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Taking Storage Management To A New Level 

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Now ARCserve/7, The Name That's Synonymous With Complete 
Storage Management,” Is Available For Your Linux Environment 

Many organizations are deploying Linux-based servers for application, Web-based, and eBusiness strategies to boost and build their comput- 
ing environments. With more and more applications being made available to Linux users, the amount of mission-critical data housed on this 
platform is growing exponentially. In a global, Web-enabled marketplace, data loss affects the bottom line — missed opportunities and lost 
revenue. Implementing a storage solution as a part of an organization’s IT strategy is no longer an option but a necessity. 

ARCserve/T now delivers industry-proven protection for several Linux platforms including Red Hat, Caldera, SuSE, and TurboLinux. In 
addition, ARCserve/T supports the common GUI interfaces such as GNOME, KDE, and KMS. Users can also take advantage of the Java-based 
GUI for local or remote Web-based management. 

ARCserve/T offers transparency for file systems supported on the Linux operating system you may be running. Back ups can be executed 
locally or remotely using SCS! or TCP/IP, respectively. Long filename support and on-the-fly performance tuning help maximize memory 

Features That Beat The Competition 

ARCserve/T provides the most extensive set of features to protect your Linux environment, including: 

e Unattended “Lights Out” Operation. ARCserve/7 features total “Lights Out” operation for automated data management. The advanced 
data management tools include tape rotation, scheduling, device cascading, and media spanning to minimize operator intervention and 
maximize efficiency. 

Extensive Device Support And Management. ARCserve/7 provides extensive tools for managing device maintenance and media 
retirement to avoid data loss due to human or media errors. 

Intelligent Alert Notification. ARCserve/T offers multiple alert notification methods, which you configure, thereby enabling unattended 
remote management. 

Centralized Management. ARCserve/T provides centralized management of your entire environment including Linux servers from a single 
console. It allows you to manage remote locations through the Remote Access Service (RAS), and also gives you the option of bypassing the 
RAS interface for scripting, significantly reducing administrative costs. 

Performance Enhancements. ARCserve/7 provides parallel streaming to maximize performance during a backup, restore or copying data 
to or from up to 32 devices. ARCserve/T’s scalable architecture enhances performance with additional devices. 

Key Advantages 

ARCserve/T for the Linux environment provides the most advanced storage solution available today. Key advantages include: 

+ Reduced Operational Expense And Improved Productivity. ARCserve/7 automates every traditional storage management task, resulting 
in lower operating expenses and reduced media errors. By enabling you to centrally perform essential data protection routines, you benefit 
through increased efficiency and productivity. 

Proven Backup And Recovery Reliability. ARCserve/7’s comprehensive data protection functionality reliably secures critical data. This 
powerful solution goes beyond simple data protection. Integrated virus scanning, data verification and error correction preserve data 
integrity and provide dependable recovery capabilities in the event of a disaster. 

Ultra-Wide System Support. ARCserve/T offers support for heterogeneous environments. It allows storage access from your operating 
environment to data housed on multiple servers and running on multiple platforms. ARCserve/T also features extensive tape device support 
and advanced level notification for user-configured alerts. 

Extensive Solution Flexibility. ARCserve/7 makes it easy for you to support your dynamic business. Available agents and options extend 
support to virtually any computer in your environment. Cross-platform management via a Java-based console provides flexible administra- 
tion across your infrastructure. 

For more information on ARCservelT for Linux, 
please visit, or contact your CA sales representative. 


Software superior by design. 

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