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Complete Storage Management 

Advanced Edition 

ARCservelT offers automated protection of your busi- 
ness’ most critical asset... its data. ARCservelT’s 
industry-leading storage technology is now available to 
Linux users, providing high performance, easy adminis- 
tration, ultra-wide device support, and unsurpassed reli- 
ability. ARCservelT for the Linux environment extends its 
functionality with added client agent technology, tape 
library support, and advanced tape management. 

Indusiry-Proven Data Protection 

Organizations of all types and sizes in today’s dynamic, global 
eBusiness marketplace depend on computer technology to run 
their operations. The deployment of IT systems allows businesses 
to grow without limitations. Systems ranging from applications to 
databases form the foundation for operational success. Consequently, 
Safeguarding this information by implementing a storage manage- 
ment solution is the key to attaining and maintaining the competitive 
advantage. Data loss affects the bottom line — missed business 
opportunities, unsatisfied customers, and most of all, forfeited revenue. 
ARCserve/T provides a comprehensive storage management solution, 
delivering several key advantages, including: 

e Reduced Operational Expenses And Improved Productivity. 
ARCserve/T automates every traditional storage management 
task. This lowers operating expenses, reduces media errors, 
and enables you to centrally perform essential data protection 

Proven Backup And Recovery Reliability. ARCserve/T's com- 
prehensive data protection functionality reliably secures critical 
data. ARCserve/7 goes beyond simple data protection, utilizing 
data verification methods such as tape scan and byte-by-byte 
checking, enabling maximum data integrity, and recovery capa- 
bilities in the event of a disaster. 

Ultra-Wide System Support. ARCserve/T offers support for 
heterogeneous environments. It allows storage access from 
your operating environment to data housed on multiple servers 
running on multiple platforms. ARCserve/7 also features exten- 
Sive tape-device support and advanced-level notification for 
user-configured alerts. 

Extensive Solution Flexibility. ARCserve/7 makes it easy for 
you to support your dynamic business. Available agents and 
options extend support to virtually any computer in your envi- 
ronment. Cross-platform management via a Java-based console 
provides flexible administration across your infrastructure. 

Uniceplered ” 

Proven Linux Protection 

Many organizations today are deploying Linux-based servers for 
eBusiness strategies to quickly and inexpensively boost or build 
their computing environments. ARCserve/7 delivers industry-proven 
protection for several Linux platforms, including Red Hat, Caldera, 
SuSE, and TurboLinux. In addition, ARCserve/7 supports the com- 
mon GUI interfaces such as GNOME, KDE, KMS, and more. Users 
can also take advantage of ARCserve/T’s Java-based GUI for local 
or remote Web-based management. 

ARCserve/7 offers transparency for file systems supported 
on the Linux operating system you may be running. Backups can 
be executed locally or remotely using SCSI or TCP/IP, respectively. 
Long filename support and on-the-fly performance tuning help 
maximize memory resources. 

The Right Solution For Your 
Linux Environment 

ARCserve/T Advanced Edition meets the storage management 
needs of any size environment, ranging from small to large. 
ARCserve/T Advanced Edition for the Linux operating system scales 
from a single server to multiple servers. In addition, users can 
manage storage across multiple servers — including Windows NT 
servers — from the same console. 

|. 2"8 Netscape: Weicome to ARCservelT 6. 61 Advanced Edition 
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ARCservelT’s Java interface provides local or remote management capabilities. 


Software superior by design. 

Easy To Deploy — Effortless To Manage 

Installing ARCserve/7 is simple — intuitive “Wizards” guide you 
through the entire process. Extending protection beyond the server 
is quick and easy. ARCserve/T's client agents can be remotely 
installed across the network, allowing you to install the software 
on multiple machines from a central location. 

Performance When You Need It Most 

ARCserve/T’s architecture and low-level device communication pro- 
vides high performance for all operations. When protecting client 
data, ARCserve/7 uses “push” technology to pre-package data on 
the client machine, maximizing processing speed when transferring 
data to the server. ARCserve/T also features intelligent data com- 
pression which accelerates data movement, thereby reducing 
network traffic and increasing drive capacity. 

Unsurpassed Data Integrity And Security 

Built-in intelligent data encryption* functionality secures your critical 
data against accidental or malicious intrusion. Advanced verification 
methods help ensure data integrity and minimize errors. 

— i Job Status Manager [1] — ARCservelT 6.61 Advanced Edition 
Fite Job Statue 

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i> gi SOLARIS Dx L BD Ready 01/02/2000 12:30AM Backup WHOLE MACHINE BACKUP 
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341.202. 110.244:6053} 

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Start Backup Job From warmomtigt41 202.120.247), by user [roof 
session 9 1 


| Soe BE 
"ll yned | Java Appin Window 

ARCserve/T Advanced Edition extends support to centrally manage backup 
and restore of multiple servers. 

Advanced Edition Distinctive Features 

e Integrated Client Support. ARCserve/7 includes free support 

to back up and restore attached Linux and Windows NT Work- 

stations as well as Windows 3.1x and 95/98 clients. 

Extensive Device Support. ARCserve/T can back up data to 

virtually any tape or removable drive, including 4mm, 8mm, 

DDS, DLT, AIT, and much more. 

+ Advanced Scheduling. Jobs can be run immediately or sched- 
uled to run at specific times, without the need for user initiation. 

Data Verification. ARCserve/7 helps ensure data integrity with 
various verification methods, including tape scan, or byte-by- 
byte verification. 

Parallel Streaming. ARCserve/7 can increase performance 

by backing up, restoring, or copying data to/from up to 32 
devices — simultaneously. 

Automatic Alerts. If ARCserve/7 encounters a problem, you can 
be automatically notified via e-mail, SNMP traps, or network 

UTF Compatible. ARCserve/T is UTF (Universal Tape Format) 
compatible, making it easy for users of existing ARCserve/T 
solutions for UNIX and Windows NT to write or restore informa- 
tion on the same tape. 

Industry-Leading Management Technology. ARCserve/T 

is built on CA’s Unicenter TNG® Framework;" today’s most 
sought-after management technology. ARCserve/T leverages 

the Framework’s EnterpriseDiscovery,™ report explorer, event 
management services, Business Process Views™ and Real World 
Interface™ to deliver unparalleled data protection. 

Multiple Servers Support. In addition to the local Linux Server, 
ARCserve/7 Advanced Edition extends support to protect data on 
remote Linux servers. Optional Client Agents enable ARCserve/T 
Advanced Edition users to also backup and restore UNIX, Cobalt, 
Windows 2000, Windows NT, NetWare, Macintosh, and 05/2 

Centralized And Remote Management. ARCserve/7 Advanced 
Edition can help reduce administration time and increase pro- 
ductivity by centrally managing all enterprise-wide storage 
activities from a single Linux console. All administrative func- 
tions are easily accessible from remote locations through the 
ARCserve/7 manager or Remote Access Services (RAS). 

System Requirements 
Hardware: Software: 
e Intel x86 processor e Red Hat Linux 6.1 

e 64Mb RAM e Caldera 2.3 
e 35Mb disk space e SuSE 6.3 
e Turbo Linux 4.0 

For more information, call 1-877-2 GO FOR IT, 
or visit our website at 


Software superior by design. 

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