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Remote Deployment Services 

A Computer Associates Services Offering 

CA Services provides Remote Deployment Services as a 
fast and cost-effective way to have software 
professionally installed. Experienced consultants 
leverage state-of-the-art technology to conduct 
deployments of software right into the client site - 
without the need to travel there. Remote Deployment 
Services harness CA's professional services expertise 
and technology to deploy software rapidly and 

Accelerated Delivery 

CA Services continually seeks ways to improve project 
management functions to secure the most efficient and 
fastest deployments for our clients. We understand that 
quicker deployments mean reduced costs and a faster 
return-on-investment. As part of our commitment to provide 
unparalleled project management services, CA Services is 
proud to offer Accelerated Delivery, a powerful automated 
technology and project management methodology that 
enables significantly accelerated and enhanced deployments 
of information technology projects. 

As one of the services available through Accelerated 
Delivery, Remote Deployment Services leverage the latest 
electronic business technology to provide full product 
deployments from a Remote Deployment Center (RDC) 
located at our world headquarters. Remote Deployment 
offers the same Implementation Consulting expertise as 
conventional services and adds state-of-the-art remote 
control and software delivery technology to provide the client 
with a fully inplemented software rollout. The end result is 
professionally deployed software in a quicker scheduled 
turnaround without the additional expenses of travel and on- 
site consulting. 

Remote Deployment in Action 

As with an on-site deployment, CA Services provides all of 
the project management, planning and implementation 
materials needed to ensure an effective rollout. Working with 
an Implementation Consultant, the client's IT staff is guided 
through the planning stage of the project, including an 
assessment of the client's network environment, review of 
organizational goals, and explanation of procedures for 
implementation. Subsequently, software is deployed 
throughout the client's network by a combination of remote 
control and software deployment technologies. 

All the client needs to provide is the communication channel 
into their network. CA does the rest. 

Remote Deployment provides a solution that unites the best 
of both worlds by eliminating the travel and expense costs of 
on-site professional deployment while accelerating project 

Throughout the process, the client's IT staff receives valuable 
feedback, working directly with their CA consultant in 
monitoring alt installation and implementation procedures. 

What To Expect 

When an order for deployment is placed, a Professional 
Services Agreement and Statement of Work are sent to the 
client. Once this document is signed and returned to the 
Remote Deployment Center, prompt initiatives are made to 
discuss planning and procedures via a scheduled 
teleconference. Together, the assigned CA consultants and 
the client's IT staff, set the date for the deployment 

Before installation procedures begin, a communications test 
is required and executed. Once a successful connection is 
established, the deployment time is confirmed and the 
deployment itself can be performed. 

Features & Benefits 

e Quick turnaround for installation scheduling, resulting in a 
faster return-on-investment 

e Elimination of travel-related expenses 

e CA implementation consultants possess in-depth, expert 
knowledge of CA products 

e Global reach to remote sites 
e Multiple concurrent implementations 

Communication & Connectivity 

The Remote Deployment Center can use either the Internet 
or use modem dial-up via NT RAS to achieve remote 
connectivity with the client's systems. The method selected 
depends on the geographical location and technical 
environment where the software is to be installed. 

Voice communication and deployment instructions are 
shared between the Remote Deployment Center and the 
installation site via teleconference call. 

Other Information 

During the scheduled teleconference, a client questionnaire 
is completed. This reviews the environment and insures that 
the purchased product requirements are met. For technical 
reasons, some clients may not be candidates for Remote 

Whatever the size of your organization, the key to success 
lies in establishing specific goals and objectives for the 
migration, with a plan on how to meet them. The 
ExpressDelivery technology automatically discovers the 
hardware, software and networking infrastructure of your IT 
environment. This information is then used to determine the 
optimal migration path, highlighting potential risks to business 
continuity. This assessment will deliver an analysis of the 
impact of your migration along with the recommended 
migration route. 

Qualification Questions 

1. Does the client, or will the client, have a Windows NT 
network in place? 
If no, then on-site services are required. 

2. Does the client network use either the TCP/IP or 
NWLink/IPX protocol? 
Must use at least one of the two. 

3. Does the client, or will the client have dedicated Internet 
connectivity or a modem connected to the server or 

Dedicated Internet access or NT RAS-compatible 
modem dial-up access is required. 

4. Isthe client willing to grant their CA RDC consultant 
Administrator access to its network and server? 
As with on-site engagements, Administrator 
privileges are required for some tasks. Clients may, 
if they wish, supervise this process or even enter 
the hidden administrator passwords themselves. 

Ordering Instructions 

Customers should order Remote Deployment Services 
through their CA Reseller. 

Supported Products 

Remote Deployment Services are offered for CA's IT Product 
family. Currently, Remote Deployment Services are available 
for ArcservelT, InoculatelT, ControllT, and ServicelT. 

The Remote Deployment services are currently available for 
installation into environments running Windows NT and/or 
Windows 95/98. 

Remote Deployment Services are to be made available onto 
a wider range of operating systems and for additional 
products including AimIT, ShipIT and other products in the 
CA IT Product family. Please call 1-516-DIAL-RDC for the 
most up-to-date listing of products available for installation 
through Remote Deployment Services. 

For more information on CA Services 
solutions, call 1-516-DIAL-RDC or visit