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The Victorian U.F.O. Research Society 

P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin, 3189, Vic. Australia 










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The Society offers thanks to ali who 
co-operated in the preparation of this 
Review. Special thanks also go to Miss 
J. Gardiner and Mrs. T. Beilken for 
their help. 

Australian Flying Saucer Review is a non-profit 
educational publication produced by the Victorian U.F.O. 
Research Society, P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin, Victoria. 
The function of the society is to collate and disseminate 
information about the subject of Flying Saucers or 
Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.O.s). 

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The Society welcomes reports of unusual Aerial 
Phenomena and evaluates each report on its own merits 
and if requested, reports will be held in the strictest 
confidence. The Society exchanges information with 
many similar Australian and overseas organisations, as 
well as scientists, and disseminates to the public, available 
information on the subject, which includes local, 
interstate and the latest overseas developments in its 
quarterly publication "Australian U.F.O. Bulletin", 
posted to all members. Address all communications to: 
V.U.F.O.R.S., P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin, 

Victoria 3189 

Material appearing in this publication may be reproduced 
with appropriate credits. 

Contributions published do not necessarily reflect the 
policy of the V.U.F.O.R.S. 




My Son Frederick.3-4 

The October Phenomenon .5-8 

The White-Acres Encounter .9-10 

U.F.O.s Visited Third Farm .10 

U.F.O. From My Back Yard At Brighton .11-12 

The Manifold Photographs .13 

Investigations Officer.16-18 

Computers Say U.F.O. Real.19-20 

The Overseas U.F.O. News .21 

Spain .22-23 

Uruguay .23 

Italy. 24 



Stop Press .28 

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Flying Saucer Review 



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A.. A 


Why must we always assess the intelligence of U.P.O.- 
flying space travellers by our own limited knowledge and 
claim they utilize some complicated means of propulsion? 
Could they not already, centuries ago perhaps, have gone 
through the various 'ages' from which this planet has 
emerged, and now reverted to the simple medium of 
gravity for their driving force? Perhaps they create their 
own gravitational force by means of electro-magnetism, 
as they travel. 

They have been seen to carry out manoeuvres far 
beyond the capability of any Earth-made machines at 
speeds of which we can only dream and they can come 
to an abrupt halt just when we think they are about 
to crash. Two such cases come readily to mind. The first 
case was reported to have taken place over a caravan 
park in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, and was 
witnessed by three people who observed a U.F.O. 
behaving in a peculiar manner - as if in trouble. It was 
wobbling about the sky like a top that was running 
down. Then another object was seen to come in very 
fast and, just when it seemed about to collide, it came 
to a sudden stop after which the one apparently in 
trouble moved away very slowly. The second case 
concerns a number of U.F.O. s, over New South Wales, 
which came in from different directions - on what we 
term a crash course. Just when it was thought they 
would hit, all stopped abruptly, paused and then flew 
off together in the same direction. Was this a meeting 
of the clans? Or were they generating current which 
would recharge their machines? 

We all know the simple principles of electricity; 
that by cutting lines of force we generate electricity. 
When the U.F.0.S cut across Earth's lines of force, 
do they utilize this form of power for travel within 
our atmosphere? 

Flying Saucers are not new as some of our bewildered 
scientists are discovering. In the days of Alexander the 
Great, 'flying shields' caused his armies to be dispersed 
in fear on at least three occasions. In biblical days 'clouds' 
spoke to people and the beings who reportedly flew in 
these 'clouds' were depicted as having very large wings 
which would be useless for flight, as some Earthmen 
discovered according to our history, much to their 
sorrow - and to the demise of some! 

These reports of flying shields, clouds and fiery and 
flying chariots, as mentioned in the Scriptures and in 
other ancient literature, make us aware that a means of 
propulsion existed, and was obviously in use many 
centuries ago, which men of Earth have not yet 

discovered as a medium of flight. Whilst we are still 
sending our astronauts into space 'chased' by enormous 
'fire crackers', the U.F.O.-nauts have obviously found a 
means of propulsion which we should work overtime to 
discover - if only because of its possibilities regarding a 
means of transport. What it could save in the cost of 
fuel! What effect it could have on the potential size of 
our space capsules! And consider this means of air 
transport instead of wheeled vehicles...! 

We have learned that stars and planets give off radio 
signals which would mean that they also have magnetic 
fields of some strength. Perhaps the space travellers 
use these as 'homing beams' and tune in to these signals 
to guide themselves through space. As the U.F.O.s 
appear to have been with us since B.C. they must, by 
now, have 'plotted' all or many of the stars and their 
signals. Do these frequencies alter and require replotting? 
And do the U.F.O. entities return from time to time 
to plant new navigational markers? Is this such a far¬ 
fetched idea? Once upon a time, and not so long ago 
either, it was thought that heavier-than-air machines 
would not fly, that we would never send a man to the 
moon and that "space travel is utter bilge" to quote 
the Astronomer Royal. But note the results of persistent 

!f the U.F.O. groups keep plugging away at their 
research, even though at the moment U.F.O. sightings 
may be somewhat scarce, perhaps in the not-too-distant 
future someone will, despite the oil companies, come 
into the open with an engine or a machine which will 
accomplish the same feats as the remarkable 'saucers'. 
If on the other hand, we continue to live as we do; 
building nuclear power stations willy-nilly, exploding 
atomic bombs and fighting wars among ogrselves in 
headlong pursuit of global devastation, we may learn 
first-hand from a civilization which has been here 
before, brought with it its culture but departed too 


An English Doctor of Divinity, who is at present 
writing a book on U.F.O.'s and on the many aspects of 
the phenomenon, states "when you come near U.F.O.s, 
you very nearly come near everything!". 

It would seem that many people are coming to similar 
conclusions. One such writer, scientist Otto 0. Binder, 
in his book 'Flying Saucers Are Watching Us', says that 
science, history and the Bible will come to revolve around 
the U.F.O. 

:|e :|c :|e :|c :|c :|c »t*************************** 

Pilot Valentich Death 
or Abduction 

Became the 20th known Pilot and Aircraft 
to disappear during an encounter with an 
Unidentified Flying Object. 



GO UP as Major Coyne’s Army Helicopter, 
GO DOWN as Captain Mantell’s Aircraft, or 
DISINTEGRATE like the 1967 Cuban Mig. 

m SON FREDERICK - bi/ Guido Valzntich. 

It u, almost tivo t/eoAi 4-cnce ¥Hjzdz/Uck vani^hzd, a{,teA Ajzpofit- 
ing thz 6zcon.d tbnz "that 6tAangz aificAa{)t iM hovzAing"... 

2 6zcond6 . "t6 hovzAing, and it'& not an aiACAa^t". About 

5 6zconcU bz^oAz Aadio contact iva^ lo-i>t uiith MzlbouAnz flight 
iZAvicz at 1912:20 houA6 o^ OctobzA 2Ht, 1911, and ^oA iomz 
tzcknicat Aza6on my {^amity and I had to IzoAn thz ^oiioiving 
day, Sunday 22nd, on Radio SAW at 9.30 am, thz tAagic nzm o^ 
an aiAcAa{^t di^appzafiancz bzttozzn Capz Otvay and King litand. 
Immzdiatzty, I 6taAtzd chafing thz VzpaAtmznt Ojj TAanipoAt 
o^^iciati and a^tzA tzlzphoning thAzz di^^zAznt pzuon6, ^in- 
aiZy had con^iAmation that it uns my om ion invoZvzd in thz 
poAticuloA incidznt, and thzn I had to wait tilt 7.00 pm to 
know moAz dztaili on thz dzvzlopmznti o^ izoAch and Azicuz. 

But in thz mzantimz about 10.30 am, nzwi AzpoAtzAi itoAtzd 
catling mz and it woi thzn ^oA thz ^iut timz that I tzoAnzd 
that thz incidznt wai iuAAoundzd by a UFO coiz. It wai on thz 

6 pm Tl/ nzwi that I iow iub-titZzi o^ what FAzdzAick AzpoAtzd 
on Aadio and dzipitz thz gAzat ihock o^ thz day, my wi^z and 
myizti Iztt a tittiz Aztizi bzcauiz wz knew that FAzdzAick woi 
a ^iAm bztizvzA in UfO'i and pzAhapi hz wouldn't mind having 

a cloiz contact with a UFO. 

On Monday, 23Ad OctobzA, my tztzphonz itoAtzd ringing oi zoAly 
06 S o'clock in thz moAning with an avzAogz Ojj 15 minutz intzA- 
vali... colli wzAz coming not only ^Aom MzlbouAnz but intzAitatz 
and alio ^Aom ovzAizoi _ U.S.A., New Zzaland and GeAmany. It 


M/ SON FREDERICK - by Guido VaZznUck. 

lOcU) in tkii instani that I A,zaZizzd hou) important tkz zvznt 
wa6, upztially u}hzn a p&uon ^Aom thz U.S.A. t&Zzpkomd me ($04 
20 minutzi to zncouAage me to bztizvz what F^zdeAick Azpoatzd, 
bzcojue he aZ6o had an zxpoAizncz o^ a UFO -Sighting in a azmotz 
aia stfiip in tkz zount/iysidz at night. Ftus many tocal catt!> 
and Izttzas T'ue azzzivzd ^aom various pzoptz Living nzoA Satz, 
East {/icto-'iia and on thz Pzninsuta who havz szzn a -ta/igz tight 
at night iiZiminating a ^ootbatt ovat bzttza than any oAti^- 
iziaZ zonvzntional tight by thz S.E.C., and in my judgzmznt 
a^tzA. about SO oi thzsz zncouAaging statzmznts ^-'lom pzoptz that 
I nzvza mzt conczaning thz un{,ontunatz CAAzimstanzzs in which 
I was ptazzd, I can onty acczpt thosz to bz vzay gznuinz and 
honest commznts. 

Howzvza, thz VzpoAtmznt o^ Tnanspoat was intzazstzd in azscuz 
onty 0 ^ pitot in taoubtz and not saying much about UFO. Onty 
whzn I askzd thzm thzy admittzd that was a fioAz casz but dznizd 
UFO zxist and yzt thzy havz pza^oamzd onz o^ thz biggest S'Zoa- 
ches ioa a paivatz pilot, with ^oua di^j^jZAznt aiAcAolt includ¬ 
ing an Oaion zquippzd with sophisticatzd devices such as aia- 
boAnz fiadoA, tow tzvzt AadoA and sonoA dztzctoA and which come 
all thz way ^Aom a S.A. R.A.A.F. Basz. 

Two wzzks a^tzA FAzdzAick's incident, thz SzoAch and Rescue 
VzpoAtmznt ^Aom TutlamoAinz, invited me to thziA bAiz^ing 
o^^icz to show me thz stAuctuAz o^ ^ouA days szoAch which thzy 
diAzetzd undzA a pAz-calculated szoAch plan. I was intAoduezd 
to Ua. Eddie, Chiz^ Co-oActinatoA Rescue, and Ua. Pat Maky, his 
assistant. In ouA convzASation, thzAz wzaz ieiW thzoAies Suaa- 
ounding thz incident which thzy cannot pAoctaim an accident, 
but unofficially las usual} Ma. Eddie zxpAzsszd his own opinion. 
Vzspitz my bAokzn hzoAt fAom thz incident he Stitt said the 
Cessna simply ditched in thz watzA and within a minute dis- 
appzoAzd taking thz pilot with it.. .without fiASt investigating 
oA considzAing that thz long Aangz Cessna JS2 being constAuetzd 
with moduloA units czAtain sections of thz plane should bz 
floating in thz event of a cAosh impact in thz watzA. 

Secondly, with VHF [vzAy high fAzquzney) Aadio could not com¬ 
municate below 1000ft fAom thz distance of 90 miles ovzA Cape 
Otioay Ranges. ...simply wouldn't get thAough; instead thz com¬ 
munication with F.S. was loud and clzoA until thz last woAd 
and also thz 17 seconds of metallic noise at thz end of thz 
tape was clzoA; this confiAmzd that FAzdzAick was still above 
1000ft above watzA and in my opinion he Mm still at 4500ft 
at the time Aadio contact was lost. 

The October_ 


On Saturday, October 21st, 1978, FREDERICK 
PAUL VALTENTICH had decided to fly a 
Cessna 182L from MOORABBIN AIRPORT, 
off the coast, of VICTORIA. 

Valentich had planned his flight to pass over 
CAPE OTWAY before tracking out over BASS 
STRAIT. The aim of the flight was to buy 
crayfish from the local people at King Island 
and then fly back home, at the same time this 
would also build up his night flying hours for 
his commercial pilots licence. 

The aircraft departed at 6.19 p.m. for the 
90 minute oneway flight. At that point in 
time there was only 30 minutes to sunset. 

At 7.00 p.m. Valentich reported to the air 
traffic controller that he was over Cape Otway 
at 4,500 feet A.M.S.L. At this time the weather 
conditions were perfect, with a still to light 
breeze, warm air and cloudless skies with high 
level stratus in the south west. Valentich was 
now in the twilight zone between dusk and 
full dark. 

Then at 7.06 p.m. in a calm inquiring voice, 
Valentich called up the controller at Melbourne 
and thus set off a set of mysterious events 
that were recorded as part of a 53 minute tape 
recording now held by the DEPARTMENT 
OF TRANSPORT (D.O.T.). At 7.12 p.m. his 
vocal transmissions ceased and after 17 seconds 
of a metallic clicking sound the radio carrier 
wave ended and Valentish had vanished. 

"Count Down to Ob/Mon'' 




Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra 
Juliet, is there any known 
traffic below five thousand? 



Delta Sierra Juliet, no known 



Delta Sierra Juliet, I am, seems 
(to) be a large aircraft below 
five thousand. 




D D Delta Sierra Juliet, what 
type of aircraft is it? 



Delta Sierra Juliet, 1 cannot 
affirm, it is four bright, it 
seems to me like landing 




Delta Sierra Juliet. 




Melbourne, this (is) Delta 
Sierra Juliet, the aircraft has 
just passed over me at least 
a thousand feet above. 



Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, 
and it is a large aircraft, 



Er - unknown, due to the 
speed it’s travelling, is there 
any airforce aircraft in the 



Delta Sierra Juliet, no known 
aircraft in the vicinity. 




Melbourne, it’s approaching 
now from due east towards 




Delta Sierra Juliet. 




[open microphone for two 




Delta Sierra Juliet, it seems to 
me that he’s playing some sort 
of game, he’s flying over me 
two, three times at a time at 
speeds I could not identify. 




Delt Sierra Juliet, roger, what 
is your actual level? 



My level is four and a half 

thousand four five zero zero. 


FS DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, and you 

confirm you cannot identify 
the aircraft? 

DSJ FS Affirmative. 

FS DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, 


1909:27 DSJ FS Melbourne, Delta Sierra Juliet, 

it’s not an aircraft it is [open 
microphone for two seconds]. 

1909:42 FS DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne, 

can you describe the - er - 

DSJ FS Delta Sierra Juliet, as it’s 
flying past it’s a long shape 
[open microphone for three 
seconds] (cannot) identify 
more than (that is has such 
speed) [open microphone for 
three seconds] before me right 
now Melbourne. 

1910 FS DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, and 

how large would the - er - 
object be? 

1910:19 DSJ FS Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne, 

it seems like it’s stationary, 
what I’m doing right now is 
orbiting and the thing is just 
orbiting on top of me also, it’s 
got a green light and sort of 
metallic (like) it’s all shiny 
(on) the outside. 

FS DSJ Delta Sierra Juliet. 

1910:46 DSJ FS Delta Sierra Juliet, [open 

microphone for five seconds] 
it’s just vanished. 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 4 * 4 * ^ 



Delta Sierra Juliet. 




Melbourne, would you know 
what kind of aircraft I’ve got. 
Is it (a type) military aircraft? 



Delta Sierra Juliet, confirm the 
- er - aircraft just vanished. 



Say again. 



Delta Sierra Juliet, is the air¬ 
craft still with you? 



Delta Sierra Juliet, (it’s - ah - 
nor) [open microphone for 
two seconds] now approaching 
from the southwest. 



Delta Sierra Juliet. 




Delta Sierra Juliet, the engine 
is rough idling. I’ve got it set 
at twenty-three twenty-four 
and the thing is (coughing). 



Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what 
are your intentions? 



My intentions are - ah - to 
go to King Island - ah - 
Melbourne, that strange air¬ 
craft is hovering on top of me 
again, it [open microphone for 
two seconds] is hovering and 
it’s not an aircraft. 



Delta Sierra Juliet. 




Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne 
[open microphone for seven¬ 
teen seconds]. 

Valentich was calculated to be 38 km off 
Cape Otway over Bass Strait. Next morning 
Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft an ORION 
went out to search and did so for all that 
Sunday. Four days of searching followed with 
civil, military and fishing vessels, covered a 
search area of 5,000 sq. miles. On the 25th of 
October, the search was called off and a 
“WATCH” was maintained by all craft in the 

Although private aircraft continued the search 
nothing of significance to this case was ever 

The investigation that followed, found that 
Valentich had to have been above 3,000 feet 
A.M.S.L. to be able to make anv contact with 
the Melbourne Flight Controller, as if he had 
been below the hills between himself and 
Melbourne, then his radio would not be able 
to pick up or call Melbourne. Due to V.H.F. 

No official conclusion was given for the 
metallic clicking at the end of the tape. Ideas 
put forward still could not rule out that three 
things could have happened at that time. 

(A) the rapid keying of the hand mike button; 

(B) electrical interference from outside the 
aircraft; (C) or some force or object interfering 
with the radio waves. 


Speculation grew in the media, that a metallic 
sound, like the scraping of metal upon metal 
was on the tape but had been edited by D.O.T. 
D.O.T. stated that the radio had gone dead 
after 17 seconds of the clicking sound. Paul 
Valentich’s father who also heard the tape, as 
did the controller who was with Valentich that 
night, agreed that the tape seemed complete. 

Valentich was a 20 year old, intelligent, family 
oriented person who was very rational and 
eager. He seemed to be a cool minded pilot who 
loved to fly and displayed pilots’ requirements 
for a position he hoped one day to take up in 

Conclusions and theories ran hot and fast in a 
vain attempt to discover a motive for this 
incident. By looking at these theories and 
possible explanations things did not become 
clear cut and final. They only seemed to 
widen the mystery. 

Some of the theories provided, took the 
following themes: Hoax; the aircraft was 
stolen; he had become disorientated, he then 
flew upside down, seen his own aircraft in 
the sea and crashed; he had seen the Cape 
Otway lighthouse; planned to meet his girl¬ 
friend at Cape Otway; was on a secret mission; 
suicided; joined drug runners; had been 
murdered, because he had seen classified U.F.O. 
files. All have been either proven incorrect, 
unfounded or beyond the scope of this man. 

Yet the few baffling questions that came up 
with the investigation provide greater insight 
to the man and the mystery. 

Why was he so calm? Stress analysis of the 
tape conversation was denied by the D.O.T., 
yet the sudden situation and his character and 
seriousness to the position of being a pilot 
may have a strong bearing on his reaction. 
Valentich’s closing conversation with the air 
traffic controller indicated a change to a tone 
of nervousness, as if the situation had become 

It is believed that it is virtually impossible for 
a Cessna 182, due to its size and construction, 
to crash and not leave some trace! Therefore, 
did an impact take place? For it to have left 
traces of oil or objects the aircraft would have 
had to have broken up. But still nothing has 
been found. 

Why did he not call for help? This is a total 
mystery, as at a reported 4,500 feet A.M.S.L., 
he must have had an indication on his many 

instruments that the aircraft was in trouble. 
He acknowledged his altitude and flight 
direction, when he gave the direction of the 
U.F.O. No warning alarms went off in the 
cockpit and there was a lot of altitude for 
radio communications, the aircraft seemed to 
be under his full control, yet while in the 
middle of giving his flight intentions it was 
all over and Valentich was gone. 

Two major questions came up with the study, 
that seemed to indicate that Valentich was not 
going to go to King Island. The first was the 
story that you could not buy cray fish at 
King Island after dark, this was soon proved 
false by a member of the V.U.F.O.R.S. who 
found that this was always possible; all you 
had to do was go to the local hotel and ask 
for Cray fish. Next was the fact that Valentich 
had not asked for the airports landing lights 
to be turned on for him, as he was to have 
landed there after dark, so he would have 
needed them. This question may be answered 
due to his lack of experience on the King 
Island route and flight procedures, in any 
case the lights could have been put on with 
little trouble when had realised the mistake. 

There is little doubt that there was an aircraft 
in the Cape Otway area that night, due to 
reports of a “sound” just like an aircraft at 
about the same time Valentich was in the area, 
even though this may seem like a weak reason 
to think this was his aircraft. Further 
investigations state a fact that no other civil 
or military aircraft known to the D.O.T. or the 
area was in flight at the point of Cape Otway 
when Valentich was there. 

Research found that there was over 50 reported 
sightings of U.F.O.’s at Cape Otway before and 
just after Paul Valentich disappeared. This 
information would have never been found but 
for the work of devoted U.F.O. researchers, 
who have now added more mystery to this case, 
, and strengthened the possibility that there was 
a U.F.O. encounter with Valentich. There is 
little doubt that the closest person to Paul 
and his life was his father, who on reflection 
and insight, believes that his son Paul was 
abducted by a U.F.O., who and for what 
reasons he cannot say. 

The evidence on this case indicates that the 
“scales of justice” must, at this point in time, 
fall towards Paul Valentich and his graphic 
explanation of what must be a U.F.O. 


As this Review goes to press, witnesses are 
still coming forward with reports concerning 

U. F.O. sightings and unusual sounds heard and 
observed on the day and night that Frederick 
Valentich disappeared over Bass Strait during 
an encounter with an unidentified flying ojbect 
on October 21st, 1978. 

We have eliminated as many false report^ as 
possible without access to the tape covering 
transmissions between Melbourne Flight Service 
and pilot Valentich as well as other pilots 
flying at the same time. Reports still persist 
that conversations on other frequencies 
concerning the incident exists. 

V. U.F.O.R.S. advisors are ready to submit such 
tapes to stress analysis and other tests should 
the opportunity arise. These experts have 
experience and knowledge in comparing back¬ 
ground noise with sounds already known to be 
associated with U.F.O.s as reported in the past. 

Since pilot Valentich’s encounter, several 
radar visual incidents have occurred including 
one envolving a pilot flying a Cessna 172 near 
Sale in Gippsland. The pilot reported a bright 
white light speeding in an east-west direction 
passing beneath his aircraft. Two more lights 
sped above him. A pilot who was flying a 
R.A.A.F. Orion nearby was granted permission 
to deviate from his course and investigate. 

The R.A.A.F. responded to this incident with 
a routine non-sighting statement and a dubious 
“explanation”: that the Cessna pilot had been 
tricked by the light flying beneath his aeroplane 
was actually tennis court lights and the two 
lights that sped above him were meteorological 
balloons. Later, a DC pilot reported being 
paced by a white light over Bass Strait. 
The U.F.O. was also detected by radar. No 
explanation was forthcoming. However, 
research continues on previously known cases. 

Frederick became the twentieth known pilot 
and aircraft to disappear during a U.F.O. 
encounter. There have been other cases where 
not only the pilot but other personnel were 
aboard. Some of these encounters have been 
witnessed from the ground and detected by 
radar as well. 

In November, 1953, one night I was called 
outside to observe a whitish-blue light approach 
and hover over a power station in my home 
state of Tennessee. That same month two 
military airmen were sent in pursuit of a U.F.O. 
They never returned. 

The two incidents combined to give me a 
curiosity that has never waned. Little did I 
dream that nearly three decades later that I 
would be involved with colleagues in the 
greatest mystery in Australian aviation history. 

Since the Valentich encounter, the experience 
of Lary Coyne and his helicopter crew is 
coming under more scrutiny. That startling 
encounter took place five years prior to the 
Bass Strait mystery. The incident was witnessed 
by ground observers as well. 

Major Coyne and his crew of three were flying 
a U.S. Army helicopter over Ohio when an 
object hovered overhead. At the time the 
helicopter was flying at about 1,700 feet. 
The U.F.O., a silver metallic-like cigar shape, 
with a red light, suddenly changed the red light 
to the colour of green and pulled the helicopter 
to 3,800 feet at which altitude there was a 
bump and the helicopter broke loose. Coyne 
was then able to regain control. The crew got 
back to tell the story. Frederick Valentich 

V.U.F.O.R.S. investigators are still in the 
process of collecting reports and reconstructing 
the U.F.O. activity leading up to that most 
amazing documented contact with a U.F.O. 
There is no doubt that the October 21st, 1978 
encounter will survive any amateurish write¬ 
off as was attempted during the early stages 
of the famed New Zealand radar-visual-film 
encounter. Both of these outstanding incidents 
are mile stones of ufology and still survives 
the contradicting “explanations” from the 
scientific community as well as the howls 
from the skeptics and rookie “experts” alike. 

Some other examples: Captain Mantell, whose 
aircraft came down in pieces after he was sent 
in pursuit of a U.F.O. An encounter over 
Michigan, where an interceptor was vectored to 
the proximity of a large U.F.O. Like the 
Valentich encounter, radio communication 
failed. The blips on the radar screen revealed 
that the interceptor merged with the U.F.O. 
which then sped away. No scrap of the aircraft 
was ever found, although a three weeks search 
followed the incident. Just one more case 
where the airmen never returned. 

Then for instance, the Cuban incident of 1967: 
A pilot flying a MIG jet was ordered to fire 
on a U.F.O. The strange object responded 
by disintegrating the MIG. The details were 
radioed back to base by a screaming pilot from 
a second MIG flying nearby. 

by Paul Norman 


“jThe White-Acres 


(Credit: *Vippsland Times*') 



Sale — Wednesday, 15th October, 1980 . . . Researchers check site — 

A Kilmany farmhand’s description of an unidentified flying object tallied with sightings described 
throughout the world, according to the Victorian U.F.O. Research Society. 

Location : 19 kilometres due west of Sale, 
Victoria, on the Princes Highway. A cattle 
grazing property of approximately 500 acres 
called “WHITE-ACRES”. 

Mr. Blackwell returned to the bedroom, 
changed clothes, jumped on his motor bike 
and drove towards the site where the object 
had landed. 

Time and Date : Tuesday, 30th September, 1980, 
1 a.m. - 1.50 a.m. 

Principal Witness : Mr. GEORGE BLACKWELL, 
the property stationhand. 

Weather Condition : A clear, star-studded sky, 
calm, no wind, with a full moon. 

The Sighting 

Mr. Blackwell awoke from his sleep to the noise 
of his horse galloping around the paddock in 
panic, the bellowing of cattle nearby and an 
unusual whistling sound. Glancing at his 
bedside clock — 1 a.m. — he arose in haste and 
went to the back porch to investigate the 

Being unable to view the horse from the porch 
due to a small shed, Mr. Blackwell climbed onto 
the top porch rail to view the animal. 

Immediately his attention was drawn to an 
object flying low from a south westerly 
direction just below a clump of trees. The 
object was approximately 550 ft. from the 
porch. Mr. Blackwell estimated the object to 
be 6 ft. off the ground. 

The object was producing a low whistling 
sound and emitted blue and orange lights. 

Mr. Blackwell’s thoughts were in his own 
words “Oh my God it’s an aircraft crashing”. 
He then stood there stunned watching the 
object. As it cleared the trees he realised the 
object was domed shaped, not an aircraft 
and like nothing he had ever witnessed before. 

He estimated it to be 10 tt. in height and 
26 ft. in length. The object proceeded in a 
straight line passing over fences and touched 
down 50 ft. from a concrete water tank, 
a quarter of a mile from the house. 

On arriving at a closed gate he alighted from 
his bike and nervously opened the gate while 
still observing the object. The object was 
stationary on the ground, the whistling sound 
continued and orange and blue lights were 
slowly revolving. 

The lights were 10 ft. apart and approximately 
7 inches in diameter. The object in the light of 
the moon was bell shaped, coloured orange 
with a white dome on top. 

After approximately 10 minutes the object 
started to lift off and Mr. Blackwell mounted 
his bike and drove directly towards it. When 
50 yards from the object the whistling noise 
increased in pitch, like a jet engine in reverse. 
The noise was ear piercing as the object raised 
slowly into the air giving off a blast of heat. 

As the bike was on a slight slope its headlight 
picked up the bottom of the object as it rose. 
Mr. Blackwell noticed a large circular rim on 
the bottom similar to a hovercraft tube. This 
rim receded in width as the craft rose. Suddenly 
the suction reduced in the lift-off as did the 
high pitched noise and stones and cow pads 
fell from below the craft. 

The craft flew in an easterly direction slowly 
gaining height and Mr. Blackwell observed 
it until it disappeared from eye sight. 

On returning to the house the time was 1.50 a.m. 

Results of the Investigation 
The principal witness was notably shaken by 
the experience and developed headaches at 
11 a.m. that morning. Headaches were not a 
normal thing for the witness. He did feel tired 
but also had trouble sleeping. No eye trouble 
had developed. 

Refer to photographs 1, 2, 3 and 4 on pages 14 and 15. 


The physical evidence on the ground consisted 
of a circular brown ring, 14 inches wide around 
the circumference with a diameter of 
approximately 30 ft. There were six evenly 
spaced half spokes pointing inwards towards 
the centre of the circle which had not turned 
brown. No radiation was evident and soil 
samples were taken. The magnetic field in the 
area was normal. 

The grass, cape weed and clover was not burnt 
but appeared to have been poisoned creating 
the brown effect. 

The 10,000 gallon water tank nearby was 
nearly empty to the amazement of the witness 
and the owner. No explanation could be found 
for this. 

The stock on the property would not go any¬ 
where near the circle. It was even impossible to 
force them into the paddock where the circle 

There was a distinct line of rocks and cow pads 
lying on the ground in an easterly line from the 
circle. On examining these it was found they 

had been uprooted from another place probably 
the centre of the circle. 

A time discrepancy of approximately 20 
minutes was discovered in the witness’s 
statement; not all the details can be produced 
in this report as in all such cases we must 
respect the personal feelings and wishes of any 

The only other witness to be found was young 
Kelly Postle from the Kilmany General Store 
approximately 4 km away. Miss Postle stated 
that at 12.12 a.m. the same morning she saw 
from her-bedroom window a pink ball of fire 
moving slowly in the west just under the 
Southern Cross. 

The sighting has been reported to the R.A.A.F. 
base at Sale and Flight Lieutenant Philip who 
handles the U.A.F. reports will investigate. 

(P.S. . . on a return visit on 31st October, 
Mr. Blackwell recalled the object actually 
hovered over the tank before touching dow). 

by Pat Gildea 

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ •> ❖ ❖ ❖ <• •> •> <* <♦ <♦ <• ' 

. •j* •i* ♦j* •j* •j* •jt •j* •j* •j* •i» •j* •j* •j* •j* •j* •j* *j» •j* •j* •j* •j* •j* **• •j* ♦j* •j* *1* «{• 

U.F.O.s Visited Third Farm?. 

If YOU own an isolated property with a 
large reserve of water, you could be next 
in line for the appearance of the 
mysterious burnt rings. 

Mr. William Dingwall, “Montgomery Park” 
contacted us when he discovered several perfect 
circles of burnt-off grass within a 200 metre 
radius of his huge natural billabong. 

Three of the rings are six metres across with 
one clearly defined circle 10 metres across. 

Mr. Dingwall noticed the first small ring on 
his 120 hectare Bundalaguah property around 
two months ago, 20 metres from the edge of 
the billabong, but ignored it. 

Last week he began irrigating the paddock 
adjacent to the billabong, and as the new 
grass grew the other rings became obvious. 

Mr. Dingwall believes the marks were all made 
at the same time but couldn’t be detected in 
the dry paddock. 

Low Water 

When the first ring appeared Mr. Dingwall 
said he had noticed an unusually low water 
level on the billabong, usually constantly full. 

He could not gauge the reaction of the dairy 
cows to the rings as they had not been in the 

When a similar ring was found at “Whiteacres”, 
Kilmany, cattle refused to go near it for several 

Although reluctant to mention it “for fear of 
being ridiculed”, he remembers one night 
several weeks ago when he was awakened by 
“the high-pitched sound of rushing air and the 
cattle and dogs making a terrible fuss”. 

His son, George haa told the family he had seen 
a green light, which lasted about 10 seconds in 
the sky over the back paddock one night. 

Mr. Dingwall rules out the pussibility of 
lightning being responsible for the marks. 

“How can a perfect column of lightning strike 
in the same paddock in several places?”. 
Sceptical of U.F.O.s from outer space, 
Mr. Dingwall believes that it could be the 
landing marks of some sort of intelligence 
device that is water-powered. 

Rings were found in October and November 
at Rosedale and Seaspray, and were investigated 
by some members of the Australian U.F.O. 


U.RO. from my_ 

Back Yard at Brighton 

It is now over two years since sighting a U.F.O. from my back yard at 
Brighton, Victoria and I am still no wiser as to what the object was. 

I am still a sceptic as regards to so called flying saucers and visit¬ 
ers from outer space, however I have seen a classic shape U.F.O. at 
relatively close quarters and find it very frustrating not knowing the 
answer and probably never knowing what it was. 

I am an active Master Mariner with 35 years of responsible sea going 
experience, used to analysing situations and coming to logical con¬ 

This sighting was a very clear and studied one and yet to me has no 
satisfactory explanation. I cannot under any circumstances accept the 
final suggested conclusion from the RAAF that the object was a light 
aircraft with the shape distorted by the glare of the sun. It was in 
the glare when first sighted but in the latter stages it was very 
clearly and sharply defined. 

The object was sighted at 1443 Summer Time on the 12th November 1978. 
It was a fine day with light clouds and a 15/20 knot Southerly wind. 

It was on a course of about 280°T with the height and speed of a 
fairly low slow light aircraft. The apparent diameter was a little 
larger than a full moon. If at 2000ft and diameter 40 minutes of arc 
then its actual diameter would be about 22ft. If it was higher it 
would be bigger and if lower it would be less. There were no lights, 
vapour trails and definately no noise. Speed probably 80 to 100 knots. 

When first sighted it was close to and in the glare of the sun and I 
thought it was a large bird. It did appear to be oval shaped with a 
dark background and lighter brown stripes radiating out from the front 
to the rear. I thought than of a kite and balloon but noting that it 
was moving across the wind these thoughts were dismissed and I started 
to take more notice. 

By this time it was getting lower in elevation and I very clearly saw 
an inverted saucer shape with a dome on top. From then until it 
disappeared behind the roof of the house it was studied very intently 
with a view to taking in as much detail as possible. The dome had 
straight sides, a curved top, was dark grey and appeared very solid, 
the base gave the impression of being light metal, shiny and hollow 
underneath. I was surprised at the sharp angles between the dome and 
the base and the sharp edge around the perimeter of the base. The 
dome was about 1/3 the diameter of the base and about 1^ to 2 times 
the depth of the base. No windows or external protuberances were seen. 

-1 i 

It was observed probably for a little less than one minute and the 
final observations for probably 15/20 seconds. 

Assuming its course had previously been the same it would have passed 
Moorabbin Airport Control Tower at a distance of 3-4 miles. 

At this stage I was reluctant to tell anyone apart from my family, 
however the following day my curiosity got the better of me and I 
rang Moorabbin Airport seeking information. They refused to comment 
and referred me the D.C.A. at Tullamarine Airport who in turn were 
evasive and referred me to the RAAF. They were very interested but 
non commital and requested a full report. -They then requested that 
I permit them to advise the media in the hope that further reports 
would be forthcoming. I reluctantly agreed and then only on condition 
that I received full information on any results obtained. 

The result of this was lots of annoying phone calls from the News 
media and several interesting ones from others who had experienced 
sightings in the past. After two months and a letter from me, the 
RAAF replied suggesting that the object was a light aircraft with the 
shape distorted by the glare of the sun. 

In conclusion, I repeat that the object was not a light aircraft or 
any other type of aerial object that I am aware of. Its apparent 
construction, light base and sharp angles did not suggest an inter¬ 
planetary visitor, but its slow, steady and absolutely silent motion 
across the wind was something completely unknown to me and something 
I cannot logically explain. 



The Manifold 


At 6.45 p.m. on the 21st October, 1978, in the very area that Frederick Valentich had vanished, 
and 20 minutes before the Valentich encounter, Mr. ROY MANIFOLD of Melbourne, Victoria, 
took six photographs of the sunset off Cape Otway. 

Each frame was taken at approximately 20 second intervals, and Roy Manifold (a U.F.O. sceptic) 
recalled seeing nothing at the time through his camera. He only realised that the frame had 
captured something strange on examination of the prints three weeks after the.event. 

He was determined to find out what was “wrong” with the print. Kodak examined the negatives, 
and revealed that there was nothing wrong with them. What was on the negative was due to normal 
camera pickup. 

In time, Roy Manifold realised that a rational answer to the “puff of smoke” (photos 1 and 2, 
page 15) was far from being found. 

V.U.F.O.R.S. Paul Norman, thus received a set of prints and these were sent off to “Ground 
Saucer Watch” in the U.S.A., for thorough computer analysis. 

Edge enhancement, colour contouring, and filtering by the computer produced these startling 

1. No emulsion defect was found on the negative. 

2. The imate is not any known type of cloud or weather phenomena. 

3. The top area of the image is highly reflective (an indication of metallic construction). 

4. The image is about 1 mile away from the camera. 

5. Filtering revealed a disc structure above the “puff of smoke”. 

6. The image is blurred due to motion. 

7. The size of the image was about 20 feet. 

8. Examination revealed that this was not a hoax. 

“Ground Saucer Watch” concluded that this was a real U.F.O., surrounded in a gaseous cloud. 
The disc like object was in motion, going up and to the right as if it had come out of the sea. 
The calculated velocity was assumed to be 200 km per hour. 

Consider the facts, as on observation, this “puff of smoke” seems pure nature at work, yet with 
examination and common sense, you suddenly realise how unusual this picture is. Mix this with 
the photograph of the object in the sea and the extraordinary probability of two U.F.O. incidents 
within 20 minutes and 36 km of each other, coupled with so many mystery sightings. One must 
feel that this object is more than vivid imagination and wishful thinking. 



(2) The White Acres tank with one of three S 
cracks visible. 

(1) V.U.F.O.R.S. investigators inspecting dam¬ 
aged water tank over which a U.F.O. had 

Two of the series of six photographs taken by Roy Manifold the day Fred Valentich 
disappeared. The first three photographs were clear. In frame four, a protrusion (circled) 
appeared. Frame five was clear again. Frame six, above, shows the “puff of smoke” 
which underwent computer analysis. 

Photographs courtesy of Roy Manifold. 

Hr. ■'-;<«** ■ 


Model of U.F.O. reported by Mr. George Blackwell of White Acres. Main body orange, 
white top, with black expandable tube. 

The White Acres mysterious burnt rings. 



The field, or perhaps battlefield, of 
U.F.O. research, is so littered with the 
corpses of discredited and disgraced 
prophets that it is a wise man indeed 
who. keeps his own counsel on the matter. 

As in so many other areas, subjective or 
intuitive opinion is the enemy of clinical 
research-it is too tempting to concoct a 
theory and make the "facts" fit around it. 
Such a pragmatist is Mr. Paul Norman, an 
expatriate yank who is the Victorian UFO 
Research Society's only full time 

A dedicated UFO legist these last 30 
years, Mr. Norman spent the larger part of 
an hour-long interview with the Observer 
last week in refusing to speculate on his 
personal feelings about the origin, meaning 
and purpose of these mysterious celestial 

"I don't know the whys and wherefors of the subject" he 
said, tantalisingly emphasising the word "know". 


"Von Daniken, Adamski...they were all frauds," he con¬ 
tinued . 

For the unitiated, the above persons were, until recently, 
revered gurus in the UFO heirarchy. 

"I think possibly they had some experience early on, 
formulated a theory, and then got carried away with it, 
but in the end they were easily discredited." 

But if Mr. Norman will not speculate on the whys and 
wherefors of UFO's, he is equally adamant that, whatever 
"they" are, they are a reality. 

And, he contends, the authorities know it. 

"They have been sweeping these things under the carpet 
for so long now the carpet is bulging. On top of the 
carpet is Big Brother - but the carpet is going to burst 
one day," he declared. 

Mr. Norman was in Portland last week for private inter¬ 
views, part of an ongoing attempt to flush out witnesses 
to UFO sightings who are too scared of ridicule to make 
a public statement. 

He will be in the Western District until next March con¬ 
tinuing the quest...all of which will be financed out of 
his own pocket. His job is unpaid. 

What drives a person to such extraordinary sacrifices of 
time and money? 

Curiosity, says Mr. Norman. A simple desire to know more. 

In his case, it goes back to 1953 when he was supervisor 
of a hydro-electric power station in his home state of 

"Someone yelled for me to come outside. I did, and I 
saw what appeared to be a helicopter coming up the river. 
I turned and went back inside...then I realised it was 
a fanning sort of helicopter which makes no sound. 

"I went out again, and the thing hovered over the station 
for about half a minute, giving off a bright bluish 
light. Then it sped off, faster than a jet. I knew then 
something strange was happening, and several others saw 
it, too." 

The same month, he recalls, two US airmen disappeared 
pursuing a UFO. 

The two incidents combined to give him an insatiable 
curiosity, and when he retired in 1976 he began his full¬ 
time investigations. 

Mr. Norman came to Australia 22 years ago, having liked 
what he saw when he visited the country on a US Navy 
goodwill cruise in 1941. 

The Victorian Society, he says, in only part of a world¬ 
wide network of organisations which is painstakingly 
putting together an already vast and rapidly mounting 
body of evidence pointing to the irrefutable fact that 
UFO's are a reality. 

He says he would like, in his lifetime, to be able to 
reach some conclusions about the origin and purpose of 
UFO's but doubts it will happen. 

"Our main objective is to get an admission from the 
authorities that UFO's are a blow the 
secrecy lid sky high. Once it is officially recognised, 
more and more people will come forward-, and we will 
learn so much more," he says. 

Mr. Norman insists, and not without impressive evidence 
that various authorities have huge dossiers on confirmed 
UFO encounters. 

But why are they so reluctant to concede this? "Fear". 
They have been telling people for 30 years that there 
are no such things as UFO's, and now they are frightened 
to admit they do exist. 

"You have to realise there is a technology involved in 
this which is far superior to our own. The authorities 
are trying feverishly to find out what makes these things 
work. But they don't know any more than we do, and they 
can't bring themselves to admit it." 

Although an increasing number of scientists are now 
accepting UFO's he says, the scientific community gener¬ 
ally maintains its sceptical position. 

"I'm no psychologist, but I suspect the reason is that 
having once accepted their reality, scientists must 
then accept there is something out there they don't 
understand. UFO's do not fit into their tidy conceptions 
of the universe, and I think they are subconsciously 
aware that to accept UFO's would bring their whole sys¬ 
tem of beliefs tumbling down." 

Authorities and scientists not withstanding, more and 
more people now accept the fact of UFO's. Surveys 
indicate over 60 per cent of people believe in them, 
compared with only 15 per cent in the 1950's. 

These statistics represent a big crack in the previously 
impervious wall of disbelief, Mr. Norman says. With 
less fear of ridicule, more and more people are pre¬ 
pared to come forward and talk about their experience^ 

Armed with this information and support, organisations 
like the Victorian UFO Research Society are now pre¬ 
pared to throw official scepticism back in officialdom's 

Mr. Norman says that the ranks of UFO investigation 
societies are increasingly welcoming such people as air¬ 
line pilots and - would you believe - former intelligence 
agents. CIA, KGB and ASIO men who have known about the 
cover-ups, but were not able to talk about them. 

Mr. Norman is a confirmea L^^ristian, and says he has no 
conflict in accepting his religion and the reality of 

If you would like to help Mr. Norman's/ investigations 
by telling him about your UFO experience, assuming you've 
had one, he can be contacted in Timboon on 95.0348 or 
by contacting the society in Melbourne. 


-Say IJ.KO.S Real 

A computer declares that U.F.O.s are real 

A young French scientist, Claude Poher, decided to prove once and for all the actual 
existence of flying saucers. Out of 35,000 U.F.O. observation reports that he had been 
able to collect, he selected the thousand best ones, translated them onto IBM punch 
cards, and fed them to a computer. 

Then he fed to the same computer the apparent characteristics of everything that could 
be seen in the sky and mistaken for a flying saucer — such as the planet Venus, weather 
balloons, marsh gas, or meteorites. The computer was to compare these with the U.F.O. 
sightings and reach a final decision. The verdict of the computer was that flying saucers 
do exist and cannot be confused with anything else in the sky. They have landed 
hundreds of times in deserted spots, far away from urban areas. They appear during 
the day as bright metallic objects reflecting sunlight and casting shadows and during 
the night take on yellowish or greenish-orange colour. They can appear in the form 
of discs, spheres or even cigars. 

The computer found that 70 percent of the observations were made at night, one in 
10 involved landings, and one in 20 were cases when extraterrestrial astronauts were 
seen by or had contact with humans. Very powerful magnetic forces were always present. 
These forces could cut the power of automobile or aircraft generators, disturb radio 
transmissions and make all kinds of electromagnetic instruments go completely crazy. 

Maurice Chatelain, former aerospace electronics engineer, offers an interesting theory 
in his book “Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space" about how the space travellers 
use our planets to reach Earth. 

“Arriving from a far away stellar system with a very high velocity, these spaceships 
could use the enormous gravitational attraction of the four big planets of our solar 
system to slow down and settle into an orbit around Jupiter or one of its four largest 
satellites. There, like an airport terminal, tjiey could wait for their connecting flight, 
the planet Mars, to pass by and then settle into an orbit around that planet. There they 
could wait again for the Earth to pass by and then settle into an orbit around the Earth 
or moon". 

According to polls, U.F.O.s have been seen by more than 15 percent of the population 
of the United States, including President Carter. And more than 50 percent of all 
Americans believe that visitors from inner or outer space actually exist. Percentages 
in areas like the Caribbean, where U.F.O.s are so frequently sighted, are much greater. 

f —^ 


Charles Berlitz, author of “The Bermuda Triangle” and the subsequent book, “Without 
a Trace”, believes that U.F.O.s are definitely linked to the mysterious disappearance 
of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle area off the coast of Florida. 

U.F.O. sightings have occurred in all parts of the world, however. Jacques Vallee, the 
French astronomer and NASA scientist, mentions that in China foreigners are often 
asked if other countries besides China have U.F.O.s. 

Many persons believe that U.F.O.s have been with us a long time and cite the Biblical 
account of Ezekiel and the wheel as a possible U.F.O. encounter. What are the U.F.O.s 
up to? No one seems to know. Some people regard them as friendly and others as hostile. 

To some people, they have a religious significance, are a sign of the Last Days, and a 
reminder that the Bible speaks of warfare in the skies, as well as on Earth, in the time of 

General Douglas MacArthur thought they were hostile and that the nations of the world 
should unite to defeat them. But a computer said the spaceships had all the military 

Following are a few of the theories about U.F.O.s and their aims: 

• They are from a dry planet and seeking water, which they are taking from the 
seas of our planet. 

• They are collecting specimens of animals and mobile devices, such as planes 
and ships, for comparison and study. 

• They need other elements, perhaps gold, for their electronic systems and 
conductors. (There are approximately $360 million worth of gold in every 
mile of seawater). 

• They are protecting us from innate tendencies to destroy ourselves and our 
portion of the universe. 

• They are keeping air and space travel under surveillance to make sure we do 
not leave this planet on missions of conquest. 

• They are extraterrestrials using the electromagnetic and other natural forces 

of Earth as an energy supply source for intergalactic travel and regard the 
inhabitants of Earth and their welfare with cosmic indifference. 

These are just a few of the many theories. 

Many prophets believe that the answer may come within the near future and that it may 
have a Biblical significance. Some even predict the Rapture may take place by U.F.O.s. 

by George Butler, Times Staff Writer 

s^- --- J 









C^^dUt to Juan Jo^e B^ntt^z. 

There has been some cpntradictory reports in the press 
relating to a sighting of a UFO near an aircraft- What 
follows is the result of an investigation by Spanish 
Ufologist and author, Juan Jose Benitez. Senor Benitei 
questioned the pilots of the aircraft, nearly 40 eye¬ 
witnesses from Valencia airport, and numerous inhab¬ 
itants of Manise. 

At around 11pm on Sunday, November 11th 1979, the air¬ 
craft (which was on the Pahna-Tenribe run) received a 
call from the control tower at Barcelona. Captain 
Xavier Lerdo de Tejada was asked to switch to an emer¬ 
gency radio frequency. This frequency is used by air¬ 
craft in trouble. 

Having complied with the instruction, the pilots of the 
aircraft picked up an abnormal, unidentifiable signal. 
Shortly thereafter, the pilots were attracted to some 
red lights which appeared to the left of the aircraft. 
Looking unlike normal aircraft lights, they started to 
approach the aircraft at an "enormous" speed. After 
alerting Barcelona, the air controllers told the pilots 
that they were alone. 

As it came closer, the red lights appeared to be on the 
edge of something that the pilots could not distinguish 
clearly. This object remained near the aircraft for 
eight minutes before departing. 

Although the tower at Barcelona had failed to pick up 
this object on their radar screens, the military radar 
did pick up an echo on their screens. 

Of the 109 German and Austrian passengers on board the 
aircraft, only twenty noticed the strange red lights. 
The pilot said later that this was probably due to the 
fact that a meal was being served at the time, and the 
passengers would obviously be giving their attention to 

Visual confirmation of the UFO was made by air traffic 
controllers and laypeople at Valencia airport, where 
the aircraft made an emergency landing. The director 
of Valencia airport, a Senor Morlan, even made a visual 
sighting of the object. A Mirage fighter from Manise 
was even scrambled to investigate. 

An official investigation was carried out, but unfort¬ 
unately the results were not released to the general 

AUGUST 29 - 19S0 
C^e.cUt: Jam Thomas 

Posadas - A local reporter claimed to have clearly 
seen two UFO*s near Posadas while traveling along 
National Route #12. 

According to Guillermo Reyna Alan, 27, chief of the 
news department of LT17 Radio Provincia de Misiones, 
the event occurred while he was driving with his 
friend Horacio Alcobes, 26, and his car stopped due 
to mechanical failure near the Itaembe stream. 

"It was 22.30 -said Ryna Alan - near a clear field 
and a somewhat overcast skyw I suddenly sighted two 
blue luminous objects that approached from the SE 
at great speed. 

"They stopped practically in front of us, and there 
we could see the circular shape like an inverted 
saucer, of both objects, which moved vertically and 
with much ductility. The sighting lasted for almost 
two minutes, and both objects disappeared swiftly 
towards the North". 




TfLcmilcuttd by J. Mcuiang-co. 

Ancona - In the entire region of Marche and Abruzzi from 
the Appenines to the coast there have been reported sight¬ 
ings of spheres or flying saucers. Many are the witnesses 
at Tolentino and Meterica and also at Osimo and Castel- 
fidardo in Ancona Province. There have been several sight¬ 
ings of mysterious flying objects during the night, so 
many in fact that the local police -station was inundated 
with telephone calls. 

In Camerte some people reported having seen a flying saucer 
land and also seen the traces of burnt ground at the side 
of a mountain. The area has not been checked out yet. 
However the trajectory of the mysterious objects was seen 
by many people. 

News was received from Padova that a UFO was intercepted 
by radar. The presence of flying objects was signalled 
by their luminosity. It relates to bodies of spherical 
shape followed by a cone shape with oscillating lights 
from blue to yellow and to red. 

The policemen from stations at Tolentino, Osimo and 
Matelica have also seen flying objects emitting a very 
intense light. 

Also a young engaged couple from Ancona testified that two 
days ago they watched a flying saucer at not more than 
thirty or forty metres from the ground. The spherical 
object ended in a cone shape with alternating colours. 

Mr. Mario Ciasca gave all the details of the sightings 
that happened near Ancona in the area of *'Frana Barducci”. 
The young couple saw the UFO flying so low and in such 
trajectory that they had the impression the object would 
crash against the hills. They watched it flying for some 
minutes and then disappear. 

About one and half years ago other mysterious apparitions 
of presumed flying saucers literally terrorised the crew 
of fishing fleet at San Benedetto Del Tronto. The UFO 
with intermitting lights appeared and disappeared in the 
Adriatic Sea and at that moment the fishing fleets radar 
went mad. At that time the Italian Navy was called in to 
investigate and many times a navy corvette had to escort 
the fishing fleet at sea. It was summer time and many of 
these phenomena were sighted from various parts of Italy. 
Other previous sightings in the Marche area occurred in 
the sixties. It was said that the epicenter of these 
phenomena was an area of "Mount Vettore". 


: ILS^ 


San Antonio ExpKU6 

DALLAS (AP) - Analysis of tissue from a bull found 
mutilated near Harlingen last month shows the animal 
was cut into with a sharp instrument, a researcher 
said Wednesday. 

Tommy Blann of Lewisville said the animal was not 
burned and there was no evidence of radiation, as 
some have speculated. 

A Cameron County rancher found the 1,110 pound bull 
with a circular incision in its shoulder and its 
heart removed. 

Blann said authorities sent him part of the animal's 
shoulder for testing in a private laboratory here. 

"I want to dispel some rumors," Blann said. "The 
animal was not burned with a laser. It was not burn¬ 
ed at all... The dark, coagulated area may give 
that e f f ec t, however. 

"The cut appears to have been made with a sharp 
instrument...and it definitely was not cut with a 

### - 

C^iecLc/t: Tommy Blann. 


A section of shoulder hide from a 1,1001b. Charolais 
Bull was submitted to me from a Bill Heath in Harlin¬ 
gen, Texas to undergo laboratory analysis. The sam¬ 
ple was obtained approximately four days after the 
animal had been found mutilated on his property. 



The sample was placed,in a formaldehyde solution (10%) 
and sent to Lewisville, Texas where it was then taken 
to Midway Veterinary Laboratory and tests were run on 
it by James Rhodes, medical technician of the lab¬ 

The sample of hide tissue measured approximately 8” 
in diameter with a circular incision approximately 
100mm in diameter. The sample appeared to be in good 
condition although there was some pseudomonous odor 
due to deterioration process, and the solution in 
which the sample was shipped did not appear to be a 
10% solution of formaldehyde but a much weaker sol¬ 
ution, quite possibly mixed with a saline solution. 
The solution did not have the noticeable odor of 
formaldehyde and contained numerous contaminants. 

None of the solution contained any carbon particles. 

Colour photographs were taken of the sample immed¬ 
iately after it was taken out of the container, as 
well as close-up photos of the suspected laceration 

The sample was then placed on the lab table where 
small sections were dissected from the laceration 
edge and placed under a light microscope to examine 
the cellular structure. There were no charring or 
heat effects noted on the hair follicles or the 
laceration edge, nor were the squamous epithelial 
cells damaged in any way. Some hair follicles near 
the laceration edge were cut and the tissue appeared 
to be bruised in the southern section, with hesit¬ 
ation marks in the northern section indicating it had 
been cut with a sharp instrument. Radiological tests 
were also done on sections of the sample to determine 
if the tissue had been irradiated, results were neg¬ 
ative. The overall results indicated the sample had 
not been burned or even singed. 

The recent rash of animal mutilations in South Texas 
has given rise to a variety of theories as to the 
perpetrators. The theories range from UFO's to cult 
activities to government experimentation. 





Three Survive IXF.O. Attack 

Two women and a 7 year old boy have suffered physical harm after an 
apparent close encounter with a U.F.O. near Dayton, Texas, U.S.A. 

Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were travelling home 
from a bingo game in Cleveland, Texas, which is 40 miles from their 
home in Dayton. 

At approximately 9 p.m. the sky was lit up by a fiery object, Betty Cash 
was driving at the time and quickly stopped as the object came down in 
front of them. Betty Cash then got out of the car and walked towards the 
object. Betty described the object as being diamond-shaped and silvery 
looking. She could also hear beeps above the tornado-like noise the 
object was making. 

Both women stated that the object gave off intense heat and light. 

After seven minutes or so, the object rose in the air and moved away to 
the west, which is h the direction of Houston. As it did so, Betty and 
Vickie counted 23 unmarked, double-rotored helicopters trying to close 
in on the object. 

Subsequently, military officials in central Texas stated that the records 
did not show any large movement of helicopters on that night. 

However, the U.F.O. was seen by three other motorists 30 minutes 
earlier, and 20 miles further east of the main sighting. 

Betty Cash has since suffered from lumps on her body and hair loss. 
Vickie Landrum developed a cataract like film over her eyes within days 
of the incident, and will probably go blind. Her son Colby, whilst escaping 
physical harm, wakes up at night from nightmares. 

The case is still under investigation by the Aerial Phenomena Re¬ 
search Organisation. 

— Condensed from the “Weekly World News” 

March 24 th, 1981 

U. F.O.s -The World Wide Enigma 

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and 
gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will 
blow up everything in its way”. Emile Zola. 

Society History 

At this point perhaps it may be opportune to present a brief history of 
the Victorian U.F.O. Research Society. 

The earliest U.F.O. group to form in Australia was the “Australian Flying 
Saucer Bureau” under the direction of Edgar Jarrold and Andrew Tomas, 
in the early 1950s. At the same time, Fred Stone inaugurated the “Australian 
Flying Saucer Research Society” in Adelaide. After approximately two 
years the Bureau closed down and was regarded as a branch of the 
“Australian Flying Saucer Research Society” under Andrew Tomas. This 
shortly broke from Adelaide and became the “Australian U.F.O. Investigation 
Centre” with Dr. Clifford at its head until 1958, when the Presidency 
passed to Dr. Lindtner. 

The “Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Victorian Branch)” was 
formed on the 17th February, 1957 as a branch of the “Australian Flying 
Saucer Research Society” and later that year was re-organised as the 
“Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society” with Mr. Peter E. Norris L.L.B. 
as President. In 1968 the name was again altered — this time to the 
“Victorian U.F.O. Research Society”. 

During this time, the Society has published various papers and is probably 
best known for its publication Australian Flying Saucer Review, curtailed in 
1972 due to high costs and subsequently superseded by the Australian 
U.F.O. Bulletin and at one stage sponsored and produced a quarter-hour 
program on a Melbourne radio station under the heading of “The Truth 
Behind Flying Saucers”. 

The Society had held a dispassionate attitude on U.F.O.s, claiming it is a 
scientific problem deserving closer attention. It has also met regularly in 
General Meetings and maintains the largest U.F.O. library in the Southern 
Hemisphere, making books available by post, to members throughout the 

Membership of this Society — which maintains the largest membership of 
any U.F.O. organisation in the Southern Hemisphere — is open to all who 
are genuinely interested in the subject. 

This is the official publication of the Victorian U.F.O. Research Society 

P.O. Box 43, 

Moorabbin, Victoria 3189 

This Society would appreciate readers' reports on U.F.O.S. Please 
forward to P.O. Box 43, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189, Australia.