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Complete Storage Management™ 

ARCservelT goes beyond basic protection to safeguard your 
most critical business This industry-leading 
storage management solution delivers high performance, easy 
administration, broad device compatibility, and unsurpassed 
reliability to protect your entire computing environment. 
The extensive suite of ARGserve/T options provides enhanced 
functionality, including broad client/server support, policy- 
based data management, online backup of applications, fast 
disaster recovery, advanced media management, and support 
for Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks. 

Protect And Manage 
Your Most Valuable Asset 

Businesses of all types and sizes rely on computer-based information 
to ensure their ongoing operation and success. Data loss affects the 
bottom line —missed business opportunities, disappointed customers, 
and lost revenue. ARCserve/T provides several key benefits, including: 
e Protection Of Business Assets. The ARCserve/7 comprehensive 
data protection functionality reliably secures critical data. In the 
unfortunate event a disaster strikes, the automated disaster 
recovery functionality of ARCserve/T can quickly and easily 
recover your vital information. 
Reduced Operational Expense And Improved Productivity. 
ARCserve/T automates virtually every traditional storage manage- 
ment task. This lowers operating expenses, reduces errors, and 
enables you to easily perform essential data protection routines. 
e Easy Expansion. Available in several editions, ARCserve/7 makes 
it easy for you to support your dynamic business. Available 
agents and options extend support to virtually any computer in 
your environment, increase performance, provide online backup 
of 24 x 7 applications, and enable the use of automated devices. 

The Right Solution For Your Environment 

Since no two computing environments are the same, ARCserve/T is 
available in different editions that let you choose the storage manage- 
ment solution that is best for you. In addition, an extensive suite of 
options and agents allow you to further customize ARCserve/T to meet 
the individual needs of your organization. 

ARCserve/T Workgroup Edition is primarily designed for 
small-to-midsized organizations and departments within larger 
organizations. The Workgroup Edition supports a single Windows 
NT server and its attached clients, enabling even the smallest LAN 
to reap the benefits of powerful technology at a price point and 
level of functionality that fits its needs. 

Unicepfered ~ 

Workgroup Edition 
Advanced Edition 

‘ ARCservelT 
Workgroup Edition 
Server | 

Windows Clients 

ARCserve/T Workgroup Edition offers extensive data protection for 
single servers. 

ARCserve/T Advanced Edition was created to meet the 
expanded needs of most mid-to-large-sized organizations. The 
Advanced Edition combines industry-proven technology and ease-of- 
use with advanced features and scalability to deliver an unsurpassed 
Storage management solution. Ideally suited for multi-server and 
heterogeneous environments, ARCserve/7 Advanced Edition provides 
centralized management of all Workgroup and/or Advanced Edition 
storage servers throughout your network, and offers a unique set of 
options that provide the functionality and scalability needed to meet 
the demands of the most complex environments. 


“eae Clients 
Windows __ 
Clients & 

Workgroup Edition 

f NetWare 
à Server 

NetWare 5.0 
„ Server 

ARCserveiT ARCservelT 
Advanced Edition | >< NT Advanced Edition 
Server Server 

Windows Clients 

ARCserve/T Advanced Edition extends support to centrally manage backup 
and restore multiple servers. 


Software superior by design. 

Easy To Deploy... Effortless To Manage 

Installing ARCserve/7 is simple—intuitive “Wizards” guide you 
through the entire process. Extending protection beyond the server 
is quick and easy... the ARCserve/7 client-agents can be remotely 
installed across the network, eliminating the need to individually 
install software on each machine. 

Quick Access 

Wizard Quick Access Classic Quick Access | 
Job Status Media Pool management 
Global servers: jobs and activities Media pools and media configuration 
Backu Device Management 
Custom and automated backup of networks Realtime format, erase, and status display of 
backup devices 

pecan SS Database 
dete anes nt | eset 
Data a Br — 
N) | migration components on the network View and print logs and reports 

RecoverDB Merge Scan Compare Count Purge Copy 

Easily access main functions from the ARCserve/T Quick Access Interface. 

Windows 2000 Compatibility 

ARCservelT, along with its options and agents, leverages the new 
storage enhancements to the Windows 2000 operating system: 
e Maintaining Data Integrity. Windows 2000 provides additional 
file parameters to enhance data integrity and the transparent 
movement of data. ARCserve/7 leverages Objectld’s and Reparse 
points to protect the integrity of your data. The Reparse points 
provide an efficient directory and file-level storage management 

Maintaining Volume Integrity. Windows 2000 allows transparent 
transition from one volume to another and improves file volume 
maintenance. ARCserve/T works seamlessly with file volumes to 
protect these “shortcuts” and restore your data to the original 
State it was in prior to the last backup. 

Enhanced File Security. Windows 2000 goes a step beyond the 
native security that was provided with NTFS volumes. It stores 
data in encrypted files to ensure the validity of your critical 
information resources. ARCserve/7 protects the file system 
with seamless backup and restore functionality. 

Sharing Storage Devices. The Removable Storage Manager 
gives the storage applications the ability to share storage 
devices between applications. ARCserve/7 supports RMS as 

well as storage hardware sharing. 

Workgroup/Advanced Edition 
Distinctive Features 

The following ARGserve/T functionality is found in both Workgroup 
and Advanced Editions: 

e Integrated Client Support. ARCserve/T protects your attached 
desktops with integrated backup and restore support for Windows 
NT Workstations, Windows 95/98, and Windows 3.1x clients. 
Integrated Tape And Optical Library Support. ARCserve/T 
includes autoloader support, which extends backup flexibility 
and capacity by leveraging single or automated libraries 

(tape or optical) with one drive and up to 20 slots. 

Extensive Device Support. ARCserve/7 can back up data to 
virtually any tape, removable drive, or optical device, including 
5.2GB magneto-optical media. 

Advanced Scheduling. Jobs can be run immediately, or scheduled 
to run at any time, even when users are logged off. 

Data Verification. ARCserve/7 helps maintain data integrity with 
various verification methods, including CRC, fast tape scan, and 
byte-by-byte verification. 

Parallel Streaming. ARCserve/7 can increase backup/restore 
performance by backing up, restoring, or copying data to/from 
up to 32 devices — simultaneously. 

Automatic Alerts. If ARCserve/7 encounters a problem, you can 
be automatically notified via pager, e-mail, SNMP traps, event log, 
or network broadcast. 

MTF Compatible. ARCserve/T is MTF (Microsoft Tape Format) 
compatible, making it easy for users of existing Windows NT backup 
utilities to take advantage of ARCserve/T’s powerful features. 
Industry-Leading Management Technology. ARCserve/7 is 
built on CA’s Unicenter TNG® Framework!" today’s most sought- 
after management technology. ARCserve/7 leverages the 
Unicenter TNG Framework EnterpriseDiscovery,™ report 
explorer, event management services, Business Process 
Views,™ and Real World Interface” to deliver unparalleled 

data protection. 

Advanced Edition Distinctive Features 

The following ARCserve/7 functionality is available only in the 

Advanced Edition: 

e Multiple Servers Support. In addition to the local Windows NT 
server, ARCserve/7 Advanced Edition extends data protection to 
remote Windows NT servers. Optional Client Agents empower 
ARCserve/T Advanced Edition to also back up and restore UNIX, 
NetWare, Macintosh, and 0S/2 machines. 

: ARCserve/T Backup Manager —itstsi—‘—Ss—S 

Gr + alale| 

soc | Destination | Method/Scheduie ] 

BE js | * Macintosh Agents 
LS u ¥* NetWare Agents 
i eo 05/2 Agents 
115 u 3% UNIX Agents 
& © Æ] metaphor 
6 8 shundan 

© © © /home DE ee 
@ DM ine | Tue dun 23 080814 Eaton Dayight Te ran 
8 DO @ /opt2 i Sat Jun 13 14:29:43 Eastern Daylight Time 1998 

© © © /stand i Mon Jun 22 21:40:10 Eastern Daylight Time 1998 

0 © /tmp 

BO © /usr 

© © © war 

Œ © 5 on Windows 3.x Agents 
| & oF À Windows 95 Agents # 

Manage heterogeneous clients from a single console. 

Centralized And Remote Management. ARCserve/T Advanced 
Edition can help reduce administration time and increase 
productivity by centrally managing all enterprise-wide storage 
activities from a single Windows NT console. Administrative 
functions are easily accessible from remote locations through 
ARCserve/T manager or Remote Access Services (RAS). 
Centralized Database. The ARCserve/7 database information 
can all be stored in a central repository, enabling administrators 
to run centralized reports, review job logs, and manage contention 
with device-sharing technology. 

Remote Installation. ARCserve// offers single-point installation 
of any option and/or agent, eliminating time-consuming installation 
at each individual machine in your environment. 

Customize Your Storage Management 
Strategy With ARCserve/7 Options 

Essential Environment Protection 

Today’s IT environments need support for multiple server platforms 
along with advanced protection, assurance that files are not skipped 
during backup, and the ability to recover from a system disaster 
quickly and easily. To streamline operations, storage management 
systems need to incorporate automation and scheduling while 
leveraging hardware technologies such as autoloaders and libraries. 
Available ARCserve/7 options round out your ARCserve/7 implemen- 
tation to meet your environment’s unique needs. 

e ARCserve/T Client Agents extend backup/restore support to a 
wide variety of networked machines. ARCserve/7 Workgroup and 
Advanced Editions include client agent support for Windows 
desktops. Available ARCserve/7 Advanced Edition Client Agents 
extend backup support to multiple Windows NT or Windows 2000 
servers and additional platforms such as UNIX, NetWare, 0S/2, 
and Macintosh. 

ARCserve/T Disaster Recovery Option provides quick and 
easy restoration of a downed server, without requiring re-instal- 
lation (operating system or ARCserve/7). It allows users to 

perform remote system recovery by waking the failed system, 
and installing the OS and data from any location on the network. 
ARCserve/T Backup Agent for Open Files delivers “hot” online 
backup and restore of documents, spreadsheets, drawings, 
publishing files, and much more. This agent provides ultra-reliable 
data integrity, and enables you to perform a routine backup 
anytime while users continue to work normally. 

ARCserve/T Advanced Edition Tape Library Option extends 
the built-in tape library capabilities of ARCserve/T to provide 
flexible, unattended operations by optimizing the capabilities of 
higher capacity tape libraries or autoloaders. it supports multiple 
drive libraries; the number of libraries that can be installed on 
one computer is limited only by your computer’s available 
resources and system performance. ARCserve/7 can send simul- 
taneous data streams to all drives to optimize throughput on a 
multiple-drive library. 

High -Availability Support 

Statistics prove it’s not a question of /f your system will fail...but 
when? Server failures, disk drive crashes, power interruptions, natural 
disasters, malicious acts...all can shut down your business. 
Avoiding potential disasters requires preparation before they strike. 
ARCserve/T Advanced Edition Replication Option is the 
integrated high-data availability solution for ARCserve/7. This 
option provides continuous access to data, even if your server 
suffers catastrophic damage or network connections are inter- 
rupted. It replicates data in realtime to a secondary server. When 
it detects an interruption, ARCserve/7 and the Replication Option 
instantaneously and transparently switch users to a secondary 
server. The Replication Option could also be used to mirror data 
to a remote off-site secondary server because of its low bandwidth 
consumption. ARCserve/7 can then back up the mission-critical 
mirrored data as a local backup, eliminating unnecesary 
network traffic and providing a multi-level protection and 
availability strategy. 

High-Performance Tools 

As applications get more data intensive and the backup window con- 
tinues to shrink, administrators struggle to find ways to increase data 
throughput without compromising integrity. High-performance storage 
management solutions are the key to meeting this challenge. 

e ARCserve/T RAID Option increases backup performance by 
striping data across multiple drives. When three or more drives 
are used, RAID provides fault tolerance, enabling data restoration 
even if a tape is lost or damaged. The RAID Option supports 0, 1 
& 5, mirroring and striping with and without parity. RAID is also 
capable of supporting individual tape drives (RAIT) or RAID 
across multiple libraries (RAIL). 

ARCserve/T Image Option performs ultra-high-speed backup 
and file-level restore by creating a block-level image of data 
rather than processing file-by-file. Ultimate data integrity remains 

in check, and even open file or data in use is captured with 
maximum integrity. This not only gives you super-fast backup 
speeds, it makes an ideal compliment to your disaster recovery 

Database Protection 

For many businesses, databases are the organization’s core intelli- 
gence repository. Protecting this information is critical and should 
be treated accordingly by leveraging certified backup agents as an 
integral part of your storage solution. 

+ ARCserve/T Backup Agents deliver 24 x 7 online backup and 
restore of popular databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and 
INFORMIX. These backup agents provide additional security with 
maximum data integrity when ARCserve/7 backups or database 

backups are performed, even if users are currently accessing data. 

Backup agents provide protection for individual tablespaces and/or 
the complete database including log files and control files, provid- 

ing backup administrators with a database object view rather than 
just a listing of lower-level file and volume names. 

Messaging And Groupware Protection 

Communication is essential to any organization’s success. As 

businesses become more reliant on e-mail and groupware systems 

for exchanging critical information, these systems’ data needs to be 
protected just as any other business-critical asset. 

e ARCserve/T Backup Agents deliver 24 x 7 “hot” online 
backup and restore of messaging/groupware systems, including 
Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino. The agents enable 
you to back up and restore individual, critical Microsoft Exchange 
mailboxes with To:, cc:, and bec: information. They also save 
messaging rich-text format metadata and e-mail enclosure 

HSM And Archival Support 

Managing an expanding number of data pools and maintaining 
archives can be challenging for even the most experienced admin- 
istrator. Integrated policy-based data management from a central 
location is the key part of a backup scheme that utilizes online, 
near-line, and offline storage to increase site efficiency. Leveraging 
multiple media types including extended shelf-life magneto-optical 
media and low-cost tape, while maintaining user accessibility, is 
crucial for long-term data archival. 

e ARCserve/T Advanced Edition Data Migration Option is the 
first HSM solution that is completely integrated into an advanced 
backup application. Through graphical menus and drag-and-drop 
operations, you can easily configure any volume, directory, or 
file(s) on the network for data migration. With its automated 
capacity management feature, “out-of-disk-space” problems are 
practically eliminated, providing virtual network storage capabilities. 

& Printed on recycled paper containing ten percent post-consumer waste © 2000 Computer Associates International, Inc., 
Islandia, NY 11749. All company, product, or service names referenced herein may be trademarks or service marks of their 

respective owners. 

Other unparalleled features, including quarternary storage 
levels and flexible policy creation, allow you to customize migration 
operations and maximize usage of all network storage resources. 
ARCserve/T Advanced Edition Optical Library Option extends 
ARCserve/T’s built-in optical library capabilities to provide flexible, 
unattended operations by optimizing the capabilities of optical 
libraries or jukeboxes. It supports multiple drive jukeboxes, including 
5.2GB MO drives. The number of libraries that can be installed on 
one computer is limited only by your computer’s available 
resources and system performance. Libraries and single optical 
drives may be installed on the same computer and attached to 
the same or different host adapters. ARCserve/7 can send simulta- 
neous data streams to all drives to optimize throughput on any 
multiple-drive jukebox. 

Siorage Area Network (SAN) Support 

As organizations incorporate new business opportunities such 

as eBusiness and new IT assets such as Web servers, 24 x 7 

databases, and messaging servers, the amount of data and man- 

agement time/cost grows exponentially. Fibre Channel Storage 

Area Network (SAN) technology allows data to be offloaded from 

the corporate network to its own dedicated long-distance, high- 

speed storage network, freeing up available bandwidth for other 
business-critical operations. 

e ARCserve/T Advanced Edition Enterprise Library Option 
enables users to fully exploit leading-edge Fibre Channel technol- 
ogy. Fibre Channel SAN support offers numerous benefits to the 
enterprise, including the ability for multiple servers to share 
storage devices, high-speed backup and restore over a fast 
fiber-optic storage backbone, flexibility of extended distances for 
Storage devices, and total storage network scalability. This option 
includes the Tape Library Option. 

System Requirements 


e Intel x86 processor 

e 64Mb RAM 

e 64Mb disk space 


e Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT Server or Workstation 
4.0, or above with SP3 

System requirements for options may vary. 

For more information, call 1-877-2 GO FOR IT, 
or visit our website at 


Software superior by design. 

ARCserve/7 Solution Availability Matrix For Windows 2000 And NT 

ARCserve/T Workgroup Edition 

ARCservelT Advanced Edition 


Client Agents for Windows NT Workstation, 3.x, and 95/98 
(included with base product) 

Client Agent for Macintosh 

Disaster Recovery Option* 

Backup Agent for Open Files 

Small autoloader support (included with base product) 

Client Agents for Windows NT Workstation, 3.x, and 95/98 
(included with base product) 

Client Agent for Windows 2000 and NT Server (included with product) 
Client Agent for UNIX (HP, Sun, IBM, DIGITAL, SCO, SGI) 
Client Agent for NetWare 3.x,4.x, 5.0 

Client Agent for 05/2 

Client Agent for Macintosh 

Disaster Recovery Option” 

Backup Agent for Open Files 

Small autoloader support (included with base product) 
Tape Library Option 


Image High-Speed Option* 
RAID Option 

Image High-Speed Option* 
RAID Option 


Backup Agent for Microsoft SQL 
Backup Agent for Oracle 
Backup Agent for INFORMIX* 

Backup Agent for Microsoft SQL 
Backup Agent for Oracle 
Backup Agent for INFORMIX* 


Backup Agent for Lotus Notes 
Backup Agent for Microsoft Exchange 

Backup Agent for Lotus Notes 
Backup Agent for Microsoft Exchange 


Replication Option* 


Data Migration Option* 
Data Migration Agent“ 
Optical Library option 


Enterprise Library Option (includes Tape Library Option) 

*Available For Windows NT Only. 

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