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How to update the Operating System of your 

D1200 Digital Recording Studio via USB from your Windows PC 

For Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP 

Windows 98 users must first download the USB Driver, also at 

D1200 Verl.03 System File for USB (.exe file, approx. 1.4MB) 

Making the USB Connection: 

1) Start up the D1200 and then connect it to the PC with a USB cable. 

2) On the D1200, press the SYSTEM/UTIL key, and use the Tab keys to select 
the DiskUtil tab. In the display select the “USB Mode” button (using the cursor 
keys) and press ENTER. 

3) The D1200 will enter the USB mode, and the D1200 Icon will show up as a 
drive on your computer desktop. Double click on this Icon to open it. 

4) On your PC, open the D1200 Folder that was a part of this download and you 
will see three system files: 

“EXTV103_.144”, “ INTV103_.144” and “SYSINF0.144” 

5) Copy these three files to the D1200 USB drive (click and drag from the 
downloaded folder to the D1200 drive). After copying all three files, your 
D1200 drive window should look like this: 

* in this example, the D1200 is seen as drive “H”- 

this will depend on the number of drives currently connected to your PC 

6) Once the files have been copied, left-click the * Icon bcated at the right 
side of the task bar, and then left-click ‘‘Stop USB Mass Storage Device - 

7) When the following display appears, click “OK” on your PC. 

8) Remove the USB cable from the D1200. 

Upgrading the Operating System 

(This information is also on page 81 of the D1200 Owner’s Manual) 


DO NOT turn the power off at any point during this procedure! Also take care to 
make sure the power is not interrupted by any other means - unplugging the 
power supply, turning off a switched outlet, etc... 

1) Press the SYSTEM/USB key and use the TAB keys to chose the DiskUtil 
tab. Select “LoadSystem/U ”, highlight “Exec.” and press ENTER. The 
following dialog box will open. 




Refer to D1200 owners manual. 



AreVouSure? 1 No |I Yes I 

lode | 

Control! MIDI 1 Sync 0 MMC IB-D^Rst 


2) Press YES/OK. The following dialog isshown while the system data is 
being loaded from the USB drive. 


. Iran nm m nnn 

Loading...: Varning! 

Do not disconnect power- 



Please wait restart- 

lode | 

.ControlJL MIDI l S^nc l MMC jp-U^ 


While the system is being updated, the Track Status buttons will light up one at a 
time (in order); first green and then red. When the files have been updated, the 
D1200 will automatically restart. The new operating system number (in this case 
1.03) will be visible as the D1200 restarts. 

Your D1200 update is now complete.