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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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II/© Connector 

The newsletter of the San. Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts 

QECEtrber '91 

£SDACE * P .0 . BOH 203076 * SAI1 DIEGO * CA * 92120) 


Elections in December! 

Be sure to be at the December meeting to vote for 
your 1955 club officers' slate. Support SDACE! 

December JHeeting s on 
Thursday the 3rd! 

mark your calendar and don't forget: the joint 
8 -bit /ST meeting will be on the first Thursday 
of December, at 5:30, at the north Park Rec Center, 
Adult Center, 2719 Howard Street 

'Renewal time is near! 

SDACE desperetly needs you to renew your 
membership Your support is needed now more 
than ever. Dues will be going up to $20 per year 
soon, so sign up in December to get the $ 15 rate! Check 
your expiration date on the newsletter label! 

Mtvty Christmas! 

Don’s skip this because it's the 

Editor's Final Column 

Here it is: my very last newsletter I It’s 
been a long and fulfilling year for me as the 
editor of the C& a si e<? i cr, but the time has 
come for me to move on, mainly for reasons 
of time . Attending SDSU, working nights, and 
trying to squeeze in time for sleep has begun 
to take its toll, and I have to let someone else 
carry the torch. IXiy replacement, Tom 
Bryant This number is listed on opposite 
page) will be a capable and dedicated editor, 
and just to make sure he is. I'll be hanging 
around for a while. I'm not quitting SDACE, of 
course: on the contrary, I'll try to keep my 
foot in the door at the meetings and such . 

Speaking of Tom, he has a 1040 and a 
ITlagic Sac, and will be going to the meetings 
and legging onto the club EBSs soon, with his 
new modem. I always encouraged feedback 
and criticism of my .job as newsletter, and 
even though few ever took the time to say yea 
or nay how they felt about the newsletter, I 
hope some will with Tom. I encourage all of 
you to get a feel for him, to talk to him, and 
help him in any way possible. His first 
newsletter will be January. 

It's election time! Be sure and be at the 
December meeting fa joint meeting on the 1st 
Thursday of the month at the north Park . 
facility). I’ll leave it to Dave to talk about the 
elections, but believe me, this will be a good 
meeting, and all should go. Ve will definetly 
have door prizes, including software, so be 
there or be square. As 1 said. I'll be running 
for club Secretary, and hope to be around at 
least another year . 

This being my lame duck newsletter and 
all, I can take the liberty to say some things I 
might otherwise want to skip , If I rub some 
of you the wrong way , forgive me . 

1) The 8-bit SIG is a dad. There's no 
contest; it’3 totally lame. The past year has 
seen it decline sharply, with less and less 
members attending the meetings, I don’t 
want to condemn the Atari S — bits completely 
but it seems clear to me that if they : re going 
to survive in our club in any way, the 8-bit 
owners are going to have to get a life and go 
to the meetings. Support SDACE, or we can't 
support you . If the trend holds true, the 8-bit 
will never hope to flourish again , and it will 
eventually die . 

2) Apathy reigns in SDACE. Another 
truth . Ho one cares abouthing . Ho one offers 

any feedback of any kind, for anything. If 
you're not one of the few who complain about 
whatever they feel like complaining about at 
the meetings (and so few attend meetings, if 
seems, although I might be wrong about this 
since I, myself, can seldom attend) then we 
hear nothing from you for the whole year . Ho 
interest is taken, no way. And contributions 
to the newsletter, hahal Vhat a joke. 
Reading through the newsletters of other 
clubs around the country , I am often depres- 
sed about how few care enough to do any- 
thing at all. Yes, I'm talking to you! You, 
reading this newsletter . Everyone in the club 
is guilty . 

3) SDACE isn't rich.. I can't quote 
numbers in print, but SDACE's financial 
standing is very poor . There are several 
reasons why: the purchase of the 520ST for 
the ST BES, the extra fees we were forced to 
pay for use of the north Park Rec Center a few 
months ago, and the giant defecil-causing 
newsletters of my early reign of terror as 
newsletter Editor are all major cases . The 
bottom line is: we could die next year if 
membership drops off, or something un- 
forseen happens. SDACE desperelly needs 
you to do your part and renew your 
membership, buy disks of the month, 
and support our newsletter adver- 
tisers. As lame-duck newsletter editor, I'm 
begging you to renew ! 

Veil, I'm belaboring the point. I'm 
afraid , and I apologise But look at it from the 
point of view of the club officers, myself 
included . It'd sure be nice if the club weren’t 
taken for granted like it is. Oh well, why 
complain about it ... 

A note on modems . The SDACE ST BBS is 
running off a rflitac 2400, loaned by mark 
Lawless of Computers Plus , A collection will 
be taken up among the ST users for the 
modem at the meeting. How the "big three" 
ST BBSs, ST-SDACE, ST midi Connection and 
Computer Boulevard are ail 2400 baud . Does 

that Lei) uau ? Diaub» it's tirr-ie lor 

you to graduate to a better modem . The local 
ST dealerships have good quality 2400 baud 
modems for under $200 now, so drop by and 
have a look. You'll be glad you did. I've been 
running 2400 for nearly a year now, and it's 
been the best move I ever made . 

Please see EDITOR, page 4. 

I mpor tan t Inf orma t i on 

From the Prez... 

SI) ACE elections coming up in December , 
the 3rd of the monlh , The combined meet- 
ings of both groups, 8-bit and ST, vill meet at 
the Adult Center of the north Park Rec- 
reational Center . The Adult Center is on the 
northwest corner of the Park . meeting time 
vill be at 6:30 pm . 

The first part of the meeting vill be 
devoted to presentation of the slate of pro- 
posed officers, nominations from the floor, 
and voting . 

The following are the proposed slated 
officers from the nominating committee: 

President: mark Lavlees 
8-bit VP: Ron miller 


Treasurer: Tom Andert 
Secretary: David Delgadillo 

As you can see, the ST Veep slot is open, 
and ve vill be taking nominations for all this 
and the other elected positions from the floor. 
Let me encourage all of you vho vish to be 
involved in this capacity to do so. I believe 
that the upcoming year vill prove to be very 
interesting fcr both Atari and SDACE. There 
vill be many challenges and much sat- 
isfaction , 

The second part of the meeting vill be 
devoted to the reason vhy ve exist — the Atari 
computers. Bring your 8-bit, your ST's and 
IDega's, even your 2600 if you have one. Bring 
softvare and hardware. Let's shov each 
other vhat these machiens are able to do . It 
vill be a time for shoving off. 

Since I've touched on the subject of 
softvare, I vould like to encourage all of you 
to go out and either buy yourself a Christmas 
gift or leave messages to your family for a 
gift. There is no better vay to learn about 
and to eupport Atari computers . much in the 
vay of nev software out there: WordPerfect, 
Spectrum 512, nev desktop publishing pro- 
ams, IBm software (for PC:Ditto), and 
macintosh softvare [for the magic Sac). Get 
out there and enjoy yourself. 

The last thing I vould like to leave you 
with are my wished to all of you for both a 

merry Christmas and a Happy Itev Year. 
Take care of yourself during the holidays, and 
let's all look forward to a fresh future . 

- David Delgadillo 

Editor's Commentary 

I'd just like to add a few things to vhat 
Dave has said. First of all, I really want 
everyone to try their best and make the Dec- 
ember meeting. Voting is important, your 
one chance to put your two cents in. If you 
don't care enough about SDACE to take one 
evening off and come down to liorth Park 
with us, then you probably aren't getting 
enough out of the club for you to bother with 
it at all . Please show up . 

The past year has been, for me, an 
interesting and fulfilling one. I have not 
regretted my rather snap decision back in 
December of '86 to be the newsletter editor, 
nor am I happy to see the job go to someone 
else. I haven't been perfect as your news- 
letter editor, but I’ve always tried to meet my 
deadlines, and it's been a good experience for 
me. Time simply won't allow me to continue, 
unfortunately, so I'm passing the torch to 
Tom Bryant next month . 

I've been in SDACE since '82, when I got 
my Atari 400 (for $250!) system. I've gotten a 
lot out of SDACE over the years, programming 
help, public domain softvare, friends, etc . By 
being the editor for a year I've taken pride in 
giving something back to the club, which is 
really here for everyone , not just one group . 

If you're a nev member of SDACE, I 
encourage you tc keep going to the meetings, 
and make SDACE work as much for you as 
possible. Help out where you can, be an 
active member, work a booth at the San Diego 
Computer Society ’s computer shov each year . 
When you’re comfortable with the club, vol- 
unteer for an elected post. Being an SDACE 
officer is a good experience, and you 11 feel like 
you're putting some back in to the club. If 
you're thinking about breaking the bonds of 
apathy which seem to hold everyone in the 
club and volunteering for a position, please 
stand up and be heard; don't just say, "Veil, 
someone's already running, I won't bother." 
Ve need no tr at SDACE . 

g>.®.&.C.<£. Classt£tc&s 

For Sale: Quality 1200 Band modem 
8-bil and ST cables, $60 
Call Riok, 2S4-236S 

800KL 256K, 1050, 48K 800, 
assorted 8- bit software, 

ST software: Strip Poker, Thunder, 
VIP, Ultima II , <3ato, Ulindshadow, 
Sun dog, music Studio, Paint vont, 
Vhy wait? and dBman . 

Call Guy Davis, 462-9704 

Atari CXS5 numeric Keypad (8-bit J, 
40 Track DS drive, 80 Track DS drive, 
Rick Dehaven 284-2365 

Key, won! Use the SD Act, 

Class if kits! V|ou think we put them 
here jot our heaCth? 


Are* code 618, 300/1 200 BAUD, 24 hours * dag 
unless otherwise noted 

Code Name 

3 Fred's Place 
3 Polaris 
3 The Highlands 

The Atari Fortress 

3 8-bit SD ACE 

1 Sherwood Forest 


4 ST MIDI Connection 

5 ! Computer Blvd. 

5 Computer Plus BBS 
4 * Computer Outlet 

Computer Baud Number 

8-bit 2400 560-8173 

8-bit 3/12 566-6210 

8-bit 3/12 298-8475 

8-bit 3/12 426-4253 

8-bit 3/12 566-3430 

8-bit /ST 3/12 276-5603 

ST 2400 284-3821 

ST 2400 452-7535 

ST 2400 589-0565 

ST 2400 691-7862 

ST 2400 282-6815 

1 = TCxe, 2 = Forem, 3 = BBS Express 
4 ■ Michtron ST, 5 = Forem ST 

(♦“Limited hours, !=Magic Sac support) 

Help keep this Cist updated : 
contact the editor if you know of 
any corrections . Tfwirz&sf 

= " 3 


Reprinted from Current Dotes 

november 1987 ! 

Computer Fenestrations has just 
released a nifty new utility. It's called 
£AS£L/ST t and it lets you install any Degas 
CDegahl or Ileochrome picture as the 
background of your desktop _ To use the 
program simply place it in an auto folder 
along with a copy of your favorite art work 
in the root directory , The picture will have 
to be renamed "EASE1ST" so that the 
program knows which picture to load . 
That's it. Row, whenever you boot the disk 
the picture will be there on your desk, but 
everything else will be the same. Run a 
program from a window , then return to the 
desktop, and your picture will still be there , 

Right about now you're probably 
thinking to yourself that this is nice, but 
hardly practical . Veil, actually there are 
quite a few ideas to put this program to 
work for you. How about drawing up your 
users' group logo, then at the next meeting 
instead of staring at a dell green screen 
between demonstrations you can promote 
your next meeting time . Another idea could 
be to make a picture that describes what's 
on a particular disk along with any special 
instructions. By doing this even someone 
who may not be terribly experienced with 
the ST could get started by simply booting 
up the computer and reading the text on 
the desktop . 

I’ve tested £AS£Ls'ST with quite a few 
popular ST programs and have found none 
to date that have problems with this 
program. It shold be noted that programs 
like Easy Draw and VIP Professional have 
the desktop in the background of the pro- 
gram so whatever picture was installed 
with still be there when you execute pro- 
grams like these . This can lead to in- 
novative uses of £A S£L ,-'£T that are ap- 
plication specific . 

You can probably tell that I like the 
prgram and at least one reason for this is 
that it falls into a rare class of progrma 
that do what they're supposed to do . It's not 
copy protected, and is very reasonably 
priced. At only $19, this program makes a 
fine addition to anyone's library. 

- Kirk Osterman 



BIBLE Information management and 
✓ retrieval database system. 

Old and New Testaments in the King James version. 

Creek and Hebrew dictionary 
Strong Exhaustive concordance 

Lightning fast word search, just define any word or words you wish to 
research, define where to look. A specific book, or New testament ,or the 
whole Bible, wait 30 seconds and all the verses are isplayed and can then 
be saved to an ascii file, Th en take it to your favorite word processor! 



Save all aspects of window display configurations, search limits, etc,.. . 

For your ease of use. 


Normally a $540 program. Your cost is $430, OD $350 to the 

first 3 responses to this ad! 

Dequires a minimum of 9.3 Megabytes of space on a Hard Disk 

Drive. Works on all ST's. CCMWOflD il je a copright of Wbrd of God software 



large companies like Ulicrosoil and 
Ashton-Tale, to name onlg two . 

moving on from the vaporware to the 
real stuff, ’WordPerfect is out and is selling 
quite well, thank you. This one is really 
loaded with power . now if you need the best 
then you can buy the best there is . 

The EBS has moved in to the fast lane . 
A 2400 baud modem was purchased at the 
request of the users . Donations are re- 
quested to help defray the cost of the latest 
addition . Thanks go out to those who have 
already contributed. The old 1200 baud 
modem is for sale, only $60 and two cables . 
One for the ST and one for the 8-bit’s 850 
interface. If interested, call the EES or me, 
voice (both numbers are on the second page 
of the newsletter) . 

And last but not lease, I want to tell 
you about the club elections at the next 
General meeting . It will be held on the first 
Thursday (the third!!!) of December at 2719 
Howard Street. That is the same place as 
the magic Sac /'Beginners /CAD 3D SICS meet- 
ing . Voting for next year’s officers will be 
at this meeting. If you want to have a say 
in where your club is going in I98S then I 
suggest that you make it there. Ve are in 
need of a new ST-VP to take over my shoes, 
as I will not be running for the office again. 
Users interested in having more fun than 
they are now having should apply ! 

[Editor’s note: I’d like to say goodbye to 
Rick DeHaven , ST-VP for the past year and 
past President and Vice-President ofSDACE. 
I know we’ll all miss hirp, but it’ll be nice to 
have him around on the EES — yes, he is 
continuing as Sysop of the club's board — 
and we’re sure he'll keep in touch with the 
club . 

Eeing ’in charge' of anything is 
difficult, and Rick's done a great job (even if 
he 's always the last officer to turn in his 
newsletter article !) . Ve all with you the 
best at Computer Outlet and in your future 
life, Rick, and hope to see you at the next 
few hundred meetings .} 

~ ^ 

Remember, the December 
General meeting is on 
! December 3rd! Go and vote 
for your club's officers! 

E719 Homard Street! 

To my Darling Husband 

By V . J . Parsons 
Reprinted from RUGAC 

I am sending you this letter in a bogus 
software company envelope so that you will 
be sure to read it . Please forgive the 
deceaption, but I thought you should know 
what has been going on at home since your 
ST computer entered our lives Ivo years 
ago . 

The children are doing veil. Tommy is 
nov seven and is a bright handsome boy. 
He has developed quite an interest in arts. . 
He drew a family portrait for a school 
project. The chair and tha back of your 
head were very realistic. You would be very 
proud of him . 

Little Jennifer turned three in 
September, She looks a lot like you did at 
that age. She is an attractive child, and 
quite smart. She still remembers that you 
spent the whole afternoon with us on her 
birthday, Vhat a grand day for Jen, despite 
the face that it was stormy and the 
elctricity was out . 

I am also doing well , I went blonde 
about a year ago and was delighted to 
discover that they da have more fun , 

Lars, I mean IHr, Swenson, the 
department head, has taken in an interest 
in my career , and has become a good friend 
to jib all . I have discovered that household 
chores are much easier since I realised that 
you didn't mind being vacuumed but that 
feather dusting makes you sneeze. 

The house is in good shape. I had the 
living room painted last spring. I'm not 
sure you noticed it, I made sure the paint- 
ers dropped holes in the drop cloth so you 
wouldn't be disturbed . 

Veil, my dear P I must be going. Uncle 
Lars, I mean IXlr . Swenson, is taking us all 
on a ski trip and there is packing to do, I 
have hired a housekeeper to take care of 
things while we are away. She'll keep 
things in order, fill your coffee cup, and 
bring your meals to your computer room, 
just the way you like it. I hope you and the 
ST have a lovely time while we are gone , 
Tommy, Jen and I will think of you often. 
Try to remember us while your disks are 
booting , 

Love ,