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"7. , - -t—^ 


The month of October has never been one of 
my favorite times of the year (For that 
matter, November through March are not to 
great either!). You see, October spells the 
end of the Baseball season, short sleeve 
living, golf balls souring through the sun 
drenched sky and the sweet smell of freshly 
cut grass. Oh yes, October truly is a month 
of despair. Hay, don't'get me wrong, the 
gods really tried to spice things up with a 
silly game played with a pig skin. I mean 
come on, a game where one week grown men run 
around in sub-zeor temperatures barking like 
dogs and the next week sweating in near 
tropical conditions! Give me a break, what 
this, someones idea of WestleMinia II at 
the Horizon? I say, give me Baseball year 
round, give me the sight and sound of a 
double header, the youthful feeling of 
spring training and the veteran guts of a 
pennant race. All of this has to be spoiled 
by a month called October! However, I'm 
ready this year. I have on video tape ALL 
the highlights of the 1986 Chicago Cubs. 
All the great moments that made this year a 
special oner 1 figure when it's cold and, 
dark outside I'll just put in this tape and 
watch Harry Carey sing 'Take me out to the 
ball game' eighty two times. After that 
I'll be really ready to bark like a dog and. 
enjoy WrestleMinia, NFL style! 

Now, lets talk shop. Since we last got 
together, the phone and mail box has been 
busy. We have received more inquires about 
Glenside than any other time in the Club's 
history. I have to think that all this 
activity is a direct results of all the 
great press we have received of late. It 
started with the October issue of The 
Rainbow Magazine and carried through to the 
'al press coverage- of our September 
'nTeeting. I have to also believe that the 
news about the CoCo III is helping to create 
this interest. Glenside is on the move and 
with some of our short and long range goals, 
we will be traveling at twice the speed poke 
going into 1987. 

During our September meeting and as of 
this mailing, five (count'em 5) new members 
have joined the Glenside family. Yes this 
is a reprint of last months statement, but 
with all NEW members! Since the start of 
this year, 24 new members have joined 
Glenside and if these past two month are any 
indication of wliats to come, look out! 
Thanks to everyone for keeping Glenside on a 
growing positive roll and a special thanks 
to The Rainbow Magazine and Press 
Publications for your kind words. 

See you all in October. 




FflEV MEMBERS. Page 3 


FOR SALE. Page 5 

1 1 1 1 1 1 11."MMMMIIIJJII.m! 

For the October meeting we might be caught 
between the old eight ball. The Color 
.Computer III should be out by then (sure you 
have heard this line before...or did you 
know that the one of the three biggest lies 
Was replaced with, 'THE CoCo III IS DUE OUT 
ANY DAY!') but we still need to set up a 
presentation. Well, I'm here to tell ya 
that we have set up a great presentation. 
Randy Spector a Vice President with Speech 
Systems will be demonstrating all of their 
new music software. He will also have a 
keyboard synthesizer plugged into the color 
computer turning the Library into our very 
own Carnegie Hall. This will be a must see 
and hear meeting and in addition, the timing 
is just right for all of you wondering what 
to buy your CoCo for Christmas! See you on 
October 9th. 

By: Joe Register 

While read ng my August 25th issue of 
InfoWorld, found an interesting article 

explaining Tandy's most recent computer 
marketing strategy. Having acquired six 
examples of Tandy’s past strategies, I was 
obviously curious as to what the future 
miglit hold. I was surprised. 

Fort Worth must have been in a talkative 
mood because Ed Juge wasn't by his lonesome 
on this interview. This time we heard from 
Ron Segall, senior vice president. It was 
his comment that disturbed me. According to 
InfoWorld, Ron said that "IBM is ... setting 
the standards now. Until this changes, 
Tandy will not introduce a computer and ask 
software developers to write programs for a 
new type of machine". Ed's comments 
supported this position of 100 percent IBM 
compatibility or bust! 

What the heck is going on with these 
people? Are they really serious or just 
trying to give the new clone purchasers a 
real warm feeling about their new line-up? 
I really hope it's the latter. Tandy 
started out as a home computer manufacturer 
that understood the needs of that market 
segment. Sure they've made mistakes, but 
the Model 2000 they referred to in this 
interview was a business machine. I trust 
these people understand the difference but 
does the buying public? If they continue to 
stress IBM compatibility, even in a home 
computer, what happens to all their other 
fine products that aren't MSDOS machines? 
After all, you don't have to run the 
mainstream business DOS for every 
application. 0S9 is more powerful than 
MSDOS but who will know or care if this 
mandate for compatibility continues. 

Tandy didn't enjoy the success it achieved 
from the Model 100 with this wait and see 
■•attitude. They found a need and built the 
right machine. This same opportunity 
presents itself again with the new COCO III. 
I can't believe the people who built this 
new machine don't realize that what they 
have in this computer is ten times more 
exiting in the home market than another IBM 
clone. Come on Tandy, take the lead again. 
Our hard earned bucks are waiting! 





News letter 

Even though the Color Computer III was not 
available for our September meeting, Bob 
Flory of Tandy still braved his way to the 
meeting. Bob brought with him a FULL 
complement of Tandy MS-DOS systems 
demonstrate and talk about. In the back i,. 
the room I had a small bet going as to how 
long Bob would get into his presentation 
before a CoCo question would come up! 1 
believe as soon as Bob mentioned the great 
graphics and memory available on the Tandy 
MS-DOS systems, someone asked him to compare 
them to the new CoCo...And the beat goes 
on...This was the first time in the history 
of Glenside that a Tandy Being gave us a 
presentation and Bob left us uttering, "WHY 
DTD WE WAIT SO LONG!!!" Bob was up to any 
and all questions and the systems were quite 

impressive. On behalf of the Glenside Color 
Computer Club we say to Bob Flory and the 
Tandy Computer Center of Yorktown t THANKS 
for taking the time and showing interest in 
Glenside. There is also a big thanks out 
for club member Bruce Gilmore. Bob had real 
problems with his car on route to our 
meeting (thats why he was late) and Bruce 
followed him home to ensure a save landing. 
Thanks again Bruce, your good deed did not 
go un-noticed*.. 

In addition t John Hilborn of National 
Computer Supply was offering major league 
discounts on Disk Storage Box, Printer 
Stands, Surge Suppressors and a computer 
mini-vac. As Crazy Eddie says on TV, ’THE 


Please welcome with me five (count'em 5) new 
members to the growing family of Glenside. 

* Elaine Dieterle of Glen Ellyn has a 64K 
CoCo disk drive system and printer. Elaine 

es our way through our Club listing in 
Rainbow Magazine and is the First Lady to 
join Glenside, 

* Len Zielinski of Niles has a 64K CoCo disk 
drive system with a modern & printer. Len 
comes our way via Howard Medical BBS and 
David Barnes. 

* David Lucas of Chicago has a 64K CoCo disk 
drive system with a modem S printer* David 
comes to us through his friendship with Club 
SysOp, Paul Covello. 

* Elmer Williams of Elmhurst has a 64K CoCo 
disk drive system* He also owns a Model I, 
Model IV & Model 4P. Elmer will be an added 
help to all of our TRSDQS members* 

* Ray Grundy of Glendale Heights has a 16K 
non-Extended CoCo (does this sound familiar 
guys?)* Ray comes our way through our Club 
listing in Rainbow. Also, Ray is a real HAM 
RADIO nut and an old Army buddy of my 
baseball manager* 

On behalf of Glenside, WELCOME! I know your 
association with the Glenside Computer 
Network will give you that much needed shot 
in the Chips! 



This 12" green screen high resolution mon; 
itot offers 80 column capability. Zenith quali¬ 
ty and a 30 day warranty valid at any of 
Zenith's 1200 local ions 

Retail $149 $f^y50 

Our price W f (S7 shipping) 

122A Zenith 12' Amber Screen of¬ 
fers tnc same 640 doll* * 200 ccris 
resolution at 15MHz a '* 
and a 90 day warranty valid at our 
1200 Jettons, ^ O O 

(S7 shipping) O O 

Ct**cotil Specials —• only 14 in 
slock. We have a limited number of 
lesser known color monitors that 
have been discontinued but are 
brand new In their q _# m f\ 
original bones. ^ 

{514 shipping) 

141 Roland 13" Color Monitor with 
speaker, 270 dots x 200 dots 
resolution, A MHz QO ^ "7 

bandwidth. ° £,1 i 

^ {$14 shipping) 

i Zcutiii 13" CoEor Monitor has 
medium resolution with speaker 
end RGB jack, S “t CZ O 
{S14 shipping) IDO 

Alt monitors require an amplifier 
circuit to drive the monitor e no are 
mounted inside the color computer. 
They attach with spring connectors, 
with two wires extending out ot the 
comouier, one for audio and one for 

VA-1 lor monochrome 
monitors only, fils all 
color computers 

(52 shpg) 


VC-4 lor monochrome 
or color, fits all color 

(52 shpg)^3 9 45 

By Floyd 

When going over the October issue of the 
Rainbow Magazine, just a few things caught 
my fancy. Unlike last months program, 
WRITER-ZAP, I did not see or find in the 
October issue any one outstanding program 
listing that the world could not live with 
out. Thats not to say there was nothing of 
interest, October is the annual graphics 
issue and there were two basic graphic 
display programs for the CoCo 3, For all of 
you basic hackers, give those programs a 
look see* They do use some of the ne\* r basic 
statements and ROM calls we will be enjoying 
with the new CoCo. Also, there was a 
graphic utility that allowed you to stretch, 
reduce & enlarge your graphic pictures. 
Software programs like Gr^phicom II and CoCo 
Max allow you these features, but cost far 
more then the $3.95 cover price of Rainbow. 
However, none of these programs blew my SAM 
chip away. The highlights of the October 
Rainbow (in my estimation) could be found in 
three, no four places* The first being the 
article on page 94 called 'Dissecting the 
CoCo 3 T by Cray Augsburg. This was a real 
nuts and bolts look at the guts of the CoCo 
3* It is this kind of detail that Tandy 
would never venture to show or talk about. 
I for one know that there are state and 
federal laws that make it illegal for people 
like me to even -think about picking up a 
screw driver, let alone opening up the case 
of the new CoCo! This article just might 
have saved me from doing 3 to 5 years hard 
time with Joliet Jake!!! THANKS GUYS! The 
other areas of interest could be found in 
Lonnie Falk's article, VPRINT^Z 1 , It was 
here that Mr* Falk mentioned and gave credit 
to Glenside regarding Joe Register's article 
in your July/August Newsletter about the new 
CoCo 3, Glenside was also mentioned in the 
bi-monthly -Club listing on page 189 and your 
own club president, Ed Hathaway (we on the 
Newsletter staff call him Editor Ed) had yet 
another award winning graphic picture in the 
CoCo Gallery on page 122* With all this 
positive feedback coming from a national 
publication like Rainbow, I know in the 
months to come I will be saying, knew 
Glenside when they were just 16K of memory!' 1 
Good show Glenside... 

We'll talk again next month 

Howard Medical Computers 

( 312 ) 278-1440 


We have received word from a reliable source 
Chat the reason for the CoCo III not being 
available at the time of this publication is 
due to the CoCo II. Word has it that Tandy 
would like to get rid of some CoCo II 

inventory. Their thinking could be, who 

would buy a II when there is the III! We 
can only hope that the consumer has been 
advised by the Radio Shack sales people of 

the soon to come CoCo III and that the 

purchase was from need, not a sales persons 
commission! A rumor that first came up 
regarding the delay was that the CoCo III 
was held up waiting FCC approval. ’Well I'm 
not sure who to believe or who to turn to. 
In the AUGUST '86 issue of the Tandy User 
Group Newsletter, Ed Juge stated the 
following in a 'Conclusion' article, 
"Demonstration units will be in stores 
hopefully by the time you read this. All of 
these products (talking about all the new 
Tandy computers announced on July 30th) will 
be available in the month of 

August-coot..." Then in the SEPTEMBER 

'86 issue of the Tandy User Group 
Newsletter, Ed Juge stated the following in 
t' }.'Tandy New Product Status' article, "My 
h .derstanding is that the CoCo 3 was 
■ubmitted slightly before that decision was 
reached (talking about obtaining FCC testing 
approval for RF emission levels), so its 
certification is in hand. The computer is 
being built in Tandy's Korean plant, and the 
first units were shipped around July 30. 
They should be showing up in stores within a 
very few weeks, or even days." At the close 
of this article Ed states* "We hope 

approvals will come through (speaking again 
about the FCC approvals) very soon on the 
Tandy 1000 EX and SX, since they were 
submitted at the same time as the 3000 rIL.. 
As of this writing, though, there has been 
no word," There was also mention that the 
new DeskMate 3 would be coming September 30. 
W T ell it's October 3rd and still no sign of 
either the CoCo 3 or DeskMate 3. If I'm not 
mistaken, did we not see and touch the 
1000 EX & SX at our September meeting? In 
reading the above, you would think that we 
all were dreaming! Go ahead guys, pinch 
yourself, are you still dreaming? I can't 
wait to read the October issue of the Tandy 
User Group Newsletter to see what the latest 
statement Tandy comes up with...and the saga 
continues... Stay tuned for next months 
Newsletter for RUMOR MILL PART II! 

Statements in quotes were sourced from Tandy 
User Group Newsletter - Tandy Corporation / 
Radio Shack 


It's quite early this Saturday morning as 
thunder and lighting . rattle the homes of 
Mid—West, USA. As I look out my office 
window, I notice that a mushroom farm^k, 
growing where grass ooce was. The sound 
hammer and saw ring, through the early 

morning typhoon as someone is putting the 
finishing touches on the Village’Ark! Only 
the sound of Saturday morning cartoons' break 
the repetitious drone of hammer and nail. 
My attention is directed to the TV as a 
Public service announcement interruots 

He-Man from saving the universe. It reads; 
'It's very late September and do you know 
where the Color Computer 3 is?" 

With this message, I am reminded of the News 
Release Tandy put out on July 30, 1986 
regarding the CoCo 3. In the second 
paragraph of this release it states, -THE 
key word here must be 'available 1 becau 
the same statement shows up on Tandy's Col 
Computer 3 Fact Sheet. I’m certain th 
Illinois and for H-m*' ntter, the Mid-We 
is still part of the n. 'ionwide as descrif 
by Tandy. I do not bel ! ' ve that this va; 
geographic area has seceded from th 
nationwide as we know it, I heard of 
revolution! Maybe that was what He-Man was 
trying to save this Saturday morning! Or 
are those 7,000 Radio Shack Stores, Computer 
Centers and participating dealers they spoke 
of located in Prospect, KY? O istions no 
mortal should be asked to ponder, this is 
truly a job for 60 Minutes to go -.fter... 
Nay I say, lets bring in the Smurfs, these 
little blue buggers can accomplish anything! 


«* FOR SALE «* 

* RADIO SHACK MODEM II. Excellent condition 
complete w/box & manual. This is an auto 
Answer/Auto Dial 300 baud unit. Asking $80 
0 1 " best offer. 

..USU COMPUTER DESK. Excellent condition, 
originally paid $69.95 and will sell for $45 
or best offer. Will deliver within the 
Chicagoland area. CALL DAVID BARNES AT 

5 years young, just cleaned and adjusted. 
This typewriter prints 132 characters and is 
in perfect condition. Asking $225. 

1 year young and in perfect condition. Uses 
9.5 by 'll track paper. Asking $200. CALL 
CAMILLE CHARLIER AT 893-0162 AFTER 4:30pm. ' 

* AVATEX 300 BAUD MODEM. This is a direct 
connect modem compatible with the Color 
Computer. There are a few left at $28 so 
place vour order today. CALL JOHN C11ASTEEN 
AT 860-2580 

—CnC o-Il _ with — 1 low profile 1 -kgyfrgard 

"$65^QCL - Z2 

* 64K TDP-100 Color Computer $5&r00 

* s 64K CoCo-II with 'high profile' keyboard 

Radio Shack Drive zero w/controller and 
cable (Horz. case & power supply). Asking 
'0 or best offer. 

Custom eprom's 


* TRS-80 

* 128K - MODEL 4 with TWO DISK DRIVES 

* Comes complete with a host of Software 

* $500.00 

* <««««««<««»»»»»»»»» 

# 64X Color Computer II - BRAND NEW 


* Comes complete with box & manuals 

* $75.00 

* «««««««««»»»»»»»»» 

-■ Contact Joe Register at 357-1752 

’vHHfrv 1 w w -JE-vr -'Hf \ BHHHKHt -rvHHWKKH !' iK*!! ^ HE v- 


>: , 


As a reminder, our next club meeting will be 
on October 9th. For visitors, we meet at 
the Glenside Public Library in Glendale 
Heights. The Library is located on W, 
Fullerton Ave, and we start our meetings at 
7:30pm. Our meetings are open to all TRS-80 
iputer owners and ■ users. For further 
jrrtformation call either Ron Steinberg at 
307-0466 or Ed Hathaway at 462-0694. See 
you in October. 


* With the month of October here, some 
members need to catch up on their past dues 
or you just came due; 

Louis Liao Edward Moskowitz 
Art Carvajal John Chaplin 
Bob Lorenz Fred Rekich 

Those members listed above, if you will see 
me during the October meeting we can get our 
books up to date. If you are unable to make 
the October meeting, you can send a. check to 
my address listed below. Thanks, 

* In the months up coming, this publication 
will be including Personal Profile and Club 
Activity questionnaires. Your response will 
be needed as we start to plan out the goals 
and objectives for Glenside Color Computer 
Club and Glenside U. 1 for 3987. 

See you all on October 9th 

- NOTICE: Materials contained herein may be 
reproduced in whole or in part. Please 


Editor: Ed Hathaway 

Contributing Writers: Keith Gerue 

Joe Register 
David Barnes 

Graphics & Designs: Second City Software 

[][][][][][3 E ][][}[][] t ][][][][ J E ][In []f H ] 

Glenside Color Computer Club-CoCo 1-2^3 is 
published monthly. Subscriptions to 

nonmembers are available for an annual fee 
of S12. Make checks or money orders payable 
to Edwin C. Hathaway, and mail to 8 Vi. 
Stevenson Drive Glendale Hts. t XL 60139. 
All subscriptions will begin with the next 
available issue. 

01109 II aiTT-ASJO^uacijBO 

atOJTO 3 9°PV 6TT 
BZBjpo^ (Xuoj,) uqop 


FBFr r | t ; set ^>"1 i — 1 w '—* wt v X 1 1 

; J — ; * ~t t i f *r L t [B ‘ | _1 mu [ Xv V> «« i i n in n . iiiiiim t»i i n i> < l i jj i hi i <" 

r E3 j Mil I SWWWW?W?WW 

: _-■ t-gIS ] fci : ^ ^ ^ —i—>—*—* --—<—■—K 

ligilglQianside Public 


... j j r. 



Fullerton Ave. 
Glendale Hts,IL 
7:30 to 9:30 pm 

call: 462-0694 
for more 

I&gMg&ig? SBggjifttiglB mMsBM) Mf&f&MW