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Network/T "2.0 


Total Network Management 

Network/T delivers a powerful centralized management 
solution for distributed networks that are delivering 
today’s eBusiness solutions. Through policy-based 
management, Network/T aligns service levels with 
business objectives to provide ongoing availability, 
optimal performance, and management of networks 

in a business context. 

eBusiness Is The Network 

With the increasing trend for eBusiness, the networks play more 
of a vital role in today’s business arena. The transformation of 
business to the electronic and digital age has brought performance 
and user experience to the forefront. Network management can 
make the difference between an eBusiness initiative being a suc- 
cess or failure. Effective network management requires a solution 
that treats your network as an integral part of your business. 

Network Management In A 
Distributed Environment 

If yours is like most businesses, heterogeneous networks are a fact 
of life in your IT environment. Legacy systems present an additio- 
nal dilemma: how to manage different network infrastructures as 
separate entities? Invariably, management tasks are frequently 
duplicated for each network protocol and often introduce problems 
across network boundaries such as SNA and TCP/IP. This resource- 

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Intuitively manage your entire network through the Network/T topology map. 

Unicepfered ” 

intensive approach is costly, and can result in additional delays and 
network downtime. Network/7 efficiently and effectively manages 
all networked environments centrally from the enterprise level. 
This protocol-independent, highly scalable solution monitors and 
manages network traffic while providing an integrated picture of 
network performance. 

Taking Network Management Further 

Network/7 monitors network performance from the end-user and 
system perspectives. This enables administrators to proactively 
manage the environment by providing an accurate picture of the 
network’s performance. eBusiness is taking the challenges in net- 
work management to greater heights, demanding more scalable, 
reliable, and comprehensive solutions than ever before. 
Network/7 takes network management to a new level. It 
delivers a complete solution that optimizes network performance 
and availability, and increases service to your business. Network/T 
enables you to: 
e Manage networks in an eBusiness context by aligning net- 
work management with your business objectives and ensuring 
that the priorities used for managing the network are the same 
as those used for managing your business. 
Assure service levels by managing both the availability and 
performance of the network infrastructure. 
Manage today’s network infrastructure in one seamless 
management solution that delivers more network management 
“out-of-the-box” than any other product. 
Improve IT efficiency by allowing administrators to centrally 
manage global heterogeneous networks across all networking 
protocols for a unified network management scheme. 

Distinctive Features 

Supports All Major Network Protocols. Network/7 supports 
all industry-standard protocols, including TCP/IP, IPX, SNA, and 
DECnet, delivering a comprehensive network management 
solution for heterogeneous enterprises. 
EnterpriseDiscovery™ And Classification. Network/7 
automatically discovers and classifies all networked devices 
and assets, then builds an intuitive topology map based on 
the results of this auto-discovery and classification. 


Software superior by design. 

Using neural network technology, the network Performance 
Neugents™ manage and predict problems in advance, which helps 
prevent router outages, maximizes network performance, improves 
staff efficiency, and ultimately helps you attain your eBusiness goals. 
e Performance Management. Providing rea/ service management 
requires more than availability monitoring. Network/T’s extensive 
performance management capabilities optimize ongoing network 
availability, providing a full picture of your network service levels. 
Application Performance. Network/7 monitors network-centric 
performance thresholds such as bandwidth utilization and node 
response times. Application-related performance information is 
also monitored. For example, Network/T tracks the end-to-end 
response times for a user accessing an application, the delays 
on each of the network components between the user and the 
application, a breakdown of the flow of application traffic, 
and more. 

Programmable Automated Responses. Network/T's sophisti- 
cated event management functionality enables any number of 
automated actions to be defined for various events. This allows 
you to reduce management overhead by creating very sophisti- 
cated responses to problems that occur in the network. For 
example, if several alerts were generated indicating a particular 
router was performing poorly, Network/T could alleviate the 
problem by automatically reinitializing the router. 

ATM, Frame Relay And VLAN Management. Network/T’s 
Frame Relay Support discovers and monitors each Frame Relay 
virtual circuit. It displays the circuit’s relationship with other 
network devices. If a circuit fails, Network/T highlights the 
affected components or business services and alerts the 


POCA Taos 

Root Cause Analysis. Network/Ts advanced root cause analysis 
employs an event correlation system to determine the root 
cause/starting point of a network problem. This highlights the 
cause of problems and eliminates confusing event storms from 
unreadable devices and networks. 

VLAN support includes discovery of switches and their man- 
agement, in addition, it also provides flexible user access security 
control by dynamically configuring the network infrastructure to the 
appropriate VLAN as a user logs on. 

Scalable. Network/T’s distributed manager/agent architecture 
delivers a highly scalable solution. From the smallest organization 
with a simple LAN to large global heterogeneous environments, 
Network/7 efficiently manages even the most distant resources. 
OpenView And NetView Migration Tools. Network/7’s migration 
tools allow you to maximize your previous investments while 
easily capitalizing on Network/T’s superior functionality. 
Enterprise Management Infrastructure" Network/T is built on 
CA's Unicenter TNG® Framework” today’s most sought-after 

Total Enterprise Management™ infrastructure. Network/7 leverages 
the Framework’s powerful reporting, centralized alert and event 
management technology, and EnterpriseDiscoveryto deliver 
unparalleled network management for your enterprise. Network/T 
capitalizes on the Framework’s Business Process Views and 2-D 
and 3-D Real World Interface™ to visualize and manage the entire 
network in the context of the eBusiness. 

Supported Environments 


e Various UNIX platforms 
e Windows NT 

oe Windows 2000 


e |PX 

e DECnet 

e SNA 

For more information, call 1-877-2 GO FOR IT, 
or visit our website al 


Software superior by design. 

in realtime. 

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