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Spring, 2006 


M essage from the Director 

^ by William E. Jones 

Neil Armstrong, Len Stringfield and UFO Crash 

In the winter 2006 issue of this newsletter I wrote about a story that 
was told to me by the late Leonard Springfield, who seriously inves¬ 
tigated crash retrieval stories back before the public’s interest in the 
Roswell story gave the study of this subject some public validity. 
During his years of research, Len talked to over 50 people who told 
him first hand accounts of their involvement with UFO crash re¬ 
trieval events, the investigation of alien technology, work on alien 
life forms and so forth. Len kept the identities of these people secret 
because he promised them he would and a concern that if he violated 
those promises people would no longer tell him of their experiences. 

According to Len, he was approached by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the 
astronomy consultant to the US Air Force’s Project Bluebook and 
later the founder of the Center for UFO Studies, and Neil Armstrong, 
the first man to land on the Moon. They made a request that Len 
share the identities of his informants with them after his death through 
the use of his will and a lock box at the bank where Mr. Armstrong 
served on the board of directors. Len turned them down. 

The alleged involvement of Neil Armstrong in this matter and the 
possibility that his interest was more than just personal caught my 
attention. I tried to find a way to approach Mr. Armstrong to ask if 
the story was true. Finally, after attending a meeting at the Ohio His¬ 
torical Society in Columbus, Ohio on November 10, 2005 where 
Armstrong biographer Dr. James R. Hansen discussed his book I found 
my way to Armstrong. I asked Dr. Hansen, and a boyhood friend of 
Mr. Armstrong who was also at the meeting Mr. Konstantine “Kotcho” 
Solacoff, to ask him if the story was true. Both replied that they would 
do this. And so I waited. 

Finally on February 16, 2006 I received an email message from Dr. 
Hansen that read, “Neil tells me he never talked to Hynek or String- 
field. His only encounter with a UFO is the one (during Apollo 11) 
that I detail in the book.” 

Before Dr. Hansen wrote this email I had sent him a copy of the 
winter 2006 issue of this newsletter and an article concerning other 
astronauts who had seen and/or expressed an interest in UFOs. These 

(continued on page 2) 

MUFON and SOAAR is proud to present 
Derrel Sims 

Alien Abduction Researcher 
August 5,2006 
From 11 AM till 4:30 PM 
At the Kenton County Public Library 

502 Scott St., Covington, Kentucky 


Derrel Sims is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotic 
Anesthetist, Certified Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, interna¬ 
tional speaker, licensed private investigator in the state of Texas and 
researcher of alleged human/alien encounters. His discoveries of the 
alleged alien implantation and fluorescence found on abductees, fol¬ 
lowing reported contact by alien entities, are but two finds that his 
Medical/Scientific Team explores. 

In 1994, a writer reviewing his work originated the name, “Alien 

Hunter.” Mr. Sims’ primary work i 
cases of alleged human/alien con¬ 
tact. He is an advisor/investigator 
for the PARSEC organization. 
This is an Italy based organiza¬ 
tion of medical doctors, physicists, 
psychotherapists, and other pro¬ 
fessionals who invited Sims to 
come on board in 2000 to use his 
skills to complete professional in¬ 
vestigations in psychological and 
physical evidence in this work. His 
presentations to medical, scientific 
and college conferences as well as 
the public at large, show compel¬ 
ling approaches to human/alien 
encounters. His extensive training 
and experience in investigative ap¬ 
proaches and therapeutic interven¬ 
tions allows him to select the right 
approach for the individual. 

gathering physical evidence from 

Derrel Sims, above. 

Seating is on a first come first serve basis. No preregistration is 
required. The program is open to the public. 

Director’s Message (continued from page 1) 

items hadn’t arrived by the time he sent that message, so he assumed 
that I hadn’t received it. So, on February 27, 2006 he followed up 
with a short letter that read, “Apparently my email messages have 
not gotten through to you. Both Kotcho Solacoff and I did ask Neil 
about Leonard Stringfield, and he was emphatic that he never met or 
talked with him. That is the best I can offer you, I’m afraid. Best of 
luck in your research. I deeply appreciate the sincerity and kindness 
of your messages to me.” 

Thus, this matter is seemingly closed. What are we to make of it? I 
truly think Leonard Stringfield was as honest as anyone I have ever 
met, so I don’t think he made up the story. I have no reason to believe 
that Neil Armstrong is any less honest than Len. And I don’t think I 
misunderstood what Len told me or that my memories about this 
matter are seriously defective. Thus, something is missing here. The 
only thing that makes sense to me is that, like with Len and his infor¬ 
mants, Mr. Armstrong feels duty-bound to not talk about the matter. 
Thus, what might be considered by some to be a white lie (any other 
response would be confirmatory) is ethically justified. Thus, because 
Len and Dr. Hynek are dead, the only confirmation of the story must 
come from Mr. Armstrong, and that isn’t likely to happen. 

I did ask Dr. Mark. Rodeghier, Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center 
for UFO Studies, if Dr. Hynek had left any private journals or diaries 
wherein he might have written comments about Len or Mr. Armstrong. 
Mark replied, “No, Allen didn’t leave anything like a diary, at least 
that we have at the Center. But there is at least one letter between 
Allen and Armstrong that makes it clear that they have communi¬ 
cated, if not met.” 

So, unless some reliable and persuasive evidence is uncovered, this is 
one more enticing story from the field of ufology that will never be 

New Books of Interest 

I will leave book reviews to our accomplished expert at this Jon Fry. 
However, there are several new UFO related books that I can heartily 
recommend as providing more than a rehash of ufological history or 
a recantation of UFO sightings. These books each offer something 
new, and thus are well worth reading. 

(1) Bennett, Colin, An American Demonology - Flying Saucers 
Over the White House, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and the 
Official UFO Investigation of the United States Air Force , 
Headpress/Critical Vision, 2005. 

(2) Redfem, Nick, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and 
Government Surveillance , Anomalist Books, 2006. 

(3) Kelleher, Colm A., Ph.D. and George Knapp, Hunt for the 
Skinwalker - Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Re¬ 
mote Ranch in Utah , Paraview Pocket Books, 2005. 

(4) Willis, James A., Andrew Henderson, and Loren Coleman, 
Weird Ohio - Your Travel Guide to Ohio s Local Legends 
and Best Kept Secrets , Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 

UFO Archives in France 

Another archive for the preservation of the UFO literature has been 
identified. As with the collection that has been established at The 

Ohio State University in the Rare Books and Manuscripts division of 
the main library with the assistance of MUFON of Ohio members, 
others are working to preserve the UFO literature to make it avail¬ 
able to future generations of UFO researchers. 

SCEAU is the French acronym for “Preservation and conservation of 
ufological studies and archives.” This association, of which all 
collaborators are voluntary, has as its goal the long-term preservation 
of the ufological literature, i.e. the preservation of all books, 
magazines, letters, investigation reports, newspaper clippings and 
any other documents (written, audiovisual or electronic) related to 
UFO research. SCEAU was founded in 1990 in consideration of the 
fact that, all too often, when someone who has engaged in studying 
the UFO phenomena dies or ceases being interested, or when a UFO 
group is disbanded, their documents are dispersed, disappear or are 
even destroyed by the person’s heirs. 

SCEAU therefore has undertaken to contact all the persons and groups 
known to them who are interested in UFOs or related phenomena in 
France and proposed to them an “archives transfer contract”. Under 
this contract, the donor transfers all or part of his/her archives to 
SCEAU at the time of his or her choice. This can be immediately, 
later, or after his or her death. This contract defines the legal conditions 
of the transfer. 

After classification and a detailed inventory of recovered documents, 
SCEAU places them in the French Public Records network, where 
everyone has access to the documents, under conditions set by French 
Law on Archives (notably for protecting privacy) or at more restrictive 
conditions if so desired by the donor. As for books and magazines 
that the Public Records are not legally bound to accept, they are 
deposited in public libraries. A great public library at Metz was given 
an important collection of several hundred books and magazines on 
UFOs and related topics. 120 UFO books have been deposited in a 
university library (at Nice-Sophia Antipolis) and about a hundred in 
the Maison d’Ailleurs (science fiction museum) at Yverdon 
(Switzerland). All these “SCEAU libraries” are gradually augmented 
with other books newly acquired by SCEAU. For all deposits, a contact 
is signed with the archives centre or the library, ensuring the durability 
of the deposit and defining the consultation conditions. SCEAU stands 
as an intermediary between the donor and the archives centre or the 

This association publishes a yearly bulletin giving the complete 
inventory of archives preserved during the year. SCEAU has 
established links with the SHG (Sign Historical Group: J shg) and the AFU (Archives for UFO Research 
Foundation: , which pursue similar aims in the United 
States and Sweden, and maintains contacts with foreign searchers, 
notably in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. 

Paper mail address: SCEAU/Archives OVNI, B.P. 19, F 91801 
BRUNOY CEDEX, France.E-mail address: 

We in MUFON of Ohio welcome SCEAU to this most important en¬ 

(continued on page 3) 

page 2 ^ A) 

Spring 2006 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

Director’s Message (continued from page 2) 

The Exchange of MUFON State Newsletters 

MUFON of Ohio is working to get agreement with other state and 
regional MUFON organizations that issue electronic newsletters to 
exchange their newsletter for ours so that they can be made available 
to our respective members as another “perk” of membership. By ex¬ 
changing newsletters, each state or region will learn more about what 
the other organization is doing, will encourage interstate coopera¬ 
tion, and will promote international MUFON. 

Agreement has already been reached with Michigan MUFON for the 
exchange, and talks have been initiated with Minnesota MUFON. 
We have contacted MUFON Hq. to determine if other MUFON state 
and regional organizations have electronic newsletters. As soon as 
the details can be worked out each Ohio member with email capabil¬ 
ity will be periodically receiving other state newsletters. The unknown 
at this point is the number of such newsletters. As of now, we know of 
our own, Michigan’s and Minnesota’s. We will keep you informed of 
how this initiative progresses. 

Shoe Shaped UFO Seen Over Circleville, 


By Pete Hartinger, Jon Fry and Delbert Anderson 
Roundtown UFO Society and MUFON of Ohio 

Mr. Glenn Cook lives in the Elesa Mobile Home Court at 210 Villa 
Court in Circleville. He reported to Pete Hartinger within a few hours 
of the sighting that he saw a strange object from the bedroom of his 
mobile home on February 14, 2006 at around 4:30 am. 

Mr. Cook usually awakes up at about 5:30 am every morning, but for 
some reason he awakened early on this morning. As is his usual pat¬ 
tern when he awakes, he looked out the window of his bedroom mo¬ 
bile home, which faces southwest. As he was looking around he saw 
a dark stationary object over a pine tree in his yard. It was at an 
elevation of 45 degrees. Mr. Cook thought it was an airplane at first 
and then realized that the shape wasn’t right for an airplane. It was 
shaped like a squared off shoe. After watching it for ten minutes or 
so he decided to get out of bed to try to get a better look at it. 

Before his feet hit the floor several lights appeared. They were very 
bright and white in color. They didn’t appear to have beams, but 
looked more like bright lights behind portholes on a ship. These lights 
were visible for 15 or 20 seconds and then went out. They and the 
dark object, which may have been behind whatever held the lights, 
were gone. Mr. Cook sat on his bed for about an hour trying to figure 
out what he had seen and waiting for its possible return. 

No sound was heard during the event. The lights appeared to be about 
the size of a quarter held at arms length. The dark object was smaller. 

A check of star charts reveled that the Moon was about 15 degrees to 
the west of the object, which the witness said that he saw at the time. 
The sky was somewhat overcast. The only other bright object in that 
general area of the sky at that time was the star Spica in the constel¬ 
lation Virgo. It would have been east of the object. 

MUFON of Ohio Member Recalls Sighting 

by Scott Santa 

Although I’ve been an active member of MUFON since 1983 and 
submitted a sighting report to CUFOS in 1984, this is the first time 
I’ve ever related my UFO experience in narrative form. I have dis¬ 
cussed it with less than a handful of people. This usually happens 
when people find out I’m a MUFON investigator and independent 
researcher, and they ask the obvious, “Have I ’ ve ever seen one?” Rarely, 
if ever, have I answered that question with the details that follow. But 
before I start, let me give the reader some background. 

My interest in this subject goes back to my earliest memories. In fact 
it wsthe 1956 United Artists! rrcvie titled UFO -The True Story of 
UFO's, with actor Tom Towers portraying A1 Chop that really intro¬ 
duced me to the subject of UFOs. I may have been around 7 or 8 years 
old, say in 1962/63 when I saw that movie on late night TV, and I 
haven’t looked back since I was entirely and absolutely hooked. I 
read what books I could find, even comics such as, “ Flying Saucers 
Comics , UFO & Outer Space , and UFO Flying Saucers. I continued 
to read UFO related articles and books throughout my childhood and 
on through high school. 

On February 20th of this year I received an email from Bill Jones 
asking for help, along with other Ohio MUFON members, in an in¬ 
vestigation by the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies of a 1973 
sighting in the Columbus Ohio area. The artist’s rendition that was 
attached to the email is the closest approximation that I have EVER 
seen in the literature of the object I was privy to witness in the sum¬ 
mer of 1974.1 told Bill about it and he asked me to write about my 

a rr*t sf tky 

Artist's sketch of object seen in Columbus in 1973. 

It was during my first year of college at the University of Akron in 
1974 I saw “something” that is as vivid today as it was when I first 
saw it (even though I had a memory lapse immediately following the 
sighting). It was August I believe; I do not recall the exact date. I was 
at the Ascot Drive-In movie theater in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio that has 
since been tom down and replaced by housing. I was with a friend, 
who will remain anonymous mainly because I lost contact with him 
shortly after the event. 

The cars were facing in a NNW 

(continued on page 4) 

p age 3 / —^ 

Spring 2006 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

Member Sighting (continued from page 3) 

direction. It was a beautiful summer evening, absolutely clear, lots of 
stars, just perfect! At some point during the first movie I heard cars 
blowing their horns and then the movie stopped, the screen went 
completely blank and the concessions stand went dark. At this point 
I exited my car and saw an object coming directly over top of the 
drive-in screen from a NW direction. I yelled at my friend to get out 
and look, which he did. 

I also noticed most of the other patrons were out of their vehicles and 
looking upwards at the object. After the lights went “dark” I got a 
really strange feeling, which I believe has since been identified as the 
“OZ” effect. The environment became totally silent. I could not even 
hear anyone talking. My eyes were glued to this object, and I felt as if 
I were in a vacuum of sorts. It is a feeling difficult to describe. 

What I saw was a chevron boomerang type craft. It was completely 
black, like a black hole in the night sky. There were no external lights, 
but there was a “hint” of windows or portholes on the front part of the 
object as it was facing me. The object appeared to be “floating” rather 
than flying. It floated extremely slowly in a direct manner; it did not 
change its path of flight from the moment I first saw it. It gave me the 
impression that it was huge. The typical description of 3 football 
fields would be a good approximation. It was difficult to gauge the 
altitude, but I had the feeling that I may have been able to hit it with 
a rock. It appeared to be that close! 

At this point in time I had a realization that what I was seeing was 
NOT fitting into my frame of reference, meaning that I could not 
identify it and it resembled nothing from my prior experience. The 
intrusion of this object into my psyche and my inability to define it or 
put a name to it puzzled me, and gave me the big-time creeps! I was 
momentarily more than a little scared. The object’s flight path took it 
directly over the top of my car. I recall asking my friend if he was 
seeing what I was and he replied in the affirmative, although I never 
took my eyes off the object while I asked. The object moved over the 
back fence of the theater. I watched the object continue on until I lost 
sight of it at the horizon as it was moving in a SSE direction. I esti¬ 
mate the duration of the sighting to be around 15-20 minutes. The 
speed of the object remained constant throughout the event. 

After I lost sight of the object, I got back into my car and sat down. At 
this point, the movie flicked back on, the concession stand and all 
associated lights came on and it was as if nothing had ever happened. 
None of the other patrons came out to talk about what they had seen. 
It was as if everyone just returned to their cars and went back to 
watching the movie. My friend and I never spoke about the sighting 
for the rest of the evening. I recall feeling rather robotic as we left the 
movie. Strangely I seemed to have forgotten the entire incident for 
about 2 years. 

As best \ can recaW, \ Temembex seeing a copy of Brad Steiger's book 
“Project Blue Book” in a store in 1976, which I purchased. Reading 
this book seemed to bring the recollection of this incident back to the 
forefront of my memory, where it has remained. 

I have often wondered if something more than just a sighting oc¬ 
curred that night. I’ve even considered putting an ad in the local 
paper to see if anyone else in Cuyahoga Falls, where I still live, may 
have been there that night and could corroborate my experience. But 
after considering this for some years, I’m not sure I’m either ready or 

Spring 2006 

willing to see what responses an ad like that would precipitate in this 
day and age. I’ve decided to content myself with the experience and 
count myself lucky to have witnessed something extremely strange. 

According to UFO researcher David Sankey, a similar object was 
seen in England in June of 1960. It was observed on by a Tommy 
Dunford on Cricklade Road, Purton, Wiltshire, England. It was a 
cylindrical shaped silver object, with what appeared to be square port¬ 
hole type windows. Only the one side was observed. 

Rendering of Object seen in the UK. This has similarities to the 
object seen by Scott Santa. 

David Sankey, along with John Hanson and Dawn Holloway, are 
working on a book with the working title of Haunted Skies, will fea¬ 
ture this sighting in the book, which will include accounts of unex¬ 
plained objects in the shy over the United Kingdom. It is found that 
this publication will eventually consist of five volumes. Mr. Sankey’s 
website with wonderful drawings of sightings can be found at 
www. davidsankey. com. 

Indy UFO Conference 

Hosted by Bookman Publishing & Marketing 

The INDY UFO Conference will take place on May 21, 2005. You 
can find more information at . Speakers are being 
added daily; John Greenewald; www. blackvault. com was recently 

Death of James Bond Johnson 

James Bond Johnson passed away recently. Bond was the photogra¬ 
pher of the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash wreckage which was taken in 
the office of General Ramey in Fort Worth, Texas. He was a former 
UFO UpDates List member and contributor. 

Other Ohio UFO Groups 

You can find the Rouudtown UFO Society (RUFOS) website at The group meets in Circleville, Ohio. 
Contact them at 

The Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP) website can be found at Their meetings are held the third Saturday 
of each month. Contact them at 

The Tri-County UFO Study Group meets in Alliance, Ohio. They 
can be contacted at 

page 4 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

Oberlin University’s Connection to Ufology and 
Introduction to the Lecture by Richard Dolan 
By Cassandra Klesch 

Oberlin College ; Oberlin, Ohio - On April 9, 2006 The Cleveland 
Ufology Project, (CUP), and The Mutual UFO Network of Ohio 
(MUFON of Ohio), hosted Richard Dolan author of UFOs and the 
National Security State, Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973, a thor¬ 
ough history of the cloak and dagger behavior or our government 
regarding UFOs. The program was organized by Aaron Clark, an 
Oberlin College staff member. Clark teaches a ufology class at Ober¬ 
lin as part of the college’s experimental programs. The lecture was 
geared to enhance Clark’s students’ awareness of government decep¬ 
tion regarding ufology to his students. 

Clark opened the program with enlightening information directly link¬ 
ing ufology to Oberlin. Both Dr. John Mack, Pulitzer Prize winner 
and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, and au¬ 
thor of Passport to the Cosmos, and Budd Hopkins, author of Intrud¬ 
ers and Witnessed [ are former students at Oberlin College. Edward 
Condon was a visiting professor of physics. Condon was the director 
of the dismissive 1968 Condon Report, based on data collected by 
Project Blue Book, 1951 - 1969. 

As a student of the Cold War, Dolan has an interest in government 
cover-ups and clandestine operations. His interest in ufology was 
peaked by Timothy Good’s book Above Top Secret. 

Dolan’s lecture delivered some basic information enhancing Clark’s 
students’ core of knowledge. Substantiating the conspiratorial tone 
of government operations with layer upon layer of cloak and dagger 
type infrastructures, Dolan began his talk with a real shocker. 
Catherine Austin Fitts, a Wharton graduate and Assistant Secretary 
of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner during the first Bush 
Administration, discovered $313 trillion, unaccounted for in govern¬ 

ment “black budgets.” According to Dolan, NASA has billions of 
dollars unaccounted for and the money is buried in private bank ac¬ 
counts and “deep black” projects. “What happened to the money? 
Where did it go?” Is this the funding source for exotic technology, 
and biological and technological recovery of alien life? 

editor's note: There will be a report on the lecture in the 
summer, 2006 issue of the newsletter. 

Members to Receive Earl Neff Booklet 

Bill Jones, our Director, will be mailing out a reprint of a booklet by 
UFO Legend Earl Neff to members. The booklet was put together 
with help from our Treasurer, Rick Hilberg. Bill is heading for Aus¬ 
tralia for a vacation soon, so the mailing will take place in June. 

John Timmerman is a long¬ 
time MUFON of Ohio mem¬ 
ber as well as a member of 
CUFOS (Center for UFO 
Studies). This book may be 
ordered through CUFOS for 
$20.00 plus $2.00 P&H. The 
CUFOS website is If you aren't 
connected to the Internet and 
are interested in an order 
form, you can contact Jenni¬ 
fer Thomas, at 740-965-6656. 
Other items associated with 
the book, such as copies of 
audiotaped voices and typed 
conversations, are also avail¬ 


Case Reports/fafi the Timmerman Hies 

2006 Membership Application of Ohio 

To join, send $25.00 in annual membership dues 
and this form to: 

MUFON of Ohio Check or money order only, please 


SUNBURY, OH 43074-0517 

Renewa l New Member (circle one) MUFON, Inc. member? Y / N (circle one) 



City:_ State:_ Zip:_ 

Phone (_)_ Email_ 

Please answer the following questions about email and enter your email address above. 

Will you accept announcements and notices about future events and meetings by email? Y / N (circle one) 
Will you agree to receive an electronic version of the newsletter? Y / N (circle one) 

If you answer "N" to the above, you will receive that item via US Postal Service. 

pages/ ^ 

Spring 2006 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

The UFO Wave Of October 1973 

by Pete Hartinger, 

Roundtown UFO Society, Circleville, Ohio 

31 years ago, there were massive sightings of UFOs from a large part 
of the United States. A few years ago, MUFON of Ohio collected 
newspaper articles from around the state of Ohio that were written 
during the UFO wave of October, 1973.1 have the 133 pages of these 
Ohio newspaper articles. 

One interesting newspaper article stated that Wright-Patterson Air 
Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio, kept the official Air Force log on 
UFOs for 23 years, until the project ended in 1969. In those years, 
12,618 UFO sightings were reported and 701 were never identified. 
“None of these,” the study said, “gave any indication of a threat to 
our national security.” 

Many Circleville residents will remember this time period because 
this was the year that Pat Boone visited the Pumpkin Show. Massive 
UFO sightings also occurred during the time of the Yom Kippur War 
in the Middle East. 

In the early morning hours of Oct. 16, area residents and two city 
police officers saw a strange phenomenon near Circleville. A local 
resident called authorities at 4:23 a.m. to report a large golden object 
in the sky southwest of the city. The two police officers were dis¬ 
patched to the scene and both reported seeing a large gold object in 
the sky. It appeared to be emitting a large red plume and was moving 
in circles. 

One of the best documented military UFO sightings on public record 
occurred on the night of Oct. 18, 1973. It was carried in many of the 
country’s newspapers at that time. 

An U.S. Army Captain and three Army reservists saw a mysterious 
craft (UFO) that flew past their helicopter. The helicopter was flying 

about 2,500 feet. Coyne said crew members saw a cigar-shaped ob¬ 
ject “unlike anything produced on earth.” It had a glowing, steady 
red light on its leading edge. A green light emitted from the rear of 
the craft which filled their cabin with a green glow. The crew first 
thought it was a radio tower. Suddenly, they realized the light was 
coming toward them. Captain Lawrence J. Coyne grabbed the con¬ 
trols and dropped the helicopter in a shallow dive. Crew members 
estimated that the object was moving at more than 600 miles per 
hour, twice the legal speed limit in the controlled space at that level. 
“It looked like a fighter plane coming straight for us,” said Coyne, a 
veteran of 19 years in military flying. “I took immediate evasive ac¬ 
tion. I cut the power and dropped into a shallow dive. We dropped to 
2,000 feet and we braced for impact.” Coyne said the approaching 
craft appeared to stop momentarily about 500 feet overhead and banked 
to one side. He said he glanced at the altimeter and noticed that the 
helicopter had risen to 3,800 feet. None of the crew felt the gravita¬ 
tional pull normally felt when a helicopter rises, he added. “We felt a 
bounce, and then the other craft took off to the northeast.” 

Coyne’s helicopter was near Ashland County during the UFO en¬ 
counter. Ashland County Sheriff’s deputies also had a UFO sighting 
that night. Later, ground witnesses in the vicinity of the sighting re¬ 
ported either seeing the helicopter and UFO or the strange green light. 
They also heard the helicopter noise overhead at the same time. 

Ironically, Captain Coyne was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 
(two grades) before he retired. Apparently the military felt he was 
very competent. He also was part of a concerned group of people who 
made a special presentation about unidentified flying objects to the 
United Nations on Nov. 27, 1978. 

Another famous case occurred during this 1973 time period. Two 
men claimed they were taken aboard a UFO near Pascagoula, Missis¬ 
sippi. To this day they have stuck to their story. 

(continued on page 8) 

‘MOlrOcN’ OF OHIO 2006 Membership Application 

Please help us organize and plan better. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. 

What is your interest in the UFO phenomenon and MUFON of Ohio? 

What kind of events and information are you hoping to get through MUFON of Ohio? (Please circle) 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter Lectures/Presentations Group research projects 

Individual research projects County responsibility for monitoring UFO events 

Other (Please specify) 

Spring 2006 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

page 6 

Featured Photo -1990 

Charles Berlitz at the 1990 NUFOC 

Charles Berlitz is shown speaking with several of the attendees at the 
1990 National UFO Conference in Miami Beach, Florida. One of the 
featured speakers at the convention, Berlitz is probably known for his 
best selling “The Bermuda Triangle”, the first book propel the “Tri¬ 
angle Mystery” to prominence during the 1970s. Even though that by 
1990 most of the key cases regarding the Bermuda Triangle had been 
generally solved to the satisfaction of most researchers, Berlitz con¬ 
tinued to lecture on the subject at numerous UFO and fortean gather¬ 
ings all around the country, Miami Beach being no exception. Al¬ 
though the Triangle was indeed old news, most in attendance gener¬ 
ally enjoyed his presentation. 

After “The Bermuda Triangle” was published in 1974, Berlitz went 
on to pen several other books on the Bermuda Triangle theme, as 
well as collaboration with William Moore on “The Roswell Incident” 
and “The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility.” 

Other speakers at the 1990 NUFOC included Ed and Frances Walters 
of Gulf Breeze fame, William Nash of the famous 1952 Nash - 
Fortenberry airline UFO encounter as well as 1950s “contactees” 
Howard Menger and Frank Stranges. 

Perhaps the thing that I remember most about the 1990 NUFOC is 
the midnight skywatch held on the beach itself, attended by at least a 
hundred people and hosted by Ed and Frances Walters. No, nobody 
saw anything other than aircraft and stars, but it was a wonderful 
time for general fellowship and talking about our favorite subject. 

- Rick Hilberg 

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By CNI News — Vol. 2, No. 16, Part 2 —November 1, 1996 

Part Two 

MUFONof Ohio Editor’s note: The first part of this story appeared 
in the winter 2006 newsletter and was an interview with the main 
witness. Part Two is the interview with two other individuals, who 
also claim to be familiar with the object. 


John K. Mosgrove is a former dental technician. In 1979, while 
working at a Veterans Administration hospital in Dayton, Ohio, he 
was assigned the task of replicating a strange mandible. Under or¬ 
ders to remain silent, he told no one about these events for over 14 

In early October, 1996, CNI News editor Michael Lindemann inter¬ 
viewed John Mosgrove by phone, then interviewed newsman Carl 
Day and another dental technician, Bruce Phillips, who is also fa¬ 
miliar with the mandible. 

Michael Lindemann s comments are in brackets. All other text is di¬ 
rectly quoted from the interview subjects. 

[After interviewing John Mosgrove, Michael Lindemann talked with 
Dayton television newsman Carl Day about his own investigation of 
the mandible case. Day said that Mosgrove had first called him after 
Day broadcast a news report on “legends of Wright Patterson.” Day 
interviewed Mosgrove on camera in February of 1995. However, in 
the news special that he later broadcast, he did not show Mosgrove’s 
face or use his true name. Following are excerpts of Carl Day’s re¬ 
marks to Michael Lindemann.] 

Carl Day: I took an open minded view of everything. I checked John 
out, talked with people who’d worked with him, double checked at 
the VA hospital (Brown Hospital in Dayton). Yes indeed, he had 
worked there during that time period. Yes, people remembered him. 
No, he was not crazy — things like this. Then when I spent time with 
John in his home, I just let him talk, and it was an absolutely amaz¬ 
ing story. He was the first to admit he didn’t have any idea what [the 
mandible] was. 

[By the time Day met Mosgrove], Len Stringfield was dead, so I 
thought somebody’s got to pick up the ball and see if we can get some 
more answers. So I told [John] I would, and he gave me a copy of [the 
mandible]. I’ve since taken it around to anthropologists, archeolo¬ 
gists, forensic dentists - and to date, nobody has really given me an 
answer as to what it is. At one of the museums where I was talking to 
several anthropologists, we went through all of their books together, 
trying to find a match. The closest we could find was a lemur. But the 
teeth don’t match. The shape of the jaw also does not match. There’s 
a lot of stuff that doesn’t match. I don’t know what it is. And the 
circumstances around it... it is either a very elaborate hoax —perpe¬ 
trated in this case not by John, but by whoever the officers were, for 
whatever purpose — or he’s on to something, and somebody goofed. 
It still raises a heck of a lot of questions. 

(continued on page 8) 

Spring 2006 

MUFON of Ohio Newsletter 

page 7 

Mandible (continued from page 7) 

A friend of mine is one of the leading dentists in Ohio. He’s seen it 
and he’s fascinated by it. Can’t come up with anything there. I’ve got 
an appointment in the next few weeks with a gentleman who special¬ 
izes in reconstruction — they find bones out in the field somewhere, 
and it’s his job to reconstruct it to what it probably was. He’s anx¬ 
iously waiting to look at it. But so far nobody has been able to give 
me any answers. 

At this point, the weight is still toward the unknown, rather than 
toward the known... A lot of these people I’ve talked to are very reli¬ 
able individuals, and there is something going on. I don’t know what. 
There’s a lot going on at Wright-Pat. I had sources at Wright-Pat that 
were pretty reliable who really wanted to get to the bottom of it. Even 
with their clearances, they couldn’t find anything. 

[At the urging of John Mosgrove, Michael Lindemann also inter¬ 
viewed another dental technician, Bruce Phillips, who lives in Rich¬ 
mond, Indiana, and has seen the mandible. Following are excerpts 
from that interview.] 

Bruce Phillips: I came in contact with the mandible from John. He 
showed it to me one day and asked me to take a look at it to see if I’ve 
ever seen anything that looked like it, like a chimpanzee or a gorilla 
mandible or whatever. I looked at it real well and looked into some 
books to see if anything could possibly resemble the shape of this 
mandible, and I haven’t come across anything yet. I do have my de¬ 
gree in dental technology. We did study a bit about different man¬ 

I don’t think anyone knows what it is for sure. With the story John 
has, it being so secretive, I have to think it would be something in the 
classified area. There’s no other reason for the officer to come back in 
and destroy the impression, crumple it up. 

I was stationed at Wright-Pat from the latter part of 1971 to 1975. I 
have a suspicion that they were keeping evidence of ...crashes there. 
When I was stationed there and working in the dental clinic — this 
would be late 1974, probably — I was cleaning teeth then, and I got 
people from all different parts of the base as patients. I had an officer, 
a Major, come in. And [at that time] there was speculation in the 
local paper that there were aliens being kept on base to be analyzed. 
I was not a believer then. I just kind of made a joke with that officer 
who came in, because it was supposed to be in his area — I think it 
was the AFIT organization — where they were supposed to be kept. 
And I was joking with him. I said, “What about those little green 
men you’re supposed to be hiding? Is there any truth to that?” He got 
a real serious look on his face, looked over at me and said, “I’m not 
going to say that it is true, and I’m definitely not going to say that it’s 
not true.” He was totally serious. Why he said that to me, I have no 
idea. I think he was wanting to tell somebody. That’s the only thing I 
can think of. I said, “Can you give me a little bit further... Are you 
serious?” He said, “That’s really all I can say.” I said, “Jeez, you’re 
saying that if it definitely wasn’t true, you would say it wasn’t true.” 
And he said, “Yes.” I could not believe what I was hearing, actually. 
That kind of stuck with me. 

working at the VA in Dayton at that time. It would make sense that if 
anything was going to be poured up, they would not do it in the den¬ 
tal clinic [on base], because it would just spread all through the orga¬ 
nization. So they took this thing off base to the VA center to get poured 
up, hoping that no one would think 
anything of it. That’s the only thing I can come up with. 

They had a wonderful dental facility on base. But with the rumors 
going on base, if we bring something that they’re not used to seeing, 
and be all secretive, it would spread like wildfire. This is only my 

I would say [the creature] was a vegetarian. The teeth that were left 
in the mandible were all flat-planed, which would mean that there 
was no reason for incisors to tear. Just a kind of grinding was all they 
would need, which would mean to me that they were plant eaters. 
The most striking part of the thing was the shape of the mandible. If 
you would put tissue on this - you know how you see on TV when 
people have drawn aliens and they all have little, real pointed chins 
— that’s exactly how it would look. You would have a pointed, very 
small chin area, and wider where it connected to the temporal man¬ 
dibular arch. 

Nothing I’ve ever seen looks like it. Can I say it’s alien? No. But I 
have to say there is something hush-hush about this mandible. Put¬ 
ting two and two together, that makes me very suspicious. 

Editorial Comment : This is an old story that seems to have dropped 
off of the UFO radar screen in recent years. We are offering this ar¬ 
ticle at this time so that, (1) those people who are new to ufology will 
be aware of the story, (2) in case anyone out there has new informa¬ 
tion about the story, and (3) most importantly because of its Ohio 
connection. I hope you will find the story of interest and possibly 
decide to investigate the story further. (WEJ) 

UFO Wave (continued from page 7) 

In the middle of October, several witnesses observed UFOs over or 
near Greenfield, Ohio. These UFO sightings went on for a few days 
and included a police officer that observed them. He described his 
UFO, as being egg shaped with a glow around it. This was covered by 
front page headlines in the Greenfield Daily Times newspaper. 

Governor Gilligan of Ohio also reported seeing a UFO one night 
while driving home from Michigan. He described it as an amber col¬ 
ored vertical beam of light. 

The Associated Press reported on Oct. 19, 1973 that the 2 Skylab 
astronauts in debriefing sessions told of seeing a mysterious red-disk 
object in space, the space agency reported. The disclosure came amid 
a new nationwide rash of sightings of unexplained aerial objects. 

The Center for UFO Studies reported that they had close to one thou¬ 
sand UFO sighting reports during this month of October, the highest 
amount received in such a short time. Since October 1973 there have 
been thousands of UFO sighting reports from around the world, but 
none have had the newspaper coverage like the Wave of October 1973. 

You can phone Pete at 740-477-6252; write PO. Box 52, Circleville, 
Ohio 43113; or email 

That kind of relates back to John’s story of the mandible. He was 

Spring 2006 MUFON of Ohio Newsletter