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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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THe mini 51 


% Wt jnSJETv?? 

The San Diego Rtari Computer Enthusiasts 

(SDA.CE.) is an independent, non-profit organization and user group vilh no 
eonneotion to Atari Corp. membership includes aooess to the program library, 
subscription to the I/O Connector, and access to any other club activities. Per- 
mission to reprint articles from this newsletter in any non-commercial form is 
permitted withot specific authorization, as long as original credit is given . 

Commercial Advertising Dates 

$35 - Full page $30 - Back Page $20 - Half page $10 - Quarter page $5 - Business 


S.B.RX.E* Officers 

VP. (ST) 
Prg Dir (ST) 

David Delgadillo 
Rick DeHaven 
Bruce Lawson 
Frank Cascio 

ST Libararian mike Odegard 






VP. (8-bit) Ron miller 748-7195 

Treasurer Tom Andert 287-4198 

Prg Dir (8- bit) Buck Bragunier 582-2730 
8-bit Librarian David Becker 280-1330 
ITlemship Ofcr Dick Haiti 463-8460 

newsletter Editor Peter Payne 560-4272 

(Call between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm please) 

Correspondence address: 

San Diego £|tari Computer Enthusiasts 
p.O. Box 203076 
Son Diego, CR P2l20 

S.D.BXX. Bulletin Boards 

S.D.A.C.E. 8-bit 88S S.D.A.C.E. ST BBS 

Sysop: Eddie Voods Sysop: Rick DeHaven 

(6 1 9) 566-343 (6 1 9) 284-382 1 

Submissions To The Newsletter 

are most welcome, and are due by the third monday of the month, for the next 
month's newsletter, mail printed copy or returnable disks with text files (ST 
single sided format please) to the club's PO. Box, or upload the file to one of the 
SDA.CI. bulletin board systems . 


ads, available on a space-available basis, are free to club members. The Editor 
will accept ads at meetings, through the club's P.0. Box, or via telephone. 
Deadline for classifieds is the same as articles. 


From the desk 

Really small newsletter this time, 
folks. I apologize for the shortness — 
I've been up all night trging to get 
everything ready as it is . The 
President’s article and the ST VP's 
article aren’t here, due to a late- 
night mix op vith the ST BBS. They’ll 
have extra long articles next month. . 

How do you like the new format of 
the newsletter? Ready Set Go helps 
me so much, makes my job a lot 
easier . I apologize for the duplication 
quality of last month's issue, the 
super-cheap place we went to, Cal 
Copy, proved to us that you do get 
what you pay for . 

Vhile I'm on the subject of 
apologies, I have to apologize to the 8- 
bit SIG for missing another meeting, 
the first 8-bit meeting in the new 
IHira mesa facility. As a result, the 
club's 8-bit system wasn't there 
again. I'm really sorry, guys, and I 
promise, 1 will be attending the 
meetings regularly, as well as 
making sure the 8-bit system is in 
the hands of someone who can make 
it all the time . 

ST users: I had inquired about the 
possibility of the Thunder-scanner, 
one of the best printer-head digi- 
tizers on the macintosh, being dev- 
elopped for the ST . They say there are 
no plans to support the ST computers . 
There is some good news: Sir-tech 
says that a translation of the 
immensly popular dungeon ad- 
venture game, Vizadry, "might not 
be too far off in the future ,** Let 's hope 
that they make good on this state- 
ment, because I for one am interested 
in playing Vizadry on the ST . 

8- bit Users: the turnout for the 
new mira mesa meeting was good, 
and the meeting place seems to be 
working out well. They 8-bil officers 
will be discussing adding a workshop 
type of format to tne meeting, to help 
new users, etc. Your input is helpful- 
- leave mail to the sysop on the 8-bil 
BBS, or talk to one of the officers at 
the meetings . 

Everyone give a big round of 
applause to the new 8-bit librarian, 


of Yours Truly... 

David Becker, who had the new Disks 
of the month at the 8-bil meeting, 
and generated $751 Vay to go, Dave I 
Remember, every month he'll have a 
new disk of the newest and most 
interesting PD programs from (3£ni# 
and other sources, so be sure and 
show up at the 8-bit meetings. Hey! 
I’m talking to uou t now you have a 
good reason to attend the 8-bit SIG! 
Another is that, at the mira mesa 
facility, vendors and sales are 
allowed . so GO ■ GO ■ GO ! Vhat? Lost 
the map from last month's news- 
letter or didn't receive it? Veil, give 
me a call. I’ll give you directions . 

By the way, let's all make sure to 
call and support the SDACE 8- bit BBS, 
one of the best 8- bit BBSs around. 
There are over 4 megs of public 
domain files online, with over 200 
users to chat with, so please call ! 

The classifieds are being discon- 
tinued soon unless the members 
start using them . The classifieds 
have proven to be a good way to sell 
things . All you have to do is call me 
in the evening and read me what you 
want to sell. They're useful, but I 
won't have space taken up by 
something which has been access 
some five times by club members . 

If you have missed issues or aren't 
getting issues of the newsletter 
which you're entitled to, please call 
one of the officers up and let us know, 
preferrably Dick Haiti, since he's in 
charge of those things. Of course, if 
you're not getting your newsletter, 
you're not reading this, so why am I 
wasting everyone's time? 

SDACE just got a letter from 
Valczaka, Poland, from a Ihr . IXlarek 
Paskiewicz, owner of an Atari 13QXE . 
He's begging us to send him some 
software and literature. Poor guy. 
Ve've also gotten letters from Britan 
and Kuwait, from Atari users 
wanting to exchange PD software or 
join the user group . 

Veil, that's about the jist of this 
month's column. Until August, I'll be 
seeing you ... 

Peter Payne 



Htari 16-Bit 

rfta ri 8 - B i t 



Guy Davis 


Gary Hienz 

3rd 3rd 

To Bo Announced 

William P. Anderson 


Gary Clevenger 

Congratulations to the Luinners and thanks 
to all of you Luho participated.. 

Frank Cascio - SDACE ST Program Director 

1 . The Shattered Alliance - 1 /32 

2 . The Battle of Shiloh - 5/82 

3 . Tigers in the Snow - 8/82 

fgBsiBff ai&siB&a a® gas see aaea? snaggem.) 

(Unawarded prized will be given out os door prizes at the monthly meetings.) 



6% off all non-sale software and hardware on your next purchase, 


Area cede 615, 300/1200 BAUD, 24 hours a day 
unless otherwise noted 

Code Name 





Sherwood Forest 





Fred's Place 










The Highlands 




The Atari Fortress 





8-bit SDACE 





Penthouse Suite 





! Aardvark 










ST MIDI Connection 





! Computer Blvd. 





Computer Plus BBS 





* Computer Outlet 




1 ■ TCxe, 2 - Porem, 3 B BBS Express 
4 ® Michtron (ST) 

(limited hours, !*Magie Sac support) 


By Activision, for the ST 
Reprinted from Pokey Press 

This game is based on fflah-John&g, an 
ancient Chinese tile game, and it isn't as 
easy as it looks . The folks at Activision have 
put together a really nice little package, 
with a few minor exceptions . 

The object is to find pairs of identical tiles 
and remove them from the pyramid (five 
high in the center) that they are stacked in . 

They are always in differnt places, thanks 
to the computers ability to to do random 
things. 144 tiles. Are you up to the chal- 
lenge? There are 12 Dragon tiles, 16 Winds, 
4 Seasons, 4 Flowers, and 108 Suit Tiles, 
either Dots, Bams (bamboo), or Craks (char- 
acters or actors). They are laid out in a 
pyramid called a Dragon . 

The object is to remove pairs, but that is 
just part of it . They may only be removed if 
they can be moved left or right, not up or 
down . And then , you must make sure that 
they are on a level which allows them to be 
moved. Then use strategy, think moves 
ahead . What will happen if I move this tile? 

The game allows for solitare play against 
the computer, as well as teams competing 
against each other, in a tournament or you 
can challenge a person against the clock. 
Any game will get the adrenaline flowing . 
The game also makes good use of the Gim 
menu bars to restart games, give help, 
hints and remind you which tiles are 

I'm not the biggest strategy game player 
around, but I love this one. It is a very big 
challenge . And very frustrating to find out 
that you can't move any more tiles, your 
strategy didn't work, so you just go to the 
GAIXIE menu bar and start all over . There's 
nothing else to do . 

Illy only complaints are that the title 
screen should have sound, to add to the 
effect, the sound effects should be much 
better (they consisted of the standard ST 
fading ding bell, which has been overused 
so much), and that the graphics aren't the 
greatest . 

But all in all , 1 recommend this program 
to everyone. Good luck, you'll need it. 

Vr #r sdditiees, p fejse 

g&nt&Gt the editor f 

- Jim Woodward 

91 Quick, Rdvance look ot WordPerfect 
For the Atari ST 

Reprinted, from The Pokey Press 

[Editor's note: the following im a brief 
product description of the features to be 
expected with the upcoming release of Vord 
Perfect for the Atari ST . Although the 
program is still in the debugging stage, and 
no full release is expected until full 
summer, WordPerfect appears to be the 
professional, full-featured word pro-cessing 
package that many have been waiting for 
since the ST came out) . 

WordPerfect Corporation is introducing 
WordPerfect for the Atari ST . The following 
is a brief list of features for this pro- 
fessional word processor: 

Compatibility - File compatibility with 
WordPerfect 4.1 for the IBIH PC and other 
comptuers, allowing for direct document 
transfer to and from the ST without losing 
document format . Function keys are definet 
the same between versions, for increased 
ease of learning . 

Footnotes /Endnotes - Footnotes and 
endnotes are automatically numbered and 
renumbered as you edit. Footnotes are 
properly places at the bottom of the page, 
and endnotes are compiled a the end of the 
document . There is no limit to length, as all 
notes can overflow the current page if you 
designate . 

GEH1 Interface - WordPerfect fully sup- 
ports the GETT1 interface . Virtually all func- 
tions may be easily accessed with either 
the mouse or the keyboard . Desk acc- 
essories are fully accessible from inside 

List Files - A complete eel of disk utilities 
is included for total file maintenance. 

macros - Record any series of keystrokes 
or mouse actions and recall them with a 
single keystroke . macros can be chained or 
conditional, as well as delayed. 

math - math mode allows creation of 
numeric tables in your document, with 
automatic circulation of subtotals, totals, 
grand totals, or your own custom math 
functions . 

merge - merge can be used to auitomat* 
many office procedures, including forms, 
labels, contracts, and other time-con- 
suming tasks . The merge feature may also 

be combined with macros to create power- 
ful user-defined functions . 

Paragraph /Outline numbering - Para- 
graphs can be automatically numbered in 
several Printer support - WordPerfect sup- 
ports over 200 printers, including most 
laser printers. Documents can be printed 
using true proportional spacing, font down- 
loading, or virtually anything else your 
printer is capable of. 

Speller - A fast 115p00-word dictionary 
with phonetic and word-template look-up 
is included. Fully expandable, with legal 
and medical terms already included . 

Table of Contents/lnde Generation - Create 
a table of contents or index for your 
document, consisting of up to five levels . 

Text Columns - Up to five newspaper- 
style or static text columns may be dis- 
played and edited on-screen . 

Thesaurus - Synonyms and antonynms 
may be displayed for up to three different 
words at the same time . 

Undelete - The last three deletions 
series for up to three different words at the 
same time . 

Virtual memory - Data can flow onto disk 
when computer memory is full. Ho longer 
are your documents limited by available 
memory , but only to disk size . 

A complete manual, including graduated 
lessons, a thorough reference manual, and 
a color-coded keyboard template, provides 
ease of operation for both new and exp- 
erienced WordPerfect users. 

WordPerfect is scheduled for release this 
summer. Questions can be directed at Jeff 
Wilson, manager of Development for 
WordPerfect Corporation, at CIS: 72447,3427, 
or write: 

WordPerfect Corp. 

266 West Center 
Orem, UT 64057 


Sen and the Single MIO 

Reprinted from the PACE Newsletter 

ICD's newest wonder device for the 8-bil 
machines, Ihe miO (multi Input /Out put), is 
actually many different devices in one. 
They are conveniently combined in a nice, 
attaclive 9 3" x 25" package 
The miO replaces a parallel/serial inter- 
face, a printer buffer, a hard-disk interface, 
and a video interface. It is 850 compatible, 
so your old cables will work just fine. It 
also gives you ram-disk capability on up to 
8 drives. The miO comes in a 256K or a 1 
meg version . Since the 256K version cannot 
be upgraded by you tit must be sent to ICD) 

I recommend the 1 meg version , 

The miO plugs into the parallel bus of the 
800XL or the 130XE (with an adapter!. An 
optional 'hardware' 80 column adapter is 
also available . 

The H1I0 comes pre-configured, yet you 
can configure it to your need with the built- 
in software . To access the software you just 
hold the SELECT key and press RESET. The 
miO configuration software pops up instan- 
taneously. Because it is built-in, no mem- 
y is taken up. It is here so that you can 
manipulate the 1 meg of memory as ram- 
disks on certain drives of your choice, all 
drives, one giant drive, and/or as a printer 
buffer , You can even configure your printer 
as a serial printer or as printer number 2! 
The possibilities are endless. One problem, 
when you turn your IXLIO off, the config- 
uration will be lost, unless you have public 
domain configuration hies which are not 
included . 

To fully utilize the capabilities of teh KUO 
you would have to use SpartaDOS. I love 
SpartaDOS! After a week of learning it I 
wondered what I had been afraid of; it 
really is great. Actually, any dos that 
recognizes a ram disk will work; but to get 
the really BIG Ram disks, and to use them 
to their fullest potential, you will want to 
use SpartaDOS . 

Do use like adventure games? I do, 
Infooom's are the best. The KUO really 
brings adventures to life. First set up the 
KUO for a Ram disk, let's try disk 3. Okay, 
w copy Zork (my favorite) into the Ram 
-*sk. Great, now go to the K1I0 software 
(hold SELECT and press RESET), and switch 
drives, making drive 3 (the Ram disk) into 

into drive 1 . How turn off your computer , 
(Don't worry, the K1I0 has its own power 
supply, and the contents of the Ram disk 
will remain).. How hold down OPTIOK (no 
basic) and turn on your computer . Suprise! 
Zork is ready to go . Ho floppy disk to access, 
and this will be the fastest game of Zork 
that you have ever played ! 

Okay, now the disadvantages . If you have 
something in ram disk and reconfigure 
an y thing- on the K1I0, your work, game, 
message, text, whatever, will be lost. (This 
is the second creation of this article for that 
very reason). Once you realize that, you are 
in good shape . The only other complaint is 
that once the K1IO is plugged into the 
computer, it (the KUO) must be turned on or 
the computer will not work. Of course, you 
can unplug it or turn the K1I0 on, so this is 
no biggie . Ve tried to come up with some 
bad things to say about the KUO, but could 
not. Really, this is an awesome addition to 
your computer system! 

now let's talk money. The KUO sells for 
around $300 (that's for the 1-meg version; 
as we said before, the 1 meg model i# 
heavily recommended to get the fullest use 
out of the unit), but when you consider that 
you're getting a modem interface, printer 
interface, a hard disk inerface, a printer 
buffer, and 1 meg of memory, you are sure 
to come to the conclusion that you are 
getting your money's worth . 

Ve give ICD a five star rating for this fine 
product .Okay, you software companies, let's 
see you support the K1I0, and take ad- 
vantage of its roanyu uses and features ! 

- Joe Cullen 

- Linda ITlarks 

(PACE .) 

(Editor's note; To keep the article in the 
spirit of a family oriented newsletter, all 
mention of sex has been edited out . I just 
forgot to change the title .) 



•Jam iga 











z < 

«mo > 
Ki" | a)sS 



l 10 












Sena Di-ego Compter Society 

Atari SIG 

P.0. BOX 81444 

San Diego, CA 92138 

Send all correspondence to: 


Permit No 1518 
San Diego, Calif 

item Slap Afeairi ©msps&w 
!?,©= Sass iilifg 

asm stiap g ga sin si 



BOX 1525 

CA 94577-0152 

July 8-bit meeting will be Thursday, July 2nd (the first Thursday of the month, as 
always), at the nev meeting place in mira mesa, at the Voods Clubhouse on Baywood, near 
ITlira Hlesa Blvd (See map int he June issue or call editor for directions) . ST Workshop vill 
be same place is has been, the north Park Rec Center, on Idaho off University. Same time, 
differen t places! normal ST meeting will be Ulonday , July 20th (the third monday of 
the month, as alays) at 6:30, in north Park, at the opposite end from where the ST Workshop 
will be held . 

August 8-bit meeting will be Thursday, August 6th, at the mira mesa facility. ST 
workshop will be same time and date, at north Park . normal ST meeting will be on