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Network: Advanced Edition Option Pack 

Total Network Management 

Network/T delivers a powerful centralized management 
solution for distributed networks that are delivering 
today’s eBusiness solutions. Through policy-based 
management, Network/T aligns service levels with 
business objectives to provide ongoing availability, 
optimal performance, and management of networks 

in a business context. 

With the increasing trend for eBusiness, the network plays an 
increasingly vital role in today’s business arena. The transforma- 
tion of business to the electronic and digital age has brought 
performance and user experience to the forefront. Network 
management can make the difference between an eBusiness 
initiative being a success or failure. Effective network management 
requires a solution that treats your network as an integral part of 
your business. Network/T Advanced Edition Option Pack offers 
extended functionality and manageability to today’s business 
owners. Options include: 

Network/T™ Application Response Option 

Application response time has become the critical measure of 
overall Quality of Service for network users. The Network/T 
Application Response Option monitors the actual end-to-end 
response time for targeted applications across enterprise infra- 
structures. It precisely reflects the performance of the application 
as experienced by end users throughout the organization, even 
enabling performance management of applications not designed 
for such management. 

Network/7 ATM Management Option 

In today’s dynamic and competitive inter-networked marketplace, 
businesses are increasingly dependent on ATM networks to carry 
various types of information, such as voice, video, and application- 
specific data, and require the means to manage such networks in 
the same manner as their LANs. The Network/7 ATM Management 
Option provides monitoring and administration for the entire ATM 
network, including hardware, software, services, and devices that 
provide connectivity, and individual ATM circuits. 

Network/7 DECnet Manager Option 

The Network/7 DECnet Manager Option provides comprehensive 
network management capabilities to improve DECnet network 
availability and performance, resulting in better service for end 
users and a higher return-on-investment for the enterprise. 

Network/7 Frame Relay Option 

The Network/7 Frame Relay Option provides monitoring and admin- 
istration for the entire frame relay network. This includes hardware, 
software, services, and devices that provide connectivity — as well 
as individual frame relay circuits — from a user perspective rather 

than the network provider’s perspective. 

Neiwork/7” Response Probe Option 

As network usage increases, network response time has become a 
critical factor in overall Quality of Service. The Network/7 Response 
Probe Option automatically collects end-user response time and 
performance metrics for major network protocols, including TCP/IP, 
NetBIOS, IPX/SPX, and SNA. Working with Network/7, the Response 
Probe Option helps managers ensure the availability and optimal 
performance of their networks improving delivery of applications 
and services to business users. 

Network/7 SNA Manager Option 

The Network/7 SNA Manager Option provides an easy-to-use 
graphical interface for viewing enterprise-wide information pertain- 
ing to SNA network subsystems. This option is a client/server 
application that integrates CA-NetSpy® on the MVS platform, with 
SNA Real World Interface™ and SNA Manager Problem Analysis 
components on Windows NT workstations. It also enables 
CA-NetSpy to feed performance and alert data to Network/T. 


Software superior by design. 

Network/7" SuperPing Path Doctor Option 

The increasing complexity of today’s networks, and greater depen- 
dence on availability and optimal performance for efficient busi- 
ness communications and service delivery, highlights the need for 
powertul, yet easy-to-use diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. 
Network/T’s SuperPing Path Doctor Option enables quick and 
accurate network problem identification and resolution. It provides 
network administrators with a view of how network traffic is flow- 
ing by visually representing the paths between any two points 

on the network and simulation of real-world application traffic. 
Network/T’s SuperPing Path Doctor is the proven solution for the 
effective and efficient monitoring of the networked enterprise. 

Neiwork /7” Switch Management Option 

The Network/T Switch Management Option enables network 
administrators to discover, monitor, and manage their switched 
environments in the same consistent manner as the rest of the IT 
infrastructure, helping them achieve Total Network Management. 

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Network/T System Management Option 

The Network/T System Management Option and system agents 
enable system administrators to control their environment by moni- 
toring status, event, and configuration information for critical oper- 
ating system parameters. These system agents also monitor key 
desktop and server operating system resources for adherence to 
user-defined policy. They detect deviations from profiles and, if 
necessary, escalate events to Network/7 for appropriate action. 

Supported Platforms 

e Various UNIX Platforms 
e Linux 

e Windows NT 

e Windows 95, 98 

e NetWare 

For more information, call 1-877-2-G0 FOR IT, 
or visit our website at 


Software superior by design. 

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