but my mood certainly has been. 

No mere magazine article can address everything that might possibly go wrong with your Mac. Fortunately, the Web 
is packed with help. If you’re a seasoned Mac expert, you already have the following sites in your Safari Bookmarks 
bar. If you’re a newbie, you should— if only to find out how a seasoned Mac expert gets his or her seasoning. 

The M.l.T. of Mac forums. Here's 
where the really smart folks 
hang out — where problems are 
first reported; where intelligent 
discussion rules; where solutions 
are offered, tested, and tweaked. 

Great source of news, Informed 
discussion, and troubleshooting 
tips. To access the site’s detailed 
reports, however, you must become 
a MacFixIt Pro member— but at 
$24.95 per year, It’s a bargain. 

To be honest, one of the reasons 
1 enjoy this site is to gloat oVer all 
the keening and kvetching In the 
Windows-only forums. The Mac- 
specific info, however, is also a 
treat: deep and informative. 

This extremely popular service is 
not a troubleshooting site per se, but 
rather an exhaustive and up-to-date 
listing of Mac software, shareware, 
freeware, and donationware. An 
invaluable resource. 

08 MacAddIct August 2003 

Coming soon for Macintosh 

NEVERWINTER NIGHTS ©2002 Infograines Entertainment, SA All rights reserved. Macintosh version manufactured and marketed by Destineer, Inc. under licence from Infogrames, Inc. Portions © 2002 
BioWare Corp. BioWare Aurora Engine copyright 1997-2002 BioWare Corp. All rights reserved. Bio Ware, the BioWare Aurora Engine, and the BioWare Logo are trademarks of BioWare Corp. All rights 
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Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. and are used by Infogrames Entertainment, S A under license. All rights reserved. MacSoft is a registered trademark of Destineer, Inc. 

ncvaiLOi^tD BY 






Apple's Music Store Started Off 
Strong — but Can It Last? 

A pple’s new online music service 
launched with a sonic boom 
that muffled a few startup 
squeaks. As the early excitement fades, 
the larger question remains; Will Apple’s 
pay-to-play business model live long 
like Dark Side of the Moon or fizzle 
quickly like the Macarena? 

Apple’s pay-per-download service 
differs from that of its subscription- 
based competitors, Rhapsody and 
Pressplay, which charge about 10 
bucks a month for unlimited listening 
privileges plus additional fees for 
burning. So far, Mac music lovers seem 
to prefer buying over renting. 

“Clearly, purchasing on a per-track 
basis is similarto current buying 
behaviors,’’ says Gartner G2 research 
director P. J. McNealy. “The 99-cent 
pricing looks like a magical price point.” 

Startup Snafus 

Apple’s startup, however, has not 

been free of glitches. Some of the 
brainiac gearheads who swap stories 
at MaclnTouch ( 
reported trouble with billing and 
interrupted downloads. Then there 
was the day the music died: Some 
tunes— such as those from alt-rock band 
Radiohead— that were downloadable 
one day vanished from iTunes the next. 
Apple chalks up that problem to the 
accidental posting of tracks for which 
record labels did not own all the rights. 

Apple Goes Indie 

One class of music is missing 
altogether: indie. Apple launched 
the iTunes Music Store with 200,000 
tracks from the Big Five major-label 
record companies— BMG, EMI, Sony, 
Warner Bros., and Universal— with nary 
a track from independent U.S. labels. 

“Apple went to lunch with the Big Five 
without us— ‘those turkeys’,” jokes Josh 
Ayala, the new media director of Subpop 

records, which distributes alt-star bands 
like Soundgarden and the Supersuckers. 
“We always like to be in the system 
when it launches.” 

Subpop might very well be— and 
soon. Apple hosted delegates from indie 
labels like Subpop at a June 5 event in 
Cupertino. According to Derek Silvers 
of CD Baby (, jobs 
invited independent labels to put music 
up on the ITunes Music Store, offering 
a licensing structure based loosely on 
Apple’s major label contracts. 

The Competition 

At Apple’s April 28 launch event, 

Steve Jobs compared the iTunes Music 
Store to two other players; Pressplay 
( and Rhapsody 
( On May 19, Roxio. 
acquired Pressplay, a joint venture 
of Universal Music Group and Sony 
Music Entertainment. Roxio will rename 
Pressplay as Napster, which It purchased 
last year. (See “Comparing Apple to 
Oranges,” left, for the differences 
between the services.) 

Both Pressplay and Rhapsody, not 
surprisingly, are wary of Apple’s listen- 
model. “That’s like going into a fancy 
restaurant [where they’re] giving you 
one bite and asking you if you want to 
buy the whole meal,” says Rhapsody 
spokesperson Matt Graves. 

It’s unclear which model is better. 

“We believe that both the subscription 
model and the pay-per-track model 
make sense,” says Scott Steinberg, 
Roxio’s VP of strategic marketing. 

While Apple’s model mimics CD buying, 
the record labels see benefits to the 
monthly subscription model. “They love 
the marketing hook of people coming 
back every month,” McNealy says. Plus, 
Apple will need high-volume sales to 
maintain profitability. McNealy estimates 


The iTunes Music Store’s two main competitors are Windows only— so far. 
Here’s how their features compare. 


ITunes Music Store 



Owned and Operated by 



Accessed via 

iTunes 4 ( 

Mac Friendly? 

Yes, but Mac OS 10.2 only 



Streamed Music Library 

30-second previews of 200,000 songs 

330,000 full songs 

300,000 fuli songs 

Cost to Stream 

Free (30-second previews only) 

$9.95 per month 

$9.95 per month 

Burnabie Music Library Size 

200,000 songs 

200,000 songs 

270,000 songs 

Cost to Burn 

99 cents per track, approx $10 per 
full album 

79 cents per track 

$17.95 per month for 
ten songs (additional 
songs extra) 

File Format 


Windows Media 8 


The Catch 

You must shell out 99 cents to listen 
to— and own— an entire track. 
Hardware support for AAC file format is 
currently limited to Macs and iPods. 

You must pay extra 
to burn to CD. You 
can’t download 
anything to your 
hard drive. 

You have to pay 
extra to burn to CD. 
Downloaded tracks 
disappear If you end 
your subscription. 

10 MacAddlct August 2003 

r-, OET INFO ] ] 


that 60 to 65 cents of Apple's 99 cents 
per song goes to the record labels. 

Windows of Opportunity 

Right now, comparisons between 
Apple, Pressplay, and Rhapsody are 
irrelevant, since Apple is Mac only 

( “They're 
not having to face the challenge of 
the P2P networks,” says Seth Oster, 
spokesperson for Pressplay. “But 
they will face that, and then they’ll 
experience what we all do.” 

Then there’s the hardware issue. 

“The 99 -cent pricing looks like a magical price point.” 
— P, J. McNealy 

and the latter two are Windows only. 
When Apple launches its iTunes 
Music Store for Windows at the end 
of the year, that will level the field. 

One battle will be against pirates. 
Thus far, Apple has been insulated 
from file-sharing networks like Kazaa 
and Morpheus— PC-only hotbeds 
of illegal MP3 trading— and has 
disassociated itself from P2P (peer- 
to-peer) Mac apps such as LimeWire 
( and Drumbeat 

Songs purchased on the iTunes Music 
Store are playable only on Macs and 
iPods. That limitation works fine for 
Mac users, but Windows users with ^ 
more portable player options may find 
this limitation, well, limiting. ^ 

One thing everyone agrees on, 
however, is that Apple has brought 
pizzazz to the online music industry. 
Whether big buzz translates to big 0 

bucks, though, is another question g 

entirely.— A/orasw Rebbapragada ^ 


Apple’s Music Player Thrives in the 
Middle East 

M arine Corporal Jose Avila put his 
iPod through the ultimate hardware 
stress test. He brought it to Iraq. 

A combat photographer with the 11th 
Marine Expeditionary Unit, currently 
stationed at Camp Commando Marine 
Corps Base in Kuwait, Avila toted his iPod 
through 120-degree heat in cities such as 
Al Nasariya, Al Kut, and Baghdad. Avila 
says the locals are fascinated with the 
iPod. “Every time I take it out people are 
curious and full of questions,” he says, 
“[asking] how can you carry hundreds of 
CDs in such a small package.” Avila says 
his iPod doesn’t weigh his gear down and 
“has proven itself combat worthy.”— /V/? 

Marine Corporal Avila carries his 
music along with his M- 16 . 



Final Scratch 

$699 Available: Now 

Stanton Magnetics 

What it Is: The Final 
Scratch software- 
hardware combo lets 
DJsuse their familiar 
tools (turntables and 
mixers) and skills to 
spin MP3, WAV, and 
AIFF files stored on 
a Mac. Displace two 
Final Scratch records 
on their existing 
turntables and spin 
them the way they would spin vinyl records. 

By manipulating the Final Scratch records, 
however, they are actually scrubbing through 
digital music files to mix and beat-match music. 
Why It’s cool: Final Scratch could spell the 
end of vinyl or— more realistically— present a 
viable alternative. 


Color LaserJet 1500 

$799 Available: Now 


What It Is: A compact USB color laser printer 
that prints 16 ppm (pages per minute) in 
black and white and 4 ppm in best-quality 
color. See our review on page 47. 

Why It’s cool: It’s the lowest-priced Mac- 
compatible color laser printer available today. 


Deltagraph 5 

$299 Available: Now 

Red Rock Software 

What It is: Five years after SPSS released 
Deltagraph 4.5, Red Rock Software licensed 
this old-school 2D and 3D charting application 
from SPSS and revamped it for OS X only. While 
version 5 has the same feature set as version 
4.5, Red Rock Software has worked out the 
kinks in its AppleScripting. 

Why it’s cool: If you’re sick of Excel’s limited 
charting capabilities, DeltaGraph is a robust 
alternative, with more than 50 
mathematical and statistical 
functions for analyzing and 
presenting data. 



DeltaGraph 5.0 demo 

Where It’s at is two turntables 
and a Mac. 

August 2003 MacAldIct 11 


Sexy Stuff We Can’t Wait to Get Our Mitts On 

iRiver’s iFP-395T ($379.99, 
MP3 player sails from Korea to North America 
this June. About the size of a Twinkie and the 
weight of a pen, the iFP-395T comes with 
512MB of memory, 128-Kbps real-time MP3 
encoding (for recording radio), and an FM tuner; 
it can also double as a removable USB drive. 
Download the Mac drivers from iRiver's Web 
site.— A//? 

Allied Data Technologies’ Tornado 64MB and 128MB USB Memory 
Watches ($59.95 or $79.95, plug right into 
your Mac and work just like normal USB Flash drives— with the added 
bonus that they tell time. Sure, a short portion of the built-in USB 
cable doesn’t detach, but that’s stylish, right?— A//? 

12 MacAldict August 2003 

USB Storage Watch 




If you use a router, 
to share your Internet 
connection over a LAN, 
remove it. It Is much easier to stream with 
a direct connection to your Mac. . 

Our FAQ on Video-Streaming Software 

W atching streaming media is fun; pushing it over 
the Internet Is a whole new experience. Thanks to 
some Mac OS X software packages, however, you're just a 



Live Channel Pro 2.0 
demo and VideoLAN 
Client 0.5.3 

download away from becoming a streaming-media broadcaster. Here are the 

answers to some frequency asked questions to get you started. Also check 
out our how-to on broadcasting a news feed on p66.—Tom Lassiter 




What Is It? 

QuickTime Broadcaster 

Live Channel Pro 2.0 

VideoLAN Client 


Where Del Get It? 

Apple Computer 
(, free 

Channel Storm 
$999; $699 educational 

VideoLAN Project 
(, free 

What Hardware 
Do 1 Need? 

PowerPC G3 or later (G4 
recommended for MPEG-4 

PowerPC G3 or later, 
native FireWire 

No official requirements 

What Software Do 
1 Need? 

Mac OS 10.1.3 or later, 
QuickTime 6.0.2 or later 

Mac OS 10.1.5 or later, 
QuickTime 5.0.2 or later 

Mac OSX 

How Many 
Internet Viewers 
Can 1 Stream To? 

One, but add a copy of 
OS X Server ($499) and 
the built-in QuickTime 
Streaming Server, and 
you can stream to 
hundreds more. 

Up to 100, but add a copy 
of OS X Server ($499) 
and the built-in QuickTime 
Streaming Server, and 
you can stream to 
hundreds more. 

One. Step up to the 
VideoLAN Server to reach 
hundreds more viewers, as 
well as broadcast satellite 
and digital terrestrial (non 
satellite) TV channels. 

Oh, and it’s free too. 

Can 1 Add Any 
Special Effects? 


Yes— multiple layers, 
picture-in-pIcture and 
split-screen layouts, text 
titling, overlay graphics, 
effects and transitions 


What Kind Of 
Video And Audio 
Can I Stream? 

QuickTime and its bulit-in 

QuickTime and its built-in 

Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 
MPEG-4, DivX, WMV, H/1 
263. Audio: MPEG Layer 1, 
2, 3: MPEG-4; AC3 

Whafs The 
Bottom Line? 

QuickTime Broadcaster 
is the best choice for the 
novice Webcaster, since 
it’s free and easy to setup. 

Live Channel Pro’s 
deceptively simple 
Interface masks a powerful 
and feature-rich tool that 
lets you be your own 
TV studio. 

VLC is free but open 
source, so there’s no 
official tech support. 
VideoLAN Server is 
also free, but for tech 
heads only. 



Although Mac OS X Is rapidly approaching 
Its third major incarnation, we're only just 
now seeing availability of full-featured Mac 
OS X-bootable diagnostic and disc repair 
utilities. Micromat's Drive 10 has been 
OS X bootable from the get-go ($69.95, but its full-featured 
sibling TechTool Pro 4 ($97.98 estimate)— 
with additional RAM and device tests— now 
joins it, as does Symantec's Norton Utilities 
8.0 ($99.95, 


In the ‘‘Gee Whiz” category, NASA is 
beta-testing a Mac OS X aerospace 
engineering application that it plans to 
release to the public in June 2003. Called 
TetrUSS ( 
/tsab/tetruss), this “unstructured-grid 
computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software 
system” (theirwords, notours) performs 
advanced flow analysis and aerodynamic 
design. TetrUSS will be free to US users, and 
NASA Langley is offering interested parties 
a free one-week training program. 


Apple has speed-bumped and price-dropped 
its eMac line. The new top-of-the-line IGHz 
eMac G4 (see our review on p42) comes with 
a 4X DVD-R SuperDrive for $1,299, and a 
32X write-speed Combo DVD-R/CD-RW drive 
for $999. Taking the new Least Expensive 
Mac title is the $799 800MHz eMac, which 
includes a 32X read CD-ROM. 



|T-Squared Software 

L ike your library's old card catalog file, FootTrack takes clips imported 
into iMovie from DV or analog videotapes, compresses them, and 
catalogs them so that you can store the original video somewhere other 
than your hard drive, saving space. Catalog compressed clips any way 
you want and search for them using an iTunes-style search window. Be 
forewarned: Clips take a while to compress. T-Squared 
Software says that on a 667MHz PowerBook, 60 
minutes of video took 50 minutes to compress down to 
a mere 180MB.— A//? 



FootTrack 1.02 

Catalog compressed versions of your old home videos so you can 
store the originals somewhere other than your hard drive. 

August 2003 MacAldict 13 

] / /I 

( ^ the news of the month in bite-size chunks 




f 1 rrr 





Blizzard raises the real-time 
strategy bar with the Frozen 
Throne expansion pack. 


Blizzard to Release Expansion Pack for 
Award-Winning Strategy Game 

B lizzard has raised the bar again for the real-time strategy genre 
with this WarCraft 111 expansion pack. The Frozen Throne's solo 
campaign chronicles the exploits of the four playable races (Humans, 
Ores, Night Elves, and the Undead) as they recover from the last 
game’s final battle and unlock the secrets of a new threat, a creature 
known as lllidan Stormrage. 

Two new units per race are at your disposal, including the Humans’ 
Spell Breakers and the Undead’s Black Sphinx. Frozen Throne 
is bursting at the seams with gameplay-boosting features such 
as multiplayer play on Blizzard’s free online service 
( and the advanced world editor for dreaming up 
maps with your own sounds and cinema scenes.— yWoff Osborn 

WarCrafUll: The Frozen Throne 

_ Pric e I $35.99 

AvaHabie! Late 
Blizzard Entertainment 

The Mac’s first pro surf sIm 
makes a splash. 


First came Tony Hawk’s 
Pro Skater. Now here’s 
Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer. 

Catch a wave toward 13 
famous beaches with eight 
pro surfers and six-time 

World Champ, Kelly Slater. Learn tube stunts, aerials, and 
other pro moves. Enter Career Mode to climb the circuit, but 
don’t wipeout in front of sponsors. 
Check out the multiplayer game, 
but beware: Complex wave physics 
and graphics may send your Mac’s 
memory Into oxygen debt.— /WO 

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer 

Price |S23.99 

Available [ July BOOS 
Aspyr Media 

MaePlay offers up a unique 
role-playing war game. 


Place Diablo’s and Baldur’s 
Gate’s role-playing styles in a 
World War 11 scenario, and you 
get a tasty Molotov cocktail 
called Another War. Rescue 
your friend from the Third 
Reich and unravel a secret plot 

by Axis engineers. Dodge bullets from France to Leningrad, 
graced by high-quality graphics rendered from a bird’s-eye 
perspective. Considering game 
developer Mirage Interactive’s 
World War II styling on the PC 
game Mortyr, expect a thrilling 
experience.— A^O 

Another War 


*29,99 1 


June 2003 i 



Welcome to part two of 
Aliens vs. Predator’s 
mutant deathmatch. 


The First- Person Bug Hunt Continues 

E xperimental research on planet VL1201 has been dull lately, but when 
a rogue scientist tries to create controllable army of Xenomorphs (aka 
Aliens), all hell breaks loose. The Marines come to clean up the mess, the 
Predators— a species of hunting alien— take 
trophies, and the Aliens make lunch of them all. 

As in the original Aliens vs. Predator, you can 
play either race as species clash in crisscrossing 
storylines. All your favorite weapons and abilities 
return from the first game, from the pulse rifle to the tail whip. New features 
include a fast pounce attack for the Aliens as well as the option to play 
as a baby alien (a face hugger). The Predator can now jump higher and 
immobilize its prey with a net gun. Marines get shotguns and spider mines, 
and they can blowtorch doors. Happy hunting, whatever you are.— /WO 

Aliens Vs. Predator 2 

^ Price! $49. 99 _ 

Available fjufyZQO 3 


14 MacAddIct August 2003 



China’s the Next Big Hardware Market— So Where’s Apple? 

H ardware manufacturers are saddled 
up to ride into the one of the last 
remaining tech frontiers: China. The 
question is, where’s Apple? 

SARS woes aside, China is one of the 
few countries right now with any good 
economic news. Its state news agency 
reported a 9 percent growth rate for its 
economy in the first quarter of 2003. It 
boasts the world’s largest cell phone 
market and is set to surpass Japan as the 
second largest PC market. So far Apple 
has operated in relative anonymity in 
China, but an enterprising, grassroots 
Mac community is changing that. 

“They want to see Apple become 
more visible,” says Yan Feng, president 
of the Beijing Mac Users Group 
( “They want to see 
more Mac users in this nation.” 

Feng’s 114-member group offers one 
good example of the Mac’s following 
in China. An eclectic mix of students, 
designers, video professionals, and 
both Chinese and foreign nationals, 
the group meets once a month to talk 
Macs, see product demos, and bone 
up on tech skills. Feng himself is a Mac 
zealot. The self-proclaimed “Swiss expat 

Chinese shoppers play with and peer at Macs. 

with a Chinese face” owns seven Macs, 
Including a 500MHz iBook, a PowerMac 
7500, and a working PowerBook 170. 
“Old habits die hard,” he explains. 

Diehards like Feng drive Mac sales in 
China. Wang Wo, 34, is a loyal Mac fan. 

“I started off with PCs until 1995, then I 
used a Mac, and I’ve never looked back,” 
said the graphic designer, who runs a 
small design business. “It may be a little 
more expensive, but it’s worth it.” 

Wo concedes that Macs users in China 


That desire to buy is 
attracting retailers to 
China’s mainland. One 
company with more 
than 10 years of Mac 
experience, the Hong 
Kong-based Designer 
Group Company, opened 
its China flagship store 
last year in Beijing’s 
Oriental Plaza on the 
capital’s best-known and 
most expensive shopping 
street, Wangfujing. 

“Business is doing great,” says store 
manager Catherine Ng. “So far, we’re 
selling about 250 CPUs a month. People 
are thinking that finally they can get the 
software and accessories right here.” 

The shop already has two major 
corporate clients in Beijing: MTV and the 
Western Academy Beijing International 
School, which has at least 200 Macs. 

The Designer Group Is planning to open 
another branch in Shanghai within a year. 

With more Mac shops and more Mac 
users, China still needs a larger group of 
developers. To promote development, 
Apple runs an Apple Developer 
Connection program In Beijing that 
provides coding-level technical support 
and a hardware- and software-testing 
lab to developers in China, creating 
titles like the Atomix Chinese Dictionary 
and the Translate Star Chinese-English 
machine translation. Also, California- 
based graphics software developer 
ArcSoft houses its engineering and 
development teams in Hangzhou. 

Feng is optimistic about Apple’s future 
in China. “They’re taking baby steps in 
the right direction,” he says. “That, at the 
least, is pretty commendable.”— /Vorasu 
Rebbaprogada and Peter Simpson 

face language barriers, “It doesn’t have 
great Chinese-language programs, but 
I’ll always come back to make sure I 
keep everything up to date. ( want the 
latest in software and 

Yan Feng is 
president of 
the Beijing Mac 
Users Group 

3pd Annual Tpoubleshooting Supepguide 

W e have a love-hate relationship with Mac OS X, 

We love it for Its power and beauty. We hate it for 
its occasional eccentric and inexplicable behavior. 
Inexplicable till now, that is. We handpicked the most 
infuriating Mac OS X bugs, problems, quirks, and just plain 
annoyances, and we show you how to squash them—before 
they squash your sanity. 

We also throw in a few application and hardware bugs that 
have driven us equally crazy, for a total of 50 frustrations that 
you now get to annihilate. For good. Guaranteed. 

by Dave Hamilton 

illustration by Oliver Wolfson 

Table of Contents 

System Screw- Ups 
Finder Flubs 
Mail Maladies 
Safari Snafus 
iNfuriating iApps 
Misbehaving Microsoft Apps 
Network and Printer Woes 
Security Breaches 
Hardheaded Hardware 
Petulant Portables 
Big Trouble 






24 : 




16 Mac/lddict August 2003 



Cocktail 2.2.1, Pseudo 
1.2.3, Suitcase 10.2.2 
demo, TinkerTool 2.32, 
and XBattery 0.6.1 


Easy Bug Finder 


It’s time to break 
out your pocket 
pen protector, 

These simple little 
tricks can make a 
big difference. 

Time is money — and 
these tips will add to 
your account. 

NOTE: We based all of 
our bugs on the latest 
release of Mac OSX 
as of press time: Mac 
OS 10.2.6. As Apple 
releases updates, some 
of the problems— and 
solutions— may change. 
And, of course, new 
problems will appear. 



GD System Slowdown 
PROBLEM: Sometimes when I have 
lots of apps open, my system starts 
moving sluggishly, my hard drive 
crunches constantly, and finally 
my Mac has a kernel panic. < 

SOLUTION: Yep, this can 
happen if you don’t have 
enough RAM. You likely have 
too many applications open 
and Mac OS X Is starting to 
make too-liberal use of its virtual 
memory capability. 

If you notice this happening, 
quit your applications, then restart 
your Mac to let the virtual memory 
subsystem regain its composure 
{and release the extra disk space It 
has probably commandeered In the 
process of losing its cool). There’s 
only one true solution if this problem 
plagues you often: Buy more RAM. 
Hey, it’s cheap— so you shouldn’t be. 

more on. 

virtual memory 

Virtual memory uses space on your hard 
disk to store things for which there is no 
longer room in RAM. This can work fine if 
you’re just switching between apps and 
happen to have more open than RAM can 
accommodate. However, if one of those 
applications starts conversing with the OS or 
another application, virtual memory can start 
swapping back and forth and get caught in 
a nonstop loop. 


If an application doesn't respond 
select Us name and click Force Q 

A Mac without enough RAM makes OS X 
very unhappy. 

(l9 Red Force Quit 

PROBLEM: Sometimes an app’s name 
turns red in the Force Quit dialog. 
What is my Mac trying to tell me? 

It’s trying to 
tell you that 
the application 
has stopped 
responding and 
Mac OS X has all 
but given up on 
It. At this point, 
unless the app is 
doing something 
that is absolutely 
force-quit it and 
move on. Note, 
though, that there 

may be times when an application (such 
as GraphicConverter) is doing some 
major data crunching In the background 
and may turn red fora period of time 
before it comes back to life. In these 
instances patience pays off. 

}« Man 

jc!? Now Up-to-Date 
00 Photoshop 
41 PhotoStreamer 
I# Safari 
is Terminal 

When an app turns red in the 
Force Quit dialog, Mac OS X 
is trying to tell you it*s just 
about given up on whatever 
the app’s doing. 

August 2003 MacAddlct 17 


Disk Utility 

0 Disks and i Volume Stiectcd | mformattcn | P\ m Mtj | Erase f PartiUon f RAlt 

'ii 37.26 CB IBM- 

To use Disk First Aid. select the volume and didc a repair button. 

• Using OIsIc First Wd, you can verify or repair any Mac OS Standard, Mai 
Extended, and UFS formatted disk, including hard disks and CO-ROMs. 

• Disk First Aid cannot verify or repair the startup disk or repair a write- 
disk, a CO-SOM, or a disk with open hies. The startup disk was verified 
rep^red If necetsary, at boot rime, in order to repair or verify the staitu 
please boot from the Mac OS X Install CO and ver^the disk using Disk 
the installer Apple Menu. 

• Vou may only repair permissions on a Mac OS X boot volume. 

■ If a disk has severe problems, you may need to use other programs to 

Mac OS X, bless its 
Unix heart, sometimes 
gets confused as to 
who can read and write 
which files. However, 
the OS also provides 
a simple way of fixing 
this problem. 

1. Run Disk Utility 
(Applications > 


2. Highlight your startup 
partition and click the 
First Aid tab. 

3. Click Verify Disk 

4. If you get a report of any problems, click Repair Disk Permissions. 
HOW OFTEN: Before and after any OS updates or installations. 


Use Apple’s Disk Utility to ensure that Mac OS X’s file 
privileges stay where they need to be. 

CB Installer Woes 
PROBLEM: Every time I try to install 
software, i get a dialog telling me an 
unexpected error occurred. 
SOLUTION: Sounds like you have 
a damaged Installer application 
component. Thankfully, this problem 
is easy to fix: just copy the Installer 
application from your most recent 
Mac OS X CD to the Applications > 
Utilities folder on your Mac. Inside the 
Applications > Utilities folder of your 
CD is a copy of the Installer app, but to 
find it you have to open the actual CD 
from the desktop— don’t just look in 
the Welcome To Mac OS X folder that 
automatically pops open when you 
insert the disc. 

The operation could not be completed. 
An unexpected error occurred (error code 1000). 

if you get this message any time you want to 
update or install software, you need to reinstall 
the installer. Now say that ten times fast. 

GQ Library Cleanout 
PROBLEM: There are a bazlUion OS X 
files on my drive and there’s no way I 
need them all, right? 

SOLUTION: Right— but to borrow a 
saying of Windows techies, if you don’t 
know what something Is, don’t throw it 
away. That said, here are some folders 
in your Library that might contain data 

you can trash— and make sure to check 
all three Libraries: Library, System > 
Library, and Users > username > 

Library, since some of these puppies 
hide in one or more places. 

• Application Support Contains 
settings and temp files for 
certain apps. 

• Audio > Sounds Stores any custom 
sounds you may have added to 
your system. 

• CFMSupport Keeps plug-ins for 
some Carbonized applications, 
such as Palm Desktop. 

• ColorSync Might contain old 
ColorSync profiles. 

• Contextual Menu Items Stores 
plug-ins for items that appear in 
certain apps’ contextual menus. 

• Documentation Contains read-me 
files and content for the Help system. 

• Fonts Holds fonts you may or may 
not still use. 

• Image Capture TWAIN Data Sources 

Might contain drivers for old 

• Internet Plug-Ins Contains plug-ins 
for your browsers. Make sure you 
quit your browsers before deleting 
stuff from this folder. 

• PreferencePanes Stores any 
additional System Preferences 

• Preferences Holds application- 
specific settings files as well as 
those for the entire system. 

• QuickTime Contains built-in and 
third-party codecs and QuickTime 

• Screen Savers Contains additional 
and third-party screen savers. 

• Startupitems Just what it sounds 
like— but don’t delete anything your 
Mac might need. Remember, if don’t 
know what something is, don’t throw 
it away. 


CB .dfont Blues 

PROBLEM: I’ve got all these .dfont files 
in my OS X Fonts folders— but when I try 
to use them in OS 9, the font’s 
not available. Why not? 

SOLUTION: Ah...for this we 
need to dig deep into our 
memory banks and remember 
the old days of Mac OS 9. Are you 
with us? Good. 

Remember that in Mac OS 9, all 
your fonts stored their data in the 
resource fork of the file (as opposed 
to the more-standard data fork). Well, 
Mac OS X stores its fonts In the data 
fork, hence the 
name ,dfont (which 
stands for dofo for/: 
you can’t use these 
fonts natively in 
Mac OS 9. But as 
with most things in 
Mac OS X, where 
there’s a will, 
there’s the Terminal. 

This hack 
requires that you 
have the Mac OS 
X Developer Tools 
installed. Once you 
do, head to the Terminal and type 
the following (pressing Return after 
every line): 

cd /Library/Fonts This changes 
you to the Fonts directory, 
touch Baskerville This creates a new 
font file for use in Mac OS 9. 
cp Baskerville.dfont Baskerville/ 
(no space) rsrc This copies the data 
fork of OS X’s Baskerville font to the 
resource fork of the OS 9 version. 
/Developer/TooIs/SetFile -t FFIL 
(space) -c DMOV Baskerville This 
sets the type and creator and properly 
registers your new font as an OS 9 font. 

§ • 

Computer Home 

< 2 , #HeadlineA.dfom 
'Jl tPCmyourtgJo.dfont 
2 #Pllgkhe.dfont 
i2; AmerlcanTypewftter.dfom 
Apple U^ng Ught.dfbnt 
2 Arlal 
2 Aria! Black 

2 Arial Narrow 

Mac OS X stores fonts In 
.dfont files. But you can 
convert them for use in 
Mac OS 9 too! 

18 MacAddlct August 2003 

Fiirier Ms 

noncontiguous items, but you have to 
press Command instead of Shift when 
doing so. 


03 Changing Window 

PROBLEM: How come my windows 
won’t stay In Column view? I have to 
change them to Column view each time 
I open them. It’s very frustrating! 
SOLUTION: The Finder needs definitive 
proof that you really want to change 
the default view (or location) of a 
folder. To give it the proof it needs, 
follow this quirky procedure: First 
open the folder. Then, before you do 
anything else (don’t even scratch your 
nose if you’ve got an itch), change the 
window view, position, and size to how 
you want it to appear every time you 
open that folder. Immediately close the 
folder. Now you can scratch. 

Bear in mind that if you open a folder 
via both the Dock and the desktop, you 
have to configure it twice—once for 
each way you access it. 

(19 Unresponsive Shift 

PROBLEM: Whenever I’m in List or 
Column view, I can’t select multiple 
files that are not next to each 
other the way I could in Mac 
OS 9. What a pain! 

SOLUTION: Remember 
when Apple decided that 
Command-N should open a new 
Finder window rather than create a 
new folder in OS X? (No, we’re not 
still bitter...) Anyway, this Is the same 
deal. You can still select multiple 

H Q O 

! II fP 

A P P 

BKk View : Computer Home 

AppllcatlOfU Utilities Internet Appli 

7 of 71 items seleaed. 3.9 CB available 

Date Modified 

Address Book 

4/9/03, 1:0S PM 

^ 0 Address Book vCard Creator 

12/28/02, 2:35 PM 

► Adobe Acrobat S.0 

4/1/02, 4:54 PM 

> P AppleScript 

12/18/02, 1:50 AM 

► .w Art Dlreoors Toolkit X 2.3 

1/24/02, 7:11 PM 

^ Backup 

11/17/02, 11:33 PM 

V Belkin Wlrdess LAN Configuration 

11/13/02. 12:30 AM 

IT Calculator 

2/11/03. 9:14 PM 


7/29/02, 4:07 AM 

► P aeanerS 

8/19/02, 12:08 AM 


7/29/02, 4:03 AM 


11/22/02, 12:23 AM 

^ P Comrnunlcations 

10/10/02, 6:15 PM 

h H Database & PIM 

3/7/03, ll'.23 PM 

► P Dockleu 

8/26/02,3:08 PM 

Yep, you can still seiect multiple files in OS X, but 
you’ve got to use the Command key to do It 

[B Custom icon Tango 
PROBLEM: When I paste a custom icon 
over a default folder icon, the change 
appears immediately. But if I paste a 
custom icon over an existing custom 
Icon, the icon doesn’t change till I 
restart my Mac. Why the hassle? 
SOLUTION: The Finder caches custom 
icons when it reads them from a given 
file or folder. As a result, it doesn’t 
immediately recognize when you’ve 
replaced a custom icon with a new 

Q— — ^ rWU r taDKMppHPICT I 

If an application doesn't respond for a while, 
seiect its name and elide Force Quit. 

' S. Mail 

^ Now Up-to-Date 
# Safari 
5 Terminal 

in Word 

XBatterv a 

You can op«n Oils window by pressing 

f ketaunch^ 

Relaunch the Finder to see changes to 
your custom Icons. 

custom icon. However, you don’t need v 
to restart—instead, press Command- j 

Option-Escape to bring up the Force ^ 
Quit dialog. Click the Finder and click |i 
Relaunch— this forces the Finder to F 

flush and reload its cache. F 

dD New Folder Nuisance 
PROBLEM: Before I installed Jaguar, 

I was able to create a new folder 
by pressing Command-Shift-N and 
immediately typing a name for it. Now, 
any time I create a new folder in List 
view, it stays selected, but I can’t 
edit its name right away. 

How annoying is that? 

SOLUTION: Yes, this 
behavior did change with 
10.2, but thankfully Apple was ? 

consistent with another aspect of the ; 
operatingsystem— the fact that you s 

can edit any selected item by pressing - 
Return. So create your new folder from 1; 
the keyboard, then press Return to 

03 Slow Mail Compactor 

PROBLEM: Mail always seems to start 
compacting at the most inopportune 
times. What’s it doing, why does ^ 
it take so long, and is it OK 
for me to stop the process? 

SOLUTION: Mail stores 
each mailbox as a separate 
directory (all contained within 
Users > user name > Library > Mail, for 
those who care). Within each mailbox 
directory is a handful of files, including 
the mailbox data Itself, an index to 
that mailbox, a table of contents (for 
quicker screen-display operations), and 
a separate file containing messages 
recently added to that mailbox. 

When you delete a message. Mail 
doesn’t actually remove it from the 
mailbox. Rather, it adds a note to the 
table of contents and index that says, 
“This message doesn’t need to be 
here anymore.’’ When Mall compacts 
a mailbox, it cleans everything up, 
consolidating the new messages into 
the main mailbox file and deleting 
unnecessary items. Depending on the 
size of your mailbox (and how long it’s 
been since Mail last compacted), that 
operation can 
take anywhere 
from seconds 
to minutes 
or more. 

You can 
compact your 
mailboxes by 
the in-box 
you want to 
compact in 
your Mail 
drawer and 
choosing Erase 
Deleted Messages from the contextual 
menu that appears. Or you can set the 
frequency of compacting by going to 
your Mail preferences, double-clicking 
your account, selecting the Special 
Mailboxes tab, and tweaking the setting 
under the Trash section. 

One last note: Because Mail 
stores data in lots of small files, any 

Mail’s preferences, you can 
set how often It compacts the 
folders (and simultaneously 
empties the Trash} for each 
individual account. 

August 2003 MacAddict 19 

file-system corruption can potentially 
wreak havoc on your saved mail. If s 
always a good Idea to run fsck (or 
other tasks related to file-system 
maintenance) on a regular basis. See 
“Run File-System Checks ” next page. 

fD Pass On Junk- Mail 

PROBLEM: We just got a second 
Mac— for my husband— and l*d like to 
give him the benefit of my six months 
of training junk-mail filters (f m 
a very giving wife). How can I 
do this? 

SOLUTION: Transferring 
your six months of training 
is a 3-minute job. Apple stores 
everything your junk mail has learned 
in the LSMMap file (Users > username > 
Library) Mail). 

1 - Start up Mail on your husband’s 
Mac and configure it for him as you 
normally would. 

2. Go to the Mail menu, choose junk 
Mail, and set it to Automatic. 

Quit Mail, 

3 . Copy the LSMMap file from your 
computer to your husband’s 
computer, putting it in the same 
folder on that system. Restart Mail. 

Voila! Six months of junk-mail training 
transferred, just like that. 

© ^ss s nn) 

'H 1® A'' 

Computer Home Applications Sear 

Bade Forward View 

^ Adobe.„Log 
9M Desktop 
^ Documents 
til Lidrarv 
[0 Movies 
Ub; Music 
1^;/ Pictures 


1 of 4 items sciecled, 59.24iaav^liai Bttt 
" "6 TTWOVUi! ,^***i^^*^^ 

_ mcnmr- 

^ Internet Wug-ins ' 

^ (Tunes , . 

^ Keyboard Layoucs ► jf 
p Keychains 
P togs 
['S’ MoziUa 



Jj Message...ptlst 

Move this file to a new Mac, and all your junk-mail 
training will move as well. 

fS Get Your Drawers 

PROBLEM: How come my drawer in 
Mail switches from left to right on a 
whim, without warning? 

SOLUTION: Mail Is just trying to be 
nice to you and read your mind by 
putting the drawer on whatever side 
of the screen has more real estate, 
if you move your main Mail window 
around, then Mail changes its mind 

about where to put the drawer, just be 
aware of where you’re moving the Mail 
window, and if you get too close to one 
edge of the screen, expect that the 
drawer will open on the other side. 

IB Regain Mail 

PROBLEM: Whenever I try to 
compose a new message. Mail just 
sits and spins, and nothing happens. 
Why the pause? 

SOLUTION: This problem occurs 
when Mail is waiting for Mac OS X’s 
built-in spelling checker to kick in and 
it never does. There are two possible 
solutions. First, try running Disk Utility 
to repair permissions (see “Repair Your 
Permissions,” pl8). If that doesn’t 
work, try the following trick. 

Open the Terminal and type (with no 
returns or spaces): 

MacOS/AppleSpell b 

This command manually starts up 
the built-in AppleSpell spell-checking 
service, which should then let you 
compose messages in Mail without a 
delay. Make sure to type the ampersand 
at the end, otherwise the service will 
quit when you close the Terminal. 
Unfortunately, the checker only stays 
on until you reboot— you then have to 
restart it again via the Terminal. 

If neither of these solutions works, 
you can go into the Composing pane of 
Mail’s preferences and disable Check 
Spelling As I Type—and buy a dictionary. 

ID Autocomplete Woes 
PROBLEM: Every time I type my friend’s 
name in Mail’s To line, her old email 
address pops up, even though I’ve 
updated her address in Address Book. 
SOLUTION; You know that creepy 
friend who remembers everyone 
you’ve ever dated and everything 
you’ve ever said in your life? Mail’s 
kinda like her. 

Mail keeps a history of every 
address to which you have ever sent 
a message. When filling in To or CC 
fields, Mail looks at this address 

Close Window 
Zomn Window 
Minimize Window 

Show Addresses 

Address Book 

mv 1 


Show AclWtty Viewer 

KO ^ 

Bring All to Front 



✓ Address History 


In — Dave The Nerd 


A(M/eii Msta 

luric Finn 
Evln FlizCeriUI 




Remove unwanted email addresses from 
Mail’s Address History list. 

history as well as at Address Book. 
Thankfully, you can go to Window > 
Address History and remove addresses 
from this history list. 

Safari Snafus 

10 FTP No More 

PROBLEM: Ever since I upgraded to 
the latest version of Safari, I can’t 
FTP anymore. 

SOLUTION; Chances are you’re behind 
a firewall or some sort of router that’s 
blocking standard FTP traffic. This 
problem’s easily solved, though. Go 
to the Network preferences pane, 
click the Proxies tab, and make sure 
Use Passive FTP Mode is checked. 

In general, this makes FTPing more 
compatible with firewalls and routers. 

00 w Weflwrit 

sFio^Ali Ottptiys. Sound nietwortc sonupastt cnei^sawr 

LoeaOmr f ftriemet - Ftia DHI? Iii»l 

Sfww: ^ Ellternet > Full DHCP 

OfTP Proxy 

To fix Safari FTP problems, enable Passive 
FTP Mode. 

fO Bookmarks and Tabs 

PROBLEM: When I select a bookmark 
from the Bookmarks menu, the 
selected site doesn’t open in a 
new tab, even when I Command-click 
my selection. 

SOLUTION; Fear not, picky Web surfer! 
You’re almost there. Instead of pressing 
Command when you select the actual 
bookmark, press Command a bit 

20 MacAddict August 2003 

sooner-when clicking the Bookmarks 
menu. Now when you choose your 
bookmark, it*ll open in a new tab. 


Wmdow Help 

0 Weather 

ij Pertonat 


. $Q 9 S 

just ^ a 

met access for 

ill.' .■■astsi. 


0 MacCamer - Cet In The Can 
(b The Mac Observer: Youll ge 
MaeSurfer's Headline News' 
B Low End Mac: Value Compu 

While there are times when you need Norton Utilities or TechTool Pro, most folks 
can keep their file systems in check by using the built-in, time-honored fsck tool, 
which checks for and repairs damage within the file system. 

1. Reboot your Mac. 

2. Start up in single-user mode (hold down Command-S until you see text and 
other Unix-type mumbo jumbo). 

3. When you see a command prompt, type /sbin/fsck -y. This command will 
run a series of tests, report any errors, and fix them. If it finds errors, rerun it 
until you no longer get any errors. Type reboot once everything checks out. 

HOW OFTEN: At least once a month. 

Comtnand-click the Bookmarks menu to get links 
to open in their own tab. 

CD One -Click Safari Tabs 
PROBLEM: I am just bonkers over 
Safari’s tabs, but am sick of having to 
go through a contextual menu to make 
a new page open In a fresh 
tab. Is there another option? 
SOLUTION: Certainly, 
although you need a three- 
button mouse for this (ora 
two-button mouse with a clickable 
scroll wheel). Simply use the third 
button to click a link, and it should 
open in a new tab. Third-button 
support is built right into the OS— and 
they never told us! 

Note: If you’re using Microsoft’s 
intelllPoint software foryour mouse 
or trackball, you have to map a button 
to activate a Command-click. If you 
don’t have a free button or clickable 
scroll wheel, you can manually 
Command-click a link to open up 
a page in a new tab. 

CD Open Window 

PROBLEM: When I click certain links, a 
new browser window opens. Ugh! How 
do I make it so that links open ^ 
in the current window? 

SOLUTION: Don’t fret. 

Simply drag the link from 
the page up to the location 
bar, let go, and Safari will open the link 
in that window, no questions asked. 



Drag links to the location bar so you can 
open them in the same window. 

Cn Choppy Visuals, Dude 
PROBLEM: I want to kick back and 
zone out to some iTunes with my 
visuals playing in full-screen mode. 
But my visuals aren’t flowing as 
smoothly as I would tike, and it’s 
freakin’ me out, man. 

SOLUTION: Like the poor, tired 
MacAdcf/cf editors, your Mac is trying 
to do too much at once. Not only is 
it decoding and playing your MP3s 
(or AACs) in real time, but it’s got to 
analyze them and create killer visuals 
in full screen. Here’s a workaround: 

1. Goto the Universal Access 
preferences. UndertheSeeingtab, 
dick the huge Turn On Zoom button, or 
press Command-Option-asterisk (*). 

2. Head back over to iTunes. In the 
Visualizer menu, first disable Full 
Screen, and then choose Small or 
Medium for the size of your visuals. 

I Advanced Wind 

^ ITunes File Edit Comrols M 

( Turn Visualizer On JIT 

(ji Favoriui 
Cft*n Oiy - tnurtulianat Suptr • 
(£ u esjMtaau - u Esptnuu 

Me First And The Gimm. Ctmmc 

ff - Ptiy 

f; Norah lonts - Com* Awjy witli 
fj Peart iam - Uve On Two Legs {Li j 
(f Pevliain -Ten 
lUduTMrunav nano Concertos 


If Roy Orbison - A lUck And Whhr- 

ig Me ajuito Down By The School... 
• On* Tin Solder 
d Uptown CM 
Sw«*t Caroline 

el Fir* And Rain 
ei Nobody Does It Sttur 
M Rocket Man 

Choose a smaller window for Visualizer, 
and make it easier on your Mac. 

3. Turn on the Visualizer, get your 
tunes cranking, and then use the 
zoom keyboard commands to fill 
your screen with smooth visuals— 
Command-Option-plus (+) and 
Command-Option-minus (-)w 

Start playing your tunes with the Visualizer set to 
a smaller size. Now you can start zooming. 

03 Split Songs 

PROBLEM: I ripped a Perry Como CD 
and the last track actually contains 
two songs— the normal song and a 
bonus song. How come iTunes won’t 
play them as two separate songs? 

(I really can’t take two Perry Como 
songs in a row.) 

SOLUTION: In iTunes 3 and later, 
you can cut up songs by setting start 
and end times. Control-click the 
offending track, choose Get Info from 
the contextual menu, then go to the 
Options tab and choose a start and 
stop time. Next 
go to Advanced > 

Convert Selection 
depending on 
your Preferences 
settings). iTunes 
will create a new 
song— leaving 
the old one 
untouched— based 
on your chosen 
start and stop 

By setting start and stop 
times, you can create two 
different songs from one 
tong track. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 21 

times. Do this procedure twice for your 
Perry Como track (once for each song), 
and then delete the original track. Your 
ears will thank you. 

61 Gross iTunes Fonts 
PROBLEM: After I installed iTunes 4, 
the font looked jaggy— not all smooth 
and silky as in iTunes 3. 

SOLUTION: iTunes 4 does some 
strange things with font smoothing. 
One easy fix is to upgrade to Mac OS 
10.2.6. Otherwise, go to the General 
System Preferences pane and set Turn 
Off Text Smoothing For Font Sizes 
to the 8 And Smaller option (9 is the 
default). Quit and relaunch iTunes, and 
you Ye good to go. At this point, you 
can even set font smoothing back to 9 
and iTunes will behave properly. 

m iMovie’s iDVD 

PROBLEM: Whenever I ask iMovie to 
launch IDVD 3, it refuses. All I get is 
that friggin* beach ball. I*m starting 
to hate the sight of beach balls— even 
real ones. 

SOLUTION: Mac OS X Is simply getting 
confused with which version of iDVD 
it’s supposed to open. First delete 
every copy of iDVD from your drive 
(this includes any versions from 
Classic too). Second, reinstall iDVD 
from your install or iLife CD. Finally, 
run Apple’s repair permissions (see 
'^Repair Your Permissions,” pl8). That 
should solve your problem— and make 
you stop hating beach balls (for now). 

® Out-of-Sync iSync 

PROBLEM: I updated Palm Desktop 
and now iSync doesn’t work. 
SOLUTION: Palm Desktop places its 
conduits in your system anytime you 
install or reinstall the Palm software. 
With Palm’s conduits active, iSync 
doesn’t talk to your PDA properly. To 
fight back, first reinstall the iSync 
Palm Conduit (located at the bottom of 
page). Next go to Library > Application 
Support > Palm HotSync > Conduits 
and delete the Address Conduit and 
Datebook Conduit (if they’re already 
gone, that’s OK). Now give iSync a try. 

m iPhoto Bloat 
PROBLEM: I swear I’ve deleted 
hundreds of bad pictures from my 
iPhoto library, but the size of my 
iPhoto Library folder is still huge, I’ve 
emptied my Trash, but it doesn’t help. 
SOLUTION: Ah, yes. iPhoto’s Trash is 
not the same as the Mac OS X Trash. 
Simply deleting a picture from iPhoto 
doesn’t actually delete the associated 
files— you 
need to 
tell iPhoto 
to empty its 
own Trash 
by going to 
iPhoto’s File 
menu and 
Empty Trash. 

You need to tell iPhoto 
manually to empty its own 
Trash of deleted pictures. 

If you’re having a problem with a 
specific font, check to see if it’s living 
in multiple locales. If it is, make sure 
the version you want to use is in the 
individual user fonts folder and try 
whittling down to just one copy of the 
font— or use a utility like Extensis’s 
Suitcase ($99.95,, 
which manages font sets and turns 
fonts on and off as needed. 

Word is also hypersensitive 
to corrupted fonts. Microsoft 
recommends running a font-fixing 
utility such as Morrison SoftDesign’s 
FontDoctorX ($69.99, http:// if font 
problems persist— it worked for us. 

63 Internet Explorer 




@ Word Quits! 

PROBLEM: Sometimes when I change 
fonts in Word, the app unexpectedly 
quits. What’s the word on Word? 
SOLUTION: Word unexpectedly 
quitting— well. It happens all the 
time— but it’s especially common 
if you have a lot of fonts scattered 
throughout your system or you have 
multiple copies of the same font in 
different places. Mac OS X looks for 
fonts In the following order: 

Individual User Fonts Folder (Users > 
user name > Library > Fonts) 
System-Wide Fonts Folder (Library > 

Network Fonts Folder (Network) 
Library > Fonts) 

Mac OS X Fonts Folder (System > 
Library > Fonts) Note: Do not edit, 
remove, change, or add fonts to 
this folder. 

Classic Fonts Folder (System Folder) 

PROBLEM: All of a sudden, 
antialiasing stopped working in 
Internet Explorer. I swear, I didn’t 
touch a thing! 

SOLUTION: Since it’s a Carbon app, 
Internet Explorer can get flaky with 
its antialiasing. (A Carbon app is one 
that’s not 100 percent OS X native 
and that relies on older components 
to ensure system compatibility.) 

The problem is more likely to creep 
in if you’re running multiple Carbon 
applications at the same time, 
since they all use the same drawing 
routines— QuickDraw, for those of you 
keeping score at home. 

To deal with QuickDraw font- 
smoothing problems, use Marcel 
Bresink’s TinkerTool (free, www.bresink 
.de/osx/TinkerTool2.html). Open up the 
TinkerTool system prefs, go to the Font 

Changes ate next ttrM you tog 

Use TinkerTool to manipulate font settings for 
Carbon applications. 

22 MacAddict August 2003 


Mac OS X stores a lot of commonly accessed data (like Finder icons and 
Extensions data) in its caches to optimize performance. But sometimes the 
data in these caches does not get updated properly. Here’s the fix: 

1. Delete everything in Library > Caches. 

2. Delete everything in Users > username > Library > Caches (if you want 
to leave your Internet caches intact, don’t delete the Safari or MS Internet 
Cache folders). 

3. Reboot. 

HOW OFTEN: Once a month, and before any OS update. 

Comtwter Hom t Ap ptka ti oni Jnwkw M«< 

6 of 6 ttCTii selected, S,»4 « «vaii)iri>le 

r MeawoihHD ► 

ApiHIcationt • 

P Applications (MkC» 9)' 
^ Desktop (Mac OS 9) 

^ Insutler Logs * 


System * 

System PoWer 

PTemp f 

Pr Temporary Items » 

Users * 

Wares > 

^^^piication Enhartetfs 
^ Application Support ^ 

^ Audio * 

i^QtdlMS * 

m (7MSuppon *• 

P^ColorSync * 

fM Componertts » 

p) Contextual Menu Items i' 
P Desktop Pscturis p 

Docvmentation * 

pt paesystems p 

pi Fonts * 


Clear out your 
Caches folders to 
clean out some of 
the sludge that 
accumulates in 
Mac OS X. 

Smoothing tab, and enable Manipulate 
Font Smoothing For Applications Using 

SI Word Text Scrunching 

PROBLEM: Sometimes when I delete 
a word or two in Word, the entire 
paragraph compacts down into a line 
or two and the sentences end up on 
top of each other. 

SOLUTION: Like the “Internet 
Explorer jaggies” bug (#26), this 
problem relates to QuickDraw- 
rendering inaccuracies in Mac OS X 
(and makes us want to use a word 
processor thafs built on a true Mac 
OS X foundation— but that’s another 
story). What’s happening is that the 
system isn’t constantly rerendering the 
screen. While this supposedly saves 
processing time while you work, it also i 
presents problems like this redraw 
issue. Sadly, the only fix for this bug is 
to scroll up or down to make your text 
display normally again. 

QD Internet Expicrer 

PROBLEM: How come internet 
Explorer can’t seem to remember the 
preferences I’ve set for it the next time 
I launch it? Doesn’t it care how I feel? 
SOLUTION: Don’t take It personally— 
you*re not the only one whom internet 
Explorer ignores. 

But before you start cursing out 
Explorer, realize that other apps may 
share the blame— namely, Entourage 
and URL Manager Pro ($25, www Like Explorer, 
these apps write to the main Mac OS X 
Internet configuration preferences 
(to geeks, that’s the 
.internetconfig.plistfile). If you launch, 
say. Entourage first, it will take over 
your Internet preferences file and not 
let Explorer write any changes to it. 

Here are a couple of workarounds: 

1- Before launching any other apps, 
start up Internet Explorer, make 
the changes to your prefs, and then 
quit Explorer. That should save the 
changes to the prefs file. 

2. Delete the 
.plist file (in Users > username > Library 
> Preferences)— it may be corrupted. 

Network and 
Printer Woes 

@) Sharing Drives 
PROBLEM: Can I share my entire drive 
with a guest user as I could in OS 9? 
SOLUTION; While you can’t share your 
drive with a guest, you con share your 
entire drive with anyone to whom you 
have granted admin access on your 
Mac. See “Create a New User,” p27, to 
find out how to set up an admin. If you 
turn on File Sharing (via the Sharing 
preferences pane), any admin can 
automatically see all attached disks 
when connecting to your Mac. 

0) Network- Printer 

PROBLEM: I tried printing a document 
to a network printer, and it didn’t 
print. To add insult to injury, now I 
can’t delete the document from 
Print Center! 

SOLUTION; Print Center (like most 
Mac OS X utilities) is merely a pretty 
interface to an underlying Unix-based 
engine that manages your printers. 
Sometimes the hooks between 
these utilities (Print Center, In this 

case) and the Unix gobbledegeek 
don’t work quite right. This is one of 
those situations. 

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to 
digging into Unix. Mac 05 10.2 uses 
an open-source engine called CUPS 
(that’s common Unix printing system, 
for acronym-philes) to manage its 
printers. The coolest part is that 
CUPS provides its own interface, 
which you can access from your 
favorite Web browser. 

1- Open a Web browser and go to :631 tells 
the Web browser which port It should 
connect to. Note that this process 
is connecting to your local machine 
( is another name for This 
Very Mac), so you don’t have to be 
connected to the Internet to do this. 
2. Click the Manage jobs link. 

3- Find the offending print job and 
click Canceljob. 

You can use a Web browser to manage your 
printers and jobs. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 23 

Preventative Maintenance 

ED Stuck Printer 

PROBLEM: Sometimes I can’t print 
until I delete my printer profile from 
Print Center and then add it 
again. It’s so annoying! 

SOLUTION: This problem 
is often an indication that 
your printing preferences are 
corrupted. The easiest thing to do 
is to delete them, restart, and let Mac 
OS X rebuild them from scratch. 

1 . Quit Print Center. After all, you don’t 
want it caching your corrupted 
preferences and rewriting them after 
you delete them. But you already 
knew that. 

2. Delete the following files: Users > 
username > Library > Preferences > 
and Users > user name > Library > 
Preferences > ByHost > 
Note that whatever \s different with 
each system, so just delete any of 
these PrintCenter files that you find 
in the ByHost folder. 

3. You’ll also want to delete these files: 
etc > cups > printers.conf and etc > 
cups > printers.conf.O. A warning 

for Unix-phobes: You might need to 
open the Terminal to delete these 
files, since you may not see the etc 
folder in the Finder. To remove these 
files, type sudo rm /etc/ (no 
space) cups/printers.cani; press 
Return, then type sudo rm /etc/ 
(no space) cups/printers-ccnf-O. 
Depending on how your printers are 
configured, one or more of these 
files might not exist. If your Mac says 
there’s no such file, don’t sweat it. 

4 . Now restart your Mac and add your 
printers again. 




@ Stop Keychain! 
PROBLEM: Mail keeps asking for 
permission to decrypt items in my 
keychain— I always select Always 
Allow, but it keeps asking me every 
time I launch the app. How do I make 
Keychain stop bugging me? 
SOLUTION: Most likely your Keychain 
has become corrupted. You have two 
options for a fix. 

• MycAaMnntAM 

UtcrNvPK D*y« HunUton 


AufMvnt'. f 

aia Snn to wttV w n<M# VMtf (uiRtbiia 

Ctitdad (pCKtu 0f -llionnntt&tlntitm 
UlMl for Rim ‘DIM HumtMn'i CoMpunr' tinM In UTT->a intoning 
UM (or ««m "Olw Mimnion'i Computir* li ntM tr» UTT-* intoning 
label far turn “Dim Mamiltan't Com|iuti>' i> not In UTF - 1 tnconing 
UM turn ‘Oaw'i CV it nM In UTf-t intodlng 
Ubd for (tin "0«i’t C1‘ It not In UTf** intndUig 
Rim ‘tmts.maccoffl* U • nmliuta, ihit Riiti't port aiinbuti it not tit 
Rrm ‘maii.matxan.' It a tfuplitaii, thii lwm^l port •antwt. it not i*t 
Mm ‘man MnNtnLim* Mt ompitKtin valiM (or port aniibutt 
xem ’ntiLmtccanf lut imtpKifltd vatui for port aimbiiii 
Kim liamittDn.iiimlp.CDni'' hat unipnifM nKir (or port aitxKiutt 
kim«tjm‘ bit untpMlftid mIiM for port of ' 

Use Apple’s Keychain First Aid to look for 
and fix problems with your Keychain. 

1. Run Apple’s Keychain First Aid utility 
(available at 
It has two modes: Verify and Repair. 
Run Verify first, and if it fintjs 
problems, tell it to repair them. 

2 . If the above solution doesn’t work, 
then Keychain is corrupted beyond 
repair and you need to erase It 
Starting over with a new Keychain 
is about as fun as getting a cavity 
filled, but sometimes It’s the only 

Your Mac has software called Open Firmware built right into the motherboard. 

This software tells your Mac how to start up and saves various settings about how 

the Mac should talk to displays and other critical components. Sometimes these 

settings can become corrupted, and you need to reset them. 

1. Reboot your Mac and Immediately press Command-Option-O-F. 

2. Type the three magic lines (see right) with a Return after 
each one. 

3. Your computer should reboot automatically. And don’t 
forget to check things controlled by the PRAM, such as 
date and time, just to make sure everything’s hunky-dory. 

HOW OFTEN: Only when your Mac is acting funky. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 




^ Kt ycb ahi Accwtl 

I Edtt VKW Wndow H«lp 

lock All K«v<hdini 



1 <Mu*buwi>4 Access Cotitrol 1 

: f 

Nttw Salan fenm AtiCont 

I • 

mntt; ipchgueB pwiwxd 

If Keychain First Aid fails, you need to 
delete your existing Keychain and start 
anew. Bummer. 

option. Go to Applications > Utilities 
and run Keychain Access. From the 
File menu, choose Delete to start 
over with a fresh Keychain file. 

EB Lost Roots 
PROBLEM: Shoot. I created my 
root password years ago, and I’ve 
forgotten it since. What do I do? 
SOLUTION: Either take some 
memory-enhancing Ginkgo Bilboa, 
or follow these simple steps. 

1. Log In as an admin user— hopefully 
you remember t/?of password. 

2. Open up the Terminal and type 
sudo passwd root 

3. The Terminal will ask you for 
a password— type your admin 
password (not root, which would be 
impossible anyway since you don’t 
remember it). 

4. The Terminal now asks you to type 
the new root password twice (and for 
Pete’s sake, write it down this time). 


Terminal — ttyp 


^ 1 % sudo pQ88«d root 


Chong I ng password for root. 

Hew password: 

Retype new password: 

dc 3 vei®davepb 

You can change the root password from 
the Terminal. 

ED Getting to the Root 

PROBLEM: I need to run a program as 
root to edit a system-owned text file, 
but I don’t want to log out and log 
back in as root. How can I do this? 
SOLUTION: Well, there are two ways: 
the pretty way and the ugly way. The 
pretty way involves using Brian Hill’s 
Pseudo ($15, http://personalpages 

24 MacAddtet August 2003 '-brian_ 
Simply drag your 
favorite text editor 
(like TextEdit) on 
top of Pseudo, and ; 
the editorwill run 
as root. 

If you don't ] 

have Pseudo, ; 

type in this Terminal command, which 
teds the computer to run TextEdit as 
root: sudo open -a TextEdit 
As always, when working as root, i 

be careful. Don't do anything we 
wouldn't do. 

ee >>scudo 


TT ©2000-2002 Srttft R. « 

Drop an appljcnfon onto 
this window 
wopan itutht 
System AOministrator 

Use Pseudo to run 
applications as root. 

more on... 

Mac OS X, like all versions of Unix, has an 
all-powerful user at its core, named root By 
default, this user is disabled in Mac OS X, and 
that's a good thing. If eyeryone were to log in 
to their Mac as root, well, let’s just say we'd 
be writing more articles along the lines of "50 
Biggest Disasters Your Kids and Their Buddies 
Inflicted upon Your Mac While You Were 
Outside Gardening.” 

Still, there are times when you want to be 
root. Typing sudo before any Unix command 
in the Terminal gives you root privileges. To 
enable root outside the Terminal, open the 
Netinfo Manager utility, click the lock to make 
changes, then go to Security > Enable Root 
User. Once enabled, you can choose to log in 
as root and have free reign over your system. 

If permissions get mucked up, for instance, 
root allows you to edit all your files and 
(hopefully) fix things. 

@ KitI Deleted Users I 

PROBLEM: How can I get rid of a | 

deleted user's home folder? I 

I tried dragging it to the 
Trash, but to no avail. 

SOLUTION: Despite the 
fact that you deleted the 
user, your Mac remembers that 
the folder used to belong to someone 5 
else, and therefore won't let you touch \ 

it— not without a little force, anyway. i 
Fire up the Terminal and type the f 

following, replacing user name with the J 
user’s actual name: sudo rm (space) [ 
-R /Users/'user name deleted' [ 

(provided the folder shows up in Users i 
as user name deleted). ^ 



Dejected Eject 

PROBLEM: I have a third-party 
keyboard and one of those new Macs 
that doesn't have a CD-eject key on 
the front of the computer. I know F12 
is supposed to eject the CD 
tray, but it doesn’t. How do 
I eject? 

SOLUTION: First, let us tell 
you about a few subtleties 
involving the Eject or F12 key 
(newer Apple keyboards have a 
dedicated Eject key; older ones assign 
the job to F 12 ). For one thing, in recent 
versions of Mac OS X, you need to 
press and hold the Eject key to make it 
work. Apple did this to help out clumsy 
users (or typists with really long 
fingers) who were accidentally hitting 
Eject. Second, on some systems— 
especially those with external FireWire 
CD/DVD burners attached— you need 
to hold down Option-Eject. Don't ask 
us why. We didn't make the OS! 

Failing all of the above, add Jaguar's 
Eject menu-bar item. Navigate to 
System > Library > CoreServices > Menu 
Extras and drag the folder 
to your menu bar. Easy, eh? 

Add Eject to the menu bar to control your 
CD tray from the 05. 

If you're really stuck, there are 
two almost-foolproof ways to 
eject a recalcitrant CD, but both 
require restarting: 

1. Simply restart while holding 
down the mouse button— the CD 
should pop right out early in the 
startup process. 

2, If that doesn't work, you can eject 
from Open Firmware, the operating 
system built Into your motherboard 
that tells your Mac how to start up. 
Immediately upon starting up, press 
and hold Command-Option-O-F. 

At the Open Firmware prompt, type 
eject cd to pop open the CD tray. 

more on 

the Eject key 

Here are a few Eject- key tricks (unfortunately, 
some third-party keyboards don't support 
these combos): 

• Control-Eject Brings up the Restart, Sleep, 
Cancel, Shut Down dialog. 

• Command-Control-Eject Restarts your Mac. 

• Command-Option-Eject Puts your Mac 
to sleep.. 

• Command-Control-Option-Eject Shuts 
down your Mac. 

ED Determined Disk 
PROBLEM: Sometimes when I drag my 
FireWire disk to the Trash, It tells me 
the disk is in use. But I swear I’m not 
using It. 

SOLUTION: Chances are you have an 
application open that was using a file 
on that disk at some point and is still 
holding temporary Items open on your 
FireWire drive. Just quit the offending 
app to finish dismounting your drive. 

If that doesn't work, you've got bigger 
problems— and reformatting the drive 
may be the only solution. Sorry. 

ED Disk Pause 
PROBLEM: Sometimes when I'm 
navigatingthrough nested folders 
in the Finder, my Mac will pause and 
spin up my FireWire drive before 
continuing— even though I’m not 
trying to access that drive. It’s ^ 
very annoying and really 
slows down the Finder. 

SOLUTION: Your Mac spins 
down your FireWire drive 
when it's not in use (to save 
power and presumably drive life). 
However, when you navigate the 
Finder, the system begins looking 
for extra icons and applications to 
associate with your files. During 
this process, the system looks at 
all available drives, including your 
FireWire drive. 

You have three options to cure this 
annoying behavior: 

1. Unmount your FireWire drive when 
you're not using It. Obvious, but 
worth mentioning. 

August 2003 MacAddlct 25 

2. Go into the Energy Saver 
preferences pane and uncheck 
Put The Hard Disk To Sleep When 
Possible. Note, however, that 
this affects all your hard drives, 
including the boot drive. Laptop 
users may not want to do this, as 
spinning down the drive saves 
precious battery power. 

Optimize Energy Setting*: (custom 

S^ngs for | ftower Adapter 

Put the computer to steep when It Is Inactive fort 

ItMti IS mm Ilr sen mm/ 

3 Use separate dme to put ihe display to sleep 

Jn*i ISmte U«r Shn Nmr 



You can use Energy Saver to fully caffeinate 
your drives. 

3. if you don’t want to disable 
spin-down completely, you can 
change the amount of time before 
the system spins the drives down 
(by default, this happens after 10 
minutes of inactivity). To do this, 
you need— what else— the Terminal. 
Type sudo pmset -c spindown 60 
to set the hard drive spin-down to 
60 minutes on AC power. PowerBook 
users: This will nof affect the spin- 
down when you’re on battery power 
(to do that, change the “C to - fa). 

Ue leone to Darwin! 


flC Power: 


9 p i ndown 




Battery Power 

ep indown 

■'lx pmeet ~g diek 











The pmset command gives you finer control over 
your Mac’s power-management settings. 

@) Bleary- Eyed Mac 
PROBLEM: When f wake up my G4 
Mac, I get a screen full of squiggly 
lines and bars that run across the top 
and left side. Help! 

SOLUTION: Starting with 10.2.5, some 
Macs don’t properly set the resolution 
when waking from sleep. This problem 
affects users who had their displays 
set to nondefault resolutions when 
installing OS updates. The fix: Go to 
the Displays preference pane, change 
the resolution to something else (it 
doesn’t matter what), restart, then 
change the resolution back to the way 
you prefer it. 

CD Negative Screen 

PROBLEM: All of a sudden, and for no 
good reason, my screen looks like a 
film negative. All I get is white text on 
black! t can’t take it anymore! 
SOLUTION; Ah yes, you’ve 
Inadvertently stumbled into the land 
of Universal Access and its various 
(aka insidious) ways of turning itself 
on behind your back. 

UnivtrHl Acctii ^ ^ 

^ Pi Ik e a 9 

PwtMi Dwpt w hutna wtwwfc icwwiowt tiwtyuw 

Whtn ifiina tht computtr. l hm dlftituiUti with; 

Turn On Zoom 

Unlwml Acu» ihomtiu: 

Zoom 0 |itto«»- 

XU* soorat in 
XN- nomt out 

[ Swi tch to White on Black 

AXK* nwhchM to wiilto on Muk 
I Ht Otettloy to Cfiyiqlt | 

0 Allow UnIvtrM) Acettt Shottevt* 

□ Inabk accMS for wti>tiv« dtvicct 
Q EnaMt tcxt-to-ip«tch for Unhwaal Accost ofottroBcos 

Use the Universal Access prefs to toggle 
foreground and background colors. 

If you open up the Universal Access 
preference pane, you’ll see a big, huge 
box that says Switch To Black On White 
(orvice versa, depending on your 
current setting). Click this to restore 
normalcy. You probably turned on these 
settings accidentally by pressing the 
enabling key combination, Command- 
Option -Control-asterisk (*). That, or 
someone’s messing with your mind. 

CO Mac Insomnia — and 

PROBLEM: My Mac won’t fall asleep 
and/or wake up from sleep! 

SOLUTION; Starting with Mac 
OS 10.2.4, very sleepy— and very 
unsleepy— Macs have been a problem. 
Some machines refuse to go to sleep 
(party animals), some machines 
refuse to wake up (lazy suckers). 

This often happens in machines with 
third-party PCI cards installed, but it 
has also been known to happen on 
stock machines. 

The fix? Reset the machine’s 
NVRAM (nonvolatile random access 
memory)— the settings that persist 
even after you turn off your Mac. See 
“Reset Your NVRAM,” p24, to find out 
how to do this. Oh, and if you’re having 
sleep issues yourself, try sipping some 
scotch before you go to bed (we like 
The Macallan). 

C9 Dead Mac Extraction 

PROBLEM: My Mac won’t start up 
and I’m on a deadline (I know, I 
know— I should have finished that 
report last week). I don’t have time to 
troubleshoot right now. Is there any 
way to grab my data off my dead Mac? 
SOLUTION; Assuming you can get the 
Mac to at least power up, you can start 
up your Mac in FireWire Target Disk 
mode. This turns your dead Mac into a 
very expensive FireWire disk. To do this, 
press and hold the T key immediately 
upon powering up your Mac. Within a 
few seconds, you should see a large 

floating FireWire icon. Plug this Mac into 
a healthy Mac via FireWire, and grab alt 
the files you need. 

To perform a quick data exchange, start up your 
dead Mac in FireWire Target Disk mode. 

26 MacAddict August 2003 



£0 Conserve Energy 
PROBLEM: I was on a cross- 
continental flight enjoying my 
Gladiator DVD. Just as I got to the final 
showdown between Maximus and 
Commodus, my laptop battery pooped 
out. What a buzzkill! Is there a way to 
limit the power my laptop consumes 
when Tm just watching a DVD? 
SOLUTION: While you probably can’t 
watch the entire extended edition of 
Lord of the Rings on battery power, you 
can tweak your system to conserve 
every bit of energy. 

Disabling unused networking 
components, especially AIrPort and 



^ ; 


m 9 

Show AH 




SamipOljk Energy Saver 

Location: ftiiothing Active ^ 

Show, f Ne^rk Port Confipurattons 

Check a configuration to make It active. Drag configuratlona Into the 
order you want to try them when onnecting to a network, 
bn Port ConfiguraUoni 

M USB Bluetooth Modem Adaptor 

C Internal Modem 

□ Built-In Sthemei f Dui^lcm 

□ Airfoit 

f Delete... 

By disabling all networking ports on your 
laptop, you can squeeze a few more minutes 
out of your battery. 

Bluetooth, can regain precious lost 
minutes of battery life. Just go to the 
Network preferences and create a new 
location (from the Location drop-down 
menu). Name it something like Nothing 
Active. From the Show pop-up menu, 
choose Network Port Configurations. 
Once here, uncheck every box and 
click Apply Now. You now have a 
battery-saving profile that you can 
select via either the Network system 
preferences or Apple menu > Location. 

ED Battery Confusion 

PROBLEM; My 800MHz TiBook tells 
me I’m on reserve battery power. I rush 
to plug it in since I don’t want to lose 
that amazing haiku I’ve been writing. 
But when I do, the battery display tells 
me I’ve got a full charge. To add insult 
to injury, now I’ve lost my train of 
thought and can’t finish my haiku. 
SOLUTION: While we can’t help you 
with the last line of your haiku, we can 
help you with your battery problem. 

Most likely, your Lllon battery's 
memory is getting confused. In 
our experience, If you connect a 
PowerBook to its power supply for 
a month or more, it tends to get 
confused when you put it on battery 
power. The fix is easy: Let the battery 
completely discharge, down to nothing 
(aka keep on working until your ’Book 
dies), then plug your PowerBook back 
in and let it charge all the way back up. 
Now repeat that entire process. 

You can monitor 
the capacity 
reported by your 
battery with 
Jeremy Kezer’s 
XBattery ($15, 

Keep XBattery 
open to track 
your battery’s 
you notice a 
significant dip 
in capacity, 
you should 
recalibrate the battery. 

E9 Dim PowerBook 

PROBLEM: Sometimes while I’m typing 17-Inch PowerBook, the screen 
appears to dim for no reason, then It 
returns to normal. What’s goingon? 
SOLUTION: If you’re lucky enough to 
have a 17-inch PowerBook, we don’t 
want to hear any complaints. None. Next! 

OK, fine, we’ll help you out. The 17- 
inch PowerBook has a built-in ambient 
light sensor that by default adjusts 
the screen brightness and keyboard 
backlight if it detects a change in the 
brightness levels of Its surroundings. 
These sensors are installed underneath 
the speaker grilles, and some folks 
accidentally trigger the sensors by 
covering the grille(s) with their hands. 

if your wandering hand becomes 
a huge problem, you can disable the 
light sensor’s defaults in the Displays 
preferences. Uncheck Automatically 
Adjust Brightness As Ambient Light 
Changes to disable the screen 
dimming and undimming. If you want 
to disable keyboard illumination as 
well, go to the Keyboard pane and 
uncheck Illuminate Keyboard In Low 
Light Conditions. 

t Sitdngt 4 full Keyboard Access | 

Key Repeat Rate 

Detay Until Repeat 

1 ‘ ftftt 


oiri u»a' ‘ ‘ itm 


18^3 Iliuminatt keyboard in 

1 low light (ondftiorit^^V 

If you can’t take the light-up keyboard, disable it. 
But then why’d you buy this PowerBook? 


Sometimes your user preference files 
can become corrupted and prevent 
you from logging in to fix the problem. 
Having a backup admin user allows 
you to solve these types of problems 
easily without having to revert to more- 
drastic measures. 

Adding a second user is a 
cinch — just navigate to the Accounts 
preferences pane and select New User. 
Make sure you enable Allow User To 
Administer This Computer for this user. 

HOW OFTEN: Once — when you first 
buy your machine, or as soon as you 
finish reading this article, whichever 
comes first. 

Name’ ^AnmhcrAdmtn 
Short Name; arotheradmin 

Nettf Password: 
Verify: ' 
Password Hint 

•• 7 “ 

Picture: f 

^ Allow user to administer this computer^ 
log fd firom Wndowa^ 

Add a second user with administrative 
rights to assist you with troubleshooting. 

Use XBattery to monitor your 
battery’s capacity. 

August 2003 MacXIddict 27 

Big TmUe 

03 Dark Shade of Death 
PROBLEM: 1 was innocently using my 
Mac when a dark, drapeiike shade 
appeared. It looked like someone 
had slowly lowered tinted glass over 
my screen. Then a dialog with text in 
many languages appeared, telling me 
to restart. It*s the weirdest thing l*ve 
seen since that chick kissed all those 
guys in latex masks on Mr, Personality. 
SOLUTION: Your machine suffered 
from that Mac OS X phenomenon 
known as a kernel panic. Depending 
on your version of Mac OS X, a kernel 
panic will appear as either a tinted 
shade (like the problem described 
above) or, even more disconcerting, 
a series of white-on-black error 
messages littering your screen. Either 
way, the problem is the same: Your 
Mac tried to do something and ran 
into a brick wall. The only option is to 
restart (which will likely take longer 
than usual as your Mac performs some 
file-system checks). 

If this problem becomes chronic, 
you can try to diagnose the cause of 
the panic by holding down the Shift 
key while restarting— this keeps all 
kernel extensions from loading. Try re- 
creating the steps that led to the error, 
if your Mac doesn't crash with kernel 
extensions off, you can be pretty sure 
your problems are related to a recently 
installed driver. Try to get an updated 
driver from the device’s manufacturer 
(or check 

CD Jaguar Kernel Panics 

PROBLEM: In Jaguar, i get kernel 
panics all the time. And that’s 
making me panic, colonel! 

SOLUTION: Kernel panics 
have been a chronic problem 
with the majority of 10.2.x 
updates. That’s because Apple 
sometimes changes the built-in USB 
device drivers, and invariably some 
devices out there are Incompatible with 
these new drivers. One solution is to do 
a clean reinstall of Mac OS X and then 
update to the version prior to the one 
that presented the problem. OK, we’re 




Terminal — ttyp4 — X4 






"3* MV /Syetem/LIbnany/Extenalons/IOUSflFanl ly.kext "/•Trash 

"]♦ Bv /var/tmp/lOUSBFamlly-6H50.kext /System/Ubrary/Extenslons/IOUSBFanI ly.kext 
"’]* touch /Systea/Llbrary/Extensions 

-3# I 


Move your saved lOUSBFamily extension back into place if things don't get better. 

Important Information 

Readme for IOUSBFamily-1.9.0SM-log 
Pdccae Notes: 

I 71 the versian of the lOUSefiiiwy lhai shipped with W. 2.3 
A {4HS6) but wHh faggifig etabteJ. Th» poeW^ ‘ 

/ love your current lOU^SFonly ond put it in /var/twp/ 

1 Zousaranily-Case.kcxt. It will wtrwrhc all the header files 
T^toaoted «wth the IOU$8Fonwly. It witf inStoW the tatett 
wersuM of (tSBt*rbber.appahdthfrtoolti8blogQo£. ttwilloiso 
I mrtatl the KP09 . hext cxtensiofi. 

Take note of the .kext file name and 
location where the installer will save 
your current lOUSBFamily extension. 

sure you didn’t want to hear that. 

But before you do that, try reverting 
the USB drivers’ kernel extension back 
to an older version. The file you need to 
replace is lOUSBFamily.kext (in System 
> Library > Extensions). Download the 
version of that file for the OS prior to 
the one you just installed— you can get 
the file from 

Once you download the file, install 
the package. Now, you know the read- 
me screen— that thing you never read 
during an installation? Well, read it this 
time, because you’ll want to write down 
where your Mac is saving the current 
version of your USB driver (necessary if 
you want to revert back to the original). 
Once you’re done installing, restart 
your Mac, then cross your fingers and 
test your problematic USB devices. 

If things don’t improve, revert back 
to the original lOUSBFamily.kext file. 
Head to the Terminal and type the 
following, replacing /?/e name with the 
file name given to you by the installer 
(usually /var/tmp/IOUSBFamily- 
sudo -s (return) 

mv /System/Library/ (no space) 
(space) V.Trash (return) 
m\i file name /System/Library/ 
(no space) Extensions/ (no space) 
lOUSBFamily.kext (return) 
touch /System/Librery/ (no 
space) Extensions 

Reboot your Mac again. 

CD Prohibitive Signs 

PROBLEM: When I start up, all I get is 
a circle with a slash through It. 
SOLUTION: This means your Mac, 
despite all its best efforts, can’t 
start up. Before you panic and run 
screaming through the streets, calm 
down. Think. Breathe. 

Now ask yourself a few questions. Did 
you change anything the last time you 
ran your Mac? Delete any files you didn’t 
recognize? If so, try booting from a Mac 
OS 9 CD (if your Mac supports it), a Mac 
OS X boot CD (if you made one), or a 
bootable FireWire drive and replacing 
those files you moved or deleted. Mac 

Starting with Jaguar, the prohibitory 
sign replaced the broken folder, if you 
haven’t seen it since upgrading, that’s 
a good thing. 

OS X requires the presence of a mach_ 
kernel file in the root directory of your 
hard drive. The file is visible in Mac OS 9 
but invisible in Mac OS X— and many an 
OS 9 user has deleted this file thinking 
it wasn’t important. If the mach_kernel 
file is gone, try copying it from another 
bootable disk or CD. 

If you swear that you didn’t move 
anything, boot from a Norton Utilities 
(, TechTool Pro 
(, or Mac OS X CD 
and run a disk utility to try to fix any 
problems on the drive. Occasionally 
file-system corruption can affect 
startup files, so fixing that may solve 
your problem. 

If nothing’s working, you’re in for a 
reinstall of Mac OS X. Chances are your 
user folders don’t have any damaged 
data, so you should be able to save 
most (or possibly all) of the settings 
you’d previously configured for 
yourself. When the installer asks you to 
choose your destination volume, dick 
the Options button. Select Archive And 
Install, and then check the Preserve 
Users And Network Settings box. 

28 MacAldlct August 2003 

CD Very Dead Mac 

PROBLEM; My Mac’s dead, it won’t 
start up. Am I in big trouble? 
SOLUTION: A Mac that won’t start up 
isn’t always a horrible sign. Of course, 
it’s not always a good sign, either. 

First check all of your cables and 
connections and make sure your Mac 
and monitor are plugged in. Next 
unplug ev^ery external device (yes, 
including your keyboards and mice), 
and try to start up using the power 
button on your Mac. Oftentimes 
something in the USB chain is getting 
in the way of the startup signal. 

Didn’t work? Try resetting the Power 
Manager (on laptops) or pressing the 
Cuda/PMU (power management unit) 
reset button on your motherboard. 
Since every machine is a bit 
different, check your users’ manual 
for instructions (you still have that, 
right?). The reset button in desktops 
is usually a small red or black button 
on the motherboard. Press it once 
and see what happens. If there’s more 
than one button on your motherboard, 
press ’em both. Heck, you ain’t gonna 
make things any worse! just don’t try 
cleaning it with hot, soapy water, OK? 


Press the magic button to try to revive a dead Mac. 

Still didn’t work? Try replacing the 
motherboard’s PRAM battery. You can 
usually get one from Radio Shack or an 
authorized Apple repair center. 

If that doesn’t work, bringyourpoor 
Mac into your favorite Apple store or 
repair shop and show the guys what’s 
going on (or rather, what’s not going 
on). Alternatively, you can call Apple 
and see if the company has any magic 
solutions to share with you, or check 
Sherlock’s AppleCare channel for 
advice. Oh, that’s right, your Mac’s 
dead— forget that Sherlock advice. 


O O O O O 0 

We don’t literally mean that you should have a White Russian, Manhattan, or Sex 
on the Beach — although we find all three quite useful in their own way. We actually 
mean you should check out Dicom’s versatile donationware Cocktail (http://www2, a 
self-described “free general purpose 
utility for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.” 

This app will clean your caches, repair 
your permissions, run scheduled system 
maintenance, delete locked or inaccessible 
files, clear out old logs, and more. There’s 
nothing in this app that you can’t do from 
the command line, but.. .well, why go there 
when you can do it with Cocktail? 

HOW OFTEN: Once a month. 

g DcietcaUtrchiytdlogfflet 
S tbincronicHpu 
ftepilr permlif fous 

Atm sdeotd tuki 

( *an ^ 

Use Cocktail to keep your system In 
tune the easy way. 


69 Login Freeze Out 
PROBLEM: Every time I try to log 
into my Mac, it either reboots 
automatically or just gives me the 
spinning beachball. Why is my 
own Mac shutting me out? 

SOLUTION; There’s two 
possible reasons your Mac’s 
not showing you any love; 

Either you’ve got something in your 
login items that’s not up to snuff, or 
you’ve got a damaged preferences file. 
Here are a few solutions: 

1- Log in as your backup admin user 
and move your user’s Preferences 
folder someplace safe— it’s at 
Users > user name > Library > 
Preferences). Your Mac will re-create 
the Preferences folder the next time 
you log in— if the problem was a 
damaged preference file (say, your 
login items file, which resides In 
your Preferences folder), the Mac 
should now let you in. 

What? You haven’t created a 
backup admin user? OK, well, put a 
sticky note on your forehead to do 
that the moment your Mac Is back in 
working order— and then check out 
“Create a New User,” p27, for some 
help with this. 

2. Remove your Preferences folder 
the good ol’-fashioned way: via the 
command line. Reboot your Mac 
and hold down Command-S. This 
will boot the system in single- user 
mode, which gives you root access 

to the command line. First run a 
file-system check to make sure 
everything on your system is kosher 
(see “Run File-System Checks,” 
p21). Once you’re done, type the 
following lines, pressing Return 
after each: 

/sbin/mount -uw / This allows you 
to make changes to the file system, 
cd /Users This takes you to the 
Users directory. 

Is This brings up a list of all the 
folders in the Users directory. Find the 
folder that corresponds to the user 
who’s giving you trouble, 
cd user nume/Librery/ Substitute 
your own user name for user name, of 
course. That should get you to the right 
directory to edit your Preferences folder, 
mv Preferences Preferences.old 
This renames your Preferences folder 
and gets it out of the way (of course, 
all of your preferences will revert back 
to their defaults), 
reboot Finally, reboot your Mac. 

Teiminal ttypli 

/abln/»ount -tm / 
cd /Users 

Users]# Is 

.localized Oetetsd Users Shored dov 

VUsers]# cd dave/Li Itrory/ 

fyLllirar9}# sv Proferefwos Prefereftcss.olt|[ 



Dave Hamilton, president of The Mac Observer, has been chased by bugs all his life and was happy to finally be the one doing the chasing. 

August 2003 MacAddlct 29 

We take the top national Mac-based Internet services to school. 
Which ones make the grade? And which ones are out to lunch? 

I f you want access to 
email, the Internet, 
and your own sliver of 
Web space— and who 
doesn’t?— you have a choice 
of hundreds of ISPs (Internet 
service providers). Picking the 
right one depends on who you 
are and what you’re looking for. 

To help you make the right 
choice, we put five major 
national services to the 
test: America Online (AOL), 
Earthlink, Microsoft Network 
(MSN), Juno, and Apple’s own 
.Mac. Some, like Earthlink and 
Juno, are just in the business 
of getting you up surfin’ and 
emailin’. Others, such as AOl 
and MSN, encapsulate the 
whole Internet experience, 
while .Mac provides a bevy of 
Internet services you won’t 
find elsewhere. Read on to see 
which services passed the final 
exam and which we want to 
send back to remedial ISP 101. 

by Robert Capps 

photography by Mark Madeo 

AOL for OS X 


Price: $23.90 per month for dial-up service; $14.95 
per month for Bring Your Own Access broadband 
service ($9.95 per month when upgrading from 

System Requirements: Mac OS X (OS 8 or 9 users 
use AOL for Macintosh version 5, which offers some 
different features from the version reviewed here) 

A AOL is an immersive 

online service, offering a 
complete interface, its own 
Web browser and email client, and 21 
channels of custom content (usually in 
conjunction with partners like WebMD 
and AutoTrader). Sign up with AOL and 
you get to hang out in its now- legendary 
chat rooms and use tools such as its 
calendar and messenger client. 

For broadband users, AOL has 
introduced a new option called Bring 
Your Own Access— set up your own 

DSL, cable, or other high-speed 
Internet connection and run AOL’s 
software on top of that. This has 
allowed AOL to add a slew of bit- 
intensive features such as streaming- 
music radio stations and video news 
feeds. Unfortunately, many of these 
extras do not yet wor|c on the Mac. 

Report Card: 


AOL’s interface encompasses the AOL 
mail client, a special AOL browser 
(based on the Mozilla Gecko browser 
engine), and windows for viewing each 
of AOL’s 21 custom content channels. 
Nelly: F “Why did you make me install 
this ugly piece of crap on my computer?’ 
Fred: C- “It’s so cluttered and 
complicated. It’s not clear when I’m 
on the Web and when !’m seeing AOL’s 
filtered content.” 

The main AOL screen 
offers a dizzying 
array of content and 
corporate synergies. 

30 MacAddIct August 2003 

Core Competencies Meet Our Testers 

Our testers rated each major Mac Internet service To make sure we could provide advice that fits your particular level of Mac addiction, 

in eight key categories, some fairly obvious, some we drafted two testers from opposite ends of the tech-savvy spectrum. WeTl call 

a little more nuanced. Here’s the breakdown: 

the proud propellerhead Nerdy NeUy, and the enthusiastic Switcher First-Time Fred. 










What email services does it offer? Some Internet 
services offer a Web-based email option, while 
others come with their own full mail client. 

Nerdy Nelly 

-I know my FOP From my IMAP and why 
WebDAV and SOAP are important, 
hate having my options limited ” 

Is this service worth the money? 
What’s the bottom line? 

How well is the overall Interface designed in terms of 
both aesthetics and intuitiveness? 

How functional and easy to use is the service? 

Does it make it clear how to access various features, 
or does it leave users confused? 

How do the Web components of the service stand 
up? Does it offer Web space for making a home page? 
Does it offer links to content on the Web? 

Is the Integrated browser (if applicable) any good? 

First-Time Fred 
"j don’t care how my beautiful new Mac 
works, as long as it does what 1 want it 
to do easily and with no muss or fuss,” 

What extra features are available? For example, 
some services have exclusive content such as 
news and entertainment channels, and others offer 
easy-to-use Web-based site builders. 

How well does this service suit a family? Does it 
provide multiple accounts, and if so, how easy is it to 
switch between them? Does it offer parental controls? 


AOL offers a single interface from which 
you access everything. This means 
menus everywhere, plus some features 
that you access from content windows 
or the Integrated Web browser. 

Nelly: F this day and age, any major 
service that gets overloaded and asks 
me to try again later just plain sucks.” 
Fred: C- "I like the channels, but all 
these different windows get confusing. 
Plus the service seems to lock up a lot.” 


AOL comes with its own specially 
designed browser, and offers 20MB of 
personal Web space per screen name 
for your own Web site. 

Nelly: F “I like the 20MB of Web space, 
but don’t even get me started on the 
crappy AOL browser.” 

Fred: C- “Wait, how do I know when 
I’m on the Web? And where do I go to 
figure out how to use the personal Web 
space? It’s not clear.” 


AOL includes a built-in mail client. You 
can also access your mail from another 
computer via the AOL Web site. 

Nelly: F “Spam already? I just installed 
the %$#(§)! thing! And how about 
support for multiple POP accounts, 
advanced filtering, and preview 
panes— is AOL living in the 1990s?” 
Fred: C- “Too many unwanted ads, and 
I can’t see my new and old email at the 

same time. Plus, all the good screen 
names are taken: I can’t believe I have 
to be ffrsttimefred584** 


AOL offers tons of extras, including 
custom content, a digital-photo service 
for sharing pictures online or ordering 
prints, calendar software, and chat 
rooms galore. 

Nelly: F “Yawn...” 

Fred: B+ “Cool chat rooms and handy 
calendar. Plus I can share photos with 
my friends through the new You’ve Got 
Pictures center— if I ever buy a digital 

Multiple Users 

You can create up to seven accounts, 
each with its own screen name, 
password, and custom-set access level. 
Nelly: A “It works. Can’t knock that.” 
Fred: A “Each member of my family can 
have an account, and changing back 
and forth is so simple. I like having 
the ability to control Frieda and Freddy 
jr.’s access,” 


You can pay $24 per month for dial-up 
access or bring your own broadband. 
Nelly: F “So I pay $50 a month for DSL 
and then another $15 for AOL. What 
kind of a chump do you think I am?” 
Fred: D “It costs more than most 
dial-up services, yet it’s more 
confusing. Not good.” 


The primary benefit of AOL is 
(supposedly) convenience— it 
puts everything together in one 
(supposedly) easy-to-use package. 
Nelly: F “Can I uninstall it now?” 
Fred: C “I like having all the stuff in 
one place, but AOL is too confusing 
and expensive.” 



Price: $99.95 per year 

System Requirements: Mac OS 9 or later 

a .Mac is unique among the Web 
services we’re rating here in 
that it doesn’t actually get 
you online— that’s up to you. Instead, 
.Mac offers a range of specialized Web 
features for Mac users. Unfortunately, 
this means you have to pay for .Mac on 
top of your ISP costs. 

Offerings include iDisk, an online 
storage space that shows up as 
a hard drive on your desktop; an 
(5) email address and AOL 
instant-messenger name (for use with 
iChat); an online address book; Web 
space, along with HomePage, Apple’s 
Web-based site-building software; 
Apple’s homegrown backup software; 
virus software; and a few other odds 
and ends. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 31 


Report Card: 


.Mac Is a collection of online 
components, so It doesn’t have a 
main interface. You access It via or from different 
parts of the Mac OS. 

Nelly: A "Interface? Who needs 
an interface? .Mac is completely 
integrated throughout OS X. Brilliant.” 
Fred: C+ “1 keep forgetting howto load 
my IDisk. It’s a little too complicated.” 

ISjj^'window Help" 

♦ Home 
fi iOisk 
A Applications 




-IT -Favorites. 

j Import brpahlze Edit Book 

p photos 

Order Prims Order Book HomcPage JWac Slides 

A Homepage link in iPhoto’s toolbar and the 
ability to mount iDisk from the Finder’s Go 
menu are just two of the many ways .Mac 
integrates with OS X. 


.Mac is a natural extension of your 
OS and is integrated Into a number of 
Apple apps, like the Finder, IPhoto, 
iCal, Address Book, and ISync. 

Nelly: A “iDisk is the most useful tool 
of the bunch— almost worth the price of 
admission alone.” 

Fred: C “I like iChat— it just works. 

But how do you use all that syncing 
stuff again?” 


You get 100MB of space 
to use for online storage, 
hosting Web pages, or 
sharing files with other 
Mac OS X or Windows XP 
users (through Apple’s 
new publicly available 
IDisk utility). 

Nelly: A “100MB of 
iDisk and Web space! 

The integration with 

T Sun 7:17 

iDisk gives you 
a Web -based 
hard drive. 

iApps is a time-saver, even for a pro” 

Fred: A “I love Apple’s HomePage 
software— even / can make Web pages!” 


You can access POP 
email address via your email app of 
choice orthe Web. You can even check 
other POP email accounts via the Web site (and you get 
15MB of mail space). 

Nelly: C- “Lots of mail space, and the 
ability to check other POP accounts 
is handy. However, the lack of a 
spelling checker in the Web mail Is 
nearly unforgivabull.’’ 

Fred: B “.Mac works so well with 
Apple’s Mall program.” - 


In some ways, all of .Mac’s offerings 
are extras. But it goes above and 
beyond other products with its contact 
and calendar syncing, as well as virus 
and backup software. 

Nelly: A “The ability to sync all your 
contacts and calendars across iCal, 
Address Book, and your online address 
book is sweet. Backup is handy— but 
I’m glad Tm on broadband.” 

Fred: B “I’m not sure I’d use all this 
stuff, but it’s good to know it’s there.” 

B tack UD to iDisk iVS- . JT. i 


ton Backed Up 

jj||i lot* (ontMs 



B Sttekies note* 



B (ntenut Exptofcr sdtnms 



B Xtychain {for puswordo 



B AppteWofks ni«s io Horae folder 


B »i!ci in Home {older 


B f iltM»lrrf files in Home folder 



Apple’s backup software is a quick and 
easy way to back up important files to 
your IDisk, CD, or DVD. 

Multiple Users 

.Mac Is a one-account-per-person 

Nelly: F “If the kids want their own 
IDisks and stuff, it’s $99 a pop. That’s 
too much.” 

Fred: F “HomePage lets me design 
multiple pages so every member of the 
family can have a Web page, but I still 
wish ! could just add Frieda and Freddy 
Jr. to my account without having to pay 
nearly 200 more bucks.” 


You have to pay for .Mac above and 
beyond the cost of an ISP. 

Nelly: A- “If you move around a lot, 
particularly If you have a laptop and you 
travel, .Mac is definitely worth it. But I 
still wish it were called iTools and came 
free. Still, it’s only $8.33 a month.” 

Fred: C- “I’m not sure I’d use the 
features enough to justify an extra $99 
a year.” 


.Mac offers lots of extras, is tightly 
integrated with Mac OS X, and adds 
cool functionality to the iApps— for 
instance, the ability to quickly publish 
a Web site full of photos from iPhoto. 
Nelly: A- “Definitely the most innovative 
and worthwhile Web service going.” 
Fred: C+ “It seems like a little 
too much— and too expensive for 
something that doesn’t even connect 
me to the Internet.’’ 



Price: $21.95 a month for dial-up service (first 45 
days free): high-speed options include cable, $41.95 
to $45.95 a month, and DSL, $49.95 a month (first 
six months $29.95) 

System Requirements: System 7.6.1 or later 

0 EarthLink is the higher 

education of Internet services, 
while using Immersive services 
like AOL and MSN is a bit like being 
placed in the special-needs class at 
elementary school. 

The only software EarthLink provides 
is Total Access, a small floating control 
panel for quickly logging in, checking 
email, launching a Web browser, or 
getting technical support. EarthLink 
has also partnered with a number of 
cable and phone companies to cover 
your high-speed options. 

Report Card; 


Earthlink’s Total Access is a resizable 
floating palette with four buttons for 
logging in, launching email or a Web 
browser, and contacting tech support. 

32 MacAddIct August 2003 

Earthlink’s Total Access control palette is its only addition to the Mac OS X interface. 

Nelly: B+ ’*i don’t need buttons to 
help me dial in and launch my Web 
Browser— and if I did, I’d want them 
in the Dock or menu bar. At least I can 
turn off Total Access.” 

Fred: B ”The controls are easy to 
understand, and I don’t have to dig 
around in preference panes to find 
everything. But why does the palette 
always have to be in the foreground?” 


Total Access allows easy access to the 
Internet, and there are very few extras 
to confuse matters. 

Nelly: B+ "Once I turn off the Total 
Access software. I've got a plain ol* 
solid ISP.” 

Fred: B- "Getting up and running took 
just a bit more time than with AOL 
or MSN, but once set up, everything 
worked great. How come there’s no 
button that takes me to the extras 
Earthlink offers?” 


You can use any Web browser— and 
clicking the Web button on the 
Total Access palette takes you to 
your favorite sites. You get 10MB of 
personal Web space, along with a 
Web-based site builder. 

Nelly: A- “Total Access is a pain to 
customize, and its built-in channels are 
nearly worthless. But I can turn it off 
and surf normally.” 

Fred: A “I like using a regular browser 
in Earthlink, instead of having to use 
the AOl or MSN windows— those feel 
somewhat patronizing.” 


Earthlink gives subscribers a POP mail 
account, which you can access through 
your own email program or from 
Earthlink’s Web mail. 

Nelly; B- “It’s straightforward, with 
decent spam-blocking software— well. 

1 haven’t gotten any spam yet But no 
spelling checker in Web mail sucks.” 
Fred: B+ “Setting things up is a little 
more work than with AOl or MSN, but 
using the Web for checking email works 
great. As with AOl, it was hard to find 
an unregistered user name.” 


Earthlink offers only a few extras— AOl 
Instant Messenger, 10MB of Web space, 
and the Web-based site builder Trellix. 
Nelly: C “What extras? All standard- 
issue mediocrity, I say.” 

Fred: B- “I really liked making my own 
site with the Trellix software.” 

Multiple Users 

Earthlink offers up to eight individual 

email addresses per account. 

Nelly: B “Easy enough to set up 
accounts for everyone in the family— 
but again, standard-issue stuff.” 

Fred: B “Once I figured out how to do 
it, I gave everyone in the family their 
own email address. Too bad the child- 
protection software is Windows only.” 


You have several options for both 
dial-up and broadband access. 

Nelly: B- “A whopping $22 for a 
dial-up account and 10MB of Web 
space? Sheesh. Broadband costs are 
respectable, though.” 

The choices 
from the 
Earthlink icon 
include log-in 
tech support, 
and access 

Fred: B “It seems reasonable to pay 
a little more to be with a big- name 
company— but juno is cheaper.” 


Instead of spoon-feeding you content, 
Earthlink concentrates on linking 
you to the Internet and your email It 
also provides a few extras and lots of 
broadband options. 

Nelly: B "Earthlink offers everything 
I’d expect from a solid ISP— and it also 
offers broadband.” 

Fred: B “Easy to use and reliable.” 

Juno Platinum 
for OS X 


Pricing: $9.95 per month 

System Requirements: Mac OS X only 

Juno is a no-frills nationwide 
service In the same vein as 
' Earthlink, but much cheaper. 

In fact, the single most important 
aspect of juno is its price of $9.95 a 
month— far less expensive than any 
other national service, and generally 
cheaper than most local ISPs. 

The trade-off, of course, is that 
juno doesn’t really come with much 
beyond basic dial-up service (you 
can run it on top of broadband, but 
what for?). Extras like personal Web 
space and multiple email addresses 
are notably missing, juno does offer a 
small piece of software in the form of 
a navigation bar at the top or bottom 
of your screen, through which you can 
access an online portal for searching, 
shopping, accessing juno partner sites, 
or checking email in juno’s Web-based 
mail client. 

Report Card: 


The only interface Juno has is its 
access bar, which provides buttons 
for launching various parts of the juno 
portal, checking the status of your 
account, connectingto the Web-based 
email software, and logging off. 

August 2003 MacAddict 33 

0 nndw Fite Edit View Go Wtndo^H^ 

My Juno 

[ ◄. ► ^^jTP[^^ '0hup;//**spAmem-«rob.capps&key-48faa9db9118frdd5cB6Sc( ' Cooqlt 
tmV J^jkcts^ Strvkusv MortQaBg^ Ch»tk dattyy Wirtd Htws roUMr 

[gj WlMuno l**™****'*'***^"'*"*^^ 

J J uno Hbi« > My Juno Atxiui My Juno | EtftPwtti { ChWH^i PoMWiort. j Sign O 


» Airfare & Hotels [ 

• Aulo 

o Auto Racli^ 

I » Banking/Finance 
* Career 
» Ccmiputers 

You can place juno’s toolbar at the top or bottom of your screen~or turn ft off altogether. 

Channois Shop Rofor*a-Fncnd Holp My Account E-inniton the Web 

Welcom*, Mdar.Moy^XSCO^: 


Search the Web | 

Enter word or phrsM | 

Nelly: B+ “I would never use the Juno 
portal, so the access bar is worthless 
to me. Luckily, 1 can turn it off.” 

Fred: B- “The access bar is small, but I 
don’t always like the sites to which the 
links in the bar take me ” 


Juno’s access bar helps make hopping 
around the portal and getting mail as 
easy as possible. 

Nelly: B+ “Since it’s a national service, 
Juno offers access numbers across the 
country, which is a real boon compared 
to local ISPs. But that’s pretty much 
true of every service we tested.” 

Fred: B “Getting set up was easy, and 
searching, shopping, and checking 
email is all just a click away.” 


Juno offers no Web space and doesn’t 
provide a browser. It does have the 
Juno portal, however, with a somewhat 
customizable home page and quick 
links for services including weather, 
stocks, and 19 others. 

Nelly: D “No Web space? Lame. 

And this portal is weak. I can’t even 
customize the news on the home 
page— just stocks and weather.” 

Fred: D “The portal links are much 
worse and more random than those 
offered by MSN.” 

Juno’s Web mail is generally equivalent to 
other Web-mail services. 


By default, Juno relies on its Web-based 
mail service, which includes a standard 
10MB mailbox and address book. 

Nelly: C+ “Spelling checker— finally! 
Bravo! But no filters, email forwarding, 
or autoreply. Merde!** 

Fred: B+ “Easy to understand.” 


Juno cuts out the extras to cut cost. 
Nelly: F “What extras?” 

Fred: F “What extras?” 

Multiple Users 
Juno has no support for multiple 
users— just one address per account. 
Nelly: F “Nada.” 

Fred: F “I guess the kids will have to 
use my email account. Bummer.” 


Juno shines at $9.95 a month. 

Nelly: A “It’s $10 a month? That’s 
just three 6-inch Subway Cold-Cut 
Trios— yum!” 

Fred: B “It’s inexpensive, sure, but I 
think its bare-bones access offers too 
little, even at that price.” 


No bells and whistles, but what do you 

Nelly: C “If I wanted a dial-up ISP, 
Juno’s nationwide dial-in numbers and 
low price would be very appealing. But 
I don’t want dial-up service anymore, 
and Juno doesn’t offer broadband.” 
First Time Fred: C- “I just feel I need— 
and want— more.” 

MSN for OS X 


Price: $21 .95 per month for dial-up (first two 
months free); $9.95 per month for software only 
(first two months free) if you supply your own 
high-speed connection 

System Requirements: Mac OS X (MSN for OS 9 is 
available but lacks many of the features listed here) 

MSN, like AOL for OS X, 
is a complete experience, 
sporting a unique interface 
and its own Web browser and email 
program (based on Microsoft Internet 
Explorer and Entourage). MSN offers 
Internet access through dial-up, oryou 
can run the software on top of your 
own high-speed connection. 

MSN is more streamlined than 
AOL, offering original content only in 
the form of its Money Plus financial- 

Report u 

All the grades from all the tests. 

AOL I .Mac I Earthlink | Juno | 













































































Multiple Users 






















if you want options and control, take Nelly’s word. 

if you just want simplicity and a few cool features, Fred’s your man. 

34 MacAidict August 2003 


MSN offers exclusive tools and content 
through its financial and research 
channels, as well as a calendar and 
built-in chat client. 

Nelly; C “The learning section is 
actually pretty cool, no matter how 
experienced you are. I don't think 1 
would use much of the other stuff” 
Fred: A “The research tools are great 
for finding facts and information that 
take forever to locate on the Web. I like 
MSN consists of its own browser and its Dashboard side panel for storing extras. the money tools as well.” 

management services and a research 
section featuring Microsoft’s Encarta 
encyclopedia. It provides several useful 
tools, including Microsoft Messenger 
for chatting, quick links to the MSN 
Web network, parental controls, and an 
online calendar and address book. 

Report Card; 


There's a special Web browser that gives 
you access to all of MSN's features, 
including email. The customizable 
Dashboard lets you keep tabs on 
stocks, your in-box, and local weather. 
Nelly: B “Fairly well designed and 
attractive, but a bit excessive in terms of 
the amount of screen space it takes up.” 
Fred: A+ “Much less cluttered and 
easierto understand than AOL.” 


Anyone who's ever used a Web browser 
will quickly feel right at home in MSN. 
Nelly: C “The integration between 
features such as Web browsing and the 
mail client is solid, but why does every 
channel have to take you to an MSN 
site? Oh, yeah...never mind...” 

Fred: A “It's easy to find all the tools 
like chat, calendar, and email. Even / 
can customize the interface.” 

want MSNBC links on my home page, I 
mean it, damn it— but it ignores me.” 
Fred: B+ “The search feature had 
trouble finding some things, but 
everything else worked great.” 


MSN offers its own built-in Entourage- 
based email client, which you access 
through the MSN browser (you can 
work offline, though). To retrieve email 
remotely, you have to rely on Hotmail. 
Nelly: B “A decent mail program— far 
better than AOL's. No support for 
adding your own non-MSN POP 
accounts, though.” 

Fred: A “1 like the preview pane, and 
the option to send pictures by dragging 
them into the mail window is slick.” 

MSN offers a mail client based 
on Entourage. 

Multiple Users 
MSN lets you add accounts for up 
to eight people and offers parental 
controls to allow varying access to the 
Web, email, chat, and other features. 
Nelly: A “Setting up and logging in and 
out of multiple accounts is just like how 
you do it in OS X.” 

Fred: A “if MSN didn't let me control 
Freddy Jr.'s Web access, I don't know 
how he'd ever get his homework done.” 


The dial-up rates are comparable to 
Earthlink’s and slightly lower than AOL's. 
Nelly: B- “A solid ISP, but why pay for 
MSN software when you can do the 
same stuff on the Web for free?” 

Fred: A “I don't mind the price 
considering all the guidance I get.” 


You can get most of MSN's services 
elsewhere—MSN simply packages 
them for your convenience, and does 
so better than AOL. 

Nelly: B- “It’s well designed for what it 
is. Although / wouldn't choose MSN, I'd 
get it for my grandparents.” 

Fred: A “Sign me up!” 

The Bottom 


MSN offers its own Internet Explorer- 
like Web browser. Various MSN 
network channels provide search, 
news, weather, and shopping. 

Nelly: D “It's not as robust as the full 
Explorer, and when i tell MSN I don't 

Nerdy Nelly: “.Mac gets my top grade. If s clearly the best integrated 
with Mac OS X, and the most valuable service of the bunch for me, 
since 1 rely on my local carrier for high-speed Internet access.” 

First-Time Fred: “Tm going with MSN. It may be from the company 

that makes the operating system 1 just escaped from, but it offers 


the best combination of services, ease of use, and price.” 

Former MacAddict editor Robert Capps divides his time between freelance writing and 
studying philosophy. All he can tell you for sure is that he /s— at least he thinks so. 

August 2003 MacAddict 35 











^ DSfi, (^B^injlfliB (Sfe 11^ fdBflFtSjiilkT]^ fflT»Tiil Ql^ ^ Ril^ ^IBi) hfliTH? fifliT3? 


August 2003 Mac/lddict 37 


In Bombing Run, shoot the futuristic 
dystopian **baU” into the futuristic 
dystopian “basket ” 

The assault rifle is best suited to^’athes 
against weaker enemies* 

All of these gorgeous 
graphics come at a 
price: maybe the price 
of a new Mac. 

game types; Bombing Run (“Think 
rugby with guns.” says Gordon) and 
Double Domination, in which you must 
capture and hold two control points 
for a certain amount of time. Plus, the 
Mac version ships with bonus packs, 
which offer even more game types. Of 
course, there are also the old favorites: 
Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, 

There are also new ways to move, 
such as double-jumping and wall- 
jumping (a la The Matrix), as well 
as better A! and the addition of 
adrenaline pills (collect 100 points 
worth and you get superpowers 
for a few seconds). Add to that 
new weapons: For instance. Epic 
has replaced the sniper rifle with a 
lightning gun. Like the sniper rifle, the 
lightning gun can zoom and do one- 
shot-kill headshots— but “with much 
more style,” says Gordon. Also, the 
gun’s rate of fire isn’t as fierce as the 
original rifle, which provides for more- 
balanced gameplay—meaning that if 
it’s used against you, there’s a chance 
you can locate your would-be assassin 
before you’re pulverized. 

As Gordon describes the lightning 

Use the shield gun for protection and for 
close combat. 


Publisher: IVlacSoft/Destineer 
Developer: Epic Games 

Contact: 866-512-9111, 
Release Date: June 11, 2003 
Price: $49.99 

I t’s been three-and-a-half long 
and lonely years since the original 
Unreal Tournament for Mac was 
released— not that we’ve been 
counting. Finally, the wait is over. Its 
sequel, Unreal Tournament 2003, is 
here— and it was worth the wait. 

Available June 11, UT2003 
(or UT2K3— take your pick of 
abbreviations) takes this first- 
person shooter franchise to the next 
level— and beyond. For starters, you’ll 
want a 700MHz G4 (not a G3, as 
recommended for the demo) stocked 
with 256MB of RAM and at least an 
AGP Radeon or GeForce2 MX graphics 
card with 32MB of VRAM. Why so much 
power? Well, according to Epic Games’ 
Ryan Gordon, lead programmer 
for the Mac version, it’s because 
“UT2003 pushes hardware in ways no 
other game has. We’re moving more 
polygons, using higher-resolution 
textures, and processing a bigger 
world with more going on in it.” 

Not only is the game built to 
/oo/c better than the original Unreal 
Tournament, but it’s built to play 
better. There are two completely new 

38 MacAddlct August 2003 


The Link Gun’s primary firing mode is 
the same as its plasma-firing ancestor, 
but the secondary firing mode is now 
an active-scanning, switchable energy 
matrix (aka a swirling green beam). 

gun: “There*s nothing quite like 
replacing someone’s head with a piece 
of charcoal from across the map!” 

So what’s not new? Still no verbal 
communication capabilities or level 
editor, although the former should 
appear in UT2004, and the latter is 
on the developers’ minds. “The editor 
is very Windows-centric right now, 
but we’re looking at what it would 
take to make it cross-platform for the 
next rewrite,” says Gordon. “Hey, it’s 
progress— the first version of the editor 
was a Visual Basic application!” 

Of course, a huge component of 
UT2003 is its multiplayer capabilities. 
The Mac version is fully network 
compatible with the Windows and 
Linux versions, so you can host 
a multiplatform server or play on 
non-Mac servers (that is, if it doesn’t 
make you feel too dirty). Good news 

for modem users: UT2003 uses less 
bandwidth than the original UT. (But 
even so, why the hell are you still using 
a 56K modem?) 

You know a game’s a huge deal 
when Apple updates the OS just so you 
can play a demo. That’s exactly what 
happened when Apple released the 
Mac OS 10.2.6 update in May. Among 
other fixes unrelated to UT2003, the 
10.2.6 update cured a bug in which 
the tech demo would crash on Macs 
with GeForce2 MX and GeForce4 MX 
graphics cards. For those of you with 
ATI cards, UT2003 runs fine on 10.2.5. 
In fact, the frame rate is four times 
faster on 10.2.5 than on 10.2.4 thanks 
to a little ATI engineering magic. 

So besides better graphics, better 
gameplay, and better weapons, 
what else can you look forward to? 

How about the final single-player 
level, DM-Serpentine? It’s one of 
Gordon’s favorites. “You are always 
stalking— and being stalked— by one 
other player. You know exactly where 
your enemy is, but there’s also enough 
room to maneuver. It’s very intimate 
but leaves some escape paths.” 

/JK MacAddict Executive Editor Gathy 
t5J Lu likes to keep It real-even when 
playing Unreal. 

If you want to take a closer look from a 
safe distance, shoot the translocator... 

...and use its newly installed camera to 
peer (default key: Q). 


For those of you who already have your 
finger on the trigger (aka your mouse), we 
asked Ryan Gordon, lead programmer for 
UT2003 Mac, for his insider advice on how 
to kick serious Unreal butt. 

1. Learn to wall-jump and double-jump. 

2. Hoard adrenaline — learn to use the 
right combo at the right time. 

3. Learn to command your Al teammates 
effectively. (The new bots are 

much smarter than the ones in the 
original game.) 

4. Take advantage of the translocator’s new 
camera feature for tactical advantage. 

5. Don’t get hit. Don’t miss. 

On golden pond....with huge guns. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 39 

i wanna take you higher... 

iCurve ® 

Invisible Laptop Stand 

Elevate your notebook to create the perfect desktop 

The iCurve - Invisible Laptop Stand is the key to 
replacing your desktop machine with a new notebook. 

It elevates your screen to a comfortable eye-level 
height. It raises the notebook off the desk - making 
room for a full-size keyboard and mouse. And it helps 
air circulate and keep your new 'hot' laptop cool. 

Gain portability without sacrificing desktop 
comfort. Add an iCurve to your notebook 
and have the best of both worlds. 


USB Multimedia Controller 

• Greaf volume & play button for iTunes 

• Perfect jog/shuttle wheel to edit iMovies 

• Programmable for any application 

• Solid aluminum with blue glowing base 


USB Audio Interface 

' Now includes recording software & audio 
cable - everything you need to record 
albums and tapes to make MP3s & CDs 
' Plug-and-Play simple, no install required 


FM Transmitter for iPod 

' Play your iPod through any FM radio 
station in your car, truck or boat 

' iPod Powered - no battery necessary 
' Fits perfectly on top - no dongle or cable 

Now you have two easy ways to purchase your Griffin Technology product directly. 

Order by phone at 61 5-399-7000 or order online at www^ 



Mac/\ddict ratings 

Mac^ddiot RATED I Msci4ddict RATED 1 MacAjdct RATED 1 Mac^ict RATEoW MatjAddfct rated' 


KHtme 1 




1 ooooo 1 
1 so-so 1 



You’ll be 
blown away. 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 

You’ll be 
pissed off. 


better living through smarter shopping 


42 16Hz eWIac all-in-one G4 Mac 
47 Color LaserJet 1500L color laser printer 
45 gallery 1740 Platinum VGA l7-inch VGA LCD 

52 iTrip FM transmitter for iPod 

50 KanguruWlicro MP3 MP3 player and Flash drive 
54 LabelWriter 330 Turbo label printer 

54 Marine Aquarium 2 screen saver 

53 Moog Modular V software audio synthesizer 

51 Motion Builder PE 4.02 character-animation software 

43 MoviiWorks Deluxe 6 multimedia-authoring suite 
4A?^\mZk^Ti personal digital assistant ; 

55 QulckBooks Pro 5.0 small-business accounting software 

45 Radeon 7000 Mac Edition PCI PCI video card 

48 Revolution 7,1 PCI audio card 

46 Shadowbane massively multiplayer online role-playing game 

49 Sonica Theater USB audio interface 

50 Sonicfire Pro 3.0 soundtrack-creation software 
52 Super Dooper iPod Case iPod case 

52 TuneCast FM transmitter for iPod 


The Hot Li St 

56 The best ol the best from recent reviews. 

Talk to the hand” takes on a new meaning when the hand is holding a 
I fancy- pants new Palm PDA with a camera on its back — namely the Zire 71, 
pictured here. WeTe not exactly sure what that new meaning might be, but it sure 
Is fun to sneak snaps of poor suckers stuck In meetings who think we’re just jotting 
notes on our PDA. Other fun this month came in the form of real surround-sound 
audio solutions for everyone, even iBook owners; oodles of iPod accessories; and 
the unlikely king of the consumer-Mac hill: the surprisingly snappy 1GHz eMac. 

In the near future, we’ll talk terabytes — if we can find someone buff enough to lift : 
Apple’s hefty 100-pound Xserve RAID up onto our test bench, 


If we were 
shopping for this 
type of product, 
this Is the one 
we’d buy. 


pbmpatible with 
TVlacOS9or earlier. 


August 2003 MacAddlfet 41 


better living through smarter shopping 

1GHz eMac 


J ust when we thought the ol* cathode- 
ray tube was finally going the way of 
the dodo and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, 
Apple sent us the newest member of 
its CRT-equipped all-in-one family: the 
IGHz eMac. Apple is quick to point out 
that the eMac's e Is for education, but 
with Its $1,299 price tag, we say e is 
for everyone, at least in the consumer 
market. The eMac's only competition is 
the IMac G4, which will run you $500 
more when similarly configured— and, 
believe it or not, which trailed the eMac 
In all of our real-world tests. 

The eMac consistently 
embarrassed the iMac. 

Compared to the original 700MHz 
eMac (Reviews, Sept/02, p42), 
the new top-of-the-line eMac is a 
monster. Besides the extra 300MHz 
of processor power, you also get 
twice the RAM (256MB in the same 
two-slot configuration, with a 1GB 
maximum capacity); twice the disk 
space (80GB) in a faster, Ultra ATA/100, 
7,200-rpm mechanism; and a fast 

(4X8X write, 8X16X32X 
read) SuperDrive. On the 
graphics side, it has the 
same 32MB of VRAM as 
previous eMacs, but it 
pairs that VRAM with an 
ATI Radeon 7500 chip set, 
as opposed to the nVidia 
GeForce2 MX of yore. The 
eMac*s 17-inch flat-panel 
CRT remains unchanged, and 
It looks a little grainy when 
viewed next to the smooth-as- 
a-baby’s-bottom LCD with which Apple 
spoils iMac owners. To be fair, the iMac’s 
screen looks a little washed-out and 
lacking in contrast next to the eMac's. 

But here’s where the comparison 
gets interesting: The IGHz IMac is 
equipped with a 64MB nVidia GeForce4 
MX video system, yet our testing with 
the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo 
(on the Disc) had the eMac eking out a 
slightly faster fps rate than the iMac: 
56.4 over the IMac’s 55.3 In the flyby 
test. What’s more, in this and other tests 
(see “Consumer S-Mac-Down,” below), 
the eMac consistently embarrassed 


How much bang do you get for 
your eMac buck? Lots, according to 
our real-world Adobe Photoshop 
Elements benchmarks. 

Other tests focusing on the 
SuperDrive revealed more- 
comparable results. These included 
ripping and burning CDs in ITunes 
and, uh, “backing up” a DVD copy 
of Down Time, a gritty prison drama 
ripped from today’s headlines, 
starring MacAcfd/ct’s own reviews 
editor, Niko Coucouvanis. 

We tested with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, 
usinp a 115MB PSD fife. Both Macs were equipped 
with 256MB of RAM and were running Mac OS X 
10 . 2 . 6 . 


I IMac 

Rotate 90 degrees 

Utisharp Mask* 

o,;:;. . 10 20 30 

Alt times are in SEcends. Shorter is better. 
‘Amount of 200 percents radfns oF 5 pixels, 
threshold of 0 levels. 

Despite what Steve says, the CRT is not dead— not even 
at his own company. 

the iMac— performing feats such as 
exporting a 1.25GB iMovie in 3 minutes 
as opposed to the iMac’s 5. 

Suspecting a hidden sandbag— such 
as human error or a fragmented disk— we 
tested and retested, even reformatting 
both machine’s drives and reinstalling 
Mac OS 10.2.6 on both. We stopped 
short of swapping the two machines’ 
hard drives— though we suspect that a 
slow drive was holding back the IMac. 
Spec-wise, the two Macs use the same 
type of drive— 80GB, 7,200 rpm on an 
ATA/100 bus— but Apple, as usual, 
declined to comment on minutiae such 
as drive models or manufacturers. 

Our test results even stymied the 
propellerheads deep in the bowels of 
Apple’s engineering labs: Other things 
being equal (the system bus, processor 
cache, hard-drive speed, and so on), the 
iMac, with its DDR-RAM and advanced 
system architecture, should leave the 
eMac in the dust— in some of ourtests, 
at least. Frankly, we’re still scratching 
our heads. So are the folks at Apple. 

Given the $500 price differential, 
the eMac looks way better on paper. 
Aesthetically, though, the iMac leaves It 
way behind. For our money, the iMac’s 
ergo-maniacal neck, smaller footprint, 
and general coolness are worth going 
into hock or debt, benchmarks be 
damned. But if shelling out five Franklins 
(or one McKinley) gives you pause, go 
ahead and pop for an eMac— you won’t 
be sorry— Niko Coucouvanis 


CONTACT; 800-795-1000 or 
PRICE: $1,299 

SPECS: IGHz PowerPC G4 processor with 256K 
Level 2 cache, 256MB SDRAM {1GB max), 80GB 
ATA/100 disk, ATI Radeon 7500 with 32MB DDR 
SDRAM. 4X SuperDrive, Integrated stereo speakers 

GOOD NEWS: Massive bang for the buck. 

MacAidlct RATED 

Faster than a similarly configured IMac. 

BAD NEWS: Massive, 50-pound, CRT-based 
behemoth. Nowhere near as elegant as an iMac. 



42 MacAddlCt August 2003 

photograph by mark madeo 


MovieWorks Deluxe 6 


I f the name MovieWorks 
makes you think of 
video editing, think again. 

MovieWorks is an interactive 
environment— that is, it 
can blend video, animated 
graphics, sound, and 
buttons into interactive 
presentations for business, 
education, and what have 
you. Think of MovieWorks 
as a light version— a 
yery light version— of 
Macromedia’s Director. 

MovieWorks is actually a 
concoction of five different 
applications that work 
together. You can create 
media elements using the 
Video. Sound, Paint, and 
Animator apps, then with 
one click import those elements Into 
the main MovieWorks app. Using 
MovieWorks’ Sequencer window, which 
works much like a video-editing app’s 
Timeline, you can group your media 
elements into Scenes (like chapters in a 
book), position the elements onscreen, 
and arrange when they’ll play. You can 
also add text, standard QuickTime 
transitions such as fades, and script 
buttons to jump to any scene in your 
movie. When you’re finished, you can 
export noninteractive presentations 
as QuickTime movies. Interactive 
presentations use MovieWorks’ 
proprietary format and require an 
included Player application that you can 
distribute freely to users of Macs and 
Windows PCs. 

MovieWorks imports a broad range 
of media file formats, including— take 
a deep breath— AVI, MOV, DV, and 
MPEG-1 video; AIFF, SND, MP3, MIDI, 
and WAV audio; PICT, 

and Photoshop Images; 
plus VR movies and TXT 

Explore Africa 

Interactive multimedia is where it’s at, and MovieWorks Is the cheapest 
way to get there. 


MovieWorks 6.0 Deluxe 

text files. If you want 

to create content within the program 
itself, however, you’ll have to work with 
bare-bones tools. The Sound app is the 
most solid. You can record any audio 
source that’s hooked up to your Mac; 
cut and paste waveforms; apply basic 
filters like Echo, Reverse, and Fade; 
and adjust volume levels. One audio 
limitation: There are no volume 
keyframes for real precision. The 
Video app can capture footage 
from a DV camera or analog 
source, but you can’t trim a 
video clip once you place it in 
MovieWorks’ Sequencer— this 
limitation makes editing tough. 

The simple Paint app can create 
solid or gradient backdrops and 
other no-frills artwork. With the 
Animator app, you can merge multiple 
pictures into animations, but you don’t 
get any handy, vector-based animation 
tools like the ones in Macromedia’s 
Flash and Director. 

Though MovieWorks includes a 
library of free media to use in your 
movies, these are more Cheez Whiz than 
gee whiz. The buttons and backgrounds 

have a dated feel, and many 
buttons don’t even animate 
their up and down states. 
Much of the royalty-free 
music is in the vapid elevator 
genre, and often suffers from 
noticeable hiss and other 
signs of bad compression. 
The stock video clips of 
travel spots and other stuff 
are sized at a lowly 320-by- 
240-pixel resolution, which 
means they’ll pixelate and 
look crappy if you want your 
presentation to play at a 
higher resolution. 

Another beef we have with 
' MovieWorks is its interface. A 
couple of years ago (ReviewSy 
May/01, p60) it was au 
couranty but in the interim 
Apple’s smooth iApps have 
spoiled us, and MovieWorks now looks 
and feels clunky. Finally, considering 
that Interactive bills its software as 
easy to use, we were dismayed to find 
there was no pop-up help— such as tool 
tips that appear when you roll over an 
icon— or decent onboard help system. 
You don’t even get a manual, just a 

MovieWorks’ Sequencer works much like a standard 
animation timeline, but without any keyframes. 

tutorial showing how to create a sample 
interactive movie. 

Still, if you need to do interactive 
multimedia and don’t want to drop 
big coin on a bigger app, MovieWorks 
can do the job— actually, it’s your 
only option. But beware: It’s a 
mature app, and it’s showing Its age. 
—Helmut Kobler 

COMPANY: Interactive Solutions 
CONTACT: 925-734-0730, 
PRICE: $99.95. $39.95 (upgrade) 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 8.1 to 9.x 
orlO.I.Sorlater. 128MB RAM 

GOOD NEWS: Delivers basic interactive-multimedia authoring 
at a low price. Presentations can play on Macs and Windows. 
BAD NEWS: Outdated feature set and interface. Included 
royalty-free media is lame. No documentation. 

MacAddict RATED 



August 2003 MacAddIct 43 

AA /I reviews 

^ 1 V better living through smarter shopping 

Palm Zire 71 



W ith a built-in digital camera, 
MP3 player, and video 
player, the Palm Zire 71 is a 
multimedia-phile’s dream. In fact, 
we’ve been having so much fun 
taking candid pictures with the 
Zire 71 that it hardly seems like a 
Boring old PDA anymore. 

The highlight of the Zire 71 
is a digital camera that’s so 
seamlessly integrated your 
subjects won’t even know you’re 
taking pictures until it’s too 
late— forthem. Simply slide the 
Zire 71 open and aim its back at 
your subject, and the device’s 
screen becomes your viewfinder. 
Push a button, and you’ve got 
yourself blackmail material in 640- 
by-480-pixel resolution— not great 
images, but not heinous, either. 

The whole time your subject thinks 
you’re just checking yourself out 
in the screen reflection. When you 
slide the Zire closed, its screen 
displays a thumbnail library of all 
the pictures you’ve taken. And 
when you sync the Palm to your Mac, 
the pictures go straight into your 
Pictures folder. 

One of the funnest Palms ever. 

One problem: The shutter click 
occurs a fraction of a second before the 
Zire 71 actually takes a picture. If you 
move the camera away immediately 
after you hear the click-or if your subject 
moves too soon— you get a big, 

Closed, the Palm Zire 71 is just another PDA. 

blurry mess. We got used to this bug, 
and quite frankly our subjects did 
more-amusingthings after they thought 
we’d snapped the shot (even better 
blackmail material). 

The Zire 71 also lets you watch— but 
not capture— video clips and play MP3 
files. Of course, those types of files 
take up massive amounts of space— the 
Zire’s 16MB of built-in memory can store 
about, oh, four MP3s. You’ll definitely 
need to buy an SD card to store your files 




Sure, you’ll get better results 
with a dedicated digital camera. 
But somehow it’s just not as fun. 

.or as annoying for your subject. 

Slide It open, and your PDA becomes 
a sneaky III’ camera. 

(about $60 for 64MB). The Zire 
71 comes with RealOne Player for 
playing MP3s. Palm uses an app 
called Kinoma Player to play video 
clips— you’ll have to install the 
included Kinoma Producer app 
on your Mac as well to convert 
MPEG-1, QuickTime, and AVI files 
into this proprietary format. 

This device’s nice touches 
include a five -way joystick 
for navigation (up, down, right, left, 
and press to select), a very bright 
transflective TFT LCD screen, and 
Graffiti 2— Graffiti's more gifted younger 
sibling. Among other things. Graffiti 2 
lets you write lowercase and uppercase 
characters in different sections of 
the writing area so you don’t have to 
indicate to your PDA first that you’re 
making a capital letter. 

Of course, the Zire 71 has the easy- 
to-use PDA software found in all modern 
Palms, but it’s the little improvements 
we just mentioned, along with 
that sweet lil* digital 
camera, that 
make this 
one of the 
funnest Palms 
ever— and one 
of our favorites. 
— Cathy Lu 



CONTACT; 800-881 -7256 or 
PRICE: $299 

REQUIREMENTS; USB-equipped Mac, 
Mac OS 9.1 or 10.1.2 or later. 12MB RAM, 
25MB disk space 

GOOD NEWS: Integration of digital camera is seamless. 
Screen looks great. 

BAD NEWS: Camera’s shutter sound is out of sync with 
picture-taking. Not enough built-in memory for a media player. 

Mac^ddict RATED 



44 MacAddict August 2003 



gallery 1740 
Platinum VGA 


N ot everybody’s lucky enough to 
have a DVI or ADC video port on his 
or her Mac. if you have an iMac, eMac, 
iBook, 12-inch PowerBook, ora Mac 
olderthan a Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics 
“Sawtooth” tower and you want to 
plug in a display, you’re stuck with 
old-fashioned analog VGA (Video 
Graphics Array) ports. 

If so, Formac has some good news 

If you need a VGA display, 
get this one. 

for you: the gallery 1740 Platinum VGA, 
a great-looking l,280-by-l,024-pixel 
display. If you need a VGA display, get 
this one. If, however, your Mac has ADC 
and/or DVI capabilities, we’d have to 

The gallery 1740 Platinum VGA does the job— and 
looks pretty too. 

call you a chump for considering 
any VGA-connected monitor 
over the superior quality of 
all-digital ADC or DVI. The price 
is a moot point— both Formac’s 
gallery 1740 DVI and Apple’s 
ADC-equipped Studio Display, 
two digital 17-inch LCD displays, 
cost the same as the gallery 1740 
VGA: $699. 

Formac used the same LCD panel in 
both the gallery 1740 Platinum VGA and 
DVI modes, but some quality gets lost 
in the translation to analog VGA. There 
is a noticeable drop-off in color gamut, 
text crispness, brightness, and contrast. 
You can minimize much of the difference 
usingthe on-display controls and 

ColorSync— in fact, Formac recommends 
that you fine-tune brightness and color 
temperature in ColorSync. 

Digital DVI and ADC are the future, 
but if you still need VGA, you’ll be happy 
with the gallery 1740 Platinum VGA. It 
does what it does well and looks good 
doing \t—Narasu Rebbopragada 

COMPANY; Formac Electronic REQUIREMENTS; Mac with VGA 

CONTACT; 877-436-7622 or video out 

PRICE; $699 

GOOD NEWS; A Stellar VGA LCD display. 
BAD NEWS: Image quality inferior to that of 
comparable digital LCD displays. 

Mac4ddlct rated 



7000 Mac 
Edition PCI 


W ho needs a PCI graphics card 
these days when dual-monitor 
AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) video 
cards ship in every Power Mac? You do, 
if you want to affordably expand your 
pre-AGP Mac’s display capabilities. 
ATI’s Radeon 7000 Mac Edition fills this 
niche perfectly, adding dual-monitor 
support (one DVI and one VGA port), 
plus composite and S-Video. 

Installation is a snap. Just load the 
included drivers and replace your old 
video card with the Radeon 7000. Or 

The Radeon 7000 Mac Edition PCI supports 
dual monitors and TV out, all from one card. 

stick the Radeon in any free PCI slot, 
either 33MHz or 66MHz, and It’ll happily 
cohabitate with your current card. 

With 32MB of DDR RAM, this isn’t 
the burliest video card, but its 2D and 
3D performance was noticeably better 
than that provided by our blue-and- 
white PowerMac G3*s stock 16MB card. 
Games run better— we replayed some 

old favorites, and the graphical glitches, 
hiccups, and lags were gone. The Radeon 
7000 won’t fool you into thinking you’re 
running the latest and greatest, but the 
improvement is noticeable. 

Like the AGP graphics cards that have 
been appearing in Power Macs since the 
early Quicksilver G4 towers, the 7000 
can run two displays at once, either 
mirrored or extended (splitting the image 
between monitors). Alternatively, you 
can use the Radeon to power a bigger 
screen, up to an unreal 2,048 by 1,536 
pixels on some monitors. 

Sure, we’d prefer the latest bleeding- 
edge 64MB AGP card, but the Radeon 
7000 is a solid step forward for those 
of us who haven’t moved up to an 
AGP-equipped Mac. It may not perform 
dazzling tricks, but it’ll blow the sock off 
your stock PCI video card. That’s just one 
sock. Not both.— John Lee 

Mao^ddict RATED 



COMPANY: ATI Technologies 
CONTACT: 905-882-2600, 
PRICE: $129 

(Blue-and-WhIte PowerMac 63 or later 
for Mac OS X support), Mac OS 9.2.x 
or 10.1 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Versatile. Trouble-free drivers. 
Running two displays on one PCI video card rocks. 
BAD NEWS: Doesn’t provide a huge performance 
upgrade over PCI video cards in most older Macs. 

August 2003 MacAddict 45 



better living through smarter shopping 



T ime to join a few thousand of your 
closest friends and go monster- 
bashing on the Internet. Shadowbane, 
a dark new fantasy world from Ubi Soft, 
piqued our bloodlust with its combined 
role-playing and strategy elements, and 
kept our interest with rapid character 
advancement and fun, effective 
collaboration with other players. 

The latest in massively multiplayer 
online role-playing games, Shadowbane 
is a shot in the arm for a gaming genre 
thattruly needs it. Like most MMORPGs, 
Shadowbane first plunges you into a 

Here’s a shot in the arm for a 
gaming genre that truly needs it. 

chaotic landscape full of confusion and 
strife— but you don’t just hack and slash 
yourway through the monster-infested 
countryside, picking up loot and building 
your character. No, It’s a more intelligent 
game than that. As it progresses, role- 
playing blends with strategy, and you 
can join guilds and work with others to 

Meet two of the thousands of players 
waiting online to fight with you or 
against you. 

build and manage cities, recruit armies, 
and engage in siege warfare. 

You start the game in a safehold city 
where people-versus-people (PvP) 
carnage is prohibited. You get lots of 
PvP in higher levels, but until then you 
get to wander through the countryside 
alone or in groups and clean up 

COMPANY: Ubi Soft 
CONTACT; 919-460-9778, 
PRICE; $39.95, $12.99 monthly 
subscription to play online 

monsters without fear— 
don’t worry, no group 
hugs are involved. 

And the game is /i/n. 

Most MMORPGs keep 
players on an endless 
treadmill, trying to 
add points and gain 
experience to move 
up. But advancing in 
Shadowbane can be 
fast and easy. Instead of 
fighting to stay alive, you 
can go critter-hunting, 
mingle with other players 
with whom you can join 
to slaughter monsters, 
and watch your status 
levels soar. Working in groups is the 
key. You get the same experience points 
for killing in a group as you would get 
alone, but the kills come much faster. 

We estimate that you can rise to level 
30 and be ready for PvP competition in 
a leisurely two or three weeks— faster, if 
you have no life. 

Of course there’s more to moving up 
than just killing spiders, snakes, and 
lizard hunters. You start by selecting 
your warrior from ten races, including 
humans, elves, shades, and red-skinned 
Irekei. You can create and save up to five 
characters each. You can even try horsey 
Centaurs, bullish Minotaurs, and birdlike 
Aracoix— but not right away. You unlock 
these advanced races one at a time 
during your first three months of gaming. 

Once you reach level 10, you choose 
a profession (bard, warrior, warlock, 
assassin, and so on). There are more 
than 20 professional classes and some 
40 subclass disciplines. By the time you 
reach level 20, the real gaming begins. 
You leave your safehold city and ascend 
into a world of guilds and the many 
conflicts that arise among them. You and 
your chosen guild will build cities with 
shops, merchants, houses, armorers, 
and fortified walls. Other guilds may 

besiege your city, loot it, occupy it, or 
burn it to the ground, so you need to 
recruit armies to protect It. 

The downside— otherthan being 
attacked by a jealous guild, that 
is— include barely acceptable graphics, 
no quests to speak of, no dungeons to 
crawl (at least not yet), and interface 
windows that pop up unexpectedly and 
soon become annoying. 

Overall, however, whether you’re a 
newbie or an experienced MMORPGer, 
Shadowbane has a lot more going for it 
than against it— especially Its safehold 
scheme and quick level-jumping. Go 
ahead— grab a copy, go online, and 
indulge your fantasies.— yo/?/7 Lee 


Shadowbane is a cross-platform 
MMORPG— a massively multiplayer 
online role-playing game. Great, now 
what the hell \sthat? 

Simply put, it’s an online role- 
playing world in which both Mac and 
PC players can meet and play at any 
hour of the day or night. Because 
Shadowbane’s world is persistent. 

It continues to exist and advance 
whether you’re logged on or not. 

faster, Mac OS 10.2 or later, 128MB 
RAM, 1GB disk space, Internet 
connection, 32MB VRAM 

GOOD NEWS: Clever combination of role-playing and 
strategy gaming. Level climbing is fast and furious. 

BAD NEWS; Graphics are dated. Performance lag 
during peak hours. Interface windows can clutter screen. 

MacAddict rated 



46 MacAddict August 2003 


I ^ 47 

Color LaserJet 1500L 


H ow do you make a laser printer less 
boring? Easy: Throw in color-toner 
tanks so it can print photos and color 
brochures along with the expected 
mountains of laser-sharp text HP's 
just-released Color LaserJet 1500L is a 
fine example. That/., it seems, stands 
both for limited (16MB of RAM, a 125- 
sheet paper capacity, and USB-only 
connectivity) and low, as in price: 800 
simoleons for a color laser printer is a 

Eight hundred simoieans for 
a color laser printer is a pretty 
sweet deal. 

pretty sweet deal— although the price 
jumps to $999 if you want an extra 
250-sheet input tray. Ethernet adapters 
start at $159, replacement toner 
cartridges are $82.99 for 5,000-page 
black, and $99.99 each for 4,000-page 
cyan, magenta, and yellow. 

Despite how fat and happy (and 
Fisher Pricey) it looks, this printer isn't 
terribly friendly— at least not over here 
in Mac-ville. For starters, the quick-start 
brochure is 50 pages long. Granted, 
it contains setup instructions in 17 
languages— HP is apparently expecting 
hot sales in Israel— but we prefer the 

COMPANY: Hewlett-Packard 
CONTACT: 800-752-0900, 
PRICE; $799.99 

Standard poster-size guides, which 
take all of the guesswork out of setting 
up a printer as complex as this one. 

The included PDF manual is thorough 
enough, but a lot of it is irrelevant to 
Mac users because it deals with the 
1500 Series Toolbox, a Windows-only 
utility suite. 

The 1500L's quick 
\warm-up time Impressed 
us— most laser printers 
sputter and shake for at 
least half a minute when 
starting a print job after a 
period of Inactivity, but this 
one cuts the stammering 
down to about 15 seconds 
for text (black- only) 
printing. The 1500L also 
prints quickly, meeting its 
claimed 16-ppm black and 
4-ppm color specs. More 
impressive is the quality of 
text the 1500L spits out: 

Text was sharp and crisp, 
and even the minuscule 
type we got when printing 16 pages to a 
single sheet was legible (though barely). 

Photos came outcleanerthan we 
expected on such an inexpensive color 
laser printer, with good color accuracy 

and fairly sharp detail, although they 
looked muddy next to a glossy, high-res 
printout from a six-color inkjet photo 
printer. Composite documents with 
nonphoto graphics— think presentations 
and Excel charts— are the 1500L*s 
specialty, and the printer delivers for the 
most part. Edges and borders are sharp, 
but dark colors exhibit slightly uneven 
ink coverage. Black-to-white and color 
gradients printed with visible banding, 
most noticeably in the midrange, and the 
printer punted on the lightest shades of 
gray, displaying white instead. 

The 1500L doesn't do PostScript-it's 
a host-based printer, meaning that your 
Mac provides the brainpower, rendering 
and processing pages before sending 
the data to the printer. We can live 
without PostScript— the 1500L printed 
everything we threw at it, including 
mountains of text, mongo Acrobat 
PDFs and InDesign files, and 200MB 
Photoshop images, all with smooth 
background processing (thanks, Mac 
OS X!)— but if you need PostScript, the 
1500L isn't for you. 

Out of the box, this printer 
is ideal for folks demanding 
high-quality output, with 
some limitations— not a lot 
of it in one run unless you 
buy the extra paper tray; 
not from multiple 
workstations unless you 
buy the extra network-card 
upgrade (or use USB Printer 
Sharing); and not at all if 
you're looking for glossy, 
Photomat-style photos. 

Our final beef with the 
1500Lis the fine print: 

“USB cable not included." 
Sheesh— why are printer 
manufacturers so cheap? 
However, if you can accept its 
limitations, this color laser printer 
reaffirms the old adage that you get 
what you pay for— and we mean that 
in a good way.—Niko Coucouvanis 

Mac, Mac OS 9 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Quick, crisp text printing with little 
warm-up time. Adequate color printing. 

BAD NEWS: Measly 125-sheet paper capacity. 
Utility software is PC-only. 

MaCyAddict RATED 



The imaging drum and 
four toner cartridges slide 
right in, as illustrated by 
the handy picto -stickers. 

August 2003 MacAJdict 47 



better living through smarter shopping 

Revolution 7.1 


F inally, true surround 
sound has come back 
to the Mac. Ever since 
OS ^ came around (and 
SoundBlaster audio-card 
drivers didn’t), getting 
multichannel audio into or 
out of your Mac has been 
too expensive for the casual 
audiophile. No longer. 

M-Audio’s Revolution PCI 
card provides a wealth of 
options for surround-sound 
encoding and decoding. 

And— to the delight of 
PowerBook and iBook 
owners— there’s a USB 
version as well (see our 
review of Sonica Theater, next page). 

Both devices will happily play back the 
most common surround-sound formats 
from a DVD disc— Dolby 5.1, DTS, even 
the newer Dolby Digital EX— and all for 
around a measly 100 bucks. 

As of Mac OS 10.1.5, the Apple DVD 
player (finally) passes DTS and Dolby 
Digital signals to the card unmolested 
Instead of condensing the signal to the 
Mac’s native two-channel 
stereo. This means you 
can now enjoy real (not 
interpolated) surround 
sound from a Mac— a huge 
development. Before Apple 
enabled multichannel 
digital-audio throughput 
in Its DVD Player app, true 
surround sound required a 
component DVD player— your 
Mac was superfluous to your 
home-entertainment system. 

One somewhat irritating 
limitation is the inclusion 
of only coaxial digital out, 
and not the more commonly 
used and convenient optical 
digital out. This is a pity, 
since it limits your options 
when connecting to another 
device, such as an external 

Plug six or eight speakers 
into this card and surround 
yourself with sound. 

amp-decoder or headphones 
based on the increasingly 
popular Dolby Headphone 
technology. However, since 
most users will want to make 
a direct connection to analog 
speakers from their Mac, this 
constraint isn’t too big a deal. After all, 
the cognoscenti claim is that coaxial is 
the better digital connection. 


Confused by the sheer number of logos oh the front of your 
audio equipment? Here’s a breakdown of some of the 

The Revolution 7.1’s interface 
software is deep, clear, and 
easy to use. 

more-common standards. 

Dolby Digital 5.1 This format is 
supported in most DVD movies 
and is the most widely used 
digital surround format, using 
five surround speakers. The .1 
refers to the subwoofer. 

SRS Surround Very similarto 
Dolby Pro Logic, SRS creates 
a convincing surround effect 
from a stereo signal and 
distributes it among up to 
5.1 channels. 

Dolby Digital EX This format 
adds a rear-center surround 
channel to the Dolby Digital 
5.1 standard and improves 

DTS Similarto Dolby Digital 
5.1^ but allegedly superior, 
this format is found in many 
movies, although it uses higher 
bandwidth and more DVD space. 

Dolby Pro Logic This clever 
but fake surround effect 
redistributes a stereo signal to 
four or more speakers. 

THX This high-quality LucasFilm 
standard is /?of a technology 
in itself. THX certification is a 
stamp of approval. 

M-Audio bundles some 
useful software, but the 
inclusion of a PC-only copy 
of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 
(the full version, even) merely 
illustrates the lack of digital 
surround-sound titles for 
the Mac. The drivers, on the 
other hand, are spectacular. 

A clean Install of the updated 
software from the company’s 
Web site reveals one of the 
cleanest interfaces 
ever conceived for 
surround sound. You 
can tweak any level 
to suit yourself, or 
even choose from a 
pull-down of presets 
forthe most common 
desktop speakers. 

The PCI card 
seats easily enough 
and sports the 
coaxial digital-out, mic, and line-in 
jacks, as well as four analog speaker- 
out jacks. Depending on your speaker 
setup, you may need to 
buy some Y-splItters 
and adapters. 

We’d be happier if 
the Revolution 7.1 could 
automatically detect 
what type of device it’s 
connected to and switch 
Its output accordingly— but 
it can’t. You have to do 
so manually In its control 
panel. We would also have 
appreciated more demos 
that could run on a Mac. 

The price is right, however, 
and the sound quality is 
astonishing. The Revolution 
7.1 may require lots of 
cables that create lots of 
tangles, but it rewards you 
with lots of clean, Immersive 
sound.— Fmnk O'Connor 

CONTACT: 800-969-6434, 
PRICE: $119.95, $99 (street) 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 9.2.2 or 
later (10.1 .5 or later required for Dolby 
Digital pass-through), available PCI slot 

GOOD NEWS: Simple and well-specified solution for 
3D surround sound from two to seven speakers. 

BAD NEWS; Limited applications for current Mac 
users. Digital out is coaxial only. 

MacAidict RATED 



48 MacAddIct August 2003 



Sonica Theater 


F or those of us who are drooling over 
surround sound but whose Macs 
lack the requisite PCI slot for an audio 
card, M -Audio offers an external USB 
version of its Revolution 7.1 PCI audio 
card (see previous page). The Sonica 
Theater provides the same eight-channel 
analog-out, S/PDIF (Sony/Philips 
Digital Interface) RCA coaxial out, and 
1/8-inch line in as the Revolution. Since 
our iBook-based home theater doesn't 
need the Revolution's mic-ln port and 
higher-frequency (192KHz, compared to 
the Theater's 96KHz) audio, the Sonica 
Theater has all we need to reach the next 
level of wretched excess: in-bed theater. 

With its limited input— one— this 
device is strictly for folks looking to 
consume the best audio possible, 

not create it. Audio purists will 
love the Sonica Theater's true 
surround sound when playing 
surround-encoded discs— it 
sounds worlds better than the 
interpolated (SRS Circle Surround 
II) surround the device uses to 
enhance nonsurround audio. When we 
turned on SRS for nonsurround audio 
from games, music, and movies, the 
sound came out of all the connected 
speakers, but the reduced audio 
quality overshadowed any discernible 
separation. The Sonica Theater control 
app lets you tweak each speaker's level, 
overall volume, and so on. (Hint; If the 
audio comes out completely butchered, 
try a different speaker-setup preset— the 
5.1 one rendered some music completely 

distorted but switching to 4.1 or 7.1 
cleared it up.) 

The Sonica Theater’s usefulness 
is limited to DVD playback or iffy 
interpolation, and our350MHz G3 
experienced the occasional stutter 
during playback (our 600MHz iBook 
didn’t). Nevertheless, surround sound 
rocks— especially when it's blasting 
your bedroom via an iBook, six or eight 
speakers, and this great little box. 
—NIko Coucouvanis 

CONTACT: 800-969-6434, 
PRICE; $119.95, $99.99 (street) 

Mac, Mac OS 9.2.2 or later 
(10.1.5 required for Dolby Digital 

GOOD NEWS: Movies sound great in true surround sound. 
External unit offers more cable-management options. 

BAD NEWS: Limited uses for surround sound on a Mac. 
Playback gets chunky on older Macs. 

Mac4ddict rated 




lOGEAR's Bluetooth products make wirelessly networking computers, 
PDAs, cell phones, printers, and other Bluetooth-enabled consumer 
electronics quite literally a snap. 

Plug our Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on your Mac and you can 
wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled computers in your home. Or 
connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth-enabled phone. You can wirelessly 
print to a Bluetooth printer. 

Plug an lOGEAR Bluetooth CF card into your PDA and wirelessly sync data 
with your computer. Silently share thoughts with other Bluetooth PDA users 
during meetings. And our Bluetooth headset let you phone home without 

Connect with lOGEAR today for more information on oUr connectivity 
solutions and be sure to ask for your free copy of "Bluetooth 101" for a 
complete look at how Bluetooth can simplify your connectivity. 

■ bluetooth 


(Class i) 

Come visit lOGEAR's booth at the 
Macworld Creative Pro Expo! 

Date: July 16-18, 2003 

Location: The Javits Center, New York (Booth# 559) 

call 1 949 453-8782 Ext. 2008 or go to 

23 Hubble Irvine, CA 9261 8 P: 949,453.8782 F: 949.453.8785 







(Class II) 


Conference & Expo 

Entln Conlants Copvrigtrt ^ ^(^03 lOGEAR At) rJgtrls reserved. 

ReproducSon inwtwie or part without pemiission is prohfcited All ottrer EraderiMria ara the property of OieirrespeidivB owners 

New Thinking, New Style. 


cn /] REVIEWS 

O W better living through smarter shopping <? 

KanguruMicro MP3 


T he lightweight KanguruMicro MP3 
player delivers on Its promise to 
play MP3s and double as a USB Flash 
drive, but it’s so bare-bones that we 
recommend you steer clear. 

We tested the 64MB version of this 
lipstick-size, 1.6-ounce gadget. We 
plugged it into our Mac’s USB port using 
its annoyingly stiff 6.75-inch extender 
cable, waited forthe orange LED to 
turn green— indicating a full battery 
charge— and dragged MP3 files onto the 
NO_NAME disk image that appeared on 

We suggest looking elsewhere. 

our desktop. No drivers were required, 
and the KanguruMicro worked just fine 
as a USB Flash drive. 

You adjust the volume and select 

The Kanguru MP3 player is cheap in all 
senses of the word. 

tracks with a single jog dial. That’s 
handy— but that’s where the fun ends. 
First, there’s no LCD display, so you 
have to memorize coded flashes of red, 
orange, and green LEDs to understand 
the KanguruMicro, Worse is the fact that 
there are no playlists for organizing your 
MP3 files— you have to scroll through 
your tunes one at a time. While this is a 

minor annoyance forthe 18 songs that fit 
on our 64MB model, it’d be a major pain 
on the 512MB version. 

Unplugging the earbuds from the 
player switches the device into Flash 
drive mode, and plugging them back in 
restarts the player from the first song. 
Adding to this inconvenience, the earbud 
jack on our test model kept shorting 
out when it was jostled— we heard 
Aerosmith’s “Dream On” about eight 
times too many during a bumpy bus ride. 

If you’re looking for a keychain Flash 
drive and consider limited music-playing 
abilities a fun addition ratherthan an 
annoyance, you might be amused. 
However, there are cheaper Flash drives 
and much better MP3 players available. 
We suggest looking elsewhere. 

—Narasu Rebbapragada 

MaC/Addict RATED 





COMPANY: Kanguru Solutions 
CONTACT: 888-526-4878, 
PRICE: $74.95 (64MB), $99,95 (128MB), 
$149.95 (256MB), $249.95 (512MB) 


USB-equipped Mac, Mac OS 8.6 
or later 

GOOD NEWS: Lightweight. Inexpensive. 
BAD NEWS: Lousy interface. No playlists. 

Sonicfire Pro 3.0 


C reating a great soundtrack for your 
multimedia masterpiece— finding 
the right tune and making it fit the 
project’s duration and timing— can be 
maddening. Sonicfire Pro addresses 
this challenge by providing libraries of 
royalty-free music and a handy block- 
based interface in which you can trim, 
stretch, and arrange clips to your liking. 

Just to clarify, Sonicfire isn’t a 
traditional audio editor— you can 
look at the waveforms, but you can’t 
edit EQ or other settings. Soundtrack 
manipulation is supereasy, and— to 
our surprise— the provided CD-based 
music isn’t a// bad, 
although we’re glad 
we can import our 
own audio. 

Sonicfire Pro provides royalty-free tunes and breaks them 
into blocks you can resize to fit your needs. 

Adobe Premiere, and iMovle. Sonicfire 
will deliver an AIFF or QuickTime file 
directly into the appropriate projector 
into your Movies folder. 

If you’re like us— lacking the time 
and talent to compose your own 
soundtracks— Sonicfire is a sound 
alternative (bad pun fully intended). 
—Niko Coucouvanis 

Creating soundtracks is 
simple: You just export a 
reference movie from your 
video editor, then import 
it into Sonicfire Pro. The 
SmartSound Maestro file 
browser lets you peruse 
libraries of audio tracks that 
you then load, arrange, and 
sync to your movie with frame- 
level precision. You can also browse 
and purchase additional music libraries 
online In a variety of genres, including 
sound effects. Some of the online tracks 
we’d actually use, but the sound effects 
are overpriced at $19.95 each. 

When you’re ready to export the 
soundtrack, you can pick from presets 
including Final Cut (Pro and Express), 



Sonicfire Pro 3.0 demo 

COMPANY: SmartSound Software 

CONTACT; 800-454-1900. 

PRICE: $299, $99.95 (additional libraries) 

9.1 or 10.1 or later, 30MB RAM, QuickTime 
5.0.1 or later 

GOOD NEWS: Makes syncing audio to video 
extremely easy. 

BAD NEWS: Provided music leans toward 
schmaltz. Expensive for casual use. 

Mac/lddict RATED 



50 Mac/tddict August 2003 


MotionBuilder PE 4.02 


Y ou can get all the features of a 
$4, 000-plus animation application 
for just $100. Sound too good to be 
true? It isn't. Kaydara's MotionBuilder 
Personal Edition, the company's flagship 
character-animation program, allows 
you to do amazing 3D-animation work 
and motion capture for an amazingly 
low price. The only catch is that the 

$100 buys you a one -year, not-for- 
commercial-use license rather than the 
full, unfettered application. Once you 
learn the program, the full version (and, 
hopefully, wealth and fame) is a simple 
upgrade away. 

MotionBuilder offers a full suite of 
animation tools, from bones to shaders, 

Do 3D animation and motion 
capture for an amazingly 
low price. 

but where it really shines is in Its speed 
and In the ability it offers to use low-end 
devices for motion capture. Want to 
make a character's eyes look around? 

Use your mouse. Want to make him 
or her talk? Speak into a microphone. 

COMPANY: Kaydara 

CONTACT: 514-842-8446, 

PRICE: $100 (Personal Edition), $4,190 (commercial version) 

And you can do all of this in real time. 

On our 733MHz Power Mac G4, we 
could fluidly scrub the timeline while 
changing the camera view— a combo 
that made adjusting our animation 
painless. When you're done animating, 
you can move your animation into any 
other application that supports the 
FBX format for interoperability— and 

that includes most of the 
major 3D apps, such as 
Alias|Wavefront's Maya, 
NewTek's Lightwave 3D, 
and Discreet's 3ds max. 

The biggest problem we 
have with MotionBuilder 
is its user interface. Even 
if you're familiar with 3D 
apps. It will take a lot 
of time to find your way 
around this program. First, 
the interface is not very 
Mac-like- it’s got some 
Aqua bits, but they’re 
pretty random, and the 
layout of controls and 
tools isn’t very intuitive, 
so It takes plenty of 
exploring to find the exact setting you 
want to change. Kaydara has done a 
decent job of offsetting these liabilities 
by providing some thorough online 
instructional videos, but MotionBuilder 
remains a difficult program to learn. 

MotionBuilder's strength is, well, 
building motion. You can use it to 
create 3D content, but most dedicated 
modelers provide more object-creation 
options. Similarly, you can export your 
files to other applications for ray tracing 
if you don't like MotionBuilder’s capable 
OpenGL renderer. 

Despite its less-than-polished 
interface, MotionBuilder is incredibly 
powerful, and the PE version puts this 
prohibitively expensive technology 
within reach —Rick Sanchez 

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.1 or later, 256MB RAM, 
300MB disk space, 16MB OpenGL graphics card 

GOOD NEWS: Outstanding character-animation tools. Easy motion capture. 
BAD NEWS: Difficult learning curve. User interface not very Mac-like. 

Mac4ddict RATED 




MotionBuilder’s Character 
Controls window makes it easy to 
put a body— or even just a middle 
finger— in motion. 

^ o 


RsttdtK I Reach Aux : 


(503) 520-9500 

©2003 Jiiva, Inc., and its licensors. 
All rights reserved. 


Getting rid of an old Mac? 

Data on your Mac is recoverable 
even if ypu delete files, trash 
files, or reformat your hard drive. 
Permanently remove data with 
SuperScrubber's military-strength 
disk sanitization. 




My school 
can't take 
the risk 

of someone 
accessing our 
student and 
files on our 
old Macs 



OZ- V* better living t! 

better living through smarter shopping 




G riffin Technology calls its iTrip 
FM transmitter the coolest iPod 
accessory in the world, and until 
someone comes up with, oh, say, an 
iPod-mounted light saber, we’ll concur. 

Like other FM broadcasters, the iTrip 
plays tunes from your iPod on a nearby 
FM receiver, such as the one in your car 
stereo. Unlike other FM broadcasters 
(such as the TuneCast; see our review 
below), which require batteries, ITrip 
draws powerfrom the headphone jack 
on first- and second-generation iPods. 

While other FM broadcasters typically 
provide a choice of four preset radio 
frequencies, Trip’s included software 
creates a playlist of FM frequencies 
ranging from 88.1 to 107.9, which you 
can navigate and activate the same way 
you play songs off a regular playlist on 
the iPod; it plays at 87.9 by default. A 

In a perfect world (or on a desert Island), ITrip would be 
perfect— in our overcrowded world, it’s merely great. 

blue LED status light blinks to tell you 
when the signal’s locked in, but it’s 
tough to see in bright sunlight. 

Some caveats: Read the manual 
carefully, especially the part about using 
the pause-play button (that’s not the 
one in the center of the jog wheel) to pick 
a station, and keep your iPod’s volume 
between 40 and 80 percent. 

Trip Itself works great— but that’s 

only half the battle. 

The airwaves are 
crowded. Trying to find 
a vacant frequency while 
driving around San Francisco 
was a stone drag. (You’ll do 
better outside Tuba City, 
Arizona.) When we did find 
a free frequency, though. 
Trip locked in and sounded 
as good as anything else 
on the radio. We found Trip 
worked especially well in a 
car whose antenna had been 
snapped off by a passing 
militant bicyclist (less competition from 
commercial stations), and best with 
radios inside our house. 

Superior design, cord- and battery- 
free convenience, and the ability to use 
any available frequency earn the Trip 
our coveted Editors’ Choice award— at 
least until we get a new iPod. But don’t 
fret— the company says it’s working on 
an Trip for the latest.— A///co Coucouvanis 



COMPANY: Griffin Technology 
CONTACT: 615-399-7000, 

PRICE: $35 

REQUIREMENTS: First- or second- 
generation iPod, FM radio receiver 

GOOD NEWS: Perfect design. No batteries required. 
Uses any available radio frequency. 

BAD NEWS: Tough to use in a location with a crowded 
radio airspace. Not compatible with latestjPods (yet). 

MacyAddict RATED 



Super Dooper iPod Case 


F inally, equality for all iPod owners: Super Dooper cases come 
in variations to fit any iPod. We tried a Size 3, designed for the 
thin 30GB and thinner 10GB and 15GB third-generation iPods. 
Ballistic nylon and Velcro closures let us encase our ’Pods snugly 
and securely. The case’s flip-up front provides easy access to the 
screen, controls, and a small earbud pouch. A top-access slit serves 
the earbud and remote ports and the Hold 
switch, but partially blocks the latter. 

The manual touts docking a Super 
Dooper-encased third-generation iPod (with 
the case hiked up, Girl Scout-in-the-woods 
style), but we’re glad the case also has a 
bottom-port access slot so we can use the 
FireWire cord directly. Slap the included 
sturdy swivel clip on the back, and this is 
one solid case— Niko Coucouvanis 

COMPANY: WaterField Designs 
CONTACT: 877-546-1040, 

PRICE: $40 

(see company’s Web site for sizing info) 

GOOD NEWS: Tough ballistic nylon. Plush face 
padding. Great removable belt clip. 

BAD NEWS: Top-access Slot obscures Hold switch. 
Earbud pouch is small. A less than super-duper name. 

Mac/lddlct rated 





B elkin's TuneCast is a capable 
transmitter, but like most 
such devices, it’s limited to four 
FM frequencies— 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 
and 88.7— which you select via 
a handy switch on the device’s 
side. Unfortunately, our local NPR 
affiliate overpowered TuneCast's 
signal on 88.5 and caused random 
interference in other channels as we drove about town. 
Bummer— but that’s not wholly TuneCast's fault 
TuneCast runs on two AAA batteries, and its cord tucks 
neatly into its side for easy transport This transmitter Is an 
excellent match for the new dockable iPods— It looks great and 
works with any standard audio-out jack. Whether it'll work in 
your town depends on the local airwaves.— A///co Coucouvanis 

TuneCast rocks the 
house— or car. 

COMPANY: Belkin 

PRICE: $39.99 

CONTACT; 310-898-1100, 

REQUIREMENTS: iPod or any music player 

with 1/8-lnch audio jack, FM receiver 

GOOD NEWS: Looks great. Sounds good. 

MacAjdlct RATED 

BAD NEWS: Limited to four radio 





52 MaOWdlct August 2003 


Moog ModularV 


W hile the current craze swirling 
around re-creating classic 
hardware synthesizers in software 
shows no signs of abating, certain 
legendary devices have eluded 
attempts at digital re-creation. One of 
the most daunting monsters of analog 
synthesizers, the venerable Moog 
Modular, has been brought to glorious 
life in Arturia Software's stunning 
ModularV. Not only is this one of the 
best-sounding software emulations 
of a specific piece of hardware we've 
ever heard, it also provides 
powers not present in the 
pioneering 1967 device 
(such as MIDI support)— and 
at a fraction of the cost. 

ModularV runs as a 
stand-alone program or 
as a plug-in to MAS, VST, 

RTAS, and Pro Tools HTDM 
systems. The original 
Moog Modular hardware 
synths were monophonic, 
single-voice instruments, 
but Modular V can produce 
up to 64 simultaneous 
tones. This is especially 
impressive given the 
incredibly muscular sounds 
this software can induce your Mac to 
produce— a simple four-note chord built 
with some of its more massive sounds 
can blast the roof off your studio. 

Modular's huge complement of 
synthesis modules includes filters, 
oscillators, voltage-controlled amplifiers 
(VCAs), and an excellent re-creation of 
a classic step sequencer that can 
help you compose trance, dance, and 
syncopated burblings of the most 

hypnotic order. Plus, 
if you've been seeking 
the legendary Moog 
bass sound, your 

search is over— ModularV kicks. 

The original Moog Modular was, 
well, modular. You could customize 
its specific configuration. ModularV 
contains many of the original modules 
and adds some welcome new ones, 
such as an integrated delay, chorus, 
and parametric equalizer, all created 
mimicking analog-style circuit design. 

Getting the most out of the software 
requires some core understanding 
of subtractive synthesis, especially if 
you're designing sounds from scratch. 

This sound-creation process is far too 
complex to explain here, but a great way 
to start mastering it is to modify 1 or 
more of the 400 included preset sounds. 

While its documentation leaves 
much to be desired— especially for a 
virtual device of this complexity— Moog 
Modular V looks and sounds fantastic. 
Hey, the virtual analog patch cables 
are even animated to swing out of the 
way as you drag your cursor over the 
controls. Even if you’re not old enough 
to remember Moog artist Walter/Wendy 
Carlos, we highly recommend Moog 
Modular y.— David Biedny 


Fingerprint Authentification 

Mac OS X 

Your fingerprint 
is your password. 

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. 
13427 NE 20th St. Suite #120, 
Bellevue, WA 98005 
TEL: 800-232-3989 Ex. 2 
426-957-0808 Ex. 2 

MSRP under $200. Reseller inquiries welcome. 

®2003 Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. 
PUPPY and PUPPY Suite are traderharks of Sony Corporation. 
Mac and the Mac Logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., 
registered in the United States and other countries. 

COMPANY: Arturia 
PRICE: $329 

REQUIREMENTS: 500MHz G3 (64 recommended), Mac OS 9 or later. 
128MB RAM 

GOOD NEWS: Incredible sounds. Virtually every plug-in format provided. 
Many more voices and effects than in the original hardware. 

BAD NEWS: Weak documentation. Needs a fast processor for multiple 
voices or complex sounds. 

Mac/Addict RATED 



epT .'T..' Q 

The Moog Modular V interface is true to the original analog 
hardware it emulates so well, with a patch bay (shown), 
sequencer, and keyboard. 



Moog ModularV 1.1 


O ^ better living through smarter shopping 

Marine Aquarium 2 


W ise men say that a bad day of 

fishing is betterthan a good day of 
work. With Marine Aquarium (a virtual- 
fish-tank screen saver) you get both. The 
fishing is vegan-style: Just admire your 
colorful aquatic buddies as they cavort 
against a realistic backdrop of coral 
and sand. And, yes, you can work while 
watching Marine Aquarium— just select 
its window mode. We, however, prefer 
screen-saver mode, which turns your 

We’d buy Marine Aquarium Just 
because we think it’s cool. . 

you can only have seven fish 
in the tank (on the screen) 
simultaneously. If you own a 
widescreen display (such as 
an Apple Cinema Display), 
you can have eight. However, 
they can be all of one breed 
or mixed— even randomized. 

Nifty touches include dynamic 
lighting, which consolidates 
a day’s day and night lighting 
into a 30-minute cycle that 
you can shorten to as little as 
3 minutes. This light cycling 
was enjoyable for a while, but we’re glad 
the program also offered manual light 
settings we could set once and enjoy in 
perpetuity. You can adjust basic settings 
via System Preferences* Screen Effects 
pane or the application preferences 
dialog when Aquarium is running in 
window mode. 

The Squarespot Anthias and Percula Clownfish are two of 
the 26 species offish waiting for you in Marine Aquarium. 

We know nobody really needs a 
screen saver: Modern computer displays 
are virtually immune to the dreaded 
monitor burn-in of old. No, we don’t 
need it, but we’d buy Marine Aquarium 
just because we think it’s cool— and 
because it drives our cat crazy. 

—Niko Coucouvanis 

whole screen into a gorgeous fish tank, 
complete with rising bubbles. 

Version 2.0 adds five new fish, 
bringing the ichthyological total to 
26— we’re especially fond of the Blue 
Tang and Lionfish. The bad news is that 


COMPANY: Prolific Publishing REQUIREMENTS; 350MHz G3. Mac 
CONTACT: OS 9.x or 10.1.5 or later, 48MB RAM 
PRICE: $19.95 (128MB in OS X), 16-bit color 

GOOD NEWS: Like a real fish tank without the fuss 

Mac>4ddict rated 

and muss. We could stare at it all day. 

BAD NEWS: Staring at it ail day might get you fired. 
Limited number of fish onscreen at a time. 



330 Turbo 


M ac addicts have only one choice in 
dedicated label printers: Dymo’s 
LabelWriters, compact thermal printers 
that use heat-sensitive labels. Dymo 
has lowered the price of its speedy 
LabelWriter 330 Turbo since our first 
review {Reviews, Oct/01, p49), but 
today’s big news isn’t a price drop, it’s 
OS X-native software. 

Your Mac’s standard driver software 
allows any application to print to the 
LabelWriter, but to take advantage of 
special features (barcodes, counters, 
time-and-date stamps, and so forth), 
you need the included Dymo Label app. 

Dymo’s LabelWriter 330 Turbo is ready to 
pow-wow with Mac OS X. 

The Classic version of Label remains 
unchanged, with a functional but clunky 
interface. The OS X version is more 
elegant. You can now edit content and 
adjust formatting directly on a template 
rather than through cumbersome 
dialogs. A new Smart Paste feature 

prints multiple labels from the Clipboard 
or a file, and the new curved-text feature 
takes advantage of Dymo’s nifty CD/DVD 
labels (2.25-Inch diameter; $11.95 for 
160). The LabelWriter 330 Turbo isn’t 
flawless, however: There’s no Internet 
postage option; the software lacks 
integration with Apple’s Address Book 
and Microsoft’s Entourage; and the Mac 
software is missing several features 
available in the Windows version, 
such as Address Fixer, which checks 
addresses against the U.5. Postal 
Service’s database if you’re connected 
to the Internet. 

The LabelWriter is convenient and 
reliable, and its new OS X software is 
farsuperiorto the old Classic app. If 
only the Mac market share was large 
enough to entice Dymo to make the Mac 
software as capable as its Windows 
counterpart.— Owen 1/14 Linzmayer 



CONTACT: 800-426-7827 or 
PRICE; $209.99 

serial-equipped Mac (only USB 
support In OS X), Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x 
or 10.1 .5 or later 

GOOD NEWS; Affordable. Great print quality and speed. 
Easy setup. Native OS X application. 

BAD NEWS: Missing Internet postage, PIM integration, 
Address Fixer, and other Windows-only features. 

Mac/lddict RATED 



54 MacAddict August 2003 


QuickBooks Pro 5.0 


F or some time Intuit has alienated 
the Mac-addicted small-business 
crowd by ignoring Mac OS X, but the 
company has at last regained its senses 
and reaffirmed its commitment to 
the Mac: QuickBooks Pro 5 for Mac is 
here, and it works in both OS 9 and 
OS X. We’re happy to see ol’ familiar 
QuickBooks in all its new Aqua glory, 
but it’s a rather underwhelming 
upgrade with nothing much in the way 
of new features— OK, the new Report 
Finder is handy, but there’s not much 
else to get excited about. 

Getting up to speed with QuickBooks 
Pro is a snap. You can seamlessly 
update your data from QuickBooks 
Pro 4, but only if you have version 
M12a— and If you’re a QuickBooks user, 

you probably do. Windows refugees 
(aka Switchers) can use Intuit’s pricey 
conversion service ($99 for 10-day 
turnaround, $250 for 2-day) to get 
QuickBooks for Windows files into 
the Mac format. Alternately, you can 
download tools from Intuit’s Web site 
and do the conversion yourself (for 
$0). Either way, some data gets lost 
in the translation (see www.quickbooks 
/dataconverted.html for more info). 

QuickBooks still deftly handles 

most normal bookkeeping elements 
of your small business, Includingthe 
checking account, accounts payable, 
accounts receivable, invoicing, 
expense management, credit sales, 
inventory, time sheets, sales tax, and 
other essentials. You can even process 
the company payroll via the included 
copy of AatrixTop Pay, which links to 
QuickBooks for Its financial data. You 
also get a first-time-free tax-table 
update from Aatrix, but additional 
updates, state payroll reporting, gnd 
direct-deposit capabilities cost extra. 

You can set up the basic books for 
a new company in short order using 
the convenient New Company Setup 
Assistant wizard, which helps you tailor 
QuickBooks Pro to your business. We do 
advise, however, that you 
peruse the documentation 
(a thorough 500-page 
tome) before you begin, or 
consult your accountant to 
ensure that you make the 
correct choices. 

The new Report Finder 
feature allows you to easily 
find and customize the 
various financial reports 
you generate for your 
business. You can also 
now save your output in 
PDF format In OS X, an output option 
shared by almost every other OS X app. 

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll 
want to take a close look at QuickBooks 
Pro 5. If you are using QuickBooks 4 and 
can survive in the Classic environment 
of OS X (and don’t need to create PDF 
files), there’s little to tempt you to shell 
out $179.99 forthe upgrade. However, 
if you prefer the stability and beauty 
of OS X, you can always write off the 
upgrade as a business expense. 

—Gene Steinberg 

introducing the 

Cable CaddU 

Constantly retrieving 
wires from behind 
your desk? 



The Cable Caddy is the 
newest and most innovative 
organizer to keep those wires 
at your fingertips 

Custom imprinting available. 

Great promotional product! 


Skytech Designs, LLC ® CableCaddy™ 

COMPANY; intuit 

CONTACT: 800-446-8848 or 650-944-6000, 

PRICE; $299.95, $179.95 (upgrade) 

GOOD NEWS: Relatively easy setup. Smooth learning curve. Powerful 
reportfeature. Decent performance. 

BAD NEWS: Difficult cross-platform conversions. Not enough new 
features to justify upgrade price. 

REQUIREMENTS: Power Mac, Mac OS 9.2.2 or 10.1,5 or 
10.2.1 or later, 128MB RAM, 50MB disk space 

MacAddict RATED 



An easy questlon-and-answer wizard helps give QuickBooks 
Pro the information it needs to get your business in order. 

CharisMac FireWire Dino 

Bun for your livesi It’s Godzilla! It’s a FireWire 400 hub! 

Dr. Bott’s extendAIR Direct 

Make AirPort Extreme’s range noticeably more extreme. 

MacWiretess Power Over Ethernet 

Mount an AirPort Base Station 250 feet from AC power. 

Jun/03, p61 

XtremeMac UFO 

May/03. p59 

if you own a G4 iMac, you gotta get this way-cool hub. 

The world’s greatest MP3 player gets smaller and cooler. 

Digidesign Mbox 

This audio interface is a traveling musician’s delight. 

Apple Cinema HO Display 

This 23-inch, 1,920-by-1, 200-pixel beauty inspires lust. 

$1,399.00 Jan/03, p47 

Formac gallery 2010 Platinum 

Bright, fast, huge— and it costs only $.0007 per pixel. 

Need a sturdy laser printer? This one’s a workhorse. 

Brother HL-1870N 

$699.00 0ct/02,p42 

Epson Stylus Photo 2200 

The most stunning photo printer we’ve ever tested. 

Canon CanoScanLiDE 30 

$99.00 Nov/02, p52 

This entry-level scanner gets the job done Inexpensively. 

Epson Perfection Photo 

$399.00 Oct/02. p48 

UCie d2 200GB FireWire 800 

Jun/03, p47 

FireWire 800 speed meets sotid-as-a-rock construction. 

Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT 

Solid construction, push-button backup, and 250GB. 

owe Mercury Elite Pro 

This 180GB FireWire 800 drive outpaces its competition. 


better living through smarter shopping 


FireWire Dino 

Wethought we had 

seen it all, and 

then a FireWire ^ 

400 hub shows ^ 

up in the form of " 

a Godzilla action 

figure* As Reviews 

Editor Niko Coucouvanis said, 

“Hubzilla is way cool; just get one 




This third-generation iPod 
inspired Editor in Chief Rik 
Myslewski to gush that it 
“redefines 'insanely great.'"' 
Yeah, It may sound like Rik's 
lost his cold, hard objectivity 
but he’s right. 





It’s Still early in the race to build the 
fastest FireWire 800 hard drive, but 
there's already a new leader: Other World 
Computing's Mercury Elite Pro. Rik again; 
“It’s a great drive." 



56 Mac Addict August 2003 

1 Canon PowerShot S230 Digital Elph 


Mar/03, p48 

A great 3.2-megapixel camera In a tiny, low-cost package. | 

1 Nikon CoolpixSIOO 


May/03, p43 

The best point-and-shoot digicam we’ve seen yet. I 

1 Olympus C-4000 Zoom 


Jan/03, p52 

Great image quality, 4 megapixels, and versatile controls. I 


MOTU Digital Performer 3 


Feb/02, p58 

This pro-audio app has a great array of features. | 

Propeilerhead Software Reason 2 


Mar/03, p50 

It's the best software-synth bargain available today. | 

Roxio Toast with Jam 5 


Sep/02, p49 

Burn CDs, MP3 CDs. DVDs, and VCDs, and edit audio. | 


Ambrosia Software Escape Velocity: Nova 


Sep/02, p48 

Enjoy the perverse thrill of galactic domination. 

Aspyr Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 


Feb/03, p37 

Fantastic gameplay with both weapons and The Force. 

Aspyr NASCAR Racing 2002 Season 


May/03, p57 

Realistic NASCAR racing on a Mac? Believe It. 

Aspyr The Sims Unleashed 


May/03, p58 

Pixel-pets abound in the best Sims expansion pack yet. 

MaePlay No One Lives Forever 


Mar/03, p49 

A beautiful spy, sly foes, nifty gadgets, fast action— nice. 

MacSoft Max Payne 


Dec/02, p42 

Max seeks revenge— and gets plenty of it in this FPS. 

Adobe After Effects 5.5 


May/02, p49 

This motion-graphics stud improves its 3D powers. 

Apple DVD Studio Pro 1.5 


Oct/02, p55 

Apple's essential DVD -burning app gets even better. 

Apple Final Cut Pro 3 


Apr/02, p45 

This pro-level video editor is a real-time revelation. 

Apple Keynote 


Apr/03, p48 

This presentation app was built for Mac OS X— and it shows. 

Bare Bones Software BBEdit 7.0.1 


Mar/03, p52 

By far the most powerful text editor money can buy, 

Microsoft Office v.X 


Feb/02, p42 

The 800-pound gorilla of productivity applications. 

Script Software CopyPaste-X 1.5.1 


Apr/03, p61 

Shareware must be great to make the list. This clipboard is. 

Adobe InDesign 2.0 


May/02, p50 

Look out, Quark— Adobe’s rival layout tool kicks butt. 

Adobe Photoshop 7 


Jul/02, p46 

Picture-perfect pixel pusher moves to Mac OS X. 

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 


Dec/02, p40 

This has most of Photoshop’s power for $500 less. 

FontLab 4.5.2 


May/03, p53 

The font editor all type geeks have been waiting for. 

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 


Sep/02, p44 

Ourtavorite Web-design tool gets a strong upgrade. 

Macromedia Flash MX 


Jul/02, p51 

It started in animation; now it can do anything. 

Macromedia FreeHand MX 


Jul/02, p5 

In the race with Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand pulls ahead. 




tf/x m i»? PMmrir flrts^ stmrfay Pfl fiAMFS, <hf> PA fiAMPS ingn, Maids and ttif* Mads logo flfe <ia[tefnafte cr registefat iradenBite ot Beditxiic Arts ftrc. in Bte U.$. ancVor oltig countries. All rittfte fcsefvecL 6A GAMK^ and Maxis^“ ars Bectronic fafancte. Made In the Tlie ratings 

iconbaregisla«jtradeiT«jlc of ljieintefaclivoDi^iaiSoftiMireAssaiafion.Tl»Aswrl()^is<i traded Inc. fogWered In the U.S. and other countries. All oCierfrJKJemarks and trade names are the prcperty of thtar respects 

because inquiring minds have the right to be inspired 






eo-o- . codiuii-i 

t mffKt minuta (w Mac O&X 




f PrtWndtng f Pnrmhsion, \ 

f Scripu"^ 


How can I remove a CD that’s 
stuck In my Mac? 

Method 1: Hold down the mouse button 
while your Mac starts up to force the 
CD drive to spit it out. Method 2; Boot 
into Open Firmware by holding down 
the Command-Option-O-F keys at 
startup. When the Open Firmware text 
screen appears, type sjact cdand 
press Return— the CD will pop out. Type 
rasBt-all to reboot your Mac. 


How important are the .DS_Store 
files in Mac OS X? 

Not very. In theory, .DS_Store files 
keep track of icon positions in a folder. 
In reality, deleting them does nothing 
to icon placement. If you would like 
to delete them, say, for burning an 
MP3 CD without extraneous files that 

Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and 
type the following command: 

In -s path/to/new/ocaf/on/Mail (no 
space) /Usaps/username/Library 
This will put what appears to be an 
alias— but is actually a symbolic 
link— into your Library folder. 

TIP: To quickly get the exact path to 
your new Mall folder location, drag 
the Mail folder from Its new location 
into the Terminal window after you 
have already typed In *s. 


How do you create an Internet 
disk image? 

With Mac OS 10.2.3, Apple introduced 
the Internet disk image, which works like 
the regular disk image for downloading 
files from your Web or FTP site, but with 

Roucue CitftS to Mu OS $ dtiktop 

r“«o 1 

might confuse a standalone player, the 
cleanest way is to use the free utility 


Lost login: Hon Apr 28 23:83:36 on ttypi 
Iteicoiie to Dorwirtl 

Choose disk : ^Stanofi Obli M 

De_DDS ( 

[Honer-X:*'] buzXhdtutit int«rnet>enable >yes Alsers/buz/Desktop/HyFt ies .dng 
hdiutU: intemet-enoble: enable succeeded. 

Force empty trash from selected disk - . 

f fiwpty 

/download/De DDS.tgz).]ustdraga 

[Hotter-X;-'] buzM | 

This alcohol-free Cocktail empties your Trash 
and won’t give you a hangover. 


Why can’t I trash certain folders? 

The Trash is actually just a folder, and 
like other folders, it has permissions 
and privileges that sometimes stop 
you from tossing certain files. When 
files and folders just won’t go away, try 

^ ON THE I Cocktail (free, 

/cocktail), which forces 
the Trash to empty. 

folder onto De_DDS, 
and it will delete 
any .DS_Store files 
in the folder. 




Cocktail 2.2.1 





How can I move my Safari 
bookmarks from one Mac 
to another? 

just copy the Bookmarks. plist stored 
in your Library > Safari folder from one 
Mac to the other. 


Can I store my Mac OS X Mail on an 
external drive? 

Yes. First, launch the Terminal. Since 
Mac OS X’s Mail application can’t follow 
standard aliases to a new location, 
you need to create a kind of superalias 
called a symbolic link. Copy your Mail 
directory to the external drive and delete 
the original Mail folder. Then fire up the 


How do you capture still images 
from a DVD In Mac OS X? 

Use DigitallyObsessed’s free utility, 

DVD Capture 2.0 (www.digitallyobsessed 
.com), which works within Apple’s DVD 
Players to let you take 
stills from running 
movies. You need 
jaguar to ;run jt. 

Just type one simple command line, and you’ll 
enable a neat-and-tidy Internet disk image. 

one exception: It deletes itself after 
mounting and copying files to your Mac. 
(Regular disk Images leave a messy 
trail of used wrappers.) To create an 
Internet disk image, first create a normal 
disk image file by using Disk Copy 
(Applications > Utilities). Then open the 
Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and 
use the following command to convert 
your disk-image file into an Internet disk 
image: hdiutll internet-enable -yes 
(space) /path to diskimage.i\mB 

just holding down the D key during startup 

should do the trick. 



DVD Capture 1.0 

'■ Downloads " 


Mighty Mouse 1.1 
2.0 MS 


How can I force my Mac to boot from 
the system software on an internal 
hard drive instead of on a CD? 


is there a way to make 
my cursor larger? 

In Mac OS 9, use 
Rj Cooper’s Biggy-Light 

In Mac OS X, use Unsanity’s 
Mighty Mouse ($10,, 
which allows you to do all kinds of 

Meet the Yao Ming 
of cursors. 

58 MacAddict August 2003 

DIFnCULTY No whinmg- 

EASY anyone 

can (fo this! 


41m ini take some 
TRICKY effort, feulyou 
can do it 

This stuffs 
TOUGH for the pfos. 

HOW TO 59 



How much damage can one 
command do? 

A lot. For example, the remove 
command, rm, is very dangerous. Used 
incorrectly, however, it can exterminate 
your data or extinguish your Web server. 
Here are some variations on the evil. 
Warning: Back up your Mac before using 
these commands. 

eee /usr/bin/login (ttypX) 

Welcome to Darwin! 

[locQlhost:-] macaddic^ rm -r *| 

Use rm with caution. 

rm This command deletes files and 
folders. Unix has no undelete, so when 

you rm a file, 
if s gone, baby. 

rm * This infinitely more dangerous 
variation of the rm command uses 
the asterisk (*) wild card, which 
substitutes for any and all characters. 
The command rm * would delete any 
file In the current directory, 
rm -R * This is the most dangerous 
command In the Unix universe. The -R 
stands for recursive, which means it 
applies the remove command to both 
a directory and all its subdirectories to 
delete everything permanently. 

This harmless little combo wlU (actually 
did, we're embarrassed to admit) 
irrevocably delete the contents of the 
home directory. 

Preview EPS files in Mac OS X. 


How can I preview an EPS file 
in Mac OS X? 

Thomas Kiffe's MacGhostView ($20, can render any raw 
PostScript file to the screen as well 

as display the contents of any EPS 
(Encapsulated PostScript) file. 
This is a great way to 
get a quick preview 
of an EPS file without 
opening it. 

^1 I technical 

OUlJPlIlll questions or 
helpful tips directly via email 
( or c/o 
MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005. 

Six years of handling tech support 
for Apple, Power Computing, and a 
Texas school district have given Buz Zolter 
Mac superpowers. 



MacGhostView 2.7 


How can I make Mac OS X folders 
invisible to keep them away from 
prying eyes? 

Use Citrus Software's CloaklT ($9.95,, which can 
make files or folders disappear from vievv 
and even password-protect them. 

0 Q Cloakit 

^ M akcVisth^ ^ | 

Now you see ft, now you don't. 


How can I play Video CDs 
on my Mac? 

Use MacVCD X ($19.95, www.mireth 
,com/pub/mxme,html), available for 
both Mae OS 9 and Mac OS X. 


How can I learn everything about 
a used Mac I inherited? 

Get Mactracker, by Ian Page (free,, which 
contains a wealth of info—from tech 
specs to original price to startup 
chime— about every Mac ever made. 


Welcome to the Webatorium! 

Watch thw ipace for eotflei and oodlei of 
cctnptUaiii couto&t, ttreauaig your w«y ^4/7 
baby I If we had auythstg to tay. or if the text in 
icreetuiiot was goutg to be big enough to 
read m pnut, we'd dang well say something here 

Instead, we'll jtut fill the udnte space with words 
made of typed characters thatH illustrate how a 
(ilfiit-aligned image stays put wlaie the text fiows 
magically around it. Then well resort to good old 
filler text lest our bromi miptode. Dang, that's a 
tall ntuge. notice how we've apparent^ pamted 
ousseh’es into a proverbial comer, havnig run out 

60 Build Your Own 

Why run with the herd, using your 
ISP's or .Mac's Web page templates 
to create a cookie-cutter site? Be 
unique. Be original. Do it yourself. 
We show you how. 

64 Control Your Mac with 
Your Voice 

Give your fingers and wrist a rest. We 
show you how you can get your Mac 
to perform everyday routine tasks 
with the mere sound of your voice. 

66 Broadcast Your 
Own News Feed 

Keep them informed. Whether you 
have a personal Web site, a blog, or a 
commercial Web presence, we show 
you how to create news feeds that'll 
display your headlines in any news 
ticker app. 

68 Design Your 
Own Font 

YouVe always thought 
It would be cool to 
have a font in your 
own handwriting. 

Now you can. Create 
a handwritingtypeface Uckety-spiit 
or spend time designing a stylized 
one— the choice is yours. 

August 2003 MacAddict 59 

^ build your own Web site 

Insert Image 

B Align Left | 

IS Ce nter | 

Insert ^ 

in Insert Table 

HTML Table 


r^l Text Color 




iLinkl Link Field 

III ■ II .,.-,.-. 

Ofe. O. C <?> I f. ^ 


Tired of .Mac’s limitations on 
Web-page design* but clueless 
when it comes to code? You can 
quickly build your own site— 
code-free— with Dreamweaver. 

Welcome to the Webatotrum! 

Wateh tiui fpue fer »edle« and »odlei of 
fiMJipitttti jtwMtiMj your w»y lAH 
bU>yl If we liad imytiin* to iny. w if the text m 
tki Kietitibot WM c«o( to be beg toou^ l« 
we'd diBig wtl i*y »<ifljetl«g here 

Wei jtut SB the wtate >pKe with words 
oftyped ehsnctm that's iBnrtraU how t 
■•kvied iraags itoy* put while die text 6ovni 
matiesUy arotsidit Dum wall reioit to good old 
'%r text text our bnun uptode. Dsng. Ibat'i a 
nolieo bow we*n apparendy panted 
->40 a prcvetbial center, having nn out 
^'iBhv ttQr aethblance of nlevtaiee to 

•*tvthing really Qhis^^bst. wa can't reidly jack up the font are to fill the j^ace. 
““ •« that’d live awaa^ "*•« cbty kttle lecret Notihat we have notlang to iny— 

3Jtaa.,-dmtuo co|jw*fcJwiaM reaBy readwebertea anyway. d'l pul » 
of apan^bo^ and ipiden trlSkC.a for emti] addreiiei to bombard with 

Cefaun fmn Sin 'Mont @ O 


tifWfapQ tg 

mi mim 

W 3-2 

O Browse File For Linking ( 

f ad 


^ Align Right 
r^l Border Coior| [ 
r^l Background Color | 

Build Your Own Web Site 

by Niko Coucouvanis 


• Dreamweaver MX ($399 or free trial version; 

• FTP client, such as Transmit ($24.95, or Dreamweaver 

• Web host 

S o you want a Web page. lt*s 2003, for crying out loud— 
nobody gives a fart about the Internet since the great dot- 
bomb of *01. But they’ll be back, and this time you’ll be 
there ahead of the pack. Sure, you cow/d just fill in the blanks on 
your .Mac homepage or click HomePage in iPhoto (or just about 
any modern word- or image-processing app) to autogenerate 

one, but where’s the fun in that? Shouldn’t 
your Web page symbolize your individuality 
and belief in personal freedom? We say, 

“Hell, yeah!” We even show you the way. 

You’ve always wanted to flaunt your fluff ’n’ 
stuff electronically to the masses, but .Mac 
doesn’t cut it for you. Here, we instruct you on 
how to create a basic home page, complete with a title graphic, 
text, a photo, and navigational links to your unknown treasures 
within. We demonstrate how to Web-optimize photos and build a 
custom-made photo-gallery page. And don’t worry— we also 
tell you how to get everything up on your hosted Web space. 



Dreamweaver MX 6.1 
trial, GraphicConverter 
4.6.1, Know Thy Code 
supplement, and 
Transmit (OSX) 2.5 


Make the Map Launch Dreamweaver MX. The 
program opens a blank document— save the page as 
index.html in Library > Webserver > Documents. Then tell 
Dreamweaver to store your pending images and HTML 
files in this same Documents folder; select New Site from the 
Site menu; and in the resulting dialog, click the Basic tab and 
enter a name for your site in the field. Click Next to continue, 
leave the default setting, and click Next again. Select the same 
Documents folder by clicking the folder icon, navigating to it, 
and clicking Choose. Click Next again, select None from the 
server access pop-up menu (we’ll deal with uploading files 
later), and click Next to see a summary of your site’s settings. 

Click Done to 

0 Q @ Site - wheeztes 

KIpTOf] 1 site: i My 809 US Sit. ^ 

o|« # v*|® 

; siM ! Tvpi : 

tec the fll» on your web server, you must 
define e reniote site. 

T Cil ^te - wheezies (whee B 
^ index.himl g 

seal the deal. 

Stash files in Library > Webserver > Documents, 
and you can preview your site from your Mac’s 
built-in Web server. 

2 Set the Page From the Modify menu, select 
Page Properties. In the dialog, type a name for your 
page In the Title field (this is what your visitors 
will see). If you want to display a graphic in the 
background, click the Browse button next to the Background 
Image field, navigate to an image, and click Choose. 
Dreamweaver offers to copy the file to the Documents folder- 
click Yes, and in the resulting dialog, click New Folder, name 
the folder //7?apes, and click Create, then Save. For a solid-color 
background, click the Background swatch and choose a color 
from the palette. If you want to change text or link colors, click 
the appropriate swatch and choose a color. Then click OK. 

After we defined the 
mapping in step 1, 
Dreamweaver copied our 
background graphic to 
our storage folder. 

60 MacAddict August 2003 


3 Set the Table HTML tables allow you to arrange 
images and words into rows and columns, and are 
the best way to design pages thatTl look the same 
across different Web browsers, operating systems, 
and platforms. Thankfully, Dreamweaver can build the tables 
foryou; if youTe a budding propellerhead, check out our HTML 
cheat sheet, “Know Thy Code,” on the Disc. In Dreamweaver, 
select the Common tab and click the insert table icon in the 
Insert window. In the resulting dialog, type 2 in the Rows field, 

3 In the Columns field, and 750 in the Width field. Select Pixels 
from the pop-up menu next to Width. To create breathing room 
between cells, type 9 in the Cell Padding field, and then click OK 
to generate the table. 

Trust us, creating 
HTML tables in 
is much easier 
than coding them 
by hand. 

4 Color the Ceils To make your page easy to 
read, choose a background color for the table’s cells. 

In the Properties window, click the Bg Color swatch 
and use the eyedropper to select an easy-on-the-eyes 
color from the palette— we chose white to keep things looking 
clean. To choose a background color that complements your 
background graphic (if you’re displaying one), click the Bg Color 
swatch and use the eyedropper to select any desired color in 
your document window. 

Choose a solid color for your table’s background for better 
readability— especially if you have a background graphic. 

5 Merge Ceils Since a home page is all about 
self-aggrandizement, a nice big logo or text title that 
loudly announces your arrival to the Web world is par 
for the course. However, one cell Is too puny for such 
grandiosity, so merge the top row’s three cells so that your title 
or image runs the width of the table. Click the top-left cell to 
select it, hold down the Shift key, click twice in the adjacent 
cell, and then click the far-right cell to select the entire row (the 
borders will appear in bold). Then click the merge cells icon 
under Row in the Properties window. 

You can easily merge cells in HTML tables with the click of a 
button-a task that used to take days to code by hand. 

Insert a Title Ifyou’ve got a logo, click the big 
cell, and then click the image button In the Insert 
window. In the resulting window, navigate to and 
select your logo graphic and click Choose. Click Yes in 
the subsequent dialog. In the next, save the graphic into your 
images folder (create this in the Documents folder if it doesn’t 
already exist). The cell expands to hold your logo— drag any 
bounding-box corner if you need to scale It. If you want a text 
title, click the text-color swatch in the Properties window and 
choose a color. Then select a font from the font pop-up menu, 
click the bold button if you want a heavier line, select a number 
from the Size pop-up, and type a title. To center your logo or title 
in the cell, click the align-center button. Then save your file. 

To title your page, 
insert a graphic logo 
or type text in the 
top cell and then 
center it. 

7 Show Thom th© Way Home now that you’ve got the basis 
foryour home page, use it as a template foryour site’s subpages. First, 
create a link foryour logo or title so that when surfers click it, they’ll be 
brought back from any page within your site to your home page. Click 
your logo to select it, or highlight your title text. In the Properties window, type a 
backslash (/) in the Link field, which tells the Web browser to go to the site’s root- 
level index page. Then select Save As from the File menu, enter a name for the next 
page you want to create (photos.html, bio.html, or what have you), and save it Into 
the Documents folder (save a backup too). Repeat for any additional pages. 



w 'seo ; 

Src :/imagc$/logold.Jpg 

Alt , 


H 133^ 


W.. ZZ— 


(Reset Size~j 


V space ’ 

Ta^et » ' 




HSp«t| t 

LowSrC; op 

Align ( Default 


Typing a backslash in the Link field sets a link back to your main index.html page. 


But wait, you say— 1 use Apple’s .Mac for 
my Web space. Can I have my righteous 
Dreamweaver creation appear as my .Mac 
home page? Sure, just mount your iDisk by 
selecting iDisk from the Finder’s Go menu. 
Then deposit all of your HTML and image 
files in your iDisk’s Sites folder. That’s it— 
really. Now anyone can see your handiwork 
by logging onto your .Mac home page. 

August 2003 MacAddlct 61 


wZ- V build your own Web site 

8 Make Menu Links If you want people to 
see your subpages, create menu links on your home 
page to lead them deeper into your site. Go back to 
your home page, click the bottom left cell, then select 
Center from the Horz pop-up menu in the Properties Inspector. 
Then click the text-color swatch, choose a color, select a font 
from the Default Font pop-up menu, select a size from the Size 
pop-up, and type a title that describes yourfirst subpage (such 
as Photo Gallery or About Me). If you want to change the cell*s 
background color, click the Bg Color swatch and select a color 
from the palette. To set the text so it links to its corresponding 
HTML page, click and drag over the text to highlight it, click the 
folder icon next to the Link field, navigate to the file, and click 
Choose. If you have more pages, press Return, type more titles 
below the first, and link each title to its corresponding page. 

Type titles for your site’s subpages in the bottom left cell to 
create a menu, and then link them to their HTML pages. 

9 Fill ’Er Up Now let’s add a pretty picture and 
some compelling content. To add an image (see 
“Optimize Photos,” next page, for important image- 
compression info), click the bottom center cell, and 
click the image button. In the resulting dialog, navigate to your 
desired file, click Choose, and direct Dreamweaver to copy it 
into the images folder. Feel free to resize the image and change 
its alignment within the cell (we right-aligned ours and then 
typed 5 in the H Space field to move the image 5 pixels away 
from the right). To add text, press your keyboard’s right-arrow 
key to deselect the image, and then start typing— the text will 
flow within the same cell. Then apply your page design and 
linking knowledge to your subpages (see “Build Your Own Photo 
Gallery,” next page, for our photo-page tutorial). 

Welcome to the Webaorium! 

Watch tiu ^ace for oodtes and oodki 
coQ^eOrng contenl, streaomg your wvy 2417 
babyl H‘we had anything to say, or if ^ tezt in 
this screenshot was gomgto be big enough to 
read in piint. we'd dang well say tomeduig here. 

Instead, We'D just fiQ the white space with words 
made of typed characters diafD illustrate how a 
n^t-aligned image stays put whde the text flows 
magicai^ around it. Then well resort to good old 
filler text lest our brains in^bde. Dang, that's a 
taD image; notice bow we've appsoenfly painted 
oursehfcs into a proverbial comer, having run out 
of words baring any semblance ofrclcvrmce to 
anything really. Given that, we can't reaSy jack up the font size to fiD the space, 
because fliat'd give away the dirty Sttfc secret Not that we have nodmg to say-- 
au contraire-tfaat no cognizant humans real^ read websites anyway, it’s just a 
bunch of spambots and seders trolling for email addresses to bombard with 

Paragraph text 
flows smoothly 
around a right- 
aligned image- 
pretty slick, eh? 

L©aVG th© N©St Once you’re finished, 

■ ■ ^P^o^d your site to your Web host for all the 

II ■ world to see. (If you’re a .Mac subscriber, see 
I “Hijack Your .Mac Homepage,” p61.) Though 

Dreamweaver lets you upload directly from it, Transmit is easier 
to use (if you’re using Dreamweaver, select Edit Sites from the 
Site menu and apply our instruction to the appropriate panel). 
Launch Transmit. In the right side of the window, enteryour 
server address (If you don’t know it, ask your ISP), username 
(for the server), password, and the path to the folder where you 
want to put your stuff in the corresponding fields. Then click 
Connect. In the left side, navigate to your local Web directory 
(Library > Webserver > Documents), Command-click all the files 
and folders that comprise your site, and click the upload arrow 
button to send them off. Then fire up your browser and admire. 

Your personal information will vary, but this is where you need to 
enter it to upload files. 


As you build a site, check it out in a browser from time to time. 
Don’t settle for Dreamweaver’s Preview In Browser function. 
Serve the site to yourself on Apache Web Server— it’s installed 
with Mac OS X. Open System Preferences and click Sharing. 
Check the Personal Web Sharing box to start it up. Then launch 
your browser. Because we had you save files to the Library > 
Webserver > Documents directory, just enter / 7 ffp;///oco// 70 St 
in the browser’s URL bar, and Apache is smart enough to know 
to look there to find your site. 

One little checkmark turns on your Mac’s 
built-in Apache Web Server. 

62 MacAddict August 2003 



Optimize Photos 


• GraphicConverter ($30, 

I f you’re putting photos online, you need to bring down the file 
I sizes unless you want visitors complaining about outrageous 
download times. Here’s how to do just that without sacrificing 
too much quality. 

1 Optimize Open a photo in GraphicConverter, From 
the Picture menu, select Colors, then Minimize Color 
Table to remove unused colors. Select Size from the 
Picture menu, and then Scale. In the resulting dialog, 
check the Keep Proportions box. Under Size, select Inches from 
both the Width and Height pop-up menus. Then enter a number 
in either the Width or the Height field so that your image is no 
larger than about 4 by 6 inches at 72 dots per inch (the adjacent 
dimension will scale accordingly), and click OK. 

For the fastest 
downloads, scale 
down photos before 
you use them on your 
Web page. 

2 Compress From the File menu, select Save As. 
In the dialog, select jPEG/jFIF (*.jPG, *JPEG) from the 
Format pop-up menu, and click Save. Another dialog 
pops up, allowing you to adjust compression quality. 
Check the Show Preview box to see before-and-after images, 
and check the Calculate File Size box to preview the final 
size. Then use the Quality slider to adjust the amount of JPEG 
compression until you get a good balance of quality and file 
size. Click OK to slim down your image. 


(^ality B 

low mediuin high 

0 QuickTime 
0JPEC 6,0 
□ Progressive 

0 Calculate File Size 
Original Size 428.4KS 
New Size 27.2KB 

(The atculated Rie size is only 
correct If you save the file without 
a resource fork) 

Q) Show this dialog before saving 
®)PEC files 

G Swap APPO and APPl marker (EXIF) 

After we sized down and compressed our photo, the formerly fat 
25.8MB file became a svelte 27.2KB. 

Before After 

@5 Show Preview 

O Resize to reach following fife size [lO ^ ^ KB 

( Cancel ') f- QK ^ 

Build Your Own Photo 


• Dreamweaver MX 

• GraphicConverter ($30, 

W hy force family and friends to click through pages of 
vacation photos before they find that priceless image of 
your 2 a.m. swim in theTrevi Fountain? Instead, present them 
with a page of thumbnail images, and give them one-click 
access to your most embarrassing moments. 

Minimize (Mini-Me-ize) Instead of 

cramming a bunch of full-screen Images onto one Web 
page, pack your gallery page with thumbnail images, 
which viewers can then click to open the full version. 
Follow our instructions in “Optimize Photos,” left, to size down 
and compress an image, and then—with your image still open 
in GraphicConverter— create the thumbnail. From the Picture 
menu, select Size, and then Scale. In the resulting dialog, type 
a number in the Width or Height field so your image ends up 
at 1 by 2 inches (orthereabouts)— that way you can fit several 

on a page (the ultimate 
dimension is up to you). 
Then select Save As from 
the File menu, and save the 
image with tn or the like in 
the name to distinguish it. 

After you scale down and 
optimize a photo, create a 
miniature version using the 
same principles. 



Width 0 


;f Pixel 



Height 0 


II Pixel 







f inch . 

M n 




Ji - 



f Pbtei/m. 




:[ PIxel/ln... Ml — ^ 

0 Keep Proportions 
0 Scale Picture 

G Scale complete Movie 
0 Use high quality scaling 

( Cancel ) 

2 Toss ’Em in the Cell In Dreamweaver, select 
New from the File menu, and click Create in the resulting 
dialog to create a new HTML page. Then follow steps 2 
and 3 of “Build Your Own Web Site,” p60, but create a 
bigger table with more rows and columns. Place all of your photos 
andtheirthumbnails in the images folder at Library) Webserver) 
Documents ) images. Then click inside a cell, click the image 
button in the Insert window, navigate to a thumbnail image in 
the resulting dialog, and click Choose to add it. In the Properties 
window, link the thumbnail to its full-size version by clicking the 
folder icon next to the Link field, navigating to the image in the 

dialog, and clickingChoose. Add 
a text title, and then repeat for all 
otherthumbnails and links. 

We like .Mac’s photo page, but we 
have more control over the layout if 
we make our own. 

/.^TK Niko Coucouvanis once coded 

his way out of a paper bag. Really. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 63 

r (r control your Mac with your voice 

Control Your 
Mac with 
Your Voice 

by Kris Fong 


• Mac os X 

• Microphone, built-in or external 

Feeling powerless? Boss around your Mac— you may be surprised to find how 
often it’ll obey. 

W e humans are a bossy breed. When it comes to getting 
what we want— whether it*s combo meal number 5 
with pickles and onions on the side, green M&M’s, 
or MacAddict Disc sleeves— we voice our demands and expect 
to get what we want (well, some of the time). If you thrive on 
barking out orders, you can apply your doggedness to your 
relationship with your Mac. 

Plenty of you already know that Apple built speech technology 
into earlier versions of the Mac OS so that users could verbally 
control some of their Macs* actions. But few have tried it for fear 

of frustration or failure. Thankfully, Apple’s Mac OS X Speech 
Recognition is easy to get up and running, and it doesn’t require 
that you train it to understand spoken commands. It does, 
however, require some patience to perfect your speech delivery 
so your Mac can comprehend what you’re saying. 

If your mousing hand or fingers need a little rest— or if you 
just want to impress your sci-fi geek friends— here’s how to set 
up your Mac for speech recognition and how to create your own 
custom commands. We used Mac OS 10.2— if you’re using an 
earlier OS, it’s easy to apply our instructions to your OS. 

1 Enable Speech Recognition 

You’ve gotta turn it on to make it work. 
Open System Preferences and click 
Speech to display its options. Click the 
Speech Recognition tab, and then click the On/Off 
tab. Select the On radio button to enable Speech 
Recognition; a round, floating feedback window 
appears on your desktop. This window allows you 
to monitor the volume levels picked up by your 
microphone and displays text feedback when it 
understands a spoken command. 

Just click the On radio button to turn 
on Speech Recognition. A float-above- 
everything, round feedback window lets 
you know it’s running. 

2 Have It Your Way Click the Listening tab and choose 
whether you want your Mac to respond to commands only when 
you hold down a key and speak (select Listen Only While Key Is 
Pressed) or anytime its listening mode is turned on (select Key 
Toggles Listening On And OfO- We picked the latter so we could speak 
without pressing anything. If you do the same, type a name foryour computer 
in the Name field (not required for key-press listening)— speak this name to 
alert your Mac of an impending voice command. From the Name Is pop-up, 
select whether you want to preface each command with your computer’s 
name, have it as an option, or require it after a certain amount of time lapses 
between commands. To avoid inadvertently commanding your Mac to do 
something when you’re, say, talking to your cat, select Required Before Each 
Command. To change the default activation key (Escape), click Change Key. In 
the dialog that appears, use your keyboard to select any listed key and click 
OK. Then select your microphone input from the Microphone pop-up menu. 

We selected our built-in mic from 
the Microphone pop-up window- 
note the feedback window’s active 
volume-bar display. 

64 MacAddict August 2003 


HOWTO [^65 

3 Control the Volume To avoid problems, 
gauge your mic input volume: Activate listening as 
determined by your Listening Method choice, and 
then say anything that isn’t a command, such as 
your name. Watch the feedback window’s colored bars— they 
should display green as you speak. If your volume level is 
too tow (blue bar) or too high (red bar), click Volume. In the 
resulting window, speak one of the commands listed and adjust 
the volume slider so that the levels are green. The command will 
blink If your Mac understands what you said. Then click Done, 
and you’re ready to go. 

For best results, adjust 
the volume slider while 
speaking until your 
vocalizations keep the 
bars in the green. 

4 Command Your Mac Your Mac comes with a 

slew of preprogrammed commands. To see a complete 
list, click the On/Off tab and click Open Speakable 
Items Folder. To test one out, ask your Mac “What time 
is it?” in your normal voice (don’t forget to say your Mac’s name 
first if you chose that option). If your Mac understands, your 
question will appear above the feedback window and your Mac 
will tell you the time. Turn down your stereo, TV, and so on when 
speaking— background noise can cause your Mac to perform 
unwanted commands (something in jay Leno’s monologue 
made our Mac suddenly want to log us out). If you don’t want to 
remember exact command phrases, 
click the Commands tab and uncheck 
Require Exact Wording Of Speakable 
Item Command Names; this allows you 
to give voice commands that are similar 
to the real deal (such as “Gimme the 
time”— yes, this does work). 

If your Mac understands your orders, 
it displays your command or question 
above the feedback window. 

5 Create Custom Launching Orders 

With Apple’s presets, you can perform mundane tasks 
such as emptying the Trash, creating new folders, 
getting mail, saving files, and more- including getting 
your Mac to tell you a knock-knock joke (though ours failed to 
deliver a punch line 50 percent of the time). But for ultimate 
control, create your own commands. To create one that launches 
a specific file, folder, Web site, or app, make an alias of the 
item (Command-L) and drag it into your Speakable Items folder 
(say “Show me what to say” to open it). Then rename the alias 
as a command by typing Open followed by the item name. 

For example, we renamed our iTunes alias Open iTunes. Wait 
about 15 to 20 seconds for your Mac to settle In with the new 
command, and then test It by speaking it. Repeat for any other 
app, file, or folder you want to open verbally. 

If you want to open any file, 
folder, URL, or app verbally, 
stick an alias of the item into 
the Speakable Items folder, 
and rename the file with its 
spoken command. 

6 : 


Customize Menu Commands Although 

the presets provide some common menu commands to 
copy, paste, hide apps, and more, there are other tasks 
we wanted to perform without repetitive keystrokes 
or mouse clicks. No problem— we can create custom voice 
commands for just about any menu command. To do this, 
launch an app and pick a menu command (we chose Microsoft 
Entourage’s Next command so we could step through email using 
our voice). Then tell your Mac, “Define a keyboard command.” A 
dialog opens, asking for a key combination— press the keys that 
correspond to your menu command (we pressed Command-]), 
and click OK. In the underlying dialog, type an appropriate verbal 
command foryour menu item in the BySayingThis Phrase field. 

Then choose to 
use the command 
eitherwithin the 
specific app or 
systemwide, and 
click Save. Speak 
the command to 
test it out. Then 
repeat for other 

ft EmoiirK* File Edn Vtfw Motigt Fdrmtt Totgj window Mp 



|9 @ iwMii 

^Um ’ ^ Caf,ortti • 

**** f 




f3S5STK5El ' 1 

Nm, 1 

- ■ - 4 j 





: fossn R 

Because we were tired of clicking through 
each email entry, we created a voice 
command for Entourage’s Next command. 

Kris Fong wishes that people were as compliant 
with her every demand as her Mac is. 


Step Away from the Mic Unlike recording 
apps, Speech Recognition works best 
when you’re about 2 feet away from 
your mic. 

Speak Normally Don’t shout or speak 
like a robot when delivering commands, 
Speak like you would in a conversation 
with someone. 

Pause After Getting Your Mac’s Attention 
When addressing your Mac by name, 
wait one second before delivering 
your command. 

August 2003 MacAidIct 65 


IT broadcast your own news feed 

Your Own 
News Feed 

by Mary E. Tyler 


• TextEdit (part of Mac OS X) 

• Website 

• NetNewsWire Lite (free, 

Got something to say (and readers who give a darn)? Broadcast your Web site 
headlines by creating a news feed. 

ou*ve always been somewhat of a gossip king or queen— 
and at some point you decided to take your knack for 
dishin' it to the next level in the form of a celebrity gossip 
site. Now that you've got some pretty good Web traffic, you're 
looking for a way to alert your reader faithful whenever you post 
juicy new stories. Rather than spam your mailing list, why not 
provide a news feed? 

Most of you have probably seen a news feed— it’s the ticker 
in AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), the scrolling 
text that squishes the picture on ESPN, and 
the latest-posts listing on 
Though a news feed looks like a dynamic text 

stream, it actually works more like an MP3, where the music is 
all there in the file and the player streams it to your ears. With 
a news feed, the text is contained In a file and a news-ticker 
app broadcasts it to your eyeballs. 

Providing a news feed for your site is really simple— Really 
Simple Syndication, that is. RSS (aka RDF Site Summary or 
Rich Site Summary, depending on whom you ask) is the standard 
way of delivering headlines to the Web masses. It's much like 
HTML in that it's a markup language. If you'd like to let your site 
fans know about the big headlines of the moment (even if you 
just want to keep your friends and family updated about your 
so-called life), here's howto create your very own news feed. 



NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.3 

I Make It Plain, TextEdit Launch TextEdit to 
open a new document. From the Format menu, select 
Make Plain Text (if TextEdit isn't already set to open 
PlainText as its default). From the File menu, select 
Save; in the resulting dialog, type index.xml in the Save As field, 

select Unicode (UTF-8) from 
the Plain Text Encoding pop-up 
menu, and click Save. 

_Whtr«: ; iiiO<«fcw>P 



V Downloadt || 

(ji library 

. ' Or.«mw.«v.r MX U 


lid > i 

' or final Edit! 

nctum 1 “ i 

! 1:3 h2 •'1 

Public P' 

|i:;2 H2 8ui)daWtbSt(t 

fcJ S«tf ► 

; ^ U>«x.«nil 

i lnt».».ZSS Folder ► 

osgoaiktop 1-'. 

f ( Ai>dtoFiwfft»r) 

Wkstcfn (Mm os 
j Western (Windom Letin 1) 
japanei* (Mtc OS) 

Japencsfl (StilftJIS) 
Tredlttonal Chinese (Mk OS) 
Korean (Mac OS) 

Simpllfted Chinese (Mac OS) 
Chinese (CB 1S03Q) 

Customize Encodings List... 

In TextEdit, create a plain-text 
document to serve as your RSS 
code sheet. 

2 Define XML and RSS Because RSS 

is XML-based, you must first specify the XML 
version you want to use and the encoding. 

In the first line of your document, type, 

<?xml version = "l-0" encoding=’*utf“8"?>to dothis. 

The next line describes what version of RSS the file uses. 
Current news tickers can handle both RSS 1.0 (RSS-DEV) and 
RSS 2.0 (Userland) feeds. Because RSS 2.0 is much easier to 
use (RSS 1.0 is more verbose), type <pss version = ”2-0”> in 
the second line. Then press Return twice to create a line break. 

9 @ d index.xml 

<?xml versiona”1.0“ encoding="utf-8"?> 
<rss version="2.0"> 

Define what version of XML and what type of encoding to use in 
the first line. 

66 MacAJdlct August 2003 

HOW TO (57 

3 Create a Channel The next block of 

code creates an RSS channel foryour Web site 
and operates much like a TV channel— it’s your 
brand. The <channel> element features several 
subelements, displaying information about your site to 
viewers. Press the Tab key, type <channel>, and press 
Return, Then give your site a title: Press Tab, type <title>, 
type the name of your site, and then type </title> to end 
the code. To add your Web address, press Return, Tab. Then 
type <link>, your site’s URL, and </link>. Our screenshot 
shows the other required elements and a few optional ones. 
Just copy our code, but apply your own variables. 

index.xml I 

vcr$iona“l,0*' cncodinga"utf-6"?> 

<r«s vcr8ton«“2.0*> 


<title>Celebrity Di^K/title> 

<l tnk>http;//www .ce lebr 1 .cokk/ I lnk> 

<descriptiCHi>ltot news, gossip, and ni»ors about your 
favorite celcbrities</description> 

<lc»Tguagc>us-en</ lc»Tguoge> 

<c<^)yright>Copyrtght 2803 Di$h-It C>eliriu«i</cq5yrt0it> 


<weW1aster>Funky Clunky Web Moni<«y</webMo$ter> 

Create an RSS channel for your site to establish who you are. 

Link a Logo An RSS channel can also display a logo. 
To do this, create a couple of line breaks (press Return 
twice), press Tab, and type the subelement <image>. Press 
Return, press Tab twice, and type <title>. Type your logo’s 
name, and then type </title>. Press Return and press the Tab key 
twice. Then describe where to find the graphic by typing <url>, the 
server location of your logo, and </url>. Again, copy our code, but 
use your own variables. For the <link> element, type the location to 
which you want to take viewers when they click your logo (say, your 
home page). RSS displays logos at a default 88 pixels wide by 31 
pixels high, but you can dictate your own size using the <width> and 
<height> elements (the maximum is 144 by 400 pixels). Finish the 
code by typingthe ending subelement </lmage>. 

ifidcx.xml I 


<tttle>Celebrity DieWtitlo 

^l>littp;//ww .celebri tydish.ct»/tiiago«/CDlogo_aiwl I . jpgVur 
<l tnk>http://www .ce lebrit>tli sh .ccmk/ I ink> 



■<ciescription>Hot news, gossip, and rumors about your favorite 
ce lebri t iesVdescript ion> 


To add a logo, just use the <fmage> element code and then 
tell the file where to find it using the <url> element. 

5 List Your Headlines Create a line break, press 
Tab, and type the subelement <item>. Press Return, 
press Tab twice, type <title>, type in your headline 
news flash (one short sentence), and end by typing 
</title>. Press Return and press Tab twice. Then type <llnk>, the 
URL to the full story on your site, and</link>. Press Return and 
press Tab twice. Type <descpiption>, enter a short synopsis of 
your story, and type </description>. End the item listing by 
pressing Return, then Tab, and typing </item>. Repeat for other 
headlines. When finished, type </channel> on a new line to 
complete the channel code, press Return twice, type </rss> to 
end the RSS file, and save it. 

rere ^ index.xml 



<title> 8 reciking News: Anna Nicole says “No” to Twinkles I </title> 
<l ink>btt^ ://www .ce lebr itydish .com/news/071503/anna .htm W I ink> 
<descriptiQn>Double-wide diva gives 14 } the junkfood 
t if esty le ,</descr iptioo> 


You can create as many headlines as you want— just list each one 
under its own <item> listing. 

6 Validate Your File Time to upload your 
news feed to your server. Using your FTP method 
of choice, upload the index.xml file into the same 
directory as your home page. But before you 
publicize your news feed, first make sure it’s working by 
validating it. Head over to Userland’s RSS Validator site 
(, type the URL 
to your index.xml file in the field, and click Validate. If 
you’ve made any errors, the site will list them for you to fix. 
Otherwise, it’ll give you the green light to tell the world. 


RtVHaryUL Ret Usvt$f:d Com'« nun Scxnr itgyegetar. 



TKm M poialtn on Dw tsmijiisn e( (Ml iM- 

Userland will check your 
server-stored RSS file to 
ensure that you haven’t 
made any mistakes. 

7 FG 6 CI Mg To view your feed, you need a news-ticker 
app— we’re using NetNewsWire Lite. Launch the ticker and 
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August 2003 MacAidlct 67 


W w IT design your own font 

m Edit Tool 

^Pencil Toot i 

Gyph - 1631 que&clon from 

Glyph Editing Window 


Tt?lg ■ Kamg 

[51 Eraser Tool \ [v|Add Corner I fvl Add Curve | p7]AddTangertt I Brush Tool | pC]LineTooij 





1^ Scale 


inactive Characters 

Jtrm Baoite 

□elreu OtHite Dditf* nuHjpl OOtsh iyaw tort» 

UoircM Jd<wr» y»oute 

Not satisfied with 
your Mac’s fonts? 

You can create your 
own handwriting 
font easily in minutes (or 
take a month to master a 
highly detailed, fantastic 
magnum opus). 

Active Characters 

Cap-Height Line 
•X-Height Line 

Base Line 

Descender-Height Line 
Width Guides 

Design Your Own Font 

by Paul Yoon 


• TypeTool 2 ($99, 

• Drawing tablet (optional) such as the Graphire2 

T hose quirky handwriting analysts say they can determine 
brains and personality by studying how we dot our i’s and 
cross our t*s on paper. Maybe they could say the same of 
our font choices. Oh, the things one can say about a guy who 
prints his resume in a blood ’n’ daggers typeface— or worse, 
uses hearts as bullet points. 

In our personal documents, we tend to choose fonts that 
show our sense of style or design aesthetic, or that capture 
a mood. While a gazillion and one fonts are available on 
the Internet to satisfy just about every need, sometimes 
it’s impossible to find that perfect typeface you envision in 
your head. Luckily, designing your own font can be as easy 
breezy or as painstakingly laborious as you choose to make 
it. In minutes you can create a font that mimics your 
handwriting, or it may take you days, weeks, 
or mdnths to craft some sculpted work of 
alphabet art that would make Big Bird proud. 

Regardless of design skills, anyone can make 
a font— here’s how. 



TypeTool 2.0 demo 
Goosefish font 

I Fire Up the App TypeTool comes with a full 
complement of vector drawing tools that allow you 
to transform scrawl into typeface by drawing letters, 
numbers, punctuation, and other glyphs directly in the 
application. Launch TypeTool. From the File menu, select New 
to open a blank font document; you’ll see a template for all the 
standard Latin characters, each in its own box. If you’re pressed 
for time, make it a point to create characters for all capital and 
lowercase letters, numbers (0 to 9), and common punctuation, 
at the very least. You can skip some special characters, like 
umlauts, tildes, and esoteric glyphs— probably no one except 
foreign-language speakers, typographic fanatics, and Mbtley 
Crue will miss them anyway. 

TypeTool provides 
a template that 
displays standard 
Latin characters, 
so you can keep 
track of glyphs as 
you design them. 

68 MacAldlct August 2003 

HOW TO ^9 

2 Digitize Your Chicken Scratch 

OK, let's draw. Double-click any letter box to open its 
editing window. To keep characters uniform in size, 
pay attention to the guidelines, but feel free to adjust 
them to suit your needs before you start— select the edit tool, 
then click and drag any line to move it, or click and drag from 
the ruler to create a new line. Then select the pencil tool (for 
skinnylines) or the brush tool (for weightier strokes), and 
sketch out the letter— either in your own handwriting (if you 
have no patience) or in a particular style. Try to keep characters 
grounded on the baseline and between the width guides. Align 
capital letters with the cap-height line. Align lowercase letters 
with the x-height line, except for those with ascenders (b, of, f, 
h, i, j, /c, /, and f)— align the tops of these letters with the cap 
height, or create an ascender height line for variation. For letters 
that dip below the baseline (g, /, p, g, and y), align their bottoms 
with the descender height line. 

Use TypeTool's guides 
to keep your characters 
uniform in size, but it’s 
perfectly OK to have 
lines go slightly over or 
under any line. 

3 Sculpt Your Strokes As you draw, your 
strokes appear as editable vector art— that means 
you can alter the letter’s size and shape by dragging 
points around. This can become a trial-and-error mess 
if you’ve never worked with vectors before— you might want 
to stick with creating a handwriting font for now to avoid the 
aggravation. Ifyou wantto alter one, select the edit tool, click 
either a point or a handle (points that alter curves), and drag 
it to change the shape. Use the add point, add curve, or add 
tangent tools to modify precise parts of a stroke. Ifyou don’t 
like a stroke, Command-Z it bye-bye or use the eraserto delete 
points. When you’re finished, close the window and repeat 
steps 2 and 3 for all other characters that are important to 
you. The template displays active characters inside a white box, 
inactive ones inside a grayish background— double-check 
to make sure you didn’t leave anything out (don’t forget to 

double-click the Space glyph 
box to engage it even though 
you won’t need to edit it). 

o o S» 

OffiT - twill fiw BWWIWrt fant 

Using the edit tool, 

•we clicked and dragged 
key points to sculpt some 
curvy serifs. 

4 Adjust to Taste Unless you’ve managed 
to draw your letterforms with perfect consistency, 
you’ll most likely need to fiddle with the 
individual glyphs a bit more— they tend to look 
pretty different in close-up editing mode, and something 
you thought was cool or interesting may suddenly look 
indecipherable or lame when shown zoomed in or at a 
display-type size. Take a gander at your character designs 
in the template’s individual boxes. This gives you an idea 
ofwhat your type will look like in use. Ifyou need to make 
adjustments, pull points around with the edit tool so that 
the strokes (line thicknesses) of your letters are similar and 
consistent— use the ruler measurements as a guide. 

After drawing all of our characters, we went back 
through to make sure we’d perfectly aligned each 
one within the guidelines we set In step 2. 

5 Kern, Baby, Kern Once you’ve got your glyphs 
looking gorgeous, clean up their spacing. TypeTool lets 
you adjust the amount of space between characters by 
establishing sidebearings (the amount of space surrounding 
any given glyph) and kerning (space inserted between two specific 
letters to compensate for inconsistencies: for example, between 
fand I (that’s a lowercase L as In lunkhead). From the Window 
menu, select New Metrics Window and click the auto tool (the green 
diamond icon). In the resulting dialog, click OK to have TypeTool 
calculate the metrics automatically. Select a phrase from the 
right-side drop-down menu, or type something (like a pangram, a 
phrase that comprises all letters of the alphabet) in the field to get 
a preview of your font. Ifyou need to adjust the general spacing 
(sidebearings), click the M button and click an affected letter. Drag 
the handles that appear below it to open up or close the space 
until things look balanced. Repeat the process to fix any other 
Inconsistencies. To adjust spacing for individual letters (kerning 
pairs), click the K button and adjust In the same manner. 

To keep everything in our font balanced, we adjusted the space 
surrounding some problem letters. 

August 2003 MacAddIct 69 

70 1 HOW TO 

/ W "Jr design your own font 

6 Take a Hint Hints (also called Instructions) are 
guides that tell your computer how to rasterize a font 
(convert it from its native vector format into pixels 
or dots). Hints control how a font prints or how it’s 
displayed onscreen at small point sizes, determining which 
pixels get displayed and which don’t. Because thin lines tend to 
fall unevenly when scaled, a poorly hinted font looks chunky or 
strangely spaced when you size it down. Hinting fonts manually 
is complicated enough to merit its own how-to article, but 
luckily TypeTool will do the hinting for you. In the template, 
select all (Command-A), and from the Tools menu, select Hints 
& Guides, then Autohinting. A dialogwill appear, warning 
you that the operation is not undoable— click Yes. TypeTool 
processes your glyphs and encodes them as a PostScript Type 1 
font (the default). 

Hard-core font designers have the laborious 
task of creating hints that tell computers how to 
rasterize glyphs— thankfully, TypeTool handles 
this task for you. 

7 Edit, Encode, Export To name your font, 
select Font Info from the File menu. In the resulting 
dialog, type a name in the Family Name field and 
select an appropriate weight from the Weight pop-up 
menu. Click the Build Style Name and Build Names buttons to 
fill in the other fields automatically. If you want to give yourself 
credit, select other choices under Names and Copyright and fill 
in the fields accordingly. When you’re done, click OK and save 
your font template— TypeTool saves it as a FontLab font file. To 
make your font usable, select Generate Mac Suitcase from the 
File menu. In the resulting dialog, select Macintosh Type 1 from 
the Select Destination Format pop-up menu and click OK. In 
the next dialog, choose where you want to save your font, and 
then click Save. If you want to share your font with any peecee 
punks, select Generate Font from the File menu, select PC Type 
1 from the Font Format pop-up in the resulting window, and 
click Save. 

If you want to use 
your font in Mac apps, 
export the glyphs 
by generating a 
font suitcase. 

8 install and Admire Once you’ve got your font 
suitcase, install it on your system for application use. If 
you’re selfish, drag and drop the suitcase into your own 
Fonts folder (Users > user name > Library > Fonts), and you’ll 
have sole access to it. Ifyou wantto make it available to all users 
who share your Mac, stick the suitcase in System > Library > Fonts. 
Then launch any app that supports text to test it out. To really put 
the font through its paces, launch a design app like Adobe InDesign 
or QuarkXPress, type some text using your font, and then play with 
the kerning, leading, and text-style effects to see how your font 
stands up. If certain characters don’t hold their own or words don’t 
flow together smoothly, reopen your font file in TypeTool, make the 
necessary adjustments, and reissue a new suitcase. 

retry familiar with classical Qrc^k and jltHnan lircj}^ 
in know lcdgcab!\; argue about the merits of Soplw' 
Intimately, and can discuss, gourmet cheeses, kn^^ 
ry of origin, texture, reputation; I am intimately fl 
c fnilts vegetables; and I know a reasonable; 
isle and abtMit tl»e history of painting and sculptui 
'c, some more than others, subjects for tlic cxercis 
IS weli 

cts dra\*? forth considerable opinionatcdncss from 
tlic admittedly lll-advtscd trap of fcclin|g contcinj 
:h 1 cannot find vahie, tx" whose axioms ^em fbw' 
my (xx^slonal chagrin. I find myself feeling contcj 
enthusiastically upljold tlie virtues of certain of t 
are harsh. 1 do not eare much for Romanticism in(| 
iindsct Ithe quality of expression which) (as a claj 
)f in atlo nal unbri dled emotion. I largely det est al[| 

To see how well 
your font stands 
up in the real 
world, pull it up 
in a design app 
and kern, lead, 
and style away 
like there’s no 



For those who are on a budget and who don’t fear the 
command line, PfaEdit ( 
allows you to create your own fonts or edit others 
in PostScript, TrueType, OpenType, and other font 
formats. This full-featured, open-source font editor 
runs in Xll. Ifyou need help installing an X-Windows 
system, check out our “Run Unix Apps in Mac OS 
X” tutorial (May/03, p64). Though the software has 
been ported to work in OS X and offers a dedicated 
binary install, our experience with it has been pretty 
frustrating— it’s got more bugs in it than a grimacing 
Harley rider, throttling down Route 66. Remember 
to save often. Ifyou must pinch every penny, 
perseverance can get you far. 

Paul Yoon has become fond of ball terminals, though he’s 
convinced it’s a passing fancy. His featured Goosefish font 
(licensed under the Creative Commons license) Is named after one 
of the ugliest animals alive. 

70 MacAldlct August 2003 

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Buffer up to 16MB • Fully Suitable for 

Ship Pre-configured Plug and 
Play for Mac OS 8.5.1 -9.2.2 
& OS X • Intech Speedtools 
Mac Utility Software 
Included • Fully compatible 
with Windows & Unix OS 
versions that support FireWire • 

Weighs less than 12 Ounces! • All Cables, 

Carrying Case, and Full 1 Year Warranty included 

Drive may be powered by FireWire Bus 
or with indud^ power adapter. 

20GB 4200rpm 2MB 
20GB 5400rpm 2MB 
40GB 4200rpm 2MB 
40GB 5400rpm SMB 
60GB 4200rpm 2MB 
60GB 5400rpm 16MB $349.97 
80GB 4200rpm SMB $389.97 

CAUfor new 80GB 5400RPM, 60GB 7200RPM! 
gives 4.5 out of 5. 


Photoshop User 

MacSofa: "It fits right In with the Mac look 
and is super silent and easy to set-up - 
you couldn't ask for a better drive! Mercury 
Elite receives a perfect score!" review 5 out of 5 

MacAddict ’Great’ Review 7/03 
"...when opening a 2GB Photoshop file, 
The Mercury Elite Pro[FW800] opened it 
over 13 Percent faster than both the 
LaCie D2[FW800] _and_ the 120GB 
Seagate Barracuda ATA V inside 
our....Dual 1.42GHz PowerMac.." 

James Coates of the Chicago Tribune: 

"Mac users likely will just break into smiles when 
they plug this high speed hard drive into the 
FireWire ports on their machines." 

Charles Carr from Computer Edge about buying 
an OWC Mercury drive: "You'll probably be happy 
you did." 4 out of 5. The Elite is ideal for professionals 
and consumers who need convenient, portable storage for 
large amounts of data." 

40GB 7200RPM 2MB 
80GB 7200RPM 2MB 
120GB 7200RPM 2MB 
120GB 7200RPM SMB 
160GB 7200RPM SMB 
180GB 7200RPM SMB 
200GB 7200RPM SMB 
250GB 7200RPM SMB 
320GB 5400RPM 2MB 

MacAcfcict RATED 



. USB 2.0/1.1 










Elite FWSOO 
* USB 2.IW1.1 










OWC Mercury CD/CD-R/CD-RW - DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW - FireWire + liSR 2.0/1.1 







FW + 

USB 2.0/1. 1 








High Speed for backup, audio, video and more - 100% Apple iTunes compatible! 

Plug and Play with any Mac or PC that has an available FireWire or USB port How easy is that? 

CO-R/RMf External Solutions: 



OWC Mercury FW+USB 52x24x52x CD-R/RW 
only $129.99 

Includes Roxio Toast Lite 5.2.x, 25 Pieces 52X 80 Min CD-R Media, 1 Piece 80 Min CD-RW Media, All 
Connecting Cables, 1 Year Warranty 

DVD-R/RW a CD-R/RW SuperDrlve’ Solutions: 

owe Mercury FW+USB DVR-105 
'SuperDrive* 4x2x12 DVD-R/RW + 16x8x32 
CD-R/RW only $299.95 

Indudes CharisMac Discribe 5.x, 5 Pieces DVD-R Media, 25 Pieces 52X 80 Min CD-R Media, 1 Piece 
80 Min CD-RW Media, All Connecting Cables, 1 Year Warranty 

™ SmartSsk 

SOBlW /hr 0»nf Ulnait-- 

Call or Visit for our foil FireWire/USB line which also Includes: 

FireWire & USB add-on card from only $19.99! Connect to thousands of new USB and FireWire Products! 



Sonnet Tango $83.99 

2-port FW 400 & 3-port USB 2.0/11 PCI 

Save a slot and add the latest USB 2.0+1.1 and FireWire support to any Mac with a PCI 
Siofl Compatible with Apple OS 8.6-9.2.X, OS X. 



OWC 3-port FW 400 Mac PCI $19.99 
OWC 3-port FW 800/400 Mac PCI $79.95 

Plug and Play with any Mac that has an available PCI Slot. Requires MAc OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 
or os X, OS X 10.2.3 or higher required for FireWire 600 operation. 

Century 2-port PCMCIA 
FireWire Card $29.97 

Add FireWire to any PowerBook G3 WallStreet or Lombard 
Model. Plug and Play compatible with OS B.6-9.2.X, Apple OS X. 

MacAlly 2-port USB 1.1 
PCI Card $24.95 

Add USB to ANY Mac with a PCI slot, Plug and Play compatible with Apple 
OS 8,5.1 -92.x and os X 


FireWire and/or USB lets you connect to the Apple iPod, Digital 
Cameras, Digital Camcorders, CD/DVD Burners, Hard Drive 
Storage, Keyboards, Mice. Scanners, Printers, and MUCH 
MORE! If your computer didn't come with one of these 
interfaces, they are easy to add so you too can plug and play 
USB & FireWire devices! 

Powerljogbc RapidRre 2 Port USB 
3 Port RneWine PCI Card $49.99 

Rices, speofications, and avalability are su^ed to change wnthoot notice. Items relumed within 30 days may be subject up to a 1 5% restocking fee. No return will be accepted without Relum Merchant Authorization number. Some images are Courtesy of Apple 

Other Woria Conwutino - 

1004 Ckjurtaulds Dr., Woodstock. IL 60098 

visit ma g-i- h^‘''^ic.0.r.| 

Schaol / University / Government / Corporate Purchase Orders gladly accepted. (Subject to credit af^roval) 

Representatives available Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 8pm, 
Fridays 8:30am - 6PM, Saturdays 10am -4 pm CST. 

other Worid Computing 

/-j Serving the Mac Universe since 1 988 

i aoiuu^-^ 


FRii installer ' % 0 
Sottware from OWC \ 

Excellent Service 

Competitive Prices 

; Quality Products 

Expert Tech Staff 

-- - W w 

Have the Power of X on your Pre-Beige G3 PowerMac! 

access for 

Fast#riyiae.MET LNationwid# dSIC v,90/92 

from OISIO^ $S»33/montlh! 

^ Pi Rilil aeeoiants * 10MB welh space * FOR IMAC PBERS ©INOTS 

C all or aSpa up oniiia at www.FaaiteriMaa.!i@l 



Protect your investment! 

owe Laptop Screen Protectors PREVENT marks on your PowerBook LCD Screen! FREE iKIear Apple Polish included for a 'Klean Start!’ 

LSP WallStreet, Lombard, ^ 

LSP- PowerBook G4 ^ 

LSP for ail iBooks, ^ m 

Pismo $14.99 jHiL 

15 'Titanium' $15.99 

PowerBook G4 12" $13.95 .JB. 

Made in the USA of top quality, glove soft leather, OWC LSPs are both a durable and attractive solution to a known problem. 




Traveler CoolPad 

For PowerBook, iBook, For 
PowerBook, iBook, ANY- 
Laptopf Available in Black or 
White. Rotates 360 degrees 
with ease. 

Podium CoolPad 

For PowerBook, iBook, ANY- 
Laptop! Av^labie in Black or 

iOptNet and iOptNet Jr. OPtical Scroiiing Mice • 
5 color covers included 

= F=l5C3rM 

Create exciting music tracks with this virtual rack full of 
synths, loop players, samplers, mixers, effects, sound/loop 
library and more... all inside your computer! 

MacAlly iOptiNet 3 Button USB $31.99 
MacAlly iOptiNet Jr. 3 button USB $27.99 

Same as IOptNet, but ideal for travel or smaller hands! 


Generate compelling video and 'remix' your images with 
effects In real time in sync with any audio. DJ's, Bands/Artists, 
Clubs, Multimedia/Events producers, Visual Artists... 

See our music demos, articles, and more online. Visit 

* * OWC Apple 7 in 1 Bit Kit $7.95 

^ Just what you need for instatling memory 
or a hard drive and more for Apple 
Desktops, PowerBooks, iSooks/More 

Mac’PRAM Batteries 

OWC Mobility Bundle #4 for G4 PB $54.95 


Contour Design USB 
Shuttle Pro Controller 

3.6V PRAM Replacement Battery $5.99 

High-Capacity 3.6V ISOOmah Lithium Cell 

4.5V PRAM Replacement Battery $7.99 

1/^®^ Genuine Rayovac 4.5v Alkaline computer battery 

Excellent USB device for controlling your Mac Audio and 
Video functions. Replaces key and mouse strokes much 
more for accurate control. 


Call or visit for our COMPLETE line of Mac 
Audio/Video hardware & software. 

4 Griffin PowerMate USB $44.95 

Rotary Audio Controller and morel 

OWC PowerBook G4 CD+R/RW 
& DVD-ROM Internal Drive $249.99 


owe PowerBook G4 CD+R/RW & DVD+R/RW 
Internal Drive $449.99 

Take out existing PowerBook G4/400-500-550-667MHZ CD-Rom 
or DVD-Rom Drive and upgrade to a faster drive that can 
BURN! New kit 100% compatible with all hardware/software, 
plug and play. 1 Year OWC Warranty. 

Griffin iMic USB 
Microphone Adapter $36.97 

YE Data 6 in 1 Digital Media 
ReaderAA/riter $29.99 

Apple PowerBook G4 Lombard (BronzeroO), 
FireWire (PismorOO) High Capacity Li-Ion $149.99 

• Reader + 128MB SmartMedia Bundle $64.99 
» Reader + 256MB Compact Flash $89.99 


iSkin iPod and Keyboard protectors only 
$18.99 to $19.99 

^ a 

Apple PowerBook G4 Wallstreet (1998) Li-Ion 
Replacement Battery $149.99 

Connects to your Mac via USB and lets you read/write 
Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Memory, 
MuItiMedia Card, and Microdrivel 

Some images are Courtesy of Apple 

Prices, spedficalions, and availaWlity are subject to Change without notice. Items returned within 30 days may be subject up to a 15% restocking fee. No return will be accepted without Return Merchant Aulhoittatkm number. Some images are Courtesy of Apple 

International: (815) 338-8685 Other World Computing ^ 

VlffiFf niff Iff Vlfflffilf If li>f Fax: (815) 338^332 1004 Courtaulds Dr.. Woodstock. IL 60098 

j/f Competitive Prices 

Expert Tech Staff 

Representatives available Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 8pm, 
Fridays 8:30am - 6PM, Saturdays 10am-4pm CST. 

School / Universfty / Government / Coiporale Purchase Orders gladly accepted. (Sub|ect to credit approval) 

FREE Installer 
Software from OWC 

Other WorU Computing 

Serving the Mac Universe since 1988 

• B finalist 

B e cl d y 5 

Have the Power of X on your Pre-Beige G3 PowerMac! 

Quafity Products 

Other World Computing is the Mac upgrade expert! We stock the FASTEST G3 / G4 upgrades, video cards, and MORE! Let us make your Mac a FASTER Mac! 

G4 AGP Graphics/Sawtooth 


AGP Processor Upgrades 

Digital Audio 

G4 Cube 

l^jl Quicksilver I 

Quicksilver II 


Your PowerMac G4 made EXTREME: 

OWC Mercury Extreme with 2 mb ddr l 3 cache 
G4/1 .33GHz $559.99; G4/1.4GHz $599.99 

• 700MHz, 800MHz, 1GHz models also available 

• 3 year OWC warranty 

• SPECIAL 30 day 100% money back guarantee! 

For all PowerMac G4 AGP Models 100/1 33MHz Bus except Cube. Includes Quiet, 
High Efficiency Fan/Heatsink pre-attached for easy upgrade installation. 

• See real world benchmarks at 


G4/1 .4-1 .467GHz 2MB DDR L3 $599.95 
G4/1 .25-1 .33GHz 2MB DDR L3 $499.99 
G4/1GHZ 2MB SDRAM L3 $379.99 
|G4/800MHz 2iyTB SDRAM L3 $269.991 

PowerMac G4 AGP Models 100/1 33MHz Bus except 
Cube. 3 Year GigaDesign Warranty. Includes Heatsink 
and Fan factory attached for easy upgrade installation. 

• $$$ OWC gives cash back for your old processor too! $$$ 

• Upgrading your PowerMac is Plug and Play simple - 100% compatible with Hardware/Software 

jiMPtr ^Asr 


G4/1.2GHZ 2MB DDR L3 $519.99 
G4/1.0GHZ 2MB DDR L3 $409.99 
G4/800MHZ 2MB DDR L3 $269.99 
Crescendo/ST all feature 2MB of DDR L3 cache 

Crescendo/ST 64 Upgrades are compatible with ail AGP Equipped Power Mac G4 and G4 Cube 
Models*. Sonnet Is well known for their quality products and support with the Crescendo/ST being 
just one more example! Plug and Play for new Mac Speed! 

‘Crescendo Installation Kit required for G4 CUBE ONLY - $22.95 



PowerLogix upgrades you to 
Dual Processor computing power! 

PowerForce Dual 64 

All feature 2MB L3 cache (2x1 MB) 

Dual G4/1.4GHZ $1089.99 
Dual G4/1.2GHZ $979.99 
Dual 1GHz $749.99 
Dual 867MHz $499.99 

PowerLogix G4/B00 > 1.2GHz single processor upgrades available from $249.99. Available for most 
PowerMac G4 AGP 100/t33MHz Bus Models except Cube. New heatsink Included with upgrade. 2 
Year PowerLogix Warranty. 

Power Book Processor Upgrades 

I NuPower Pismo G4/500MHz $289.99 />> 

NeweiTech is BACK! Back with newer and FASTER upgrades for you Mac! Give your PoweiBook G3 FireWire 
(aka yi200Q/Ptemo) G4 Poweri Have me fuH capabfifltes of the AtHvec effc^ne at your disposal prowding a night 
an day (fiflterence In perftxrnance for aa Altivec enhanced applications as well as OS X at large! 

ZIF upgrades for PowerMac G3 Beige/B&W; G4 ’Yikes' PCI 

Macworld * G4/4S0MHz $189.S4 • G4«00MHz $259.94 
•G4/550MHZ $319.94 

OWO ^ 1 mb L2 Cache, 2yr OWC Warranty 


I Crescendo WS G4/500MHz with 1 MB 2;1 $395.99 1®NN®F 

Upgrade your Waltstreet l/H G3 PowerBook (any speed) to the power of a 
G4/500MHZ with AitivecI A big boost for OS X, OS 9 and all your applications. 
As an added bonus, you can also have up to S12MBs of memory now too! 

I PowerLogix BlueChip LS G4/500MHz w/ 1MB L2 $375,99 ^PowerLogbe 

M Upgrade your PowerBook G3 Lombard 333/400MHz to the performance 
of an Attivec Enhanced G4/500MHz procesaorl Added performance for 
everything and a big boost for OS X and any of your Altivec Enhanced 

^3 PCI Upgrades 

PowerMac 73-9600 G3/G4 Upgrades by Upgrade 73/75/76/85/B6/95/9600s & Compatible 
PowerComputIng Clones to a Q3 or even up to a G4/800MHz Processor! 

Get the best performance from your older, but still VERY capable Mac with Apple OS 8,6 • 9.2.2; OS X 
10.1 and higher! Fully compatible your hardware/software, an Instant performance boost by replacing 
your existing processor card. 

Crescendo G3/450MHz 1 MB 2:1 L2 only $1 39.95 ‘~0 

Crescendo G3/500MHZ 1MB 2:1 L2 $179.95 ^ . 

Crescendo G4/700MHz 1 MB 3:1 L3 $297.99 ' M L 

Crescendo G4/800MHz 1 MB 4:1 L3 $395.99 ^ 

^PowerLogix G3/800MHZ with 1 :1 512k L2 cache $297.99 
J®NN®r G4/1 GHz with 1 MB L3 cache $589,99 


See ail the upgrades we have for your specific Mac with the MyOWC Compatibility Guide; 

Don't let a slow video card hold your Mac back 

) ^ ES 


Perfect for Apple OSX 
and Quartz Extreme 

Apple / NVidia GeForce 4MX 32MB for PowerMac G4 AGP $75.99 C3t 

Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/DVI/VGA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2048x1535 

ATI Radeon 9000 MacEditlon AGP W/64MB DDR for PowerMac G4 AGP $165.99 C3t 

Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/DVI/VGA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2048x1535 

ATI Radeon 7000 MacEdition PCI w/32MB DDR for any PCI slot Mac $119.99 

Connect up to 2 displays, ADC/DVfA'GA displays supported. Resolutions up to 2046x1535 

Ptigffi. apBdr,alinia, and Bwajlfibiity Butject la flaiw wihwl m 

in SOdflyanaybe&JUlBtauptoa r™. ffc rriumwOlbt aoMpitfld without Mondial fliilhflriatofiniimtiflr. 

oner WorM Gomputiag Fax; (81 5) 338-4332 1 004 Coi 

portnumbar. Soma nwgw .uwi Cguiosy njf %ita 

Other World Computing 

1 004 Courtaulds Dr., Woodstock, IL 60098 W: 



NEW Apple iBook G3 

Faster and more 
affordable than ever! 

W£W iPods - Now up 

NEW iBooks - 

NEW Apple PowerBooks 

less Is More, AND More Is More 

NEW! 12" Apple PowerBook G4 

I Smallest most affordable full-featured notebook 
I High-resolution, 1024 x768 TFT 
I Lightweight durable aluminum alloy enclosure 
I Slot-loading DVD/CD-RW drive 
I 32MB NVIDIA GeFbrce4 420 Go graphics card 
I Bluetooth built in, AirPort Extreme ready 
I VGA, S-Video and composite video output 
I Weighs only 4.6 pounds 

NEW! 17" Apple PowerBook G4 

I The first notebook ever with a 17“ TFT; 1440 x 900 
I Backlit keyboard with ambient light sensors 
I Lightweight durable aluminum alloy enclosure 
I Slot-loading SuperOrive DVD-R/CD-RW 
I 64MB NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go graphics card 
I Bluetooth and 54 Mbps AirPdrt Extreme built In 
I NEW 800 Mbps RreWire and connections galore 
I Weighs only 6,8 pounds 



IgHz G4 

. ~ IN' ' 

lGHzG4 STOCK!*. 

♦ 12" TFT Display 

• 15.2" TFT Display 

• 15.2" TFT Display 

• 17" TFT Display 

• 256MB DDR Memory 

• 256MB DDR Memory 

• 512MB DDR Memory 

• 512MB DDR Memory 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• 60GB Hard Drive 

• 60GB Hard Drive 

• Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RVif 

• Combo DVD/CD-RW 

• SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW 

• SuperDrive OVD-R/CD-RW 

• NVIDIA GeForce4 420 

* AirPort Card Ready 

• AirPort Card Included 

• AirPort Extreme Included 

with 32MB DDR SDRAM 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 
with 32MB DDR SDRAM 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 
with 64MB DDR SDRAM 

• NVIDIA GeForce4 440 
with 64MB DDR SDRAM 





*3294“ 1 

#169634 ^ 



800mHz G3 


IOOmHz G3 

900mHz G3 

• 12.1" TFT Display 

• 128MB Memory 

• 30GB Hard Drive 

• CD-ROM Drive 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 
with 32MB VRAM 



• 12.1" TFT Display 

• 128MB Memory 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• Combo DVD/CD-RW Drive 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 
with 32MB VRAM 

* 1294 “ 


• 14.1" TFT Display 

• 256MB Memory 

• 40GB Hard Drive 

• Combo DVD/CO-RW Drive 

• ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 
with 32MB VRAM 

* 1494 “ 

#184126 ^ 

Apple Instant $ 
Loan starting at only 




#1 681 53 AppleCare 3-Year Protection 

Plan -iBook G3 $249.99 

Mac Zone Is Your Single Source for the Latest Hardware & Software Products! 

Protect, backup & 
restore your files 

|SystemWprta Norton 

g="~- %stemWorks 3.0 
- Upgrade^ 


, in upgrade 

Low Zones price; $129.99. Offer good through 7/31/04. 

^ Enhanced preflight 
and preview tools 
Adobe Acrobat 
6.0 Professional 

Upgrade from 4.x 
and 5.x Standard 


FREE 5-Pack of CD-R* 
Roxio Toast 
with Jam 

* 159 ” 


*While supplies last 



Meets the storage 
demands of the 
creative pro 

120GB FireWire 
7200 RPM 

Hard Drive $100^3 

#191196 1.77 

Edit video 
like a pro! 
Final Cut Pro 
4 Upgrade 

* 399 ” 


Less than 
300 per disc 
Fuji 24X 700MB 
CD-R 100-Pack 

54 Mbps wireless perfor- 
mance - 5X faster 
NEW! Apple AirPort 
Base Station 

Card sold separately. 






Upgrade to a new collection 
of powerful tools 
fnDesign 2.0 
- Upgrade 


Starting at <169” -Call for details. 

Credit cards are ndUharged iinlil llie ardar is shipped. Most products ship tlie same day (barrlnpsystein failure, etc.). Shippirg optioes iucludi Ground, 2nd Day and Overnight delivery. Freight is based 
on overage product weipi. Haidiing extra. Insuraitce avallalile. Special orders may require special shipping and handling charges. Cali lor iulernational shipping rates. Prices and product availability 
subjecl to change wilhoul nclloe. SpeciaEs and prnrrrotions may he limited to slock on band, t^clrespcnsible for typographical errors. All producis sold by 2cmos. inc. are third party prcducls and are subjecl 
to the warranties & represenlations o1 Iha applicable manulactLireTS. 2D03 Zones, Lnc. All rights reserved. Unaulboiued duplication is a violalion ol applicable laiirs. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac. PowerMac. 
PowerElook, IMac, IBcok, AirPort, and FireWire are trademarks ol Apple Compuler, Inc., regislered In the U.S. and olher ccuntries, SuperOrive, iPod and eMac are trademarlts of Apple Comipiiter, lnc. 
AppleCare is a rogistereii service irtarhol Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC Is a Erademark qI Internarmoal Business Maclijnes Corporation, used under license therefrom. 

to 30GB or 7500 songs 

Now up to 900MHz 

NEW Apple 
Power Macs 
Now up to 


IgHz G4 

1.25GHz Dual G4 

1.42GHz Dual G4 

• L3 Cache -1MB DDR SRAM 

• G Cache -1MB DDR SRAM 

• G Cache -2MB DDR SRAM 




• 60GB Hard Drive 

* 80GB Hard Drive 

• 120GB Hard Drive 

• Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW 

• Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW 

• SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW 

• NVIDIA GeForee4 MX 

• AH Radeon 9000 Pro 

• ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 

wHh 64MB of DDR SDRAM 

with 64MB of DDR SDRAM 

with 64MB of DDR SDRAM 



$2694** , 



#165460 ^ 

Apple Instant ! 

per #168151 

AppleCare 3-Year Protection 

Redefining the 
\ portable player 

1 • Weighs less 

than two CDs 
NEW, super- 
slim design 
Now cross-platform 
NEW iPod Dock for 
charging and syncing 
Sleep timer 
lets you fall asleep 
to your music 
All-touch interface 
is very durable 

Dock not included cpncitivp 

with 10GB model. ytJL beribiuve 

#1 841 28 1 0GB Apple iPod without Dock $294,98 

#1 841 29 15GB Apple iPod with Dock $394.98 

#184130 30GB Apple iPod with Dock $494.98 

Play your iPod’s 20 hrs of battery life 
tunes in your car ^ 

Belkin Battery 

Car Power Adapter Pack for the iPod 
$^Q99 $qQ99 

L #1097199 197 #184137 , 

Plan - Power Mac G4. , 

. $249.99 

NEW Apple 
iMac G4 

up to IGHz 
and 17" LCD! 

SOOmHz G4 

IgHz G4 

• 15" TFT Display 

• 17" Widescreen LCD 

• 256MB Memory 

• 256MB Memory 

• 60GB UATA/66 Hard Drive 

• 80GB UATA/100 Hard Drive 

• 32X Combo DVD/CO-RW Drive 

t 4X SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW 

• 2 FireWire/ 5 USB 

• 2 FireWire/ 5 USB 

« 32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 

• 64MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 




#165465 ^ 

Apple Instant per 

Loan starting at only & w mor 

#1 681 52 AppleCare 3-Year Protection 
month Plan - iMac G4 $169.99 

Top Mac Products Available Online at! 



FREE tripod and 
carrying case!* 

Canon ZR60 
MiniDV Digital 


FREE 5-Pack CD-RW! 

Pro 5.0 for Mac 

$.| 2998 * 


*After $120 mfr, mail- 
in upgrade rebate. Offer 
good through 12/31/03. 

Reads and writes to six 
types of digital media 
Viking 6-in-1 USB 
Reader « 






Great value 
In a haff-gig 

Memory Card 


|Fho(oshop 2 s 

image editor 
Photoshop 7 

FREE 128MB memory card* 
Canon Powershot G3 
4MP Digital 

‘While supplies last. 


* 134 ” *699 






#165462 Apple 17‘ 

Studio Flat Panel $699.98 

#165461 Apple 20“ 

Cinema Display, $1299.98 

#147870 Apple 23" 

Cinema Display HD . , . , . . $1999.98 

FREE Memory Offer: Up to 512MB FREE memory with select Apple computers and professional $40 installation purchase. 
512MB memory offers require mail-in rebates. Allow up to one day for installation. Offer subject to change due to memory 
price volatility. Call for latest offers. Offer good while supplies last Not valid with any other Mac Zone offers. 

Macromedia Offer: Macromedia Studio MX Suite is a specially packaged "white box" product. Apple CPU and 
Macromedia Studio MX Suite must appear on same invoice. Offer good through 7/31/03. 

by Phone 

1 - 800 - 304-0286 

Corporate bids welcome! 


MenlJon Ibis soiirce coils 
when voir ortter and savel 

Now you can carry 
up to 7,500 songs 
anywhere you go! 

New iPod starting at 

Performance and 
value alMn-one! 

G et power, performance and value in an all-in- 
one desktop computer that’s as easy to use 
as It is to afford. Starting at just $794, the 
new eMac® G4 features a more powerful processor, 
a faster CD and OVD-burning SuperDrive and 
Apple’s integrated ILife applications for making the 
most of your music, photos and movies, 

► Up to 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor 
» 17" (16" viewable) flat CRT display 
I Up to 256MB of SDRAM; supports up to 1GB 
> Up to 80GB UltraATA hard drive 
► Choice of Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW), 

^ SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) or CD-ROM drive 
K I ATI Radeon 7500 with AGP 4X support 
K I 32MB dedicated DDR SDRAM memory 
Hit I Built-in 1 0/1 OOBase-T Ethernet 

I 56K modem I AirPort® Extreme ready 
I Two FireWire 400 ports 
I Five USB ports (three on system 
and two on keyboard) 

Revolutionary Features: 

• Ultra-portabie 10, 15 or 30GB hard drive 

• Contacts, calendars, to do lisk and text notes 

• Backlit LCD screen & illuminated buttons 

• Touch sensitive scroll wheel 

• 8 hour rechargeable lithium ion battery 

• Made for Macintosh and Windows 

New Apple iPod Series 

#158577 10GB iPod 

NEW! eMac G4 starting at 

FREE 256MB Extra RAM!* 

#158580 156B iPod with FREE Docks Carrying Case ^394 

Apple eMac G4 Series 

#173406 eMacG4 800MHz/384MBTotal*/CD-ROM *794' 

#1 73401 eMac G4 1 GHz/384MB TotaiVCombo ^94' 

#1 73405 eMac G4 1 GHz/51 2MB TotaIVSuperDrive »1.294‘ 

The most affordable Mac notebook ever! 

Fits easily into speeds and ultralight weight, the new Apple iBook® is 

S able to accompany you everywhere! 

I Up to 900MHz PowerPC G3 processor 
► Up to 40GB UltraATA HD w Up to 256MB 
► CD-ROM or Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) 

» 12.1" or 14.1 TFXGA display i 56K modem 
I ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with 32MB DDR SDRAM 

I 12Mbps 

SI f Ethernet networking 

i#.' is l9 's I H ► AirPort ready 

Authorized Reseller 
The included iUfe software 

music, movies and more! 

Only at MacMall! 
feTN 5 I 2 MB RAM 

rnCC: Instant Value!) 

Available with purchase of select 
Apple- computer models. $39.99 
Installation fee applies. 

With select iMac or eMac purchase. 
See below for details. After $44.99 
mail-in rebate. #117660 

MacMall Exclusive! 

FREE Targus 
Carrying Case!' 

With any 12.1" or 15.2" PowerBook or 
IBook purchase. After $29.95 MacMail 
mail-in rebate. While supplies last. #882187 

Dream On.— 

Save ^500! 

Macromedia Studio MX suite only $399 
with purchase of any Apple computer 
through 7/31/03. Price without purchase 
of Apple computer is $899. #157659 

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ivi>5 [ 

7 ?- ' [ 

FREE Software! 

Pree Total Training for Apple OS X 
#1 39546 with any order while 
supplies last. Free MYOB 
FirstEdge with any Apple 
computer purchase. Additional 
processing fees apply. #638065 


Apple iBook G3 Series 

#1574 25 800MH z G3/12 . 17384MBTot alVCD-ROM ®994' 


#157428 900MHz G3/14.'i 7640MB TotalVCombo "»1,4M* 

Apple iBook G3 starting at 
FREE up to 384M6 Extra RAM! 


994 ! 

PowerBook G4 
j i . Price Drops! 

d up to 7,500 songs! save^to^sooi 

icG4 up to 1GHz 

Rips through digital video and 3D projects! 

Delivers uncompromising 
notebook performance! 

The Titanium PowerBook® G4 comes with aii the 
refinements and esthetic touches that have made it the 
most coveted fuil-featured notebook computer on the 
planet faster PowerPC G4 processors, powerfui graph- 
ics capabiiities, up to 1 GB of RAM and the worid’s most 
advanced operating system. 

Leading-edge design! 

» Up to 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor 

> 1 2,r or 1 5.2" TFT XGA active-matrix display 

I Up to 51 2MB SDRAM > Up to 60GB hard drive 
t Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive or SuperDrive 

> One RreWire 400 and two USB Ports 

17" Apple PowerBook G4 

The new 17" Appie PowerBook G4, featuring 
the largest, most spectacular display ever to grace 
a portable, is miraculously engineered into a 1 " 
thin notebook that is ultralight— just 6.8 pounds— 
and ultradesirable. 

» 17" widescreen active-matrix display 
I 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor 
» 512MB SDRAM > 60GB hard drive 
► Provides one FireWire® 400, one FireWire 800 and 
two USB ports I Slot-loading SuperDrive 

17" PowerBook G4 only 
FREE 512MB Extra RAM!' 

12.1" PowerBook G4 
starting at 

FREE AirPort Extreme Card^ 


12.1" & 15.2" PowerBook G4 Series 

#116413 867MHz G4/1 2. 17256MB TotaIVCombo ^1594* 
#1 1 641 1 867MHz G4/12.17256MB Totar/SuperDrive^l.794^ 
#764348 867MHz G4/1 5.2"/768MB Total*/Combo 994* 

#766962 1GHz G4/15.2'V1GB TotaIVSuperDrive 




Apple Power Mae G4 Series 

I Up to dual 1 .42GHz PowerPC G4 
I Up to 51 2MB PC2700 333MHz DDR SDRAM 
I SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW) or Combo 
(DVD-ROM/CD-RW) » Up to 1 20GB Ultra 
ATA/100; 7200RPM 

Power Mac G4 
starting at 
FREE 512MB Extra RAMI' 

Fonnidabte processing power. 

The 12" PowerBook G4 packs formidable processing power for graphic 
design and editing digital video — not to mention playing 3D games, 
listening to music and watching DVD movies between flights! 

Apple iMae G4 Series 

I 800MHz or 1GHz PowerPC™ G4 processor 
I Up to 256MB of SDRAM I Up to 80GB HD 
I Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) or SuperDrive™ 
(DVD-R/CD-RW) I 2 FireWire 400/5 USB ports 

> I 17" viewable widescreen 

TFT active-matrix display 

iMac G4 starting at 
FREE 512MB Extra RAMI* 

Display and speakers sold separately. 

Apple Power Macintosh Senes 

#1 31 028 1 GHz 64/768MB TotaIVCombo 


#1 31 033 1 ,25GHz DP G4/768MB TotaIVCombo 


#131037 1.42GHz DP G4/1GBTotalVSuperDrive 




Apple iMac G4 Series 

#134966 800MHz 64/15"/768MBTotalVCoinbo Drive ^1294' 
#134978 1GHzG4/17''/768MBTotar/SuperDfive ®1,794‘ 

Norton AntiVirus 9.0 


as low as 


After $30 mk. upg, 
rebate. Price before 
rebate is $67.S9. 

200GB d2 FireWire] 
Hard Drive I 

7200RPM; 8MB i 
buffer cache; 10ms • 
average seek time \ 

^349 i 

HI 38841 j 

Adobe' Design 
Collection 6.0 Adobe i 

with FREE I ^ i 

Total Training l^oAxtixi P 

for InDesign 2.0 f | 




Office V. X 




Go Wireless with 
AirPort Extreme 

AirPort Extreme Base 
Station with Modem 

only^ 249 " 

til 14811 
AirPort Extreme Base 
Station without Modem 

only ^194" II1U79B 





X , 11137241 

y Call for details, j 

*FREE RAM OFFER-AII models require an additional $39.99 professional installation fee. RAM is free after $49.95 MacMall mail-in rebate for iMac G4 models. Offer expires 6/23/03. tFREE AirPort Extreme Card OFER- Available on #1 1 641 3 and 
#11 6411. An additional $39.99 professional installation fee applies, ttflegulres AirPort Extreme Ready System- AirPort Extreme ready systems are those witii mini-PCl support form factor. AirPort Extreme cards cannot tie used in older AirPort 
card bays (PCMCIA form factor slot). ^FREE USB FLOPPY DRIVE-USB Floppy Drive is FREE after redemption of $44.99 MacMall mail-in rebate. Price before rebate is $44.99. -f^Targus Carrying Case OFFER-Targus Carrying Case is FREE after 
redemption of $29.95 MacMall mail-in rebate. Price before rebate is $29.95. While supplies last FREE SOFTWARE OFFER-Free MYOB RrstEdge requires an additional $9.95 processing charge. While supplies last. Free Total Training for Mac OS X 
requires an additional $12.99 processing charge. While supplies last. 


Adobe Acrobat 6.0 
Professional » v 

with FREE Total f 

Training for Acrobat Adobe 

Provides advanced Addie 
control of document Acrobat 6.0 
exchange & output! 



if 155821 

New Version! 

Maximize the f 

#145056 Acrobat 6.0 
Pro Upgrade 


#145972 Acrobat 6.0 
Standard Upg, 

#145062 Acrobat 6.0 

Standard (Full) *249®^ 

Norton 0 Symantec 


The new version of SystemWorks 
Is the smartest way to solve your 
computer problems, tt includes 
Norton AntiVirus”' 9.0, Norton 
Utilities”' 8.0 & additional utilities 
to back up your data and more! 

only ^79^*180518 

Price after $50 mfr. upgrade rebate. 


Call 1-800-MACMALL 




There's virtuaSy no difference 
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refurbished computer comes with 
Appfe 's full-year warranty! 

PowerMac^ 64/1-GHz, 256MB RAM, 

80 Gb HD, ComboOrive, 56K modem $128 

PowerMac G4T1iS MHz Dual, 256MB RAM, 

80 6b HD. SuperDrwe, 56K modem $198 

PowerMac G4/Doal 1.42-GHz, 512MB RAM, 120 Gb HD, 
..$588 SuperOHve,56K modem.... $234 

' €Mac"GVW0, 128MB RAM, 40 Gb HD. CO .$66 

$1K9 «***«<^'^28MBRAM,40GbHD.Ccndx5ft^^ ..$82 

Enjoy Significant Savings on 
the World's Best Portiables! 

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Latest Pricingf 




iMac* G3/600 CRT. 256 MB RAM , 40Gb HD,0)41W. Gf^ite 
iMac« 64/880 LCD. 256 MB RAM , 60 0) HD, SuperDrive, 56f( 
iMac* 64/1-GHz LCD, 256 MB BAM . 80 Gb HO, 

Super0rive.56K modem, 17' screen 

Lookkig to trade-in your old Mac? 
WeT take your Mac OS cmputerin 
trade toward the purchase of new 
product CaSormr^ our exp&t Mac 

Free MP3 Player with any New G4 Towerii 

PLUS a Dee Canon printer (after in^r.rebatd) | 

and always our "no stinkn' rebate" RAM deal! 

Just say no to dwse stmkin' mail order rebates! 

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4 Applets - 


Ask us about 
A new PowerBook / 
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PowerBook* 64/1 GHz, 512 RAM, 80 Gb, Sup.Orive J$Z299 

iBook* G3/280. 128 RAM. 20 6b, CO. izr Screen .. .$888 
G3/700. 128 RAM. 20 Gb. ComboOr., 12.1* Screen $999 

iBook G3W», 128M8 RAM, 30 Gb W), ComboOrive, 1Z1' screen .$1088 

BookG3W0,256M8RAM,90Gb1ffl.Ca!i^ J$1269 

Receive a free Kryptonite^ security cable 
with every new or refurb laptop! 


Buy a New G4 
.PowerBook & Receiwe: 

• FBEE Security Cable 

• FREE Carrying Case 

• FREE Canon Printer 
(after mfgr. rebate) 


A|iple IS' CRT MultiScan Display- used .$49 

A|iple 17" Display- used .$99 

Apple 17' LCD TFT Display -Maw 

Apple 2D" LCD TFT Display -New .$1295 

Apple 23" LCD TFT Display-New $1995 

lade 13* CRT 0is(4ay ElecUDn Blue IV $399 

^ C60 Bundle - Inctades USB Cable, Print- Lacie Blue Eye Vision Color Calibrator $499 

Master Sofimre, Ppaon Ink Pen, Free black Lecie 2T CRT Display Electron Blue IV .$899' 

Ink Caitridge Ceriifcate! .Only $69 lacje 2r Elec. Blue IV Display w/ Calibratoi$1299 

Uxn«)il(0ptraS2469Uasef-0nly5left $888 Lacfe 2D" Pltoton LCD Monitor $1399 

>: Cu^om Macs, - 
- Built To Order! 

We can upgrade your new Mac with 
extra hard and optica! drives, more 
R/\M, powerfij! wdeo cards and more. 

The New 
iPod 5 
Is Here! 

and Faster 
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find out how! 




PoweiCenter60Ana)MHz32MBm,2Gb^ ...$89 

Tw«f7a(»MHz120M8RAM12Gb,CO tlOB 

BeigeG3GQ3MHz&]MBR4M6GbK),CD J$322 

Beige G$(266 MHz 320MB RAM, 4 (3) HD . . . . J$418 
TQwerG3t350MHz256MBi^M.12GbHO.CO .$469 
Tower MHz 128MB fm 9Gh CD .... J$488 

PwcBook(^Mbt60MBime(^HD, OyD $698 
Tower 64/500 MHz 256MB fVtM, 18Gb 1ft) . .$1069 
iBook G3/500 MHZ384MB RAM, 20Gh Ccmbo$1199 



lt*stru$! PowerMax 
has an extensive [ 
line-up ofquaHty, 
pre-tested used ^ 
Macs - ail with 
a 90-day warranty. 

Wow! A Great 
^System For 
I Minimal 

This amazing, hand-heki micro- 
scope captures Images on your 
oomptfter screen at W, SOX, 
100X, even 20QX magnii^bn! 
A great tool tor itydustriai, law 
enforcement and educationai 

includes a Factory Refurbished 
{Mac 63^00, Epson C42 Ct^or 

Refurbished xServes On Sale! 

1250 Scanner! 

I ^fCBS/ 



04/1-GHz Dual 512MB RAM, 606B HD 


6 eta 1 i0nly$( 

free Shuttle Pro 

with Final Cut finding an 
Pro 4.0 ^Jfportcandfi 

Purchase! cheaper than’ 

you thought! 

Factoiy Refurbished Specials^ 
Airport Card -__ 1$65 
Airport Extreme Card ^79 
Airport Base Station ..$169 

Get a FREE Case Logic 
Pboto-¥ideo Bag 
With Any New 
• **lp/gA9/ Camwa! 

naniU 8 BM(» 08 COI>E Onftr *799.' (Mac or PC) 

Used Blue & 
White Apple 
Now Only 

160GB FiieWire HD . $2 

200GB 7200 RPMFireWBe 

D2FfefdDriV8 ... -$3 

200GB 7200 RPMPitoVyireaOD 
02HaK}Dfive $4 

400GB 7200 RPM Fk^kb 800 

Bg Disk Hard Drive 

DVD'FfW D2 Rr^ire w/ Mac 
AmhoringSoftoiaiB $3 

Lacie D2 line; 
Larger & Faster 
Than Ever! 
Drives Now 
Available in 
FireWire 800! 

Daily species S blowouts * Bargain Basement Deals • flew, used & refurb lists 

We Carry a Huge Selection Of Hard Drives, CD-Bumers and 
Removable Media from All Major Manufacturers! 

Q ^ pJOfy/ l-ocal; (503) 624-1827* Fax: (503) 624-1635 
^*+1 w^/ / email: tl A. 

^ ~ ' ' ■ < I ■ 

Prices subject to change wilthoU notice. Prices r^ cash discount, Credl card orders strictly venfied against fraudulent use. Wito use of credft card as papent customer acknowledges that 


Personal Pinancinigi • Fast P.O. Approvals • Business Leasing * Weekly specials on our web site 

Are You A Member Of A User Group? 

PowerMax la a division of Cortputer Stores NW, Corvallis, OR. 

Macinto^ User Group members enjoy access to a very special Apple- sponsored web 
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2922 Ave. L, Brooklyn, NY 112W 

1 - 800 - 951-9632 

Store Hours: Mon-Thurs: Sam-IOpm ♦ Friday: 9 am' 4 pm • Sunday: 10 am- 7 pm 

Visit our website at; 

Customer Service: 718-338-3028 

Local & Intemationaf: 718-338-1800 
24 Hour Fax Hotline: 718-338-3029 


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NIKON Coolpix 4300 

• 4.0 Megapixels 

• 3x Opt. Zoom/Dij 


NEW! Coolpix 2100 S204.99 

WEWI Coolpix 3100... 

NIKON Coolpix 5700 

• 5.24 Megapixels CCD 

• 4x Optical Zoom 

• 2/3" CCD 


NIKON Coolpix 4500 

• 4 0 Megapixel CCD 

• 4x Dig./4x Opt. 

• 1.5* LCD 


NIKON Coolpix 5400 

• 5.1 Megapixels 

• 4x Digital Zoom 

Coolpix 5000- 

NIKON Coolpix SQ 

• 3.11 Megapixels i 
•3x0pt 1 

*399” ! 

1 £ 

Coolpix 3500 $279.99 


• 5.47 Megapixels 

• SLR Type Dig. Car 

• Uses Nikon 
AF'D/I /S Lenses q.1 



4.1 Megapixels CCD 
3x Digital Zoom 
3x Optical Zoom 


NEW! D-390. 

NEVV! D-560 $249.99 



• 5.0 Megapixels 

• 3x Optical Zoom 

• 4x Digital Zoom 


NEW! Stylus 400 Digital S439.99 

NEW! Stylus 300 Digit8l......»09.99 




• 2.5* LCD Screen 

•IEEE 1394 „ 

• lOx Optical Zoom 

• 200x Digital Zoom 

• 3-CCD Progressive Scan 

• 12x0pt./48x Dig. Zoom 

• 2.5" LCD Screen 



• Mini DV Format 

• Smallest DV Camera 

• 2.5" LCD Screen 



NEWI DCR-PC105 $779.99 

Spaciall DCR-PC101 $789.99 

NEWI Optura 10. 

NEW! Optura 20 

NEWI ES8600 

GY-DV500 . $2849 93 

• lOx Opt. Zoom 



NEWI GR-D30 $339.99 

NEWI GR-D70 $394.99 

NEW! 6Y-DV5000 $3949.99 

GR-DVM96 $62999 

NEW! GR-D90 $439.99 

NEWI GR-0X75..... .$514.99 

RR.nvp? $7nn no 

NEWI GR-DX95 .$569.99 



NEWI SR-VS30 $899.99 

NEW! HR-DVS3 .$709.99 

NEW! JY-HDIOU $2799.99 

NEWI GR:Gfy)200 $599.99 

NEW! GR-DV500 $509.99 

NEW! GR-DV800 $579.99 

NEW! GR-DVL920 $589.99 

NEWI GR-HDl $2499.99 



• 2.5" Swivel 

• 12x 0pt/48x Dig Zoom 

• 3-CCD Imaging 

• Still Photo 


NEW! OSR-PDXIO $1679.99 



• 3.5" LCD Screen 

• 700xDigital Zoom 

• lOx Optical Zoonnr 

' 1019 “ 

NEW! PV-GS50S $519.99 

NEWI PV-GS70S $749.99 

NEW! PV-DV53 .$329.99 

NEWI PV-DV73 $579.99 

NEW! PV-DV103 „S399.99 

NEWI PV-DV203 $459.99 

NEWI ZR-60„ 

NEWI ZR-6SMC .$429.99 

NEWI ZR-70 MC $489.99 


• 12x Optical Zoom 

• 150x Digital Zoom 

• 3.5" LCD 


OCR-TRV740 $523.99 

OCR-TRV840 $609,99 

NEW! 0CR-TRV250 .$349.99 

NEWI DCR-TRV350 $414.99 


• 10x Optical Zoom 


• 2.5" LCD 

• 2.1 1 Mega Pixels ^ 

w Ml ’ 

NEW! DCR-IP55 $999.99 

DCR-IP5 $789.99 

NEWI DCR-TRV19 $464.99 

NEW! DCR-TRV22 $589.99 

NEWI DCR-TRV33 $679.99 

NEWI DCR-TRV38 $709.99 

NEW! DCR-TRV39 $779.99 

NEW! DCR-TRV70 $869.93 

NEW! DCR-TRV80 $1029.99 


• 3-CCD Imaging 

• Super VHS 

• 12x Optical Zoom 

• IEEE-1394 ““ 


NEWI AG-DVC80 $2349.99 

NEW! AG-DVC7 $869.99 

AG-DV1000 $829.99 

NEW! A6-DV2500-. $1379.99 

AG-DVC200 .$3499.39 

NEW! A6-E250 $1099.99 

NEWI PV-VDRM30 .$879.99 

Spacialt PV-VM202 $909.99 


NIKON Super Coolscan 

EPSON Stylus 2200P 

• USB/Serial Port 
•PC or Mac 

• 6 Color Small 
Archival Links 



EPSON Stylus 1280 

• Smudge Free Inks 

• PC or Mac 

Policy; Visa. Mastercard, Discover. American Express, Diners Club, Money Orders. Certified Check, (Personal Checks up to 14,000.00 with name and address imprinted on check). C.0.0. orders are also accepted. Orders by mail please print name address and phone number clearly. 
Shipping methods - in the Continental U.ST^. will be via Fedex. U.P.S. or Air Mail, Over site items via truck. Shipping and Handling are additional. 21 days for return or exchange (video & digital 7 days) with prior authorization only. (Cal! customer service for authorization number). 
Shipping and Handling are not refundable. All returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 5%. Price.s may reflect mail-rebate. All returned merchandise must be in new condition and must include all packaging and printed material in original, unaltered condition. Broadway 
Photo is not responsible for typographical errors, All items are covered by USA. International or Broadway Photo and Video Warranty. All our merchandise is brand new and factory fresh. Quantities are limited. Thank you and enjoy your order. 

* fag Shipping 

Faster, more expaiiSable^^ 
and more affordable than ever. 
Dual 1.42 GHz SIZmb/IZOqb 
Dual I.2S GHz 256mb/80qb 
1 GHz 2S6mb/60qb 

For the following CPU configurations: 
G4Dual1GHz/1 .42GHz (DDR PC 2700) 
G4iMac® (PC-133 168 pin CL3) 

G4 AGP 466-Dual 1GHz (PC-133 168 pin CL3) 
G3/G4/iMac® 350-600 (PC-133 168 pin CL3) 



install fee applies 

RAM Type/Description 256mb512mb 

PowerBook® G4 12" DDR PC 2100 SODIMM 
PowerBook^ G4 ^r DDR PC 2700 SODIMM 

Insiinelv Great Deals on 

Trade Up Your Old G4 
Cali l~800'80'WtBUYfora quote 

Apple® Specials! 


. . IGHiGb 

* - SuperDrive 



In Stock! 
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Final Cut Pro' G.0 In stock! $99b 

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Final Cut Pro* 4.0 Upgrade $394 

with FREE Griffin PowerMate 

Final Cut Express inStock! $Z94 

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Software £ Specials! 

AppleCare® for iBook^ $192 

AppleCare* for Power Mac* + Display 1 92 
AppleCare* for PowerBook* + Display 262 
AppleCare* lor iMac7eMac* 132 

Contour ShuttiePro 87 

Contour Space ShuttlePro 39 

DVD-R 10-pak4.7gb (single sided) 15 

Griffin PowerMate 38 

64mb JetFlash USB Flash Drive 25 

128mb JetFlash USB Flash Drive 39 

256mb JetFlash USB Flash Drive 69 

512mb JetFlash USB Flash Drive 125 

AppleCare' | 






Have You Cot The Drive to Succeed? 


FireWire 800 Drives 

with Oxfbid 922 Chipset 

120gb 7200rpm 
120gb 7200rpm 
IBOgb 7200rpm 
IBOgb 7200rpm 
200gb 720Qrpm 
200gb 72Q0rpm 

2mb Buffer 
Bmb Buffer 
2mb Buffer 
Bmb Buffer 
2mb Buffer 
Bmb Buffer 







Feel the Need for Speed? FireWire 800 delivers! 

Made for ideas. 

120GB 7200 rpm FireWire d2 case $ 219 

200GB 7200 rpm FireWire 800 d2 case 429 

400GB 7200 rpm Big Disk FireWire 800 DV 799 

4x2x12 DVD-RW FireWire d2 case w/software 355 
52x24x52 CD-RW FireWire d2 case 1 59 

4x2x12 DVD-R FireWire/USB2.0 d2 case 369 
LaCie Electron 19 Blue IV Natural Flat Display 379 

External FireWire 400 Drives 

with Oxford 911 Chipset 



2mb buffer 

$ 174 



Bmb buffer 




2mb buffer 




Bmb Buffer 




2mb buffer 




Bmb Buffer 


Internal ATA-lOO Hard Drives 



2mb buffer 




Bmb buffer 




2mb buffer 




Bmb buffer 




2mb buffer 




Bmb buffer 


.. . y 

External Drive Cases 

3.5" FireWire 400 w/ Oxford 911 $ 55 

3.5" FireWire 8Q0/USB2.0 w/ Oxford 922 179 

Pioneer DVD Writer 
DVR-A05 (Axlntemal) $I89! 

£pson/ATI/Atto/Wacom/Aurora/NetGear/Sonnet/Dr. Bott/NEC/Kensinqton... 


$ecure Online OrdeHn? at 

MacSolutions, Inc. 11933 Wilshire Boulevard, West Los Angeles, CA 90025 Fax: (310) 966 -j^jv 33 

Univetsity £ School P.O.'s Welcome Note: AU prices are subject to change. Litnited to stock on hand. *'60^ 

*Web prices listed. Call or check website for details on new computer purchases. Not responsible for typographic errors. Not valid in combination with any other offers or promotions. 

All Apple products are only available for safe in-store or to previous MacSolutions customers due to our agreement with Apple Computer, Inc. 

Insanely Great since 1994 



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Finale 2003 $193.95* 

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All new peripherals for your Mac! 

With functionality and form in mind, Macally brings to you many new and exciting peripherals. 

Our products will greatly improve your productivity and complement your Mac. 

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-.1 . 

! - , 





m T 




1 ^ SI 





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USB Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse 

Call US for dealers near you 1 .800.644.1 1 32 

Mot Shop AUh/03 Addict 87 






Visit: or callToll Free: 1.800.30r,0663 

Multi-purpose database software features: 

user-designed record editors • relational databases 
• calculations and column summaries • eleven find 
modes • direct SQL editing • bookmarks and 
search history • batch editing • in-line and pop-up 
editing • calendar widgets • on-the-fly graphing 
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A Work of Art 
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Perf 6360 24/2GB/CD $39.99 

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AINn-One 5300 24/750MB/CD/14" Mtr $79.99 
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JFrom $49 


TiVo Deals 

From $99 

120 hr TiVo 


40 MB Hard Drive 50 pin SCSI 
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1 GB Hard Drive IDE 

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18 GB Hard Drive 68 pin SCSI 
82 GB Hard Drive IDE 
Apple 12x CDROM IDE 
Apple 12x CDROM SCSI 
Apple 24x CDROM SCSI 
Apple 48x CDROM IDE 
Apple 2x DVD IDE 
Apple 1x DVD-RAM IDE 
Apple 5x DVD-ROM IDE 
















Backyard Baseball 2001 $9.99 

Warcraft II Battle Chest $9.99 

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Sports $1 4.99 

Learn to Speak Multiple Languages $19.99 
Corel KPT 6.0 Plug-Ins MAC $69.99 

MacOS X $79.99 

3 Button USB Scroll Mouse $24.99 

Apple ADB Mouse II . $32.99 

Apple ADB AppleDesign Keyboard . $24.99 

Philips TiVo HDR 1 1 2 14 hour $89.99 

DVD Decoder Card B & W G3 $69.99 

UniBrain 3 port Firwire PCI $19.99 

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tell us how you really feel 



Leave me 
alone— l*m 

“PowerBooks are 
Purrrfect Sob Bolsinger 


I recently traveled to the 
Ukraine. It was very cold, so 
I decided to grab a coffee. I 
didn’t find Starbucks, but I 

MacCoffee: your key 
to staying wide awake 
and patriotic. 

did find MacCoffee. Now if 
only they made MacBagels. 
—Gary A, Holmes 
You know MacCoffee’s not 
from Apple—if it were, it’d be 
called iCoffee.— /Wox 


I’m a 13-year-old Mac user 
in Canada. I made this clock 
in the wood shop at the high 
school I attend.— /a/7 Strom 
Pretty cool, Ian. Your 
next project 
should be a 
balsa wood 
Rolex knock- 
off.— /Wax 


I’d like to debunk John Lee’s 
assertion that a “secret 
‘nude’ code” in Tomb Raider 
doesn’t exist (“The Next 
Level,” May/03, p34). While 
there is no secret code 
within Tomb Raider that 
creates a nude Lara Croft, 
there are a ton of third-party 
“NudeRaider” patches that 
remove Lara’s outfits. 

—Chris Calvert 
Yeah, and they’re all 
peecee-only— though 
definitely not PC.— /Wax 

Dear Max 

Your beacon of 
ethics and etiquette 

Dear Troubled: 

Remember, your crust of 
bread may be someone 
else’s slice of cake. While 
you’re under no moral 
obligation to keep the 
Apple II GS, at least offer it 
up on eBay or donate it to 
CARE along with your uneaten 


Great review of FI 
Championship Season 
2000 in the April 2003 
issue {Reviews^ p60). The 
members of my club and 
I especially liked the “Go, 
Minardi!” line. It pretty 
much sums up what we 
are all about. Keep up the 
good work and remember to 
support Minardi!— f/77/77ett 
Quigley President, Minardi 
Club San Francisco 



Minardi on 
your Mac. 

Dear Max, 

I recently remodeled mv 
house, an endeavor that 

question arose; How 
ioug an, I ethioall; 

and emotio^ailv 
required to provJrf! 

for my ^ 


^■roubled (aka Alex Boomer) 
brussels sprouts.— /Wax 

Ah, the glam world of 
Formula 1 racing. Minardians 
wouldn’t associate with 
MGD-swilling crews in the 
NASCAR pits.— /Wox 


In your article “Inside 
FireWire 800” {Get Info, 
May/03, pl4),you say 
FireWire 800 will reach 3.2 
gigabits per second. How 
can FireWire 800— named 
for its 800 Mbps speed- 
support 3.2 Gbps using the 
same interface connection? 

The IEEE-1394b FireWire 
technology FireWire 800 
is built on is capable 
of reaching 3.2 Gbps— 
eventually. No doubt the 
interface will change.— /Wox 


What do you look for in an LCD Display? 

Online Poll Results 

What do you look for in a mate? 

Ability to play action 
video games 

Good physical 

Low cost 8% 

Ability to play action 
video games 

Unprintable in a family 

magazine 1 % 

610 respondents 

610 respondents 




Q On average, 
how many junk 
email messages (aka 
spam) do you receive 
in a day? 

Q What percentage 
of that email is 
lascivious rubbish? 

, To answer, click Reader Poll 
at www.macaddictxom before 
■ luly 10, 2003. See our October 
2003 issue for the results. 
fora new poll each month. 

94 MacAddict August 2003 



MacAddict, 150 North Hill Dr., 
Brisbane, CA 94005 


go to 

cali (toii-free) 888-771-6222 


38 GOING ON 8 

To all my friends who said it 
would never happen: Neener, 
neener, neener! I finally got 
my 17-inch PowerBook! 
—Daniel M. Becker 
release email 
rabid masses...seethingwith 
jealousy. —Max 



In the story “Shuttle Files 
Across Ethernet,” (How To, 
May/03, p73), you mention 
the need to use a crossover 
cable to network two Macs. 
Wrong. Most Macs made in 
the last few years require 
only a standard Ethernet 
cable— they’re smart enough 
to manage the crossing-over 
t h e m s e I ve s .— /Cerry Murphey 
You’re right. Most current 
Macs don’t need a crossover 
cable; however, some (such 
as the eMac) still do. For a 
complete list, check out the 
AppleCare KnowledgeBase 
document titled “Macintosh: 
Apple Products That Require 
an Ethernet Crossover Cable” 
(Article ID: 42717).— Max 



Having toddlers inspires new 
and amazing insights. As I 
was unpacking a new iBook 
from its cardboard box, 
something looked strangely 
familiar, and then it hit me: 
Apple’s New iPotty! It’s 
stylish, fun, and free with the 
purchase of a new iBook. 
—Chad Sanborn 

I’d hate to have to clean out 
fbaf thing,— Max 


In his test drive of Postworx’s 
Freestyle Speedball 
notebook risers {Reviews, 
May/03, p59), Niko 
Coucouvanis describes how 
an iBook “skated across 
the table (ike a manlier 
Scott Hamilton.” I’m not 
sure how a shoved laptop 
can move in a manly or an 
unmanly fashion, but I am 
sure that Mr. Coucouvanis’s 
homophobia is showing. 
—Robert Yanal 
Niko assures me he meant 
no disrespect to either set 
of co/o/?es— Postworx’s or 
Hamilton’s. Just call it a 
simile that skated out of 
control.— Max 


The Sims Fall on Hard Times 
expansion pack {Shut Down, 
j un/03, p96) is fake, right? I 
fell off my chair laughing and 
sprained my wrist. Someone 
should make it. I would 
seriously buy \t—HyperJ 
I’ve approached Aspyr, 
the Mac publisher of The 
Sims series, but they’re not 
returning my calls.— Max 



Learn about all the power Apple is planning to give to its 
next Mac OS X feline. 

Do you have what it takes to match wits with the 
MacAddict hypergeeks? Find out. 


Learn how to run your most archaic apps in the latest 

OS. Draw It Again, Sam — anyone? 


I Mao 


It’s gorgeous. It’s expensive. It could 
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This PremierPro 
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on your desk. 


Write a caption for this picture. 


Full Name: 





Email or telephone: 

Send snail-mail entries to: Sony PremierePro Contest 
MacAddict magazine, 150 North Hill Dr.Brisbane, CA 94005 

Deadline for entry: August 30, 2003. 

Contest results will appear In our Dec/03 issue. 

Contest Rules 

The judges will be MacAddict editors, and they will base their decision on 50 percent humor and 50 percent 
creativity. All entries must be received no later than August 30, 2003, with the winner announced around December 
2003. By entering this contest, you agree that Future Network USA may use your name, likeness, and Web site 
for promotional purposes without further payment. All prizes will be awarded and no minimum number of entries 
Is required. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to their parents or legal guardians. Future Network USA Is not 
responsible for damages or expenses the winners might incur as a result of this contest or the receipt of a prize, 
and winners are responsible for Income taxes based on the value of the prize received. A list of winners may 
also be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Future Network USA c/o MacAddict Contest 
150 North Hill Dr„ Brisbane, CA 94005. This contest is limited to residents of the United States. No purchase 
necessary: void in Arizona, Maryland, Vermont Puerto Rico, and where prohibited by law. 

WINNER! True Colors Contest Results 

Congratulations to Deborah 
M. Roach for winning our 
True Colors contest, in which 
we asked you to send us an 
image that represents 
glowing wonderfulness of 
your inner hues. She wins 
Epson’s Stylus Photo 960 
photo printer (retail value 

Deborah says, “My day Is 
gray, but my color is music.” 

August 2003 MacAddict 95 

•uper MediaOi 

Ar^ residents and 
the entire Macintosh 
conuiitiflity are reeling 
in shock today in the ( 
aftermath of a powerful 
explosion at the 
MacAddict Intergalat^ 
Product 1 estir^_ rnr-J 


Yesterday: computer hardware tycoon. Today; federal fugitive. 



A Bad Product. A Bad Review. A Mega Bummer. 

I n last month’s MacAddict, reader Danny Soto wrote to ask why 
we hadn't yet given any product a zero-widget rating. Max's 
response (that we were waitingto bestow that horrific honor 
until we met a product that was heinous to the point of being 
dangerous) was incorrect. We regret the error. 

In fact, we bestowed the dreaded zero-widget rating once— and 
only once— and to the misfortune of many. The Colonotech 
MicroNukie Pro 111 Deluxe Gold Studio Edition X (see right) was the 
all-too-deserving recipient. Our own experience with this vicious 
and deadly product, in conjunction with the dreadful aftermath 
of our scathing review, has made us wary of ever again rating a 
product Damned, Read on for the sad saga. 

Ute fifitioD 


it took the exhaustive efforts of an FBI forensics team to explain 
the mighty blast that reduced the MacAddict staff from its 
former 15 to Its current skeleton crew of 8, but we editors knew 
what it was well before the gumshoes announced their findings. 
It was the Colonotech MicroNukie Pro HI Deluxe Gold Studio 
Edition. Our duty was clear— or so we thought. We gave it the 
dreaded zero-widget rating. 

A MacAddict review is a powerful force for good— or for 
evil. Although the MicroNukie Pro III Deluxe Gold Studio 
Edition richly deserved its no-widget rating, we didn't 
anticipate that Colonotech's founder would abscond 
with his company’s few remaining funds and abandon 
his hometown to whatever fate awaited it. 

DISMAL, Tenti,- 
Oaixlner Colon, 
ftnuider of Di&inal 
major employer, Cok>- 
noieeh. outrun an 
an^*ry mob this 
moniirij: ntier he 
liKked The on l\i> 
tailing cmerpii>c. 
forcing hiindrc»J.s of 
Dismal residem.-. out 
work. Said fJcs 
Tumor. Colon’s long- 
time friend und 
partner, "Tiint low- F 
down, thieving. ■ J 
hearted, spineless. 
loathsome. txJious. 

toraiHny town. Today. 
OeKalft County's Kabul, 


j and smoke of 

j night Of 

' “'^'‘^f'd'naybemw 

, ®’*®al,DeiCaIb County, 

Stud Manley of neigh. 

, ''"WRg arvayej 

f '7: a dun veneer 
! oCavilizaHon" his - 
i fteely voice intoned. 

pemuscctmmu^ ^ 

The closing of Colonotech thrust Dismal into chaos. 
Unemployed and desperate ex-Colonotechers went 
on a rampage, first pillaging their now-abandoned 
plant, then looting the estates of their ex- managers, 
and finally taking out their rage on the entire town. 
The tragedy that began with the loss of seven of our 
best and brightest had now ended. The moral is clear: 
A no-widget review Is a fearsome responsibility. 

96 MacAddict August 2003 

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