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Full text of "Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)(Squaresoft)(US)[SCUS-94221]"

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Ni nt lU^C 







Avery aoiaii perMiiliiga ol lodiviiludFs m»y eipiuwi'»f e epi'epl<c seizures Lvhen exposed to csrrain ^ighT pafteTru or ftashfng k[jhls Exposure !o 
iivftaiTi pallernsor bdi;kg^ound& o^a television ^crsen oi uhil^ ^jiyLna widuo oatutta. inLiuding Oarrti;^ pi^vi:^ ^i ^^u P^>SldtJon gjijitc CD^^tjJf* 
m^ Induce an spiffiptic seizure irithfl5«in[fwKliai^[>rEdinconditk)nBrnayin[^ previously untJt^ie^teciftpiispiicsympTamiLg.-i^a in pi-(&o/>b 

have rin hritory of pnorsfiizureiaf ep'lepsy. It you. oi anyOT* in yoyr lanjiJ^', has an eptiepl* cooditiO'>. consuir your physiciat^ pfw in plivinQ 
[1 *^u eipBfioacfl nrry oi Uie follO.'H'mg symproms v^ile playi^^g a vjdeo yame - difZiJies^. alleged vision, eye o' tiusc^ iwiTcties . loss Of dw.irvn 
tlisoi wciLJikifl aiiy uivolunUfy itimc^n^eni or convulsianS' 'MM£DIATEIY dr^conttnur i^se and consult your pr)'/sk:i,fn b^tor« le^umrftg ]iUi 


Do flOl COfiwcl yaut PaySiahon oame console toa pra/ecuon TV fWiouI lust Mniunmo tfw user muiual tor your pfo^cfion TV. unless rl *i oi 

the LCD tyw. OllHrwise, A rrwy permanently tlamage ^ur TV scfMfl. 


Thia comfiact flisc it inrendeO for u^e OFily wilh tlw PlaySlsiiDn oame DC*nsole. 

Do noi bend it, crush il or sutrmerge it m IiqjiOs. 

Do not leavt il in [}i;«c;l sunlta^r or ne^r a radiator i^r oilier source at hiaL 

Be sur« ID id^ie an occasional rest t^eak out^nc) expended play. 

Keep [hi£ compact di&c cl^n. Always hold ilie dr&c by the edges and li«^ rt in its pfowafve ta^i uiiBtt not m use 

Ci£^ IIm dfic w\h i l<Ai-1ret ?«ori, dry cfoih, ^vijirng in straight Hnes trorn center to outer eOu^. Ncvin u» sotvoms or 3b:a»v« dcanvn 

Final Fantasy Tactics,-- Tips and Hints 


HjntE tor all gamss prnducarf tiySC^A are a<J3\\zVi\i 

Wiihmiheus: 1-900-933-SONY {1-900-933-7669) 

S0.95,' min. auto hinis, S1-4CL' min. Jivfin S6.95 ■ 516.95 tor tips by ^lal^ S5,M - S20.0Q to/ tird rec/]jfO$ 

Wilhin Canida: 1 -900-451 -S7S7 

S1.^Q mm. autD ninis 

For US callers. Qam? counselors are ^v^ liable 7AM-7PM PST. 7 days a week. AuLcmated i^ jvaiUble 24 bouis d 4tr.7dByS a «*ak 
Live ^uppcpfT tar Canada r^ not available at Itits lime 

Thia turn line supports games pcudLictd by Sony ComjiuEei EniBrtiinmMt Amenta >io Nnis ivih be givm on out Consumei Service Lm 
CaUers under Ifiyc^r^af dQ«, pledseoblainpfitmiubtLtrDinapArentor gua[dran tiefo^e^ailLnf). This£frv;c£i^uirs£a!oucn-lonDpnani 

Consuinef Servicfl^echniCBf Stippoft 

1^aOO-345-SONY (1-800-345-7669) 

Catflhfs number for help wlUi tHCtintcal yipport, instalidTian or oenejai questions fe^aidini^ the PlaySUuon flJiTVB consoJeandite 
penpheijl^ RppreMnlalte are sv&imii Monday-Fridiy. BAM-&PM PaciLiL, SiaidJrd Time. 

Play Station Ofilmfl www.pfaystation.tom 

Our nfl^vs is alw^ hot' Vsrt Otjr website and frnd njt whal's happenlnfl - new Wles, rmw products ar^d the faiesi jnformanon abou! Ibt 
PlaySiaiian girrre cunsdfi. 



GcttinR Started 



'ndeScrt'tn 3 

Surtinf^ u Outtte trom the Bef;innmg. . 3 

Continuing a &n-c(I O^ime 3 

Sa^iiiR liainc Dstu 3 

Coniroiling Your Troops 4 

Prelace 6 

Main Characlers • 7 

Enter ttic Adventure 8 

EnlcringMameandBinhdiie 8 

Your Kjrsi Skinnish 8 

Flow of ihc Game 8 

Attack Teams 9 

Forming wr A»ack Team *) 

Status Screen **. . 10 

Baule 12 

Qiarge Timt* 12 

Active "Ibrn (AT) - - ., 13 

Topography 14 

Mobility / 14 

Fallen SoidieK 15 

Treasure Boxes and Cr^-stais 15 

. The Banle's Ei>d 15 

Magical Spells l6 

Magic Ctiarjic Time 16 

Types of Magic 17 

" ^tliilc Magic !7 

Black Mitftic 17 

TlmeMaRJc IS 

Vm-YangMagic 18 

Summon Mau^c is 

licms. Armor & Weapons 19 

Monsters & MedJaiors 20 

Invfiiftg MiKNers 20 

World Map 21 

Around Town 22 

Bar 11 

Shop ,22 

SoidkT OfficL* 22 

Formation/Abililies 23 

Jobs 24 

Credils . . . , .\ • f 28 

Limited Waminiy 29 


* ^ 

ESR6 RATINQ Ttis produci Has baen raieO Dy U^e Eme^irfntjoT Sofhvafe Rjlitig 8ojrd Fo^ mlornuiion jit»uT Vf^ t5R& ^mgs, or to 
commeni adol;! iWn. app:opriai«ness o1 ine ratme. utedse unlad ESRB al 1-600- 771 -3772. 



Reset Button 

Power Button 

Disc Cover 

Open Button 

Power IfldicatM- 


Controller Port 1 

Memory' Card Slot 1 

Set up your PlaySialiuii" j^iik? console according to the inslruclions in \\s Inslnicllon Manual. Make sure 
Ihe povp-er is OFF before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert ilie FINAL FANTASY' TUTItl^"* disc 
and close the Disc Cover, Insert a game conli'ollcr and lurn 0.\ the PlayStalion - ganie console. After ihc 
opening mo\'ie is completed, tlie title screen wiU be t^splayed. Ifyoti allow tlie };ame demo to run 
uninurmiptal, the hislory of the Uon War will be told, and several of Ihe character Jobs and Monsters 
will be shown. Presto the START BuUon lo skip any movies and return to the Title Screen. 


FINAL KANTVSY TACTICS'" Icis yoii save ^mcs al their current level of play onfo [ncmorj' cards, and 
resume play on previously saved games. Insert memory card(s) (sold separately) into the Piav^tation 

giime console BHI-ORK starting play: Important: Do not remove a memor)' caixl while saving or loading 
names; doing so could damage the game data. 







Sdecl ibis 10 sian a new game. 

Sclccl this to coEitinuc a previously savi?d j;amc^ 

Profe?>sor D^r^on pr<n1des much useful inlonnittion 
OB how Id play ihc game. Return here anylime ywi need 
to clarify game procedures, 

-Uijiisl music and sound effects (mono/stereo/wide). 


By seleciing NKW GAMF^ a hroad descriptiun of liie siory and characters is iniroduccd k ihe hijaorian 
/Ma^lam. After Ihis, you will have a chance to enicr the mahi chanicterV name and binlidaie (see p.8). 
^r completing this cnlrj'. the opening nimit will play and the stor^' begins. 


ft>' selecting COMINIT., -^ sci"een for selecting the Memory Card slot w[!l he 
dispiaytd. Select lite slul in which ihe Menwiy Card is insened, ilien select the 
data lo be loaded. You can save up lo 1 5 games on a Memory Card (if there is 
no other tiaia for oUier games)- 


Each lime you end a giuiie session, or each lime >*ou complete a balik^ it is recommended thai you save 
your game onto a Memory (^rd. From the World Map Screen, bring up the Main Menu by pressing the 
A Bullon. Select DATA from this menu. Ihen select the Memory Card slot your Memory Card is inserted 
into and press the • Button. Finally, select the block you wish lo save your giune pn)grcss to, 
t NOTE: one emply block is needed lo save a game. 

'-.^ r 



L2 Button 

R2 Bunon 

LI Button 

RI Button 


SELECT Button 
START Buttou 

A Button 
• Button 
X Button 


i Pr4.'s> nnci' limptG {\r- menu iJiIjcI nil s^leawl Pri?SN aj^ajii us 

Jjs]>h(y iht Jo1> Ji-^d seamen, PiV!:s ^iRiiiii io di:)pla^' Atiiliiy acqulfcd. 
f RiHirn !he Cufsctf tu ih(? Inii ^'hi-n iIk- Cursor is frwi, 

t Dispbii m<«ini; ranpc urThu v^cdwJ Wil. TV nwp can be 
,scrollwl ai [Ills umf hy ii^mR ihi DirwiK-tnal Ruiwns. 

For VorM M»p 

t Calls up Tufs ajul shop^^ uiffim iTk* ^rc-a. 
t Rflum lin? ciiiwr lo Jic Inif^ Locaiioii, 


HiiUivn t Whik- p1^^M.1L Jly L'nrb jpix:^'' m blue and mfaiy Mnib in ntl 

Tbt niap Clin Ix safviktl 311 ihis umc umil^ die l^niiunnal Jiuunn:;. 
t Prcw^ K> scroll moNMi^' virakm. 

fhiiion 1 opens |[k> mi.'nu H'jndow, 

t P'JList's 1I10 iv^riK- c-icn during jiutr>maiic kililc. Qilk up a 
confieiirjiuHk mi'ftu 

Rtitions Ui -^rull [he ^orld Mip. 
t PiTss 10 scriJl mcisaiic wjntkw, 

I UpettA ik^ DK-nu ftinJcM'. 

"^ Uiiakinsd t Muvc iIk- Qirwr 

Biiurms t Wo\i strwn »jp, dwin, k'fi a"d rii;hi m'hilc ■ Buik>n [s pressed 

i M<Ao (ht' Curwr 

R I BuiUiil t KouiL-s Ihc iiup Ut lin' nflh[. 

t ftsplij>i llic frtire *i»rid Map. 

m Hurton t Chini?c» iK' earners ju^lt' ^ iNi' mjp. 

t >ki\ iiNftl, 

LI Hulktn 1 \U*[Mi.^ f1ie fiMp 10 iht' l(ft. 

LZ Uuilon 'i^ Chan}^:^ the in^ji^ifintURJi nf the nrjp (^^joms in fv 7/>nm.s out). 

START nation t Tht ciii-wff jminis 10 L'nHs, rt'nardless of ailv or t^eniy, io the 

onk-r the* h:e*i- been cwittil 
t The Cursor n.itin» ih Hit' I rui vhcn liie Cjirsor b fice. 

t Displa)^ ihv t'lHire tttirUl Mjp. 

t N&i used. 

toils up uRinK' menu. 

SiXliCT Ummn t Pres,s »ftflc rtif Cursor is over an ileni lo brtn|; up ii help nienn. 

{Help nun iiolbe a^^iibhle forull ilems.) 

t Calls up a help nK^u. 

tlUMt:T1iD^m('canV'rt^i-ib)'s1mir!Unco^isK liT^s)nAlW^T\R^ and LI Biittuns. 


Thioughoiil liislnrj, wars rcpt^Jl lht'ni:selves in various limes and places. 
Fmni these wars, legends of beroL's are handed down from generation fo 
generntinn. Weathered by rumors and ihe jiassins of time, the Iruth may 
I be forgotten, the realit)' buried under legends, 

Many years agu, a uar seelhed and eriiplcd within the land tif Ivalicc. 

11 lasled for 50 years, finally ending when both sides laid down their arms. 

However, the war had exhausted (he people's strength and the country's 

resources, and the situation witliin Ivalice gradually became worse. 

The lords of die six ruling fumihes united U) guiJu hatice back to 
prosperiiy, However, iheir delicate balance tif pt*wcr S(jon colhipsed. One 

vear after the 50-vear war had ended, Ividices Princess Ovelia was 

abducted. Prompted by this, conflict grt^v between two families: Gallione 

(ruled by Prince Larg, whose crest was one ol a ^ liiie Lion) and Zeltennia 

(ruled by Prince (Juliana, whose crest was a Black Lion). Tlie war between 

the Uvo famihes would he known later as "The IJnr \Var'\ Added to the 

backdrop of the Lion War ^^'as Ihe problem of succession to Ivulice's 

throne due to the sudden death uf tlie King, Prince Larg is the elder 

brulhcr of the Queen Ruvelia. Prince Goliana 

is the younger cousin of the dead King. According to hlstorica] record, a 

young hero named Delila suppressed ihe Lion War soon after it engulfed 

Ivtilice. There was also another young maji named Rimiza who pla\ed a 

role during ihc Lion War though you will not see Raniza's name in any 

bistor) books. Now the true siorj can be lold... 



Auainiiii}; lo hisioricul ivcurd. he is \hv ht-m who 

ended ihe IJnn War Aftcmards, hi* bL-caiiit king 

iuid Ukainlaincd a lonf^ and pL'att'ful iuIlv Bom lu 

a fmniiv (jf honit- breeders dial seiM-d ihe Bcoulve 

r^miK; he and Kain/.a ha\t" heen friends since 
chiidliuod. li is believed dial he wa.s able lo attend 

ihe (iariiaiki ofTieiT aeaiiemy an elile school, 
through influence of die Beoulve faniilv- 


Bom lo ihe n^)^ l' liunilv of Hhjm \e \\ iti 


have 5t*ned ihe Uirgs far generations. 

His rwn hroiliiTS command IvaJice's mosl 
pofterhi! milrUiry corps, learinj; Raniza uidi 
Feelinj^siif inffrioriu. After j^raduaiini; froni 

die (i:u"iland officer Jicademj; he loint'd 
Princess Ovdias proieulion leani and, while 

diere, ttiinessed Ihe I'rincess" abduction. 




Wheii \Km tx'gin a p.t\\Q for ihc Ursi tinK', mu will k' prompted lo enter 2 name 
for ihe characlor vou will he comrollins- TIk' dcfauU munv of this chiiraaer is 
Kom/a, bui wm have ihf option lo cluiijje il. I'se the Direnion^l liuttuns to 
hif^hliglu cliardciers, and use tlie • Button to witor t^se thf ■ But:on to delete 
characters and ihe STAKT fJuiion 10 conririn. 

Afier cniejing your chankter's name, enter jx)ur birthdule on ihc next screen In similar 
fashion, usini^ the START Biiiion 10 confirm. Vour birthdate wHl alTeci your Zodiac Sign. 
which Im an influence on your character's perforaiancc during haities (sec p. in), 


After the inirodiictorv movie and ca-diis pla); the story wfll bcjjn at Orboime Monasieiy. Press the START 

Bution lo skip the mmie siH]uence Press the # Biillon lo adnince dialop scatrns during die story 

stt|uence inside the nioiiuMm: After thi>, your ch;intcler will cnler his first b:ude. Fortunateiy, much of 

diis haule will proceed without your injwt. tlic other aJIy and enemy clianiders 

move automatlciJly, p\''ing ;tjl a chance to see a baiile sequence in aclion. 

You isill oidy be re^xinsible ioc your outi characters actions (sec p. 1 2 for battle 

OHmnands). Fear not, (yen if yon falldurinf; this first haule, itie siorywil! 

pitxx'ed. At the end of the batde. ynu will be proiu]jted to sive before reaciiinjj 

the Fommion Screen, w*hcre wu Mill pre|>are for your first wa/aA'emure. 


The sior^ proiyesses a^ you move throuj^ioul the land :md win baides. In Rcneral: 

+ From the Formation .Screen, you can haM' Units learn neu' Abilities, change Jobs, etc. 

+ Wis (individual phwr characters) are fiathercd into an Attack Team. 

+ Once your I'nits are readj; charj^e into battle. 

t During baule, each L'nii (enemy and all>) can pcrfom* one action and one mov-e per lum, 

t It ym complete a battle successftjily; a ixirtion of the sion' is re\'eated and the World Map appeal's, 

t Froni the %'orkl Map, >-qu can move to a lottn to purchase items, rccruii allies, or enter neu' baides. 



The aibck Urjm is u small ^;roii|> of Tiiilk {ally chai-uclers) thai p:imcipaies in a \xiii\e mid is foiiixt] 
bcftirf cacli hauie heyns. An Aitick Team coniaiiis up lo 5 Lniis (cjxliidin^ rucm Uniis, w-htch may he 
added lo iho u.'flm iuiomalically). Each Formalion Screen begins wiih ascl of ntised Panels omvliich 
dumciers can be pluced. The Puiiels ftill be shaped ditlercmlj dt]wndinj; on the t>ailt<» IcKiiillon. 

To Place a L'nil: 

t Use the Direciional Bultons lo posifiofl the cursttr ovtrr m ujiol- copied Pand, 

t Press the 11 orKI Butums until the desired Unit's portrait appear in the chiuaaerwinc^^^ 

press the • Biiiton to place that I'nJt on that Panel, Cuniiiuic ihis proee\s tiniil the Aiutck Team^s 

capacity is filled. 

*A) Selected Unit's Portrait (press Li or Rl to select olJier Units). 

B) Selected Unit's Status (see p.lO). 

C) Maximum number of Units which can participate in tlic battle. 

D) Selected Panel (marked by t), 

-. t Prois the • Button twice to remove a Unit from a Panel. 
t Press the A Button when an occupied Panel is selected to search for that liiit's Slants inforinaiion. 
i Press the ■ Biiiion to hrinfi up a Status Screen, which sho^s detailed l'niis]>ccificaiions (see p. 10). 
t Pfcss the a Button to close the Status Screen, 
t Press the START BuUon when ready to enter the batde. 


Tlic.' Suilus Scnvn provides i\sL'U\ infm-muiion 
uhtfi M-'Lun^ ii]> your .AU^k Ti!iin. \ I'nit's 
stams ttill :ilst» upptrar or aii he called up 
diirin}^ l)aiik' or oiIkt acuuiis, 

A) Seleeled lulls Portrait 

B) L'niL's Le^el iind Experience Points, lApeiience PoJnLs are ^ned durin;; haule. Wlien u ceouin 
number of lajwriencf l*oiiiis is reached tltii Uiiii will go up u Ltt'el. 

C) HP = Liilt's Hit Paints, uhicli deLTease ns I'nil Uikes d:iin;^-(^', Jf a I'nil's HP reaches 0. the\ will fall. 

D) MP = L nil's Mayic Poinls, needed lo ciLSi niapic spells. 

t "Siyi'iv. A t'nifs mMnmm *U' and Ml* will Sncrea^' as ihe l^it\ Iwel iiiirexses. 

HJ CT = Charge Time, ihe wailinf; lime during bailie before Ihe Inifs Uim comes again. When ihis bar 
iscompk-ieK full, theinii will hi' a-ad; lo accepicomntiuuls. 

F) A Blue D<^t here indicales an ully Liiil Enemy Units are indicLUed durinj; baule by an Oranjjc Dot 

G) The numkr indicates llie Lnil's l*osition within your eniire parly. 


I) "rhe Iniis current Job. A Lni^sJubi^^lK1KTs\\^lidlAhiiilic^*ilhcJ']>osst•ss{sl^^ 

J) Tlie byrnlx)! iiidicaies llie I nil's Zodiac Sijyi. If ihe Inll attacks an enemy willi a compaiible sign, 
damaj^e will Ik- iiRrey.'^etl. If signvare inconipatible, damage is decirased. Pressihe SKLliCI' Buiion 

during baule to bnng ujj a helj) menu and check Zodiac Sign compalibilliy. 

K) Brave Poinls indic-ale ihe cr)iM-;ige i)f ihc UHil High Brave Poinls a-sirll in more powerful anacks and 
hi^r attack ^ucces!l rales. Ix>w Bra\'e Poinls produce vseakcr allacks, lower success rales, und may 
ciim nsuli in the t'nli turning "chicken" and running from battle. 

L) Failh Polnte indicaie the run's iK'lief iji Ihe supcrnatura!. A Inil wilh high Faidi Poinls Is more 
Busccpubie to magic spells. ImhIi l^lack ."Vlagit (aitack spells) and Wiile Magic (curaiiu" spells). A Ink 
ttitli Urfk Faith Poinls is more rcsisiani in majyc, helpful or harmful. 



M)The Lnifs ability' Lo Move. JJI^ier numbci^ indicalc Liiiis ihai am moiv funlitr in hiiilc. 

N) Tile lml'5 :d)ilib- lojhimp. This dt^lenninn If the Lnil can leap or dimh lo hii>lu?r arcus diirin}; baitk. 

0) Speed indJcalcs tiow quickly ihc LnJl'^ CT (Chur)^> Tunc) ^tuff! %ill fill, or buw often ihi-ir mm la act 
will come iip (liirinp hattlc. 

P) Weapon Power is shottn for weapons or shields in both the rij;hi unil tt^ hands. Tlic fifiit number 
indicites ihe overall power of the weapon or shield, wliile the perceniagi' Indicates ihi* e\TLs!on 
percentile of the weapon or shield. 

Q) AT = tlu' I'nitN o\vn aitacWng ability: This combined wirii the u-eapon^ :fftack strength Is the basic 
aiLiikJjij; siren^ih. C-EV = the evasion pcrceniafieof ihecliaracierS-EV = tlieo'usion perteuiafteof 
llie etpiippi-d shield. A-EV = the ex'asion pcrceniape of the i^quipped accessory, NOTE: the upper 

iiufiibeiv fsMord) indicaie ph\^ical abilities, while lo\^e^ nuiubefs (smlT) iniic:ite inaf;ical abilities. 

-y V#wPow<«- '-■'M AT O'EV Sf-eV A-KV 

■ J R 004 f>S^ ^ O^ tO^ OO^ OO^ 
fO)5^«I^O« I, - «K> t>CJt ^ 04 00^ OOi' OOM 

Equipment can be purchased or won in battle. 
K) The item e(]Uipped in the Unit's right hand. 
S) The tleni equipped in the Lnit's left hand. 
T) The ttem e([uipped on the Lnit's head. 
I') The item equipped on the Unit's body. 
V) Tlie accessory et|uipped on ihe LniL 

Abilities can be learned as Job Skills increase. 

W) Action Abilities, which can be selected dunng batiie (each Unit can imc I). 

X) Reaction Ability, which is anionia:icallv iriggered when the I'nil is anacked. 

Y) Support Ability, which [lolsiers an existing Ability, 

Z) Mo^'c Abilitj', wbich determines nuise, jumping ahilltj; and adiipubility to terrain. 



Each baiile forms a pivoial pan io Ihe Fiiul Faniasv' Tactics siory. Your smuegy in commanding Vniis lo 
move afld aci determines ihe ouicome. 

More each battle, the winninR condition for thai stage is displayed. Once you ftilfill ihe wmning 
condiLon, you've cleared die suge (the coiuliiion vanes for each siagc)- Hach b;utJcfii!ld is unique, and Is 
made up of a Rrid of Panels, on which Icidividual ally UniLs, enemies, or obstacles may appear. 

A) ITie AlUlude of the currently selected Panel, -\liitudc affects the 
ability of a Unit to ailack an enemy at a hij^r or lower le^l. 

B) Active Tbm Menu. 

C) Hie Cursor (t) indiciiies d^e airrendy ^electi^d Panel 

D) The AT mark Indicates which Inii has an Active '(\im. 

E) Tbe Status ofiheLnil with an Aciivcliirn ($cep iO). 

F) Charge Tunc Caug€ (CT) . 


During battles, each Units abilit)' to perform actions is determined b>' Charge Time (CT). When the 
Unit's Ct Gauge is full, the Unit, regardless if It is an y]ly or enemy, \^il\ be able to perform an action. 
This is called an Active Ibm (AT). Only one Unit *\t11 reach AT at any gi^-cn time. The greater a Unites 
Speed, the quicker their CT gauge will Eil and the more often the Unif.s AT will occur. 

As each Unit's AT guises, iheir portrait and slants will be shown ai the boiiom of the screen. Above their 
ponmiis. enemy IniLs will be labeled ^Enera>'"' and guest Uniis will he lahcled "Guesi," Enemy and guest 
Units will move automatically - you are responsible for commanding ally Units from your Attack Team. 

A Unit may execute a maximum of one movement (Move) and one action (Act) per AT This will drain the 
CT Gauge, which must refill before the next AT Houevcr. if you choose only to move, for Insiance, or to 
simply Valt without taking any acLk>n, die CY Gauge will remain parUally M. and the L^nit's AT will come 
again more quickly. 


When a Inil ihal yon command reaches AT, ihe Active TUni Menu niU appear, offering these chtwces: 

t Move - if TOu dioose to rmwe, adjaccnc Panels to which you may inn^l \nTl be indfcaEtxi in blue, Lse 
ihe LI, U. Rl and R2 Buiiotis lo siew the eniire haillefield. L'se the Diixaionai Bunons lo ilirecl ihe 
Cursor over ihe blue Panel ilial \ou wish lo move lo, then press ^c • Bullon. After confirming, the 
l^nft win move. Pnss the K Buiioii lo cancel a mowniem and return lo the Active Tbm Meiiu. 

t Ad - Each Inii may he able lo perform differem actions depending on the Unit's Job, 
equipped AbiUu», aiid the aoioufli of estpcrience poinis liie Liiii has (see p-23>. 
TVTJicaJ Actions include anackmg, usin^ items, or casting niaglc spelts. After selcclinfi 
Act, an Action Submenu uiii appear, showing any oplions the Unil has. Jf actions are 
__ gntted out, tJicy cannoi he executed. After selecting an anion, you vnW need to selea a target - for 
^ , instance, a nearb\- eneniy lo attacks or an ally lo use a curjiiw spell on. Move the Cursor u> the taqjei 
-'- Lnil or Panel, press the • Bunon, (hen conDmi rour action. Press the X Button to cancel an action. 

^ t Wait - if j'ou choose not lo perfonn both a mo\'emem and an action during your AT, or if you do not 
C^ ttirfi to mow or aa. selea Wait. The less wu do during an AT, the less the Unit's CT Gauije is depleted. 

^; + Status - Use this command to \ie\v ilie Slams of the InU with a current N (see p.IO). 

t Auto-batrle - You can choose to have any (or all) of \t>ur Units act auiomaticallv b> 
- selecting this option. A sub-menu will appear, offering the follouing Aulo-iaule Options: 
Manual - Nonnal mode Mliere vou control ^e tiniL 

H r 

Fight for Life - The L'nll iiill attack a selected target wiihoui concern for personal 

safety If the target enemj' is destroyed, the dosesi remaining enem>' will be targeted. 

Protect Allies - Tlie Unit will defend -i selecied ally without concern for persona) safety. 

Save Fading life - If possessing the Abilitj; tlw Unit will recover all allies in order of declining HR 

Run Like a Rabbit - The Unit MU leave the bairle and head for the safest spot. 
To reium an Aulo-hauie Unit lo manual control, press the A Button during the Unit's AT, or press the 
A Button anytime during battle, then select the Unit's name from the Unil List menu. 

• NOTE; after conipletinK a Ifnit's .tf, you uill be asked to set uliich direction the Unit wilt remain facing. 

Use the Directiona] Bullons to select the desired direction, then press the • Button to confirm. 
' It is unwise lo turn pur back on the enemy so choose your direction c;uefully. 



DLiriii(^ a baiile. die loiio^rdphy ;ind (he heighi of ihe IuikI a I uic stands on can 
Srcuily affca i[S gluing aMliiios. (/Ttain Iniis air more- cffeciivt' when 
slandin)^ on higher ground, while other L'niw may noi bo cffecti^'e ai all 
dqiendinR on ihe topo^^rapliy. Voii can obtain information on the lopot^raphy 
b\' prcssin); the SiJJlCI' Button, Cha'k the by of die land before vol mo\'e or 
auack. In general, liannj* tlie "upper hand" on \oiir opponait will p\v yon an 
advanuijie. Moving cliamclers such ilk majiicians mil iircliers to higher 
|M)sitions is iisiialty a good stnuegic decision 2s v^'ell. 


The niohilily of a L'nil (Move/Jump) as dLspIm\i on Ihe shitiis screen will vm 
from L nit to L'nit. Tlie topography of the ground, weather and aiuipped 
accessories can influence a Unit's mobility. Weapons and armor thai a Unit is 
L-quipped wuh can also affect mobilil}' - for instance, a heavy sword may 
weigh a Unit down, pre\'eiiiing them from jumping as far. 

By equipping a Unit wit!i ^pec[al equipiiienl (such as Feather Boots) or a speci^d Mo\'e Abilits; the Unil 
may be able to eiuer areas (such a^ lava and deep water) which are not normally accessible. Placing 
Units in imusiial areas may allow you to anack onemies from advantageous positions. 

If two Units are located on the same Panel, bui a( different heights (for instance, above and Ik-Iow a 
bridge) Lhe cursor will s-uiich betwu^n die Units auiomaiically. Press the # Button when the cursoi* is on 

the Unit you wish to select. To change the selected Unit, press the ST.-VRT Button. 



jr a Lnit's hit points (HP) i-jii lo /eru, iht UnU will l-A\ in lallie, Isc Cure iii2[>ic or 
Potioiis 10 prf^oni ihls fi'oni hapi>ening- Fulleii Lnits are indicaiod l>\' :i retl 
coiinldov\"n (iJiier sianina -ai 2 or i. \ fallon Lnii can he revived uiih a Phot'nix Down 
or Raise magic. If ihe linier readies zero, the Inil will tlisj^ppear from ilu- huuk-ficld 
on the following turn, and be pernianenily removxxl from vxjur party: 

Depending on ihe Unit, a TVeasurc Box or CiTsial \\i]\ ai)pear on the Panel iJiej- wri' on. If an aJly Unit 
(excluding guest L'niis) mov4?s lo that P-anel. they will pick up the ire;isure box, obiainliig items. A CmLiJ 
can be claimed by any ally or €nemj' Unit, compleiely lestorln}; HP mid MP, A I'nii which picks i\\) a 
Crystal may be siven the option to inherit AhiJities of the fallen I nil By inheriting \bilitks, a l^nit may he 
able to obtain skills ttiiich would othen^ise be unavailable {see p.23}. 

Fallen ^ucsi Lniis are protected, indicaled b)' sparkles .ibo\'e their bod>. The\' cannot participate in battle 
unless revised, but they \\ill not disappear. Fallen Monsters (eneni\' or ally) may leave behind items such 
as Chocobo Feathers, indicaiinR dial thc\ can be revived. 


The game will end if: 

t Your pari)' fails to meet the winning condition for that stage 
■3- fUl of vour LJnib; fall in battle or are turned lo slone 
t Your main character's spiiii lunis to CryMal 

If die j-ame ends, yon will r^JiTi lo Jie Title Screen, from w-hich a game caii be loaded fronj a pre^ioudy 

saved position. 

If Ihe winning condition for ihe st:ige is mel. the stage is cleared, and your pan\- will obtain bonus mone\' 
((ill) or, ai limes, war trophies (iiems or weapons). 

After each bailie, >x)ur UnlLs will all he fully healed, l-'iiher a brief stor> segment will be disjilawd, or wu 
will return to the ftorld Map (scx^pJI). 




During u U»l!s Aaiw Tlirn (AT), ihe Unit (ircai)able) can cxM different 
mjycil s[)ells (wliite m,^sic, hiack magic, linu' mayic, cic). Casting spells 
requires M^ic Points (MP). Sclccl the maRic Abiliti [rom llie Acl menu 
lo display a !isi of avaihhle spdls. Spc'Ils wliicli appear in nxl cannot be 
used due lo insufijciem MP. Select a spell, then choose a urget. Once a 
target is sclecled, a second menu ttill appear, alloi^ing you to choose 
"Unif or "Panel". To cuM tile spell on a paniciilar ctiaracier. selwi Inii. 

To cast ihc spcU on a sol area, selea Panel. In either case, magic spells 
often affect scvei-al ad|acem Panels, which art indicau-d ui jirecn - so look ui ihe surrountlinj; area 
carrfully brfore casting a spell! 


M'^ical spells require a certain aniouni of charge linie before^ the spcK can Iw rasl This m^fyc charge 

lime is separate from ihe charpe lime (CT) used lo deicmiine a I mis acti^-e luni (AT). While a Inil is 
charging a spell, lime uill continue lo pas's around it. A Inii charging magic is marked by a 
C over ilie Unii's head. The more powerful a spell the longer liie magic charge time. Once 
die spelJ's charge linie is full, the speU will he casL You cau use magic charge lime (C7) to 
your advantage. For example, cast the spell on a specific area frf using Panel, then Jure the 
enemy into ii lust as iIk' speU L"^ cast. 

To check the ma^ic charge time for a spell before it is cltarged, press l^eft/Righi on 
the magic r\biliry on ihe Aci menu lo dlsp]a> after which Inits turn the spell will be 
casl. If the iLUTi i-eads "\ow'\ :here is no niaaiic charge time. 

Spells marked with a cuni'd arrow can be repelled usiax *"Keflecr' niaj^c 



There are sev'eral types of nngic. which 'jt^ revit^'ed briefly here, along wjLh examples of ihe t^pes of 
spell for each. Different ty-pts of mayc may on[y bt' cast by I'niis of certain J(»hs, or certijn eKperience 

le\^]s - needless ta Sd)\ m-^ users are aii cssejiUaJ pan of any Auack Team! 

WHITE MAGIC - Qiraiive magic, used lo recuver stSks IIP hjhJ fliniinau.- various abnormal staiiiN elTecLs 

SpeU £&«ct 

Cure Minimal a<coven' of HP 

Cure 2 Medium recovery of IfP 

Cure 3 High m;o\er\ of HP o\^r a larjje :u^a 

Raise Reslore Unils ihal hive Mea in conibsu 

Re-raJse Aui[»niz(icaJly resion^ fallen I'nJts and mxA^er^ partial HP 

Rcjen (Imdually recover a TnilN HP o\ier lime 

ProiiTL Increase defense agaJnsl physical attacks 

SheQ Increase defense a^tbl miigjcal aruwks 

Wall Inca-ast* clefi^iiM* a^nsi pln^cal and magical smacks 

Hsnn^i Rnnuvf-t muliiptt* abnormal siaEus effL*as 

lloI>' Anack enenues uith holy po«-cr 

BLACK HAGIC - Ofiensjve niai^c used to disabk' or deslroi- eneniy L'ni[5, 

Fire Hrt- attack (nilmnial pouvr) 

Fire 2 Rre attack (medium pinver) 

Fire 3 Rre attack (high power) 

bo\\ Lij(hminK auack (minimal fxi^vr) 

Bolt 2 Uf^hliung attack (medium powcT) 

Bolt 3 Lightning attack (hfich ptwer) 

let Ice ariack (minimal jxiwcr) 

loel lot attack (medium [)a^^e^) 

Ice 3 ice attack (hi^ power) 

Frog Tnmsfonn enemy Vt\iX into a froR 

Death !f successful, thL^nit-niy will losi'all ils (IP and [Perish widiin three turns 

flare Tliis po\MTful black ma^c speW ilscn inteiiK' huat energy 



nME MAGIC - A Tmv Sarcea-rs conirol of (irnc and ^raviK tan mm ihe lidc of \m.k In vmir fmor. 

SiK-etls np ihu larj,tl L nit s churj^L- lime 
Slows down Ihe Urjitl l^nii's chart;** lime 
Prevents ihe Lir^ I nii from mwinj^ aiid liikui)> Klk)n 
Tht Hr!;<.'( L nil will noi he :ihle lo move 
Rflenses a Inii fj-oni ^mi^\ alloVLlnj> ilieni lo floiU i[) liie air 
Reflects a spell back to iLs easier 
Giw i^rioriu nf ihe .Wtive TUm to ihu Uii^^el 

SiVKn^ pii\i[\ (lepleles a fiml |X»rii<Ni of the laii^ei^s IIP {2 sirL^ij;lhs - Demi &. Demi 2) 
Drop ;in cnoniu«is nieietir on iUi; haitlL-field. causing extensive tlarnase 




Doii'i mo\^' 






YIN-YANC MAGIC - Tliis rnauic dt:inj^es die iviaLus of the larftei, whicli can he dcvaslaliiiji ^vlien used vvisck 


S|>ell Ahsorh 
Life Drain 
Silena* Son^ 
Blind a^e 
Fox Bird 
Dispel Maiiic 

Casis l)arkstes.\ interfering willi vLsi^>n 

Absorbs tlie Ml' of a east spell 

Absorbs the HP of the ULii;et 

Su»p^ the Inil from ciL^Tlnf; iTuif;ic 

Transforms lite L'liii imo an liideatl creature 

CaMs ]iersLTk> which niakc-s a Lnii attack uncontroJliihK" 

DecrnLses ihe larfiefs Bravi* Poinir* 

C^incels l\\L- effects of any spiHl 

PiiLs tile I nil m sk-ep, preitiuinj; them fmm fifilulni; 

IVinis Inillosione 












MA(JIC - A .Summoner can call powerful nionsltTS lo do their biddinf;. 


Reco\i?rs allies' HP 

Punislies enemy with freezing coid 

Inflicis lif^liEiiinv; d:m]ai!,L' on ibe ciK-niy 

A S|X'clalist in lire dania^^e 

This mJRht; j;iam hrliiRS forth the [itwer of die t-arth 

A dragon \\liic!i causes non-elenieiiuil damage 

A fearsome horseman wiio aliai^ks \\ ilh non-elemental ilamajie 

This seu serpent drowns enemies in waier 

His c^il e\c inflicts non-elLineiiLHl daniaRt^ 



MiiiH' ohJL-cLs ciui bo ft'oii in batiic. purdiasttJ in s1jo|>s, or claiinitl from treasure boxt-s. A ie*- iire lisictl here, 
A Viiii may nt-cd \Iiiliiits (likt- Thro*) Ui usu ilciHS. aixl Armor and U"t'aj>ons mus( be W|Uipped lo te used. 



X Potioii 


I'A'e Drop 
r.cho GniNS 
Maiden's Kiss 



Hiociiix Dov.n 






Suit of Arirnir 








RectucrsllP (minimum) 

Ra-ovCTS HP (hif^h) 

Recovers M? (minimum) 

Compleiclv recwers HV and MP 

Cures like Poi&Qti sL^lis 

Cures Liie Darknt-ss status 

Cure); the Silence suius 

Cure!* the Fro^slulus 


Cumi si'Kt.'i-A ahiKMTita] sialus elTcas 

Revives a fallen t'nit 

Equipped On 
One liand 


Equippt^d Oa 

One hand 
I Of 2 hands 

1 or 2 hunds 
Builk lianJs 
I or 2 h;mds 
One hand 
One hand 
1 or 2 h^nds 

Remarks Ji"i 

Inci'eases the a^^oidance rate fruni enemies' atucks 

A liKhtformofamior\i1iit:hmaybc worn hym;myJobs 
\er\' hcA\y proieclive heiwli^ear 
Fiilj'bod\ armor Llial can bettorn b\ man^ Jobs 
A loose cloihin^ mainly used Ir^ niagiobins 


Shon. lij^it weapon 

A hc^vi blade, used hv' i3maf>erJobs such as Kniglus 

An imported Samurai's weapon 

An eMreniely hemy and desiructlve weapon 

A maf^cbm's weapon, adds :tddiliun;d efrec{,s :tuii maf^ 

An ancient vki^ajx)!! uiih a considerable rjnf^' 

A spcf:ial book which allu^vs the user tii attack with the power of words 

Mainly used \^' Lancers, it has j^realer ranf^e than a s^ord or knife 




If you liaii- a Mediator in your party, you caJi llso tlii-ir spt'cial •"Imiic*' AWIity if> lure enemies (including 
monsiers) into iK^coniin^ yi>nr ally, ir the imiluiion is successlul. the enemy uilj join >t)ur pam as a 
Guosl. After ihe cunvnx haiile lias eniled, [he nmnsier will become an alh' ami \im\\ bv ahlc lo cf>niml iis 
movunieiiLs. Though tliey are difflcuk lo lua-, Munskroi \u\v powerful Abilities, and cm he greitl a^^eL^ hi 
your paity. If Monsiei's arc in your parry, lhe>' may even la\' Ejgp lo produce new Monsler allies! 

t NOlTi: Vou may find oltier \^:vfS 10 lurc Monsiers inio becoming pur allies olhcr ihan "InvJlc". 
Typical monsiers thai can Ix? made into allies; 

Chocobo This pott-erful bird has both aHacl< ajKl curative j\biliiies. Your humaji 
allies can idso lake atlv;mLij:;e of iheir mobility b\' riding ow them. As 
lonK a.s (here\ a IniL ridins U, die Cliocobo s AT will not come around. 

Ahrlman A one-cjiKl flying creatiire ntlh an attack similar lo the "De;(th 

Senience". It caji ids<» use iv> fL»an>ome "Ga/x-'" to reduce an enemy's 
Brave Poinis unlit llicv nm away in horror. 



This flaminR enemy actually revives iuself by absorbinfi rire'baM?d 
atiatks. As a last reson, it can inflict enormous damage to surrounding 
L-nemies bj' "Self-Deslructing". 

An undead monsler, the (Ihoiil is impervious to Dcalh spells. However, 

il is suscTplible lo Fire spells, and is injured hy normally helpful Care 



i^jiih lime vyju successfully complete a baule. yoii uill reiuni u> ilie 

World Mi^ Screen. Often, tievv lociilions will be available, allowinj; 

you 10 st'lea new' an^ to explnre. The Dale is shmiTi in the upper left 

comer of ihe screen, [l nomially lakes one day lo mow from arcii lo 

area tjt] ihe Map. Vour panv' s Var Funds (total (ill) is sIiomiti in the 

lower right- A blue doi indicates a stage you have already cleured. 

Red dots sij^niR areas not yet completed. Green doLs indii'alc thai a 

random battle may occur if you pa-ss through ihal area. L'^e Ihe 

J)irecuonal Buuons lo move the Cursor ko diSereni aa^as, then press the # Button to move. 

Vhcr a baitle> ii is recommended ihat you sa^e your game and make any changes lo your I'niis Abililies, 
IVess the ▲ Buiion at the World Map Screen lo bring up the World Map Menu and the follofting choices: 

'I- Move - \ submoii] vt1II s!iow :ill arailable locations. Use ihe Cursor lo select an area to move to. 

V FomuHion -.Allows you to modiK your party members" Jobs and Ahihties (see p,23)- 

I' Brave Siory - The hisrorian Al:alam can assisi |ou in rciiewuif; ihe events 
dial haw occurred m yxiur ad\-eniure. Vse itte Rcconl opUon u» replay 
aorj" scenes thai you have already seen. Select llie scene from tlie menu to 
'^'C it reciiucted. I se llie Perwa option lo e?ianiine llie various characters 
ihai yot! »1II cncounler. As widi other long menus, if ydtow amm-s appear 
on die ri^l side of a memi screen, nion.* information can be seen by- 
pressing the L"p or Down DireOional Buuons, 

-;- Tutorial - Tlie 'Hifonal is an inv^aiuable reference for game rules and 
instructions. It conlalns information and animated examples unJer the 
categories of Organization, Satde, and lips. There are a number of topics 
under each heading, and ii is recommended that tou explore them alL 
Previously vje\\ed sectitins are highlij>hled in red. 

Data - .^loivs you to save onto a Mcmorj' Card (see p,3)- 

Options - Many gameplay oinions, such as Cursor spet^I and text display speed, can be iiuKlified bere. 

^,^ !*• m »MM b t^m 






l-ac)i [^y^\^ or casile on iht- WdfU Map COfflaJns a bar, u sho|i. and a soldier atfice. 

F- " 


YcHi s^t>iri TirHl much n'frt.'shnKiii lh.'ix.', btii ihe hjm'fider ohi-u knu^\> of 
iK'lphil Rumors :il>oiii inipoiuni iK-opk- ami t^^tlLs. Takv .some lime lo chiU 
and VDU m3^ iezm something useful. You [nuy cnm ri'a'h'e a xnluahle 
Proposition in a bur - loading lo cxira Gil (or your party! 


These sitops cam neirly everyihinj; your \ft}o\\h iiecx]. L se iht' SrJiiCT 
Button lo SIX a dcscrtpiian of iienw befytx- purchasing, Weapons, armor, 
aca-ssorics. and ilL^ms c;m Ik* pufclused b\' soleciin^ ihem fj-oni a menu 
similar to thai on the Status Stamen (set p-HM- Select the tiiimis icon to 
purchase suords, the body i(»n lo purclme armor, eic. Scroll doivTi lo tlie 
item you wish to piirchaie. then choose the number <>f Items to buy. If you 
\\i\v enou};b Gil. [he iUfm(s) ulII apjRur in your iuivmoiy 

Sina* armor, weapons, and accessories must bi* equipped on your I'nils lo 

be Liseful. an efficieni ttuy to juiixha^' ihese ilems is to use ihe shop's 

Fitting Roooi. Select an etfuippable iu-m, choose Trj- i( on fnim ibe sljops 

menu, then chacise a Inii to m on the iieni. Another screen will uppeyr, 

shou'irtji dK' ejects of ihe iitm, I'osiiiw eSecis aa' sliowii ij] blue, nesuiive 

effects are sho^in In r^^. Make sure tluU an Item's bein-fiis ouwetgh any drutt-b:«:ks! If v-ou're not sure 

what to buy, scleci Bej^t fit from the menu, and tht- Inii will bo equipped with the fines[ iht shop offers 

for a priav Select Quit fining to llw selected ilems. Select Sell lo sell ilems you doni nt^-d, 


Rccruitinf> neu' [nirt^ nufmbers is as simple -^ selcciln^ a male or female 
^prentice and paying for llieir se^^^ce. Vew soldiers aa- simple Sifuia'S. 
Ml you will have (o have them learn s|>eLi:il Abilitius {seep, 25 ) If you hdw 
acguia'd Monsters in y^ur partv (see p.2i\), ><m can select Change name 
here lo a'naine vour nonhuuiun allies. 


Vnhe KornKUion Screen, f accessible lhrouj;h llie WorlJ Map Menu) avarim- 
lA moiijflciiions cin be made to vour L^niLs. Sclecl a L nh froni s-oiat parl\' tiv 
using ihe Directional Buuons or the LI -anil Rl Buttons, then selea an option 
frani the [ncnu: 

t Item - Alloy's wu In equip Lhe Unil wilti weapons, amior, or acces.sories. 
This menu operates as when in a Shop, bul uses inwniory ilems. 

> Ability - As your characters progress and gain experience, (hey uill also 
eam Job Points (|P).Job Pojjils can beexchan^'d Ikere lor Abilities. 
Abilities incltide baule skilis, magicai spells, counterauacks, etc. t^ch L'nii 
has varicMJsjohs from which it can leam ntv skilK. Sck-c: a Job frftm ihc 
menu, then press lefi/righi to change the lype of Abiliij' {Aaion. Scaciion, 
Support, or Mov^Abllitv- see p-10) Press up/do^'n to scleti a specific 
AbUlty for the Unit to leam. Abilities which are i;rayed out cannot he 
learned due lo insufficiem JR If liic Unit h'^ enou(ih JP. Ihe new Ability is 
marked "^Learned" and can he Set as one of the Vntl's tvaiile Abilities, 

; Change Job - Itoits can chanjie Jobs to earn }f in diflcreni artus leam 
new AbilhJes, and specialize skills <see pj4). Diflereiit I'niLs nith (liflcTcni 
levels of esperiena' n^ay have different Jobs lu choose from. Ct-nain jobs 
ttiU onh become available later in the game, uhen j'our Iniis have Kune 
up several levels and learned many skiUs. Some L'nlLs (such -js Guest 
L'nrts) ftitl not have as many Johopiions. Tlicre is no "corrca" tt"ayio 
chaflg! Jobs Of kam AbilHiei, so expi^rimenl - and save your game o&tsil 

Remove Unit -If your party is full and you need lo make space for newlntts, or if )uu simply u-am to 
get rid of dead vvmd, use ibe Rem<rtv L'nit command. Once removed, ihea* is no nuy to retrieve a Vaiu 
so be careful who you dismiss. Certain Iniis (sucli as gi»esi L'nits) cunnoi be renuAi-d from your party. 

Onkr Unit - Select this option to lUsplay the L'niLs in your |)ar[> in ihe order of most lo least, 
according to amouni of: HP, MP, CT, Level, feperiena'. Bni\*o Poims, or Faith Points. This may be 
helpliil for selecting which Units sliotild go on ati Attack Teuiii. 




The iiiiLiii Jobs iliac u[>ptiir In ita- i;^il- are iiuroduccij hert. By accuniu];iijng JP fhrau^h combii. ihe 
level of i'adi Job can be advaiicetl, and new Jobs will become available. Hie Gunmands listed be!ow are 

Abilit}' cal4?j!orics that are topically unlqiH* lo tfiar Job. 



Typical Aliiiily 


lypiod Ability 


"Typical AWliw 


laical Ability- 

Typical AbJlil>- 


TVpicaJ Ability 

A basic Job wiibout any distinctive features 

Basic skill 

Heal - Recoveni abnormaJ slants effects ulthoul consumins MP 

Knife, sword, axe, mallei, mace 

Ttie only Job that handles recovery items 


l\)iion - Admlntsters a liquid wttich restores allies' HP 


A master su'ordsman wljo can desire^' tnanies^ armor 

Uattle Skill 

Armor break - Destroys armor worn on the body 


The only Job thai can handle bows and crossbows 


Charge lU - Attacking force increases based on power accumulated 

Bo^^; cmssbow 

Stalled figiilers ihjl use Their bodies a^ weapons 

Punch Art 

Wave Kisi - Throws balls of energy aJ the enemy from a distance 

Bare hands 

Also known as a While Mage, a master of White (recoveiy) magic 

Whjie Magic 

Cure - recovers HP, wlH also inflict damage on undead creatures 







IVpical Ability 




TVpica) AWlir\' 



l^pical Vbility 


IVpical Ability 


TNpiciJ Abilih' 

TVpic-jJ Ability 


IVpical Abilit>' 

.Mso knoMTi as a Black Mage, casts BlacV tanack) magic spells 

Black Ma^c 

Boll - InQids damage bv ?unking the targci ^viih li^nning 


A user of Time magic, ^liich conirob time and :tpace 

'Hme Magic 

Sloft - Slott-s down the CT of the target Unit 

CaJJs rorth powedul monsters to aUack enemies 

Summon Mz^c 

Bahaniul - The fieiy breaUi of this dragon king sears enemies 


This crafty clianicler can steal money and items from the enemy 


Take Gil - Steal the enemies' nione>' 


A mvstcrioiis warrior who can charm enemies imo changing sides 

Talk Skill 

Invitation - Lures the enemy into joining your panj'. 

Knife, gun 

Deteriorates enemy forces by causing status abnormalities 
Yin-Yang Mi^yc 

Undead - Ibms lar^ei Unit into an undcad creature 
Staff, rod, dictionary, stick 

■Attacks with die power of die earth 

Elemental - ■ ■ ' 

Hell Ivy ' Vines attack the enemy, inflicting upon them the Stqi status 

Sword, ajic 



Mime A warrior who mimics your allies' actions 

Command None 

TVpical ANIii\' Viiri'dble 

Weapon None 

Lancer An expert with a spear and devastating hjf;h-jump altackff 

", Command Jump 

TVpioiI Aiiility Hori^otiLil Jump i-tlie jumping range is expanded lo 2 Panels 

:^ Weapon i^r 

Samurai A powerful swordsman from a distant land 

Command Draw Out 

typical Ability Bizen Bckil - Reduces MP of surroundiog enemies 

Weapon Katana 

Ninja An expert in steaJth attacks and throwing weapons 

Command Throw 

Topical Ability Knife - Attack enemies ^llh expenly tlirown knives 

Weapons Ninja sword, knife, mace 

Calculator A warrior wlio selecLs his targeis i)>' numerical calculations 

t^mmand Math Skill 

Typical Ability i^'vel - Uses [^perience I,evel as the object of the calcnlation 

Weapons Dicuoiiai}; stick 

fiard Encourages ajid protects allies with his singing 

Command Sing 

lyjiical Abilit)' Life Song- Recovers the HP of all allies on the battieHeld 

Weapon Musical ins[mmenl 

Dancer Her enchanting dance has various effects on the enenty 

Command Dance 

TVpkal Ability Witch Htmt - Reduofs MP of all enemies on the battlefield 

Weapons Knife, cloth 



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The Official Strategy Guide 

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ww^V'.sqLiarcso t,ccim www.pla; 'station, com v^'ww.primapublishing-CC^in 
1 order Prima Publishings Final Fantasy Tactics— The Official Siraiegy Gui< 

Call 800.632.8676 ext. 4444 

n^ySuriL-'n nr\t\ iJw P[ii^SMac*nlo|iu»arcirjdnnEirit.<orsonv Conipuii^r Enicn-iinmtm Incoiwr^l^gs Square Co., Ul 

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Product DLr^vliipmiin] Qxh^jom 
QA Manai^T 

CiKlomer Service Manaf^r 
Cusiomtr Service Stiptrvisor 
hb^niiivv VT, Sinaicf^c Manning 
Vtcc Prftidcni of MgjkeUi^it 
Assistant Mjrkcfliig \vwcijics 


Kxccut^xi PtoJucctn 

C()- Producer 

Vfjutik jml DirccLd by 

MsiJn Prof^ram 

Music & Ongunl Scurf bv 

Mitlucl &b>kLit 
Jon Willi iims 
Rick Thorn psun 

Yo^ihihirD Mimy^ma 

Jun Ivt'iibukj 

Kenll Mlmura 
KynKo Yama.-4iUu 
Kiniiii Murd/t'Wi 


Yoshinohu MaihUti 
Vun^ Moua 

Snui Cairi;ui>;i£ 
"^kflhiro So 
Kyiiko Makinu 
Sunfonl N}t 

7biTifi>iiki Tikfichi 

MicTiio Okantii-a 
Yfisumi HaLsunu 
Ifini^iiki Itu 
Uiroshi Mina|>uK^ 
AkihJk" Yoshtda 
Takii Mtinua 
MMahani lu-jui 


AnbUni Productr 

ANSociaic Pruduccr 
Senior PrutJiiccfr 
It-ii Maihifier 
HThnral Coord maw 
U-iid Tc-KWr 

Siih Luisi 
Pom Roil,i*<.MS 
Mark Pnik'k 
Neil Mtihscr 

Christlnn Dutis 

KtMn SlnIlt 
UriHrc CfK:hr4iK- 
Jo AriHirtii's 
Ptit Mavk^m 

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/U DLiltoii 
N~L-fJ Mussrr 

Taku Ima^aki 
David BamhLTgcr 
AiKlrnv Hoi/sc 
Pcicr Diilc 

Senior MaHtt-iinj; Manager 

Vice Pasidcni of Markciing 

Scnmr Dirpc<i»r of Markt'imn 

Senior J'uhlic Relaiifms Manafier \fci!ly Smith 

Senior Ov^iH' Service M^nagur lloviard Lit-hcskind 

PackiiRinR ik Manual Steven Wrij-hi, 

BtX'lint Grx»up Inc. 

S|Kaat ITtank^ Ka/.llJrai 

i-isuko KoiuLi 
Julie ^\shijr>' 
Mark Hughes 




^imyCompubn'Hnreruunm^f imcriai (Sai\) u'amnlsto the- ori^niil purctijsifr of tins SCKA product 

iluil tliis sofmure is fax- from (lefctis in matcri-al and worknwn,s!iip for a pcTitK! of nJnL'[> (W) dii>> from 

iIk' dale of piirciiase, SUi\ agrees for a period of ninel>' (90) da\> lo eiihtr repiiir or rt^pkico, lu ils 

opiion. ihcStlV jiroducl. Vou muslcall l-H0(>-34S-SOCT lo rt^rdvt-insiriiaionsUJ obtain 
rt'iniir/a'placcinciil btrvices. - > -- , : =» .j 

This warrant shall noi hv aiiplicable and shaJl k* void if llie defcci in tlic SCr A pnxluct has arisen 
'lirou^h abus*-, unrtusonablc tiw, misireaimcni or ne^leci. THIS WARK-V\T^' IS I\ UKI 01' .U.I OTHER 

^'ili\\ARi:PRODLCI • . 

*nn' sialcs do noi allow limiiiiiitins us lo how lonK an implied \sarrjruy 
L K iind/or L-\cliisions or limiiaiions of consf<]ncniial diLma{,»c'^ so 
i'^' ,i!>uvt limitaiions and/orexchisionsof liabiliiv mas iioi apply 
ih WILL Tiiis iiiirraniy gives you sprafic le^ righLs and you 
may also have other righL*; which vary from slale lo siaie. 

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Only on PlayStation. 

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