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Mutual UFO Network 

(602) 967-6265 

MEETING DATE: Monday, March 20, 1995 ♦ MEETING TIME: 7:30 p.m. SHARP 
LOCATION: 8227 E. Orange Blossom, Scottsdale, A2 (Clubhouse) 
PROGRAM: Richard Seifried, Oklahoma MUFON 


Our State MUFON meeting is history 
now, and I think everyone who 
attended was presented with two 
excellent speakers. My thanks go 
out to Jim Dilettoso and Gene Nieri 
for making the event such a success. 
Jim provided the use of his studio for 
our program, and Gene drove in from 
Albuquerque to make his 

It was also a chance for our many 
out-of-town members to meet our 
local members and attend the 
meeting with us. Members from 
Sedona, Flagstaff, Pine, Williams, 
Prescott, Yuma, Tucson and Arivaca 
were in attendance. I hope all of you 
found it was a worthwhile trip; we 
plan to have another statewide 
meeting in the near future. 

An interesting thing occurred at the 
meeting when I had Richard Motzer 
report on yet another UFO sighting in 
Gila Bend, about which a caller from 
Phoenix had phoned in to the Art Bell 
radio program on Thursday, 
February 16th. During the break in 
our State Meeting I was approached 
by a man who was a friend of the 
woman who had called Art's program 

to report the UFO sighting. In 
addition, the man informed me his 
friend is a professional photographer 
and took pictures of the object! Now 
we are anxiously awaiting the 
development of the photos. I'll keep 
you informed. 

Another curious thing happened a 
few weeks fgo. We exchange 
newsletters with several other state 
MUFON chapters around the country. 
I always scan them to see if there is 
anything we can reprint in our own 
newsletter to keep you all abreast of 
what is happening elsewhere around 
the country and around the world. I 
was reading the newsletter from the 
Gulf Breeze, Florida chapter which is 
called "National” UFO News, and I 
saw a photograph which really 
shocked me. It was an object 
remarkably similar to the one I saw 
myself near Four Peaks just over a 
year ago and had reported in our own 
newsletter (which had included my 
drawing of the object). It was a 
fluorescent green "hula hoop" shape 
with a flashing red light on one end. 
The object in the Florida newsletter, 
though printed in black and white, 
was unbelievably similar to what I 
had seen, so I contacted Bland Pugh, 
the Assistant State Director of Florida 

MUFON and the man who had 
photographed the object. 1 asked him 
a few questions, compared notes, 
and asked him for an actual color 
photograph of the object, which he 
sent me. The color of the object he 
had photographed was a reddish gold 
in color, but other than that it was 
remarkably similar to what ! had 
seen, I will bring color copies of the 
actual photograph he sent me to our 
March meeting for you to see. 

An interview has just been 
videotaped of a local eyewitness to 
the Paradise Valley UFO crash in 
1947; perhaps the individual involved 
(now approximately 70 years of age) 
can give a presentation in future 
meeting or we can show the taped 
interview. I'll keep you posted. 

Ray Maurer, Jim Dilettoso and I were 
interviewed by Alisa Becerra for a 
segment of Arizona Prime on Channel 
10 which aired at 9 p.m. Friday, 
March 10. We were very pleased to 
get this exposure for MUFON and our 
local chapter. 

I look forward to your 
continued support and input. 

Tom Taylor 
State Director 




1 IBM 

wi^ I 

OtiE . 


by Tom Taylor 

In the interest of keeping the 
UFO topic before the public, the 
following is a list of programs on the 
subject recently aired via television, 
radio and newspaper in recent 
weeks. We will attempt to 
list programs ahead of time whenever 
possible: unfortunately, we are not 
notified of the majority of programs 
until it is too late to publish them in 
the Newsletter in time for members 
to view, hear or read them. In the 
case of TV and radio programs, ask 
at MUFON meetings to see if anyone 
is aware of someone who may have 
taped them to share. 


President's Day weekend must have 
been "UFO weekend" too! 

In addition to our own MUFON-AZ 
meeting on February 18, on Friday 
the 17th Bill Strauss (KTAR Radio) 
had Lee Elders on for a 2-1/2 hour 
interview concerning Lee's 
videotaping of the Mexico City UFO 
flap (which is still going on!). 

Then at midnight that same night. Art 
Bell (KFYI Radio) had Randolph 
Winters on his "Coast to Coast" 
program talking about the Billy Miers 
case again. Mr. Winters has 
appeared on Art's "Dreamland" 
program in the past. Nothing really 
new, but just more exposure. 

On Sunday night, February 19, Art 
Bell had S^eattle-based Peter 
Davenport on his "Dreamland" 
program. Peter is a MUFON member 
who lives in Seattle and has just 
taken over the nationwide UFO 
reporting hotline (1-800-UFO-21 66). 

I found the program to be most 
interesting, as Peter played back a 
number of actual calls that have been 
recently received. 

Two in particular stand out. One was 
the call from Tennessee where 
numerous calls were received on 
February 17th concerning about a 
dozen UFOs which appeared to strike 
the earth and a resulting brilliant 
explosion. Local Tennessee taw 
enforcement authorities asked that 
UFO investigators NOT investigate 
and to stay dear of the area. What's 
going on here?? 

The other interesting call was from a 
woman and her two sons from 
Boulder, Colorado, who were out in 
their yard and saw several helicopters 

approaching in the distance and then 
just disappear right before their eyes. 

Several weeks ago Linda Howe 
reported in her weekly "Dreamland" 
report that she had received a report 
from a person claiming that the U.s. 
military has devised a system to 
make objects invisible to the rods in 
our eyes (our eyesight mechanism is 
made up of "rods" and "cones"). 

Opening this month at the Imax 
Theater is Destiny in Space , which 
was mentioned to the group by Mary 
Hart several months ago after she 
saw it in "sneak preview" status. It 
was filmed by NASA astronauts on 
various shuttle missions and is well 
worth attending. 

Copies of the 4-hour videotape of the 
proceedings of the February 18th 
State MUFON meeting will be 
available for $15.00 each at the 
March and April meetings. They may 
also be ordered through the mail 
(First Class) by sending a check or 
money order for $20.00 (shipping & 
handling) payable to Tom Taylor, 
1433 W. Huntington Dr., Tempe, AZ 

Sunday evenings. KFYI Radio. 910 

AM - Art Bell's "Dreamland" Radio 

Program . 

UFO AZ/UFO TALKS - We hear the 
day and time have changed again; 
will try to track it down before 
publication date! Ted Loman, Jim 
Nichols and friends co-host this 
continuing series featuring interesting 
guests and topics related to all 
aspects of the UFO experience. 

UFO Update AZ - Order copies of this 
publication by Mike and Roger 
Bollinger by contacting UFO Update 
AZ, 12629 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 
109; Phoenix, AZ 85032 or calling 
(602) 494-9279. 

Sightings - Saturdays at 10:30 p.m., 
Channel 15. 

X Files - Fridays at 8:00 p.m., 
Channel 10. 

Unsolved Mysteries - Fridays at 
7:00 p.m., Channel 12. 


The current UFO sighting up 
here is a blue/white fireball falling 
into the desert from a long, slow 
trajectory (south to north) witnessed 
by a dozen people from different 
locations. The next day a Navajo 
Police officer told me that they were 
out looking for it on orders from a 

"higher office!" Many black 
helicopters were seen in the area ail 
that day. Another man and I drove 
the area two days later but found no 
evidence of a crash. The police 
officer had informed me that it was 
NOT a meteor and that Navajo 
witnesses saw it come to a STOP in 
the air •• and land vertically! I am 
unaware if anyone saw it on the 
ground or taking off again. The 
investigation has come to an end, as 
no other witnesses have been found 
and no news has been reported. 

We average one great sighting 
every three months up here, and 
about one questionable sighting every 
month. The Navajo Reservation is 
the largest piece of Federal land in 
the nation and is sparsely populated 
by a people still steeped in myth. It 
is prime for test flights out of Nellis 
AFB in Nevada. A trip at night to the 
Reservation can usually turn up an 
unexplainable light. We normally see 
a "throbbing" (rather than strobing) 
light at high altitude flying across the 
sky at better than Mach 8 (timed) 
being chased by Air Force jets which 
cannot hope to keep up. The 
sighting is neat, but still questionable. 

Michael Haggard 
MUFON-AZ Member in Winslow 


Tucson MUFON Croup - Contact 
]ean Staffen, Asst. Section Director, 
for Information (323-7981). 
Messages can be left for Tom 
Kuszelewia, Pima County Section 
Director, at 881-1252 (Tucson) or 
398-2573 (Arivaca). 

Yuma MUFON Group - Contact 
Doris Barley for Information at 726- 

April 7-9 - Seventh Annual Ozark 
UFO conference. Inn of the Ozarks, 
Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For 
further Information call (SOI) 

April 8 - First International Crop 
Circle Convention HAS BEEN 

lulv 7. 8 at 9 - MUFON 1995 
International UFO Symposium - 
Red Lion Hotel Seatac, Seattle, 
Washington. For further 
informadon contact Marilyn Childs, 
P.O. Box 1012, Bothell, WA 


lAs given to Field Investigator Marv 

February 1, 1995 - between 5:15 
and 8:00 p.m.: UFO sighted by 
approximately 12 witnesses in 
downtown Williams, Arizona. 

Two of said witnesses went to the 
local police station to report the UFO 
sighting; no officers were available, 
but the dispatcher on duty at the 
time came outside and observed the 
object through binoculars prior to 

The two main witnesses spent 
approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hours 
viewing the object. 

The object appeared to be an object 
of light with pulsating red, blue, 
green and yellow lights, the most 
prominent being red and blue. The 
appearance was that of a rainbow. 

The object appeared in the southeast 
skies over Williams and moved 
slowly, though at times it moved 
quickly. Two witnesses figured the 
distance as 65-150 miles southeast 
of Williams, which would place it in 
the sky somewhere between Sedona 
and Childs, Arizona. This all occurred 
before dark and before stars began to 

After checking several stories, this 
investigator discovered that two 
people observed the same object 
makinq the same maneuvers at the 
same time. The two other witnesses 
live on the south edge of Garland 
Prairie, east of Williams. These 
accounts verify the other sighting in 

Marv Mason 
Northern Arizona Field Investigator 


(Submitted through Doris Barley) 

September 1995: This had been 
going on for approximately 24 
months. We lived in a large county 
(Fremont) in Idaho. It consisted of 
forest land in the noithern part to 
sand dunes in the southern end. Our 
farm was located on Elgin beach, 
west of the sand dunes. 

We had pasture land on which to 
raise some young steers until we 
could top them out on the north place 
on grain to sell and also butcher for 
our own use. We had between 40 
and 50 head -- I can't remember 
which for sure. 

We had rented the pasture ground 
from a friend of ours who was 
divorced and had a son about 17 or 
18 years old living at home. 

We checked on the cattle every other 
day or so to make sure there was 
adequate grass and water available at 
all times for them. At those times, 
we'd walk out into the pasture 
among them to take salt or feedings 
of oats and grass. They were almost 
like pets - we could walk up to 
them, scratch them, and there was 
no fear whatsoever. We also 
checked on them because the 
mutilations had started around the 
areas, and although we were a little 
skeptical and wondered if it wasn't 
being blown out of proportion and 
more or less considered it must be 
predators of some kind. 

We had had a heifer that had acted a 
bit ill, so we had put her in a corral 
about 100 feet from the owner's 
back door and had administered 
antibiotics by injection. We checked 
on her several times in the two days 
we had her penned in the corral and 
gave her several injections. 

On Saturday we began digging 
potatoes to put in the cellar. My 
husband and I had been digging for 
several days, just the two of us, and 
on Saturday we were pitting them 
because the kids were out of school 
to help us. We had been taking them 
into the potato dealer before, but 
with the additional help we could put 
them in the cellar for storage. 

About 9 a.m. the lady who was 
renting our called my husband's 
mother. We were digging on the 
south place, and she had tried to 
reach us at our home, and when she 
failed, she called the other farm. Our 
children were in the cellar and my 
mother-in-law sent our son to the 
field to find us to call Maggie. She 
was very upset -- the young cow was 
dead. Our son relayed the message 
and Maggie said, "No, you don't 
understand. I think she's been 
mutilated.” Once more the trek to 
the field. No way. My husband did 
not want to quit digging potatoes. 
He said, ”No, the cow had died, and 
a dog or bird had gotten at her." 
Again the message was relayed. 
Maggie said, "I'm calling the Sheriff 

By then, my curiosity got the best of 
me, and put one of the kids in the 
truck to take my place driving under 
the digger and told my husband I had 
to see. By the time I got to Maggie's 
place, the Sheriff's department was 
there - also a local state patrolman 

who live about a mile and a half from 

I was sick when I saw the young 
heifer - someone or something had 
done a complete hysterectomy on her 
— also removing the rectum and 
vaginal area. It was cut smoothly out 
as if by a scalpel. There was no 
blood either on her or around her. 
She hadn't been dead long, so the 
Sheriff's department was able to 
draw several vials of blood - to send 
to Boise for testing. She was the 
freshest mutilation found -- most 
were more than hours old - usually 
several days. 

Although there was never a 
mutilation found on BLM ground or 
forest and leased to ranchers, cows 
were not watched closely at all or 
even checked on that often. All or 
most of them happened in developed 
settled areas near houses or corrals, 
almost as though they wished to 
frighten people. Most people felt it 
was a weird cult of some kind. 

The Sheriff had me call my husband 
and have him come up so we could 
tell him what antibiotics we had 
given the cow. I was only certain 
about one kind, and he had used two 
broad spectrum antibiotics. Needless 
to say, my husband knew it wasn't 
dogs or birds that had gotten at the 
heifer when he saw her. 

They mainly wanted the blood sample 
to determine what sort of anesthesia 
or tranquilizer was used to cause the 
cow to go down so quickly with no 
evidence of a struggle and with no 
evidence of blood. All that was 
found was a single drop on the top 
corral pole. 

The sample, however, was broken in 
transit to Boise -- so that was lost. 
There were no tracks in the corral 
except for the heifer's and Bud's and 

The remaining herd in the pasture 
was scattered to the four winds. It 
took us two months to find all of 
them, and the previously gentle cattle 
we had petted and fed by hand were 
terrified of anything. We could not 
get close to them, and that was why 
it took so long to round them up. 

These mutilations took place in the 
area for about two months until the 
first snowfall and stopped as 
suddenly as they began. One fellow 
told the newspaper that he had 
round-the-clock guards on his horses. 
No one could get close. The next 
day a prized Appaloosa stallion was 
found dead with a small patch taken 
off his chest area, round and about 

the size of a silver dollar. His lips 
were cut off as well as his eyelashes 
-- no footprints: no clues. 

The area was in an uproar. There 
were night patrols in every rural area 
the papers requested no 
unauthorized traffic anywhere in the 
country. On a funny note, a few 
parking couples from the college 
were scared to death when a patrol 
of irate citizens confronted them with 
guns and a demand as to why they 
were in the area. Nothing was ever 
found. Another interesting thing was 
whenever a mutilation occurred, the 
wild scavengers -- crows, magpies, 
and coyotes •• would not touch the 

Nancy Hillman 


Remember -- our list of Arizona UFO 
sighting reports (1947-1994), 
compiled by Dimitri Ossipov, is 
available for sale for $5.00 at the 
meeting or $6.50 by mail. See Tom 
Taylor for details. 

Don't forget that we can advertise 
for you in the newsletter!! Give us 
your ad text (please limit to business- 
card size; or give us your business 
card as the ad!) and $5.00 and we 
will publish your ad in the following 
month's newsletter (1 month). 


Jere and Joann Castor, Tom Taylor 
and others come to the MUFON-AZ 
meeting location up to an hour early 
each month for the express purpose 
of setting up the room for our 
meetings. It takes time and effort to 
prepare the seating arrangements and 
get the refreshments ready (and we 
still need help every month with 
donations of refreshments!), and they 
put in a lot of extra work to do this 
for us. It would be a big help to 
them if those of you who are able 
can help out after the meetings by 
helping to put the meeting room back 
in order. This consists of folding up 
any folding chairs and placing them 
against the back wall so they can be 
put away; disposing of cups left 
around the room; and repositioning 
the couches in their original locations 
(which we'll be glad to show you). 
When no one helps, it often takes 
over half an hour after the meeting 
ends for the "weary few" to get the 
meeting room back in order. 

Sn IRrmoiuim 

We were saddened to learn of the 
passing of MUFON-AZ member Bill 
Tice on or about March 9. Our 
heartfelt sympathy and thoughts go 
out to Bill's family and friends. 

unexplaineij I 
light flashes 

Associated Press 


A pair of scientists say they've , 
videotaped huge flashes of light 
high above thunderclouds but can't 
explain what causes them, 

Davis Sentman of the Univer¬ 
sity of Alaska's Geophysical Insti* 
tute in Fairbanks said he andi a col¬ 
league, Eugene Wescott, captured 
video pictures of 19 unexplained 
flashes July 8 while flying in a 
NASA laboratory jet beside a line | 
of thunderstorms 40,000 feet above I 
Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. 

*Thi3 ia phenomena in the upper 
atmosphere that we don't 
understand,’* Sentman said in a 
telephone interview. 

News of the weird 

■ cows ao AIRBORHE: 

Two instances of flying cows 
were reported recently: In 
November, a oow fell off a cliff 
and crashed through the roof of 
a small house near Yaounde, 
Cameroon, landing on 
Marguerite Nomo's dinner table. 
And Tlie Associated Press 
reported in November that high 
winds in Arkansas killed several 
cattle ^ carrying them into 


■ ipHfr' 

He said the flashes appeared as 
bursts of glowing light that lasted 
just a fraction of a second. They 
seemed to be associated with thun¬ 
derstorms that were in Aill hiry 
nearby, sending more than 300 
cloud-to-ground lightning strikes 
during their two-hour airplane 

The airplane was flying near the 
top of anvil-shaped thunderheads, 
said Sentman, and the unexplained 
light flashes extended far above 
them. He estimated that the lights 
were 50 to 60 miles in height and 
up to 30 miles wide. 

tEle<trieBl energy may be what 
is driving them,’' Sentman said of 
the flaa bo i. B ut be said are 

much diffEranl than the usual type 
of li^tning.^ 


Special Edition Card Set 

From t)ie tirsi journey to the Moon to the future missions to Mars, 
this one-of-a-kind card set features the Apollo Program’s Lunar 
Astronauts and spectacular Martian images, including the mysterious 
mile-long ’FACE" in the Cydonia region on Mars. This is the only 
trading card set to include exclusive photographs of all U retired 
astronauts who have walked on the Moon. 

This set includes 36 cards with laser shard printing and 3-D 
sculpturing on the front, with a descriptive histoiy on the back, 
making them a veiy unique set of trading cards. 

Offered by: 

Richard Smillie 
(602) 282-3421 





Operated by 
remote control, a 
robot moves 
around an area 
of Hawaii 
National Park 
earlier this 
month, The 
park's terrain 
was picked for 
the experiment 
for its 

resemblance to 
the surface of 
the moon and 

ASU geologist goes ‘Mars roving’ 
by remote control in NASA trial 

By Guy Webstar 

Tba Arizona Rapabllc 

Q)ntTolling a robot rover oo 
Mars is more complicated than 
controlling one on the moon, an 
Arizona geologist said after practic¬ 
ing both tasks this week. 

Ron Greeley of Arizona State 
University and other researchers are 
maneuvering a Russian-made rover 
on a volcano in Hawaii by remote 

cuntToJ from a NASA laboratory in 
California. The six-day experiment 
is due to end today. 

Ibe (erraia in Hawaii Volcanoes 
National Park was picked for its 
resemblance to the surface of the 
moon and Mais, And the research¬ 
ers are parked more than 2.000 
miles miles away in order to 
simulate sending commands and 
getting feedback across the void of 


It is the time delay in transmit¬ 
ting those ngnals that makes 
driving a rover oo Mars considera¬ 
bly more challenging. Greeley said. 

The response time of a lunar 
rover is almost immediate, but the 
communication lag to Mars can be 
40 minutes, or longer, 

— See ASI, page B8 


— ASH from page B1 

Some of what’s learned this week will be used with a 
smaller rover in the Mar^ Pathfinder mission scheduled for 
launch next year, Greeley said. Pathfinder is due to land on 
Mars in July 1997. 

By about the end of this decade, a rover more like the 
Russian one that’s in Hawaii will explore places on Mars 
most likely to have had life. Greeley said. 

That mission is not yet on NASA’s schedule, but it will 
likely evolve as a joint project with Russia, and perhaps 
private partners, he said. 

Ragnhild Landheim, a researcher in ASU's Space 
Photography Laboratory, is completing a study of 
prospective study sites on Mars. 

*Tt’s not so much to look for life there now as to look at 
sites where life might have evolved,” Greeley said. 

Landheim narrowed in on Ma’adim ValHs, which | 
appears to have been a river system, and Gusev Crater, 
which appears to have been a crater lake. Both are dry now 
but were once wet and warm, researchers believe. 

’Tbose are the kinds of environments that potentially 
could have haftx)red life,” Greeley said. 

”A rover could look for fossils or for chemical 
signatures of life,” 

The Viking lander on Mars in 1976 looked for chemical 
signs of life and found none. 

“Maybe we didn’t look in the right place,” Greeley said. 
“Ibe question is still open in many people’s minds.” 

It would also be of interest if geological analysis shows 
that Mars did have a past environment amenable to life but 
that no life evolved, he said 

*The question would be, ‘Why not?’ “ 

ASU researchers 
take a Mars spin 
without blasting off 


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