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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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VOLUME: 5 NUMBER: 7 mr 21, tW 


An Article; 
For Thu 

Since there is no eeeting this ionth t I 
thought I would take this space which is 
reserved for the aeeting announceients and 
tention a few things. 


First, the next newsletter will consist of 
only articles contributed by club leaders. 
Usually 3 obtain a large percentage of the 
articles frot other newsletters. In the next 
issue of the GrACE NEKS only articles frot 
our club will appear, This is a dangerous 
thing to do, because if only one article 
arrives only one article will be put in the 

Second, 3 have just received a letter from 
OSS (Optimized Systei Software), they have a 
deal on the Nac/65fcart) lacro assembler for 
the 8-bit systeis and the Hac/65 Toolkit 
which is a library of aacro to be used with 
the Hac/65 asseabler, If purchased 
separately the cost would be (retail) 

*108,95. However, OSS is discontinuing these 
the price has been rerduced to 145.00 (+13.00 
shipping). If you do asseibly language 
program®i ng on the B-bit tachines these 
prograas are great. 

To order send check, soney order, Visa, or 
Mastercard nuiher plus proof of User Group 
leadership to: 

Optimized Systeis Software, Inc. 

1223 -b Kentwood Ave, 

San Jose, CA 95129 

Orders aust^ be in before 7/31/1907. 

Reaeaber, no aeeting this ionth so see you on 
August 18th. 

E. C, Culbertson 



Gr ■ A . C . E . 

FOR 1 9S7 


The Greenville Atari £mputer Enthusiasts is in 
independent, non-profit organization md user's group 
with no iff i I iat ion with Atari Corporation, or any other 
organization. Membership dues (family) is $20. 88 per 
year. Membership includes access to the club's public 
domain program library, subscription to the Gr.A.C.E, 
newsletter, and access to the club's electronic bulletin 
board, Amazin' Grace (863-269-0138). 

The GrACE newsletter is published monthly by the 
Greenville Atari Computer Enthusiasts, 187 Saratoga Dr,, 
Greer, SC 29651. Permission to reprint articles in any 
non-commercial publication is permitted without 
authorization, provided credit is given to the 
Greenville Atari Conputer Enthusiasts and the author. 
Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not 
necessarily represent the views of Gr.A.C.E.. 

The GrACE newsletter will accept any articles by 
members on any topic found pertinent to the club. 
Articles will be accepted in any form, although word 
processing files uploaded to the club's BBS (268-1138) 
with a message left to Ed Culbertson or Mike Jett, 
Editors, are preferred. 


ED Culbertson 


Nike Jett 


Production Editor 

George Marin 


Contributing Editors 

ken Richardson 
A! Tmpkins 
Rhett Bryson 




Gr . A . C . E . 

Adue rt i si 

n a Ra t 

Full Page $15.66 
Half Page $12.86 
Quarter Page $ 9.68 
Eighth Page $ 5.88 

Correspondence Address and Newsletter Exchange 
Greenville Atari Cmputer Enthusiasts 
107 Saratoga Dr, 

Greer, South Carolina 29651 






895-521 B 


MARY AW TERM! NATO 292-6280 











- 16-BIT 












Take a moment and look at your 
mailino label on this issue of the 
'GrACE NEWS' . Check the right-hand 
side of the label for the word 
'DUES'. Just after this word are 
the month/vear when your membership 
expires. Try to renew at least one 
month early. This helps us with the 
accounting and record keeping and 
also avoids your missing any issues 
of the newsletter . 

There are two easy ways to 
renew i 

1, At the monthly meeting talk to 
Doug Slagh the club treasurer and 
present him with $20 (in cash or 
check ) . 

2. Send your name and renewal ($20) 
to : 

Doug SI agh 
104 Burgoyne Court 
Greer, SC 29651 



A Lotus 1-2-3 Work-Alike 

Review by Robert J. Nielsen 

Current Notes 
May 1987 

In the Tower of Babble of «*puter software, there 
Is one clear standard aaong spreadsheets: Lotus 1-2-3. 

This best-selling prograa has contless books, seelnars, 
video tapes, and even a ngazlne to Instruct and 
enlighten users. This, plus 1-2-3's reputation for 
versatility and adaptability — Milted, It often seen, 
only by the creativity of the people using It — have 
■ade It the clear favorite of Uslness spreadsheet 

As aost people are aware, an electronic spreadsheet 
prograa is a blark table In which users enter ruibers 
and text to create such things as budgets, Inventories, 
and sailing lists. The joy of working with such a 
prograa coees free the ease with rtlch one can uxlate 
the table, with the prograa recalculating such things as 
totals and percentages, 

LOTUS T-2-3 

In addition to the spreadsheet faction, Lotus 
1-2-3 Includes data base prograa and graphics fine t Ions. 

The data base Is used to sort Inforiatlan, perfonlng 
such tasks as alphabetizing lists, finding clients who 
have wade purchases In the last worth, and triwilng froa 
your list all customers tVc have purchases that total 
aider $20.00 for the last year and who live outside your 
state. Itiile these are all useful functions of 1-2-3, 
you should be aware that althoujh this Is called a data 
base, It Is not a data base In the saoe sense that wore 
powerful progress such as dBase III* are. 

The graphics portion of Lotus 1-2-3 constructs pie, 

I Ine, and bar graphs froa Intonation In the 
spreadsheet. This Is iseful in waking presentations. 

People can be easl ly bored by a page of motors, 
leaningful and accurate though the figures way be. Zing 
thee, however, with a graph showing the profit line 
diving towards the bottow of the chart, and you have 
I Mediately caught everyone's attention. 

In short, Lotus 1-2-3 Is the favorite of business 
users to construct tables of rubers, sort Infornatlon, 
and create staple graphs based on thB Inf creation In the 
table. It Is such a popular prograa, that other 
software publishers have cone out with prograas that 
eta lw to work just as Lotus T-2-3 does. One of these 
clones, available for the ST, Is VIP PROFESSIONAL. 

Presently, the only way to have Lotus 1-2-3 
cocpatlbMlty with an Atari ST coiputer Is by purchasing 
a clone such as VIP PROFESSIONAL. Given that the Bakers 
of Lotus 1-2-3 say newr coee out with a version for the 
ST (currently It exists only for the IBM PC and 

coepatlbles) It way be the only choice for the future. 

This said, It Is tlae to take a closer look at VIP 
PROFESSIONAL. First, the potential buyer should be 
aware that there are several versions of the program 
packaged In very s Is I Jar boxes: the text version, the 
GEM version, and the LITE version. The text version was 
the original 1-2-3 work -a I Ike spreadsheet. This has now 
beer replaced by the GEM version, which adds souse 
functions to the prograa. The LITE version, according 
the pibl Ishers, Is a less powerful prograa based on the 
sane systea, Intended for hose use. Last, but not 
least, the polishers wIM soon be caning out with a 
special power-user text version of VIP PROFESSIONAL. 

This prograa would look wore like Lotus 1-2-3 than the 
GEM version of VIP does. In any case, take a careful 
look at the package before buying to sake sure that you 
are getting the version that you want. 

The GEM version, when first loaded, Is lanedlately 
discernible as different from 1-2-3: the emanation 
I Ine has been ooved to the bottow of the screen, where a 
control box (for GEM factions) has been added. Fewer 
rows displayed on the screen and a super laposed grid are 
other variations froa Lotus 1-2-3's look. 

differences In nrctloning are Malted essentially 
to the wouse functions. For exaople, VIP GEN constantly 
displays a oenu at the top of the screen, whose Items 
can be selected by pointing and clicking, then the 
spreadsheet requires a range to be specified, the user 
can specify a box with the Bouse. It should be pointed 
out that the GEM version allows the standard Lotus 
T-2-3 keystrokes in performing any of the above 
factions. For exalte, the user can always type 
Vre{return}' to erase the oontents of a cel I. 

In teras of the firctlons of the spreadsheet, the 
prograa does everything that Lotus (version 1A) does. I 
created graphs, alphabetized lists, created wacros, and 
entered text Just the way I did In Lotus 1-2-3. toe 
difference Is that GEM's spreadsheet Is Bore than 8,000 
I Ires long (vs. 1-2-3 version TA's 2043 lines). This Is 
not a handicap, in less you reed to transfer a GEM 
worksheet containing oore than 2048 lines to Lotus 
version 1A. Another difference Is that wovlng the 
cursor throu^i a spreadsheet In GEM Is not as fast as 
Bovlng the cursor In Lotus 1-2-3. (This difference, 
according to the put I Ishers. Is due to ST's requirement 
for 32K of setory for the screen display as coapared 
with IBM's at to ipdate the screen.) 

The Lotus Access Systea (containing the progress for 
printing graphs and oanaglng files) has no exact 
etnivalent In VIP. VIP does Include a graph printing 
program, which Is, Incidentally, easier to use than 
Lotus's. VIP does not Include a file wanager prograa, 
though the operating systea of the ST would seem to 
perfora these functions with alacrity. 




PAGE <-f 

One problea ( experienced ms loading VIP G EH or ay 
520ST. Tlae after tise the program would not load 
correctly. I later discovered that this Is due to a 
•eaory I III tat Ion. My solution ms to not load the 
desktop system, which allowed enough isnory for the 
program to load. The user's guide does not specif leal ty 
state that you lust boot ip without desktop In order to 
successful ly load VIP GEU on a 520 aachlne, so be warned 
In advance. The lanuat does say that power users should 
ipgrade the 520's rnory to a ful I aegabyte. This you 
can believe. 

One Itea that I did not have the resources to 
evaluate was the dale of 1005 compatibility between VIP 
and Lotus worksheets. Transferring programs between ST 
and IBM PC or comat lb le wa chines would involve a 
telecamrilcat lore progras or a 5 1/4* IBM compatible 
drive connected to the Atari ST. 

A part of any serious business software Is the 
sipport that the company provides. Since the change In 
location to Canada for the customer sipport services, ity 
es^er lence has been that the phones have been prompt ly 
answered by someone Interested In helping me resolve my 
problem. Previous to this move, I had tried several 
times to obtain support from the California location, 
but never had anyone answer Lie phone. So, let's call 
the new sipport a coipiete success, 


The GEM version of VIP PROFESSIONAL Is a close clone 
of Lotus 1-2-3 except for the GEM f motions such as 
pull-down menus, Icons, and moving the cursor with the 
mouse. People who cut their teeth on the GEM system, 
and who want a 1-2-3 work-alike spreadsheet, will 
probably be happier with the GEM version. On the other 
hand, dyed-ln-the-wool Lotus users will most likely find 
that the GEM f mot Ions distract thee — they will do 
better to stick with one of the text versions. In 
either case, given 1 Itegabyte of computer memory, the 
KM or text user will find a spreadsheet capable of 
solving all the probleos that Lotus 1-2-3 Is famous for, 
and In the same way as Lotus. 




Current owners of VIP text version may be curious to 
know that Improvements have been made In the GEM 
version. First, GEM loads to display black text on 
white baokgromd rather tfan the white on black of the 
text version. Additionally, the help screens have now 
been made context sensitive, so that they respond 
directly to the fmctlon that the user Is In i#wi the 
help key Is pressed. Screen updating Is apposed to be 
faster in the GEM version than the text version, 

Because ay text version had to be traded In to obtain my 
upgrade to the GEM version, I cannot supply any time 
trials; however, It Is still slower than 1-2-3 on a PC. 
Perhaps most Isportantly, the GEM version is not copy 
protected, a I lowing you to place the program on a hard 
disk or to make back-m copies for personal use. Users 
who wish to upgrade may do so for $19.35. 

Lotus release 2 users will be Interested to know 
that VIP Technologies Corporation Intends to create a 
version Incorporating the features found In 1-2-3 's most 
current version. The coopany representative I spoke 
with stressed that this version is not scheduled for 
release any time In the near future, but that It Is 



by Jin Uoodvard, fOKET PRESS 

When Mindscape first announced this program for the 
Macintosh and the IBM PC it was one that I wished that I 
could have for my ATARI, Mind scape wasn't too gung-ho on 
ATARI then. And now they have released balance of Power 
for the ST. I may never sleep the same again. 

First off, a little background on the author. If you 
have never heard of Chris Crawford you must be new to 
ATARI computers. Chris was working for ATARI and had 
programmed the now famous "Eastern Front 1941". This 
program was marketed through A.F.X., the ATARI Program 
Exchange. This exchange let the average home programmer 
submit his or her programs to ATARI, who then marketed 
them, though not with the same vigor as the "Arcade Game 
Cartridge of the Month". Many were public domain type 
programs and covered many different areas. You can still 
order some of them through the Antic catalog. 

Chris also programmed M Ex call bur", another game that 
was released just as ATARI (under Warner) was doing away 
with the A.P.X. Chris left ATARI and has gone on to 
program several other programs, including "Patton vs 
Rommel". He also wrote an eight part assembly langua 
tutorial for Antic On-Line. Those lessons were placed o*. 
the A.C.C.?.fu/L.b.S. , were a disk of the month, and are 
still being reprinted in other club newsletters. For more 
Information on Chris Crawford, see the recent two part 
interview with him in "Computer Gaming World" magazine. 

— » 



Balance of Power you the President of the 
United States and it is up to you to insure that your 
foreign policy is a success* You don’t want the Russians 
to take any more than they can get away with, yet you also 
don't want to be spending the rest of you life in the 
shelter because you took the U.S.S.R. into World War III* 
iou don't want to be a bully either, because that will 
turn off your allies and those countries that you want to 
be your allies* In the two player game, one player takes 
the U.5. while the other becomes the Secretary General of 
the L.5.S.R. Remember to take turns being each side, it is 
only fair* 

You can also choose from four levels of play, 
beginner, intermediate, expert and "nightmare 1 *. Nightmare 
is only for those who can get through the 8 years fyou are 
a two term President or you ere not replaced as the 
Secretary General) without bloving up the world 43 times 
over* Beginner is the best place to start, just get used 
to the game. After that, move on* Each higher level places 
more options at your disposal, and makes things that much 
tougher* Take things slow, you aren’t going to win each 
time, it may be a few games before you break even* but it 
will get easier the more you play. 

As the leader of your country, you must make moves to 
enhance your foriegn policy, Thay may involve sending 
money and/or troops to your allies {and those you want to 
be your allies) or you may send money to the rebels or 
military advisors, depending on the situation. The program 
gives you more information to help you make your decisions 
than any other I have ever seen* From the per capita 
number of doctors and phones to the countries human rights 
status* After making your moves you let the other side 
coi=iEeru on your moves* You can then back down or stand 
our ground* If you haven't hit the "Red button", then the 
ocher side makes their moves and you can take action 
against them* If you still haven’t started the mushroom 
clouds, you go on to the next year, I don’t want to spoil 
it for those who haven’t played yet, so I won’t go further 
Into the details, but this program is both detailed and 

As you will read in the review of the book "balance 
of Power’ 1 and see if you purchase the program, it is quite 
obvious that Chris Crawford did tons of research, making 
the game as accurate and realistic as possible, within the 
framework that he liad to work with. Because of this 
program I learned what the term "Finlandization" means, 
I’d heard it before, but never knew what it meant. I 
actually learned a lot about foreign policy from reading 
the excellent documentation- All programs should have 

! documentation laid out this well and this thorough. There 
is also a bibliography where you can get more information 
on how foriegn policy is made, who the major players are, 
different types of weapons used by both sides, and more. 

• * This program can get your blood pressure sky high, 

your adrenalin flowing, and give you gray hair, all at the 
same time. I now know why Presidents leave the Oval Office 
looking thirty years older than they did when they went 

I If you are looking for something that isn’t a 

i shoot-em-up or another arcade game, this may just be what 
you are looking for. It will make you think about what is 
going on in the world and how decisions are made and who 
is staking them. I recommend this program to everyone. 
NOTE: Please, buy this program* You will not be able to 
properly use this program without the documentation* And 
need companies like tilndscape to keep releasing quality 
rograms like this one.t^ 




(Editor’s note: The following is a brief product 

description of the features to be expected with the 
upcoming release of Word Perfect for the Atari ST* Although 
the program is still in the debugging stage, and no full 
release Is expected until summer. Word Perfect appears to 
be the professional, full-featured word processing package 
that many have been waiting for since the ST came out 
almost two years ago...) 

WordPerfect for the Atari ST 

WordPerfect Corporation introduces WordPerfect for the 
Atari ST. The following is a brief list of features for 
thia professional word processor: 

Compatibility - Pile compatible with WordPerfect 4,1 for 
the IBM PC and other computers, allowing for direct 
document transfer to and from the ST without losing 
document format* Function keys are defined the same 
between versions, for increased ease of learning. 

Footnotes /Endnotes - Footnotes and endnotes are 

a uremia tically numbered and renumbered as you edit. 

Footnotes are properly placed at the bottom of the page, 
and endnote® ere compiled at the end of the document. 
There Is no limit to length, as all notes can overflow the 
current page If you designate. 

GEM Interface - WordPerfect fully supports the GEM 
Interface. Virtually all functions may be easily accessed 
with either the mouse or the keyboard. Desk accessories 
are fully accessible from inside WordPerfect. 

List Files - A complete set of disk utilities is included, 
for total file maintenance* 

Macros * Record any series of keystrokes or mouse actions 
and recall them with a single keystroke* Macros can be 
chained or conditional, as well as delayed. 

Math - Math mode allows creation of numeric tables in your 
document, with automatic calculation of subtotals, totals, 
grand totals, or your own custom math functions* 

Merge - Merge can be used to automate many office 
proceedures, including forms, labels, contracts, and other 
time-consuming tasks. The Merge feature may also be 
combined with macros to create powerful user-defined 

Paragraph/Outline Numbering - Paragraphs can be 
automatically numbered in several different styles. Or, 
use the outline feature to simply organize your 
I documents. 

Printer Support - WordPerfect supports over 200 printers, 
Including most laser printers. Documents can be printed 
using true proportional spacing, font downloading, or 
virtually anything else your printer is capable of. 



Speller * A fast 115,000-uord dictionary with phonetic and 
word-template look-up is Included. Fully expandable, with 
legal and medical terms already included. 

Table of Contents/Index Generation - Create a table of 
contents or Index for your document, consisting of up to 
five levels. 

Text Columns - Up to five newspaper-style or static text 
columns may be displayed and edited on-screen. 

Thesaurus - Synonyms and antonyms may be displayed for up 
to three different words at the same time. 

Undelete - The last three deletions or series of deletions 
can be restored at will, at any location you choose. 

Virtual Memory * Bata can flow onto disk when computer 
memory Is full. No longer are your documents limited by 
available memory, but only by disk size. 

A complete manual, including graduated lessons, a thorough 
reference section, and a color-coded keyboard template, 
provides ease of operation for both new and experienced 
WordPerfect users. 


WordPerfect is scheduled for release this summer. Watch 
for world- class word processing at your local Atari 

Questions can be directed to Jeff Wilson, Manager of Atari 
Development for WordPerfect Corporation, at CIS: 
72447,3427, Or write: 

WordPerfect Corp, 

288 West Center 
Orem, UT 8405 7 


RAMbl ing& 


Nell, did you miss me? 

RAMb lings didn't get written last 
month because I realized to late 
that I was not going to be in town 
when the deadline rolled around- I 
had just enough time to pack the car 
or write something and I guess you 
know what won out- Going to the 
beach is a sandy job but it's got to 
be done. I did think about you guys 
a 1 ot though . 

Seriously, when I got back and 
read my newsletter I realized that 
June was a bad month to let Ed down. 
Let me refresh your memory - Ed's 
article was ab out contributing t o 
the newsletter and easily applies to 
any GrACE activity- For those of 
you who don't know what the word 
contribute means, the American 
Heritage D i c t i ton ary defines it as 
follows — To give or supply in 
common with others. Think about 


I was on GENIE the other day 
and ATARI has announced new dates 
C sur pr i se ! > f or the 1 200 baud mod e m , 
the MEGA ST and t h e PC c 1 on e . Th ey 
are all supposed to be out by the 
time you read this. (I love that 
phrase, d on ' t you ? > 

There was also an announcement 
that the au t h or of the 8 bit 
emulator for the ST has agreed to 
r e 1 ease it to t he Pub lie Dona i n so 
ATARI has agreed to allow the use of 
the OS- I don't know when we will 
see anything- I understand that it 
is supposed to run very slowly — 
about 1/4 fourth of the speed of the 
S bits themselves. 

This month's CHIPPIE Award is 
for the Best Setting of Product 
Release Dates in a Weekly Series. 

The award goes to our favorite 
computer company - ATARI. 

That's it for this month. 
Remember that there wi 1 1 not be a 
July meeting. 

Ken Ri char d son 


~ Concurrent Technologies Corp. 

COMPUTER SUPPLIES — Disks, Printer Paper, etc. 
COMPUTER ACCESSORIES — Furniture, Disk Cases, Covers, Etc. 




1040 ST Starting at... $739. 00 (our prices always lower than ustj 


£20 ST Mohoch&qh 


VJtTHCUT Support 

( 'Orfi CHS 

[a] /rfi £ up fie at 

>Y72S (&** 

f0T»e,> iTf ? - ; 

^Cj £5 (a*** M**™ 0*.,) SH 22 (***' 

Hwy. 25 N, Travelers Rest, S.C. Phone (803) 834-9035 
HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 10-6 — Fri. 10-7 & Sat. 10-5 





The meeting was called to order by Donald 

The Atari Test was mentioned and discussed 
as to our interest in participating. 

Ray Byrd was called on to review his new 
prograt BLAZING PADDLES which was written for 
the Commodore in 19B4 and for the Atari in 
1$S6. The instruction manual was written for 
Commodore with a supplemental aanual for Atari 
users. The disk is copy protected. 

The program uses a joystick, paddles, 
graphics tablet, light pen or mouse for 
drawing. Ray coaaented that the joystick was 
cumbersome, the paddles worked aore or less 
like an Etch-A-Sketch and were very hard to 
control. He had not tried either the graphics 
tablet or light pen, but he has settled for 
the mouse as the best to use. The program has 
help screens to instruct you in the use of 
each device. 

The prograa is capable of only four 
colors on the screen at any one time, which is 
the screen color and three others. There are 
256 colors to choose froe and changing a color 
in the color field changes that color in your 
drawing. The prograa also has several tile 
and pattern selections. It has eight brush 
selections, uses windows for cutting and 
pasting, has 200 m, fill, mirror, text, 
shapes, and scroll functions. The mirror and 
scroll features are NOT available in the 
Coaaodore version (sorry, Commodore). 

The program loads three different fonts 
with three others to choose from that can be 
loaded in. 

The program can format a disk and formats 
in enhanced density; therefore, the prograi 
only works with the 1050 disk drive; although 
this is not mentioned anywhere on the 
packaging, The program does not allow you to 
use two disk drives. The are three sets of 
shapes that can be used, but these cannot be 
added to. 

NEWS page S 

The prograi works with Epson, Gemini, 
Panasonic, and Okimate printers. 

Ray also told us of the new Genie Z Nag 
that is available online. He has uploaded one 
to the SrACE BBS for our review. 

Jim Cooper discussed the ST 
Disk-of-the-Honth which includes SFA Basic as 
a run-time package, Monopoly (color monitor 
only), Wheel of Fortune, Backgammon, PacMan, 
and a Ram Disk utility. 

George Nelson discussed the 8-bit 
Di sk-of-the-Nonth. For its contents refer to 
last month's newsletter, George mentioned 
that we are still receiving the Analog Disk 
and that it is available in our library. 

Rhett Bryson discussed Certificate Maker 
which he reviewd in the June newsletter. As 
usual his presentation was not only thorough, 
but humorous as well. Refer to the newsletter 
for details (concerning Certificate Maker, net 
Rhett’ s humor). 

Rhett also presented a copy of FASTER 
MAGAZINE, a magazine or a disk, The magazine 
included editorials, reviews, public domain 
programs. The cost of the magazine is *50. 00 
for six issues. 

If my review of the meeting is not 
meeting your needs, please come to the next 
meeting. We need you. 

Until then, 

Mary Anne Terminate 

GtACE news 


PAGE °i 

Buy From The 

Hard Disk Experts ! 


20 MB Complete System $ 699.00 

Includes Hard Disk Interface with hi-speed 
parallel port. MYDOS disk operating system 
and 3.5 inch 20 MB Hard Disk. 

Interface and Software Only $ 149.95 


Build Your Own System! 

Includes Supra’s proprietary Hard Disk 
Interface and Boot Software. You add a 
Surplus Hard Disk, Controller and Case for 
a complete system. 

Interface W/ Boot Software 
Only $ 119.95 

Complete Systems : 

20 MB 
30 MB 
60 MB 
250 MB 

$ 699.00 
$ 995.00 

Available at your local dealer, or call 

Supra Corporation 

11 33 Commercial Way / Albany, OR 97321 I (503)967-9075 


by Jim Stevenson Jr. 

Current Notes 

MINER 2049 

TIC pawn 

Q, Does anyone know shat to feed the dragon? Also, how 
do you get past the da*le doors? 

-M.C. Fresh 

A. You shine the itilte on the gnoees, or hcbblts, or 
Miatever they are and then point to then. !'■ not sure 
how to get past the doors. You do need to deal with the 

-'Nino Greaswanelir 

0. Nasn't there a way to Ju*) to hl^ier levels? Does 
anybody rewesfcer how? j would appreciate the 

-Manuel F Jade Iro 

A. Try this, the first station, love the aan to a 
safe spot and then type In the phone rurtber that was on 
the title screen. Then, thenever the 'prepare for 
station' screen appears you can press shlft-3 to Junp to 
station 3, or shlft-anyoaber to Jup to any station. 

You only have to type the phone nuaber once. 

-Bill Godfrey 


0. How do you get past the secord dragon? 

—Jl* Stevenson 

A. Each dragon has a weakness. For the first, ft is red 
fireballs. For the second, It Is ye I low fireballs. For 
the third, ft Is green fireballs, etc. To figure out 
which fireball affects a certain dragon, try each one 
iritll you see 'sparks'. Fly fro* the dragon. That Is 
the one you fust use to kill It. Also, you can catch the 
fireballs with the space bar (except for red). 

-David Kayden 

Q7J ? 1^3 "20 fof'WfcSi, 


^ 1 


'K f ?T'VV3 / 


P' , 

V< J 


m ^ew fcir*9 / 

CO / ■ 

■as vMVH13d 

«& 'gj? 

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GREER, SC 29651 

SftN LEANDRO GOf^p ci np 
P.D.BOX 1525 

SflN LEANDRO, CA 34577