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cot 1/© ©otititctor 

The newsletter of the San. Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts 

november ’31 

(SB ACE * P .0 . BOX 203076 * SAH DIEGO * CA * 92120) 

Japanese Woodcuts 
The Coutesan 
byAnchi(l 714} 

The San Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts 

(SDA.C.E.) is an independent, non-profit organization and user group with no 
connection to Atari Corp. membership includes access to the program library, 
subscription to the I/O Connector, and access to any other club activities. Per- 
mission to reprint articles from this newsletter in any non-commercial form is 
permitted withot specific authorization, as long as original credit is given. 

Commercial Rdvertising Rates 

$35 - Full $30 - Back $20 - Half $10 - Quarter $5 - Business card 

S.D.R.C.E. Officers 

President David Delgadillo 475-6790 VP.tS-bitl Ron miller 748-7195 

VF. CST) Rick DeHaven 284-2365 Treasurer Tom Andert 287-4198 

Secretary Bruce Lawson 229-0380 Prg Dir (8-bit) Buck Bragunier 582-2730 

Prg Dir (ST) Frank Cascio 282-5208 8-bit Librarian David Becker 280-1330 

ST Libararian mike Odegard 287-9282 memship Officer Dick Haitt 541-7034 
newsletter Editor Peter Payne 560-4272 

(Call between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm please) 

Correspondence address: 

Son Diego cjtciri Computer Enthusiasts 
p.O. Box 203076 
San Diego, cq 92 l 20 

S.D.R.C.F. Bulletin Boards 

S.D.A.CP. 8-bit BBS SiJ.A.CX. ST BBS 

Sysop: Eddie Woods Sysop: Rick DeHaven 

(61 9) 566-3430 (619) 284-3821 

Submissions To The Newsletter 

are most welcome, and are due by the third monday of the month, for the next 
month's newsletter, mail printed copy or returnable disks with text files (ST 
single sided format please) to the club's P.O. Box, or upload the file to one of the 
S D A .C 2 . bulletin board systems . 


ads, available on a space-available basis, are free to club members. The Editor 
will accept ads at meetings, through the club's P.O. Box, or via telephone. 
Deadline for classifieds is the same as articles. 

Editor's Bits 

Hello once again. It ‘s about 108 degrees as I 
p type this, and I am bathed in sweat. This 
weather is unbearable, but I guess it's only 
temporary . 

I wasn’t able to make the AtariFest in 
Glendale, but others from SDACE were there, 
and I heard it was good. Atari was there, 
along with many software companies, dis- 
playing their wares and wares. It was a 
4 succees,rm told. Veil have a report on what 
went on at the show soon . 

A replacement for the job of newsletter 
editor has been found in Tom Bryant . 
Hopefully, he should be able to take over 
within two months or so. I extend my 
thanks to the other interested people . 
Thanks for the support . 

Oh, in case you haven't heard, Atari has 
bought the Federat chain of stereo and 
computer retailers for $67 3 million. Jack 
Trammiel should be bringing his 'no holds 
i barred' theories of marketing and capitalism 
to the stereo industry, probably putting mad 
Jack's, DOV and Circuit City out of business 
by December, if all goes well tthat's sarcasm, 
in case you didn't guess). The purchase will 
give Atari some control over the retail end of 
ST sales, also. The mega ST's, incidentally, 
will not be sold through Federated . 

Speaking of mega's, they're here! Oh my 
god! Veil, Atari's taken half a year longer 
than anticipated, but they have Blitters 
| (which are very nice. I'm told) and are in at 
least two major local retailers at this time. 
They come in 2 and 4 meg versions (the ST2 
and ST4, respectively), and probably go for 
around $1700 for a 2 meg system, and $2200 
for a 4 meg. The mega ST's, if you're not fam- 
iliar with them, sport detachable keyboards, 
internal clocks, Blitters, 800K internal drives 
(styled more like the Amiga), and the new 
version of the TOS ROSls. They're fully 
compatible with the existing ST line, and I 
want one . 

The 8-bit SIG is still going well, although the 
last meeting was a little weak, with less than 
20 people showing up. Come on uou g un s! By 
I not showing up to the meetings, you're 
ruining all that Ron miller and the Beckers 
are trying to do. The 8-bil club is not dead 
I yet, but it will be someday soon if more 
support is not shown. So mark you calendar! 
L The next 8-bit meeting is Thursday, the 
I hovember 1st. Be there! There are lots of 
new products to be seen, so show up, please. 

A reminder: The December meetings are 
skewed. There will be ORE meeting, on the 
first Thursday of the month (the 3rd of 
December), at the north Park facility at 6:30. 
Elections will be held at this General 
meeting, and then they will split into the 8- 
bit and ST meetings . Everyone be there ! 

Speaking of elections , the time is here to be 
thinking of running for a public office. The 
SDACE nomination Comittee has been 
appointed by the President, and they'll be 
calling up members to talk about this . Ve're 
not asking for computer wizards or long 
running members of SPACE; just people who 
want to help others within the club . Ve want 
you! Our little club can’t survive without 
your support and the support of everyone (I 
said EVERYOnE!), so please, if you've got the 
time and the will, give it some thought. The 
elected offices are: President, 8- bit Vice 
President, ST Vice President, Secretary and 
Tresurer . Thanx . 

Incidentally, the membership rates will be 
going up next year to $20. This will be voted 
on by the membership soon . Costs are going 
up, especially newsletter costs . If you want to 
sign up for $15 instead of the higher price, do 
so at soon as possible, and save yourself the 
money. Ve've recently had to start mailing 
our newsletter first class, because our Bulk 
Rate mailing costs were getting more 
expensive! Ve spend around $70 each month 
for copying, and around $40 for postage costs . 
Ve never take in more than half of that in 
advertising monies . Therefore, the news- 
letter is a big drag on expenses, and is the 
main reason the club s been having the 
financial difficulties it's been having . Do you 
want to help? Talk to your local computer 
retailer, ask him why he's not advertising . If 
he does advertise, let him know you're 
reading them. Vhen you buy something, 
mention the I/O Connector, and the ad you 
saw . That'll help a lot . 

Do you like computer games? Do you have a 
modem? Veil, give the Computer Boulevard 
BBS a call. The number is 589-0565, and 300- 
2400 baud is supported. There's a new 
Galactic Empire type game online, in which 
up to 25 players try to amass worlds in a vast 
empire, and beat off their competitors. It's a 
fun game, and has really caught on. Vhil® 
you're on, engage in conversaion in the 
message bases, or check out the downloads. 
I'll see you there . 

- Peter Payne 

ST Educational Software News 

by Lois Hansen 

Reprinted from The SLCC Journal 

In preparation for the VORLD OF ATARI 
fair, I called up some of the software 
companies known to be producing ed- 
ucational software for the ST. I thought 
that some of you who didn't make it to the 
fair might like to know some of the news: 

Saflasoa: Perhaps the most exciting 
news is from Unicorn. They have come out 
with no less than ten educational pro- 
grams for the ST and they have several 
more programs which are close to release . 

I spoke with the president of Unicorn, Jeff 
Stark, who told me that they have 
writing educational software 
for the Hlac because Apple is now trying to 
position it as a business machine and 
retailers don't want to display educational 
software for the mac . Unicorn is continuing 
to write for the Amiga and will get involved 
with the Apple //gs, but at least at this 
point , their main thrust is the Atari ST . Jeff 
said that Unicorn has been designated the 
"official 11 Atari ST educational software line, 
and will be offered to retailers by Atari as 
part of the package when they sign up new 
dealers. If you have comments about their 
products, want to ask for specific kmds of 
software in the future, or simply want to 
encourage them to continue to develop 
more educa-tional software for the ST, give 
them a call. The number’s right there in 
your documentation. They’re only in Las 
Vegas. Vhjn I called, the President ans- 
wered the phone . 

The newest products just released from 
Unicorn are Read-a-rama for ages 5-8, a 2- 
disk program that does pictures to words 
and will accept input words, and Aesop's 
Fables, o reading comprehension program 
for the same age group. This program took 
8 months to develop, is on two disks, has 12 
animated stories, and 1000 words of voc- 
abulary Q & A Coming soon are two more: 
magical myths, a reading com-prehension 
program for grades 4-8, and Word master, a 
vocabulary builder for grades 3-8. Word 
master will accept user input words, and 
additional data disks of words are planned . 

SSEra& i also spoke with Richard 

Jacks, vice president of Engineering at First 
Byte. Their specialty is talking programs 
for the ST; the obvious application is for 
pre-readers, but "reluctant “ readers will 

find the First Byte talking math tutorialc 
the four basic operations, IRathtalk, very 
helpful. Richard told me about some other 
programs out now or coming soon; Out now 
is First Shapes, a preschool program that 
talks, and Iliad Libs, based on the party 
game of the same name . There is also 
another mathtalk, about fractions, 
percents and decimals, and another pre- 
school program. First Letters and Vords. 
Also planned for release soon is Smooth- 
Talker, not an educational program per se, 
but a program which will speak tor spell) 
any ASCII file your word processor can give 
it. This has obvious applications in beg- 
inning reading , and Richard said that mac 
users in universities have used it as a kind 
of group class notes review session fac- 
ilitator. Gather around the ST the way their 
grandparents gathered around the radio... 
He said it was also useful for checking input 
to spreadsheets. This program, like all the 
First Byte line, will list at $49 55. A bargain 
in this latter case; some of us may want 
call this company [which has an Si 
number) and tell them what we think of $5_ 
as a price for kids* software which costs 
considerably less than $1000. But be ready 
to counter their wails about development 
costs with your claims of numerous friends 
ready to buy educational software at a fair 

Bad news from these folks . 
Their support for the 8-bit line had been 
discontinued a while ago, and they are now 
ceacing distribution of their excellent math 
program. Homework Helper, and their 
graphic adventure senes based on classic 
text like Treasure Island . 

/MttffUg fl has finally released its 

cheap C$18 .95 for two disks f) educational 
software for the ST developed by the Arrakis 
Advantage Company , There are allegedly 
five packages of Algebra, two of Geometry, 
one each of Statistics and Trigonometry, 
four of Biology, and two each of Chemeetry 
and Physics. I have seen Algebra, Geometry 
and Chemistry in the flesh at the show . 
Atari Corp gave us the Algebra I and 
Geometry I packages which I will t 
evaluating and reporting about later. 

\ §>M.€.<B. Classifies 




Atari 810 or 1050 Disk Drive 
Ulust be cheap! Call Dave D 475-6790 

For sale : Deep Space ,$15, 

Antic and Analog back issues 
Dave Delgadillo 475-6790 

Atari CXS5 numeric Keypad (8-bit), 
40 Track DS drive, 80 Track DS drive, 
Riok Dehaven 284-2365 

1040ST, monochrome monitor, 
mouse Pad , 1 st Word , etc 
$625/T3est Guy Davis 463-9704 

20 meg Seagate hard disk, 

256K miO, Green Screen, 

SOOXL v /256K , 1050 W Doubler , 
Okimate printer, $680 system 
Call Don Fritz 560-8142 


Area code 619, 300/1 200 BAUD, 24 hours a day 
unless otherwise noted 

Code Name 





Fred’s Place 








566-621 0 


The Highlands 




The Atari Fortress 





8-bit SDACE 





Penthouse Suite 





Shervood Forest 

8-bit /ST 




! Aardvark 










ST btfDI Connection 





Emerald City BBS 





! Computer Blvd. 





Computer Plus BBS 





* Computer Outlet 




1 = TCxe, 2 = Forem, 3 = BBS Express 
4 = Michtron ST, 5 = Forem ST 

(*=Limited hours, !=Magic Sac support) 

For additions or corrections, 
please contact tne editor... 

8-bit Gazette 

Ron miller. Atari 8-bit VP 

Following news covers the September 1087 
Board meeting and the October 1987 8-bit 
meeting , 

I * Financial statements - any currently 
paid tip member is welcome to view the 
financial books kept by the club treasurer . 

2, Club color TV's - when the club 
seperated the 8-bit and ST meetings , it was 
agreed that group take posession of a TV. 
Right now each group does have a color TV 
to support club activities . 

3 . Elections - it was agreed that the 
December meeting would be a general 
meeting of all members for the purpose of 
holding elections . The meeting date will be 
the first Thursday of the month of 
December, which is the 3rd, and the place 
will be the north Park Rec Center * 

4, Club neeletter - it was agreed that the 
8-bit club could be guaranteed at least two 
full pages in the newsletter. The 8-bit club 
is also responsible for those two pages , i e ,, 
if the newsletter editor does not get any 
input from the 8-bit side, the editor is not 
required to place any 8-bit news in the 
newsletter. Thus, the 8-bit club is looking 
for an 8- bit co-editor to take care of their 
portion of the newsletter. If any 8-bit 
members are interested, they should 
contact Ron miller, at 748-7195. 

5 . October meeting - Approximately 
twelve people attented, Ron ITUller 
discussed Atari graphics and plotting to a 
printer or pen plotter. Ed Voods discussed 
and demonstrated his image capture 
ComputerEyes using a color camera, 
recorder and image capture system . many 
members have never had a chance to see 
this kind of hardware before . 

6 . Buy and Sell - There were some good 
hardware and software purchases. An 
Atari 822 thermal printer went out the door 
for $18. Original software packages traded 
in the range of $5-$15 . 

7* november meeting - the theme is 
sound. Ve will discuss sound generation 
and some uses. Ve should have some fun 
with some music programs and some wild 
sounds . 

CEdi tor's note: the date for the next 8-bit 
meeting is Ilovember 5th. Please be there, 
so we can avoid the problem of having too 
few members present. Its extremely 
important to the health of the 8-bit SIG that 
you attend as often as possible. Thanks) 


Desktop Pen Plotters 

The microcomputer user basically has 
available tvo types of plotting devices , One 
is the printer which can plot pictures 
using patterns of printed dots. For some 
pictures (such as digitized pictures from a 
TV camera) this is a very good mechanism. 

The second plot device is a pen plotter , 
which can plot pictures by dragging an ink 
pen across paper. For pictures made of 
lines (such as building floor plans), then 
pen plotter is probably a better plotting 
device because it can draw true lines. The 
pen plotter can also draw one picture on 
top of another without destroying either 
picture. With the correct software, plotting 
to either printers or pen plotters is equally 
easy. And often a pen plotter uses the 
same cable and computer port as a printer, 
making the pen plotter look like a printer 
to the computer . 

There have been at least two good cheap 
pen plotters on the market during the last 
year . One is the Epson 4 color pen plotter 
which was available from Jade Computer 
or about $200 00 . The other is the 
mannesmann Tally Pixy 3 three color pen 
plotter which was available from Jade for 
about $200 00. Vhile the following 
discussions pertain to the Pixy 3, other pen 
plotters operate in a similar fashion . 

The Pixy 3 has a plotting surface of 2450 
pixels horizontal by 1800 vertical. It can 
draw an exact straight line from any pixel 
to any other , Pixels are 0 .1 milimeters 
apart (about 025 inches). Pixy 3 can chanc 
pens under program control. On command 
it can draw different line types (soli 
dashed, dotted, etc.), circles, (specify center 
and radius), spline curves (twisty smooth 
curve through any number of points), fonts 
(different alphabets), axis (x and y with 
varying tick marks), grids, rotated text, 
auto scales, and more. 

Controlling Pixy 3 from BASIC, for example, 
can be done with LPRIT1T. You might LPRII1T 
“I3Q 100, 200" which moves the pen to 
position 100 ,200 on a plotting surface of 2450 
by 1800. LFRU1T "V 500, 600, 200, 200" would 
draw a circle at x=500, y=600 with 

radius=200. LPRIHT "Jl“ will pick up pen # 1 . 
LPRJI1T "JO" will put all pens back in their 
holder . In BASIC it is handy to build up a 
library of string variables containing select 
printer commands, since all plotter 
commands are sent with LPRIHT. Plotting 
from other languages is done using the 
printer command for that language . 

(Editor's note: Don't forget the remarkable 
Atari 1020 4-color plotter, which can be had 
used for $15-$30. The print quality of thi 
40-column direct -connect (no inlerfac 
required) plotter is really great, with many 
of the above mentioned features .) 



6% aft all non-sal© software and hardware on your next purchase 

Run Rtarilllrlter Plus uiitli SpartaDos 

By mill Ingram 

Reprinted from the PAG newsletter 

AtariVriler Plus is great, but ... 

Every time I use it I have unkind thoughts 
dial the people at Atari vho seem to be to 
be determined to prevent me from using 
some of the features I like best abuot my 
80QXL. These include a 256K expanded 
memory and US. Doubler equipped 1050 
drives used vith the SpartaDos disk 
operating system. I could have a 128K 
Ramdisk to allow rapid switching between 
several files . I could use double density for 
added file capacity and time /dale stamping 
of files, using the R-Time S Cartridge or the 
SpartaDos clock . 

Unfortunately, none of this seemed 
possible because of the way AtariVriler 
Plus was supplied with a copy protected 
"boot" disk . Then, along came the article by 
Carolyn Hoglin in the July Antic magazine, 
explaining how she adapted the program to 
run with TOPDOS . I determined that I would 
do the -same for SpartaDos ahd include the 
Ramdisk and time and date stamped files. 

I chose not to alter the original AtariVriler 
Plus disk, but came up with a method 
'hich uses a batch file tg perform the 
nlire boot operation . A disk swap is nec- 
essary, but everything else is auto-matic. 

Here's how it can be done. First, initialize 
a SpartaDos disk using X32D . DOS iSpartaDos 
version 3 2), and copy# the SpartaDos files 
ED.COm and TDLH1E .com to it. then, onto 
this same disk copy the AUTORUT1 SYS file 
from the AtariVriler Plus, disk and rename 
it VRITE.C0m. Finally, create the following 
STARTUP BAT [batch) file: 

RD D3: /E 




Vhen this disk is booted it performs the 
-'allowing operations: 

TDLIT1E - sets a time and date clock from 
the R-Time 8 Cartridge. If you don't have 

one of these, use the TIH1E and DATE com- 
mands to initialize the clock and calendar . 

RD D3: /E - set up and formats a Ramdisk 
in the top 123K of memory. Hole that this 
leaves 128K available to run the 13QXE 
version of AtariVriler Plus . 

COPY VRITE.C0m D3: - copies the program 
VRITE .Com (the autorun sys loader pro- 
gram from the AtariVriler Plus disk) to the 
Ramdisk CD3;). 

The next two lines are a prompt to replace 
the boot disk with the AtariVriler Plus disk . 

PAUSE - prints a promt PRESS AT1Y KEY TO 
COnTmUE after swapping disks. 

TD OFF - turns off the screen display of 
time and date, but leaves the internal clock 
active to lime /date stamp disk files . 

BASIC OFT - turns off BASIC. Don't have to 
hold down the 0PTI0I1 key during boot . 

D3 VRITE - loads and runs the loader 
program from Ramdisk. It then loads 
AtariVriler Plus from Drive 1 . 

LOAD and SAVE will now work with either 
single or double desnsity disks. Double 
density disks will need to be formatted 
ahead of time. The built-in FORIHAT com- 
mand works from the DUP SYS file on the 
disk and produces only DOS 2 format . (This 
will still work, as SpartaDos can read most 
Atari formats, but you will lose the extra 
capacity). Also, the IIIDEX command will 
show the disk directory in DOS 2 format, 
without the time and date. However, the 
information is there and can be read with 
the normal SpartaDos DIR command . 

'Oh, You're m Computers? Say Some- 
thing m Fortran.' 






DIESO, QA 13110 
- B 09 O ■*§ 


Sara raasgjra iflfiatpfl raaorararaaatp araaoarasfl 
Pa Sa Sara gsusi's 
Sara rasragjra 9 sra ©guara 

BOX 1506 

SAN LEANDRO , C A 94577-0374 

The Ilovember 8-bil meeting will be Th.irrsda'g, Xlowember 5th , (the first Thursday of the 
month, as alvags), at the meeting place in nlira IHesa,at the Voods Clubhouse on Bagvood, 
near mira Ihesa Blvd (see map in the June I/O Connector or call editor for directions). ST 
workshop /Hlagic Sac SIG will be same time and date as the 8-bit meeting, at north Park Rec 
Center, 2719 Howard Ave, in the Adult Room . The Oct ST SIG meeting will be on mondag, 
October 19th, no v ST meeting will be IZlondag , Dovembcr 161 b at 6:30, also in the north 
Park Rec Center, in the Social Room . ITlQrl< LjOUP CQlendctP find ShOLU up!!!