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February 2016 PM 10.49 iVrttfi » iSTl 

nternationally trusted technology magarine 



CE5 2016 



A Glimpse 
Into The 
Of 2016 

A sneak-peek into the 
technology of 
tomorrow, today 


REVIEWS: MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G, 
GIGABYTE P34Wv5, ASUS Maximus VIII Formula, 
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 

i m i i f\nru 

JAPAN * 1881 

New MFP 

MB472dnw I MB492dn 

New Printer 

B412dn / B432dn / B512dn 

• Fast print speed up to 45ppm 

• Duplex and network ready, optional Wireless 

• Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print ready 

• Banner printing up to 1.3m long 

• Secure printing to protect confidential documents 

High performance A4 mono printer & A4 mono multifunction 
printer for more demanding user 

(9am -6pm, Mon-Frt) 1-800-88-1177 

Netflix And 

T he month of January has been a pretty busy one 
internationally, although locally, things are a bit more 
quiet. The annual Consumer Electronics Expo has come 
and left, showcasing some of the things we can begin to look 
forward to throughout the year, and by the looks of it, the 
showstealers at this year's event look to be the guys doing 
virtual reality and smart car systems. 

The usual assortment of consumer electronics can also be 
seen at the events, such as computers, laptops, but perhaps 
the biggest announcement that happened at CE5 was that 
Netflix went global. Personally, as soon as we heard the 
news, we immediately accessed their website and when we 
saw the option to register for an account, we did so and took 
full advantage of the month-long trial that they had on offer. 
Of course, the content that we get here in South East Asia 
isn't nearly as vast as the ones that America enjoys, but it's 
something. So far, we've binged on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 
Marvel's Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad and a couple of food 

As far as reviews go, this month we have quite a selection 
of devices that we managed to get our hands on. On the 
wearables front, we've got the Pebble Time, ASUS ZenWatch 
2 and honor Band Z1. As for laptops, we have the Microsoft 
Surface Pro A, MSI's new GT72S, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y700 
and the new Yoga 900, and GIGABYTE were also generous 
enough to spring a surprise for us with the GIGABYTE 

CHIP Malaysia 


Managing Director Noor Azman 

Head of Department YK Cheah 

Senior Writer Nazrin Zain 
Senior Writer Matthew Yap 
Writer Nixon Ng 

Contributors Edwin Lee, Geek Mommy, Christoph Schmidt, James 
E. Curtis, Caren Stella Geiger, R. Mattgey, Jorg Geiger, Robert Di 
Marcoberardino, Markus Mandau, Leo Joscha, Fabian von Keudell 
Design & Layout Halijah Ismail 
Cover Design Halijah Ismail 

Senior Manager YK Cheah 
Consultant Muffadzlee Dato' Sufian 

Admin Manager WP Lim 





CHIP Malaysia 


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Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

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All prices, product versions and URLs' are correct at the time of printing. 

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070 A Look Into The Technology of 

2016's shaping up to be an interesting 
year for technology. We take a look at 
what's happening behind the scenes 

006 Local News 

Coverage of the latest news and 

events right on our shores 

022 World Wired Web 

All the latest tech happenings around 

the world 

026 Security Reports 

Monthly dose of security news 

028 LegalTech: E-Signature 

All you need to know a out making an 
online agreement 

030 CES 2016 

The biggest tech show in the world 

058 Firmware Updates 

Are your hardware devices running 
sluggishly? The problem may lie in the 
software underneath 

I ftfutti AHjvtj barn Inn 


* ft A .ncS >1 



m 9 ■ m 



077 Test Lab: The Tools 

Test Labs' tools of the trade 

078 Test Lab Contents 

Take a pick and get started! 

086 Reviews 

Professionally conducted reviews 
following our stringent tests and 


110 Until Dawn 

This horror game isn't quite like any 
other we've played before 

112 Touch 

Line is much more than just an instant 
messaging app. We take a dive into the 
features that makes this app such a hit 
amongst youngsters today 



14 Creating 3D Objects Online 

Learn how to create 3D objects on a 

001 Welcome Note 
116 Tips and Tricks 



chip download 

CHIP Downloads 
February 2016 

We're back with our monthly dose of interesting, free and handy tools for you to enhance your PC experience. If you want to know how you 
can get these files, follow the instructions below: 

1. Head on our website @ and right at the top, click on the 'Downloads" tab 

2. After that, click on the respective month's post. You will then be prompted for a password. The password can be found on this page 

3. Navigate using the tabs and pick the categories you want to download the files from. Once you find the file you want, just click on it and 
you're good to go ! 

And it's as easy as that! 

PASSWORD FOR FEBRUARY 2016 - terabyte 

Featured Tools 


If there's a site you can't access due to geological blocks, then what you need 
is a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) like SpyOff. With SpyOff, you get a 
secured connection for your internet traffic, thus bypassing blocks and 
providing you with protection against data sniffing. For example, you could 
use SpyOff to bypass the region lock on Netflix. 

Movavi Screen Capture Studio SE 

Are you someone who needs PC screen capturing for content creation? Movavi 
Screen Capture Studio SE is what you need then. With this programme, you can 
do either capture your entire screen, a single window, or video streams. In 
addition, you can take the footage or material captured and directly edit them 
within the programme. This programme will allow you to trim out unwanted 
footage, tweak the audio, and share the videos straight to the Internet. Kindly 
note that not all codecs are supported, though major ones like AVI, MOV, WMV, 

WMA, WAV and FLAC are usable. 

& Spy OFF 


Our list of essentials consists of programs and software such as graphic 
drivers, browsers, compression software and even Cloud storage 
software that will improve a PC user's experience. The links on our 
website won't provide you with the files, instead it will lead you to the 
developers' official website, where you can find the right file for you. 



- — 1 nVIDIA 

004 february 1 6 ; chip malaysia 

The Monthly Downloads 

Introduced in Windows 7 is a feature called Aero Snap that allowed a user to arrange two individual windows next to 
each other on the desktop. AquaSnap takes it a step further with plenty of interesting features such as the AquaMagnet 
which attaches windows to each other at the edges and the AquaShake that makes a window transparent when you 
move a window. 

Razer Cortex : Game Booster 

Operating system: WinVista/7/8/10 

Even with some of the latest hardware, are you still struggling to play the latest games? Game Booster scans your 
computer for games and then at a click of a button the tool disables unwanted RAM programs and CPU blockers to 

release resources to allow you to play smoothly. 

Iperius Backup 

Operating system: Win 8/10 

There are hardly any other backup solutions like Iperius Backup which are free and offers so much in terms of features 
and settings. All you have to do is start a new backup job and follow the tabs and instructions on the top margin, step by 
step. The software can compress your backed up data and save it as a ZIP file which you can easily transfer to a new PC. 


Operating system: Win XP/Vista/78 

Ever had the problem that when you're trying to delete a bulk of files, or maybe when you're clearing an old folder for a 
program you just uninstalled, there's sometimes a file that's still in use so you can't delete it? LockHunter can help you 
with that, by analysing and then after a brief diagnosis, lets you know which program is using the file. 

lObit Driver Booster 

Operating system: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 

Keep your drivers up to date with lObit Driver Booster. With just a click of a button, lObit Driver Booster scans your 
system and will show you which drivers are old, then by clicking Update the program will download the latest versions of 
the drivers and install them. If a driver just so happens to cause an issue after installation, you can roll-back your 
changes using the Roll-back function. 

7+ Taskbar Tweaker 

Operating system: Win 7/8/10 

Since the day of old the task bar has been an important piece of Ul that is seen across multiple OS'. Using the free 
Taskbar Tweaker, you can customise the taskbar according to your needs. You can arrange the miniature views of 
windows via drag & drop, you can also define the start of the Task Manager by double-clicking on the bar. 


Operating system: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 


chip download 

Zero Install 

Operating system: Win XP/Vista/7/8 

Zero Install is a collection of Open Source tools which you can use without installation. You can access the practical 
software like Inkscape, Firefox, or Gimp via an alphabetical list. By simply clicking on the Start button, the corresponding 
tools are downloaded and can be started as usual. 

4Zera Install 

HHifrri n * ) l| 

Skype Auto Recorder 

Operating system: Win XP/Vista/7/8 

Skype Auto Recorder runs in the background as a Tray icon and doesn't require installation. While using Skype you can 
start recording, access older recordings or customise the options. You can decide where to save recordings through the 

options by right-clicking the grey dot. 

Paint.NET Megalo Effects Pack 

Operating system: Win XUP/Vista/7/8/10 

Paint.NET is an extensive and free photo editing tool that comes with awesome effect packs which you can download 
from the internet. The Megalo Effects Pack is one of them and comes with effects ranging from photo filters like blur U, 
to artistic gimmicks like pencil sketches or comic look. You can also get a Preview of the effect just before you apply it for 
less hassle. 

chip malaysia | february 1 B 005 




U5000 Series 

Me-tba Launch 

Soo Ze Xin, Product Manager, Haier Electrical Appliances (I VI) Sdn Bhdfthird from left) together with Shi Zhiyuan, 
Managing Director, Haier Electrical Appliances (M) Sdn Bhdfthird from right) and brand ambassadors officiating 
the launch of the Haier U5000 Smart TV series 

Haier Plays It Smart 
With The U5000 

Haier launches a series of smart televisions aimed for 
entertainment and as a multimedia center 

unlimited and full scalability of downloadable 
apps. Smart features, vivid sensory experience 
and beneficial eco factors stand out in the 
latest Haier U5000 series, equipped with the 
latest technological innovations, going above 
and beyond design and quality. 

To enable the Haier U5000 series televisions 
to be feature rich while providing a smooth 
experience, Haier delivers with top range 
hardware such as a quad-core CPU and 4 
core GPU that ensures your experience will be 
a great one. The Haier U5000 series runs on 
Android 4.4 that is the tested best system for 
television and comes with an 8GB internal flash 
memory in addition to WiFi access on Full-HD 
1080p quality. 

Not lacking in the display department, Haier 
U5000 series smart televisions displays brilliant 
picture quality on Full-HD 1080p, with H.265 
support, the latest in compression techniques 
that enhance transmission, and high efficiency 
coding supporting HD content decode formats 
and providing a smoother and uninterrupted 
HD picture quality. Rich pixel density and 
intense colour contrast are delivered via the 3D 
comb-filter and Haier LED Backlight Technology 
with High Dynamic Contrast. Furthermore, the 
'super-slim bezel" of the Haier U5000 series is 
perfect for an immersive television watching 
experience because the screen is now free from 
being boxed-in. 

The retail pricing for the Haier U5000 
series 49-inch Smart TV is RM2,599, 43-inch is 
RM 1,899, and the 40-inch model at RM 1,699. 

As an added bonus, users of the U5000 series 
49-inch Smart TV can enjoy free half-year 
subscription to The Star e-paper. S 

W ith a profound understanding of 
today's lifestyle and how it can be 
improved by the latest technology, 
Haier has launched their U5000 series of smart 
televisions. The U5000 series consists of a 
49-inch, 43-inch and 40-inch screen smart 
televisions that allows convenient access to 
Malaysia's top rated apps such as Google's 
Chrome Browser, YouTube and Lazada. 

Shi Zhiyuan, Managing Director of Haier 
Electrical Appliances (M) Sdn Bhd said "The 
Haier U5000 series of smart televisions 
is power play of TV entertainment and 
multimedia center. It brings clarity of picture 
quality, enhancement of audio quality, power of 
internet and the fulfillment of media streaming, 
gaming and accessing apps to consumer's 
televisions with Haier's smart technology." 

The Haier 
U5000 series 
range has 
the official 
Google Mobile 
Services (GMS) 
globally and 
users can 
now revel 
in a smart 
with installed 
Google Play 
Store, enabling 

The U5000 series looks great, crisp and dear when it comes to text and images 

□OB januarylB chip malaysia 

CORE i7 


MSI recommends Windows 


"tot IB J 




Intel, the Intel Logo. Intel Inside, Intel Gore, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U S and/or other countries 

Product Jnfa Centre: 


Mon Fn 
t&em Spml 



MSI Gaming Global 


MSI Malaysia Notebook 


Allen An, E-commerce Director of Honor Malaysia, posing with Honor's brand ambassador's Thomas and Jack 

Honor Malaysia 
Honors Fans With 
New Devices 

A new smartband and two new smartphones make an 
appearance at honor Malaysia's launch 

h onor has recently launched its honor 
5X # honor 7 enhanced edition, and 
the new Band Z1. In a media briefing 
held at Glasshouse Seputeh, Honor Malaysia 
announced that all three new products will 
be available for purchase via the brand's local 
online retail site 

First of the three to be available, the honor 
Band Z1 functions as an in between between 
a smartband and an actual smartwatch. It's 
designed to be practical and easy to use, with 
no buttons involved in its operation. To give it 
a solid build, steel was used as the base of its 
construction, while a simple strap completes 
the design. 

"The honor Band Z1 is our answer to 
fans who are looking for a smartband that 
encompasses both elegance and simplicity, yet 

packed with the powerful technologies that 
honor is renowned for. As a smart accessory, 
the honor Band Z1 offers useful features such 
as health and sleep tracking, and serves as a 
notification centre on the wrist that is easy to 
access. It is the perfect partner to augment 
your busy lifestyle," said Allen An, E-commerce 
Director, honor Malaysia. 

Indeed, the honor Band Z1 boasts a wealth 
of features, including support for multiple 
languages, accurate health tracking, dust-proof 
and waterproof at IP68 certified, and more. 

The honor Band Z1 will cost RM259 and 
can be purchased from VMALL.MY, Lazada or 

honor launch of the 5X and 7 enhanced 
edition is also exciting news for honor fans, as 
both devices are great smartphones packed 

The honor Band Z1 features a metal body as the base 
and has no physical button 

with features. 

Allen An commented on the two device 
as well, stating that "both the honor 5X and 
7 enhanced edition are statements of our 
capability to offer quality-built products that 
employ creative technology, and reinforces our 
commitment to creating and bringing superior 
mobile internet experiences as we expand our 
worldwide presence." 

The honor 5X comes with a highly accurate 
fingerprint sensor that can unlock the device in 
0.5 seconds, used to launch apps, and more. It 
also features like a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display, 
as well as a F2.0 aperture 13MP back camera 
with a wide-angle lens. The 5X is powered 
by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core 
processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. 

Equally powerful is the new enhanced 
edition of the honor 7, which now features a 
new Gold coloured model, 32GB of onboard 
storage, and a Fast Charger. It still houses a 
Kirin 935 chipset and 3GB of RAM for superior 
performance, and will come with the same 
20MP back camera. 

Both the honor 5X and honor 7 enhanced 
edition are not officially available yet, but 
interested buyers can register their interest for 
either devices at 0 

□08 januarylB chip malaysia 



Versatile Projector lor everyday usage. 

The Casio Core Senes can save on lamp & filter replacement cost and power consumption. 
The incredible affordable price provides the highest level of TCQ STotal Cost ol Ownership! 
in the industry 




lumens j 


Ughl Hours 

& LampFree 


Sales Enquiry: pro jet tor- my Ocasio, com sg t +603 27A2 12S3 

www casipprojedorsea com n Casio Projectors Malaysia 


putting on full makeup, and still look good 
effortlessly and naturally. We are extremely 
thrilled to have our lovely Nora on board 
with us as the face of this new selfie savvy 
phone, because Nora is truly a trend-setter 
in mastering the art of selfies. In fact, her 
successful lifestyle has attracted more than 
20 thousand fan likes' on Instagram on 
average per selfie. Her beauty, social savviness, 
expertise in her work and humble personality 
are values that align with OPPO's brand." 

Nora also had this to say, 'Capturing selfies 
is not just a way to express yourself, it is also a 
way of celebrating life and serves to mark that 
you are living your life to the fullest ! Selfies 
can even be powerful statements to inspire 
people to achieve great things in their lives. So 
when OPPO contacted me to represent this 
game-changing selfie camera phone, I felt so 
honoured, it has proven to be my new secret 
weapon to take perfect selfies." 

The OPPO FI is open for online purchases 
for the device starting 22 January 2016 at my and for the first 200 
customers who purchased the FI, will receive 
a free OPPO Selfie Stick. While on 25 January 
2016 onwards, the FI is available for purchase 
offline. B 

W ith the recent launch of OPPO's 
FI smartphone, the first product 
of the newly announced 
F series to the Malaysian market, 

OPPO has introduced Nora Danish 
as the selfies ambassador of the 
OPPO FI . Nora is prominent actress 
who is popular for her skill of taking 
beautiful selfies, even gathering over 
2.9 million followers on her Instagram 
account alone, making her the perfect 
representative for the FI . 

The FI is OPPO's feather-light 
star performer, supported by OPPO's 
great build quality and impressive 
design, the FI features a standout 
8MP front-facing selfie camera 
that comes with a sophisticated 
photography platform and powerful 
software, specially designed to 
capture stunning Selfies effortlessly. 

All at a price of RM1/198, believed to 
be a device that punches well above 
its price. 

Chen Lu, the Brand Manager of OPPO 

Electronics said 'The FI is designed especially 

The 8MP f/2. 0 wide-aperture lens is sure to let you take beautiful selfies. 

Nora Danish As 
Ambassador For The 

Beauty in the eyes of the selfie ambassador 

010 januarylB chip malaysia 


Ultra Durable 

Lasting Quality from GIGABYTE 


GIGABYTE ZI7D Series Motherboards 

For more information, please tail our distributor, 

Tel: 03-4 2 SO -tils 33 Far. 03-4230 -5 59 5 ■ my 

|Q GIGABYTE-Maiayaia http^/www gigabyte. my 


Address : 3.02 Level 3, Wtsma Academy 4 A lalan 19r 1. 46300 Petal ing Jaya. Malaysia 
Website http \ff www. ba n I eong .< am. my f 


Lucas Tan, Regional Product Trainer, Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific(left) and Mitsuhiro Tanaka, Manager, imaging 
Business Division, Southeast Asia and Oceania, Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Limited, flanked by two models 

Olympus Launches 
The PEN-F 

Melding a classic design with the modern touch of 

O lympus was proud to announce 
the launch of their Olympus 
PEN-F, the latest model in the PEN 
series of Compact System Cameras. The 
PEN-F sports a classic design that exudes 
quality and 'masterpiece' craftsmanship. 
Designed for reportage, documentary and 
travel photography, the PEN-F uses a new 
20-megapixel Live MOS sensor and has 
a built-in 5-Axis Image Stabilisation (IS) 
system that achieves up to 5 EV steps of 
stability for the highest quality handheld 

Paired together with the shortest 
shutter release shutter release lag amongst 
compact system cameras of AAms, the super 
responsive PEN-F helps you capture the 
fleetest of photographic opportunities to 
record your most decisive moments. Not to 
mention its new Colour Profile feature that 
allows you to switch between Monochrome 

and other Colour Profiles, enabling for 
classic film-like photos and many others on 
the fly. 

The PEN-F is also the first Olympus PEN 
model with a built-in viewfinder, using a 
2.35M dot OLED. If you are a photographer 
that can appreciate photographic 
instruments of fine design and quality, the 
Olympus PEN-F captures attention with 
its beautiful classic styling that is inspired 
by the elegant Olympus PEN F 35mm film 
camera of 1963. The new PEN-F is designed 
with incredible ergonomics to fit comfortably 
in any photographers' hands, combined 
with its milled-metal click-dented dials and 
control switches that feature diamond- 
cut edges, paired with the precise touch 
and feedback response of its mechanical 
interfaces, provide the photographer with a 
luxuriously tactile usage experience. 

As said before, the PEN-F sports a 


Taking a closer look at the Olympus PEN-F with its 
exquisite modern classic design 

More those who like matte, the PEN-F comes in full 

20-megapixel Live MOS sensor, that 
together with the Truepic VII imaging engine 
that gives the PEN-F the highest imaging 
resolution amongst Olympus' compact 
system cameras. Together with the proven 
in-built Olympus 5-Axis VCM IS system and 
high-resolution M.Zuiko lenses, you are 
assured of the highest quality handheld 
stills and video results. When it comes to 
the special Hi-res Shot mode, the PEN-F 
captures 50-megapixel jpeg shots by 
automatically compositing multiple shots, 
taken with the shifting of image sensor in 
ultra-precise half-pixel steps. 

The PEN-F is the first Olympus camera 
to have a Monochrome and Colour Profile 
Control feature, that is accessed using 
the front-facing Creative Dial. The profile 
control provides user-customisable tone and 
saturation image presets that simulate the 
appearance of classic colour and black and 
white film. The Creative Dial also provides 
quick access to Art Filters and the special 
Colour Creator mode, which enables intuitive, 
preview-able application of colour hue and 
saturation adjustments. The PEN-F comes 
with a great design and features, not to 
mention amazing imaging technology, the 
new Olympus PEN-F is a true masterpiece. 


012 januarylB chip malaysia 

Leaders once again © » # 

Our recent industry recommendations 

C T S 

Real world 
Protection Test 

[March - June 2015) 
Source: AV Comparatives 

www.av compare tire&org 
20 1 5 by AV-Comparatives* 

"Only Uni 1 2 pomtinm htavf 


Trend Micro 
E ms j soft 

99 , 9 % 

'Real world Protect! on Test" result per month (March - June 2015) 

Sourtt': 2015by AV- Comparatives'' | 

March April May June August 

Windows 8/8.1 Protection test 

Source: Av-Test. June 201 5 1 

Protection test 

Protection against malware Infections 

Performance test 

Average influence of the product 
on computer speed in daily usage 

• • • • • O S/6 

Usability test 

Impact of the security software on 
the usability of the whole computer 

Panda Security Malaysia (03-21666984) 
Email : my 


Paul Tsai, Senior Project Manager, Asia Pacific Sales Division, MMD Singapore Pte L td(ieft) and Kan Yeung, Regional 
Sales Director, MMD Singapore Pte Ltd with models 

Philips Launches 
5 Exciting New 

Ranging from regular monitors to curved monitors, Philips 
updates their line of monitors 

P hilips has launched 5 exciting new 
monitor models which combine style, 
functionality and connectivity, bringing 
a whole new level of immersive multimedia 
experience. Philips is always putting advanced 
technology and innovation to work, as well as 
striving to give you the best possible experience 
with computer monitors, which is why Philips 
monitors have features that are designed with 
you in mind. 

"Consumers these days are looking for 
computer monitors that have superb picture 
quality and an elegant design that would fit 

into the modern decor of their homes or offices. 
But on top of that, they also want technology 
that cares," said Kan Yeung, Regional Sales 
Director of MMD Singapore Pte Ltd. "The new 
line of Philips Monitors lessens eye fatigue 
with Flicker Free Technology, features low 
power consumption to help you cut down your 
electricity bills and have eco-friendly mercury- 
free display." 

Stealing the spotlight of course was the 
BDM3490UC 34-inch 21:9 Curved Ultra-Wide 
LCD Monitor. It sports an edge-to-edge glass 
and narrow border design for a seamless 

appearance and features an UltraWide QHD 
3440x1440 resolution AH-IPS display for crystal 
clear images at wide viewing angles. Not only 
that, the BDM3490UC has a 99% sRGB colour 
standard for true-to-life colour and DisplayPort 
for maximum visual quality. 

Besides the BDM3490UC 34 monitor, Philips 
also announced two curved monitors in the 
form of the BDM3490UC and the 279X6QJSW. 
The 279X6QJSW is a Full HD 27-inch curved 
monitor has AMD's FreeSync technology 
built in, and a 178-degree wide viewing angle 
paired together with Flicker-free technology 
for a comfortable and immersive experience. 
Additionally, there is the 276E7QD5W/B 
27-inch Full HD Monitor that features an 
IP5-PL5 LED wide-view technology, super slim 
narrow bezel, wide colour gamut and a VESA 
mount for easy mounting. 

Then finally we have the 237E7QDSW/B 
23-inch Full HD LCD Monitor and the 
227E7QDSW/B 21 .5-inch Full HD Monitor that 
both sport an AH-IPS Display, mercury free 
eco-friendly borderless display with Flicker-free 
technology and an elegant, slim, yet low power 
consumption design. These five monitors are 
coming soon so look for out for its availability. 


□14 januarylB chip malaysia 


Jimmy Lin (third from right), ASUS Malaysia Country Manager, shows off the new ASUS ZenFone Zoom 

ASUS launches 
ZenFone Zoom 

The Taiwan company showed off its new optical zoom 
capable smartphone, as well as a few new upcoming 

A SUS Malaysia has just launched its 
new ZenFone Zoom smartphone and 
teased the media with a showcase 
of other upcoming products, at a media 
launch yesterday. The ASUS ZenFone Zoom 
is now available locally, while the other new 
products are slated to be arriving on our 
shores near the end of January. 

The ZenFone Zoom is a slim device with 
a great 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display, and 
comes in either Pure Black or Ceramic White 
colours. What gives it the 'Zoom' moniker 
is the 3x optical-zoom for the 13MP rear 
camera, which also has a 10-element Hoya 
lens inside for up to 12x magnification. 

As a bonus, it comes with optical image 
stabilisation (OIS) to avoid blurry shots from 
shaky hands. 

ASUS designed the Zoom to be as 


for photo 
and zoom 

The photo 

also works as a shortcut button to launch 
the ZenUI camera app, which has a Super 
Resolution mode that can capture up to 

Under the cover of the smartphone 
is a quad-core Intel Atom processor and 
AGB RAM for a smooth user experience. 
Moreover, it has a high capacity 3,000 mAh 
battery to last you through the day. 

Speaking at the launch, ASUS Malaysia 
Country Manager, Jimmy Lin expressed the 
company's confidence in the new product. 
"With ZenFone 2, we created an incredible 
and widely-praised smartphone that 
captures stunning, high-resolution photos in 
everyday life. Now, with the ASUS ZenFone 
Zoom, we offer users a smartphone that 
has not only the look and feel of a DSLR 
camera, but the advanced features to match. 
With ASUS ZenFone Zoom, we are putting 
professional photography within the reach 
of everyone," he said. 

Combining its slim body and photography 
capabilities, the ZenFone Zoom is just the 
alternative to a DSLR, especially if need to 
take quality pictures without carrying heavy 
gear around. The ZenFone Zoom is now 
available for RM2,099. 

While not touched during the product 
briefing, ASUS also teased the media 
with some upcoming new products at the 
showcase area during the launch. This 
includes the new ZenBook Pro UX501, 
a 15.6-inch laptop that oozes class; the 
ZenAiO Pro, a premium all-in-one PC that 
also looks good and performs well; the 
ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition, which 
has a luxurious race-car design to it and a 
swappable rear covers; as well as the much 
anticipated ZenWatch 2, the next iteration of 
the Android Wear device. S 

At the back is the key feature of the ASUS ZenFone Zoom, its 3X Optica! Zoom rear camera 

chip malaysia januarylB 015 


Hong Leong Bank 
Now Uses IBM 

The cognitive learning system is poised to help the bank 
improve on customer services, beginning with its credit card 

ong Leong Bank Berhad had just 
signed a partnership with IBM which 
would see the bank employ the 
technology giant's IBM Watson platform. 

The financial services organisation 
is the first bank in Malaysia that will be 
using this platform. For those who don't 
know, IBM Watson is a cognitive learning 
system, basically a system that can 'learn'. 
With IBM Watson, Hong Leong Bank will 
have better customer support for its credit 
card services. The programme is broken 
down to a few stages, where the first one 
will see the cognitive technology behind 
IBM Watson used as an online customer 

self-service advisor. Using the technology 
to in place of a human staff allows Hong 
Leong Bank to service its customers 24/7. 
At the same time, it will be able to support 
the Bank's call centre service advisors. 
Additionally, the system is able to analyse 
large volumes of data, so that it can identify 
a customer's needs and thus respond with 
the best option; this is, essentially, Big Data 

"Customers have come to expect higher 
levels of integrated and timely service, with 
an increasing need for exceptional phone 
and online experience. We need to ensure 
that our systems are able to anticipate 

customer needs so that we may proactively 
provide solutions. The IBM Watson 
technology provides us this advantage by 
allowing us to understand the context of 
customer needs and preferences, which will 
reduce call waiting time and ensure greater 
consistency and accuracy of information" 
said Edward Pinto, Chief Operating Officer 
for Customer Experience & Analytics, Hong 
Leong Bank. Pinto also commented that the 
implementation of the IBM Watson system 
is a crucial part of the bank's goal towards 

IBM Malaysia's Managing Director, 

Chong Chye Neo, who was present at the 
signing, said: "Cognitive banking builds 
upon the personalisation and digitisation 
trends in banking over the last decade. 

The future bank is knowledge driven and 
convenes operations and offerings around 
its customers and their economic choices. 
This strategic partnership with Hong Leong 
Bank Berhad allows them to anticipate 
and respond to the changing market; and 
transform the relationship between the 
bank and its customers." s 

Chief Operating Officer of Hong Leong Bank's Customer Experience and Analytics division, Edward Pinto, shakes the hand of IBM Malaysia's Managing Director Chong Chye Neo, as they 
exchange signed documents and formulised the partnership between both companies. 

□IB januarylB chip malaysia 


A participant getting ready for the contest 

With the contest underway, the contestant is working 
hard to diagnose the problem provided and resolve it 

The Samsung Malaysia Electronics Team giving the thumbs up for the contest to start 

Samsung Pledges To 
Continue Providing 
The Best In Customer 

To fulfill this pledge, Samsung Malaysia invited the media to 
witness its in-corporation contest for its service staff called 
the 3S Smart Service contest 

I n a recent media briefing, Samsung 
Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd has declared 
its strong commitment to continue 
providing high quality after sales service. To 
that end, the company organised a contest 
that pit teams of Samsung staff nationwide 
(from its service and call centres) against 
each other. The contest is called the 3S Smart 
Service contest, with the 3S representing the 
firm's motto: Speed, solution and satisfaction. 
Other than as an opportunity for staff 

to show off their skills, the contest is also a 
means for them to learn more, upgrade their 
skills and improve technical knowledge, all 
in order to better respond to the needs of 
customers. It is also a means to encourage 
Samsung's service centres and call centres 
to work hard in achieve greater customer 

"The key objective of 3S Smart Service 
Contest is to highlight the importance of 
mastering a high level of Technical Knowledge 

and Repair skills. At the same time, to show 
empathy to our valued customers that we care 
for them," said Park Jae Doo, Director, Customer 
Satisfaction Team, Samsung Southeast Asia & 

For the uninitiated, the Samsung Smart 
Service is a programmed created to provide 
Samsung customers with personalised service 
experience. With that ideology in mind, the 
programme would train staff to swiftly respond 
to a customer's needs, offer quick solutions 
to problems encountered, do home visits to 
customers for convenient, and also to operate 
a 2A/7 care line. Customers can also update 
the software of their devices in Samsung 
stores, get free setup and installation, 
replacement of components, and more. 

To make it convenient and accessible for 
Malaysian customers, there are a total of 151 
smartphone service points in Malaysia, along 
with 9A service points for consumer electronics. 
Not only that, Samsung also has about 1 26 
stores and dealers across the country, which 
can serve as drop off and collection points for 
customers. As for Express Service Centres, 
Samsung says that most major cities will have 
one such centre. S 

chip malaysia january16 017 


KT Ong and Tan Hiang posing with the new Dell laptops 

Dell's Big 
Brings New Lineup 
Of Products To 
Malaysian Shore 

The electronics giant introduced a new range of laptops, 
desktops, monitors and printers 

workforce is one that is taking place now. Every 
day, we see the transformation of teams that 
are more mobile and seamless - collaborating 
in a borderless, high-performing environment. 
Intel is critical to this evolution. Devices built 
with our partners Dell and Microsoft, which 
feature Intel technology such as our 6th 
Gen Intel Core processors, are purpose-built 
to deliver a more impactful experience for 
business and pleasure through an optimal 
blend of mobility and performance." 

Among the new range of products is the 
Latitude series, namely the Latitude 13 7000, 
Latitude 12 7000, and Latitude 11 5000. 

The Latitude notebooks are designed with 
business-class security, manageability and 
reliability in mind. Dell also refreshed the 
Latitude 3000, 5000 and 7000 Series, making 
them lighter, more powerful and efficient. 

Dell also introduced new OptiPlex 
Desktops. These desktops are designed for the 
commercial market and are also designed to be 
secure. The new OptiPlex PCs are smaller, faster 
and have better energy efficiency. They come in 
Micro Form Factor, Small Form Factor, and Mini 
Tower designs. 

Next up is the monitor category, which 
sees a new entry that amazed CES 2016 - the 
Dell UltraSharp 30. It is a UHD OLED monitor 
that is not only powered, but can also receive 
display input via a single USB Type-C port that 
supports Thunderbolt 3. Besides that, Dell also 
launched a new series of monitors that are 
dubbed UltraSharp InfinityEdge monitors. 

Lastly, Dell has revealed a new Document 
Hub and some Mulfunction Printers (MFP). For 
businesses to better collaborate online, Dell 
has the new H-Series and S-Series MFPs. The 
first series has models that come with the Dell 
Document Hub, a feature that allows customers 
to access different cloud storage services 
simultaneously. While the S-Series smart MFPs 
have superior built-in security features that are 
large enterprises would need. 0 

D ell has been really active in January, 
mostly thanks to CES 2016. Recently, 
Dell Malaysia has announced the local 
availability of new products showcased at 
the annual electronics show. This includes 
workstations, notebooks, and also monitors. 

To better stand out in the market, Dell 
collaborated and partnered with Intel and 
Microsoft to design its new products. 

When approached for a comment on the 
company's focus this year, the General manager 
for Commercial Business of Dell Malaysia, KT 
Ong, explained that the company is aiming 

to deliver "powerful and beautifully- 
balanced products" to customers. 

'We are investing in this part of our 
business like never before, bringing 
new innovations to market that are 
redefining the role of the PC - whether 
it's an ultra-mobile 2-in-1 or a desktop 
that now handles workloads for a 
mobile workforce who require a robust 
collaboration solution," he said. 

Country Manager for Intel Malaysia 
and Singapore, Sumner Lemon, also 
commented that "The concept of a future 

Dell Precision 15 5000 series 

□18 januarylB chip malaysia 


EXMobile Launches 
The VoLte Series and 
EX Watch 

A stylish smartphone and smart watch you should look out 

E XMobile has unveiled their latest VoLte 
series of smartphones together with 
the EX Watch for the Malaysian market. 
EXMobile has built up a solid network with 
over 800 Malaysia after being in the business 
for 6 years. There are also 10 service centres 
nationwide, with EXMobile generating over 
RM50 million in annual revenue for 2015, by 
hitting over 100 thousand units of devices sales 
under its brand. 

"From 201 U to 2015, U out of 5 top Malaysia 
based Taiwanese/International brands fell in 
market share. The only vendor with growth had 
put their focus on budget conscious consumers. 
Also, due to the weakening Ringgit currency, 
the drop has brought big impact to the mobile 
market, which caused the purchasing power 

of local consumers to drop correspondingly. 

This gives opportunity to local mobile device 
manufacturers", said EXMobile's Head of 
Business Development, Mr.Leng Chong Yap. 

The EXMobile Volte series smartphones 
mark the company's initiative on rebuilding 
a new brand image with the aim to release 
better quality and move impressive design 
products, which include the VoLte series. 
EXMobile also plans to focus more on the 
youth market in the future to launch a series of, 
stylish yet innovative devices to attract younger 

The latest VoLte 2 smartphone sports a 
5-inch display with a resolution of 1280x720 
pixels in a Super Colour TCL IPS screen. The 
screen also sports a 320PPI pixel destiny which 

(From left to right) EXMobile Head of Business Development, Mr. Yap Chong Leng, EXMobile Head of Product, 

Mr. Teh Nam Hong, EXMobile CEO, Mr. Eddie Law, , EXMobile Volte Series ambassador Yu Tian Long and EXmobi/e 
brand ambassador Rashid Sidek 

The EX Watch exudes a luxurious feel with its clean and 
rustic design 

The VoLte 2 will run on Android 
5. 1 . 7 Lollipop right out of the box 

is surfaced 
with 2.5D 
glass and 
coated with 
a nano 
both the 
front and 
back panel, 
an elegant 
design with a 
premium finish. Linder the VoLte 2 hood is a 
Mediatek 6735A quad-core processor together 
with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, 
then powering the VoLte 2 is a 2,200mAh 

Being unveiled along with the VoLte 2 
smartphone was the EX Watch, another smart 
watch produced by EXMobile that offers a 
1 2.2-inch 2 A0 x 2 A0 pixel HD IPS round display. 
Its display uses a Nanometer tempered glass 
with full bonding process. The body dimension 
measurements of the watch are 52 x A6 x 
13.5mm and runs on a MT2502A 108MHz SoC 
that's paired with 128MB of RAM and 32MB of 
storage, but no worries on storage as the watch 
supports an additional 8GB of space through 

The EX Watch features a Pedometer, Sleep 
monitor, Anti-lost, Sedentary reminder, Heart 
rate monitor, and a Remote camera. It's also 
IP65 waterproof and allows for Synchronous 
SMS, MMS, and Time Sync. 

The VoLte 2 is now available at authorised 
stores and dealers nationwide with the retail 
price of RM5A9, while the EX Watch is priced 
at RM399 and should be available sometime in 
Q1 2016. It's available in Silver, Black, Rose Gold, 
Royal Blue and Gold. 3 

chip malaysia januarylB 019 


Case Mod Elites 

Cooler Master announces Case Mod World Series 2016 

C ontinuing the previous years' 

successful events, Cooler Master has 
recently announced the return of the 
Case Mod World Series 2016, a competitive 
modding event designed to connect modders 
everywhere with USD30,000 in cash and 
prizes to be won. 

For this year's competition, Cooler 
Master has brought in sponsors such as 
ASUS, Avexir, Dremel, NVIDIA, and OCZ to 
support and engage with the PC modding 
community. This year marks the Case Mod 

World Series' seventh instalment and Cooler 
Master is expanding the scope of the series 
to include local meet and greets, as well as 
modding sessions. 

Judges on this year's panel will feature 
recognized names from around the globe - 
Ermanno Bonandini from Italy, Ronnie Hara 
from Brazil via Japan, Richard Keirsgieter 
from The Netherlands, Antony Leather from 
The UK, Richard Surroz and Brian Farrell 
from USA, including ASUS, Avexir, Dremel, 
NVIDIA, and OCZ. From their respective fields 

of expertise, they will be basing their scores 
on four equally weighted areas: complexity, 
design, originality, and overall looks. 

Not only do the modders stand a chance 
to win the USD30,000 jackpot, they can 
share their creative design and passion for 
all things PC with a worldwide audience 
and fire up their creative juices with other 
local modders through regional events. 
Cooler Master will also be providing an 
online platform where photos and detailed 
worklogs can fuel other aspiring creators. 

As was last year, CHIP Malaysia will be 
a media partner for the Case Mod World 
Series 2016, so look out for monthly updates 
on the competition in future issues of the 
magazine ! s 





Toshiba Unveils Their 
Smallets A3 MFP' 

Monochrome Multifunction Printers for the SMEs of 2016 

T OSHIBA TEC has unveiled its two 

models of the innovative and Toshiba's 
smallest A3 monochrome Multifunction 
Printers (MFPs) in Malaysia. Introducing the 
e-STUDI02802A and e-STUDI02309A series 
which are set to drive greater convenience 
and cost-efficiency to smaller business and 

Mr Isao Sugehara, Chief Marketing Executive 
of Toshiba TEC Corporation says "In the office, 
most of the demand is only AA printing. 
However, customers would still think that 
they need A3 capable MFP's. These innovative 
products can satisfy that requirement, and by 
launching this product, we want to obtain 18% 
market share in 2016." 

It's small yet big, with a body that looks like 
it can only print AA, but is able to churn out A3 
prints by using a built-in stack feed bypass, and 
also enables A3 paper scanning with its built-in 

Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (RADF). 
What's more, users can now expect very fast 
turnaround print jobs, as the FCOT (First Copy 
Time) is an amazing 6.A seconds together 
with an impressive reliable print speed of 
28ppm (Pages Per Minute). These outstanding 
features such as colour scanning, super sharp 
resolutions, and office ready features such as 
networking and security functions are also 
conveniently available. 

In addition, the incredibly compact 
e-STUDI02802A has a body that can easily be 
tucked into tight corners and spaces, making 
it an ideal MFP for small offices. What makes 
this even more of a must have device, is its 
energy-saving features. Toshiba TEC's latest 
offerings are aligned with its commitment to 
the environment, and e-STUDI02802A series 
meets the major environmental programs and 
standards, such as International ENERGY STAR 

Program and EPEAT's Silver Rate. Additionally, 
the Toshiba e-STUDI02802A series is certified 
as Toshiba's 'Excellent ECPs (Environmentally 
Conscious Product)". 

Excellent ECPs is Toshiba group's internal 
certification, but is awarded only to products 
which achieve the highest level of environment 
performance in the industry in terms of 
major functions, at the time of release. The 
sister models of the e-STUDI02802A are the 
e-STUDI02309A and e-STUDI02809A. These 
new models are remarkable monochrome 
MFPs from Toshiba that will bring great quality 
and efficiency to SMEs in Malaysia. 0 


m m 

□20 januarylB chip malaysia 



Enhances Music 
With Yonder 

Celcom provides free and easy way to enjoy 
online music streaming with Yonder 

Y onder Music, a music streaming 

service that offers millions of songs 
subscription-free has recently entered 
an agreement with Celcom, where the telco's 
customers will not be charged for data 
consumption when using the service on 
their devices. 

Celcom is looking to leverage on this 
deal even further by starting 2016 off with 
a bang, by announcing that local singing 
sensation, Yuna will be performing at the 
Blue Cube in Sunway Pyramid on the 2nd of 
January 2016. 

Yuna will take stage at Blue Cube @ 

Sunway Pyramid 
at 2pm, and will be 
performing three of 
her favourite songs, 
followed by a special 
meet and greet 
session exclusively for 20 selected FIRSTTM 
by Celcom customers. 

Similar events were also held by Celcom 
throughout the country, where legendary 
singer and composer Man Bai performed live 
at the Blue Cube in Suria Mall, Kota Kinabalu 
and Hafiz Hamidun belted tunes at Blue 
Cube in KB Mall, Kota Bharu, Kelantan earlier 

in December. 

Celcom has also hinted at a special 
one-day offer when customers visit the 
Blue Cube at Sunway Pyramid on the 2nd of 
January, so don't miss out ! S 

For The Gamers 

MSI opens first gaming concept store in 

SI, a brand that is surely familiar 
with many gamers and PC 
enthusiasts has recently opened 
its first gaming concept store here in 
Malaysia. Specifically, the store is in Low Yat 
Plaza, Malaysia's number one destination 
when it comes to buying electronic devices, 
components and accessories. 

The MSI store is the first of its kind 
outside of Taiwan, with the focus of the 
concept store skewed towards gamers who 
are looking for a complete system to game 
with. At the moment, these include MSI's 
extensive line of gaming notebooks, as well 
as laptops that are meant for designers who 
require more than the requisite horsepower 
to create concepts and render high- 
resolution 3D modelling work. 

MSI has decided to open a gaming 
concept store here in Kuala Lumpur as 
a testament to its aim of expanding its 
presence here in Malaysia, where the 
gaming enthusiast market continues to 

grow, providing them 
with a platform to 
which easily pick 
and choose which 
notebooks suit their 
budget and needs. 

At the store, 
not only do gamers 
get to test out the 
latest MSI gaming 
notebooks, they can also try 
out a triple monitor setup 
and play a variety of games 
such as FI, Assassin's Creed 
and more. If they need 
accessories to go with their 
newly purchased machines, 
the store also stocks a 
variety of Steel Series 
accessories, such as mice, 
keyboards, headsets and 
mousepads. H 

chip malaysia januarylB 021 

world wired web 

Tries To 
Make A 

BlackBerry's fighting for survival with Android 
and a business phone - Is it working? 

B lackBerry doesn't want to end up like Nokia, failing hard because it held onto its self-built smartphone operating system for too long. On the 
other hand, BlackBerry has installed Android for the first time on its new Priv slider phone. This gives the business mobile phone access to the 
large world of Android apps, as well as the many entertainment options associated with the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the Priv is tailor- 
made for business clients. This begins with the hardware keypad, which is accommodated in a classical slider under the 5.A-inch display. The kit also 
includes a USB port and diverse security features, such as a bootloader that is allegedly 'unbreakable' and an app that always tells the user which 
applications are gathering what data. BlackBerry aims to combine the popular Android world with its own strengths, namely, productivity and security. 

With respect to its design, the Priv has features found in some of its competitors. For one, the display has QHD resolution and is curved at the edges 
like the Galaxy 56 Edge, though it doesn't have the same functionalities. The rear camera produces excellent 18-megapixel images, but there is no 
camera on the front side, on account of the slider. 

Furthermore, despite the 3A10 mAh battery, our test showed that it doesn't hold out as long as we thought it would. Nevertheless, users can surf 
the internet for almost seven hours. With a price tag of 780 euros (RM3,559 locally), the Priv isn't exactly a bargain deal; with regard to its price, it's in 
the same range as the Galaxy 56 Edge (it's cheaper locally at RM3,099). However, BlackBerry could be vindicated by the success of its endeavour. 
According to information provided by the manufacturer, the device has been pre-ordered so many times in the USA that warehouses are already 
empty. 0 

Wants To 


E uropol wants to create an internet 
monitoring unit, which will help the 
European police agency investigate IP 
addresses. As a test case, the agency is 
pointing at a Facebook account that is being 
used to disseminate terrorist propaganda. 
Europol wants to compare the used IP 
addresses with user accounts associated with 
other web services. 0 

AMD Said To Be Ready 
To Slash Price of Fury 

A rumour has appeared saying that AMD might be getting ready to drop the price of its Fiji- 
based Radeon R9 card - the Fury R9. This is deem to be beneficial to regaining market share 
for AMD in preparation for the 
launch of its lAnm-based Polaris GPU in 
Q2 this year. The new pricing has not 
been announced yet, but considering 
that the Fury Nano itself has recently 
gotten a price cut from USD 6A9 (approx. 

RM 2,758) to USDA99 (approx. RM2,1 21 ), 
the USD5A9 (approx. RM2,333) could also 
be slashed to somewhere in the region 
of U5D399 (approx. RM1,695). 

Regardless, the launch of the AMD 
Polaris graphics processors is bound to 
warrant an overall reduction in prices for 
GPUs in the previous generation. 0 

□22 february 1 B chip malaysia 

world wired web 

Apple Music Can 
Now Be Played 
On Android 

A pple is making the jump to Android by offering its Music streaming 
service in the Play Store, initially as a beta version. Apart from an 
iOS relocation app, Apple's presence in Android is quite the novelty. 
However, the conditions for its use are the same on the Android version. 
You can test Apple Music for free for a period of three months, but after 
that it will cost 9.99 euros per month. Apple Music currently has about 6.5 
million users - But 1 .A billion potential customers are waiting in the world 
of Android. a 

Apple Plans 
Money Transfers 
Via iPhones 

ccording to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to upgrade its 
Apple Pay payment service for individuals. The plan is to make it 
possible to transfer money from an iPhone to another via NFC. 
Apple filed the corresponding patent at the beginning of the year, and the 
company is currently in discussions with US banks regarding how the 
money transfer operation could be executed. Apple Pay is currently 
available only in the USA and the UK, but is expected to be launched in 
other countries in a few months. Apple has not yet confirmed whether 
Germany is to be a member of this group. 0 

Face book's 



O ver the course of investigations associated with hate 
posts, Facebook's European CFO Shane Crehan and two 
of his colleagues at Facebook Europe have gotten into 
trouble. The Hamburg prosecution office is now determining 
whether the three are responsible for hate posts that 
emerged on Facebook during the debate over refugees. The 
allegation is that the three of them did not delete legally 
relevant user posts. This practice of Facebook has been 
criticised in the past, but the company has never been 
prosecuted because of it. The previous rulings were directed 
solely against the writers. S 

ARM Unveils 
Processor For 

I n the future, ARM wants to equip wearables with the 
Cortex-A35. The energy-saving processor consumes about 
thirty percent less energy than the latest mobile CPUs, and 
it's about 25 percent smaller, even though it's just as powerful. 
Along with wearables, it's also supposed to power 
smartphones. The advantage of the mobile CPU is that device 
manufacturers can individually configure the A35, from the 
number of cores to any special functions. The first partner of 
ARM is the Taiwanese tablet and smartphone manufacturer 
MediaTek. It is not yet known when A35 devices will be 
available in Germany. 0 

OneDrive Limits 

P reviously, users of Microsoft's Online-Office 365 had an unlimited 
amount of space on OneDrive. This is going to change in 2016. The 
maximum storage space will now be limited to one terabyte, even for 
Office 365 subscribers. This decision was made because some users exploited 
the flat rate to such an extent that up to 75 TB of data was present in their 
folders. The users thus used the facility to secure the back-ups of multiple 
computers. However, the average user - who uses about 5 GB- will not be 
affected by the new restriction. In order to remove power-users from the cloud 
storage service, Microsoft is also cancelling the 100 GB and 200 GB storage 
packets for non-subscribers. In the future, users will receive additional storage 
with a maximum of 50 GB for a monthly fee of 1 .99 dollars (approx. RM8.7A). 
Those who want more cloud storage will have to get an Office 365 subscription. 
This does not apply to users who already have one of the larger packages. For 
free-users, the storage space will shrink from 1 5 to 5 GB beginning from 
January. However, this change will only affect existing customers at the end of 
next year, so that they will be able to secure their extra data. The change has 
provoked a lot of criticism, because it's not really that surprising that people 
would want to exploit the unlimited storage. 0 

Amazon Delivers 
On The Same Day 

A mazon has launched its 'Same Day Delivery' service in 1 A German cities. 
Customers living in Berlin or Munich who place an order in the morning 
will now receive their goods between 1800 and 2100 hours in the 
evening. The service is free for Prime customers for order values of 20 euros 
(approx. RM 95) or more, while other customers will have to pay an extra ten 
euros for this express delivery. However, the quick delivery depends on 
whether the product in question is available at the local logistics centre. DHL 
and courier services will be handling the delivery operations, and it was 
targeted at the Christmas sales at the end of last year. 0 

chip malaysia february 1 6 023 

world wired web 





Mobile, Xbox, Skylake: 
Microsoft is making its 
operating system available 
for multiple platforms 

F our months after its launch, Windows 10 is getting its first big update. Thanks to the 'Threshold 2' service pack, Skype and Cortana will be 

integrated more firmly into the desktop version. For example, the speech assistant can now browse through PDFs, and use the desktop to send 
SMS messages through a Windows phone. The Edge browser still has no add-ons, but it can stream videos to a TV using DLNA and Miracast. 
Furthermore, Microsoft is hoping to use its autumn update to make Windows 10 significantly faster. The system is now supposedly 30 percent faster 
when it's starting up. The benefit is even more significant for those who own a device that uses Intel's Skylake CPU, because Windows 10 is the first OS 
to support the speed shift function. Windows now lets the CPU decide which clock frequency is to be used for the execution of individual tasks (see 
page 96). According to the initial benchmarks, this results in a 50 percent improvement in response times - along with a slightly lower energy 
consumption level. Mobile devices, in particular, would get a longer battery service life. Microsoft will probably release the first updates for Windows 10 
Mobiles before Christmas. In any event, the top-level Lumia 950 and 950 XL mobile phones are sure to receive the new update. Apart from that, all 
Windows 8 devices with an internal memory of at least 8 GB are expected to get an update. This would apply to Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 735 and Lumia 
930. On the other hand, Windows 10 has already been rolled out to the Xbox One, under the name 'New Xbox Experience'. The gaming console is now 
backward-compatible with Xbox 360. In addition, Microsoft has significantly improved the networking of the community for individual games. H 


Buries The 
Beta max 

# 0 years ago, the Betamax cassette was 
/■the biggest challenger to VH5 in the 
"Tbattle of video formats. Betamax lost the 
war, but it continued to exist until very recently. 
However, Sony is finally going to end its 
production run in 2016. Ironically, Betamax will 
have lasted longer than VHS, which saw its 
production end in the summer of 2015. 
Betamax was launched before VHS at the end 
of the 1970s, but it had already fallen far 
behind by 1984. On the other hand, VHS found 
great success in the home entertainment 
domain - primarily because the cassettes were 
inexpensive. This particular era of technology 
will finally come to an end in March. ® 

HTC Overreaches With 
The A9 

H TC's new flagship smartphone is the A9, and it's one of the first mobile phones to be 

equipped with Android 6.0. In the CHIP test, the A9 achieved scores that were above average, 
but not extraordinary. The 5-inch full-HD display is somewhat darker than the competitors' 
displays and the internal memory only has a capacity of 16 GB, though it can be expanded by 200 
GB with the help of an 5D card. However, the camera is quite impressive - 13-megapixels with 
manual white balance and ISO adjustments, plus it can save images as RAW files (but this requires 
an SD card). Unfortunately, there is no 4K video mode, but the device does possess a hyperlapse 
feature, which makes time lapse shooting possible even when the camera is moving at a high 
speed. The mobile phone is very well-designed, with a fingerprint sensor that doubles as the home 
button. The A9 would have been a veritable mid-range smartphone, if HTC had not demanded a 
price of about 580 euros (approx. RM 2,758). There are better alternatives at this price range, such as 
the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the Sony Xperia Z5. Perhaps a better price-performance ratio will 
be found in the X9, which has had its specs publicised by TEENA, the Chinese approval body. It is a 
mid-range device featuring a 5.5-inch display, but only a quad-core CPU. It also does not have a 
fingerprint sensor. ® 

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NVIDIA Will Announce HBM2- 
based Titan X Successor In April 

T he PC master race is about to get hot again as NVIDIA is said to be preparing to show a new high-end graphics processor at its GPU Conference in 
April this year. It is believed that the GPU intended for unveil will be NVIDIA's new flagship GPU, ostensibly called Titan X2, which will be the 
roadblock to AMD's road back to prominence. The new GPU will likely feature HBM2 and possibly have 32GB of VRAM and ITB/s of memory 
bandwidth. a 

First Blu-rays 
With 4K Films 
In 2016 

S ony has announced that the first blu-rays containing films 
in the ultra-HD or AK format will be released in 2016. They 
will go on sale from the beginning of January in the USA, 
and will be launched in Germany in spring. The first films in the 
AK format will be 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2', 'Salt', 'Hancock' and 
'The Smurfs 2'. For the American market, Sony is also converting 
a few classics into the AK format, but legal considerations will 
probably prevent these titles from being released in Germany. 
20th Century Fox has also announced AK blu-rays, which will 
include movies such as 'Kingsman' and 'Life of Pi'. S 

Snapdragon 830 
Will Be Based On 
lOnm Process 

D ue to the disappointing market performance of the Snapdragon 810, 
Qualcomm is working hard to produce a new System on Chip that will 
improve the company's fortunes when it launches. According to a 
leak, the soon-to-be Snapdragon 830 will be a direct successor to the 
Snapdragon 820 which is due on the market soon. It will be based on a 
lOnm manufacturing process and will support up to 8GB of RAM. S 

Also work in Split View multitasking! 

Picture Mode 
On iPad Now 

F or those who are looking for a solution that can provide 

picture-in-picture mode for their iPad, your days of searching 
are over. There is a new app on the App Store that can give 
you the experience you want, so now you don't have to use those 
clunky workarounds. It's called CornerTube. 

CornerTube has a few features. For one, you could have a video 
you were watching float around as you work on a document, 
something that many people have been clamoring for. Another is 

Today Widget, which detects any YouTube links in your clipboard and makes it a simple tap away from your Notification Center. There's also Action 
Extension, a feature that allows you to watch YouTube from other apps by tapping and holding on a YouTube link and then selecting 'Open in 
CornerTube". In addition, there's Split View multitasking and In-app Search. 

Good things don't come for free and due to these great features provided, CornerTube will require you to part ways with USD1 .99 (approx. RM8) to 
download and use it. CornerTube can be downloaded at 0 

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security report 

Images Are The New Virus- 

Hackers can use steganography to hide malicious code in JPEG image files. Users are able 
to protect themselves only to a limited degree 

A t the Black Hat hacker fair in 

Amsterdam, security researcher 
Saumil Shah demonstrated how 
one can hide an exploit code in an image. 
This makes it possible to circumvent 
all security warnings issued by 
browsers. To pull this off, Shah used 
steganography, which is a well-known 
technique through which tools can 
code programme code or files into an 
existing image without changing the 
image in a noticeable way. The file's 
extension and header also remain the 
same. However, the security expert 
went one step further. Normally, a 
steganography tool that serves as 
a decoder must be present on the 
computer, so that the code can be read 
out from the image. 

Shah used a trick to integrate a 
Javascript-based decoder into the 

image, which even forensics experts find 
difficult to detect. Anti-virus programmes 
are completely overwhelmed by it, as none 
of the latest programmes flag Saumil Shah's 

procedure as a threat. When a user views 
the manipulated image in the browser, the 
malicious code infects his computer, running 
the integrated Javascript in the background. 
According to Shah, the issue of whether 
the actual malicious code will be 
detected by anti-virus systems depends 
on the individual case in question. 

His goal was to demonstrate that the 
code can get past all kinds of tests to 
reach a computer. Users would only 
be able to protect themselves against 
such an attack by using programmes 
such as NoScript, which will prevent 
the execution of Javascripts. However, 
browser updates by the manufacturers 
would be more important. The 
programmes have so far been executing 
every single piece of code - even if it's 
hidden within an image. 

At Black Hat Europe, Saumil Shah presented a method of 
hiding malware in normal JPG images 

O Data Theft Of The Month 


The online shop of Vienna's public 
transport system (the Wiener-Linien 
online shop) had to own up to a theft 
of data. According to the shop, names, 
postal addresses, e-mail addresses, birth 
dates, customer numbers and telephone 
numbers were stolen. Payment data was 
not affected. The data was stored with 
a service provider, whose systems were 
penetrated by the attackers. 



The automobile club accidentally made 
private data available online. The loophole 
was discovered by FDP member Tobias 
Huch. According to Mr Huch, he used a 
form that allowed members to order an 
ADAC credit card to access 19 million sets 
of customer data. According to an ADAC 
spokesperson, the loophole has existed 
since the beginning of October: When a 
random membership number was entered, 
the respective name, date of entry and type 
of membership could be viewed for a few 



The web-based Touchnote photo 
service has fallen victim to a data theft. 
Attackers managed to infiltrate the 
servers and read out customer data, 
including names, e-mail addresses, birth 
dates, postal addresses and ordering 
histories. Touchnote customers should 
change their passwords as quickly as 

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Patches Not 
Made Available 
Fast Enough 

3 vulnerabilities were rectified in a new Android security update. The 
updates are carried out on a monthly basis, but they are only available 
immediately for Nexus devices. Samsung soon plans to supply the 
patches to parts of its product range. As for other manufacturers, it could take 
months for the fixes to find their way into the firmware of the corresponding 
devices. a 

security report 

Delivers A 
Fix For An 

T he security updates for Windows that were released on 
the November patch day led to frustration and system 
errors. The Microsoft forum indicates that the KB3097877 
update is the root of the problems. These problems include 
errors associated with the network login and a disappearing 
sidebar. Microsoft has now released a new version of the 
update in question. 9 

Banking App Of The Savings 
Bank Permits Manipulation 

V incent Haupert and Tilo Muller of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg have uncovered vulnerabilities in the savings bank 
app. For example, they managed to raise a transaction sum of 0.10 euro (RM0.47) to 13.37 euros (RM63.14), and change the recipient. The 
savings bank declared that the two hackers merely hacked an older version of the app, and that the latest version is secure. However, the 
experts are convinced that the new versions of the app are just as vulnerable. 9 

Danger Barometer 

There is now a method 
to spread malware 
via JPEG. When a user 
views a compromised 
image in the browser, 
a Javascript-based 
code is executed and 
infects the computer. 
Antivirus programmes 
are currently unable 
to detect this new 

Where are mobile phones (un) 

Kaspersky carried out a study to identify the countries 
in which the population is more likely to fall prey to 
mobile malware attacks. Japan doesn't have to deal 
with mobile risks to a large degree, but China has a 
high percentage of chance in being affected. 


JAPAN | 1 % 


Danger for online bank 

Compared to the previous quarter, this quarter saw 
the appearance of 2,51 6 new Banking trojans. The 
total number of known banking viruses (currently 
22,909) is rising steadily. 


2014 2015 2015 2015 


Number of the Month: 

1 9,000,000 

A loophole in Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil- 
Club's (ADAC) system left 19 million sets of 
customer data exposed on the internet. 

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With online transactions becoming the norm these days, e-signatures are the way to go in 
the near future 

By Edwin Lee Yong Cieh 

P rofessor Chris Reed in his article "What is a Signature?" states 
that the principal function of a signature is to provide evidence 
of three matters: (i) the identity of the signatory; (ii) the 
intention to make a signature to indicate agreement and willingness 
to be bound by the contents of the document; and (iii) that the 
signatory adopts the contents. In other words, the signature 
demonstrates that the signatory had the intention to authenticate 
the document, which serves as a form of evidence in the event of a 

Generally, many people still prefer to sign on a printed form of 
contract. While this approach is widely adopted, it comes with 
several risks and challenges. How does the recipient know the 
signature is not forged? How does the signatory know that his 
signature is linked with the contract or that the contract that he 
agreed is the contract he "signed"? It is a recognized fact that 
physical documents can be easily altered and signatures can be 

With the advancement of technology and wide availability of 
online E-Signature services, it is therefore a high time for us to 
examine an alternative form of signing via electronic means, known 
as "E-Signature". Since contracts can be prepared electronically, it is 
only natural that signing should also take place electronically. 

Types of E-Signature 

Since a traditional handwritten signature is not possible on an 

electronic contract, people have used several different methods to 
indicate their E-Signatures, including: 

■ typing the signatory's name or a placing a unique representation of 
mark into the signature area; 

■ scanning a physical manuscript signature; 

■ pasting a scanned version/image file of the signatory's signature 
into the signature area; 

■ signing with a special pen on a pad which is used to measure and 
record the actions of the person as he signs; 

■ clicking on a website button/ticking off a tick box to this effect (for 
e.g. "I Agree", 'I Accept", "Confirm Order"); 

■ inserting an E-Signature via an online E-Signature service; 

■ attaching a digital signature created by cryptographic means 
whereby the sender affixed the signature using his private key and 
the recipient checks the signature using his public key (more 
commonly known as "digital signature"). 

I would not recommend the first 3 methods as they provide very 
little security against forgery and misuse, and they are more 
vulnerable to identity theft if the communication is intercepted. 

Legal Status of E-Signature 

The issue is whether E-Signature is legally recognised under the law. 
In 1996, the United Nations published the UNCITRAL Model Law on 
Electronic Commerce which was highly influential in the 
development of E-Signature around the world. It was the first model 

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law that sets forth the principle of non-discrimination in order to 
ensure that a document is not denied legal effect, validity or 
enforceability solely on the grounds that it is in electronic form. 
Subsequent to this, the UN further published UNCITRAL Model Law 
on Electronic Signatures (2001) and the United Nations Convention 
on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts 
(2005) to affirm the notion that electronic contracts and electronic 
signatures are as valid and enforceable as their paper-based 
equivalents. As a result of this, many countries around the world 
have enacted their own legislation to give effect to the validity and 
enforceability of electronic contracts and electronic signatures. 

In Malaysia, the Electronic Commerce Act 2006 ("Act") recognises 
"any letter, character, number, sound or symbol or any combination 
thereof created in electronic form adopted by a person as a 
signature" as an E-Signature. The Act also states that if the 
document is created electronically, it can now be signed by an 
E-Signature. This is of course subject to the conditions that the 
E-Signature has to be attached to or is associated with the electronic 
document, adequately identify the person and adequately indicate 
the person's approval of the contents in the electronic document and 
be reliable. 

Reliability of an E-Signature is established when the means of 
creating the E-Signature is linked to and under the control of that 
person only and as long as any alteration made to the E-Signature or 
to that document after the time of signing is detectable. 

Under Malaysian law, a handwritten signature is not necessarily 
required for a valid contract. Contracts are generally valid if parties 
have reached an agreement and intend to be bound by the 
agreement, whether they agree verbally, electronically or in writing. 
The Act specifically confirms that contracts cannot be denied 
enforceability merely because they are concluded electronically, 
although certain documents and deeds may require additional 
formal requirements such as notarisation or attestation (for 
example, power of attorney, wills and codicils, trust documents, 
negotiable instruments, real property transfers, statutory 
declarations, bills of sale, etc). The principles behind the use of 
signatures have not changed, what the law does is to facilitate 
paperless signing via electronic means. 

Why Use E-Signature Service? 

Using E-Signature service in high value or important transactions 
can provide the level of assurance needed, build trust in the 
underlying system as well as improve overall customer satisfaction 
as the documents are more securely held and the signing process is 
carried out more efficiently. 

A good quality E-Signature service can offer the following 

■ Signature authentication 

Anyone who signs a document via an E-Signature service must have 
a log-in information or have received in his email account a request 
for signature, so that you know exactly the identity of the person 
who signs your document. 

■ Signature affixation 

Each signature on a contract is imposed and affixed to the contract. 
There is an audit trail that tracks who has opened, viewed and signed 
the document and when. The audit trail is appended to all signed 
documents and forms a court-admissible document log. 

■ signature integrity 

The service allows any changes to the contents to be detected more 
easily, showing whether the contents have been altered/tampered 
during and after the signing process and ensuring that the contents 
remain confidential and secure. 

■ Court-admissible transactions log 

The service creates a comprehensive transaction log that shows the 
detailed transaction history, track and timestamp various 
information from the moment the document is submitted for 
signature to when it is completely signed and secured, thus creating 
a full action list and document history that are more likely to pass 
the evidence admissibility threshold. 

■ Secure records retention system 

Information transmitted is encrypted (preferably using SSL, 256-bit 
encryption) and stored on secure servers in multiple data centers, 
hence keeping the documents private and secure and easy to 
retrieve and the whole process, from signing, completion to storage 
is carried out electronically, resulting in time and costs savings in 
terms of internal administration and record keeping. 


E-Signatures are increasingly used in e-commerce and in regulatory 
filings. Many businesses, individuals and governments now conduct 
transactions over the Internet. E-Commerce aside, most of you 
would be familiar with the annual tax filings conducted entirely over 
the Internet. You can also renew road tax and pay summons over the 
Internet. All these dealings between the Government of Malaysia 
and the public are legally recognised under the Electronic 
Government Activities Act 2007. 

The E-Signature technology is still developing and you should 
carefully choose the right service that offers some, if not, all the 
features mentioned above. It is believed that secure method of 
E-Signature will become a commonplace in the near future, as we 
slowly transition to a paperless world. S 

The view expressed in this article is intended to provide a general 
guide to the subject matter and does not constitute professional 
legal advice. You are advised to seek proper legal advice for your 
specific situation. 

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The biggest electronics trade show in the world came and left, with companies showcasing 

what users can look forward to in 2016 b v ream chip 

T he Consumer Electronics Expo, or CES, as it is more widely known, is always a great event to look forward to for tech enthusiasts, consumers 
and businesses alike. The event sets the pace for what everyone can look forward to in 2016, and in some cases, products that people have 
already been looking forward to since last year. In this article, we take a look at some of our favourite tech at CES 2016. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 031 

tech spelunk 



All-in-one computers have been gaining some pretty decent 
traction as of late, thanks to Intel's 6th generation Core 
processors that allows manufacturers to go crazy with chassis 
designs and such. MSI's first entry in the gaming desktop 
department is the 27XT AIO PC, which not only houses a 
requisite Intel Core i7-6700 processor, but also two NVMe SSDs 
hooked in a RAID 0 configuration for blazing fast performance. 

That's not all of course, as MSI has also included a special 
slot at the back of the 27XT for a full-sized GPU, which connects 
to the AIO via a PCIe extension cable. Unfortunately however, the 
27TX is a pricey beast, with a retail price of USD1 ,700 with no 
GPU included, which you will have to source on your own. For 
now, only a single card solution is available, although we 
wouldn't put it past MSI to add an extra slot in future iterations 
of this machine. 

Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 Razer Edition 

Collaborations between PC manufacturers and gaming accessories 
companies aren't exactly new, but this is quite possibly the first time 
the two have come together to bring us something that's out of this 
world. Introducing the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 Razer Edition (RE), a 
collaborative effort between you guessed it, Lenovo and Razer that's 
set to turn heads. 

Sporting an Intel Core i7-6700K processor, this green giant of a 
gaming PC also sports two NVIDIA GTX 970 GPUs in SLI 
configuration, perfect for gamers who are looking for a stylish- 
looking gaming workhorse. Speaking of stylish, Razer added their 
own creative input into this machine, as the company is known for 
its sleek gaming accessories. On top of that, the IdeaCentre Y900 RE 
also comes with a Razer Chroma keyboard and mouse, while the PC 
also sports the Chroma colour scheme, making it stand out even in a 
crowded room filled with other PCs. 

The ASUS ROG line has never been known to shy away 
from being as aggressive-looking as possible, and with 
the ASUS ROG GT51 gaming desktop PC, the 
Taiwanese PC hardware giants are looking to assert 
their dominance in this space by adding more features 
that we didn't even know we wanted. 

This beast is powered by an Intel Core i7-6700K 
processor, and a choice of up to two NVIDIA GTX Titan 
X graphics cards, which is cooled down by the help of a 
front-facing air-vent that pulls in air directly over the 
two GPUs. God-like performance isn't the only thing to 
look forward to, as the GT51 desktop also comes with 
an NFC bracelet called ROG Band which grants you 
access to what ASUS calls Shadow Drive, a hidden 
partition accessible only with the bracelet, and some 
auto overclocking features. 

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MSI GT72S Tobii 

MSI's GT72 notebook isn't exactly the newest machine on the 
block, but the company has seen fit to deck it with a few brand 
new components and accessories to refresh it to put it up 
against today's PC gaming beasts. 

First off, the new and improved GT72 sports Intel's new sixth 
generation Intel Core i7 processor, a beastly amount of RAM at 
32GBs, as well as 256GBs and 2TBs of primary and secondary 
storage in the form of an 55D and HDD. To take care of the GPU 
side of the business, the GT725 sports an NVIDIA GTX 980M 
graphics card. 

The most impressive feature on this machine however, 
believe it or not comes in the form of the Tobii infrared eye- 
scanner, which is integrated into the laptop's hinge. This allows 
you to not only use Windows 10's Hello function, but also allow 
you to control your characters in-game using only your eyes. 

r— ASUS ROG GX700 

Water-cooled laptops are a thing these days, and ASUS is 
jumping in hard on that bandwagon. Introducing the ASUS 
ROG GX700, ASUS' first ever water-cooled laptop, which 
comes with a detachable water-cooling loop ASUS has 
called the Hydro Overclocking System. 

While it is probably one of the most gaudy laptops we've 
seen in a while, the GX700 is almost literally a desktop in 
the form factor of a desktop-replacement machine. It 
sports the latest Intel Core i7-6700K and comes with a full- 
sized NVIDIA GTX980 graphics card, which explains the need 
for a huge cooler like the Hydro Overclocking System. 


Powerful yet portable, the GIGABYTE P3AW is the 
brand's thinnest 1A" gaming laptop. It sports a QHD 
2560x1 AAO display that delivers perfect and vivid 
colors for an enhanced gameplay experience. Under 
the hood, the P3AW is powered by the latest 6th Gen 
Intel Core i7 processor as well as the powerful GTX 
970M graphics, all contained in an Ultrabook-like 
chassis. The dual-storage design enables the P3A to 
hold up to 51 2GB M.2 PCIe SSD plus a 2TB HDD in 
total. Included in the P3AW is a 3-month premium 
license of XSplit Gamecaster, which allows gamers to 
stream games like a pro. 

Lenovo Yoga 900S 

Lenovo has constantly amazed and wow us with how 
creatively they design their notebooks, laptops and 
convertibles. The Lenovo Yoga 9005 is no exception to this, 
as it is a marvel of engineering no matter how you look at it. 

Closed, it measures in at just 0.5 inch in thickness, and 
comes with a 12.5 inch display with a qHD resolution of 
2,560x1 AAO pixels. The Yoga 9005 is powered by an Intel 
Core m7 processor, 8GBs of RAM and 51 2GBs of SSD space, 
which does not make it a slouch despite its small size. Not 
only that, Lenovo has also managed to fit in three USB 3.0 
ports into the machine, including a USB Type-C port for 
faster power draw and data transfer rates. 

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tech spelunk 

Virtual Realitya Reality 

HP Envy Phoenix 

Oculus has recently unveiled the PC specs needed to run one of 
its own Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, but HP has gone one 
step further by working together with HTC and Valve to ensure 
that they have a machine that is capable of running any virtual 
reality headset thrown at it. The HP Envy Phoenix is what you're 
looking at. 

This tower PC is powered by an Intel Core i7-6700K 
processor, features a 2TB HDD and a choice of either an AMD R9 
390X, NVIDIA's GTX 980 or 980Ti graphics card. There's not much 
else to say about this PC at it doesn't really come with any other 
gimmicks either, although you can be rest assured that HP will 
ensure that the machine runs any virtual reality headset thrown 
at it with minimal issues. 

Razer OSVR 

Virtual reality hasn't really gone mainstream yet, but there is already 
movement in the tech industry to make VR open source. Enter Razer, 
as they introduced the Razer OSVR (Open Sourced Virtual Reality) 
headset. OSVR is an ecosystem designed from the ground up to set an 
open standard for Virtual Reality input devices, games and output with 
the sole goal of providing the best possible game experience in the 
Virtual Reality space. 

The device is available for developers who are looking to tap into 
the VR space, but don't necessarily have the budget to go for either a 
Vive or an Oculus Rift. It is expected that many more will begin to 
embrace open source technology for virtual reality, and it's great to see 
Razer spearhead this movement. 


Oculus Rift 

The Oculus Rift has finally gone gold, with preorders closing as 
fast as it opened. The Rift, which originally started out as a 
Kickstarter project, has been under a lot of scrutiny, as Oculus 
launched a number of iterations of the product, with the latest 
pre-production model named DK2. At CE5 this year, Oculus 
unveiled that the Rift will be launching in July this year for a 
eyebrow-raising price of U5D599. The preorder includes the 
headset, sensors, remote, cables, an Xbox One controller, as well 
as a copy of EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale. Before buying one 
though, we highly recommend that you also check if your PC is 
Oculus-ready. The specs needed to run it can be surprisingly 

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Fitbit Blaze 

Jump into Fitbit's latest smart wearable The Blaze, making its grand 
appearance in CE5 2016 for all to see. This time round Fitbit has included 
some breakthrough features such as the PurePulse Heart Rate which 
accurately tracks calorie burn, helps maintain the intensity of your workout, 
maximising your training and optimising your health. Then there is On-Screen 
Workouts to get step-by-step instructions to a workout all on your wrist, and 
a Connected GPS to map your routes and gathering stats. Best of all it has a 
5-day battery life despite having a colour touchscreen. 


Under Armour HealthBox 

The Under Armour HealthBox is not just a simple 
wearable, but actually a set of devices that will help 
you track your fitness more than ever. It consists of 
the UA Band which measures your sleep, resting 
heart rate, steps, and workout intensity. Then there 
is the UA Scale that tracks your body weight, body 
fat percentage, and progress towards your weight 
goal, not to mention the power to recognise up to 8 
different users. Then to complete the set there is 
the UA Heart Rate, a chest strap for tracking heart 
rates while you work out, see it in real-time when 
paired with your UA Band. 



Garmin Varia Vision 

This one is for the adventurers who cycle a lot. The 
Garmin Varia Vision enhances your road awareness by 
putting cycling information right in front of your eyes. 
Reminiscent of a future sci-fi device only seen in movies, 
the lightweight display attaches to either side of a pair of 
sunglasses and relays information directly from your 
compatible device. Now you can stay focused while trying 
to nail your targets during a workout, while finding the 
next turn or staying aware of cars approaching from 
behind. It also provides vibration alerts for key 
performance, direction, radar and call/text prompts. 

— Livall Bling Helmet 

What is a Livall Bling Helmet you ask?The Livall Bling Helmet is a 
'smart" helmet that sports a built-in Windbreak microphone, 
3-axis G-sensor, Bluetooth speaker and LEDs on the top and 
back of the helmet. Stay connected when cycling with the 
Bluetooth speaker and Windbreak mic, receiving calls can now be 
done hands-free and with your eyes kept on the road. The 
speakers and mic can also act as a walkie-talkie with other users 
of the helmet. Furthermore, text messages can be sent through 
the Livall Riding App and will be automatically converted into 
voice messages for riders in riding mode. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 035 

tech spelunk 


— Yezz Sfera 

Yezz Sfera will definitely catch the "eye" of selfies lovers all over the 
world for sure, sporting a 260 degree HD fisheye camera with special 
lenses to create amazing pictures. Imagine taking photos of an 
entire 360 landscape in single photo. With its TouchPlay feature you 
can navigate images and videos horizontally and vertically, you're 
going to be so immersed you'll probably think that your right there 
when it happened. Additionally, if you have a spare Google 
Cardboard lying about, with VR Play you can virtually put yourself in 
the photo giving you a 360 degree virtual reality experience, what 
more can you ask for. 

Huawei Mate 8 

Huawei does it again, taking the look and feel of the Mate 
series to a whole new level. Boasting a 6-inch FHD display 
and ultra-slim design, together with a sleek aluminium 
unibody design, the Mate 8 is stunningly gorgeous. It houses 
a A,000mAh high-capacity battery that gives you longer call 
times and staying connected all day, also made possible 
due to the high efficient Kirin 950 chip with SmartPower 
technology, setting a new standard for smartphone battery 
life. Not only that, with a powerful new 16MP Sony sensor and 
smart camera features such as Optical Image Stabilisation 
and Huawei's new Image Sensor Processor, the Mate 8 
delivers sharpness and clarity in every image. 

’ Kyocera Hydro View 

Are you an adventurer that constantly gets yourself into wet situations? 
Then the Kyocera Hydro View could be the perfect smartphone for you. 
Not only is it budget friendly, it has a certified IP57 level of elemental 
toughness and is protected against dust and water getting into the 
seals. It is protected to the extent that you can dunk it into 1 m of water 
for up to 30 minutes, and not having to worry about it. It comes with a 
feature called Wet Touchscreen Operation that will ensure that even if 
there's water on the 5-inch touchscreen, you will have no interference 
with your taps and swipes. 

C ' . — 

I LeTV Le Max Pro 

LeTV is brand not many people know of, but this year round 
in CES2016they have joined the fray with many "firsts" 
for smartphones. First and foremost, the LeTV Max Pro is 
the first smartphone to feature the SnapDragon 820 chip, 
Qualcomm's next generation processor. Then there's the 
ultrasonic Sense ID fingerprint reader, and a multi-Gbps 
short-range 802.1 lad wireless connectivity, not to mention 
a blazing fast AGB of LPDDRA RAM clocked at 1866MHz. The 
smartphone houses a 6.33-inch display with a high glass 
-to-body ratio, giving an edge-to-edge look where the side 
bezels are close to non-existant. If that wasn't enough the 
LeTV Max Pro comes with a 21 MP back camera and a 2.0um 
camera on the front. 

□36 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 



Dell UltraSharp 30 

One of the most impressive displays that 
appeared in CE5 this year has to be Dell's 
UltraSharp 30. This OLED display boasts 4K 
resolution, a massive 400,000:1 contrast ratio, 
and a response time of 0.1 ms ! It doesn't lose 
out on colour either, as it covers 100% sRGB and 
AdobeRGB. The coolest thing about it is that 
the UltraSharp requires only a single USB Type 
C cable for both power and input. 

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 

ASUS has new monitors for those of the 
gaming crowd, like the new ROG Swift PG348Q. 

This monitor has some amazing specs which 
include Nvidia G-SYNC, 100 Hz refresh rate, 21:9 
aspect ratio, and a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440. It 
also has a button made just for you to quickly 
switch the refresh rate of the monitor. For 
those who want an all-in-one solution, this 
display also has two 2W stereo speakers built- 
in, so you can also plug your game consoles in 
and not need external speakers. 


Flexible Screen 

There's no name for it yet, but LG's prototype display is a 
possible glimpse into the future. The 18-inch prototype 
display can be rolled up like a piece of paper, which allows 
you to stow it away while not in used. LG has explained that 
there are obvious technical hurdles to overcome, such as 
how you to prevent pixels from going dead if you're just more 
than a little rough with it. Who knows, this might just lead 
them to a side research in developing self-healing pixels. 

J — Panasonic's Transparent Screen 

Transparent screens aren't new, but it's still cool to see them. The 
latest prototype by Panasonic has a resolution of 1080p and the 
screen size is about the size of your average living room TV. It has a 
few interesting features, such as being able to adjust the height of the 
screen, play music, show notifications, and become translucent and 
blend into the background. Panasonic hasn't quite achieved full 
transparency yet, but it'll be exciting to see how this technology 
continues to unfold. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 037 

tech spelunk 


Sony XD93 

Sony's TV hurrah at CES 2016 was the XD93 that will come in 55 
and 65-inch sizes. It's a new Android TV that will have full HDR 
support, which means you get to use many of your go-to apps 
on it. Besides that, some Android games will work on it. It will 
also be able to run Sony Ultra - a service that will let you buy or 
stream AK HDR shows. The only caveat is that it's only limited to 
those published by Sony Pictures. 

LG Super UHD UH9800 

The biggest TV announcement in CES 2016 is 
probably LG's Super UHD UH9800. Not only is it 
large at 98-inch, it also has a large resolution count 
being an 8K TV. Although it's not one of the 
company's famed OLED TVs, this IPS panel comes 
has high contrast ratios and has support for HDR. 

It runs on LG's own proprietary webOS 3.0, which 
are compatible with both Amazon Prime and 

Panasonic DX900 

AK has had a year to build up and this year the trend 
continues. Panasonic has a new idea, however, and it's 
called Ultra HD Premium. Ignoring the not-very-original 
name, UHD Premium panels like Panasonic's DX900 have 
10-bit colours, more than 1,000-nits brightness and, once 
again, HDR support. The Japanese maker says that the 
DX900 uses a honeycomb-structure local dimming panel, 
which helps by minimising light leakage. 


Samsung KS9500 SUHD 

This seems to be the year of HDR support, as Samsung's 
KS9500 SUHD is another TV that comes with that feature. 
Samsung's new boy into its TV line-up also uses the 
Quantum Dot technology so it will also have great colour. 
Now improved, the Tizen-based Smart Hub's interface is 
more user-friendly interface and can be customised. On top 
of that, a Smart Control remote will supposedly allow users 
to control other devices like game consoles. 

038 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 



— CoDrone 

Do you love drones and have a passion for coding? Now you can combine 
your two interests in one with the CoDrone, the world's first 
programmable drone. By using the coding package that comes with the 
CoDrone, you can programme it to follow you, or battle other drones in a 
game of laser tag. It's the first step in creating the ultimate drones, if you 
ask us. This cool project by Robolink was included in this year's CE5 Last 
Gadget Standing and is ready to go to market soon. 

iCamPRO Deluxe 

It's an eye, it's a light bulb, no it's iCamPRO Deluxe ! At first 
glance, the iCamPRO Deluxe almost looks like a light bulb with 
an eyeball on it, but in reality it is not just a simple camera. 
This robotic camera has Al built into it that gives it the ability 
to recognise faces and alert you when it detects intruders into 
your home or office. Able to cover 360-degrees, the iCamPRO 
Deluxe may just be the CCTV replacement you've been looking 

Since we're on the topic of robots, here's another 
that appeared at CES 2016 during Intel's keynote 
- the Segway Robot. The Segway Robot is both 
your robotic friend and personal transporter. Built 
by Ninebot and Segway in partnership with Intel, it 
is able to navigate its way through crowds, made 
to follow you, or answer the door for you. The 
development kit that will be made available is open 
platform, which opens up any number of possible 
functions that can be programmed into it. 

3D printers are not new, but there's always new tech behind 
it, and Polaroid's version is pretty interesting. What sets it 
apart is that Polaroid's 3D Printer looks more user-friendly 
- it's designed to be simple to use and doesn't drown you in 
settings. Another advantage is that it can many adjustments 
on its own without needing the user to do so, so that also 
helps a lot. Polaroid is hoping to release the product to market 
this year. H 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 039 

tech spelunk 

Razer Blade Stealth 

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show presents a multitude of new hardware for us to drool 
over and this year is no different. This time around, we stared in awe as Razer unveiled the latest 
addition to its Razer Blade gaming notebook series - the Razer Blade Stealth b v chip ream 


What's great 
about Razer's 
new ultrabook is 
that it's not just 
a pretty machine, 
but also comes 
with packed with 
great hardware, 
such as an Intel 
Core i7-6500U 

running at a base clockspeed of 2.5GHz, 8 GB of dual- 
channel DDR3 RAM, PCIe M.2 55D storage from 128GB up 
to 512 GB, Wireless AC for fast networking, and lastly the 
Intel HD Graphics 520 chipset. 


The Ultimate Ultrabook 

This sleek looking Blade Stealth is an ultraportable, 

Razer's first in the line at this form factor. It's an 
ultrabook that you can easily carry in your bag wherever 
you go. The product's specifications states that its height 
is 13.1 mm and weighs 1.25 kg, meaning that it's really 
slim and lightweight. You could probably slip this into 
your backpack and not even feel it, or easily carry it 
around in a small carry case. 

Razer doesn't skim on build quality either, as the Blade 
Stealth's chassis is a highly durable aircraft grade 
aluminium. To complete this ultraportable experience, 
Razer says that the ultrabook has up to eight hours of 
battery life. 

□40 february 1 B | chip malaysia 

tech spelunk 

Sexy Display 

The display of the Blade 
Stealth is top of the line. It's 
a 12.5-inch IGZO (Indium 
Gallium Zinc Oxide) touch 
display, which comes in 
either Ultra HD (3840 x 
2160) or Quad HD (2560 x 
1440) resolutions. The UHD 
variant will have a 100% 
Adobe RGB colour gamut, a 
useful feature for those 
who are design 
professionals or 

USB Type C 

Besides allowing you to connect the Blade Stealth to the 
Core, the Type-C port also functions as a USB port, 
DisplayPort, and has the potential to connect 
to other PCI Express and Thunderbolt 
devices. This versatility it offers 
means that Blade Stealth owners 
can connect to a wide variety 
of devices that can be 
developed to work on 

Razer Core 

You may wonder: 'how can I game with just the Intel HD 
Graphics?" The secret is the Thunderbolt 3 support for the USB 
Type-C port. It allows the Razer Blade Stealth to be connected to 
a new external graphics card enclosure - the Razer Core. Razer's 
intent for the Core is for it to function as a true plug-and-play 
external GPU, whereby the user can just plug the Blade Stealth 
to it via the Type-C port and have it instantly switch over to the 
external GPU for some high-end gaming. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 



Praveen Thakur, Vice President, Technology Business Unit at Oracle 




Oracle is one of the big industry names 
when it comes to database businesses. 
Database-as-a-Service is growing day by 
day, and we take a look at the advantages 
and challenges in adopting it b v chip ream 

Could you tell us more about database-as-a- 
service (DBaaS)? How does it help transform a 

Businesses today are inundated with tonnes of data that needs to 
be managed. Data is a treasure trove of information that not only 
ensures the smooth running of the business, but also provides 
insights for further growth of the company, and proper data/ 
information management is the driver that sets that transformation 
in motion. 

DBaaS is a paradigm where end users (database administrator, 
Developers, QA Engineers, Project Leads, etc) can request database 
services, utilise it for the lifetime of the project, and then have them 
automatically de-provisioned and returned to the resource pool. This 
provides organisations with a shared, consolidated platform from 
which organisations can easily provision database services. It also 
has elasticity to scale up and scale back database resources, and 
chargeback based on database usage, thus increasing cost efficiency. 
DBaaS follows the definition laid down by the National Institute of 
Standards and Technology (NIST) for cloud computing -Self Service, 
Rapid Elasticity, Measured Service (metering and chargeback) and 
Resource Pooling. 

Enterprises tody are constantly evolving with hundreds or even 
thousands of new applications to meet growing business demands. 
This growth has driven up the cost of acquiring and managing 
servers and storage in the industry. Initially, we viewed DBaaS 
primarily as a consolidation exercise for reducing capital 
expenditures (CAPEX) for our customers, but as it evolved, we 
realised that other key drivers like self-service, chargeback, and 
capacity planning facilities proved to be key for businesses to not 
only reduce costs, but to have the resources and support to enact 
real business transformations. On-demand access to software and 
infrastructure in a self-service provision by our Enterprise Manager 
solution, along with its elastically scalable and metered manner has 
helped our customers address issues related to the quality of their 
service and has given them the flexibility to meet the dynamic nature 
of business workloads. 

Last but not least, DBaaS aids the mitigation of security issues. 
Maintaining each database in a separate container creates a kind of 
virtual moat, which is an impediment for the bad guys. Security is 
enabled by default across database environments to avoid the 
possibility of having the weakest link. 

Are organisations in Asia receptive towards 
DBaaS? What are some of the factors hindering 
or encouraging them to adopt DBaaS? 

The global adoption trend towards cloud and the rising database 
workloads have created demand for cloud database and DBaaS 
across industries, such as government agencies, financial services, 
academic sector, healthcare and life science industry, media and 
entertainment, professional services, telecom, and manufacturing. 

The awareness of the benefits that DBaaS brings to an 
organisation's foundation and how it simplifies further initiatives is 
well-received and attractive to both the public and private sector 
organisations in Asia . 

However, the decision to adopt solutions do not lie solely with 
CIOs or CTOs. It goes through rounds of evaluation with multiple 
stakeholders. Key business decision makers may not be well-versed 
with technology and have concerns around security settings, service 
level agreements, whether the technology is the right fit, the 
trustworthiness of the solution provider, cost efficiency, ease of use, 

042 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 


and more. These are valid concerns. 

These concerns are easily addressed with simplified and 
integrated solutions that work on an operational expenditure (OPEX) 
model, securing stakeholder buy-in. 

DBaaS offers organizations an opportunity to standardise and 
optimise on a platform that eliminates the need to deploy, manage 
and support dedicated database hardware and software for each 
project's multiple development, testing, production, and failover 
environments. The architecture is inherently designed for elasticity 
and resource pooling, delivering production and non-production 
database services that support average daily workload requirements 
while scaling-up to handle increased demand and scaling-down 
when that demand has subsided. 

With these benefits, companies are increasingly adopting DBaaS 
solutions. The DBaaS (OPEX) model enables consumers to avoid 
large upfront investments in hardware, software and services. This 
cost structure especially resonates with line of business managers. 
Not only does the DBaaS model enable more agile database services, 
it also helps the business to allocate costs. User organizations pay to 
the degree that they consume each service, incentivising those 
organizations to be more efficient. They can commission databases 
for particular purposes, then decommission them and return them 
back to a resource pool that all organizations share. Charging back 
for database services can transform the IT environment from a cost 
center to a revenue generator. 

How should an organization know if it is ready to 
adopt DBaaS? 

DBaaS is only interesting when it delivers quantifiable benefits to 
the business, both internally and externally. To determine the 
benefits of DBaaS to an organization, consider quantifying the 
following business requirements: 

■ Business user benefit - DBaaS must be able to benefit the 
business directly or indirectly. For example, would a business user be 
able to accomplish their work better, faster or in a more cost- 
effective manner if DBaaS was available? 

■ Business processes benefit - DBaaS should provide a measurable 
benefit to business processes such as supply chain management, 
enterprise resource planning, or human capital management. For 
example, could DBaaS provide a more agile and optimised foundation 
to support key business processes that rely on database services? 

■ Contribution to strategic business goals and objectives - DBaaS 
may support strategic business objectives. For example, a 
standardised and optimised platform such as DBaaS could help 
reduce the time required to create, migrate or integrate new 
applications resulting from acquisitions or new lines of business. 

An organization is ready to adopt DBaaS the moment they are 
ready to address their database management issues. 

Could you share some tips on developing a good 
DBaaS strategy? And what should Asian 
organisations look for in a DBaaS solution? 

For successful adoption and sustainable execution, it is important to 
understand how DBaaS fits into the overall environment. The 
greatest value will be reaped when your DBaaS strategy is 
considered along with the organisation's overall enterprise 
architecture and IT strategy. Enterprise architecture helps to 
structure DBaaS projects through a series of overlapping steps, or 
iterations. A systematic process determines how these 

environments should be created, with attention to the business, 
technical, and operational implications. 

For example, if the HR department wants to implement a new 
payroll service and share it with other departments, the EA team 
needs to begin by creating use-cases that reflect the needs of each 
department. They then consider the profiles of the various 
departments and develop a service catalogue that lists the functions 
these agencies need. Then each department can provision as little or 
as much of each service as needed and also specify the degree of 
availability, disaster recovery, and uptime requirements. 

Oracle has developed a complete Database as a Service Reference 
Architecture that consists of artefacts, tools and samples that help 
companies understand how to operationalise DBaaS with attention 
to the correct strategy, people, processes, and technology. 

Within Asia, organisations are generally very process-oriented. 
This is a good starting point to embark on a DBaaS solution. DBaaS 
comes in to further simplify processes and to add 'oil" to the 'gears/ 
processes" of the organisation to improve workflow efficiency and 
boost business productivity. 

According to an Imperva report, DBaaS could be 
used by hackers to compromise an organisation's 
database without accessing its network, thus 
increasing the risk of a data breach. What are 
your thoughts on this? And how could 
organisations using DBaaS solutions reduce the 
risk of this happening? 

Security threats have always been a concern when it comes to 
hosting information offsite. However, just by making security more 
fundamental to computing and including it at the database level 
rather than only in the application all applications can inherit that 
security. Having multiple security levels further enhances data 
protection, enabling reduction in the risk of compromising one's data. 

Secured multi-tenancy is one such level of deterrence. By 
maintaining databases in separate containers, this creates a virtual 
moat that makes it harder for hackers to access all information at 

Not only do security settings and service level agreements (SLAs) 
apply across tenants, SLAs can also be applied to individual tenants/ 
containers to ensure that only role-assigned individuals are granted 

In his keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Larry Ellison, Executive 
Chairman of Oracle Corporation and Chief Technology Officer, 
mentioned that 'making security features optional may have made 
sense at one point, when security features like encryption had a 
greater impact on processing speed, but it doesn't make sense 

It is better to have security at the level of the processor than the 
operating system because silicon is more tamper-proof, and this is 
much safer than having it in software because software can be 

The philosophy behind security organzations need to adopt is 
that it should be 'always-on", and enabled by default across the 
entire technology stack and into the cloud for true safety. 

Compute, Network and Storage are cloud units most people are 
familiar with - Oracle has taken this further with DBaaS - so at every 
layer, Compute , Network, Storage and Database we have security 
capabilities for Secure Isolation, Access Control, Data Protection, 
Monitoring, and Auditing. 0 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 043 


David Scholtz, CEO of Dam bal la; and Stephen Newman, CTO of Dam bat la 

Is Critical 

The security we know is always focused on 
keeping things out, but it's also important 
to look out malware that bypassed 
preventive measures By Matthew Yap 

W hen a certain large university in the US decided to upgrade its 
security, it had to consider: 'where should we focus attention 
to and what could we be missing out?" Upgrading an entire 
network's failsafe or security system isn't an easy task and often the 
question is how an organisation can do so in the most holistic way. 
Enter Damballa, a security company that uses Big Data and Machine 
Learning to help organisations safeguard against criminal cyber activity 
like Advance Cyber Threats and data theft. 

Recently, CHIP Malaysia managed to catch Damballa's Chief 
Executive Officer, David Scholtz, and Chief Technology Officer, Stephen 
Newman, to find out more about how Machine Learning can play a part 
in the digital security landscape. 

Good morning and thank you for giving us the 
opportunity to know more about Damballa. Before 
we go into the specifics, let's start with the basic 
questions. Could you tell us what Damballa is all 

David: Damballa was founded at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a 
research university in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006. The 

company is now 10 years old and was founded by a group of data 
scientist, threat researchers, and network security experts who were 
affiliates of the university; they were PhD candidates, professors, and 
researchers. They started the company because what they saw was 
that the threat landscape was going to continue to evolve, progress and 
mature, to the point that we will see the advantage move towards the 
side of threat operators and cyber criminals. Generally, because of the 
security we've had up until now has really been based on what we call 
blacklisting, which is essentially identifying what's bad and trying to 
prevent it from taking ownership of a device. With the proliferation of 
malware today and the ease of the infrastructure for threat operators to 
take advantage of, we have outgrown our ability to keep up with 
blacklisting. What we've done in the last 10 years at Damballa is to 
address that evolution and leveraging Big Data, but primarily to ways 
where we can determine when, where, and how threat activities take 
place without having to rely upon having seen the malware before or 
seen the actual compromise take place. 

So the idea is to be better able to prevent an actual 
compromise from happening? 

David: That's the idea, but the reality is that the criminals always have a 
first move advantage, so you can't prevent everything. Where we start 
to help make prevention better is by being predictive and really 
understanding when a threat is active, then take action before the real 
damage has occurred. 

What kind of solutions do you offer to your 
customers and where did the idea for it come from? 
Could you tell us how Damballa is doing it 

Stephen: Absolutely. Most security solutions out there focus on having 
seen the malware before, so that they can protect you from being hit by 
the same malware they've seen before. An analogy I like is this: you 
have a picture of a criminal and you alert everybody about how he looks 
like. Now when everyone sees this criminal, they're going to stop him 
from entering a bank. It's easy when you've seen the person before and 
so most security solutions focus on being able to describe that picture 
and make sure that people can protect themselves from what is known. 
What we're seeing in the industry is that there are more bad actors out 
there than you can take pictures of. Threats are evolving so quickly - it 
could be the same 'person' but they've changed the way they look, so 
they bypass the 'pictures' stage. 

What our solutions do is profile the behaviour, characteristics and 
traits of threats. These threats are probably going to get in that bank or 
airport, but by providing continuous monitoring of all the people in that 
'bank' and studying their behaviours, we can figure out which person 
poses a high risk. By doing this, you'll be able to stop the infection from 
causing damage. Your machine may still get infected, but if you rapidly 
discovered these behaviours before it is compromised, you can respond 
to it before it can extract any data or cause damage to the network. 

We're seeing a big change by using Machine Learning and the data 
science of Big Data to create those profiles, a behaviour-based model 
that can profile what a compromised device looks like so you can 
respond to it. 

David: To elaborate further: if you study 10,000 bank robberies and you 
had a pulse monitor, a heart rate machine, and other things available. 
You can gather enough data and see, for example, that the individual 
attempting to rob a bank will experience an increase in temperature, or 
their heart rate might go up to 160BPM; there would be patterns which 
you can see. If it was just one person it could be an anomaly, but if 

□44 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 


you've monitored that in 10,000 people then you have a profile that you 
can be confident about. Now when you keep constant watch over a bank 
and notice that someone's temperature is rising or heart rate is 
increasing, you have a high degree of certainty that this person is trying 
to rob the bank. 

This is what we're doing in the networks of corporations. We look at 
how mobile devices, servers, and PCs are communicating and behaving, 
and by using Big Data we model and profile those behaviours that we 
see on a network. This helps us to be able to predict and recognise when 
something malicious is about to happen. 

How does the Machine Learning play a part in 
reading these data? 

Stephen: Anytime when you want to build a description of what 
malicious behaviour should look like, you're not going to build a 
description on a single feature like 'male or female"; that' just a single 
variable. What you want when you are describing suspicious behaviour 
is what is called a feature set, a long list of features that collectively 
describe a behaviour that's malicious. It may be 20 different variables 
and you don't want to be reliant on any one variable and you don't want 
to have a feature set that requires all 20 variables either, because a 
particular bank robber may not exhibit one of the variables. But you 
want to have a broad description, and that's where data science 
Machine Learning comes in. 

At Damballa we see roughly 1 5 percent of the world's DNS activity, 
which translates to around 750 million devices worldwide. When we see 
their internet activity, we're able to see both benign and malicious 
behaviour across all that broad spectrum of activity. And when we can 
start picking out malicious activity from that spectrum, we can build 
those variables and feature sets that really describe that activity or 
behaviour. If you think about it, Machine Learning is predictive. It's 
saying 'we're going to build a model and it's going to help us make a 
decision." Ultimately, it helps you make a yes or no decision. I like to 
describe Machine Learning as a machine that acts like the human brain. 
Say you're walking down the street and you see things like the people 
around are well-dressed, the streets are clean and etc, you take in all 
these variables and your brain tells you that you should be safe here. 

But turn a corner into a dark alley and suddenly you see people poorly 
dressed and there's trash around, and suddenly you think you're not 
safe. Does any of these variable actually mean that you're not safe? No, 
but your mind has built these mental models. Big Data allows us to 
learn the differences between good and bad, so that we can associate 
different feature sets or behaviours towards being malicious. 

Stephen: A lot of the technologies that are being used now, whether it 
be firewalls or endpoint protection, are designed to prevent people from 
getting in. It's like putting deadbolts on your doors and bars on your 
windows, to keep someone out. But the reality is that people are going 
to get in, so what Damballa is really focused on is complementing other 
technologies. We're going to constantly monitor what's going on inside 
your systems to determine if, where and when a threat has succeeded 
to penetrate those prevention defences, and do it in a way so we keep 
the individuals. It will allow enterprises to be efficient with their 
resources. Back to our bank analogy, rather than having to physically 
check each individual, which is time consuming and could potentially 
distract them from the real threat, they can then focus on where the 
threat really has compromised a system. It will have a higher degree of 
accuracy, allowing resources to take action, and have actual information 
to address specific threats. 

Speaking of threats, it's a new year in 2016, so what 
are your predictions on the critical threats for this 


Stephen: I think the bigger scope is to look at who could be targeted. I 
believe that there will be a continuation of attacks on automobiles, 
planes, trains, the transportation sector. In 201 5 there was a lot of 
illustration on what could be done to automobiles. White hat 
researchers showed that 2mil Jeep Cherokees within the United States 
could be hacked remotely and taken control of. What you will see in 
2016 is likely an execution of such threats. Imagine the problems that 
could happen if 2mil cars were hijacked; they could stop all car engines, 
cause traffic jams, disable safety hazards. That type of control is 
technically feasible, so the pressure is on the car manufacturers is to 
design more secure system when these cars are connected to the 
internet so that this can't happen. We think you'll see more about what 
can be done to not just automobiles, but all parts of the transportation 
industry. We can see that there some pretty big events going on this 
year, which would be prime targets. In the US alone there's the 
Superbowl and the presidential elections, then globally we'll have the 
Euro Cup 2016, all prime targets for something to occur. 

As for specific threats, we certainly expect to see things like cyber 
espionage and data theft to continue; there's no reason it wouldn't. 
David: I would like to add to that. In the last several years, we've seen 
that the notion of threats has become more prevalent. The regular 
consumer or individual hasn't been aware to some of the things like one 
country hacking into the system of another to get information for geo- 
political purpose, but in the last several years we've seen it start to 
become close to these individuals. We've had financial services or banks 
that got hacked, or the healthcare industry being threaten. The threat 
operators will focus their attention on where they can see returns they 
can gain from pursuing a threat campaign. A vertical that we're 
predicting will be targeted is the online gaming industry. It's become a 
phenomena of sorts. In the United States we have sites like FanDuel, 
large gaming sites that have billions of dollars being transacted and a 
lot of Personal Identifiable Information (Pll), those are all possible 
targets and we predict that those sites will face an increase in cyber- 
criminal activity. 

Gentlemen, you mentioned security for things that 
are connected to the Internet, so how vulnerable is 
the Internet of Things (loT)? 

Stephen: An interesting challenge that we have is that the vulnerability 
of the loT all boils down to the question of: Did they design the software 
running on these items with security being first, or was it added later? 
We are deeply affiliated with universities and Damballa has a strong tie 
to the Georgia Institute of Tech. And we find it alarming how many 
different students from universities all over the world graduate with a 
computer science degree, but never had any class on how to do secure 
coding. You can take mobile devices as an example, which have been 
notorious for having a lot of malware. The reality, however, is that the 
infection rate on mobile devices is incredibly low compared to PCs. 
That's because Apple or Android-based vendors build security into its 
ecosystem. Take Apple for example, which designed its phones as 
secure mobile devices and therefore faced very low infection rates. Not 
that they can't be compromised, but the infection rate is very low 
because it's much more difficult to do so. 

As we design whatever in the loT, if the designers are designing it 
with security as a feature set then no one would have to face those 
threats. We certainly encourage that and want to make sure that as loT 
grows manufacturers won't ignore the need to design security in the 
code, because in the long run it's going to pay off. 

On a local level, what kind of industries would 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 045 


benefit most from what you're offering? 

David: On a global level, threat operators are looking for caches of 
information that can be sold. Relating to Malaysia, one of the things 
that will take place here is the increase in outsourcing of call centres. As 
an example, several of our customers are large companies in the Oil & 
Gas or manufacturing with call centres of operations here in Malaysia. 
Stephen: Multiple of our customers have their instant response and 
security operation centres located here in Malaysia, so there certainly is 
a broad breadth of skill sets here. As our customer base has such a 
large presence here, we're looking to extend out directly to Malaysian 
companies, specifically to Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and Financial 
Services industries. These are organisations that have content or 
material they need to protect, and to do so they need to have not just 
preventive controls to block out the known, but also constant network 
security monitoring so that when they are compromised then they can 
be discovered quickly. That's how all our customers will best benefit: by 
having that around-the-clock monitoring and being able to understand 
the behaviours that could compromise the system. 

Next, we want to get a response from you regarding 
a commentary from one of our readers. He claims 
that Advanced Persistent Threats should not be a 
huge an issue in 2016 , but what we understand 
that's exactly one of the areas that Damballa is 
proficient in. Could you give us a comment on that? 

Stephen: Absolutely. I have seen nothing in the industry to suggest that 
the pace, in which advanced threats have brought so many attacks on 
different corporations, should slow down. As a collective industry, we 
have failed to move towards accepting the fact that we will become 
compromised. Despite the large press on all these attacks, we still think 
that if we can prevent it then we won't have to worry so we continue to 
sink a lot of money into preventive controls. There are very advanced 
organisations with a lot of data to protect that have moved to also 
adopt detect-and-respond type approaches, providing things like 
forensic solutions that can analyse what an endpoint is doing, or 
network monitoring solutions like ours. But there are still a lot of 
industries that have not made that move, and because of their 
vulnerable and how easy these attacks are to pull off, I think we're still 
going to see quite a few large name breaches and they will be significant 
losses to these threats. 

We definitely agree with the likelihood of that 
happening. In that case, these people should look 
into moving to these solutions, so maybe you could 
talk about your solutions and what do they offer? 

Stephen: Sure ! We offer two different detective controls, specialised 
according to markets. For most enterprise customers we offer what's 
called Damballa FailSafe. That solution is designed to monitor all the 
network activity of devices inside the enterprise and track their 
behaviour over time, so we can find the ones that actively compromised. 
It great at providing incredible visibility on what's happening inside the 
network, not just attacks from the outside trying to get in. Our other 
solution is called Damballa C5P (Communications Service Provider) and 
is designed for telcos, wireless or fixed-line operators, and different ISPs 
around the world to help them understand which of their subscribers 
are compromised. It works towards providing benefits to consumers. 
David: I just want to elaborate on what Steve talked about on the 
continuous monitoring on network activity and how it provides visibility. 
What's really unique about what it does is that it provides actual insight 
to what's being seen. It's not just about making activity visible, but 
rather to gather enough information and pull it together in a way that 


truly become actionable information, giving insights to corporation 
about what that activity means from a risk profile. Ultimately, it comes 
down to the fact that we're not just trying to stop malware, but it's really 
about addressing the risk and providing insight on the network to focus 

What kind of long term benefits would customers 
see in return? 

David: Well, organisations are playing a game of catch up at the 
moment. A lot is resources is being spent on confirming, validate or 
dismiss that something is actually happening. So how we can help 
organisations in the long term is by keeping their head above the water, 
so to say, and over time it allows them to focus their resources to 
protect themselves better against these threats and persistent activity 
from threat operators. They are able to be proactive in spending time 
doing analysis on the right things, versus trying validate every piece of 
information they get from an alert-based system. 

Stephen: I think there's two core benefits that can be gained from our 
solutions. The first is: Because we can rapidly identify which devices are 
compromised, they have less time to sit in your system and cause 
damage. By shortening that dwell time, risk is reduced for the 
organisation and that's the primary objective. Secondly, by the nature of 
what we do, every infection that we find is a compromised device that 
preventive controls missed. This can help improve the preventive 
controls. After all, the best ways to learn how to improve is learn where 
the holes are. So a lot of our customers use our solution to study to 
learn from these true positive infections we've discovered because of 
the visibility we've given them on where those holes are in their 
preventive controls. This is absolutely critical, because that's how an 
organisation can improve its security posture. 

If there's one message you can give to organisations 
out there, what would it be? 

Stephen: Increase your visibility. Don't pretend that you only have to 
protect threats from the outside getting in, accept that some will be 
getting in, and start giving yourself visibility on your devices as they 
communicate from the inside out. 

David: The insight from that visibility that lets you address active 
compromise, but also to improve prevention. It's really most effective 
when used to evaluate where preventive controls are working well and 
also where it doesn't work well and to bolster it. That, we believe, is a 
more holistic way of detection. 

Thank you for your time, gentlemen. Before we end, 
one last question I'd like to ask is: what does the 
security landscape, as a whole, need to do in order 
to bring about a utopia where malware attacks and 
threats being more of an exception than the norm? 

David: Interoperate and share. There isn't going to be a single silver 
bullet solution to this. In our industry, we've talk over the decade about 
defence in depth or layered security. But it is through different 
technology providers, service providers, industries, companies, and 
consumers sharing information, because we're all in this together. 
Everyone on the white hat's camp really needs to work together to 
defend ourselves against black hats. 0 

046 february 1 B | chip malaysia 


Although Twitter lies in the shadow of Facebook as a social network, the 
service is probably the world's largest news dissemination platform 

By Caren Stella Geiger 

Inventor of the micro-blogging service 

Jack Dorsey 

Original name 


Official launch 

15 July 2006 

First tweet 

"just setting up my twttr" on 21 March 2006 (Jack Dorsey) 

Maximum number of characters in a tweet 


Name of the Twitter bird 

Larry Bird (after the ex-basketball player) 

Twitter employees worldwide 


Market value 

ca. 19.01 billion US dollars (Nov. 2015) 

Loss in value since April 2015 

47 percent (as of Nov. 2015) 

Active users per month 

316 million 

Active users on mobile devices 

80 percent 

Number of active users who send tweets themselves (per month) 

117 million 

Estimated number of fake accounts 

20 million 

Number of verified accounts 


Average amount of time spent on Twitter 

170 minutes a month per user 

Average number of worldwide followers per user 


Person with the most followers 

Katy Perry, singer (61 .2 million) 

Media site with the most followers 

YouTube (46.3 million) 

Company with the most followers 

Samsung Mobile (10.2 million) 

Most re-tweeted tweet 

Ellen DeGeneres"Oscar self ie' (3.4 million retweets) 

First user with a million followers 

Ashton Kutcher, actor 

Account with the most tweets 

@urbandictionary (4.31 million) 

Event with the highest activity 

Football WC 2014(672 million tweets for #WM2014 

Highest number of tweets per second 

25,088 during the TV premiere of 'Castle in the sky' 

Tweets sent per minute worldwide 

est. 347,000 (as opposed to Facebook, with 382,000 'likes') 

Tweet with the gravest consequences 

Bomb scare in the White House after hacking of a Twitter account 

Percentage of the world's internet users who do not use Twitter 

90 percent 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 047 


Skylake Processors 

Intel has made its Skylake processors suitable for mobile devices with new power-saving 
functions. We explain how the technology works By Jo rg Geiger 

T he 6th generation of the Intel Core processors, also known as 

Skylake' makes impressive claims: It is supposed to provide more 
performance while consuming less electricity. In comparison with 
an identically-configured system using the previous Broadwell processor, 
a notebook equipped with a Skylake processor is supposed to allow its 
owner to watch a movie for an extra hour when he's on the move, while 
simultaneously outputting a higher-quality picture. In order to be able to 
fulfil such promises, Intel worked flat out and installed interesting new 
energy-saving functions. In doing so, Intel is optimising two large 
domains: The first one encompasses all the power-saving mechanisms 
that are associated with the Skylake hardware, and which work 
independent of the deployed software. And then there are special power- 
saving features that are only useful to users of Windows 10. 

Hardware optimisations on the CPU 

Skylake relies on a handful of established procedures to implement 
internal conservation functions. One of them reads ' Deactivate what you 
do not require". The 'power-gating' procedure involves disconnecting 
unneeded components from the power supply. The power gate is similar 
to the flip switch on a power strip. What's new is the fact that Skylake 
administers specific power domains and installs many of these small 
power-gate transistors. These determine whether or not programmes 
are making extensive use of special functional units on the CPU. For 
example, if the advanced vector extensions for complex floating-point 
calculations are not required, the CPU deactivates them completely. In 
accordance with the principle of 'less is more", Skylake reduces the 
associativity of the L2 cache from an eight-fold magnitude to a four-fold 
magnitude - The fact that fewer sectors are reserved for temporary 
storage does not produce any performance-related disadvantages, but it 
does save electricity. Apart from that, the voltage transformer that has 
been a part of the processor since the Broadwell series has been re- 
transferred to the motherboard, which in turn effectively prevents the 
CPU from overheating. Computational operations such as video coding 
can be implemented more efficiently when the hardware is designed for 
it, which saves electricity. In case of Skylake, this primarily applies to the 
integrated GPU, which takes the task associated with the video decoding 
of new formats like H.265 away from the CPU. 

However, even these power-saving functions seem moderate in 
comparison with the optimisations that are possible in conjunction with 
Windows 10. The most important feature is the speed-shifting feature. 
The successor to speed-stepping has been integrated into Windows 10 
since build 10586. It involves the manner in which processors are clocked, 
and above all, what controls this process - the CPU or the operating 
system. Processors recognise various performance states (P-status) and 

power levels for CPUs, which are determined through the clock frequency 
and the applied voltage. PO (performance status 0) is the full-throttle 
level (turbo), and the capacity keeps decreasing from PI and P2 to Pn. If 
the CPU is idling during the speed-stepping operation, the clock pulse and 
voltage are decreased to Pn. If a programme requires the capacity, it can 
be increased within about 30 milliseconds. Windows determines which of 
the P-states between 1 and n is being used by the processor. The CPU 
only controls the last grain of capacity (turbo to PO). During a speed- 
shifting operation, Windows 10 hands control over to the CPU. In such a 
case, Windows no longer independently determines the P-state, but 
simply indicates the requirements associated with the minimum and 
maximum capacity. The CPU determines which clock pulse is required. 

The advantage: The hardware algorithm for switchovers is significantly 
faster than the speed-stepping operation. In case of speed-shifting, the 
switchover from one power level to the next takes just 1 millisecond. This 
increases the perceived power for the user, i.e. the system responds at a 
higher speed. And it also saves electricity, because the system switches 
over to the economy mode much quicker. In order to ensure that this 
combination works perfectly, Windows 10 features an energy estimation 
engine, which continuously analyses the energy consumption and uses 
this data to create a forecast. 

Perfect coordination with Windows 10 

Another new power-saving function that is associated with Windows 10 
is the duty-cycling function. This is the idea behind it: There is a particular 
power level after which it no longer makes sense to keep going lower. 
Otherwise, the user would get the impression that his system is no 
longer working smoothly. In a duty-cycling operation, the processor 
rapidly (a duration of 800 microseconds is possible) switches over to a 
higher frequency, processes pending tasks and briefly deactivates itself 
completely, only to speed up a little later. All in all, this makes it possible 
for tasks to be completed at a quicker pace, and it also saves electricity, in 
comparison with slower but continuous processing. 

The standby feature is an important feature for users who hardly 
switch off their devices. In this case, Skylake has expanded the options 
offered by Windows 10. Microsoft calls it 'Modern standby". This feature 
is based on three different modes: The well-known S3 mode (suspend to 
RAM) has been supported by connected standby (SO) since Windows 8. 
Even in this case, Windows consumes a very small amount of electricity, 
but wakes up very quickly and can even receive messages when it's 
asleep. Thanks to Skylake, there is now a third player, i.e. the 
'Disconnected standby". It responds very quickly (wake-up time: 500 ms), 
but unlike connected standby, it does not require either an SSD or any 
special network hardware on the mainboard. S 

□48 february 1 B | chip malaysia 


Reducing power consumption 

Intel's Skylake CPUs step in at various points to conserve electricity. There are 
functions that are completely moulded within the hardware - Only Windows 10 
users can benefit from the others. 

Changes in the 

Intel has adjusted its 
CPU architecture in four 
areas, in order to attain 
a lower energy 
consumption level in 


Built-in power gates permit the 
complete deactivation of unused CPU 
functional units. 

Reduced cache 

In the L2 caches, Skylake halves the 
number of sectors that are reserved 
for the temporary storage of data 

Graphics processor 





fL2 L2 L2 L2 



L3 buffer memory 



Memory Controller 10 


The GPU takes care of more special 
calculations, such as the video coding 
of new formats. This saves electricity. 


Voltage regulators 

In case of Skylake, they are on the 
motherboard, and not in the chip, as 
was the case with Broadwell. This 
relieves the thermal load on the CPU. 

Optimal regulation 
of CPU clock 

Duty-cycling: The CPU 

upshifts to the 'optimal 
frequency", and then pauses 
completely. This is more 
efficient than reducing the 
clock frequency when the 
senergy consumption (TDP) 
is limited. 

Speed-shifting: Windows 10 
hands its control over the 
power levels of the CPU to 
hardware algorithms. This 
permits faster switchovers 
(1 ms) than with speed- 
stepping (30 ms). 


Without duty-cycling 



1 Optimal frequency 

^ Working frequency 







Working frequency u 




1 800 microseconds 1 



-Turbo frequency 

- Guaranteed CPU clock 

- Controlled by Windows 

- Minimum CPU clock pulse 

Performance states (P) regulated by the CPU 
Performance states (P) regulated by Windows 


— Turbo frequency 

Sector requested by 
Windows 10 

Lowest frequency 
(low frequency mode) 

Windows 10 collects energy data for Skylake 

System services monitor sensors, tap statistics and keep track of the user behaviour. T 
A central Windows component (energy estimation engine) thus calculates the 
remaining runtimes and the precise power consumption. 

System service 
| monitors hardware 

System service 
collects statistical 
|data about hardware | 

System service 
monitors software 

Energy Estimation Engine 

CPU Energy 

GPU Energy 














Estimation of the 
battery service lift 
|of the whole system 

Listing of power 
consumption of 

Listing of power 
consumption of 

4- bttiTP 


Uhrtl Hravtfl 

Set pen 

Eh J.-TT Vi u ft Jfo. 


Mv 4hr- 


rn'PI K tfirfPI l«p 

T> J. i 

Windows 10 clearly processes the output of the 
energy estimation engine in the settings 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 049 


5 Years 

Every Car 
Will Be Able 
To Do This In 

Foldable door 

The ultrasonic sensors in the 
Tesla Model X detect 
obstacles, and use double 
hinges to open the swinging 
doors upwards in tight 
parking bays 

Tesla, 5-Class, BMW 7 series - Luxury ca 
serve as the technology template for the 

future By Fabian von Keudell ■ S 

cars of the 

Model for the highway of the future 

The A9 in Bavaria is at the 
disposal of car manufacturers, 
as a test route for automated 
and networked driving. 

LTE is available across the 
entire route, since the car-to- 
car communication happens 
via LTE. In the future, the on- 
board systems of the cars are 
supposed to report hazardous 

situations to each other and 
warn the drivers in advance. 

The A9 'digital highway' 
project is supposed to become 
the most modern highway in 
the world. No information has 
been given regarding whether 
and when new test routes 
would be opened. 

Low-cost luxury features 

The new Opel Astra, which has a price 
tag of about 1 7,000 euros (RM80,000) 
- has many features that are only 
available in the upper-range models 
manufactured by Audi & the likes. 

These features include an LED 
matrix light: Its range of 350 metres is 
not as high as that of the new laser 
light. However, just like its laser 
equivalent, it also possesses an 
automatic anti-glare system. 

Furthermore, there is also an 
emergency braking function, which 
reduces the speed if a collision is 
imminent. Opel has implemented the 
eCall emergency call system that is to 
be mandatory across the EU from 
2018 onwards as an internet access 
point and as a hotline function (similar 
to BMW's optional ConnectedDrive), 
under the name 'OnStar'. 

050 february 1 B chip malaysia 


Air filter 

The Hepa air filters in the 
latest Tesla Model X can 
filter out 1 00 percent of all 
bacteria and viruses. The 
interior could be as sterile 
as an operation theatre 

Partially autonomous driving 

With the help of 12 radar and ultrasonic sensors and 
cameras, modern Tesla cars can independently 
remain in the lane at any speed, adhere to the speed 
limit and follow other cars at a distance specified by 
the driver. Models 5 and X are the first cars to be able 
to change lanes independently. 

Parking by remote control 

At the push of a button, the latest 
premium vehicles can park 
themselves independently, 
regardless of whether they are to 
be parked across or along the lane. 
However, there is one problem: If 
another vehicle is parked right next 
to the first one, it can be difficult to 
get out of the vehicle. While Tesla 
solves this problem with special 
doors, BMW uses a remote control 
for its vehicles. Users of the display 
key can start the car wirelessly, and 

use the touch screen to make the 
vehicle move forwards or 
backwards from the outside. 
Ultrasonic sensors prevent 
collisions with other vehicles or 
walls. The key also displays 
whether the windows are closed 
and the doors are locked., Not only 
that, the key also displays the 
remaining range, and lets the user 
activate and deactivate the air 
conditioning system or the heating 

Glare-free laser light 

The BMW 7 series and the Audi A8 
are the first models to use a glare- 
free laser light. More than A20,000 
micro-mirrors are used to project 
the high beam onto the street in a 
manner that ensures that incoming 
and passing vehicles are not 
bothered by the light beam. This is 
made possible by a camera that is 
integrated into the windscreen - It 
observes the traffic situation and 

focuses the laser light accordingly. 

With a brightness of 3A0 lux, the 
laser light is just one percentage 
point below the legally permissible 
maximum level; its range of about 
600 metres is almost twice as high 
as that of a conventional LED high 
beam, but it only consumes half as 
much energy. 

Belt bag and crash-seat 

Mercedes and Ford offer airbags in 
the belt - but only for back seat 
passengers, since there's no front 
airbag in the rear section. More 
safety for the passengers is offered 
by Mercedes' new crash-seats: In 
case of a lateral crash, the back- 
rest 'shoves' the passengers away 
from the door. Furthermore, the 
radio plays at a high volume -This 
protects the ears from an airbag 
acoustic shock. 0 

chip malaysia | february 1 B 051 


^ 4 ^ 


Always drives too 
fast. Interesting in 
case of a lawsuit. 


Pharmacy app 
transmits dosage of 
to third parties. 

°# g 

Often brakes jerkily: 
Higher insurance 
premium ! 


If he doesn't cover 
1,846 metres on 
foot, he'll be out of 
the fitness 



By law, medical offices and cars have turned 
into data gold mines for many companies. 
Giant platforms with highly sensitive data 
emerge, but critics are reassured: Everything 
is secure and voluntary - as always 

By Roman Leipoid 

D on't eat your food like that!" We have all heard this sentence when 
we were younger. Our mothers are usually responsible to stop us 
from over-eating. In this era, digital technology has already made 
many jobs superfluous, and maybe mothers are next on the list: The 
company HapiLabs, which was founded in Hong Kong is replacing a 
mother's admonishing voice with a vibration and LED signal. The 
'HapiFork' (a fork that is somewhat clunky on account of the integrated 
technology) triggers this alarm if we start eating too quickly. 

Regardless of whether or not this digital revolution does away with 
our mothers, it has definitely displayed a good appetite for data. With the 
help of a wireless connection, 'meal stats' like the 'average eating speed' 
(i.e. the number of fork movements per minute) are sent to the PC or 
smartphone, where they are processed graphically - The company 
proudly declares that this is done in real time. Consequently, while we're 
eating too fast, we could observe that we're eating too fast on the mobile 
phone that's right next to the plate. 

If we haven't lost too much time because of the healthy habit of eating 
slowly, we can use social media platforms to disseminate snazzy charts 
illustrating our slow-food successes. After all, the community has to 
know how much attention we pay to ourselves. The Hapi-Dashboard 
even facilitates an online challenge: Competitive eating with inverted 
signs. However, Hapi is significantly more discrete when it comes to 
informing users about another one of its services. The data privacy 

□52 february 1 6 | chip malaysia 




Never drives at night 
Liability and partial 
insurance become 



arrived when nobody 
even knew about 

it. I 


Fork without a cable 

The 'HapiFork' restrains fast eaters using a vibration alarm. 
Furthermore, the gadget counts the fork movements per minute and 
sends the data wirelessly to the smartphone. 

Miniature technology for the physically 

Smaller and smaller sensors, batteries and radio modules make it 
possible: Digital gadgets like fitness trackers or smart watches turn the 
body into a controlled data object. 

statement states that the company reserves the right to forward the data 
to third parties. The statement explicitly mentions marketing and 
advertising companies, as well as market researchers; data regarding 
eating behaviours, gender and body dimensions can be disclosed. 

When it comes to the wireless fork, you can take it or leave it. 

However, its integration into the digital world represents an example of 
the booming self-tracking industry. The modern contemporary measures 
all the signals emitted by the body and mind, thereby creating data that 
pleases both him and the companies that are rapidly jumping on the 
bandwagon. Big mother's watching you? It might sound like an 
exaggeration, but self-optimisers are voluntarily sending their data over 
to the large memory cloud. 

However, the experience demonstrates that no user retains control 
over his data. Surveillance has become part of the daily routine. Every 
new service demands a tribute in the form of data. Those who 
continuously chastise themselves with a Bluetooth fork could develop 
nutritional problems or eating disorders. But perhaps such people are 
simply health-conscious or fond of technology. In any event, they are easy 
targets for solution-related offers; pharmaceutical companies, the fitness 
industry, wellness companies, dietary experts and app and gadget 
developers will take every opportunity to send such messages to these 
users. The offers are customised in a very precise manner, since the 
potential customer constantly sends the necessary data. 

"More and more medical 
insurance companies are 
interested in such data" 

Andrea Vophoff, Germany's federal commissioner for data 
protection and freedom of information 

Never-ending patient data 

The pet 'electronic health card' (eGK) project is a bureaucratic feat that 
leaves many open questions. Data protection advocates complain that a 
gigantic telematics infrastructure is emerging. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 053 



What is a cool feature for early adopters today will be a killer app 
tomorrow. Especially when it comes to the health care system, public 
health and cost containment serve as an alibi for the introduction of 
digital mass surveillance instruments. 

In this regard, a central role is played by the electronic health card 
(eGK). From 1 January onwards, it will have to be presented during every 
visit to the doctor. The technical difference between the eGK and its 
predecessor (the health insurance card) demonstrates where the data 
journey is headed: Unlike the old card, the new one does not have a 
memory chip; instead, it has a processor chip. Basic data (such as name, 
gender and insurance status) has to be saved in both cases. However, the 
new eGK can also process sensitive information (e.g. prescriptions, 
patient files and services rendered). The patient's approval is necessary 
for most of these applications. 

In spite of the encryption of the data and the 'two-key principle' (the 
authorisation procedure only works with eGK and an electronic healthcare 
profession ID), opinions are divided when it comes to the security of the 
data. Since the eGK only contains 16 Kbytes for medical data, most of the 
information is stored on the servers of a telematics-infrastructure. 

The physician Manfred Lotze is one of the critics of this enormous 
data collection operation. He represents the IPPNW (International 
Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - Doctors and social 
responsibility) in the action coalition called 'Stop the eCard'. 54 
organisations are members of this coalition. Mr Lotze believes that it's 
only a matter of time before it becomes possible to snoop on the medical 
data stored on the central servers: "The NSA has shown us how quickly 
data can be decrypted. That should even convince the last believers in the 
security of the procedure. Those who require medical data will get it -This 
will either be done illegally by stealing data, or it will be done legally by 
temporarily changing the law." 

Even though Gematik - which operates the eGK infrastructure - 
emphasises the information-related self-determination of the patients, 
the voluntariness of several disclosures doesn't necessarily have to be a 
permanent thing. So far, the project has cost a lot more than a billion 
euros. In terms of the mandatory data, it isn't that different from the old 
insurance card, apart from the now-obligatory photograph. 

Health turns into a data business 

Jens Spahn, health expert of the CDU, has let the cat out of the bag vis-a- 
vis the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (German pharmacists' newspaper): 
"The process of digitalisation has been in full swing for quite a long time. 
We have fitness armbands, dermatologist diagnoses that can be 
conducted through mobile phone photographs, apps for diabetics and 
facilities that allow people to chat with doctors using their smartphones. 
An unbelievable amount of activity is taking place. There are new offers 
every day, and some of them even come from German start-ups. 

However, the regulated health care system is still stuck in the previous 
century: It uses paper receipts, medical reports that are sent via fax and 
multiple diagnoses that are not tailored to one another. The 
communication processes are reminiscent of the 1980s. Therefore, we 
have to finally double down on the electronic health card." 

According to Mr Spahn, when the telematics highway comes into 
being, "we will have excellent conditions for all other applications". One 
could also use the phrase 'for transparent patients'. However, the notions 
of the health spokesman of the CDU/CSU faction go even further than 
that. He's calling for open interfaces for telematics: "It must be designed 
to be so open that external offers and applications from the start-up 
domain will be able to latch on easily". 

"External providers 
must be able to latch 
onto the health card" 

Jens Spahn, health spokesman of the CDU/CSU 
faction in the German federal legislative body 

Health care system as an economic factor 

The medical sector has enormous economic significance. In 2013, about 
315 billion euros were spent in Germany. This equates to an expense of 
3,910 euros (RM18/I88) per citizen, and the trend is pointing upwards. 

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 

"Healthy people live 
better -and public 
health costs also drop" 

Giovanni Liverani, chairman of Generali 
Deutschland Holding AG 

□54 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 




Mr Spahn isn't just pleading for more commerce and less data 
protection in the health care system, he's opening a large door that could 
lead to a control society. Has your doctor diagnosed a case of obesity? 
Every fifth German suffers from this advanced stage of being overweight, 
which is also called adiposity. An important part of the therapy is the 
optimisation of the patient's eating pattern. This, along with the 
medicines and operations, drives the costs through the roof. From the 
point of view of the health insurance funds, patients with severe obesity 
cost about three times as much as patients whose weight is at a normal 

If your medical insurance company wants to save money, it might ask 
you to use the wonderful HapiFork. The doctor and the insurance 
company could use the telematics interface to check and assess the 
usage of the control fork. An utterly limitless amount of data relating to 
the patient could be generated in a similar way; currently, more than 
400,000 apps collect health data, and all of them will demand a tribute. Mr 
Manfred Lotze has come to the following conclusion: "The eGK will only 
serve the interests of the health insurance funds, the health economy 
and the IT industry." 

Naturally, nobody is obligated to digitally survey his body and provide 
this data to doctors, health insurance funds and private companies. 20 
years ago, nobody was forced to maintain a bank account online. Back 
then, incentives such as low interest rates (or no interest at all) were used 
to encourage technology-minded bank customers to fill out transactions 
on their home PCs. Today, it's quite expensive to avoid conducting bank 
transactions on the PC. 

The trick of using incentives or subtle manipulation to convince a 
target group to fall into a certain pattern of behaviour is called 'nudging' 
by behavioural economists. Critics consider this to be a devious form of 
domination. Even in the political arena, nudging is understood to be a way 
of forming the ideal citizen, without having to explain the respective 
contents to him or pass unpopular laws. First Washington, then London, 
now Berlin: Since 201 5, three nudging experts have been working in the 
Federal Chancellery. 

The insurance companies combine nudging with the possibilities 
afforded by big data. Industry giant Generali plans to use the 'Vitality' 
product range to enter the German market in the first half of 2016. 
Customers who improve their health or fitness levels and transfer the 
corresponding status data to Generali through an app will receive perks 
such as discounts. The company dutifully states that all of this will be 
completely voluntary - As voluntary as online banking. As soon as the 
number of users reaches a critical mass, the bonus for the early adopters 
will become a minus point for the old-fashioned die-hards. 

This new form of monitored personal insurance is called 'pay as you 
live'. Taken to its logical conclusion, it represents the end of the solidarity 
principle in the insurance industry, and the triumph of rules and control. 
Those who will not or cannot live as the insurance companies demand 
would need a lot of money - Alternatively, such people might not get 
insurance at all. 

However, not all providers are playing along. According to Ralf Kantak, 
chairman of the Suddeutsche Krankenversicherung (South German health 
insurance), "Such tariffs would inevitably lead to the disappearance of 
solidarity. If individual tariffs emerge because of the collection of data, the 
solidarity principle associated with an insured community- which 
represents a central core of private health insurance - would be 
dismantled." Generali doesn't agree: "In spite of risk-oriented allocation, 
the insured group in the 'Vitality' tariff will always remain large enough to 
be able to balance the risks within the collective." 

The new deal: Data for euros 

Telematics (which is an artificial word that comes from 
'telecommunications' and 'informatics') is the new trend for automobile 
insurers in Europe. It uses a small data box that is installed in the car to 
monitor the customer's driving style, and offers discounts of up to 30 

Mandatory from 2018: The E-Call emergency call 

From 2018 onwards, the E-Call emergency call system will be mandatory 
for every new vehicle in the EU. Many insurance companies are hoping to 

be able to connect their own telematics services to the hardware. 

B Location 

The location is determined via satellite 
and GPS, and voice communication is 
established between the driver and 
the control centre. 

B Emergency call centre 

It receives important data regarding 
the vehicle and the accident. If 
nobody responds to a radio message, 
a rescue team is dispatched. 

H Emergency call 

Q Help 

In case of an accident, E-Call 
automatically calls the rescue 
coordination centre. The alarm can 
also be triggered at the push of a 

The control centre notifies the 
rescue service and provides it with 
all the information and data 
regarding the accident. 


of German citizens 

are, according to a new study by Bitkom Research, 
approve of the fact that data related to their vehicle, 
driving style and location is collected and processed 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 055 



Telematics on the fast track 

Automobile insurers have been experimenting with telematics tariffs for a 
long time. The 'Telematik-Garant' (telematics surety), a policy of industry 
giant VHV rewards a perfect driving style with a discount of a maximum 
of 30 percent. A telematics box that fits into a 1 2-volt port transmits 
important driving style data to a service contractor of the insurance 

However, the relatively high technology and maintenance costs (about 
100 euros per annum) represent a stumbling block for the insurance 
companies. However, from 2018 onwards, the cards will be re-shuffled in 
the EU: At that point, the E-Call emergency call system will be mandatory 
for all new cars. The box possesses a mobile transmission unit, a GPS 
facility and a speech module. In case of an accident, it automatically 
contacts the emergency call centre. 

Furthermore, it transmits the accident time, location, vehicle 
identification and other information to the next rescue coordination 
centre. E-Call can also be triggered manually. In each case, a voice 
communication link is set up with the control centre, so that additional 
accident-related details can be provided. 

Thanks to quicker emergency measures, E-Call is supposed to save 
the lives of 2,500 accident victims every year in the EU. However, data 
protection advocates are taking a critical view of the project, because it 
theoretically fulfils the technical pre-requisite for an EU-wide surveillance 
infrastructure. As of now, such an infrastructure would be opposed by 
strict data protection regulations. However, just like the scenario involving 
telematics in the health care system, private providers also want to get 
involved with the E-Call system. In this regard, the car manufacturers 
have so far had an initial advantage: With their increasingly powerful on- 
board systems, they can collect data without end. 

While talking to CHIP, a board member of an automobile insurance 
company expressed the fear that this initial advantage would mean that 
car manufacturers are pre-destined to poach within the insurance 
business using combo packages involving new cars as well as insurance. 
Even in case of damage, car manufacturers would derive a benefit if 
emergency calls reach them or their partners via a breakdown app. 
Consequently, insurance companies and free workshops have been 
requesting the EU authorities to establish open E-Call interfaces. If they 
succeed, they will be able to use telematics services and damage 
management services to make money. That might be good in terms of 
competitiveness, but when it comes to data protection, it's worse than 
the previous solution. 

The car manufacturers have until 2018 to get their customers used to 
proprietary systems, which will then run in parallel with E-Call, within the 
framework of the infotainment systems. All the large car manufacturers 
have developed their own digital systems, along with accompanying apps 
and partner offers; a good amount of money can be made through such 
services. However, a good entertainment system also encompasses the 
integration of the smartphone, and the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay 
operating systems are available for this purpose. 

Data protection as a discontinued model 

Rumours that Porsche was going to ban the Google system from the new 
91 1 Carrera have been denied by the sports car maker. All the same, only 
Apple is to be integrated during the initial phase, along with the 
company's own system. An American journalist reported that Porsche 
rejected Android Auto because of its hunger for data. Google could use 
the system to exploit important engine data. The company could then use 
this data for its own services, or for its own vehicle-related developments. 

Telematics in the car: Customers want clarity 

A representative survey conducted by Bitkom Research (September 
2015) shows that when it comes to telematics services, almost all car 
drivers believe transparency is important and want to maintain 
control of their data. 

I want to be able to view 
all the data that has been 
collected regarding my 
vehicle, driving style and 
location at anytime. 

I want to be able to 
prevent the transfer of 
data from my vehicle 
at any time. 

Car manufacturers 
and mobility providers 
should disclose how 
they're going to handle 
the data collected 
from customers. 

Is Porsche putting the brakes on Google? 

With Android Auto, smartphones using Google's mobile 05 can be 
integrated into the infotainment systems of new cars. However, Porsche's 
new 91 1 will initially only offer Apple CarPlay - If rumours are to be 
believed, this is because Android Auto collects too much data. 

"We must raise the 
costs of data collection" 

Bruce Schneier, data protection expert and author 
('Data und Goliath', Redline Publishing House) 

In 201 A, the automobile industry earned a total of 368 billion euros, 
which means that it is the most powerful sector in Germany, in terms of 
revenue; in this regard, it is closely followed by the health sector. Taken 
together, the two sectors provide services to the entire population: The 
Germans love their cars, and everybody falls ill every now and then. All of 
this gives rise to gigantic amounts of highly sensitive data. However, 
when it comes to these two sectors, the legislature is introducing 
structures that do not clearly separate the interests of the state and the 
economy, and which indicate to the people that data protection is 
becoming a thing of the past. Chancellor Angela Merkel recently clarified 
the direction: "In many cases, our relationship with data is too heavily 
influenced by thoughts of protection (...) and perhaps it is not influenced 
enough by the thought that interesting products can be developed with 
the help of data." 0 

□56 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 











A Glimpse 
Into The 


Of 2016 _ 

A sneak-peek into the 
technology of 
tomorrow, today 


t- REVIEWS: MSI GT725 6QE Dominate Pro G. 
GlCpYTE P34Wv/5,ASUS Maximus VU Formula, 
Sony Xpena 25 Premium,, Micrcsc^t SurfaEftPro u 

Here's how to order CHIP Malaysia to go 

Step 1: Download Zinio 

CHIP Malaysia will be available on Zinio, one of the most popular digital newsstands on the internet, They have an iOS app as well, which is 
where CHIP Malaysia is sold. 

Tap on the App Store icon on your iPad and search for 'Zinio'.The first entry should be Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader. Click on it and 
wait for rt to be downloaded and installed. 

Step 2: Creating a Zinio account 

You will need to have an account with Zinro to download magazines from its store. Zinio will keep a record of what you've purchased and if 
you restore your iPad, all you need to do is to re-download your content, The best part of all? Re-downloads are free' 

You can create a Zinio account from the app itself or tog on to to do it. All you need is an emarl address and a password 

Step 3; Download CHIP Malaysia 

Launch Zinio and you'll see three tabs at the bottom Click on the 'Shop' tab and search for CHIP Malaysia. When you see our cover, lhat 
means you're dose to getting your hands on CHIP Malaysia's iPad magazine, 

You have the option to get the newest issue or subscribe to 12 issues. Select an option and pay for It via PayPal of Credit Card, 

Step 4: Read 

Once that is done, tap 'Library* at the bottom bar and you'll see the cover of the issue you bought. Tap on it and you're done! Zinio wifi let you 
read while it downloads the remaining pages. Enjoy f 

New Features For 
Your Hardware 

A firmware update, if done often and correctly, ensures more performance, safety and 
functions in your electronic devices By Christoph Schmidt 

M uch of what consumer electronics and computer technology 
accomplish is thanks to the software rather than hardware. 
You don't always need a new model for new functions, more 
performance and more safety - an updated firmware is often enough. 
Devices connected to the Internet run and install such updates 
automatically. For cameras or e-book readers, you must manually 
download a file from the manufacturer's website and transfer it to the 
device via 5D card or USB stick. In this article, we will show you how to 
get and install the update for various hardware categories. Normally, 
when the manufacturer rolls out an update, it should also be installed; 

even if it is only for stability or for filling security gaps. But sometimes, 
caution is advised, because the new software occasionally overstrains 
the existing hardware - most notably, older iPhones still work on the 
newest iOs very sluggishly. If the manufacturers don't provide any 
more updates, in the case of some device types, open source 
developers will step in and provide smartphones with the current 
Android versions long after the manufacturer support has ended. But 
then, you'll have to say goodbye to support and guarantee - but this 
shouldn't be difficult to deal with for an ageing device. 

□58 february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 



Mobile phones & tablets: a new operating system 

On mobile devices, a latest operating system is a necessity for 
security reasons. This is demonstrated by the security gap, 
"Stagefright", which makes most Android devices vulnerable to 
malicious codes from media files received via MM5. None of the 
Android versions before A.1 offer any protection from this; they can 
be seized completely and without the knowledge of the user just on 
receiving an MM5. Smartphones and tablets with Android A.1 and 
newer versions at least make targeted attacks via these gaps very 
difficult, but at present, only devices with Android versions from 
5.1.1 onwards with the newest patches are completely secure. You 
should always use the latest available Android version, which you 
can find on your mobile phone under "Settings > About this 
telephone > Software update" - for this to work, you will need to be 
connected to a WiFi network (the fastest possible one). Caution: the 
note that says that the software is in its "latest version" only means 
that there aren't any newer versions available in this way - if the 
aforementioned points are true, it is still too old. 

If your device manufacturer leaves you in the lurch with an old OS 
version, you can check whether a custom ROM for your device 
maintained by the community is available. Your best chances here 
are with the most popular ROM, Cyanogenmod. You will have to dare 
to try the somewhat complicated flash process, which is well- 
documented. Look for your model at http://download. cyanogenmod. 
org and click on it. If you find a version of Cyanogenmod 10.1 or later, 
that is a few days or weeks old, you should consider installing it. The 
"Device Wiki" link contains more information and an installation 

For Apple's iPhones and iPads too, the following is generally true: 
the newer the operating system, the better - with one restriction: the 
oldest devices on which a new iOS version still runs according to 
Apple's compatibility list are therefore almost always overstrained in 
reality. They jerk and stutter following the update - especially if it 
has too many apps installed and the memory is full. For example, 
the latest iOS 9 ideally shouldn't be installed on the iPhone As, iPad 2 
and the first iPad mini. 

The Apple devices generally inform the user as soon as an update 
is available. You can then install this update directly by pressing the 
button in this message. In order to search for updates manually, click 
on 'Settings > General > Software update" when you are connected 
to the WLAN. 

A safety plus for WiFi routers 

The router is an especially rewarding target for attacks since it 
mostly runs for a long time or even non-stop, and as the centre of 
the home network, enables access to the entire Internet and data 
traffic. In addition, the manufacturers are involved in different 
degrees, which affects security updates for older devices.. These 
include a web interface responsive to mobile devices, an improved 
overview of the home network with updates that come with a variety 
of fixes, such as security patches, performance improvements, UX 
updates and more. 

Similarly, if an official router update isn't enough, depending on 
the make and model of your router, it is also possible to flash the 

Google's Nexus devices are the first ones to get new Android versions, and will be 
kept up to date with the latest software even years after their release. 

Custom ROM manufacturers 


Active developer, wide- 
ranging device support 



minimal Google apps 


Chinese Rom, stylish 


Greatly customized, for 


Many visual effects, 
For tinkerers 

Paranoid Android 

Was very active, 
development is currently 

Custom ROMs allow a latest Android system to be used even if there are no updates 
available from the manufacturer; Cyanogen Mod is most widely used 

ASUS routers will usually prompt you when they have new firmware updates, it is 
recommended to update to the latest firmware for the best performance and 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 059 


network device with third party software, such as Tomato Firmware, 
RouterOS, OpenWRT and DD-WRT. 

You will see in part that OpenWRT is a simple web interface for 
the command lines of the Linux system, but the basic functions can 
be installed easily. Tinkerers can install almost any Linux software. 
DD-WRT is by and large somewhat easier to operate 

A variety of apps for NAS 

The network drives of both NAS specialists, Synology and Qnap, act 
as a PC with respect to updates - their operating system must be 
kept up to date for reasons of security and performance. However, 
there are exciting new features that can be installed later as apps. 
You should update the operating system as well as the apps at least 
every one or two months. This works similarly with both 
manufacturers: start system updates as an administrator on the 
NAS web interface in the control panel under "Update &restore" 
(Synology) or "System settings > Firmware update" (Qnap). In both 
cases, you can and should enable automatic updates, so that you 
don't have to wait for the several-minutes-long process every time. 
In order to install or update apps, start the "Package centre" 
(Synology) or "App centre" (Qnap). Both applications work like the 
Android or iOS app stores.Through a keyword search or categories, 
you can find applications that you can install with a single click. 
Included are complete content management systems for websites, 
as well as multimedia extensions for updating, for instance, the NAS 
using a video recorder DVB stick. You can update already-installed 
apps in both systems in the view "Update", either individually or all 
at once. 

Performance gain for SSDs 

The controller is an integral component of an SSD and is vital for the 
performance and data security of the device. It is a small computer 
whose firmware can also be updated. And in the case of SSDs, this is 
occasionally absolutely necessary. 

In autumn 201 A, it came to light that the popular Samsung SSDs 
belonging to the 8A0 Evo series could read files that hadn't been 
used in a long time, with less than a tenth of the original speed. 
Samsung has solved this problem by means of a firmware update, 
which can be installed via the PC software, "Samsung Magician". 

Since such firmware bugs can appear in any SSD, we recommend 
all SSD users to install the relevant manufacturer software and use 
their update features or search for performance and security-related 
updates every now and then in the support section of the 
manufacturer's website. 

For the sake of security, take every SSD-firmware update as an 
opportunity to save system image on another drive beforehand (e.g. 
via the Windows backup). Because if something goes awry during 
the update - e.g. the power fails -the entire SSD can be deleted. 

HDR image on television 

If you use your TV only to watch TV and everything works as it 
should, the latest software version isn't usually needed. But 
sometimes, the manufacturers upgrade features that are commonly 
used. For instance, around two years ago, Sony updated the HDMI 
1 .Aa interface of a few models to HDMI 2.0 - or has recently now 

^ LI. r«M L * 

* - wnmii •» , a A * * * # ft 

If your router manufacturer doesn't provide any more updates, there are open- 
source alternatives such as DD- WRT, which aren 't affected by security gaps tike 


in NAS hard drives, new features can be updated as apps, Synology and Qnap offer 
proper app stores with a wide selection of software 


4 i tfirutil 0 UjMiit* 



vWTlM i flwfvy* 

*. •i 

f " Wt«4»LII_rL_- 

You can use the tools provided by the manufacturer, e.g. Samsung Magician, to keep 
the firmware on the SSD up to date, which is important for performance and stability 

□BO february 1 B 1 chip malaysia 

1 1 1 Bfl 



additionally provided the HDR mode in UK televisions for balanced 
contrast. Information about such updates is mostly deeply hidden in 
the support web pages of the manufacturer, with the result that 
searching for it is worth it only if you absolutely feel the need for the 
feature. In order to look for updates on a device, the best thing to do 
is to connect it to your home network via a LAN cable and initiate the 
update search in the Settings menu under »System« (or similar). The 
most important are regular updates if you use the smart TV features 
a lot, in order to watch streaming services such as Netflix, for 
example, directly on the television. Like apps on the smartphone, you 
must update these applications separately from the operating 
system -for Samsung TVs, for instance, via the smart TV platform 
"Smart Hub". 

Play the latest films 

Firmware updates are compulsory for Blu-ray players if they don't 
play certain Blu-rays - some manufacturers thus download the 
software needed for playing newer discs. The easiest way to do this 
is via the Settings menu if the player is integrated into the home 
network. Google's Chromecast automatically downloads updates and 
installs it by itself - in any case, the basic features are included in 
the smartphone or tablet apps, which stream to Chromecast. With 
Apple TV, you will have to manually look for updates, specifically 
under "Settings > General > Update software". But there hasn't been 
much that's new here besides the general performance and stability 

Firmware hacks for digital cameras 

Of all the gadgets mentioned here, updates for digital cameras are 
the rarest - and if there are, they are available for high-end compact 
cameras or system cameras. A new firmware usually rectifies errors 
or ensures compatibility with new lenses. An update is seldom 
accompanied by real new features - Olympus has added among 
other things a focus bracketing mode for its system cameras, E-MI 
and E-M5; this mode enables better close-ups. You can find updates 
as well as instructions in the support section of the website of your 
camera brand. For some Canon mirror reflex models, you will find an 
open-source software on the website, which 
you can extract to the memory card in order to unlock additional 
functions - e.g. to record videos with a higher quality. If you delete 
the software from the card, the camera will be restored to its factory 

New font for the Kindle 

The range of features of electronic book readers is deliberately 
downscaled to prevent it from deviating from its actual job. 
Accordingly, updates are infrequent; if you can't detect any 
malfunctions, you don't really need the latest software status. For 
newer Amazon Kindle readers, an update, for instance, upgrades the 
new font, Bookerly, optimised for e-book readers. This is done on 
Amazon Kindle and tolino shine without your help. Readers of 
Pocketbook should look for updates in its menu manually under 
"Settings > Software > Software update", and Kobo readers receive 
firmware and app updates upon synchronizing with the PC software, 
Kobo Desktop. 0 

If you use your TV as a smart TV, the apps should be kept up to date via the 
Samsung Smart Hub. If you just want to watch TV, you can usually do without 

The range of features of the Canon single-lens reflex cameras can be expanded by 
the open-source software, Magic Lantern. In case of doubt, it can be removed 
without a trace 

Amazon has upgraded its Kindle e-book readers' new font, "Bookerly", optimised for 
readers. Apart from that, you don't really need the latest software 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 061 


Instant Messenger ICQ 

Market launch: November 1996 

Founder: Mirabilis (Israel), ind. Yair Goldfinger (photo) 

Current owner: 

Active users: 11 million 

1990 1991 


AOL Messenger 

To this day, AOL holds a patent 
for instant messaging 

1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 

470 million users 

The official number of users, 
also including the earlier 
users -since an ICQ account 
can't be deleted 


ICQ: The Mother Of All 

"Uh-oh the iconic ICQ tone still rings in the ears of internet nostalgics. Today, the world's 
first internet messenger is fighting to survive 

I n the mid-nineties, when the internet 
connection was billed to the exact minute, 
and e-mail and SMS were the most 
modern means of communication, the ICQ 

messenger started a revolution. Providing a 
quick, easy way to exchange messages on 
the PC. When it was at its peak, more than 
100 million people around the world were 

chatting on ICQ. 

Internet pioneers were fascinated by 
Messenger with its colourful flower in the 
logo and some still remember their ICQ 

062 february 1 6 1 chip malaysia 




my space 

a place for friends 

2003 2011 

Jabber Protocol 

Several messengers 
are based on this 
open standard 


One of the first social 
networks with an integrated 
message feature 


What's special: the pictures 
received are deleted in just a 
few seconds 


Skype in Windows 10 

Microsoft's messenger will 
be integrated in Windows 10 

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 


MSN Messenger 

ICQ's Microsoft rival goes live 

M e s s e n g e r 



The undisputed 
market leader now 
belongs to 




The web chat 
integrated in Facebook 
comes out as a mobile 
app in 2011 

l vV 


number (UIN). The UIN was treated as the 
user's own telephone number - six-digit 
UINs are now a true rarity: they are 
auctioned on eBay for several hundred 
euros. The UIN was important mainly 
because users could find their friends only 
through this sequence of numbers. 

The standard option of browsing through 
contact lists wasn't available then. But it 
was also precisely this kind of networking 
that made the atmosphere on ICQ so 

Only two years after its release, ICQ 
(which stands for: 'I seek you") was bought 
over by AOL for 407 million US dollars. The 
Israeli founder was seen as a hero in his 

home country. His success was 
representative of the infinite possibilities for 
creative start-ups. 

"We had no business plan and no funding. 
We were just a group of people who wanted 
to do something new - and this gave birth to 
ICQ," reminisces the co-founder, Yair 

But the success was not of a lasting one. 
The founders and later owners missed the 
next revolution, the leap into the mobile 
web. The missing mobile optimisation and 
the competition by social networks with chat 
functions led to an enormous dwindling in 
the number of users. In 2010, AOL sold ICQ, 
which was now on its knees, to the Russian 

investment group, Digital Sky Technologies, 
for only 187.5 million dollars. The new 
owner, now known as brought the 
crisis-hit ICQ its long overdue app for all 
important mobile systems. This even gave 
ICQ a comeback at the Football World Cup of 
2014 in South America. The Messenger, still 
used there, shot right to the top in the app 
charts. But its time is gone. Only 11 million 
people still use ICQ today, out of which 6.7 
million are in Russia. Compared to the over 
500 million users who access WhatsApp 
every month, which is an astonishingly low 
number. 0 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 0B3 


Sof twa re 

In Germany 

W hen talking about German software, one thinks about companies like Avira, G 
Data or Magix. However, there are other companies that make billions of Euros 
here. These are companies that you seldom hear about, because their software 
caters to special niche domains such as pharmacies or architecture offices. In this regard, 
German software products are a big hit when it comes to exports. SAP leads the revenue 
table by a wide margin. In the year 201 A, the company gained a turnover of 17.5 billion 
euros, of which only 14.63 percent came from Germany. SAP makes a lion's share of its 
money overseas, just like the other companies in our top 5 list, as software made in 
Germany' enjoys a wonderful status in foreign countries. What's surprising is that software 
and IT companies have it harder in Germany than elsewhere. When it comes to the 
founding of new companies, they suffer from a lack of venture capital and an excessive 
amount of regulation, which affects their numbers. In 201 A, the global IT sector had a 
turnover of three billion euros, and the growth in the sector amounted to four percent. The 
German IT sector attained a turnover of 153 billion euros, with a growth rate of just 1.5 
percent. B 

Top 5 German Apps 

German app and software developers launch their apps internationally, but 
not a single German app was in the worldwide top 10 list in 201 A. The fol- 
lowing are some of the most successful German apps: 

Lovoo: The dating app with a 'GPS' function has 38 million users. 

Software AG 


Analysis and management 
software for business 

processes, management of 
IT infrastructure 



Total turnover -2014 

858 million euros 

From exports 

737.8 million euros 

Medical AG (CGM) 


Software for medical 
practices, pharmacies 
and hospitals 


A, 300 

Total turnover - 201 4 

515.1 million euros 

From exports 

270 million euros 

Babbel: The language trainer from Berlin is downloaded up 
to 100,000 times a day. 

□ Freeletics: More than 3.0 million users exercise using the 
fitness app from Munich. 

djay 2: 1 5 1 5 million DJs use the highest-selling DJ-app for 
iOS. Origin: Berlin. 



Solutions for implementation 
of business processes in 



Total turnover -2014 

17.5 billion euros 

From exports 

15 billion euros 

Outbank: With over 2.0 million users, it's one of Germany's 
most widely-used banking apps. 

064 february 1 6 | chip malaysia 















Nemetschek AG 

Products Special software for 

architects, engineers and 
the construction industry 

Employees 1,600 

Total turnover - 201 A 218.5 million euros 

From exports 131 .5 million euros 
















wt yj; in 1 ! fyRS< &IH[ 

JAN 201 5 

<i 181 mil. 

hTC One A9 im TfST Verne 
Getaxy. h rren iPhone 


* 'X* 

Usage of ad blockers 
increases steeply 

In January 2015, 181 million users 
throughout the world used an ad- 
blocker- 77 million of them were in 

The Blocked Web 

Online advertisements are very irritating - But they finance a large part of the internet. The 
war that has now broken out over them could change the web for ever By Benjamin Hartimaier 

O nline advertising is the economic engine of the internet, but a 
curse for many users: Without advertising, there would be no 
free products or free news reports. Facebook, Twitter and 
Google services (including Gmail and YouTube) would have been out 
of the picture, too. On the other hand, online advertising has 
enormous disadvantages: It slows down websites, because several 
advertising servers are addressed and loaded in the background 
when the website is called up. It causes additional traffic, which 
often eats up the bandwidth, with mobile devices being hit hard in 
particular. Online advertising also represents a security risk: At the 
beginning of November 2015, unknown persons hijacked the 
advertising network of the company PageFair, and infected up to 
3,000 websites with drive-by-downloads containing Windows 

As if that wasn't enough, the flashy banners, automatic audio and 
video advertisements and advertising overlays that appear on sites 
are so intrusive that users often have a hard time finding the actual 
contents. Thanks to this, users throughout the world are increasingly 
relying on advertising blockers, or adblockers. And their numbers are 
rising very rapidly: According to a study conducted by Adobe and the 
anti-Adblock company PageFair, about 198 million surfers 

throughout the world were using advertising blockers in June 2015 - 
That represents an increase of more than AO percent within a year. 

At the global level, the advertising revenue that has been blocked 
by advertising blockers is estimated to be as high as about 22 billion 
US dollars - And that's just for the first half of 201 5. This is a 
magnitude that puts commercial publishing-related offers under a 
particularly large amount of pressure. The situation is made even 
worse by the fact that browsers such as Firefox firmly integrate ad- 
blocking tools. 

War over ad-blockers 

In Germany, a veritable war has flared up over advertising blockers. 
The primary front involves a battle between the Springer publishing 
house and Eyeo GmbH, which makes the popular Adblock Plus add- 
on. After repeatedly making unsuccessful attempts to get the 
software banned by a court, Springer unceremoniously sealed off its 
website from users who were using an ad blocker - This happened in 
the middle of October 2015. A YouTube user who posted a video 
explaining how to circumvent the blockage received a warning from 
Springer's lawyers. Filter lists that made it possible for users to 
circumvent the blockage popped up in the corporate blog of Eyeo 

066 february 1 6 1 chip malaysia 



GmbH, and the company received a judicial decree. Regardless of 
whether Springer continues to proceed against all those who wish to 
'improperly circumvent' the blockage, or whether it's just a case of 
empty sabre-rattling, one thing is crystal clear: 

Most ad blocker users will not be dissuaded from using such 
tools. The wide range of tools that is available covers everything 
from classical ad blockers to tracking blockers and script blockers. 

The advertising blocker as an advertising 

The group of classic advertising blockers includes the tool that has 
been targeted by Springer, i.e. Adblock Plus (ABP). The principle 
behind ABP is quite simple: The add-on prevents the browser in 
which it has been installed from loading content associated with 
known web servers. This way, it makes use of filter lists containing 
the names of these servers. The most famous of these lists is the 
EasyList, which is activated automatically during installation. The 
filter settings can be used to subscribe to additional lists or create 
separate filters. 

This may surprise several users of ABP: The operator of ABP is an 
advertising marketer. Advertisements that are considered to be 
unobtrusive by Eyeo GmbH are collected in a white list and passed 
through in spite of the activated blocker. Publishing houses and 
advertising networks that want to be included in the white list don't 
just have to fulfil the criteria associated with the 'Acceptable Ads' 
campaign; they also have to pay for inclusion. Those who do not 
want to see any advertisements at all can either use the filter 
settings to deactivate the option for displaying unobtrusive 
advertisements, or use uBIock Origin, which is an alternative to ABP. 
For the most part, this ad blocker uses the same filter lists as ABP, 
but it does not offer the paid white-listing facility. 

No snooping, no advertisements 

The second category includes tracking blockers such as Ghostery, 
Privacy Badger and eBlocker. The primary goal of these tools is not 
to block advertisements; rather, to block snooping tools such as 
cookies and social media buttons. However, online advertisers use 

Advertisements in spite of ad blockers 

The operators of the popular Adblock Plus tool want to use their 
'Acceptable Ads' initiative to permit unobtrusive advertisements. 
Consequently, those who use the tool see advertisements containing text 
and pictures even when the ad blocker is active - but no blinking banners. 

Using tracking protection as an ad blocker 

0 foHctef 

Tools such as the Ghostery add-on 
make it possible to block tracking 
cookies in a targeted manner; this also 
gets rid of many advertisements. 

Fine-tuning for script blockers 

In addition to Flash advertisement banners, NoScript also blocks videos. 
Those who wish to view such items must deactivate the tool in a targeted 

Comparing ad blockers 





Adblock Plus 

uBIock Origin 


Privacy Badger 



Blocking pop-ups 







Blocking video advertisements 




Partial 2 ) 

■ 3) 

B 3) 

Blocking harmless advertisements 

After activation 



Partial 2 ) 

■ -> 

a 4 ) 



Blocking tracking tools 


Additional filter 
list required 



a 5 ) 


1 -l 




Blocking social buttons 

Additional filter 
list required 






Blocking Flash contents 

Additional filter 
list required 






Configuration options Personal filter and white 
lists etc. 

Personal filter and 
white lists etc. 

Targeted blocking of 
trackers and cookies 

Targeted blocking of 
trackers and cookies 

Targeted blocking of 
individual elements etc. 

Targeted blocking of 
individual elements etc. 









Fi refox 









Internet Explorer/Edge 

□ /: : 

■ /: ■ 

□ /□ 




■ D 













Adblock Browser/ 
Firefox Add-on 

Firefox Add-on 

Ghostery Privacy 





Adblock Plus/Adblock 







u) if delivered through a blocked script 5) if they use blocked scripts chip malaysia | february 1 B 067 


INFO locks out ad blockers 

these very things to record the users' surfing behaviour, in order to 
be able to display personalised advertisements across a variety of 
sites. Consequently, the blocking of tracking mechanisms frequently 
leads to a situation in which advertisements are also blocked. 
However, Ghostery and ABP share a similar disadvantage: When the 
tool is being set up, a window with the title "Help Ghostery remain 
free" pops up. If you click the "Yes ! I want to participate" button, 
Ghostery will collect the detected cookie data. 

This data is then sold to advertising firms in an anonymised form, 
so that the advertising firms can optimise their advertising efforts. 
Even in this case, you can either deactivate the collection option or 
use an alternative tool such as Privacy Badger. This add-on functions 
like Ghostery, but it was developed by the Electronic Frontier 
Foundation, which is an American non-government organisation that 
fights for basic digital rights. 

Unlike classical advertising and tracking blockers, script blockers 
such as NoScript suppress insecure web technologies such as Flash 
or Java, in order to protect the user from malicious drive-by- 
downloads. Some advertisements such as blinking Flash banners are 
also removed this way. The disadvantage: Media such as videos also 
disappear. With this in mind, script blockers require a certain amount 
of fine-tuning. 

No entry with advertising blockers: Articles on can only be 
accessed by paying, or free, along with advertisements. 

Advertisements that are invisible to ad blockers 

As a reaction to the ad blocker trend, many portal operators are 
positioning advertisements such that they cannot be detected 

:*t w-n vw ” nJ kr. dfi-pr n-ji - i-*-n **- 

Lot i EUctawin Fi-rt den M«M 

f LihlEISdJtlil* 

Advertising blockers are changing the web 

The fact that there are legitimate reasons for blocking 
advertisements has also been recognised by the advertising industry 
itself: "We botched it up", wrote Scott Cunningham in a blog entry 
about the current condition of online advertising. In his capacity as 
the technology chief of the international online advertising 
association IAB, he is consequently calling for a programme that is 
supposed to make online advertisements more secure, more 
unobtrusive, less data-intensive and more adjustable. The goal is to 
use better advertisements to lower the quote of ad blockers. 

While the IAB is still thinking about binding guidelines, publishing 
companies are already responding to ad blockers with very concrete 

In addition to the publishing houses, advertising marketers such 
as Google and Facebook are also tackling the problems associated 
with online advertisements. Advertisements that are displayed 
through the Google advertising network can be made to disappear 
via a little cross in the advertisement (see right). This is supposed to 
prevent the user from feeling like he is at the mercy of the 
advertisement, while simultaneously making the advertisement 
more relevant. With the so-called 'Instant Articles', Facebook aims to 
solve the problem of long loading times and additional traffic, which 
can be particularly frustrating if the scenario involves a smartphone. 
Instant Articles are articles that appear directly in the Facebook app, 
instead of appearing on the sites of the publishing houses. Under 
this scenario, the advertisements don't just get loaded quicker; they 
cannot be blocked, either. Apple (the manufacturer of the iPhone) 
offers a similar programme called 'Apple News', but this programme 
is currently only available in the USA. 

"The rise of advertising blockers represents a danger for the 
internet, and could drive users into a world of closed platforms, 
which would be ruled by a handful of companies", explains Mr 
Cunningham of IAB. Consequently, the issue of the direction in which 
the web is going to evolve also depends on the number of users who 
are going to block advertisements in the future, and the extent to 

OMG Hi* Dif UM* fMht ULH. -EJ1 

Google advertisements with closure buttons 

Advertisements displayed by Google can be closed temporarily by clicking 
the cross fl and selecting an option B- 



Die Alternative lu MS Office 
OpenOffice - jetzt gratis sicheml 



' M&pg* u&trductf 3«te 
H piffse ArszftFge rr»ld#n 


Vi&len Oanli Fur Ihr Feedback! Ru w-n \ : 

Was war lias Problem mil dieser Anzeige'? 

C R#pe1iln> 

0 Unangeffl€S&en 


Go * ole 


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1J:M 4 ■ ■ 


Q. The 

tawTort Tiros 

Tbfl mm Yort Times 

In 2013, Urtflflfi&QtfBi iflimtii waichfrd til* CO* 
(ouod&r o# Pinnacle Spwts hand ow » 
tmkw with 5 nitllirjn Cfllth to a 

bulling asjtrnl It one oi counUtrs* coth 
tranters mol Has long rolwti on agents lor 
one of ifo* mewl profifa on&n* spom belling 
site* operating wUS hw 

Articles only on 

Short loading times for 
articles and no chance at all 
for ad blockers: This is what 
is promised by Facebook's 
Instant Articles, which have 
been displayed in the iOS app 
since October. Instant 
Articles are supposed to 
become available on the 
Android app at the end of 

068 february 1 B chip malaysia 

know the future 

\nto Th® 


Of 20^6 s 

techno' 0 ^ 


Sibe. m 


Our main feature 
of the month 
which gives an 
in-depth coverage 
of todays 
most exciting 
issues and trends 


conducted and 
in-depth in nature, 
our product write- 
ups are the only 
reviews you can 


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essential applications 
everyone will ever need 


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Our handy guide 
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the application 
know-how to 
further enhance 
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Read, Watch 
and Play on the 
lighter side of IT 


The first word on how technology is 
changing our world. With professional 
analysis, latest reports, and informative 
guides, CHIP remains reputed as the 
internationally trusted technology 

inrirndifriiilv 1 r u « f ■ 4 tishnalotiY «i * a * f * i 

To Subscribe or Advertise: 

Call 603 7727 6554 or log on to 

CHIP Malaysia @CHIPMY 

cover story 

A Glimpse Into The 
Technology Of 


8K TVs, superfast hard drives, electronic 5IM cards and a doctor 
in your ear: We will show you how the world of technology will 

develop this year By Christoph Sackmann 

* mum n iimii ■- umnm 

chip malaysia j february 1 6 071 

cover story 

Super Fast 3D 

The most exciting innovation for notebooks, 
PCs and mobile devices next year is called 3D 
XPoint, pronounced "Three D cross point". It is 
based on a technology designed by Intel and 
the memory manufacturer, Micron. This 
technology makes hard drives 1,000 times 
faster and 1,000 times more durable than the 
current SSDs. Even HP and SanDisk are 
making headways with a similar technology. 
Their memory miracle is called Storage Class 
Memory, or simply SCM. 

A Mix Of SSD And RAM 

3D XPoint and SCM are a mix of NAND flash 
memory used in SSDs and the faster, but 
volatile DRAM. It responds within 
nanoseconds and is thus more than 1,000 
times faster than the NAND memory. 

However, it can't store data without a constant 
current supply or be manufactured with a high 
storage density. With 3D XPoint, Intel and 
Micron have now built the memory as a 
narrow, three-dimensional checkerboard - in 
any number of layers, theoretically speaking. 
Future hard drives can be shrunk to the size of 
today's RAM sticks - while future RAM sticks 
will have the capacity of today's SSDs. 
Horizontal lines supply the current and signal, 
and data is stored in the vertically arranged 
memory cells. Since the memory is not volatile 
like DRAM is, every selector does not need its 
own transistor, which saves space. The 
arrangement also enables extremely 
shortened access times compared to NAND 
memories: these are said to lie in the two-digit 
nanosecond range. This would be twice as long 
as with the DRAM, but a thousand times faster 
than the NAND memory. 

RAM Stick With 160 GB 

The increased storage density also allows 
extremely small hard drives. The same amount 
of space can apparently store ten times more 
data than the DRAM can. This means that a 
RAM stick could have 320 GB instead of only 
32 GB of memory. Intel and Micron have not 
yet given any information on 2.5-inch hard 
drives. While HP and SanDisk are silent on the 
technical details of SCM, they promise the 
same results in terms of speed and durability 
as their competitors' product. 

Intel has already supplied trial samples of 
3D XPoint to partner firms. These will probably 
display the first products in 2016, perhaps first 
for the server sector. Hard drives for 
consumers, though, are expected to follow 


I 4 i 1 

1 1 ; 

The Next CPU Generation 

Intel is already planning the next 
generation of CPUs for 2016. Kaby Lake 
which supports AK streaming, USB 3.1 
and the 3D XPoint memory described on 
the left, but it won't be the same 
performance leap as Skylake is. It is 
expected to come out with the 
Cannonlake generation only in 2017. 

Major Windows 10 update 

As we know, there won't be a Windows 
11, but the first major Windows 10 
update is on the agenda for the summer 
of 2016 -the working title: Redstone. It 
includes an enhanced Continuum feature 
with which the user can switch Windows 
10 devices seamlessly and carry on with 
his work directly thanks to the 

Gaming Notebooks 

Notebook manufacturers are pinning their 
hopes on gamers: they are their favourite 
customers since they buy expensive laptops 
and exchange them for new devices much 
faster than other notebook users do. That's 
why 2016 awaits a whole glut of gaming 
devices. Even gaming smartphones and 
gablets have been planned, for example, by 


□72 february 1 B | chip malaysia 



cover story 

Pay with NFC 

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay - 
paying with NFC smartphones is in. 
MasterCard is currently working on a 
technology for NFG integration with 
which any household item can be turned 
into a credit card - from a car key to a 

Electronic SIM cards 

Even though SIM cards are 
technologically outdated, providers are 
still holding on to them. A major 
manufacturer alliance including Apple 
and Samsung now wants to replace the 
old SIM with a permanently built-in eSim. 
The good: changing providers and tariffs 
will be easier. The bad: an e-SIM can't be 
swapped between multiple devices. 

Mobile network with 4.5G 

LTE is the fourth generation of mobile 
communications transmission and is 
therefore also called AG. We'll have to 
wait till 2020 for 5G, but Huawei is 
introducing an intermediate level in 
2016: A.5G with IGBit/s. New 
smartphone wireless modules are 
needed for this, but cell towers only 
need a software update. 

The Flip Phone 
Makes A Return 

Bigger, sharper, bulkier: smartphones displays 
are going to grow unstoppably even in 2016. 
The huge diagonals of high-end devices are 
now standard, with 6-inch displays on the 
rise. There is a special demand for huge 
phablets in the massive Chinese market. 
Around AO percent of the smartphones 
recently sold here are giant phones. 
Commuters in particular love the phablets as 
a replacement for laptops. With 6-inch 
screens, AK resolutions are also possible in 
theory, without overstraining the eyes. But 
the more a smartphone display grows, the 
bulkier becomes the device and it becomes 
that much more impractical it becomes to 
keep in your pocket. 

Foldable Displays 

Manufacturers have been tinkering with 
flexible smartphones. This won't be a reality 
in 2016, but Samsung and LG are at least very 
close to making foldable displays a reality. 

This would revive the good old flip phone, but 
only with a big display. LG has already 
revealed Tollable displays as prototypes for 
tablets and televisions. Since the rest of the 
technology, i.e. battery, processor, antenna 
and other modules remain fixed, a hinge must 
be fitted behind the display, by means of 
which the upper and lower parts of the 
smartphone are connected to each other. 

Such hinges are already present today in 
convertible notebooks, in which the monitor 
can be turned downwards by 360 degrees. 
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will likely 
reveal whether it will actually be able to bring 
the folding technology in the market or only in 
a few prototypes in 2016. Samsung and LG 
may present their Galaxy S7 and G5 
respectively there as well. 

Force Touch for all 

It isn't unlikely, then, that the two Android 
devices are also equipped with Force Touch, 
i.e. a pressure-sensitive display, like the 
"3DTouch" Apple is marketing on the iPhone 
6. The Huawei Mate S is the first Android 
device with this technology, where a firmer 
press on the display initiates different 
functions from those initiated upon a lighter 
press. Huawei's smartphone display even 
functions as a weighing scale. The Chinese 
manufacturer has already announced Force 
Touch for its future models. Android, by the 
way, has had the support for this since 
version 2.0 (which came out in 2009), but no 
manufacturer so far has used it consistently. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 073 

cover story 

Sharper Than Real 

Most people in Malaysia don't even have a AK TV 
at home, and there aren't even enough films and 
series in this resolution. And yet, TV 
manufacturers are already going one step 
further. A number of 8K televisions are entering 
the marketing no later than at the time of the 
2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 8K is 76A0 x 
A320 pixels, four times more than AK, and sixteen 
times more than full HD. The first displays are 
already available at Sharp, and the Chinese 
manufacturer Hisense is planning 8K televisions 
for the 2016 Christmas sales. 

Televisions From 85 Inches 

Showing so many pixels to good advantage 
requires a decent amount of space because of 
the 200 dpi pixel density, which an 8K TV would 
have at AO inches, is far beyond the perception 
threshold at a normal viewing distance. Which is 
why 8K TVs are once again going to be 
considerably bigger than the latest gadgets. The 
first 8K devices will be at least 85 inches large - 
that is, 2.16 metres diagonally. This number, 
however, is also this high because manufacturers 
will first launch their flagship models, which are 
supposed to score points not only with their 
sharpness, but also with their size. 

As soon as 8K has spread a bit, the TV sizes will 
also shrink, but will still be considerably bigger 
than AK televisions. 

The 8K Television Project 

With this, TV viewers are going to surge ahead of 
the television. The Japanese broadcaster, NHK, 
intends to broadcast the 2020 Olympic Games in 
Tokyo in ultra HD resolution, and thanks to 5G 
mobile telephony, on the smartphone as well. A 
trial run is expected to start as early as next year. 
For this, NHK is filming some of its shows with 
specially developed 8K cameras, which 
incidentally now also weigh an acceptable two 
kilograms. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is 
still waiting for widely-available AK content. It 
won't be available on Malaysia's terrestrial TV 
even in s2016. 

New connection for 8K 

Something different on the internet: Netflix, for 
instance, is going to show the 2016 season of 
House of Cards in a AK resolution again. There 
are no computer monitors for 8K with video-on- 
demand services. But thanks to the upcoming 
DisplayPort standard eDP 1 .Aa, these will be at 
least technically possible from next year 


3.8A0x 2.160 px 
from AO inches 

A TV that can be 

Thinner and lighter also works for 
televisions: LG Display is working 
on a TV set whose 55-inch 
display is only one millimetre 
thick and is completely Tollable. It 
can be attached to the wall on a 
magnetic mat, which is also 
portable and at 1 .9 kilograms, 
very light. LG has invested a 
billion dollars in a new factory for 
the production. 

TV streaming 

2015 was characterised by music 
streaming, and even Apple, with 
Apple Music, was a part of this. 

For 2016, the tech groups are 
taking on the TV market: TV 
streaming services are expected to 
give first Netflix and second, cable 
providers, competition. Moreover, 
they are offering useful contents 
for set-top boxes such as Apple TV 
and Amazon's Fire TV. 

□74 february 1 B | chip malaysia 



cover story 

Buy groceries 

Malaysians have begun to buy a lot of 
electronics, clothes, and books online - then 
why not groceries too? Up until now, storage 
and delivery were a problem, but now, some 
providers are entering the market. Tesco now 
has an online shop and delivers in and around 
the Klang Valley. Startups like Food Panda 
and HappyFresh meanwhile delivers food 
boxes and groceries as well. 

Studies have also shown that the online 
marketplace will only grow bigger, with 
businesses new and old going online to 
capture this as-of-yet unsaturated market. 

Amazon is never far from a source where so 
much money can be earned. Its service 
"Pantry", however, has only delivered non- 
perishable products, detergents, and pet food 
up until now, and besides, a prime 
subscription is required. "Amazon Fresh" will 
deliver fresh products; although no news on 
whether or not this service will be made 
available in Malaysia. 


o Malaysia has quite a number of online grocery stores that delivers around the Klang Valley area. Some of the more reputable ones include HappyFresh, Tesco Online and 
< Green Chicken 

; z ; 

Cheaper phone call rates 

The roaming fees for mobile phone use 
in other EU countries will be restricted 
from 30th April 2016 onwards: providers 
may then add a maximum of 5 cents 
per minute, for SMS, 2 cents and 5 cents 
for a megabyte. Will this catch on in the 
Asia region? Maybe, or maybe not, but 
with the lowering cost of 
telecommunications, it might not be 
that farfetched to hope for reduced 

Even more surveillance 
on the internet 

The German Bundestag passed a 
data retention law in October, but 
it's going to be a while before it is 
actually implemented: providers 
have until autumn 2016 to create 
the technical prerequisites and 
clarify the content-related details 
with the Federal Network Agency. 
The constitutional court may topple 
over the law again by then. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 075 


cover story 




No tech gadget is closer to your 
body than a wearable - and now 
manufacturers are planning to 
arrange comprehensive 
applications and have their data. 
Gone are the days when 
smartwatches and wristbands 
only measured the pulse. The 
new generation of wearables can 
do much more: the Health Watch 
by Philips, for instance, from April 
2016 onwards, will know 
whether you're sitting, standing 
or sleeping, how much you 
exercise and how your body 
reacts to these activities. The 
highlight: the watch is integrated 
into the Cloud system 
HealthSuite, which brings 
together data from other sources 
such as blood pressure monitors. 
If you want, you can then 
partially or completely share this 
information with your doctors or 

The smartwatch, Blocks, is a 
little less savvy, and just 
collected millions of dollars in the 
USA on crowd-funding website 
Kickstarter. It has a modular 
design and also modules that 
measure stress and oxygen 
content in the blood or even 
prepare an ECG. 

A fever thermometer 
in your ear 

The most successful European 
crowdfunding campaign, Bragi, is 
going to launch its smart 
earphone, The Dash in 2016. 
While it is designed primarily as 
a music and fitness device, it also 
measures the pulse, body 
temperature and oxygen 
saturation of the blood. 
Furthermore, it contains features 
that help the hearing impaired 
like a hearing aid does, by 
amplifying certain sounds. H 

076 february 1 B | chip malaysia 

test lab 

TEST LAB: The Tools 

Here at the CHIP Test Labs, we adhere to the high requirements set by the CHIP International Testcenter 
standards. This means that everything here — from our own personal knowledge and to our trusted tools 
of the trade — are meant to provide the most optimised, unbiased and comprehensive review to every 
product that comes through our doors. As thus, our test bed tools are specifically picked to get the most 
out of every test we perform 

Intel Platform 

AMD£1 AMD Platform 


Intel DZ77GA-70K 
MSI Z87 MPower 


Intel Core i7-3770K 
Intel Core i7-A770K 

Processing Unit 

MSI GeForce GTX 980 

CPU Cooler 

Master X6 


ASUS Crosshair V 
ASUS A88X-Pro 

Processing Unit 

ASUS Radeon R9 290X 


AMD FX-8150 
AMD A8- 3850 

CPU Cooler 

Cooler Master Hyper 212 


PSU, Storage & RAM 

Benchmark Software 

Power Supply 

Cooler Master Silent Pro 
Hybrid (1300W) 


Western Digital Black 2 Dual 

Western Digital My Book 
Live Duo 


Kingston HyperX 
KHX1 600C9D3KA/ 1 6GX 
Kingston HyperX FURY 
Kingston HyperX Predator 



Windows 7 Ultimate 
(64- bit) 

Futu remark 
PCMark 8 

Benchmark Tools 


SiSoftware SANDRA 

Unigine Heaven 

chip malaysia february 1 6 077 

test lab 

□78 february 1 6 chip malaysia 

test lab 


O Acer Predator XB271 HU 


0 MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G 


O Microsoft Surface Pro 4 


OMSI B150M Mortar 


0 AMD Radeon R9 Nano 


0 honor Band Z1 


0 Pebble Time 


0 Lenovo Yoga 900 


0 ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula 


0 OKI B512 


0 ASUS Strix RAID Pro 


0 Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual 


0 ASUS R9 380X Strix 


0 Lenovo Ideapad Y700 


0 ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501 


0 Synology DS416j 




0 ASUS ZenWatch 2 


CHIP Awards 

CHIP Editors' Choice Award 

Awarded to products that receive unanimous 
endorsement from all CHIP editors for its overall 

CHIP Outstanding Award 

Reserved for products that combine astute technical 
performance with good quality and design 


*£*«*«* T _ j[ 

CHIP Recommended Award 

Given to products that possess singular quality 
worthy of a recommendation 


Each product review is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for 
different key parameters: 

PERFORMANCE : Refers to the efficiency of execution 

FEATURES : Rates the abilities and unique characteristics available 

DESIGN : Varies according to product. Finished products - form factor and build 

quality. Hardware components - layout, size and cooling solution. Software - user 


VALUE : Calculated from the performance and features of the product in relation 
to the price 

chip malaysia february 1 6 079 

first looks 

Slim Shooting 

Based on a concept of 'Fundamental Beauty', the 
EX-TR70 captures the limitless potential of the beauty 
hidden within all women by bringing out the true 
essence of beauty in the same way as jewellers bring 
out the hidden beauty in unpolished gems. The EX-TR70 
is truly a beautiful device, with an aluminium outer 
frame in an ultra-thin shape. It guarantees durability 
to an extent, and not to mention the smooth and sharp 
panel and the lens with a mirror-surfaced finish, any 
fashion conscious person would easily fall in love with 
this device. 


Contact: Casio Malaysia Sdn Bhd 

Phone: (03) 27241253 


The Alpha Dog 

The Maximus VIII Hero Alpha is the world's first Z170 gaming 
motherboard with integrated RGB headers. Now you no longer need 
external RGB controllers, just slide a standard 12V RGB strip onto 
the 4-pin Aura RGB-strip headers and you're set. The motherboard 
also comes with double backplates which provides additional 
reinforcement and support for the motherboard. If that wasn't 
enough, how about lightning-fast storage speed with native M.2/U.2 
NVMe PCIe RAID support? Yep the Maximus VIII Hero Alpha has it all 

to show who's the real alpha dog. 

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha 
Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd, 
Servex(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. 

Phone: (03) 7955-3699, (03) 8024-6688 

Aspire to Inspire 

The Aspire R 14 is a one of a kind 360-degree dual-torque 
hinged convertible laptop, that adapts to just about any 
situation or space. It comes with 802.1 la/c wireless 
networking with MU-MIMO for that huge increase in network 
performance. It also has USB 3.1 with Type-C connectors for 
even faster transfer speeds. If you think it's not going to be 
powerful, think again for it comes with variations which allow 
for setups ranging from Intel Core i3 processors to Intel Core i7 
processors. The laptop just keeps on running, you can keep it 
on for 8 hours no problem, pretty good if you ask us. 

Acer Aspire R 14 
Contact: Acer Sales and Services Sdn. Bhd 
Phone: 1 800 881288 

□80 february 1 B chip malaysia 

first looks 

Music To My Ears 

Take your music to new places with the brand new Sony WSA13 
Walkman, with its salt water and dust-proof design. Nothing feels 
better during an exercise session than listening to your favourite 
beats and melodies. The WSA13 is equipped with every-day 
earbuds, which are specially designed to be waterproof, using a 
thin film to form a barrier against water getting through without 
compromising comfort. A cool feature would be its Ambient Sound 
mode, where built-in mics pick up ambient sounds and project 
them through the earbuds so you'll always stay in touch with your 

Sony WS413 Walkman 
Contact: Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
Phone: 1 300 881233 

Lemme Take a Selfie 

The selfie trend is taking over the world, and now OPPO has 
jumped on the bandwagon with their OPPO FI smartphone, 
designed to be the perfect selfie phone for selfie lovers. With an 
8-megapixel front-camera that has a f/2.0 aperture lens, more 
light can enter the sensor allowing for better pictures even in low- 
light conditions. But to help fight low-light conditions, the OPPO 
FI can use its screen as a flash so your face will always come 

through bright, clear and natural. 

Contact: OPPO Malaysia 
Phone: 1800-88-6776 

Are You The Key Master? 

Master your keyboard with the MasterKeys Pro 5 from 
Cooler Master. With the MasterKeys Pro 5 you'll enjoy 
the brightest LEDs and the most tactile of switches that 
gamers have come to love. Cooler Master redesigned the 
interior so it would fit both Cherry MX switches and bigger, 
brighter LEDs that can radiate up to 16.7 million colours. 
The MasterKeys 5 also support on-the-fly macros, profile 
support, all with an easy to use software. 

MasterKeys Pro S 

Contact: Ban Leong technologies Sdn Bhd, 

Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7956 6300, (03) 7955 3699 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 081 

first looks 

Advantage Through Ink 

Print more pages for less when you print with the HP Deskjet 
Ink Advantage 4729. It is equipped with HP's Original HP ink 
cartridges, which are ultra-high yield and can print thousands of 
pages. If you wish to print from a device such as a smartphone 
or tablet, the printer has the capabilities to do so from a variety 
of devices. HP shows that they can produce outstanding print 

quality you can count on. 

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4729 AIO 
Contact: Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn. Bhd. 

Phone: 1 800 22 6998 

Sharp As A SabreTooth r 

Just when you thought it'd be hard to hide a computer, The TUF 
Sabretooth Z170S shows up with its digital arctic-camo PCB. What's 
so special about this motherboard you ask? The motherboard sports 
a TUF ICe, a dedicated processor that monitors on-board temperature 
sensors and fan speeds for ultra-accurate cooling. Bundled with great 
software like Thermal Radar 2 which works in tandem with the 1 1 fan 
connectors found on-board, you can now control your fans wirelessly 
via smartphone or tablet while monitoring key components in real-time. 

ASUS TUF Sabretooth Z1 70S 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd, 

Servex( Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. 

Phone: (03) 2148 1307, (03) 7960 6868, (03) 8070 3633 

Powerhouse Performance 

One of the latest addition to GIGABYTE'S lineup, 
the GIGABYTE P57 houses a powerful GTX 970M 
graphic card and the latest Intel Core i7 Skylake 
processor. It provides stunning visuals with its 
17.3-inch Full-HD IPS display, along with featuring 
some of the latest hardwares M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 
SSD. The P57 also incorporates an all-new 30-key 
rollover anti-ghost keyboard to allow multiple key 
presses to be always reported. Finally, the P57 
also provides a flexible storage that allows for a 
swappable bay for a HDD, for additional storage. 

Contact: TECH ARMORY Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 5887 0962 

082 february 1 B chip malaysia 

first looks 

Bigger Yet Smaller 

With a footprint smaller than you'd expect from an MFP, the 
e-STUDI02802A saves space and can be placed anywhere in a workplace. 
Using RADF and bypass feed technology, the MFP is capable of printing 
A3 sized prints despite the size of the MFP. Printing, colour scanning 
and copying are all standard features on the e-STUDI02802A, so it's not 
required to purchase and install separate devices for these tasks. The 
operating panel is simple and intuitive, allowing for easy management 
and an experience with no fuss. 

Toshiba e-STUDI02802A 

Contact: Toshiba TEC Malaysia Sdn Bhd 

Phone: (03) 5568 7606 


_ Looking Good On The Phone 

The honor 5X is definitely one of the best looking devices 
we've come across. We sometimes talk about inner beauty, 
this time round the honor 5x has beautiful insides and 
outsides. An aluminium alloy body finished with a special 
brushing technique produces the consistent polished finish 
that one could stare all day at. On the inside we have a 
Qualcomm 6A-bit octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM for 
a smooth and responsive user experience. And the piece de 
resistance is its 3-slot sim card bay, allowing for 3 different 
SIM cards to be used at the same time. 

honor 5X 

Contact: Huawei Malaysia Mobile Hotline 
Phone: 1 800 22 0086 

Connecting The Important Things 

Connect to your surroundings with the Logitech A80, 
with the ability to connect to up to 3 different devices 
which can be chosen with a knob. Connect to devices 
through Bluetooth, control devices from afar such as 
your TV, or computer and even a tablet and smartphone. 
The keyboard supports multiple platforms so you don't 
have to worry if you're a Linux, iOS, Windows or Android 
user as it will work for all of them. There's also a cradle 
for your tablet and phone at just the right angle for you 
to read and type. 

Logitech k480 

Contact: Ingram Micro Sdn Bhd., MCL Sdn Bhd., M-Link 
Sdn Bhd., Kaira Technologies Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7955 8188, (03) 8023 3800, (03) 7728 9003, 
(03) 7955 3669 


chip malaysia | february 1 6 083 

first looks 

Say Hello To Windows 

Experience the power of Windows 10 on your mobile with 
4G LTE connectivity, smooth multitasking, and the all new 
Microsoft Edge browser. Browse websites and watch 
videos with its 4.7-inch display and 2100mAh battery 
which promises you'll have uninterrupted entertainment. 
In addition, the Lumia 550 comes with the latest version of 
Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint that have been 
optimised for mobile use. With Windows 10 on your Lumia 
550, you can access OneDrive storage giving you freedom to 
work whenever and wherever you want. 

Lumia 550 
Contact: Microsoft Malaysia 
Phone: 1800 886 295 

Wireless Storage On-The-Go _____ 

You can now wirelessly access your media straight from 
your flash drive with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. 
Imagine watching and streaming your movies and videos 
straight from your flash drive wirelessly, no need for wires 
or an internet connection. The SanDisk Connect Wireless 
Stick can share content with multiple devices at a time, 
so don't be selfish amongst your friends and share your 
great moments and music. The SanDisk Connect Wireless 
Stick comes in a variety of capacities ranging from 16GB 
to 200GB. 

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 

Contact: Ingram Micro Sdn Bhd, Vector Digital Sdn Bhd 

Phone: (03) 7940 8888, (03) 2143 2822 



Blowing Air Like An Airbender 

Designed for overclockers that demand ultra-low temperatures, 
aggressive LED lighting, and total control over their hardware, the 
Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8 uses a newly patented 3D Vapor 
Chamber technology that results in superior air cooling and better 
protects your advanced components from overheating and damage. 
A total of eight heat pipes conduct heat away from the horizontal 
base, while an ultra-large heatsink helps further put stop to the heat. 
The MasterAir Maker 8 is equipped with two high quality Silencio FP 
fans that propel heat away from the unit, the combination of all these 
elements make the MasterAir Maker a top choice for system builders. 

Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8 
Contact: Ban Leong technologies Sdn Bhd, 
Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7956 6300, (03) 7955 3699 

□84 february 1 B chip malaysia 

first looks 

Carbon Always Looks Cool - 

Carbon fiber comes to motherboards on the MSI Z170A 
GAMING PRO Carbon Edition, sporting the latest Z1 70 chipset 
and latest version of Mystic Light. The motherboard is sure 
to offer outstanding performance and customisation of your 
system, and experience superfast online gaming with MSI 
GAMING LAN powered by Intel. Load your games in the blink 
of an eye with blazing fast Turbo M.2 data transfer speeds 
of up to 32Gb/s, while Steel Armor ensures that your heavy 
graphic cards are solid and stable. 

MSI Z170A GAMING PRO Carbon Edition 

Contact: JW Power Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Mediaforte (Malaysia) 

Sdn. Bhd., Advancenet Technology Sdn. Bhd. 

Phone: (03) 21 A8 1 307, (03) 7960 6868, (03) 8070 3633 

Dominate The Rest 

Succeeding the Logitech Proteus Core is the Proteus Spectrum. 
Retaining the world's best DPI sensor, advanced surface and weight 
tuning, but now gives you even more features to elevate your game 
and style. Bring your mouse to life with breathing light patterns, or 
set your lighting to continuous cycle through the colour spectrum 
using Logitech Gaming Software. The lighting can also be synced to 
other Logitech G devices. Personal tweaks make all the difference, 
for a mouse that feels just right for you, adjust the weight and 
centre of balance through the placement of up to five 3.6g weights 

in the mouse. 

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum 
Contact: Ingram Micro Sdn Bhd., MCL Sdn Bhd., M-Link Sdn Bhd., 

Kaira Technologies Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7955 8188, (03) 8023 3800, (03) 7728 9003, 

(03) 7955 3669 

Immersive Soundscapes For Your Space . 

Enjoy your music the way you want to with the choice 
of audio output. You'll be amazed by the two supplied 
speakers of the CAS-1, featuring Hi-Res Audio compatible 
14mm soft dome tweeters as well as a highly-rigid 
62mm woofer that is supported by a bass reflex port. 
Each speaker beautifully recreates a wide range of 
frequencies while suppressing noise and distortion, even 
while listening in near-field conditions. The CAS-1 was 
also designed to allow the highest quality of listening 
experience even with headphones. 

Sony CAS-1 

Contact: Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
Phone: 1 300 881233 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 085 

test lab 


Acer Predator 

Price: RM3,299 

Contact: Acer Sales and Services Sdn.Bhd 
Phone: 1 800 881288 

Screen: 27-inch Wide Quad HD (2560 x 1440), 100% 
sRGB colour gamut 

Panel: IPS 

Response Time: 4ms (Grey to Grey) 

Refresh Rate: 144 Hz (165 Hz when overclocked) 
Input: HDMI (vl .4), DisplayPort (vl .2), 4 x USB 3.0 
Others: Nvidia G-SYNC, Acer GameView 
Dimensions: 61 4 mm x 401 -551 mm x 268 mm 








The Visual 

Acer shows that it has great monitors too 

W hen it comes to PC gamers, the 

demand in quality can sometimes 
take outrageous directions. The best 
and the shiniest, in terms of looks or features, 
are aspects of a product that appeal to gamers 
young and veteran. It's no surprise that even 
monitors have premium gaming versions, such 
as one of Acer's latest - the Acer Predator 

The design of the Predator XB271 HU 
provides both aesthetics and function. Its base 
is a combination of solid steel and hard plastic, 
which supports a strong stand that allows 
the screen to tilt, swivel, rotate, and is height 
adjustable. That many adjustment features 
make the XB271 HU a very flexible monitor. 

In particular, height adjustment can be very 
useful as it helps to keep the display at eye 
level, which is important for maintaining good 
posture. Installation is easy as well, which is a 
nice bonus. 

The inputs for the monitor are all at the 
back and facing downwards, with helpful labels 
indicating what goes where. Here, we found a 
total of four USB 3.0 ports that can be powered 
by your PC, as well as a DisplayPort, HDMI 
port, and an audio in jack. There's no picture- 
in-picture feature or anything like that, so 
you can't take advantage of the screen size to 
display two separate machines, but that's not 

what the model is made for so that's fine. 

Video quality is great all around, as expected 
of an IPS panel. Colour and brightness levels 
are great here, especially the former as it has 
100 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut. This not 
only makes your games look more vibrant and 
colourful, but also means that the XB271 HU 
can be used for professional image editing if 
you want to. 

It doesn't just look pretty, but performs well 
too, with its 4ms response time and refresh 
rate of 144 Hz. In fact, what's really interesting 
is that Acer has designed the XB271 HU with 
the ability to be overclocked to 165Hz, making 
it the fastest gaming monitor to date. To add to 
that, it comes with Nvidia's G-SYNC technology 
so you can pair the monitor with a decent 
Nvidia graphics card and get smoother visuals. 

Considering that it's only two 2W speakers, 
audio is not the monitor's best aspect. As 
expected, it lacks bass and even the maximum 
volume isn't much. However, if you're not 
fussy about audio then it's adequate for most 

All that said, it's obvious that this monitor 
commands a higher premium price due to the 
G-SYNC feature. But if price is not an issue, this 
is one of the best gaming monitors you can 
get. feJ 

The stand comes with a cable management tool which 
allows users to cleanly tuck their cables away 

The XB271HU monitor comes with a number of I/O and 
video ports 




— Price 


A fantastic gaming monitor that fits both 
gamers and professionals, but has a steep 
price tag that's scares away all but those 
with deep pockets. 

□86 february 1 B chip malaysia 

test lab 

Dominator Pro G 

Price: RMH999 
Contact: MSI Malaysia Office 
Phone: 1 300 22 1386 

Operating System: Windows 10 
Processor: Intel Core i7 6820HK 
Graphics: Geforce GTX 980M 
Memory: 16GB DDR4 
Storage: 1TB HDD, 128GB SSD 
Dimensions: 428 x 294 x 48mm 
Weight: 3.78kg 

PCMark Work: 3,284 points 
PCMark Home: 3,836 points 
PCMark Creative: 4,450 points 
3DMark Fire Strike: 8,277 points 
3DMark Fire Strike Extreme: 4,334 points 
3DMark Fire Strike Ultra: 2,310 points 

Performance: S033S 

Features: 0000 

Design: S @ S f*i 

Value: B0 0 0 

Prepare To 

! A top contender for the heavyweight division of gaming 
£ laptops 

K icking it back during the weekends 
having LAN parties with friends used 
to be a thing, but once you're all 
grown up it becomes somewhat of hassle to 
disassemble your PC's, just for a night's worth 
of gaming. But thanks to the advancements 
in graphic card technology, we are able to 
stuff more performance into graphic cards 
while having lower power consumption. In 
light of this, gaming on a mobile platform is 
now viable more than ever and that's where 
gaming laptops come in. 

MSI has been one of the brands that have 
been constantly pushing the limits, and make 
some of the best gaming laptops on the 
market. This time they're back again with the 
MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G that sports 
some of the latest hardware with blazing fast 
performance and stability. Although not too 
portable, this laptop can replace a desktop 
and even give it a run for its money albeit at a 
higher price point. 

The laptop definitely catches the eye with 
its large size and brushed aluminium look, 
and sports a red and black themed motif. 

The keyboard is well laid out and features a 

multicolour backlight. The keys also have a 
silver lining print which is a nice addition and 
accentuates the keys, making it easier to see 
at night. While taking a look at the specs, we 
can easily tell that the laptop definitely packs 
a punch that could rival Bruce Lee. 

Benchmarks for the graphics card shows 
that it has roughly the same performance 
as the R9 380X that we also reviewed this 
month, which should give you a rough idea 
on how powerful this laptop can perform. 

But as benchmarks don't really tell the whole 
story, we put it to the test with some of the 
latest games such as Star Wars Battlefront 
and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. At 1080p 
resolutions, the GT72S should be able to play 
most triple AAA titles with ease. 

Aside from performance, the laptop has 
a few nice features such as a 'gear Shift" 
function, which lets you overclock the laptop 
at the tap of a button. If you need that bit 
more of FPS, that's your ticket to getting it. At 
times, the fans can be really loud because its 
working really hard to keep the laptop cool, 
sporting a dual-fan design the fans does it job 
but at the cost of loud fans. s 

The MSI GT725 comes with RGB-lit keyboards that 
makes it look cool 

-|- Performance — Loud fans 


The MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G 
performs like a dream, allowing gamers to 
replace a bulky PC with a laptop. Features 
wise the overclock function is a great 
addition and makes this laptop all the more 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 087 

test lab 

Surface Pro 4 

Price: From RM3,999 
Contact: Microsoft Malaysia 
Phone: 1 800 886 295 

Operating System: Windows 10 
Display: 1 1 .5 inches (2,736 x 1 ,824) 

Processor: 6th Generation Intel Core Processor 
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 
Memory: 8GBs 
Storage: 256GB SSD 

PCMark Work: 2,291 points 
PCMark Home: 2,102 points 
PCMark Creative: 2,280 points 


a a as 







The Surface 
i Returns 

'I Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 shows why it's still the king of 
I the hill 

M icrosoft's Surface Pro 3 was a rousing 
success, with a majority of users even 
recommending it to people who are on 
the fence about springing the money for one. 
The next iteration of the Surface Pro then is 
expected to have more bells and whistles. Does 
it? Read on to find out more. 

The Surface Pro 4 is powered by a sixth 
generation Intel Core processor, with a choice 
of either 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM. As far as 
storage goes, users also get to choose between 
128GBs, 256GBs, 512GBs and 1TB of storage 
space, enough options regardless if you're an 
office worker looking for a mobile solution, or a 
multimedia expert rendering videos and graphic 

The display screen of the Surface Pro 4 has 
also been made a bit bigger, now at 1 1 .5 inches, 
with a resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 in a 2:3 ratio, 
which provides a bigger working space for 
users to play around with. At a thickness of just 
8.45mm, the Surface Pro 4 is also the thinnest 
Surface yet, allowing users to just put it in their 
backpacks or handbags, with no obvious bulge. 
Performance-wise, the Surface Pro 4 is 

an excellent device. If you're familiar with the 
Surface Pro 3, the Surface Pro 4 functions 
exactly how you know it will, but with the added 
benefits of the device now running cooler, and 
longer on battery, in no small part thanks to the 
new Skylake processor the device runs on. 

Speaking of new things, more quality-of-life 
features on the new Surface Pro 4 includes a 
magnetic strip where you can put your Surface 
Pen on, and a newly improved keyboard with 
better spacing, and a trackpad that has been 
improved over the last generation's model. Not 
only that, the hinge at the back now allows you 
to position the Surface Pro 4 in such a way that 
it almost rests on its back on your lap. 

One of the few issues one may find with the 
Surface Pro 4 is perhaps its asking price. The 
unfortunate bit is the fact that the Intel Core 
m3 model, which is the lowest spec Surface Pro 
4 that you can obtain here starts at RM3,999, 
and goes all the way up to RM9,799 for the fully 
souped up spec, and that's before you factor in 
the price of the keyboard, which is always sold 
separately. 0 

The Surface Pro 4 s hinge has also been upgraded, 
allowing users to push the tablet as far back as 




— Price 


The Surface Pro 4 continues the Surface Pro 
3's legacy of being the best Windows-based 
tablet/notebook hybrid to date. However, 
the price will be raising more than just a few 

□88 february 1 B chip malaysia 

test lab 

MSI B150M 

Price: RM486 
Contact: MSI Malaysia 
Phone: (03) 2282 8599 

Socket: LGA1151 
Chipset: Intel B150 
RAM Slots: 4 

Memory: 2133 MHz DDR4 

Ports: 1 x PS/2, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI, lx HDMI, lx LAN, 4x 
USB 3.1, 5x Audio port, lx Optical (SPDIF), 2x PCIe x16, 
2x PCIe xl , 6x SATA 6Gb/s 

PCMark 8 Home: 4,480 points 
PCMark 8 Creative: 4,989 points 
PCMark 8 Work: 3,81 9 points 




a a a 


as a a 




.Explosive Value 

I It might not blow you away with its features, but MSI has 
| packed all the essentials in an affordable package 

T his year promises to be an exciting 
year for PC enthusiasts, with AMD's 
Zen architecture possibly providing 
competition to Intel. But for those who are 
interested in upgrading in the interim and wait 
for the newer platforms to mature, maybe 
something cheap to save up your budget will be 
good - like MSI's B150M Mortar. 

The relatively simple looking box and 
motherboard bely its moniker. Fortunately, its 
build is certainly better than its name as it is 
well-built. It has four DDR4 DIMM slots that 
use the DDR4 Boost technology to improve 
system stability, there's support for the new 
Intel Skylake CPUs, six SATA 6Gb/s ports for 
lots of storage, and also an M.2 slot for WiFi 
rather than for SSD. 

Current batches of the B150M Mortar's 
box might have a typo on it; although the 
box shows only one PCIe x16, there's actually 
two and there's support for CrossFire. One of 
the slots has MSI's Steel Armor to prevent it 
bending from heavier GPUs, but left out the 
other one which kind of defeats the purpose of 
having CrossFire support. Two PCIe xl slots are 
also available so that you can have add-ons like 
extra USB ports. 

Support for casing fan is very basic here 

with only two fan headers. For additional fans, 
you'll have to get a casing with a built-in fan 
hub. Being a M-ATX motherboard, the B150 
Mortar fits right at home with mid tower cases, 
and those with clear side panels will allow you 
to see the LEDs light up when the board is 
powered on. A nice bonus feature. 

The Mortar has a good suite of software 
as well and the handy Click BIOS 5. New and 
improved, the Click BIOS 5 is easy to navigate 
and has the usual bevy of settings to better 
tune the system, or overclock it if want to. 

The other software we want to highlight is 
the MSI GAMING APP. With it, you can toggle 
your PC's performance to high or low, adjust 
screen settings, control your MSI GPU's LED 
lights, or even alter the DPI settings for your 
mouse without having to download a separate 
software. All these are done with a few mouse 

The MSI B150M Mortar's best strength is its 
versatility. With built-in ports for display and 
the Audio Boost feature, it can serve well as a 
HTPC. You could also use it to build a gaming or 
video rendering PC, since it has four DDR4 RAM 
slots, CrossFire and Intel Skylake CPU support. 
Best of all, you don't have to pay an arm and a 
leg to own it. S 

The B150M Mortar motherboard comes with MSI's 
Steel Armor plate to help prevent heavier GPUs from 

Despite not being an Intel Z-series motherboard, the 
B150M Mortar comes with a decent amount of I/O 

+ Great value _ Can't overclock 

Lots of 10 support much 


Skylake is still relatively new and there's also 
AMD's upcoming Zen to consider. But if need 
a more affordable system in the meantime, 
the MSI B150M Mortar is a great option. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 089 

test lab 

AMD Radeon 
R9 Nano 

Price: RM2,140 

Contact: AMD Malaysia Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 8316 3512 

Memory: 4GB HBM 
Ports: lx HDMI, 3x DisplayPort 
Slot Size: Dual-Slot 
Dimensions: 152x42x1 43mm 
Weight: 1 kg 

3D Mark 

Fire Strike: 12,054 points 
Fire Strike Extreme: 6,301 points 
Fire Strike Ultra: 3,362 points 

Performance: GSQBQ 


Design: 0 0 0 0 0 

Value: 0 0 0 

A Little Bit Smaller 
.Than Usual 

| If you want things to be as small as can be, the R9 Nano 
| will help you to accomplish that 

The slim profile is to die for, and its size is truly 
appreciated by SFF builders 

S ometimes it's the small things in life that 
matters, that line works for computers 
nowadays. You no longer have to have a 
big bulky computer on your desktop anymore, 
instead you can have quaint little stylish casing 
filled with powerful hardware. This is called 
a Small Form Factor (SFF) PC, a pretty niche 
market in Malaysia at the moment, but it has 
the potential to go mainstream. Why, you might 

Well we could say that an important 
contributing factor would be AMD's Radeon R9 
Nano graphic card. This tiny little graphics card 
from AMD proves that big performance, can 
come in small packages. Honestly, one would 
never expect that this little piece of hardware is 
capable of contending with some high to middle 
end cards, but you'd be oh-so-terribly wrong. 

The R9 Nano is a great graphic card to work 
with, since it's small allows it to fit nicely into 
any gaming rig without worry of hard drive 
cages or SATA ports. This is quite an important 
aspect which is usually overlooked, because 

having a smaller graphic card technically leaves 
more air to flow which results in better airflow. 
Not only that, it's much more aesthetically 
pleasing since the internals of your rig are 
cleaner and more organised. 

Performance-wise we ran it through 3D 
Mark Fire Strike and its higher benchmarks 
which resulted in scores, which any graphic 
card this size can be proud of. It fits itself above 
the R9 390X and along the lines of the R9 Fury 
X and GTX980. That in itself makes it quite 
a powerful card for gaming and perfect for a 
SFF build. Playing games like Witcher 3 and 
Assassin's Creed Syndicate in 1080p resolution 
is fluid, and should have no lag or close to no 
lag at all, most likely the former. 

When it comes to acoustics and 
temperature performance, the R9 Nano 
definitely does a swell job in keeping itself cool 
and quiet. Even on load it is reasonably quiet 
but the fan works hard to keep the Nano cool, 
and at higher RPM's begin to get a bit loud, but 
still within an acceptable range. B 

No DVi ports to save space, but thats alright HDMI is 
widely used now and DisplayPort is on the rise 

Performance None 


The AMD Radeon R9 Nano is a godsend piece 
of hardware for builders of SFF computers, 
providing performance of high-end graphic 
cards all in a small package. If you're a SFF 
enthusiast it's perfect for any kind of build, 
and even if you're not the R9 Nano still has a 
great price to performance ratio. 

□90 february 1 6 chip malaysia 

test lab 

honor Band Z1 

Price: RM259 

Contact: Huawei Malaysia Mobile Hotline 
Phone: 1 800 22 0086 

Display: OLED 

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 
Chipset: Cortex M4 5TM32F41 1 
Water Resistant: Yes (IP68) 

Port: Proprietary magnetic charging dock 

Touch Screen: Yes 
Weight: 25g 




[f SS 





Small And 
f Steady 

| A good looking fitness tracker that doesn't break the bank 

T he smart wearables boom is finally here, 
and many smartphone manufacturers 
have already jumped onto the 
bandwagon, with many of their own iterations 
of a smart wearable, honor has graciously 
sent us their Band Z1 smart wearable for 
us to play around with. It's a minimalist 
smartwatch with fitness tracking capabilities. 

honor has priced the Band Z1 at quite a 
low price point, but the price does reflect the 
product in its own way. The Band Z1 is a very 
simple device, it has a lot of basic features 
and comes in a stylish yet functional design. 
The display is an OLED touchscreen that 
supports swipes, touches, multitouch and 
hold which is your main method of navigation, 
but you can pretty much scroll through the 
entire menu in a few swipes. It also comes 
with Bluetooth which you'll need to sync to 
your phone, by using the Huawei Gear app. 

The wrist strap uses a dual-coiling method 
that gives off a stylish feel, reminiscent of 
leather wristbands. The watch also comes 
light at only 25g, Using the watch alongside 

everyday tasks allows you to track your 
fitness activity, such as steps, calories burnt, 
and even sleep tracking. Furthermore, even 
though the watch looks simple, the Band Z1 is 
dust and waterproof with an IP rating of IP68, 
making it dust and water-proof up to a depth 
of 1.5m. 

When it comes to battery life, the 70mAh 
battery doesn't seem like much, but do 
compare it to the specifications of the watch. 
With heavy use we could squeeze out about 
3 or A days of usage and when used only for 
checking the time it could last almost 3-4 
times the amount of days. It also charges up 
extremely fast, just by charging it for 8-1 2 
minutes we could squeeze out another full 
day of usage easily. 

The steps counter is quite accurate with 
only a slight difference and shouldn't bother 
your calculations. The Band Z1 just does what 
it set out to do, and at that price point it's 
tough to find a competing product with such 
value. B 

Easy to use, plain and simple, a very basic smart 

The small size and slim design would attract those who 
care about being fashionable 

+ Minimalistic , , ,, , 

stylish — Lack of features 


If you're on a budget and are looking for a 
fitness tracker to keep you focused on your 
goal, the Band Z1 will fit that role. But if 
you have the budget, there are much better 
options due to having more features such as 
heart rate monitors. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 091 

test lab 

Pebble Time 

Price: U5D199 (RM835) 

Contact: N/A 
Phone: N/A 


CPU: Cortex M4 
Screen size: 1.25 inches 

Screen resolution: 144x168 pixels 
Display technology: Colour e-paper 
Compatible platforms: Android, iOS 






s ra ra 



Time For Another 
j Pebble 

Simplicity does it for the Pebble Time 

P ebble can be widely considered to be the 
pioneer of the wearable and smartwatch 
industry. In a market where it can be 
argued that smartwatches have hit peak 
user-base, Pebble continues to move along, 
unperturbed by what's happening around it, 
as the company went back to Kickstarter to 
get fans and potential new users to fund their 
latest Pebble idea, the Pebble Time. 

The brand new Pebble Time is a familiar 
device, if you've seen or used the original Pebble 
before. It still sports an always-on screen, a 
battery lifespan that only requires a recharge 
after every week or so, and will read forward 
your phone's notifications to the watch's 

That's pretty much everything the older 
Pebble model is capable of, so what's changed 
since then? For starters, the Pebble Time now 
sports a coloured e-paper screen, although 
to be fair this is more like a hue of colours 
rather than it being a flurry. The second most 
important change is that it now supports more 
add-ons than before, and isn't just limited to a 
small number like the original Pebble. 

The Pebble Time is also now capable of 
pushing even more notifications, such as 

ones from Whatsapp, Twitter, Swarm and 
more. You can also pick and choose which app 
notifications you want to be pushed from your 
phone, which will save you a lot of hassle. 

Another feature built-in into the Pebble 
Time is also what is called Quiet Time. This 
makes it that while the Time is still receiving 
notifications, the watch will not vibrate. This 
is especially useful when you're in a meeting, 
or are engaged in a rapid-fire discussion on an 
instant messaging service like Whatsapp or 

On top of that, the Pebble Time is now also 
capable of doing things like track your step 
count and sleeping hours, kind of similar to 
what many fitness wearables are also capable 
of, even if it's not as accurate as some of these 

As far as battery life is concerned, the 
Pebble Time features an almost similar uptime 
to that of the original Pebble, although if your 
device constantly has notifications firing off 
every now and then, the reduction in battery 
life is quite noticeable, especially when you 
consider that the Time also sports a colour 
display now. 3 

The Pebble Time uses its proprietary charging cable, 
which is unfortunately not compatible with the first- 
generation Pebble mode! 

The buttons on the Pebble Time have been redesigned 
to make it easier to press now 

Improved features 
-|- Long-lasting 

Proprietary connector 
for charging 


The Pebble Time is a great smartwatch to 
own, if the rest of the options out there in the 
market is a bit too pricey for your liking. 

□92 february 1 6 chip malaysia 

test lab 

Lenovo Yoga 900 

Price: TBA U 

Contact: Lenovo Technologies Sdn.Bhd 
Phone: 1 800 80 8575 

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 
Processor: Intel i7 6500U 
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 
Memory: 16GB 
Storage: 512GBSSD 
Others: Wireless AC, Bluetooth 4.0 
Dimensions: 324 x 225 x 14.9mm 
Weight: 1.3kg 

PCMark Work: 2,65/ 

1 points 

PCMark Home: 2,422 points 

PCMark Creative: 2,! 

576 points 













Bending Over 
I Backwards 

<o When portability meets power, you get the Yoga 900 

L ooking for a work PC nowadays is quite a 
daunting task, especially with all the latest 
hardware's just popping up in laptops. A 
work laptop should be light, portable, fast and 
sturdy enough for travel. After being teased last 
year, the Lenovo Yoga 900 has finally reached 
our shores, and we were given the chance to 
play with this bad boy from the get go. 

The Lenovo Yoga 900 comes equipped with 
the latest Intel Skylake processors, which would 
fill our criteria of it being fast. It also comes 
with a 55D for quick booting and making sure 
file transfer speeds are fast and efficient. Both 
of these, combined with the 16GB of RAM 
provided, is more than enough for a working 
class adult. 

At first touch the Yoga 900 felt sturdy, 
combined with its smooth finish was an 
extravagant sight. Weighing in at 1.3kg it's 
pretty light, and with a 13.3-inch display 
it's perfect in our opinion when it comes to 
portability. But don't underestimate the 13.3- 
inch display as it's capable of QHD+ resolutions 
of 3200x1800 and uses IPS technology for wide 
viewing angles. 

It comes with a lot of new technologies, 
some the latest some old but recently gaining 
traction. For example, it has a wireless card 

capable of the 802.1 1 a/c network standard. 
Then there's the up and coming USB Type-C 3.0. 
The overall design of the Yoga 900 is great, it's 
slim, light, and aesthetically pleasing so now 
we can put that aside and get into the grimy 

Before we forget to mention, the Yoga 900's 
display is a touchscreen display. Navigating 
through touchscreen is smooth but could be a 
bit more responsive and accurate, sometimes 
we had to tap a few times because the cursor 
was off from where we tapped. Other than 
that, the touchpad was a breeze to use and 
the keyboard is definitely one of the more 
comfortable ones we've tried. Carrying it from 
event to event, and then using the Yoga 900 to 
finish our work was an enjoyable experience. 

But the piece de resistance was definitely 
the feature that gives the laptop it's moniker 
of Yoga. The hinges found on the Yoga 900 is 
probably one of the best hinges on a laptop, 
allowing the laptop to transition into the 
different modes available. The hinges hold 
the display and laptop together tightly, but at 
the same time allows smooth rotating, which 
incredibly strikes a good balance between 
locking and movement. 0 


The hinges are probably the best part of the laptop, 
locking is tight yet allows for easy rotating 

Bending it backwards like so is perfect if you want to 
watch movies while chilling back 

+ Aesthetics , 

— Touchscreen 



If you're looking for a work laptop, it's hard to 
say no to the Yoga 900. With its great looks 
and functionality, the Yoga 900 is definitely 
something you should put on your to-buy list. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 093 

test lab 

Maximus VIII 

Price: RM1,943 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd., ECS Astar Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7955 3699, (03) 6286 8222 

Socket: LGA 1 1 51 
Chipset: Intel Z170 
RAM Slots: 4 
Memory: DDR4 

Ports: lx PS/2, lx DisplayPort, lx HDMI, lx LAN, lx 
USB 3.1 , 1 x USB Type-C, 6x USB 3.0, 5x Audio ports, 1 x 
Optical (SPDIF), 2x WiFi antenna port, 2x PCIe x16, lx 
PCIe x4, 3x PCIe xl , 8x SATA 6Gb/s, 2x SATA Express 

PCMark 8 Home: 4,474 points 
PCMark 8 Creative: 5,003 points 
PCMark 8 Work: 3,801 points 


a a rn a a 






.Winning Formula 


I ASUS continues to show that they know how to build 
& amazing motherboards 

I t almost seems like yesterday when Intel 
launched its Z170 chipset, but OEMs are 
already biting into it, predicting that the 
enthusiast market is ready to upgrade. Are you? 
If so, then check out the new and shiny ASUS 
ROG Maximus VIII Formula. 

The Maximus VIII Formula has an imposing 
design, with its all black shroud and RGB 
illumination. The RGB LEDs can light up in 
different ways, such as a breathing effect or 
just plain static. You can also add an additional 
1 2 V RGB strip of your choice with the built-in 
header. At the back, you'll find a steel backplate 
filled with thermal pads to help conduct heat 
away from the major components. Even more 
interesting is the CrossChill EK, a cooling block 
placed over the MOSFET that enables you to 
do liquid cooling on it. The amount of thermal 
reduction on this motherboard is incredible and 
it works too, keeping temperatures noticeably 
lower than most motherboards. Overdockers 
are sure to appreciate this, because it 
means the limits to which this board can be 
overclocked could be very high. 

It's not a Maximus board without a tonne 
of I/O support. The Maximus VIII Formula has 

four DDR4 DIMM slots that support up to 3,733 
MHz, onboard WiFi for 802.1 1 a/b/g/n/ac, and 
a USB 3.1 Type-C. Moreover, there is a total of 
eight SATA ports and two SATA express, as well 
as an onboard M.2 that can be connected to 
using a U.2 connector. For GPU support, there 
are three PCIe 3.0 with two that can run a SLi or 
CrossFireX setup. 

The motherboard is equipped with the 
SupremeFX audio chipset and the Sonic Studio 
II programme. The programme proves handy 
when you need to tweak the audio, improve 
audio recording quality for those who like to 
cast or stream, and reduces noise so that 
you can hear in-game voice chat with greater 

While having RGB lighting is a nice touch, 
it's really just there for the aesthetics and 
has no practical use. But those who are who 
want something really special, you won't be 
disappointed by the Maximus VIII Formula. 
Between its high performance, heat threshold 
and polished design, it is undoubtedly one of 
the best premium motherboards available now 
that money can buy. That's if you can afford it, 
of course. 3 

Being a top-of-the-line motherboard, the Maximus 
Will Formula comes with the ROG armor, which helps 
protect the motherboard from bending issues 

The Maximus Will Formula comes with more I/O ports 
than you'd know what to do with 


Lots of features 
Cool design 

“ Price 


An amazing motherboard that can bring 
current hardware to its limits, provided you 
use liquid cooling. However, its performance 
and rich feature set will cost you an arm and 
a leg. 

□94 february 1 B chip malaysia 

test lab 

OKI B512 

Price: RM2/I20 

Contact: OKI Data (5) Pte Ltd 

Phone: (03) 2287 1177 


Type: LED Technology 

Max Paper Size: A4 

Max Paper Count: 530 

Print Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 DPI 

Scanner: No 

Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet 

Performance: BS0 a 

Features: 00 @ 


Value: B @ 0 





It's All Black And 

OKI's B512 monochrome printer gets your printing jobs 

Choose the toner size to suit your business needs, 
ranging from 3k, 7k or extra high capacity 12k toner for 
the lowest running costs 

T he OKI B512 is a monochrome duplex 
printer that's meant to be used in office 
environments where document printing 
happens far more frequently than anywhere 

As it has always been with OKI printers, 
the B51 2 is a big, white machine. Its paper tray 
holds about 530 pieces of paper, while there is 
an option for you to extend that even further, if 
your office requires it. 

Operating the B512 is fairly straight forward, 
and in fact, we did not need to download any 
drivers as the auto driver installation feature 
settled everything for us and we got started 
almost in an instant. As far as feature goes, 
users can print from the printer via USB, or over 
the network with a LAN cable. 

Starting up the printer is also a pretty 
breezy affair, as it took no time at all for the 
printer to activate. Printing-wise, OKI says that 
the printer is capable of printing up to 45 pages 
per minute, and during our tests, the numbers 
weren't too far off, and we're keen to believe 
that any slowdowns are probably due to the 

heating element needing to cool down a bit. 

If you need quick access to the printer 
features and functions, the B51 2 also features 
a digital display that allows you to check for 
various things such as paper and toner count, 
network address, print jobs and more. 

The B512 also comes with built-in duplex 
printing, which automatically prints documents 
on both sides of the paper, without the need 
for users to adjust the paper. This feature helps 
offices save a lot of time, paper and reduces 
paper wastage. 

How is the print quality of the B51 2, you 
ask? If there's one thing OKI typically does really 
well, it's in the print quality department. Here, 
the B51 2 does not disappoint as each of the 
printouts that were churned out of the machine 
looks as impeccable as the last. There are no 
rogue prints to be seen, which is great. 

The only caveat here is that the cost price 
for one of these units is quite steep. Therefore, 
we can only recommend it if you're absolutely 
serious about your document prints, as that is 
its only function. S 

The digital display on the B512 allows you to quickly 
access the printer's various functions 

+ Print quality 



The OKI B512 monochrome printer is a 
decent printer all around. It's got networking 
capabilities, so just the one unit is good 
enough to be shared by employees in a small 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 095 

test lab 


Price: TBA 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7955-3699 

Chipset C: Media USB2.0 6632AX High-Definition Sound 

Processor DAC ESS SABRE9006A Premier 8 Channel Audio DAC 

Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 48 KHz 

Sample Rate: 44.1 K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz @ 


Ports: 5 x audio jack, 1 x Line-in/microphone/ 1 x SPDIF 
Dimensions: 190mm x 130mm x 22mm 

Performance: SSB 

Features: S 0 0 S 

Design: « 3 

i Audio Accuracy 


| Sound cards are a dying breed, but ASUS shows that it still 
has a place 

any PC users aren't fussy about the 
quality of their audio, or don't see 
improving it as priority. But there are 
audiophiles who use their PC's as their main 
music repository, and some gamers want 
greater audio with surround sound. This gives 
sound cards a reason to exist, either in the form 
of external DACs (digital-analog converters) or 
PCIe sound cards. Courtesy of our friends at 
ASUS, we have here the ASUS STRIX RAID Pro 
for review. 

Upon opening the box of the sound card, 
we the two main components of the products, 
along with a proprietary cable. One of the 
components is the sound card itself, which can 
be plugged into a PCIe slot and requires a 6-pin 
connector to run. The sound card has the usual 
STRIX owl design that's part of a plastic shroud 
meant to block out EMI emitted from other 
components in the chassis. The other part is a 
volume controller that can be connected to the 
sound card by using the proprietary cable. 

The volume controller is what users will be 
interacting with the most. It has a dial knob 
for to change volume, and can also be pressed 
to toggle between speakers and headphones. 
Below the knob is the Raid Mode button, which 
allows you to access the surround sound, EQ, 

Bass Boost, and Recording volume, and change 
it on the fly. 

Audiophiles have as much to be delighted 
with the STRIX RAID Pro, because it comes 
with a high-end DAC in the form of the ESS 
SABRE9006A, and a headphone amp capable of 
driving headphones with impedance rating of 
600 ohms. We tested it with ASUS' own STRIX 
7.1 headset, some audiophile class headphones, 
and a pair of regular stereo speakers. For 
surround sound accuracy, we played a few 
rounds of Rainbow Six: Siege and we were 
able to pinpoint the location of enemy gunfire 
or footsteps. Next, we used the audiophile 
headphones and stereo speakers. These did 
well too, outputting good audio quality without 
any major flaws that can't be covered with the 

The software for users to use with this 
sound card is called the Sonic Studio. It provides 
sound basic like Bass Boost, switching sound 
profiles, playback configuration, and of course 
the equaliser bars that let you adjust the audio 
output to your liking. What's handy here is 
the Radar Pro feature, which when enabled 
will appear as an in-game overlay that shows 
you the direction where certain sound effects 
originate from. 0 

The STRIX RAID Pro comes with a volume control that 
connects directly to the sound card 

You can adjust various audio attributes here in the 
STRIX Sonic audio software 

Easy to install Lack power for certain 

Surround sound headphones 


The STRIX RAID Pro doesn't outperform other 
DACs of the same price bracket. But it does 
offer gamers 7.1 surround, which makes it a 
very niche item. 

□96 february 1 B chip malaysia 

test lab 







Sony Xperia Z5 
Premium Dual 

Price: RM3,099 

Contact: Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
Phone: 1 300 881233 

Display: 5.5 inches (2,160x3,840) 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 
Connectivity: WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 
Memory: 3GBs 

Storage: 32GBs (expandable to 200GBs via microSD) 
Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop 
Camera: 23MP rear-facing camera 

Performance: s a a a 

Features: SBSS 

Design: ® H @ S 

Value: a @ a 

Is 4K On A 

Display Worth It? 

Sony goes all in with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual 

ony's Xperia Z3 was the pinnacle of 
smartphone perfection when it was 
launched a couple of years back, and was 
a huge hit amongst Sony fans and smartphone 
enthusiasts alike. Having skipped a generation, 
Sony instead is going all in with its line of Sony 
Xperia Z5 smartphones, and now, we take a 
look at the highest end model of the device, the 
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual. 

The Xperia Z5 Premium Dual sports a 5.5 
inch display with a 4K resolution of 2,160x3,840 
pixels, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 
810 processor, 3GBs of RAM and 32GBs of 
storage, which is expandable up to 200GBs via 
a microSD card. As the name implies, the Xperia 
Z5 Premium Dual also features support for two 
nanoSIM cards. 

As with many high-end smartphones these 
days, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium sports a 
fingerprint scanner, whereby in this case, is 
located on the phone's power button. This 
fingerprint scanner is only activated when the 
power button is pressed and the lockscreen is 
turned on. 

At the back, the Xperia Z5 Premium sports 
an amazing 23MP camera which comes with a 
variety of features, including manual controls 

which allows users to take photos the way they 
want to. The camera also sports some pretty 
impressive low-light capabilities, and not to 
mention that it records videos in 4K too. That 
said we do exercise caution as 4K videos are 
notoriously large, even if you're just recording 
several minutes worth of footage. 

Performance-wise, the Xperia Z5 Premium 
functions as well as can be hoped of a phone 
of its stature. Regardless of the number of 
apps running, the phone continues to be a 
powerhouse, running everything smoothly with 
little to no issues. 

That being said, the phone is sometimes 
prone to slow app startup, with the main culprit 
in this case being the camera. Half the time, 
apps will open up with no issues, but during 
other times, it will take a few extra seconds to 
open up. 

Battery life is also as good as the Z3. With 
moderate usage, we were able to stretch the 
phone's battery life to roughly around two days 
without having to charge even once, although 
once we started adding in gaming to the 
equation, that number goes down a bit to about 
one and a half days. S 

Malaysia gets the Sony Xperia Z5 Dual series of phones, 
allowing them to carry to numbers on one phone 

The Xperia Z5's 23MP camera takes some pretty 
amazing shots, both indoors and outdoors 

+ Performance 

— Price 


For its price, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 
Dual is quite an expensive phone, but if you 
ever find yourself needing a phone that is 
long-lasting, and comes with all the latest 
bells and whistles, that one could ask for, it 
may be worth considering. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 097 

test lab 


Price: TBA 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd, 
Servex(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. 

GPU: AMD R9 380X 

Memory: 4GB GDDR5 

Ports: 2x DVI, lx HDMI, lx DisplayPort 

Slot Size: Dual-Slot 

Dimensions: 273 x 1 40 x 43mm 

3D Mark 

Fire Strike: 8,307 points 

Fire Strike Extreme: 4,107 points 

Fire Strike Ultra: 2,194 points 

Performance: aBas 


Design: R •! M W 


STRIX. Silent 
>& Deadly 

| Black and red for the Red Camp 

A MD are always in the pursuit of the best 
performance they are capable of. Their 
devotion for making quality hardware 
is something that most people don't see, and 
instead prefer to look at numbers. Despite that, 
AMD continues to work hard and manages to 
produce powerful hardware at a competitive 
price point. 

The ASUS R9 380X STRIX comes with two 
clock speeds, one being 1030MHz in its Gaming 
Mode and 1050MHz in its OC Mode. It also 
sports 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM with a memory 
bus of 256-bits, and although this graphic card 
is factory overclocked out of the box, we were 
able to overclock it slightly further but results 
may vary on different cards. 

ASUS sticks to their black and red theme 
for that aggressive yet stylish look, that ASUS 
is known for. Now sporting a dual wing-blade 
OdB fan design and a new cooler that's still 
built upon their DirectCU II technology. The 
new OdB technology allows the graphic cards 
fan to remain off at a set temperature, which 
means there's no fan noise whatsoever at a 

set temperature making it a silent graphic card 
when possible. 

On the back, the graphic card houses two 
DVI, one HDMI and one DisplayPort allowing 
for a multi-monitor setup if that's what you're 
looking for. To power it up, there are two 6-pin 
PCI-e power jacks that are required to get the 
card up and running. The card is aesthetically 
pleasing and at the same time cool and quiet 
even when under load, but do expect noise to 
increase when overclocking so the fans can 
keep the temperatures low. 

When it comes to performance, the ASUS 
R9 380X STRIX doesn't fool around, being able 
to procure a stable FPS of at least 60, even on 
the latest games such as The Witcher 3 and 
Assassin's Creed Syndicate on High settings. 
Bumping up to Ultra might give you varied 
results of about 30-50FPS depending on the 
game. Even during the messy moments of the 
game, it's safe to say that gameplay was not 
impeded, and you're in for a smooth gaming 
experience. m 

DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort all the varieties needed for 
monitors and TV's these days 

The ASUS 380X STRIX comes with a eye-catching 
backplate which adds to its aesthetics 


-|- Nicely designed — None 



A great graphic card for those who just aren't 
interested in going into 4K gaming, quiet and 
cool and aesthetically pleasing ASUS does it 
right again and doing gamers justice. 

□98 february 1 B chip malaysia 

test lab 

Lenovo Ideapad 

Price: RM4,099 

Contact: Lenovo Technologies Sdn.Bhd 

Phone: 1 800 80 8575 


Operating System: Windows 10 
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M 
Memory: 4GB 
Storage: 1TB HDD 

Others: Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit LAN, 802.1 1 ac 
Wi-Fi, SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC card reader 
Dimensions: 387mm x 277mm x 25.95mm 
Weight: 2.6kg 

PCMark 8 Home: 2,910 points 
PCMark 8 Creative: 2,870 points 
PCMark 8 Work: 2,995 points 
3DMark Fire Strike: 4,094 points 


sera a 




s s s 



(The Right Idea 

| Lenovo sure knows how to make affordable gaming 
« notebooks 

L enovo is a brand we don't usually 

associate with the term gaming, at least 
not locally. But the Chinese company 
has made decent gaming laptops before, such 
as the Ideapad Y50. From the same series of 
laptops is the brand new Lenovo Ideapad Y700, 
a refresh of the Ideapad Y50 to cater to gamers 
who are looking for the latest in midrange 
gaming notebooks. 

Compared to many gaming notebooks, 
the Ideapad Y700's top doesn't feature some 
fancy logo. It's a plain black brushed aluminium 
lid with the Lenovo brand logo. The build is 
solid and there's a noticeable heft to it, since 
it weighs about 2.6kg. Opening the lid, we find 
that the machine is angular in certain areas, 
especially near the speakers and the front. This 
design is definitely one that would appeal to 

The Y700 doesn't really have a lot of ports 
on it, nor one of the (more or less) obsolete 
optical drives, but it has the essentials. On the 
right side, you'll find two USB 3.0 ports, one 
HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and a Kensington 
lock. The other side houses Lenovo's proprietary 
AC input, a USB 2.0 port, an 5D card reader, 
2-in-1 audio jack, and finally a microphone port 
in case you don't like using headsets. 

As seemingly popular these days, Lenovo 
gives customers the option of picking either 
a 1080p or 4K IPS display here. Watching 
YouTube and even gaming on the Y700 is a 
visual pleasure, with contrast and colour being 
excellent. Its brightness level is about average, 
however, as it isn't significantly bright even at 
100% brightness. 

Powering the Ideapad Y700 is the now 
commonly used Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, 4GB 
of DDR4 RAM, an Nvidia GTX960M GPU with 
2GB VRAM, and a HDD with 1TB of storage 
to install all your games. Admittedly, the 4GB 
of RAM is less than adequate for a gaming 
machine, though Lenovo does give you the 
option to choose the specs for the Y700 before 
purchase so you can opt for 16GB of RAM. 

Besides gaming, this laptop is also great 
for entertainment, all thanks to its 2.1 -channel 
JBL speakers. That's right folks, the Y700 has 
a small bottom-facing subwoofer for bass. It 
might not have as much bass as some would 
like, but it delivers enough punch for games, 
movies and music. 

It should be noted that upon purchase of a 
unit of the Y700, you'll also get a simple gaming 
mouse pad and a precision mouse, so that's 
extra value there. s 

The air vents at the back of the Y700 keep the laptop 
cool, even during hardcore gaming marathons 

The small sub-woofer, found at the bottom of the 
notebook, provides just enough bass for games 

+ Affordable _ Low brightness 

Great speakers Low RAM 


The Y700 ticks all the right boxes for a 
good midrange gaming PC. Being priced so 
competitively just makes it even better. 

chip malaysia | february 1 6 099 

test lab 

ASUS ZenBook 
Pro UX501 

Price: RM6,499 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd., ECS Astar Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 7955 3699, (03) 6286 8222 

Operating System: Windows 10 
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M 
Memory: 8GB 

Storage: 51 2GB PCIe x4 SSD 

Others: Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit LAN, 802.1 1 ac Wi-Fi, SD/SDXC/ 

MMC card reader 

Dimensions: 383 x 255 x 21 .3 mm 

Weight: 2.06kg 

PCMark 8 Home: 3,090 points 
PCMark 8 Creative: 3,1 22 points 
PCMark 8 Work: 3,300 points 
3DMark Fire Strike: 4,072 points 

Performance: ease 


Design: @ 0 SS 

Value: 0 0 [*i 

Style With 
i Function 


£ ASUS shows that it can be a Pro with design too 

I t can get confusing for consumers when 
there are too many choices available when 
it comes to notebook, but the ASUS remains 
one of the best when it comes to this. One of 
the brand's latest is the ZenBook Pro UX501, a 
beautiful machine that offers both performance 
and class. 

Despite the familiar naming convention, the 
ZenBook Pro has more than enough to prove 
that it stands out on its own. For one, the base 
design philosophy is decidedly ASUS' own, with 
a fine brushed-metal finish that looks great. At 
15.6 inches, it's a good size for those who want 
larger screens. Yet, it stays light enough at just 
2.06 kg, so you won't be unwittingly building 
muscles while carrying it around. 

While only measuring at about 21 mm, 

ASUS managed to include a decent amount of 
ports on the UX501 . There are three USB 3.0 
ports, two on the right side and one on the left, 
as well as one audio jack, HDMI port, SD card 
reader, and best of all, a USB Type-C port that 
supports Thunderbolt. Since we expect there to 
be more upcoming USB Type-C devices in the 
coming months, having one that can support 
Thunderbolt could be great for future use. 

The display of the UX501 can either be a Full 

HD or UHD panel, depending on your choice. In 
our case, ASUS sent us one with a Full HD IPS 
panel. As many of you know, IPS panels have 
greater viewing angles, and excel at outputting 
superior contrast and colour reproduction. The 
ZenBook Pro's display definitely performs up to 
expectation, especially when it comes to colour. 

An Intel Core i7 6700HQ Skylake processor 
lies at the heart of this PC. In addition to that, 
it comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, an Nvidia 
GTX960M graphics processor, and a 512GB 
M.2-based NVMe SSD. Thanks to these specs, 
the UX501 is able to deliver a user experience 
and great computing performance. Having the 
GTX960M GPU also means you can play a fair 
number of games on it, albeit only at medium 
settings for games like The Witcher 3 or Fallout 

Our experience with using the ZenBook 
Pro was largely a mixed one. Sure, we liked the 
keyboard well enough - a full-sized one with 
a numpad too. It may have felt a bit squashed 
near the numpad, but key travel is good and it's 
even backlit. However, the speakers and battery 
life aren't great. For the former, its max volume 
is only as loud as a normal conversation, while 
the battery life is only average. [*l 

The ASUS ZenBook Pro comes with a USB Type-C port 
for faster transfer speeds and charging capabilities 

yji | 

ij jj'ij j J 

The ASUS ZenBook Pro's keyboard performs admirably 
well, with decent spacing and good key travel 



Good keyboard 

Average battery life 
Weak speakers 


If you are looking to purchase a new 
notebook for work and games, this UX501 is 
one to consider. 

100 februarylB | chip malaysia 

test lab 

Synology DS416j 

Price: RM 1,759 

Contact: Build Technology Supply Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 79551136 

Number of Bays: 4 
Connectivity: lx RJ45 

Ports: lx USB 3.0, lx USB 2.0 

CPU: Marvell Armada 388 88F6828 1 .3 GHz 

Dimensions: 184 x 168 x 230mm 

Weight: 2.21 kg 









It's Nice Having 

£ A home media server couldn't get any easier than this 

J ust when you thought your home network 
was complete, you catch a glimpse of a NAS 
sitting on a computer shop's shelf and start 
to wonder. Synology is probably the brand you'd 
most likely see on shelves, and can be found 
in models made for consumers such as home 
users and enterprise for offices and larger 

The Synology DS416j is a 4-bay NAS capable 
of a maximum internal raw capacity of 32TB, 
which approximately should be about four 8TB 
drives. For each bay, it supports hard drives 
ranging from 2.5-inch SSD's and HDD's to 3.5- 
inch ones, so compatibility with the latest hard 
drives shouldn't be an issue. Additionally, the 
maximum single volume size of the DS416j is 
16TB, just something to note down in case. The 
NAS also supports a wide variety of RAID types, 
and we believe it should cover most if not all, of 
your RAID needs. 

To insert the drives into the bays, you'll 
have to remove the thumbscrews on the back 
and remove the metal casing, which will allow 
the back along with the fans to slide back and 
giving access to the bays. Inserting the drives 
into the bays was pretty easy, just slide it onto 
the dock, screw it in to keep it from moving, and 

slide it back into the bay and voila. We used 
our own 6TB HDD's to give the NAS a whirl and 
booted it up for the first time. 

Following the instructions given inside 
the packaging box, setup was really quick and 
required us to do a format on our HDD if we 
wanted the least problems popping up in the 
future. Prompting us to login with a Synology 
account, we hastily proceeded and was greeted 
by the Web Ul. If we had to describe it, the Web 
Ul was more like a customised virtual PC in a 
web browser. With us barely doing anything, 
the NAS was already setup and ready to be 
used for the entire home/small office. 

As the DS416j was designed for home and 
personal use, we tested it by using it as a media 
server to share photos and movies amongst 
ourselves. Transfer speeds were good, but 
relied quite heavily on your router, with the 
right router your transfer speeds are great but 
if you're using stock routers, it's not uncommon 
to see slightly disappointing speeds. But other 
than that, accessing movies and picture off of 
the NAS resulted in no issues, smooth playing 
of videos on anything connected to the network 
including DLNA devices. 0 

Drive bays are easy to slide in and out, and the 2 fans are 
quite silent while cooling the NAS 

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 on the back to connect external 

■ Easy to setup _ None 

1 Overall performance 


Though some aren't able to justify the price 
in which NAS in general are priced at, it is 
safe to say that a NAS can do countless more 
things than a HDD docking station. So, if you 
want seamless media sharing in your home, 
the DS416j definitely does the job. 

chip malaysia februarylB 101 

test lab 



Price: TBA 

Contact: TECH ARMORY Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 5887 0962 

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 
Display: 14.0 inches (2,560x1,440) 

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6GHz 
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970M 

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 x3, USB 3.1 Type-C 
xl, HDMI 2.0 xl, miniDisplayPort xl, VGA xl 
Memory: 16GB DDR4 
Storage: 128GB mPCIE SSD, 1TB HDD 

PCMark Work: 3,1 23 points 
PCMark Home: 3,621 points 
PCMark Creative: 4,198 points 
3DMark (Fire Strike): 5,223 points 
3DMark (Fire Strike Extreme): 2,726 points 
3DMark (Fire Strike Ultra): 1 ,346 points 

Performance: HRHR 


Design: @030 

Big Performance In 
I A Slim Package 

| GIGABYTE'S P34 features the 

F or the past few months, we've been 
reviewing gaming notebooks that are 
certainly very powerful, however these 
machines also come with one caveat: they're too 
big and bulky to be brought around and game 
with. GIGABYTE aims to fix that problem with a 
somewhat compact, yet elegant solution in the 
form of the GIGABYTE P34 gaming laptop. 

The P34 features a 14.0 inch laptop with 
a qHD resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels, and is 
powered by the latest sixth generation Intel 
Core i7 processor, with 16GBs of DDR4 RAM, and 
a 128GB mPCIE SATA SSD to house a Windows 
10 install, as well as a 1TB HDD for all your 
multimedia storage needs. Not only that, this 
laptop also comes with an NVIDIA GTX 970M 
discrete GPU for all your gaming needs. 

As far as port options go, GIGABYTE are 
generous with what they have to offer. The 
P34w sports three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 
Type-C port, one VGA port, one mini-DisplayPort 
and one full-sized HDMI port, which happens 
to be HDMI 2.0, and can support an extended 
4K-resolution monitor at 60Hz. 

The P34W is decked with an Intel Core 
i7 processor is a force to be reckoned with. 

best of two worlds 

Coupled with the 16GBs of RAM, there is 
literally nothing the machine couldn't run. Be 
it hardcore browsing with tens of tabs open 
on Chrome or Firefox, crunching numbers on 
Excel, programming on Eclipse or even rendering 
videos on Premiere and Vegas, the P34W 
crunches it all for breakfast. 

As far as gaming goes, we were capable of 
running all of the latest games on offer, like 
Shadow of Mordor, Metal Gear Solid V and GTA 
V on high settings at Full HD resolution with 
nary a hiccup. The best part of it all is that even 
when running all these games, the laptop runs 
relatively coolly, as the many vents that are 
placed strategically at the back and underneath 
of the laptop do an amazing job at cooling the 

Where battery life is concerned, Intel's new 
power-saving features truly shows its mettle as 
the P34 was able to last for about over six hours 
with the display at 75 percent brightness and 
WiFi turned on. During gaming sessions, the 
battery hour count drops by a couple of hours to 
roughly around two to three hours, which is still 
a respectable amount of time, by any standards. 


The speakers on the P34 Wv5 are Dolby Digital Theater- 
certfied, so you can be sure that the speakers are going 
to sound great 

The GIGABYTE P34Wv5 comes with a flurry of I/O ports, 
chief of which is a USB 3. 1 Type-C port 




— None 


The GIGABYTE P34Wv5 is an amazing 
machine. For its size, it definitely 
punches way above its weight in terms of 

102 februarylB | chip malaysia 

test lab 

ASUS ZenWatch 2 

Price: RM899 (gunmetal strap) 

Contact: Dynamics Distribution Sdn bhd., ECS Astar Sdn Bhd 
Phone: (03) 8024 2100, (03) 6286 8222 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz 
Memory: 512MB 
Storage: 4GB eMMC Flash 
Battery: 400mAh 

Others: 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3, IP67 water resistance, 
Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, 6-axis sensor 
Dimensions: 49.6mm x 40.7mm x 10.9mm 







sra a a 


Improved Zen 

With this smartwatch, you'll have less reasons to reach 
into your pocket for your smartphone 

S ince ASUS launched its first smartwatch 
last year - the ZenWatch - ASUS has 
learned more about how to design 
one. The first one was a highly affordable 
smartwatch, but it had flaws such as its 
Bluetooth constantly disconnecting, sub-par 
battery life, and it was a little laggy during use. 
This month, we got to test the ZenWatch 2 and 
found this iteration a refreshing improvement. 

The ZenWatch 2 looks largely the same, 
except it now has crown button that's similar 
to the main dial you'll find on a normal watch. 
There are other differences that we found when 
compared to the previous version. For one, the 
ZenWatch 2 comes in two different sizes, one 
for men and another for the ladies. You can 
also choose from three different kinds of straps 
and casing colour. 

At the back of the watch is the charging 
dock, which connects to the charging cable 
magnetically. Charging it to full takes took 
around 50 minutes, which is quite fast, as long 
as you use the 3-pin wall plug with it. Battery 
life is decent, though we found that it still didn't 
last more than a day and a half on semi- 
intensive use. 

Our ZenWatch 2 had gunmetal straps and 
didn't fit all too well. Luckily, like any watch 
with metal straps, you can go to a watch shop 
to remove some of the links to make it fit. An 

interesting thing to note here is that the metal 
strap version uses two clasps instead of one 
to secure. The way it is design makes the strap 
look almost seamless, and it sits flush against 
the wrist so it's quite comfortable to wear too. 

The ZenWatch 2 lets you view your 
notifications, reply to Whatsapp, and more. 

A function we frequently use is replying to 
Whatsapp, though it only allows you to reply 
with short preset messages, emoticons, or with 
a voice message. 

To get the most out of the ZenWatch 2, we 
downloaded the ZenWatch Manager on our 
smartphone. It's definitely helpful, as it can 
track battery remaining, storage space, and 
displays the current watch face. Changing the 
watch face is easy too and all you need to do is 
flick through the options available and tap on 
your choice. You can also download additional 
ZenWatch apps through the Manager. 

A few apps that are useful with the 
ZenWatch 2 are the FaceDesigner, an app 
that allows you to customise the look of 
your own watch face; ZenWatch Wellness, a 
smart tracker app that works as a pedometer, 
heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker; and the 
ZenWatch Camera, which basically turns the 
ZenWatch 2 into a simple remote control for 
your smartphone's camera. 3 


The ZenWatch 2 comes with a metal clasp, which may 
or may not fit your wrist 

The ZenWatch 2 also requires the use of a proprietary 
magnetic charging cable, and can charge from empty to 
full in 50 minutes 

Fast charge 

— Average battery life 


The new ZenWatch 2 fixed the connectivity 
issues of its predecessor, and is now an 
even better smartwatch to own, especially 
considering its asking price. 

chip malaysia februarylB 103 




?, Who is the director of The Mermaid'? 

Ctl! -Milif ’Jill N?L”VH1 timJ rttrji* Wj 

THL- MFftMAiD */o 

Oifi^r Dy^oirtrct !M| 5dn A-50/ A, Nt*? ^mamwrq 

fVjinJu» Dft I * linen i J.'jldii KjlJ 8 1 47ft^O fVlGniiy Jliytl Jf'j |r •' I ,'tl r \ ’ ' '.H' 

■Met Qnd is>gul«&ofM, Sot* pjcfttrot |i?wh tfia fighfa fc-j d r pr^ 1 wh^omI P^'^i <l«to 

, Wl|| b> <ic^»ed tjy ithcj+I or phona. OoWekj Dole; ft* Mostl* £t)[fc: 

Log on to our website and subscribe to chip today! 

1 2 issues + 4 FREE issues + FREE gift at RM1 25.93 (with GST j 


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Why subscribe? 

0 Never miss an issue. Every copy delivered co your doorstep! 
@ Value for money. Receive free issues when you subscribe! 
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0 Money back guarantee. Not a happy reader? Write to us 
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| I f J A-5C7 Btek A. Neo Damansara BanOar Damansara PefVuna Jsten PJU 8/1 47e20Ratelir>g Jaya, SeJanggr, Malaysia 
1 Tel (603| 7737 6554 Fan (603) 7737 3554 

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War Of The Ancients 

The Dota 2 Shanghai Major By Matthew Yap 

W ith Dota 2 tournaments coming in 
fast and furious these days, our 
eyes are on the big prize - the 
Shanghai Dota 2 Major. But before that, 
here's an introduction to Valve's seasonal 
tournament and a preview of the upcoming 
one in Shanghai. 

The advent of the Dota 2 Majors that 
began last year at Frankfurt has proven 
to be a great boon to the growth of the 
e-sports title. Not only does it bridge the 
gap between the annual 'The International' 
tournaments, it also has helps the game 
in terms of team stability and monetary 
revenue. There are now a total of four 
international level tournaments, with three 
Majors set in fall, winter and spring, before 
the grand tournament in the summer - The 

We won't go too much into it, but 
let's examine one of the benefits. Similar to 
The International set annually in the summer, 
Valve's rules dictate that teams must register 
their respective roster of players before 
a given deadline. A player that is 'locked' 
can't be kicked from the team, nor can he 
be poached by other teams. Roster changes 
made after the lock would cause the team to 
lose its chance of receiving a direct invite to 
the main event or regional qualifiers. 

In addition, the Majors are a great boon to 
the entire professional Dota 2 ecosystem. As 
a whole, there will be more money changing 
hands. While we have yet to see if adding 
an additional three events yearly would 
affect the prize pool of The International, we 
believe that it is possible that the total prize 
of all four events would be equal if not more 
than last year's The International. Also, the 
three Majors provide more opportunities to 
sell in-game items or Dota 2 merchandise, 
and provides the big casting studios such as 
joinDOTA or Beyond the Summit with more 
chances to earn revenue from casting the 

Now that we've finished introducing the 
Dota 2 Majors, let's talk about the next one 
in Shanghai. Scheduled to run for five days 
from the 2nd to 6th of March 2016, the 
Chinese Major will be held at the Mercedes- 
Benz Arena in Shanghai. This time around, 

Frankfurt Major winner OG received a direct 
invite, along with Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, 
EHOME, CDEC Gaming, Vici Gaming, Virtus. 
pro, and Alliance. The other eight teams 
comprise of two winners each from the four 
regional qualifiers. They are: Team Archon 
and complexity Gaming from the Americas; 
Team Liquid and Team Spirit from Europe; 

LGD Gaming and Newbee from China; as well 
as Fnatic and MVP Phoenix from South-east 

As of the time of writing this article, 

Valve has yet to release a compendium, 
prompting discussion if there would even be 
one this time considering the backlash for the 
Frankfurt Major's compendium. E 







Zjy major 

MARCH 2-6 r 2016 


106 februarylB chip malaysia 

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The Many Leagues Of LoL - 
Numero Uno 

Last year's League of Legend's World Championships saw 5KT T1 winning World's for the 
second time in League history, something that has not been accomplished by any other 
team before. Now after the storm of 2015 has passed, we enter the year 2016 with teams 
changing their rosters in hopes for a better year. For those just starting off in League and 
to breathe in a fresh start for the year, here are some tournaments, leagues and teams to 

look out for By Nixon Ng 

League of Legends Championship Series 

League of Legends Championship Series a.k.a LCS is a league run by Riot 
Games for both Europe and North America. Twenty teams compete in 
two separate competitions, with only ten teams per continent. The LCS is 
split into both the Spring and Summer Split, where the Spring Split is to 
decide which team goes for the Mid-Season Invitational, and the Summer 
Split to decide who goes for the World Championships. This would mean 
that the LCS is the highest level of League of Legends play in Europe and 
North America. 

Teams To Look Out For: 

EU LCS: Origen, Fnatic, H2k Gaming 

l\IA LCS: Team SoloMid, Cloud 9, Counter Logic Gaming 

Tencent League Of Legends Pro League 

This league is also known as LPL, and consists of teams from China 
competing in the same fashion as the LCS. There is a total of 12 
teams participating and are divided into two groups, Group A and 
Group B. Winners of the LPL Spring Split will qualify for the Mid- 
Season Invitational while winners of the Summer Split will quality 
for that year's World Championships. LPL is China's highest level of 
League of Legends play with many teams attaining good results in 
World Championships. 

Teams To Look Out For: 

EDward Gaming, LGD Gaming, Invictus Gaming 

League Of Legends Champions Korea 

The LCK is home to some of the best League of Legends teams in the 
world, that have proved themselves to be formidable opponents on 
the international level. It is also regarded by many as the strongest 
LoL league in the world because of their world class players. The LCK 
consists of both the Spring and Summer Split and is followed by the 
Regional Qualififers. The LCK also sports the most wins in the World 
Championships with a cumulative of 3 championships. 

Teams To Look Out For: 

SKT T1, Samsung Galaxy, ROX Tigers, Jin Air Green Wings, KT Roister E 



chip malaysia february16 107 

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Made Possible By The 

By Matthew Yap and Nixon Ng 







Walli - The Smart Wallet 

Smarter than your average wallet 

It could just be; the smartest wallet you'll 
ever own. How many of us men out there will 
admit to forgetting or losing their wallet every 
day? Losing your wallet, or even just leaving it 
behind when you need could spell disastrous 
moments. With Walli, it's possible that you 
might never have to experience that ever again. 

Walli connects to your phone and sends you a 

notification wherever and whenever you leave it behind. Once you connect Walli to your phone, the Walli App continuously monitors your wallet 
activity, which then lets you know if you somehow left a card behind. It will notify you as well if you get too far from your wallet, and if you 
seemed to have misplaced your phone you can set an alarm off by double-tapping your wallet to easily find it. 

UsBidi - The World's Most 
Intelligent Charger Ever! 

When charging cables start having a mind of 
its own 

Darn it our charging cable broke again !? 

Darn it there's only the colour purple and 
moss green left in the store!? How about 
instead you get something smarter, faster 
and more intelligent instead of a simple charging cable. UsBidi is created as a cable that is reliable, battery saving, time saving, mess/tangle free, 
and worthy as tribute to the smartphones we worship these days. The cable not only doubles the charging speed on computer USB ports, but also 
automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged, so you don't have to unplug, and spares your device from battery killers like heat 
and mini-charging-cycles. UsBidi has LED indicators, magnetic ends, and a durable colourful braided exterior that sets a fashionistas eyes on fire. 
Supports iPhone, MicroUSB and even USB Type C. 

EVO : Charger, Battery, Remote, 

SD Storage 

All-for-one and one-for-all 1 495831 47/ 
keychain?ref=category_ newest 

This could be a life changing device for all we 
know, and could set the precedence of smart 
devices like these for years to come. Just think 
of it, an ultimate keychain combining all the 
essentials for iPhone's and Android phones you could possibly need. If you need that little bit of juice to get through the rest of your day, the EVO 
has a 900mAh power bank that can give up to 4 hours of battery life to most smartphones, and comes with a USB cable plus an iOS adapter so 
you're pretty much set in emergencies. It's also a Bluetooth remote so sync it up and it'll let you customise what the buttons can be used for, and 
additionally it can be used as a Bluetooth tracker so you'll never lose your keys easily again. Pssst, here's a tip, you can use it to take selfies when 
your using a selfie stick. 

108 februarylB chip malaysia 

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Slimger PRO 

Juicing Up In Tandem— 2#/ 

One thing many people look at when selecting a smartphone is the battery. Often, 
we go for power banks to help keep our devices on longer. But what if we forgot 
to charge the portable batteries? That's where Slimger PRO comes in ! Winner of 
the iF Design Awards last year, the SlimgerPRO has a magnetic charging feature 
that allows you to charge multiple units of SlimgerPRO at the same time by 
stacking multiple units together. One of it will still have to be connected with a 
micro USB to a power source, but this way you can multiple power banks at the 
same time. Users of Apple devices won't be left out too, because there will be a 
version with a Lightning cable. 


One Cam, Many Uses 21 748736/yocam- 

The hype of action cameras has sort of come and gone, 
but there are yet people who want one that can do more 
at a lower price. MOFILY's YoCam could be the answer. 
The YoCam boasts versatility as its mainstay, with 
MOFILY claiming that it has the functions of a GoPro, 
DropCam, lifelogging camera, and more. Small and water 
proofed, the YoCam offers a number of features that 
a GoPro doesn't, such as Remote Connection or Image 
Stabilisation. Backers who pledged at least USD 149 
(approximately RM654) will get the YoCam, as well as a 
basic clip mount and pendant cord, so you can clip it to 
your pocket or wear it around the neck. Of course, extra 
mounting accessories will be made available separately. 

MAD Glass 

Constant Vigilance! 


Last year was said to be the year of wearables, even though it 
hasn't quite taken off locally. Fitness bands and smartwatches 
are somewhat popular, but here's something we find way more 
interesting - the MAD Glass. Designed by Hong Kong's Dragon 
Creative, the MAD Glass is an Android wearable that will have all 
the features we expect from a smartphone and more. By using 
Augmented Reality, the user can 'see' information and interact with 
it. It can be operated by gestures and voice control, so it's more or 
less hands free. By the time you read this, the funding period might 
already be over but do check it out. E 

chip malaysia februarylB 109 

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Morning Couldn't Arrive Any 

More than just things that go bump in the night, Until Dawn brings the movie vibe to your 
console. Playing out like a movie, you are put into the shoes of a group of teenagers with 
raging hormones, as they unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of their two 
friends. Characters die in this game so don't get too attached. Every decision you make in 
the game will affect the decisions you make in the future. By Nixon A Ig 

F or example, if you take another person's 
side in an argument in the future they 
may remember it, and act differently 
based on that. This opens a lot of different 
ways to play through the game, you can either 
save one or save them all. Everything you do 
or don't do has an effect on everything. Kill 
something and something else might come to 
bite back. The decision all lies in the hands of 
the person with the controller. 

The characters are modelled after their 
voice actors so you'll get to see some of your 
favourite actors in a game, such as Rami 
Malek (Mr. Robot) or Hayden Panettiere 
(Heroes) and even new breakout stars like 
Brett Dalton (Agents of 5.H.I.E.L.D). The 
motion capturing and voice work done on the 

game is excellent, and 
we felt that they chose 
the right people to be 
part of the cast. The 
dialogue comes across 
fun and entertaining, but 
sometimes the choices 
given do not match the 
words spoken. 

During gameplay 
there will be reflex 
moments where you 
have to enter the 
command buttons within 
a time limit, and if you 
fail to do so there will 
be consequences. This 

110 februarylB chip malaysia 

lite & leisure 


will constantly keep you on your toes during 
exciting moments of the game. Alongside 
these exciting and comical moments, you'll 
start to realise there's more than just things 
that go bump in the night to worry of, maybe 
the characters won't find out, but it's possible 
that you'll figure out the mystery before the 

end of the game. 

In addition, as you traverse the snowy 
mountains and dingy caves, you will often 
stumble upon Totems. These totems will 
give you a glimpse of the future and your 

'possible" outcomes, 

this can serve as a guide on how you'll plan 
your decisions from then on. Now on to the 
intricate things like graphics. Environment 
and weather effects are very well done, you 
get pulled into the game this way and you 
start to get immersed into the setting. The 
composer for 
Until Dawn is 
Jason Graves, 
a quite well 
known American 
television, film, 
and video game 

To name a few 
games that Jason 
has done, there's 
Dead Space, Tomb 
Raider (2013), Fear 
III, Prince of Persia: 
The Two Thrones, 
Evolve and many 
others. While also winning many awards for 
his work, Jason has become quite a name in 
the horror genre. Playing with headphones 
or speakers blasted out was an amazing 
experience for us, the music is really well done 

and we could find no other complaints, other 
than wishing the background music could just 
be a little louder. 

When it comes to game play, the camera 
angles can get a bit annoying and awkward, 
and that's where the game seems to fail the 
most. The controls can at times be clunky and 
when combined with the funky camera angles, 
navigating the game can sometimes get a bit 
annoying. For example, if you would transition 
from one room to another, if you don't reset 
the movement by releasing the analog stick it 
will follow the controls of the previous room. 
The thing that happens the most is even 
if you moved the analog stick it'll continue 
walking in the same direction. 

But despite that, the game still is 
enjoyable and if there are any future games 
or a sequel, it would do good to work on the 
camera angles and controls. We also agreed 
amongst each other that, saving everyone 
on your first play through, is like moving a 
boulder by your own, not impossible but still a 
huge challenge. For those who just wants to 
follow the story, replayability doesn't look so 
bright but for those who are adamant about 
saving everyone there's pretty much a whole 
lot more you can do. If you haven't bought this 
game or maybe you did but never got around 
to playing it. Do it! E 

Until Dawn 

Genre: Interactive Drama, Survival Horror 
Developer: Supermassive Games 

System Requirements Platform: PlayStation 4 

, Interactive Camera angles 

* Butterfly effect Clunky controls 

Gameplay: 0800 

Graphics: 0 @ 0 0 

Sound: sasss 

Replayability: (9 S @ 

chip malaysia februarylB 111 

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Line Apps 

Line is taking the world by storm with it's interesting features, such as adding people 
using a QR code, and such. Companies can even take advantage of their features to create 
"mobile competitions", where users can get cash vouchers if they answer a question 
correctly. Line is most widely used amongst teenagers these days thanks to the cute and 
attractive stickers that the app has to offer. l\lot only that. Line is offering built-in apps as 
well, so let's dive in and find out more By Nixon A Ig 


YCon is an app created by LINE that allows you to create 
your very own stickers and emoticons. The app allows 
you to turn yourself into many different character, from 
being an adorable little angel to being Miss Universe. 
There's an endless list of characters for you to choose 
from, so start sharing your cute emoticons and stickers 
with your family and friends. 




] w 



50 we* ittt 

fi fj “00^ i pv 

» ■ |*JI ■! f rt Plwron Variiogri 

tr*' ft 1 " && 

LINE Brush 

When texting gets boring, take it to the next level by 
drawing what you want to say, maybe it'll turn out to 
be a fun game you and your friends can play. With over 
40 brushes to choose from, you can adjust the smallest 
details, such as the size of your photo or the brush size, 
switch the brush to pen, crayons and many more. Be it 
drawing and sketching for work or even just a random 
doodle on your very own smartphone, you can share 
and show your skills to your friends and family. 


This app was previously known as LINE 
Camera, but now goes by the name 
Ailis. It allows you to get creative with 
your photo editing skills, as it's made 
more fun and exciting with all the new 
features. With over 5,000 different 
stamps in total and a 'Beauty' function 
to boot, Ailis gives you all the tools and 
options to bring out your inner child 
and beauty. You can even create a 
whole set of collages and also makes it 
easy to share your photos on ay social 

112 februarylB | chip malaysia 

lite & leisure 


A selfie app that'll keep you fun and fresh with its features. 
B612 is an app that is specially made for selfies and you most 
likely wouldn't find another app just like this. It supports many 
features such as video selfies, camera support, filters and 
many more. The selfie videos are short 3 or 6 second video 
clips that are complete with sound. Just tap and hold the 
screen to start recording. If that wasn't enough, there's also 
the collage shot to show everyone a glimpse of your universe, 
by putting your smiles together into one photo, you can create 
photos that stand out. 



A ft A n A* 

A A A of -<a 

.. r 

A * ■ A & .-*! 

G ,? A 


LINE Webtoon 

If you're a fan of comics, and like to 
keep up to date with the latest comics 
from different genres, LINE Webtoon is 
perfect for you as it provides you with 
an easy, simple and quick access to 
any of your favourite comics for free. 
Now you can read and keep track of 
your comics, all in a single app on your 
mobile. LINE Webtoon is also updated 
daily with 7 to 10 new webtoons each 
day of the week, where else can you 
find an app like this free-of-charge. 

LINE Toss 

LINE Toss allows you to conduct quick 
searches, check photos, and organise 
them by dates or locations at a single 
glance. The app makes it easy to share 
groups of photos and videos with other 
LINE users as well, all while without 
having to log in. You can view your 
photos in your smartphone by different 
sorting options such as dates and 
location. What's great is that you can 
still share the photos via SMS with your 
friends who don't have a LINE account. 

LINE Card 

Ranked first in the app store in five different countries, 
LINE Card is the official greeting cards app that has a 
total of 1A million users worldwide. The app lets you 
personalise your own greeting cards, including 
selecting your own images into the card to send to 
your friends and family members. LINE Card comes 
stock with a wide selection of greeting cards and cards 
that are updated automatically to suit every occasion. 
Which means a much more personal greeting can be 
given now to friends and family members. H 

chip malaysia I february 1 6 113 


Creating 3D Objects 
For Your Website 

With Tridiv, you can create three dimensional spaceships or logos in CSS which you can 
integrate into your website or blog via a simple code By Markus Hermannsdorfer 

F or this Practice, we will need a browser that supports the 
Webkit technology. Chrome, Safari, Opera and the Edge 
browser from Microsoft integrated in Windows 10, all support 
this feature. The web service Tridiv developed by Julian Gamier 
displays an interface on these browsers which imitates the 
rendering program Blender. Using simple bodies, you can create 
complex objects, layer them with textures and integrate them in 
your own website or blogs. This, optionally, is done via an iFrame or 
via a shortened web address. Tridiv also gives the complete code in 
HTML and CSS. You can make changes or add functions later. In 
steps 1 to 5, we will explain to you the basic working with Tridiv and 
steps 6 and 7 deal with the optimization of your object. Finally, you 
will integrate the ready 3D object in your own website. 

How to proceed 

1 Start the Tridiv modeller 

Go to the website To start a new project, click on "Start 
using the app". Alternatively, select one of the three displayed 
samples under "Examples". If you do not see anything or a distorted 
image, then your browser does not support the Webkit technology. 
Changing the browser is the only option here. 

2 Load the base forms in the editor 

Ensure that the "Editor" is enabled and in the icons bar, click on one 
of the four basic forms - Cube, cylinder, prism or pyramid - to load 
them into the Editor. 

3 Change the form of a body 

You should now see a small circle with different icons in their basic 
forms. Click on the body. With the help of the icons on the circle, you 
can rotate the base forms, change the size, duplicate the bodies or 
remove them from the Editor. 

U Set the colour and transparency 

You can change the transparency of the body with the help of the 
"Opacity" slider on the right margin of the picture. The value "0" 
makes the picture completely transparent, "1 " removes the 
transparency. You will find the button "Colours" directly under it. 
Using this button will help you assign one colour to all sides of the 
body. You should know the hexadecimal value of the colour for the 
same. Visit the site to determine the 
colour code. 

5 Wrap text around the object 

If you want to paste an image on the body, then you have to first 

114 februarylB chip malaysia 


upload it in your web storage or on your blog. In Tridiv, click on 
"images" and enter the URL of the uploaded image. Here, you can 
also select whether the entire body or only parts thereof, should be 

6 Design complex objects 

Now add other basic forms, move them to the right position and 
adjust the colours and textures. Using the techniques learned up to 
now, you can create everything from a simple company logo up to a 
Star Wars spaceship. 

7 Optimise light setting and CSS code 

When you have constructed your object, go to the "Preview". You can 
choose between a static or a dynamic light source there, adjust the 
brightness of the light and change the background colour. Since the 
calculation of the dynamic light is elaborate, we recommend using a 
static light source for complex models like the Star Wars spaceships. 
You will occasionally get a corresponding warning message from 
Tridiv. Apart from the finished object, the program also shows the 
final code. If you wish to change or review this code, then click on 
"Edit on CodePen". You will come to a new website which will display 
the code in HTML and CSS and your object. If it appears different 
than that on the Tridiv page, then click on "Settings", go to the tab 
"CSS" and activate the option 'AutoPrefixer" in the following dialog. 
Confirm with "Close". You should now see the object correctly. Click 
on "Save" in order to save the optimised program code. 

, p 

8 Integrate object in your own website 

Go back to the Tridiv page. In "Preview", you have two options to 
integrate the finished object in your own website or a blog: Click on 
"Short URL" in order to generate a web address which refers to your 
object saved in Tridiv or alternatively, click on "Embed" to integrate 
the object as iFrame. Copy the displayed code there on to the 
clipboard and insert it at a suitable place on your website or in the 

biog. a 

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lions Q 
age Views 

Insig hts Publishing T v . Is 

Posts Videos People 

Showing data from 20*011201 6-2€KW20t 6 

Export Settings Help * 

Page Likes 

> Post Reach 

> Engagement 


— This week 
last week 


Look Into 
Facebook Statistics 

The social network provides extensive statistics for some pages. You can use the same to 
analyse the behaviour of your visitors to your page 

W ho has liked which post? Where do my visitors come from 
and when are they online? Answers to all such questions 
are given by statistics under 'Facebook Insights". With the 
help of registered clicks and user specifications, this service 
determines which posts do visitors of a page like and share - for 
example, the Facebook page of your club, your company or a non- 
profit community. You will receive data in an anonymised form; it is 
not possible to determine who has interacted how. Using the Insight 
information, you can orient your posts stronger to the target 
audience and ensure that they are shared more often and thereby, 
win more fans. Note that only pages but not profiles, are statistically 

How to proceed 

1 Create a rough overview 

Log on to Facebook and then open a new tab in the browser. Type 
the address Select your 
page. You will now see the total number of all "Likes", the total 
coverage of your posts and the number of interactions on the page 
within a specific time period, in the "Overview". Comments, Likes, 
shared posts and clicks on specific posts, among others, come under 

2 Determine the best time for new posts 

You will see the number of visitors at a specific time under "When 
are the fans online" in the "Posts" tab. Facebook uses a display with 
weekdays for this statistics. You will immediately see on which day 
and at what time, are the most fans online. Thus, you can always 
publish new posts at an optimal time of the day. 

3 Analyse individual posts 

Click on one of the listed posts in the "Overview". You will 
immediately see how many persons you have reached, how many of 
them have clicked on "Like" or have left a comment and also how 
many evaluate it negatively or have reported it as spam. The best 
option is to analyse a good and a poorly running post in order to find 
out what your fans want. 

4 Learn more about your own fans 

The platform statistics show the average age and gender of your 
visitors in the "People" tab. If the analysis gives a very clear result 
such as "9A percent are men between 18 and 2 A years", you should 
align your contents towards this target audience. 

116 februarylB chip malaysia 


WH! irt WUBf PBH Tbp p4ir» f»*l P'JB** r&M 

thH« tfKmil hat J ttt+m l'*ttl fHth4 Tittmi thf tfjly *** WiIhiM Itt pltil C-sthfliule^a h&m\ Ii*m inti* 


YeurFams P#oplt» Rtaehtd 

Expert In^bghls pita 

Seh?-^ 3 £fj*tn ?k ps 're brj^ Jirt3 3a!e rasvgt Vftg ejii> ei/port nip :a $£h> post* 3t 9 «me 

ftaU Tjrpt 

* Fage data 

Pc*! 11314 

vma*& nats 

D?tf ftfln g* 

1 4 DtCfmbtr SO IS * 21 Jjniuiy 
FH* Formal 
EXCl! (.till * 

s*jran yuna m*:; mo n> a impute n 

«:mw< Eip 

tifefe veur Pag* 


vovt Fam 



Your Fan* 

Reach: Organic/Paid ▼ 





Reach: Organic-Paid 
Impressions: Organ ic'Pa id 

Reach: Fans/Non-Fans 

5 Find the percentage of real fans 

If you have published something recently, then you will see the 
recent posts in the tab "Posts" of the platform statistics. Open the 
list "Reach" there and select "Reach: Fans/Non-fans". Subsequently, 
move the mouse pointer to the coloured bar under "Reach". 

Facebook will now show how many people who have seen your post 
were already fans of your page. 

6 Determine interaction rate 

Since Facebook thrives on participation, whether your visitors view 
only the posts or they also share and comment, plays a huge role. 
Open the "Likes, comments and shares". Here, select the 
»Engagement rate«. Under "Engagement rate", you will now see how 
many persons who have viewed your post, have performed an action. 
If the interaction rate is low, then write a request "Please share" in 
your next posts and observe whether and how the interaction rate 
increases via the request. 

7 Check who does not like the page 

To determine the skip rate of the page, go to the tab 'Likes" and 
move the mouse pointer to the red area of the statistics 'Likes 
(net)". You can now determine the exact number of persons who no 
longer like your page. If you do not like the interactive display, then 
click on the left on » Disli ke« to show only the numbers. 

ganic/Paid ▼ Post Clicks ■ Likes, C 

✓ Post Clickslikes, Comments & Shares 

L i kes/C o m m ents/Shares 

Post hides, hides of All Posts, Reports of 

Engagement Rate 

8 Download the statistics 

If you wish to evaluate your statistics further in Excel, then click on 
"Export". Select a suitable "Data type" and the "Period". Under "File 
Format", use either "Excel (.xls)" or set 'Values separated by comma 
(.csv)" if you are working with another table calculation. If the 
statistics also include information for viral propagation of the posts, 
then enable the option "Export data with old template". Finally, you 
can download the statistics by clicking on "Export data". S 

chip malaysia februarylB 117 

tips & tricks 

Privacy and services 

Some features might save data 01 
to Microsoft to improve your bro> 

Learn more 

Offer to save passwords 


Manage my saved password; 


The Edge browser brings along its own password 




Display the data utilisation of the 
last 30 days in the network 



r iht p-wam Mfi*i an in# mar***. tf 

try compdikltv IraibladhDfAflf 

-2 -CttfijUjE rJi !idtia*lZ 

t lifliivj: 


£$ Pin ih* prov** n modi Ur 

App usage 

tyrtbrnm <Wj 

Wmkrmt Ufa fburwi Pack ti 

Wrtfaw6 VAOjIi Pick 2! 

chrome .cur 


Hum 1 Ml -UL‘ K.W 

HH fcjpntjfiw 

W.7 6S 

O [iMrrtf K-fTrJ Ml D p 1 K&ngt 

Ljftjl Hasp! pi? pti ra *i iLf 



Windows 10 can also mock another operating 
system for older programs 



which you can start older programs 


961 MB 

and games which are actually no longer 

Windows 10 shows which program has sent how 
much data in the last 30 days 

You can display your data utilisation for 
the last 30 days in Windows 10. Click on 
the "Windows" icon on the bottom left and 
go to "Settings". Now go to the category 
"Network and Internet Connection". Click 
on "Data usage" on the left. The network 
traffic of the last 30 days will be displayed 
here. The "Network utilisation" of the 
various programs will be listed via "Usage 



Play old games and applications in 
the latest Windows 

There is a function in Windows 10 with 

compatible with Windows 10. Look for the 
EXE file of the program which you wish 
to start in the compatibility mode. Open 
the context menu by right-clicking on it. 
Here, select the option "Properties". Now 
set a check mark for the function "Run 
program in compatibility mode for:". After 
the list has opened under it, you can select 
Windows version earlier up to Vista. The 
settings will be applied by clicking on OK. 
You can start the program as per usual. 


Manage stored passwords in the 
Edge browser 

Microsoft Edge has an integrated password 
manager which can help you save and 
manage passwords. We will explain to 

you where you can find the function and 
also show you an alternative method. 

Start Edge and click on the three dots in 
the upper right corner. In the following 
dropdown menu, select "Settings" and scroll 
all the way down till you can click the 
option "Show advanced settings". Under 
Privacy settings, you can not only activate 
or deactivate the storage of passwords but 
also manage the stored passwords. Click 
on this option. Now all those websites will 
be displayed to you for which you have 
saved the passwords. 

By clicking on the "X", you can delete 
the respective password. If you wish to 
edit the user name or the password, then 
double-click on the corresponding website. 
The stored name will be shown openly to 
you. However, the password will not be 

If you need the password to be 
displayed as clear text then go to the 
Control Panel and select the category "User 
accounts". You will find all the passwords 
stored in Microsoft Edge in "Manage your 
credentials". Select the desired website 
here and then click on "Show". You will be 
able to see the password after confirming 
a security question. 



What to do if the Start menu is not 

Sometimes it may happen that the Start 
menu of Windows 10 does not work. 

There are various methods to resolve 
this problem. In many cases, restarting 
Windows will do the job. Go to the desktop 
and press the key combination [Alt] + [FA]. 
Now select "Restart" and click on OK to 

118 februarylB chip malaysia 

tips & tricks 

tun* Lags bp** 

***** ■*■* rf ■ Mftrn.* 

I (44 



■“■* i= 

0 5**i»|r ■ 


ll • 


HP ***** 

T rtn ][bl ft UH| Idi 

SS-— . 

You can restart the crashed Windows Explorer via 
Power Shell 

confirm the reboot. 

Some virus scanners cause this error 
in the Start menu. Uninstall your antivirus 
software after testing. If the Start menu 
starts working, install another virus 
scanner and update it to the latest version. 

If the Windows Explorer is at fault then 
open the Task Manager by pressing [Ctrl] 

+ [Shift] + [Esc]. Click on "More Details" 
on the bottom left. Scroll to the section 
"Windows processes" in the "Processes" 
tab and search for the option "Windows 
Explorer" there. Right-click and select 

A temporary switch from the usual Start 
menu in the Tablet mode can also resolve 
this problem. Press [Win] + [A] to show the 
Info Centre. Click on the icon "Tablet mode" 
on the bottom left. The Start menu should 
be displayed in the full screen mode by 
clicking on the Start button. Press [Win] + 
[A] again and then click in the Info Centre 
on "Tablet mode" in order to go back to the 
Desktop Start menu. 

The EDB Log file may also be another 
cause of this problem. In Windows Explorer, 
go to the path "C:\Users\Name\AppData\ 
LocalTileDataLayerDatabase" where you can 
replace the "Name" with your user name. 
Look for the file "EDB00001.log" and delete 
it. Instead of "1", any random number can 
be in the file name. If the file cannot be 
deleted then press [Win]+[X] and select 
"Computer Management". Go to the area 
»Services and Applications« and stop the 
service »tiledatamodelsvc« there. 

The last method is via the PowerShell. 
First press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc] to open 
the Task Manager. Now disable "Windows 
Explorer" using "End Task" under "Windows 
Processes". Then, go to "File > Run new 
task" in the menu bar of the Task Manager 

and then type "powershell". 

In the PowerShell, type the 
command "Get-appxpackage- 

-packagetype bundle |% 

{add-appxpackage -register 
($_.i nstalllocation 
+ "\appxmetadata\ 

(without the curly brackets). 

After the process is complete, 
also type "Get-AppxPackage 
| %{Add-AppxPackage 
-Register "$($_. I nstallLocation)\ 
AppxManifest.xml" -verbose}". 

Finally, click on "File > Run new task" in 
the Task Manager. Here, type "explorer.exe" 
and confirm with OK. 

Clwigc privacy option* 

Ut KCl UM J £ F..| NWV 

>r*j if* mm ill 

||£l ** 

rthj #«:■.! I >,;* k'hJfriJ IPtlPT.^ Fpt^ 

«H! ••4*1 *1 If* lUU* 

Iff — *Wrt**' IHW* eolfr -Wujra ::WII HYHICtg 1> 



Stop Microsoft from eavesdropping 
on your privacy 

Windows 10 has the makings of a real 
data sponge. No other operating system 
will collect so much personal data. 

Microsoft already grants itself a row 
of access rights to private data during 
installation. While installing Windows 10, if 
you select "Express-Settings" then you are 
automatically giving extensive access rights 
to Microsoft. During installation, click on 
"Customise settings" during the installation. 
Disable as many options as possible. You 
can activate the Smart Screen protection 
if you are not using any other virus 

Every Microsoft account is linked with 
an ID through which the company can link 
the collected app and browser data with 
your mail address and name. It is possible 
to not register for a Microsoft account and 
use a local account but then services like 
Cortana will no longer work. 

In any case, you should customise the 
privacy settings in Windows 10. For this, 
press [Win] + [I] and click on "Privacy". 
Disable the option "Let apps use my 
advertising ID for experiences across apps". 
You should allow access to your location 
only to specific apps like a map service. For 
this, set the corresponding slider to "On" or 
"Off". Camera access, microphone access, 
account information, contacts and calendar 
are also important. Allow access to the 
corresponding data which you actually 

In Data Security settings on Windows 10, disable everything that 
is not absolutely required 

use and which can function as such. 

For example, Skype needs access to the 
camera, microphone and your account. 

Cortana might be useful but Microsoft 
reveals your location, contacts, voice input, 
information from Emails and SMS, browser 
and searches, calendar details and much 
more. If you do not use the voice assistant 
regularly then it is best to deactivate 
it. Unfortunately, the transmission of 
personal data to Microsoft under Windows 
10 cannot be fully blocked. Even when 
services like Cortana are disabled, Windows 
10 sends some information to Microsoft. 



Open the Control Panel using 
command prompt 


Corporation *13 rif*m 

Type the name ff* a program, foldei. document, 
re&DurceL and Windows- wilt opart it f« you. 


The Control Panel in Windows can be accessed even 
via the command prompt 

If you work with command prompt, 
programs like Control Panel can be 
directly opened with a command. Call the 
command prompt with the key combination 
[Win] + [R] and type "control" and confirm 

chip malaysia | februarylB 119 

tips & tricks 

with the ENTER key. 


Setting up a working remote 
Desktop connection 


Owm -ii jm-. t1w< vntibr -to e*i chtoq 

4 yv\ 1 otc^ vnoi* nmoarnc it- Cn cdttuv 

o FEad# cvi'Mtn la Lfw iWtOo 

ifcfc ‘_ii« I * >i im fetal cntaJta iLrnnp Hu i Bio 

*».* ^Ifplmart >^UirMA3h lteKinF*r<le;|-. 


Enable the Remote Desktop connection in this 

Setting up remote access of another 
computer is practical, for a variety of 
reasons. There are tools out there like 
TeamViewer which you can use to do this, 
but you don't necessarily need to install 
extra software to do this, as Windows has 
a remote access tool of its own. To do this, 
both the computers must be present and 
activated in the same network. Windows 7 
Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise must 
be necessarily installed as an operating 
system on the computer to be controlled 
remotely outside of the local network. Any 
version of Windows 7 will work on the PC 
which you wish to use for the controls. 

Also ensure that the Port 3389 in your 
firewall is not blocked. 

When the prerequisites are fulfilled, 
right-click on "Computer" in the computer 
that is supposed to be remote-controlled 
and go to "Properties". Then click on 
"Remote Settings" and switch to the 
tab "Remote" in the "System settings" 
window. Set a check mark before "Allow 
remote assistance connection with this 
computer" and enable the option 'Allow 
connection from computers on which any 
version of Remote Desktop is running (less 
security) '. Now click on "Select user". If 
you have logged in with your Administrator 
account, then this account will be added 
automatically. Otherwise click on "Add" and 
enter the user names which are allowed to 
connect to the PC. Confirm with OK. 

On the computer that has the control, 
open the Start menu and type »Remote 

desktop connection^ Click on the search 
result. Enter the name or the IP address 
of the computer to be controlled in the 
field "Computer" and confirm by clicking 
on "Connect". Windows will now ask your 
user name and password. Now set a check 
mark for "Save login info" so that you can 
be connected automatically next time. Click 
again on the "Connect" button. 



Individually change the cursor with 
a few clicks 

AC-sna taffUrCbboro Wheel Hmtwim 


8**sL - . .. - 


Sat* 4* 

Nectm 5d«d 


Worttjrtg Ih Esaos, groufid 





E^j .parta itatow 

UuEMaJ Bttiwa? 


in Windows 8, the fastest way to find the dialog is 
via a search query on the Metro interface 

It is very easy to change the mouse pointer 
if you wish to use another one instead of 
the standard cursor in Windows 8. Click on 
the Windows icon in the taskbar and enter 
the term "Mouse pointer" in the search bar. 
Select the search result 'Change how the 
mouse pointer looks". 

A new dialog box will open. If you wish 
to change the entire layout of the cursor, 
select a new design package via "Scheme". 
The other alternative is to customise the 
individual cursor icons where you click on 
the action under "Customise" and set a 
new icon via "Search". Finally, save your 
changes with the "Apply" button. 



How to activate the print spool 

You need a print spool service so that you 
can issue a print order to your PC. If it is 
not executed, then re-activate this service. 
To do this, open the "Control Panel" and 
click on "Administrative Tools > Services". 
Search for the service "Print management". 

I* Print Mjnnqefismt Propeli-cs X 

Gmwjl Shouai shorty c Unm 
ip* fHf M4n6gen#C 

WcitjsQi CoflWKm Console Dtjcgmed 

Tn«t interior. 


tL l'L E dLi i »• ii»1lf ? i 1'--' ii‘-i 1 h i T j 



ft-r, Itamd window 

Cjiran&ra Mifiagifes bes and 

Open Lpcrtpn Q#’ g* fcfin 

Ensure that the printing service is set on 

Right-click and go to "Properties". Ensure 
that the option "Automatic" is set under 
"Start Type". Save with OK and finally 
restart your PC. You will be able to start 
printing immediately. 



Show the forgotten password of the 
home network 

- II+. • Mil- . 

4 I I ifclL I riV •,* RWTTPF « •wm FFW"! Pl-P| ipvmil —P ■*« 

___ m »*i ■M.-wlH 

*■ ■ w 1.1-*+^ Mfc pml Mi t**—h - im l i i -h i ■■ 

You can display the password for the home network 
group via the Control Panel 

You have a new PC and want to integrate 
it in your home network. When you wish 
to connect to the home network group, 
you will be asked for a password - but 
what if you do not know it? No worries: 

The password will be shown to the 
creator of the home network group during 
installation. If you do not know who has 
set up the home network group then the 
password can be recalled from a member 
of the home network at all times. 

Open the Control Panel and type the 
term "Home network group" in the search 
field on the top right. Note that the 

120 februarylB chip malaysia 

tips & tricks 

computer used is a member of the home 
network. Subsequently select the option 
"HomeGroup". Under the option "More 
home network group actions", you will find 
the option "Show or print the password for 
the home network group". The password 
for the home network group in your 
network will now be displayed to you in 
clear text. 




Reflect objects vertically or 

horizontally in the presentation 


VP i , ]J J|ri I 



Using the elements on the right, you can control the transparency and size of the reflections 

The objects and images added in 
PowerPoint can be reflected horizontally 
as well vertically. Ysou can use different 
reflections as artistic effects also. Select a 
random object. Go to "Start" and call the 
command group "Arrange" in the subgroup 
"Drawing". You will find the command 
"Rotate" under "Position objects". Drag 
the mouse over it and a menu will open 
where you will see the command "Reflect 
horizontally". You can create a reflection of 
your object with this command. 

The same effect can be achieved when 
you drag the mouse on an anchor point on 
the right or left side of the selection. Keep 
the left mouse button pressed and the 
mouse pointer will change from a double 
arrow to a cross. Now drag the mouse 
horizontally over the object to the other 
side to get a reflection. 

To reflect your object vertically, go 
to "Start > Arrange > Rotate > Rotate 
vertically". This effect can be achieved via 
an anchor point of the object selection 
which is visible on a smaller line over the 
upper margin of the selection. Keep the 
mouse button pressed and the mouse 
point will change into four arrows that 
run in circles. Keeping the mouse button 
pressed, you can now rotate the object in 
every angle. 

If your PowerPoint presentation needs 
to look visually convincing, then select the 
object and call the dialog window "Format 
picture" in the command group "Drawing" 
via Start. The other option is to right-click 
on an object and select "Format picture" in 
the context menu. 

You will find the option 'Reflection" 
in the window "Format picture". There is 
a drop-down menu hidden behind this 
point. Among other things, you can define 
the size and transparency of the object 

reflection with the same. Here, you have 
the option to manually control all sizes. 
Alternatively, you can choose from a range 
of presets. 




What to do if the text editor 
constantly crashes 


Show all unread messages in the 
mail client 


£« I* 1— T 

-* , rw»* 

, N « 

'2 ■ 

} ftp t’ 

j CUfe* 

1 m 

Disable the Add-ins for the error search. This may 
be the cause for Word crashing 

With one dick, Outlook lists the unread Emails. 
Version 2010 needs a few dicks more 

How do you display all your unread 
Emails in Outlook at once? This is possible 
with a click in Outlook 2013, but is a 
bit cumbersome in the 2010 version. In 
Outlook 2013, select the button "Unread" 
above the message list. This works in every 
folder of the inbox. Click on "All" and all 
the mails which you have already read, will 
also be displayed again. 

In Outlook 2010, select the inbox which 
you want to search for unread mails. 

Ensure that you are on the "Start" tab. You 
will find the group "Search" on the extreme 
right in the menu group. Now select "Filter 
Emails" there and click on the option 

If Word is constantly crashing, then check 
the registry, templates and Add-ins. In 
Windows click on "Start" and type "regedit" 
in the search field. Confirm the start of 
the Registry editor with "Yes". Go to the 
key "HKEY_CURRENT_ USER\Software\ 
Microsoft\Office\1 A.O\Word\Data". 
Depending on the version of Word, there 
may be another number here, like 12.0 for 
Word 2007. In the menu, click on "Edit" and 
then on "Delete". Confirm the action with 

If this does not help, then search for 
the file "Normal. dot" or "Normal. dotm" in 
Windows. Delete the files when found. 

They will be automatically created again 
without any errors when you start Word 
the next time. 

chip malaysia | februarylB 121 

tips & tricks 

Defective Add-ins remain the last 
cause. In Word click on "File" and then on 
"Options". Now click on 'Security Centre" 
and then on "Settings for Security Centre". 
Here, select "Add-ins". Set the check mark 
for "Disable all application Add-ins" and 
restart Word. Subsequently, you should 
activate all Add-ins step by step to find 
the erroneous extension in this manner. 



j£| What you should absolutely know 
while charging the battery for the 
first time 

Longer charging does not make any sense for 
Lithium-Ion batteries 

If you are using a battery-operated device 
for the first time, then you should pay 
attention to the correct initial charging 
of the battery. We always keep reading 
in forums that the battery should be 
charged for 12 hours. This process is 
called re-conditioning; however, it makes 
sense only for Nickel-Cadmium batteries 
which are no longer used in the latest 
devices. Virtually every tech device today 
is provided with a Lithium-Ion battery. 

Here, charging the battery the first time 
for a long period is not effective. When the 
battery is fully charged, the power supply is 
automatically stopped. The only important 
thing is to fully charge the batteries for 
the first time. This does not improve the 
performance of the Lithium-Ion batteries 
but the accuracy of the charging status 
indicator. For example, when you unpack 
your new smartphone, the device must 
first learn how much power the battery can 
store at all. This is how the reliability of 
the battery display is ensured. 


Repair an external drive with 
defective USB port 

The external USB disk works perfectly in the new 

If the USB port of your external hard disk 
is defective, then a new casing will suffice. 
First, check whether the connection and 
not only the cable is defective. If the 
port is the culprit, then back up the data 
present on the hard disk. If the device has 
different ports, then use one of those. The 
other alternative is to remove the casing 
and back up the data via a SATA-to-USB 
adapter, which can be purchased online at 
a cheap price. You will need a new casing 
for the repairs as the USB controller sits in 
the casing of the hard disk. This also can 
be purchased online at an affordable price. 
Note the shape of the hard disk while 
buying. You will need a 3.5-inch disk and a 
2.5 one for laptops. As port, select SATA as 
no one today uses the IDE anymore. 

When you receive the new components, 
open the old casing and remove the disk. 
The mechanisms for this are different for 
every manufacturer. Some casings are only 
screwed in; others are fixed with plastic 
clamps. The hard disk is mostly fixed using 
screws in case of 3.5-inch disk casings. 
When you have loosened the holding 
mechanism, carefully remove the hard disk 
from the casing and place it in the new 
casing in the reverse order. The device 
should now work without any problems. 



Repurposing old routers 

Your old router need not gather dust in the 
basement. You can also use it to improve 
your home or office network. We will give 
you three options for it. You can extend 
your WiFi network and its coverage using 

You can separate the home network from the office 
network using an old router 

an Access Point. The easiest way is to 
connect the old router to your main router 
via a LAN cable and you will already have 
an improved WiFi coverage. You just need 
to connect your devices via WiFi to the old 

If both the routers have a WiFi Repeater 
function, then you can even expand your 
signal wirelessly. For this, you have to just 
connect both the routers via the Repeater 
function so that an Internet connection 
is established. You can then couple other 
devices to the old router via WiFi. 

But in this case, note that the available 
bandwidth of your wireless home network 
is halved. 

If you work from home, you can 
separate the home network from the office 
network using the old router. 

Connect all devices for your home 
network to the main router. Subsequently, 
connect both routers with a LAN cable 
and then connect all devices for the office 
network to the old router. You must 
specify a different IP address on every 
router in the router settings (Example and - Done! 



What to do if white dots interfere in 
the picture? 

A projector brings the cinema experience 
to your living room. However, it gets quite 
annoying when white dots appear in the 
picture. What could be the reason? First, 
take a look at the HDMI or the VGA cable 
that connects the projector to the playback 
device. It is quite improbable that the 
source of error lies here but there is no 
harm in trying to solve the problem by 
quickly changing the cable. 

Subsequently, clean the lenses with a 
towel, possibly it is soiled. Now pull the 

122 februarylB | chip malaysia 

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Tel: 603 77317 6554 Fan §03 7727 3554. 

tips & tricks 

If the lenses are soiled, then the particles will be 
seen as ugly artefacts in the picture 

power plug and take a look at the inside 
of the projector. Remove the dust from 
the insides with a bit of compressed air. 
Use a small bellow like the one used for 
cleaning camera lenses, to remove the dust 
from the DLP chip. If this also does not 
help, then the DLP chip must be defective. 
Therefore, that does not necessarily make 
the projector unusable. It may be quite 
worthwhile to take a look at the chip and 
to look for a replacement on eBay - there 
are many models available for a few 



The brightness of the display 
cannot be changed - it will work 

Tools (from Lenovo here) often control the settings. 
Uninstalling software may lead to problems 

If the screen brightness on the laptop 
cannot be controlled, then there may be 
due to several causes. On one hand, the 
graphic drivers can be at fault: Search for 
the latest drivers on the website of the 
manufacturer. Software from third party 
providers may also lead to problems. If 
you installed such a software recently, 
for example, a Hotkey software to control 

the card, then install it again. This way, 
you can check whether the error lies here. 
Another cause of error may be in the 
power control. You will find the "Power 
options" in the Control Panel under the 
category "System and Security". You can 
change the brightness manually there. 

If this also does not help, then there is 
another trick: Change the brightness in the 
control panel and switch the computer to 
power-saving mode. In case of laptops, 
for example, you have to open the laptop 
to get this fixed. Subsequently, switch on 
the computer again and the brightness 
would have changed. In some cases, it may 
happen that Windows no longer perceives 
the screen as active. To change this, right- 
click the Monitor in the Device Manager 
and select "Activate". 



Is it worthwhile to connect a 
Multimedia stick to the projector? 


Chromecast can also be used on the projector using 
the delivered power supply 

If you wish to use your Chromecast stick 
not only on TV but also with the projector, 
then that is not a problem at all. Simply 
plug it into the HDMI port. However, 
you will mostly not find any ports on 
the projector which supply power to the 
Chromecast. Therefore, you will need a 
power supply for the stick. 

Chromecast delivers only 720p 
resolution on the projector. This is quite 
good for most of the streaming contents 
- as long as the network connection 
is good enough. Otherwise the quality 
will be reduced. If the WiFi reception on 
the projector is not good, then there is 
a separate solution in the form of the 
Chromecast-Ethernet adapter: The adapter 
supplies power to the stick via the micro- 
USB connector and network data from the 

connected Ethernet cable. 



What you should note while buying 
a used action camera 

The popular action cameras by GoPro 
cost quite a lot, which can make buying 
a second-hand camera a lot more logical. 
Action cams are often used for risky 
sports like mountain biking, mountain 
climbing, Motocross, BMX or skateboarding 
and snowboarding where falls cannot be 
avoided. The protective casing of a used 
GoPro may show scratches and small 
dents but it should still be intact and 
water-proof to protect the camera. 

Pay attention to the accessories and 
check whether the equipment complies 
with the desired area of use. The action 
camera can be used in various ways if you 
have the correct accessories. For example, 
a suction cup is vital for fixing the GoPro 
onto a car. The accessories should also be 
flawless and intact. 

To start directly, a compatible 5D card 
with appropriate reading speed must be 
included in the package, apart from the 
classic holders and fixtures. Contact the 
seller and set up an appointment to check 
the GoPro for its status and check if it's 

If possible, do not pay for the camera 
in advance but try to close the deal when 
you're convinced that the camera is still in 
working condition. 

Check whether the action cam has a 
remaining warranty and whether the seller 
has an invoice as private sellers mostly 
exclude a product return. H 

While buying a used GoPro, pay attention to 
scratches or other damages 

chip malaysia | februarylB 125 

picture perfect 




Grooving to the 

26/1 /2016 - An "honor"-ab/e match at The 


2n/2016Gi/l teaching you 
Lowyat Plaza 

12/T/20T6- Contemplating thegam t 

ler girt life, MS! or 




* ’_2 Q 

126 february 16 chip malaysia 

6 - Take 

12/1 /2016 - Even a Haier TV can get VIP treatment at St Giles The 

,e at the ASUS 

end Jack 

26/1/2016- Philips monitors aren't the only thing that 
catches the eye at the event 

picture perfect 

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i Forgot Your Password? 


What can you do if you accidentally locked yourself out of your PC, or worse, your online accounts? 

Give New Life To Old 

Just because your devices are old, doesn't mean they're useless. 

In this article we take a look at how you can make the most out 
of outdated hardware 

Attack On Nurseries t 

These days, even children's toys are connected to the internet. In 
the mad rush to be connected, we've forgotten the importance of 
online security, especially to safeguard our children 

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