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Full text of "Atari User Group Newsletter June to December 1987 Part 7"

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6 .R.A.S.P. 

ii tl •'4i/" The journal of the 

> n •>' I Greater ttlchHond Atari 

Support Program 



G.R.d.s.p. uimt 

KDUCMBetl 1987 . 


(Greater Richmond Atari SupportProgram) 

G.R.A.S.P. is an independent Atari users group not affiliated in 

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the 
individual author (s) and do not necessarily reflect those of 
G.R.A.S.P., its officers or members. The Editor reserves the 
right to edit any material submitted for publication. 

Unless specifically noted otherwise, other user groups are 
welcome to reprint articles from this newsletter as long as 
credit is given to its author and G.R.A.S.P. 

Please send all correspondence and newsletter for 
exchange to: 



1420 Yale Ave. 

Richmond, Va. 23224 

G.R.A.S.P. Officers: All (804) 


Mickey Angell 744-6201 

Nice Present. 

Farley Barge 379-1935 


Dan Grenoble .271-0205 

Public Relations'. 

Jack Richfotd 270-2177 

Newsleuei tiiiior. 

Tom Marvin 233-6155 

PtOQtam Chau man*. 

Frank Leveque 266-8487 

Commercial Librarian*. 

Dave Jones 740-7823 

Public Domain Librarian [8 Bit): 

North of the James 

Bill Rhodenhiser 747-1766 

South of the James 

Carl Dean 

North & South |16 Bit]: 

Mickey Angell 744-6201 

Tom Marvin 233-6155 


Membership in G.R.A.S.P. is open to all persons interested 
in the Atari computer. Annual dues of $20.00 are payable 
apon entry and are $20.00 for 1 full year. 

Membership will include 11 monthly issues of the G.R.A.S.P. 
GAZETTE, no January issue and access to the Public Domain 
and Commercial libraries, group purchased, club discounts at 
participation retailers, and participation in drawings. 


Meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each 
month from 7:00-09:00p.m. at the Lyndale Public Library on 
Hicks Rd, Any and all persons interested in Atari computers 
are welcomel- 


This little report is far those af you (non- active mem’ , 
never came to meetings, or just lazy) that didn't attenc e 
Atarifest '87 in Fairfax, Va this last weekend, Oct. 24- an, 

I rode up with Charlie Montgomery and we arrived at 10 am 
sharp. Good thing coo, because at about 10: 30 it was a little 
hard moving around. To say the least, the show was a "Blow 
Out Success" 

As wc walked in we signed up far the hourly prizes and the 
grand prize of a ST. Down the mnn entrance of Fairfax High 
School were the user groups with some real bargains. Our 
group, Q.R.A.S.P. of Richmond, Va was in about the middle. 
L haven’t found out yet if we made any money but I'll let you 
know in the next report. 

In some of the different class rooms were the special 
interest groups like Graphics, Games, Magic Sac, MIDI, 
Education, PC Ditto and so forth. The MIDI room was 
‘’booming", Games were "roaring", Graphics were "flashing" 
and Magic Sac was “disappearing and reappearing", 
However the main exhibit area was were all the really big 
action was happening. Same of the major 'folks' there were cf 
course ATARI in about the center of the room. No big 
airplane overhead the ATARI display this time for the 
exhibit area was really the schools cafeteria area, but they 
were showing the Mega, IBM machine and the laser printer. I 
got some print outs from the laser printer, sharp man, real 
sharp, To continue. Quantum (QMI) was present as was 
Current Notes (I’m still in the ’biggie' paragraph). 
Seymor- Radix, Supra, ICD, Reset Mag. (a new one). Atari 
Explorer, A.N.A.L.O.G. and GEnie Info Services. io 
Mi graph had all their products oc display. I won’t menti, all 
the products they were showing, you should know al y 
what they produce. 

Some cf the stores set up were TOAD Computer Services, 
Cal Cam, Diskovery, LAY Computers, Applied Computers, 
Best Electronics, Morgan, Joppa and a few others. All looked 
very busy and selling as fast as they could move. (Hey Farley, 
figured out that 20 Meg hard drive yet?). I wanted to get the 
little solar $4.95 ATARI calculator but they went like hot 
cakes. Same of the deals at the different stores were "little to 
average" but most cf the prices were cut a little. 

I believe the best part was listing to the different speakers 
and asking some questions. There was David Small of Data 
Pacific (Magic Sac) and just listening to him is an experience. 
Coming out NOW is the disk drive to read Mac disks, so says 
David. Bill Teale of Avant- Garde (PC Ditto) was also a kool 
guy and kept the crowd "engrossed". Bill was asked about 
piracy and his final comment was it really wasn't hurting that 
much because people were finding out his program really 
works and they were buying there own copies. (I believe 
thats true about a lot of good products), Frank Cohen of 
Regent Software was another interesting speaker. I didn't 
hear Kevin Mitchell of Migraph or John Demar of QMI 
because we took a long break for lunch and went back 
through the exhibit area, which was really getting crowded 
by now. 

I haven't mentioned all the companies present at the 
Atanfeat and the different software and hardware pre**nt, 
but if you missed this fair you missed out an one of tt sc 

Atari functions of the year, It was 100% better than la ar 

but next year I hope the main exhibit area could dou. — in 
size, I didn't make the banquet Sat. evening to listen to Neil 
Hams and others, but chatted with Mr. Harris earlier. 

Tam Marvin, Editor - - - 




T Larry Sana u to 

une of the piece was - Special Offer, Turn in three 
boards and I will give you a Hard Drive. So said 
Gordon Monnier, president of Michtron in his new 
war against pirate BBS’s, A new tatic in the fight 
against pirates was up the ante paid to those who 
finite d on them.. The response on GBnie's Roundtable 
came fast and furious. The president of the Brooklyn 
Atari Society said that pirate boards were the bane of 
his existence and recommended not calling them. 
Another commented chat it was too easy, why, he had 
just chat day downloaded Goldrunner,,. Comments 
from Mr. Mounter on this? Quote: "...we are turning 
all the information over to our lawyer and he is going 
to get a search and seizure order,., seize the 
computer... and then sue him for copyright and 
trademark violations," Will bribery stop piracy? I 
doubt it. Why just the other day 1 saw a device that 
is a pocket photocopier. You can scan every page of 
your favorite magazine while you're still in the 
store... but I don't think it will hurt newstand sales. 
We're watching to see if other software publishers 
jump on the Michtron Bandwagon, ref. Pokey Press, 
Aug. ’87 

~ T AR TREK: The whole crew talks in this one not 
.t released by Simon and Shuster. The game plays a 
: like S UNDOG and STAR RAIDERS rolled into cue 
says RIACB’s Steve Dunphy. Real digitized voices, 
sound tracks and transporter beam. Yes, the "beta" 
copy has materialized unofficially and is floating 
around in the Twilight Zone. Because of this, the 
rumor is that the company has cancelled its release, I 
hope not ref. RI Reporter, 19 May '87 

CHEAP IMAGB SCANNER; IMG has produced an 
optical scanner that fits on the top of your printer 
head. Any document fed through your machine is 
scanned and an ST graphic file is created. You can 
then transfer these to your desktop publishing 
documents with ease or store print material 
electronically, instead of retyping it for your files. 
The limitations? Speed of your printer and its 
resolution. The device's software adjusts the image to 
your printer's abilities. This ST Cartridge and cable 
sensor goes for US $99. Less, the quantity bought 
through a user group ref ST Informer, Aug, ’87 


Reprinted from L.C.A.C.E., JULY '87 

There is a new publication on the newstands titled 
DMPUTBRS IN SCIENCE. This is a 96 page 
igazine initially to be offered quarterly, If you 
„.ave an interest in science and computers this first 
issue is worth a look. The magazine is not slanted to 
any one brand of computers but rather gives fair 
coverage to IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, 

Commodore and ATARI as well as discussing main 
frame applications. 

The first issue includes features on using a PC to 
monitor lightning activity worldwide, gene sequencing 
and using spreadsheets to report chromatograph 
results. Columns on graphics and expert systems make 
fascinating reading. Reviews include Compaq Desk pro 
386, Lab Master DMA, Exact, Measure, Mathcad and 
T3. The departments consist of Editorial, of course, 
News, Images A Simulations and New Products. 

Much of the reviews were for Big Blue software, 
however, considering the proliferation of IBM's in 
the business environment it is not surprising that 
much of the laboratory and scientific software is 
written for ATS and XTS. Of particular interest to 
Atarians will be the Graphics column. The article 
explains how Hydrogen electron orbitals are plotted 
and displayed using a 520ST and CAD- 3D by Tom 
Hudson, ” ‘ 

This publication is not for everyone as you may 
have gathered. Don't look for type-in programs or 
general news. If you have an interest in science, 
however, you will find the material contained 
between the covers both readable and stimulating. 
The price at the news stand is $3.95 and I personally 
found it worth every penny. If issue two maintains 
the standards of the premier issue this publication 
should be around for some time to come. 



(Prom ST Informer) 

Polydisk is a powered 512-k RAM cartridge which 
retails for $199. It acts like a mini- hard drive because 
anything put on the cartridge will stay there when 
your computer is turned off. You can use Polydisk to 
boot up your computer, by having all your accessories 
loaded onto the Poiydisk, Even AUTO folders will be 
able to load up from the Polydisk. Because it is 
always plugged into the wall it is therefore always 
ready for use unlike software ram disks that must be 
set up and loaded each time. 

The cartridge comes with special software that 
allows you to configure it in three different ways. 
You can set it up as one 512k disk drive; one drive 
and a hardware print spooler; or two drives and a 
hardware print spooler. The hardware print spooler 
allows you to repeat and abort. These are nice 
features that a lot of software spoolers do not allow. 

There is yet another feature included in the 
Polydisk that allows cartridge emulation. This would 
let you copy another cartridge to it so that you would 
not have to worry about unplugging the Polydisk to 
use another cartridge. 

I asked George Morrison why he just didn't put a 
pass through port on his cartridge so that other 
cartridges could be plugged in and used at the same 
time, George Morrison told me that this is just not 
supported by Atari. A lot of people ask about that 
and it is just not possible to do effectively. If you 
look at the specifications of the ST it only has 16 data 




lines and that’s it. The cartridge port was designed to 
read ROM in not I/O. He knew of a battery backed up 
clock cartridge that gave you pass through 
capabilities, but when you plugged something else in 
that transferred a lot of data through the port, the 
clock would reset. Most people say they don’t want 
their cartridge port. 

Alpha Systems also has a lmeg, 2meg and 4meg 
version of the Folydisk. For $299 the 1 Meg version 
and up will have, in addition to the features described 
above, a battery backup feature that lasts for 2-1/2 
hours, This will more than compensate for power 
outage or when transporting it over to a friends 
house for some computing time. This will soon be 
released and will be reviewed in a future issue, 



3619 WILLIAMSBURG ROAD (804) 226-1111 

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 23231 (804) 228-0144 


Sept. 18, '87 

Commodore is about to announce a special upgrade 
program for owners of itsAmiga 1000 computer 
system. A Commodore sales executive says that the 
firmhas just recently completed dealer notification of 
the plan's details. Participating dealers are authorized 
to accept an Amiga 1000 in trade, alongwith $1000, 
for a new Amiga 2000 computer, Bxcept for a RAM 
expansion device, all A1000 peripheral devices will 
work with the new computer. 

--James Moran Online Today 

////////// /// ZMAO AZIKB 74 \\\\\\S\\\\\S 
October 9, 1987 Volume 2 Number 41 
Issue 074 (c)1987 Ron Kovscs 

SURVEY REQUEST My name is Bob Paradis and I 
am currently president of SJST (South Jersey ST) a 
small but ever growing user group, I need your help 
with some research for a future article that I am 
writing on Software Piracy, 

This is where the survey and you come in. Below 
are 12 questions I would like you to answer and mail 
back to me. I will have no idea who you are (unless 
you tell me) so answer honestly. If you are a software 
developer I would like to know who you are but it is 
not necessary. All you have to do is print out this 
file, answer the questions and mail it back to 
me,,,simplel If you do not have a printer or for any 
other reason are not able to print it out just send a 

self addressed stamped envelope to the address below 
and I will gladly mail you a copy of the survey. Also 
give this survey to everybody you know, the tr^re 
replies I get the more accurate the survey will be 
Just circle your responses 

1. You type in a program from a magazine, sav^t, 
and give it to a friend, have you violated the 
Copyright law? (YBS) (NO) (UNCBRTAIN) 

2, You type in a program from a magazine and add it 
to your user group’s disk library for all of the 
members to use, have you violated the Copyright 
law? (YBS) (NO) (UNCBRTAIN) 

3, You buy the disk version of a magazine and give 
one of it's programs to a friend, have you violated 
the Copyright law? (YES) (NO) (UNCERTAIN) 

4, You buy the disk version of a magazine and add it 
to your user group's disk library for all of the 
members to use, have you violated the Copyright 
law? (YBS) (NO) (UNCBRTAIN) 

5, You buy a magazine and lend it to a friend, have 
you violated the Copyright law? (YBS) (NO) 

6, You buy a magazine and photocopy something out 
of it for a friend, have you violated the Copyright 
law? (YBS) (NO) (UNCBRTAIN) 

7, In your opinion, what portion of computer user 
groups violate the Copyright laws? (ALL) 

8, Do you consider software piracy a crime? (YBS) 

9, Do you consider a pirated program as innocent a 

photocopied article from, a magazine? (YES) ) 


10, If you had a pirated copy of a program that you 
really enjoyed and used a lot, would you buy it? 

11, Would you ever knowingly pirate or a accept a 
pirated program? (YBS) (NO) (UNCBRTAIN) 

12, How old are you? 

Thank you for taking the survey! I must add that 
the first 7 questions are based on a similar survey 
that ANALOG COMPUTING magazine did about 4 
years ago (I have changed the wording). Now that 
you are through just pop it in an envelope and mail 
to me at: 

c/o Bob Paradis 
S Eryuwood Ave. 

UarUon, W 

I must ask that all completed surveys be mailed by 
December 1st, AGAIN.,. THANK- YOUI 




September 26, 1987 
(c)1987 Ron Kovacs/ Syndicate Services 

■om The Chicago Tribune /Courier News 
je US government is accusing a 17 year old youth 
of breaking into AT&T computers across the nation 
and stealing sophisticated software worth thousands of 
dollars. We will supply more information should this 
develop. Article supplied by Steve Oodun. 

Are you a customer of WHITEHOUSB COMPUTER?? 
Zmag reader Shawn Harmon recently informed us 
about the rip-off of many by this firm. Current 
information tells us that the firm has closed and filed 

In the letter received, there were over $200,000 in 
claims with only $20,000 in assets. 

Whitehouse Computer is located in Williamsport, 

If you are one of the many waiting for goods or you 
have encountered a few problems, here is what you 
can do to hopefully get your monies backl contact: 
Bureau of Consumer Protection 
Attn: Mr. Mcgowen 
Better Business Bureau 
Scranton, PA 

United States Postal Inspector 

Please write a letter to the B,C,P with a copy to the 
US Postal Inspector and the PA Better Business 

Bureau. Include your cancelled check with a full 
explanation of what you have done to retrieve your 

Zmag will keep you informed as this story 


courtesy JACO N.L. JUNE, '87 

QUICK RAM CHRCK', check ram from just below 
basic to location 10, 

10 ? FRBC0) OOSUB 10 

Type RUN and the screen should show numbers down 
left side counting DOWN by 4 locations. It should end 


QTIA OR CTt A 1 . Some older systems had CTIA video 
chips and could not display the newer modes of 

20 GOTO 20 

Type RUN. If the screen goes black, then you have 
the new GTIA. If it goes blue, you have the CTIA 
and should upgrade. 

A or B RBV. ROMS', Older systems had "A" ROMS 
and they had some bugs, "B" ROMS correct them. 

? PBBK (58383) 


ON-LINE CATALOG 804-379-9239 300/1200 BPS 


MAXELL 3.5" SSDD DISK $10.99 


AVATEX 2400 MODEM $230,00 

AVATEX 1200HC MODEM, 4110, 00 








CHIPMUNK ....$24.95 


NEWELL 256KXI — $49.95 

VOICE ORDERS 804-379-1935 9-5 EST 

******** COMPANY Policy **»**•»■** 




"B" ROMS=0. .."A" ROMS were generally 56, but 
anything other than 0. 

may want to protect your Basic program so no one 
can “see" your code. 

1) POKE 202,1 ... will erase your program after 
anything that causes the “READY" prompt, ie ... BND 

PROGRAM, make sure you have a backup of your 
program without this linell 

32767 POKE PEEK (138)+- 56*’PBBK(139)+2,0: SAVE 
11 D: Filename": NEW 

Type GOTO 32767. The program can be executed, 
but not listed. 

POKE 65,0 = off 
POKE 65,3 = on 

POKE 77,129 

POKE 838,166; POKE 839,238 
back to the screenll: 

POKE 838,163: POKE 139,246 

DISABLB THB KEYBOARD: To disable the keys of 
the keyboard from your program 

POKE 580,1 in your program. 

-REBOOT WITH ’RESET' KEY', You may want 
force a re- boot from disk if someone hits the n 
key, perhaps in order to break into and list y> 
Basic program,; 

POKE 580,1 in your program 


? PEEK (43234) 

162=Rev, a (almost all 400/800 96=Rev, b (early 
XL's. Many serious bugs. Get Rev, C> 234=Rev. C 
(Latest and Greatest) 

-DISABLB THE ’BREAK’ KEY; You may want to 
protect your program from someone using the 
BREAK key to stop it. 

POKE 16,64 and POKB 53774,16 at the start and 
after each GRAPHIC command. 

-TURN OPP ANTIC 1 . To speed up processing (like 
when doing sorts), turn off ANTIC (Screen goes 

POKE 559,0 ■ off 
POKB 559,34 = on 

If your screen is set up with a picture (format) that 
you want back, then first PEEK (559), and save the 
value. When you want to restore it, just POKB that 
same value back into location 559. 

[Ed, Note: Some of these numbers JUST DON" 7 * 
LOOK RIGHT. Try them at your own riskl] 

Tired o! Paying High Online 
Charges and Sign-Up Fees? 


The BBS for your Atari™ 

* Network of 6 Atari computers linked together 

* Compu-Gab, CB Simulation with both Public and 
Private areas. 

* Compu-Trek, one of 5 Multi-User Online 

* Over £.000 downloads for both the 6- bit and ST 

* Accessible through PC Pursuit. 

* Online Conferences. Message Bases. E-Mail, Atari 
News, and more!! 

★ ONLY $25.00 for 6 Months ★ 

No Sfgn-Up Fees / No Online Charges 

Call today and sign-up online for a trial account. 

(817) 589-2588 (Direct Access) 

(214) 589-2588 (using PC Pursuit) ! 


PO. BOX 16346 j Fort Worth. Texas 76118 




Antic magazine, which has been fighting fiercely 
to protect it's monthly disk programs from being 
copied, has decided to change tactics. In the past, the 
magazine has resorted to strong demands that BBS 
operators and others refrain from copying and 
posting Antic’s software. This approach got a 
negative response from nearly the entire Atari 
community, In a sudden switch, Antic has decided to 
stop sending out it’s monthly programs on disks to 
it's disk subscribers. 

According to a company spokesman, all of Antic's 
software will now be issued in a new format - a 
"Computer of the month" with the software based in 
ROM, This "Computer of the month" is an exact 
copy of the Atari computer but will only run one 
program - the Antic program burned into it's ROM. 
The spokesman claimed that the company was forced 
to this measure by consumers. "People were loading 
OUR software into their computer's RAM memory. 
They say it's the only way to run OUR programs 
we know all about ramdisks and won’t allow Chen 
copy OUR software." 

ATARI CORF,, furious at the illegal copies of it's 
hardware, complained to Antic about violations of 
Atari’s patents. "Well," sniffed the Antic spokesman, 
"sometimes a lessor evil is reeded to stamp out the 
greater evil which is the copying of Antic software." 




Pricing his not been set, but is expected to be high. 
"Thu's just the price you hive to piy to get OUR 
software," said the Antic spokesman. 


Many Atari users have been wondering why Atari 
,ught so long to prevent an emulator of 8 bit Atari's 
from being released for the ST. Now the reason has 
become clear, Atari, in a bold move catching IBM 
completely by surprise, announced they will be selling 
an Atari 2600 video game system emulator for the ST 
line of computer. "We feel this will position the ST as 
the best supported system on the market," explained 
an Atari spokesman. For even more added value a 
free Pac-Man game will be included in the package. 
Apparently anticipating a great demand for the 
emulator, the company reportedly has "a warehouse 
full" of Pac-Man games ready for shipment, Atari 
feels this will really push the blitter equipped ST's 
out the door since the graphics with the blitter chip 
leaves the older St’s "in the dust," A developer’s 
system will also be available for software houses 
which will include a dedicated console for video game 
system development, Atari, never one to rest on it’s 
laurels, is reportedly developing a tape cartridge 
storage system that will use widely available tape 
cartridges. Code named the 410/ST it will be 
available in the 1st quarter of 1988. 

[Bd; above article is entitled: HUMOR ] 


Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age (8- bit) 

Review by: Freak Kliewer 
from SLCC lournel M.L. af Oct. '87 

In a search to find a game that involved something 
more than just holding down the fire button and 
shooting everything that moved and most that didn't, 
1 found myself purchasing a copy of BALANCB OF 
POWBR by Chris Crawford, This game requires, more 
than anything else, the use of judgment. 

It soon became clear that I had developed an 
extremely aggressive attitude from my previous 
computer gaming experience, as I found myself 
pushing minor diplomatic conflicts to total world 
destruction several times the first night I had this 
program at home. There is no bonus for this type of 
outcome; the screen goes black and you are greeted 
with the message that there will be no mushroom 
clouds or flying bodies, as failure is not rewarded, and 
then you are sent back to the desktop to begin again. 

There are four game playing options, from 
beginner up to nightmare. Each level implements 
more complexity to the international relations, with 
the last level unfolding at a scary pace. You can play 
as either the President of the U.S.A. or the leader of 
the U.S.S.R, Trying the Utter on for size gives you an 
tanny experience. There is also a two pUyer mode. 
>ur term in office is for eight years (regardless of 
ar performance after four). Bach year or turn lasts 
a few minutes or longer depending on how many 
decisions you choose to implement. After the end of 
the eight turns the side with the highest world 

prestige wins, 

PUying BALANCB OF POWBR, you find yourself 
developing an appreciation for the subtleties of 
superpower give and take. You are also given an 
in-depth view of every countries social and economic 
situation, There are charts that allow you to follow 
the history of countries as the years pass. 

1 found the game play easy, challenging and very 
absorbing. The reality level was good, as Chris 
Crawford has put a ton of data into the AI database. 
The program has a pretty good form of copy 
protection since trying to pUy this game without the 
extremely well written manual is ridiculous. 

Despite Mr. Crawfords betrayal of the 8- bit world, 
I’d recommend this return to Atari, 


. (8- Bit) by Welter Willi sms 
From The Pokey Press , 9/87 

Infiltrator is the newest release from Mindscape 
Software, Last year, Infiltrator was one of the biggest 
hits for the C-64, Apple, and IBM lines. Now, it is 
out for the 8- bit Atari, and I, for one, am gUd, 

Infiltrator is a simulation of a commando raid into 
enemy territory. You pUy Johnny "Jimbo-Baby" 
Mcgibbets, who, among other things, is both a rock 
star and surgeon, as well as ace helicopter pilot. And 
Jimbo- Baby doesn't zip around in any old helicopter, 
no sir. He has the most advanced helicopter in the 

The objective of the game is to penetrate into 
enemy territory and complete one of three mission 
objectives. Little things like find the scientist who 
has been kidnapped and is being held in a very, very 
secure compound. The first phase is the helicopter 
flight simulation, It isn't the most realistic simulator, 
but it does keep you busy. After taking off from your 
home base you must determine the direction to the 
enemy base, then fly there, destroying all enemy 
aircraft before they destroy you, You can choose 
between guns or missiles when on the offense and on 
defense you have turbo- boost, chaff and flares. 

If you are successful in getting through the enemy 
airspace, you must then safely land the helicopter, no 
easy task. After you land, you have twenty minutes to 
accomplish your mission. A small arsenal helps you 
out against lots of nasty guards. You then have to get 
out, get back to your helicopter, and then fight your 
way back to the home base, No big deal, right? 

This is a very playable game that presents quite a 
challenge to the gamer. The graphics are much 
brighter than those on the other machines, though 
very similar. This game appears to have been 
programmed from the ground up, not a lame attempt 
at porting from the Commodore, If you like graphic 
adventure type games then this game is for you. It 
takes a little time to get into the game, but is not 
very difficult to learn. 

Mindscape has recently released another good game 
for the 8- bits, Trail Blazer, and has another game 
scheduled, Into The Bagles Nest. 


U.R.R.5.P. uriZETTc 

UijVEnibER 1R&7 


by John W. Zupansic, PACE 
From PACE of Superior, Wi 

There is going to be a price increase on the 1040ST 
systems in the next few weeks according to both Lyco 
and Comput Ability, They are both selling the 1040’s 
for $819.00 as of 10/2/87, They both predict retail 
prices to be between $950 to about $1,000 by the end 
of October or early November. Lyco said when their 
current stock is depleted they will be getting the 
higher priced stock. Neither of the two companies 
knew of any enhancements to the machines and said 
the price increase was simply because Atari wants to 
make more money while the St market is going so 


By Jim Kennedy 
M.A.C.E. of Southfield, Ml, 

"BBS Bxpressl ST" (Bulletin Board System) 

ICD, Inc, 

1220 Rock Street 
Rockford, IL 61101- 1437 
(815) 968-2228 
Requires: 520St/1040ST 
Recommended; Hard-drive 

BBS Bxpressl ST was written by Keith Ledbetter, 
author of the BBS Bxpressl and Bxpressl Terminal 
programs that have become so popular. BBS Bxpressl 
ST has: threaded message bases, up to 32 trackable 
surveys, Xmodem or Y mode m protocols, 40/80 
column support, color/mono, operation, on-line 
programs and morel For more info,, write to the 
above address. 




CD-ROMs! ATARI announced their COMPACT 
LASER DISK MBMORY device at Britain's 
be shipped by Christmas", it will hold up to 350 MEG 
per disk, will play audio CD's, will play up to an hour 
of VIDBO, and sell in the UK for $650. Christmas in 
what year? 

New at ATARI is WALT WILSON, formerly of 
APPLB, who will be in charge of building the dealer 
network that has been so desperately needed for so 

BARCODE equipment for the 8- bit ATARI has long 
been asked for, and is here form XENIA RESEARCH 
in WASHINGTON. For $179, you get the barcode 
reader and software that lets it imitate keystrokes to 
the K; handler in any 800, XL, or XB. Also, included 
is the barprint software, point-of-sale and other 
application software, and complete documentation for 
adapting your own software in just about any 
language or DOS. It plugs into joystick port 1. It may 

sound a little expensive, but barcode wands for ANY 
machine are regularly over $100 WITHOUT software. 
This might be the ideal thing for cheap automation 
of small business counter jobs. Contact XENAI, r x 
4675, Federal Way, WA 98003, (206) 927-7018, 


by Jeff Eby 


BIT - The smallest unit of information in a computer 
which is used to calculate just how expensive the 
overall system will be. An 8-bit machine will coat 25 
cents (2 bits) to the 6th power. A 16- bit computer 
will be 25 cents to the 14th power. These staggering 
sums result from purchasing a modem and calling 
long distance bulletin boards. 

PROGRAMMER'S AIDS - Usually fatal disease 
resulting from crying to understand a program that 
you wrote last year, 

RAM - The most common reason to buy a new 
computer. "I need more ram!" 

ROM - The most common reason companies make 
you buy a new computer. "Sorry, but your favorite 
program doesn't work with our new roms! " 

RS-232 - This is a method of connecting modems 
and other equipment to your computer. Invented by a 
consortium of cable manufacturers, 

BANK SELECTION - Usual way to finance your 
hobby, (see "bit") 

BLITTER - Stands for Block Integer Transfer, f) i 
your' bank account to the company's account. ( 
"upgrade ") 

UFORADE - Short name for Final Product 
Development and Testing. Consumer complaints 
provide the ideas and consumer money provides the 

SOFTWARE - The reason hardware doesn't work. 
HARDWARE - The reason software doesn’t work. 
WORD PROCBSS1NO - The reason many companies 
bought computers, 

DBSKTOF PUBLISHING - The reason many of 
those computers the companies bought are now 

MODBMS - Capable of tying up your home phone 
line for hours. They are directly related to many 
parents decision to get call waiting. 

AC POWER FILTERS - Provide protection for the 
home environment the computer was supposed to be 
designed for in the first place. 

OIGO - Stands for garbage in, garbage out. Term 
used by computer score owners to describe most of 
the software that passes through their stores, 

THE HOME USER - Market segment aimed for, but 
missed by all computer companies. But they keep 
trying and we keep hoping. 




the new standard of word processing on the Atari 
. WordUp is the first in a series of superior 
oducts that Neotroo Engineering (soon to be 
..eotron Inc.) will be bringing to the ST. WordUp 
reflects the philosophy of a company committed to 
producing low cost applications that utilize the 
potential of the ST to make high end tasks easier and 
more efficient. 

WordUp is a full GEM application with multiple 
windows, desk top icons and all menu selections 
available from the keyboard (and yes it does work 
with Thunderl - copyright 1986 Batteries Included - 
in it as you type and on files that are saved as 

ASCII). WordUp supports any combination of 
character sizes, faces and styles on the same line. 

WordUp automatically reformats after any action 
including automatically spacing the line for font size 
changes, superscript, subscript and word wrap, 
WordUp is the first ST word processor that allows a 
graphic image and text on the same line. Additionally, 
text automatically flows around the image, and since 
the picture is anchored to the surrounding text, it 
will follow the text during editing-unlike most page 
metaphoric desktop publishers. This brings up a point 
as to why we choose to identify WordUp as a word 
processor even though it possesses many of the 
features of a desktop publisher. Perhaps, we should 
rill it a document processor since it facilitates the 
aposition and layout of multiple page documents 
th it's powerful formatting capabilities while not 
„miting the integration of images and quality of 
output inherent in desktop publishing. 

Through combination of access to the upper 
portion of the character sets (which contain foreign, 
scientific and various symbols) and the variable 
super/subscript feature, mathematical formatting is 
possible, Tables and columns of text s^id graphics are 
easily set up and maintained with the left, right, 
center and decimal tab ability. Another first, is user 
selected symbol or automatically numbered footnotes 
that appear just as they will print at the bottom of 
the page; thus allowing, as you might guess, full font 
and line alignment capability (left, centered and 
justified) along with seeing the relationship of the 
footnotes to the body text as you type. 

1 can see that we are getting a little ahead of the 
ball game here; do not let us forget the ability to 
apply all formatting options to a paragraph, defined 
section or document separately and in combination. 
Bor example, line spacing which is adjusted in 
minimum increments of a point (1/72 in) is specified 
for the three with the sum being the actual spacing. 
This capability is applicable to most formatting 
features including top, bottom, left and right margins; 
thus, facilitating easy global or chapter (section) 
.nges without altering paragraph indents etc.. Line 
■jnment can be flush left, centered or justified, and, 
emember, everything is 
what- you- see- is- what- you- get as you type (no more 
preview and cumbersome reformatting necessary). 

WordUp uses GDOS to output to the printer and 
the screen, Thus, any third party GDOS compatible 
printer drivers and/or fonts should work with 

WordUp. WordUp will ship with, as a minimum, three 
faces (Swiss- serif type, Dutch- sans serif type and 
Typewriter- monospaced courier type) in 10,12,18 and 
24- point for the proportional faces and Epson FX-80 
compatible, Star Micronics NB24--10 compatible and 
Atari SMM804 printer drivers. This should cover most 
popular 9-pin and 24- pin dot matrix printers; 
however, we are working on more fonts (a font 
editor) and printer drivers-especially for laser 
printers. Don't forget that Atari's soon to be released 
laser printer will run GDOS, 

As you can probably gather, WordUp has far too 
many features to describe in detail here. As a result, 
we will be sending demos to all dealers on our mailing 
list in the third week of Sept, If your local dealer 

does not have one at that time then have that dealer 
contact us. WordUp will ship to dealers in the third 

week of Oct. More information can be obtained 

directly from 

Neotron Engineering 

908 Camino doe Rios 

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 


To all of STDOM, we hope you like WordUp as 
much as we do, and, remember, that we want to be a 
responsive company - so please leave suggestions and 
comments online or write us (the old way). 

Shelby Moore 

President- Neotron Engineering 


A Game from Hell??? 
by A1 Tresselfram 
The Pokey Press 

Lords of Conquest is a recent release from 
Electronic Arts for the 8- bit Atari computers that is 
another example of BA's attitude toward the Atari 
community. Their recent releases do not even come 
close to some of their previous classic programs such 
as M.U.L.E. and Archon. with programs such as Lords 
of Conquest and Touchdown Football, they may as 
well not turn out anything at all for the 8- bits and 
stick with Amiga, the computer that puts you on the 
competitive edge, (ha Hal) 

The program sounded good to me upon reading the 
packaging, and the basic premise is a good one, 
however, after BA got hold of it, Lords of Conquest 
falls short of its procential. The graphics reminded me 
of early 2600 games that were programmed in 2K of 
memory, Not only that, more than one time during 
play, the program locks up on you after plodding 
through a half hour of so of game play. One time, the 
computer player kept trying to give a command to my 
forces rather than its own, so the game became an 
endless loop that could only be remedied by turning 
off the computer. 

I know you are thinking to yourself that up to this 
point I haven't told you what the game is about. Let 
me just put it this way: “This is a game from HelH" 
Don’t bother putting out your hard-earned bucks on 
this one. And if someone gives you a copy, format it 
for use with Atariwrite so you can write a letter to 
BA and save the file for future reference. 


> \fi 


--iSJ* V . J. 


i Hi" FAWjil> 

S-L-C-C- 150 6 



945^ 7 

Hiimlu iiitli lm|}tiiHii||j