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FLYING SAUCER DIGEST is published quarterly by R. Hilberg Publications 377RaceSt. Berea, Ohio 44017. 
Editor - Rick Hilberg. Managing Editor - Carol Hilberg. Founder - Allan J. Manak 1933 - 1999. 
Six issues for $10.00 in U.S.A. Please make checks payable to Rick Hilberg 

NO. 211 WINTER 2016 


As we mentioned in our last issue, we are planning special cover art in anticipation of FSD's upcoming 
50* anniversary in 2017. This issue’s cover is NEW artwork by FSD’s founding co-editor and long-time 
illustrator Ronald ]. Pelger. ‘The Element of Surprise” is based on one of Ron’s early covers for FSD back in 
the late 1960’s, and be sure to check out some of his classic FSD covers in the months to come. Said Pelger 
about his new illustration, "While checking a satellite for routine maintenance, an astronaut is suddenly 
approached out of nowhere by an alien creature angry with the Earth beings for cluttering space with 
obsolete antiquated technological junk.’’ 


November 14, 2015 - The mystery of the black spheres falling from the sky in Spain is getting deeper as 
yet another of these space balls fell from the sky in the same area where two others appeared in less than 
two weeks. No explanation has been given for these strange objects dropping from space as if someone or 
something is targeting Murcia. The area has been quarantined it time for terrified residents to evacuate? 

"1 think it is a more serious issue than it seems. Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and 
deserve an explanation.” That was the comment of Jose Velez, mayor of Calaparra in the Murcia district 
where the second sphere fell. With the area placed under quarantine by the Civil Guard, little information 
is available on the third mysterious orb. The first two objects were taken to a lab in Cartagena which has 
not yet released its analysis. 

Speculation so far is that the objects may be pressurized gas containers or fuel tanks, but there’s no word 
on what they were attached to. Furthermore, there's no explanation for why they survived the fall in such 
good shape and...the questions everyone in Murcia wants answered...why they continue to target the small 
area and should residents expect more? 

Beyond the space debris theories, many point out that the objects bear a slight resemblance to the lT-0 
Interrogator droid from various Star Wars movies. Could they be from an alien source? UFOs have been 
spotted in the area, especially in nearby Cartagena. 

What are the "bolas especial" (space balls) falling from the sky over Murcia? If they’re from satellites, 
rockets or the ISS, why are they falling so sporadically yet hitting the same small area with seemingly 
pinpoint accuracy? Is there another explanation? Will anyone answer Mayor Velez's questions? 

And what would happen if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area? Source: Paul Seaburn, 
"Mysterious Universe” November 14, 2015. 


Alexandria, Virginia - 12/4/2015 - "What I saw : Two large slow-moving long silver cylinders. It was 
around 12:15 - 12:20 p.m. when I was in my kitchen which faces westward toward Telegraph 
Road/Burgundy Village heating water for a cup of coffee. 


"I look out the window of the kitchen door and notice how blue and clear the sky was, especially after 3 
days of rain. 1 opened the door to get a little freshair and take a better view of the sky. 1 saw several people 
working in the yard next door. 

"1 was about to close the door when 1 saw them; two long silver craft moving from north to south flying 
over the Midtown south high-rise on Huntington Ave., which is about 3 blocks form my house. 

"The craft 1 could see clearly, did not have any wings nor tail rudders, did not see any markings but saw 
flash of red on the lower flying craft. The two craft flew together at the same speed but separated by from 
what 1 could tell less than 1/8 or less distance from each other. 

"The higher one was flying between 2-3 o'clock, the lower was at between 6-7 o'clock. Their speed they 
were traveling between 25-35 an hour and the height less than a half mile maybe closer. 

"They traveled south towards Huntington Metro where they suddenly turned in a sharp graceful u-turn 
westward heading in the direction of Rose Hill. 

"As they turned, 1 saw a bright intense light coming from the rear of the lower craft. At that point 1 turn 
to the left and looked into the yard next door and was about to yell something to the guys working on the 
porch but when 1 turned back to sky, they both were gone. 

"A little more detail of the craft was that the front end of each was rounded. 1 saw no windows, the tail 
end was slightly bulbous and both craft were as far as 1 could see were of the same make/size/shape. 

"The only sounds 1 could hear was traffic from Huntington Ave and from the Metro. 1 was a little freaked 
out about seeing the two crafts -1 don't know what they were and 1 hope others that saw them would come 
forward and report them." Source: "UFO Casebook", December 7, 2015. 


With FSD's 50th anniversary rapidly approaching, we're going to be celebrating by publishing some 
special things in the months ahead. The first of which is a reprint of FSD's special publication Flying Saucer 
Classics from 1968 which is now in stock and ready to ship. Classics consists of 21 classic UFO cases from 
the early days of the enigma, and each one is illustrated by FSD's then co-editor and artist Ron Pelger. At 
its founding back in 1967 FSD billed itself as "the illustrated UFO magazine," and Ron's great artwork filled 
each and every issue. 

We are sure that you will want this handsome publication for your collection, and have priced it an 
affordable $7.00 which includes shipping and postage. Order Flying Saucer Classics by sending a check 
made payable to Rick Hilberg at 377 Race St. Berea, Ohio 44017. 


10/1/15 - Villagers in India claim they have witnessed a UFO land in their village and a "humanoid figure" 
emerge from what they said was a red spacecraft. 

The incident took place in the village of Kanagal in Periyapatna in the district of Mysore in India. 
Agricultural workers working in a field close to the village said they saw the UFO at around 2 o'clock in the 

The workers claim a red spacecraft emerged from the clouds, landed briefly and then quickly took off 
again amidst flashes and sparks. 

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, spoke of the incident, as reported in the Journal 
Telegraph. "Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the 
interest in flying saucers or aliens," said Watson. 

Since the details of the sighting were reported, UFO and alien enthusiasts have been traveling to the 
village to speak to the locals who claim to have seen the spacecraft and "humanoid figure." One such 
enthusiast is T. A. Manjuntha who attempts to rationalize the sighting. 

"The women claim that the spaceship descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot 
humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we 
are assuming that they are not lying," said Manjuntha. "The women could have mistaken some kind of a 
flying object as a spacecraft. Besides, it was a cloudy day and this has to be probed." 

In a separate report about the incident, UFO Blogger describes how the sighting took place on October 1, 
2015 as local women worked in paddy fields. The report describes how the workers said they saw an "alien 


humanoid figure dressed in orange" coming towards them from a "red spacecraft which has flashes and 
sparks around it." 

The witnesses say the humanoid figures took several photographs before emerging into the clouds again 
in the spacecraft. 

This isn’t the first time a UFO has been reported in India. On the contrary, India has seen its fair share of 
mysterious unidentified flying object stories spanning from the 1950s through to the modern era. 

For example, in October 1957, a flying saucer was reported seen by approximately 800 people in three 
Indian villages - Mangalda, Borsa and Kadori. 

Until this day there has been no official explanation as to what the saucer-shaped object which flew to 
approximately 500 feet above the ground might have been. 

Fast forward to 2014 and another eerie UFO sighting took place in Mumbai, when an amateur ufologist 
captured footage of what resembles a number of brightly-lit color-changing orbs. 

Both incidents remain unexplained and it is likely that the recent UFO sighting in India, as previous UFO 
sightings, are similar to the strange Zamora UFO sighting in New Mexico in April 1964 whereby a police 
officer named Lonnie Zamora claims to have seen an oval shaped object without any doors or windows lift 
off in a "tail of bluish flame", and remains an unsolved mystery? Source: "UFO Casebook", October 31,2015. 

The Gate to Strange Phenomena is your entrance into the world of the paranormal. Each issue contains 
intriguing factual articles and an assortment of scientific occult related news clippings from around the 
world. A sample copy can be obtained by mailing $2.00 to P.O. Box 43516, Richmond Heights, OH 44143. 


OKLAHOMA CITY - October proved to be a very busy month when it comes to UFO sightings, according 
to the Washington state-based National UFO Reporting Center. 

SALLISAW: The first report came on October 3''‘^, when a witness in Sallisaw (Sequoyah County) was 
traveling on a road north of Sallisaw, in a rural area at night when the witness reported seeing a brilliant, 
emerald green object shaped like a disco ball, with small "mirrors" on the sides. At one point, the witness 
said the object "shined" a light directly at the vehicle the witness was driving. 

The witness added that a friend saw something similar "years ago" along (Big) Sallisaw Creek near McCoy 
Ford Road. The witness said his sighting and the earlier sighting were in areas not far from one another. 
The witness also said it was on the same line of latitude. We would add that Sallisaw is on the mysterious 
94 degrees west longitude, which we have written about 

BROKEN ARROW: Heading east out of Broken Arrow on E. 71=‘ Street, with Coweta (Wagoner County) 
as their destination the witness told NUFORC that they and other witnesses saw a “black triangle UFO" with 
three white lights and one central red light in the center. It was hovering near the side of the road and was 
silent It went from dead stop to high speed, much to their astonishment The sighting took place at 10:40 
p.m. on October 9th. 

BARTLESVILLE: Three days later, on October 12* a 44-year-old witness and "working professional" 
saw a "huge boomerang craft" heading south towards Tulsa along Highway 75. Like the Broken Arrow 
witness on October 9*, the craft was silent and at 10-20,000 feet in the air and "at least a quarter-mile in 

OWASSO: Green County was having a lot of sightings in October, as this report confirms. The witness 
claims a "shiny, metallic orb" was viewed for a few seconds in his neighborhood, before it disappeared. The 
orb was seen close to 5 p.m. on October 13*. 

OKLAHOMA CITY: On October 17*, at 8"12 p.m., the witness reported to NUFORC that they saw a triangle 
(although they call it an "orb-like ship”) with "spinning lights" in an empty grass field somewhere in the 
Oklahoma City area. The witness noted it had "white fluorescent lights." 

LANGLEY: One of the most interesting reports during the month of October was out of Langley, a Mayes 
County town at the south end of Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. The witness write that "every night for a 
week and a half, there are several UFOs that have red, green and white flashing lights." They are "in the sky 
all night" and are seen best at certain times. The lights are seen near the Grand Lake Dam. The witness 
insists that these "are not stars by any stretch of the imagination." 


Interestingly, there is some history when it comes to UFO sightings at Grand Lake. In April 2002 there 
was a fairly dramatic sighting three miles south of Grand Lake’s Sailboat Bridge. According to the Mutual 
UFO Network report taken at the time, the witness watched the UFO "searching" the Grand Lake shoreline, 
with the help of smaller "balls of light" that came from the interior of the object, which zigzagged over the 
lake "in a military search pattern." The lights then re-enter the craft and it takes off at a high rate of speed. 

Again, like the Sallisaw area, Langley is just outside the mysterious 94 degrees west longitude, at 95.0497 
degrees west longitude. It is also not very far from Seneca, Missouri, near the area where the Spook Light 
has been seen for years (having been seen by this writer, in March 1995). This area of the Ozark Plateau, 
including areas in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas and northwest Arkansas have high numbers of 
UFO sightings. 

And even closer to the Seneca, Mo./Spook Light area, UFO Hunters offered a report from Wyandotte, on 
the very northern end of Grand Lake, back in July 2013. This included strange lights fading and reappearing. 

OKLAHOMA CITY; The last October UFO report received by NUFORC was on October 26* of a sighting 
of "two large flashing red lights" being pursued at a high altitude by a "conventional jet aircraft." The red 
lights and the jet were heading east, the witness reported. Source: NUFORC "UFO Casebook," 11/5/15. 


An Ohio witness at London reported watching a disk-shaped UFO that appeared to land in a nearby field 
about 10 p.m. on November 8, 2015, according to testimony from the MUFON witness reporting database. 

The witness was driving to a third-shift factory job when the object was first seen and thought to be an 

"Then the bottom and front lights changed," the witness stated. "1 watched it to the best of my ability 
while driving. I saw it go in a straight path. 1 looked back at the road and then back at the direction where 
it was and it had landed in a harvested field. 

"I did not see it land, just saw it illuminating itself with the colorful lights on the bottom, showing its dark, 
dome disk shape. The colorful lights were only on for a few seconds. 1 looked away and then looked back 
at it and it went back to white lights. 

"It then went dark and then I noticed a bright white light that was on along one side of the street, and 
then it went to the other. So it must have crossed the street 

"1 tried to keep track of the white light, but lost it. I tried to look for it again while in my car when I parked 
at work, but didn’t find it. 1 work third shift at a factory. I had a clear look at it when it was on the ground 
with the colorful lights, but 1 did not get a picture or it, as I did not even think about it at the time, due to 
shock and a strange feeling that came all around me after my heart skipped a beat 

"When I did think about getting a picture, 1 looked behind me and there was a car coming in the distance, 
so 1 decided not to get it. I should have stopped my car, put my hazards on and got to the side of the road, 
reversed and got a picture, but like I said, the colorful lights only lasted a few seconds. I wonder if the 
person in the car behind me saw it" Source: Roger Marsh, "Open Minds" November 19, 2015. 



N ORTH NAPLES, Fla. - A man and four dogs were nearly crushed after a huge block of ice crashed through 
his roof on December 27*. 

joe, who did not want to give his last name, was outside his Morningside Drive home on Sunday when he 
heard an explosion, then saw what appeared to be white spray coming from his roof. 

Inside the home, his business partner, Gary, was sipping a cup of coffee. The ice block, estimated to be 
25 to 30 pounds, landed right in front of him on the living room floor. 

Shocked and frightened, the men contacted the Collier County Sheriffs Office, then put the ice block in a 
freezer. Investigators, along with a pilot, submitted a portion of the ice to the FAA. 

Joe believes the ice block either came from an aircraft or is a megacryometeor, which is sometimes called 
a huge hailstone, but does not need to form during a thunderstorm. Source: WINK - TV, December 28, 
2015 via Shawn Kevin Jason. 



Ligonier Valley, Pa - A husband and wife taking a scenic drive through the Ligonier valley saw something 
very strange and unexpected on the afternoon of November 23, 2015. At about 2 p.m., they were traveling 
on a rural road about two miles from Ligonier. 

The driver of the car noticed some movement in some bushes on the right side of the road. Suddenly an 
animal exited the bushes and began to trot from right to left in front of the vehicle. The driver stopped 
about 10-20 feet from the animal to obtain a better look. The couple was startled by what they were seeing. 

This was no ordinary animal, as they could see the outline of the shape of the animal, but it was not solid 
and there was no color or fur observed. The husband, as soon as he saw the creature, thought that it was 
somewhat like a fox but could not be sure since no physical features could be seen. His wife also agreed 
that it was a four legged creature similar to a fox. The body of the animal was estimated to be about 18 
inches to 24 inches long and had a tail that was about % or % the length of the body. The animal was a lot 
smaller than a deer. 

The husband told me that the creature had a "smoky veil shape." His wife, however, got a better and 
longer look at the animal is it entered the road and trotted in front of the car. She told me that she could 
"see through it," and that there was a specific area within the body shape that was like an energy pattern. 
"It was like a smoky heatwave." 

They watched as the animal continued to cross the road and entered some brush on the left side of the 
road and was not seen again. The couple didn't hear any sound or notice any smell during the 4-5 second 

Addendum: This general area has a long history of reports of UFO sightings and various cryptid 
encounters. Source: "Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone," December 3, 2015. 


Ottawa (AFP) - A mysterious buffalo herd numbering almost 100 has appeared in the Canadian prairie 
province of Saskatchewan, officials said, on December 11, 2015,150 years after they were hunted to the 
brink of extinction. 

Police issued a warning to drivers to watch out for the large animals on local highways, while officials in 
the town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, 300 kilometers (185 miles) north of the provincial capital Regina, try to 
sort out what to do with the beasts. 

Spokespeople for the police and the town said they have no idea where the animals came from, and it 
remains unclear if they if they are domesticated or wild. 

"We're not sure where they're from," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Daryl Andrusiak told AFP. 

"They were spotted crossing a highway south of town," he said. 

"The last thing you’d expect to see while driving on a highway in Saskatchewan nowadays is a buffalo, so 
we wanted to alert the public of die danger. 

'They have very dark fur so they're not easy to spot and they're quite well built (weighing about 1,400 
pounds), so 1 don’t see any (vehicle) collision with them ending very well." 

Buffalo, also known as bison, are raised on some Saskatchewan farms for meat, but no farmer has 
reported a missing herd. 

And the closest known wild herd, which was reintroduced by conservationists about a decade ago, lives 
more than 500 kilometers away in a national park. 

A spokesperson for the town said their poundkeeper is considering corralling and relocating the animals, 
but nobody is sure where to send them if they do manage to round them up. Source; AFP News, 
December 12, 2015 via Martin Piechota. 


In 1949, more than two dozen residents of Thorntown, Ind. reported seeing a strange looking creature 
estimated to weigh 250 pounds with brown hair and protruding teeth. Source: Fort Wayne (IN) 
News-Sentinal, May 30,1987.