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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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Wei 1 this year i s about over 
and the time come has to elect the 
new of fi cere for the 1988 year. So 
at this month's meeting were going 
t o hold elections for the new 
officers of GrACE for the 1983 year 

Also since we now have a new 
BBS up and running I feel we need 
to let everyone in on some of the 
tricks of h o w this board runs, so 
I’ve asked George Nelson "THE SYSOP 
to fill us in and give us an inside 
1 ook at the boar d and how to ac c ess 
different areas of it and how to 
move around once we’ve loged on. 

So now I want to encourage 
everyone to come out and vote and 
also see how the new GrACE BBS 
"GrACE EXPRESS" is run. 

NQVErEEF 57. 1987 

S' .... 'E 

te ia B 





Where also going to open the 
floor for a question and answer 
time. Bo if you have any thing 
you would like to shear or any 
q ues t i on s y ou wou Id like to ask 
bring them with you to the 
meet i ng * 

Bo join us Tuesday, November 17th 
at the Grier memorial ARP Church 
Fellowship Hall. Meeting begins 
at 7 : 00 ; program starts at 7:30* 

Donald S h oc k ley, 

Vice Presi dent 


The following people have agreed 
to run for Grace offices: 

President! Don Shockley 
Vice President: (OPEN? 

Secretary: Mary Ann Terminate 
Treasurer: Doug Slagh 

Please note that the Uice 
President position is open. 

I f you can help pi ease te I I 
one of the officers. Possibly 
a group of people could do , 

this job? ' 




Gr ■ A . C . E . 

FOR 1 987 

The greenville fctari £aiput«r Enthusiasts is in 
independent, non-profit organization and mr'i group 
with no affiliation with Atari Corporation, or any other 
organisation. Membership dues (fanily) is *28.88 per 
rear, Membership includes access to the club's public 
den jin program library, subscription to the Gr.A.C.E. 
newsletter, and access to the club's electronic bulletin 
board, Amazin' Grace (803-244-8936) . 

The GrACE newsletter is published aonthly by the 
Greenville Atari Computer Enthusiasts, 117 Saratoga Dr,, 
Greer, SC 29651. Permission to reprint articles is any 
non-c mere ial publication is permitted without 
authorization, provided credit is given to the 
Greenville Atari Computer Enthusiasts and the author. 
Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not 
necessarily represent the views of Gr.A.C.E., 

The GrACE newsletter will accept any articles by 
members on any topic found pertinent to the club. 
Articles will be accepted in any form, although word 
processing files uploaded to the club's BBS (244-8336) 
with a message left to Ed Culbertson or Mike Jett, 
Editors, art preferred. 


ED Culbertson 


Product! on Editor 

George Marin 


Contributing Editors 

Ken Richardson 


A1 Tompkins 


Rhett Bryson 


Gr . A . C . E . Adv e rt is ino Ra t e s 

Full Page *15.11 
Half Page *12.88 
Quarter Page f 9.11 
Eighth Page I 5,11 

Correspondence Address and Newsletter Ezchange 
Greenville Atari Cenputer Enthusiasts 
117 Saratoga Dr. 

Greer, South Carolina 29651 








MARY AW TERN1NAT0 292-8280 









- 16-BIT 


JIM COOPER 246-5793 






Take a moment and look at your 
mailino label on this issue of the 
'GrACE NEWS' . Check the right-hand 
side of the label for the word 
'DUES'. Just after this word are 
the month/year when your membership 
expires. Try to renew at least one 
month early. This helps us with the 
accounting and record keeping and 
also avoids your missing any issues 
of the newsletter. 

There are two easy ways to 

1, At the monthly meeting talk to 
Doug Slaoh the club treasurer and 
present him with $20 < i n cash or 
check) . 

2. Send your name and renewal (*28) 

Doug Slagh 
104 Burgoyne Court 
Greer. SC 29651 




F'AM bl i ngs 


The new BBS is up and 
running and I'm impressed* Not 
only with the BBS itself but 
with the fact that George 
Nelson got it up and running so 
quickly. Thanks for all of 
your hard work, George, 

If you haven't been up on 
i t yet then I suggest that you 
do so and don't forget to leave 
mail for the SYSOP. ~ 

Springboard asking them to 
consider rel easing it that t hey 
have decided to do so. 

Now let's get out there 
and buy it so that the software 
companies will see that we will 
f o 1 1 ow t h r ou □ h if they do , 


This months Chippie Award 
for "The Best Worst Sales 
Approach in a Non Supporting 
Role 11 goes to Electronic 
Bout i que. 


Over the years a lot of 
people (read customers) have 
been pretty critical of Atari 
for var i ous r easons and a 1 ot 
of it has been deserved* Most 
of the criticism has not been 
aimed at the computers (you, 
1200XL, you're excused) but at 
other aspects of running a 
company. Let's face it, there 
have been times when Atari's 
judgement has been nothing 
short of incomprehensible. 

Recently, however, 1 read 
a rather lenghthy article in 
the Pokey Press titled "Why I 
Don't Hate Atari 11 . This 
article by Ken White gives an 
entirely different point of 
view and makes for informative 
r eadi ng. I will have it at the 
next meeting so if you want to 
read i t just 1 ook for me. I'll 
be the best looking guy there. 


Wei 1 f another letter 
writing campaign worked. One 
of the most popul ar programs on 
the market is Newsroom by 
Springboard, However, until 
recently. Atari B~bit owners 
were not able to purchase it 
because it was not available 
for our machines. But so many 
Atari owners wrote to 

This award is given to 
them because of a scene that I 
witnessed several weeks ago in 
Electronic Boutique. At the 
time that it happened it didn't 
make any sense and it still 
doesn't. Following is the 
conversation as I remember it. 
See what you think. 

Place - Electronic Boutique 
Characters - One salesman and 
three customers unknown to each 
other but all Atari owners. 
Customer 1 - How much for an ST 
single sided disk drive? 
Salesman (looking up) - We 
don't have any, we're sold 
out , 

Customer 1 - How much for an ST 
m o n o c hi r c« me m o n i t o r ? 

Salesman (looking up again) — 

We don't have any. To tell you 
the truth. Electronic Boutique 
isn't going to carry ST 
equipment anymore because the 
quality was so bad that 50X of 
the units didn't work* 

Customer 1 - Really? I have a 
lot of friends that have ST's 
and no one that I know has ever 
had a problem. 

Sal esman - I know a 1 ot of 
people with ST's also and none 
of them ever had a problem 
ei t her . 

Customer 1 - Was this only a 
problem at this store? 

Salesman - Actually, we didn't 
have any problems here but the 


NEWS page 4- 

chain as a whole had a lot of 

Mary Anne Terminate i 

problems and we weren't the 

announced that there is an 

only ones. Toys-R-Us doesn't 

attempt to set up a School 

carry the ST line anymore 

Board BBS in our area for use 

either and I can only guess 

by students and teachers. More 1 

that they had the same kind of 

inf or mat i on on thi s wil 1 be 

pr obi ems. 

made available as the project 

Customer 1 leaves. 

cent i nues. 

Comment; It's tough to sell 

something you don't have even 

At this time Rhett Bryson 

with a buildup like this. 

took the floor and gave a 

' Ken Richardson 

delightful demo of the X10 
Powerhouse. He had lights and 
r ad i os and TVs coming on and 


going off all over the place* 

He showed us how to program the 

XlU from the computer. After 

programming the command module, 
the computer does not have to 
be hooked into the system to 


OCTOBER 20,1987 

control your lights and 
appliances. He was using the 

The meeting was called to 

Echo program from Mi strop to 

order by John Disher. ( I am 

pr ogr am the modul e . A ver y 

getting better at this!)* 

interesting demo and very 

George Nelson gave us a 

helpful when you are at home or 

i report on the status of the new 

away. "w 

1 BBS. The equipment was 

received at the cost of 

Mike Talbert then gave us 

$1315.35 and $300.00 for the 

a demo o n h o w a n A tar i c o mp u t er 

mini -ups. He reported that he 

and Chameleon Terminal program 

i decided to try the ST Express 

has saved him time and many 

software and asked for help in 

trips to the o f f i c e to correct | 

setting up the BBS and the hard 

a problem with a file. He used 


his Atari 130 XE and dialed 

The BBS, now called GrACE 

i n t o his office wh i c h uses an 

EXPRESS f phone number 244-B936, 

IBM 39 mainframe computer* ! 

is running on: 

Someday we will just get up and 

520 ST w /mo n cm h r o me men i t or 

go to our computer room to 

A Supra 20 Meg Hard Drive 

wor k . No getting up and 

SX212 Modem and a 

petting dressed and just 15 

Bi g B1 ue Pr inter. 

steps to work. Sound s good to 

George has asked that we 

me . 

Arc all files that are 

Again all of you that are 

uploaded. The Arc and ArcX 

not attending the meetings 

files are available from the 

either already know it all or 

club library or from the BBS. 

are missing a 1 ot o f 

Officers will be nominated 

i n f or ma t i on . I f you k now i t 

all, come share it with us. If 

you don’t , come in and give us 

and voted on at the November 

a 1 i st en . 

meeting. So, if you want a 

vote on how YOUR club is run, 
show up and vote. 


W ' V T P 


Compare our prices, quality, & support before you buy 

Expert advice & assistance in choosing a complete system to suit your needs 

Service and support after the sale 

Laser 12a 

rjitmi (owurtl 


IBM compatibles & 


IBM Clones 

Complete systems starting at 175° 

(includes monitor, 512 K cot"** 
disk, drive, Mr 
keyboard, ar 

Apple clones 

Complete systems starts " ri •T * o 

(includes mon**-" \ / 

disk ' A Ji 0 I CJ * 

Q h L<Z 4 V?* 

b T 0* ' 

1/ I n g/U 9 Honest reliable repair service 

In business since 1 977 
Complete line of peripherals, software, and accessories 

Concurrent Technologies Corporation 

560 Highway 25 Travelers Rest, SC 29690 


GrACE NEWS page 


sm/tis iwuhe 

As most Cor many) of 
you know by now, I have made a 
change of positions within the 
club- I am giving up the reins 
of the 8-bit library to move to 
the position of SysOp of our 
new bulletin board: GrACE 
Express ? 

The new 

hard ware /so ft ware for the BBS 
arrived the same day as our 
last meeting. In the 2 1/2 
weeks since that time, I have 
devoted much of my time at home 
into getting the system up and 
running. Due to this time 
committment, I was unable to 
obtain enough software to 
create a satisfactory November 
Di sk-of-t h e-Mon t h . 

Hopeful 1 y , t hi i s 
situation will not happen 
agai n . Plans have already been 
made for another member to 
assume the 8-Bit Librarian 
role- The new librarian will 
be Les Prichard, and he should 
receiving the library and 
equipment sometime before the 
meet i ng. 

As far as my new 
position, I entered into the 
role as SysOp with a great deal 
of anticipation — eager 
an t i c i p a t i on . I love to 
communicate with computers, and 
this is a great opportunity for 
me to have a lot more contacts 
with members than I may have 
had otherwise. 

What’s it like to set 
up a BBS and run it? Well, 
let’s go t h r ouq h what it was 
like. Setting up the system, 
of course, was the first step. 
The first thing I had to do was 
have a phone line in st ailed. 
This was done several days 
before the equipment arrived, 

so I was ready to go as soon 
as the UPS man showed up. 

I had to set up the 
hard drive and create 
partitions for the file areas. 
This was not as hard as I 
thought it would be. 

Connecting the modem and 
getting it to respond to the 
BBS software was a minor 
pr obi em . We ar e using the new 
Atari SX-212 modem, and it does 
not have any switches for 
setting auto- answer mode for a 
BBS. Fortunately, with the 
help of A1 Tompkins and Ed 
Culbertson, we overcame this 
problem with a software patch, 
and the modem has performed 
flawlessly ever since. 

Creating the menus and 
hel p files was t he most 
challenging task. Some of the 
screens are directly off the 
BBS disk, so that made it 
easier. Error codes would show 
up occasionally when the 
program searched for files and 
did not find them in the 
correct path. This was a lot 
of fun, especially since I knew 
the users would understand that 
it would take a while to aet 
the bugs out. The software is 
just about impossible to crash, 
and all of the problems that I 
had were due to my mistakes* I 
kept moving files around from 
the floppy to the hard disk to 
the ramdisk to try to qet the 
fastest setup with the least 
wear and tear on the hardware. 

I am pretty well satisfied with 
the results as they now stand. 

Host of you will 
notice the results of this 
exper i men t at i on . This proqram 
is extremely fast when 
responding to your keypresses. 

I am very happy with the way I 
was able to set up the download 
area. About the only change I 


would like to see in this area 
is for a user to be able to 
browse through new uploads 
without having to change from 
one file area to another. 

The message base area 
i s ext r erne 1 y power f ul . The 
only change that I would like 
to see that I feel is needed 
now is the requirement that the 
user press the " = " key to 
select the base he wants to 
enter. It would be nice to 
just press the number of the 
base. (Maybe- in a future 

The software that we 
are using on this BBS is 
Express ! ST f r om I CD , Inc. (the 
makers of SpartaDQS, US 
Doubler, F’R: connection, etc.). 

I chose this software because 
of the ease of maintenance, 
reliability, and the great 
comments from sysops who have 
moved over f r om the other BBS 
software for the ST. And 
mainly, due to the author, a 
legend in Atari 
telecommunications - Keith 
Ledbetter. If any of you have 
ever used the Express’ software 
for the B-bits, you will know 
what I mean. This guy is 
amazi ng ! 

All in all, I would 
say that we have a great BBS in 
the making, and look forward to 
ser vi ng as your new SysOp . 

FT ease gi ve us a call, 
especially you 8-bitters out 
there. We need uploads 
desparately, and have plenty of 
room (4 meg for the 8-bits 
alone!). We started out with a 
clean slate and most of the 
dead wood programs that were on 
the ol d BBS will not be found 
on the new one. Everyone wants 
fresh software, and I know its 
out there, so please 
contribute. Thanks, 

George Nelson, SysOp. 

Here is some news from 

the Atari Corp BBS. 


(Las Vegas, NV — 

Comdex Fall 87)... 

In a series of major product 
i ntroduc t i ons , 

Atari Corporation emerges as a 
maker of a complete line of 
high-performance, low— cost solutions 
for the business world. 

New technology is showcased by 
Abaq , an ul t r a— hi gh— per f or me.nce 
workstation with, blazing speed and 
dazzling graphics. The Abaq, based 
on a sophisticated "transputer" chip 
runs more than 10 times faster than 
a PC/AT technology and more than 5 
times faster than the 68020 with 
math processor. The parallel 
processing capability of Abaq lets a 
single system multiply its 
processing power by adding extra 
transputer chips. 

Atari unveiled its new CD 
player capable of reading CD-ROM 
disks and of playing musical CD 
disks. The CD-ROM is supported by 
a Mega and ST-compat i bl e DMA 
interface, and will retail in early 
18B8 for under $600. 

Atari's connectivity answer is 
a LAN which is compatible with the 
NETBIOS standard used by IBM and 
Novell. It communicates data at 
1 megabi ts-per-second to PC's and 
over 25 OK bi ts— per— second over 
Appletalk. Atari is planning to 
manufacture “PromiseLAN" adapters 
for the Mega, ST, and F’C computer 
1 i nes . 


GrACE NEWS page % 

The At ar i Mega comput er s are 
showcased wi th a var i ety of solid 
business solutions* Desktop 
publishing is represented by both 
the Atari SLM804 Laser Printer and 
by G.O. Graphics, who are porting 
their Desk set program CCompuGraphi cs 
compatible) which Atari will market. 
Word Perfect is displaying the 
recently shipped Word Perfect ST 
and Atari is displaying Microsoft 
Write. A group of vendors are 
appealing to VARs with vertical 
packages running under the 
IDRIS multi-user multi-tasking 
operating system. Several new 
high-end CAD packages are on 
display including Foresight’s 
Dr a f i x 1 . 

Atari expanded its 
PC— comp at i bl e offerings by adding 
two new models, the PC 2 CPC XT 
compatible) and PC4 CPC AT 
'-Odipat i b i 1 e ) , both with EGA graphics, 
high cl oc k speeds, and low price 
tags. A variation of the PCSwill 
operate in VGA graphics mode as well. 
The PC2 and PC4 will be offered with 
3,5 M or 5* 25" floppy disks and with 
hard disks. These new models join 
the Pl 1 T which at $799 is a basic 
51 2K PC XT compatible, suitable for 
use as a LAN workstation and for 
standalone personal computing. The 
Pl includes XT— comp at i b 1 e slots, 
while the PC4's slots are PC AT 
compat ible. 

"We offer complete systems for 
the office, 11 said Atari president 
Sam Tr ami el . "1 can see Atari Mega 

computers with laser printers as 
desktop publ i shi ng st at i ons 
exchanging data with a satellite 
group of PC 1 9 s as LAN stations. An 
entire office environment can be 
created- The PC, the Macintosh, and 
the Atari computers co-exist. Each 
can do the things they do best.*’ 


Data Pacific has announced 
that version 4.52 of the Magic 
Sac i s ready for shi pment . Thi s 
version fixes a number of minor 
bugs and gives hard disk 
suppor t ■ The cost of the 

upgrade is $20 and comes with a 
new instr uc t i on manual . 

Yes, there will be another 
version — 5.0 and it will have 
the TRANSLATOR support. So, 
just what is the TRANSLATOR? 
Well, it’s a hardware 
mod i f i cat i on that al 1 owe a disk 
drive (Atari type) to read and 
write Macintosh disks. This mod 
will even wor k wi th the built-in 
drives of the 1040 ST and the 
520 STEM. The cost is $279.35. 

Just a short comment here 
about the Magic Sac. I have 
purchased one and it wor ks very 
well. I have been pleased with 
the product and Data Pacific’s 
customer support (jutst look on 
Genie). I feel that the 
Translator will do exactly as 
advertised. Now, I have to 
decide do I need (read want) a 
Translator or do I need a 
hard disk — decisions, 
dec i si ons ! 

Ed Cul ber t son 


•Print Shop : Early copies to the 
program do not completely support 
the 8S0 . By inserting the Print 
Shop Graphics Disk and pressin 
the letter "U", you will be ablt 
to update your Print Shop disk 
with a program contained on the 
graphics Disk* 



OCTOBER 19.19B7 

coipl iients 

Atari to Ship 
Mega Systems 

By Renee Mathews 

Atari Corp. recently announced 
it has begun shipping its Mega 2 
and Mega 4 small -footprint PCs, 
which are designed especially 
for small businesses and desktop 
publishing applications. 

The Mega 2 includes 2 mega- 
bytes of RAM. and the Mega 4 
comes with 4 megabytes. Both 
models are based on the 
Motorola 68000 microproces- 
sor and operate at 8 MHz. Both 
computers also are compatible 
with software and peripherals 
for the Atari ST line of comput- 
ers, the company said. 

The Mega systems feature a 
720K, 3 '/?-inch floppy diskette 
drive, a Centronics-style parallel 
porn, an RS-232C serial port, a 
full numeric keypad, a cursor- 

control keypad with editing 
keys, 10 programmable func- 
tion keys, and a mouse. 

The Mega 2 is priced at 
$1,699,95 with a K 2-inch mono- 
chrome monitor and $1,899.95 
with a color monitor. The Mega 
4 sells for $2,399,95 with a 

monochrome monitor and 
$2,599,95 with a color monitor. 
The computers are available 
now from Atari business com- 
puter centers. 

Atari Corp,. 1196 Borregas 
Ave„ Sunn v vale. CA 94088: 
(408) 745-2000. 


I have just purchased the Nov/Dec 
issue of Atari Explorer and there 
i s an article on the new Mega ST. 


Inside is the same Motorola M&8000 
microprocessor (same as in the 
1040 and 520 ST and the Apple 
Mac). There are a number of 
custom chips (Shifter, MMU, GLUE, 
etc.) and the infamous BLITTER 
chip. This chip handles the data— 
movement -intensi ve activities. 

Hander uhy Atari did not use the 
M63020 chip, since this is to t-e a 
flew and injproved version? 

Dne nice thing are the expansion 
slots, much like the Apples and 
IBM machines. 

It would be nice to have a Magic 
Sac card, an IBM card , and a 20 or 
30 meg hard card for these things/ 

The new machines also have the new 
TQS which has had some code 
opt i mi z ed and some mi nor bugs 
f i xed (we hope > * 


The CPU sits under the monitor and 
the keyboard is attached via 
cable. This is very nice, and 
1 ook s muc h like the IBM, 

But I still wan t to know why is 
the on / o f f sw i tch still on the 
tack of the CPU? 

It's a nice desi gn f but I T 1 1 keep 
my 1040, 




By Alan Friednan 

After successfully adding » new 320K upgrade 
to my 13cXE, I faced a whole new problm. What 
to do with all this power? 

Ttere are a lot of randisk programs on tte 
256XL upgrade public domain disk, but due to a 
difference in hw the 256XL upgrade accesses the 
ran, these prograns won't work on tte 13QXE 

Of course, Sparta DOS will configure the 
additional ram into a ramdisk, but I wanted to 
find a progran to do it cteaply (Sparta DOS is 
$40) and one that would work with DOS 2. OS and 
2.5. I figured the cost of tte tins an 
CompuServe world be a good investment, are! it 
was. Doing a search in the Utility section of 
the Atari 8-bit library 1 found two XE randisk 
programs. They were RAMDSX and S4APTO.230. Both 
of these prograns have DOC files that are fairly 

RAMDS< configures the additional ran into two 
707-sector ramdisks. Ihey are automatically set 
up as D3 and D4. Itey are not initialized and 
before being used mist be initialized through DOS 
or an XIO cormand. I tried a copy of prograns 
with these raudisks. I eet up tte AMISXM10 
tail let in board with the ramdisk initialized and 
everything went fine. I did find several 
prograte that did not like the change in the OS 
and therefore tried the otter randisk program, 

SWKIR.230 only created one 707-sector 
raniisk and only worked with EOS 2. OS, tewever 3 
was able to use KYAN PASCAL with this systen. 

Hiis only increased the ramdisk by 230 sectors 
over the original 130k ramdisk, but this gave ne 
the additional roan 3 needed to keep DUP.SY5 on 
the ramdisk and to transfer the rest of tte K3X 
camands for increased speed of operation. 

Since this is a fairly new upgrade I an sure 
it won't be long before saneooe canes up with a 
program that uses all tte ran as a ramdisk and 
allws you to decide what drive you want tte 
randisk to became and that will be DOS 2.5 

Vith tte promised arrival of tte double sided 
double density disk drive from Atari just around 
tte comer, this may became tte most useful 
upgrade for tte XE to cane down tte pike so far. 

reprinted free 



by Gary Loveless 

As of late, ICD has been on a rampage with massive support 
for the Atari 6-bit line. One ot the latest releases is the P:R: 

The P;R: Connection is an interface between the Atari 6-bit and 
other RS-232 devices. These devices may include modems, 
parallel printers, serial printers, hard efrives and many other things 
The P:R; Connection was made as an alternative to buying the 
now ■extinct' Atari 850 interface. While there are Atari 650 
interfaces still out there, they run as much as $120, while the P;R: 
Connection has a list price of just $59.95. 

The P:R: Connection is very simple to set up. Since it draws 
power from the host computer, make sure that it is the perephial 
plugged into the computer port. The nice thing about this inerface 
is tnat it allows you do ‘daisy chain." Modem cables and printer 
cables have to be bought seperately. (ICD sells these for $16) 

I have not run into any problems with this unit myself, and I use 
it every day. I have a modem and printer hooked up to it and it 
works fine 

it is fully compatible with the old 850 interface. Being small and 
compact it takes up very little room at the computer desk. It has 
no external power supply, thus telling you it draws power from t 
host computer. (1200x1 owners note: your computer requires 
internal modification before the P;R; Connection will work propei 
with it) 


R1: This is the main RS232 serial port since it supports full 

R2: This is the other RS232 port and is really only used when you 
need an extra (make sure the software supports tne 'R2:' device.) 

P: This is your parallel primer port. 

i have had my P:R. Connection for about 2 montns now and 
have never had any problems with it yet it is worth the purchase 
of the P;R: Connection compared to the 850 interface. 

The only small problem that I regret to tell you is that since 
the P:R: Connection only has 2 RS23? ports it does not allow you 
to do 'porting' like you can do on an Atari 850 using 'R4:' And 
thars a minor problem for the majority of applications that the 
average user would use it for. 

So you're saying * Is this thing really worth it?" Well yes it is! 
Personally, l wanted to upgrade from 1200 baud from 300 baud, 
and I wasnt going to wait for the Atari SX212. So I called a dealer 
and got an Avatex I200nc for $115, ‘Wow* I thought then he said 
"What kinda computer you have* I said " Atari" then he said " You'll 
need an interface". I thought to myself "what the hell is that* So 
he said "We have the Atari 850 interface for $119.95 or the P:R: 
Connection for 59.95* So seeing that I didn't have that much 
money I got the P:R: instead. Just goes to show you what price 
alternatives can do for you. 

All you people have fun out there, especially the ones in bh* 

reprinted froi 




PAGE {) 

POKE 634,0 


1 - ON JD7B5-1 


B - RM1G4 ; 6 . B 

£ - ERPKLU" 

3 - SLHF5 : 7/3 


4 - TKDA2-0C4 


5 - UJNB3<13S 


6 - U I f1C072*6 


7 - U)HLBl>3+7 

7 - KUIUNI5 * % 

B - XGCn> 1< £8 

B - DX2AF/C* 

3 YFBL?“’;9 

3 - EYC0GD+ : 

The Figures in the POKE G34 t 0 

column mill get you back to normal 
characters From each of the codes. 

The figures in the 

LPRINT column 

type CLPRINT ”1 

so that your 

printer can accept 
wish to encode. 

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by JiM Woodu/ARd 



It aeems that a few weeks ago. Atari U.S. Corporaton bought 
a chain of electronics stores called Federated for $67.3 million. 
This is not to be confused with the Federated that runs large 
department stores Federated had 65 stores in 4 states {inducing 
California) and sold televisions, video cassette recorders video 
cameras, stereos, and rented video cassettes 

Notice something? No video game systems No computers. Is 
Atari going to add a certain brand of video game systems and 
computers into those stores? You better believe it Imagine what 
a great way to get your products to the people 

Now for the big problem. What if you own a computer store 
down the street from one of these Atari/Federaied stores? How 
competitive can you be price wise? While Atari can put them into 
their stores at cost, the independent store has to deal with 
cSstri tutors, thus raising the price he has to pay for the machine 
Then the independent must add a few dollars for himself, and then 
you have the price you pay for your computer from him But why 
pay him when you can go down the street and pay less, and get it 
straight from Atari. At least that way you are guaranteed that if 
there is a problem, you are going to be satisfied You may not oet 
that from the independent store. 

Tm no big genius when it comes to money (remember, I'm the 
guy who said not to buy Atari stock), but I think that things could 
be a little sticky in those, states where this situation occurs- We'll 
just have to wait to see what happens, 

Reprinted with permission from 
ABACUS Atari User ‘s Group 
By Delmar Severy 

Using an Atari POKE command 
can make it very easy to sBnd 
secret messages. If you PEEK at 
location 6S4 you mill discover 
that 0 is the default number 
there. By Poking in other numbers 
you can get nine easy codes. 

Here are tuio charts to help 
you have some fun . 

<13 wVH13d 



Q-^ 1\A£'TS*) 

cra 7«3TD AHVn»9. 


,^A-)) S I 

> 3 

'spy s6u|dds 6(J!l!°8 pu« 

ja6u«A«Q }C JSUJ03 

•Mi »* H3Jnq^j*yy 
[sijouisu jatjg »m 
** S133N 3 3%»JQ 


GREER, SC 29651