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Electronic Arts Inc. 209 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065 




Select a unit 


Add a unit to seiectiort 

SHIFT - left-click 

Select ail on-screen units of a type 

E or double left-click 

Select previous/next unit , . . . k- ^ 

LEFT/RlSirt arrow keys . . 

Select previous/next dozer/worker 

UP/DOWN arrow keys 

~ Select all combat units 

Select all units on the map that match 
current selection 

Double-tap E 

Define ittf ected units as a ^rot^ 

CTRL ^ number key 

Select numbered group 

Number key 

View (not selectynu^erel*^6up 

Alt + number kev 

Select and jump to numbered group 

Double-tap number key 

Jump to last radar event 


Jump to Command Center 



: Hold down right mouse bimon, move mouse 


Force-fire mode ^ 

""Hold down CTRL and Feft-click loTatiQfTL J 

Attack move mode 

Tap A and left-click location 

InsUyct selected units to fluard. 

^ T^ G left-click location 

Stop selected units 


‘ jtoatter selected units 


Set waypoints for units 
SeTDnit formations 

ALT + left-click for each waypoint 
Position, then select unfe,oress BBt+F 


Toggle tifplonucy/Cbmmunicalo^ 
in multiplayer and skirmish games 
.. e mission Objectives in singlepiaver . _ 


Toggle Command Bar 


Options screen 


Capture screenshot 



Set bookmark for camera 

CTRL + FI - F8 

Jumo to camera bookmark ] 

■ F1-F8 

Rotate camera 

Numeric keypad 4 rotate left, 6 rotate right 

Zoom camera i 

Numeric keypad 8 zoom iL 2 zoom out ; 

Reset camera to DEFAULT position 

Numeric keypad 5 


Chat with everyone 


Chat with allies 


Place beacon 





Peport to Security Councils Situational Peport (SIT FJiP} on 
CliA Activities 
Distriljution; CLASS IP lED 
Hotan, China 

For several months, observers have expressed concern over the 
activities oi the Clobal Liberation Armj (CLA)> A loose 
iederation of ireedom lighters and terrorists, the 'JLA has 
established several strongholds in the republics oi Central 
Asia. Bj' distributing lorces and leadership across the borders 
oi these developing rations, the 3LA has thwarted efforts to 
engage in meaningful dialogue. Last jear, this group v.ithout 
borders crossed into western China and began building popular 
support for an independent state in this remote region. GLA 
iunding continues to grow from unknown sources, and its 
leadership remains a mjsterj. 

For the Beijing government, this incursion along its western 
border could not have come at a worse time. The reforms in 
China’s "todern way” program have produced new civil liberties 
and excellent growth in Chinese exports, particularly in light 
manuiacturing and agricultural products. Beijing has repeatedly 
stated that these changes are here to stay, a position that 
does not sit well with the 3LA. 

Last week, the GLA struck a military depot at Yecheng, stole 
thousands oi rounds of munitions, and destroyed a nuclear 
power plant. Langerous j.evels of radiation have been detected 
over 100 kilometers downwind. The Chinese government is 
furious and has refused to allow observers to mediate 
discussions with the GLA. Several divisions of the Red Army 
have established positions in the province along major 
roadways and rivers. 

While the United States continues to provide orbital 
reconnaissance to the Security Council, it has failed to 
contribute troops to peacekeeping efforts in the region. The 
Council’s refusal to support United States counter-terrorist 
initiatives in the kiddle East in recent jears has not been 
forgotten. USA military forces have remained in port and on 
base, venturing out only to secure its coastline. 

Scattered intelligence reports arriving from iiu^pe and Asia 
indicate that the QLa has established and funded a-leeper cells/ 
to further spread its sphere or inxluence. If China succeeds 
in forcing out the GLA, it is difficult to predict where the 1 
group will resurface. The United States would be the logical . I 
choice to buttress Chinese efforts to contain the GLa, but the; 
United States continues to maintain its non-involvement in 
this matter. The United States denies the sub-committee's ' 
claim that eventually the GLA will cross paths v;ith USA forces 
in Asia or elsewhere in the world. I 

The sub— committee recommends to the Security Council that it 
continue to maintain an open channel with the GLA, to 
establish a clear set of boundaries ror Chinese activity, and 
to communicate the need lor USA participation in peaceiueeping 
initiatives before the Council loses its inxluence on the 
situation. . • 



znsTnLLinG/uninsTnLLinG the grre 3 



nnin nsnu 5 

oPTions 5 


SOLG PLflv HRin nenu 7 

c&c GensRPus brsics 7 

SHIRfniSHES . 10 





USR 17 


GLR . 27 
















This produa has been rated 'T' (Teen) by rhe Entertainment Software Rating Board For information about 
the ESRB racing, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 
1 - 800 - 771 - 3772 . 

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this and other titles, check out EA CAMES“ on rhe web at 


^ For best peiforrriancc. you must haw an AGP video card. PCI video cards are generally much slower than their 
AGP counterparts. PCI cards are normally below the minimum game spec. 

Make sure to turn off automatic anti-virus protecaon This is usually located on the bottom of your screen in 
your PC tool bar Simply right click and turn off. Remember to turn back on when exiting the game 
"k Make sure your audio & video drivers are updated. This can be done by visiting their respectn^e website and 
following instructions. 

mininun conFiGURRTion (solo & e-PLOven 


Windows* 98, Windows 98SE, Window's Me. Windows 2000. or Windows XP (Windows NT and 
Windows 95 not supported) 

7k 800 MHz Intel- Pentium' III or AMD' Athlon ' processor 

7k 128 MB RAM 

7k 8x CD-ROM OVO-ROM dnve 

7k 1 .8 GB free hard disk space plus space for sav'cd games (additional space required for Windows swap-hle 
and DirectX~ 8.1 installation i 

7k 32 MB video card using the Nvidia* GeForce2‘, ATI* Radeon' 7500 AGP video card, or more recent 
chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver 
7k DirectX 8.1 compatible 16 bit sound card 
7k Keyboard 
7k Mouse 


7k 1,8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor 
7k 256 MB or more RAM 

7k 1.8 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games 
7k Nvidia CeForceS’ or more recent Direct3D' capable video card 


7k 256 MB RAM required for 3- to 8-p!ayer games 


7 56 Kbps or fester direct Internet connection 

7 One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously 


7 Cable, DSL. or a faster direct Internet conneaion 

b One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously 


7 TCP IP compliant network 

’> One set of game discs per player Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously 

for multiplayer games 

for multiplayer games 

for multiplayer games. 

unznsTRLLzns the grpie 


To inswII Command & Conquer'"* Cenerals: 

1. Start the Windows operating system 

2. Close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners. 

3. Insert the Command St Conquer Cenemis Disc 1 into your CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drive. The Autorun menu 

jk If the Autorun menu does not automatically appear, left-click the SStart button from the Windows 
Taskbar and select Run..., Type D:\autorun.exe in the Run dialog box, then click OK (substitute the 
correct letter of your CD-ROM. DVD-ROM dnv-e if other than D:’V 

4. Click INSTALL After the setup program initiates, the InstallShield Wizard opens. Click NEXT to continue. 

5. You are now prompted to enter your senal number, which can be found on the back of your Command & 
Conquer Generals CD case. Enter the serial number and click OK to continue, 

6. The Command & Conquer Cenerals Terms of Service agreement appears. After reading the Terms of Service 
agreement dick YES to accept and continue. 

7. The Choose Destination Location window appears. This is the location where Command & Conquer Cenerals 
IS installed. Click NEXT to accept the defeult. 

7k To change the destination folder, click BROWSE..., select the location where you wish to copy Command 
& Conquer Cenerals files and click OK, then click NEXT, 

8. The Select Program Folder window appears. Select the scan menu folder from which you want to run 
Command ik Conquer Generals and click NEXT. 

9. The Start Copying Files window appears. A brief summary of your choices are displayed here. Click BACK 
to alter any of your previous choices or click NEXT to accept and start copying files. A pop-up window 
appears asking if you would like to create a shortcut on your desktop. Click YES to accept or NO to 
decline and continue. When the prompt appears, insert the Command & Conquer Cenerals Disc 2 into your 
CD-ROM DVD-ROM dnve and click OK to continue installation. 

10. The Electronic Registration window appears. If you choose to register your software, selea REGISTER 
NOW. To register at a later rime select REGISTER LATER from the prompt. 

tF Register Now: The registration form appears. Complete the form and return it to Electronic Arts 

tF Register Later: The registration prompt doses. Click OK and installation continues. 

11. A pop-up window appears asking you if you would like to install DirectX 8.1. If the version of DirectX 
installed on your computer is 8.1 or higher, click NO to continue. Another pop-up window appears 
asking if you would like to run Command & Conquer Cenerals Click YES if you wish to start the game or 
NO to start the game at a later time Click FINISH to exit the InstallShield Wizard. 

tF If the version of DirectX installed on your computer is older than 8.1. dick YES to install it You are 
prompted to resrait your computer when DirectX installation is complete. 

uninsTRLLinG/Re-insTRLLinG thg grpie 

ff you are having problems or the game did not install correctly the first time, we recommend re-mstalling 

the game. 

To uninstall Command & Conquer Generals: 

1. Start the Windows operating system. 

2. Left-click the SStait button from the Windows Taskbar and selea All Programs (or Programs i > 

EA GAMES > Command & Conquer Generals > Uninstall Command & Conquer Generals 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall process 

nOTE; Files that uere created after the installation of Command i 
Conquer Generals, such as saved games t remain on the hard 
drive after completing the uninstall process. If you wish to 
continue to use these files, simply re-install the game to 
the same directory. 

To re-install Command & Conquer Generals: 

Follow the Installing the Game mstrucnons as descnbed on p. 3. 


To start Command & Conquer Generals (with disc already in drive): 

1. Close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners. 

2. Left-dick the SStart button from the Windows Taskbar and selea All Programs (or Programs) > 

EA GAMES > Command & Conquer Generals > Command & Conquer Generals 

Tk' If you created a desktop icon during installation, you can use it to start the game 
To start Command & Conquer Generals (without disc already in drive): 

1. Start the Windows operating system. 

2. Close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners 

3. Insert the Command &. Conquer Generals Disc 1 into your CD-ROM 'DVD-ROM dnve The Autoron menu 

If the Aurorun menu does not automatically appear, left-click the SStart button from the Windows 
Taskbar and selea Run... Type D: \autorun.exe In the Run dialog box, then dick OK (substitute the 
correa letter of your CD-ROM DVD-ROM drive if otiier than D.’). 

4. Left-click the PLAY burton 


Welcome, General. Please review this briefing to get femiliar with the basics of the combat environment, 
training facilities, Solo Play, and advanced gameplay taaics. From the Main menu, you can set your gaming 
options for optimal performance on the battlefield 

nnzn nsnu 

Begin a single player game (>■ p- 7) 

Play Network (>■ p. 38) or online 
games I, ► Ccncmis Chitne on p. 32) 

Load a saved game or replay 
Change your audio, video and network 
options ! ► below) 

Lot game 


In the Options screen, you can customize Display. Audio, Scroll Speed, and Network settings. 

-)To open the Options screen, click OPTIONS from the Main menu. 

^To change options dunng the game, press 


RESOLUTION Set the resolution of the screen in the game 

DETAIL Choose your level of detail in the game LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or CUSTOM. 

On MEDIUM and LOW settings, some effects in the game are turned OF The 
CUSTOM setting is for advanced users who want to adjust certain display 

nOTE: A high level of detail can slow down game performance, 
BRIGHTNESS Use the slider bar to adjust the bnghtness m the game 


MUSIC VOLUME Use the slider bar to adjust the volume of music m the menu system 

SOUND FX VOLUME Adjust the volume of sound effects in the game. 

VOICE VOLUME Adjust the volume of voices in the game. 


nOTE: Command St Conquer Generals attempts to ccnTigure the Network 
Options settings Tor you. It is recommended that you do not 
change these settings i^ you are unfamiliar with Internet 

ONUNE IP Use the drop-down to select the Internet Protocol address chat you want to use 

across the Internet for online games. 

LAN IP Use the drop-down to select the Internet Protocol address that you want to use 

for games across your Local Area Network (LAN). 

^ Each computer connected to the Internet has an IP Address which is a set of four numbers separated 
by penods (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd), 

SEND DELAY If you have a firewall and are unable to connea to other online players, check 

the Send Delay box, which may resolve the problem For more informanon, see 
the README file 

If you have made changes to your firewall configuration since the last time that you played Command 8t 
Conquer Ctenenli online and are experiencing connection difficulties, dick REFRESH NAT, which may 
conrea the problem. For more information, see the README file. 

^To set an HTTP proxy server for use with Cerrem/j Online, enter the server’s IP address and port number in 
the HTTP Proxy field. 

ik If you are playing behind a firewall, your Internet conneaion may require the use of an HTTP proxy 
server. This IP address and port number manages all of the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic for 
security reasons. Please see your networking administrator or documenuuon for details. 

nOTE: If you are playing online from behind a rirewall, please 

consult the README file in your Command St Conquer Generals 
game directory for more information, 

i To restore the Network Options to their defaults, click DEFAULTS. 

>To accept the changes, click ACCEPT To cancel and exit, click CANCEL 


> To adjust the scroll speed of the Battle Window, move the slider left or nght 


Go to svarwith the most sophisticated weapons against the USA, China, and GLA forces. Pursue battlefield 
glory as the General of one of these armies, as you send your enemies to defeat 
O To begin solo play, click SOLO PLAY in the Main menu 

★ You can design your own single-player Skirmishes against up to seven enemy armies. For more 
information, ► Skirmishes on p. 10. 

SOLO PLRV npzn nsnu 

You can lead any of the three sides in a foil campaign against the other two sides 
3 To begin a new campaign, click the name of any side to play To choose a difficulty setting, click 

■) To begin the training mission, click TRAINING. To choose a difficulty setting, click NORMAL, HARD, or 

3 To load a saved game, click LOAD GAME. REPLAY in the Mam menu. Then, dick LOAD GAME. For more 
informanon ► Load Save Game and Replay Files on p. 16. 

5 To play a Skirmish game, click SKIRMISH. For more informanon ► Skirmishes on p. 10 

mission ouER screeh 

At the conclusion of any mission, you can review the results of the battle. 


OK'Screen, you can see and af^a the battle in the Batde Window (> Cafne Screen on p. 1?^ where you 
selea and deploy your units and build and use your base structures. The Bade Window displays only part 
of the overall map, which may be represented in the Radar Map {> RaJar Map on p. 12) in the lower-left 

^ Below the Battle Window is the Command Bar [> Came Screen on p 11), where you select commands 
and open optional saecns. 

Each unit and struaurc has a range of vision, so what you see in the Bade Window and Radar Map is the 
sum of all that your units can see. Areas of the map beyond this range arc covered by a dark layer. As you 
explore the map with your units, you peel back the layer to reveal the terrain, struaures, and units beneath 

The layer is actually two separate layers. In smgle-player missions, the Hack Shroud covers unexplored 
terrain. As you explore terrain, the shroud is peeled back, When your units or structures arc no longer 
present in an area, it is cloaked m a semi-transparent Fog of War, which hides enemy units and structures 
and reveals only terrain and civilian buildings. The Fog c5f War is removed when your units return to the 
area In Multiplayer or Skirmish games, the Fog of War is the only layer. 


When you begin a new game, your base normally consists of a Command Center and a construction unit, 
either a Construaion Dozer or a Worker Immediately, you should begin building your base. 

To build a structure; 

1. Select your construction unit The structures that it can create are displayed as icons in the Context 
Window which is in the middle part of the Command Bar. 

2. To build one of these structures, click the icon 

3. Move the mouse in the Battle Window to the locauon where you want to build. If the structure is 
display'ed m red, you cannot build it at that location due to terrain deformities. 

4. To create the structure, left-click. The construction unit begins building. 

5 To cancel creation of the struaure. click on it In the Context Window, click the Stop button. The cost is 
refunded to your funds. 

When you build struaures such as Barracks, War Factories, or Air Fields, you can then use those structures 
to build fighting units 
To build a unit; 

1. With your construction unit, build a Barracks (for example). 

2. When the Barracks is complete, left-click on it. The units that it can create are displayed in the Command 

3. To build one of these units, left-dick on its icon. The unit is displayed on the nght side of the Command 
Bar in the Production Queue A shaded timer indicates how long it takes to build the unit 

4. When the unit is done, it leaves the struaure and reports for duty. 

You can click the icon again to order produaion of multiple units. 


You begin a game with money to spend on building units and structures. However, to finish the fight, you 
must acquire more money 
To acquire more money; 

1. find a Supply Dock on the map. Supply Docks & the smaller Supply Piles contain supplies chat you can 
collect and return to your base. 

2. Build a Supply Center dose to the Supply Dock closest to your base. A Supply Center receives supplies 
and turns them mco money. When you build a Supply Center dose to a Supply Dock, your collectors can 
automatically collea supplies and rake less nme to do it 

7k The GLA s center for supplies is the Supply Stash, 

3. When the construction of the Supply Center is complete, the coHeamg unit begins gathering supplies at 
the Supply Dock and returning them to your Supply Center 

■Jk After you acquire the Capture Building upgrade, you can capture oil demcks to add to your money 


The struaures of Chinese and USA bases require a steady supply of power. At the beginning of a game, 
build a power plant When it s completed, the power meter at the top of the Command Bar grows. The CLA 
does not require power. 

Next to the power meter is a small indicator of how much power your base requires. Try to keep the power 
meter above this indicator. 


; I Produrtion structures. Structures such as the Barracks. War Factory, or Air Field can develop technologies 
j I to assist the units that they produce 

f ^ J To develop an upgrade from a production structure, click on the structure. In the Context window, click 
‘ 1 on the upgrade to develop. The icon for the upgrade is added to the Production Queue, 

i Capturing struaures. It's possible to capture enemy structures. You can develop the Capture Building 
I upgrade at the Barracks. 

} To capture an enemy structure, left-click on an infantry unit, click the Capture Building icon in the 

Context window', and then dick on the enemy struaure. The unit captures the structure, which changes 
color to your side, and you now control it 

Generals Abilities. Through the Generals Window, you can select and develop strategic technologies with 
your earned skill points. For more information > Onera/s Window on p. 13. 


Movement. To move a unit, left-click on it. In the Barrie Window, click a destination. The unit begins 
moving to that destination. 

Attack. To attack an enemy unit, select a unit or group of units. Then, click on the enemy unit. Your unit 
approaches the enemy and begins attacking. 

Rally Points. To set a rally point for all units produced at a structure, click the structure, and then click the 
Rally Point Flag icon in the Context window. Click the location on the battlefield where you would like the 
units to rally. 


Creating a Team. A team is a s« of multiple units controllable as a single unit on the battlefield When a 
team is selcaed, one order given to the team is acted on by all of the team’s u nits. 

? To group units into a team, select the units to join it. Then, press CONTROL + a number key The group 
number is displayed above all selected units. To selea that team at any time, press the number key 
Putting Units into Formation. Formations are groups of units that move together, keeping the same 
positions relative to each other. 

3 To create a formatio n, put the uni^ in the positions that you want. Then, select all of the units in th e 
formation and press CONTROL + ij to create the formation. To undo a formation, press CONTROL ♦ j 


5 To force any selected unit or ream to stop, press 1 

Guard mode. To pur a selected unit or team in Guard mode, press ^1. Left-click a location in the Battle 
Window for the unit or team to guard. 

Attack-move mode. You can force units to mov'C to a location and att^k anything along the way. 

D To put a unit or team into_Attack-move mode, select it. Then, tap A. and click the location. To cancel 

Attack-move mode, tap A' again. 

Force-fire mode. To force a unit or team to fire at a target, selea it. Then, hold down CONma ^nd dick 
the target. 

Waypoints. Unit s and teams can be ordered to follovv a set of waypoints To set waypoints for a unit or 
team, press and then left-click for each waypoint, 





When a untt eliminates an enemy unit, it gams veterancy points. When it accumulates enough vecerancy 
points, it gets promoted to a new veterancy level, ^vhere its performance capabilioes improve. 




Unit fires faa:cr and docs more damage (if applicable). Represented above the 
unit by a single chevron icon. 

Unit fires faster and does more damage (if applicable) and automatically heals 
itself Represented above the unit by a double chevron icon, 

Unit fires faster and does more damage (if applicable), and automatically heals 
Itself and fires red tracers (if applicable). Represented above the unit by a tnple 
chevron icon 


Skirmishes are smgle-player battles that simulate a Multiplayer game using computer-controlled opponents. 
In the Main menu, click SOLO PLAY. Then, click SKIRMISH. 

Return CO the 
previous screen 

Click to sdeci a 
color for your side 

Enter vour nickname 

Select the army to reprcbe- ' 
Choose to belong to a 
team or to go il alone 

) To select a cpu-controlled ream, click the Players drop-down. Selea the difficulty setting for the team; 

Next to the name of the map on the nght side of the screen is the maximum number of sides that can play 
on the map. 

^ To change maps, click SELECT MAP In the popup, to select a map that you or a friend created in the 
World Builder for Command & CofU^wer Generals, click UNOFFICIAL MAPS. 




Batde Window 

Power level indicator 

Oick to open the 
Pause menu 

Oick to jump to the next 
idle worker 

Radar Map 

Command Bar 

Toggle display of 
Command Bar 

Toggle display of 
Generals Window 

Available skill points 
and amount needed for 
the next level 
Production queue 

■3 To toggle display of the Command Bar, press ® or left-click the button in the upper-right comer of the 

> To open the Diplomacy screen in Multiplayer and Skirmish games, press For more information, 

► Diploftwcy Screen on p. 13 

■> To access the Generals Window, click the Star burton in the comer of the Command Bar For more 
information ► Generals Window on p. 13. 

BPTTLE yinoou 

Unexplored terrain 

Enemy unit 
Neutral structure 
to be captured 

Your structure 
Your unit 

In the Battle Window, you order your units to move, attack, defend, or build new struaurts. Additionally, 
you can select structures and order them to build new units or develop new technologies. 
if When you select a unit or Structure, different buttons appear in the Context window 
J To scroll the Battle Window, move the mouse to the edge of the screen in the direction that you want to 
move. The Battle Window begins to scroll. To stop moving, move the mouse towards the center of the 

> To perform a rapid scroll, hold down the right mouse button while scrolling. 

5 Mouse wheel: If your mouse has a wheel, you can use it to move the camera To aoom in or out, roll the 
wheel forward or backward. To rotate the camera, hold the wheel down and move the wheel. To return 
the camera to the default view, click the mouse wheel 

Tk If you have radar capabilities, the Radar Map in the lower-left comer can be used to jump to a different 
location on the map. For more information, ► Radar Map on p. 12. 

■Jk You can bookmark locations on the map that can be accessed with a single keystroke. For more 
information, ► Camera Bookmarks on p. 12. 

POU6R fiHD nonsv mSTERS 

Amount ciHrenriy consumed - 

Total amount of avajIaWe power 

Located along the top of the Command Bar, the power meter indicates the total amount of available power 
and how much of it you are consuming. For the USA and China sides, each power struCTure increases the 
power demands on your side. 


Above the Power Meter is your current amount of money. Building a unit, structure, or a new technology 
costs money As soon as you choose to build something new, the funds required to build it are deduaed 
from your total 

RpoRR nnp 

• Enemy unit or structure 
•Your unit or structure 

Uncicpiored terrain 

Currem range of the Battle Window 

Showing only a fraction of the entire map, the Battle Window is marked by a yellow border m the Radar 
Map in the lower-lefr comer 

> To move the Battle Window, lefr'click on a new location in the Radar Map To move the window without 
changing your selection, nght-click on a location You can then decide to deploy the currently seleaed 
unit by lefr-dicking in the Battle Window. 


Camera bookmarks allow you to ma rk location s on the map and jump to them with a sin^c keypress. 

^ To set a camera bookmark, press through 

D To jump to a defined camera bookmark, press O through 2? 

) To jump to your Command Center, press 

When you choose to build a new unit or to develop a new technology from one of your structures, an icon 
representing the new consmioion appe^ in the Production Queue in the lower-right comer of the screen. As 
you scica more units for the structure to build, icons are added to the Production Queue. 

/k When you select a structure, icons representing its upgrades may be displayed in the Context window. 

Choosing to build an upgrade adds another icon to the Produaion Queue 
The first item m the Production Queue is under construction You can gauge the time to build the unit by 
the movement of the shaded timer over the item’s icon. 

i To cancel production of a unit, left-click on its icon in the Production Queue. The unit cost is refunded to 


In Multiplayer and Skirmish games, you can review your teammates in the Diplomacy screen Two players on 
the same team can see what the units and struaures of the other player can see. Units from one side do not 
fire on the units from the other side. 

^ Teams arc established at the beginning of a battle and do not change during the course of it. 

Each player in the game is displayed, and if the player has left (AWOL) or is an observer. 

} To toggle display of a player's chat messages in Multiplayer games, click the Speaker icon next to the 
player’s name. 

For more informaoon, > Communicator on p. 37. 


In Command & Conquer Cenenak, victones in the battlefield bnng promotions to your units and skill points to 
your riKume Skill points can be applied to strategic upgrades through the Generals Window. If you acquire 
enough skill points, you are promoted, which gives you access to more and better strategic Generals Abilties. 
Skill points are acquired by destroying enemy units and structures. 

You start each game with one skill point. You can apply skill points towards upgrades that are within or 
beneath your current rank. 

ik Depending on the game type and the mission, available skill points vary In a single-player campaign, the 
available skill points are limited. 

Currem E>«periemc 
Available upgradeb 

Available skill po«nrs to use 
•Amount required to gain next rank 

) To open the Generals Window, click the Star icon on the nght side of the Command Bar. 

In the Generals Window, you can see the number of skill points that you have acquired, the number yOu 
have available to spend on powers, and the number needed to reach the next level 
By spending skill points on a Generals Ability you can improve overall strategic capabilities of the units on 
your side. Some upgrades add vecerancy bonuses to your units. Some improve unit capabilities. And some 
arc new and special units that can be created and deployed 

■> To acquire a Generals Ability, click on it. The skill points are deducted from your total available. 


The horizontal bar at the top of the Generals Window indicates the number of points needed to get 
promoted to the next level. Next to the bar your avail^le skill points arc displayed. 

7k You must gain additional skill points to get promoted. Promotions give you access to Generals Abilities 
that are grayed out. 

-) To close the Generals Window, click DONE 


Many Generals Abilities are deployed from the Command Center, To deploy, click the Command Center, 
click the icon in the Context window, and then select a target in the Battle Vi/indow. 


In a solo campaign, skill points that you can spend on Generals Abilities camy over from one mission to the 
next You must spend them again based your needs for the nevL> mission. Spend v^asely, as you can earn only 
a limited number of skill points per mission. 


In Skirmish and Multiplayer games, skill points do not carry over from one game to the next. The order of 
available Generals Abilities will difTer from the Solo Campaign. 


USA 1 Star Generals Abilities 
Paladin Tank 

Ability to build the Paladin Tank at the War Faaory. For more information, 

► USA Units on p. 18. 

Stealth Fighter 

Ability to build the Stealth Fighter at the Air Field. For more information. ► USA Units on p. 1 8. 

Spy Drone 

Ability to deploy the Spy Drone from the Command Center The Spy Drone reveals part of the 
map yet can be shot down. 

USA 3 Star Generals Abilities 


Ability to produce the Pathfinder at the Barracks. For rrore information, > USA Units on p. 18. 
Para Drop 

Ability to deploy a Para Drop from the Command Center. Higher ranks of Para Drop deploy 
more Rangers. 

AlO Strike 

Ability to call in an AlO air strike from the Command Center. The AlO Strike pummels its 
target with mini-gun and missile fire. There are three ranks of AlO Stnkes. 

Emergency Repair 

Ability to repair vehicles in an area of the map for a duration of time. There are three ranks of 
Emergency Repair 

USA 5 Star Generals Abilities 

Fuel Air Bomb 

Ability to call in a Fuel Air bomb strike. Delivered by a B-52 to a selected target. Deployed 
from the Command Center. 


China 1 Star Generals Abilities 

Red Guard Training 

Red Guard infantry emerge from the Barracks as veterans For more information, 

► Unit Veterancy on p, 10. 

Nuke Cannon 

Ability to build the Nuke Cannon at the War Faaory. For more information, 

> China Units on p. 23, 

Artillery Training 

Inferno and Nuke Cannon units emerge from the War Faaory as Veterans. For more 
information ► Unit Velenwcy on p. 10. 

China 3 Star Generals Abilities 

Ouster Mines 

Ability to call in a srnke of Cluster Mines on a targeted area. Cluster Mines are invisible to the 
enemy. Deployed from the Command Center. 

Artillery Barrage 

From the Command Center, you can call in an artillery srnke from off the map. There are 
three ranks of Artillery Barrage. 

Cash Hack 

Ability to steal money from enemy Supply Centers. 

3 To deploy the Cash Hack, click on the Command Center, and click on the icon in the 
Context window. Click the enemy Supply Center to hack. 

Emergency Repair 

For more information, ► USA 3 Star Generals Abilities on p. 14 

China S Star Generals Abilities 

EMP Pulse 

Ability to call in an EMP Pulse stnke. All vehicles and struaures m the blast radius are 
disabled for a penod of time. Deployed from the Command Center. 


GLA 1 Star Generals Abilities 

SCUD Launcher 

Ability to build the SCUD Launcher at the Arms Dealer For more information. 
>■ CM Units on p. 28. 

Marauder Tank 

Ability to build the Marauder Tank at the Arms Dealer. For more informauon. 
> GLA Units on p. 28. 

Technical Training 

All Technicals emerge from the Arms Dealer as Veterans. For mo^e inforrnation, 
>• Unit Veterancy on p. 28. 

GLA 3 Star Generals Abilities 


Ability to tram the Hijacker at the Barracks. For more information ► CM Umts on p. 28 

Rebel Ambush 

Ability to launch a Rebel ambush anywhere. There are three ranks of Rebel Ambush. 
It IS deployed from the Command Center. 

Cash Bounty 

Ability to earn a cash bounty for every eliminated unit or building based on its cost to 
produce. There are three ranks of Cash Bounty, 

Emergency Repair 
For more informacion, > USA 3 Star Generals Abilities on p. 14. 

CLA S Star Generals Abilities 

Anthrax Bomb 

Ability CO deploy a transport plane to drop an Anthrax Bomb. It creates a poisonous cloud of 
anthrax that lingers over the target area for a limited time. 


Command & Conquer Generals auiomacically sav^es smgle-player games when you successfully complete a 
mission. Or, you can save the game through the Options screen. 

^ To load a saved game, click LOAD GAME REPLAY in the Mam menu. Then, dick LOAD GAME. 

Lono/snoE screed 

In the Load/Save screen, you can see the list of games that have been saved, including the map used and 
nme and dace stamp when it was saved. 

3 To load a game, click on the name of the game in the list. Then, click LOAD CAME. 

5 To save a game, click on the name of the game m the list to overwrite. Then, click SAVE GAME 
^ To return to the previous screen, click BACK 


when you successfully complete a solo or Multiplayer game, a replay of the mission is automatically saved 
to your hard drive. In the Load Replay screen, you can load replays, delete them, or copy a replay to the 
desktop CO archive or share with your friends. 

y To load a replay, click LOAD GAME, REPLAY in the Main menu. Then, click LOAD REPLAY, 

> To load a saved replay, click its name. Then, click LOAD REPLAY, 
o To delete a replay, click it. Then, click DELETE REPLAY. 

O To copy a replay to the Windows’ desktop, click the replay. Then, dick COPY REPLAY. When prompted, 
click YB to copy the replay. 
y To return to the previous screen, click BACK. 


Each side brings a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to the fight. This secoon covers the roles and 
functions of the units and structures of each side 


Some units and structures can be upgraded to improve offensive, defensive, or production capabilities. 

5 To create an available upgrade, select the structure or the structure that produced the unit. In the Context 
window, selea the upgrade to produce The upgrade is added to the Production Queue, and the cost is 
deducted from your funds. 


Each side can upgrade its basic infantry to capture enemy and technology buildings. Developed at the 
Barracks, the Capture Building upgrade allows you to select an infantry unit and then dick the building for 
the unit to capture. 

y To capture an enemy building, click an infantry unit, and then dick the Capture Building icon in the 
Context window. Click the building to capture. 


Tbe best weapons in the world have “USA" stamped on their side. The United States has the most 
sophisticated arsenal. From its well-equipped and expertly trained Rangers to the top-secret Particle 
Cannon, the USA side is rarely caught at a technological disadvantage. However, some believe its isolationist 
policies have softened its war machine. Everyone agrees, chough, that it costs plenty of money and power to 
keep the USA wheels moving forward. 






usn uniTS 

No side can match the USA advantage in the air. Its Comanches provide outstanding dose air support 
(CAS) for ground forces, and its Stealth Fighters can deliver heavy ordnance deep behind enemy lines. 

Construction Dozer 
Purpose: Builder 

This multipurpose vehicle is the backbone of the USA fighting forces. In addition to 
constructing all of the USA military structures, you can use the Construction Dozer to repair 
occupied structures. It is also effective at clearing minefields. 


Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition, Clear Garrisoned Structures 
There is no fighting man like the USA Ranger. Trained with the latest techniques and armed with 
the best weapons, the Ranger is a low-cost, effective weapon in numbers. His ability to clear 
neutral structures by upgrading to flash-bang grenades makes him an effective fighter in urban 
combat. Rangers can also combat drop into neutral structures wa Chinooks. V^fien tnuned to 
do so, Rangers can capture enemy facilities or tech buildings. 

Missile Defender 

Purpose: .■\nTi-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition 

Missile Defenders provide flexible support for your base's penmeter defenses. Gamson neutral 
structures to provide protection, and your Missile Defenders can stop heavy air and ground 
attacks. Use the laser missile attack to improve the Missile Defender s accuracy. 

Pathfinder (Generals Ability) 

Purpose: Scout, Anti-Infantry 

These advance scouts for the USA infantry are lethal to enemy infantry. With a long-range 
sniper rifle, a Pathfinder can take out an enemy soldier before he is even seen. When 
stationary. Pathfinders enter stealth mode, 

Colonel Burton (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Scout, Base Infiltration 

An expert in coven operations. Colonel Burton can wreak havoc against enemy infantry of all 
types. Armed with a sniper nfle, knife, and remote or timed demo charges. Colonel Burton's 
stealth training allows him to move invisibly across almost any terrain 

Pilot (non-trainable) 

Purpose: Veterancy Transfer 

When titanium- plated vehicles are destroyed, the Pilot can escape into the battlefield. An 
escaped Pilot retains the veterancy status of his vehicle, so send him a new vehicle to apply hts 
vetcranc)' level to it 


Purpose: Clears Toxin, Healer 

This mobile infirmary can return injured soldiers to fighting form. Additionally, it can release a 
foam to dean up poisoned or radiated ground, which helps to keep infantry- on the 


Purpose: Transport, Quick Hit Attacks 

This infantry transport can carry up to five soldiers at a time. Fast yet reasonably durable, the 
Humvee has firing sloes in its side panels for infantry- inside. It can be upgraded lo carry a 
Battle or Scour Drone and TOW anti-tank missiles. The TOW missile upgrade is developed at 
the War Factory. 

Crusader Tank 

Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault 

The fastest and most lethal tank in the world, the Crusader can deliver 1 25mm shells onto 
near and hr targets. Upgrades can improve the armor or add a scout or battle drone. The 
Composite Armor upgrade is developed at the Strategy Center. 

Paladin Tank (Generals Ability) 

Purpose: Tank/'Structure Assault 

An advanced prototype, the Paladin tank fires a jet-assisied shell and automatically targets 
enemy missiles with its small, powerful laser. Still m development, the laser has a slow rate of 
fire, so the Pafadm should be used with other anti-air defensive systems. Upgrades can 
improve armor and add a scout or battle drone. The Composite Armor upgrade is developed 
at the Strategy Center. 

Tomahawk Missile Launcher (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Siege 

This vehicle carries a Tomahawk ground-to-ground missile. Battle or scout drone upgrades arc 
available. A fantastic support weapon, the Tomahaw-k Missile Launcher can bombard targets 
from long range. 


Purpose: Supply Collector, Transport 

The workhorse of the USA forces, the Chinook acquires and delivers supplies to the Supply 
Center. As circumstances require, the heavy-duty helo can be redirected to carry' tw'o vehicles 
and two infantry units or up to eight infantry units alone. 

> To root out the enemy from occupied structures, load the Chinook with Rangers and 
perform a Combat Drop on it. 


Purpose: Base, Unit Assault, Scout 

The Raptor has the best performance characteristics and weapons sy-siems of any aircraft m the 
world. Its four undenving missiles can be targeted at both air and ground targets. When its 
ordnance has been delivered, the Raptor automatically returns to its home base. It can only land 
at friendly Air Fields, which can develop laser missile upgrades for il It is especially vulnerable to 
Chinese MiGs. 


Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout 

The Comanche has multiple weapons systems to suppress hard and soft targets. A 20mm 
nose cannon can keep infantry behind cov«r, vikile its four missiles can damage heavy armor, 
Developed at the Air Field, the Rocket Pods upgrade places a pod of rockets on each 
Comanche When its weapons are exhausted, it reloads on the fly and never needs to return 
to base unless repairs are needed 

Aurora Bomber (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Base Assault 

Traveling at supersonic speeds on its attack runs, the Aurora Bomber is int-ulnerable to enemy 
•AA fire. After ordnance is released, the jet slows and regresses to base at subsonic speeds. On 
its return flight or in large groups, the Aurora can be hit by ground fire 

Stealth Fighter (Generals Ability) 

Purpose: Base Assault 

The ideal weapon against anti-air weapons, the Stealth Fighter can move unseen through 
most enemy defenses. It requires 2 seconds to lock on to a target. When the target is acquired 
and weapons are released, the results are predictable and excellent. The Stealth Rghter can be 
upgraded with laser missiles from the Air Field. 



Advanced Training 

Advanced Training allows all USA units to gain vetcrancy at twice the normal rate. For more 
informaDon. > Unit Veteranty on p. 10. 

Flash Bang Grenades 

Developed at the Barracks, the Flash Bang grenade is an effective weapon of the Rangers 
against enemy infantry It's not effective against vehicles. 

3 To use a flash bang, select a Ranger, click the icon in the Context window, and then target 
the enemy unit in the Battle Window. To return to using the machine gun, click its icon in 
the Context window 

Batde Drone 

Usable by any USA vehicle, the Baule Drone fires a small machine gun at targeted enemies 
and, when needed, repairs its parent vehicle. It cannot be used in conjunction with the Scout 

Scout Drone 

Usable by any USA vehicle, the Scout Drone extends the sight range of its parent vehicle and 
reveals stealthed units. It cannot be used m conjunction with the Battle Drone. 

Drone Armor 

Developed at the Strategy Center. Drone Armor increases all drones’ proteaion by 25%. 

TOW Missile 

Developed at the War Factory, the TOW Missile can be targeted from a Humvee at air or 
ground targets 

Composite Armor 

Developed at the Strategy Center, Composite Armor increases the armor protection of 
Crusader and Paladin tanks by 25%. 

Rocket Pods 

Developed at the Air Field, Rocket Pods are fitted to Comanche helicopters. When deployed, 
a pod fires a barrage of rockets and then reloads after a short penod of time. 

Laser Missiles 

Developed at the Air Field, Laser Missiles allow Raptor and Stealth fighters to do 25% more 


Supporting the USA fighting forces are the structures to provide maximum power, steady supplies, and the 
best in battlefield information. 

^ When a US structure is destroyed, the occupying Rangers emerge from the struaure. Larger buildings 
produce a greater number of Rangers. 

Command Center 

The entire base of operations for the USA side grows from the Command Center From the 
Command Center comes your fleet of Construction Dozers, which you use to build and 
repair Additionally, the Command Center controls the USA radar systems and Spy Satellite 
After they arc acquired, the AlO Missile Stnke, Spy Drone, Fuel Air Bomb, Paradrop, and 
Emergency Repair ability are deployed from the Command Center 

Supply Center 

The Supply Center dispenses Chinook helicopters to retrieve supplies from the nearest depot 
While Chinooks are vulnerable to anti-air fire, they can cross any terrain, including mountains, 
to keep your Supply Center full of resources and money. 

Supply Drop Zone 

When a base is isolated from its supplies, a Supply Drop Zone can add a trickle of supplies to 
your stores. Periodically, transport planes drop supplies that add to your money. In large or 
small battles, a Supply Drop Zone can make a difference. 

Cold Fusion Reactor 

The power plant of the USA side, a Cold Fusion Reactor produces five units of power and can 
be upgraded with control rods. 

y To inaease your overall power level, build more power plants or upgrade existing ones. 


All infantry personnel are created in the Barracks. Injured Rangers. Missile Defenders, and 
even Colonel Burton can return to their Barracks to get healecL The Rash Bang and Capture 
Building upgrades are developed here. 

War Factory 

In addition to building all USA vehicles, the War Factory can repair vehicles, too. Damaged 
vehicles can enter the repair bay one*by*one for repairs. It can also create the TOW missile 

Air Reid 

Each USA Air Field can build, arm, control and repair up to four airplartes at a time. To build 
more than four airplanes, you must build multiple Air Fields. Note that the Comanche does not 
need an Air Reid for resupply. The Rocket Pod and Laser Missile upgrades are developed here. 

Strategy Center 

The Strategy Center is the key element to building and controlling the more sophisticated 
structures in the USA arsenal. When you build a Strategy Center, new struaures become 
available for creation. Once a Strategy Center is built, you can apply one of the following 
battle plans to your units; 

Ttr Search and Destroy increases sight range of all troops on the battlefield The Strategy 
Center sprouts a large radar array to detect units m stealth mode. 

^ Hold the Line improves the armor defenses of all troops on the battlefield. The Strategy 
Center becomes twice as tough and is fortified with sand bags. 

Bombardment increases the firepower of all units. When this plan is enacted, a battle 
cannon deploys from within the Strategy Center. 

Advanced Training, Composite Armor, and Drone Armor upgrades arc developed here. 

Patriot Missile System 

The Patriot Missile System ts the base defensive unit of the USA side. Multiple units can be 
linked in a network to unleash targeted firepower on both land and air targets. The Patriots are 
weak against Infantry, so protea your missile system with fortified infantry units. 

Particle Cannon 

The most advanced USA weapon, the Particle Cannon fires a focused particle beam off of an 
orbiting mirror and onto enemy targets at any distance from the source. 

D To target the particle beam, left-click on a location in the map. Continue clicking on 
targets until the beam dissipates- 

The Particle Cannon requires a great deal of technology, energy, and money to build. 

Detencion Camp 

From the Detention Camp, you can activate the Intelligence special weapon, which reveals 
everything that enemy units see for a period of time. 


Control Rods 

Control Rods applied to any Cold Fusion Reactor increase its output by 100%. 


The Chinese forces have a resource that cannot be matched: populaaon. Built to rely on the pndc and 
nationalism oFits people, the Chinese side can overwhelm the opposition with sheer numbers. Red Guard 
after Red Guard, Bartlemaster after Battlemaster, the Chinese war machine wins by attntion. Fueled by a 
strong sense of teamwwk. the Red Army is a ftirce for the 21st century. 

CHinn uniTs 

Armed with a simple rifle and adequate training, a Chinese man can be turned into a fighting machine for 
very little cost. Vehicles are cheap, too. However, results in the field suggest chat quality is not a big concern 
in Chinese War Factones. 

"k The Red Guard and Battlemaster Tank increase iheir rates of fire when traveling in large groups. The 
Horde effect is represented by a red star under the affected units and can increase wi^ the Nationalism 
upgrade. For more information, >• China Uml Upj^rades on p. 24. 

Construction Dozer 
Purpose; Builder 

The Chinese Construction Dozer works much like the USA Dozer 
Red Guard 

Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition 

The front-line trooper of the Red Army, the Red Guard operates best in large groups, Red 
Guard units can capture enemy facilities. When fighting in close quarters, the Red Guard can 
switch from his bolt-aaion nfle to his bayonet, which can do considerable damage. 

Tank Hunter 

Purpose: Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition 

A squad ofTank Hunters can ruin a tank division. Armed with an RPC rocket launcher, the 
Tank Hunter can hit-and-run against slow tanks or fire down from occupied structures. 
However, he may be even more dangerous when cornered A zealous Tank Hunter can place a 
TNT charge on a vehicle, which can stop it in its tracks Works very well in groups. 

Hacker (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Collect Funds, Neutralize Enemy Structures 

While the enemy prepares for hardened soldiers, it is the Hacker who may deliver the most 
important strike. W'fren the Hacker gets within range of an enemy structure, he can set up his 
satellite uplink to neutralize the structure and all of its dependent units and structures. In the 
rear of your own base, Hackers can hack into the world economy through the Internet to 
drain resources from il 

Black Lotus (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Scout. Base Infiltration 

A master hacker. Black Lotus can capture structures, disrupt vehicles, and steal money from 
the opposition Always stealthed, she is difficult to detect and harder to apprehend. 

Supply Truck 
Purpose: Supply Collector 

The main link in the Chinese supply chain, the Supply Truck femes freight from depots to its 
Supply Center. While ns capacity is less than the Chinook, the Supply Truck is cheap to 
produce and can be quickly built m quantity. 

Battlemaster Tank 
Purpose: Tank, Structure Assault 

The basic tank platform for the Chinese side, the Battlemaster is cheap to produce and very 
flexible When deployed in invasion-sized attacks, the Battlemaster can wear down enemy 
defenses and overrun msialfatrons. It can be upgraded with Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank 
ability at the Nuclear Missile structure. 

Inferno Cannon (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Siege 

This long-range cannon can launch napalm shells over perimeter defenses and onto enemy 
structures. When a shell lands, it explodes and bums. It can be upgraded with Black Napalm 
at the War Factory. 

Dragon Tank 

Purpose: Antt -Infantry, Clear Garrisoned Structures 

A mobile hose of fiery napalm, the Dragon Tank is extremely effective against infantry, 
especially when garrisoned m buildings. \Vhen enemy forces are closing. Dragon Tanks can 
create a 180-degree wall of fire. 

Troop Crawler 

Purpose: Transport, Detect stealth 

This large troop transport can carry up to eight Red Guards and dispense them in an instant. 
Equipped with stealth detection. V\^en loaded with troops, this unit is ideal for rapidly 
capturing key structures on the battlefield. 

Overlord Tank (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Tank'Struccure Assault 

Large and slow, the Overlord Tank is a battlefield force to be reckoned with. In addition to 
basic firing, this tank can run over enemy vehicles. A single Bunker, Gattling Cannon, or 
Propaganda Tow-er can be erected on its back. The Owriord can be upgraded with Uranium 
Shells and Nuclear Tank ability at the Nuclear Missile structure. 

Gattling Tank 
Purpose: Anti -Infantry' 

The Gattling Tank spew-s lead and more lead. This weapon is particularly lethal against 
infantry and other soft targets The Chain Cun upgrade from the War Factory can increase its 
rate of fire. 

Nuke Cannon (Generals Ability & Structure Upgrade} 

Purpose: Siege 

The most dangerous artiller\' weapon ever created, the Nuke Cannon can fire small nuclear 
charges considerable distances. Detonating shells cause tremendous damage and radiate the 
ground for a long rime. Enemy units continue to take damage from radiation, 


Purpose: Base,/ Umc Assault, Scout 

This mulcirole fighter is the basic air unit of the Chinese side In the early stages of a war, the 
Chinese can dominate the air and do considerable damage Each is armed with two napalm 
missiles, and groups of MiCs can create firestorms. The MiG can be upgraded with Black 
Napalm at the War Factory and with MiG Armor at the Air Field 


Uranium Shells 

Developed at the Nuclear Missile structure. Uranium Shells increase the firepower of 
Battlemaster and Overlord tanks by 25%. 

Nuclear Tanks 

Developed at the Nuclear Missile structure. Nuclear Tanks increases the speed of Battlemaster 
and Overlord tanks by 25%. Upgraded vehicles are volatile when destroyed. 

Black Napalm 

Developed at the War Factory, Black Napalm increases the firepower of all flame units and 
the Inferno Cannon by 25%. 

Chain Gun 

Developed at the War Factory, the Cham Gun increases the damage of all Gattling weapons 
by 25%. 

MeG Armor 

Developed at the Air Field. MiG Armor increases the protection of MiG Fighters by 25%, 

Developed at the Propaganda Center, Nationalism increases the Horde effect on all Red 
Guard, Tank Hunter, and Battlemaster Tank units. For more information on the Horde efrect, 
► Chino Units on p. 23. 


Spare in design, Chinese construaion is sound in principle and, when upgraded, can produce leading-edge 
technologies, Defenses follow a strategy' of protection by volume 

'k All Chinese structures can be protected by mines To mine a Chinese structure, select ft. Then, select the 
Mines icon in the Context Window. 

Command Center 

The first structure in a Chinese base, the Command Center generates Construction Dozers to 
build the rest. Upgrades include a Radar Map and Mines. \Vhen they are acquired, the Cash 
Hack, Emergency Repair Vehicles ability, Cluster Mines, Artillery Barrage, and EMP Pulse are 
deployed from here 

Supply Center 

The Chinese Supply Center receives and holds resources that are found and delivered by the 
Supply Trucks it creates. Building extra Supply Trucks speeds your of supplies. 


A Chinese Bunker can gamson up to five soldiers guarding an area. Units can be evacuated 
individually or simultaneously from the Bunker. It's best to garrison with a variety of Chinese 

Nuclear Reactor 

A strong yet volatile source of power, the Nuclear Reactor should be built a safe distance from 
other struaures. When switched into Overcharge mode, the Nuclear Reaaor generates 
additional power yet cakes damage. If left m Overcharge mode, the reactor eventually explodes. 


All Chinese infantry, including the Red Guard, Tank Hunter, Hacker, and Black Locus, are 
trained and released from the Barracks. The Capture Building upgrade is developed here. 

War Factory 

The Chinese W'ar Factory builds and repairs Chinese vehicles. The Chain Guns and Black 
Napalm upgrades are developed here. 

Air Field 

The Air Field can produce, rearm, and maintain up to four MiG aircraft. The MiG Armor 
upgrade can be developed here. 

Gattling Cannon 

A VICIOUS machine gun, the Gattling Cannon can be targeted against air and ground attackers 
A steady stream of bullets from the Gattling Gun can make short work of most enemy 
units-especially infantry. Its rate of fire can be increased by 25% with the Cham Cun upgrade 
from the War Factory. 

Propaganda Center 

From the Propaganda Center come mspinng messages to troops in the field. Upgrades can 
inspire Nationalism among Chinese units. Nationalism and Subliminal Messaging upgrades 
are developed here. 




Developed and deployed at the Command Center, Radar capabilir>' aaivates the Radar Map 
in the Command Bar 

Subliminal Messaging 

Developed at the Propaganda Center, Subliminal Messaging increases the effects of Speaker 
Towers by 25%. 


When developed at any Chinese structure. Mines surround the structure and are invisible to 
the encmv 

Nuclear Missile 

The Chinese special weapon, the Nuclear Missile can nearly destroy an enemy base with a single 
blow. While the Nuclear Missile cakes rime to set up and aim, its missile can destroy multiple 
structures and irradiate the vicinity' of its detonation, It requires plenty of power to build and 
arm. The Uranium Shell and Nuclear Tank upgrades are developed here. 

Speaker Tower 

^Vhen the Red Army is hurting, its units turn to the Speaker Tower for inspiration. All units 
within range of its propaganda automatically heal their wounds. The Speaker Tower is a great 
way to heal units and get them back into the fight quickly. 


Information has begun to trickle in on the organization and strategies of the Global Liberation Army. A 
loosely aligned worldwide netw^ork of terror, the GLA prizes speed over destructive force. Relying heavily on 
the dedication of fanatics, the CLA sends soldiers into the teeth of its enemies and always has an escape 
route for its hardcore veterans. 

Built to hit and run. the GLA is poorly suited for direct, large-scale battles. Generals of the GLA seek 
advantages m the terrain, Without official backing of any national government, the CLA has become expert 
in making do with whatever is at hand. GLA units have been known to scavenge resources from the field of 
battle. Through its network of tunnels, CLA forces can appear at locations ail over the map. If they are 
successful in defeating their enemies, GLA units earn money from the cause’s unknown backers. 






The GLA Tighting units tend to be lightweight and low-cost. However, the most effective of them self- 
destruct, making a sustained campaign against enemy forces difficult for the CLA to maintain. 

The CLA has become expert in scavenging dated weapons from the Soviet era. Through Arms Dealers and 
the Black Market, it can assemble squads of tanks and Technicals which, when rapidly deployed, can put a 
dagger through unsuspecting enemy defenses. 


Purpose: Builder. Supply Collector 

The basic construction unit of the GLA, the Worker can be directed to erect CLA struaures and 
repair them. When a struaure is mined or a bomb is set, the Worker can remove it. Cheap to 
build, he has little natural protection against enemy attack. 


Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition 

The GLA Rebel has more spirit than training or equipmenL The basic unit of infantry for the 
GLA carries a simple nfle. The Rebel can be upgraded with Armor Piercing bullets at the Black 
Marker, with Camouflage at the Palace, and with Capture Building at the Barracb. 

RPG Trooper 

Purpose: Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition 

The RPG Trooper is the basic CLA weapon against armored vehicles, Upgrade to AP Rockets 
at the Black Market for more destruaive force. RPG Troopers are especially useful in 
garrisoned structures guarding against quick tank assaults, 


Purpose: Anti-Structure. Anti-Tank 

There are few defenses against the motivated Terrorist. The GLA Terrorist costs little to tram. 
Aimed with several kilos of C4. the Terronst charges opposing units or structures and self- 
destructs on impact. Terrorists can capture cars for faster, more lethal attacks. 

Hijacker (Generals Ability] 

Purpose: Anti-Vehicle 

These danng thieves have been recruited to steal vehicles for the GLA When he is idle, the 
Hijacker blends invisibly into the crowd. W'hcn he is directed to attack, he jumps into a ^'ehicle, 
kills the driver, and takes control of the wheel He cannot take Elite or Heroic units. 

Jarmen Kell (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Scout, base Infiltration 

This mercenary is an outstanding sniper with stealth capabilities. Working alone, he can 
occupy structures without detection from the enemy. Using a scope, he can pluck mfantry or 
drivers inside vehicles. When an enemy driver is dropped, the vehicle loses its side and can be 
taken over by GLA infantry. 

Radar Van 

Purpose: Radar, Surveillance 

From a moving Radar Van, the GLA can keep track of enemy movements. This mobile unit can 
be hidden or repositioned based on the evolving battlefield conditions. Upgrade to the Radar 
Scan at the Black Market to temporarily show all the enemy's positions across the map. 


Purpose: Transport, Anti-Infantry 

A mounted machine gun on the back of a truck, the Technical can be an effective weapon 
against infantry and other light vehicles. When an enemy is destroyed, a Technical can salvage 
parts to upgrade its own gun and bullets. Infantry can pile into a Technical, making it an 
impromptu troop transport for the C A. It can be upgraded with Armor Piercing bullets at 
the Black Market. 

Purpose: Anti -Structure, Anti-Tank 

These light and ancient tanb are a vital leg of the G A hit-and-run attack strategy. Fast and 
lighdy armored, the Scorpion is a poor match against heavy weapons. It can be upgraded with 
the Scorpion Rocket at the Arms Dealer and with Toxin Shells at the Palace. 

Rocket Buggy (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Siege 

This light all-tcrrain vehicle carries a small battery of long-range rockers across most surfaces 
on the map. When attacking an enemy, the Rocket Buggy launches all of its rockets and must 
then reload. So, attack and then move away quickly to reload. The Rocket Buggy can be 
upgraded with Armor Piercing Rockets and Buggy Ammo at the Black Market 

Angry Mob (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Anii-lnfaniry, Anii-StrucLure 

The CA can incite an Angry Mob to attack enemy positions. Starting with a group of five, an 
Angry Mob can grow in size, GA generals can arm the Mob wnth AK-47s and direct it to 
make a fire bomb attack against an enemy unit or installation. It can be upgraded to "Arm 
the Mob" at the Palace. 

Toxin Tractor 

Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Clear Garrisoned Structures 

From several on-board tanks, the Toxin Tractor releases a vicious poison that can contaminate 
the ground for a period of time, inducing illness and even death in infantry that touch it When 
parked, the tractor can continuously contaminate the area, creating an effecuve defense against 
enemy personnel. The Toxin Tractor is especially effective at cleanng out enemy garrisoned 
buildings. It can be upgraded to Anthrax Beta at the Palace. 

Bomb Truck (Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Anti -Structure 

Disguised as any enemy vehicle, the Bomb Truck can catch the enemy by surpnse wnth terrible 
consequences. The fanatic at the wheel drives the truck into an enemy unit or structure to 
detonate the bomb on-board. Upgrades add more explosiveness or biological effects and can 
be used in combination. 

Quad Cannon 
Purpose: Anti-Air 

Acquired through the Arms Dealer, these Soviet-era weapons can protect GA units from 
airborne attack. Equipped with four heavy machine guns, the Quad Cannon can target both 
air and ground units. When an enemy unit is destroyed, the Quad Cannon may be able to 
salvage it to upgrade its own weapon systems. It can be upgraded to Armor Piercing bullets at 
the Black Market. 

SCUD Launcher (Generals Ability & Structure Upgrade) 

Purpose: Siege 

Dating from the Soviet era, these ground-to-ground missile systems can do significant damage 
against enemy installations. The SCUD launcher can be toggled to launch one of two 
projectiles: a high-explosive shell or an anthrax bomb that poisons the area where it 
detonates. It can be upgraded to Anthrax Beta at the Palace. 

MarauderTank (Generals Ability) 

Purpose: Anti-Structure. Anti-Tank 

Acquired via the Arms Dealer, these tanks have improved range and defensive capabilities over 
the Scorpion, The MarauderTank can salvage its defeated enemies to improve its cannons. 
One-star generals can develop the MarauderTank. It can be upgraded to Toxin Shells at the 



Developed at the Palace, Camouflage hides non-firing Rebels from enemy sight. For more 
information, ► CM Vmts on p. 28. 

Arm the Mob 

Developed at the Palace, Arm the Mob places AK-47s in the hands of the Angry Mob. Used by 
the Angry Mob. For more information , ► CM Umts on p. 28. 

Armor-Piercing Bullets 

Developed at the Black Market, Armor-Piercing Bullets increase the firepower of Rebel, 
Technical, Quad Cannon, and Jarmen Kell units by 25%. 

Armor-Piercing Rockets 

Developed at the Black Market. Armor- Piercing Rockets increase the firepower of all rocket 
units by 25%, 

Rocket Buggy Ammo 

Developed at the Black Market, Rocket Buggy Ammo increases the number of Rocket Buggy 
rockers fired per volley by 25%. for more information > CM Units on p. 28. 

Scorpion Rocket 

Developed at the Arms Dealer, Scorpion Rocket adds a side-mounted rocket to the Scorpion 
Tank After firing, it requires a short reload time. 

Anthrax Beta 

Developed at the Palace, all toxin units do 25% more damage, 

Toxin Shells 

Developed at the Palace, Toxin Shells add a small amount of anthrax to the shells of Scorpion 
and Marauder tanks. The anthrax contaminates the target area for a short period of time. 

Bio Bomb 

Used by the Bomb Truck, the Bio Bomb contaminates the target area with biological toxins. It 
can be used in conjunction viith the High Explosive Bomb upgrade to better effect 
> To add a Bio Bomb to a Bomb Truck, select the truck and then click the icon in the 
Context window. 

High Explosive Bomb 

Used by the Bomb Truck, the High Explosive Bomb increases the explosive damage of the 
truck by 100%. It can be used in conjunaion with the Bio Bomb upgrade to better effect. 

3 To add a High Explosive Bomb to a Bomb Truck, select the truck and then click the icon in 
the Context window. 

Junk Repair 

Developed at the Black Market. Junk Repair allows all GLA vehicles to auto-repair 
Radar Scan 

Developed at the Black Market, Radar Scan allows Radar Vans to reveal stealthed units and 
targeted areas of the map. Its effects are limited in duration and require Dme to recharge 
y To deploy Radar Scan, select a Radar Van. and then click the icon in the Context window. 
Click an area of the map to reveal. 


In a large city, GLA scruaures tend to blend into the community around them. Hoping that they go 
unnoticed, GLA generals have chosen not to fortify their struaures, knowing that new ones can be erected 
quickly and cheaply in a new location 

•jk When a GLA struaure is destroyed, a hole remains. If the hole is not destroyed, a worker emerges from 
the hole and starts rebuilding the struaure. 

Command Center 

GLA recruits and trains its workers at the Command Center When they are acquired, the 
Ambush, Anthrax Bomb, and Emergency Repair ability are deployed from here. 

Supply Stash 

The GLA stores its resources in one or more Supply Stashes. When created, the Supply Stash 
IS manned by a Worker, who immediately begins gathenng supplies. 

Tunnel Network 

The Tunnel Network can put GLA fighters in the enemy camp very early in the battle You can 
build multiple entrances to the Tunnel Network, which can hold up to ten units at a time 
Each unit can be directed to a different exit. Manned by two RPC Troopers and a gun turret 

Demo Trap 

These hidden bombs can provide excellent perimeter and choke point secunty. A Demo Trap 
can be activated in either of tw^o modes: Proximity detection or Manual control 
3 To put a Demo Trap in Manual mode, click it and then click the Manual Control icon in 
the Context window. To detonate it, dick the Detonate icon. 


All GLA infantry including the Rebel, Terrorist, Angry Mob, RPC Trooper, and Jarmen Kell are 
trained in the Barracb. The Capture Building upgrade is developed here. 

Stinger Site 

To protca Its bases against aenal bombardment, the GLA uses shoulder-launched Stinger 
missiles. Behind the barricade of sand bags at each Stinger Site, three soldiers can target 
inbound aircraft. When one soldier drops, the other two keep fighting until a replacement 
arrives. The Stinger can be used against ground forces, too. The Stinger Site can be upgraded 
with Armor Piercing Rockets at the Black Market. 

Arms Dealer 

When the GLA needs vehicles, it comes here. The local Arms Dealer can acquire or build fine 
weapons from all over the world. The Scorpion Rockets upgrade is develop^ here 

SCUD Storm 

Under serious threat, the GLA can unleash its SCUD storm. The nme SCUD rockets of this 
super-weapon contain biological weapons that can damage or kill enemy units on impact. It 
can be upgraded with Anthrax Beta at the Palace. 


The source of secrets for the GLA, the Palace can create important upgrades to weapons, 
defense, and biological aiiacb. Up to five GLA fighters can garrison the Palace, and »c cannot 
be captured by enemy units. Camouflage, Anthrax Beta. Arm the Mob. and Toxin Shells are 
developed here. 

Black Market 

The GIA knows how to use the shifting hidden markets of the world. Through its Black Market, 
the GLA can acquire hard-to-find ammunition and technologies. Addioonally, through its 
acnvitiw in the market, the GLA can earn a small yet steady income. Armor Piercing Bullets, Junk 
Repair, Radar Scan, Armor Piercing Rockets, and Buggy Ammo upgrades are de\'eloped here 


Through Generals Online, you can match up against your friends and ocher Generals from around the v«)rld. 
Based on your Multipla)'er abilities, QuickMatch can instantly match you against another online player with 
similar abilioes. Or, you can find buddies through the Communicator to set up a Custom Match \^nth friends. 
> To access Generals Online, click MULTIPLAYER on the Main menu 


Return to the Main menu 

Enter a valid email 
address, your nickname, 
and a password 

Review the Terms 
of Service 

Log in to your account 

Create a nm account 


) To create a new Generals Online account, enter vour email address, nickname, and password. Then, click 

T To let Command & Conquer Generali remember your login information, check the box next to Remember My 

7k When creating an account, be sure to enter a valid email address to receive updates from Generals 
Online. If you have any questions, please review the Privacy Policy. 

J To view the Terms of Service agreement, click SERVICE TERMS 

nOTE: Please read the Terms of Service carefully* EA reserves 
the right to delete the account of anyone found to be 
non^compliant uith the Terms of Service, 

^ To return to the Mam menu, click MAIN MENU- 

LOGGXflG in 

O To login, enter your email address, nickname, and password. Then, dick LOGIN. The Welcome screen 
appears. For more information, ► Wc/come Screen on p. 3.3. 

> To let Command & Conquer Generals remember your login information, check the box next to Remember My 
Info. This option is not recommended for computers with multiple users. 


From the Welcome screen, you can choose the type of online game to play, change your online Persona, 
communicate with your online buddies through the Communicator, and view your online player stats. 

Click to let Generals Online find a QuickMaich 
> p. 33) for you 

Set up a Custom Match ' ► p. 34) 

View or edit your Persona i ► My Penona on p. 36) 
Open yojr Communicator (► p, 37) 

O To leave Generals Onime, click MAIN MENU. 


In network gaming. Ping refers to the rate at which data packets are exchanged between computers over the 
Internet. Measured in milliseconds (ms), pMng times that are low improve performance m Multiplayer games 
The following factors can afTea your ping time: 

7k Type of connection. Faster connections improve pmg rimes DSL or cable modem systems tend to have 
the lowest ping times. 

7k Locabon. If two computers are geographically close together, they are likely to have lower ping times. 

7k Type of computer. A slower PC in a Multiplayer game tends to slow down the game for everyone. 

In the QuickMatch Setup screen, you can set the pmg ame limit that you are willing to accept m 
QuickMatch games. For more information, > QuickMatch Setup on p. 34. 


From the QuickMatch screen, you can search for QuickMatch games, set up your acceptable QuickMatch 
options, and more. 

Widcn your search 

Play the configured game 

Open your 

Communcatonv p. 37 

nfigure yxiu- 
QuickMatch Setup 
; ► Qi/irt.MutL'f' Sm/p on 
p. 34) 

In the upper panes of the screen, you can review your Persona, including your performance m all online 
games. Based on your performance, your configured QuickMatch Setup screen, and other factors. 
QuickMatch attempts to find the most evenly matched opponent for you. 

^ To communicate with online buddies, dick COMMUNICATOR. For more information, 

► Commumcator on p. 37 

O To search for and play against an opponent who matches your current configuraaon. click PLAY GAME. 

s QaickMiitictii attempts to find an opponent, the status oFits s 
Progress pane, (f QuickMatch fails to find a suitable opponent, you can widen the search, which eases the 
requirements that you have defined in the QuickMatch options. While you may not find an ideal opponent 
with a widened search, you should be able to find a good game. 

O To widen the search for a QuickMatch opponent, click WIDEN SEARCH. 


In the QuickMatch Setup screen, you can configure the parameters under which you are willing to play a 
QuickMatch game. 

PLAYERS Number of players in the game. 

Based on the number of players you select, the list of Allowable Maps changes. 

COLOR Select the default house color of your army. 

ARMY Select the default army that you want to use. RANDOM selects a random side 

for you. On your opponent's QuickMatch setup screens, you appear as 





The maximum ping time allowed between your computer and your opponents’ 
computers. Setting a lower max ping ome means you require a better 
connection with your opponents. For more information on pmg time, 

> internet Connect Speed on p. 33. 

The maximum number of lost conneaions you allow your opponent to 
have. A higher number is more lenient. 

To use a ladder in your game, select CHOOSE A LADDER. In the popup, select 
the ladder to use, and click OK. Came results are posted to any ladder in use 
To toggle whether you arc willing to play a map, click its name in the list. 

cusTon nflTCH 

In the Custom March screen, you can review all of the games created in the current lobby, see the names of 
all players in the lobby, communicate with those players, or move to another lobby. 

Cha: window 

Text box 

bst of available games 

Lobby drop-down 

Mayers in the 
current lobby 

On the left side of the screen all of the games are listed for the current lobby. When you place the cursor 
over one of the games, the settings for that game are displayed, including the name of the game, map to be 
used, and connected players. 

5 To sort the list of available games by name, connection, or buddies, dick the appropnate column header 
at the top of the screen. Click it again to sort in ascending or descending order. 

^ Name refers to the name of the displayed game. Clicking the name button sorts games alphabetically 
^ Connection refers to the quality of your Internet connection to the hosted game Green indicates a good 
connection, while yellow indicates an adequate connection Avoid red-flagged connections. 

^ Buddies refers to players on your buddy list. To place your buddies at the top of the list, dick this 

> To create a game, click CREATE GAME. For more mformanon, ► Create a Came on p. 35. 

5 To join a game, click JOIN CAME. For more information, > JoinaCuitom Came on p. 35. 

5 To return to the previous screen, click BACK. 


O To send a message to everyone in the current lobby, dick in the Chat text box. Type your text, and press 

o To send a private message to specific players in the Lobby, dick th^r n ames in the Players list Enter your 
message in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and press ? 

O To open the Communicator, dick COMMUNICATOR- For more information, ► Communicator on p. 37. 


When you first connect to the Custom Match saeen, you are placed in the main lobby and can connea 
from there to the available lobbies. 

O To go to a different lobby, select a lobby from the drop-down list at the top of the screen 


To create a custom game: 

1. In the Custom Match screen, click CREATE GAME 

2. Enter the name of the game to be seen by everyone in the Lobby. 

3. If you want to have a password for the game, enter it in the space provided, 

Be sure to distribute the password to players with whom you want to play. 

4. To have your game results included in a ladder, select the Ladder Name drop-down list Click CHOOSE A 
LADDER In the dialog box, selea the ladder to use Then, dick OK. 

5. To apply a password to your ladder, enter it in the space provided, 

6. To create the game, dick CREATE GAME. The Game Options screen appears 

7. Choose your color, army, and team. 

8. To selea a different map to use, click SELECT MAP In the pop-up, select the map to use. Next to each 
map’s name is the maximum number of players that can play on the map. To accept the selected map, 
click ACCEPT 

9. Place each player on the map, as needed 

★ For more information, ► Game Options screen on p. 38 

10. To start the game, click PLAY CAME. 

O To cancel creating the game and return to the Custom Match lobby, dick BACK. 

join n cusTon grre 

To join a custom game: 

1. To join a custom game, selea the match in the Custom Match lobby. Then, dick JOIN GAME, The Game 
Options screen appears. 

2. Choose your color, army, and team 

■Ar For more information, > Game Options screen on p. 38. 

3. To join the game, dick ACCEPT 

4. When the host decides that the game is ready to play, he begins the game 

nv PERsonn 

In the My Persona screen, you can review your online persona, accomplishments, and Battle Honors. 
ik In the lower window, you can review your Battle Honors, which are awarded for specific achievements 
dunng battle. To review the commendation, move your mouse cursor over an honor. 

Check to view text in 
Asian fomut 

Click to change 
your locale 

Open the online 


Next to your name m the My Persona screen, your rank icon is displayed. By beating online opponents, you 
gam expenence that, over time, increases your rank A smaller version of your Rank icon appears in the 
Player List in the Custom Match setup screen 

You earn three Rank Points fora win, zero for a loss, and one per hour spent on the battlefield. 

For every I disconnect you arc attnbuted you lose I rank point. 










0 points. 

5 points. 
lO points. 

20 points. 

50 points. 
100 points. 
200 points. 
500 points. 
1000 points. 
2000 points. 


When you first connea to Cenerals Online, you may be asked to enter the location from where you are 

^ If you are connecting from a new location, be sure to change your locale m the My Persona screen. 

Other players can view your locale in your Persona screen. 

^ To set your location, select a country from the list. Then, click OK. 


Through the Communicator, you can chat and arrange games with your online buddies. 

O To open the Communicator in Cenerals Online, click COMMUNICATOR. 

O To open the Communicator during Multiplayer gameplay, press 1®^. In the Diplomacy screen, click 

In the top pane of the Communicator, your online buddies are listed, You can use the scrollbars to review 
older messages. In the middle pane, the most recent chat messages are displayed. You enter your messages 
in the Chaibox at the bottom of the saeen. 

O To send a message to all players in the current game, enter your text message m the Chatbox, and press 

o To send a message to a specific player, select the player’s n ame m the top pane Then, enter the chat 
message in the Chatbox at the bottom of the screen. Press to send the message, 
o To prevent display of messages from a player, right-click the player s name. Then, click IGNORE The 
player's name is added to your Ignore list, and his name is grayed our in the Wayer Lst in the Custom 


In Multiplayer games, you can use beacons to identify rally points, weaknesses in the enemy’s position, or 
resources for your allies to gather. When you place a beacon on the map, only your allies can see it. 

To place a beacon, click the icon in the Context window. Oick where you want to place the beacon. All of 
your allies can see the beacon. 

o Toj^ac e a message on your beacon, lefr-dick on il In the Context window, type your message and press 

O To remove your beacon from the screen, dick iLThen, click the Delete Beacon icon in the Context 

O To remove an ally's beacon from your view, dick on ir. In the Context window, click the Delete button. 

The beacon is hidden from your view 


Command & Conquer Cenerals lets you match wits and armies across a Local Area Network. Or you can play 1- 
on-1 against a friend over the Internet. 

o To begin a Multiplayer Network game, select MULTIPLAYER in the Main menu. Then, select NETWORK. 
The Network Setup screen appears. 


In the Network Setup screen, you can search for, join or create Multiplayer network games in head-to-head 
or cooperative battles. 

Available pla>'ers 

Available games 

Click to join a re^vork 
game iV Came Cation 
Screen below) 

Click to create a ne^vork 
game (> Came Options 
Screen below) 

To change your player name. 
‘ dick and ty pe you r name. 
Then press 

■Information on the 
seleaed game 

■Oicktoplayone on one 
via direct IP connection 
!► Direct Connect Setup 

’ Return to the Multiplayer 
Mam menu 

O To create a game, click CREATE CAME. The Came Options Screen appears, For more information, 

> Came Options Screen below. 

> To join a network game, click on the name of the game in the Games pane Then. clickJOIN GAME For 
more information, ► Game Options Screen below. 

■> To chat with other players in your current game, use the Chat window at the bottom of the screen 
O To return to the Main menu, dick MAIN MENU. 


In the Direct Connect screen, you can create or join a game with a player on a computer to which you 
directly connect over TCP, TP Internet protocol 

■) To change your Player Name, click in the textbox. Enter a new Player Name 

■At The Local IP box displays your IP address. If you are hosting the game, this address must be provided to 
the play'er connecting to your machine. 

o To create a game, click CREATE CAME. The Came Options screen appears. 

> To join a game, enter the IP address of the hosting computer in Remote IP box. Then, click JOIN CAME 
The Game Options screen appears. 


In the Game Options screen, you can configure your network or Iniemei game. Enter your nickname, army, 
ream color, and other options. If you created the game, you can select the map to use 
nOTE- Except as noted beloui, the Game Option screen works like the 
Skirmishes Setup screen. For more Information, ► Skirmishes 
on p. ID. 

3 To join the game, click ACCEPT. All players who have accepted have a green icon next to their name. 

3 To begin a game that you have created and configured, click PLAY GAME Players who have accepted are 
in the game. 



Command & Conquer Generals was inspired by the original Command & Conquer created by Westwood Studios 


Executive in Charge of Production: Mark Sbggs 

Producer Har.'ard Bonin 

Lead Designer Dustin Browder 

Technical Director Jeff Brown 

Art Director Richard Knegler 

Art Producer Frank Hsu 

Senbr Producer Mike Verdu 

Associate Producers: J jlio Valladares. Jill Goodall 

Multiplayer Test Producer Shawn Jacoby 

Senior Engineers: John Ahl<juist, Steven Johnson. Matr Campbell 

Engineers: Bryan Cleveland, Colin Day. Chns Huybregis, Mark Lorenzenjohn .McDonald. Kns Momess, 

Graham Smallwood, Mark Wilezynski 

Additional Engineenng: Mike Booth, Greg Hjelsirom 

Designers: Enc Beaumont. Jason Bender. John Lee. Todd Owens, Jeff Stev/arr 

Additional Design, Inspiration and Support: Bing Gordon 

Addidona) Design; Bryan Hansen 

External Multiplay Map Creators: Edwm Huisman, Bill Bnslin, John Hostcctcr 

Artists; Enc Campanella. Hunter Grant. Jason Hasenauer, Samn Ivn Mike Jones Insun Kang. Sean Keegan, David Pursley, 

Rill Robb, Josh Tavlor, Todd Williams. Jason Zirplolo 

Additional Arc fj Frame, Jose Alban il. Yu kiko Ankawa, Duane Loose, Joe Perez 

Director of Audio: Mical Pednana 

Sound Design and Voice Direction: David 1 nes 

Composers: Music Composed and Produced by Bill Brown and Mikaei Sardgren ofSoundelux Design Music Croup, 
Additional sounds and additional dialogue processing by Sourdelux Design Music Group 
Script Writers: Danny Bilsnn, Paul DeMeo 

Sound Effects Field Recordings: Jacques Unleficld and the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, SPEC Samuel H. Cho, 
Staff Sergeant Scott McClane of C troop 118 Cav, Mary Beth McFadden and Prancisco Mendozo at Adam's Steel- Anaheim 
Cinematic Cut Scene Director John Grower 

Additional Cinematic Cut Scene Artists: Enc Hardin VViilic Lee B|Om Muller 

Production Assistance: Amer Ajami. Creg Black. Glenn Bums 

Additional Production Management; Juke Bennet, Dennis Cnffm . Wayne Townsend 

Cameo Production: Casting bv Deborah German Casting. Wardrobe by Janet Grower Santa Barbara Studios. Hair and 
Make-Up bv Jodi Demarco 

Engineering Interns: Chns Brue, Amit Kumar. Sadullah Nader 
Art Intern: Mark Bodhi 

EA Pacific Quality Assurance: Adam Hayes. Christian Metz, Robert PowtII, .Amir Rahi mi, Jeffrey Roy. Gavin Simon 
William Townsend, Jon Michael Evans, Justin Hamilton 

EA Pacific Operations: Shawn Ellis. Wayne Hall, Mick Love Tanya Pnest, Jessica Pursell 

Voitt Actors: Aki Aleong, Ivan Allen. June Angela. Greg Berger, Steven Blume. Dave Boat, Glenn Burtis. Paul Chen, 

Sean DonneHan, Chad Einbinder, Bill Farmer, Qumron Flmn, David Fries, Brian George, Jill Goodall, Kim Mai Cuesr, 

Mick Love, N'ck Jameson. Peter Jessop, Masasa, Paul Mercier. Andrew Morgado, Phil Moms, Daran Noms. Mical Pednana. 

Amir Rahimi, Noil Ross. Gustavo Rex, Bumper Robinson, James Ste.Jim Ward, Todd Williams Daxmg Zhang 

Cameo Photos; Bruce Cheng. Mark Cheng. Kevin Deer>. Harry Desoto. Bruce Hall. Pamck Howe, Knsjanardan 

Amaqit Kaur, Shahid Paracha. Tama Quan, Bruce Reagan, Omar Rentena Mustapha Sabih Mo Tabatabai, John Yang 

Additional Models by Mythos Studios; Sean MiKmney, Mark Pajarillo Richard Smith Richard Wong 

Cinematic Intro & Finale Movies created by Mondo Media 

Westwood Motion Capture: Donny Miele. Da^id Washburn . Cosmo Donald Horn 

EA Los Angeles Reid Recordings Team: Jack Cbllo. Rebecca Hanck, Yuan Lu. Enc Shemkovitz 

Tiburon Quality Assurance Senior Lead: Alex Plachowski 

Tiburon Quality Assurance Pro|ert Lead: Mike DeVauk 

Tiburon Associate Quality Assurance Leads: Damion Banks Jonathan Durr. Ryan Ferwerda 

Tiburon Quality Assurance Senior Testers: Ian Colburn. Rob Ferns. Ben Haumiller, Jeff Koenig, Justin Morgan 

jonaihan Cnankshaw, Jusun Dowdy, JefTEcker, Kevin Fischer Jonathan Foote, Scon Fod?es, Scan HaJes, Chris Kennedy, 
Russell Kimry, Claude Lops, Mike McClain, Michael Ryan Nelsonjohn Oleske, Ross Petersnn, Bryon ShefField, 

Mike Sindona, Marvin Vargas, Chris Wnght, Steve Wrobel 

EAUK Additional Quality Assurance: Matt Avery. All Brandaly. Toby Bushneil, Ramon Gamma, Giro Maionello, 

Daniel Simcock, Ben Spinks. Ollie Vencbles, Stuart Williams 

Muidpbyer Test Partidpants; Thanks to all of the fantastic Muloplayer Test participants that helped us put the game 

through Its paces. Your help has been invaluable and we hope you enjoyed the experience 

Focus Testers: Josh Allmann, Anthony Ahmadpour, Jon Akutagaw-a, Josh Brown, Tyler Buttle, Richard Cabezas. 

Craig Campanaro, Eric Chang, Temo Chavez. David Chin, Daniel Chen, Gavin Dhaliwal. jO)i Donald. Paul OuMontclle, 
Matmew Fay. Tommy Fayjoshua Harrison, Alex jeng, Ben jam in Jeng John Keefer III John Keefer IV , Josh Ko, 

Erib Maples, Cary Metz, David Ngu\*en. John Pace, John Scheckel.Jonny Schwan, Ben Skaggs, Jordan Smith, Kevm Son, 
Clay Steams, Robert Sy. Gabnel Tran, Kristie Torres. Robert Torres, Ardre Wells 

Electronic Arts North America Marketing Partners: Frank Cibeau, Laura Miele. Craig CKvens, Amy Farris. Chns Rubvor. 
Mike Bell 

Managing Director, Europe: Gerhard Florin 

Electronic Arts European Marketing Partners: Jonathan Bonnet-, Peter Larsen, Simon Bull Raoul Birkhold 
Asia Pacific, President and Coach: Nigel Sandifbrd 

Electronic Arts Asia Pacific Marketing Partners: Irene Chua, Savannah Hahn, Michael Kim, Jay Cho, Bas Lee 

Gaming Community Partners: Elmar Seeberger. Uli Lachelt.Jdrg Lindner 

EA De^opment Executives: Don Mattnck, Paul Lee, Bruce McMillian, John Batter. Glenn Entis 

Special Thanb to the Maxis crew; Luc Barthele:. Lucy Bradshaw, Sinjin Bair 

Military props supplied by David Hsu, 'Specialized Distribution 


A very special thanks to all of our families for allowing us to do what wc love: making games. We can’t thank yoL erougl 
for your support... but we'll try.. 

MomDadIkcPacoMikcWhitchLetNelsEnHenriOaveTyLauraNatJcnSarah • HBonin 

Thanks to Cricket, Boris. Lucy. Poet, and. of course, Lynn 

Thanks to my family.'fncnds for keeping me sanei>sh) - JB 

Thanks lo Jen. who makes the world go around 

With Love Dad .Mom Nan Juba Teresa Eddie Jay Wash & Julie 

Thanks to my better half. Tawny Pham. Your patience & support haw been invaluable, I love you dearly 

Thanks to my family for hanging in there, when Dad was away from them 

For my wife Stephanie Keegan for her support and understanding I love you 

Hi mom* Thanks Rama. Geoff, Craig, Nalani, and the GS crew 

Thanks to my family, Cheryl and Brandon Burtis for their love and support 

Kristie Torres, Graham Momess, Paul Dulong& Chilliwack BCI 

Becca de Boo. Restore Will. Long passes :o Goblins 

.My roots, loyal fnends, and my Desen Rose 

Thanks to my Family forcelebraimg Xmas m February 

I'd tike to thark myself, because without me, I wouldn't be here 

Special thanks to Susan Campbell 

Thanks to Karen and Nick Ahlquisi, I love you both 

Thanks and love to Laura, Ben, Jack. Sam and Sophia Skaggs 

Tcrrt, Jackie. Pepper, and Abby Lee 

Thanks to Renee, Bruce. Laura, Eva & all my buds m the 949 

Krissy, Gandalf and Momgan; Best Fam.ily E-.-er 

Tliank you Laurie, Katie, and Enk for being pattern 

The Brown support team Robin, josh, Beth. Meeskite for patience, love and suppon 

THANKS Mom for lunch. Dad for advice Roman for sweecress 

Peter L, Mike W. .Matt C, Monkeys 

Ingrid, Noelle & Cassie Nadon, Mom & Dad Cle\-eland 

Thanks to Melissa, who kept the home front sa'e -A-hne I went off to war 

Justine, ce cream filled ooruts, political correctness, raras 

Tammy Mom Dad Heidi Honey Shaizie Alex Friends for being there ever though I couldn't 

Deepest thanks to my floney and the kids, for patience and suppor. 

Thanks to my Parents, and to my Crazy Friends, who'll do just about anything for a dollar 
To all my femily and friends who await my early return 
Mad props to my sw-eetie Joji and my baby Sparky 
Thank you, Paula, for your support & patience - MV 

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for understanding my 
Bjorn Mu I ier Thanks: Mom. Dad, family & friends 
■ I would like to thank my family and Amy for all the support 
Special thanks: Mom, Dad, Bohdi, Wliie, arid anyone reading this 
.’ v . ' Thartx to my family 4 putting up w/ my long absence & blue aguave nectar 
, Thanks to all fnends and family for waiting to have Christmas in February 
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If you have questions about the program or trouble with t;offi/»w»\^ & Coruyaer Gewr^i's, E.A Technical Support can help. 
However, wc do nor provide Technical Support for the WofidHuUder tool. Command & Ce.tcfwr Ccnenits includes the EA Help 
file chat provides solutons and answers to the most common difficulries and questions about how to propedy use this 
produa. It also allows you ro send a derailed report of your problem directly to LA Technical Support via e-mail. 

To access the EA Help file: 

1. Starr the Windows operating system 

2. Insert the Lommsrf'J & CcMwer Generah disc inro your CD-ROM/ DW- ROM drive. The Autorun menu appears 

If the Autorun menu docs not auromarkally appear, lefr-click the flStart button from the Windows Taskbar and sciccr 
Run... Type D: -.Launch File m the Run dialog box. then click OK (substitute the coireci letter of your CD-ROM/DVD- 
ROM drive if oiner than D:') 

3. Click the Tech Support burton on the Autorun menu. EA Help opens. 

If you are still experiencing difTiculiy after uti'izing the information in rhe £4 Help file, you car also use it to contact EA 
Technical Support EA Help contains a utility chat detects y-our system s hardware and organizes this information into a 
detailed report. This report helps EA Technical Support solve your problem in the quickest possible time Please note that 
you will need to ha-.t reglscereo your copy of CamKunii & Cooquer Cenerah m order to take advantage of this utility. 

To run the utility; 

1. Launch the [A Help file 

2. Go CO page 2 of the 'vWicome screen by clicking rhe small arrow in the bottom corner. 

3. Gick rhi; Contact Tech Support button The utility opens 

4. Click OK to begin detecting your hardware 

VNlien it finishes, you can v.ew the gathered information by looking through the vanous category tabs. To send this 
information to EA Technical Supporr, nil out rhe blank seaions under the User tab including a derailed description of the 
problem you am experiencing and click Send i if yOu have an open Internet connection) or Save Info {if you -wish to e-mail 
the file manuallv) A copy of the report is automatically saved to your Windows desktop 
If you ha-.-e Internet access, be sure to check our EA Technical Suoporr website at: 

Here you will find a wealth of information or DirectX, game controllers, modems, and networks, as well as information on 
regular system maimenance and perfomnance. Our website contains up-to-date information on the most common 
difficulties, game-soecific help, and frequently asked questions (TAQs) This is the same information our support 
tcchnic-ans use to troubleshoot y-our perfom’ance issues. We keep the support website updated on a daily basis, so please 
check here first for no-wan soUrions. 

If you are unable to frnd the information you need on our website, please feel free to contact EA Technical Support via 
e-mail, phone, or lener ^l&ise be sure to include the LA Help Mt/ report in your e moil or letter. 

To run the utility: 

1. Launch the £A Help 11 le. 

2. Go to page 2 of the Welcome screen by clicking rhe small arrow m the bottom comer. 

3. Click the Contact Tech Support button The utility opens. 

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