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Full text of "InterAction Magazine - Fall 1996 (1996)(Sierra On-Line)(US)"

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at the Products and People of the Sierr 








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s- ■ 



A V 

irades and 
Jpdates to 

Sierra Products 

In the New 

Lords of the Realm II 

R R A 


releases the artist 
in you! 



v If 

< Hi.itii.isHio.i.ii.((jhi 


ltd i mHoix! 






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tffl A// 

Tupttu// bcld 

/• | M| * * 

( tilde 

' jf^ur * )pen i*j« 













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O Sierfd On-line, Inc.* and/or f " designate trademarks of, or licensed to Sierra On-line inr All riahu f#Kervpn 

Regular Features 

Letters 4 

Inside View 6 

Top Ten 12 

Customer Service 92 

Coming Attractions 94 

Contest Pages 102 

On-Line Update 104 



Cover Stories 

I Lords of the Realm II 18 
Interview with Bobby Labonte 78 

Bt rate BY Games 

IHoyle Casino 46 
Power Chess 48 
Missionforce: CyberStorm 68 

Fantasy Role Playi n b 

birthright 60 


I E) 

Betrayal in Antara 62 


Flight Sims 72 

Front Page Sports: Football 86 

Front Page Sports: Baseball 87 

Front Page Sports: Golf XX 

Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass II 90 


I Hunter/Hunted 56 
CyberGladiators 58 

Adventure Games 

Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail! 14 

Rama 22 

Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh M 

Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within 40 

Lighthouse 42 

New Products 

I The Time Warp of Dr. Brain 


Strateoi eb 

Robert E. Lee: Civil War General 66 

IndyCar Racing II: Driving Lessons X2 


A Z I N E 

19 9 6 

Ken Williams 

Executive Editor. 

Johnnie "Magpie" Williams 

Production Manager: 
Pam Sather 

Issue Editor 
John Sauer 

Art Directors: 

Tim Fruehe & Matt Hulbert 

Assistant Editor: 
David Senan 

Contributors This Issue: 
Clint Bosweil, Todd Capute, Beth 
Demetrescu, Douglas Gonya, Nancy 
King, Anne Markus, Torsten Reinl, 
John Sauer, Lorelei Shannon 

Design and Production: 
Scott Catlin, Dennis Connors, 
David Day, Sandra Simonson, 
Paul Thackray 

Photography & Illustration: 
Don Grassmann & Ernest Masche 
of CIA Photography, Matt Hulbert, 
Phil Loubere 

Advertising Sales Info: To get 
your message out to one million 
Inter Act ion readers, call Blake Park, 
(206) 649-9800, ext. 5216 

Proudly printed in the U.S.A. 

® and/or ™ designate trademarks ot. or 
licensed to Sierra On-Line. Inc. € 1996 Sierra 
On-Une. Inc. All rights reserved. Hoyte Is 
used under license from Brown & Blgetow. Inc. 
SPACE QUEST is a registered trademark of 
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Inc., 
and is used by license. IndyCar and helmet 
logo are registered trademarks of the 
Indianapolis Speedway Corporation, under 
exclusive license to Championship Auto 
Racing Teams. Inc. NASCAR Racing is officially 
licensed by NASCAR 0k BIRTHRIGHT and the 
TSR Logo are trademarks ol TSR. Inc. The 
BIRTHRIGHT fantasy world and artwork 
are © TSR, Inc. All rights reserved. Produced 

by Sierra On4Jne Inr und«-r Uc*n%+ from 

TSR. Inc. Berlitz is a registered trademark 
and is used by license. All product and price 
information, product availability or existence, 
and policies subject to change without notice 
Products available while supplies last. We 
reserve the right to limit quantities. Not 
responsible for typographical errors. So 
don't sue us. OK? 

BPA International Membership 
Applied For August 1996. 


(L%J To 


The Great Game 

Adventure 5063201 

DOS 486*6 Of MAC 00030. 8mb, M 

The 11th Hour 

Interactive Game 505*309 


Star Trek Deep Space 
Nine: Harbinger 

Adventure 5072608 


Gabriel Knight: 
The Beast Within 

Adventure 5060405 


Zork Nemesis 

Adventure S065602 

OOS4W56V MAC 69040, »mt.M 

Command & Conquer 

Strategy Game 5050208 


(See details below.) 

,. Cyberia2 
(f^OOS 486*6. Smb. M 


WW31 4««6orMViail 8mti M 



Quest For Glory 

Mtchwarhor 2 

DOS 46V66 Of MAC 68040 Smb. M 

Arcade Style 



Instant Internet Access 
WN31386 4mb M 

Internet Gwo> 



McKenm * CoJGeme* For Her 
W1N3 1 48660 8mb M 




,. ZomrUaders 
*>Wr DOS 486/50. Smb. J. K 

Arcade Style 




DOS 486V33 or MAC 68040. 8mb M 

Arcade Style 


t * lerraMova: Strike Force Centaun 
' »■/ DOS Penuurn Smb. M 

Arcade Style 


PTS Official 
Windows 95 Tutorial 
WIN3 1 386/33. 4mb M 

Computer Tutor 5*43887 

Aces Collector's Edrtion 
WHO 1 486. 4mb. M 



1 001 Really Cool Web Sites 

WW3 1 386 or MAC Cttss. 4mb. M. K 

Internet Guide 


DOS 386 4mb M 
King's Quest VII: 

TV. «fc— i ■■...J. 

i ne rnncevess eras 

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Netscape Navigator 

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WHO 1 486*6 or MAC LCIII. Smb. M 

Corel Gallery 

WH0 1 386. 4mb or MAC LCIII. ?mb. M 

The Ultimate Doom: 

Thy Flesh Consumed 

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WHO 1386 or MAC LCIII. 4mb. M 


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Home/Personal 5861783 

Compgttf Tutor $811988 
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Cap Art Library 5818381 

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Strategy Game 

Arcade Style 

Interact Game 

^ , Mke Quest: SWAT 
■ W ' WHO 1 486/33 Smb, M 

Mistiun Critical 

^'D0S4Sb733 4rnb,M 

The Lost Mind Of Dr. train 
WHO 1 486 Of MAC LCIII *mt>, M 
,. Just Me 8. My Dad 
** WHO 1 486 or MAC LCIII. 4mb. M 
Compton's Encyclopedia 
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Beer Hunter 
WHO I486 or MAC LCIII. 4mb.M 

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Children's Ed 
Gen Relerence 
Gen Interest 







^^vrtight Unlimited FagMSim 

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Mascar Racing 

DOS 386/40 Smb. M.J K 





M JKo 


Casper Brainy Book 

mfom m riMCi 

or MAC LC. Smb M 


nWathunt '., 
amount ofF 
(M mouM 

How To Select CD-ROMs For Your System 

For al tees tie rrenrnum system reo^emerts recon 
oBWMe novated} are Hardware SVGA moreta (2 
card , 40mbhardonve double speed CO-flOMdhve 
DOS 5 0. Wndows 3 1 . Macrtceh System 7 

tended furies* 
6 colors), sound 
Opening System 



7th Guest 

DOS 386/33 or MAC LCIII. 4mt>. M 

Ctddrens Ed. 
LCIII Smb. M For ages 4-8 
s Library Internet Gude 
WH0 1 386. 4mb. M 

Jumpstart Kindergarten Batten's Ed 

WHO 1 386 1 mow MAC LCIII 4mb,M Forar/s4-6 
M*stercoofc Deluxe Home/Persona) 5862709 

WH0 1 386/25 or MAC II. 4mb. M 

Doomii ArcadeStyte 5821588 

Picture Perfect Gotf Sports $064288 


Shivers Adventure $058102 

WH0 1 48603 Smb . M 

D0S486*6 4mb.M.J,K 

DOS 486*6 Smb. M J K 
.^^ Dmotopia 
*■ 0OS 486*6. Smb. M 

FX Fighter 




DOS 4 

DOS 386/40. Smb M 


WIH3 1 386. 4«nb w MAC LCIII, **>, I 


rtom&Pervonal 9061484 

FkghtSim $851909 

Arcade Style 


ArcadeStyte $045109 

Strategy Game $018080 

StrategyGame 5867783 

Adventure 6866181 

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The Daedalus Encounter 

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po fee* W>fc«, 

How Many King's Quest 

Games Are There? 

Dear Inter Action, 

In your Summer 1996 issue of 

Inter Action, there's a mistake on page 

76. You called Roberta Williams the 

author of King's Quests one through 

eight. There are only seven parts to 

the King's Quest series. What gives? 

Suzanne Turner 
Omaha, NE 

Right now, there are only seven Kings 

Quest games available. BUT, Roberta 

Williams is busy working on King .s 

Quest V/fi which 

means she is 

indeed the 

author of King's | 

Quest i-Vllf. For 

a sneak peek 

of her latest 


check out the 



section on 

page 94. 

The Finger And The Beast 

Dear Inter Action. 

On page 66 of your last issue, I was 
surprised to find myself greeted by a 
monster with what appeared to be less 
than polite manners. To me. it 
appeared that the character is lifting 
his center finger in the universal sign 
for "brotherly love." My wife pointed 
out what appeared to be a sixth finger 
on the hand, which would change the 
meaning entirely. What's going on here? 

Douglas Pfeifcr 
Galveston, TX 

Douglas, the graphic of the monster 
was placed in an early version of 
the magazine page layout by a 
graphics artist. The guy thought 
it was funny — it 
was not intend- 
ed for publica- 
tion. Unfortunately, 
it made it to print, and we 
are very sorry that 
it has offended anyone. 
The responsible artist has 
been fed to the monster, 
so we know it won 7 
happen again. 

Loaded Dice? 

Dear InterAction, 
In the summer 
edition of 
a picture 
Larry using 
a couple of 
loaded" dice. Normal dice 
have opposite sides that always total 
seven. Was this done 

Mark Benton 
Enumctaw, WA 

Kts rr was, Mark. In fact, we talked to 
At Lowe and he said that you probably 
have a serious gambling problem. 
Unless of course you're raking in a few 
thousand dollars a week. In that case, 
he uot thin 't mind borrowing your dice 
for a while. 

H.LU.n M J mM " |I J M 

Sierra On The Beat 
Dear InterAction, 
1 would like to thank you for 
Sierra** Police Quest: SWAT. 

As you recall. 

I spoke to you 

about a class I 

was instructing at St. 
Petersburg Junior 
College to the Florida 
SWAT Association. 
As you might imagine, 
the game was given 
much attention. 
All of the attendees 
were law enforcement officers working 
at various agencies around the state 
and assigned to SWAT teams. Everyone 
was amazed with the quality and 
realism of Sierra's game. The Instruc- 
tional training is amazingly realistic 
and the tactics are those currently 
being used across the nation. 

The class was astounded that such 
information and realism is in a game 
that is readily available to the public 
at such an affordable price. We 
feel that there is growing demand 
in the law enforcement market 
(for products like SWAT) and we 
are exposing this area in our classes. 
Sierra is making great products! 

Detective Jim Wentz 

Pinellas County Sheriff's Offict- f'l 

E-mail letters to the editor to: 

Send your correspondence to: 

InterAction Magazine 

P.O. Box 53008, Bellevue, WA 


Please don i send returns, orders or time 

sensitive materials to this address. 

Interaction Magazine Fall 19 9 6 



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R R A 

For each issue of InterAction, I struggle to 
find a topic to write about. This time, I 
said to myself, "This is silly. Why not let 
Sierra's customers decide?" Each month 
we receive hundreds of questions about 
Sierra and our products. For this issue of 
InterAction I am experimenting with an 
alternate format to my article. You'll 
have to give me guidance as to whether it's a step 
forward or backwards. Write to let me know what 
you think, or to suggest questions, via e-mail at: 

To get us rolling, here's a question I get every day 
in one form or another. 

Q: How do I become a game designer? 
There is no easy answer to this question. Sierra's current 
designers come from many different backgrounds. Al Lowe, 
designer of U j isure-Suit Larry, was a music teacher. Roberta 
Williams, designer of King's Quest, worked as a mainframe 
computer operator and housewife. Pat Cook, designer of 
Front Page Sports: Football, worked in Customer Service right 
here at Sierra. Daryl F. Gates, designer of Police Quest, was 
a Police Chief. There doesn't seem to be any clear path to 
becoming a game designer, beyond being born with the 
proper talent, and being able to find a team of developers 
willing to create your game. Neither of these challenges 
is easy to overcome, but I'll offer what advice I can. 

First, there is the issue of whether or not you have the 
talent. There are four attributes I look for in a designer: 

Creativity - If you are a creative person, you already 
know it. Many of us have the potential to be a great writer, 
composer or artist, but only a few are ever given the chance 
to show it. 

A clear understanding of what makes a game 
great - Have you spent hundreds, or thousands of hours 



playing games? Can you spot the difference between a 
mediocre game and a great one? 

A willingness to innovate - To be a great designer you 
have to be an expert at games, but you also have to be will- 
ing to ignore what has worked in the past and strike out in 
new directions. The biggest hits have always been those that 
set a new standard, rather than taking an old game format 
and adding new puzzles, a new plot, or better graphics. 

An understanding of computers - A game design 
which cant realistically be implemented, doesn't push 
the state-of-the-art, or that would "run like a dog" on most 
computers, is totally worthless. 

Each category of game also 
comes with its own special talent 
requirements. Adventure game 
designers need the ability to 
create interesting characters 
and to tell a compelling story. 
Designers of sports sims need 
to have an intimate knowledge of 
the rules of the sport, and in many 
cases, need to become experts in 



nterActidn Magazine Fall 19 9 6 






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Phase allow 2-4 weeks for delivery on U.S. orders. Canadion orders must be paid in U.S. dollars-please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery Coll BD&A 
for (boils at 1-800-31 8-8887 or e-mail catalogSbdoinc. if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, promptly return the merchandise 
to BD&A in good condition for on immediate exchange or refund. BD&A/Si«rra Stuff, PO. Box 97026, Redmond, WA 98027^W 

physics. For instance, recently I saw Dave Kaemmer, designer 
of our NASCAR racing simulation, hard at work reading a 
stack of college physics textbooks as he worked to create 
the algorithms for his next simulation. For action games, 
almost everything is secondary to programming skill. In 
a hot action game, frame rate and responsiveness take 
precedence over everything. 

In actual practice, you are likely to find that even if you 
have the requisite talents to be a great game designer, it is 
-x .- . ... . almost 

Coding is like solving 
the most awesome 
adventure game ever 
written. Who could 
sleep when there's 
code to be written? 

to get a 
major pub- 
lisher to 
your first 
It isn't that 


don't want to publish, it's just that they never have as many 
development resources (engineers, artists etc.) as they need, 
and must choose their projects very carefully. At Sierra, we 
receive hundreds of unsolicited game ideas each month. It is 
highly unlikely that any design document, regardless of how 
good it might be, will leap out of the pack, without including 
some working demonstration. Unless, of course, you have 
an established track record of shipping great products. 
I hope I haven't discouraged you though. I absolutely 
believe that the interactive entertainment industry is going 
to be huge, in my opinion much larger than the film, record 

Put Yourself in the Game 

Sierra is looking for Software Engineers at all levels, from "straight 
out of college" to seasoned veterans. If you have solid knowledge of 
C/C + + , and are unafraid to be challenged, Sierra may be right for you 
As the world's largest designer of electronic games, we set the stan- 
dard in new technology. We have projects underway now to build 
products under Windows '95 using the Microsoft Game SDK, other 
projects require knowledge of MFC. Sierra is doing cutting-edge 
development with networked applications, flight simulators, CD-ROM 
silicon graphics, and video game systems. No matter how good you 
think you are, we have a project that will push you to levels you 
never thought possible. At least two years of programming experi- 
ence or college degree required. 

If you would like to be considered for the many exciting opportunity 
at Sierra, please send a resume and cover letter to: 

Sierra On-Line, Inc. 

R&D Recruiting 

3380 146th Place S.E., Ste. 300 

Bellevue, WA 98007 

Fax 206 641 7617 

We have openings in Oakhurst, CA (near Yosemite National Park), 
Seattle, WA, Cambridge, MA, 
Eugene, OR, Champaign, IL, 
Boulder, CO, and Austin, TX 

and book industries combined! The industry you see today 
is where the car industry was back when you had to turn a 
crank to get your car going. Hundreds of thousands of jobs 
need to be performed, and the vast majority of them will 
provide you with an opportunity to show off your creativity. 
There are plenty of opportunities for artists, programmers, 
musicians, sound technicians, technical support specialists 
and the dozens of other professions required to put together 
a product. Game designers are important, but their contribu- 
tion represents only a small portion of the overall creative 
content of a product. If you are smart, and willing to work 
hard, I can't think of another industry I could recommend 
higher, or that you would find more rewarding. 

Q: How do I learn to program, and what programming 
language should I learn? 

One of the best jobs you could ever want is to be a computer 
programmer (we call them software engineers). I must 

confess that I am a little biased her#» given that I am a 

programmer. Writing code is awesome! You almost never 
do the same thing twice. The pay is great, and the work is 
challenging. The only bad thing I can think of is that the 
hours tend to be long. In the old days, when I was writing 
games, I would often work all night on a problem, all the 
while telling Roberta, "I only have one more bug and III 
call it a night." Coding is like solving the most awesome 
adventure game ever written. Who could sleep when 
there's code to be written? 

Not many people know this, but I learned to program at 
a trade school, not a college. I did go to college, majoring 
in physics, but was impatient to get out in 
the world and start working. For a physics 

class I had to learn the language Fortran, 
and it was love at first sight. I quit college 
to go to programming school so that I could 
spend nine months writing code 100% of 
the time, rather than spending four years 
in college writing code 20% of the time. I 
don't know that I recommend this strategy, 
as many people will find that a college 
degree is required for career success. 
Personally, I felt that the computer industry 
was about to explode and I didn't want it 
to pass me by. 

The hot language to know is C++. With 
a solid grasp of C** you will qualify for 
most jobs as an engineer building games. 
Some portions of games, in particular the 

performance-critical portions, arc coded 

in machine language. The engineers who 
have mastered machine language, and 
can make a computer perform faster than 
ever thought possible, will rank the highest 
in our industry. An exploding segment of 
the industry you may wish to consider, 
is the new Internet related programming 

Interaction Magazine Fa l l 19 9 6 

Open the door. . . 

to your new home library 





"Boat of the 
Big Sets" 

-Kenneth F Kister, 
Kister's Best Encyclopedias 




Collier's has 
21 million words 
& 400,000 links 

Encarta only has 

9 million words 

lake life just a little easier 
around your house when it's time for 
your child to work on a school report. 
Forget those late night runs to the 
library or worse, having your kid turn in 
a late report.Transform your home 
computer into a massive reference 
machine. It's simple and easy with the 
Sierra Reference ENCYCLOPEDIA by 
Colliers on CD-ROM. The ideal refer- 
ence tool for the whole family 

This complete, unabridged refer- 
ence guide is the most text-extensive 
encyclopedia available. It includes the 
best of the large encyclopedias includ- 
ing full Science and Math notation 
from the industry leader, Colliers. 

Its quick and easy to find informa- 
tion instantly and you can do it a num- 
ber of ways including: 

• Electronic Rook Index instantly 
locates all information in the 

• The Topic Finder offers access to 
information by subject area. 

• Outlines linked to text 
allows for quick 
navigation through 

• For Windows 3.1 
and Windows 95 

, \%tliflr/, 



languages, such as Java and HTML 

Any major university can teach you to program in these 
languages. Or, today you have an option I didn't have, which 
is to learn on your own. I can't believe how easy it is to learn 
to program these days. If you visit any well stocked book 
store you will find rows of books on learning to program. 
Many come with source code of simple games that you can 
start modifying immediately. There are books for every 
skill level— even absolute beginners. 

Q: Will there be a Quest for Glory V? 

The last Quest for (Wary ( QFG IV) game released had 
the dubious distinction of being one of the last flop- 
py disk-based games ever released by Sierra. We 
did produce a CD-ROM version of QFG IV a few 
months after the floppy was released, but even 
though it was a great game, it didn't really push 
the new CD-ROM technology. Worse, the first 
copies of QFG /Vthat shipped had some bugs, 
which we quickly fixed, but not before the 
game received some negative comments on the net- 
works. Overall, QFG IV gat off to a bad start. Those 
who bought and played the patched CD-ROM version 
raved about the game, but that wasn't enough to 
make the game a success. Basically, Sierra shut 
down the series and parted company with the 
games' designers; Corey and Lori Cole. 

Over the last few months, I have been swamped with email 
asking that Sierra produce a QFG V. Because of your 
requests, I have asked Corey and Lori if they want to do 
another QFG game. Of course, they are excited about the 
possibility! They are now working on building a prototype for 
QFG V, which I haven't seen yet. It has been almost three 
years since QFG IV, and I want to produce a game that really 
puts the series back where it belongs as one of your 
favorites. I can't really say when the game will be released, 
because we may need to build several prototypes before 
I see one which gets the "green light." My guess is that 
approval will come within the next few months and that a 
game can be on the market by next Christmas. Be patient, 
it is definitely worth the wait. 

Q: What is Roberta working on? 

My wife, Roberta, is working on the newest King's Quest 

game, The Mask of Eternity. It's an enormous project 
and has the largest team we've ever assembled. 

Roberta's feeling is that adventure games are 
starting to "all look the same." She wants to 
try to completely redefine the 
genre. For about six months 
all she did was study games. She 
studied in detail every successful 
game on the market, even 
non-adventure games like 
Duke Nuke'm, WarCraft II and Super Mario for the Ultra 
64. She is well into Mask now and expects it to complete in 
time for Christmas '97. 

It is impossible to describe because there really aren't any 
games like it. When I asked Roberta how to describe it, she 
said, "Imagine a King's Quest game which takes place In a 
true 3-D world, with true 3-D lifelike characters. I borrowed 
Dynamix's flight simulator technology and pushed it in a new 
direction. The result is still King's Quest but it is much more 
immersive, and the .3-D makes the game more interactive. 
It also changed how I design. The 3-D allowed me to create 
challenges for the player which never could have been done 
within a 24) environment, including many that use physics." 

Q: What is your favorite game which will be released 
this Christmas? 
At any point in time. Sierra has approximately 100 
games in development. We have so many different 
projects because our customers have such varying 
tastes. Some of our customers are sports fans, some 
are flight sim fans, some want strategy games, others 
want adventure games, and some just want to blow 

things up. We make products in every 0B4SM catego- 
ry, so that you will be pleased regardless of your per- 
sonal preference. My opinion isn't necessarily relevant. 
That said, the programs coming soon that I am look- 
ing forward to most are: Hunter/Hunted and Leisure 
Suit lujrry: Love for Sail. 

Hunter/Hunted is a side-scrolling action game. 
There have been lots of side-scrollers, so I would 
imagine you find this surprising. Hunter /Hunted is, and isn't a 
side-scroller. It adds a third dimension that I can't possibly 
explain. You need to play the game. Plus, the graphics for Jake 
are the best .3-D 
I've seen, and Jake has 
an attitude that you'll 
like. It is the only game ^^^ 
I am aware of with a 
split-screen mode. This 
means that if you and I are 
sitting at the same machine, 
the screen is split such that I 
can see what you are doing and 
you can see what I am doing, but we each have our own half of 
the screen. Sonic the Hedgehog, on the Sega, has done this, but 
I haven't seen it done well on any PC games. 

Love for Sail I like because of its humor. I work hard and 
once in a while I just want to kick back and do something fun. 
It is an adventure game with puzzles, but solving puzzles isn't 
the main thing in l-arry. Most of what you are doing is cruising 
around looking for all the rude stuff that Al Lowe hid in the 
game to make you bust up. I've played every Larry game to 
the end and can't wait for this one PS: Thp rumors that thi« 
will be the first scratch and sniff l^rry are true... 


Ken Williams 

Chairman/CEO. Sierra On-Lirw Inc 

Interaction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 

is th 

sim 5 

-Gameski, o 

Silent Thunder. .^.^„ 
creates some NOISE! 

"I can say this In complete and total unbiased 
honesty: If you enjoy flying simulations 
and war games, you're going to love Silent 
Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2. This is, quite 
si m pty , one off the very best fight starts on 
the market today-" 

— Joe DeRouen. Chicago Computer Currents 

To the fela that said 'Wee no need no 
st eenMng arcade games/ I beg to differ. 
That's why I BOUGHT this game." 

— Max, on AOL 

"...a fresh title that's sura to please fans off 
the original game, and may attract some new 

'The more I play this 
It Is well worth the 

"Great graphics and 


, the more I like It. 
I spent on rT 

—Mark Walling, on CIS 

of action-based 

—Computer Player 

— PC Games 

"If you're tired of Microsoft Fight Simulator 
and want a bigger challenge than landing 
at O'Hare In one piece, you wont be 
disappointed If you take Silent Thunder 
under your wing," 

—Home PC 

R R A* 

See your local software dealer or call t -800-757-7707 


Golden Triad Award 
-Computer Gaming 


"Breakthrough ' 
of 1995" 

-PC Entertainment 
Editor's Choice 

Silent Thunder 
Killer II 

"...a fresh title that's 
sure to please fans of 
the original game. " 
-PC Games 

FPS: Baseball 
Pro 96 

"With its statistics, 
:v'i© : graphics, payability and 

sound Baseball Pro '96 is ' 
the total baseball experi- 
ence — minus the traffic, 
lack of parking space and 1 
hot dog vendors. " '^™ ' 


"Sierra definitely has a winner here. 
-Computer Sports Edge 

Gabriel Knight: 

»•_ _ ■*___■ i ri ■ 1 1 • . 

me ueasi wiimn 

Game of the Year 1996 
-Computer Gaming 

"A strong case for inter- 
active movies" 
-CD-ROM Today 



Premier Simulation Game 
of 1995 

-Computer Gaming 

Codie Award for Best 
Sports Program of 1995 
-Software Publish 

Police Quest: SWAT 

"... a pulse pounding glimpse into 
the lives of America's ^ 

most elite law enforce- 
ment officers..." 
-PC Gamer 

"This is the perfect game 

for anyone with a serious t . 

interest in the workings ' 

of a SWAT unit. " 

-Home Computing & Entertainment 


"A wealth of features to 
turn any family com- 
puter into an instant 
print shop. " 
-Family PC 

I Vim Irihi 



"Sierra's Hoyie serie 
features the most 
entertaining PC care 
play on the market." 
-PC Magazine 

"Simple enough for a 
beginner to use and it 
offers enough informa- 
tion about gardening to 
accommodate the 
needs of even an e 
rienced plant perse 
-Family PC 

The Incredible 
Machine 3.0 

Seal of Approval 
-National Parenting 

Puzzle Game of the Year 
-Family PC 


The Lost Mi 
Dr. Brain 

Codie Award for Best 
Home Learning 
-Software Pub 

Highest overall 
for children's Sun 
-Consumer Reports 

1 Mixed-Up Moth 
Goose Deluxe 

Parents Choice Award 
-Parents' Choice 

Best Early Education 

-Software Publishers 

Lltt[! J/Vi! V!i! VsUdicl L HuiM LLl 

{Q Interaction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 


"A tasty blend of strategy, 
role-playing, arcade and 
miniature board gaming. " 
-Computer Gaming World 

"Missionforce's scrupu- 
lous attention to detail is 
exceeded only by its 
incredible game play. " 
-PC Games 

FPS: Trophy Bass 

"It absolutely hooked i 
the fishermen of all 
ages that own a com- 
puter. " 

-Computer Games 
Strategy Plus 



"Best Software for 


-Bon Appetit 

-Family Computi 

Adi English 4-5 

* * * # Our testers 
loved the program 
There's so much to do. 
-Warren Buckleitner 
Children's Software 



3-D Ultra Pinball 

"They have finally s 
ceeded in bringing pin- 
ball to the PC hot dog!" 
-CD-ROM Advisor 

IndyCar Racing II 

"For racing verite. Papyrus 
Design Group's frightemngly authentic 
IndyCar Racing II is the champion " 
-Computer Life 

Sparkling, sharp, clear— pick a 
superlative and it applies to everything 
on and off the track. " 
-Computer Gaming World 


-Home PC 

"Breathtaking graphics 
and storyline create r 
notch CD-ROM thrill 
- PC Gamer 


"If you need to plan meals 
according to good nutrition. 
and you 're looking for a 
nifty recipe organizer. 
CookingLight willket 
healthy and well-fed 
long time. " 
-Computer Shopper 

Playtoons: Uncle Archibald 

"In all. this title packs plenty of * 

creativity power, and is one of I ^•5" J 
just a tew titles with the ability ti 
to narrate the action with the 
children's own voices. " 
-Children's Software Review 

"Kids need to stimulate their imagination, 
and Playtoons does that. These disks deliver 
on the promise of the 'active' in interactive'. ' 
-CD-ROM Today 

• Quality CD-ROM Software • 
• VahM Mead at $14.95 or tea • 

The Even More 
Incredible Machine 

KN l<^M 





Red Baron with 
A-10 Tank Killer 

Gabriel Knight: 
Sins of the Father 

Kings Quest VI 

Caesar I 

The Island of 
Or. Brain 

Leisure Suit Larry I 

Incredible Toon 

Land Designer 2.0 

Hoyle Classic 
Board Games 

Sierra On-line D 

Gettin' LOW 

Hide the kids and wake up grandma, Leisure Suit 

by Ivana Kutchunutsov 

A I Lowe has been called a lot of 
things by a lot of people over 
the years, but "father figure"? 
Well, maybe so. After all, the ani- 
mators, musicians, and programmers 
working for him are about half his age. 
And he is the world's oldest game 
designer. At age 50, Lowe has devel- 
oped a fine halo of graying hair, a beard 
worthy of any elder's council, and a 
physique that bespeaks the good life. 
"What? Do you think it's easy to look 
like this?" Lowe asks with a twinkle. 

You probably think working on a pre- 
mier software company's humor pro- 
ject would be an awesome job. But you 
have no idea how the poor Larry team 
suffers. All day long, they have to ani- 
mate luscious, over-developed women. 
They're forced to read Playboy at the 

office (for "research purposes" only, of 
course). They have to read and edit 
jokes, record endless pun-filled dia- 
logue, create off-color humor, and fill 
their artistic masterpieces 
with subliminal messages. 
Yes, the steamy halls of 
Up & Coming Productions 
feel more like a frat house 
than the offices of the 
world's leading entertain- 
ment software company. 
Disco balls in the office? 
Hey, it's a "business 
expense!" Rules at team 
meetings? Only one: if it 
gets a laugh, put it in the 
game! With working condi- 
tions like these, you can 
see why Al's team is "up 
for the job!" 

Captain Lowe, one funny, 
wacky, twisted dude. 

It may sound like the Larry team is 
in need of adult super vision. But Al is 
special and gets away with things 
nobody else would, mainly because 
everybody here- 
abouts knows the 
incredibly popular 
games he designs are 
comedies and paro- 
dies never intended 
to be taken seriously. 
They are Sierra's ulti- 
mate answer to polit- 
ical correctness. Al 
believes you gotta 
have fun to create 
fun. Millions of 
happy game players 
have agreed over the 
past ten years. And 
fun is exactly what 

Meat The Femmes 

What makes Love for Sail! so hot that even the Thespian Monastic Brotherhood 
of Monks (inventors of the famed CyberLovemaster 2000™) loosen their collars 
when they play? It's the femmes, of course. This game features 
larger than life (in every way) women who all have something 
to offer Larry, rf he can just give them a little hand (although 
he'd like to give them a little something else!). 


The winner of her "Thygh's Man 
Trophy" contest gets to spend a 
week "cruising on the Captain", 
The competition is stiff, but Larry 
wants to win badly! One look at the 
captain and you can see why' Oh, 
baby! It must be love-or at least an 

N T E R 

Leisure Suit liPPV 

Larry: Love for Sail! is ready for its inaugural launch 

he's created in the upcoming Leisure 
Suit Larry: Love for Sail? 

Based on Lowe's world-famous Leisure 
Suit luirry adventure game series. Love 
for Sail! takes Larry Laffer-crown prince 
of lounge lizards-aboard the world's 
glitziest cruise ship, the PMS Bouncy, for 
a swingin* cruise in singles heaven. The 
PMS Bouncy (a Panamanian ship, as you 
can tell from its name) is filled with 
more busty beauties than could ever be 
gathered together in real life, especially 
by the Laffer. But they're all yours to 
schmooz, if you roll your dice right. 
Prove your puzzle-busting studliness to 
the ship's Swedish skipper, Captain 
Thygh. Win her Thygh's Man Trophy" 
contest and spend the next week "cruis- 
ing on the Captain!" 

But if you think you have Larry's best 
pick-up lines down cold, and that no 

Victorian Principles 

Like all librarians, Vicki is a closet 
nymphomaniac. She's a steaming caul- 
dron of pent-up sexuality... until Larry 
frees her from of the bonds of prudence. 



Drew spends all her time at the 
ude pool wearing nothing but her 
laptop. And who says blondes aren't 
smart? This could well be Larry's 
ultimate challenge: he has to get her 
into her clothes! 


Sultry, sexy, slin. 
but also furtive a 
sneaky, Dewmi is 
casino fly who 
unzips for chips 
She's only here to 
meet men with 
money-and extract it. 

cyberchick can stand up to your Don 
Juan imitation, you'd better poof your 
chest hair and reshine your imitation 
gold medallion. Because Love for Sail 

The totally decadent PMS Bouncy 
cruise ship. How did Larry get here? 

features completely new game play, 
with a new interface the likes of which 
you've never seen. It's 

a full-blown multimedia presentation 
that shows just how exciting, interac- 
tive and fun adventure games can be. 

Having Al Lowe's Baby 

After designing the first five games in 
the Leisure Suit Larry series, you might 
think that Larry is old hat for Sierra 
veteran Al Lowe. Nothing could be far- 
ther from the truth. A quick trip to the 
Love for Sail* offices proves these game 
makers easily have the tools and talent- 
and the imagination-to do something 
completely different. 

In designing Love for Sail! ', Lowe and 
the team have drawn on diverse 
sources to create a graphic adventure 
that not only delivers hilarious hand- 
drawn eel animation, but also revives 
features that made adventure games so 
popular in the first place. The anima- 

i- '&* 


The Juggs 

The mother-daughter country- 
western singing duo Nailmi and 
Wydoncha Jugg are entertain- 
ing tonight on the PMS Bouncy. 
You probably know them from hits 
like those country classics, Felt 
Up and Feeling Blue, He's Got His 
Daddy's Eyes (And His Other 
Daddy's Smile), Just a Cheap 
Pickup in a Cheap Pickup and 
Thinking With My Panties 
Again, What they need, 
only Larry can deliver. 

* 9 



i, baby. There ain't no other woman on 
the ocean like Peggy This pot of churn- 
ing female (and maybe just a few mat ' 
hormones is just as likely to kick 
cuss you out with language so f 
we had to bleep it in order to m 
the game legal You couldn't find 
more nasty verbiage in a dingy 
full of seamen. 

v ^ 



Larry's Place in 


get a sample of Larry right now by 
connecting to the SierraWeb at Here 
you'll find an overview of the 
game, articles on the Birth of Larry, 
an exclusive interview with the 
Prince of Polyester and art from 
the game. You can have a virtual 
beer (in those states where it's not 
prohibited by law). You can even 
download Larry Pops Up!, an irrev- 
erent little utility that makes Larry 
appear on your Windows desktop 
at the most inopportune times with 
sound advice and time-honored 
Larry-isms. Heck, they've 
even got a whole bunch 
of add-on packs f" 
Larry Pops 
Up!, in 
case you 
can't get 

"Great Moments w. 


r ...Es ist ein tatsaechliches Feature 
und nicht um etwas, das in neutraler 
Verpackung aus Flensburg kommt." 

—PC Action Online, August, 1996, German Edition 

(we couldn't have said it better ourselves) 

tion is smoother, bigger and more plen 
tiful than ever before. (And so are the 
women!) Sure, walking around is still 
available, but it's nearly unnecessary. 
Thanks to the game s new map inter- 
face, you can now go anywhere aboard 
ship with just a quick 
click of your right 
mouse button. 

Lowe, usually Sierra's 


■ m rij h im fiTTi 


of puns, is quite 
serious when he 
talks about 
the tech- 
nology underlying Love 
for Sail! "We combined the 
best of several worlds: the open-ended 
feel of the ancient typing games, the joy 
of small talk from earlier Larry games, 
and added context-sensitive pop-up 
menus, like Windows 95. No more 
icons. No more running your cursor 

back and forth to the icon bar. Love for 
Saiif's interface is fast, slick, and new." 
Producer Mark Seibert is a little less 
serious about the product. "Love for 
Sail! is a lot like Command and Conquer 
It's filled with smart, crafty, beautiful 
women who 
Larry to do 
things. And 
Larry tries to 
conquer them. 
Of course, 
when you're 
Larry, that's 
easier said 
than done!" 

We asked gamers what they wanted 
to see in the new Larry. Here it is! 


Was Stayin' Alive your late-night party 
anthem of the 70's? Then you and Love 
for Sail! have something in common 
(besides closets filled with outdated 
threads). In order to add just the right 
tone to the game's "night fever-ish" envi- 
ronments, Seibert tracked down the 
license holders of the most time-hon- 


Love for Sail! has taken the cyber-concept and thoroughly 
abused it to give you cyber-activities you never would have 
cyber-believed possible. Imagine the cyber-possibilities... 


CyberVox 2000™, ®, 

Love for Sail! is a technological miracle that st< 
nothing in its pursuit of 

pleasure! Let CyberVox 
2000™ put your voice in the 
game. And you even get 
laughs. Seriously! (Windows 
and a microphone required.) 
You'll enjoy it even if you are 
a grumpy old man. 

CyberGrope 2001 

Windows 95 inspired our new 
CyberGrope 2000™ interface. Just 
point at anything and click Up pops a 
context-sensitive menu of actions that 
a particular object will "find meaning- 
fur. No more icons, no more error 
messages, just more humor! 


CyberLovemaster 2000™ 



Experience the thrill of our 

CyberLovemaster 2000™ 

Sexual Technique Utility 

Device. Test your Lethario 

quotient. Untold worlds of 

avarice and sensual diversion 

can be yours for as long as 

two whole minutes. Of 

course, you'll tell your 

friends you actually took 

much longer! 

19 9 6 


ored disco cuts and offered their own- 
ers the chance to be in Love for Sail! 
Some laughed. Others scoffed. "When 
we asked the BeeGees for the rights to 
the Saturday Night 
Fever music, they told 
us 'no/" laughs Seibert. 
"They said they didn't 
want to be associated 
with disco. It's that 
kind of business judg- 
ment that put the 
BeeGees where they 
are today!" Adds Lowe, 
"I think they made that 
decision about 20 years 
too late!" 

But lots of other big 
time disco stars are 
joining up to "lounge with the Latter." 
And. you'll hear the real thing here, 
too. No more MIDI music. CI>quality 
audio throughout. In fact, Seibert & 
Lowe recently returned from 
Hollywood, where they spent the day 
at Chick Corea's Mad Hatter Studios 
recording some of LA's best musicians 
playing some of the greatest lounge 
lizard music you've ever heard! 

While Love for Sail! isn't pornograph- 
ic or obscene, its definitely in bad 
taste. But once you get Larry in a situa- 
tion so outrageous, you can't help but 
laugh and that's the whole point. If 

Ah, the men: Dick, Peter. Wang, 
Johnson, Willy, Rod. heck, who 
cares? Check out those gals! 

Love for Sail! was on TV, the game 
would be dubbed an "adult situation 
comedy." Being a game gives it the 
ability to take the implausible into the 
absurd, for 
humor the real 
world could 
never deliver. 
Sure, Larry may 
be a polyester- 
wearing geek 
with the world's 
worst comb- 
over, but he's 
got a heart of 
gold, total faith 
in humanity, 
and endless 


In the end, you Just can't help but 
like Leisure Suit Larry Laffer It's not for 
nothing that he's the best-known char- 
acter in all of computer gaming! 

And it's nice to know that, even 
though it's just a game, for once in 
your life you'll get to sail off into the 
sunset with the beautiful girl. 


Available Fall '96 
Order Direct 1-800-757-7707 
Ktpy/www^erra c o tVfww s /M7 

ill wind ruffled the Love for Sail! 
.ers when someone leaked Love for 
Sail! .WAV and AVI files to newsgroups 
all over the Internet. These files were of 
a "lewd'' nature and were created by the 
program team for their own humor-not 
for viewing by the general public. The 
AVI file, titled LSL7.AVI features a very 
naked Larry engaged in very naughty 
behavior with two women. The WAV 
file, named LSL7.WAV is a very rude 
sound bite before it had been heavily 
beeped and included in the game. 

The files were posted to the alt.bina- 
ries.warez.ibnvpc newsgroup, and 
altgames and pc.apps 
newsgroups. As this issue goes to pre: 
individuals are still circu 
lating these files on a regu- 
lar basis, much to the 
embarrassment of the Love 
for Sail! developers. 

"It's kinda like your Mom 
catching you reading 
Playboy,'' said one anima- k 

tor, who refused to be 
named. "I just can't believe 
someone had the nerve to 
put it on the Net " Readers are strong 
encouraged not to download these file 
because they can be used with such 
utilities as Larry Pops Up! and the 
Windows sound system. 


2000 SM 

Remember the fun you 

had typing in all those 

terrible things to 

Larry? And how you 

laughed when it recog- 
nized them? Love for 

Sail! brings back typ- 

ing-but in a good way! No need to type all the time, 
when it's funny! Let CyberType 2000* m bring you 
best of both worlds; point-and-chek game play with 

the open-endedness of typing 

CyberSystem 2000® 

And the fireworks just keep on coming. You'll ooooh! 

andaaaaah! when 

CyberSystem 2000* lobs 

a few shells at your 

Windows wallpaper 

Every time you "make a 

little progress,'' your 

wallpaper changes to a 

ait of your n 



And the Larry team wasn't 
content to stop with just 
including your voice; now you 
get to be on-screen too! Be a 
star just like Larry! The brand- 
new CyberStar 2000™ puts 
your picture on the screen. 
CyberStar 2000™ allows you 
to add your image (or that of 
your favorite mug) to Love for 
Sail! "Hey, that's right! You da 
man," says Larry. 




ere! CyberSniff 2000* 

means Al has finally 
done it! Yes, Love for 
w * w Sail! is the only game 
you can buy today with a real live 
Scratch n' Sniff card in 
every box Just imagine 
the smells Al Lowe 
will make you 
endure. (Rotten 
fish? No! We 
would never do 
that. Too easy!) The 
CyberSniff 2000® 
Card — don't 
~W leave home 
without it 

D m - L I N E 



%. T 


v ^ 


19 9 6 

5f * J8r 


Impressions Stakes a Claim 
for the Strategy Crown 

Strategy games are more popular than 
ever, earning bestseller status with a 
frequency unimaginable just a few short 
years ago. Leading the charge to the 
charts are the real-time war games, which have 
attracted a new base of gamers eager for faster 
action attacks and quick-moving combat. With the 
popularity of these new games, fans of the tradi- 
tional turned-based 
games have found them- 
selves left out in the 
cold, save for the con- 
tinued availability of a 
few long-time favorites. 
Now, one man is try- 
ing to bridge the gap 
between these two dis- 
tinctive strategy gaming 
styles with a game 
borne of noble heritage. 
The man is Impressions 
Designer David Lester, and the product is the 
sequel to PC Gamer's 1994 Historical Simulation of 
the Year, Lords of the Realm. 

The original Lords game re-created the chal- 
lenges of conquering a feudal empire. The empha- 
sis was on the economics of kingdom manage- 
ment and empire building, with what many 

consider to be the first real-time, animated sol- 
diers in user-controlled battles. It was a great 
game, with incredible depth of play, but it didn't 
have the pace or "cool" graphics and features that 
strategy gamers now expect. 

Now Lords II has perfected the original empire 
building and kingdom management aspects of the 
game, adding handy features to streamline routine 

resource allocation and 
management. It also 
adds a totally new ele- 
ment — high res, real-time 
combat and sieges — to 
create an even better 
game with the kind of 
eye candy that appeals 
to the aggressive nature 
of today's new strategy 
game audience 

With the new Lords II, 
players experience 
the very best of strategy gaming. Combining the 
visceral combat of a real-time game with the 
in-depth cerebral nature of a turn-based game, 
and by allowing the player to adjust the miv, David 
Lester has created a new game with a great mix of 
well-balanced empire building, and action-packed 
sieges and battle. 

Sierra On-line 

Lords of the Realm II 
combines the best of 
both worlds, adding the 
real-time model of a 
Warcraft II to the turn- 
based, strategic ele- 
ments of Civilization." 

— Jason Bates, PC Gamer 



Ruthless Conquest and Fierce 


ling Aftermath 

Once the battle is over, only the 
victorious remain standing. 
There won't be any prisoners. 

Interaction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 


(all at the click ot a mouse button!) 

Battle In The 
13th Century 

n Lords of the Realm //the muuv of 
the game is conquest Kvery move 
you make must be geared toward 
building an army that is large and 

strong enough to take over neighboring 

counties. You have to be ruthless in your 

pursuit of the crown ^^| 
As the game begins, your arnwfwill be* 

peasants armed with pitchforks, maces. 

and pikes, but if you spill enough blood, 

you'll change those serfs to soldiers Soon 

enough, your army will be filled with 
trained swordmen, archers and knights. 
That's when the fun really begins. 

When you've finally crushed your 
opponents, you'll be crowned King of 
England, but that doesn't mean the end to 
your fun. Try it again in Germany, France 
or one of the other world maps included 
in the game. Lords of the Realm //offers 
hundreds of hours of ever changing 
strategic challenges. 


185- 214 


The Heat Of The Fight 

Welcome enemy troops with cauldrons of boiling oil, then 
finish off the few survivors with a hail of arrows. 


Available Christmas ' 96 


Order Direct. 1*000-757-7707 

www sierra com/games/lords 2 


13th Century Tanks 

Roll your battering rams into position 
and smash the thickest gates 

Brave Knights 

A Lord's armies 
represent his honor on 

the battlefield. 
It's their duty 
to fight to 
the death. 

Highly Ci 

Head To Head Play n 

Lords of the Realm II is designed to 

provide a superior head-to-head 

challenge via modem, or for up to four 

players over a LAN. There is a wide 
range of scalable starting conditions 
to create the game you want to play. 
Try a shorter combat-intensive 
match for lunchtime LAN gam- 
ing, or choose options to set 
up an involved conquest 
offering more strategic 
empire building. The choice is yours. 

erra On-line ED 

Arthur C . 


It began with these two men— Gentry Lee and Arthur C. Clarke. 

Arthur has helped to shape the 20th Century 
and the centuries to come with his astound- 
ing vision of what the future might be. 

Gentry was the chief 
engineer on the 
Project Galileo. He 
served in a variety of 
lead positions on the 
Viking Mission. 

19 9 6 

Some of the life 
on Rama spells 
danger for the 
astronauts, though 
they don't seem 
hostile. Others are 
oblivious to the 
human presence. 
The way they 
interact with the 
ship often seems 
as though it is 
part of some 
grand design. 

■aW» a 

9 K*U»s£ jf 


50 KM (31 MUS) 

10 km 

*-|6.2m*m) h 

Examine the learning machines within 
Bangkok to understand more about the alien 
races on board, and learn the reproductive 
cycle of a totally unfamiliar species. 


D N - L I N E 

The exploration of Rama reveals many 
amazing sights. Witness a concert 
delivered for an alien race that does 
not hear sound. See the world through 
the eyes of an alien creature with 
advanced sensory perceptions. 


The story of Rama takes place 200 years in the future. 
The united people of the planet Earth send a crew of 
astronauts to investigate this mammoth worldship. A 
diverse crew made up of the military, scientists and the 
media, are sent to learn as much about the ship as they 
can before it rounds the sun and catapults its way back 
out of our solar system. 



fe> 1 ^M^. 

n W 

% fe^ 





The exploration of the cities lead to incredible discoveries. Other intelligent lifeforms are aboard 
Rama. Could one of them be the creators of this worldship, or have these aliens been caught or 
captured by the Ramans? Each discovery brings more questions. 

19 9 6 

Each biot has a specific purpose 
inside of Rama — that influences 
its shape. 


Available Fall 96 


Order Direct: 1-800-757-7707 

www sierra com/games/rama/ 

Sierra On-line: 

more way 

riththelME ~" 


"TimeWarp of Dr. Brain" 

by Torsten Roinl 

Can a Computer Make 
You Smarter? 

Computer games can entertain you, 
and the best of them can teach you a 
thing or two, but can computer games 
actually make you smarter? That's the 
question the Dr. Brain designers asked 

Working with a brain specialist and 
building on the theory that the brain is 
just like a muscle that can be exercised 
and stimulated, the Dr. Brain team creat- 
ed an original mental workout of 10 
games that were designed to stretch, 
strengthen and challenge players' brains. 
The mental workout was called The Lost 
Mind of Dr. Brain, and since release in 
March of 1995, it has received a "Codie 
Award" for Best Home Learning Product 
from the Software Publishers 

Association, National Parenting Seal of 
Approval and the highest overall rating 
for children's software from Consumer 
Reports Magazine. Not only was The Lost 
Mind of Dr. Brain called "remarkably edu- 
cational," but children who tested it also 

said that no other game they tested was 
so much fun to play. Even "adult" com- 
puter game magazines like Computer 
(ktming Wortd put the game in their "Best 
of the Year Category" noting that they 
were stunned to find that a game they 

thought had been 


• • 

^▼designed for chil- 
1 dren could be so 
I challenging and 
^L entertaining. 



- h^ 


Help Dr. Beaver Brain protect his home in his 
amazing paleomammalian mind-bender. 

Interaction Magazine Fall 1996 

Creating the Advanced 
Mental Workout 
Now the Dr. Brain developers are 
putting the final touches on the next 
generation of wacky mental workouts. 
While The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain was 
based on Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory 
of Multiple Intelligences, the new Time 
Warp of Dr. Brain centers around the 
development of the brain. ^ 

In creating Time WarpAhe develop- 
ers worked with Dee 
Dickenson, a 
prominent author 
and researcher 
of thought f f jJ 


the human 

brain. The ^ 


Consultant,** as she 

is affectionately called, provided the 

scientific background on the structure 

of the mind and the thought processes 

that would benefit most from this new 

mental workout. 

Though the research behind Time 
Warp is cutting edge, the most notable 
improvements in this new Dr Brain title 
are crystal clear. There are 10 all-new 
brain-flexing puzzle areas, each specifi- 
cally designed to bring minds to new 
levels of mental fitness. Dazzling, 3-D 
Studio rendered charac 
ters and funky 
music will have 
players' eyes 
popping and 
toes tapping 
as their 
brains work 
to solve the puz- 
zles. In addition, 

two of the puzzle 
areas let you chal- 
lenge new and old 

friends on the 

Where is Dr. Brain? 

In this fourth game of the acclaimed Dr. 
Brain series, our wacky Doctor has 
invented a time machine and used it to 
become stuck in time. It's your job to 
suit up and time-warp through the past, 
present AND future to solve the 10 puz- 
zles and bring Dr. Brain home safely. 

of ths 

The very first 
mission will 
send you waaaaay 
back into the past to an 
hen life as we know it is lit- 
tle more than primordial ooze. That's 
where you. as a hungry and eager 
amoebae, come in. Survival of the fittest 
has never been so much fun as you eat 
your way through prehistoric goo to 
become Amoebae Numero Uno. Side- 
step parasites, dive into vitamin wells 
and rule your ecological niche before 

another amoebae can take your 
spot. Fail and be just another 
goo spot on the slimy walls 
^ of history. Succeed and 
B you will emerge a 
higher life form 

Let's Jam I 

A few millenniums 
later, the time-warp 
drops you off in a sparsely- 
lit cave with bizarre shadows 
dancing across the rocky 
walls. Suddenly, the smashing 
beat of a bass drum shakes the 
ground and a fierce scream almost 

kniM k.t yuu ulf yiiui feci. No, il'a uu 

saber-toothed tiger-it's the Neanderthal 
Cave Band, and these guys are jamming. 


Solving the ultimate word puzzle turns 
into pure monkey business. 

From Jazz to Grunge, from Country to 
Funk, their repertoire is simply amaz- 
ing. The only problem is that they just 
can't keep their sheet music in order. 
That's when they spot you peeking 
around a corner. "Ugggah, Ugggah," 
they say, and you've got yourself a new 
job as band leader. 

Dig deep into your cerebral cortex to 
recognize, replicate and design your 
own melodies. If this segment launches 
your career as a rock 'n roll super- 
star, stop by and play a few 
songs for us. 

Monkey Signs 

Working your way for- 
ward through the mil- 
lenniums, you soon 
find yourself in the 
jungle playing word 

i e: r r a On Lint 

Build Futuristic 3 
from Big Brother 

games against a mon- 
key. This furry feller 
is a spelling bee 
expert, determined to 
not let you leave the 
jungle on your journey through time. 
Show him your logical and sequential 
skills are top-notch. 

And they better be, because as the 
level of difficulty increases, the letters 
change to sign language symbols. Do you 
know how to sign "Hello"? You probably 
will after this game. Just in case, Dr. 
Brain helps out by signing and pro- 
nouncing the symbols for you. Of 
course, the further you advance, 
the less help you get. But with a 
brain like yours, you don't 
need that much help anyway, 
do you? Since this game is too much 
fun to play by yourself, you'll also be 
able to challenge others through the 
Internet or via a modem. 

The 600 
puzzles in 
The Time 
Warp will 
keep you 
and your 

your heads 
& laughing 

out loud 
for weeks! 

Solve 61 «t Century Gridlock 

For a peek into the future, you're trans- 
ported into the 51st Century with ail its 
amenities — and traffic gridlock. At 5 
p.m. sharp, the commuters dash to their 
cars and hit the highways. However, 
with the traffic lights set the way they 
are, nobody is going anywhere. Off- 
ramps are blocked and intersections 
are completely impassable. Bring 
your screwdriver and your logic 
skills, because these tools will 
be needed. Program the traf- 
fic lights correctly and 
send all the vehicles safe- 
ly on their way to their 
destination. Watch out 
though, there might be an occasional 
lead-foot among your drivers. One 
minor mistake and you will be rewarded 
with the sound of screeching tires and 
crumpled metal. It can't get much worse 
than a futuristic pile-up during rush 

The Who's Who of Brains 

If you can solve these and a few other 
puzzles— which we aren't giving away 
just yet- you leap forward into the far 
future. It's here where the human body 
has evolved into a gigantic brain, a 
being of pure cerebral power. The 
drawback is that all brains now live in 
jars and look exactly the same. The 
only way to tell them apart is to ask 
questions and use your deductive rea- 
soning. Some of the answers you 
receive might pose even more ques- 
tions! It's up to you to put all of the 
pieces together and solve the puzzles. 

You will easily forget that 
The Time Warp of Dr Brain is 
more than just a game. But like any 
other form of exercise or work-out, 
you will soon realize that your abilities 
have been enhanced, that you are more 
capable than you were before. As an 

Is this the line at the local brain- 
wash, or do these jumbled jars rep- 
resent the perfect brain? 

extra brain teaser, Dr. B/aiu will offer 
gamers English, German and French 
versions — all on the same CD. 
With The Time Warp of Dr. Brain, you 

will exercise your brain and have a lot 
of fun at the same time. And you won't 

even break a sweat. 


Available Christmas 96 


Order Direct: 1-8OO-757-7707 



If a parent 



they have spent? 


Less than if there had been 
no special offer. 

Less than the cost of a tutor. 

Less than the cost of a pair 
of basketball shoes signed 
by a person who never 
graduated from high school 
but makes $3 million a year. 


# c 



u*j jo ipnoc safted i jnoqtixww 

S*fJ fU d8«J V«M *JJ UU * JdMaue 

feaj aqj, < jaiwsur ap ajp umop 
opisdn pajuud ^ 

bftMie a»doad no/ op 

*(M \nM5NV 

3Hi ION 

©if Eager lb Learn 

helps a pre-schooler get a headstart 


old will a child be before understanding 

the meaning of 


According to recent scientific studies, your child will 
learn what "n-o" spells immediate*/ after asking to borrow the 
car for the first time. In the meantime, why not help your 4 to 
7-year-old get a jump on math, the alphabet, and reading? 
They'll think they're spending endless hours playing games, 
solving puzzles, creating art, and singing songs. But mim 
doesn't it make you feel great to know they're also giv- ■ 
ing themselves an incredible advantage for when they XS^ 1 
get into school? "Y-e-s." ^ Btai ^ 

f^Two 6-year-olds are fighting over 
who gets to play MiXed"Up 

Mother Goose Delmce 

first. What is the decibel level of their 


What's a fate noise compared to the joy of knowing your 
Pre-K through 2nd-grader is learning pre-reading and vocabulary 
Strife? In MUMGD. as we affectionately call tc kidt interact with 
animated characters to help Mother Goose find the missing parts 
of I8rwi^ery rhyrnes.The reward for successMy exercising die* 
logic and memory taients is a sing-along performance done in a 
musical style adults can actually stand listening to. And get this- 
MUMGD even encourages kids to play cooperatively. 





boggling puzzles in r *}~)P X)St 

Mind of Dr. Brain , a** 

vear vwill he/she enter medical school? 

faa in * -^: id ^ i fan - nrpoi do Inn ta turn* 
*^g goes down a toe more smoochf/ when it's fan. So. in The Lost 
MM of Or. flnan. 6th graders to teens soh-e hundreds of puz- 

arenas But they have riotous fan along the way, thanks to Dr. 
Brains w wjsns and rwedng puzzles. In feet this game was the 
top pick of teen testers for a rrapr-rnagazjne-we're-not- 

who love proWem-soKing, the problem of what CD to get 
T*r~ ■* BOH Mtorf 


BESTsornne ward- chbld mat, 


©if The Incredible 

Machine's ISO animated 
puzzles improve kids' logic skills, 


before they will put on a JdCkct 

Despite what you may think, there is a rational, logical, 
organized person lurking inside your kidi body Proof* S#t any 
5th grade or older kid in front of a computer with The Incredible 
Mocrme and watch them go to work solving over 150 puzzles, 
building b rlia ndy creative animated mazes, or using their pow- 
ers of deduction to build clever contraptions against the clock. 
Yes. this CD can take the >my same kids who daim they do not 
know how to operate the dishwasher and grvc them a whole 
new repertoire of probtenvsolving skifts. 


» ARfc AH AM > v. Hill) MAOA£ ' • 

@ If there are two CDs in SieiTci's 
School H0USe MATH and each 
has material for 2nd through 5th graders, 

whenw,ll the dog get fed? 

You might want to let your kids off the hook for a cou- 
ple of their household chores, because they're going to be 
busy. In these CDs (as well as in School House English and School 
House Science) is a wealth of good-natured assistance in the 
three most important school subjects. Each lesson plan spans 
four years and covers more than 4,000 questions and exercises. 
There's even an interactive, animated tutor to give your kids 
encouragement and help along the way. So if you'd 
like to give your kids an extra push in school, get 
them into Sierra's School House. They're cheaper than 
a tutor. And every bit as fun as playing with the dog. 


\jf If a kid can create thousands of colorful 


Rint Artist 40, whvwont 

they write Tkaflk YOU noles? 

We may have tripped on the greatest discovery of all time: 
An easy-to-use, creativity-boosting art studio that may actually 
make kids want to do their homework, help with the garage sale, 
and write their thank you notes. We simply took thousands of 
graphics, bordersjayouts and type styles and put them all togeth- 
er into a fast, non-baffling piece of software. This is not 
a game. It's a tool -a serious one, we might add-you'll 
find useful no matter what your age or occupation. 
But, like a game, its fun. Thank you very much. 

(•J A 6th grader is successfully building 
and governing a city of thousands 
during the Roman Empire by playing 

Caesar IL whv can T t the 6 % 
grader ^ H5 room clean? 

You chink running a family is hard? You should try building 
and managing an ancient Roman city, replete with riots, disease, 
conquering armies, droughts, and ambitious governors in neigh- 
boring provinces. On second thought, let your kids try. If they 
succeed, they could win the game and wind up as Emperor. Lose, 
and life as a galley slave awaits with no TV privileges. 
Either way, they'll develop creative problem-solving 
skills, and boost their logic and organizational abilities. 
as they watch their city come to life.Toga optional. 

If two siblings learn about u.s. history 

by playing ROBERT E. LEE: 

Civil Wfor General™ ^ 

ro l j irai il m*j iuiip 

who gets to srr in foefryjtf Seat? 

Tell a kid he or she's going to learn about a pivotal 
moment in American history, and you can practically watch 
their eyes slam shut. But, tell them they get to relive the Civil 
War through the eyes of legendary general, Robert E. Lee and 
its a different story. They'll play a game rich with battle re- 
enactment movies, music from those times, and uncannily accu 
rate combat situations. This CD lets kids 1 1 and older 
map out the winning strategy with General Lee in the 
re-creation of six famous battles. So. they not only 
learn about history, they could even rewrite it. 

1 If a bright, adventurous 14-year- 
old would rather explore the super- 
natural world of Lighthouse 

than do anything else, when will he/she 

to***™ girls/boys ? 

If hormones are the greatest mystery of our existence, 
meet the second greatest: Lighthouse. In this visual master- 
piece, elaborate puzzles, exotic mechanical inventions, and a 
brain-twisting rescue mission await in a strange and mystical 
world. For teens and adults, this absorbing CD adventure will 
become a welcome pre-occupation. At least, that is, ▼■■* 
until romance comes along. 

v • a 

HP If a kid attempts to solve the hair 
raising, brain-teasers in ShlVPrS 
just before going to bed, what time will 

the nightmare ()ccur? 



I mean, really. Who would consciously set out to intention 
ally scare themselves ro riparh? Answer:At last count, about 99% 
of all teenagers. Fortunately, they will have their macabre needs 
readily met by Sh/vers. This chill-producing mystery game dares 
players to spend the night in a haunted museum, solving puzzles, 
unraveling clues, and trapping evil spirits. It's a slightly rmm\ 
gory, majorly creepy, first-person white-knuckle adven- 
ture.And yes, you fearless adults can play it, too. 

(^ how many seconds will a father get 


before a kid sits on his lap and forcibly 

TAKES OVER f^£ COmpUtetf 

The good news: Family togetherness. The bad news: The 
kids are going to kick your sorry derriere in the high score 
department. Fortunately, there s more good news. With 3-D Ultra 
Pinball you'll be playing the game that's the closest thing yet to 
parking a real machine in the rec room.The action is lightning fast, 
there are three different "tables" or levels, and the entire game 
has an outerspace theme just to keep things interesting. So, sort 
playing. Because what do you have to lose (other than mnmm 
your computer, chair, and pride)? 



are two 

you re 

® iflbrin's F&ssage and 
King's Quest Ware two 

games sold for the price of one, how 
many kids will be fooled into thinking 

y° urea big spender? 

Why are we doing this? Why are we selling a hot new CD 
created by legendar y gdnniig Iiuhiui bt, Al Luwc, wtUi Uic Idlest 
installment in Roberta Williams' most popular Si«rra adventure 
series ever? It wasn't to make you look like Mr. or Ms. Big Bucks. 
No. actually, there's something personal involved here. We hon- 
estly believe there ought to be more games the whole family 
can enjoy -games that are still challenging to play, but 
with fun, magical storylines. So here are two of the 
best for the price of one. Consider ir a gift from our 
family to yours. 

Eager to Learn 

Mixed-Up Mother 
Goose Deluxe 

Th e 

erf Or-** 1 


Sierra's School 
House; Math 


One CD, 

Get Another! 

Robert E. Lee: Civil 

Just purchase any of the Sierra titles in the first list 
below and we'll send you another Sierra CD from the list 
on the coupon for free. To get your free CD, complete the 
coupon below and mail it with your proof of purchase 
(see coupon for details). Or, call 1-800-757-7707 or visit to order direct from Sierra. 


can select one free Sierra produce if you purchased any of these Sier i a utlev 

J Baseball Pro "96+Caesar II ♦Eager to Learn ♦ roc<baJI fto ^ ♦ |j#wrK>jse ♦ Masua GjukDefcwe 
W ♦ Mtxed-UpMotr*^ Goose Deluxe ♦Pnm^ 

School House Math. En^ish or Science ♦The Incredfcte Machine 3.0 ♦The Lost Mind nf Dr Rnwi ♦Tho 
Rise & Ruie of Ancient Empires ♦ 3-D Ultra RnbaK^Torins Passage/Kings Quest VII BunoV ♦Trophy Bass 


Select one free Sierra product, tf you purchased any of the Sierra titles in the list above. 

J Caesar II jwin j dos j mac J Sierra s School House: English jwin/mac 

J Sierras School House: Math jwin/mac 
J Sierra's School House: Science jwin/mac 
J Space Bucks jwin 

Torin's Passage 

King's Quest VII 


J Eager to Learn j win /MAC 
J Football Pro '96 j DOS 
J Hoyle Classic Games jwin jmac 
f -I King's Quest VII jwin j DOS jmac 
^^ J Lighthouse jwin j DOS 
f J Master Cook Deluxe jwin jmac 
W J Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe jwin/mac 

^ -I OutpOSt JWIN J MAC 

^ J Print Artist: 1500 jwin 

J Robert E. Lee: Civil War General jwin 

jsh,v e r SJ w, NJM ^ SHIP MY FREE GAME TO: 

J Space Quest VI jwin j dos j mac 

J The Incredible Machine v. 3.0 jwin jmac 

J The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain jwin/mac 

J The Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires jwin 

J 3-D Ultra Pinball jwhsi jmac 

J Torin's Passage jwin j DOS J mac 

J Trophy Bavi jwin j mac 






t to Swra OrvUne for $5.95 to cover postage and hano*ng,and youl need to serxl a copy of ywr dao* rece^ 

»™btpcw..ii»^t V Now*trlSj996.Th»c^^ 

I E R R A 

»rt0»»lrr«<»ttnmo.f*><tadir> pteae No people wtmng about how vna§ we ve had to n&m tfw type, please 

To order right this minute, call 1-800-757-7707, or track 
us down on AOL, CompuServe, or at 



.(n) 1 : An optical effect by which figures 
on a screen appear to dwindle into the distance or suddenly 
rush toward the observer. A constantly shifting complex 
succession of things seen or imagined. 





by Lorelei Shannon 





• - •** 

Phantasmagoria 2 designer Lorelei 
Shannon will blow your mind too! 

hat is real? Seems like a simple ques- 
tion, doesn't it. This magazine is real 
You're holding it in your hands. Your 
house is real. The people around you 
real right? You're real. Well, aren't you' Go 

look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes. 

Look deeper Who's in there? It's you, isn't it? 

Well, isn't it? 

'You'll uncover 
things too horrible 
to believe Things 
that strain the 
imagination and 
stretch the fabric 
of reality." 

— Lorelei Shannon, Designer 

Hi. I'm Lorelei, the designer of Phantasmagoria: 
A Puzzle of Flesh. I'm here to upset your reality. 
Along with the main character of the game, 
— I Curtis Craig, you'll find con- 
spiracy, terror and mystery 
You'll uncover things too hor- 
rible to believe. Things that 
strain the imagination and 
stretch the fabric of reality. 
And when that fabric begins 
to tear, well... 

Hang on. First I'll tell you 
what you won't find in "A 

Puzzle of Flesh." You won't 
find Adrienne, Don, Carno, or 
iner Lorelei the Entity. Why? I killed them 
mind too! They're buried in my base- 

ment. What a pain THAT was! 
Did you ever try to dig a grave for an eight 
hundred pound demon? I'll tell you what, it 
isn't easy. And the smell... 

Okay, seriously, you won't find any of the 

characters from the first Phantasmagoria in 

^rra On-line 

this installment because I 
decided to start over. New 
characters, a new setting, 
a whole new story. My 
reason for doing that is 
twofold, and the first rea- 
son is purely selfish. I 
wanted to create a story 
from scratch, a story that 
would be all mine. Not 
that I didn't get a kick out 
of the first Phantas, but 
my style is very different 
from Roberta's. 
Phantasmagoria I is a 
night in a haunted house. Pain and revi 
an evening with the Late 
Night Creature Feature, a tribute to 
Vincent Price and Peter Cushing and the 
classic horror stories we all grew up 

"I want to dive 
into the deepest, 
coldest, blackest 
part of the 
human psyche, 
and drag you 
down with me." 

— Lorelei Shannon, Designer 

with. I love all that stuff. It helped shape 
me into the charming young lady I am 
today. However, my mind works in a 
nastier bent My dreams are fired by 
Clive Barker and Nine Inch Nails, Tanith 
Lee and Nick Cave I want to dive into 
the deepest, coldest, blackest part of the 
human psyche, and drag you down with 
me. Hope you brought your life jacket. 
And the other reason? My favorite TV 

Pain and revulsion melt into compelling desire. 

shows when I was growing up were the 
anthologies; Twilight Zone, Thriller, Night 
Gallery, The Outer Limits. When you 
switched on the TV, you never knew what 
you were going to see. I loved the idea of 
a series of games like that. All you know 
when you pop in that first disc is that it's 
going to be scary. Really p 
scary. You're at my mercy. 
Do you trust me? You do? 


All right, back to the 
story. I decided to set 
"Flesh" in the modern, 
urban world, since there's 
no place scarier I loved the 
house in Phantas I (I'd really 
like to live there), but 
there's something more in- 
your-face about a story 
that's set in the paranoid 
hives of a huge corpora- 
tion, the darkness and T . - 

Wis is one ( 
smoke of a decadent night- ,-«_ .. 

When Jocih 
club, and the misery- 
soaked hallways of a forgotten mental 
institution. I felt it was critical to begin the 
^^^^^^^ story with a firm ground- 
ing in reality. That way, 
when I pull the rug out 
from under you, your fall 
will be that much harder. 
In fact, you may not be 
able to get up for a while. 
Does that sound brutal? 
I suppose it does. But 
"lis game, the ideas and 
the story behind it, is 
made to savage your 
imagination. I want to 
leave you cold and shiv- 
ering. I want you to think 
about it for weeks, 
probably months, maybe years 

)e SO lucky.) This is adult horror It is 

challenging, intelligent, shocking and 
twisted. It is not for kids. Let me say that 
again, a little louder. THIS GAME IS NOT 
FOR KIDS. I do not recommend that any- 
one under seventeen play "A Puzzle of 
Flesh/' It was never designed for children. 
There is a game control that can be set 
for "more sensitive players." It is NOT 
meant to be a parental control. It is there 
for sensitive ADULTS who want to play 
the game without seeing the more graphic 
elements Use your judgment, folks. If this 
game gives you nightmares, don't come 
whining to me! You've been officially 

Here's a brief synopsis of the story, so 
you know what you've been warned 
about Our protagonist, Curtis Craig, is 
a young man who does his best to be 
normal. He has a boring job at a huge 
pharmaceutical company. He has a small 
apartment, a sweet girlfriend, and a quiet 
social life. What he wants most is to 
maintain the status quo, to make sure 

Phantas 2 will play with your head, but we'll probably 
leave yours on your body. (This lady may not be so lucky.) 

This is one girl who could just love you to death. 
When Jocilyn says "kiss me, you fool," do it. 

n mental that nothing upsets his even existence. 

to begin the You see, he really doesn't want to go 

firm ground- back to the mental hospital. 

That way, A year to the day after his release from 

ie rug out the hospital things start to go wmn 

ou, your fall Curtis tees visions of blood and L_. 

rmch herder. tion. His rot talks bock lu liWn. Mia tum- 

iay not be puter develops a nasty mind of its own 

p for a while. (I know, what's unusual about TH 

ound brutal? terrifying presence called the Hec 

Joes But appears seemingly at random, harassing 

>e ideas and and tormenting Curtiv bringing tip thing* 

lind it, is he has tried to forget Is he losing his 

ige your mind again? The only person he confides 

I want to in is his best friend, Trevor. He tries to 

d and shiv- protect his girlfriend, Jocilyn, from the 

you to think horrors that have become his life, and 

*eeks, inadvertently pushes her away. Enter 

the years. Therese, a co-worker with a secret life 

horror. It is who pulls Curtis into her dark and hidden 

1 9 9 e 

'If-this game gives 
you nightmares, 
don't come whining 
to me! You've been 
officially warned." 

world. Then the murders begin. 

The first to go is Bob, an obnoxious 
employee whom everybody hated — espe 

illy Curtis They were in competition for 
the same promotion, and that they had a 
fight the day before. What really looks 
bad, though, is the fact that Bob was 
splattered all over Curtis's cubicle. ..Okay, 
that's all you're getting. I don't want to 
tell you too much about what happens 
next. If I did, the next murder might not 
be quite such a shock. Or the next one. Or 
the next one... 

As the player, you guide Curtis through 
the twisted nightmare of his life, attempt- 
ing to uncover terrible secrets from his 
childhood, unearth the depraved past of 
the WynTech corporation, and prove 
Curtis's innocence. Or guilt. If you can cre- 
ate a whole picture out of the puzzle 
pieces, you will discover the truth. Just 
bear Jn mind that you may not like what 
you find out Am I suggesting that you 
just might be playing a psychotic murder- 
er in this game? Damn straight. 

A lot of people have asked me where I 
came up with the characters. Is Curtis me? 
I hope not. He's one sick puppy. Of course, 
there's a little bit of me in all of the char- 
acters, but Curtis is his own person. He's 
one of the strongest characters I've ever 
written. His confusion about his identity, 
his reality, and his values are things that 
speak to all of us, I think. We all deal with 
those demons at one time or another. 

I'm not Jocilyn, either She is a com- 
posite of the gentler women I know, the 
women who » Am , 
always, even ^^ 

when they proba- that 
bly shouldn't. 
She's not a wea 
ling or a victim, 
but she's perhaps 
a little too trust- 

ing for her own Damn StTS 

good She* 

someone f like very much; a person with 
a lot of integrity, and hidden reserves of 

I get a big kick out of Therese. She 
knows who she is and what she wants out 
of life. She maintains a secret life not 

because she's 
ashamed of her 
nocturnal fun, but 
because it gives her a 
thrill to have a sepa- 
rate identity. I don't 
feel she's a bad per- 
son at all, or even 
amoral... She just 
deals with life on her own 
terms. I can respect that 

The character I put most 
of my personality into is 
Trevor, Curtis's best friend. 
He's got a warped sense of 
humor like me, he's loyal To ° intense 
to his friends, he's on the allows adu 
level, and he loves old 
monster movies. I had the best time writ- 
ing his dialog. He's a major smart-ass, 
which some people say I am, too. (You 
don't believe that, do you?) Trevor's a 
much better dresser than I am, though. 
As for Blob, the rat, she's a complex 

Nothing in this game is as it seems to be. Death can 
come at you from any direction. 

character driven by strange hungers (for rroopy a«p 

seeds and jelly beans) and raw ambition t 

(to tear up any T-shirt that's accidentally 
set on her cage) She's a stunning combi- 
nation of Meryl 

Damn straight.' 

cou,, y Streep and Ben. 

Incidentally, she was 
played by my very 
own little rat friend, 
Rosie. Y'know, I 
think I smell an 
Oscar. Or maybe I 

■ „ just need to change 

light. hercage 

Finally, some folks have asked me 
why I would set a horror story in a cor- 
poration. What's scary about a corpora- 
tion, they ask? Just about everything 
Many large corps have no soul, no 
humanity. They're run by humans in 

Too intense for kids, a special feature of 

allows adults to adjust the intensity of the experience. 

theory, but the humans have lost any 
st time writ- real control long ago. A corporation is 
nart-ass, a huge, blind, hungry hive-minded beast 

too. (You that devours everything in its path. 

revor's a ft has no conscience Instead of the 

n, though. humans keeping the corporate entity in 

complex check, it corrupts them. People have 

done horrible things in 
the name of corpora- 

Itions. They've destroyed 
the livelihood of entire 
cities, polluted and 
demolished whole 
ecosystems, and kill — ' 
people through negl 
or greed, or just plaii 
murder. Don't believe 
me? Ask Karen Silkwood. 

No, no, I'm not sayi 
ALL corporations are evil. 
I'm sure Ben and Jerry's 
hasn't sent a hit man after 

. n .. the Borden's cow or strip- 

it seems to be. Death can . _ 

mined any rainforests lately. 

But there are enough 

lingers (for rroopy a«p*ct« of tom« mogarnrpt out 

" to give me material for hundreds of 

■■ Go to the library. Check it out for 

ning comoi- yourself. 

So. I can't wait for you to ploy. I've 
spent nearly two years in the darkened 
ally, she was world of "A Puzzle of Flash/ and now 
>y my very | m anxious to let the beast out of its 

le rat friend, cage It's been chewing on my mind all 
"know, I this time, and now it would really like 

.mml an a juicy bit© of yours. Do you daro? 

h maybe I Well, do vou? 



m ii/iii Avail 

able Fall '96 

5r* r 

15 CD, WIN 31 CD 
Direct: 1-800-757-7 


Sierra On-line 



with The 

ast Within 

The friendly ghosts, gentle goblins and singing witches representing today's 
modern Halloween paint a very different picture of what was once Hallows 
Eve. Long, long ago, this autumn evening terrified the strongest of men. It 
was that special night when witches ruled and restless souls wandered the 
Earth in search of peace. 
This Halloween put the candy bowl on the front porch and settle in front of your 
computer for a "October 31" to remember. Enjoy a little psychological terror from 
Sierra's award winning Game Designer Jane Jensen. Play The Beast Within, A 
Gabriel Knight Mystery, and you'll feel your heart beat just a little harder. And be 
prepared for a enormous jolt of adrenaline as you get into the game. Commiserate 
Halloween as it should be, a fright night of massive proportions. 

FALL 19 9 6 

Your cerebral horror adventure 
begins in Germany. The hero, 
Gabriel Knight, left New Orleans 
and flew to the quaint village of 
Rittersberg (just outside of Munich) 
to stay in his family's castle — Shloss 
Ritter. He wanted a little quiet time 
while he finished his latest novel. 
Unfortunately things didn't work 
out that way. 

Soon after Gabriel arrives, a 
grisly murder occurs and a young 
girl is killed by a wolf (or so the 
authorities say). It's a difficult time 
for the villagers but even more so 
since none of them really believe 
an escaped wolf from the Munich 
Zoo committed the gruesome act. 
Many of them believe a werewolf 
is roaming the nearby forest 
Gabriel is drawn into the situation 
because he's from a long line of 
Schattenjagers (German for Shadow 
Hunter). It's up to him to save the 
village from the sinister evil. 
But Gabriel fights more than one 
demon. As he delves deeper into 
the mystery, he feels the seductive 
pull of evil and madness trying to 
entice him to the dark side. 

As Gabriel battles his macabre 
fight against darkness and fear, 
Gabriel's Research Assistant Grace, 

Gabriel Knight 2 is 
an incredible game 
— but if you really 
look at it, most 
of what makes it 
special is buried 
deep in the writing 
and plotting." 

— Computer Gaming World 

flies to 
Ritter to 
help. Plagued 
by night- 
mares about 
a mad king 
and trying 
to find the 
between them and composer Richard 
Wagner's opera, she might be the one 
to uncover the missing link that will 
solve this mystery and save Gabriel 
from himself. hope 
shines on The 
Beast Within... 
Jensen proves 
the interactive 
movie may yet 
hold some life." 


Awarded "Game of the Year" by 
Computer Gaming Worlds Ttw Beast 
Within i» already a fan favorite. Jensen 

has woven a tale so terrifying that once 
it grips you, it s hard to leave it behind. 

A solid story with a deep plot, 
The Beast Within is supported by 
spectacular graphics, richly textured 
and hauntingly beautiful. Together 
with Robert Holmes' score, the 
scene is set and ready for the daring 
and the brave. 


Available Now 
Order Direct 1800- 757 7707 
www sierra com/gamesvgk 


Tinkering Around In An 
Amazing Mechanical World 

by David Senan 

Lighthuuse is a strikingly 
unique #11111- It offers puzzles 
that call for reason and logic — 
but not a 2Mb IQ and a post- 
graduate degree in multi-dimensional 
physics. You can use common sense to 
unravel the complex situations and 
manipulate exquisite and elaborate 
machinery in a parallel world. 

Hrtehcock Eat Your Heart Out 

Imagine you're a writer seeking cre- 
ative inspiration on the cold, 
rainy coast of Oregon. A strange 
message on your answering 
machine launches you into a 
hair-raising role of transworld 
detective in a surreal, parallel universe. 

Your neighbor, Jeremiah Krick, the 
eccentric professor and lighthouse 
keeper, leaves you a frantic message 
that something awful has happened 
and he must leave immediately. He 
asks you to babysit his daughter. When 
you arrive at the light house, Krick is 
gone, liis house is in shambles, and 
Amanda's crying in her crib. Then, as 
you stand by watching helplessly, she 
is kidnapped by the mysterious and 
sinister antagonist, the Dark Being. He 
and the screaming baby disappear into 
a portal that leads into a strangely 
inviting parallel universe 

That's all you know. That's where the 
confusion begins. Like the lead actor in 
.111 old Hitchcock movie, you are 
thrown in the middle of a captivating 
mystery. Your success depends on how 
you leverage your curiosity, your clev- 
erness .Hid your ability to solve 

intense interactive puzzles. You don't 
really know what kinds of forces you're 
up against as you begin your intense 
hunt for Krick s missing baby. That's 
what makes playing this adventure 
game so much fun — it raises as 
many questions 
as it answers' 

Interaction Magazine Fa l l 

Step into a mysterious portal and 
jump to a surreal new world. 


bottle locked 
up inside. When I 
first found the 
Puzzle Box my 
state of mind was 
frantic. Krick's baby, 
Amanda, was 
screaming in her crib 
and I was trying to fig- 
ure out how to calm 
her down. As I 
stumbled through 
the house looking 
for Dr. Krick. I felt 
as though something 
terrible was about to happen to the 
baby. Rummaging through his office, I 
unexpectedly came across the Puzzle 
Box. The pressure mounted furiously. 

Now it wouldn't be very much fun if I 
told you each step I took to solve the 
Puzzle Box - hut I'd like to share the 
thought process that led to my success 
in solving its complex riddle (It's not 
often I can brag about the way my 
brain works, so indulge me). 

It was the interactive design of the 
game that helped me hud the solution 
to the puzzle box. You are encouraged 
to tinker with things. To Solve this puz- 
zle I had to roll up my sleeves and get 
dirty. I rotated the box. I flipped it. I 
pushed just about 
every button I could 

find. Finally, I fig 
red out the right 
sequence, and a panel 
opened. Inside the box 
was a number of colored 
tiles arranged in a strange 
pattern. Well. I had already 
decided to get dirty, so I start- 
ed pushing tiles around any 
way they'd go. Up. Down. 
Right. Left. But nothing 
worked. I didn't know what I 
was looking for under the tiles. I 
didn't even think about that. (Just 
one example of why I don't brag much 
about my brain.) 

^V. t0 \ ^f 

Lighthouse offers up a shock- 
ingly large selection of 
mental stimulation. A 

Just as I started to get discouraged, I 
discovered what it really takes to suc- 
ceed in the LiL*hth<tusc world of interac 
tive puzzles: You have to be able to look 
at things from a lot of angles. I took a 
mental step back from the game and 
asked myself logically, "U hat is this 
puzzle asking me to do? Physically 
there has to be a series of steps that 
will crack the box." Once I got my mind 
into the mode of reason, things started 
clicking. I followed the most logical path 
and moved tiles around the way com- 
mon sense told me they should move. If 
one scenario didn't work, I tried anoth- 
er. ..and another. ..and another — leaving 
no tile unturned. 
It still took me a while to fig- 
ure out the Puzzle Box. In 
fact, I still haven't mastered it 
and every time I play the 
game it holds me up for a 
while. Nothing Is more excit- 
ing than knowing that every 
time I unlock the Box, every 
time I push a new button or 
turn a new key, a new adven- 
ture could unfold. Its 
that sense of 
never-ending dis- 
covery that 

Lighthouse so 




The mechanically inclined puzzles are ingenious. 


Puzzles make or break adventure 
games. Every move you make in 
Lighthouse is puzzle-based. To move from 
episode to episode, you must gather 
mission-critical items that crowd the 
landscape. Some items are guarded by 
complex puzzles and others are scat- 
tered on the floor. Every item is either 
crucial right now or later in the adven- 
ture. One missed item could mean the 
difference between success and fail- 
ure... or maybe even your own death! 

Bridge Over Puzzled Waters 

When I first figured out how to get into 
the parallel universe, I thought I was 


pretty cool. No puzzle was going to 
stand in the way of my manhunt. I 
woke on the beach and saw the 
Hawks Roost in the distance. When I 
got close enough, I realized getting 
into the Roost was going to be a chal- 
lenging puzzle. The drawbridge 
loomed closed above me, and again I 
was left with my curiosi- 
ty and my 
(YIKES!). I 
looked around me 
for stuff that might 
be critical to my mission 
and finally found a bizarre 

green key that looked like it might get 

me into that Roost. 

The key was only the beginning of the 
solution. It opened up another puzzle I 
needed to solve to lower the drawbridge 
and continue my adventure. A strange 
lever was my only tool to manipulate the 
puzzle at the other end of the drawbridge. 
At first I didn't think I was going any- 
where and wondered if I'd missed 
an item somehow. Then I 
looked at the 
whole puzzle and 
asked myself logically 
what needed to be 
done. I started moving 
the lever right, left, up, and 
down. I found that I was 
directly controlling a hook-like 
device. The h<x>k must be used to 
lift something else. I maneuvered the 
hook toward a steel ring. It took some 
time and a bunch of tries, but I mated the 
hook and ring and the drawbridge low- 
ered revealing a world of exciting new 
adventures on the Roost. 


Logic's For the Birds 

After playing Lighthouse a few days, I was 
immersed in this distant world and had 
no idea how to get back. J also couldn't 
find a way to make progress. Then it 
happened. I had been snooping around 
in the workshop of another other-world- 
ly villain, the Bird Man, and found myself 

The Dark Being. His skin literally crawls with hideous and ever-changing tattoo patterns. 

Lighthouse is full of amazing and intriguing 
mechanical devices. 

stuck in his workshop, it seemed that my 
only hope was an airborne escape. The 
next machine I would need to figure out 
would he the Bat, a mechanical device 
resembling a large bird. 

That would be the hard part - finding 
the things you need and making them 
work are two very different things. How 
do I activate the Bat and then 
fly it out of trouble? I start- 
ed picking up every 
tool I could find 
in the workshop. 
Using common 
sense and fitting 
tools into the 
right holes, I 
repaired a radio 
COOtlol device and 
found it was the key to 
entering the Bat. Once I 
entered the hanger, I grabbed 
gears, flipped switches, and 
cranked any lever that would move. 
Nothing seemed to be working. 

Slowly and patiently I applied logic 
and used to tools to my advantage, 
solving physically based puzzles. I 
replaced missing gears, turned a large 
industrial crank, and released a safety 
lever. Before long I was sitting in the 
cockpit of the Bat and soaring over the 
ocean toward my next thrilling adven- 
ture — patience and common sense the 
propeller of my success. 

Are You Up to the Test? 

"My primary goal in designing 
Lighthouse was to make it appeal to a 
broad audience," explains Jon Bock, 
the creator. "I wanted it to reach out to 
the mainstream of computer users, not 
just the hardcore gamers. To do that I 
came up with puzzles that call for rea- 
son and logic." 

You see. Lighthouse is 
extraordinarily deep 
and meticulously 
detailed in its 
story and its 
nteractivity. If it 
was too easy or 

too hard, it wouldn't appeal to anyone. 
Lighthouse achieves the perfect balance. 
It's a game of curiosity, intellect, and 
patience. My success so far has been 
determined by channeling my curiosity 
and common sense into solutions. I still 
haven't found Dr. Krick or baby Amanda, 
but I know I will. They're out there, just 
beyond my next thrilling adventure. 

Available Christmas 


Order Direct: 1-800-7577707 

www sierra cwtfgamei/lighthouse 

Part-machine. Part-bird. The Birdman makes a vulture look like the bluebird of happiness. 

Sierra is Proud to Present 

The Grand Opening of 
Hoyle Casino 

Its all the glitz, glamour and excitement 
you y ve been waiting for! 

by Nancy King 

Ofter months of careful 
. planning, detailed 
\ research and intense 
I development, Sierra 
f is proud to unveil its 
latest Hoyle® game, 
Hoytt'% Casino, (ireat atten- 
tion and detail was given in the build- 
ing of this first-class, fully rendered 
3-D virtual casino. While others have 
attempted to catch the real atmosphere 
and excitement of a casino before, 
nothing even comes close to bringing 
you the live action and excitement of 
Hoyle Casino. 

Don't be intimidated. Put on your 
lucky blue shirt or carry that winning 
penny, and wager a hand or two of 
Poker to get started. But first decide 
which version you want to play. Texas 
Hold em. Seven-card Stud, and Omaha 
Hold em along with Hi-Lo variations 
are available for you to try with Hoyle 
Casino. A stroll over to a Blackjack 
table is a definite must if your lucky 
number just happens to be 21. Or, at 
the Craps table see for yourself just 

how hot (or cold) the 
dice might be. 

If none of that tickles 
your fancy, then wander 
over to the Roulette 
wheel of fortune. This 
is just one of the many 
places that Hoyle Gotta) 
beats the competition. 
Place your bets at a fully 
rendered table. Once 
you're ready to roll, 
play either Vegas or 
Atlantic City rules. 
This is a high-tech ver- 
sion of the real thing 
(complete with an entire 
spinning roulette wheel) 
and anticipation will build ultimate 9 amin 9 experience. 

a Medieval theme. There's even pro- 

Fully rendered in 3-D, this first-class casino offers the 

Play Omaha Hold em, just one of five versions of Poker 
available — all featuring a "floating" betting window. 

as you hope that ball lands in the right 
number slot. You definitely have to give 
it a try. 

Also available are those all-time 
favorites, the one-armed bandits. Not 
just one machine tucked in a corner 
either, but an entire section of 30 
slot machines in Hoyle Casino. You 

have a choice of nickel, 
quarter and dollar slots. 
The designers loved this 
part of the game because 
they had a chance to 

really get creative 
with their art. 
All theme based, 
there's a machine 
to appeal to 
everyone includ- 
ing an Antique 
fruit theme, an 
Egyptian theme, 
an Alien theme, a 
Jungle theme and 

gressive quarter slots. The large reader 
board in this area of the casino lists the 

jackpot* and in juM unc iikjic cuOilng 
reason to give slots a try. It's a guaran- 
tee that the action's just as hot here 
as it is in a real casino 

Not sure about the rules of each 
of these games — don t worry! Hoyle 
Casino offers on-line help to get you 
up and betting with the best of them 
in no time! 

They're Back I 

Those wonderful animated characters 
from Hoyle Blackjack (with more than 
their share of attitude) are also includ- 
ed in Hoyle Casino. If you've had an 
opportunity to play 
Hoyle Blackjack, this 
will be your chance 
to meet up with old 
acquaintances (or 
nemeses, whatever 

5 5 6 6* 

Interaction Magazine Fa u l 19 9 6 

the case may be). If you haven't yet had 
the pleasure of meeting these unusual 
characters, then you're in for a treat. 
Plus, the designers have added two 
more players — including one submitted 
by our Hoyle Casino Vegas Contest win- 
ner. We know players want gambling 
situations where they can compete 
against "real" high-rollers with lots of 
attitude (and adjustable skill levels) 
to keep the excitement high and game 
play moving. 

There's one golden rule when you 
play any of these gamblers: don't take 
any of them for granted — especially 
when you have the attitude meter set 
on high. Even the dealers will start to 
flip a phrase or two. 

Net Play 

The bets are in and 

Hoyle Blackjack 

Internet play is a 

smashing winner. 

Back in June, Beta 

testers tried their 

luck in a Sierra 

Blackjack tournament 

and "everything 

worked absolutely 

perfect. I was amazed 

at how it came 

together," said beta- 
tester Carl Anderson. 

Just before it was released, Windows 

Shareware Games said it was, "only the 

best, most intense game available over 
the Net!" Now with Hoyle Casino 
you can jump on the Net and 
play either 
Poker or 
and meet 
some really 
people. Even if you don't 
win, you'll be in for some lively 

Spin the wheel and place your bets-it might be your lucky day. 

Make it even more interesting by 
setting both attitude and skill level on 
high. Don't be deceived by the charac- 
ters' friendly chatter— you have to earn 
every dollar of your winnings. 

conversation during the games. 

It's So Real! 

Down on your luck or perhaps 
flushed with winnings? Either 
way, you'll want to head to the bank. 
And that's just a button click away 
For your convenience, the nearest 
ATM is down in the lower left hand 
corner of your screen, and you don't 
have to worry about a PIN (personal 
identification number) here This cash 
machine knows exactly who you are. 
Deposit or withdraw any amount. 
When you're done, a friendly "thank 
you" message shows up on screen and 
wishes you a good day. Entertainment 
all the way. 

Should Your Luck 

Sour On You 

Some days are luckier than others. 
Should you find yourself in a situation 
where your funds are a little low (in 


other words, you're busted). H<>\ l<- 

Casino does offer a financial solution. 
To receive a loan (be sure to read the 
fine print) there are three different 
gentlemen (the term is very loosely 

only the best, most 
intense game available 
over the Net!" 

— Windows Shareware Games 

applied here) who might be able to 
help you. You can go with Earl from 
Earl's Cash-<>-rama, Lucky Leon's Limns 
and Prosthetics, or there's always the 
Provoloni Brothers. Isn't it a colorful 
group of guys? Be cautioned, though. 
Maybe you should quit for a while 
instead of playing on borrowed time. 
Oops — we meant borrowed money. 

Feeling Lucky? 

High-roller or novice player, Hoyle 
Casino will keep you on your toea and 

teach you something new all the time. 
So save the cost of airfare to Vegas, 
Reno or Atlantic City, Hoyle Casino 
has it all and more. 





great Hoyler games, 

too! ' 



Available Now 
Order Direct 1-800-757-7707 

www sierra com/game*/tioyle 



Sierra On-line 



New Windows 95 
technology gives 
next generation 
chess game 
a dual engine 

by David Senan 

If you think playing chess against 
a computer is tough, you're right. 
If you think competing with a com- 
puter chess game, learning some- 
thing from it, and still having fun is 
impossible, you're wrong — thanks 
Xo Power Chess. 

Son Gasper believes that chess software has 
been stuck in a rut for over a decade. Elon is the 
designer, technology guru, and self-proclaimed 
"chess nut" leading the team responsible for 
creating Sierra's hot new release, Power Chess. 
In the beginning, the challenge was developing 
a program smart enough to play against 
humans. Next, developers came up with an 
AI good enough to beat us at our own game. 
So what do we do now? It's time for a third 
generation — a real revolution, the next cool 
thing. And that's Power Chessl n he exclaims. 

Power Chess launches computer chess in a 
radical new direction. Elon has created an artifi- 
cial intelligence that actually plays like a human 
— not like a machine. One that doesn't just chew 
you up and spit you out. One that practically 
sweats when it's being beaten. One that might 
get a little too cocky for its own good when it's 
doing the beating. An opponent that's actually 
fun to play against! 

The Fatal Flaw of Computer 
Chess: Computers Don't Sweat! 

You see, there's been this dirty little secret 
about computer chess games for as long as 
they've existed — they just aren't as much fun to 
play against as real humans. Even if you 
manage to whip one, there's never really much 
satisfaction in doing it. Computers don't squirm 
when you're threatening them with checkmate. 
They don't go for the kill when they sense they 

Choose from a wide range of customizable opponents, or test your 
skills against other Power Chess owners over the Internet. Tweak "the 
guts" of the chess engine in The Lab, or analy7e games with Auto Play 


Magazine Fa i_ l 1996 

have you on the mat. They just slowly and 
methodically grind the game away until you 
want to scream in frustration and toss your 
computer out the window. There's no psy- 
chology to the way they play the game. This 
is the first thing that Elon decided to 

"It's always bothered me that chess pro- 
grams never seemed to really advance 
beyond the 'Crush the human!' paradigm." 
explains Elon. "I saw this as a challenge." 
Then in early 1995 Elon figured out the 
answer: "I was brushing my teeth and think 
ing about all the cool new stuff coining in 
Win 95, like memory-mapped files, pre-emp- 
tive multi-tasking, multi-threading, and vari- 
ous other process and thread synchroniza- 
tion and communication techniques ." (Yes. 
that's really the way he talks!) That's when 
he invented a way to develop a chess game 
that is both a superior chess machine and a 
fun competitor. A game with both precision and pi/zazz. 
The answer wasn't to use ONE chess engine, explains Elon. 
"The answer was to use TWO engines — running as separate 
processes, communicating with a multi-threaded MDI front- 
end application via anonymous pipes! It's so obvious!" 
(See? We warned you?) 

The Ideal Opponent: Powerful, Human, and 
Sometimes ... Beatable 

Elon built his first chess engine on a university mainframe 
25 years ago. And if there's one thing he learned from that 
experience, it's that these beasts take way too long to buff 
up to their best! So the first step in creating the Power (fuss 
team was to recruit the best PC chess engine available. 
That engine is the acclaimed WChess, the program that 
won the prestigious Harvard Cup man-machine tournament 
by beating the most human grand- 
masters ever! 

Elon's ideal engine, built on the 
WChess foundation, is based on an 
intriguing concept: that chess players 
get better when matched up with 
opponents who are better than them, 
but not so much better that it's 
impossible to win. This makes perfect 
sense. The most excruciating way to 
learn any skill is to be pitted against 
someone (or something!) that beats 
your pants off every game. Would you 
expect to learn how to hit a baseball 
with Randy Johnson throwing batting 
practice? This was the first problem 
that Elon solved. He modified WChess 
to create a human-like competitor He 
calls this perfect sparring partner the 
Power Chess King. 

The Power Chess King gets to Elon Gasper is the designer and self-proclaimed chess nut" responsible tor Power Litest. 

Sierra On-line 

Select from an authentic collection of 2D and 3D sets from around the world 
and across time. 

know your style and your strengths during your first several 
games with him. He adjusts to play at a level Just slightly 
higher than you, making you stretch yourself enough so that 
you are constantly learning from your games against him. 
It's also a lot more fun to play him because he can be beaten. 
But don't get overconfident! As your game gets better, so 
dnes his. He literally learns from what you learn. 

Playing a game against the Power Chess King simulates 
playing against a human opponent. When the King starts 
to lose, he gets down on himself and might become unable 
to regroup. When the King gains the upper hand, he's liable 
to pounce too quickly, As with most human chess players, 
these scenarios often lead to risky maneuvers, if not outright 
mistakes. That's the psychology of the game of chess. It's 
your task to recognize these misjudgments, exploit them, 
and go for the win. 


The Power Chess Queen: 
Mentor, Coach, and 
Daunting Grandmaster 

But Elon knew that the perfect oppo- 
nent wasn't enough. Power Chess also 
puts you in the game by giving you a 
secret ally, the Power Chess Queen. 
The Queen literally watches your game 
with the King and then, immediately 
after the finish, she goes over every 
move with you, chronicling your 
strokes of genius and, more important- 
ly, your mistakes. 

The Power Chess Queen begins 
TALKING to you as soon as the game 
ends, in plain English and with a beauti- 
ful clear voice, as she goes over your 
moves. While she speaks, players can 
choose the level of detail and the 
tempo of the Queen's discourse. They 
can even skip back and forth with VCR- 
style controls. The Queen illuminates 
the pieces involved, lights their paths 
on the board and diagrams the moves 
for you. "People learn better when they 
can listen, watch and control all at the 
same time," Elon says. "Power Chess 

simulates exactly 
what it's like to 
play against anoth- 
er human, and to 
immediately review 
your games with an 
expert player. This 
is exactly what 
multimedia is for." 
By the way, you 
can also play 
the Power Chess 
Queen herself — 
but be warned: if 
you do, you're 
playing WChess 

itself, straight out of the bottle! She'll 
offer hints — but no mercy! 

User Power Chess to play, annotate and 
analyze games together over the Internet - 


Play the King, then get the Queen's expert 
advice on what happened. 

Chess Like You've Never 
Seen Before 

The combined power of the King 
and Queen gives Power Chess its 
potency. Using the unique capabilities 
of Windows 95. these two chess 
engines work simultaneously, though 

Power Chess provides 
powerful tools for the serious 
player, too, including variable 
format move lists, editable 
annotation fields, and varia- 
tion tree views of alternative 
lines of play, integrated with 
the board display for quick 
point-and-click action. Plus 
Power Che.™ supplies dozens 
of other opponents for you to 
play, each with unique styles 
and abilities. Or create person- 
al opponents with customized 
styles, strengths and opening 

Check Mates: Test 
Your Skill ... Across 
the Globe 

Power Chess alio offers you 
the Sierra Interactive Oaming 
Service, a place on the Internet 
for you to test your improved 
chew skills against new friends, 
day and night. Compete for rat- 
ings, harass 'em with messages, 
or tutor a beginner. 

Power Chess simulates the 
perfect sparring partner for you 

Spectacular boards and sets 3D rendered for monitor 
resolutions up to 1780 x 1024. 

in the Power Chess King. It supplies 
you with a personal coach in the Power 

Chess Queen. Its powered by the leg- 
endary WChess engine. And it lets you 
flex your new chess muscles against 
other human players through the 
Internet. As Elon puts it with an almost 
maniacal smile, "In the end we love to 
play other human heings. There is 
something about beating another 

Sit in on seven of the most famous games 
in history, with play-by-play commentary 
from the Queen. 

human, crushing their ego and seeing 
them squirm. Power Chess both simu- 
lates and delivers that experience like 
no other chess game ever has." 

So when it comes to having fun 
.iikI improving your chess game, do 
yourself ;» favor And let Pnnwr Cht>*K 
put you in the game! 




$39.95 Eg 

Available Fall % 


Order Direct 1-800-757 7707 

wmrwjwrtr nmtpmnlpi ma Iwu/ 



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The world of computer 
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the most human-like 
competition ever devel- 
oped for the PC. The 
Power Chess Al actually 
adjusts to fit your play- 
ing style, making every 

game a challenge while still giving you a 

chance to learn and win. 

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Dr. Brain 
ally down- 
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Mixed Up Mother 
Goose Deluxe 

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Goose's classic 
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Enlist the 

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extra -cute 

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magical powers that 

make learning numbers, 

reading and math fun! 

Features an exciting range 

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Racing II 

The all-new IndyCar 

Racing fl is the most 

realistic racing sim 

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IndyCar handling, 

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15 real IndyCar 

tracks and inrredihlp SVftA graphic with full- 

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Get behind the wheel 
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The Beast Within 

A heart -stopping 
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Knight, last of the 
Shadow Hunters, is 
dragged into the inves- 
tigation of ancient, 
terrifying forces. This unique 
blend of live-action technology and amazing 
multimedia effects provides spine-tingling 



The blissful life Adrienne 
Delaney hoped for unrav- 
els as she uncovers an 
ominous presence that 
lurks in the passageways 
of her new home. This 
experience is so startling- 
ly real, you'll live this interactive 

nightmare as if it were your own. For mature 




Bass 2 


The most 

realistic fishing on CD- 
ROM now features ten 
photo-realistic lakes 
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• challenged, but rookies will 
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Take control of the 
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future of mankind. 
You command geneti- 
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most destructive warriors in the history of 

Cybrid confrontation. 

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Venture ■ 
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spine-tingling first- 
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use drawing tools, an 
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make it easy. It even shows how your garden 
will grow and bloom over time! 


Caesar II 

Build a city, build an 
empire' Fxpprienfpd 
strategists and novke 
gamers alike are hailing 
the challenges in 
Caesar II. As the 
Emporer's recently 
appointed governor, your 
charge is to gain fame, fortune 
and power. Succeed, and you 
may be crownpd Fmp*»ror ynursptf 



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The unique legacy of each civi- 
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Welcome to Strata, 
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Fight grime and 
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and present. 

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High tech subma- 
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I Based on NASA 
I planetary re 
I search. Outpost 
I 1.5 places you 
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^H most compre- 
^*^ hensive space 
strategy — 
simulations you can 
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rebuild civilization 
on another planet. 

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Expand your 
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port company 
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galaxy. To suc- 
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_ to design better 
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^^\ new trade routes and keep 
your eyes open for interstellar 
takeover opportunities. 

; Spa<?Bui 

' v >. 



Combine the best 
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combat and role 
playing adventure 
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the stars to 

\M% mmmt defeat the dark 
^""%^v % legions of Lord Iron in a 

* dangerous adventure that 
takes place on a vast space station. 



Wage undersea 
i battle with the 
program that 
Computer Gaming 
\ World said "Sets the 
standard for subma- 
rine simulations..,." A fantastic 3-D 
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Go head-to-head 
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other players via 
network or modem 
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Win 95 scrolling 
arcade adventure 
featuringTHXDR112 fJ 

the morphing robotic 

mega- hero. 



The new version 
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_ arcade classic is 
I network and 

^^^^^^^^ with 1 30 new 

two- player levels, f 
30 new single-player 
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A J). 1088 

Ascend to the 
throne of England 
in this richly 
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Command strength, 
skill and strategy hi *w A 
your valiant quest for 
the crown. 

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The future of 

human existence 
rests squarely on 
your shoulders and 
the metal shoulders 

of your fighting 

HERCs. Battle 
enemy Cybrids over 50 rivet 
wrenching missions — all 
with explosive action and 
incredible 3-D graphics. 


Kite's QUEST in 

Play two separate 
characters through 
six epic chapters in 
The Princeless 
Bride, the latest 
King's Quest 
adventure from Roberta 
Williams. Incredible animation 

and music create an 

enchanting tale that 

your whole family 

will love. 


The winningest 

loser in computer 

game history 

returns in Al Lowe's 

latest singles' scene send up 

an epic struggle of raw, ^ 

unbridled rejection 

and absurdity. 


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DON'T klT... 

uiese gran oeats are nmiien 
to quantities on hand! 

Meet the Edge behind 




In an i 
are r 

by the people who carve into the future 

'It hurts beJnij on 

rt a rebellion off sorts broke out at 
s Dynamix offices in Eugene, OR. 
A militant group of developers decided 
it was time to shake Sierra out of a 
mid-life crisis. They called themselves 
k.a.a. "Our first reaction was to shut them down/' 
said Sierra CEO Ken Williams. "But I changed my 
mind.. I've been called a rebel myself I recognize 
the power rebellion creates, so I said 'OK, k.a.a. 
Give it your best shot.' They've been getting away 

way and they're going to prove it. "We are what 
the rest of Sierra isn't/' states k.a.a. Lead 
Programmer Rhett Andersen. "You could say 
that k.a.a. stands for knot another adventure 
game. ..Sierra makes enough of those. ..we 
wanted to do something different ...We wanted 
to kick a little a@#." 

Although the k.a.a.'ers admit they made their 
decision to declare their independence one 
night over many beers, there's been no second 

with murder ever since, but as long as they deliver thought "We wanted to break away do some- 

the goods, I'll put up with it. When they stop, thing different.. .and the suits are giving us 

I'll enjoy firing their a@#es." ** A . . t . . , the space we need to do 

If Ken said that to try to 
scare the k.a.a.'ers, it didn't 
work. Clearly, these guys have 
their own agenda and if that 
means they have something to 
prove — well — get out of their 

"A lot of games today arc 
designed by committee. 
Committees can't design." 

.o luuuy UlC it here," says Anderson. 

following pages the 

lan't design. * irst two k a a tit|es ' 

Hunter/Hunted and 
— left FUnnell CyberGladiator: 

Sierra On-lin 

here's nothing wrong with violence 
as long as it doesn't get in the way of good 
game play. Look at games where you can 
have a limb severed, lose a few buckets of 
blood, and still keep fighting. Life ain't like 
that. We think that violence is very cool, 
if it makes the game better. 

"Titles like Quake and Doom suffer in this 
respect," says Hunter/Hunted Art Director Brian 
"The Brain" Hahn. " The violence is way too fake. 
Hunter/Hunted is more real than that." Designer 
Chris Cole agrees, "We took a no-holds-barred 
death match approach to game play. Hunter/ 
Hunted is a brutal game. Its theme is kill or be 
killed. If you want cute, watch the Disney 
Channel." To make it as real as possible, the 
team motion-captured the moves for Jake, the 
Hunter Beast, and the rest of the enemies. You 
may not understand just how real the game play 
is until you see the Beast using its spiked club to 
play baseball with Jake. All you can say when 
you see it is "Ouch, that's gotta hurt!" 
When k.a.a. set its sights on Hunter/ 

Hunted, they knew the game would 
generate a lot of controversy on many 
different fronts. "We decided to take 
an action game plat- 
form that no one 
had been able to do 
successfully on PCs — 
side scrollers — and make it 
■ dominate," says designer 
' s, tt f Cole. "We didn't want to 

compete against the hundred 
'* or so first-person shooters 

• • their graphics are heavily pix- 
elated and just plain outdat- 
ed. We wanted to create 
something that 
hadn't been done before." 
Hunter/Hunted takes place 
in a not-too-distant future where 
mankind has been enslaved by an 
alien race whose favorite spectator 
ort is fast-action human/mutant 
ast death matches. You're on 
today's play list in one- or two-play- 
er mode as either the human Jake, a 
hard-bitten warrior who is accom- 
plished with everything from fists. 


knives, and pistols to rocket launchers— or as the 
Hunter Beast, a horned behemoth who combines 
sheer brute strength with hand weapons 
designed to crush and maim. 

Each combatant has strengths you can use — or 
exploit. Jake beats the Beast with weapons like 
shotguns and 

rocket launchers. 'Hunter/Hunted is 

and he can scoot 

when he needs a brutal game. 

to. Beast is w -* 

stronger, can YoiJ Want CUte? 

take a lot of Watch the Disney 

abuse before it 

goes down, and Channel. 

with a few blows -Chris Cole, Designer 

of his spiked club, if he gets close enough. The 
bottom line — if you are Jake, you want to keep 
your distance and blast away. If you're the 
Hunter Beast, get close and pound away. Who 
said foreign relations aren't fun? 

Graphically and in game play, 
Hunter/Hunted adds a new dimension 
in side-scrollers with its high-res 3-D 
look and feel, then drive the dimension- 

- "■" I ■ — * — * -" ■ Mil > a 

scrolling. While other games allow you to only 
scroll left, right, up, or down, Z-plane adds 
depth to the game play. Now you can move 
into and out of the game in addition to 
standard scrolling. A level in Hunter/ 
Hunted might be five screens tall by 
seven screens wide, and 10 or 12 
layers deep. 

As a one-player game, Hunter/Hunted 

maxes out your adrenaline meter as 

you run the tunnels and mazes, either 

hunting down or being hunted by the other. But 

the game really makes you twitch when you get 

19 9 6 

_- J 

ame-cloaked, hyper-alloy skeleton whose 
weapon is a blast of scorching flame. Guards, 
sentries, and motion-sensing weapons keep you 
on your toes as you 

search for your "...the Spllt- 

enemy. They also 

ensure that if you SCrGGH 

don t pay attention, mu | t jp| aye r 

Both Ja 

brute strength and primitive 

you die. wwt *■ — I -■ 

The Lurkers add feature 
a new dimension to 

-ead -to -head play lOOKS mighty 

y giving you the addictive." 

opportunity to play 

cooperatively. You — PC Magazine 

and a partner can 

take Jake and the Hunter Beast on a maze-crawl 
to wipe out Lurkers. 

If you've stayed 

In two player mode, there are plenty of opportunities for 
Jake and the Beast to prove who's best. 

into a horizontal split-screen, head-to-head match 
against another human player. Since the game 
supports a combination of keyboard, joystick, or 
gamepad in addition to the shared screen format, 
you can sit shoulder to shoulder with your 

half of the screen. These types of matches usually 
feature incredibly fast action because when you 
find the enemy, both parties pour it on — to the 
death. Since you set parameters such as the time 
limit and number of lives, you can keep coming 
back until you get it right. 

One of the nice things about the aliens that 
placed you in this death match is that they're 
non-denominational. They've placed a number of 
cyborg enemies in the mazes that will attack and 
kill both Jake and the Hunter Beast with equal 
gusto. These creatures lurk in the shadows 
(hence their name, Lurkers) and attack when 
you come into their range. 

^ $49.95 f" 

Available Fall 96 

Order Direct: 1800-757-7707 
■ www.sierra.cofn/ 



U V/41 » ,58 -27 J34 ^ :l * 

A match against Death is a battle of lead versus fire. 
Survive and the Hunter Beast gets a crack at you. 

Head to Head Splitscreen Action! 

is a creature of 
camouflage and 
shreds flesh 
with her poiso- 
nous claws. 
Death is a 

Sierra On-line 

to look for a fight. 


yberGladiators gives a rude wake-up call 
to the other fighting games out there — 
especially those that ruled on the car- 
tridge game systems. PCs used to be 
second rate hardware for the fighting 
game, but a powerful operating system and a 
Pentium chip gives k.a.a. a nasty new one-two 
punch combination. 

In CyberGladiators Designer Randy 
Thompson's office you'll find a pile of the most 
popular fighting games for every major set top 
game unit. He's ripped 'em all apart to see what 
makes them tick, from fighter moves down to the 
smallest level of code. "I like fighting games and 
think that most of what you can get on a PC 
today stinks. If I didn't believe that k.a.a. could 
do it better — a lot better— we wouldn't be making 
this game/' he says. 

, The Stor 
According to Thompson, 
CyberGladiators are "war- 
riors borne from a nuclear 
stew of chemicals, military 
hardware, and the collec- 
tive karma of the Quaaflax 
Alliance's Special Tactics 
team, brought to life by 

CyberGladiators is a pure 
fighting game. ..throw 
combo attacks and you'll 
do well. Don't, and you 
get your butt kicked." 

a freak cosmic storm." Part machine and part 
living tissue, they are sworn to serve and protect. 

Naturally, the same cosmic storm also swept 
over the Dungeon star prison asteroid, dragging a 
galaxy's worth of computer parts and radioactive 
trash with it. A band of truly evil criminals were 
mutated into a band of truly evil CyberGladiators. 
When these groups collide, it's hate at first sight. 

It sounds like just another lame action 
game story-line, so Thompson cuts to the chase. 
"Robots made of nuclear sludge keep their shape 
when you bang on 'em" he explains. "If humans 
got the same treatment we give these droids, 
they'd get mushy in a hurry." 

To make sure that CyberGladiators really packed 
a punch, the k.a.a. team brought in some big 
guns to help them build better brawls "We want- 
ed a mix of fighting 

styles that would give 
the warriors human-like 
grace. ..we ended up 
using four different 
consultants — a national 
gymnast champion, a 
professional street 
fighter/wrestler, a 

19 9 6 

, * H 

■rs h^h^KVyjs 

martial arts expert, and 
a dancer — and made 
extensive motion 
captures of each in 
action. In particular 
we wanted to captur 
both men and women 
t in action, so that 

/the male and 
female gladia- 
tors moved 
The resulting kicks, 
punches, and other 
moves were 
coded into the 
game's Al in such a way 
that the gladiators learn by 
fighting. "One of the ways we 
trained the computer players 
^^ for combat was to set 
them up against 
each other and 
let them bat- 

tle all night/' CyberGladiator 
said pro- 3-D graphics to 

grammer Nels 
/ Bruckner. "They'd be novices 
when we left, and be hard-core 
fighting pros when we returned in 
the morning. It was 
kind of spooky how real they 
became." If you fight the computer, 
you might win the first few fights 
because you can punch the buttons 
quickly. But once the Al starts to 
learn your stuff, the action gets 
challenging. It's skill, not speed, 
that makes you a winner. 

Much of the game's speed comes from the use of 
Kinematics — a technique that allows the game 
program to move an entire figure based 
I on how one body part is moved. Press 

a punch button, for example, and 
the fighter automatically steps in 

\with the punch. This makes it 
easier to change your moves 
on the fly, so you can actu- 
ally fake a punch to cover 
up a kick or a wrestling 
move. And while you can't hit 
your opponents with a Dizzy 
\ (they aren't human), you can 
knock them to the ground and 
follow up with a Hammer move — 

t especially vicious attack 
ainst a downed opponent. 
Each cybergladiator has five 
special moves that deliver their 

CyberGladiators brings plenty super-fast twitch moves and stunning real-. 
3-0 graphics to the PC platform to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

strongest attack. Control is via the keyboard 
or a gamepad, or both in a two-player game. 
Playing a friend on your PC delivers the same 
level of head-to-head excitement as a good 
arcade game. 

If you're ready for PC games with attitude, 
the new name of the game is k.a.a. Look for 



"" f^** w^^\ 




Better be ready with lots of moves if you're challenging the 
computer, because the Al will learn all of your tricks. 

u/\ $49.95 

Available Fall 96 


Order Direct 1-800-757-7707 


Sierra On-line 




Bloodlines of Power 

^^m by David Senan 



rA^ii w*mmmmm 




Remember as a kid wondering 
what it would be like to enter 
far away worlds and seek 
magical adventures? Well, 
luckily for us, some kids (like the ones 
at TSR™ and Sierra) never grow up. 
They have turned their childhood 
passions into a new epic computer 
game. BIRTHRIGHT is the computer 
version of the newest fantasy world 
created for TSR's wildly popular 
game series. BIRTHRIGHT 'is a 
combination of a traditional role- 
playing game and a strategy/war game. 
Players have the opportunity to do 
more than just rummage through 

dungeons looking for tr«acur«c. 

Instead, they take on the role of 
characters that derive their power 
from the bloodlines of gods. There 
is a delicate balance between ruling, 
battling, and seeking adventures. 
In BIRTHRIGHT, players are 
put in charge of not only their 
own well-being, but the well- 
being of an entire kingdom. The 
ultimate goal of the game is to 
establish your realm as the most 
powerful on the continent of 

Cerilia through chivalrous 
conquests, clever alliances, and 
careful management of your 
resources. If you defend your 
realm and manage it properly 
(while dealing with the forces of your 
opponents) you will be deemed 
worthy of being named Emperor. 

A unique, multi-dimensional adventure of battle 
strategy and in-depth role-playing. 

"We're all just thrilled with the way 
that BIRTHRIGHT has translated onto 
the PC. It's great to work with Sierra 
because they are as passionate about 
this as we are." says David Wise, TSR 
Creative Director. 

"As PCs have gotten more powerful, 
that feeling of being inside a distant 

'...users feel like 

•/re existing in and 
nteracting with the 

world is much more realistic," notes 
Robert Clardy, the lead designer and 
driving force behind the PC version of 
BIRTHRIGHT. "The technology gives us 
the power to make users feel like 
they're existing in and interacting with 
the BIRTHRIGHT world " 

Most of the BIRTHRIGHT developers 
at Sierra have been playing ADAI) 
games since they were kids and their 
offices are strewn with stacks of AI)<£D 
books. "Not too long ago, some of us 
put on some armor grabbed our 

Take on the role of heir to one of 17 kingdoms 

weapons, and headed out 
to the vacant lot next door 
for a mock battle," says 
Clark. "Working on its been 
a dream come true for us." 

Battles & Bloodlines 

In BIRTHRIGHT, you begin 
the game by taking on the 
role of heir to one of 17 king- 
doms, each unique in its 
resources and opportunities 
for adventure. Yon may find 
yourself controlling many 
treasures and resourceful 
subjects that lend them- 
selves to powerful alliances and an 
indivisible army. Or you may find 
things to be a little harder at the onset. 
Whatever the case, 
you will likely 
discover that 
things are not 
as they seem 
If your loyal 
subjects grow 
tired of your 
rule, they may 
be drawn away by 
(the inheritors 
of an ancient 
evil bloodline). 

I3eware the 

Rhoube. Manslayer, or your most 
feared enemy— the Gorgon. Sierra's 
BIRTHRIGHT \s true to the math models 
that are used in TSR's dice role-playing 
game. The PC acts as Dungeon Master, 
processing the paperwork traditionally 
associated with AD&D games. TSR's Ed 
Stark, one of the BIRTHRIGHT designer, 
sees this as a key feature. 
"BIRTHRIGHT has translated 
perfectly into a computer game. 
For those not already familiar 
with the dice game of 
BIRTHRIGHT, the computer 
version makes the concepts 
very easy to understand." 
BIRTHRIGHT is also a nice 
substitute for players of the 
dice game because the smooth, 
dynamic interface and 3-D 
graphics hide the dice rolls 
and paperwork that dictate 

all of the action," he said. 

What distinguishes BIRTHRKiHT is 
the wide variety available. When you 
go to war, you may participate in the ?>- 
D battle sequences in real-time or ha 
the battles played out for you. Stay in 
charge of all of your domestic poliries 
while out adventuring and conqueriiMj 
foreign lands, or have one of your 
computerized henchmen take charge 
for you. You can become 
different regents, eac 
of unique characteristics. BIRTHRIGHT 
also offers many options on the «peed 
and style of play, so you have your 
choice of a slow paced, thoughtful RPO 
structured game or a fast action real 
time game. The end result is unlimited 
replayability. and a unique adventure 
every time you sit down at your PC 

imen take charge 
ome one of M 
; h with hundreds 

Go head to-head in real-time combat against deadly menaces. 

BIRTHRIGHT cm also be played via 
l-AN, Internet, and modem. Play against 
up to flight players atuX numerous 
computer-generated opponents 
simultaneously. You'll be able to play 
against those same people you fcrevv 
up playing ADM) with no matter 
where they arc in the world! 

When reflecting on the evolution 
BIRTHRIGHT— from a mere idea to an 
immersive 3-D computer-rendered 
universe — T5K Creator Kich Maker 
sums it up best. I feel as though my 
little baby has grown up. gone to 
college, and won the Nob* 1 Prize!" 
So do we. * j«k * 


Available Christmas '96 


Order Direct: 1-800-757-7707 


O n - l i 

N E 


Fa n 

R □ 


Sierra Adds Magic To Multi-Award Winning FRP Engine 

n 1993 Sierra released 
Raymond Feist's Betrayal at 
Krondor, a title many 
believe is the best FRP ever 
created. Betrayal at 
Krondor offered a magical mix 
of outstanding game play, 
smooth, intuitive interface, and 
a powerful, entertaining story 
that captivated players. With a 
look and feel that made it 
unique to the genre, it quickly 
established itself as "the prod- 
uct to beat." Years later, no 
ne's accomplished that feat. 
ecently. Computer Gaming 
World inducted Betrayal at 
Krondor as one of the handful 
of games in its "Hall of Fame." 

Now, almost four years later. 
Sierra is putting the finishing 
touches on a follow-up Betrayal 
game, and this time the scene 
switched from the well-worn 
orlds of Krondor to the vast 
empire of Antara. Though we 
think Krondor is a great game — 
it's still available at retail after 
all these years, and if you 
haven't played it, you should — 
it's a fact that the new Betrayal 
game is bigger, more complex, 
and more incredible than the 


►ugh you have a choice of 
Jons, gentlemen don't hit ladi< 

Betrayal i 
Antara isn't 
just a new 
game. It's an 
Fantasy Role 
Playing. By 
keeping what 
works, the nei 
Betrayal gam 
builds on one 
of the most 
games of the 
genre. "Wh 
we conceiv 
the design for 
Betrayal in 
Antara, we 
didn't want to 
re-invent the wheel and stray 
away from the features that 
made Betrayal at Krondor such 

i will det 
ur enemies. 


Peter Sarrett. "We had a 
proven game engine and a 

19 9 6 

face that gave players full com- 
mand with a few simple mouse 
clicks. We had a killer story that 
begged to be expanded. Our 
goal was to use the advances 
in computer technology such 
as Windows 95 and the ability 
to hold multiple windows open, 
that had occurred over the last 
three years to make a game 
that was more advanced, 
looked better, and played 
better yet still had the same 
Krondor appeal." 

Both Betrayals share the 

be drawn into 

the classic, at Krondor, 

high-fantasy _ 

style of the the ITIOSt S 

backgrounds role-playinc 

and character 

rendering. They in hiStOfy, y 

appear more n , ■ 

Mke oil or Betrayal in 

acrylic paintings kicks butt. 
than computer 

at Krondor, one of 
the most successful 
role-playing games 
in history, you'll think 
Betrayal in Antara 

looked better, and played graphics — the intent of 

better yet still had the same the artists. 

Krondor appeal." 

Both Betrayals share the Adventure in Antara 

Betrayal in 
\ntara takes 
lace in the 
mpire, a 
vast, once- 
proud realm 
vhose Imperial 
lave over time 
alien prey to 
:orruption and 
iecay Bribery, 
ntrigue, assas- 
ination, and 
Jeceit are 
A revolutionary interface makes magic use easier. When you enter 

same friendly interface, though 
Betrayal in Antara features a 
new Spell Creation system, 
giving your character improved 
ability to learn a new spell if it 
has been cast on you by an 
enemy. The same distinctive 
look and feel that brought in 
the original Krondor crowd 
has been retained, but the 
graphics have been vastly 
improved to attract a new 
generation of computer gamers. 
The most important improve- 
ment, though, comes in the 
form of a new storyline that 
adds depth and excitement to 
the gaming experience. The 
plot twists of Betrayal in Antara 
simply do a better job of involv- 
ing the player in the story than 
the original (perhaps because 
while the Krondor story was 
adapted from a book, the 
empire of Antara was devel- 
oped specifically for the multi- 
media experience). 

From the first seconds of 
the graphic novel opening, you 

Antara, you 

become embroiled in a devious 
plot of manipulation, 

political agendas, q 
secret societies, and 
magical discoveries. 

The adventure "Gami 

begins with William -Cor 
Escobar, a bard 

named Gregor, and "Garni 

Aren Cordelain, three Role P 

young men whose -Strj 
fates are drawn 

together by an "Role 

attack of a strange *PC 
flying creature. 

When the beast is "Betra 

about to kill Aren, playin 

he lets out a hoarse three | 

yell of terror and, of any 

without conscious -Gar 
effort, unleashes a 

blinding burst of 'Best 

energy that rips Game 

through the beast, -Cor 
stripping away its 

flesh, blood, and "Betra 

bone. In the course signifi 

of the attack, Gregor scene 

is mortally wounded. -Cor 

Before he dies, he 

gives an unusual 

talisman to William 

and gasps something about 

"the consort." 

Aren's spontaneous release 
of energy is the first sign that 
he has magical ability. William, 
knowing Gregor's original desti- 
nation, decides to go there and 
find out more about the 
talisman, something he feels 
he owes to the fallen man. 
Aren accompanies him because 
whoever sent the beast may 
have noticed Aren's burst of 
power and send more after him. 
His best bet is to find out more 
about whatever he's facing. 
He also hopes to learn how to 
control his newfound power. 

Their adventure takes them 
into the heart of Antara. Along 
the way they are joined by 

Praise for Krondor 

"Game of the Year" 
-Computer Magazine, 1993 

"Game of the Year and Best Computer 
Role Play Game" 
-Strategy Plus Jan/Feb 94 

"Role Playing Game of the Year" 
-PC Games Plus Jan 94 

"Betrayal at Krondor is the best role 
playing game to come out in the last 
three years. It's perhaps the best game 
of any kind this year. Get it. " 
-Games Bytes Magazine 

"Best Fantasy Role-Playing and Adventure 
Game of 1993" 
-Compute Choice Award Dec 1993 

"Betrayal at Krondor is easily the most 
significant new entry on the role-playing 
scene in half a decade. " 
-Computer Shopper 

Sierra On-line 

Kaelyn Usher - 
Kaelyn, the only daugh- 
ter of a trapper, is very 
wise in the ways of 
woodlore, hunting, 
and survival. Aren and 
William rescue her from 

Aren Cordelain 

is an orphan raised by 
an innkeeper and his 
wife. His first involun- 
tary experience as a 
magic user compels 
him to leave the securi- 
ty of his home and seek 
out someone who can 
train him in the use 
of magic. 


Four Seekers of Destiny 

During the course of Betrayal in Antara you 
directly control the destinies of four players, 
each who ultimately plays a role in restoring 
the balance of power in Antara. 

William Escobar 
The youngest son of 
a province governor, 
William is a minor 
noble who leads a 
care-free life. Known to 
be quick-witted and full 
of good humor, Aren 
could not ask for a 
better companion. 


Raal is a member of 

descended from 
es. The Grrrlf live 
in the Ulrich Mountains 
of the realm, and try to 
avoid human contact. 

■sit the library to learn more about the realm of Antara, its ma 
secret societies and political bodies, and the history of the Grrrlf. 

Kaelyn Usher and Raal, a mem- 
ber of the non-human Grrrlf, a 
race descended from wolves. 
These four players pursue indi- 
vidual destinies that lead them 
through a complex, dangerous 
adventure through 3-D cities 
and castles, into dungeons, 
caves and temples — into the 
intrigues of secret societies 
and the political agendas of 
the Triune, Imperial Consuls, 
and Guilds. Their journey is 
filled with dramatic discoveries. 

Like a good fantasy novel 
the game unfolds in chapters — 
each with sub-goals and defini- 
tive endings as marks of your 
progress. You control a party 
of four players, sometimes 
three at a time and sometimes 
alternating between groups of 

two, depending on the chapter 
you have reached. 

New Windows 
on Magic 
One feature of 
Antara that's totally 
new is the magic 
interface. In addi- 
tion to learning and 
using magic spells 
the conventional 
way, through time, 
experience, and 
study, you can now 
learn spells when 
they are used 
against you (if you 
can perceive the 
manipulation of the 
magic being used 

rovided, of course, you 
urvive the experience. 
"As with the normal skills, 
. spellcasting character 
can study up to five differ- 
ent magic skills at a time. 
The player can use a pie 

S hart-like interface to 
ontrol which skills they 
tudy and how much time 
they wish to devote to the 
pursuit," says Peter Sarrett, 
Antara Designer. 

"Part of the use of 
magic is the 'magic' in 
discovering what you can 
do with it." he continues 
One of the beauties of 

the spoil creation interface 

is that the player can create 
a new spell by selecting magi- 
cal skills, one at a time. As 


Now is a good time to examine your weapons- 
and do a little upgrading. 

19 9 6 

Contests in Antara 

As the excitement surrounding Betrayal in 
Antaras fall release continues to build, be 
sure to check out the Antara home page on 

n WflNA 



* e 

& e e 

Combat is hex-based, giving you an indication of the 
attack range of your weapons and spells. 

games/antara for some cool stuff. You can 
register for the spectacular Antara contest, 
with details available at the Antara Home 
Page, The 20 first prizes are original art 
from Betrayal in Antara signed by the 
development team. Fifty follow-up winners 
will win Antara Development Team T-shirts, 
also signed. Currently you can download a 
playable preview of Betrayal in Antara. You 
can also download a Betrayal in Antara 
Windows 95 Theme Pack that customizes 
your desktop, icons, cursor, and sound 
scheme. Welcome to Antara! 

become disabled if they can't 
be combined with the already- 
chosen skills. Skills are also 
disabled if the spellcaster does- 
n't have sufficient knowledge 
to create a spell with them. 
This interface lets players 
discover new spells without 
riddling the process with frus- 
trating dead ends." 

Preparing for Battle 
One of the most complex tasks 
in an FRP is equipping your 
characters for combat and non- 
combat situations. Betrayal in 
Antara removes the drudgery 
from this task and makes it 
visually exciting by the use of 
windows that give you a "what- 
you-see-is-what-you-get" inter- 
face. By clicking on an item, 
you can easily put it on or 
remove it from that character, 
transfer it to another character, 
or throw it away. 

An added plus is that you 
see every item your characters 
wear and use, from rings and 
amulets to weapons and armor, 
making the adventure that 
much more realistic and excit- 
ing. While it's nice to read a 
table listing your character 



Available Fall 96 


WIN95C0. WIN3.1 

Order Direct: 1-800- 


"n?I »IC1 1 O l>UIII/tjaillb*f aiiwi* 

more fun to see that character 
wielding a combat ax, ready to 
get down to business! 

Once your party is out and 
about, there are plenty of ene- 
mies that stand in your way, 
both intentionally and out of 
sheer malice. The combat takes 
place in a turn-based mode 
where you control the actions — 
be it fight or flight — of each of 
your characters. Or, you can 
set any of your players to 
Automatic Mode where their 
combat moves are directed 
for you, making it easy for all 
levels of players to get in on 
the fighting. 


When you embark on an 
FRP quest, you gener- 
ate so much informa- 
tion that it's almost 
impossible to keep 
track of it all. One 
of the ways this 
title helps you 
manage dis- 
coveries is 
with a 
that keeps 
track of your 
the realm 
of Antara, 

And because so mu 
your information is garnered 
from conversations and interac- 
tion with NPCs (non-player 
characters), a Flashback feature 
allows you to "revisit" a con- 
versation after it has occurred 
so you can listen to it again. 
Anyone who has recorded page 
after page of notes in trying to 
solve a game will truly appreci- 
ate this feature. 

If you are an experienced 
FRP gamer, you'll be drawn 
into the rich, captivating world 
of the realm of Antara and 
all its mysteries. If you are a 
newcomer to the intensely 
personal type of game play 
that is offered by the 
Fantasy Role Play 
genre, you could 
not ask for a better 
introduction to 
role playing 
in Antara. 
A great 
with great 
game play. 
what Sierra 


Lose the Battle 

and Win the 



Robert E. Lee 


Strategies for 

by Marty Turner, Douglas Gonya 


Todd Cap ute 

The Civil War was an epic 
struggle fought over 
conflicting ideals of 
freedom, equality, 
and states* rights. This 
terrible conflict was, 
in many ways, a young nation's 
"coming of age." It shaped many 
of the issues that still dominate the 
nations consciousness. 

Those who fought had little idea how 
great an impact they would have on 
Americas future. From the first shots 
fired at Fort Sumter to the Confederacy's 
proud and gracious acceptance of defeat 
at Appomattox Court House, the out- 
come of this war rested squarely on the 
Inexperienced soldiers and commanders 
on the battlefield. 

While no one single person or battle 
determined the war s outcome, much 
of its drama centered around the 
Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, 
commanded by one of history's great- 
est battlefield commanders: General 
Robert E. Lee. 

In Robert E. Lee: Civil War General, 
you take Lee's pivotal role in the 
Eastern Theater, guiding your army 
through a series of battles that culmi- 
nate, if you command well enough, in 
a hypothetical invasion of Washington 
IX (In any single battle, you also 
have the option to take command of 
the Union Army of the Potomac, but 
the full campaign game focuses on Lee 
and the South). 

Campaign Strategies 

The full campaign recreates many of 
the war's principal battles. As the 
Confederate commander, you must 
strike a delicate balance between the 
need to win battles and the need to 
conserve the strength of your army. 
Battlefield victories will improve the 
abilities of your leaders and men 
through experience, and captured 
resources will enable you to strengthen 

©&tmy ofj oNotlhetn ^Jitpinia 

! V 




_J «*isJ 


Chose your leaders and units to upgrade 

your ill-equipped army. But be care- 
ful — the price of victory can be* high. 
Historically, the South s scarcity of 
resources was compounded by its 
shortage of men. As the war pro- 
gressed, the quality of Southern 
recruits declined markedly. The game's 
designers have gone to great lengths to 
recreate this. If you squander the 
strength of your army to achieve a 
greater victory, you may find that the 

decline in your army's quality more 
than offsets any gains you have earned. 

In Robert E. Lee: Civil War General, 
victories can be a two-edged sword, 
while defeat need not be disastrous. 
Just as Antietam (though a tactical vic- 
tory) ultimately proved to be a strate- 
gic defeat for the South, you must make 
sure that you do not lose too much in 
the effort to win a single battle. A 
skilled commander will never lose sight 
of the big picture. It is 
far better to conserve 
your strength for the 
future than to risk all 
for the sake of marginal 
gain - in essence, losing 
a battle to win the war 
Above all, to win this 
war you must never 
make lilt? mistake. \rr 
made at Gettysburg: 
risking all for a small 
chance of gaining a 
decisive victory against 
a superior foe This 
gamble cost Lee nearly a third of 
his army, and many of his most 
experienced officers. 

If you allow your army to be eimilarly 
decimated at any one battle, you will 
find it extremely difficult to win any 
subsequent battles. But a decisive vic- 
tory later in the war can compensate 
for this. Whether you win or lose any 
particular battle, you must preserve the 
Strength of your army for trip future 


ft fcV»- ' 

between battles. 

Interaction Maqazine Fa l l 1 9 9 S 

Between The Battles 

Strong strategic and tactical battlefield 
skills are not enough to win a war. You 
also need strong organizational skills. 

Should you replace a wounded 
leader so he can command his unit in 
the next battle? Will he recover in time 
if you do not? What are the best 
weapons for your style of command, 
and which units should get them? 
These questions and more await your 
guiding hand after each battle in Robert 
£ Lee: Civil War General. 

As you review each leader, you must 
decide whether to keep him or replace 
him with another leader. Over 1700 
possible leaders are included on an 
historically accurate list of leaders 
actually present at the time. The simu- 
lation also recreates several reorganiza- 
tions of the Army of the Potomac 
through the course of the war. 

The soldiers of each unit will also be 
affected by every battle. Each unit's 
quality and experience may change 
between battles depending on the 
amount of action it has seen, and the 
number of casualties sustained. 

Once you have reviewed your army, 

you must make crucial decisions 
while purchasing weapons. Each 
weapon type has its own cost, 
which you must weigh against 
its unique firing and hand-to- 
hand combat capabilities. Will 
you strengthen a few key units, 
or upgrade your army uniform- 
ly? Will you arm your cavalry 
with shotguns and rely on 
mounted charges, or give them 
carbines, better suited for dis- 
mounted combat? Tough deci- 
sions like these can make or 
break your army. 

As the war progresses, more 
advanced weapons become available 
for purchase and this multiplies your 
options. A big victory wins you great 
stores of captured supplies. Convert 
these into wealth that you can use to 
upgrade your weapons. 

Every battle demands a different 
strategy, but certain tactics (if 
employed with skill) can improve your 
chances of winning. Aggressively seek 
defensible terrain near the enemy and 
then entrench, rest, and await their 
assault. Use your artillery to weaken 

A Guide to the Intelligent Interface 

July 1, IH3 OS*0 

Customize depth of 

Unit Information 

O Dig in and resupply unit 

game play information 

Movement points left 

Rest and resupply unit 

Leader info 

Unit supply points & Firepower 

O Change formations 



Go to Command Tent 



Menu bar On/Off 


O Hearth 

Text Window 


Unit type/Effective fighting men 

Change unit name 


O End turn 

Height. Cover & Morale 


Using your captured supply, upgrade your 
weapons in the armory. 

fresh enemy troops as they approach. 
and use your cavalry and pickets to 
flank the enemy line and pursue shat- 
tered units. Opportunities for local 
counterattacks arise, but it is often 

best to return to a defensive line after 
exploiting them. Choosing the best time 
for a general counterattack is the most 
important decision you will face in 
each battle. 

The best way to preserve your army 
is to avoid attacking too aggressively in 
areas where the enemy still has fresh 
infantry brigades. The first important 
unit rating you will discover is firepow- 
er, but don't forget to compare the rela- 
tive numbers of effective men in oppos- 
ing units before ordering an attack on 
infantry brigades. Fighting an entire 
campaign of Robert £ Lee: Civil War 
General is an intense, complex (not to 
mention exciting), and deeply reward- 
ing experience. The historical accuracy 
of the game is unparalleled. The intei- 
face ic co cmooth and eacy to uc< i t 
anyone can pick it up quickly regard- 
less of their prior gamim* or computer 
experience. Finally, the pact* of the 
game is fast enough Lhdt the no player 
will ever get bored. 

In addition to the rich and action- 
filled single-player campaign game, 
K<*(jer? E. Lee. Civil War General also 
supports highly entertaining modem 
and hotseat games, and comes with a 
complete multimedia Civil War history 
supplement. ^4B| 


£*\ ' Available Now 

S.r Order Direct; 1-800-757-7707 
www sierra com/tames/ 

Sierra On-line 

Hot Tips for Head-to-Head Battling 

in the EarthSiege 
' Universe 


by John Sauer, author of the Official 

Missionforce CyberStorm Strategy Guide 

If you think Missionforce CyberStorm 
is fun against Cybrids, wait until 
you try it against a living enemy. 
CyberStorm in multi-player mode 
takes on whole new dimensions in fun 
and challenge as you play against 
opponents who are much more inge- 
nious and unpredictable than any com- 
puter-generated enemy. Best of all, 
reaching out to crush someone is not 
hard to do. The game comes with a 
free Buddy Disc included— a complete, 
second copy of the game — two games 
for the price of one! Sierra wants you 

to give this game to a friend so you 
two can hook up and experience what 
so many gamers are raving about, the 
hottest multi-player modem and net- 
work gaming around. 

Missionforce: CyberStorm may be 
played on PCs with up to eight people 
on a local area network (LAN, such as is 
found in most offices) or with two players 
head-to-head via modem. Requirements 
for network play are an IPX network 
with all players on the same network 
hub or node. Playing against someone 
with a different modem speed than 

yours won't adversely affect the game 
Speed, so you can play against all your 
buddies with 14.4K and 2&8K modems. 
Likewise, two computers of varying 
speeds won't pose any problems with 

game play. 

etwortc Free-For-AJIa 

The office has long been the 5:00 p.m. 
b ;:"'• round for networked gamers. 
ytorrti offers the excitement of 
Hl.KC combat in rapid action battles 
that make first-person shoot em ups 

i tame. Network games can be con- 
ducted in three ways: 

^BTeams of players against each other 
(with or without Cybrids as an 
added element). 

• A Free-for-all with each player bat- 
tling it out until only one is left 
standing (again, with or without 
Cybrids as an added element). 

• Humans vs. Cybrids with the Cybrid 
Force Level maxed to emulate an 
Elite Military Mission. 

Modem Battlina 

Because modems must connect one-to- 
one directly, modem games can only bp 
two-player, though Cybrids may be pre- 
sent if desired. Modem play is head-to- 
head. For modem play, you need a mini- 
mum of a 14.4K baud modem or better, 
or a "null" modem connection (if players 
are in the same physical location). Two 
players with varying modem speeds will 
not adversely affect the play balance. 

I kj -r c- 

A r* t i n k.i 

KA /\ ri a. t i k. i 




I am extremely pleased that you decided to ship two 
CDs with the game. Games are always enjoyed more 
when playing against someone else." —Michael Triplet 

Sierra Web: THE Race to 
Find New Opponents 

If you don't have a ready Mend to dial 
up, you can find willing opponents on 
the SierraWeb. So many gamers fpend 
time cruising cyberspace that Sierra has 
added chat rooms where you can inter- 
act with others who are play- 
ing your favorite Sierra 
games. Check out the new 
Ml$$ionforce: CyberStorm 
( Room at 
www. sierra, com/ 
cyberstorm/chathtml to set 
up matches for head-to- 
head games and talk with 
other Cyberstorm players. 
Once you've arranged the 
details of the game and 
traded phone numbers, you 
log off your Internet connec- 
tion and dial your opponent 
directly! You'll also be able 
to download the Sierra- 
sanctioned Missionforce: 
Cyberstorm tournament 
guidelines in case you want 
to host a single game or bat- 
tle royale that offers the fairest balance 
of strategy and HERC power. 

If you don't have Internet access yet 
(and you should, 'cause Sierra will be 
releasing a lot of games that you can 
actually play over the SierraWeb), you 

can also find players by checking out 
the challenge rooms or leaving mes- 
sages on the Sierra forums on America 
On Line and CompuServe. 

Don't forget to scan the uploads to 
find HERC configurations that gamers 
have created and posted, or take your 

If you end a turn sitting high and you become a sitting duck 
save enough power to get down before your turn ends. 

favorite HERC and submit it for other 
gamers to use. Sierra will be posting 
tons of new HERC configs as well. Don't 
be surprised if you hook up with a play- 
er for a modem game and they use your 
HERC config back against you! 

Murti-Playor Basics 

All multi-player games have a Force 
Value and a Rank Level determined by 
the creator. The Force Value is the 
maximum credit value of all HERCs, 
weapons, devices, and Bioderms in 
your individual fleet. The Rank Level 
is similar to the Tech 
Level in single-player 

morle When yon Inarl a 

group, if it exceeds the 
Force Value or Rank Level 
that was set by the cre- 
ator, you will be unable to 
play In that game. 

Likewise, if the creator 
has set a Rank I pvpI of 7 
and you have any technol- 
ogy that was acquired at a 
higher Tech Level, you 
must remove that technol- 
ogy from any HERC con- 
figuration before your 
group will be "legaJ." 
Like single-player games, 

multi-player sessions are 

turn-based. A timer in the 
upper right corner of the 
screen shows you how much time play- 
ers have left for their turn. When the 
timer reaches the 15-second mark, it 
flashes red and white as a warning. 

All player vehicles appear on the bat- 
tlefield in the specified color. You see 

Sierra On-line 



This is by far the best game I have played in a long time, 
honest opinion, this game rates six stars out of five. 

all players on both the mini-map and in 
the main view as long as they are with- 
in reach of your sensors (which is why 
strong scouts are such a good idea). All 
players start at opposing points of the 

Since your moves are timed, you must 
complete your firing paths and move- 
ments before time is up. In between 
turns you can reconnoiter through the 
mini-map, send/receive communications, 
pre-plan moves, and make minor adjust- 
ments to your HERCs and Bioderms. 


Players may send messages 
(such as taunts or general 
comments about your 
opponent's inability to con- 
trol HERCs) at any time by 
pressing the [Enter] key 
and typing away. The 
Message Dialog Screen will 
also display all messages 
from other players who 
have you in their communi- 
cation loop. To remove the 
dialog box, press ESC. If 
you are eliminated from the 
game, you may only view 
the continuing battle and 
send/receive messages, giv- 
ing you the ability to cry 
from the sidelines. 

and Force Value of the match you are 
about to enter. Balance is the key. But 
there are things you can do to increase 
your chances of feeling the thrill of victo- 
ry instead of the agony of defeat. 

Depending on which planet you bat- 
tle on, some weapons or systems may 
be inoperative. If you have studied the 
planets and know how the electromag- 
netic fields and other features of a plan- 
et will affect combat, you can tailor your 
HERCs for that particular world. If, for 
example, you battle on a planet that ren- 
ders shields more or less inoperative. 


Survive this heat and you can do a lot of damage in return. Try to 
drop the shields and pound on the Reaper Class HERC first. 

out and see where your opponents are. 
If you don't, you're a sitting duck until 
they find you, or you just happen to run 
into them. 

Smart Weapon Choices 

When choosing between weapons that 
fire several times and weapons that fire 
once (both doing relative amounts of 
damage) choose the single fire weapons. 
Often you will not have enough time to 
fire all your weapons if you have to man- 
ually fire them three or four times in the 
turn (unless you use the Shift A com- 
mand). Don't bring special- 
ized weapons. It is far bet- 
ter to bring general-pur- 
pose, high-impact weapons 
and fire everything off in 
one glorious burst (using 
Shift A) and move on to 
your next pilot. Weapons 
that go THROUGH armor 
(like ELFs and Thermal 
Needlers) are especially 
useful in multi-player mode. 
Most people will cluster their 
HERCs together, so having 
weapons that take advantage 
of this behavior with a large 
damage radius can be a real 
advantage. Some of the best 
are the ELF Mortar, Fusion 
Mortar. 280mm ATX, Rapid Sat 
Missiles, and HOG missiles. 

Mufti-Player Tactic* That 
Give You An Edge 

Because there are so many variables 
involved in setting up a multi-player 
game, there is no "one best configuration*' 
to take into battle. In general, you should 
get the maximum number and most 

expensive HERCs and Derms you 
can afford in the Rank Level 

buy your HERCs the strongest armor 
you can afford and arm them with 
weapons that are designed to punch 
through armor. If your opponent(s) are 
equipped with shields and energy 
weapons, you gain enough of an advan- 
tage to massacre them in short order. 
If you're going in with large HERCs 
that are loaded down with big weapons 
and heavy-duty armor, take a few smaller 
ones that can move quickly. 

Example: If you have 
several Juggernauts, 
you're going to want 
couple of 
so you 
can go 


Order Direct: 1-800-757- 

riDN M A G A z'r. 

Concentrate Your Firepower 

In the heat of battle, don't spread your- 
self luu iliiu im tliviilr youi HERC force. 

A lone HERC can be a sitting duck- 
which in multi-player game lingo means 
a dead duck. The more you stay togeth- 
er dial coiiceulrale your firepower, Hie 
better off you'll be. 

When possible, put your larger HERCs 
up front to break down shields, use area- 
affect weapons, etc., then have the small- 
er, faster guys move in to finish the job. 
Just make sure they have enough energy 
to get out of range before your opponent's 
next round, or they'll be pummeled. 

Pre-Ptannlng Moves 

Don't waste your fight time deciding 
what to do. If you really want to put the 
hurt on your opponents, get some prac- 
tice at mass movements. Take advan- 
tage of the time between your turns 
to pre-plan movement routes, 
then when your turn comes 

I just wish all games could be so much fun to play. In my 

Good work. Sierra/' —From: Freddrlc, Ported on: America Online 

up. use shift-space bar* to move all of 
your HERCs to the spots you selected 
for them. The timer's ticking so make 
attack and defense decisions when it is 

not your turn.This will avoid 

confusion later so that you 
can make the most out of 
your turn. 

Let Thorn Come 
to You 

Once you do find out where 
your opixments are, hang 
hack for a while. Don't go look- 
ing for a fight. The longer you 
stay out of the fray, the fewer 
you'll have to go up against as 
the others will pick each other 
off before finding you. Find a 
good hiding place and stay 
there, then send your scouts 
out to see what's up. 

Kaesar, Maia) or if you don't have the 
funds for training, Ma-Yuan is the best 
bet because you can use Jack-up on her 
more often than the others, increasing 


If you have limited money for purchas- 
ing your Bioderms, buy Ma-Yuan. If you 
can't afford the better models (Tola, 

A lone HERC is a dead HERC Send scouts out alone, but keep 
the main body of your force together for safety in numbers. 

her skills. If you choose Bioderms with 
high Command skills, remember the 
cost! You can get strong, stable 'Derms 

such as Crow for much less, saving 
your money for hardware. 

Don't Bunch Up 

Space your forces out so that area 

effect weapon damage is 
limited. If you run your 
forces closely together, 
then it makes a perfect 
target for those mnlti-hpv 
damage weapons. 

Time to Play 

Time, not a hostile HERC, 

is the biggest enemy in 
multi-player mode. Games 
are frequently won by the 
player who completes the 
most actions, not the one 
with the largest force. 
If you haven't played 
Missionforce: Cyberstorm, 
you are missing out on one 
of the greatest experiences 
in gaming today, be it for 
one player or many. When it comes to 
squad-level combat. Cyber Storm is the 
ultimate game. 

Delivers Pulse-Pounding Excitement 

'From the sound of each massive 
Herculean footstep, to the eerie 
sound of the cybrids, everything is 
well done and feeds every 
monumental moment of action." 

— Strategy Plus Magazine 

If you get psyched pumped up thinking about controlling squa 
ser-charged HERCs across battlefields on distant planets, imagine 
'—►elf in the cockpit of a 30-meter tall HERC of your very own, mak 
ing the ground shake as you walk, unleashing a devastating tor- 
'kfl GAMER r ent of energy and projectile weapons at all who stand in your 

" 1 1 R S Wav * Th ' S is EarthSie 9 e 2 Tne action of this first-person smash 
hit was so phenomenal that the press and public alike raved 
J0^^ about its realism and pulse-pounding excitement. The game 

Cn n I p r P* a V was faster-the terrain, enemy Cybrids, and mode of combat 
h ^1 vj rj r A more realistic-than any other robot combat game. 

If first-person, high-intensity, hard-core robotic battling makes 
your fingers twitch in anticipation, set yourself loose on EarthSiege 2. It 
just doesn't get any better than this. 

Sierra On-lin 


Red Baron ll's 
physics are 
beautiful, with 
fragile biplane 
frames shuddering 
and tearing to 
pieces under 
maneuvers. This 
realistic move- 
ment, along with 
its open play 
environment and 
powerful cam- 
paign options, 
spell an almost 
certain success 
for Sierra." 

— GameSpot 

By John Sauer 

When it comes to pushing 
the envelope on flight sim 
ulations, few companies 
are as poised on the cut- 
ting edge of excellence as Dynamix 
and subLOGIC, two members of the 
Sierra On-Line family. As separate enti- 
ties these companies revolutionized 
military and civilian flight 
sims by delivering titles 
that offered more — sims with 
better graphics, a higher 
level of realism, a greater 
degree of control, and more 

became part 
of the Sierra 
family, their 
group traded 
notes with the 
Dynamix flight 
team on tech- 
nologies and 
their visions 
of the future. 
What resulted was a creative explo- 
sion that is giving birth to the future 
of flight simulations. 

If you've ever engaged in a PC dog- 
fight in a WWI or WWII aircraft against 
crack German pilots, then you've expe- 
rienced first hand the realism and 
excitement Dynamix adds to military 
flight sims. Dynamix is the pioneer of 
aerial combat simulations with such 
titles as the best-selling Aces and Red 

"Scary" Gary Stottlemeyer, Red 
Baron II designer, is also a pilot. 

Baron series as testimonials to their 
expertise. subLOGIC has a history of 
releasing cutting edge simulations that 
provide the true freedom of flight in 
civilian aircraft such as the original 
subLOGIC Flight Simulator Together, 
this new partnership is taking flight 
sims into the stratosphere. 

nterAction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 

To Take Flight Sims I 

Dynamix: Red Baron 

If you want to see where the future 
of historical military simulation is 
going, you need to play the upcoming 
Red Baron II. Designer Gary 
Stottlemeyer is an accomplished aer- 
obatic pilot and knows not only how 

AVI tutorials give you the training to 
make a three-point landing. 

the simulation's 22 flyable planes 
should look, but how they should feel 
and respond to your control. 
Whereas WWII and modern jet fight- 
ing sims move at high speed, the 
wood-and-canvas WWI aircraft fly 
quite a bit slower and with more 

grace. Dogfights are won by those 
who can take advantage of their air- 
craft's ability to make a slow, tight 
turn or to stall, let their enemy pass 
them, then come up shooting. 

Red Baron II features authentic, 
flyable bi-wing and tri-wing WWI air- 
craft from German, French, English, 

and U.S. forces. You can fly 
campaigns as a member of 
any of these air forces in a 
"live flight" environment, 
where everything within a 
15-mile radius of your 
location in the game pro- 
gresses just as in real life. 
You might encounter 
trains moving across 
enemy borders, wander 
into a dogfight, or even 
place yourself on patrol to 
find a little "free-lance" action. With 
the sim's advanced mission generator 
you can fly an entire career and never 
have the same mission twice. There is 
no higher replay value. 

The ability to fly and fight takes on 
new dimensions of realism with a 
fully operational control panel and a 
"slewable" cockpit, which allows you 
to look in all directions for enemies 

Sierra Pro Pilot 
will stand toe- 
to-toe with the 
best flight sims 
out there." 

— Graeme Bayless, 

Producer of Red Baron 

II and Sierra Pro Pilot 

'When Sierra Pro 
Pilot is finally 
shoved into its 
box and sent off 
to market, it'll 
be the finest 

civilian flight 
simulator ever 

— Escapade On-Line 

Sierra On-line 

A Producer's 
Perspective: Hie 
Future of Right 

"What we're doing here is creating 
the future of flight/' says Graeme 
Bayless, the Producer of both Red 
Baron //and Sierra Pro Pilot. 
Bayless is in the enviable position 
of producing what many believe 
will be the most exciting 
flight sims this year. Most 
recently the producer of 
the current Sierra hit 
Missionforce: CyberStorm, 
Bayless is in the unique 
position to see just how 
dynamic the melding of 
the Dynamix and 
subLOGIC technologies is becom- 
ing. "On their own, both companies 
have been impressive. But their 
convergence is creating flight 
models that will be the standard 
by which all others are measured 
for some time to come. What we 
offer — the heart of these sims — is 
the users ability to scale reality. 
You can take a perfectly modeled 
aircraft and a perfectly modeled 
virtual reality model and adjust it 
to your taste, from level of interac- 
tion and graphic detail to frame 

sitting off your wings. Red 
Baron I! features an option 
and play list that will sat- 
isfy all levels of gamers. 
You can be up and fighting 
with a few mouse clicks, 
or organize a full career 
with the depth and level of 
complexity that hard-core 
flight sim enthusiasts 
demand. Take into account 
the full range of exciting 
possibilities that Red 
Baron II offers and it's 
clear there is no better 
historical or military flight Simula 
tion available. 

A Slewable cockpit lets you view the combat 

from virtually any angle. 

Through countless hours of study- 
ing maps, government data, flight 
plans, blue prints, and a mountain of 
other flight and pilot's information, We 

have created a humongous database of 
over 27 million height references from 

coast tPToast, as well as the complete 
tpeca for 2.5(H) airports, and the com- 
plete city layouts lor more than 20 
major metropolitan areas," says 

subLOGIC Head Mark Pechnik. "We 
have the entire U.S. mapped out in one- 
half mile intervals. We have the flight 
dynamics for every major civilian air- 
craft. We promote realism in flight." 

rate, ft just doesn't get any better. 

A true test of your flying abilities is when the 
Baron gets on your tail. 

subLOGIC: The Authority on 
Civilian Flight 

While Dynamix was setting the 
skies on fire with war plane flight 
sims, subLOGIC was doing the same 
for the civilian flight simulation mar- 
ket. Starting in 1984 with the release 
of the Apple II Flight Simulator, the 
flight product that Microsoft adopted 
for their own on the PC, subLOGIC 
has created a civilian flight 
empire with the most elab- 
orate database of flight 
information possessed by 
any software developer, 
and an understanding of 
civilian aircraft, flight mod- 
els, and aviation that is 

Their 1990 release. Flight 
Assignment: ATP (Airline 
Transport Pilot) has sold more 
than 600,000 copies and 
reigns supreme as the pre- 
mier commercial flight sim. 

Your Ticket to the Skiea 

Everything subLOGIC knows about 
flight simulations is being brought into 
play to rrMt*» Sierra Pm Pitnt ppr«nnal 

flight trainer. It combines subLOGIC s 
informational power and expertise on 
flight with the Dynamix 3Space technol- 
ogy to deliver the most thorough and 
realistic flight sim to date. The terrain 
mapping is much more realistic than 
any other flight sim. The entire control 
panel on every of the four featured 

Every dial and button on the Sierra Pro Pilot 
instrument panels is "live." 

Interaction Magazine Fall 1996 

aircraft is fully opera- 
tional-;* feature dedicated 
flight simulation enthusi- 
asts demand. 

And you can fly from 
just about any airport in 
the U.S. to another and 
see "real country" pass 
beneath your wings. Lift 
off from Seattle to San 
Francisco — or New York, 
or Miami — in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk or 
a CitationJet, and what you see is ter- 
rain as it would actually appear, com- 
plete with major highways and other 
landmarks. Can you navigate an aircraft 
to the Grand Canyon? Try it in Sierra 
Pro Pilot and it will be there. 

You even interact with Air Traffic 
Control (ATC, a feature many other 
flight sims offer as a separately purchased 

If Sierra Pro Pilot 
works as well as we 
hope, this should turn 
out to be Sierra's 
biggest selling program 

Of all time. — MicroWings 

"Dynamix provided the 
perfect graphics engine 
to allow us to focus on 
the sheer realism of 
flight. It was a match 
made in heaven." 

—Mark Pechnick, subLOGIC Head 

and many other important 

considerations. The training 

In Sierra Pro Pilot is so real 

that Sierra and the FAA are 

currently in negotiation to 

give a number of hours of 

flight ground school credit 

to prospective pilots who 

successfully complete those 

phases of the simulation. 
If you are an advanced 
flight sim user, 
you will find all 
the options that 
make a first-rate 
flight title, and 
more. If you are a newcomer 
to flight sims or just some- 
one who has always wanted 
to experience the thrill and 
freedom you can only get 
from flight — Sierra Pro Pilot 
will turn you into a hard 
core enthusiast. 

The realistic terrain comes from the 27 million 
height references used to create the sim. 

Novice pilots go up with a virtual flight 
instructor in the other seat 

u add-on") as you take off, land, and 
move through flight patterns. 

Sierra Pro Pilot takes novice pilots 
from the basics of flight school through 
full certification as a commercial pilot 
in a 3-D, virtual world where everything 
you see and interact with is live. A 
flight instructor rides with you on train- 
ing flights, providing instruction 
through more than 120 animated tutori- 
als that guide you through using flaps 
and rudders, dealing with emergencies. 

Direct: 1-800-757-7707 

3 sr 

able Spring 97 

r Direct: 1-800-757-7707 

Sierra On-line D 

From the Makers of £SSkS£ 


^M '■ " i ','' 


n forces with other adventurers via 
.work or Internet 

e* access to - blizzard's 




Embai . 

A quest that will pull you into the very depths of hell itself.. .and beyond. 

tFr« «<cu le tolW jwt rt^virti «cu» to At lattratt. Ptoytr n rtip w i W i f« dl tpplftli Internet f«ts. 

Piofcl* «d tfiiwd U*.rt i »t lr«d«-rti d DwWm t Aiworttt. AM rfrfctt fturwi IW6 Hnord triefiome*. 

of The Year Comes Something Even Hotter! 





BREAks Loose. 


A Conversation with: 

mum a ujjiWJjjfii 
mm mimmi 

Interviewed by John Williams 



We caught up with NASCAR driver 
Bobby Labonte in the offices 
of Joe Gibbs Racing Team in 
CharIotte t North Carolina. As he 
took the time to hand sign a 
stack of 300+ posters that 
would soon be distributed 
to fans, Bobby gave us some 
great information about what 
goes on in real racing and his 
own tips for drivers of the 
NASCAR racing game 
from Papyrus. It's all 
part of this exclusive 
InterAction Interview. 

InterAction: We've heard you raced your 
first race in 1969. Now you don't look a 
day over 30. What's the story here? 

Bobby: (Laughs) I was racing the quar- 
ter midgets back in '69. 1 was five years 
old then. Actually, I started driving a car 
when I was four but I couldn't drive In a 
race until I was five because that was the 
rules.. .Man, I was a burr-headed little kid 
at five years old. 

I got my start in racing because of my 
dad and my brother. (Bobby's older 
brother is Terry Labonte, the 1984 

NASCAR Winston Cup 
champion). My dad 
raced very little. I 
think he realized pretty 
soon that he would be 
better off wrenchin' on 
^ -^g^^u^ce car making sure 


it went fast rather than drivin' them. He 
didn't like racing them as much as he 
thought he would. 

Your older brother Terry also races 
NASCAR Winston Cup. Any sibling rival- 
ry there? Ever find yourself pushing it a 
little harder when you find him in your 
rear view mirror? 

Well no, not really. When he runs side- 
to-side or nose-to-tail, or whatever, then I 
don't race him any different than I race 
anyone else... He's racing to win and so 
am I — it don't get faster than that... The 
only time that things really run through 
my mind is when there's an accident and I 
know he's involved. Then it's for his safe- 
ty more than anything. 

We all know Joe Gibbs from his old job 
as Head Coach of the Washington 
Redskins. What's he like as an owner? 

Man, he's great! He's here every day 
making sure everything goes smoothly. 

1991 Busch Series Champion & 
Winston Cup Series Top 10 driver 
Bobby Labonte and his Monte Carlo. 

We have our team meetings. He keeps the 
sponsors happy, keeps the money roiling 
in, makes sure that everyone here's keep- 
ing up communicating real well... He 
plays a big role. He's the sole owner of 
the race team and while there's a lot of 
owners out there that have made names 

whenever I got over there and 
raced the Papyrus guys over their 
modems, they pretty much 

whipped my butt..." —Bobby Labonte 


for themselves, it's exciting to 
know that he retired from NFL 
football to do this. 

The folks at Papyrus tell me that 
you've played quite a bit of their 
NASCAR game. This true? 

Every chance I get. it seems like 
I'm on the computer with it. ..It's 
not practice really. Its strictly 
enjoyment...! had the original Indy 
game from quite a few years back 
by David Kaemmer (developer of 
NASCAR). I drove on that game for 
years and some of the guys on the 
NASCAR circuit had it...uh, in fact 
one of the engineers that had it 
was Penske (Team and Track owner 
Roger Penske). ..he showed it to me. 
went to work on IndyCars for a while and 
now he's back to NASCAR. 

Anyway, when the NASCAR game came 
out, I was the first on the list at the com- 
puter store to get it. I just reaily enjoy 
playing it at night... mostly after everyone 
else goes to bed... that's really about the 
only time I have to do it... Finally at night 
I have to make myself 
get off of it and go to 
bed or otherwise I'll 
be there all night. 

They tell me that 
you've provided some 
of the input into the 
upcoming NASCAR 2. 
Is that true too? 
I've provided 
some... At 
Darlington, Omar 

If you end a turn sitting high you become a sitting 
duck. Save enough power to get down. 

Khudari <General Manager of NASCAR 
game developer Papyrus> showed up and 
I thought, "Who is this guy?" When he 
told me who he was, I said "You need to 
sit down right here and we need to talk 
because I like this." It's that one time that 
I met him that led to a 
relationship where 

Photography furnished by CIA/ Photography 

...when the NASCAR game came out, I was the first on 
the list at the computer store to get it..." —Bobby Labonte 

Bobby's boy Robert Tyler 
(above), and Bobby with 
wife Donna at Michigan. 

call me because they know 

I'm interested in what 

they're doing. Since then, I've been up to 

Boston a bit... I'm gonna get up there 

quite a bit more when I get time. 

What track would you recommend for a 
beginning NASCAR driver? 

IVe had more fun at Atlanta than any- 
where else. The straightaways are short 
and corners are long and wide.. .you've 
got room for error there... Atlanta's prob- 
ably the most enjoyable track to run on... 
the setups are easier than some others... 
the walls aren't as intimidating as the 
Darlingtons or the Charlottes or the short 
tracks because you've got to use your 
brakes on em... On some of the other 
tracks if you haven't got your car set up 
right it's really hard, but Atlanta's real 
good that way. You can just jump into it 
and go. 

And the hardest track? 

Probably Sears Point... it and 
Watkins Glen are the toughest 
tracks to race on because we 
only go to each one 
once a year... it's dif- 
ferent turning right 
sometimes... you 
just don't do it week 
in and week out... 
It's pretty difficult 
to do: you don't fig- 
ure it right out. 


What's the first tip you'd give a new 
racer regarding car setups to help them 

A lot of it has to do with the shock set- 
tings.. .that takes practice... you only gain 
it by trying one thing, then turning 
around and trying something else. The 
front to rear weight seems to also make a 
lot of difference to me... I've got all kinds 
of setups, but sometimes I go back to the 
standard setups in the game and twist 
them around to something I think will 
work better. 

Have the people at 
Papyrus ever asked to 
see your setups? 

Not really... the advantage 
I see that they 
have is they get 
to design and 
test setups all 
day, so whenev- 
er I got over 
there and raced the Papyrus 
guys over their modems, they 
pretty much whipped my 
butt... I've gotten a little closer 
to them since I've had to buck- 
le down a bit more. 

NASCAR game... Brian France (the son of 
NASCAR President Bill France) has It. 
There's a lot of them I know and probably 
more that have them that I don't know 
because they haven't told me. 

You've won a few poles in your time. 
What's the real importance of pole 

A big key to it these days is pit position. 
You get a better pit stall if you qualify 
higher. Also, when you're on a race track 
anything can happen... debris on the 
track... traffic... The further up front you 
are, the less likely you are to run into a sit- 
uation... Those are the key factors. Plus, 
the way that the competition is nowadays, 
it's pretty tough to pass. There's really no 

Are you driving with a 
Thrustmaster Setup then? 

Actually I got a CH Products 
Virtual Pilot cause I got a flight simulator 
too, so I just use that for both of lliem. 
I'm back on the Virtual Pilot now. 

Do you play with other NASCAR people? 

There's a friend of mine in Nashville 
named Russ Thompson. He works for 
TNN and we play together on-line... a cou- 
ple of the NASCAR officials have the 

Bobby Labonte 
with brother 
Terry (left) at 

Competition is hot and heavy on Papyrus NASCAR 
Racing computer simulation from Sierra. 

dominant car out there. If you're starting 
31st, you've got 30 cars to pass. How you 
gonna pass' em sometimes, you know? It 
takes a lot out of your race car. 

I've seen your brother in more than a 
few races this year, and it seems that half 
way through the race he's hanging back 
at 15th place. Then he aJways winds up 
in the top 5. What's the strategy here? 

Terry takes care of his equipment. That 
makes sure he's there at the end. Some 
people have that theory and some people 
don't. He's not really pushing the car to 

the limit til towards the end when he 

knows he can. Before that, what happens 
if something breaks or if there's an 
accident because you're pushing 
it... well, you're not going to be 
there for the finish. Waiting 
back and finishing the race in 
even fifth position is a whole 
lot better than placing 25th. 
Terry does hetter'n fifth a 
lot of t iiii.-s 


You drive with the same drivers week in 
and week out. Are there certain guys 
you drive with that you get to know 
their racing styles? 

You really do. You race against them 
every weekend and you kind of say "this 
driver is not gonna race me 
quite so hard for 10th place" 
and others will race your guts 
out for 10th place. Every race is 
different, but you do learn 
everyone's characteristics to a 
certain point. 

Everybody out there is qualified. You 
can run nosMo-tail with all of them and 
stuff like that, but it's Just that some guys 
you haven't figured out yet. Then there are 
other guys out there you gotta watch out 
for. Earnhardt's out there and he LS the 
intimidator, and you know he's gonna be 
there. You gotta understand that he's 
gonna try to pass you whenever lie gets a 
good chance. Some other guys will sit 
there and wait for a little bit. Earnhardts a 
front runner and he's always charging out 
there for position. 

Most people don't understand that 
there's more to NASCAR than just jump- 
ing in a car and driving around a track 
real fast. Can you briefly explain the 
bigger picture of the NASCAR Winston 
Cup, point system, etc. 

Well, every driver wants to win every 
day. There's not a driver out there that 
doesn't want to win every Sunday. But at 
the same time, if your car's not capable 
of winning that day, then you have to set- 
tle for second. And if it ain't second it's 

Even on good days things can go wrong. 

third. Or fourth. The way the points are 
structured, winners get a certain amount 
of points, the guy that comes in second 
gets about 5 points less. You get points 
for whatever position you finish, but 
unlike IndyCar or Formula One, it cuts off 
at some point. I don't have a clue what it 
is. But, if you finish second from last, you 
can still pick up fifty to sixty points. It 
doesn't seem like much, but at the end of 

the year, those points add up. 

(Editors Note: No one's more aware of 
how important those few points can be at 
year end. In 1992, Bobby missed winning 
his second straight NASCAR Busch Series 
championship by just 3 points.) 

Every chance I get, it 
seems like I'm on the 
computer with it..." 

— Bobby Labonte 

You were the 1991 NASCAR Busch Series 
Champion and now you drive in the 
NASCAR Winston (up Races. What's the 

NASCAR Winston Cup is the upper eche- 
lon of the drivers. Everybody has that 
feeling: Winston Cup is where it's at. You 
go through the ranks to get to Winston 
Cup. But you earn your keep once you 
get there. I compete in both. 

1 can't help but notice that NASCAR dri- 
vers never have anything bad to say 
about each other... Do you really all get 
along that well? 

You know, frustrations will get the best 
of you sometimes because of things that 
happen on the race track. Those are the 
days when you're hot and sweaty and 
you're driving your guts out. Something 
happens and your first reaction is to get 
ticked off. But it's just like anything 
else — that's your first reaction. The reali 
ty of it is there's not a whole lot you can 
do about it. It's over with. So you better 
go on your way down the road and forget 
about it. No one's out there 
to create trouble.. There's 
lots of drivers that're good 
friends with each other. 
Kyle Petty had a big wreck 
this past weekend and I'm 
sure he's awful sore. My 
wife and I called just to 
make sure — not to ask if 
he's sore because we know 
he is — just to tell him we 
hope he gets to feeling bet- 
ter. That's happened to me a time or two. 
Some of my best friends drive race cars 
and I race against them, but they're still 
my best friends. They're guys I would 
trust on any given day. 

You've said that you might like to be an 
owner of a car team some day. What 
would you look for in a young driver 
before you'd give them a shot? 

I'd go out and look for a driver that has 
the potential and the ability to drive a 
race car faster than anybody else. Second 
of all, they've got to be marketable for 
the sponsor because that is a major part 
of racing. It's not just about finishing first 
on the last lap. They've definitely got to 
finish first in the sponsor's eyes no mat- 
ter where they finish in the race. Driving 
ability is #1. Marketing is #2 but very 
important because you need that sponsor 
there on the days you don't win. 
Personality and integrity are high quali- 
ties. I'm gonna end this interview by 
telling all the young drivers out there 
that. Even if you never become a NASCAR 
pro, work on your integrity and work to 
be the best person you can be... Is that a 
good place to stop? My arm is tired from 
signing all these posters. 

j!iJuj j jj 


Now the multi-award winning 

NASCAR Racing is better than 

ever. With seven new authentic 

NASCAR circuit tracks included in 

the box, the best-ever stock car 

racing simulation just got better. 




— Computer Gaming World 

"...Simply the best racing sim 
ever created..." — PCGamer 

Watch for Papyrus NASCAR 

Racing from Sierra wherever 

computer software is sold. 


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Sony PlayStation 
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www sierra com 


Sierra Dm 





OffiMl MMiiMd product of CART, Inc, 

Driying Lessons 

Mastering the Cars, Tracks, and Tires ot IndyCar Racing 

By Clint Boswell 

There's nothing quite like the thrill 
of strapping yourself into the low- 
slung cockpit of an Indycar and 
barreling through a racecourse at 
200+ miles per hour. Success or failure 
can be decided in a split-second. There 
is little margin for error. Experiencing 
the thrill of IndyCar racing is as easy as 
loading IndyCar Racing II from Papyrus. 
But you'll find that as simple as IndyCar 
Racing II is to set up and play (one click 
and you're racing), it's easy to find 
yourself meeting the wall more often 
than savoring victory and the check- 
ered flag. Playing IndyCar Racing II can 
be as difficult as doing the real thing. 
That's because the game is a realis- 
tic, physics-based driving simulation 
that bases your virtual race on the 
same variables faced by professional 
IndyCar drivers. You can't just jump in 
the car and win. You've got to drive like 
a pro and set your car up for the track, 
just like the other racers do. 

So where can you find tips and infor- 
mation to help you become a better vir- 

tual IndyCar driver? Though there are 
many major differences between 
Formula 1 and IndyCar, I found the book 
Competition Driving, by Formula One 
World Champion Alain Prost, to be 
extremely helpful in learning the ins and 
outs of racing, from driving to mechani- 
cal set-up to strategy and tactics. The 
information provided by Prost can be 
invaluable to the virtual racer as well. 

Interaction Magazine Fa u l 19 9 6 

Steering Wheels and Gears 

First, you need to learn how to drive 
your car. Using a steering wheel set-up is 
preferable, but many people use control 
pads or Joysticks effectively. With any of 
these controls the steering is very sensi- 
tive. Take a few rounds to get a feel for 
how much pressure you have to use to 
make turns. 

Start driving using auto gear shifting 
so you can get the feel 
of high-speed driving 
before you add the chal- 
enge of geai shifting. 
While manual shifting 
can give you speed 
and traction 
in tight 

Steering wheel peripherals deliver the 
most life-like vehicle control. 


...the game is a 
realistic, physics- 
based driving 

simulation that 
bases your virtual 
race on the same 
variables faced 
by professional 
IndyCar drivers." 


corners, autoshifting allows you to con- 
centrate on accelerating, steering, and 
braking-the other components of com- 
petitive driving. 


On oval courses such as 
the Michigan Speedway, 
you only turn left, so 
most of your reactions 
and maneuvers must be 
based on what the dri- 
vers around you are 
doing. But on the road 
courses you need to 
drive the car on a line 
which will take you 
through the turns slowly 
enough to get the best 
and quickest opportunity Over-react and you could lose the course, A subtle 
to accelerate into the correction to the left is all you need to stay on track. 

Coming out of a straightway, try to be the first into 
the inside of the turn. First in, first out. 

The Brakes 

When you drive a car on the road, you 
want to brake as softly as possible to 
create a smooth stop for yourself and 
your passengers. But when racing, 
that goes out the window. Since you 
want to be driving as fast and as 
long as possible, you often apply 
your brakes violently, quickly 
jumping from gas to 
brakes and pressing 
down hard at the last 
possible moment. No 
matter what the corner, 
from the Corkscrew (Turn 8) 
at Laguna Seca to the Esses at 
Mid-Ohio, brake as hard and as 
late as possible. Like all of the 
maneuvers and technical changes 
discussed here, this will take some 
practice. Be patient. IndyCar champi- 
ons are not made in a day. 


Before you drive competitively on a 
course, you should first 
learn it. Most drivers 
actually walk the 
course before they 
drive it, getting a feel 
for landmarks, surfaces, 
etc. which will give 
them an idea of when 
and how to turn and 
brake and accelerate. 
Since you can't walk 
the courses in IndyCar 
Racing II, drive it slowly 
a few times and pay 
attention to buildings, 
bridges, signs, brake 
markers, and other 
physical details which can help you 
gauge when and where to take your 
line on the course. Some turns, like 
the series of short bends and chicanes 
(Turns 4-8) at Vancouver's Pacific 
Place, or Portland International 
Raceway (Turns 5, and 6), can 
be taken in almost a straight 
line, if you hit them at the 
proper line and speed. 
Others are much 
more difficult 
to maneuver. 
At Mid-Ohio, 
for example, the Esses 
(Turns 4-9) will make you or 
break you (IndyCar drivers have 
named this part of the course 
Madness!) if you don't plot a line 
through this series of turns and stick 
to It. The entrance and exit lines are 
most important, because you want to 
enter the Esses wide and at the maxi- 

mum allowable speed, maintain 
momentum while shifting down and 
turning, and hit Turn 9 on an inside 
line so you can hit the gas hard as 
you come out and roar right along the 
wall into the straightway. Once again, 
practice on this diabolical track is 
essential for the winning driver. 


Although both understeer and over- 
steer are undesirable in your family 
roadster, both can be helpful as you 
drive an IndyCar around the track. 
Understeer occurs when the front 
wheels lose traction before the back 
wheels. This creates a drift in the car 
which can push you into the wall. On 
oval speedways like Michigan where 
you can sacrifice handling for speed, 
this can be desirable. But most cours- 
es in the game ask for better control. 
Correct the problem by softening the 
front anti-roll bar or stiffening the 
rear one. You may find braking earlier 
can help as well. Raise the front wing 
in the garage to add down force to 
the front or soften the front shocks 
if the problem persists. 

Oversteer occurs when your rear 
wheels lose traction and you fishtail 
the car. Smaller courses like Nazareth. 
Phoenix, and Loudon can actually 
reward oversteer, but if it gets out of 
hand you spin out. Control oversteer 
by doing the opposite of correcting 
understeer-soften the rear anti-roll bar, 
stiffen the front one, or add more 
downforce to the rear by raising the 
angler on your rear wing. Softening the 
rear shocks can help as well. 

Keep in mind that adding downforce 

Sierra On-line 



increases handling but slows the car, 
so try to strike a happy medium. Once 
again, practice with different settings to 
get the optimum benefit out of your 
car's performance. 

Car and Tiro Setup 

Since we're on the topic of altering your 
car's mechanisms to improve handling 
and performance, let's discuss a few of 
the simple changes you can make on 
your car to improve your car's handling 
and performance. 

The important thing to remember is 
that a set-up that works for one track 
isn't going to work on another. You need 
to practice extensively and make correc- 
tions to the car on each course before 
racing. Read the pit notes for each 
course before you go out so you will 
know what to expect, and to get hints 
for set-up changes. 

Simple changes to your tires can 
make a huge differ- 
ence in both perfor- 
mance and life. Oval, 
banked tracks are all 
left turns, so a "stag- 
ger" change using 
larger tires on the 
right side can make 
those sweeping left 
turns easier to handle at top speeds. 
Your car will drift left a bit in straight- 
aways, though. 

On road courses, tires get much more 
wear and tear due to the multiple turns 

and twists on the non-banked courses. 
Various changes to the tires, including 
mixing different sizes, compounds and 
air pressures, can vastly improve perfor- 
mance. Practice laps can tell you what is 
working and what isn't. If 
tires are wearing unevenly, 
you can change to harder 
or softer tires on each 
wheel, or change inflation. 
Softer tires have more trac- 
tion but are short-lived. 
Harder tires grab less but 
last longer. Less inflation 
gives more traction, higher 
inflation increases speed. 
Changing the wheel cam- 
ber angle from perpendicu- 
lar to positive can remedy 

through some garage craftiness. 
Use smaller ratios on the road courses 
where you rarely reach top speeds to 
allow maximum acceleration through 
twists and turns. 

Indycars are designed to hug the track. The more 
downforce you apply, the slower they go. 

worn and hot inside portions of your tire, 

Simple changes 
to your tires can 
make a huge 
difference in both 
their performance 
and life." 

the opposite being true for outside por- 
tions of the tire. Experiment with these 
settings to find the best wheel set-up on 
your car. 

Ideal gear ratios are 
vital on road courses 
with lots of turns. 
On a high-speed oval 
with banked turns. 
you won't be shifting 
much and you can 
use maximum rev 
gear ratios in the top gears to gain high- 
est speed, although acceleration will be 
slowed. But on road courses you brake 
and shift constantly, so you can 
increase your car's performance 

Remember, you can't just jump in 
the car and go out and expect to win. 
Practice makes perfect, and that is 
doubly true for JndyCar Racing II. The 
game mirrors real-life racing, and weeks 
spent in the garage and in practice plav 
equals wins on the course. Spend some 
extra time learning the game and 
before you know it you'll be spraying 
champagne and signing product 
endorsements in Victory Lane. 


Available Now 
Order Direct: 1 800 757 7707 

Sharper Curves & Stunning Staightaways 

The screenshots used throughout this article feature the enhanced graphics available to owners of Rendition 
3-D Graphics boards. For more information on 3-D graphics boards and Rendition technology, watch for the 
holiday issue of InterAction Magazine. 

imterAction Magazine F"a l l 19 9 6 




crkatim; the new be 

Sierra InterAction Sports Exclusive! 

1996: A Big Expansion 
Year for FPS: Sports 

New Golf and Trophy Bass sims add excitement to 
Multi-Award Winning Front Page Sports Pro Line-Up 


sports gaming. 
Sierra has 
a fanatical 
devotion to realism. You see 
it in monster hits like the 
award-winning Front Page 
Sports; Football Pro '.96 and 
the new Front Page Sports: 
Baseball Pro .<*>, a title 
which could steal the 
".Sports Game of the Year" 
crown from FPS: Football 
this year. 

For Christmas 1996, Sierra 
is preparing two exciting 
new additions to the FPS 
line-up. New Front Page 
Sports Golf and Front Page 

Sports: Trophy Bass 2 bring 
the charged intensity of pro 
golf and the excitement of 
competitive bass fishing to 

A fanatical 

devotion to 


life on your computer. 

When you want to create 
the most realistic golf sim 
possible, you get the best 
designer in the business. 
That's what Sierra did to 
create Front Page Sports: 
Golf. Vance Cook, the 
original Links 'iH(i designer, 
pushed the envelope on golf 

game design to create a 3-D, 
physics based title that is 
so exact, you can measure 
every hole an<\ clubhouse to 
within inches of their real- 
world counterparts. 

In developing Front Page 
Sports: Trophy Bass 2, Sierra 
called OO a whole team 
of pro bass anglers. 
What's really exciting 
is the new Internet 
and LAN connec- 
tivity for full- 
featured tour- 
with PC k 
anglers ^F 
worldwide. If you 

want realism in your sports 
gaming, only one line-up 
delivers. That's Sierra's 
hront Page 

I N E 

The Return 
of a Legend 

by Clint Boswell 

J I WWN inky said 
Dallas running back 
Emmitt Smith couldn't 
gel any better, that 
the years of being the NFL's 
workhorse had taken their 
toll, he goes out and stores 
a record for rushing touch- 
downs and wins a third 
Super Bowl ring. It could 
happen with the new Front 
Page Sports: Football Pro '97 
Season And it's coming fast. 
Slated for release this fall, 
FP& Football Pro V7 Season 
retains all of the FPS: 
Football features which have 
made the title a three-time 
winner of Computer darning 
World's "Sports Ciame of the 
Year" award. But the off-sea 
son has seen an overhaul 


~ ii «— ii <~' 

Pick one of the thousands plays 
included, or design your own. 

which is sure to make 
Football Pro W the MVP 
of football games yet again. 
The most significant new 
feature of FPS: Football Pro 
'ft? is the option to tackle 

Next Is 



Lions rusher 



human opponents via a 
modem or network in 
live-action games. Whether 
they're in the office or 
around the world, you can 
taunt your opponent after 
you grind his quarterback's 
ailing shoulder into the turf. 

Man in Motion 
FPS: Football Pro V7 looks 
as well as it plays. Realistic 
motion-captured figures and 
over 18,000 frames of anima- 
tion brings the players off 
the turf and in your face. 
Even jersey numbers are 
texture-mapped to put the 
finishing touches on the 
highest-quality football 
graphics available. The 
stadium fields feature real 
grass or artificial turf, which 
can get muddy or slick when 
it rains or snows. 
The game play 
is modeled on a 
3-D environment 
where every factor 
of the weather can 
effect the outcome 
of the game. And 
with Windows 95 
you can multi-task 
and run games in 
the background 
while you work 
(so the boss doesn't know). 

Making plays can be as 
easy or complex as you 
want. You can utilize the 
simplified Play Editor, featur- 
ing Play Wizards, to create 
an 80-yard score every 
time — like Lombardi's 
Packers on the toss 
sweep. Or you can 
choose from the 10,000 
plays that are built-in 
with the game. It 
shouldn't be hard to 

All the excitement of the big goalline stand. You pick the 
angle to see if Pittsburgh makes that last critical yard. 

Critics called them the "team to watch." Check out the team 
stats updated for the new season and see if you agree. 

find one to your liking. 
The Improved Camera 

Angle Management System 
(CAMS) gives you a view of 
the action from any spot in 
the stadium — from the quar- 
terback to sidelines, the 
cheap seats to the blimp — 
all made easier through a 
simplcr-to-usc interface. 
The sound is improved with 
grunts, pops, and cheers 
coming from multiple stereo 

As good as FPS Football 

Pro V7 looks, 

strategy and 
realism makes it 
the world's best 
gridiron sim. Full 
53-man rosters 

allow you maximum depth 
id fit your roarhiny strategy 
And only FPS: Football Pro: 
V7 gives you the opportuni 
ty for league play with up to 
30 teams, or play through 
an entire career as you 
watch your prized rookies 
develop into Pro Bowlers. 
Bigger, stronger, faster. 
Thai's today's National 
KootbaM League. And that's 
Sierra's Front Page Sports 
Football '97 Season. 


Available Fall 96 


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Interaction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 

Major League 
Power Hitter 


earlier this 
year, Front 
Page Spurts 

Baseball Pro 96 has 
been ranking up 
accolades from fans 
and the press for its 
true-to-life baseball 
action and physics- 
based game play 
One look at Baseball 
Pro '96 and it's easy 
to see why. The 
game has none of 
the canned play that 
dominates most 
baseball games. 
Game to game, season 
to season, factors such as 
weather, ball spin, and many 
others influence the out- 
come. While the title is 
Windows 3.1 compatible, 

'Front Page is the 
only baseball sim 
that manages 
to re-create the 
physics of baseball 
on the field." 

—PC Gamer 


u u 

|Fr««Fb«rtg _J 

1 J 


1 « 1 

The CAMS system lets you control the action from anywhere in the ballpark, from 
home plate to the blimp! 

So you want to knock it outta the ballpark? 
Timing is the key to a good connection. 

playing under Windows 95 
gives multiple scalable 
windows so you can 
easily manage a variety 
of functions. 

Major League 

The realism in FPS 
Baseball '96 is equaled 
only by the appear- 
ance of the players. 
All the major MLBPA 
players are here, even 
Randy The Big Unit 
ohnson, brought to 
life with 
and thou- 
sands of 
SGI anima- 
tions. And 
if it's the 
you want, 
check out 
the lifelike, 
3-D models 

of the 30 Major League 

What type of options do 
you want in a great baseball 
game? FPS: Baseball '96 is 
option-rich. Play as the 
General Manager, u 
Manager, or as a Player, 
controlling every move 
the team makes. 
Or you can be the 
Commissioner and 
control everything! 
One of the most impor- 
tant features in FPS: 
Baseball Pro *.%' is the 
CAMS (Camera Angle 
Management System), 
which gives you the 
power to watch and 
control your teams from 
home plate to the nose- 

Do you like varia- 
tion in your base- 
ball? No other game 
comes close to the 
same number or 
type of league play 

f options. 
Finish up a 
season as a big 
league winner and 
you might see 
your players 
inducted into 
the Hall of Fame, 
win a Cy Young 
award, the Triple 
Crown, or a 
Golden Glove 
for outstanding 

defensive ploy. 
Whether you're 

looking for the 
hottest arcade- 
style baseball 
action, the most 
realistic graphics, or the 
most accurate simulation 
from the beginning of Spring 
Training to the last Dig 
Show, you'll find it in Front 
Page Sports: Baseball Pro 96 

"I think what grabs me about the 
Front Page Sport games (Baseball 
and Football) is that you actually 
have little men on the screen, 
trying their best to play the game. 
Sometimes they do well, sometimes 
they screw up, and sometimes they 
commit bonchcad plays, just like in 
real life." 

—Stuart R. Malis 
via CompuServe 



R $54.95 ^ 

■\ Available Now 

1 WINK CD, WIN 3.1 CD 

1 Order Direct: 1-800-757-7707 

Sierra On-line 

Champion of the Greens 

by David Senan 

S emu's Ftoom Pa& 
Sports series has 
crowned a new 
champion. Following 
in the tradition of the FPS 
series' Commitment to 
Excellence, Front Page 
Sports Golf \M the most real- 
istic computer golf game to 
ever hit the links — bar none. 
Grab your driver, tighten 
your spikes, and get ready 
to play a round with the 
next big star on tour, Front 
PageSportB: Golf. 

Adjust Your Grip 

FPS- Go// sets par for realis- 
tic golf sims and tees off on 
the competition with a new 
t rue-to-form swing technique 
called TrueSwing ". You can 
use the traditional Tri-click 
swing method, but 

The featured courses are accurate to within inches of their real-life counterparts. 

TrueSwing offers completely 
realistic shot control with a 

revolutionary swing control 
option. Start your backswing 
by pulling the mouse 
back. Launch it all the 
way forward to complete 
your follow through. 
The speed and direction 

you apply with the mouse 
determines how the ball 
moves after you've let it fly. 
Imagine — a game with a golf 
swing that actually requires 
using your arm 

Finally, gamers have com- 

Vance Cook, the original Links 386 designer, looks beyond the 
surface to re-create the courses featured in FPS: Golf. 

A New Course: Free! 

Play the Coeur d'Alene Add-on 
The first add-on course for Front Puvy Sports Coif is 
here, the world famous Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf 
Course in Coeur 
d'Alene, ID. The 
really good news is 
that this course will 
be included free with 
a limited number of 
FP& Golf packages. 
This 18-hole moun- 
tain paradise offers 
varying terrain such 
as the daunting lakeshore of Lake Coeur d'AJene, the 
ball-hungry Fernan Creek, and the only floating green 
in the world. Golf in the mountains has never looked 
better.. .or more real. Look for the FPS: Go/7/Coeur 
d'Alene Add-on Course bundle at your favorite Stem 
retailer. Art fast and get 'em before they're all gone! 

Interaction Magazine Fa l l 19 9 6 

plete control over the path 
of their shots. TrueSwing 
allows players to navigate 
doglegs and gun for the pin 
with a fade or draw. Pitch 
and run your ball up on the 
green with the accuracy of a 
pro. Now you, not some golf 
engine, control how much 
English you put on the ball. 
Just like the real game of 
kings, your score depends 
on your accuracy. 

255-Player Tourneys 

Just like the real game of 
golf, FPS (iolf offers you 
countless modes of play. You 
can challenge a whole roster 
of computer players in one 
of 12 modes including 
Stroke, Match, Skins, 
Scramble, or Ryder Cup 
play. But the game assumes 
much bigger proportions 
when you link up to a whole 
lot of players through a LAN 
(Local Area Network). You 
can play head-to-head 
against a single player or 
in< lude up to 255 players for 
tournaments that can rival 


Straight Shot 


New Interactive TrueSwing "allows the 
most realistic swing control. How you 
glide your mouse determines your shot 
direction. The traditional tri-click swing 
is also available. 

the Masters in size! 
If you're looking for other 
Front Rage Sfx>rts Gotf 
players, check out the 
FPS (iolf Home Page at Here you 
can find other PC golfers 
who are just as eager to 
prove that Trevino has 
nothin* on them. 

The Mind Behind 
the Maverick 
FPS GolfwBM designed and 
produced by computer golf 
guru, Vance Cook. Vance was 
responsible for revolutinni/- 
ing the computer golf genre 
with Unk$386 and Lmks.'iSf) 
Pro— true sims that estab- 
lished him as the industry's 
premier golf game designer. 
With a whole new level of 
technology at his disposal, 
he created FPS (iolf to set 
a new par by which all PC 
golf games are judged. He 
left no sand trap or green 
unmapped as he spent 
months studying ball 
dynamics such as flight 
paths, bounce physics, spin. 
and the effects 
of wind and 
weather to simu- 
late the exact 
look, feel, and 
playability of 
every shot on 
each course. 
Vance and the 
design team 
strive to make 
PC golfers feel 
like they're actu- 
ally playing the 
world's most 
golf sim— which 
they are. The 
game features 
full :M) player 
terrain, and fab- 
ulous panoramic 
views — so you 



The new Chat feature gives you the power to bring a little 
of that "Happy Gilmore" flavor to golf. No snobs here! 

can look around to see \\ 
anyone saw your last worm- 
burner. Every detail of swing 
mechanics, ball movement, 
and course condition has 
been modeled with precision 
to make FPS (iolf every bit 
the challenge that has made 
golf the most popular game 
in the world. 

Making the Cut 

It s not 
just how 
you play, 
it's where 
you play. 
FPS: (iolf 
with two 
of the most beautiful and 
challenging courses in North 
America, The Prince in 
Kauai. HI, and the world 
famous Pete Dye Golf Club 
in Bridgeport. WV. These 
stunning computer-rendered 
courses are modeled (literal- 
ly) within inches of the real 
thing. That means that 
everything you see 
in the game, from 
the bunkers, to the 
ponds, to the hot 
dog hut between 
holes #9 and #10, is 
exactly what you'd 

see it you played a round at 
the real courses. 

Hackers — 
All of 'em 

FPS dolf makes other com- 
puter golf games look like 
hackers. It's a combination 
of M) rendered and animat- 
ed golfers, the dynamic 
never-seen-before golf swing 
option, TrueSwing, and 

These stunning 
courses are modeled 
(literally) within inches 
of the real thing. 

beautifully modeled champi- 
onship courses that make 
this a golf experience like no 
other. Whether your handi- 
cap is Ml or 1 10, Front Page 
Sports, (iolf lets you test 

your skill with the MWtll 

maverick of the game. Just 
remember not to wear your 
spikes in the club house. 

Sierra On-line: 


On-Line Play Adds a New 

Hook to Trophy 



by John Sauer 

NASCAR, its 
almost a way of 
life for millions of 
outdoor sports fans coast- 
to-coast. There's nothing 
quite like the thrill of 
snagging a big 10-pounder 
and getting a dose of aquatic- 
attitude as you struggle to 
get the unwilling trophy to 
the boat. Unfortunately, 
bass fishing can be a 
tough sport to get into 
with lots to learn and 
some pricey equipment 
to be bought, and most of us 
aren't lucky enough to live 
on a lake. Until last year, the 
only way to get into the 
action was with a large 
investment in time and 
money. Then came the original 
lh)f)fr\ fttss, which brought the 
thrill and excitement of Ixiss 
fishing I mine in a fun and highly 
realistic fashion. 

Now for 1996, h'ront Rjge 
Sports: Trophy Bass 2 carries 
the thrill of real sports com- 
petition into the age of inter- 
artive entertainment. While 
the original Trophy Mass faith- 
fully recreated the battle of 
wills between man and fish, 
this new edition 
adds the competi- 
tive aspects of 
tournament bass 
fishing to bring the 
excitement level up 
one more notch. 
The head-to-head 
modem, multi-play- 
er I .AN and 
Internet play 
options offer a 
whole new world 

Denny Brauer: 
eight-time win- 
ner on the 
Tournament Trail 

of tournament and partner 
virtual bass fishing, which 
allows players everywhere 
to share in the fun, action, 
and excitement of f-'f^S: Trophy 
Bass 2 

Pros Who Know 
How To Win 

To bring the excitement of 
the game to the next level 
and add the real feel of pro- 
fessional competition. Sierra 
has signed up four 
of the nation's top 
angling pros to 
collaborate on the 
design and supply 
insight into what it 
takes to make it in 
the big lakes. Get 
hooked up with 
this CD and you 
find out how to 
catch 'em from 
Larry Nixon, Kevin 

VanDam, Denny 
Brauer, and Penny 

Through the over 
100 professional 
video tip movies 
included in FPS, 

Trapfn BOS$ 2, these 
pros deliver the 
knowledge you 

Penny Berryman: 
19-time world 
champ qualifier 
on the Woman's 
Pro Tour. 

need to become a better 
angler both in the game and 
in the real world. And you 
should listen to their tips 
because these are a few of 
the pros you fish against if 
you enter a Tournament or 
play in Career mode. 

Catch Bass On-Line 
and Get A "Net" 
Around it 

Sure, playing against the 
pros in the game is a lotta 
fun. But FFS:19ophy Bass 2 

opens up the playing field 
by giving you the ability to 
play hcad-to-hcad against 
your buhba via modem 

against up to KM) 
players in tourna- 
ment or partner 
play over a LAN. 
or as many as 1(X) 
gamers over the 
Internet in tourna 
incut pla\. 

Logging on to 
a multi player 
game is as easy 
as clicking a but- 
ton. Sierra has a 

Tntphy How Chal 

I II Chartreuse 


g] Blue/Pearl 
~j Yellow Pwch 

Shallow Water Deep Water 



Crankbaits get you down to where the biy ones hide. 

nterAction Magazine Fall 1996 

Room where players can 
find challengers for tourna- 
ments and on- or off-line 
head-to-head games. Now 
you can sit at home and 
hook over the 'Net with an 
angler on the other side of 
the world for a day of fish- 
ing. You can find the Tropin 
Bass 2 angler's connection 
and the Chat Room by click- 
ing the Internet button in 
the selection screen or by 
surfing to 
games/tbam2/ and following 
the links to the Ff^ Trophy 
Bass 2 Home Page. This type 
of Internet play is opening 
up new possibili- 
ties for bass fish- 
ing tournaments. 
Imagine a new 
bass circuit that 
would be totally 
on-line, where 
novice anglers like 
you and I could 
compete against 
the real bass pros. 
Sierra is planning 
to host the first-ever virtual 
bass tournament this 
October. Stay tuned to 
the FPS Tropin Boss 2 home 
page for more information 
on how to join. 

These Bass Are 
Real. ..Aren't They? 

What makes a big bass bite 
and what shuts 'em down? Is 
it hunger, habitat, weather, 

Larry Nixon: pro 
fishing's "all-time 
money winner." 

time of day or time of year? 
It's all the above, and each 
of these important factors — 
as well as a hundred oth- 
ers — were used to create 
the artificial intelligence 
for bass behavior in FPS: 
Tropin Bass 2 Already, the 
pros and press are calling 
it the most accurate fishing 
simulation available on a 

FPS: Tropin Bass 2 features 
ten of the top fishing lakes 
in America. To bass fans 
these bodies of water stand 
out like the most famous 
NASCAR tracks. Imagine 

being able to wet 
a line in angling 
meccas like 
Lake Meade, 
Sam Ray burn 
Reservoir, or l.ake 
Eufaula. These 
bass havens each 
hold literally 
thousands of 
at res of water, 
offering unlimited 
fishing opportunities. 

Now This is a 
Tackle Box! 

A top-rate bass fishing simu- 
lation like this wouldn't be 
complete without a wide 
selection of tackle, and FPS 
Dopln Bass 2 has a selection 
that would make any pro 
green with envy. Accessing 
the tackle choices is simple. 


Hey, Bubba! WIN a Rshin' Trip 

Sierra wants you to stop 
wishin* and go fishin* with 
the Trophy Bass 2 
Sweepstakes. One lucky angler 
will get the GRAND PRIZE: an 

paid. 3-day fishing trip 
Oil the lake of your choice from the ten 

lakes featured in Trophy Bass 2. 
One of the nations top pros from 
the Pinnacle Bass Team will be 
your guide. You'll also get a 
top-of-the-line Pinnacle rod and 
reel. Pro Team jacket, shirt and hat. 
One hundred FIRST PRIZE winners will 
receive a pair of H2()ptix Polarized 
Sunglasses, the hottest shades on the water. 

Wft/.. m 


To enter mafia3"xS card miiIi your iidine. address, a^c awl phone* 
number to TROPHY BASS 2 SWEEPSTAKES. P.O. Box 1301. Coorsegold. CA 
936 H. Entries mm! U' received between September 15. 199*5 and January 
15. 1997 < takta of winning depend <»t 'in- number of anu n ee r w w w fl. I ne 
grand prtxe is one < 1 ). three (3) day fishing trip with a Pfciu n cl c Ko«U & 
Reell Pro Team Member on one of the ten lake* featured in Trnphy li> 
(winner's choice) COfttJsdnfl of one f 1 ) round trip roach-class airline ticket 
to vl<-< ted lake IWo (2) night* hotel accommodationi <if <i hold M-ltnletl 
by riiinac It one (1 » Pinnacle (toning jm k>-t um (I) ffcwi h ftelikiy hat. 
one (I i Pinnacle batting shirt, and out* 1 1 j Ptonade Aahlng rori and rani 

(total .ipprox. value %2,5iHl) Any njpjUlfnd fishing licensrs Of other licenses 
or permits, as well as spending money, will lx- the sole reepoaettMUty of the 
winner The first prise is one (I) pair of H20ptb Polarized Sunglasses 
(appm valw* SIM) All pri/rs will h<* awarded Winners will Im- leJedad 
in a random drawing to be held on February 1, 1997 Winners will In- noli 
hed by I S mail Prizes are not transferable, and may not be redeemer) for 
caahi Datea of travel end hotel act onanodattone eabtai I to cvattabflHy. 
Travel must he completed by IV* -ember 31. 1997. mu\ must l>e convenient 
for the selet ted I'ro ieam Member Taxes, if any. are the sole re%|>onsibllity 
of the winner 

No one under the age of eighte en ( IX) is eligible, contest open to rest- 
dents of the U.S. only. Winners foil behalf of themselves and their heirs 
and esi,ii«-M will lie required to sign a Kelease Form authorizing use ol 
Winners" names and likenesses for promotional purposes and releasing 
Sierra. Pinna, k* H20ptb and other related parties from anv liability (or 
death or injury to Winner or third parties For the name of the Winners 
send a lettadoYataed, itaniped envelope lo Trvpttv Boss 2 Sweepstakes 
Winners List Bos 53210, BcflcVUB, WA 98fH-V12H). .iflei Man h I. 1997. 3u 
don't sue us. OK'' 

On-line chat lets you share the fun with other anglers. 

Starting with 
three main equip 
ment choices — 
Lures. Rods and 
Keels and 
Casts — all you 
have to do Is 
click or "drill 

down" tllMJUgll 

the tabs to select 
one of 200 lures, 
15 rod and reel 
or a number of 
casting styles. 

A good fishing 
sim should give you 
the knowledge to 
be a better angler — 
and Front Rage 

Angler of the 
Year Kevin 
VanDam: The 
Young Turk of 
pro bass fishing. 

Sports Trophy Raw 2 
delivers. But the 
title offers some- 
thing even more 
Important; the 
ability to share 
one of the finest 
sports with anglers 
all over the world. 

And you |ual 

can't do that with 
any other fishing 


Available Fall 96 
Order Direct: 1-800-757-7707 

www sierra r nmf%Mm* i/fam?/ 

Sierra On-line 


r :^ * 

One Call Gets 
Them All 

Painless Patches and Useful Upgrades 

by Cindy Various, Sierra's Assistant Webmaster 

Today, we're talking software. 
(Hey, if we were talking about 
the grooming habits of hairy- 
nosed wombats, you'd give up 
on us.) The thing about soft- 
ware: it changes constantly. 
If you don't keep upgrading it, 
someone else will come along offering 
all the things your product has, plus a 
few more goodies. The next thing you 
know your sales have dipped below the 
popularity of O.J. jokes or corduroy 
pants. To prevent this terrible fate 
(there's nothing sadder than software 
engineers sitting on a curb holding 
signs that say "will program for food"), 
you have to think ahead. As soon as a 
product is released, we're already 
designing the next version. The best 
part is that upgrades cost considerably 
less than buying the product all over 
again. Here's how it works. 

Print Artist 

The current version of Print Artist is 3.0, 
but what if you have version 2.5 or a 
version from back when the product 
was called Instant Artist? If you were to 
buy Print Artist 3.0 directly from us, or 
at your software store, the price would 
be $44.95 for either the diskette or 
CD-ROM version. But you already have 
a copy of 2.5, so we should pull out 
our established-customer cleaver and 
hack a big chunk off the price for you, 
right? Right! The upgrade price to 3.0 is 
only $19.95 for the floppy or $29.95 for 
the CD-ROM. 
What if you 
bought 2.5 
within the 
last 90 days? 
Don't worry. Just 
contact our 

Direct Sales department, provide them 
with the original dated receipt, hand 
them $5.75 for shipping and handling, 
and we'll send you version 3.0. at no 
additional cost. 

"Wait!" I hear some of you say. What 
if you were among the poor deluded 
souls who were snookered into pur- 
chasing an inferior print program... 
kinda like Print Artist but not actually 
Print Artist? Shouldn't Sierra give you 
a break if you'd rather use the one-and- 
only Print Artist? Well, how could we 
possibly refuse a plea like that? We'll 
be happy to give you a discount! Just 
contact our Direct Sales department 
for information on our "competitive 
upgrade" pricing. 


If you have an older 

version of 


same deal. 

You can continue 

to use the older 

version — it's 

not like recipes expire. If you want all 

the cool new features of MasterCook 

3.0, you can upgrade to either the 

diskette or the CD-ROM version for 

only $19.95. The upgrade's free If you 

purchased the older version within 

the last 90 days. 

FP8: Football 

Let's talk games! Do 
you have an Front 
Page Sports; 
Football Pro 
'96? Would you 
like to see an upgrade to FPS: 
Football Pro '97? No problem: as long 
as you have your proof of purchase. 

the upgrade price is just $29.95 plus 
shipping and handling. Upgrade pricing 
on all of our products is available only 
through our Direct Sales department. 
Wouldn't you hate for them to sit around 
all day with nothing to do? So call! 


So that's upgrades. Now, let's talk 
patches. Have you ever wondered how 
much information goes into one of 
these programs you purchase? Well, 
for the average game, you're looking 
at 75.000 lines of programming code. 
That's like a book manuscript with 
75.000 sentences in it. What do you 
suppose the odds are, even after 
proofreading (or in this case, extensive 
testing), that there might be a typo in 

there somewhere, oi vuc little wuid 

might be used incorrectly? It's not 
inconceivable, is it? 
That's where patches come in. If 
we find an error in the program 
after the product has been 
released, we fix the file that 
has the problem, put the updated 
file on a diskette, and call it a patch. 
When you install this patch to the 
product's directory on your hard drive, 
it overwrites the damaged file, and 
replaces it with the working version. 
Usually, if you see problems in one of 
your programs, it's something on your 
system causing the problem. But some- 
times the error is in the program itself. 
When it comes to patches, there is no 
charge to you for the updated file. 
Below is a list of our most common- 
ly-requested patches, and the stuff 
they fix. 

Keep in mind that these patches are 
not a magic wand that make all possi- 
ble errors go away. Many problems are 

Interaction Magazine Fa ll 19 9 6 

due to system 
setup issues, 
not errors in the 
program. If your 
error or problem 
is not listed 
here, or if 
you apply 
the patch and continue to 
have trouble, please contact 
our Technical Support depart- 
ment. They're happy to help you 
with any problems you encounter in 
any of our current products. 

■ Silent Thunder: A 10 Tank 
Corrects sound trouble, adds a 
joystick calibration feature and 
the ability to fire weapons without 
having a weapons lock. 

• MasterCook 3.0 - 


Corrects several errors and importa- 
tion problems in MasterCook: 
Cooking Light, MasterCook Deluxe, 
or MasterCook 3.0. 

■ IndyCar - ICR100_2.EXE or 


Corrects yellow flag problem, race 
order corruption, and understeering 
problem. Also prevents the mouse 
from being automatically selected 

for controls 

■ Torin't Passage - T0RINPAT.EXE 
Corrects Error 47 and General 
Protection Faults. 

■ Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass - 

Corrects save and 
restore issues, fixes 
disappearing fish 

■ NASCAR Racing - NAS121.EXE 
Gives realistic damage to computer 
drivers, fixes all other known 

■ Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast 
Within - GK2PAT.EXE 

Corrects out of memory errors. CD 
errors and iKcasional lock-ups in 
chapter 6. 

■ Phantasmagoria - PHANTPATEXE 
Corrects problems when playing 

in DOS (install the patch and play 
from windows). 

■ The Rise and Rule of Ancient 

Empires- RISK lOl.KXK 
Adds significant A! improvements 
and modem play for Win 3. 1 users. 
Fixes third level building problem. 

■ The Island of Dr. Brain - 

Corrects faulty message display. 

■ Front Page Sports: Football 
Pro 96 -FBP9611.EXE 

Corrects crowd noise, lockups and 
statistics problems. 

■ Police Quest 1 , VGA version, PQ 
Collection - PQlVGA.EXE 
Corrects lockups related to high- 
speed 486 and Pentium computers. 

■ Quest for Glory 4: Shadows 
of Darkness - SHADOWUP.EXE 

Diskette version only, corrects prob- 
lems importing characters, error 
messages and minor game issues. 

We are currently working on 
patches lor Front Page Sports: 
Baseball Pro "96, and Missionforce: 
CyberStorm, and will post them at 
the usual places (see sidebar) when 
they are ready. 

If you purchased IndyCar II for 
DOS, and you've now upgrad- 
ed to Windows '95, you're in 
for a treat. We've upgraded as 
well, and the new version of 
IndyCar II hums major rubber 
all over Win '95! For an upgrade 
from the DOS 
version to the 
Win '95 
only, send 
back your disks and game manu- 
al, and we'll send you the new 
version for only $15.00. We'll 
pay the shipping and handling, 
so it's $15 for everything! Send 
your disks and documentation, 
plus that check or money order 
for $15, to Sierra On-Line Direct 
Sales. P.O. Box 485, Coarsegold, 
CA, 93614. 

Where to get upgrades: 

Phone: 1-800-757-7707 
Fax: 1408-644-2018 
Snail mail: 

Sierra On-Line Direct Sales, 
P.O. Box 485 
Coarsegold, CA 93614 

Where to get patches or 
technical help 

Sierra BBS: (206>644-0112 


CompuServe: type GO SIERRA 

America Online: keyword SIERRA 


Fax: (206>644-7697 

Phone: (206) 644 4343 

Snail mail: 

Sierra On-Line Technical Support 

P.O. Box 85006 

Bellevue, WA 98015-8506 

Please provide as much information 
as possible such as computer type, 
memory, soundcards, and things of 
that nature. 

40+ Hottest Businesses 

From Your Home 

With A Computer! 


Special FREE Report On 

• What home businesses are working — 
where • What equipment you will need 
and where to get it • What you will do • 
Which businesses you can start part time 
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ing • Where to get training • How to 
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ucts when you work from your home • 
What your potential is for growth. 

Call 1-800-343-8014, ext. 4152 

...For this new FREE special report 
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Our World Wide Web Home Page address 

Sierra On-line 




Warning: On the following pages, you'll 
find information on a lot of great games 
you're gonna want real bad. But don't 
put them on your Christmas list. At least 
not for this Christmas. These games are 
all shipping in 1997, and some of them 
may not be available until 1998. If you 
are without infinite patience, you'd best 
skip these pages. 

by John Sauer 

One look and you know that this 
isn't just the next King's Quest 
title. Gone are the animated, 
comic-style graphics and Disney- 
esque characters. The Mask of Eternity 
bears little resemblance to its prede- 
cessors. You could say it is adventure 
gaming at the next level. 

No one can deny that the King's Quest 
series is the most influential series of 
adventure games ever to be released. 
Throughout the years, millions of players 
world-wide have been captivated by 
Roberta Williams' worlds of fantasy and 
myth. Her unique mastery of weaving 
story and game play into high 
adventure has set standards by 
which all quest games are mea- 
sured. In each 

King's Quest 

title she has 
never shied 
away from 

King's Quest: 

The Mask 
of Eternity 

"What we're doing is creating a whole new 
gaming technology." -Roberta wiinams 

Connor mac Lyrr takes in the panoramic view of a river of lava in the lands 
of fire. Getting across could be a big problem. 

established stereotypes, explor- 
ing human values and ethics, and 
pushing the outer limits of technology 
to create new experiences for players. 

Now Williams is again creating new 
frontier* for the 

released, featuring revolutionary tech- 
nologies that until now have never 
been used in an adventure game. Will 
it bear hallmarks of the King Quest 
series such as the Kingdom of 
Daventry? Yes. Does the game carry 
the same sense of wonder and high 
adventure that made the series so 

nnor begins his adventure in 
try, but he doesn't stay thi 
►even new lands await! 

LL 19 9 6 

much fun? Most definitely. But Mask 
of Eternity will come to life with a look, 
interface, and feel that is much more 
real than any title you've ever played. 

The Future of Gaming 

One of the most noticeable differences 
between 77ie Mask of Eternity and earlier 
titles is the highly rendered, almost 
"live" quality of the world, characters, 
and creatures you encounter. The 
realms were created in 3-Space, a power- 
ful software tool that is commonly used 
to develop finely detailed backgrounds 
for cutting-edge flight simulations. 

Adapting this technology with the 
use of multiple camera angles gives the 
game 3-D perspectives few other titles 
can match. "We're even creating our 
own version of 3-Space for doing interi- 
ors such as caves, castles, and forests. 
We're not Just creating a new kind of 
King's Quest r says Williams. "What 
we're doing is creating a whole new 
gaming technology.** 

One of the most telling marks of the 
King's Quest games is the feverish inten- 
sity with which Roberta designs her 
worlds of fantasy. These diagrams often 
cover an entire tabletop and are filled 
with so many detailed maps and 
sketches, that following the interweav- 
ing of their paths is almost like reading 
a story. The world of King 's Quest The 
Mask of Eternity reaches from the sun- 
less Underworld of the living dead 
through the alchemical plains of Earth, 
Air, Water, and Fire, into the ether of 
the Celestial Realm — and even to a 
dark, mysterious island temple. 

Her vision for a com- 
pletely 3-D, 

Frost Demons inhabit the higher 
reaches of their domain. They are 
not sociable and hate intruders. 

immersive game environment is shared 
by her husband, Sierra CEO Ken 
Williams. After reviewing the direction 
the PC gaming industry was moving 
toward, they decided to bypass the 
gradual move into dimensional game 
play and forge headlong into future: 
real-time 3-D games that offer the reality 
of a live-action game but with the open- 
ended sense of adventure and explo- 
ration that comes from within a 3-D 
world. With the game's release planned 
a year and a half from now, it will take 
that long for computers with 3-D accel- 
erator hardware to be readily affordable. 

A World of Many Realms 

The Mask of Eternity is no mere sword 
and sorcery adventure. You enter the 

Kingdom of Daventry as Connor mac 
Lyrr (the son of a fisherman), who 
alone has been passed over by an evil 
spell that has turned every mortal 
inhabitant to stone. Connor must find a 
way to restore them to flesh and blood. 
At the heart of the dilemma is The 
Mask of Eternity, which was broken into 
seven pieces and scattered by the 
Cosmic Winds to seven different lands 
at the moment of Connor's birth. A 
piece of the Mask touched Connor as 
he was born, leaving a vivid scar on his 
cheek. He carries this scar as an adult - 
a sign that he has been marked for 
greatness. The quest to find the seven 
pieces of the Mask and restore them to 
the Island Temple is his destiny. Only 
by accomplishing this i .in lie cud the 
chaos that now rules the land. 

Moral Choices 

In dealing with the challenges of finding 
the seven pieces of The Mask of 
Eternity, the title gives you more ethical 
choices than ever before. A prime 
example is the potential to destroy 
some of the evil, magical beasts that 
get in your way - a mode of behavior 
that was not included in previous 
games. "If this was the real world, you 
might have to actually fight and kill an 
enemy," says Williams. "In The Mask of 
Eternity there are seven instances 
where you must mortally defeat a mon- 
ster before you can proceed." 

Due out for Christmas 1997. King's 
Quest The Mask of Eternity is sure to 
set a new benchmark for adventure. If 
you are a King's Quest fan, this is the 
definitive King's Quest game. Stay 
tuned to the next issue of InterAction 
for a look into the realms of 77?e Mask 
of Eternity. 

Christmas 1997!?!? Yikes! But it'll be 
worth the wait. It always is when 
Roberta Williams goes back to the 
drawing board to redesign the future of 
adventure games. While you're waiting, 
you may also want to save your pennies. 
Word is that this game will be so big it'll 
only run on a Pentium. You'll likely need 
a new computer to play this one. 

Sierra On-line 



Ex-Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl 
Gates continues to be one of the most 
controversial men alive, but there's no 
denying that his Police Quest games are 
among the bestselling in the world. 
With Police Quest: SWAT still riding 
high on the charts, we sent writer John 
Sauer to get an update on the SWAT 
sequel already in progress. 

by John Sauer 

It's been a year since Sierra released 
the first computer simulation ever to 
give players hands-on experience in 
the adrenaline-pumping world of the 
LAPD SWAT Team with Police Quest: 
SWAT Designed by Daryl F Gates, the 
creator of the original SWAT team in the 
1960's, SWAT is so accurate that it has 
since become mandatory training for 
police units all across the country. 
Police Quest: SWAT puts you through 
the training programs of this elite crime 
fighting force, then pits you against a 
series of life-or-death missions geared 
to advance your career as a law 
enforcement officer. 

Only one man and one company 
could team up to create a second SWAT 
game. Sierra and Daryl Gates have 
joined forces once again to draw you 
deeply into the life on the edge with 
Police Quest: SWAT 2. Based on the 
intense, life-or-death world of law 
enforcement first profiled in SWAT, the 
upcoming Police Quest: SWAT 2 brings 
you closer to the action with the ability 
to play 30 missions as both the Chief or 
as the Element Leader, the two most 
important positions in a SWAT team. 
SWAT 2 is much more than a police 
tactical simulation. It delivers the real- 
time urgency and excitement of an 
action game with the complexity and 
attention to detail of a strategy game. 

Look Into The 
Mind of A Terrorist 

Though Chief Gates is best known for his 
role as the man in charge during the 
Watts Riots of 1965 and the Los Angeles 
riots of 1993, his largest scale security 
operations were actually during the Los 
Angeles Olympic Games of 1984. It was 

Daryl F. Gates: Police Quest 


Who Will You Be: 

Top Cop or Top Terrorist? 

Former LA Police Chief Daryl Gates with 5tVA7"Co-designer Susan Frischer. 

in the preparations lor these security 
operations that Gates gained expertise in 
the area of Terrorism and rountertactirs 
This expertise is built into the coming 
SWAT simulation in a 
most original way. 

SWAT 2 strikes a 
major first by allowing 
you to delve deep into 
the criminal mind. 
Though you play the 
first half of the game 
"straight," as a SWAT 
team Chief or Element 
Leader, you have the 
option to play the last 
half of the game as the 
leader of the terrorist 
group that you 
encounter throughout the missions. 
Take this tact and you may find yourself 
asking the question, "Am I good enough 
to go up against one of the finest SWAT 
teams in the nation?" 

Real Ufa Dramas 

SWAT 2 takes place in the crime- 
ridden •treats of I A Where the 
first SWAT title was based in the training 

Get careless 
the job when 

on the job and BANG! You're dead. That's 
you join an elite SWAT unit. 

it takes to become one of the elite SWAT 
team, SWAT 2 takes you straight into the 
action. The games 30 missions are 
taken from actual LAPD SWAT call-ups 
and range from a rural Freemen-type sit- 

InterAction Magazine Fall 1996 

uation featuring a lot of negotiations to 
terrorists holding passengers hostage in 
a Jet on a runway, to strange twists of 
fate such as a 7-11 owner who has 
cracked and is holding hostage the gun- 
man who tried to rob his store. 

Cot and Mouse On-Une 

This game will be designed and coded 
to support network and on-line play. 
In multi-player games, each player will 
direct the action of either a SWAT ele- 
ment (5* officers) or a group of terrorists. 
In a life or death game of cat and mouse, 
either the SWAT officers will capture or 
kill the terrorists, or the terrorists will kill 
the officers and make good their escape. 
SWAT 2 will also support user-created 
scenarios in which the player populates 

a location with suspects with custom- 
tailored Al personalities. The location 
can be barricaded or booby-trapped. 
Players can also design an element and 
then try to beat that as a suspect. 

Missions based on real 
LAPD 8WAT call-ups. 

• Thirty missions (15 playable from ter- 
rorist or SWAT perspective). 

• Non-player characters with artificial 
intelligence and "personalities" that 
are different every time you play. 

• Real-time game with slider so that the 
player can control game speed (ie: 1 
game minute ■ 5 real minutes). 

« On-line hints from former LA Chief 
Daryl Gates himself. 

SWAT 2 strikes a major first 
by allowing you to delve deep 
into the criminal mind. 
have the option to play the 
last half of the game as the 
leader of the terrorist group." 

Save $25 

A $105 value, together 
for just $84.90 

Police Quest: SWAT 

Daryl Gates, former head of the LAPD and 

the originator of the Special Weapons and 

Tactics (SWAT) concept, takes the Police 

Quest Series to new levels of realism. 

Learn what real SWAT officers face as 

you work the streets of Los Angeles. 



The triumph of Shivers shows that great 
games can still make it big even 
against the most heavily hyped releases. 
Shivers arrived in stores about the 
same time as huge Christmas releases 
like Phantasmagoria and The Eleventh 
Hour. The competition might have 
crushed a weaker game, but that's not 
what happened... 

Police Quest: Collection 

It's here, the first four Police Quests are now 
available in one collection. See how the 

series evolves as former LAPD Chief Daryl 
Gates takes over as creative consultant. 



Winning every time in "head-to-head" 
comparisons with the other holiday 
horror releases, Shivers became the 
"word of mouth" hit game of '96. A year 
later, it's still a hot seller. Now 
Designer Marcia Bales and the Shivers 
team are hard at work on a new game 
to build on the Shivers success story. 

Sierra Prepping New 

Shivers II 

Sequel to the Sleeper Hit That 
Has the On-Line World Talking 

hard to assure that Shivers II will keep 
you playing for hours on end with even 
more of the excitement and suspense that 
made the first Shivers such a success. 

If you enjoy games that take you to 
the edge and leave you hanging there 
for hours at a time, and a challenge 
that will keep you playing well into the 
darkest hours of the night, then pre- 
order a copy of Shivers II from your 
retailer now, or watch for the first release 
of Shivers //in early 1997. 

Welcome to the Cyclone 
Motel. You can check in any 
time you like, but you can 
never leave... Or can you? 

In Shivers //, you find yourself in the 
deserted town of Cyclone, AZ. An eerie 
feeling of uneasiness sur- 
rounds you as you 
search for your miss- 
ing friends. Search 
the town for clues to 
the dark secrets that 
DO one in Cyclone 
wants to share £ 
with you. As the 
game progress- 
es you find the 
townspeople have ^ 
all disappeared, one by 
one. Yet no mat- 
ter where you go, 
you aJways feel as 
if someone is watching 
your every step. 

The intricate story 
evolves differently, 
depending on the 


moves you make. Maybe the 
ancient kachinas, the spirit mes- 
sengers of the Pueblo Indians, 
will help you on your quest. But 
don't be fooled by the evil 
Darkcloud. This deceptive spirit 
can be anyone or anything, and is 
always close behind you. 

Just what is the true identity of 
Darkcloud? Solve 
the mysteries by 
deciphering hid- 
den messages, 
( -ollecting 
sticks and 
keeping a clear 
head against the 
mystic powers of 
ancient spirits. If 
you are careless, you 
may jeopardize the life 
of your friends and your- 
. Darkcloud excels at 
exploiting your mistakes. 
Designer Marcia Bales and the 
Shivers team have been working 

9 6 

You won't believe the truly creepy tales you 
get from this crypt. 

This bakery looks like something out of the 
Twilight Zone and the game plays like it too. 

It seems like the k.a.a. factor has taken 
hold throughout the many development 
groups of the Sierra family. (See article 
on k.a.a on page 55.) A group of 
Impressions developers have actually 
moved out of their offices in their 
search for fresh new action. Get a load 
of what they have in store for early 1997. 

Action set 

To Explode 

It doesn't have a name yet The game 
developers are keeping the )uider details 
under wraps, and are guarding the story- 
line like a rottweiler guards a bone. But 
what they can tefl you Is that the game Is 
going to be "4^" (fresh, fun, fast & furious). 
Sierra doesn't often let games get this far 
into development without having ail the 
details on little things like names, plots, and 
complete designs, but when you're enc our 
aging designers to do something new and 
different, change is a good thing. The 
Impressions developers have actually car- 
ried the idea to the extreme. They moved 
into secluded offices so they could create 
this hot new game free from the prying eyes 
of management. 

At this point, what we can tell you is that 
the game play will have a lot in common 

with Choplifter in that you must rescue 
Ik »stages from alien territory. And 
like Lemmings, they follow you 
wherever you go. The longer the line 
of hostages, the more you must plan. 
Turn around while you are blasting 
aliens and you could wipe out the 
folks you came to save. The bad guys 
are space aliens, the combat is 3-D 
isometric overhead view, and the 
multi-player option is sure to turn 
some heads. 'Hunk of it as a thinking 
man's shoot ing game. 

When the developers show off 
what they have so far, there's lots <»{ 
explosions, hostage rescuing, and 
enough awesome mayhem to keep 
every action gaming fan happy. Next 
issue we'll even tell you the name! 

Can you keep a group of hostages alive 
through this explosive encounter? 

Sierra is completely revamping the way 
adventure games look and play, and 
Cloak will showcase the mind-blowing 
new technology. Be a part of the Cloak 
Revolution. DON'T WAIT. Join up with 
the Cloak Agents! 

Pioneering New Technology 
ClOaK: The Naked Mind 

Cutting-Edge Game Play Meets 
Intergalactic Intrigue and Espionage 

Welcome to a world of inter- 
galactic intrigue. The 
upcoming Cloak: The Naked 
Mind drops you into the role 
of a spy who's heen cyberwired to a 
robot on the surface of the alien "Bulb" 
planet. You must discover if the aliens 
have the technology to enslave your 
planet, then carry out a little covert 
espionage. Remote control has never 
been so much fun. 
Cloak pioneers 
new game technolo- 
gy that takes advan- 
tage of the 
Windows 95 multi- 
threading tech- 
nique Multi-thread- 
ing is a clever 32-bit 

way to make a computer do many dif- 
ferent things at once, so you can play 
one aspect of the title while another 
loads. There is no waiting on game play. 
(Utah sports an exciting new triple- 
window interface that lets you engage 
in three distinct activities at once. 
You can, for instance, spy through a 
camera you've planted while explor- 
ing the abandoned mines of Baccos 
and consulting a 
map. To read the 
Cloak backstory 
and get a first 
look at the game, 
go to the Cloak 
Home Page at 
\games\cloak on 

the SierraWeb. You can also follow a 
link to join the Cloak Agents. As a 
member of this elite cadre you'll 
have the opportunity to 
influence the design of 
Cloak. Joining is free 
and you get a monthly 
electronic newsletter 
Cloak needs you. Sign 
Up today! 

Do you have ideas you'd^ 
like to share with the 
Cloak development 
teams? They'd love to 

hear it. Drop em a note! 





There are more than a dozen pinball 
games available at software retailers. 
But one of them is so far ahead of the 
rest that it accounts for more than half 
of all pinball game sales — 3-D Ultra 
Pinball. How do you follow up on a suc- 
cess like that? Read on! 

If you think :W Ultra Pinball put a 
new twist to tabletop flipper twitch- 
ing, wait 'til you see what Sierra is 
doing to mini golf. This isn't your 
typical windmills and putter kind of 
game. The forthcoming 3-D Ultra Mini 
Golf takes the same extreme 3-D uni- 
verse modeling that is featured in 3-D 
Ultra Pinball: Creep Night and applies it 
to that "slice of Americana" game we've 
all played at one time or another. 

Designed by Kevin Ryan, one of the 
original Sierra Dynamix division 
founders, 3-D Ultra Mini Golf offers 18 
wildly diverse holes 
that'll take more than 
just a few strokes to 
beat. The central 
theme is also a chal- 
lenge — to see how 
outta-control and fun 
each hole can be 
made with things 
you can't do in real 
life. The planned 

Designer Kevin Ryan 
and the 3-D Ultra Mini 
Golf learn enjoyed lots 
of on-site research in 
bringing Mini 
Golf to life. 

Sierra's New 3-D Ultra 

Mini Golf 

Gets Outta Control! 

range from lunar moon bases with grav- 
ity wells to tropical jungles complete 
with ruins and erupting volcanos. 

There's even a time travel hole where 
you can send a ball back in time. If that 
ball just happens to come forward in 
time and collide with your ball in present 
time, an anti-matter reaction happens 
and everything in the known universe 
explodes. Your punishment for destroy- 
ng life as we know it? One penalty 
stroke. We told you, these are things 
you can't do in reaJ 
life. Look for 3D 
Ultra Mini Golf in 
early Spring 1997, 
and look for more 
info in future issues 
of InterAction. 

A few issues back, we announced that 
Outpost 2 was underway. When we did- 
n't give an update on it last issue, peo- 
ple demanded one. Good thing too, 
because the designers on the project 
have changed. Pat Cook and Alan 
McPheeters are now in charge (They 
hold no less than THREE CGW Game of 
the Year Awards between them). Here's 
the latest update straight from the 

InterAction: Tell us about Outpost 2. Is it a 
sequel to the original, a rewrite, or what? 
Pat Cook: Outpost 2 is based loosely on 
the original Outpost 1.5 story. The 
world ends and it's your job to build 
the future of mankind in outerspace... 
but the interface, artwork, sound and 
game play will be radically different... 
It'll have about twice as many buildings 
and vehicles as the original. 
Alan McPheeters: Outpost 2 will play in 
real time as opposed to turn based, and 
it will have multi-player capabilities 
over modem. LAN, and Internet. Up to 
six players can be on the planet at one 
time. You'll be able to play a single 
game all over the planet; it won't just be 
your own little colony. 

IA: People raved about 
the original Outpost I .5 
graphics. How will 
those change? 

PC: The artwork will 
be 16-bit. The entire 
game is being done as 
a native Windows 95 
application, so the 
players will be able to 
choose their screen 
resolution. All that 
means is the game 
graphics will be a 
magnitude better than 
the original. 

AM: Outpost 1.5 was a tile-placing game. 
This is a unit-moving game. If you want 
to bulldoze an area, you need to drive 
the dozer there. To erect a building, 
you'll nerd to pick up the parts at the 
structure factory and drive the con- 
struction vehicle to the site to put it up 
IA: Game play-wise, will you be picking 
up where Outyxtst 1.5 left off? 

PC: Not exactly. Outpost 1.5 fans will 
recognize some of the buildings and 
vehicles, but the way the game works is 
completely different. Since it's in real 
time, there's more emphasis on the 
action and tactics. You need to make 
decisions quickly, and there's an ele- 
ment of the game that will constantly 
be causing tension on the player. It 
won't be a "walk in the park". 
AM: We took the storyline a few years 
after the original game. You can play as 
either the main colony, which we call 
Eden, or the rebel colony, which we cail 

Building mankind's future in space is about to get 
tougher faster moving, and more competitive. 

Plymouth. Each of the colonies has pro- 
gressed for several years on its own. 
Although they share some technologies, 
they each have some unique technologies 
and each city lias its own personality. 
PC: The story starts off with an acci- 
dent at the Hoi I .<tl> in one of the 
colonies. It has a rather dramatic effect 
on the planet and the colonies... A lot 

of people thought the first game was a 
little slow and there were a lot of times 
where you were just clicking through 
turns waiting for something to happen. 
In Outpost 2, we say to the player, "OK. 
here's where you need to be," and the 
player will have to figure out how to 
get there. It's more of a "He who hesi- 
tates is lost" approach. With the real- 
time aspect and the environmental... 
pressures... the player will be very busy. 

IA: Environmental pressures'' 

PC Electrical storms, sandstorms, plan- 
etquakes, erupting volcanoes and lava 
flows, meteorite impacts wiping out 
half your colony, revolting colonictc... 

You know, standard hostile planet stuff 

IA: So the game is more than an exten- 
sion of Outpost 1.5? 

PC: Absolutely. I would say the game is 
kind of a mixture of Outpost, Sim City, 
Caesar If, Masters of Orion, Warcraft 2, 
and Commnnfj and Conquer with some 
Civilization tossed in for good measure 

AM: All of those are really great games. 
We're trying to take some of the great 
ideas from them and fit them into this 
hostile planet survival scenario while still 
keeping the synergy of the parts there. 
You know, the "whole is greater than the 
sum of the parts" philosophy. 

IA: When can we expect to see it on 
the shelves? 

AM: tarly summer next year. We're 
hoping to have a playable demo out 
early next yeai so people can see how 
much the game lias evolved. 

Sierra On-line 



King's Quest 

n the middle ages, kings spon- 
sored tournaments where 
armor-clad knights jousted 
to the death in front of 
cheering, blood- 
thirsty audiences. Today's 
tournaments feature a 
mouse and a computer instead of a 
lance and horse. They're not quite as bloody, 
but every bit as as exciting. Especially when it's 
the royal game of King's Quest. 

For the seventh year in a row, students from 
the Waverly School District in New York state 
participated in the King's Quest Tournament as 
part of the district's Summer Horizons program. 
The students, ranging from 
1st to 6th grades, 
are offered "a 
chance to build 

critical think- 
ing and logic 




Waverly Summer Program Students, computer 
Waverly, New York. commands," 

says Summer Horizon Teacher Ron Hoodak. 

If learning is the goal, then fun is the way. 
The King's Quest Tournament has begun to 
attract students from neighboring districts 
who want to dust off their swords and shields, 
boot up their mouse and computer, and embark 
on the riveting journey of King's Quest. Good 
luck guys! 

Halloween Pinball Giveaway 

October 3 1st is rapidly approaching and 
Sierra has prepared some special candy for 
the occasion. This Halloween, float on down to 
your local software retailer and get a free 3-D 
illltra Pinball: Creep Night demo 
FCD. We even included several 
demos of Sierra's hottest new 
releases. Make sure to haunt the 
stores early, because the supply is 
limited. You wouldn't want to go 
home with an empty treat bag. 



Viva Las Vegas 


i ien ne vas plus — hold your bets. Hoyle veteran 

I Robert 

j Goodmans 

I essay entry 
about the maverick 
riverboat gambler. 
Bart, broke the bank. 
Robert is the grand- 
prize winner of 
Sierra's Hoyle Casino 

Vegas Contest. He'll receive round-trip airfare to 


I Vegas, a three night stay at Bally's of Las 
Vegas, dinner for two, and tickets to the 
smash-hit Jubilee show. "I'm a frequent 
visitor to Las Vegas," he said, "but I 
never really win much." Well Robert, 
apparently your luck is changing. 
Congratulations and enjoy your trip! 

Sierra Sightings 

More and more Sierra games are making it to the big 
screen. Many readers let their eyes wander and noticed 
COplM of Outfxtst and Leisure Suit Larry 6 in the Demi Moore 
movie. Striptease Kevin 
Dobies of Scotia. NY saw. 
wrote and won. Nice 
catch. Kevin! 

Another Sierra sighting 
came from Peggy (irasso 
and her son from Tulsa. 
OK. They spotted Gabriel 
Knight lawyer Frederick 
Solms playing a newscast- 
er in one of the rides at 
Disney World's Epcot 
Center. Congratulations! 

If you spot any Sierra 
products or people on TV 
or in a movie, let us know. 
If you're first to report a 
cool new sighting, you 
win the Sierra game of 
your choice, free! Mail 
your sighting report to: 

InterActton Magazine, ATTN: Cultural Reference Contest, 
P.O. Box 50038, Bellevue, WA 98105-3008 

I N T*E R 

9021 -Lowe 

When Al Lowe asked gamers to send 
in Larry-esque jokes to be included in 
the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry 7: 
Love for Sail!, he had no idea what 
he was getting himself into — which 
wasn't necessarily a first. This time, however, 
he really opened the floodgates 
and Larry jokes are piling up 
faster than rejections to 
Larry's lewd come-ons. The 
Post Office is ready to give 
Al's office its own zip code — ** 
9021 Lowe Nice job everyone!^ 
If you want to take a sneak 
peak at a "naughty but not 
obscene" collection of Larry contri 
butions, check out Larry's home page 

Nothing can prepare you 
for Rama, but you can win 
a great T-shirt 

ama is coming — and this is your 
chance to 

Rama contest 
and be one of 
the lucky winners 
to receive and wear 
the official "RAMA is 
coming" T-shirt. Everyone 
who enters will receive 

informative online 

information about the Rama 
game. Enter now at Sierra's 
web site [ 
games/rama/). The future 
never held so much 
promise, mystery or 
intrigue. Here's your chance 
to get into the game before it 
gets into you. 

Lords of the Realm II — 

Free T-shirts for loyal subjects 

The king has sent out a royal proclamation across 
the land to all his subjects. "Hear ye, bear ye, all 
those offering allegiance to Sierra have an oppor- 
tunity to win one of hundreds Lords of the Realm /IT- 
shirts." Register the "Lords" contest now and just for 
entering we will provide you with "secret" information 
and hints that could make or break a would-be king. 
Register today at Sierra's web site Your destiny awaits. 


>P ra[I|n4i Wjr^jO 


The Diaries of Antara 

Since the release of Betrayal in Antara is just around the corner, the 
design team would like to share its Production Diaries with you. (Pretty 
cool, huh?). The diaries are available on the Antara Extra Goodies page 
and will he updated periodically until the product goes out the door! 
Until then, is the place to be. 

Embark on exciting adventures 
when Betrayal In Antara hits the 
stores later this year. 


Sheet Music 

Get ready to play your favorite Sier . 
tunes! Sax it up with Al Lowe's origii. 
Larry's Theme. Instant stardom is yours 
audiences will recognize what you are playing. 
Did we say stardom? Oops, sorry, we meant 
notoriety. Get Larry's Theme at 

For a more sinister mood setting, download the 
sheet music to Phantasmagoria. You may not live 
in a haunted mansion, but with this music, it 
will definitely sound like you do. The 
Phantasmagoria original score is lurking . 
among the extra goodies at: ^ ' 

Gabe Knight 

Does Windows 

Yes. you have played Gabriel Knight The 
Beast Within lor many sleepless nights. Now you want 
to see more hut can't find anything? Kelax, we have packed up a nice 
little Gabriel Knight Theme Pak for you. AI! you need is Windows 95 and 

Rrosoft Plus! Zip on over to the Gabriel Knight web site and click on 
the "Extra Goodies" button. The theme pack includes sound bites, wall- 
paptf, new icon and cuMon for your WIN95 operating system. 
mJfy\X\\n% you always wanted it's in the Gabriel Knight Theme Pak at 

"Here's looking at you, WWN05!" Gabriel Knight is 
now starring on a waNpaper near you. 

Interaction Magazine Fa l l 19 9 6 

A Phantasmagoria 2 
Preview of Sorts 

Lorelei Shannon, the designer of the new 
Phantasmagoria 2, is one of the more 
delightfully twisted individuals we've ever 
had the privilege of working with here al 
Sierra. How much so? We can't wait to let 
you know! Though Phantasmagoria 2 won't 
be available for a month or so yet, you can 
download this original short story from 
Lorelei on the SierraWeb site. Get your own 
personal preview at: 


Lorelei won't crack your skull, but her short 
story will make you shudder. 


in Cybersp! 

We have created a new mes- 
sage board for all you 
Bioderms out there. You can 
exchange the latest HERC- 
setups. strategies or even 
stage tournaments. Let us know what you 
think. If this board works well for you, we'll 
use it for our other products. Access the 
new board at: 

Product Release 

Looting for the latest news on when to 
expect upcoming Sierra releases? Now you 
know where to go for the latest information. 
The SierraWeb has the most current new 
release calendar you're likely to And any 
where. Check it out at: 

^> <^ 


1 f 

i V 


fe ^1 



fv ^Jr 




JcfcJ /£lVi5i 


error >%^o<jl£s 

"tf <K 


fin/ /Kree* 

3-D Ultra Pintail: Crtepnight has everything your 

iwisied little heart desires. Ghouls. Goblins. Spiders. 

Pintail-snatching ghosts. Lightening fast action. And 

the most realistic tall physics or any pintail game. All 

packed on three extra-wide tables thai are cooler than 

a coroner's slab. Heck, there's even a fourth bonus table 

if you live that long. Check it out. That is. after you 
finish up underneath the house. 

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i 3-P Ulfa 
9:. iJI 

1 "V^ M ; 

3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Hight 

Once euery 100 years a uortex to the underworld 
opens and chaos retgns as ghosts, gremlins and 
gargoyles wreak hauoc in a haunted castle Only 
finous flipper-action and lightemng-pck bank 
shots can uanquish the ghouls as you uuarp between 
tte castle courtyard, mad scientist's lab, and dungeon 
catacombs If you're good enough to uncouer the 
bonus fable, you'll face the Goblin King in a ghoulish 
grand finale where your speedy reflexes mill seal the 
Mrtex and send the nasty creatures packing, .until 
the neHt time 

Our exclusive 
extra — wide 
playing field — 
which debuted in 
the best-selling 3-D 
Ultra Pinball— lets 
up to four players 
experience all the 
action without 

-> v.\ 

The Save Game feature just 
might get you through the three 
main tables, but you'll also 
need skill and luck to uncover 
multiple hidden levels and a 
bonus fourth table! 

Most realistic 

physics and 

accurate ball 

movement of any 

computer pinball 



**•' V 

Moving targets, hidden levels, and 
mischievous ball-stealing creatures 
t ^ unique to any pinball game! 

(My $44.85! 

I Wl# ™ Ob 



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of this Issue 

for another, 

3-D Ultra 


hit 3-D Ultra 

c r 1/ u R A 

Sierra's Awesome 
Collections Sale 

NOW J') r \ 
ONLY £9 

Now you can get your hands on incredible collections of Sierra's most popular 
series— with as many as 6 best-selling games— all for under 30 bucks. Order today! 

The Quest For 
Glory Anthology 

Combine character- 
building, combat and 
stunning adventure- 
fantasy with four 
titles from the 
Quest For Glory series. 
►Includes So You Want To Be 
A Hero, Trial By Fire, Wages of 
War and Shadows of Darkness. 

(DOS/Win CD). only 


King's Quest 

Since 1984, the 
King's Quest Series 
has become the 
top-selling comput- 
er adventure of all 
time. This collection 
includes the first six chart- 
ding King's Quest adven- 
i King's Quest i: Quest For 
The Crown to King's Quest VI; Heir 
Today, Gone Tomorrow. 

(DOS/Win CD) only 


Police Quest: 
The 4 Most Wanted 





Hits And 


Experience the tasteless wonder that is 
Larry with an exclusive collection of six 
hilarious mis-adventures, inrlurips the 
original Land of The Lounge Lizards 
(plus the histrionic 1991 remake), 
through the Passionate Patti episodes, 
to Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out. 

(DOS/Win CD) only 29.95 

Take your best shot at crime and corrup- 
tion with the first four Police Quest 
releases, includinq In Pursuit of The 
Death Angel, The Vengeance, The 
Kindred and Open Season. This spe- 
cial collection also includes special 
video interviews with the games' creators 
and limited-edition action-arcade games. 

(DOS/Win CD) only' 

Aces: The Complete 
Collector's Edition 

Sign on for a single mission or a full 
tour with the collection that gives you 
four all-time Aces classics, including 
the original Red Baron, Aces of 
The Pacific, Aces Over Europe 
and the original A- 10 Tank Killer. 
You also get Aviation Pioneers, a 
Itimertia review of early aviation history. 

all Toil-Free Today 


(DOS CD). only 


1 800 HI 7707 ♦ Visit is il blip ffwwsiern en ir n AOL ail Ciipiserve